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The American Gas Association Representing the United States of America Respectfully submits this bid to the International Gas Union For the

IGU PReSIdency, 2015 – 2018 TRIennIUm Including the

2018 WoRld GAS conFeRence

Contacts: Dave McCurdy Candidate for Chairman, WGC National Organizing Committee President & CEO American Gas Association Ph: +1 202 824 7111

Mel Ydreos Candidate for Chairman, Coordinating Committee, IGU Vice President, Marketing & Customer Care Union Gas Ltd | A Spectra Energy Company Ph: +1 416 496 5229

David C. Carroll Candidate for President, IGU President & CEO GTI – Gas Technology Institute Ph: +1 847 768 0641

Jay A. Copan Senior Advisor American Gas Association Ph: +1 919 740 7799

VISIon: Recognising that natural gas has an important part to play in satisfying the global need for an environment-friendly energy source, IGU will be the most influential, effective

CUSTOMERS: Encourage development of good customer services and customer relations; TECHNOLOGY: Encourage research and development towards new and better technologies for the gas community;

and independent non-profit organisation, while serving as the spokesman for the gas industry world-wide. Supplemented by: mISSIon: • IGU will actively, directly and through its members promote the technical and economic progress of the global gas industry • IGU will work towards improving the competitiveness of gas in the world energy markets. By promoting the development and application of new technologies and best practises, IGU will help optimise the economics of the entire gas chain, while emphasising sound environmental performance, safety and reliability • IGU - serving as a global information clearing house will promote transfer of technology and know-how. • In carrying out this mission, IGU will maximise value to its members and to gas customers objecTIVeS: In striving towards the vision and fulfilling the mission, IGU will regarding: ECONOMY: Promote all activities within the entire gas chain, which can add to the technical and economic progress of gas;

SAFETY: Promote the safe production, transmission, distribution and utilisation of gas; ENVIRONMENT: Encourage and promote development of clean technology, renewable energy applications and other activities, which will add to the environmental benefits of gas; INTERNATIONAL GAS TRADE: Encourage international trade in gas by supporting non-discriminatory policies and sound contracting principles and practises; LEGAL: Promote and contribute to the development of legislation concerning: • establishing equitable, non-discriminatory and reasonable environmental and energy efficiency regulations, and • efforts to establish appropriate and relevant international standards, as well as • promote and participate in the exchange of information relating to regulatory processes; CO-OPERATION: Enhance partnership with industry and manufacturers, and co-operation with Governments, policy makers and international energy related organisations, and Promote the exchange of information among members in order to help them improving the efficiency and safety of gas operations.

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why usa

united states Platform: what can we do for you? •

By serving in the leadership of the International Gas Union (IGU) we hope to advance the Vision of IGU by raising the IGU Voice, increasing its Visibility, and providing even greater Value to the IGU membership. Our goal is to further IGU’s vision to become the most influential and effective global national gas industry

PRoVIdInG VAlUe To IGU membeRS By focusing on the IGU Vision, and raising the Voice and Visibility of the organization, we believe that we can bring even greater Value to the IGU membership. Providing a return on your investment in IGU will be a critical goal of the U.S. team.

The activities of the leadership of IGU, in particular the

association, representing the entire gas value chain from

leadership of the Malaysian Triennium, have provided

upstream to downstream.

natural gas the opportunity to achieve its most prominent position ever. With the release of the IEA report in June

We are very passionate about the role that natural gas can

of this year, and other recent global events, it is clear that

play in the future global energy mix, and we are deeply

2011 will be seen as a transformational year for the natural

committed to championing the cause of gas around the

gas industry. Resource estimates around the world are at

world by focusing on three core principles:

an all-time high and there is potential demand growth in all

RAISInG The IGU VoIce Our team has a wealth of experience listening to the feedback of the gas industry throughout North America, translating that information into action, and speaking out on behalf of our industry. We will not only continue that tradition but will take it to the next level, so that the gas industry can be heard and respected around the world.

sectors. That is why we believe that natural gas is not just a bridge fuel to our energy future, but a global foundation fuel that can help power economic growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy security around the world. Because of these developments, the IGU has never had a better opportunity to lead the global gas industry, while at the same time serving its members.

IncReASInG The VISIbIlITy oF IGU We will draw upon the long advocacy experience of the United States gas industry to continue IGU’s activities promoting natural gas globally as the fuel of not just today, but tomorrow as well. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the energy industry, the general public and policy makers around the world are fully aware of the compelling facts that make natural gas the most viable fuel of the future, especially as we move toward a lowcarbon economy.

Energy is the lifeblood of the world economy. As economies around the world recover from the global recession and begin to grow, they will require more energy. Combine the global abundance of natural gas with the reality of an increasingly carbon-constrained world, and natural gas becomes the fuel of choice in homes and businesses, for transportation purposes, and for electric


power generation. And as we begin to develop new

the many challenges and opportunities that exist. We

technologies to take further advantage of our abundant

believe that by sharing information and ideas, and gaining

supply and the inherent efficiencies of natural gas, our

consensus among all IGU member countries, we can grow

growth opportunities are virtually unlimited. The key is to

the natural gas industry around the globe.

effectively advocate the many advantages of our cleanWhy ShoUld WAShInGTon, d.c., USA, be The SITe

burning, abundant fuel.

oF The 27Th WoRld GAS conFeRence? We are WhAT We hAVe leARned FRom yoU. Over the past six

excited about the opportunity to bid on representing

months, our U.S. bid team has been meeting with natural

IGU during the 2015-2018 triennium, and we believe that

gas industries around the world to better understand the

Washington, D.C., will serve as an outstanding host for the

issues they face. These meetings will continue because we

2018 World Gas Conference. Please note the map of the

believe that understanding the needs and issues facing the

central Washington, D.C. area included behind the Hotels

entire gas value chain is critical to positioning IGU to take

tab. It showcases the location of our Convention Center,

advantage of its tremendous opportunity as the global gas

the thousands of hotel rooms within walking distance, and

industry organization. One thing we have learned is that

the short walking distance to all monuments, museums,

our integrated North American gas market is dealing with

restaurants, galleries and much more! Not included on

the same issues that IGU members around the globe are

the map, but important to note, are the more than 170

facing. These five key issues are being discussed by all gas

embassies and consulates based in Washington.

industries around the world: It is a special honor for us to bid for the IGU presidency • Convincing policy makers that natural gas can play a key role in a carbon-constrained, clean-energy future.

and the World Gas Conference, as 2018 will mark the 100th

• Helping grow the traditional and new markets for natural gas.

earliest members of IGU. With your support, we hope to

• Developing new technologies for the entire gas value chain, from upstream to downstream.

and provide even greater Value to you, the IGU member.

anniversary of the American Gas Association, one of the

raise the Voice of IGU around the world, increase Visibility,

The USA/North American bid has the explicit support of

• Ensuring that gas is delivered in the safest and most efficient manner to end-use customers.

the Boards of Directors of the American Gas Association

• Dealing with the myriad regulatory issues relating to all aspects of the gas value chain.

(AGA), the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI). Members of these three entities represent the gas distribution and transmission industries,

hoW cAn oUR noRTh AmeRIcAn TeAm helP

and equipment and service suppliers in both the USA and

yoU? Our candidate team to lead IGU for the 2015-2018

Canada. These organizations have amongst themselves

triennium has a proven track record of success. Our team

over 260 years of experience serving the natural gas

offers IGU members years of energy industry expertise,

industry and represent companies that provide natural

successful association leadership, vast knowledge and

gas service to over 70 million customers in North America,

natural gas industry advocacy experience. Together we

through a pipeline network of over 4 million kilometers.

hope to work with you to develop sound approaches to

The market capitalization of the corporations belonging to AGA, CGA and GTI is in excess of US$500bn. PAGE 7

our north american team The North American team for the 2015-2018 triennium is

Mr. Carroll oversees the company’s operations and directs

well positioned to both serve the IGU membership and lead

its programs for developing technologies, products and

IGU and the world-wide gas industry. This team has years

services that create exceptional value for customers in the

of energy industry experience, an extensive IGU history,

natural gas industry and related industries.

association leadership knowledge and advocacy expertise. Mr. Carroll is currently chairman of the Steering Committee for the 17th International Conference & Exhibition on dAVId cARRoll, PReSIdenT And ceo, GAS TechnoloGy InSTITUTe Candidate for President, IGU

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG 17), due to take place in Houston, TX, in 2013. He has previously served as president of two notfor-profit research funding organizations: Operations Technology Development, NFP, and Utilization Technology Development, NFP. He has also served as a board member of Changing World Technologies, Inc. and WestStart / CALSTART.

David Carroll joined Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in 2001, and has served as its president and CEO since 2006. GTI

Prior to joining GTI, he held various technical and

is a not-for-profit research, development, and training

management positions with Praxair, Inc., Liquid Carbonic

organization. For 70 years, GTI has been the leader in the

Industries (a subsidiary of Chicago Bridge & Iron), and Air

development and deployment of technology solutions

Products and Chemicals, Inc. He is a member of the Society

that contribute to a secure, abundant, and affordable

of Gas Lighting, the Executives’ Club of Chicago, and

energy future. GTI provides quantifiable economic value

serves on the board of Versa Power Systems.

to the energy industry and its customers, while supporting government in achieving policy objectives. To date, GTI programs have resulted in nearly 500 products, 750 licenses, and more than 1,200 associated patents.

Mr. Carroll earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, a master’s degree in business administration from Lehigh University, and has completed the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.


dAVe mccURdy,

Prior to his work at the Alliance, McCurdy served for

PReSIdenT And ceo, AmeRIcAn GAS ASSocIATIon

eight years as president and CEO of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), where he helped promote

Candidate for Chairman, WGC National Organizing Committee

the market development and competitiveness of the U.S. high-tech industry by crafting both domestic and international programs and policies for EIA’s nearly 1,300 member companies.

Dave McCurdy joined AGA as president and CEO in

Before his tenure at EIA, McCurdy also had a distinguished

February 2011. AGA, founded in 1918, represents 201 local

career in Congress, spending 14 years (1981-1995) in the

energy companies committed to the safe delivery of

House of Representatives as the Member from the Fourth

natural gas to more than 64 million customers throughout

Congressional District of Oklahoma. As chairman and

the United States. AGA members also include natural gas

CEO of the McCurdy Group, L.L.C., he also led a successful

transmission companies and service providers. He joined

business consulting and investment practice.

AGA after serving for four years as president and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Alliance). He led

McCurdy is a 1972 graduate of the University of Oklahoma

the Alliance during a period of unprecedented economic,

and received his J.D. in 1975 from Oklahoma Law School.

environmental and regulatory challenges for the auto

As a Rotary International Graduate Fellow, he studied

industry. During his tenure, the Alliance recorded significant

international economics at the University of Edinburgh,

achievements and McCurdy was instrumental in developing

Scotland. He also held a commission in the United States

the historic agreement between automakers and the

Air Force Reserve, attaining the rank of major and serving

Obama administration establishing the national program to

as a Judge Advocate General (JAG).

increase fuel economy by 40% and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2016.


mel ydReoS,

he was an active participant in the WOC-4 Distribution

VIce PReSIdenT oF oPeRATIonS, UnIon GAS lTd | A SPecTRA eneRGy comPAny

Committee and acted as chair of the Distribution Pipeline

Candidate for Chairman, Coordinating Committee, IGU

Gas Association. He has served on the board of directors

Integrity Working Group. He is also past chair of the Standing Committee on Operations for the Canadian

of Canadian Standards International and the Canadian Standards Association Group. Mr. Ydreos is also past chair of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority’s Natural Gas Advisory Council, and past chair of the Canadian Gas Association’s Eastern Workshop.

Mel Ydreos is vice president of marketing and customer care for Union Gas Limited. In his current capacity, Mr. Ydreos is responsible for Union’s marketing activities with its residential, commercial and industrial markets, and for

Mr. Ydreos is also the founding chair of the Board of Directors of Energy Technology and Innovation Canada. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the University

Union’s Demand Side Management programs. Mr. Ydreos

of Waterloo’s Sustainability Institute, a member of the

is also accountable for the entire revenue cycle through

Advisory Board of the International Bio-fuels Institute at

Union’s Customer Care operation.

Brookhaven National Laboratory, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Mowat Centre’s Energy Fellow.

In a career that spans over 30 years at Union Gas, Mr. Ydreos has gained extensive experience in engineering, field operations, marketing and energy conservation. Prior to his current role, Mr.

Mr. Ydreos has also volunteered his services to organizations such as United Way and is a past member

Ydreos held the position of vice president, operations, and vice

of a number of Rotary Clubs.

president, engineering and gas supply operations. Mr. Ydreos also served as interim president and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) in the summer of 2010.

Union Gas Limited is a major Canadian natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company based in Ontario with nearly 100 years of experience and service

Founded in 1907, CGA is the voice of Canada’s natural

to customers. The distribution business serves 1.3 million

gas distribution industry, with a membership of natural

residential, commercial and industrial customers in more

gas distribution companies, transmission companies,

than 400 communities across northern, south-western

equipment manufacturers and other service providers.

and eastern Ontario. Union Gas’s growing storage and

Mr. Ydreos joined Union Gas after graduating from the

transmission business offers premium storage and

University of Waterloo with a civil engineering degree. Mr.

transportation services to customers at the Dawn Hub,

Ydreos has been very active in the natural gas industry

the largest underground storage facility in Canada and

through his participation with the International Gas

one of the largest in North America. It offers customers

Union, and currently serves as chair of the Special Task

an important link in the movement of natural gas from

Force on Geopolitics and Natural Gas for the 2009-

Western Canadian and U.S. supply basins to markets in

2012 Malaysian Triennium. In the previous 2006-2009

central Canada and the northeast United States. A Spectra

Argentinean Triennium he served as the vice chair of

Energy (NYSE: SE) company, Union Gas has assets of

the Special Task Force on Research and Development

$5 billion and approximately 2,200 employees. For more

and led the IGU’s Best Practices Initiative. Previously,

information, visit


jAy A. coPAn

early 2000s. He has been actively engaged in hosting IGU


executive meetings, and providing speakers for a number of IGU meetings in the past twelve years. Mr. Copan has represented the United States gas industry in presentations before audiences around the globe. Mr. Copan previously served as the executive director of the American Gas Foundation, where he was responsible

On behalf of the American Gas Association (AGA), Jay

for that organization’s activities as an independent

Copan is currently serving as executive director of the 17th

source of research and programs on energy and

International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG 17), and he is managing the bidding process

environmental issues that affect public policy, with a particular emphasis on natural gas.

designed to place AGA in the presidency of the International Gas Union 2012-2015, while simultaneously hosting the

Prior to joining AGA, he served as chief economist with the

World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C., in 2018.

Federal Maritime Commission. He has published a variety of articles and has been active in numerous civic affairs.

Mr. Copan served in a variety of capacities for AGA from September 1982-February 2010.

Mr. Copan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode

At AGA, he was the senior association executive responsible for AGA’s financial community outreach activities, its membership operations, its meeting services business unit, and its international activities. Since 1999, he has represented the interests of the United States natural gas industry on the International Gas Union

Island, and a Masters degree in business administration from the University of Maryland. He has taken postgraduate courses in economics at George Mason University. He and his wife, Maureen (also an active participant in IGU activities since 1999), have two daughters, two son-in-laws, and four grandchildren.

(IGU), an organization representing the gas industries of 76 countries. Through IGU, Mr. Copan assisted with the workings of Task Force B, which restructured IGU in the


why the usa for the 2015 – 2018 triennium 2018 WIll be The 100Th AnnIVeRSARy oF AGA! What

The IGU vision is to be the leading global gas industry

better way to mark this key milestone than by hosting

association by advocating on behalf of the industry.

the 27th World Gas Conference.

Both the exciting developments in the United States with respect to unconventional gas — not to mention

Because the United States represents the entire gas

our wealth of experience in both LNG and conventional

industry value chain — from producer to consumer — and

gas — lead us to believe that we are both ready and able

because of its pivotal role in the development of new,

to advance that vision.

game-changing technologies on both the supply and consumption sides of the industry, the United States is


uniquely positioned to serve IGU and the global gas industry, while leading the industry into a low-carbon future. North America is the laboratory that will continue to set technical and operational standards worldwide. Shale gas is truly a revolution, unlocked by American technology that will continue to advance — the story is by no means over. We believe that North America is uniquely positioned to lead and serve IGU and the global gas industry. The privilege of leading IGU is really about who is

• The United States team brings vast experience to the table, including: 1.) Our role as the advocate for natural gas in North America; 2.) Our service, through AGA, as a charter member of IGU almost since its inception; 3.) AGA’s track record of having served IGU in many capacities, including hosting three IGU Executive Committee meetings in the last 20 years, providing leadership on Task Force B and other task forces to restructure and refocus IGU, AGA’s leadership on IGU Distribution and Strategy Committees and support for IGU meetings held in the United States. • AGA and its members have been engaged in extensive strategic planning and scenario planning to 2030, and beyond, to ensure that natural gas continues to be the fuel of today and tomorrow.

best positioned to continue to promote the long-term strategic vision of IGU, and to truly position gas as the fuel of today and tomorrow. We believe that around the globe, natural gas should be considered as a foundation fuel — a fuel that represents the long-term foundation of

• AGA has a proven track record raising the associations’ Voice, increasing its Visibility and providing Value to its membership.

an affordable, lower carbon energy supply.


conSeRVATIon & eFFIcIency

GeneRAl • 175 million North Americans depend on natural gas every day, consuming 1.77 billion cubic meters of natural gas daily

• Despite a significant increase in the number of homes using natural gas, greenhouse gas emissions have decreased 40% per household since 1970

• Natural gas comprises one-quarter of all energy used in the USA

• Natural gas currently generates approximately 23% of total USA electricity

• There are over 3.8 million kilometers of pipeline of varying sizes and pressures that transport natural gas throughout the USA

• Natural gas is a vital ingredient for production of many alternative and renewable energy sources. It is used to manufacture lightweight steel for fuel-efficient cars and trucks, to produce hydrogen for fuel cells, as a component of windmill blades for wind energy, and to grow the corn needed for ethanol

SUPPly • The domestic natural gas resource base in the USA is large, estimated to be 61.5 trillion cubic meters, enough to meet current production for another 100 years • Shale gas now accounts for 25% of all USA production, up from 3% in 2000 • The USA imports 106 bcm of natural gas annually and exports 30 bcm

cleAn FUel • Natural gas is efficient – 92% of the natural gas produced is delivered to customers as usable energy • Natural gas, on an energy equivalent basis, emits 45% less CO2 than coal and 27% less CO2 than oil • It is the best fossil fuel source available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


the integrated north american gas market The North American natural gas market stands as one

As the gas market becomes more global in dimension,

of the most integrated systems in the world. From

North America’s experience in developing its own

wellhead to burner tip, across the United States, Canada,

continental integrated natural gas market can provide

and Mexico, natural gas flows from producing regions along

valuable insights. The experience garnered from

millions of kilometres of transmission pipelines to cities and

establishing an integrated set of regulations governing

towns where local distribution companies deliver the gas to

the production, transmission, distribution and trade

millions of industrial, commercial and residential customers.

of natural gas across its many jurisdictions make it an

North America has 100 years of operating experience in

opportune time for North America to take on a leading

an increasingly integrated natural gas marketplace. Indeed

role for the IGU for the 2015 – 2018 period.

many of the natural gas companies that produce, transport or distribute natural gas across the North American

The following is a brief summary the extent to which the U.S., Canada, and Mexico operate in an integrated

borders have assets across the continent.

continental market to meet the demands of end users

The world is beginning to embrace the critical role that

across North America.

natural gas will play as an integral part of a long-term energy solution. Not surprisingly many of the issues

one conTInenT, one mARkeT

currently being faced in the broader international

The North American gas market is connected by over

natural gas market are also present in the North

4 million kilometres of natural gas transmission and

American marketplace.

distribution pipelines that fuel over 200 million homes,

Upstream issues, such as access to the resource base, the

businesses, institutions, and industries all over the

impacts of shale gas, and the positioning of LNG in the

continent. This pipeline transmission and distribution

market; Midstream issues, such as regulatory approvals

grid allows for instantaneous trading and delivery

for new transmission pipelines, pipeline safety and

of natural gas almost anywhere in the continent. A

integrity management systems, and the environmental

fully integrated, highly liquid, natural gas commodity

footprint of gas processing; Downstream issues, such as

marketplace, including forward markets, allows for the

the growing demand for natural gas for power generation

efficient discovery of supply and demand information and

and as a transportation fuel as well as issues regarding

allows reliable price signals to flow between producers,

the contracting and sale of natural gas. All are part of the

transporters, buyers, sellers and investors. The result is

daily life of the North American natural gas sector.

an efficient, dynamic and effective natural gas market.


The North American system includes a total of 48 natural gas pipelines, representing approximately 28 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per day of capacity that can import and export natural gas between the United States and Canada or Mexico (see Figure 1 ). The existing infrastructure also consists of over 4,600 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas storage capacity in the United States and Canada that helps to ensure a continuous supply to natural gas to users even in times of peak demand or when supply

FIGUre 1 North America Natural Gas Import/export Locations, as of the end of 2008 (Source: eIA)

lines are interrupted.


mATURe comPeTITIVe mARkeT PReSence

A major challenge facing the Mexican gas industry is

Natural gas prices are established by free trade in open and

building sufficient infrastructure to support gas demand

competitive markets across North America at major pricing

and economic growth. Approximately 40 percent of

hubs including; AECO-C, Dawn, Henry Hub, & Chicago. These

the new power generation capacity required by 2024 is

hubs, located at points where multiple pipeline connections

expected to be natural gas fuelled.

provide ample supply, underpin a robust physical and forward trade in natural gas. This trade provides price reference

coheSIVe PolIcIeS, PolITIcAl lAndScAPeS, And common cUlTUReS

points allowing market participants and others a reliable

The United States, Canada, and Mexico are more than

indicator of the current market balance in support of natural

strategically placed trading partners, they are neighbours

gas purchasing and investment decisions.

and share a common commitment to free trade, energy security, safety and environmental performance. US


Ambassador to Canada Jacobson recently noted that,

The resource base of natural gas in North America is

“The United States sees Canada as a pillar of our energy

currently estimated at close to 100 times the annual

security. Canada, the largest supplier of energy to the US,

consumption . Recent large additions of shale and tight

provides more than 20 per cent of US oil and upwards of

gas to the North American resource picture underscore the

80 perAMcent of the natural gas flowing into the country.”

longevity of the market’s supply outlook. • The United States The United States is the largest consumer of natural gas in the world with demand of 683 billion cubic metres (bcm) last year. The United States is also one of the largest producers of natural gas with domestic production of 611 bcm last year. About 3 per cent of U.S. production is exported to Canada and 1.5 per cent to Mexico. • Canada Natural gas is Canada’s second most commonly used form of fuel (94 bcm last year). Canada produces 160 bcm/year of which over 50 percent is exported for use in the United States making it the world`s second largest exporter of natural gas, behind Russia . Natural gas has generated an average of about $25 billion in export revenues for Canada over the past decade. • Mexico Although Mexico is a small producer by comparison to Canada or the United States, it is still a very active North American trading partner and net importer of gas from the United States. Mexico produces 55 bcm/y of natural gas, of which about 1.5 per cent is exported to the United States. Recent plans have been announced in Mexico to add considerable amounts of gas-fired power generation.

The United States, Canada and Mexico also share the same carbon reduction targets as each country has signed the Copenhagen Accord to reduce carbon emissions by 17 per cent of 2005 levels by 2020. Together, North America continues to seek an integrated solution to climate and air pollution. Initiatives such as the Clean Energy Dialogue have provided a platform for our countries to work together on these issues. Canada and Mexico are continuing to work closely with the United States in their effort to establish a regulatory framework for climate change and air emissions. Educational outreach and collaboration between the industry and policymakers continues to be fundamental to a truly sustainable energy future for North America. A growing complexity between public pressures vs. public interest is shared across North America. There is a strong awareness of “green” issues as they relate to energy, in addition to a continued strong demand for a reliable, low cost energy services. The challenge for the natural gas industry is to bring consumer concerns,


politics, and energy realities together in a fashion to best serve the long term public interest and not just short dated interests and pressures.

i ii

EIA. Energy Information Administration. U.S. Natural Gas Import/Export Locations. 2008 publications/ngpipeline/impex_map.html




BP. Statistical Review of World Energy. 2011


BP. Statistical Review of World Energy. 2011.


BP. Statistical Review of World Energy. 2011.


National Energy Board. Energy Future Report. 2011 (not yet released).


2018 world gas conference: washington, d.c., usa • The Walter e. Washington Convention Center is an eco-friendly facility outfitted with features like low emission glass, energy-conserving heating and air conditioning, recycling programs and more.

Offering an incredible experience, Washington, D.C. is one of the most international and multicultural cities in the world and we are proud to put it forward as our candidate host city. Washington can bring together the

• restaurants abound to satisfy the tastes and cuisines of a very diverse population.

world’s energy leaders to celebrate the 2018 World Gas Conference, to build on IGU’s 80-year tradition, and to

An incredible experience for delegates and guests to

develop the global gas industry for the future.

WGC, Washington is one of the top tourist destinations

Worldly but accessible, international but with

for visitors from around the globe. The United States

neighborhood color, it offers just the right blend of

ranks second only to France in numbers of tourists, and,

business and pleasure. Voted the most walkable city in

within the United States, Washington ranks third in terms

America, Washington is safe and easy to get around.

of tourist destinations. There is something for everyone,

You can walk out of a world-class museum on our

regardless of age, and the museums operated by the

green National Mall and visit memorials overlooking the

Smithsonian Institution are all free of charge!!

Potomac River. You can take a boat trip into historical

Washington is close to numerous natural gas industry-

Georgetown for some shopping, enjoy a sporting event or the theatre, and explore great restaurants and nightlife in our diverse neighborhoods.

• People of all different cultures walk the streets and neighborhoods of this city every day, while more than 150 embassies add to its beautiful architectural landscape.

of the Cove Point LNG terminal, the Marcellus Shale formation outside of Pittsburgh, PA, numerous gas utility

• Plug into the energy of a city that makes history every day, a city where you can access world leaders and leading experts, and secure spectacular special event venues. • Washington is a city with the ability to boost attendance, attract exhibitors and even inspire delegates to bring along their families to share in the experience.

related tour options for WGC delegates, including tours

company training centers, and even a tour of the U.S. Department of Energy’s laboratory in West Virginia. Washington is also home to over 170 foreign embassies, residences, chanceries and diplomatic missions, as well as high profile international organizations like the IMF and World Bank, and energy agencies such as FERC, EPA and DOE. There is even easy train access to / from New York City with its a very large financial community.


conVenTIon cenTeR

While hotel rates in Washington, DC are generally lower

The city has a centrally-located, state-of-the-art

than their peer cities around the world, the USA team is

convention center — the Walter E. Washington

also working with all hotels to ensure the best possible

Convention Center — right in the heart of the city’s

rates for delegates and guests to the WGC in 2018.

vibrant downtown. GeTTInG TheRe The convention center boasts:

Washington has three airports with non-stop service to nearly 100 cities around the world, plus Amtrak train

• 5 exhibition halls with a total of 703,000 sq. ft. (65,000 m2) of prime exhibition space

service and easy driving access via I-95, I-66 and I-70.

• 66 individual meeting rooms totaling 150,000 sq. ft (13,500 m2) • 52,000 sq. ft. (4,830 m2) ballroom

WAShInGTon, d.c. A TRUly UnIqUe WoRld cAPITAl PeRFecT FoR conclUdInG The UnITed STATeS TRIennIUm And bUIldInG The IGU leGAcy FoR nATURAl GAS The FoUndATIon FUel FoR TodAy And TomoRRoW.

• Metro (subway) station hoTelS All official hotels will be in walking distance of the venue, offering over 5,000 rooms within one mile of the convention center. All total, 95,000 rooms are available in the entire Washington metro area.


Letters of invitation



traveling to america

visa information Officials have made giant strides in recent times to

life. Travelers from other countries do need to apply for a

assist with visa applications and entry into the USA. In

nonimmigrant visa for entry to the United States. Although

addition to the highly successful Visa Waiver Program,

there may be wait times involved for issuance of a visa, the

we are working with the U.S. immigration departments

United States welcomes business and conference attendees

and our embassies around the world to provide solutions

regularly and there are few issues with visa approvals

for WGC participants.

for this type of trip. On a typical day our Customs and Border Protection (CPB) service welcomes nearly 1 million

2010 InTeRnATIonAl VISITATIon To The UnITed STATeS SeT A neW RecoRd

international travelers into the country. (See to locate embassies and for virtually all information

The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced that

relating to obtaining visas.)

60 million international visitors traveled to the United States in 2010, a 9 percent increase over 2009.



The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables nationals of


36 participating countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business (visitor [B] visa purposes only)

• In 2010, overseas resident visits (26 million) were up 1 percent compared to 2000, creating a new record level of overseas visits for the United States.

for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.

• Overseas resident visits were up 11 percent compared to 2009.

barriers to travel, thereby stimulating the tourism industry and permitting the Department of State to focus consular resources in other areas. VWP eligible travelers may

ToP 15 coUnTRIeS • Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Italy, People’s Republic of China, India, Spain, Netherlands, and Colombia. • In 2010, nine of the top 15 countries posted record visitation to the United States: Canada, France, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Italy, the People’s Republic of China, India and Colombia. The United States recognizes that international visitors add greatly to our nation’s cultural, educational and economic

The program was established to eliminate unnecessary

apply for a visa if they prefer to do so. Nationals of VWP countries must meet eligibility requirements to travel without a visa on VWP, and therefore some travelers from VWP countries are not eligible to use the program. VWP travelers are required to have a valid authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) prior to travel, are screened at the port of entry into the United States, and are enrolled in the Department of Homeland Security’s US-VISIT program.



The United States is a Transitional Member of the APEC Business Travel Card scheme. Card holders are



New Zealand




provided expedited appointments for visa interviews




at US embassies and consulates and access to express



San Marino

immigration lanes in all international airports. (http://




Czech Republic








South Korea







China, Chile, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Peru,




Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New


the Netherlands

United Kingdom

Guinea, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam

APeC Participants: Fully Participating: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, html#countries

The remaining three countries (Canada, Russia, United States) are transitional members; they only provide fast track immigration processing lanes.

Most Canadian citizens and many citizens from Visa Waiver Program countries can come to the United States


(U.S.) without a visa if they meet certain requirements.

As part of an ongoing effort, the U.S. Department of

Visa Waiver Program travelers must present a machine-

State continues its work to support business-related

readable passport at the U.S. port of entry to enter

travel to the United States through its Business Visa

without a visa; otherwise a U.S. visa is required.

Center (BVC). This group also assists conference ASIA-PAcIFIc economIc cooPeRATIon (APec)

organizers expecting a large number of international

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) provides

attendees such as the World Gas Conference.

business travelers expedited visa interview appointments at embassies and consulates, and access to express immigration lines at all international airports.

APPly FoR A U.S. nonImmIGRAnT VISA onlIne You can apply for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa online at this link: Once you submit

Business Mobility Group handles the

your application you may sign up for an interview.

APEC Business Travel Cards URL:


getting here By air

GeTTInG heRe by AIR. Travelers enjoy non-stop flight

Jet Blue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa,

service to DC from nearly 100 cities around the world. The

Open Skies, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, SAS,

region’s three major airports, Ronald Reagan Washington

South African Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country

National (DCA), Washington Dulles International (IAD) and

Airlines, Grupo Taca, United Airlines, United Airlines

Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall

Express, US Airways, US Airways Express, Virgin America,

(BWI), are serviced by major national and international

Virgin Atlantic.

airlines as well as budget carriers.

GoT connecTIonS? More than 1,300 domestic flights depart from DC’s three airports each day and more than 420 international flights depart each week.

ronald reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) is located just 5 miles south of the convention center. The airport has its own Metrorail station with direct service to downtown DC, or you can take a taxi for about $15. Limousine service is approximately $75. Airlines: Air Canada, Air Tran, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Jet Blue Airways, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, US Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall

Airways, US Airways Express and Shuttle.

Airport (BWI) lies about 30 miles north of DC. Amtrak and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) sits about

MARC (Maryland Area Rail Commuter) trains offer easy

25 miles west of DC and is a major hub for international

connections to the airport. The BWI Express Metrobus

arrivals and departures. Reach the airport by taking

runs between BWI and the Greenbelt Metrorail station

Metrobus Route 5A from the L’Enfant Plaza and Rosslyn

approximately every 40 minutes. Taxi fare to downtown DC

Metrorail stations, Washington Flyer coach service from

is approximately $70. Limousine service is approximately

the West Falls Church Metrorail station, or by taxi (about

$150. Airlines: Air Canada, Air Mobility Command, Air Tran,

$60 to downtown DC). A Metrorail extension to Dulles

American Airlines, British Airways, Cape Air, Continental

is currently under construction. Limousine service is

Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, RY, Southwest Airlines,

approximately $115. Airlines: Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air

United Airlines, US Airways, US Airways Express.

France, Air Tran, ANA, American Airlines, American Eagle, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, British Airways, Cayman Airlines, Continental Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta, Ethiopian Airlines,


airlift - washington, dc metro area airPorts

WAShInGTon dUlleS InTeRnATIonAl AIRPoRT (IAd) Weekly FlIGhTS

RonAld ReAGAn WAShInGTon nATIonAl AIRPoRT (dcA) Weekly dePARTUReS

Accra/Lagos Addis Ababa Amsterdam Aruba Beijing Bogota Brussels Buenos Aires Cancun Copenhagen Dakar /Johanesburg Doha Dubai Frankfurt Geneva Grand Cayman Halifax Istanbul Jeddah Kuwait/Bahrain London Madrid Mexico City Montreal Moscow (DME) Moscow (SVO) Munich Ottawa Panama City Paris (CDG) Paris (ORY) Reykjavik Riyadh Rome St. Maarten San Salvador Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro Seoul Tokyo Toronto Vienna Zurich

Bermuda Nassau Montreal Toronto Ottawa Halifax

5 7 14 2 7 5 7 6 9 7 7 7 7 34 7 1 7 7 3 7 56 7 7 21 7 1 14 14 7 28 5 4 1 7 1 17 7 7 14 39 7 7

2 7 20 27 13 1



7 7 7 4 2 28


destination overview

A crossroads of history, culture and contemporary style, DC inspires like no other destination. Worldly but accessible, international with neighborhood color, DC offers just the right blend of business and pleasure to let you and your delegates create your own experience.

memoRAble momenTS. Plug into the energy of a city that makes history every day, where you can access world leaders and leading experts and secure spectacular special event venues.

deSTInATIon APPeAl. Choose a destination with the ability to boost attendance, attract exhibitors and inspire delegates to bring along their families.

InTeRnATIonAl InTRIGUe. People of all different cultures walk the streets and neighborhoods of this city every day, while more than 150 embassies add to DC’s beautiful architectural landscape.

AFFoRdAble exPeRIence. DC delivers dynamic entertainment, with dozens of world-class museums and exciting attractions that are free of charge.

hotels: 600 in the metro area, including 110 in the District.

hotel Rooms: 95,000 in the metro area, including 29,000 in DC and more than 4,500 committable rooms within 8 blocks of the convention center. Getting there: 3 airports with nonstop service to nearly 100 cities around the world, plus Amtrak train service and easy access via I-95, I-66 and I-70 Where: Located in the heart of the midAtlantic, within 100 miles of the Atlantic Ocean and the Shenandoah Valley.


weather rePort

Washington, DC enjoys a temperate climate with four


distinct seasons. Nothing compares with each season’s

Monthly high and low average temperatures:

natural treasures: the cherry blossoms blooming in spring,


flower gardens full of color in the summer, the brilliance of the changing leaves in fall and the crisp, clear air and holiday magic in winter. Spring, early summer and fall are the most comfortable seasons, although moderate winters are not uncommon, with more rain than snow.

June, the traditional month for the World Gas Conference, generally has very moderate temperatures.


an eco-caPital

Home to organizations like the Environmental Protection

companies have shown their commitment to environmental

Agency, the Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Green

stewardship through maintenance and emission reductions

Building Council, DC makes a perfect backdrop for earth-

for their vehicles as well as their operations centers.

friendly events. We will endeavor to make the 2018 WGC dInInG GReen. Keeping in line with Michelle Obama’s

as environmentally friendly as possible.

passion for healthy foods and fresh flavors, DC restaurants meeTInG GReen. The Walter e. Washington Convention

focus on local, sustainable and organic products. The city

Center is outfitted with features like low emission glass

is home to restaurant Nora, the first certified organic

for temperature control and natural lighting, energy-

restaurant in the U.S., as well as eco-minded hotspots like

conserving heating, ventilation and air conditioning

LEED-certified and farmer-owned Founding Farmers.

systems, high-efficiency lighting, automatic controls on restroom fixtures, recycling programs and direct access to public transportation on Metro or the DC Circulator. Stage your meeting or event at an eco-minded venue like Nationals Park, the first green-certified ballpark in the U.S., the ronald reagan Building and International Trade Center or the National Geographic Society.

STAyInG GReen. Many DC hotels cater to greenminded planners and guests with extensive environmental programs. A leader in environmentalism, the Willard InterContinental Washington offers a Green Meeting package that incorporates sustainable food, beverages, supplies, amenities and team-building eco-opportunities. The Fairmont Washington, D.C. does its part to alleviate the worldwide bee shortage by raising bees on its rooftop.

GoInG GReen. Recently named the “most walkable city” in America by the Brookings Institute, DC boasts 40 new miles of bike lanes. The region is home to more than 234,000 acres of parkland and more than 800 miles of trails.

Within DC’s top-notch public transportation system you’ll find many Metrobuses and Circulator buses running on clean-burning natural gas. Even some private transportation


unique sPaces

When the WGC is welcomed to DC, the unique venues

PeRSonAl momenTS. Kick off your event with an

will delight and inspire attendees and guests alike.

experience your guests will never forget. Tour the magnificent Library of Congress or step behind the scenes

AmAzInG SPAceS. Museums, galleries, theatres and even

at the National Archives. Engage in a top-secret mission

embassies moonlight as special event venues in DC. Stage

at the International Spy Museum or take a tour with a

an after-hours event at stunning performing arts venues like

curator at the National Gallery of Art. Let a professional

the Harman Center or the Warner Theatre. Let the intriguing

photographer show you how to capture the city’s finest

artworks at the National Portrait Gallery or the Corcoran

views on film. Take your delegates on a tour of DC’s

Gallery light up your events with sparks of creative firepower.

monuments and memorials by bike or Segway.

UnFoRGeTTAble VIeWS. DC’s memorable cityscape serves as an inspiring backdrop for special events. Plan a formal dinner or a casual cocktail reception on the terrace of the Newseum or the Kennedy Center, or enjoy waterside views on board a Potomac River cruise.


welcome amBassadors: safety and security

As the nation’s capital, Washington, DC is home to major agencies including the Metropolitan Police Department, FBI,

BIDs in other neighborhoods,

Secret Service, the National Park Police and the U.S. Capitol

including Adams Morgan,

Police that work closely together to ensure that visitors and

Capitol Hill, Georgetown and

locals feel safe and secure. The most intricate, high-profile

the Golden Triangle, also staff

events run smoothly. Local businesses and residents also

their streets with uniformed

play a role in creating neighborhoods where you can shop,

workers who help to keep DC

dine and explore with comfort and ease.

clean and inviting.

DC BIDs work hand in hand with their supporting businesses, residents other community organizations to put on festivals, concerts and special events throughout the year. The Downtown BID helps to stage blockbuster annual events like the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Capital Fringe Festival and Downtown Holiday Market. The Golden Triangle BID entices summer visitors with its outdoor concert series, while the Georgetown BID’s annual Taste of Georgetown attracts foodies from across the region.

Welcome AmbASSAdoRS. DC’s Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are designed to support economic development and urban revitalization, and they recognize that meetings and tourism play a powerful role in their mission. When you leave the Convention Center or a downtown hotel, you’re bound to see the Safety and Maintenance Workers (SAMs) dressed in bright red jackets. SAMs are there to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Downtown DC, but they’re also front-line ambassadors who can point delegates to restaurants, hotels, shops and attractions throughout the city.


restaurants & Private dining

cAPITAl clASSIcS. When it comes to DC dining mainstays, you can’t beat the piping-hot chili half-smokes at Ben’s Chili Bowl, the lively happy hour scene at the Old ebbitt Grill or the smooth sounds and southern fare at Blues Alley Jazz Supper Club.

conTemPoRARy cUISIne. Celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Laurent Tourondel and eric ripert have tapped into the energy of the DC dining scene, opening up stylish eateries in downtown and the West End. They join homegrown culinary talents like José Andrés, Michel richard and rising culinary stars such as Johnny Monis and Barton Seaver in changing the face of the DC culinary scene.

DC has hundreds of restaurants, from classic and elegant to ethnic and traditional cuisines for every palette.

dInInG oUT. Private dining spaces in DC’s restaurants on Capitol Hill, Downtown, and in star-studded Georgetown are made for making connections and deals as well as spotting Senators and celebrities.


nightlife & entertainment / dc after dark entertainment Link

Josh Marks

SoUl. DC strikes a chord with live music fans thanks to venues like the 9:30 Club and Blues Alley. Homegrown talents such as Duke Ellington, Shirley Horne, Roberta Flack, Chuck Brown (the Godfather of Go-Go), Wale and electronica DJ team, Thievery Corporation, also put DC on the music map.

SPoRTS. Score points with your sports fans by planning a group outing to a From themed bars and luxe lounges to local music, theatre

Wizards or Capitals game at the Verizon Center. Rent a

and sporting events, the District is not just powerful – it’s

private box to catch the Nationals in action at baseball’s

powerfully entertaining.

newest –and greenest – stadium, Nationals Park. Impress football fans with hard-to-snag seats to watch the

neIGhboRhood VIbeS. Just blocks from the Convention


Center, smooth music and cool cocktails set the stage at stylish Downtown lounges. For jazz lovers, the destination

In The SPoTlIGhT. Cap off your day of meetings and

is U Street, while salsa beats and international sounds

programs with a night at the theatre. Choose from classic

spill out of Adams Morgan’s bars and restaurants. Wine

and contemporary performances at award-winning venues

and spirits lovers can share an interesting bottle at a

like Arena Stage and the Shakespeare Theatre Company,

Logan Circle wine bar. For edgy entertainment and fun,

or catch a touring musical at Warner Theatre or National

funky themed bars, head north of Capitol Hill to the Atlas

Theatre. Introduce your delegates to DC’s fresh and edgy


theatre scene at Studio Theatre or Woolly Mammoth.

dATe nIGhTS. Visitors can take a cue from the Obamas and check out acclaimed dining destinations like equinox or Citronelle, take in a performance at the Kennedy Center or catch a game at the Verizon Center. Destination DC’s Obama itinerary guides you to some of the locations where they’ve been spotted.



Power Shopping Link

Boutiques that speak to

chIc boUTIqUeS. Hip and historic Georgetown attracts

DC’s emerging fashion and

serious shoppers to its one-of-a-kind boutiques and

design scene are popping

internationally-known retailers clustered on M Street and

up all over the city. Visitors

Wisconsin Avenue. Antiques shops and independent

can also find major malls

retailers hold sway on Capitol Hill and Barracks row.

and designer collections

Nearby, locals are drawn to eastern Market for fresh fare

just minutes away from

and hand-crafted gifts on weekends. Art galleries and


book shops match the funky feel of Dupont Circle, while 14th Street and Logan Circle appeal to fashion-forward

deSTInATIon: doWnToWn. In downtown, new

shoppers in search of stylish home furnishings and vintage

developments like Gallery Place and the historic Woodward


& Lothrop Building have attracted tenants like Urban Outfitters, H&M, Zara and Anthropologie. A multilevel Macy’s

cAPITAl keePSAkeS. Find unique thank you gifts

houses its own visitors center and welcomes out-of-town

for your VIPs or shop for souvenirs for yourself in DC’s

shoppers with passes for discounted shopping. Or, hop on

museum shops. Locals love the accessories and home

the Metro or Circulator and head to Union Station for dozens

accents at the National Museum of Women in the Arts,

of shops under one roof.

National Building Museum and Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery.



100 Free Things to do in DC

DC is home to a playground of treasures designed to

High-tech and interactive attractions like the Newseum and

intrigue and delight visitors of all ages and interests. Many

the International Spy Museum have brought entertaining

of the city’s most celebrated sights and must-see museums

new experiences to downtown.

are free of charge. Travelers looking for ways to unwind can get to know Inspiring landmarks such as the Washington Monument

DC’s parks, gardens and peaceful places like the stunning

and Lincoln Memorial set the stage for exciting moments.

Washington National Cathedral or picturesque rock

Fascinating collections of art and artifacts abound in

Creek Park.

the Smithsonian Institution’s world-famous—and free— museums, including the National Air and Space Museum

And of course, no trip to DC would be complete without

and National Museum of American History.

a visit to iconic places like the National Archives, the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol and the stunning

Art lovers can browse celebrated museums like The Phillips

Capitol Visitor Center.

Collection, National Gallery of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art or smaller galleries like The Textile Museum and the Kreeger Museum.



getting around

DC’s newest transportation option, the DC Circulator connects the Downtown, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Southwest, Shaw and Adams Morgan neighborhoods in hip and stylish buses for just $1 per ride.

dc cIRcUlAToR FAcTS routes: 6 Hours: Vary by routes. Georgetown-Union Station: 7AM-9PM Additional Night Service: Whitehaven - 17th & K St, Sun.-Thurs. til 9PM-12AM, Fri. & Sat. til 9PM-2AM

DC’s safe, clean and efficient public transportation system is world-renowned. Metrorail and Metrobus offer quick and easy connections to hotels, meeting spaces and transportation hubs, as well as attractions, neighborhoods

Woodley Park-Adams Morgan-McPherson Square Metro: Sun.-Thurs. 7AM-midnight, til 3:30AM Fri. & Sat.

and nightlife destinations.

Convention Center-SW Waterfront: 7AM-9PM

While virtually all hotels for WGC 2018 are within walking

Union Station-Navy Yard via Capitol Hill: 6AM-7PM with extended service on Nationals game days

distance to convention center, shuttle buses will be provided.

rosslyn-Georgetown-Dupont: Sun.-Thurs. 7AMMidnight, Fri. & Sat. 7AM-2AM


Cost: $1. One-day, three-day, weekly and monthly passes are also available at commuterdirect. com

rail Lines: 5, named for colors (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green) Stations: 86, including stops at Reagan National Airport, Union Station and the convention center Bus routes: 340, with 12,000 stops Hours: Metrobus operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but service intervals vary by time of day and by weekday/weekend to best meet demand. Metrorail operates from 5AM Weekdays & 7AM Weekends. Services stops at midnight Sun.-Thur. & 3AM Fri.-Sat. Cost: Metrorail minimum fare is $1.95, daily passes are $9. Rail rates increase during rush hour and for longer trips. Farecards and passes can be purchased at vending machines located inside the stations. Metrobus fare starts at $1.70 cash/$1.50 SmarTrip. Bus fare can be paid by cash or by using a SmarTrip card. Bulk tickets can be purchased on at

TAxIS DC boasts one of the highest ratios of taxi cabs to residents in the country, making it generally easy to find a ride. Cabs operate on a meter system. The base fare is $3, plus 25 cents for every one-sixth of a mile after the first sixth of a mile traveled or every minute stopped in traffic. There is a $1.50 fee for each additional passenger. The maximum fare is $19.



downtown hotel district

InSPIRATIon on A PlATe. You’ll find many of the top

Downtown DC signifies

tables in the country right here, according to Esquire

urban revitalization and

magazine. Just one block from the convention center

the rise of new districts like

Acadiana entertains with charbroiled oysters and fried

Penn Quarter, a dining and

green tomatoes while crispy spinach melts in your mouth

entertainment hotspot.

at rasika (5 blocks). Robert Wiedmaier’s Brasserie Beck

Other downtown areas

(a mere 3 blocks) offers frites and mussels with a multi-

include Gallery Place,

page beer list and Jose Andres’ Oyamel (work up a thirst

Chinatown, McPherson Square, Lafayette Square, Federal

for that margarita in 5 blocks) serves up “some of the most

Triangle, Franklin Square and Mount Vernon Square.

sophisticated Mexican food you will ever eat.”

PoSITIon. Museums, theatres and galleries share the

Polly Wiedmaier

WhAT’S In A nAme?

streets with hot new restaurants, lounges and hotels in downtown. The Walter e. Washington Convention Center holds court as the neighborhood’s north anchor, and the nearby streets are flanked by must-see sights like the White House, International Spy Museum, National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum, Newseum, Madame Tussauds and the National Museum of Crime & Punishment. Just 3 blocks from the convention center, you’ll find Gallery Place, the Verizon Center, and dozens of restaurants, bars and shops buzzing with locals and

hotels: 35

residents alike.

hotel Rooms: 10,955

cURTAIn UP! Theatre lovers can catch classic power plays by the Shakespeare Theatre Company, American favorites at Ford’s Theatre or contemporary productions at Woolly Mammoth. Touring Broadway shows are often found at the historic Warner or National Theatres. Be sure to check out TICKeTplace for discounted day-of-show tickets.

What’s there: Luxurious historic properties, national brands and design-driven lifestyle hotels. Getting there: Metro-Gallery Pl-Chinatown, Metro Center, Archives-Navy Mem’l-Penn Quarter, Mount Vernon Square. Circulator east-west or north-south route. Where: North of the National Mall between the White House and the Capitol.




walter e. washington convention center

Events DC owns and operates the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown, accessible by metro and public transportation. The Walter E. Washington Convention Center is equipped to handle events of all sizes, including large events from 500 to 42,000 attendees. The state-of-the-art convention center features more than 213,360-square-meters of exhibit space, 45,720-square-meters of meeting space and a 15,850-square-meters ballroom (In fact, the center holds the Guinness World Record for hosting the largest sit-down dinner in 2009.). The innovative venue combines cuttingedge technology with environmentally-friendly features. With a who’s who of high-profile associations and clients, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center knows how to ensure your event runs seamlessly—and earn rave reviews from your attendees.

In order to best serve you and your attendees’ needs and requirements, the entirety of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center has been tentatively reserved for the dates of the World Gas Conference. The center offers room to grow the exhibition and can host 5,000 delegates in comfort under one roof, as well as plenary session and expert session room requirements. Additionally, there are 50 private meeting meetings within the center enabling all participants to remain within the venue.


green center

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center management and staff recognize are committed to maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts.

enVIRonmenTAlly ReSPonSIble PRocURemenT. Service providers are required to purchase post consumer recycled goods, eco-friendly products are used throughout the building, from paper to hand soap to cleaning products.

eneRGy & ATmoSPheRe. The building’s exterior walls are comprised of clear low-emission glass that maximizes natural light and controls temperature fluctuations. High-

cARbon FooTPRInT/AIR qUAlITy. The convention center boasts its own Metro station, offering ready access to travel within the city and throughout the

efficiency lighting is used in public areas and is calibrated to modify lighting levels when rooms are not in use. Dimmable theatrical-type lighting is used only for special events.

region for attendees, exhibitors and employees. The DC Circulator bus also offers direct service to the Center and connections to downtown hotels, major area attractions, and special events throughout the area. Bicycle racks are available for guests and staff.

WASTe mInImIzATIon. The center’s recycles cardboard, mixed paper, bottles and cans made from glass, aluminum, plastic, fluorescent bulbs, toner cartridges and batteries, and reaches out to the business community to facilitate the reuse of electronics, carpet, pallets and other items.

WATeR conSeRVATIon. The building’s infrastructure

supports storm water management, feeding rain water from the roof into underground collection tanks. The

Owning and operating one of the country’s

most energy-efficient convention centers, our

tanks ease the pressure on DC’s storm system by filtering

goal is to be a leader in maintaining high green

and releasing water at a reduced rate. All sinks and

standards in convention management. We are

water fountains provide filtered water and restrooms are

dedicated to working closely with our customers

equipped with water conserving fixtures.

and local stakeholders to have a greater impact on reducing our carbon footprint, optimizing waste separation, increasing recyclying rates and saving clients money.

- Gregory A. O’Dell President and CEO of Events DC


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


floorPlans & sPecs


USA Bid for the 25th World Gas Conference  

The American Gas Association Representing the United States of America respectfully submits this bid to the International Gas Union for the...

USA Bid for the 25th World Gas Conference  

The American Gas Association Representing the United States of America respectfully submits this bid to the International Gas Union for the...