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A Guide to Arrest & Judicial Process

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have you been arrested?

Important information you should know!

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Prince William-Manassas Adult Detention Center

1 Public Defenders 2 Have You Been Arrested? What’s Next?

5 Navigating the Process

Bail Bonds Explained

6 Surviving Court

The Booking Process

Court Appearance Tips


Getting Released From Jail

Don’t Leave Court Unless

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Appearing Before a Judge

Fines and Community Service


How To Pay the Bail Bond


Child Protective Services


Professional Bail Bondsman

Sequence of Events

Steps in a Trial

PWC’s Pretrial Release Program

7 Medications Taking Prescription Medication in Jail 8-11 DUI or DWI?


Jail & Commisary Accounts

Things You Should Know

Car Impounded?

Magistrate’s Office


Pretrail Release

DUI Sentencing

12 Arreseted for Domestic Violence?

Things You Should Know

19 Directory of Bondsmen and Attorneys Calling a Bondsmen 20 Useful Numbers & Maps

Public Defender Who gets a public Defender?

If you are accused of a crime for which you could be sentenced to jail, and you can’t afford to hire an attorney, the court will appoint one to represent you. A lawyer serving in this capacity is commonly referred to as a “public defender.” In Prince William County public defenders are selected from a list of lawyers from the private legal community who volunteer, and are paid for their services with public funds. In order to get a public defender in Prince William County, you will be required to discuss your financial situation with the Clerk of the Court. No documentation is required, however you will be required to answer a series of questions (questionnaire) to determine your ability to pay for a private attorney. If you are considered indigent (unable to pay), you will see a judge for a final disposition and instruction. The judge will have you swear under oath to the truthfulness of your situation, and will direct a public defender to represent you. If you are found guilty, you will be required to pay the amount of your court-appointed lawyer’s fee. Although court-appointed attorneys are paid much less than their private sector counterparts, fees can still cost you hundreds, or possibly thou-

sands of dollars. Be careful, do not give inaccurate information to the court in an effort to get a public defender appointed, you could be charged with the crime of falsifying information. It is important to apply for a public defender at least 10 days in advance of your court date, however, you should go to the Clerk’s office which is located on the second floor of the courthouse - as soon as you know the date of your next court appearance. Applicants should apply at 8:00am as the judge may not be available after that time. Interviews and court appearances are only scheduled in the early morning.

Are court appointed attorneys as good as private attorneys? The obvious advantage of a public defender is there is no cost to you if you are innocent, and substantially smaller fees if you are found guilty. However, a public defender won’t be able to assist you with related civil law or administrative matters (such as driver’s license revocation hearings in a DWI case). You’ll need to hire a separate attorney to help you with these concerns.

Prince William attorneys who volunteer for this program can benefit from the extra case load by getting added trial experience involving a diversity of charged crimes, and also by becoming very faimiliar with what types of settlements (plea bargains) are likely to satisfy the prosecutor and the Court. Private attorneys, though, can have the advantage of lower caseloads, and they typically have more time and resources to spend on your defense. In addition, many private attorneys specialize in certain types of offenses giving them more expertise in building an effective defense. Whether public defender or private attorney, retaining good counsel is a critical first step in the legal proscess.



the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process



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Have you been Arrested? What’s Next

Are You in Jail? In the United States Justice System if you are accused or charged with a crime, you are eligible to be released from jail (under most circumstances) until such time as you are convicted of that crime at your trial. To get released from jail you will probably be required to post bail (give something of value) in the amount or type called for by law or set by a judicial officer. The purpose of bail is to allow you to be released from jail, yet provide the Court with some reasonable assurance that you will return to court for your trial.

What is Bail? Bail represents something of value (security) that is held by the Court in the form of a bond until you return. Bail can be a specific amount of money and / or simply your “word” that you will act in a specific way, including returning to Court when ordered to do so. You will be required to see a judicial officer (JO) such as a Magistrate , or a Judge who will fix the amount of your bail. You will have an opportunity to explain the circumstances of your arrest and your ability to pay bail.

What to Expect: The Booking Process

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Once you are entered into the system, the Detention Officers will collect your fingerprints and photograph. These will be added to your record and kept on file for future reference.

Before you can be released, the Detention Officers must document information about you and what you are accused of doing into the state’s computers. The process is called booking and it creates your record of criminal activity.

In the Meantime...

Relax, this won’t la st forever The best thing you can do for yourself while you’re waiting to get out of jail is to relax. This may take awhi le. Try to be pleasa nt to the Detention Officers , they are not the re ason you are in jail. Their job is to book (process) you into the state’s judicial in formation network. Th e more cooperative you are, the faster you can get out. It is important to stay calm – this won’t ta ke forever. DISRUPTIONS alway s cause significant de lays! Don’t stress yourself, things will get better. Just follow directions and do wha t is necessary to get out.

The Cuff

The Cuff is intended for distribution at jails and detention centers. The information in these articles has been contributed and/or reviewed by law enforcement, attorneys, judges, bail bondsmen, and offenders. Its purpose is to provide useful help for someone that has been arrested. It represents opinions only and is not intended as a legal resource. One should contact an attorney for a complete interpretation of criminal statutes, law enforcement, detention center, and judicial protocols, and acceptable court practices. The Cuff is published by The Steamboat Local 1900 Bridge Lane, Building 1A Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 970-367-7220

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Then, you will be informed formally of the charges against you and notified of your bail amount. You will have to appear before a Magistrate or Judge before bail can be set. At that point, you can begin to consider how you wish to pay your bail so you can be released from the jail.

Depending on how busy the jail is, this process can take anywhere from an hour to most of a day. Just relax, cooperate with the Detention Officers’ instructions, and they will get you through it as fast as possible. Remember: The Detention Officers are there to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Your first encounter with the judicial system will probably be through the Magistrate’s Office, which is open 24/hours daily.


When you were first brought into the jail, you were likely stripped of all weapons, contraband, and perhaps even your cell phone and other personal items. The Detention Officers will then take down personal information and run a check in the system to look for outstanding warrants and criminal history.

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m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Getting Released from Jail

Freedom Bail Bonding

Important information about bail

Appearing Before a Judge When you appear before the Judge or Magistrate, you will have an opportunity to explain the circumstances of your arrest and your ability to pay bail. The Judicial Officer will fix the amount of your bail, and determine which kind of bond will be required for your release:

Freedom Bail Bonds can help you get back on your feet!

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How can they help you? A professional bail bondsman is a person who furnishes the monetary obligation (money part) of your bail bond to the Court to secure your release. Most bondsman will accept credit cards.


Credit Terms Available Personal Checks Accepted

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You could be released from custody (jail) on a personal recognizance bond, which is simply a promise to appear as required and does not require any financial guarantee. A Bail Bondsman May Ask You To: Or, the Judge may require you to pay a specific Pay a fee. The law allows a bondsman to charge you amount of money to be held by the Court in the up to a maximum of 15% of the value of the bond. For form of a bond. example, if your bond amount is $1,000, the bondsman Or, you may qualify for a Pretrial Supervision may charge you a fee of $150. Program that does not require any money. Guarantee the bond. In addition, the bondsman may require you to pledge some type of security or collateral (things of value). In the event of a forYou Can Pay The Bail Bond

feiture, the bondsman will use the security or collateral By giving cash to the Detention Officers equal to to get his money back.

the required bail, or

Provide a co-signer. As additional security for the bond,

By contracting with a professional bail bonds- a bondsman may require someone else to guarantee the man, who will provide the Court with the neces- bond by acting as a co-signer. Like you, a co-signer is financially responsible for the full value of the bond, and may sary bail bond to get you released from jail, or

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also be required to provide the bondsman with some type

if you, a relative or a friend have sufficient equity of collateral or security. (ownership) in a home, building or land, it may Credit Card: Note, most bonding companies will accept be pledged to the Court. The Prince William County Clerk can give you more information on pledging real

credit cards. The bondsman may be able to place the full amount of your bond including his fee on a credit card.

Your first encounter with Virginia’s judicial system will probably be through the Magistrate’s Office in Prince William County.

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Property bonds/ Liens

e e r F u o Y S Set D N O B Todd Gillette L I A B

The equity in real estate can be used as collatFastest Release Possible eral for an apMagistrates are available 24-hours daily to conduct hearings to admit offenders to pearance or bail that have been charged with a crimi- performance bond by nal offense. courts and bail bondsmen. Bail Hearings are conducted at: Contact the the Prince William County Clerk of The PWC Adult Detention Center the Court for an information sheet and clarifica 703-792-4594 tion on specific requirements for your bond. If posting your bail in cash only exact Pledging equity change is accepted! places a lien on your property!




the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Pretrial Release in PWC

Pretrial Supervision Program

community and pose no threat of flight or danger if released from jail.

And Misdemeanors

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▪Traffic DWI DUI Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Prince William County’s pretrial supervision proReckless Driving Mongolian Interpreters Available At their first courtroom appearance, if a release gram gives defen▪Serious Felonies 4015 Chain Bridge Road, Suite J is recommended, the options are presented And Misdemeanors dants an opportu▪ Fairfax, VA 22030 to the defendant. A common misconception nity to be released about pretrial release is that no money is in- deemed necessary, the required meetings may from jail without volved. While it is true that most pretrial re- be more frequent. the need (in most lease bonds are Personal Recognizance (PR) Every defendant released is forbidden from cases) for a secure bonds, the Court may still order a cash bond, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. If drugs or bond (monetary property bond or surety bond in cases where alcohol were involved in the alleged crime, the deposit with the there may be flight risk. Court will likely order periodic toxicology screenCourt). The proThe Court can also place special supervision ings to test for drugs or alcohol in the defengram’s pretrial requirements on defendants released under dant’s system. In some cases, the wearing of an services exama pretrial release program. . The Court can or- electronic transdermal alcohol monitor may be ines defendants der any supervisory condition they wish, but required. These monitors test for the presence who remain in there are certain conditions that are common; of alcohol at least 24 times daily, and upload the jail after an initial bail hearing, • Weekly office contacts with a Pretrial Supervision data to the supervisors’ system. or remain in jail between 7 and 10 days Officer after arraignment. Exclusion areas (areas where the defendant may • Weekly or bi-weekly drug testing PWC’s Pretrial Supervision Program examines • Daily telephone contact with the Pretrial Officer not go) are set by the Pretrial Officers, and the officers are automatically notified 24/7 if the dedefendants, provides bond recommendations to • Attendance fendant enters these zones. the Court, and uses various systems of superviat substance sion as an alternative to pretrial incarceration. Of An Intensive Pretrial Supervision Program is abuse educacourse, some defendants will not be eligible for considered for inmates incarerated for over 90 tion classes any bond program, including Pretrial Release. days. Program officers will complete a compre-

The Program is granted for those who can demonstrate that they have sufficient ties to the

Assessment and services evaluations

hensive Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument for the Court’s consideration.

• Any other special conditions imposed by the court

A defendant admitted to the program is released back into the community on electronic monitoring, and is required to have three to five face to face contacts per week with a pretrial supervision officer, as well as random drug testing.

In some cases, where higher supervision is

Jail Commisary and Telephone Accounts How can I give money to inmates?

It’s easy to give money to someone in jail. Inmates use money for telephone use and to buy snacks and supplies. Every inmate is assigned a commissary account which is like a bank account at the jail. Like most modern bank accounts, the inmate’s jail commissary account can be accessed electronically.

Online: Kiosk: Located in the lobby of this facility Telephone: Commisary - 888-988-4PMT (4768) Prepaid phone - 814-949-3303

Here’s how family and friends can deposit •Deposits are available quickly. money into an inmate’s commissary account at Deposits can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the Prince William-Manassas Adult Detention •Only MasterCard or Visa credit or debit cards are accepted Center. It’s called OFFENDER CONNECT:

There are three ways to deposit money Go online, use the telephone, or visit a kiosk at the jail.

(Note that money can be specially allocated to a prepaid phone account only.)

•Deposits can be made to a commissary or prepaid phone acct •Note: For some phone deposits, the caller will need: •Cash can be deposited in the kiosk ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100)

When making deposits, you should know the inmates first and last name, birth date including year, and that the Prince William – Manassas ADC is identified as Facility Site #22 *Transaction fees apply to all deposits.

m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Navigating the Process steps in a trial




Pre-Trial Court Appearances in a Criminal Case When state laws are broken, offenders are prosecuted by the State of Virginia in Courts located and operated by counties around the State. Your first encounter with Virginia’s judicial system will probably be through the Magistrate’s Office in Prince William County. Magistrates are available 24-hours daily to conduct hearings to admit offenders to bail that have been charged with a criminal offense.

Misdemeanors: At a defendant’s first Court

appearance (often referred to as an arraignment), before a Judge or Magistrate of a lower Court: • The charge is read to the defendant, and penalties explained. • The defendant is advised of his/her right to trial, and right to trial by jury if desired.

similar function to grand jury proceedings, in that it is a safeguard against unfettered government action.

enter a plea. The matter is set for preliminary hearing (hearing to establish if a crime has been committed and if there is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the offense(s) alleged in the complaint).The judge or Magistrate sets the amount of bail.

• If the Court finds there is no probable cause, the matter is dismissed (this would be the equivalent of a grand jury declining to press charges). If this happens, defendants are released.

• If the Court finds there is probable cause, the matter is transferred to Trial Court. Many Courts use the term bound over, as “the defendant is bound over to the District or Circuit Court for trial.”

Step 2

• The right to counsel (legal representation) is The second step is the preliminary explained, and the Judge arranges for a lawyer hearing, at which: if the defendant requests one and is found to • The government must demonbe too poor to afford a private lawyer. strate to a Judge or Magistrate that • The defendant enters a plea. If counsel has there is sufficient evidence, or probbeen requested and appointed, or if the defen- able cause, to believe the suspect dant indicates that private counsel will be re- committed the crime with which he tained, a plea of not guilty is entered. If the de- or she is charged. fendant enters a not guilty plea, a trial date will • Defendants usually must be presbe set. If the defendant pleads guilty, either a ent at this hearing, although they date will be set for sentencing or the Judge will do not commonly offer evidence in impose probation, fines or other sentences im- their defense. This procedure has a mediately.


The process is quite similar, except that there is the additional step of the preliminary hearing as an additional safeguard warranted by the more serious nature of the charges. Step 1

As with misdemeanors, the first step is an initial appearance or an arraignment before a Judge of a lower Court.The difference is: • The defendant is advised of his/her right to a preliminary hearing and the purpose of that procedure, as well as his/her right to trial and right to trial by jury in Trial Court. • The defendant does NOT

Criminal Justice Sequence of events


the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Surviving Court

Sheryl A. Shane Attorney at Law

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▪Domestic Violence Protective Orders

▪ Serious Felonies And Misdemeanors ▪ Traffic DWI DUI Reckless Driving

Court appearance tips

Office 703-503-4448 Bail/Bond Line 703-582-8119 Spanish Line 571-244-9648

Don’t Be Late

Immigration Line 703-970-7900 Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Mongolian Interpreters Available

Don’t leave court unless

Judges are timely people. Tardiness Court is Formal and Serious Do you know what comes next? demonstrates a Understand that a courtroom is a formal, seri- lack of respect, Don’t leave the building unless you know exand could get you ous place and that judges are generally conseractly when to return, or the penalties the Court arrested or result vative. has imposed. in additional penChoose clothing that you are comfortable alties. Receipts/Instructions The judicial system is big wearing. You will look nervous and shifty if you and complex. Get receipts and written instrucare adjusting your clothing and constantly rear- Bring all the doctions from the court for everything you have uments to court that were issued to you at the ranging yourself in Court. completed or are required to do.. time of arrest. They always come in handy. They Avoid sneakers, trendy clothinclude the time and place you need to appear If you are required to do community service or ing, lots of jewelry, loud colors If you were cited for any type of traffic offense, take classes, bring a small notebook with you (especially red), revealing outor obtain the correct forms from the Clerk of the bring your proof of insurance. fits, outrageous hairdos, and Court’s office and get someone to sign it verifyCourt is intimidating. It is often hard to speak stained or damaged clothes. ing you have completed the required tasks. up. If you have something to say, or you do not Do not wear a lot of perfume, understand, be polite but speak up. You have a When you are all done, go back to the Clerk’Offie cologne or aftershave. Wearing and ask if you have completed all the Court’s right to be heard. But don’t overdo it. leather is not advisable. requirements including fines. And if you are all Show proper restraint. Court is not a continua- done, get it in writing. All too often people get Wear a suit, dress, or blouse and tion of your home life drama or a place to vent re-arrested because a paperwork mistake gets skirt if you are a woman. Do your feelings. This is why having an attorney is made and you don’t get credit for the tasks you not wear spike heels, sandals or open-toed shoes. Wear a bra important as their job is to speak for you. have completed, or the money you have paid.

and panty hose even if it kills Make sure you take notes as to your next ap- Protect yourself – get receipts! you. Be sure your bra and slip pearance or other court requirements such as are not showing. evaluations, metal health, probation etc. Better For a man wear a suit, jacket yet, go to the Clerk of the Court and get it in writand tie, or shirt and tie (only if ing before you leave. you don’t own a jacket) if you If you cannot make it for very good reason call are a man. Never wear a hat. the court number listed on the back page. You Look as serious, reasonable, may be able to change the court date. Failure to modest and ordinary as pos- appear as required is a serious offense and resible. You don’t want to stand sults in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. out or call attention to your- Excuses after a failure to appear don’t work! self.

Fines and Community Service Community service

Community Service is Important Community service means donating your time as repayment to the community for the crimes you have committed. Most misdemeanor convictions result in some community service requirement. When required to complete community service it means you’re not done with Court until it’s done and proof of completion is filed with the Court. After sentencing the Court will give you paperwork that describes how much community service you must complete. It’s important that you understand your community service requirement and where you can complete it.

Most community service is scheduled through Volunteer Prince William, an independent community service coordinator. You can contact them at 703-369-5292, Ext. 200 for a list of members where you can volunteer to complete your community service

Protect yourself – get receipts!

When doing community service, put a positive spin on it! Treat it like an opportunity to both learn about yourself and to learn new skills which It’s important to keep a log of your community can be applied to future work opportunities. service. Get you log signed after every assign- There are lots of approved businesses and organizations where you can donate your time and ment. satisfy the Court’s requirements. Be smart pick And if you are all done, get it in writing from Vol- one that might actually teach you something! unteer Prince William and file it with the Clerk of the Court. All too often people get re-arrested Remember, you have to have all of your combecause a paperwork mistake gets made and munity service hours verified and logged in bethey do not get credit for the tasks they have fore your deadline or you could end up back in jail. completed, or the money they have paid.

m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process



Child Protective Services


What About My Children?

child that has been placed into their custody call 703-792-4200 during business hours or 703-792Upon being arrested, it is important for you to 6500 (PWC Police) after hours and weekends. work with arresting and/or detention officers reHow and Where Do I Make My Payments? garding the welfare of unsupervised children, or Remember, if your child has been placed with You may pay fines and other court ordered fees children that were taken from you at the time of Child Protective Services (CPS), they are given the in person or by mail at: authority to make decisions regarding the safety your arrest. and well being of your child. Once your child has General District Court Clerk’s Office You need to alert the Detention Officers if you been placed with CPS, and to get your child back, 9311 Lee Ave., Suite JU145 are concerned about your children. You may you will have to demonstrate that the child is behave children at home unsupervised, or a child Manassas, VA 20110 ing returned to a safe and secure environment. returning home from school or outside activOr pay by Telephone: When working with Child Protecity that could be locked out or frightened by an tive Services; Call 703-792-6141. empty home. There are many circumstances that may • Be cooperative; answer require the attention questions completely, and do VISA or MASTERCARD will be accepted. A 4% of family or friends to not be evasive! transaction fee will be added. “watch” your children • Be truthful, yet remain until you are released aware that volunteering eviOr, pay Online @ from jail. dence of criminal behavior fo/tickets.html. Click the General District Court Help law enforcement can cause complications. Case Information system. help you by providing • Be positive; don’t whine them with names and conand cry. And don’t blame tact information about famothers for the problem! and friends. They will use Can I perform Community Service If ily this information to place your children with I Am Not Financially Able To Pay My people you designate as trustworthy. Detention Help Law Enforcement Officers may allow you to use the telephone to Fine? call family or friends. Help You!


With Court approval Defendants can “work off” fines by doing Community Service.

BUT DON’T FOOL YOURSELF. You will not be released from jail just because your children are at risk. Making false statements to the police will result in additional criminal charges!

HAVE A PLAN; their job is to protect the children. They prefer parents provide that protection. Clearly explain your circumstances and how you and/or other family members can provide the Prince William County makes Child Protective best environment for your child. Services available to everyone. Their 24-hour number is 1-800-552-7096 to report children Through member organizations at Volunteer that are at risk or need of supervision. To locate a Prince William (a Community Service provider) defendants earn $7.25 for every hour of work performed.


In certain cases and at the Courts discretion, Taking Prescription Medicine in Jail completion of significant community service can result in the dismissal and expungement of If you are on a regular medication schedule, or need to take medication at the onset of symptoms, let criminal charges. the Detention Officers know you take medication! No matter the nature or severity of your condition, you will be allowed your medication in jail. It will given to you as required by Detention Officers or health care providers as you will not be allowed to keep your medication on you after you are arrested .

record the information on the prescription bottle on your intake information, along with contact information for the household member who came to the jail. IT IS UP TO YOU to tell the jailers that you need medication. For people with asthma or other conditions that cause trouble breathing, the health care providers have oxygen supplies and over-thecounter inhalers available.

While you are at the jail intake area you should ask to be seen by a health care worker if you feel sick. They will evaluate your condition, and if If you do not have your prescription medication it appears that you need medication or treatment, with you or it is not in a pharmacy-issued prescrip- procedures require that you be taken to a hospital tion bottle, you can ask a member of your house- emergency room, where a doctor will provide treathold to bring it to the jail. ment and administer required medication. The Detention Officers may or may not accept the DON’T FOOL YOURSELF. Pretrending to be sick medication from the household member, but will will only delay your getting out of jail!


the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Arrested for DUI or DWI?

BRIDGES Bail Bonds, Inc.

Things You Should Know

What is a DUI? Virginia law prohibits you from driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if your ability to drive is impaired by alcohol or drugs. These offenses are abbreviated as “DUI” and “DWI”. A person is presumed to be DUI if a blood or breath test shows a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of at least 0.08.

What is a DUI Per Se?

Tammy Bridges 703-393-9852 703-843-4877 cell

alcohol or drugs is required for a conviction.

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Under 21 and Charged with DUI? It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive and consume alcohol. You are charged with Driving After Illegally Consuming Alcohol if are under 21 and driving with BAC of 0.02 but under .08. This constitutes a class 1 misdemeanor violation and puts “points” against your driving record.

DUI Per Se means that your blood alcohol content The Roadside Sobriety Test (BAC) was determined to be .08 or greater. This fact was evidenced by the breath, urine or blood The Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) is a series of tests administered and evaluated by a test(s) that you took. law enforcement officer to obtain valid indicators of drug or alcohol impairment and to establish I Got a Ticket for DUI: What Does This probable cause for an arrest. The results of an SFST Mean? could be used to obtain a criminal conviction against you! A ticket for a DUI is notice to appear in Court. It contains the time and place you must appear before a Judge or Magistrate in a Court of Law. Upon conviction there will be criminal penalties imposed by the Court such as fines and community service, and civil penalties set by the DMV.

Your Bridge To Freedom!

Out of Jail, What Should I do Next?

You should request a DMV Hearing within seven (7) days of receiving a ticket (Notice of Suspension) for a DUI or a DWI. You can request a hearing at your local DMV Customer Service Center in Manassas. The DMV will give you an appointment to speak with a Hearing officer (usually by phone).

You may be required to request a DMV Hearing as indicated on your ticket or by notification in the mail. You have seven (7) days to comply, or your right to that hearing will be waived.

Some DUI attorneys offer a free consultation. They can explain your options

Can I drive home? NO! Being arrested for a DUI triggers an automatic 7-day license (ALS) suspension of your driving privileges. If this your second DUI, your driving privileges will be suspended for 60 days.


What if I Refuse? Drivers in Virginia are required to give blood, urine, or breath tests if requested to do so by a law enforcement officer who has probable cause to believe that you are DUI, or DWI. Refusal to take the test will result in an Automatic License Suspension (ALS) for 7 days on your first offense, and longer for multiple offenses..

A blood or breath test which shows a blood alcohol level of mare than 0.05 but less than 0.08 may be used as evidence that you were DWI. A DWI is a lesser offense but a conviction still has criminal consequences and adds “points” against NOTE: A DUI or a DWI can be proved in a Court your license. of Law by other means, i.e., SFST, statements, behavior, and driving.

Driving under the Influence of Drugs.

In Virginia, it is illegal to drive if you meet the legal definition of being “under the influence” of drugs. The Law considers you to be under th influence of drugs if your ability to drive is “impaired.”

It makes no difference whether the drugs causing this effect are illegal drugs, or lawfully obtained prescription drugs.

Automatic License Suspension occurs for (7) days when; you receive a DUI or refuse a breath or blood test

I Blew Over a .15

A conviction for driving under the influence of You may be subject to greater penalties if the drugs carries the same penalties as a DUI! test shows a BAC level of at least 0.15. Even if this is your first offense, you will be required to use A DUI charge can also be based on a combination an ignition interlock for not less than six months, of both alcohol and drugs. If your ability to drive and serve (5 ) days in jail. was “impaired”, no specific blood level of either

I Believe I am Innocent! What Can I Do to Save My License? •

First and foremost, hire an experienced attorney. There are many factors to consider.

• Request a hearing and request the officer’s presence. It will give you a preview of a trial, a rarity in criminal cases. The officer who signed the affidavit and notice of hearing must show up and justify the suspension. Other officers may be subpoened.

• Retest the sample. Testing errors could help prove your innocence.

• Check the labeling of the sample. It must be identified as being yours.

• Investigate the adequacy of the stop. The officer must have had a reasonable suspicion that a crime or traffic infraction was being committed.

m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Arrested for DUI or DWI? Things You Should Know

• Investigate the adequacy of the arrest and request for a test. The officer must have developed a reasonable belief that you were impaired by alcohol. • Check the times of events. Officers must perform the tests within certain guidelines. • Attend the motor vehicle hearing. Listen for omissions and other errors.

Should I Hire an Attorney? A DUI attorney can help you with both the criminal portion of your offense and with the DMV. Even if you plan to accept a plea bargain, it is best to speak with an attorney first. A good DUI attorney will clearly explain your options. Many attorneys do not charge for your first visit.

Ignition Interlo ck Licenses • If your BAC

was 0.15 or h igher, you m be required ay to use an in terlock for n less than 6 m o t onths. •If this is yo ur second o r more DUI fense, the D ofMV will requ ire an ignitio interlock as n a condition of restricted driving privil eges, includ ing full resto tion. ra-

Public Defenders, Jury Trials and Jail Time

A DUI Will Cost You Thousands!

Minimum court fines and statutory fees for a DUI are approximately $250 - $500. Your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1,850! It’s a good idea to hire an attorney ($2,000-$4,000) There are other Court costs (usually $500-$1,000). If a child was in the car add another ($500-$1,000) And even more money -A Civil Remedial Fee of $2,250 for 1st offenders! Also you are required to undergo alcohol assessment and evaluation by the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program ($350-$400 including classes). + + HIGHER ISSURANCE COSTS $$$

Probation Probation usually occurs after a DUI conviction. Conditions of probation always require that you not commit other offenses, pay restitution, complete an alcohol or drug evaluation and related treatment, and comply with all court orders relating to your probation. Conditions may also include random urine and breath tests.

Your right to free counsel in DUI cases is limited. If you qualify for the public defender, Virginia law requires you to submit a written application before As part of probation, alcohol evaluations and a lawyer will be appointed. treatment are required in all DUI cases. Based on If you accept a plea agreement that does not require the results of your evaluation, you will be required jail time, you are probably not eligible for a public to complete an alcohol education and treatment defender. However, you should never accept a plea program. agreement without first consulting a DUI defense If I am convicted of DUI will I have to attorney.

attend classes?

And Misdemeanors


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The costs for most VASAP programs including assessment is $400.

What is an FR-44?

Once you are eligible to have your license reinstated, you must purchase a general automotive liability insurance policy filed on an FR-44 form. The FR-44 provides proof to the Virginia DMV that you are insured. The FR-44 is filed with the DMV and requires the insurance company to certify coverage and also notify the DMV any time the policy is canceled, terminated, or lapses.

I Need to Drive, Any Solutions?

You may petition the court for restricted driving privileges on or after your conviction date. For a first DUI conviction, the court may grant restricted driving privileges at the time of your conviction.

A restricted driving privilege for Commercial Vehicles is not granted. A restricted license is only valid for certain explicitly specified uses. Common restrictions are: •Driving only to and from work. •Driving only on official work business. •Driving only to and from school.

•Driving only to and from medical treatment for yourself or another person, such as an elderly parent, if authorized.

•Driving to and from school, day care, or authorized medical care with a minor child.

•Driving to and from authorized visitation with a minor child. •Driving to and from alcohol education & safety programs-VASAP. Attend a driver improvement clinic.

You do not have a right to jury trial. DUI cases are Complete a personal Compliance Survey. heard by a judge. If convicted you may appeal, and Yes, the Court will order you to successfully at that time you are entitled to a trial by jury. complete Virginia’s Alcohol Safety Action Upon conviction, you can ask for alternative jail Program (VASAP). The length of the treatment time such as work release, weekend time, and home required depends on your assessment. In addition, Credit Terms Available detention. It is up to the discretion of the Court how since completion of VASAP is routinely imposed Personal Checks Accepted as a condition of probation, failure to successfully your time is served. complete VASAP can cause you to go to jail Down On Large Bonds


For Qualified Applicants

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Things You Should Know What if I Drive Without a License afeter a DUI? Driving under revocation or suspension is a Class 1 misdemeanor, and a class 6 felony for a third offense . And significant criminal penalties are likely to be imposed. In addition your vehicle will be impounded for 90 days. An additional 90 days can be imposed after conviction.

I Have a Restricted/ Probationary License and Got a DUI, Can I Still Drive?

~ Former Police Officers & Prosecutors on Staff

constitutes a misdemeanor and puts “points” against your driving record.

Arrested with children in the car? Carrol A. Weimer, Jr.

William C. Boyce, Jr.

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seven (7) days. Failure to request a hearing may suspend options available to you.

No! If this is your second DUI your license is automatically suspended for 60 days.

Immediate license suspension occurs for (7) days

when you receive your 1st DUI By law a restricted license may be taken away if you If you get a DUI with minor children in the car at the time of the offense, you are subject get any type of traffic ticket. to additional penalties. Upon conviction a mandatory additional (5) day jail sentence will If your license gets revoked or suspended and you How Long Will My License Be be imposed and a fine of at least $500. are eligible for reinstatement, and even if you still Suspended? have a license from your home state, you may have Transporting children to pay a fee to the State of Virginia to regain your The Criminal Court does not suspend or revoke driving privileges. while intoxicated means your driving privileges, the Virginia DMV does! The DMV determines the length of the suspension Remember, there are both criminal penalties (fines, Additional Mandatory Jail Time. or revocation of your driving privileges. imprisonment, and required public service) in addition to the administrative penalties. If you are convicted of a first offense DUI, you will I Don’t Live in Virginia! lose your driver’s license for a period of one year. If you are a non- resident of Virginia, and received A local attorney may be able to represent you in Court and reduce or eliminate your need to apHowever, you may be eligible for a restricted/ a DUI, or a DWI, you need to take immediate action pear personally. probationary driver’s license on or after the date to protect your driving privileges in Virginia and in your home state. of conviction.

Most states belong to the Interstate Driver’s LiRestricted License cense Compact, which means any suspension or Under 21... restriction of driving privileges in Virginia carries If this is your first offense you can apply You can be charged with “Driving After the same penalties in your state! for “restricted driving privileges” on or Illegally Consuming Alcohol” if you are under after the conviction date. Similar to Virginia residents, an out-of-state resi21 and have a BAC between 0.02 and 0.08. This dent should request a Virginia DMV Hearing within

DUI Sentencing The sentence for a DUI conviction will be based on several factors. The more prior convictions you have for DUI, the more likely you will be sentencd to jail for a current offense. For most Judges the single most important sentencing factor is if you have prior alcohol or drug related offenses. Judges are also concerned if a car accident occurred. In addition to deciding whether you will have to serve a jail sentence, the Judge will also decide how many community service hours you will be required to do, how long your probation will be, and how much alcohol or drug therapy you must complete. First time offenders do not usually get sentenced to jail unless there are “aggravating” factors such as a high BAC, or an accident that causes injury. The sentencing guidelines on the next page list possible punishments a Judge may impose.

m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process



vehicle Impound information If you were arrested for a DUI, your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days! My car was towed, Where is it?

Costs for towing and impoundment are approximately: Hook-up and tow: $200 Administrative: $150 Storage: $50/day after 24 hours

The Prince William County Police Department works with local state, county, and city law enforcement to track vehicles impounded after an arrest. To locate a vehicle, contact the Prince William County Police Dept. at 703-792-6500

The total charge for storage and impoundment after a 30 day DUI impoundant is $1,850!

Your vehicle should be at one of the police authorized towing companies. Mid Atlantic Wrecker Svc. Svc. 703-670-0400


Road Runner

Wards Truck Center 703-369-4101


Rogers Automotive

DJs Towing 703-221-7024


Triangle Shell

Waggys Towing 703-791-6600


ASAP Wrecker

Battlefield Service Center 703-361-1080 Towing 703-361-4400

Henrys Towing & Wrkr. Svc. 703-365-7649 703-754-9696


What Do I Need to Get My Vehicle From An Impound Lot?

Hours of operation for most companies are between 8am - 6pm M-F. After hour pick-up is $45.00. You can pay the towing and impound fees with cash or credit card. Checks are acceptable with verification of funds.

You will need a state issued photo ID and proof of ownership of the vehicle (title or registration).

If you intend to drive it away, you will need a valid Drivers License. If you Fine Suspension Jail are sending someone else to pick-upD/Lthe vehicle, they should bring a 12 months maximum. notorized letter of authorization to pick-up the vehicle from the owner, 12 months. Evans Auto Repair & If BAL at least 0.15% - mandatory $250 - $2500 minimum of 5 days. along with proper identification. Restricted license possible.

Gainsville Towing

If BAL more than 0.20% - mandatory minimum of 10 days.

Can I Get Property out of the Vehicle on Police Hold? Within 5 Years of 1st Offense


D/L Suspension


. You must 1 to 12 months. Twenty days is ashow DTR Towing 703-330-6600 Croppers Towing and You can get unattached property out of your vehicle mandatory minimum which cannot be proof of ownership (title or registration) and yoursuspended. state issued photo ID; Tire 703-221-4818 Revoked for 3 years. If you are not the owner, you should have a notorized letter from the $500 - $2500 No restricted license If BAL at least 0.15% - additional Note that addresses are not provided. Once you are given the name of owner naming you as their representative, mandatory minimum 10 days. for 1 year. along with your ID of and poof of the towing company by the PWC Police dept., call the company at the ownership. If BAL more than 0.20% - additional mandatory minimum of 20 days. telephone number listed above. They will give you the location of where Within 5 to 10 Years of 1st Offense you can pick up your vehice, and what the costs are. Fine D/L Suspension Jail

y r

DUI Sentencing (Cont.)

1 to 12 months. Ten days is a mandatory minimum which cannot be suspended.

Revoked for 3 years.

$500 - $2500

For most Judges the single most important sentencing factor is if you have prior alcohol or drug related offenses. Judges are also concerned if a car accident occurred. In addition to deciding whether you will have to serve a jail sentence, the judge will also decide how many community service hours you will be required to do, how long your probation will be, and how much alcohol or drug therapy you must complete. First time offenders do not usually get sentenced to jail unless there are “aggravating� factors such as a high BAC, or an accident that causes injury.


D/L Suspension 12 months.

$250 - $2500

Restricted license possible.


If BAL at least 0.15% - mandatory minimum of 5 days. If BAL more than 0.20% - mandatory minimum of 10 days.

$500 - $2500

D/L Suspension

Revoked for 3 years.

1 to 12 months. Twenty days is a mandatory minimum which cannot be suspended.

No restricted license for 1 year.

If BAL at least 0.15% - additional mandatory minimum of 10 days.


Jail 1 to 12 months. Ten days is a mandatory minimum which cannot be suspended.

No restricted license for 4 months.

If BAL at least 0.15% - additional mandatory minimum of 10 days. If BAL more than 0.20% - additional mandatory minimum of 20 days.

Within 5 Years of 1st and 2nd Offense

Vehicle subject to seizure.

FELONY conviction - up to 5 years in prison, with at least six months to serve.

D/L Suspension


Vehicle subject to seizure.

FELONY conviction - up to 5 years in prison, with at least 90 days to serve.

Within 10 Years Fine

D/L Suspension



Revoked for 3 years. $500 - $2500


Revoked. $1000 -$2500

Within 5 to 10 Years of 1st Offense D/L Suspension

D/L Suspension

Within 10 Years of 1st and 2nd Offense Jail

If BAL more than 0.20% - additional mandatory minimum of 20 days.


If BAL more than 0.20% - additional mandatory minimum of 20 days.

Revoked. $1000 -$2500

Within 5 Years of 1st Offense Fine

If BAL at least 0.15% - additional mandatory minimum of 10 days.

Within 5 Years of 1st and 2nd Offense

Jail 12 months maximum.

No restricted license for 4 months.

$1000 - $2500

Vehicle subject to seizure.

FELONY conviction - up to 5 years in prison, with at least one year to serve.


the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Arrested For Domestic Violence?

Things You Should Know

Sheryl A. Shane Arrested: What Happens Now

modification is warranted. For example, if you and the victim(s) work or go to school at the same location, then modifications can often be made allowing Attorney at Law If you have been arrested for a for these circumstances. ▪Bail And Bond Matters ▪ Serious Felonies Domestic Violence crime in the State of And Misdemeanors ▪Domestic Violence ▪ Traffic DWI DUI Virginia, an Emergency Protective Order has Your biggest responsibility while awaiting your next hearing or trial is to Reckless Driving Protective Orders probably been issued. This order restrains comply with all terms of the protection order against you. Office 703-503-4448 Bail/Bond Line 703-582-8119 you from harassing, molesting, intimidating, IMPORTANT: Always carry a copy Spanish Line 571-244-9648 retaliating against, or tampering with any of the protection order with you Immigration Line 703-970-7900 witness or victim for 72 hours. to show police if you are stopped! At the time of your first appearance The order contains all of the specific before a Judge or Magistrate you will be terms that you must meet, and sometimes you can avoid arrest notified if the victim(s) or witnesses have been given a protection order. by presenting the officer with the As a defendant in a criminal proceeding it is best to have no contact of specific terms of the order. any kind with witnesses or victims. Courts view harassing, tampering with or attempting to exert influence over a victim or witness in connection with Responsibilities While Out a criminal proceeding as an assault on the justice system. The Court can On Bond impose severe penalties on offenders. If you need to go home and get your things, but are prohibited from going home by the protection order, you can contact the police. They will send an What is Domestic Violence? officer with you as a “standby” to monitor and observe the removal of your Domestic violence is a charge of violence within the household or family. belongings. Courts consider domestic violence a very serious matter. If you are arrested on domestic violence charges, you will be required to see a Judge or Magistrate. Stay on top of your rent and other bills. Even if you are prohibited from The Judicial Officer will set the amount of your bail to be released from jail living at home, you are still legally responsible for your debts and bills, and after determining the severity of violence committed and the level of threat can be arrested for failure to meet these responsibilities. you pose to the victim(s). As difficult as it may be, stay firm on maintaining no contact with the Victims in a domestic violence case can be any family member or member victim(s). You cannot even ask a friend to contact them on your behalf in of your household. This can be a spouse, significant other, children, parents, attempt to resolve the situation. If the victim calls you, you cannot talk to siblings or other relatives, but can also be a friend or roommate living in your them, hang up! If the victim enters a room you are in, leave! If a friend of the victim calls to discuss the victim, hang up! Even texts or emails from the home. victim should be given NO response. Law enforcement’s primary goal in a domestic violence case is to remove the threat to the victim(s). If an officer on scene detects any sign of domestic In all cases of attempted contact by the victim, keep records (messages, violence, they WILL make an arrest and remove the accused from the phone logs, etc) and notify law enforcement immediately! situation. Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Mongolian Interpreters Available

Protection Order, a.k.a. “Restraining Order” At your first hearing with the Judicial Officer, the same one where your bail amount is decided, the court will probably issue some type of protection order. This order will detail restrictions against you while your case is pending. You will be asked before the hearing ends if you understand the terms of the protection order. Once you state that you do, you are bound by law to adhere to the terms, and can be rearrested if you violate those terms.

Need an Attorney?

It is always a good idea to consult an attorney when you charged in a domestic violence case. You will be prohibited from contacting the victim(s) in the case, but an attorney can establish dialogue to discuss living arrangements, bill payment, money, etc.

Attorneys can also help you understand the terms of the protection order which will be issued against you and can advise you of the victim’s position on that order. An attorney can also work with you and the Court It is important to understand that with a domestic violence protection to have the protection order modified or lifted as soon as possible. order you cannot contact the victim(s) in any way. This means NO CONTACT, period, even if the victim initiates it by calling or writing to you first. You will be ordered to stay away from the victim(s)’ work and home, even if that is also your home! The protection order will also state that you may not possess firearms or other weapons, that you not possess or consume alcohol or other controlled substances and that you must comply with any other order the Court deems appropriate to protect the safety of the victim(s). In most cases of spousal domestic violence, children will be included as victims in the protection order.

Protection Order Modifications Only the Judge can modify or lift the protection order! At the hearing, if you feel you are unable to comply with any provisions of the order, explain your problem to the Judge and they will determine if a



m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Domestic Violence


Things You Should Know Reconciliation Court appearances are scheduled quickly so as to facilitate solutions to the problems domestic violence causes, and to review protection orders and the need to “lift” or modify them.

Quick Tips • Protection orders only work one way. You are the one restrained, not the victim. • DON’T DRINK!

The Commonwealth Attorney will contact the victim and determine the level of violence and abuse that has occurred. The prosecuting attorney will listen to the wishes and needs of the victim and make recommendations to the Court as to modifications to the protection order. If you have an attorney, they can contact the victim as well to determine his/her requirements throughout the Protection Order as well as the need for its continuation. Voluntarily entering counseling or anger management classes can demonstrate serious willingness to change on the part of domestic abusers.

Victim’s Responsibilities • Respect the conditions of the Protection Order and do not entice, seduce, or trick the restrained person into violating the protection order. Remember, even if you want to communicate, you must voice this desire through the Court and allow for proper modification of the protection order.

REMEMBER! Permission to contact the victim can only come from the judge. quicker resolution of your case.

• Cooperate in communicating with the commonwealth attorney or defendant’s attorney, as this is the process to a

• Have a safety plan, including a place outside the family home to seek shelter in extreme cases.

• The victim(s) can do anything they want to do (so long as no law is violated of course) without repercussion.

• The victim can call you, but if you talk to them that is a violation of the protection order and you can be arrested.

• If the victim comes over and tries to talk with you and you agree, you have violated the protection order. • If you receive an email or text from the victim(s) and you respond, you are in violation of the protection order.

• Do not contact the victim’s employer or other family members. It could get you arrested if someone complains.

• If you see the victim, go the other way. If you’re at a restaurant or party, LEAVE! Don’t be fooled into thinking you were there first and it’s O’K. Law enforcement may see it differently and arrest you! • If you both agree to meet at a restaurant for a drink to discuss things, you probably have violated the protection order at least three ways!

• You should maintain a record of all attempts by the victim(s) to contact you. In the event of a violation, these records could be important. • Stay off Facebook and other social networks until the Protection Order is lifted. Statements made on websites could get you arrested.

REMEMBER! Only the Court can change a Protective Order.

• Hire an attorney of your own to effect good communication with the defendent’s attorney and the Court. • Remember and respect the needs of any children involved.

The Cuff

Good Information puts you in control.


the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

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Si usted está encarcelado en un centro de detención, su estado de inmigración en los Estados Unidos será investigado. La investigación empieza en el momento de su registro en el sistema. Un funcionario certificado y experto en asuntos de inmigracion y 287(g) conduciré una investigación y Detectives Privados entrevista exhaustivas.


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Orden de Retención: Si usted está en violacion de las leyes de inmigración una orden de retención de los servicios federales de inmigración será expedido. Usted recibiré una copia de la orden de retención. En el orden se encuentra su numero de registro de extranjeros, el numero de teléfono de la oficina de inmigración (ICE/ER O) en Fairfax, Virginia y más información importante.

Traslado a la Inmigración: Aunque tiene un orden de retención usted quederá en el centro de Detención (ADC) hasta que no haya ningún acusación de carácter penal en su contra. Entonces la oficina de inmigración será notificado de su traslado. Entonces la oficina de inmigración tiene 48 horas para trasladarse a usted.


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La oficina de inmigreción (ICE/ERO) no tiene ningún Se acepta dinero en efectivo ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100) información sobre su caso antes de que usted esta Aceptamos Master Card®, Visa® o tarjetas de bajo su custodia. débito

Para mas información: Liberty Bail Bonds Payment Plans, Credit Cards Hablamos Espanol Fast Competitive

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Puede depositar dinero en su cuenta del econo-

El número de teléfono del ICE/ERO, Fairfax, Virginia: mato o en la cuenta telefónica para llamadas (703) 285-6304 prepagadas*

Información Consular: Usted será avisado de sus derechos de notificación consular en cuanto está investigado y entrevistado por el funcionario de inmigración. Si usted pide notificación consular el funcionario notificará al consulado adecuado despues de la investigación y la entrevista.

El servicio está disponible las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana Aceptamos Master Card®, Visa® o tarjetas de débito Aviso: Para algunos depósitos necesitará: El número de ID de la dependencia: 22 Nombre y apellido del recluso y fecha de nacimiento (incluido el año) * Se cobra un arancel para los depósitos.

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¿Y Ahora Qué?

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El ordenamiento jurídico de los Estados Unidos reconoce el derecho del imputado a permanecer en libertad hasta que sea declarado culpable ante un tribunal y esto se cumple en la mayoría de los casos. La concesión de la libertad bajo fianza se produce a cambio del pago o entrega de algo de valor en la cantidad y tipo especificada por ley o establecida por un juez. La finalidad es que el imputado pueda permanecer fuera de prisión asegurando al tribunal mediante una garantía razonable de que usted se presentará ante el tribunal cuando le sea requerido.

¿Qué es la fianza?

La fianza representa algo con valor reconocido que se queda el tribunal como garantía de que la persona imputada de un delito cumplirá con la obligación contraída de presentarse ante una corte. Puede consistir en una cantidad de dinero determinado y/o en su palabra de que se compromete a actuar según lo ordenado por el tribunal – por ejemplo regresando a la corte cuando éste lo requiera. La ley contempla una fianza determinada para muchos delitos y si usted paga la cantidad exigida puede quedar en libertad. Sin embargo, es posible que se le pida presentarse ante un juez si la fianza no ha sido fijada o si usted quiere cambiar o reducir los requisitos. En la mayoría de las circunstancias, usted tiene el derecho a ser excarcelado.

Qué hay que esperar: su registro en el sistema

Mientras tanto...

Relájese, esto no durará eternamente. Lo mejor que puede hacer mientras esta Antes de ser puesto en libertad, el funcionario esperando la autorización para salir de la cárcel es de prisiones grabará en el sistema informático tranquilizarse. estatal información sobre usted y el delito que se Este trámite puede alargarse. Intente le imputa. Este proceso mediante el cual se crea su ser amable con los funcionarios, ellos no son ficha policial se denomina “booking”. los culpables de que usted se encuentre en esta Al ingresar en prisión, le será sustraido situación. Su trabajo es registrar sus datos en la todo tipo de armas, artículos de contrabando y red de información judicial del estado. Cuanto mas posiblemente su móvil y otros objetos personales. cooperativo se muestre, antes podrá ser puesto en Después, el funcionario de prisiones tomará nota libertad. Es importante que permanezca calmado de sus datos personales y buscará en el sistema –esto no durará eternamente–. ¡Una interrupción informático posibles notificaciones de órdenes de ralentiza significativamente todo el proceso! detención contra usted y antecedentes penales. Procure no estresarse. Las cosas mejorarán Sólo entonces, se le notificará formalpara usted. Siga las instrucciones y haga lo que mente de los cargos contra usted y del monte de sea necesario para salir. And Misdemeanors su fianza. En algunos casos, será necesario comparecer ante el juez para determinar la fianza. En este momento, usted puede empezar a valorar Attorney at Law el modo en que quiere abonar la fianza para poder Office 703-503-4448 ▪Bail And Bond Matters quedar en libertad. Bail/Bond Line 703-582-8119 Una vez sus datos hayan sido incorporados ▪Domestic Violence Spanish Line 571-244-9648 Protective Orders al sistema informático, el funcionario registrará Immigration Line 703-970-7900 ▪Traffic DWI DUI Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and sus huellas dactilares y le realizará una fotografía Reckless Driving Mongolian Interpreters Available incorporando estos nuevos datos a su ficha poli▪Serious Felonies And Misdemeanors 4015 Chain Bridge Road, Suite J cial para ser archivados como referencia y poder ▪ Fairfax, VA 22030 ser utilizados en el futuro. En función de la cantidad de trabajo de los funcionarios, este proceso puede prolongarse una hora o incluso un día entero. Es muy importante que se relaje y coopere siguiendo las instrucciones que vaya recibiendo con el fin de agilizar todo el proceso. Recuerde: Los funcionarios de prisiones están para ayudarle a salir de la cárcel lo antes posible.

Sheryl A. Shane


the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Sección en Español Detención Por Violencia Doméstica Estoy arrestado: ¿Y ahora, qué?

En el estado de Colorado, cuando se produce un arresto por un crimen, se expide una orden de protección automática. Su finalidad es proteger a los testigos y a las víctimas de posibles represalias, acoso, abuso, soborno e intimidación por parte del acusado. Es mejor no establecer ningún tipo de contacto con testigos o víctimas. El tribunal considerará cualquier intento de sobornar o intimidar a un testigo o víctima con la finalidad de ejercer una influencia sobre él como un ataque al sistema jurídico y, consecuentemente, las penas pueden ser muy severas.

¿Qué es la Violencia Doméstica?

La Violencia Doméstica es el empleo de la violencia en el ámbito familiar o privado. Los tribunales la consideran un asunto muy grave. Si ha sido detenido por un cargo de violencia doméstica, su comparecencia ante un juez es obligatoria. El juez determinará una fianza para su puesta en libertad tras analizar la gravedad del acto cometido y el nivel de amenaza ejercida sobre la víctima. La víctima en un caso de violencia doméstica puede ser cualquier miembro familiar incluyendo esposa, pareja, hijos, padres, hermanos y otros familiares, pero también amigos y otras personas que vivan con usted. El principal objetivo de la policía en estos casos es eliminar la amenaza que el agresor representa para las víctimas. Por ello, si un agente policial detecta algún indicio de violencia doméstica EFECTUARÁ un arresto para apartar al agresor del lugar desde donde se han denunciado los hechos.

Qué hay que saber

tarán si entiende los términos de la orden. Una vez confirme que usted ha comprendido los términos, está obligado por ley a respetarlos, y su violación puede conducir a un nuevo arresto. Tiene que entender que, en casos de violencia doméstica, usted, de ninguna manera, debe ponerse en contacto con las víctimas. Esto significa que no puede establecer NINGÚN TIPO DE COMUNICACIÓN, aunque sea la víctima la que inicie ese contacto, telefoneándole o escribiéndole. Estará usted bajo una orden de alejamiento de la casa y el trabajo de la víctima, aunque la casa sea también de su propiedad. No deberá estar en posesión de armas de fuego u otro tipo, ni tener ni consumir bebidas alcohólicas o drogas y tendrá la obligación de cumplir con cualquier otra orden que la corte juzgue apropiada para garantizar la seguridad de la víctima. En la mayoría de los casos de violencia doméstica contra una esposa, los hijos serán incluidos en la orden de protección como víctimas.

Modificaciónes a la Orden de Protección

¡El juez es el único competente para modificar o levantar la orden de protección! Si durante la comparecencia, usted considera que no va a poder cumplir con las restricciones impuestas en la orden, debe de explicárselo al juez. Éste determinará si la introducción de una modificación está justificada. Por ejemplo, si usted y la víctima tienen su lugar de trabajo o estudian en la misma localidad, o si usted se encuentra fuera de la ciudad y deben viajar juntos, es posible que el juez introduzca una modificación en la orden teniendo en cuenta estas circunstancias. Mientras espera su juicio o comparecencia, lo más importante es cumplir con todos los términos establecidos en la orden de protección En su primera comparecencia impuesta contra usted. ¡Recuerde que únicamente el ante el juez (el mismo que determina juez puede modificar la orden! la cantidad de la fianza), el tribunal expedirá una orden de protección. IMPORTANTE: Lleve siempre enLas restricciones contra usted están detalladas en esta orden y, mientras cima una copia de la orden para poder mostrarla en el caso de que el caso siga abierto, usted tendrá que supeditarse a ellas. Antes de que un policía se dirija a usted. La finalize la comparecencia, le pregun- orden contiene todos los términos específicos que tiene que cumplir

Orden de Protección u Orden de Restricción

y, a veces, puede evitar un arresto presentando al agente la orden.


Las comparecencias ante la corte se fijan lo antes posible para facilitar una pronta solución a los problemas ocasionados por violencia doméstica y para revisar la orden de Si necesita regresar a su protección, así como la pertinencia casa para recoger sus cosas, pero lo de introducir modificaciones o sustiene prohibido en la orden, deberá pender la orden. contactar con la policía. Enviarán a El fiscal (DA) se pondrá en un agente para que le acompañe y contacto con la víctima para deterpermanezca a su lado mientras usted minar el nivel de violencia y abusos se hace cargo de sus cosas. Siga cometidos contra ella. Escuchará sus pagando el alquiler y otras facturas. peticiones y necesidades y efectuará Aunque no viva en la casa porque ante el tribunal las recomendaciones se le ha prohibido, sigue teniendo pertinentes con respecto a su protecla responsabilidad de los gastos y ción. facturas correspondientes. Puede ser Su abogado puede también arrestado si deja de pagarlos. contactar con la víctima para de Por muy difícil que sea, terminar sus necesidades durante manténgase alejado de la víctima la orden de protección así como la y no establezca ningún tipo de conecesidad de prolongar más tiempo municación con ella. Ni siquiera le la orden. estará permitido solicitar a un amigo Apuntarse a unas clases para que contacte con la víctima para controlar su ira o recibir cualquier buscar una solución a la situación. Si otro tipo de terapia puede demostrar la víctima le llama, no hable con ella. su buena voluntad de querer cambiar. ¡Cuelgue! Si la víctima entra en la habitación donde usted se encuentra, ¡váyase! Si un amigo de la víctima le llama para hablar del asunto, ¡cuelgue! Ni siquiera podrá responder a un SMS o email. • Respetar las condiciones de la Anote cualquier intento orden de protección y no conpor parte de la víctima de querer vencer, seducir o engañar a la comunicarse con usted y notifíquelo otra persona imputada para que inmediatamente a la policía. cometa una violación de sus

Responsabilidades durante la Libertad bajo Fianza

Responsibilidades por Parte de la Víctima

¿Necesita un abogado?

Si ha sido acusado de un delito de violencia doméstica, siempre es una buena idea consultar con un abogado. A usted se le prohibirá la comunicación con la víctima, pero un abogado puede actuar como mediador para discutir cuestiones relacionadas con la vivienda, el dinero, el pago de facturas, etcétera. El abogado puede explicarle los términos de la orden contra usted y aconsejarle con respecto a la posición de la víctima en esa orden. El abogado puede también tratar conjuntamente con el tribunal y con usted la modificación o levantamiento de la orden lo antes posible.

RECUERDE: ¡El juez es el único competente para modificar o levantar la orden de protección!


Recuerde que, aunque usted quiera hablar con el acusado, tiene que expresar su intención en un juzgado para que desde aquí se pueda modificar la orden.

Cooperar con el fiscal y el abogado del acusado para que el caso se solucione lo antes posible.

Tener un plan de emergencia con un lugar fuera de la casa familiar donde pueda buscar protección en situaciones extremas.

Contratar a un abogado que facilite la comunicación con el tribunal y el abogado del acusado.

No olvide respetar las necesidades de los hijos.

m the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process


Sección en Español Detención Por Violencia Doméstica Qué hay que saber

Sugerencias Express •

Las órdenes de protección sólo funcionan en una dirección. Están interpuestas contra usted, no contra la víctima.


La víctima puede hacer lo que quiera (mientras sus acciones no infrinjan la ley) sin que sus actos tengan repercusiones.

La víctima puede telefonearle, pero si usted le responde, es una violación de la orden y puede ser detenido.

Si la víctima se le acerca para intentar hablar con usted, y usted acepta, habrá violado las condiciones establecidas en la orden de protección. Si usted responde a un email o un SMS de la víctima estará violando • la orden de protección. No contacte con el empleador de la víctima ni con otros miembros de la familia. Si alguien presenta una reclamación, usted puede ser • detenido. Si se encuentra con la víctima en

la calle, cambie de dirección. Si coincide con ella en una fiesta o restaurante, ¡VÁYASE! No crea que • por haber llegado primero usted tiene derecho a estar ahí. Los agentes podrían interpretarlo de otro modo y detenerle. Si usted se cita en un restaurante con la víctima para arreglar las cosas, probablemente esté violando la orden de tres diferentes modos. Anote todos los intentos de la víctima por comunicarse con usted. En caso de violación de la

orden, estos datos pueden ser importantes. No utilice facebook u otras redes sociales hasta que la orden haya sido suspendida. Declaraciones en sitios web pueden conducir a su detención.

RECUERDE: El permiso para comunicarse con la víctima sólo puede proceder de un juez.


Información clave Comparecencia ante el juez

lente, pueden ofrecerlo en garantía al el fiador puede exigirle en garantía tribunal, o algún tipo de valor o bien subsidiario Durante la comparecencia ante el (con valor). En el caso de que usted juez, usted tendrá la oportunidad no cumpla con los requisitos de la Contratar a un fiador profesional de explicar las circunstancias que fianza, el agente utilizará esos valores que abonará al tribunal la fianza condujeron a su arresto y los medios o bienes subsidiarios para poder requerida, o de que dispone para pagar la fianza. recuperar su dinero. El juez concretará el monte de su En algunos condados aceptan acfianza y tipo de garantía que precisa Provisión de un codeudor. Como ciones u obligaciones con un valor su puesta en libertad: equivalente al monte de la fianza. seguridad, adicionalmente el agente fiador puede solicitar que un tercero Usted puede ser excarcelado medigarantice la fianza ejerciendo de ante una figura que se denomina “libcodeudor. Al igual que usted, el ertad bajo palabra” por la que usted codeudor es financieramente response compromete a comparecer ante el sable del valor total de la fianza y se juez cuando le sea requerido. En este ¿Qué ayuda pueden prestarle? caso no se exige ninguna garantía Un agente fiador es una persona que le puede exigir que provea al fiador económica. proporciona al tribunal la obligación de algún tipo de valor o bien subsidiario. monetaria (parte en dinero) de su

Agentes Fiadores

O, el juez puede pedirle el pago de una determinada cantidad de dinero que retendrá el tribunal como garantía.

Usted Puede Pagar su Fianza

fianza para que usted pueda ser puesto en libertad. La mayoría de los Los títulos inmobiliarios posibilitan fiadores aceptan tarjetas de crédito. una garantía de uso de capital disponible en una propiedad comercial o residencia como bien subsidiario de una comparecencia o una fianza Un Agente Fiador puede de cumplimiento.


Pagando al funcionario de prisiones El pago de una comisión. La ley estauna cantidad en efectivo equivalente blece para esta comisión un maximo al monte de la fianza, o del 15% del valor de la fianza. Por ejemplo, si su fianza está valorada en Si usted, un familiar o un amigo son $1,000, el fiador puede cobrarle una propietarios de bienes muebles o comisión máxima de $150. inmuebles como una casa, un edificio o un terreno con un valor equivaUna garantía de la fianza. Es más,

Por favor, contacte con la Agencia de Fianzas en el número de teléfono 720-337-0062 para solicitar una hoja informativa y aclaraciones sobre los requisitos necesarios para su fianza.

El Agente puede cargar la cantidad completa de la fianza incluyendo su comisión en una tarjeta de crédito.

Gastos adicionales previos a su excarcelación Los gastos de la fianza listados abajo han sido establecidos por el Tribunal del Condado de Denver. Deben ser abonados antes de su puesta en libertad: - $30 Cuota de Fianza (administrativa) por cada fianza (excluye las fianzas bajo palabra). - $30 Cuota de Tramitación del Recluso por su ingreso en el centro de detención. - $30 Cuota por cada Orden Judicial Pendiente (sus siglas son OJW (Outstanding Judgement Warrant) Recuerde que las ordenes judiciales y otros conceptos podrían sumar más de una cuota administrativa. Tiene que pagar todas estas cuotas para ser puesto en libertad.

Tarjetas de Crédito: Tenga en cuenta que la mayoría de las agencias de fianzas aceptan tarjetas de crédito.

El Secretario del Condado de Prince William County puede informarle más detalladamente sobre la puesta en garantía de bienes raíces, obligaciones y acciones.

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Calling a Bail Bondsman?

Read the article on

Before you Call:

on page 2.

You should be prepared before making your call. You should know:

Getting Out Of Jail If you are calling a bail bondsman it is important to have phone #s and/or contact information for family and friends that can help provide the bail bondsman with fees and guarantees. If you cannot access your telephone or credit card information a bail bondsman can help by contacting family or friends on your behalf.

1. T  hat you are at the Prince William – Manassas Adult Detention Center 2. What crime(s) you are charged with. 3. How much your bail is. 4. Phone numbers of family or friends that can help. Please limit your phone call to 10 minutes.

Prince William County ARREST INFORMATION



the Cuff: A Guide to Arrest and Judicial Process

Useful Numbers address information

Prince William County Adult Detention Center 9320 Lee Avenue

Manassas Park Police Department

Manassas, VA 20110


Arrest Information Number


Prince William County Police Dept. 8900 Freedom Center Boulevard

Prince William County Police Station


Manassas City Police Dept. 329 Manassas Drive


Manassas Park PolicE Dept. 9518 Fairview Avenue

Prince William County Adult Detention Center and Court House


PRince William County Police Station 8900 Freedom Center Boulevard (703) 792-6542

Manassas Police Department

PWC Magistrates 9320 Lee Ave # A Manassas (703) 792-6260 15948 Donald Curtis Drive Woodbridge (703) 792-7360

Prince William County Judicial Center

9311 Lee Ave Manassas, VA 20110 Camera AND CELL phones are prohibited in the Judicial Center Complex

COURT INFORMATION NUMBER 703-792-6141 Clerk of the Circuit Court Judicial Center, Room 306, 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, Virginia 20110 703-792-6015

Courts •

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

Public Defender’s Office

As the victim of a crime in Virginia you can track and be notified about your offender’s court, custody and parole status. Victims can check the status of

Child Protective Services

State, local and regional jails will provide automated notification when an

4103 Chain Bridge Rd # 500 Fairfax, VA (703) 934-5600 ‎

7987 Ashton Avenue, Suite 200 5941 Donald Curtis Drive, Suite offender is released, transferred, or escapes. The VINE program is being adopted nationwide ( 180 Manassas, Virginia 20109 Woodbridge, VA 22191 What to expect as a VINE user: Telephone: 703-792-7500 Telephone: 703-792-7500 * Use of the VINE System for free.

Criminal Justice Services Domestic Violence Program Local offenders Program (Probation) Manassas Office Woodbridge Office 9540 Center Street, Suite 301 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Suite 110 Manassas, VA 20110-5550 Woodbridge, VA 22191 703-792-6065 703-792-4984

Volunteer Prince William

The Circuit Court is on the third floor of the Courthouse (Judi cial Center).

The General District Court is on the second floor of the Courthouse.

The Juvenile and Domestic Relations (J&DR) Court is on the first floor of the Courthouse

Commonwealth Attorneys Office Judicial Center 9311 Lee Avenue, Suite 200, Manassas, VA 20110; Phone: 703-792-6050

The Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office Victim/Witness Assistance Program 9401 Grant Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110; Phone: 703-392-7083

an offender day or night to get that extra peace of mind that comes with knowing a particular offender is incarcerated. The program is referred to as the VINE system, which stands for for “Victim Information and Notification Everyday”. Anyone can use this system.

Court Ordered Community Service 9248 Center Street Mamassas, VA 20110 703-369-5292, Ext. 200

Child Abuse Hot Line 800-552-7096 Domestic violence hotline 24hour 703-228-4848

* The Virginia VINE System will automatically call or email you if there is a change in the offender’s custody status, parole/probation status, and of upcoming court events or case status changes. * All telephone registrations through the Virginia VINE System are anonymous. You will be asked to choose a special PIN (Personal Identification Number) to acknowledge notifications from the system. * You may register more than one telephone number. Each registered phone number must have a related PIN for that number. * You can register against a Virginia offender regardless of where you live in the country, but to register against other state offenders you would have to refer to that state’s VINE program. * The VINE system calls every 30 minutes for a 24 hour period. If you are not at home when the VINE system calls with a notification, the service will leave a message and call back every two hours for a 24 hour period. If your email address is registered you will only receive one email containing the status change information of the offender you are registered against. * You may call the VINE System as often as you want from any touchtone telephone to check on an offender’s custody and court status, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Do not depend solely on the VINE service for your protection. If you feel that you may be at risk, take precautions as if the offender has already been released.

The content of this publication is intended only to provide general information on situations you may encounter during the judicial process and should never be taken as a substitute for legal advice. Only an attorney can provide legal advice, and we strongly suggest that anyone who has been arrested consult an attorney regarding their case.

The Cuff Newspaper  

An issue of "The Cuff" newspaper, prepared for jails in Prince William County, Virginia.

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