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Volume V Issue V | April 11, 2011 | San Francisco, California

More Cuts, More Changes


This time regardless of the plan, it’s going to end up hurting the students. By Carina Chiang Front Page Designer


After the cuts, class sizes will be around 50 students each class. PHOTO BY DEVON CHEN

hinking about taking AP Computer Science next year? Think again. The budget cuts this time will not only affect the class sizes but also the availability of several “elective” classes. George Washington High School has been planning to fight the new budget since it’s fate was linked to the extension the tax bill. On March 2, 2011, the school site council held a meeting in the staff room to discuss what classes/services to cut and what to keep. Two plans for the budget of 2011-2012 school year were created and if the tax proposal isn’t extended then the school would be going over it’s budget by $689,923. The overall agreement during that meeting was to cut classes that were considered “electives”. The only disagreement was

what classes were considered an “elective”. Other miscellaneous changes that would take place if the budget gets through include encouraging students to take JROTC instead of PE electives, combining Health with PE or College and Career with Economics, or bringing classes such as Journalism and Yearbook into 8th period. On March 11, 2011, the school site council met again to discuss the budget. The School Site Council decided to submit a budget that didn’t touch student classes but instead will get rid of 3.5 full-time positions and teachers will lose office necessities, such as Xerox copies, stamps, that the district should pay for. The 3.5 positions to be removed will depend on student class requests. “This is only temporary relief. The fight will continue so students may

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GWHS Fencing

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WASC...Finally Gone From Japan to California? Did they approve? By Elizabeth Glenister Staff Writer


he WASC Committee, as we all know, was here between March 13-17, 2011. They were here to survey the school, the students, the teachers, and how this school works together. You may have seen the WASC committee going in and out of your classrooms. They were looking for multiple things which include the WASH in every classroom, students participating and comprehending what the teacher is explaining, students trying to learn, and the techniques and qualities of the teachers. The Committee was a mixture of teachers and one principal. Mr. Noureddine Lalami, a business teacher at Oakley’s Freedom High School said, “This is my first time being in WASC, and I’m not worried when the Committee comes to my school. I’m more anxious but I have faith in my school. This was a good experience for me though and I enjoyed it.” The Committee was very proud

Rumors of radiation spreading to California scares citizens.

of George Washington High School. They liked how all the students worked well together, how all teachers were willing to give up their secrets of teaching, even with teachers from other departments. WASC was also pleased with all the programs George Washington High School had to offer and how many students were dedicated and interested in them. They especially liked the college and career center and beacon because those programs are extremely helpful to students. What the committee did not appreciate so much was the lack of technology use in our day to day classes. The committee also did not like that the teachers do not use school loop because WASC knows that not only students use school loop daily, but also parents like to check on it so they know how their children are doing. In addition, WASC wants George Washington to work on closing the achievement gap. The teachers of George Washington know that that will take some time to accomplish but

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By An Tran Staff Writer


n March 11, 2010, Japan had a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and seven meters high tsunami. Most of the coast side cities were destroyed and a lot of deaths were counted. Mr. Tetsu Morikawa, a Japanese teacher at George Washington High School, said that he understands how the people are feeling because he too had experienced an earthquake that killed two of his aunts and his grandma during the 1995 earthquake in Japan. He says, “ Japan will recover physically, but not emotionally because of what happened.” In California people are worried about experiencing an event as Japan. People fear similar earthquake in California is near. Some people reported on the internet that in a near future, we will have a earthquake because we are on a point similar on continental plate just like Japan. Other reported that the “supermoon” on March 19 would cause an earthquake because of its gravitation pull, but nothing

occurred. We should be asking ourselves if we are prepared for an earthquake hit us? The next thing people are worried about is the radiation. Mrs. Amaral Lee, an environmental science teacher at George Washington High School, said, “We not in danger because of the distance between Japan and California.” Fortunately, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reported that they have not detected any radiation. So we should wonder if the radia-

tion would really reach us from Japan in the near future. The last thing people are worrying about is being hit by a tsunami. Most people know Washington is an evacuation site, but how many people will the school be able to hold? Are we prepared with emergency resources? Take heed from the lessons of Japanese and learn what to do if one of these three disasters happens here!

The devastation caused by the earthquakes. PHOTO PROVIDED BY ONLINENEWS4U.COM


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Budget Cuts

not get the classes they want,” Mr. John Propster, chair of the school site council commented. Upon hearing that electives might be cut student reaction wasn’t positive. “When we apply for college and they see what kind of classes we participated in, the classes we take will all look the same because the budget cuts forced us to eliminate classes that makes each student stand out in order to achieve the A-G requirements,” Chris Young, a sophomore, commented. Kevin Chen, a junior, exclaimed, “These budget cuts take away the students’ rights to self expression, career choice, and student individuality which is something that I believe that schools should be teaching along with the A-G.” Until the tax proposal is voted on, it will not be clear whether or not students take popular electives classes such as AP Psychology. George Washington is one of the top SFUSD schools, but might soon be unable to provide “electives” for students to take.


they have hope in our school. As Principal Ericka Lovrin said, “My focus is to ensure the kids have a good education. Being a leader is a constant learning process so I will take what the WASC said and try to use it as best I can.” George Washington will know the final report in April after the WASC commission has met and reviewed the report. Lovrin will get a letter saying the next time the committee will visit. All the teachers of George Washington spent almost an entire year working on a report that told WASC what was right with our school and what was wrong. Mr. Ed Marquez commented, “I’m relieved but also excited to implement the input that the committee gave us. I do think... most of the teachers will take in what WASC said and use it daily.” Hopefully what the teachers learned will not just stay in that book but will be used in our school.

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Coming Soon: Block Scheduling It’s about to step into your life.


By Winne Ma Staff Writer

lock schedule is approaching! Starting Fall 2011, classes will be 80 minutes long on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Regular schedule will remain on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Mr. Soave, a Physiology teacher who has been teaching at Wash for 20 years, mentioned, “I have to try it and find out, but it will be interesting.” Here are some benefits of the huge change. With the new block schedule, students can focus on their homework more since it won’t be due the next day. They will also be able to attain more information with longer classes. With longer class time, it forces teachers to be extra creative in

catching the attention of students, such as having in-depth and meaningful conversations or discussions. They also will have more time to spend with each individual. There will also be longer time for labs, homework, and class work help. Students won’t have to worry anymore about teachers being too busy with everyone else. Even with all of these advantages for some students, it might be a problem for others. For example, some students may not be willing to stay in his or her seat for a total of 80 minutes. Freshman Karen Ma said, “I really don’t want it because dance doesn’t count as P.E. credits anymore, so I can’t stand an hour and half of P.E. I mean, what are we going to do

for 80 minutes? Run 3 miles?” Another problem might be boring teachers, which may cause students to fall asleep in class

“I don’t like block schedule because for 3 years it’s been regular schedule and having it for my senior year just screws everything for me” - Chloe Garabato,

because of the attention span. Some students don’t want to be in a classroom too long with them. In addition, not everyone is

satisfied with the change. Washington is also the only high school that doesn’t have block schedule. That is what makes us unique from everyone else. Every other high school, such as Lincoln, Galileo, Lowell, SOTA, and other SFSUD schools operate on a range of block schedule. This may be one of Washington’s biggest changes ever. Block schedule will start in August 2011. Keep in mind this is only a partial block schedule. However, students will still get out early on Thursdays. As with most changes at Washington, it is designed to help improve the learning environment for students. So keep an open mind and see how it works.

A Field Trip Only For Seniors

Successful College Opportunities AKA Frisco Day, gives seniors a headstart in college. By Jeremy Xu Staff Writer


t was decided this year that public high schools reserve a special days for seniors to go to different colleges to learn about their programs and school system. Tghis will happen on Friday April 29th for all seniors in SFUSD. Frisco Day, which stands for S uccessful College

Opportunities, is a day for seniors to learn about their colleges and meet with other students from San Francisco public schools who will be going to the same college. During Frisco Day, seniors will travel to one of four colleges to receive an orientation about their college. Those going to a UC will be going to the Mission Bay Campus of UCSF and those going to CSU will be going to SF State. Seniors will receive an orientation about

UCLA would be one of the Universities that students would visit.


the colleges and learn about how the schools system works. After, they will branch off into the college they will be attending the following fall. The purpose of this is to allow students to become more familiar with the school’s programs and how the school runs the campus. They will also be able to meet students around the Bay, see familiar faces, and have the opportunity to request to room with someone. For those attending private schools in the fall, seeing familiar faces will not be as likely because there is a large array of private colleges across the country. Nevertheless, they will also hear an orientation at Mayson. Lastly, students who will be attending city college, are undecided, or are searching for jobs after high school, will go to CCSF where they learn about the Career Technology Education (CTE), a program which encompasses all the different programs for various careers. The main purpose of this is to help students plan their future or even change their decision by informing them of other possibilities.

Some seniors have a positive outlook for this day, as it will help them acclimate to their future environment and become more comfortable with their college. Aaron Chan, a senior at GWHS, says, “I think that this will work because we get to meet other students going to that school, which will make it easier for us to adapt into the new environment. We also get to meet old friends who are going there to catch up and talk.” There are others, however, that feel that Frisco Day will not be worthwhile, “I’m not really looking forward to this day because, colleges have their own individual orientations in the future, and so I think we shouldn’t use a school day for this.” says Erica Lin, another senior at GWHS. Opinions as to the worth of the day aside, the question to be asked is where the money is coming from when schools are having budget cuts. Is tghe district paying for this? The colleges? The State? Who? This is done in the spirit of making sue all seniors know what their options are.

Day of Silence

What will you do on the Day of Silence? By Stephanie Rauda In-Depth Page Designer


n the National Day of Silence, hundreds of thousands of students nationwide will take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) namecalling, bullying and harassment in their schools. This year’s Day of Silence at George Washington High School will be held on April 15, 2011, which will be the week of STAR testing. The event here will include the traditional, “Vow of Silence” in which students stay silent all day long and wear stickers, pins, or speaking cards that explain their reasons for not speaking. However according

to Lambda Legal (a LGBT civil rights organization), “this right to free speech doesn’t extend to classroom time. If a teacher tells a student to answer a question during class, the student generally doesn’t have a constitutional right to refuse to answer.” Because of this, teachers are also encouraged to participate. “This year, we are hoping to have our most ambitious year yet,” says Mr. Peter Graham, the Special Education Department Head and Faculty Moderator of the Gay Straight Alliance at George Washington High School. “Teachers will also be able to participate, using a lesson plan that the members of the Gay- Straight Alliance created.” According to Graham and members of the GSA, the

lesson plan will consist of an educational video about the history of the Day of Silence, as well as games that the entire class will be able to be a part of. Day of Silence speaking cards and stickers are going to be given out to students in homeroom days before the event. Following classroom activities and silent vows, a “Breaking of the Silence” event will also be held during lunch. “We want people to experience the silence that students who are bullied face, but also let people know that they will no longer be silent.” says Graham. Students and teachers who are interested in participating or helping with the Day of Silence are encouraged to visit the GayStraight Alliance on Wednesday, during lunch in the Teen Center.

Students in Poland paticipate in the Day of Silence




hen people think of the journalism class here at Washington, they think about a course that is extremely boring. A student might think that they would need to have a strong, hardcore passion for writing to voluntarily join “another English class” right? Wrong! Sure, having an interest for writing won’t hurt you in this class, but journalism here at Wash isn’t solidly based on your writing skills. There are so many benefits Now, that doesn’t sound very Staff that couldBy be Eagle learned in this class. Not only are you practicing your good at all, does it? The proposed writing techniques, but you’re also being exposed to a wide variety of budget cuts would not only harm es, it’s that time of year creative classmates; we have the artists, who draw the comics on the the current students at George again! Every year, the back page; the photographers, who take the snapshots of school-wide Washington, but the future San Francisco Unified activities; Agnes, who gives you the advice; and of course, the writers, ones as well. If Budget B were School District (SFUSD) the majority of people that make up the newspaper. approved, our school would no faces the probability of cutting Many students around school don’t know this, but we take our page longer have any depth of course school programs, firing teachers, layout very seriously. Every editor has his or her own layout designer, work. “In other words, they [the and of course, cutting money and each layout designer is held accountable for making each page of students] will be a disadvanfrom the budget. It seems like the newspaper extra organized. These designers are creative and have tage,” says Kozak. we, the students, never really get many ideas for spicing up the newspaper’s appearance. Without them, Last year, the prospect of losa say in these sorts of decisions, our paper would be a huge mess. If you like designing and working teachers and money did not but we can! If students fight for ing with computer design, journalism is also the class for you! See if sit well with GWHS students. what they want, change can ocyou’re up for the task. cur. We, the staff at The Eagle, are Josh Zuckerman, a former senior In this class, you are also given the opportunity of showing your and currently a member of the encouraging you, the students at leadership skills by being an editor. Since The Eagle is mostly student San Francisco Youth CommisGeorge Washington High School produced and directed, we certainly must have editors for each secsion, helped organize last year’s, to not be afraid to stand up for tion of the newspaper. These editors are in charge of a certain page “March Forth” rally and protest. what you believe in! and have the proud responsibility of perfecting their part in the newsThis year, while our school has So, how exactly could the paper (be aware that you must be a layout designer for a whole school not specifically arranged a rally proposed budget cuts effect our year in order to step up as editor). Now, freshmen and sophomores or protest, there are still opporschool? Basically, there are two definitely have a chance in being an editor for The Eagle. tunities for students to get their budget proposals (A and B) for However, does all the responsibility of an editor sound too intimidatvoices heard. Students have the the school district, with each ing for you? No problem, just sign up as a staff writer! As mentioned chance to attend future rallies, budget affecting us, but one less before, you don’t have to be perfect at writing; use journalism as an go to public meetings at the San than the other. Mr. Jay Kozak, outlet for your imagination. Although it is required for us to be unFrancisco School Board, or attend counselor and Building Union biased in our reports (except for editorials), we still use our creativity other “Days of Actions.” Keep an Representative of the United to get the message across. We’re Yes, it’s that time of year again! Every ear out for future events! Educators of San Francisco year, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) faces the We, the students, can’t let this (UESF) explains. “If Budget A probability of cutting school programs, firing teachers, and of course, happen! We need stand up and were to pass, we won’t have cutting money from the budget. It seems like we, the students, never enact some change by getting enough money for things like really get a say in these sorts of decisions, but we can! If students fight school supplies, faxing, and other involved in our school’s system. for what they want, change can occur. We, the staff at The Eagle, are Teachers, especially history basic things.” encouraging you, the students at George Washington High School to teachers, should let their students Budget A would be problemnot be afraid to stand up for what you believe in! atic, but not to the extreme extent know about the situation, keep them updated about this historiBudget B could have. Mr. Kozak So, how exactly could the proposed budget cuts effect our cal time in our school, or even says, “Budget B would affect school? Basically, there are two budget proposals (A and B) for the make a project out of it. Students George Washington High School school district, with each budget affecting us, but one less than the are encouraged to keep up to tremendously. We would have other. Mr. Jay Kozak, counselor and Building Union Representative no money [at all] for supplies, we date with the unraveling events, of the United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) explains. “If Budget find out about rallies or protests wouldn’t have enough money to A were to pass, we won’t have enough money for things like school (or even start your own!), or even offer four years of math or offer supplies, faxing, and other basic things.” Modern World, and we may have write a letter to the school disBudget A would be problematic, but not to the extreme extent Budget trict. Let’s get our voices heard! to Visual and Performing Arts… B could have. Mr. Kozak says, “Budget B would affect George Washwe can’t do more when we have ington High School tremendously. We would have no money [at all] less.” for supplies, we wouldn’t have enough money to offer four years of

The Eagle Editorial: Budget Cut


Volume V, Issue V

Open Enrollment


Who Sunk BoatDance?


By Hadrian Quan Guest Writer

t was just last year that I spoke with the then-ASB Dance Chair, Liana Duckworth, who happily told me how satisfied she was with the success of the Boat Dance. “I’m just so happy at how well it turned out. This is the last dance I’m planning because I’m not the only one doing Prom., and running Senior Boat, and having such a success.” And success it was-the Student Body turned out for the dance, and tickets were nearly sold out. Which leads to this year, with a Boat Dance which has not been unsuccessful, as some feared, but non-existent. Why is this? Rumors have abounded, so I thought I would try and help settle it. And clear the air by explaining the blame lies with our own school administration. The Boat dance failed for the simple reason that there was not a day for it to happen on. Every potential date for the dance conflicted with another school event, a sports game, opening night to a play, etc. The next option-a dance on a Saturday- was even less pos-

sible. A boat rental on a Saturday night would equal a doubling in the price, a cost too high for any school to afford. However, there was one other option. A dance the night before a furlough day. And what a brilliant idea. We students all enjoy those days free from school, why not use one to recover from a night of dancing? But no luck. Mrs. Lovrin, Mrs. Black, and the other administrators who have to oversee the dance, could not find any available or comfortable nights fit for their schedules. So instead, they just canceled the Boat Dance. What amazes me is not that they would do something like that, but that no one else has spoken up. Student Government, having already appealed, has no further power, and has to accept this decision. But the Students of this school do not have to accept it. We have the power to protest this decision, and I’m going to do just that. If you feel angry over the loss of our Boat Dance, especially if you’re a senior, feel free to leave a note for me in Homeroom 215, and we can discuss the situation and plan alternatives.

Send any concerns, comments, or suggestions to



By Nancy Li Guest Writer

his school year has been very different than the year before, and I believe it’s due to the open enrollment policy for AP classes. I personally feel that open enrollment has more cons than pros. When I had to pick classes for my sophomore year, we were required to get evaluated to see if we were ready for the class first. Then , we had to wait to see if we got in or not. The students that seemed more prepared and suited for a specific class were the ones chosen. This process generated a class where the students were on the same level, in terms of learning. Everyone was on the same page.

This year, that process was replaced with open enrollment, which allowed any student to sign up for AP/honor classes. At first, I think everyone was open minded about it because it gave everyone the opportunity to have more advanced classes, regardless of where they were academically in the previous year. This liberal process of enrollment created more diverse classes, but also resulted in a wide range of students who are at different levels of learning. I think that this is the biggest problem with open enrollment. It makes it difficult for teachers to teach certain materials when students are not on the same page, and when it comes to group activities, I personally believe it is difficult to work with someone who isn’t on the same level. Also, I feel

that the open enrollment process made it so easy for students to sign up that they wouldn’t put as much thought and consideration into such a commitment and that results in a student that isn’t as motivated in the class. I think that students should still apply for the honor/AP classes in the years to come. High school students, some not all, tend to get so caught up in taking as many APs and honor classes that they forget about the stress that’ll eventually add up. With an application process, the committee that looks over all the applications would have a clear mind to determine if a student is taking too much. Even though open enrollment created more diversity in the classroom, I think that it’s more important to have a comfortable learning atmosphere.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Amy Luong-Student of the Issue Teacher of the East By Nyamdash Amarbal Staff Writer

skills such as communicating with other diverse groups, taking lead in discussions, and organizing events. I encourage all students who are interested in

played basketball for fun. Amy’s definitely a team player. In student government, she comes up eet the student of with great fundraising ideas for the issue, freshman our class,” says Selena Yan, felclass president Amy low basketball player Luong. Just and executive council a few months ago, she member. came into Washington Her academics are High School like any as important to her other freshman. Now, as her extracurricular not only is she a proud activities. She takes leader, but a competitive all honors classes and athlete and a successful maintains her grade 4.0 student. “I put a lot of point average up to effort to manage my time 4.00. and still have the oppor“Amy is an exceltunity to participate in lent student who extracurricular activities works hard and as well,” says Luong. contributes a lot to Her biggest goal the classroom and in high school is to be to Wash overall. She involved as much as is active in student she can with school and government and still extracurricular activities. manages to keep This year, she’s already her grades up. Her participated in three schoolwork is always different sports and beautifully done, Eagle Pride. Running and while it’s clear is something that she she is focused on has done all through high achievement, middle school, so Track she is also a very and Cross-Country were well-rounded person. her first sports to join. She shows a lot of Basketball was somematurity and balance thing she decided to do in her attitudes and after coming into high decisions regarding school. Eagle Pride gives school,” says Tracy every one of its members Thompson, geometry a chance to volunteer at Amy Luong smiles while sitting on the stairs. teacher. food banks, marathons, PHOTO BY Nyamdash Amarbal “I think she has a and much more. She has serving for their school to run,” promising future and she is a been volunteering with them says Luong. very smart, ambitious girl,” says since eighth grade. As a freshman class president, Ms.Vail, her homeroom teacher. “Student Government is such she is determined to provide a Luong has taken many chala self rewarding program that good start the class foundation. lenges as a freshman and she is makes you want to work your “During basketball season she plans to keep it up for all four hardest. You learn and develop really improved from when we years.


Making New Friends

1989. He first started the club when he was in college, encouraging his friends to collaborate with students with disabilities. Today there are more than 700,000 people involved in

not only learn to communicate with others and be a leader, but will also work to eliminate prejuove to help others while dices against those with disabilimaking new friends? ties. Joining will also make both Washington’s newest people feel important and gain club, Best Buddies, is one more important all about that. person in their life While gaining to talk to. a one on one The requirefriendship with ments of the club someone with a are quite simple. disability, you Each buddy has to also engage in commit to seeing an once-in-aeach other outside lifetime experithe club once a ence. Being in week. This might this club will be chatting for a help you with bit during passing communication period, talking on skills, and you’ll facebook, writing also make new each other little friends. While notes, or just saying challenging hi to each other. stereotypes, They also need to making an participate in two impact, and activities a month. making a new For example, hangcircle of friends, ing out after school, you’ll also be going to the park, or making history Buddies embracing in a warm hug. just talking on the since this is the phone. Doing these LOGO PROVIDED BY BESTBUDDIES.ORG first chapter of activities will help Best Buddies at these one to one friendships. you get to know your buddy Washington. Over 1,500 high schools, middle better and learn more about each Best Buddies is a non-profit schools and colleges have a Best other. organization whose mission is to Buddies club. Ms. Elizabeth Club meetings are held every help people with intellectual and Dyer, who helps organize this Monday at lunch in room 127. developmental disabilities gain club says, ‘’I think it is a really Lunch is also provided by Beaa one-on-one friendship. People rewarding experience to get to con. who decide to join the club will know someone. Both people get Challenge stereotypes, make be paired up with a buddy who something out of the friendship, an impact, and make a friend. often feels left out because of and in addition it looks great on Feel free to stop by and see what their disability. your college resume”. Best Buddies is all about. The organization was founded Those who join the club will by Anthony Kenedy Shriver in


By Faiza Shaikh Staff Writer

By Natalie Liu Staff Writer


s. Ching Fen Huang, George Washington high school’s Mandarin teacher, has so much more to her than just a teaching credential. She first started out working in the commercial business in Taiwan. Huang even had big companies such as Nike coming to her from overseas in order to hire her. However, she got tired of that, and started to think about doing something more meaningful with her life. Now, she’s a teacher! Huang first came to America as a delegate for her university in Taiwan, and was already very fluent in English. The transition from a lifestyle in Asia, to the one in America was pretty easy for her. Since then, Huang has developed some interesting hobbies; one of her favorites is singing in a choir. “I like singing, especially in a group because it’s great to hear every- Huang body’s voices collaborating to make one great product!” she says. Huang also loves going outdoors whenever she can, and, most of all; she likes talking to many people. “My favorite thing about being a teacher is the chance to see my students slowly making progress… But the worst thing would have to be the amount of homework I have to grade, it’s

unending!” Huang says. She has decorated her room with many art projects that her students have done, and many visuals that help them to learn. “I like the way that she teach-

makes use of the projector.

Photo by Natalie Liu

es, there are many group projects so if we need any help, we’ll just ask each other. Of course, Ms. Huang is always happy to help, too.” ,Said Jackie Wong, a junior in level 1-2 Mandarin. So now you know, Huang is so much more than just “that teacher in UC1”

Question of the Issue If you can have any super power, what would it be? Why? By Derek Ng Staff Writer

“I would teleport so I could go anywhere, anytime.” -Helen Totterdell, Senior

“I would want to turn anything I touch into gold at my will so I could be rich. -Garry Balasanyan, Senior

“ I want x ray vision so I could see what people eat.” -Leon Tang, Sophomore

“I would fly so I could dunk a basketball easily.” -Julian Reynolds, Sophomore

“I want the power to stop time so I can do homework and still have time to hang out with friends.” -Benjamin Chen, Freshman

Volume V, Issue V

Hospitality’s Home

Things to Know About the APs



By Garrett Yee Page Designer

re you a social person? Do you like traveling the world with others while getting paid? If you answered yes then come join the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism! The AoHT is a program aimed at providing students with knowledge and information about the tourism industry.

as docents for the art in George Washington while 11th graders have the opportunity to shadow a profession for 1 day. When students aren’t doing projects, the class volunteers around the school and focuses on the fundamentals of business. This year, the Academy held a fashion show and came up with plans to create a restaurant. Next year the class intends to open the restaurant that was

Mr. Novack’s AoHT class of 2010-2011.

Photo Provided by mr. rYAN nOVACK

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism was launched in the states in 1987 and is currently located in more than 1101 schools nationwide. In George Washington High School, the program is approved and is funded Career Technical Education. Mr. Ryan Novack, Academy of Hospitality and Tourism teacher, said, “CTE is an opportunity for students to see the industry on an eye level by providing authentic projectbased learning and job experience.” On a typical day students in the program apply knowledge learned from textbooks into the real world through doing projects. Some examples of this are 12th grade students acting

planned for two days of the school year at lunchtime. The class hopes to finish on a high note this year. Alicia Luu, a 12th grader, states, “Basically we have an emphasis on tourism and, since we live in San Francisco. We have a easier time relating to it.” With the budget cuts there’s uncertainty about the future of the Academy, Melodye Jung, an 11th grade student at Wash, states, “It would really suck because kids would miss out on the awesome experiences that the Academy provides.” As of now, many the teachers of various academies have not been told anything about cuts and many remain optimistic that AoHT will be here next year.

By Kimberly Quant Staff Writer

re you stressing over those AP tests are coming up in May? If you haven’t already heard, there are changes to this year’s AP tests. AP coordinator, Ms. Tracy Thompson, said, “The major change to the AP tests this year is that there will no longer be a penalty for guessing.” So this year, if you’re not sure what an answer is, try to eliminate a few options then guess. AP tests are scored in two parts: free response and multiple choice. AP student, Sharon Tan, said “It’s a good idea to make flashcards, review notes, join/create study groups and review AP books. There’s a lot of material to study so you should definitely start early.” Don’t wait until the last minute to study because you won’t absorb the material as well since you’re freaking out! AP students

can also join study study groups with their teachers. AP teachers are usually willing to help. Tan stated, “Teachers like Mr. Mostarshed and Mr. Vedar have tutoring sessions afterschool.”

According to www.collegeboard. com, the scores of the AP exams are 5 Extremely well qualified* 4 Well qualified* 3 Qualified* 2 Possibly qualified* 1 No recommendation** *Qualified to receive college credit or advanced placement **No recommendation to receive college credit or advanced placement Are you deciding whether or not to take AP classes next year? Remember you must take the AP test if you sign up for an AP class, including American Lit. Honors. If the only thing that’s holding you back is the $87 price tag per test, you should go ahead and take the class. According


to Thompson, GWHS offers two options for paying a reduced fee of only $5 per exam: fee waiver or tutoring. To qualify for the fee waiver, your family’s income has to be less than 185% of the federal poverty level or if you qualify for fee/reduced lunch. For a family of four, your family income can’t be more than $40, 793. If you decide to tutor, you can tutor up to two students, each for nine hours per semester. At the moment, GWHS has 39 sections of classes that take AP exams, including 6 sections of Calculus AB, 5 sections of Economics, 3 sections of English Literature, 2 sections of Psychology and 2 sections of Physics C. All the options may be really appealing, but the most imporant thing to remember is to make sure you don’t take more classes than you can handle. Although taking AP classes looks good for college, taking multiple classes and not doing well in them looks worse.

Do You Think You Can Spell It? By Winnie Ma Staff Writer


on’t Panic. Read this paper. Then recycle it. Or make it into a super cool paper airplane. Try not to eat it though.” That was the opening of the spellathon rule sheet. On Wednesday March 23rd during lunch, ten teachers participated in Washington’s 3rd annual spelling bee. The purpose of the spelling bee was to help raise money for the Speech and Debate club. Victoria Yu, president of the Speech and Debate club, stated, “It celebrates the spelling of life. And a lot of math teachers are pretty darn good spellers, so it

will be fun to watch.” In the first round, Mr. John Propster was eliminated for misspelling the word “liquefying” because he heard and spelled “liquefy”. “I did nothing wrong. I spelled it correctly. It just didn’t match the word on the list,” said Propster. Other teachers, such as Mr. Martin Wolf and Ms. Gail Beresford, were eliminated later on. However, Beresford mentioned, “I enjoyed it very much. I will most definitely re-enter it next year and I’ll be sure to study the words more.” On the other hand, Wolf added, “I’m not sure if I will re-enter next year because I was eliminated from the spelling bee on an easy word. I may not

be the best person to enter. There might be another way that I can support the Speech and Debate club.” The last teacher standing was a math teacher, Ms. Gina Campagna who became the spelling bee champion, for correctly spelling the kill word, “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.” She said, “It’s fun to be the winner, I’m glad I can help raise money for the Speech and Debate club. It’s also a fun twist on the fundraiser.” So, win or lose, everyone still had fun at the spelling bee. Keep sponsoring your teachers, and don’t miss the next spellathon coming up next year!



Monday, April 11, 2010

Teens Protest The Wor Tunisia Overthrows


said sophomore David Mottle. Police are afraid. If you tell them you are close to President Ben Ali, then you could get whatever you desire. Citizens wanted changes but there was not a leader for a democracy. In schools, students were scared to talk about politics and were told that there were “reporters” everywhere. President Ben Ali left the country on January 26, 2011, fearing from democracy. After his disappearance, there was civil unrest. There were a series of violent protests, including Houcine Falhi, a 22-year-old, who commits suicide by electrocuting himself over unemployment in Sidi Bouzid after shouting “No to misery, no to unemployment!” For many years, Tunisians were isolated from the media and fear circulated the Middle East country under the dictatorship of President Ben Ali. Tunisians have now finally overcame the fear and are striving for a better government.

By Richard Lin Op-ed/Backpage Page Designer

n the Middle Eastern country Tunisia, Muhammad Al Bouazizi, a college graduate who sold vegetables to support his family, set himself on fire in front of a government building on December 17, 2010 as a protest to symbolize all the young college graduates who were unemployed beginning the Tunisian revolution. Tunisia was controlled under the dictatorship of President Ben Ali for 24 years. During these years, college graduates could not find jobs, Tunisians suffered poor living conditions such as police violence, rampant unemployment, a lack of human rights, as well as a struggling economy. There were restrictions on the media and internet. Web activists,

democracy in Tunisia,” said Mr. Antonio Tunzi, a George Washington High School Spanish teacher. “People can make political decisions, including women rights,” states Tunzi. “It’s bad to have a democracy because after a while, other groups will eventually take over and Tunisia will be worst than what was originally there,

By Stella Zhu Staff Writer

youth lead revolution sparked in Egypt on January 25th 2011. People of all ages and various social backgrounds took part in the revolt. Grudges of Egyptian protesters focused on legal and political issues including police brutality, state of emergency laws, lack of free elections and freedom of speech, uncontrollable corruption, as well as economic issues including high unemployment, food price inflation, and low minimum wages. “The Youth Revolution” is the term widely used to describe Egypt’s recent uprising. “I think the Egyptian revolution is good in every way, it’s the people that mattered and the pride of the people at the top,” Alec Shigeta, a junior at George Washington High School said. over to 30 years. On Feb. 11, 2011, after 18 days

GWHS Stude Opinions O

“It’s tion sia’s

“The end here.”

- Rina Hu, GWHS Senior


Mr. Mubarak attacked protesters in Cairo’s of massive public protests Tahrir Square, but the demonstrators fought against his rule back. Hosni Mubarak was the After Wael Ghonim started his Facebook president of Egypt for, he group, other bloggers of Facebook, Twitter, resigned. Armed supportand other activist groups followed his footers of Mr. Mubarak attacked steps. According to Ahmed Ezzat, a coalition protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir member for Popular Democratic Movement Square, but the demonstrafor Change, the coalition is still expandtors fought back. On Feb. 10, ing and intends to include other young and as crowds swelled again in diverse political trends that have been part of squares across the country, Egypt’s political sphere. Although it started the military declared that it with only these groups, they hope it expands was taking action “to protect to include all the other young activists. “The the nation’’. Mr. Mubarak revolution gives the youth more of a voice,” had survived six assassination attempts and a number of Shigeta explained. “They have been holding grudges for a long time”. outbursts of public anger “The revolution is affecting what’s hapKhaled Saeed studied compening to workers,” Ms.Susan Witka, an art puter programming, which he teacher at GWHS said.” It’s stimulated Amerwas beaten to death by Egypicans workers in mid- west in the working tian police after he revealed a union like Michigan, Illinois, or Wisconsin. video showing them stealing Even though it’s a peaceful revolution, people seized marijuana, and he now did die.There comes a point when people symbolizes Egyptian youth rage had enough with the powers that be,” Witka at police brutality. Two police explained. The revolution all started mostly officers arrested him, allegedly from the youth and labor unions. beat him and smashed him against objects as he was led outside to their police car. The facebook group, “We are all Khaled Said”, by Wael Ghonim, brought attention to his death, leading up to the Egyptian Protests. It joined forces with groups promoting the candidacy of opposition presidential candidate Mohammed ElBaradei on Facebook. On their facebook page the posts were mostly about Egypt’s State Security. One post was “state securities were good at one thing: they never discriminated between Egyptians: Muslims & Christians.” Hosni Mubarak was the president of Egypt for over 30 years. On Feb. 11, 2011, af- PHOTO PROVIDED BY WWW.RACHELWALKERONter 18 days of massive public protests against LINE.COM his rule, he resigned. Armed supporters of

Egypt’s Historical Turning Point


bloggers, and a rapper named Hamada BenAmor, who had published a song on YouTube criticizing the government, were arrested. Many people think the democracy will have positive effects, while others think it will be a great loss. “I think it’s good for people to have

“In out repres it’s in p

- Mr. G

“They [the countries should fight for them selves. Dictators shou not run the countries

- Tracie Wheeler. GWHS Sophmore


“I think Ghadafi is insan and that he needs to go. B I don’t want the US inte vention to become an occ pation.”

- Waleed Almakrai-A Yemeni, GWH Student


Volume V, Issue V

ting arounD rld

ent + Teacher On the Issue

s a chain reacn from Tunis revolution.”

- Ryoma Yoshioka, GWHS Senior

d is ”

n general, I like the idea of tgrown dictatorship. I like sentative goverment. I think nteresting that we have supported them differently.”

Greg West, GWHS English Teacher

Wisconsin Fighting For Rights


tudents in Wisconsin were protesting over the bill that ended up cutting around 1.5 billion dollars from the public school system. Students and teachers were outraged and they had used social media such as Facebook and Twitter to coordinate walkouts and rallies.

In a high school in Stoughton, Wisconsin over 100 students walked out of class to protest Republican Governor Scott Walker’s bill, which the proposal cut most of the collective bargaining rights from public workers and unions. This ended up cutting approximately 735 jobs. Alexus Belenky said, “The government has too much power and the students


- Ms. Kathleen Rodriguez, GWHS Staff

ne But ercu-


the unions while only 31% sided with Governor Walker. Governor Walker cut millions of dollars because he believes that public sector

By Elizabeth Glemister Staff Writer

rotests are spreading like a new fashion trend. Eight protesters were on the fourth floor ledge of UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall, with six of eight protesters chained together. The protesters gave a list of demands which included an end to the budget cuts and an end to police brutality. After staying on the ledge of Wheeler Hall for seven hours on Thursday March 3rd 2011, the protesting Berkeley students came


down at 9:45pm, following long discussions with teachers and administrators about what the administrators can do best to please the students. It was said that the discussion will try to end with a compromise that the students of Berkeley will hopefully please the students. The protesters were then reprimanded and released for trespassing. There were nine protesters in the beginning but one was cited and released around 2:45pm. The students left the building with their main demands unmet, but were promised the opportunity to have a discussion with Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, the ninth chancellor of UC Berkeley. Birgeneau will offer probation to students still facing conduct charges arising from protest activities in 2009, and issue formal student conduct “notifications” to those involved in this last protest. George Washington High School freshmen Adina Vasquez commented, “This was bound to happen and this will not be the last. Students care about their education. Students will be fighting for what they believe in.” This is not the first protest UC Berkeley has experienced. On November 20th, 2009, 40 protesters were faced with trespassing charges and 38 of them were not able to win back their custodial jobs or their wish for the government to rethink their decision to

UC Berkeley Wants Their Education!


workers have much higher wagers when compared to private sector workers. Across the country protest had sprung up to support the public workers Governor Walker’s bill. People in New Jersey had came out in the rain to show their support. A Rutgers Eagleton Poll, 65 percent say public sector workers in Wisconsin are “right to protest.” The students are on the forefront of this protest. Students in Wisconsin schools skipped class to protest because they know that this is directly affecting them and they want their education. Students from the University of Washington had made chants to shout at the rallies, such as “ Have a heart. Don’t tear the UW apart.” Most of America supports the students because the Wisconsin government has taken away too much money from schools and education. The students in Wisconsin have proven that they can and will fight for their education.

By Alex Campos Staff Writer

s] muld s.”

“I think everyone should get what they’re fighting for.”

should get a good education.” The bill at first could not be voted on because 14 democratic Wisconsin state senators had left the state to protest the bill. The bill still ended up being passed. When the senators had returned they were hailed as heroes. A Pew Research Center Poll found that 42% of adults in the United States sided with

increase the college tuition of UC Berkeley. These students were enraged because of the 1.4 billion cut of all public higher schools and these students were trying to change the outcome of that decision since this means that college students will need to pay more for their college experience. As Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry LeGrande wrote in a letter that was read to the students, “You have chosen a method of protest that I cannot support. I am very concerned about your health and safety and urge you to end this unsafe action.” This protest got a lot of attention, mostly from college students as well. City College freshmen Adina Whitaker said, “Students of all ages care about their education. Far more than the administration gives them credit for. It comes to no surprise that another protest has emerged involving the same topic that will happen in the future, due to the fact that budget cuts are unavoidable.” The protest on Wednesday March 2nd 2011 was part of a day of action by students around the country opposing to education cuts. They were organized by student groups infuriated by the continual increase of tuition and large cuts to fund for the University of California system. UC Berkeley and schools nationwide are bound to have more protests in the future.



Monday, April 11th, 2011

LIFESTYLES Dear Agnes...

Dear Agnes, Recently, my grades are getting worse and worse, and I’m neglecting the homework that I’m supposed to do. The reason for all this is because of my cursed computer addiction. Ever since I tried that game called League of Legends. I’ve gotten hooked to it and can’t get rid of it. I’ve tried creating a schedule for myself, but it is not working, what should I do? Sincerely, Demacian In Trouble. Dear Demacian In Trouble, If creating a schedule for yourself is not working, you can always try hanging out with your friends after school. When you hang out with your friends, you guys can try hanging out in the library because you will more likely do your homework if you do it with your friends in a quiet place. While you’re doing this you won’t get bored and this will keep your mind off of gaming. If this doesn’t work, you can

always try consulting with your counsleor, so don’t give up and keep fighting! Love Always, Agnes. Dear Agnes, I am having trouble completing my assignments because the teachers are giving out too much homework. Even though this school year I am only taking 1 A.P. class, it is already taking a toll on my time. I don’t have time to draw, which I love to do very much, and have barely anytime to even sleep! I am also bad at math which is another reason why I’m having trouble completing assignments. Can you help me? Sincerely, Homework Tribulation

Healthy Habits By Rachel Wong Staff Writer


hat can you do now to keep yourself healthy? Now is the time to take charge of your health by eating better and being more physically active. Even small changes will help you look and feel your best. Healthy eating and exercising now can help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, and some forms of cancer as you are older. Teenage obesity is a common problem that is rising in the United States and is linked to eating disorders such as binge eating and bulimia nervosa. Most of the obese teens grow to be obese adolescents. Here are some tips on how to improve your lifestyle. -Drink lots of water every day. -Limit caffeinated drinks: healthy foods with substance will fill you up faster. -Don’t deprive yourself something you’re craving, it’s better to eat something unhealthy in moderation than to skip it and binge later. -Find healthy alternatives for snacks: carrots instead of cookies, popcorn or pretzels instead of chips. -Don’t think that something fat-free or diet foods mean that you can eat twice as much. -Avoid artificial sweeteners,

like Splenda. Although they may seem healthier, they have chemicals that can really damage your body. -Take a multi-vitamin every day in addition to a healthy diet. -Make sure you’re eating three balanced, healthy meals a day. Skipping meals can make you feel hungry that you might overeat at the next one. -Fast food places have healthy options; take time to look at a nutrition chart. Lena Lui, an RN at Kaiser says, “Your family’s gene pool, eating habits, and activities all play a role in your health and the way you look. Type 2 diabetes is increasing in teenagers who are overweight. Diabetes means that your blood sugar is too high which is serious. Talk to your family or doctor if you are concerned about your weight or health.” Anita Lee, a doctor at Kaiser recommends to, “Begin slowly making small changes in your daily routine, like spending less time in front of the TV, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to school instead of taking the bus or if you drive, parking further away from school.” Sarah Wang, a sophomore said “I choose activities like working out with a friend. Whatever works for you as long as it gets you moving.” Being more active can

Workout Plan By Steven Lu Staff Writer


etting fit in life will help you live longer and enable you to do more active activities. First off, you should try to see where you are in your fitness level. To assess your aerobic and muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition, consider recording your pulse rate after walking a mile, how long it takes you to walk a mile and how many pushups you can do. Then check your body mass index (BMI).

After establishing where you are, you should find out what exercise would suit you best. You should begin your food and exercise logs then start a daily exercise program. To help you achieve your fitness goals, set a reward for the completion of each goal. Set your fitness goals, they can be almost anything, like running, biking, hiking, swimming and more active activities. To make a basic fitness plan, first, break down your week into three days of weight training and three days of cardio/

help you feel less bored and depressed, and help you handle stress. Activities can help you to cut back on eating when you are feeling bored, upset, or stressed. Eating is something we enjoy, so when we’re bored we want to do things we enjoy. When we’re confined to our house with nothing to do, eating is the easiest and most enjoyable thing to do. If your stomach is growling, it is time for you to eat. If you desire food between meals when your stomach is not growling, then it is not your instinct telling you to eat, so don’t. Ask yourself why you are eating. Remember, you should still eat 3 meals a day. If you do have to eat between meals, be reasonable. Eat some fruit or cereal. At least think about what and why you are eating the next time you have the urge to eat something. Try to exercise 30 minutes a few times a week. But don’t limit yourself to the gym: walking, biking, or running will expose you to sunlight and boost your mood and you’ll be getting the exercise you need. Keeping active will make you stronger physically and mentally. What you choose to do is up to you. Just pick something that you like to do and keep it up. Have fun while being active each day to stay healthy and fit. Remember, you don’t have to give up the video games; just make sure that you also fit healthy activity into your day. aerobic training. You will alternate between upper and lower body. This will allow you to work on one muscle group while the other rests. On day one, work on your upper body (chest/back/abs) for 45 – 60minutes. Day two, on your Cardio/Aerobic for 20minutes. Day three, work on your lower Quads/Hamstrings/Glutes/ Calves) for 45 – 60 minutes. Day four, work on your Cardio/Aerobic again for 20mins. Day five, on your upper body (Deltoids/Biceps/Triceps/Abs) for 45 – 60 minutes and for day six, work on your cardio/aerobic for 20minutes. You should have one day of rest so your

Dear Homework Tribulation, Shout out to the teachers! Less homework please. While I do agree that some teachers are giving out too much homework, there are expectations of you since you chose to be in an A.P. class. Also, selecting the classes for next year is in progress, so you should remember not to take too many honors or any A.P. classes because you will have to spend a lot of time doing assignments in those classes. And if you’re bad at math, you should go to the Beacon at T3 or the library after school. These are great places to find a tutor to help you with math. Anyways, don’t give up, this school year is almost over! Love always, Agnes Dear Agnes, I am shy and I have very low self-esteem. I also don’t have many friends because I’m afraid of talking to people. My voice starts cracking up, and when I get extremely nervous, I

start to look around me. When I’m alone, the thing that I like to do the best is go on youtube and watch videos because I don’t need to talk to anyone or worry about anything, but sometimes I feel lonely. I have little social skills, please help me Agnes! Sincerely, Bashful Introvert Dear Bashful Introvert, First of all, good job coming here and taking the courage to type it out! The first thing that you could do is start out slowly by joining a club or a sports team. Joining a sports team can make you feel good about yourself and exercise your body at the same time, you can also make some friends while you’re at it. When you talk with others always be confident and try to find soething that you both have an interest in. You can always wait for others to start a conversation with you, but many people won’t because they are shy too! Most people are shy because they don’t want others to think badly of them when they talk, but don’t worry, it’s only their opinion and you can always prove them wrong. So, go out there and start talking! Sincerely, Agnes

Hair Care. Naturally. By Faiza Shakh Beauty Columnist


ave you ever looked at your hair and gotten frustrated with it? You’re not the only one; most girls in high school are unhappy with their own hair. From straightening your hair too much to using many harmful products on your hair, there are many natural ways to repair or keep your hair in its best condition. Similar to skin, there are different types, ranging from dry hair or oily hair. Between those two types are many possibilities from heat damage, dandruff, split ends, and damage from chemicals. Using many products in your hair everyday can deplete your scalp’s natural oils and dry your hair out. If you’re big on using hair products, you should look at the back label before buying a product. Watch out for alcohol, chlorine, and dietanolamine. These are major chemicals that can harm your hair by breaking down your hair cells. Certain chemicals like stearyl and cetyl can actually hydrate your hair and renew it of oils. Another way of getting your hairs natural oils back is to eat foods high in silica, such as potatoes, asparagus, cucumbers and bell peppers. Are you a big fan of using heat appliances on your hair? . If you are, you might either have rough hair. Sophomore Janelle Dela Vega says ‘’ I apply baby oil into hair before showering and my hair stays frizz free and really soft’’ .One way to body could recover. Write down the exercises you will be doing for each muscle group. When doing so, be sure to leave plenty of room for notes so you could add on to what to do. In your calendar, write down what days you will be training. Getting fit in life is helpful because it helps you remove stress, gives you more energy, helps ward off diseases and other useful lifestyles. It allows you to eat more because you’re actually burning calories. Heart disease is the leading killer in America and can be prevented simply by exercising.

create soft/smooth hair is to use oil. First, apply a generous amount of any kind of oil (preferably almond oil). Next, tie your hair up in a towel for twenty minutes; wash your hair as you normally would. Repeat this once a week for soft smooth hair. If your hair is thin, and has a bunch of split ends, it’s going to take time for it to become thick and healthy. The first step is to make sure that you are trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks. By doing this you’re getting rid of any split ends and reducing the possibility of getting them. The key to thick hair is to have a balanced diet. Eating foods with protein is greatly recommended. Drinking herbal tea can also help thicken your hair. If you stress or worry a lot, that may be a problem when trying to get thicker hair. Stress can make your hair fall out, which thins out your hair. If you’re that type of person, try massaging your scalp every now and then to reduce stress and increase scalp circulation. Do you avoid wearing black because you know your going to get flakes of dandruff onto your shirt? . A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to get rid of dandruff. Dandruff happens when a fungus called malassezia irritates the scalp and causes the dead skins to shed a lot faster than usual. Easy methods from squeezing fresh limejuice into your scalp, to massaging it with apple cider vinegar can illiminate dandruff easily. Saying goodbye to lifeless unmanageable hair has never been easier.

Day 1 mins

Upper Body


(chest/back/abs) Day 2


20 mins

Day 3 mins

Lower Quads/


Hamstrings/Glutes/ Calves Day 4


20 mins

Day 5 mins

Upper Body


(Deltoids/Biceps/ Triceps/Abs)



Volume V, Issue V

Girls for the Gold

The soccer season sets into full swing


By Kristin Yee Staff Writer

ast year’s George Washington Girl’s soccer team went all the way to playoffs and then to championships. However, losing to Lowell’s soccer team and getting second place is not that bad. But this year’s Girl’s soccer team will definitely go for the gold. Jasmine Rodriguez, Captain of the Girls soccer team and a senior at George Washington, said, “Last year’s team was one of the greatest teams we had at Wash. This year is a little different because we have a lot of young players who are new to soccer and last year we had lots of older experienced players.” Rodriguez continued, “We focus on team bonding so that we can build close friendships with one another.” Rodriguez also said, “I think we will do well and try our

best in every game, I definitely think we can make it to playoffs and win.” Kaitlyn Nonaka, a senior midfielder said, “I think last year’s soccer team was really good there were a lot of amazing players, and they worked well together as a team. So far, we have beat Galileo, Mission, and June Jordan. There is still have a lot of work to do, but I have confidence in everyone on the team.” However with all the new players, Nonaka may feel like the team must work even harder trying to cover for the last years seniors. Cathy Kim, a junior who plays as a defensive mid-fielder, said, “Our last year’s games were unreal. Especially when we played Lowell in champs! Unfortunately we lost but, personally, that game was the most exciting, intense, and memorable game of our season.” Kim continued, “This year we have a much larger team

with 29 players. We have a lot of different skills and talents on this team and hopefully we can work them together to win it all this year.” As well as becoming a better, stronger, and determined athlete, Kim said , “Also, I hope

The girl’s soccer team to gain close friendships on and off the field.” The soccer team had defeated majority of their opponents with great endurance and amazing

Boys Baseball Seeks NBA Playoff Picture The competition heats up Championship By Kimberly Quant Staff Writer


his season, the baseball team has to live up to high expectations. Not only did they make it to the championships last year, but also both the basketball team and the football team made it all the way this year, making GWHS a powerhouse in San Francisco high school sports. A majority of the varsity baseball team feels really confident and determined to make it to the championship game again. Catcher and senior Alex Kozakiewicz stated, “I think we’ll win the city championships this year. Our team’s been practicing and our team work is better than ever.” Senior second baseman Thomas Tomioka stated, “We’re just taking it day by day.” The players have different opinions regarding who their

biggest competition is. Kozakiewicz stated, “I think our biggest competition is Lowell.” Tomioka smiled in agreement. However, pitcher and left guard junior Avery Velasco stated, “I’m guessing that Balboa is our biggest competition because I have not heard much from them. Lowell lost a lot of seniors this year, Galileo lost their key player, and Lincoln hasn’t been good since I have been on the team.w” No matter who they’re playing, the varsity team makes sure to display good sportsmanship and teamwork. Even during practices, they show teamwork while they practice hitting and fielding. If you want to catch a glimpse of teamwork and dedication for yourself, you can watch their practices which are held every other day or watch a game on Wednesday or Thursday at 3:30.

By Alex Campos Staff Writer


ith the NBA playoffs on the horizon, we will get to see another exciting postseason with many storylines. The question is who will win the championship this year. Will the Lakers three peat? Can the Heat prove that the big three can win it together? Are the Celtics ready to make another run at the NBA championship? Or will another team come up and prove they are worthy enough to hoist the title. The playoffs, which begin on April 16th, have 16 teams make the playoffs, 8 from the Western Conference and 8 from the Eastern Conference. The best teams


and they will continue to receive criticism until they can win the NBA championship. There are also many other teams that can win. The Celtics are having another great year and they would like a chance to win. The Bulls are a great team with potential MVP Derrick Rose. The Lakers have a chance to repeat as champions for a 3rd straight year. Led by Kobe Bryant the Lakers will be the team to beat in the west, with all their playoff experience they know how to handle and overcome adversity when its playoff time. This year’s playoff will be one to watch for; many exciting teams are going to be in. A lot of people will be interested in what will have happen With Lebron and the Heat and if the Lakers will win again. We can only speculate on who will be champion.

On Guard, Ready! Fence! Fencing, a proud tradition at Washington


Baseball team celebrates at AT&T after victory.

in the West are the L.A Lakers, the San Antonio Spurs, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Oklahoma City Thunder, those are the favorites the win in the west. While in the east the favorites are the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls, and the Orlando Magic. When Lebron James joined the Miami Heat in the off-season, the Heat was expected to have one of the best regular seasons by a team and to win the NBA championship. We have seen the Heat struggle this season. On NBA. com columnist Shaun Powell said, “ The Big Three is a mad experiment gone wrong, Lebron is a chocker, Bosh is a joker, the season is a disaster.” The Heat have high expectations this year

Photo By Larry Yee soccer skills. The team has won majority of their games except Lowell. So, continue to root on the Girl’s Soccer team, as they fight their way to championships.

By Steven Lu Staff Writer

encing is a sport where you use a bladed weapon to try to stab the other fencer on the body. It has been practiced for many centuries all over the world. Fencing is the only combat sport with no weight class and is one of four sports to be included in every modern Olympic games. There are three main types of sword; Foil, Epee and Saber. The reason why fencing armor is white is because, before electric fencing the directors had no idea if it was a hit or not so they would put black “ink” on the tip of the blade so they would know if it hit them on the body. Carina Chiang, a junior and the captain of the girl’s fencing team says that, “Fencing is difficult in the beginning of conditioning but gaining the muscles and getting really fit helps during the season. During the fencing season, the team gets closer and it’s like one big happy family. The team gets along with each other.” GWHS fences private

schools like University, Urban and Stuart Hall. They also fence most public schols in San Francisco. Private schools usually have more experience because they practice year round while public schools practice only during the fencing season. Not everyone in the fencing team gets to compete against other schools. There are 3 main starters and they’re the ones who fence against other schools. Washington has had a fencing team for 30+ years and they meet everyday during the fencing season at 3:30 in G4. Coach Bass of the fencing team explains,

“Throughout ages, fencing has been known as a sport of royalty. Great men and women practiced the art of fencing. It was part of the education in military office. George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, General George S. Patton, the Red Baron, Winston Churchill and many more famous people practiced the art of fencing. The fencing team at GWHS works well together and in the 30 years of coaching.

A GWHS fencer is sidestepping the attack.



Monday, April 11th, 2011


Fast Five Joins The Racing Saga A Teacher Comedian! The Fast and Furious sequel comes racing in


By Jeremy Xu Staff Writer

ast Five, the fifth movie of the Fast and Furious series, has caught the attention of movie fans and critics. Justin Lin, the same director of the previous movies in the series, decided to release to the movie in IMAX. The movie takes place in Brazil, where Brian O’Conner, played by Paul Walker, teams up with Dom Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, to break out of custody and evade government hands. However, they are soon cornered in Rio de Janeiro and are desperate to get away. Brian O’Conner and Dom Toretto round up an elite team of top racers, who are

being tailed by corrupt businessmen and federal agents. Together, they work to elude them both. Federal agent Luke Hobbs, who is played by Dwayne Johnson, and his strike team are dispatched to track them down. As they attempt to capture the escapees, Hobbs

realizes that it is more difficult than they thought because he can’tdistinguish the good from the bad. This action packed movie winds up the excitement of fans. Nicholas Fong, a sophomore at GWHS says, “I can’t wait till the movie comes out!” Senior Brian

Brian O’Conner and Dom Toretto racing in Brazil

April’s New Shows

series about three college graduBy Natalie Liu ates being dumped into the “real Staff Writer working world,” where partying is an important feature. Kevin he month of April is Etten produces this comedy here, and it’s bringing and is known to have produced some new TV shows many other TV shows including with it. Scrubs and Desperate Housewives. Workaholics, The Game of Lastly, Breaking In is a series Thrones, and about a Breaking In all high-tech feature comedy, security romance, and firm that action in each! takes exThe most treme, and anticipated often quesshow coming tionable, this April is measures The Game of to sell their Thrones, based protection off of the book, services. Song of Ice and The show Fire, by George stars R. R. Martin. actress The fight for Odette control over the Annable, throne among Breaking In, one of the new shows the star of PHOTO FROM FOX.COM seven noble The Unborn, families leads with Brett to war, drawing in the violence Harrison, Alphonse McAuley, of ancient evils. The show is beand Christian Slater, who have ing produced by Mark Huffam, acted in TV shows such as The the same man who produced Office, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. hits like Mama Mia, and Saving It premiers April 6, on FOX at Private Ryan. The Game of Thrones 9:30pm. premiers on HBO, April 17th. All these shows and more are Workaholics premiered premiering this April, so make Wednesday, April 6th at sure to tune in! 10:30/9:30 central on Comedy Central. This show is a scripted


Tao is another fan of the movie who says,”Having watched the previous Fast and Furious movies, which were all good, I’m sure this one will be too.” There are also those who are not interested in the movie. Jessica Wong, a freshman at GWHS, said, “The movie doesn’t seem that interesting because it’s just about people driving cars to avoid the government.” Others feel that having so many sequels makes the series lose its taste. David Lin, a junior, says,” I think that it’s ridiculous how a director would decide to make 5 sequels of a movie.” The movie will be released on April 29, 2011. Be sure to check out the movie because you may find yourself surprised!


A look at Ms. Weiss’ second life

Ms. Weiss Performing at Khara’s and Iris’ variety show PHOTO FROM MS. WEISS

Kathy Wannevoroj Staff Writer


eeling down? Need a good laugh? Then check out Khara’s and Iris’ variety show! Iris Weiss, the special education teacher at GWHS, will leave you laughing even when the show is over. Weiss started doing comedy when her and her friends were just trying it out and she got hooked on comedy. She has been doing comedy for a year and a half since September of 2009. Teachers,such as Charle Brinton and Nicole Warner, go to support her. They both rated the show an eight out of ten. Brinton said ”I think it should be longer.” Warner said, “Ms.Weiss is one of the funniest comedians out of the other comedians.” During her show, Weiss tells stories about funny things that happen to her. One of her bits is about Muni ,and the different voices heard on the Muni. On a Muni bus, there is a male

voice and female voice whom Weiss refers to as Bob and Linda ,that announce various reminders like “Please hold on” or “Save the front seats..” on the intercom. Along with those voices, there are other voices that repeat the same reminders except in other languages for non-English speaking citizens. Weiss pretends that Bob and Linda are married and Bob is becoming like Tiger Woods being with all these other voices. Warner added “Her bits can relate to us teens, but the bits are for adult humor.” Weiss said, “My inspiration... is my love for performing. I like to make people laugh and I have always liked to be in theater. I also had a lot of experience in performing.” Brinton added, “Ms.Weiss can take a normal day occurrence and turn it into a funny joke.” If her bit about the Muni sounds cool, you can hear more bits & jokes at her comedy show you

Minute to Win It!

Watch your favorite teachers humiliate themselves! By Nyamdash Amarbal Staff Writer


urious to see teachers do a back flip? The Journalism fundraiser, “In it to Win It,” will feature teachers performing difficult challenges from the NBC TV show, “Minute to Win It.” The fundraiser will take place in the auditorium during lunch on April 19. You will get a chance to win a prize just by sponsoring teachers. Who will make his or her way to the hardest and final challenge? “As for the sponsoring part, students must find a teacher who is participating in the competition. They can pay a flat amount to donate or pay a certain amount of money for every challenge completed by the teacher. If they want to see a certain teacher win, they should sponsor that teacher. The students who sponsor the winning teacher get their names put into a raffle. The raffle will offer the following prizes: 1 $20 Amazon gift card, a pair of movie tickets, and two $10 Starbucks cards. The winning teacher gets a $20 gift card to Macy’s.” said Stacey Hom, entertainment page editor and the coordinator

of the event. There will be six tasks involving everyday household supplies. Face to Cookie, the first challenge, will have teachers eat cookie that has been placed on their forehead by using only their facial muscles. The first eight teachers to finish will proceed to the next challenge The next challenge is Caddy Stack. The

players must stack 3 golf balls one atop the other must remain freestanding for 3 seconds. Only 6 teachers will move to the next round. Next is Back Flip. Pencils are placed on playing surface in increments of 2, with all erasers facing the same direction, and player picks up first set of two pencils and places them on the back of his

or her hand. Player must flip pencils into the air, then catch them together, then adds two more pencils with each turn, building to a final set of 12. The final two teachers will play Hat Trick . Players will have a hat with two tea bags hanging from the sides and they must get both tea bags to land onto the visor part of the hat without using their arms or hands. “It’s never been done at Washington and it’s a unique contest. It sounds like a great time. The challenge that I’m looking forward to the most is Face to Cookie, because I like contests that I can eat! I think the Back Flip is the hardest challenge. Having to catch up to 12 pencils at a time seems difficult,” said John Propster, a participating teacher. “All the challenges look hard to me, but I am looking forward to Caddy Stack, because it requires a lot of patience and I have a lot of patience. If I get to that stage I think I might win that round,” said Sharam Mostarshed, another participating teacher. Come to the fundraiser! Sponsor a teacher! Have a great time! Win prizes!


Monday, April 11th, 2011

The Rock’s Cookin’ By Ivan Huang Staff Writer


o you smell what the rock is cookin’?” is a trademark phrase often used by the former famous professional wrestler, now turned actor Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock has now returned to electrify sports entertainment fans all over the world that have been missing the excitement. Now that The Rock has returned the world of wrestling a lot of old school fans are tuning in to reminisce of the old days where wrestling was fun to watch and everybody tuned in each week waiting for something exciting to happen. Since The Rock’s absence in the World Wrestling Entertainment, the WWE has struggled to maintain its diehard fans that made this business so popular in the 90’s, when wrestling was at its peak pulling huge numbers beating all their competition. The WWE’s Pay Per View buy rates have actually declined since the 90’s, allowing the now fast rising UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship to beat them out year after year. But now things for the short term seem to be turning around as everybody’s favorite wrestler The Rock is returning letting the old school fans of the 90’s and the early 00’s to remince of the old

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

times seeing guys like The Rock, Triple H, Stone cold Steve Austin, and the Undertaker return. Though nowadays wrestling is viewed as a joke because people have realized that it is scripted, and is not a credible professional sport, lacking the aspect of competition when compared to a fast rising sport like the UFC. The WWE is also making an effort to promote new stars using their former poster childs. “I used to be a huge wrestling fan, but as I grew up I realized it was fake and it wasn’t as fun to watch anymore because of the whole competition aspect.” Said Jon Chin a senior, and former wrestling fan. “I stopped watching wrestling ever since my favorite wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Kurt Angle started leaving, but now that their coming back I might watch Wrestlemania 27 just to see my childhood heroes.” Said Justin Butac a senior a former wrestling fan. Though Professional wrestling has not been so popular with teens of today, they are clearly making an effort to win back the fans of yesterday to tune in weekly. The WWE is having their annual Wrestlemania event which is often compared to be the superbowl of professional wrestling, on April 3rd 2011, in Atlanta, Georgia, also is going to be on Pay per view check your local listings.


Earth’s Moment By Stella Zhu Staff Writer


n April 23, the Bay Area will come together to celebrate Earth Day in Civic Center Plaza with a music festival, featuring speakers on stages and eco-zones filled with activists and workshop leaders, nonprofit organizations, green businesses, community leaders, civic agencies and youth empowerment groups according to This year’s festival focuses on trying to persuade the community to incorporate green practices it into their lives. Earth Day SF was designed to educate the people about all the environmental challenges we all face. There will be interactive learning experiences, green jobs information, beer and wine tasting, a green film festival, cutting edge eco fashion shows, organic foods, educational eco-workshops

and more. Musicians , dancers, educators and mentors, artists and artisans, craftspeople, civic community leaders, local “ecogreen” politicians, ceremonialists, workshop leaders, eco-green & youth activists and social justice non-profit organizations will all be there. Green Zone Productions and One World One Voice are the Founders of Earth Day SF. In 1970 the first Earth Day celebrations were held, and the event was celebrated by more than 20 million people. This year it would be the 41st anniversary. It will be held at Civic Center Plaza, Downtown San Francisco on Friday, April 23 10:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. The cost is FREE. It will be fun for the whole family. The event is also looking for volunteers, sponsors, or exhibitors. If you’re interested go to for more information or contact them at earthdays@ Come out to the festival and let’s celebrate the planet!

A blockbuster game definitely worth checking out!

The robots the player plays during the co-op campaign


By Kevin Adler Entertainment Page Designer


he blockbuster game Portal 2 is coming out this month on the 19th. The video game itself is a first person action/puzzle game. Its predecessor, Portal, was critically acclaimed and launched back in 2007. The game revolves around Chell, the female protagonist who harnesses the power of the Portal gun. As the name implies, the portal gun is a firearm that produces portals that the player creates both the beginning and end of the portal itself. Along with the portal gun, the player is provided with boosters at various stages such as gel that makes you jump higher, making the game even more interesting. “It’s an innovative game that is nonviolent with a realistic female protagonist, subtle narrative, I am moderately excited.” says David Ko, a teacher at Washington. The game itself is almost wholly a puzzle game. However, there is a story line that takes place after the events of the original portal game. The player is in

to be amazing just from the trailers, the first one was really fun and I played it for hours, so I hope this one is ten times better.” exclaims Christopher (CJ) Avery, a Junior. “I’m looking forward to it,” says Steven Wu, another fellow Junior and gamer. The game is coming out on April 19th, and can be bought from numerous retailers, including GameStop and Amazon dot com for $59.99. It is releasing on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac OSX. People who buy the PS3 version also receive the digital version free that is playable on both PC and Mac OSX by linking accounts.

an abandoned scientific test facility that used to be operated by Aperture Science. An autonomous robot, GLaDOS is the main villain. It’s infected with a virus making the player go through puzzles that at first seem impossible to solve, but turn out to be incredulously fun. Along with the single player campaign, there is a cooperative option that allows players to team up and solve puzzles together. While playing the co-op campaign, the player is a robot, which GLaDOS has enlisted as a non-human test subject on particularly challenging courses. The whole campaign and multiplayer has been claimed to span ten or more hours depending on how long it takes the player to figure out the challenges. It has been stated that the cooperative mode will be considerably longer then the single player campaign. User created maps will be available allowing the complete time to theoretically span for infinite hours, giving the game more bang-for-the-buck Chell, the main protagonist than it’s competitors PHOTO FROM STEAMPOWERED.COM “Portal 2 looks like it’s going

NO Shot, No School

Most teens have had their Tdap shot. If you’re not sure, bring your vaccination card to the Wellness Center and the Nurse can check it

New California Law requires teens to provide proof of pertussis vaccine (Tdap). Get your Proof of Tdap NOW!

Give the form to your Homeroom Teacher ASAP Questions? Write to Nurse Boyer-Chu at

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