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September 2018

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Telishia Berry

Top 25 Women in Business…................. 4 Knetta Lilly…………….…….……....................... 7 Kimmoly LaBoo……………….…..................... 8 Ronette Clarke-Williams……..................... 11


Pasha Carter…………………..…...................... 12 ecoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business can be a bit scary, but it can also be rewarding. It certainly

Stephanie Welch-Lewis……...................... 13 Tina Batten………………………........................ 14 Robyn Mancell…………………........................15

takes vision, faith, and drive to accomplish

Shaneisha Dodson……………….................... 16

every phase of it. To be a woman in business,

Dr. Yashima White Azilove…..................... 17

you must have a vision, then add the faith to help you believe that it is possible. You must

Kimberly Raven…………….……...................... 18

be driven to go and to push yourself to make

LauraBeth Christensen………..................... 19

it all happen when no one else is there or

Tracy Norman-Palmer…..…….................... 20

cares. These 25 amazing women in business

Dr. Valeka Moore…………………..................... 21

have proven not only to themselves, but to the

Marlynne Frierson-Cooley…….................. 22

world that they can do whatever they dream from stage and film producers, to therapist,

Kecia Carter………………………….................... 23

to Interior designers, to book producers and

Danielle Green……………………..................... 24

more. I am honored to share Courageous

Gina Johnson-Smith…………….................. 25

Woman Magazine’s Top 25 Women in

Jeanette Brooks-Abney…….….................. 26


Ericka L. McKnight………………................... 27 Safi………………………………………...................... 28 Olivia James………………………….................... 29

Corinthian Carouthers………….................... 30

Courageous Woman Magazine

Peachanda Dubose………………................... 31

Courageous_Woman_Mag Thecwmag

Rochelle Chappelle …………………….............. 32 Dorothy Cook……………………………................ 34 COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 3




Knetta Lilly owns and operates K Lilly Interiors, a boutique residential interior decorating firm (16 years) and a retail showroom, Savvy Home Boutique (5 years). Both are headquartered in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Her Business

Knetta specializes in creating unique, high-end residential and commercial spaces for ordinary people. She accomplishes that by sourcing pre-owned high-end furnishings from various online outlets like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and model home and estate sales. The retail store was established as she was sourcing furnishings but didn’t always have projects to use those furnishings for. Therefore, she decided to sell the furnishings.

Her Motivation Knetta was motivated to start this business because most people feel as though interior designers are a luxury whose affordability is out-of-reach, but she can create a custom, high-end design aesthetic by seamlessly integrating gently consigned and thrifted décor and furnishings for smaller budgets.

Her Challenges

Knetta’s biggest challenge was feeling inadequate as a designer because she never had any type of formal education in design. 7 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

Her Inspiration Though she doubted her abilities, Knetta was inspired by ordinary people who entrusted her to create extraordinary spaces for them.

Her Hope

Knetta wants people to realize that your home and office spaces can be unique and high-end, and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve that look if you shop Savvy and Sensibly.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is brave, fearless and innovative. She marches to her own beat, and people look to emulate her not vice versa. Website: Instagram: @KLillyInteriors COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 7



immoly K. LaBoo is a woman of faith and a lover of life. She is the mother of two wonderful young men in addition to being a published author, book publisher, speaker, and certified life coach.

Her Business

LaBoo Publishing Enterprise is a book publishing company for the independent self-publisher. We cater to the first-time author, providing expert guidance and unlimited support. We provide solutions to meet their individual goals as an author. We offer affordable and easy self-publishing, taking the author from concept to completion.

Her Hope I hope that people who support my business will gain a sense of empowerment, that they are releasing their gifts into the world to make an impact with their own unique voice. That through my legacy, a piece of their legacy will be created.

Her Motivation

I’d been helping people to write books for over 12 years. It’s something I loved to do. After a prompting from God, I was led to make a list of all the people I’d helped to publish. After reviewing that list, I knew it was time to take the next step. Everything was present except for my brand. Creating LaBoo Publishing Enterprise is part of my family’s legacy. It is something I am extremely proud of.

Her Challenges

With something as large as creating an enterprise, fear will always try to dominate. The fear of success, and failure, is something I’ve had to continually press through to gain greater reward.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? “A woman who is determined to push through life with fierce determination, while also being vulnerable and sensitive enough to feel every step of her journey to success.”

Her Inspiration My children inspire me. With every accomplishment, they celebrate me. When I win, they win. It’s all about legacy. 8 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

Website: Instagram: @mskimmoly



Her Business Optimum Productivity is a global business consulting/ coaching and virtual assistant services provider company that offers a holistic accountability and strategic approach to elevate the lifestyle of female business owners in order to implement their Master Plan!

is a family-oriented business owner, speaker, and bestselling author.

Her Inspiration My Mother.

Her Hope

My hope for those who use my business is that they find increased productivity, people management, profitability, and peace of mind within their businesses, careers, and lives.

Her Motivation

I was existing in a self-made world where for decades I was not living authentically but instead living a life based on other people’s expectations and visions of me, and at the end of the day, I was left unfulfilled, exhausted, and resentful. I knew deep inside I was playing small and had what was needed to truly step out and bet on me to create the life I truly desired.

Her Challenges

Initially, in my desire to excel as an entrepreneur, I turned my business into a job. I had to shift from CEO (Chief Everything Officer) to CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A woman who faces the challenge head on and doesn’t allow being uncomfortable stop her. Website: Instagram: @ronetteclarkewilliams


PASHA Carter is an award-winning marketing and branding expert, talk show host, and voted “Top 15 Networker In The World” out of 14 Million women worldwide. She is in a small percentage of women who have earned over $10 million dollars.

Her Business The VIP Global Network is a company designed to teach people the essential steps to succeed in business. We teach people how to create a passive residual income by using technology to market products to potential customers. We have people who earn a few hundred dollars a month to other’s earning $20k and up per month. And because our mission is to teach others how to do this properly, we specialize in Leadership Development, Team Building, and Sales & Retention.

Her Motivation I have so many women who are authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and speakers, who consistently reach out to me for coaching because of their financial struggle. Although these women are great at what they do, many of them are wanting a business model that creates residual income. I have a unique blueprint that shows women how to earn money from a simple app on their phone.

Her Challenges Getting people to truly believe that financial freedom is possible for them, no matter what their current circumstances are.

Her Inspiration

To help women become free from financial worries, debt, and stress. My business has been compared to Uber and Airbnb. With a simple app, people can share products that they love and get paid with the push of a button on their cell phone.

Her Hope For women to have Freedom.

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A woman who is confident enough in herself to uplift other women, and to equip them with the tools needed to help them achieve their dreams. 12 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

Website: FB:

Stephanie Welch-Lewis is a wife of 33 years, mother of two, grandmother of five, owner of Beautiful Design by Stephanie, and a Christian who is just trying to do the best that she can.

Her Business Beautiful Designs by Stephanie is an interior design company that specializes in custom drapery, bedding, upholstery, and more. I would like for my company’s name to be the first name on people’s mind when they think of custom window coverings. I worked for a company that wasn’t operating effectively. The owner was benefiting from my talents without rewarding me for my sales, so I decided it was time to spread my wings and fly solo.

Her Hope

Her Motivation

Her Challenges The biggest challenge was not having enough confidence in myself and the fear of failing.

Her Inspiration

The best inspiration for me came when I purchased a new vehicle for my business. I needed to make the payments so that forced me to get out and get new clients.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A woman who is afraid but still steps out of her comfort zone.

Website: FB:


Tina Batten

is a gifted and talented playwright and independent Christian filmmaker. She uses life experiences to enhance her writing on every level. This allows the audience to take an emotional journey of the highs and lows of everyday life visually.

Her Challenges

Besides running into men who didn’t like working with women in a male-dominated industry. Hmm? Don’t take it personal! Keep it moving! Overcome!

Her Inspiration

As a Christian writer, the word of God inspires me. Ocean and scenic views move me. Inspiration comes from anywhere…everywhere. Be open to receive it. Then act on it.

Her Business

Her Hope

Sister Batten Productions is a faith-based production company. As the founder, Sister Batten brings a fresh voice to the contemporary Christian film industry. She strides to break barriers and cross genres while staying true to her Christian values.

I seek like-minded individuals interested in partnering on creative arts projects. Together, we give a voice and a platform to our young people. After all, they are the business owners of tomorrow.

Her Motivation I was out in the world working on shows, writing monologues and stage plays then decided I needed to call myself something. BOOM! Sister Batten Productions was born.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? An unapologetic go-getter. Brave even in the pit of fear. Passionate about what she believes in, she will scream it from the mountaintop. UNSTOPPABLE!


Robyn Mancell is a woman who decided to leave corporate America 20 years ago. After her divorce, she found herself raising three children on her own. She’s been a serial entrepreneur and has always had a passion for helping people identify and go after their dreams. She is on a mission to expose people to value information that can change their lives.

Her Inspiration

The women we teach inspire me to keep moving forward because I see the sense of accomplishment when they graduate with a skill that they thought they would never learn

Her Hope

I hope others will gain a real SISTERHOOD with women who are committed to their success.

Her Business Girls Gone Forex is an online education academy where we teach women across the globe how to trade in the largest financial market in the world—the Forex/foreign exchange market. We teach women to be consistent and profitable traders in this $5.4 trillion a day market.

Her Motivation

We were motivated to start our business because men dominate trading, and very few women are skilled in this field. We focus on women to give them options in the financial markets.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is one who doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving her dream. She’s smart, savvy, and unstoppable.

Her Challenges

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years. The biggest challenge has been finding balance as a single mom and making sure supporting my family is possible.

Website: FB:


Shaneisha DODSON She is a hardworking, God-fearing woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants in life.

Her Business Black Girlz Productions was founded in 2012. Our goal is to bring awareness to social issues through theatre.

Her Motivation

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is fearless. She has the courage to step into the unknown because she believes in herself and her abilities.

Instagram: @blkgirlz12 Website:


I started off writing books, and one morning I said I wanted to see my words come to life, so I founded Black Girlz Productions in 2012.

Her Challenges

I had to learn how to use the spirit of discernment. When you first start a business, you have to figure out who you can trust. People offer services and are not able to deliver. Therefore, I pray before I work with anyone.

Her Inspiration

I am inspired by life. Every day that I wake up is a blessing. It’s encouragement to keep going. God gave me another opportunity to walk in my purpose.

Her Hope

She is a hardworking, God-fearing woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants in life.

Dr. Yashima White AziLove is an unapologetic Christian. A self-realized woman. A content soul. A loving spirit. A believer in humanity. An unattached giver. A multifaceted vessel. I am magnate.

Her Business Magnate Consulting is a brand communications firm that provides personal and professional development services to cultural influencers, corporate and faith leaders. We use the transformative power of communications to heal relationships, manage crisis, develop leaders, build careers, and grow revenue.

Her Motivation

Her Hope Enlightenment. Elevation. Change. We are in the transformation business, and our only evidence is in our clients’ success.

I found my P-Spot. When purpose, passion and power converge, something is always birthed. The more passion I uncovered, the more tangible my purpose became, and I began to walk in my power.

Her Challenges

I had to free my mind to not only see potential, but to manifest all of my possibilities. Liberating myself to access my “IT FACTOR” to prosper me and serve others was big! I had to break the box, make my rules, and dare to live by them.

Her Inspiration

Dying empty. Being significant. Helping somebody. Leaving legacy. Hearing, “Well done!”

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A sister who sees the risk, fears the pain, has uncertainty, feels insecurity, hears the negativity, and pushes through anyway.


Instagram: @Dr.Yashima COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 17

Kimberly Raven is an Atlanta native and owner of BodyFlow Inc Massage Therapy.

Her Business BodyFlow Inc Massage Therapy was established in 2007 with a mission to provide safe and effective massage techniques designed to enhance the performance and production of the human body. BodyFlow is passionate about bringing health and wellness awareness in the community and showing how it can make a difference and improve your lifestyle.

Her Motivation I entered The Medix School in 2006 ONLY to learn how to relieve the pain and relax sore muscles of my two sons who were active in football at the time. After the first month of school, I was intrigued about how the body responded to the natural healing and the many health benefits of a therapeutic massage. After graduation in 2007, I chose to remain an LMT to serve others and assist with their health and wellness lifestyle.

Her Challenges I overcame the challenge of letting go and accepting my past experiences as life lessons and not view them as future curses. So many people, places, and things will distract you from your purpose, but your mindset has to be strong, and you have to be a willing participant in your future goals. Facebook BodyFlow Inc Massage Therapy


Her Inspiration My mother the late Mrs. Margaret Raven was and still is my inspiration and biggest supporter. My mother exemplified the true definition of a humanitarian. She loved unconditionally, served unselfishly, encouraged consistently, and supported me until the day she was called home. My hope is that I can leave a legacy of courage, inspiration, and love within others.

Her Hope By supporting BodyFlow, I hope that future clients will gain the importance of investing in their health and wellness lifestyle through massage therapy.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? My definition of a courageous woman is a woman who possesses a determined mindset to stand against the odds, fight through tears and fear, believe in herself, and live to serve and inspire others.

is the President of her consulting company, author, a keynote and public speaker, advocate for ending homelessness, personal coach and mentor while being a mother and grandmother.

Her Challenges Challenges to entrepreneurship ranged from fear of failing to feeling unworthy of success. Faith over fear propelled me to success.

Her Inspiration

Laura-Beth Christensen Her Business Leverage Benefit Consulting helps business owners navigate employee benefit offerings while accessing free business support, services, and benefits. Additionally, staff education and training are offered.

Her Motivation I started this business when I witnessed business owners spending hard-earned money on employee benefits and getting less than they should. Employers deserve a resource that lowers costs and uncovers strategies they weren’t aware of.

I am inspired by all of the women who have displayed courage in the face of emotional, physical, and psychological barriers. The women who continue, no matter how slow, no matter how messy; still they move forward with grace and courage.

Her Hope

I hope people who support my business gain the awareness, peace, and security for their business they didn’t know was available before I helped them!

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is a light in darkness, an anchor in storms, a lighthouse shining the path for others in rough seas; encouraging others!


Tracy NormanPalmer is the founder of Tracy Palmer Ministries, author of Surviving with Purpose, co-owner of Forever Green Lawn Service, mentor, and outreach minister.

Her Business Tracy Palmer Ministries empowers, encourages, and edifies women to believe in themselves and to be authentic. Forever Green Lawn Service has been established for 20 years, providing excellent services to commercial and residential customers.

Her Motivation

TP Ministries was started because Tracy realized many women are in prison right within themselves. Tracy believes by sharing her powerful testimony it could help women realize there is life beyond the battle, hope beyond the storm, and freedom beyond the scars.

Her Challenges

Tracy states that the biggest challenge was herself, her health, and procrastination. Tracy procrastinated because she had a low self-esteem; she had a lot of healing and forgiveness that needed to take place in order to move forward.

Her Inspiration

Tracy says her husband, children, and grandchildren inspire her to be better every day.

Her Hope

Tracy hopes that women will gain a sense of who they are and how powerful they really are and that with CHRIST, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Website: Instagram: @tp_ministries 20 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is one who is transparent and not afraid of the response of others. She is truthful and authentic to herself first; therefore, she can be the same with others. She puts her best forth and executes her plan, vision, or ideas.

Dr. Valeka Moore is a woman who’s getting to know herself better every day! She’s embracing her gifts, uniqueness, and even quirks. She’s learning to be herself, unapologetically, while living as God has created her. She’s a lover of God and family and an encourager of others.

Her Business

I am the owner of Empowerment Thru Expression, LLC. The foundation of our practice is that each individual feels safe and empowered, expressing him or herself in the ways that are most comfortable for them. What makes us stand out is our one of a kind Mind Spa services. This sector of our practice focuses on self-care and relaxation techniques, including therapeutic massage, that can be beneficial to everyone.

Her Motivation

I am passionate about supporting individuals with getting unstuck and establishing mental clarity in order to live their best lives. I also wanted to educate individuals to understand that mental health is more than a diagnosis.

Her Challenges My initial challenge was simply learning what to do and how to do it, from scratch. Challenges have also presented [themselves] along the way while developing as an entrepreneur and moving to new levels in entrepreneurship.

Her Inspiration My mom. She is truly a courageous woman.

Her Hope I hope clients receive strategies to transform their minds, businesses, and lives, as they fully embrace and activate the next level of their God given purpose and brilliance!

Website: Instagram: @drvalekamoore

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A woman with faith! A woman, who in spite of fear and obstacles and even failure, she chooses to keep moving forward and keep shining. COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 21

Marlynne Frierson Cooley A wife and mother of two from Cleveland, Ohio; she now resides in California and is a professional actress, audio narrator, and teacher.

Her Business

I am an audio narrator. I read books in audio and record them, and I also edit the audio, which makes me the producer. I act out the scenes in the books depending on what the book is about. I record fiction, nonfiction books.

Her Motivation

This is another way to utilize my acting abilities, and I like to read. I was in the broadcasting business, and it relates to one another. People have told me you have a nice voice. I can work for myself and have a home studio.

Her Challenges Getting myself organized as a business, setting my standards, learning how to edit my work, networking with people who do the same thing I do. Seeking leads to find work.

Her Inspiration What inspires me is when I finish an audio book. I complete it, and it gives me a confident moment. I can also help someone in their life going through a challenge and entertain them depending on what type of book they are listening to.

Her Hope Audio books are sold on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. You can reach masses of people who can listen to your book. Reach people who do not read a lot but instead listen in their busy lives. As an author, it can be very lucrative from the media sources and can get your name and book recognition.


Website: www.mar-fc-com Instagram: @marlynnecooley

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A woman who is about achieving her dreams and goals and keeps pursuing until she conquers it, believing in her purpose!

KESIA Carter is a woman of great faith, a woman who has overcome many obstacles and great tests. A daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and friend. A thoughtful, kind, selfless, loving, patient, helpful, strong, amazing female.

Her Business Love Thy Self, LTS, is a social service organization. The organization provides individual, group, and consultative therapy.

Her Motivation I got motivated to start this business due to many life challenges and changes. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a social worker. I have been given a gift to help people transform from mental health bondage and transition to true freedom. I am charged to help bring forth an impact of change.

Her Challenges I had to overcome doubt, acquiring monetary fees, loss of friendships, and overall procrastination.

Her Inspiration

The ultimate inspiration for me is (God)Christ, a personal ongoing working spiritual relationship. I have one mentor that I check in with from time to time.

Her Hope I hope people who support Love Thy Self by receiving services will benefit from a true mental health breakthrough that will allow them to live their “Best Life Forever.”

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is a woman who is resilient, responsible, and loving. A kind, powerful woman who walks in wisdom and dignity, not compromising with the status quo. She has a voice of understanding and operates with an action of compassion.

Website: www. FB:


Danielle Green

is a mother of three beautiful daughters, a CEO, actor, bestselling author, keynote speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Her Challenges

As a small non-profit in a pool full of non-profits, we tend to get overlooked when it comes to funding, partnerships, and opportunities.

Her Business Empower is a non-profit organization that encompasses various components dedicated to enriching the lives of girls and women. Through education, exposure, and experience, we create opportunities for them to live up to their full potential. My children’s book, Hey Pretty Girl, teaches girls a lesson about real beauty. It’s not what you see, but how we treat each other that makes us Pretty Girls. It is the first of a seven-book series entitled the “Hey Girl” Collection. Hey Smart Girl is due out in November 2019.

Her Motivation

Too often, women allow society to turn them into competitors versus supporters. I started the Pretty Girl Movement to honor females of all ages, races, and cultures. Not for what they look like, but for the differences they make in others’ lives. 24 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

Her Inspiration God blessed me with daughters, Tia, Alyssa, and Makala. I know everything I do for women will affect them.

Her Hope

My hope is that people who support my business will be enlightened, encouraged, and motivated. My desire is to ignite a spark in their spirits that will empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? “A courageous woman knows that it’s not just about her; it’s bigger than she is. She knows she has not truly succeeded unless she has brought others along to succeed. She uses her platform to level the playing field for all womankind.” Website: Instagram: @danniyvette

Gina Johnson Smith – SPMG Media Gina Smith is a God-woman, mother, grandmother, wife, entrepreneur, and lover of life!

Her Business

SPMG Media is a boutique influencer marketing and public relations firm. While we’re located in California, our clients span the globe. We serve local, regional, national, and international marketing interests.

Her Motivation

I’ve been a journalist and writer for over 20 years with guest articles in The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Essence, Redbook, and many other publications over the years. I love to help people get the word out about what they’re doing. I started a local newspaper to get to know a new community I moved into, and it took off from there. A few people asked me to get them some media coverage and exposure. The work I did garnered them significant exposure and grew their bottom line dollars. After that, things just took off on their own. From there, we established public relations and marketing services, along with our print and digital publications. We incorporated social media with 10 different platforms, and from there, clients see their work showing up in various places online, as well as via email.

Her Challenges

Primarily, I had to overcome the nonbelievers in my environment—those who didn’t believe like I did. Words are powerful. I knew I had to watch my fears and my words. But I also had to make sure I shut down or cast down negative words from people who didn’t know any better. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have all the answers. You must seek them out. I’ve been fortunate to meet individuals who have shared experiences and more that have allowed me NOT to learn things the hard way.

Her Inspiration

I’m inspired by accomplishment. I’m inspired by seeing that what I do makes a difference for someone else in a significant way. That’s why I do what I do!

Her Hope I hope the people who support my business will gain results beyond their expectations and know ours won’t be a one-time thing because I want to see their success as well as mine.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A woman who knows what she wants and goes after it—no matter what! Website: FB:

ABOUT SPMG MEDIA SPMG Media is the fastest growing boutique Influencer marketing firm in the US. With experience in a variety of industries, we utilize a unique blend of public relations techniques and content marketing to increase our client’s brand and business awareness. Our content marketing approach focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearlydefined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. With more than 1.4 million subscribers and 10 social media sites with hundreds of thousands more followers, as well as our 100 Social Media Influencers with 3,000 follower each AND more than 50,000+ media connections globally (TV/Radio/ Print/Bloggers) we are sure to help broaden your brand and increase your bottom line sales! COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 25

Jeanette Abney is a woman striving to make a difference in the lives of others.

Her Inspiration

Her Business They are out-patient counseling centers. I provide individual, family, and couples counseling to address a variety of life-challenging, relational, and mental health concerns. I also host Precious Predicaments Blog Talk Radio.

I have a desire to help those who feel that they do not have a voice. My inspiration includes my mother Jean Brooks; grandmothers Rosie Sistrunk and Will Ella Brooks; and my two mentors Sarah Porters and Zettie Mae Harvest—all have passed. Currently, additional inspiration comes from my daughter La Tisha Abney; friends Lisa Romain, June Parks, Keith Young, Xavier Little, Symantha Evans; and my church family. They keep me balanced. There were others that believed in me when I had no idea of what I was capable of doing.

Her Hope

Her Motivation

The ability for people to connect with a therapist to I began my company as an effort to help my daughter. assist with their mental health and interpersonal issues. I wanted her to have what I did not have as a child. JA Precious Inc. was developed in honor of my mother who passed away of breast cancer in 2008. I transitioned to Blog Talk Radio as Precious was her nickname. What is your definition of a

courageous woman?

Her Challenges

I have endured several challenges. I was terminated in 2005. I experienced professional jealousy, discrimination, and financial hardship. I also endured health problems and unfair treatment.

A courageous woman is a woman who is powerful and fearless. She is humble yet secure. She is willing to take risks despite obstacles.


Ericka L. McKnight is an entrepreneurial ambassador and endorsement for ALL women looking to achieve the possible in which others say is impossible! A woman of great courage, tenacity, warmth, love, and passion for others.

Her Business is a full service real estate firm assisting buyers and sellers throughout real estate transactions. ELM School of Real Estate provides entrepreneurial training and coaching, as well as real estate continuing education to currently licensed agents and individuals interested in obtaining their real estate license in North and South Carolina.

Her Motivation To empower, engage, and excel individuals by creating homeownership and educational resources in order to build wealth.

Her Challenges My race and womanhood. From obtaining financing, building clientele, healthy business relationships, and proving my qualifications. Some people just aren’t happy for others.


Her Inspiration My family, friends, and champions like Harriet Tubman and Sara Blakely.

Her Hope Empowerment to live a successful and selfsufficient life to the fullest! Leaving a legacy for many generations.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A woman built to survive and thrive the many facets of life and business. God-made woman complex for a reason because HE knew we would could run the world one woman at a time once we believe. We are world changers! FB: COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 27


Her Challenges I had to overcome the pattern of thought that said I could not do this. I reflected constantly on the Word of God that says, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. My faith keeps me strong and focused.

Her Inspiration

I was inspired by one of my teachers and instructor, Mr. Allen. He has passed away, but when I first started, he definitely was my encouragement.

Her Hope For those that support Lady O’s kitchen, I hope that they will see a consistent and excellent spirt of hospitality.

Olivia James is a determined and confident woman who believes she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

What is your definition of a courageous woman?

Her Business Lady O’s kitchen is a catering business for all of life’s events. It is also a food preparation service for those who may not like to cook but would like to eat healthier foods.

A courageous woman is a woman who is confident and who is not afraid to accept a challenge. She will do the work to achieve her goals.

Her Motivation I started this business because it combines two of my passions, cooking and entertaining. I love to serve others and treat people as royalty.

Instagram: @chefoliviajames1


Corinthian Carouthers is the founder/ coowner of Creative Hair School of Cosmetology. In 1996, she received both her cosmetology and unlimited instructor licenses, which allow her to teach in every facet of the beauty area.

Her Business Creative Hair School of Cosmetology trains in the areas in hair, skin care, and nails to become licensed professionals. The school also offers beauty services to the public at a fraction of a salon’s cost.

Her Motivation

The money I was issuing for beauty maintenances for my daughter and I sparked an interest to become part of the industry

Her Challenges

What I had to overcome in my journey to entrepreneurship was believing in myself and having the confidence to believe I could succeed.

Her Inspiration

What is your definition of a courageous woman?

There are many people who have inspired me along this journey. I give credit and am blessed to have in this journey my two children Corinthian II and Quintin, who are my partners in business.

Her Hope

My desire is that when people continue to support my business they will gain a sense of encouragement in knowing that a person like myself never used excuses to stop me from moving forward. I DID IT AND SO CAN YOU! Website: 30 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

To stand bold and be bold in what you believe and stand for. When you stand bold it gives you the confidence to believe and accomplish your dreams and goals.

Instagram: @CreativeHairSchoolofCosmetoloy

Peachanda DuBose is a woman who has faced and beaten many odds. She’s a mother; business woman; and a multi-talented writer, director, and producer. She is dedicated to using her unique abilities to bring awareness to the issues of African Americans, in an effort to bring hope, healing restoration, and redemption.

Her Business Mayan Productions LLC is a production company founded in 2010 by 2018 NAACP Theatre Award winner Peachanda DuBose; the company specializes in theatre, screenwriting, and special award events featuring stage and film.

Her Motivation

The lack of platforms for artists like myself. I saw the need for opportunities for writers and actors with little to no support system and very few options in which to display their talent, so I created my own.

Her Challenges

You name it! Funding, wavering support, sabotage, sexism, homelessness, depression, single parenthood, and the list goes on.

Her Inspiration

Those who can face life’s most difficult circumstances and resolve to win, regardless.

What’s your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman is one who understands what’s she’s facing, yet instead of giving into her fears and obstacles, she determines to proceed with not only faith, but with preparation and execution.

Her Hope

For those who’ve witnessed her productions, Peachanda’s hope, is for her viewers to have a renewed sense of purpose, and leave with a more positive outlook on life, via educating, entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting through her works. Instagram: @PeachandaDuBose FB: COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE | 31

ROCHELLE Chappelle at her core is a woman who’s driven by passion for beauty and determined to give everyone an opportunity to be their best self.

Her Business

Her Inspiration

Her Motivation

Her Hope

Healthy Hair Bar Salon & Wigs is organic eco-friendly hair salon to free women of all cultures of their dependence on chemical hair products and offer a healthier choice using vegan and organic products and newly innovative styling options that will give hair proper nourishment to the scalp and hair for a lifetime.

After my mother was diagnosed with multiple myelo Cancer caused by harsh chemicals that can be found in most salons, I made it a point to create a salon environment for families to relax and enjoy repairing themselves, using only organic chemistry products that will protect the stylist and client’s beauty, body, and wellbeing.

Her Challenges

Learning how to hire, state laws, creating documents, networking, always keeping a smile on your face at all times. Website: 32 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

My Heavenly Father inspires me every day. In 2009, I was involved in an arson set by a neighbor with only seconds to get out to watch my condo in flames. My Heavenly Father saved me and confirmed He would never leave me nor forsake me. When returning to the ashes, I was only able to retrieve my bible and rosary in two separate parts of the house. Families can trust and reassure abusive hair practices are extinct at HHB. With new innovative treatments and services, you’re guaranteed to have a lifetime of long healthy hair results.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A woman who took a leap of faith to believe her dreams can come true. Instagram: @healthyhairqueen

Dorothy Cook Is a believer and a woman of faith, Dorothy Cook is a trailblazer, business mogul, transformation coach, and a millionaire maker. After assisting 21 people in becoming millionaires and thousands to seeing their financial freedom, she hosted her own reality show on BET called Amateur Millionaires.

Her Challenges Getting people to see that financial freedom was possible. We created 21 millionaires, and thousands of families experienced financial results.

Her Inspiration God and the Holy Spirit.

Her Business Rebirth Body Shapers is in the health and wellness industry, reshaping bodies across the world. Rebirth creates medical grade garments that reshape the body and give the body support that lifts and tucks. The garments are designed and made at the Rebirth Headquarters located in Houston, Texas. Rebirth’s nutritional line will be released Fall 2018.

Her Motivation

I got tired of making money for others and wanted to be responsible for the financial vehicle of liberating women. I’m motivated when we can build a woman’s self-esteem to feel better, think better, and live better. 34 | COURAGEOUS WOMAN MAGAZINE

Her Hope

Financial freedom and abundantly living here on earth.

What is your definition of a courageous woman? A courageous woman follows her dreams at all cost. She seeks to take risks for the benefit of others to be successful. FB:

Dorothy Cook

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