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Students abuse Internet off campus Austen Krantz

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University students looking to pirate new tunes off the Internet may face similar obstacles off campus as they face on campus. Sterling University Northgate Apartments recently implemented new measures to combat abusive Internet usage within their complex after noticing slow Internet speeds within the apartments. Jessica O’Neill, property manager for Northgate apartments, said the complex noticed the problem after updating its Internet system. Even after the update, the Internet was running at a slow rate, but it was due to abusive use of the Wi-Fi rather than problems with the system, she said. “If you have someone that’s sitting on the computer all day downloading movies, it’s going to slow down everything else,” O’Neill said. Other local businesses, such as Highland Coffees on Chimes Street, have password-secure networks setup to ensure only their customers can connect.  But certain customers may still abuse these networks. Clarke Cadzow, owner of Highland Coffees, explained previous problems occurred when too many customers occupied

FOOTBALL, from page 6 cornerback Morris Claiborne returned the kickoff back 99 yards for a touchdown, marking the longest return for LSU since former wide receiver Eric Martin’s 100 yarder against Kentucky in 1981. “Anytime you can do something like that, it’s a momentum changer,” Claiborne said. “Especially in a type of game like this, when the game is close, it’s big.” LSU dominated the game from that point on. The Tigers tacked on touchdown runs from sophomore running backs Michael Ford and Alfred Blue to extend their lead to 26 points and win the game. But the victory didn’t come without a struggle, as the Tigers surrendered 533 yards of total offense to West Virginia, including 463 yards passing yards. “We expected a lot of pass, but these were a lot of more quick passes,” said sophomore defensive end Sam Montgomery. “We’ve got a couple things we’re going to work on our defense. As a player, when you start to get satisfied, that’s a problem. We are not happy, but we will celebrate victory.” The Mountaineer offense wasn’t the only one shining Saturday night. The Tigers racked up 186 yards rushing, and senior quarterback Jarrett Lee threw for 180, including three touchdown passes. After defeating three ranked opponents on the road in its first four contests, LSU coach Les Miles said his team is beginning to feel comfortable playing big away games. “By this time, we understand what it means to go on the road,” Miles said. “Our guys understand it’s going to be close and we understand it’s going to be a hostile environment. When the crowd got jacked when we came onto the field, I knew

the network at once. But Cadzow said the coffeehouse tries not to be invasive toward its customers, and no one should expect to see Highland Coffees employees looking over their shoulders anytime soon. “We’re unintrusive,” Cadzow said. “That’s the nature of a coffee shop.” But Highland still tries to keep its network secure and efficient. “Highland Coffee is always exploring additional security measures,” Cadzow said. Illegal downloading causes a different problem on campus, where different types of Internet use are too insignificant to affect the network’s speed. Sheri Thompson, IT communications and planning officer, said the real problem is the time the University spends removing anything illegally downloaded or uploaded on the University’s servers. “What impacts us are the staff hours that are required to deal with the illegal infraction that’s happened,” Thompson said. IT security manager Azim Ashraf said the University’s concern is to uphold the law and protect University students. Students caught making illegal downloads face a $50 fine and are expected to

remove whatever they obtained illegaly. However, the $50 doesn’t cover the expense of catching infractions.   “If you were to try to put a dollar figure on the amount of time that it takes to track down and to enforce and to write communications that reference this type of information, there’s no way $50 would cover the charge,” Ashraf said.  “We don’t want people to have to pay the money, and we don’t want to have to waste our time hunting people down.” At Northgate, however, Internet speed is the main concern, according to O’Neill.  Shane Piglia, Northgate’s IT technician, said Northgate recently implemented a package that looks at Internet traffic, determines the type of traffic and slows it down. “It identifies it as bad protocol and throttles it,” Piglia said. This package manipulates the speed of the traffic it considers bad, such as illegally downloading music or movies, and slows the speed to which this traffic can operate.  This allows faster Internet for residents using the network in a legal manner.

we were going to play. It was like they were having a football party and they invited us.” The win improves Miles’ record to 26-13 against ranked opponents and gives LSU a 36-game non-conference winning streak in the regular season — the longest in the country since a 2002 loss to Virginia Tech. Despite the impressive résumé, Miles silenced the notion that the Tigers are college football’s best team. “I am not in any way saying that

we are the nation’s best team,” Miles said. “I can tell you we’ve played a good schedule at this point and our guys seem to answer the bell. ... I think if we continue to improve and continue to do the things we’re capable of, somewhere down the road, we’ll stake a claim on something important.”

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