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The Devils’ Diary “We Read Red and Black“ Volume 2 No. 1 November 2012

Fall Festivities

It’s that time of year again. Put on your jacket and eat everything pumpkin flavored. The Fall Festival this year had plenty of activities for people of all ages including teens from Page High School to enjoy.

Tyrissa Stevens and Alex Etsitty modeling Dickies red and black scrubs that became catwalk ready with the addition of highheeled boots.

Can you say brain freeze? Locals taking part in a pumpkin ice cream eating contest.

Nursing Ass istan lly and Kayla t II students, Victoria B enaCorber givin g out prizes big winners to the at the Fall F estival.

m ing heliu pson fill l. m a S a Tamik festiva t the fall kiddos a

for balloons


Volleyball team wins tickets to Arizona Cardinals Game By: Tiara Collins

The score was tied 21-21 five minutes into overtime, fourth down at the 46-yard line. Does he dare to attempt to kick a field goal? The anticipation grew as Jay Feely, placekicker for the Arizona Cardinals, approached the 46-yard line. The stadium grew silent, breaths were held as the ball made its way to the field goal. The volume grew from utter silence to thunderous yells that encircled the stadium as the Arizona Cardinals beat the Miami Dolphins, 24-21. Page High School’s volleyball team was sitting in the stands along with thousands of other Arizona fans rooting for the home team. The volleyball team won tickets in a raffle that was held among the fall sports teams at Page High School. Arizona Interscholastic Association donated tickets to each school in the state, and the school decided on how they were disbursed to the students. Volleyball coaches, Delphina Yazzie and Misty Tsosie attended the game with the team on Sunday, Sept.. 30. “I’m not a huge Cardinals fan, but I liked the game because it was interesting,” Yazzie said. “It was really intense because I thought we were going to lose,” freshman player, Burgandy Begay added. The stadium roared with energetic noises, endless rows of seats filled with shouting fans. Cardinals fans dressed in red seemed like a mirror image of the Red Sea engulfing the high school team as

P.H.S. volleyball team as they get ready to enter University of Phoenix Stadium the players found their way to their seats. really neat to see them enjoy that,” Yazzie Excitement ran through the spectator’s said. The free tickets gave them the chance veins, screams sounded as if they were the to visit the enormous stadium, but it was last ones that would ever be made. As the more than that. It also helped them grow final points were put into play, the clock closer together as a team. counted down and the crowd cheered “Overall, it was kind of a team louder and louder. bonding thing, to be able to sit together “The best part was when they and enjoy something; maybe not all of us got the winning field goal and everyone like football, but just to be together as a cheered it was just awesome,” said varsity group, just have a good time, have snacks, player, Cora Tso. eat lunch, eat breakfast, have dinner But getting to see the home team together, would be a good experience for win wasn’t the only exciting part of the day our girls,” said Yazzie, who believes this for the P.H.S. team. experience helped build her team together. “It was kind of cool, because not Junior varsity player, Keely so many of our students get the experience Yazzie agrees that it was a team building to go to pro league games or anything like experience. “Yeah, I can kind of see more that, so it was kind of neat to see how they communication as a whole, and us getting were amazed with the stadium it was just along together more.”

Boys’ Varsity Cross Country Team Takes 2nd in Sectionals and Girls Bring Home the Gold

Boys’ Varsity Cross Country


Girls Varsity Cross Country

In secionals, the girls took four of the top ten places. Jayde Secody 3rd, Nicolette Coleman 5th, Nicole Douglas 6th and Jordan Roskelley 9th. The boys’ top ten finishers were Ammon Secody 5th and Jeffery Miller 9th. Both teams will head to the Arizona State Championship Division III at the Cave Creek Golf Course on Friday. They compete on Saturday.

What’s inside the paper... On the Cover:

Sports................................................................2 News: Presidential Election 2012.................4-5

Mrs. Merolla’s Nursing students worked with their job shadow partners, The Helping Hands agency, to run game booths at the Fall Festival. This is their eighth year volunteering at the festival. There was also a fasion show sponsored by WalMart and Stage that featured P.H.S. students as models.

Calendar............................................................6 Editorial: Concussions......................................7 People: A New SRO for P.H.S..........................8 Golden Girlscout/Changing jobs......................9 Fun Page.........................................................12 Nursing students, Mariah Calamity, Merci Franklin and her sister working the games.

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Senior Class Favors Obama

By: Alayna Lassen All seniors were given a survey in which they were asked the candidate they would vote for, the party they affiliate themselves with, and to name their political concerns. Obama won with an avalanche of 77 votes; more than doubling Romney’s 36. While 77 students voted for Obama, only 44 identified themselves as Democrats, nearly as many, 41, chose not to identify with either of the more prominent parties and claimed to be independent. The Republican party got 32 votes. Students were the most concerned with the Economy (52) but the issue of Education was close behind (40). Other issues concerning the senior class were Taxes, Environment, Abortion, Immigration, Gay Rights, Gun Control and Foreign Policy. Presidential elections are just around the corner, and the Senior government class has been hard at work writing argumentative essays promoting a presidential candidate. Although only a handful will be able to vote in the upcoming election, the seniors have been educating themselves under the guidance of Mrs. Wilmes. The two best essays are shown here with Julia Redman writing for Romney and Tiara Collins writing for Obama.

Romney For President By: Julia Redman In order to keep the balance of our democracy it is important that every eligible person vote in the upcoming presidential election. You might be considering voting for Barack Obama in order to protect our democracy; however I will be voting for Mitt Romney. Romney is a part of the Republican Party and wants nothing more than to protect our republic. Romney wants to protect our democracy by making the United States self-reliant when it comes to energy. Romney will give states the power over all energy production within their borders, with the exception of those energy sources deemed off-limits. He will conduct a five


year plan to develop new areas of offshore energy. He will approve the Keystone XL pipeline and begin a North American Energy Partnership. Romney will initiate new energy resource assessments, instead of using the out of date surveys currently being referenced. While he is acting upon these ideas, Romney will continue to build environmental protection in such a way that few jobs will be lost. He plans to develop traditional, as well as alternative, energy sources in America. For the United States, bringing our energy to a more local level means getting rid of our energy dependency. If we continue to rely on other countries for our energy, our republic is vulnerable. Romney will make sure that our democracy is always protected against tyrants looking to invade and destroy. Romney plans to put money back into our Armed forces, in order to rebuild our defenses. Obama plans to take money away from our militia. The best way to prevent war is to be ready for it. If our country is caught off guard and our military is weak, we will not be able to stop a war. If our strong national defense is ever ready, who will dare attack us? Nothing drains the nation’s money like a war. If we invest a little more, we could potentially avoid losing a lot more. This is Romney’s plan. As long as we are in debt to

Other: 5

Mitt Romney: 36

Barack Obama: 77

Independent: 41

Republican: 32 Democratic: 44

one-party countries like China, our democracy is at risk. The economy is something that needs to be dealt with. Romney is a businessman who is familiar with economic issues on a personal level. He plans to deal with it by pulling money back into America. He will avoid countries with unfair trade practices to keep the US from being taken advantage of. He will build new markets for all American goods. He will invest in Latin America and build a stronger relationship. He will empower free enterprise around the world by starting a Reagan Economic zone. He will reduce unnecessary spending. And he will give states control over programs to help their people. If the money is coming into the United States, we can begin to dig ourselves out of our financial rut. I will be supporting Mitt Romney in the upcoming election. Romney will do his best to protect the democracy that is so important to our personal freedom. He will return the power to the states and to the people. Mitt Romney will protect the United States of America from becoming energy dependent; he will protect it from war and he will protect it from sinking further into debt. Romney knows business and he knows his country. Ask yourself this question as you prepare for the upcoming election: which candidate will really protect our democracy?

Obama For President By: Tiara Collins

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Four years ago, Barack Obama was voted president of America. Many citizens cringed at the idea of Obama running the country, to others, it was a light of hope, hope to get out of their abyss and find life within the upcoming president. Within the four years, jobs have opened up for all citizens and opportunities flooded the door. Now President Obama is running for another presidential term, to add to the change that many still seek. For this purpose, President Obama is the best candidate of the upcoming elections. He is a liberal who sits to the middle left of the political spectrum and he will continue to light the darkened abyss. Education is an essential issue to many young adults worldwide. Higher education is what will build America so that the upcoming generation is prepared to rule at one point in life. As society grows and the economy cultivates, the education of this generation needs to keep up with the escalation of society. Higher education can’t be maintained on the low-income budgets that countless citizens in America survive on today. Obama plans to institute a college tax credit for students and their families that is worth up to $10,000 for four years. Obama plans to cut the college tuition in half, which will increase the number of students attending college. After the students are finished with college there will be jobs waiting for them that will boost the economy and many families’ incomes. Obama plans to have this into effect by within the next four years. Obama plans to recruit teachers that are highly qualified for the position rather than teachers who settle with teaching as a last resort. The graduation rate has increased to 75.5% since 2009, and the dropout rate has decreased 60% since 2001. Since Obama has implemented the Race to the Top, 46 states have raised their school’s standards of teaching and learning within their schools that are still in effect today. Obama plans to increase

the education nationwide and make education affordable to all types of families. Romney plans to only benefit the ones that are already benefitted. Women have never been treated as equals to men. Over the past decades they expect women to cook, clean, and feed families. Ever since women were granted the right to vote in 1920 not much equality has been dispersed among the women of the United Sates. Females and males are two different types of humans, but women have problems that men do not, leaving females having to pay money for something that their body does naturally, not by choice. Breast cancer death

rates are higher for women in the U.S. than any other cancer, resulting in 288,130 women faced with breast cancer. Breast cancer seems to affect women more than men, which causes the financial deficit towards women much more than men. “Obamacare” started offering preventive care through health insurance that recommends mammograms and cancer screenings. Obama will put an end to heath care discrimination among women. Obama will end the act of charging women more than men for the same treatment. Romney plans to let health insurance companies continue to limit women’s health choices. Love is love wherever it is expressed, whether it is between a man and a

woman or same-sex genders. On May 9th, President Obama became the first president to support same sex couples. Obama stands strong on his support for the couple’s nationwide; he has held fundraisers that have made over $8 million dollars since January. Unfortunately, Romney has other plans for the homosexuals. Romney signed the National Organization for Marriage pledge that strictly chains marriage to strictly male-female relationships. As for gay adoption, Obama supports what the couples plan to do, but Romney puts the hammer down by opposing the right for gay couples to adopt children. Romney chooses so, so that the children can continue to live with a traditional childhood. Discrimination against homosexuals has risen and is continuing to ascend. September 18, 2011, 14 year-old Jamey Rodmeyer committed suicide as a result of constant bullying over his choice of sexuality. Obama has signed with various advocates for the Hate Crimes Prevention Act to help stop such tragedies from happening. Obama has endorsed several campaigns to stop bullying and created websites that help combat this problem. Romney and his running mate voted against the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. President Obama has changed America and has helped her rise from her deficit. Obama plans to continue this change and lead America forward and on an even higher road that will promote the citizens of America. Obama pledges to help the growth of education to the youth of America, protect the rights of the women of America and help and support the gay rights for the homosexuals of America. President Obama is the face of change and when re-elected, change will continue to help America stand tall with dignity on her feet. Obama has changed America over the past four years. He has helped people leave their sinister chasms and he helped them stand high and reached into them to give them courage to lend America a hand. President Obama said, “I’m in this race not just to hold an office, but to gather with you to transform a nation.”








Saturday Cross Country State Meet Balloon Regatta Glow 6-8pm

Election Day Don’t Forget to Vote

P.H.S. Veterans’ Dinner in Cafeteria 5-8pm

P.H.S. Drama CAB 8pm Veterans Day No School

Native American Assembly 7th Hr Girl’s Basketball JV 4pm V 5:30pm Boy’s Basketball JV 4pm V 7pm 6

Multi-Cultural Eligibility Dress Up Day Check

Girl’s Soccer JV 3pm V 5pm Wrestling 3pm

Girl’s Soccer JV 1pm V 3pm

Thanksgiving Break

Girls NGS Tournament Nov 29-Dec 1


Leaving It All on the Field: Concussions Have Consequences. By: Beth Henry Football and suicide; two words that one doesn’t expect to hear together in a sentence. Unfortunately, they have been linked through concussions and it’s brought much needed attention to the seriousness of the injury. David Duerson, a former NFL Phoenix Cardinals player, committed suicide on February 17, 2011. He was found with a gun wound in his chest. Strangely, he had sent a text to his family informing them that he wanted his brain to be sent for research at the Boston University School of Medicine. Several months later they discovered that Duerson suffered from a neurodegenerative disease caused by concussions. Compared to the average working Joe, football players are three to four times more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig's disease. Which raises the question of; how does Page High School prevent their athletes from these devastating blows? “We have to recertify the football helmets each year... If the helmets don’t pass the test they don’t send back the helmets (to the school),” according to Mark Lomeland, the athletic director at P.H.S. The school is required to spend $12,000 each year to recertify the helmets. If a helmet doesn’t pass the impact test, the school must spend even more money to replace the helmet. Although helmets help, they can’t be depended on to prevent a concussion from happening. The brain is still ricocheting against the skull on impact, so the school must inform athletes of the dangers of concussions before they hit the field. Every athlete and coach, no matter the sport, is required to pass a “brain

quiz.” It’s set up Facebook style. Players can “like” a post written by imaginary people such as Healthy Hank. The quiz is filled with short videos that contain important information. It’s a bit goofy and cheesy and fairly easy to pass, so does it really drive home the severity of a concussion? Concussions still happen and athletes don’t necessarily follow the procedures they were taught. “I don’t think high school kids take anything like that seriously... kids want to play,” stated Lomeland. Tyler Brown and Ethan Narada, varsity players, both received a concussion during this year’s football season. Brown continued with two plays during practice before he notified Coach Wheatley of his headache while Narada, receiving his concussion on the last play before halftime, didn’t tell Wheatley at all; a teammate did. Keeping a concussion a secret isn’t uncommon. Even NFL players hide symptoms of a concussion for fear of jeopardizing their multi-million dollar contracts. Neither of the P.H.S. athletes went to the doctor. “You’re supposed to, but I didn’t want to spend the money,” said Brown. Instead, both of the athletes went to P.H.S. Athletic trainer, Monica Huber, for a diagnoses. Although she is professionally trained for sports medicine, this practice would not fly in most schools. According to Lomeland, most schools require a doctor’s diagnoses as well as an OK to get back onto the field. Some schools take it a step farther and require an athlete to see a neurologist before they are allowed to play again. Currently at Page High School,

students can get checked by Huber, but Lomeland is making sure that the lenient policy is revised for next year’s season. Thankfully, there are rules on how long an athlete is benched for the season when they get more than one concussion. Narada has shed some light on the rules at P.H.S. When an athlete receives his or her second concussion, like he has, they are pulled out of a month’s worth of practices and games. On the third concussion an athlete is pulled out for a year! Many may see this as unfair to a player, but it’s for a good cause. When a concussion occurs, it puts the person at a higher risk of getting a second brain injury and from then on it just gets easier to get recurring concussions. It can pose quite a problem for athletes because they are constantly under the pressure of continuing the game and pushing through. Too many concussions and it can alter a person’s personality, cause depression and in some cases lead to death. If death doesn’t raise alarm for people, then nothing will. So give your heart and soul into every game, but remember; the next time you, your child or your teammate takes a blow to the head, it’s a cause for concern. Don’t let the drive to continue to play the game overtake the importance of the health and well being of any player. What is losing a game compared to a life altering injury such as a concussion? Officials at the school and around the country agree that concussions are often treated too lightly. “This issue has been ignored for far too long,” stated Lomeland.

P.H.S football players run a play during the Homecoming game.



Meet P.H.S.’s New Resource Officer By: Gwendolyn Tsosie

You may have seen a guy walking around Page High School in a police uniform, but what exactly, does he do? Tanner Mansker is Page High School’s new resource officer. He replaced Officer West-Lane who did the job last year. His tasks are tri-fold. “My job as a Resource Officer is to educate students about drug use, and safety. To be here as a counselor and to make it safe here for all students,” Mansker said. Mansker said he is thrilled to be working at the school for four main reasons. One, he gets to update students and staff on current laws and new crime trends. Two, a perfect work schedule with hours to keep him busy. Three, he gets to work with Mr. Santana and Mrs. Scaramazzo, and last but not least, he is looking forward to working with the students. As Mansker walks around patrolling campus in his navy blue uniform with gadgets on his belt, he appears intimidating, but he hopes that students will still stop and say hello. “I want to be a role model for students and get to know a lot more students,” he said.

Safety First

By: Danielle Siebrecht A little plastic card with a bad picture and a set of keys mean freedom to many 16-year-olds.


Mansker often stops by Mr. Burrow’s Forensics class just to see what the kids are learning and interact with the student. Although Mansker may have occasion to search a student or a student’s property, he is a big believer in student’s rights and would only do a search with a student’s consent or probable cause. He cited the 4th Amendment to the Constitution as words to live by: ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.’ “I believe in rights, and I would hate to violate them,” Mansker said. “There’s a waver at the beginning of the year, that students sign that will allow them to give some of their rights away, so the teachers can search their bags, their lockers, etc. without a warrant, except for me. I as an officer would still need to follow the law, but in some circumstances I can, even without a warrant.” Speaking of rights, police officers are always going around reading people their Miranda rights...right? “I don’t really know it by memory,” Mansker said, “but I have this

But sometimes freedom comes with a price. In 2010, approximately 2,700 teens aged 16–19 in the United States were killed and approximately 282,000 were treated and released from emergency departments for injuries suffered in motorvehicle crashes. According to the student handbook: students are expected to follow all rules of driving and speed requirements in school parking areas. “I think students are pretty good about following the rules,” Angelo Santana, P.H.S. Assistant Dean of Students said.

little card that I keep with me, that has it all written down, so when I read it, I want to read someone’s rights to them correctly.” Officer Mansker is employed by both the Page Police Department and the School. If he gets a call from dispatch that takes him away from the school he has to follow orders. But thanks to the “School Safety Grant” Mansker can spend much of his time at the school keeping kids informed and safe.

Mansker vs. Camera

Mansker shows off a little recording device will help him remember what people said.

But some Sand Devils said that they feel like student drivers are sometimes careless. “Normally its a mad dash to get out of the parking lot,” Carson Wright, junior said. Tyler Brown, senior, said that students are pretty reckless in the parking lot and on the streets. Others gave a little more credit to new drivers. “Some are reckless but there are some teenage drivers that are very good,” Marisa Demongone, junior said.

White House Welcomes Golden Girl Scout by Michael Moody (Guest Reporter)

“I can’t believe I’m actually going into the White House and I am actually going in to meet the President of the United States.” Those were the thoughts going through Diana Greymountain’s mind as she crossed the threshold of the White House in Washington D.C. Diana Greymountain was the first Navajo to receive the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award available to a girl scout. Her accomplishment gave her the opportunity to go to Washington D.C., meet President Barak Obama, and receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom as a representative for Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low. She explained that the experience was fun and intense. “I had to go through three different security checks just to get into the doors,” Greymountain said. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award available for Girl Scouts, and is equivalent to the Eagle Scout award for boys. The project entails doing something that will benefit the community, the world, or both. The project that Diana chose involved refurbishing the Hanging Gardens hiking trail near the Glen Canyon Dam. When asked why she chose this project she explained, “One day my family and I were walking on the trail and we ended up at the lake shore instead of the Hanging Gardens.” She also chose this project because she realized that because of how poorly marked it was, people were getting off the trail and hurting the environment around it. “To do this project it took me more than 150 hours,” Greymountain said. Diana Greymountain stands on the lawn of the However she goes on to explain that although it was hard she was never discourWhitehouse grounds where she went to meet Presiaged because she always had friends and family right there with her, “so everything dent Barak Obama and received the Presidential just sort of fell into place.” Medal of Freedom.

Mary Stahl Bettering Our School One New Teacher at a Time By: Jaymie Brown

For nine years Mary Stahl has helped students analyze literature and write essays – but this year will be different. Stahl is teaching AVID classes and coaching teachers in their craft. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and it is a class that focuses on preparing students for college. After 14 years of teaching students everyday, Stahl decided it was time for a change. “You know I’d like to stay in this position as long as I can. It’ll take several years to become proficient in this new position,” said Stahl. Stahl is one of Page High School’s experienced teachers, having taught for 14 years total, including her time at P.H.S. The administration chose Stahl to take on the new challenge. “We were really lucky to get her as an AVID teacher; with all her experience she was a very good choice to get for that position,” Assistant Principal, Paul

Roskelley said. Stahl’s new position allows her to not only help AVID students but share her expertise by coaching new teachers as well. “We had a number of applicants, and Stahl has been successful as the department head for English, and her eight plus years here at P.H.S. was her resume for me,” said Roskelley. By instructing teachers, Stahl can touch even more students’ education than she can standing in front of a class. She coaches teachers by watching them teach, taking notes on the strategies they use, and then giving them tips on ways to improve. Stahl helps teachers by giving them different ideas of how to make lessons more intuitive and understandable for students. “Recording me while I teach helps to see how the students perceive me, to see myself. But yes, I would say

Mrs. Stahl’s ideas and what she thinks is very helpful,” Bob Destefano, a new P.H.S. math teacher said.

Stahl discusses teaching strategies with second-year science teacher Josh Adams.


Say Hello to Some New Faculty Members! Mr. Gilsdorf By: Beth Henry

“What happens when a vampire drinks a blood type they’re allergic to?” Michael Broderick asked during a discussion in Mr. Gilsdorf ’s class. “There’s a reason we don’t have a lot of vampires today,” was the witty reply of the new Biology teacher. Daniel Gilsdorf, the new biology teacher, began his education in hopes of majoring in physics, but then decided he’d rather memorize the vocabulary that comes with biology than learn the mathematics that comes with physics. He chose teaching because he wanted to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. For the past six years Gilsdorf has been teaching at Monument Valley High School in Kayenta. He then moved to Page, Ariz. with his family and enjoys working at Page High School with his colleagues and students. Outside of class Gilsdorf also likes to keep updated on science articles and offers “corrections if they are misinformed.”

Timothy Bishop is not only one of P.H.S.’s newest math teachers, but he is also the assistant cross country coach. Bishop ran cross country in high school and now he is passing on his knowledge to Page High School students as well. “Coaching is a lot like teaching because you can influence a student’s life in a positive way,” Bishop stated. Going through high school, Bishop had excellent teachers who he looked up to. “In high school I had two English teachers who were my greatest influence in why I became a teacher,” Bishop explained. Bishop went to college at the University of Wisconsin and now teaches Financial Algebra Credit and Income and Algebra 1. “I have always loved math since I learned how to count,” Bishop stated. Bishop has only been teaching for two years, his first year was spent at a small school in Wisconsin called Westfield High. He decided to move to Page to move out west. “It seemed like a nice place to live,” Bishop claimed. Although it’s only a quarter of the way through the year, Bishop said that he enjoys teaching here. “I think (P.H.S.) has a lot going for it. In general I enjoy teaching here; but we will see what the future holds,” Bishop said.

Ms. Rhoton By: Tiara Collins

Mr. Beraun By Beth Henry

Mr. Bishop By: Alayna Lassen

Many students have only dreamed of being in an NFL stadium, but Sergio Beraun has not only been in,


but also performed in 28 NFL stadiums! He was fortunate enough to perform in every stadium (built before 2007) with his college drumcore. Beraun was not only in many drum/marching band ensembles, but also a ska band (like Sublime, but with more brass instruments) called Liquid Cheese. However, music wasn’t his first career choice. Beraun entered college with the idea of becoming a biomedical engineer. He was working towards his medical degree when he changed paths and decided that he was going to be involved in music and, “do what I love most (music).”

Ranked number one tennis player in state of Arizona is only one of Sue Rhoton’s national renowned accomplishments. Teaching just over 39 years, Ms. Rhoton has been able to achieve more than an average American. Born in Casa Grande, Arizona, Ms. Rhoton flew through her high school years playing tennis and later going on to represent Brigham Young University’s number one badminton player. Now a reading teacher at Page High School and Junior Varsity Volleyball coach, Ms. Rhoton enjoys the time she puts into her jobs. But when outside the school limits , Ms. Rhoton likes to take long drives, staying active by playing tennis, softball and accompanying her 26 nieces and nephews. Ms. Rhoton has a number of experienced years of teaching from Mesa to the sand-

stones of Kayenta, Arizona. Ms. Rhoton is not an ordinary teacher that drinks coffees at Starbucks while planning a new lecture. Instead , she enjoys running marathons, playing volleyball, golf, softball, and tennis; not a standard schedule for a reading teacher. But with recent years as a P.E. teacher and volleyball coach, these actives have become more of a common routine rather than an abrupt act. One can only continue to play what they enjoy, softball for example. Ms. Rhoton was part of a three-man softball team, which is known as the sport On the Line. They were ranked number one in Arizona and ranked third worldwide. Little did Page High School know they were hiring a star athlete when they hired Ms. Rhoton.

tional English. “You had to learn to speak spanglish,” he said. Destefano enjoys small town life AND Page is a lot smaller than the city he moved from. “Reno is not a small city,” he said with a smile, “The small town atmosphere is nice.”

By Nizhoni Lane

Mr. Bunch

By Danielle Siebrecht

Mr. Destefano By: Tavis Peak

Ms. Phillips

From spending two years in Hungary to teaching at Page High School, Mr. Nephi Bunch seems to have been to nearly every corner of the earth. “The most interesting place I’ve been is Normandy, France because the countryside is beautiful and full of history” Bunch says If traveling isn’t adventuresome enough, Bunch also enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing and has even been bungee jumping. Bunch got his teaching degree at Utah Valley University, and now the world traveler shares what he’s learned teaching World and U.S. History “I love teaching history and showing how history can change individual lives and help improve society“ Bunch said.

Becky Phillips moved down to Page from Utah to teach Physical Education at P.H.S.. She enjoys reading and outside activities, “I like to stay active and not sit on the couch too much,” she said. Phillips favorite subject in is Personal Fitness; she likes this subject because they do more activities, than other classes. This is the first time Phillips has actually taught P.E. classes. Previously, she coached track and field at Sky View High School in Logan, Utah. Phillips was so inspired by her teachers that she decided to become one herself. Phillips now hopes to inspire students in her classes. “My favorite part is when the students are participating and having fun and enjoying themselves,” she said. It’s not just teaching that Phillips is enjoying in Page. “It is warmer than Utah” she said. In addition to the sunshine, Phillips said her fellow teachers are always willing to help. “Teachers are awesome, if I have a problem teachers are there,” she said.

Bob Destefano may seem like an ordinary math teacher, but he is actually a man of many hobbies, which include, photography, woodworking, snow skiing, water skiing, whitewater kayaking, skydiving, and paragliding. “If there’s crazy activity out there, I’ve probably tried it,” he said. Before moving to Page from Look for stories about more new teachers in the next edition of The Devils’ Diary. Reno, Nevada, Bob Destefano taught Algebra at Wooster High School where Destefano used to teach had over 2,000 students in attendance. “It’s nice to know the class,” he said explaining how the smaller number of students at P.H.S. allows for closer relationships. “I like the staff and I like the students,” he added. Teaching back in his old school, a good 60 percent of his class was Hispanic, and he had an average of three students per class who could not speak conversa-

.. . e b Smart

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