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Sample forms Exercise 2.6 (4d) REFERENCES

Please give employer)

could approach for details of two people we

references (one of the

r present

Name: Designation: Address:

Name: Designation: Address:

Telephone: Email:

Telephone: Email: Note:

se should include you

Council taking up have no objection to the will be assumed that you ployer if it em y, t las trar or con , yer the plo to e em t Unless you state her uld be from your presen ly. One reference sho references immediate unemployed)

Do you hold a full driv

ing licence?

ABILITY TO DRIVEown or have access to a vehicle YES/NO Do you



Please indicate

other than English your ability in languages

Degree of fluency




ES ers CRIMINAL OFFENC Rehabilitation of Offend g for is covered by the

NOT entitled post you are applyin s means that you are of the work involved, the ment Order 1986. Thi end as ‘spent’. Am ted s) Because of the nature trea tion be cep ise (Ex erw Order 1975 and r orders which might oth ove d bin or Act 1974 (Exceptions) s tion cau about convictions, to withhold information ence? YES/NO pect of a criminal off tion or bind over in res cau , tion vic con a ed er. Have you ever receiv al Records details in a covering lett closure from the Crimin YES, please provide full uired to apply for a Dis If you have answered req be will you l, sfu is succes ployment. Note: If your application essarily be a bar to em inal record will not nec Bureau. Having a crim


RE YES/NO uncil? ………. or employee of the Co ………………………… llor nci Cou a to ted ………………………… : yee plo Are you rela /em illor unc Co the of e nam the If YES, please give WHERE DID YOU SE



, either t. I have not canvassed this application is correc in t tion tha d rma tan info ers the und I t of my knowledge with this application. I declare that to the bes Council in connection le to dismissal, if Member or officer of the rmation renders me liab l, info g din lea mis or directly or indirectly a e fals cessed by the Counci ing pro vid be pro to or tion tion lica rma app withholding relevant info rmation contained in this info the for t sen con e my Act 1998. employed. I hereby giv of the Data Protection ance with the principles as required, in accord Date: Signed:



Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  
Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  

Informal learning for UNISON members facing redundancy