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Friday, July 13, 2012

Yorkie’s walkie is all the talkie

A TINY, nervous Yorkshire Terrier has been dramatically reunited with its owner after going missing on the campo near Crevillente – thanks to TKO Gold radio. But only after the frightened animal had been bizarrely exchanged for a dozen duck eggs and taken to Elche as a present for a Spaniard’s grandkids. Little Mia disappeared during a visit by her Quesada-based owner, Doreen Hodgson, to her daughter and son-in-law’s rural home and a frantic search of the entire house and its surroundings proved fruitless. ‘‘Bearing in mind this is a dog that could

not look after herself, everybody was worried,’’ Doreen’s son-in-law Roy Reading told The Courier. “My sister-in-law Jayne then had the idea to call TKO Gold and within minutes DJ Dave Knights was asking listeners to keep an eye out for Mia, though we all knew it was probably a waste of time.’’ Meanwhile, Roy’s 11-year-old twins Adam and Rebecca trekked half a kilometre down a dirt track to a nearby campsite where they spoke to a woman called Audrey about the missing perrita. But Roy thought they were wasting their time, pointing out: “Mia's legs are probably three inches long and I thought there is no way she could get there.’’ Amazingly, she did get there – and after negotiating a normally-shut electric gate, headed in the direction of one of a British resident who just happened to be a mate of Roy’s! “Eddie and he was sitting outside his caravan enjoying the sun when he saw what looked like a big rat walking towards him,’’ says Roy. “The rat turned out to be Mia who had walked through a normally shut electric gate which just happened to be open because a car had just gone in. “This thirsty, very hot and normally nervous dog- who is frightened of her own shadow -calmly walked up to Eddie. “He had no reason to connect the dog to us, because he didn't know it existed, so eventually he went to a Spanish neighbour who has a smallholding to ask if the dog was his. Eddie can’t speak Spanish at all and was

ROD ALERT Doreen Hodgson with grandchildren Adam and Rebecca - and of course Mia

A DEVASTATED expat was left reeling this week after a cheeky villain ‘fished’ two handbags, a wallet and valuable jewellery out of his home with a telescopic angling rod.

Vigilance warning as angler danglers line up new victims

It’s not a new ploy - but the audacity of the lunchtime robber stunned the victim and his family. By DONNA GEE He nabbed a 1,300 euro haul while the family relaxed slightly at the crown.’’ on the upstairs terrace of The victim, who we’ll call their El Raso home. John, revealed: “Although And the victim, who wishes windows were open, the 'perto remain anonymous, warned local homeowners: sianas' (shutters) were down. “Be on your guard. We did It appears the rod was used see a swarthy guy with a tel- with a net or grip to lift the escopic fishing rod around items with the persianas the property, but thought pushed up. “Our daughter was visiting nothing of it, even though there are no fish in the near- from the UK and it was not until she asked if we had by salt lakes. “He was around 5ft 10in seen her handbag that we with cropped hair balding realised it was missing. It

contained 500€, a digital camera and mobile phone. “My wallet, Smart phone, sunglasses and Seiko watch, all of which were on the dining table, were also taken. “We went into the bedroom our daughter was using and her wedding ring and engagement ring had gone, while a small jewellery box had its three drawers missing. “We cancelled our credit and debit cards and discovered one card had three failed attempts in an ATM. They drew 100€ with another

card and on the fourth try got 200€ from a third card.’’ On Tuesday night, the Local Police called to say they had found the bags and wallet along with SIP card and driving licences – but minus the financial cards. “The handbags were found in Pino Mar waste ground by a lady,’’ added John. “Our daughter’s driving licence was not returned, and the whole experience had an upsetting effect on her through the loss of her wedding ring.’’

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Friday, July 13, 2012

It’s the honey monster - still thinks he’s the bees knees TELEPHONE

96 692 1003 679 096 309 96 692 1003 E-MAIL WEB HEAD OFFICE Calle Luis Canovas Martinez 1. Urb Aguas Nuevas, Torrevieja 03183, ALICANTE PHONE: 96 692 1003 Email: OPENING HOURS Mon - Fri 1030 to 1730 EDITOR Donna Gee ADVERTISING SALES 966 921 003 TELESALES 966 921 003 679 096 309 Sally Los Alcazares, San Javier 618 391 491 Myra Quesada, Rojales, Torrevieja, San Miguel Tel. 618 583 765 Jean La Zenia, Playa Flamenca, Cabo Roig Tel. 618 898 034 Patrick International Rep 5 Languages Tel 685 901 265 Writers Donna Gee Amanda Black Sally Bengtsson Rebecca Marks Jeanette Erath Alex Trelinski Dave Silver Steve Bott Tony Mayes Jake Monroe


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Picture of the Week


PAY UP AGAIN! UK holidaymakers face new Spanish tax to get home

BRITISH holidaymakers heading home from Spain this summer face a big increase in airport departure tax as the Rajoy government tries to balance the books. According to the Daily Express, the shock new surcharge could see passengers forced to pay up to £24 extra for a family of four – even if they paid for their holiday months ago. Some travellers have already been sent emails telling them to pay more – or to cancel their flights. Ryanair is asking passengers already booked to fly from Spanish airports for extra cash if they want to travel. Other airlines are absorbing the tax increase, which affects customers who booked on July 1 or earlier. Some travellers will even have to cough up extra if they paid for their flight last year. However, for bookings made on or after July 2, the rise will be absorbed into the ticket price. Tour operators selling package deals cannot pass on the extra charges as customers have already paid the full price of their holiday. Travel agents and tour operators said they were dismayed by the increase without “proper consultation”. Sean Tipton, spokesman for the

Association of British Travel Agents, told the Express: “We’d urge the Spanish Government to think again about raising these taxes. “Spanish hoteliers, bar and restaurant owners have bent over backwards to keep their prices down and encourage British holidaymakers to visit and it would be a great shame if this good work was wasted. The increase in tax will not affect those who have already booked package holidays but taxing tourism is a very short-sighted policy as customers always have the choice to go elsewhere.” Spain is the top destination for UK holidaymakers and in 2011 there were 10.5 million visits to the country. The amount of the extra levy varies depending on which airport is used. The average rise in the tax is 18.9 per cent but at some of the larger airports it will almost double. For instance, at Madrid-Barajas the tax will rise in sterling from £5.52 to £11.46, while at Barcelona’s El Prat airport it will rise from £4.86 to £10.67. The European travel agents’ association warned: “For all package holidays already sold for departure on or after July 1, tour operators will have to absorb the extra cost of the taxes, further squeezing their already small margins.’

Friday Sunny High 32° Low 24° Chance of rain 0% Monday Showers High 29° Low 21° Chance of rain 60%

Tuesday Sunny High 29° Low 20° Chance of rain 0%

Police nail one of Interpol’s most wanted - in Torry THE National Police have captured one of Interpol’s 30 most wanted criminals - in Torrevieja. Swedish drug trafficker Donald Roskic had been hiding in the city since 2005. Police informed the public that Roskic, 36, had an international order of extradition for drug trafficking after he bought 11 kilos of drugs with intent to sell them in Sweden in 2004 and 2005. Roskic’s name was put on the ‘black list’ along with 29 other criminals who were wanted worldwide. Apparently he was living a normal life in Torrevieja where he worked for a security company. Torrevieja’s numerous housing developments and large foreign population made it a difficult place to locate a fugitive like Roskic. According to police sources, once he arrives to his home country following extradition, he will be tried for drug trafficking.

Saturday Sunny High 33° Low 23° Chance of rain 0% Wednesday Sunny High 30° Low 20° Chance of rain 0%

Sunday Sunny High 29° Lo 23° Chance of rain 0% Thursday Sunny High 29° Lo 21° Chance of rain 0%


Friday, July 13, 2012

The ride and the passion

By SALLY BENGTSSON TWO Murcia cycling enthusiasts set off on a marathon bike ride to London today (Friday) to raise money for children in Mali. And if all goes to plan, schoolteachers Pedro José Buendia and Loli Aguirre will arrive in the English capital just in time for the Olympic Games opening ceremony. Pedro, 31, and Loli, 29, who both teach in Torre

Pacheco in Murcia, hope to raise €25,000 on the 2,100 kilometre trip. Riding for Profesores Cooperantes, their incredible effort will help the NGO to build a secondary school in Zambala. The pair explained that in that region of Mali “only 50 per cent of children of school age are in school, and for girls the percentage drops below 30 per

cent”. They chose to ride a tandem across Spain, France and into England in the hope they will get noticed, raise awareness for the cause, and collect lots of donations. Both Loli and Pedro are sports mad and in good shape for the trip. PE teacher Loli, who has spent time in the United States playing tennis and

studying sports, says she would “like to see more equality in the world and to give more opportunities to people who need them. “For this reason, our project was born.” Loli and Pedro’s journey across Europe can be followed on their blog sites, while donations can be made at La Caixa, account 2100 - 2351 - 19 – 0200201416.

PHARMACY STRIKE IS OFF - FOR NOW By AMANDA BLACK THE planned Alicante region pharmacy strike, due to start on Monday, is off after an 11th hour intervention by health minister Ana Mato. But the crisis is far from over. Struggling pharmacists say they cannot wait long for their money and the industry warned that the whole of the Valencian community is facing serious drug shortages as suppliers continue to go unpaid. The immediate strike threat was removed after Mato promised to include the region’s pharmacies in a payment plan. As an act of faith in Mato, pharmacists called a 15-day halt to the indefinite strike, but warned it would be back on if at least two months’ money, more than €240 million, is not paid by the end of that time. It is estimated that Alicante pharmacists are owed around €240,000 each, with many plunged into debt because the regional health authority is failing to reimburse them for prescription charges. The scale of the problem in the whole of the Valencian community was emphasised on Monday when representatives from all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry met at the sector’s General Council in Madrid. The Council warned the SPANISH PM Mariano Rajoy situation across Valencia announced sweeping cuts and was “critical” due to nontax increases on Wednesday, payment of invoices by the including a 3 per cent hike in Valencian government VAT. since February. The €65billion in new auster“The community pharity measures include the rise in macies are on the brink of VAT to 21 per cent, a cut to shortages as medications unemployment payments, a cannot be supplied pledge to bring forward a because of the debts accuchange in the retirement age to mulated with distributors,” 68, and civil service pay cuts. it warned. Opposition politicians According to the warned the measures would General Council, more plunge Spain further into recesthan 200 pharmacies are sion. Rajoy himself previously already unable to buy insisted he would not raise VAT stock because they have as this would damage conexceeded the maximum sumer spending, strangle time limit to pay bills, and growth and punish the poor. many others will be in that The measures came a day after a leaked agreement situation next month, with between eurozone countries “serious repercussions for revealed strict terms were citizens from the shortages being demanded in return for that may occur”. Supply depots and labothe bailout despite previous attempts by Rajoy to present it ratories are also struggling as almost no strings attached. to survive as the debt New austerity measures moves up the chain. Those attending the announced this week were among the ‘recommendations’ Madrid meeting urged cenfrom Europe, as was the only tral government to find a growth measure - a reduction “structural solution” to the of social security contributions problem of financing drugs urgently. over the next two years.

Rajoy tax hike sparks a new recession fear


RYANAIR passengers flying from Madrid or Barcelona with a ticket bought before July 1 are facing a nine-euro surcharge to cover a hike in airport tax. The fee will be taken from the card used to buy the ticket. Anyone refusing to accept the charge has until today (Friday) to cancel flights and obtain a refund.

Ana Mato... payment promise

New bomb washed up at La Mata A SCUBA diver found an unexploded mortar bomb just off La Mata’s Cabo Cervera on Wednesday. Spanish security officials were called – and found the device to be live. It was taken to a nearby park, which was cordoned off until the army arrived, confirmed it contained explosives – and took it away to be disposed of. Ironically, another unexploded bomb - thought to be a relic of the Spanish Civil War - floated past shocked swimmers at nearby Cala de Moro last August. It was removed to a disused quarry and detonated.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Missile flung from bridge kills Gilles, 59


A FRENCH resident of Los Belones was killed when a rock allegedly hurled by three local problem kids crashed through the windscreen of his car. G i l l e s Albanese, 59, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was hit in the chest by the 15-kilo boulder, which had been thrown from a bridge as his car passed under. Ambulance workers rushed to the scene and tried for over an hour to resuscitate him without success. The blue Renault Clio was being driven by the victim’s daughter, with his mother-inlaw in the back seat. Both


had to be treated by ambulance workers for shock. Two youngsters aged 13 and one aged 11 are suspected of having thrown the rock, but cannot be prosecuted because they are under 14. All three live in Los Belones and were allegedly

spotted earlier throwing stones from another bridge. The tragedy happened near Los Carmenes urbanisation. This is not the first time that something like this has happened on this stretch of motorway. In 2008 a Spanish man died when he drove under a bridge just outside San Pedro del Pinatar.

LAUNCH PARTY: British Consul Paul Rodwell (front right) at the launch with Spanish officials and Samaritans leaders and volunteers

Samaritans unlock door to prisoners THE Samaritans in Spain are to carry out regular visits to Brits in jail in Alicante following an official launch held in the city’s central government office on Monday. But while welcoming the scheme, British Consul Paul Rodwell warned visitors to the region not to fall foul of the law. “I am really pleased that this visiting scheme is now up and running,’’ he said. “Sadly, the number of Brits being arrested and in prison in the Costa Blanca has gone up over the last year. I urge people out there to respect the local customs and avoid at all costs getting on the wrong side of the law. “Being in prison in a foreign country and trying to communicate in a language you do not understand can be a very stressful experience. “That is why the emotional support that the volunteers from Samaritans can offer

is all the more important. ” The launch was also attended by government representative Alberto Martínez Díaz and prison director Enrique Valdivieso de la Hoz, along with leading Samaritans members and volunteers. Mr Rodwell thanked the Samaritans leading lights Chris, Nora and Steve for their hard work in getting the programme off the ground and the volunteers for their commitment to carrying out visits. There are normally between 15 and 20 British nationals in Alicante’s Foncalent prison at any one time. The Samaritans service will consist of monthly visits to the prison with inmates being offered group and individual meetings with the volunteers to talk about their concerns. Foreign and Commonwealth Office protocol allows the British Consulate to visit remand prisoners once a year, and once more after sentencing.




WITH reference to The shame of Donna's blasphemy" (Issue 72), Donna did ask for views from Christians - but as a non-believer

Donna’s Divine write

I feel I may have a view, too! So Jacqueline-Anne is "extremely upset" by Donna's "flippant use of sacred speech". This religious person feels her views are beyond criticism and flippancy. Why? What makes them so different to the rest of us? No doubt I have critics for my views but I am not so arrogant as to want an apology every time someone disagrees with me. So your feelings were hurt, so what! People should have the right to

be offensive about religion. That doesn't mean I think it's OK to harass religious people, I don't but it does mean I believe in free expression. Just because you think there's an imaginary friend up there doesn't mean others have to believe it. I don't delude myself with iron-age fairy tales. Thank goodness a new wave of reason is sweeping across the world. If a god truly is all powerful then why would someone writing in a flippant way about God in a public

newspaper be any sort of threat? This complainant is being irrational and trying to press her fundamental, personal views on others. In my opinion Donna should write what she wants about religion, praising or criticising; t's a free press. PAT PHILLIPS


WHAT a load of tosh! As a committed Christian, I was in no way offended by Donna’s article, and in the context it was written no possible offence

should have been taken. In fact, on reading your recent articles on Machi the Miracle Man, this morning I made an appointment with him for this coming Friday morning. Hope he is as good with me as he was with you. JESS THOMSON


It’s nice to know that the born-again Christian who accused me of blasphemy is not representative of the community. And good luck with Machi, Jess!

ANIMAL MAGIC New youth punishment really fits crime

THREE cheers for Senor Jorge Cabré, the Minister for Justice and Social Welfare, in sending young offenders to work at the animal sanctuary Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alicante at Bacarot. A brilliant idea for these young people will not just have a criminal record but will have brought home to them the abuse, cruelty and neglect suffered by animals. The staff at Bacarot do a brilliant job with limited resources and it is obvious that they really care about the animals – but they are always in need of more volunteers and donations as they have no collecting tins and no fundraising shows put on for their benefit. I have taken many people there over the years, some with animals they have found abandoned or are no longer able to care for, others just to have a look around. And without exception they have all been impressed by what a beautiful, well-run sanctuary it is. I have known Raul Merida since he opened this shelter in the 1990’s – and what a good man he is. Raul has also set up FIPARM (Fundacion Internacional para Animales Raul Merida) and under this umbrella he has set up the Brigada Azul, which is run along the lines of and is affiliated to the RSPCA in the UK. Clinivet veterinary practices around Alicante which will treat animals at a reduced cost, ROAL, a

Jorge Cabre... brilliant idea

sanctuary for exotic animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, lynx, apes etc many of which are imported illegally into the country, some come from travelling circuses, others from the sanctuary at Guadalest which had to close down. All of these animals he endeavours to re-home in zoos around the world and as you can imagine the food bill alone runs into thousands of euros every month. Raul is instrumental in involving SEPRONA, the arm of the Guardia Civil responsible for the environment including animal welfare, in bringing

Nobody’s fuels YOU appear to be the only newspaper that has picked up on the winter fuel allowance case in Switzerland. It hasn't been mentioned in any other free paper, or the British TV news. Is this because most free papers are politically biased?. Or are you on the ball and making us ex-Brits aware of what is going on? Whatever the case I do hope you will look into this

and keep giving us pensioners the information as to how we can apply for this allowance, and, if necessary, how we can get together to foil Iain Duncan Smith’s attempts to deprive us who live in the South East of Spain the allowance we have a right to. Thank you for bringing this sensitive issue to the fore ELAINE SAUNDERS

prosecutions in cases of cruelty and abandonment of animals. He also goes into schools to talk to the children about animal welfare and to encourage them to respect all animals. If you would like to know more, please call into my charity shop in Quesada and read the literature in the window. Our summer opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am until 1pm. JOE (THE CAT MAN) PS. Rumours abound that I have passed away. Sorry to disappoint whoever started this but at 85 I am still very much alive although stone deaf.

interested in your article in Issue q72I WAS re new prescription rules. There is also another twist - I believe that many items that were available on prescription will no longer be so and that we will have to pay the full cost of the items. I have just had an eye infection and my doctor gave me three prescriptions, one on the usual red printed form and two that were just all black printing on a white sheet. I got the normal red printed one by paying 10% but the other two I had to pay the full price. I have been told that this will apply to over 400 items previously available on normal prescriptions. ROBERT TREHARNE

q q

How much is a child’s life worth? HOW much is the life of one of our children worth? The President of the Vista Azul 2, Urbanisation, Alan McPhail, is saying €3,800. Our Urbanisation is now 12 years old and is below the size which would make it compulsory by Spanish law to have a lifeguard. But a decision was made at an AGM 12 years ago for the safety of all to engage a pool guard for July/August - and this decision has been carried through until now. Mr McPhail, his VP, and our Administrator have held a private meeting and decided not to engage a pool guard. I would like to point out that according to Urbanisation and Community law they do not have the authority to cancel the guard, this can only be done at an AGM. I would like to ask our President, VP and Administrator, if a child dies in our pool because of the illegal decision taken by the three of you, are you going to accept responsibility? GEORGE DAVIS, Vista Azul 2

Help us, please

I WOULD really appreciate your help.. We need more volunteers to help those in need, but we also want to help those in need anywhere in the Quesada, Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja areas. We understand that the Social Workers at Torrevieja Hospital have closed their department till September. This will cause serious problems for patients who have no one at home to look after them. We had two clients discharged

from hospital this week who said this about the Social Service Welfare/Workers, they normally offer some kind of help if required, but not now, is this due to the cutbacks? We can help these patients, we need more volunteers to do so. With your support, I am sure we can all benefit from helping each other. NORAH BOND President, Help At Home Costa Blanca

Friday, July 13, 2012


Caught in a flash...the car that never was IT would be fun if I were 20 years younger. But I wasn’t best pleased to receive an official notice this week that I’d been trapped by speed cameras doing 96kph on an 80 limit carriageway. Because the alleged crime took place in Barcelona, a city I’ve never visited. And the car in the accompanying photo wasn’t mine. It wasn’t even the same make…but it was sporting a similar registration number which could easily have been misread by the camera in the evening gloom. To confuse matters even more, most of the notice was in Catalan, the gist being that I had 20 days to come up with the name of the driver – or else. It was bad enough that, bogged down with work, I had to pay someone 10 euros to collect the official notice from the local post office after there had been no one at home to sign for


it. My instant reaction was to assume that the offence had been committed by my granddaughter Rosie, a 21-year-old girl racer who borrows my car when I’m not using it. Which is roughly 23 hours a day. Anyway, I instantly found the poor kid guilty without trial. Again. (Well, she did get a spot fine on the N332 at Santa Pola a couple of weeks ago – but more of that later). Then I realised…the car lit up in the dark and photographed from behind by the speed camera on the N-11 (wherever that is) was not even a Kia. It’s lights were in the wrong place for a start.

And as the reality of the Catalan cock-up dawned on me, I was ready to put out the lights of every speed camera in Spain. While British bureaucrats are the most efficient in the world, their Spanish counterparts are arguably the most pathetic. The best thing one can say about them is that they are clueless. And despite despatching an irate email to the Catalan authorities (in rather quaint Spanish), I fear I have not heard the end of my phantom trip to Barcelona. At least Rosie managed to settle her own conflict with the law reasonably amicably after she was

Why I’m not the Murraying kind

MUCH as I would like to see a Brit win the Wimbledon men’s singles title, the Murray misery mob are not my type of heroes. Yes, I felt for beaten Andy as he choked out that emotional Centre Court apology for losing Sunday’s final. But I switched to Federer’s side after it became apparent that the Murray entourage was shrouded in a grey cloud of depression. Even after he had won the first set. Ever-dour Andy presumably inherited his semi-permanent sulk from his mum Judy (pictured) , whose po-faced intensity frightened the life out of me every time the cameras focused on the old battle-axe .

And even Posh Spice’s pouted posturing was a more attractive alternative to the Scots racketeer’s expressionless girlfriend Kim Sears. To top it all we had to endure the mask-like mush of Ivan Lendl, the most miserable Wimbledon champion of all time, glaring across the court . It was inevitable, then, that a big black cloud would bring the roof down on the Scottish sourpuss’s day.With the rain came the the form of the ever-pleasant Roger Federer and the irresistible tennis that permanently keeps the Swiss Master ahead of Murray in the world rankings. Touching as the sour Scot’s on-court concession speech was, I found myself immersed in the smiles and waves of the Federer family. They may hail from another country but I felt as if I belonged in their world rather than Murray’s. Give me the beaming faces of the Countess of Wessex and her sister Pippa savouring the action any day. Or better still, the unbridled joy of Yorkshireman Jonny Marray (almost a Murray!) at becoming men’s doubles champion. The 31-year-old Yorkshireman did what Murray didn’t – and you can be sure he’d also have compensated with a big smile even if he had lost.

caught doing 90kph in the 60 zone near the Santa Pola salt refinery. It was ‘pay up or we confiscate your car’ time…but because she’s young and beautiful, the cops allowed her to drive home to collect the money (just 50 euros ‘because you are a tourist’ ), leaving her Spanish boyfriend as a police hostage for nearly an hour. At first Rosie insisted to me that she couldn’t have been speeding because she had been in a traffic jam as the police pulled cars over. Then she conceded, ‘Well, I might just have been doing 62.’’ What, in a traffic jam?


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012



Friday, July 13, 2012

PEOPLE often ask me whether I prefer to be addressed as David or Dave. 'I'll stick with Dumbnuts,' giggled Mrs S. 'And besides, nobody in their right mind would ever ask YOU anything.' 'But that's a terrible name to call your husband,' I argued. 'I agree,' she said. 'But who asked YOU, Dumbnuts?' Anyway, I know which form of address I would prefer. I reckon 'DAVID, I shudder in the shadow of your towering intellect,' sounds a lot more impressive than 'DAVE, your dog's got fleas.' Mind you, if I were really being honest I would rather have gone to Hollywood and been a gun-totin' Western movie hero named Rick O'Shea or a romantic lead called Ed Overheels. 'How about Mal Adjusted or Lou Natic?' contributed Mrs S. 'Or why not even call yourself after the creature in the logo shown at the start of the old MGM films?' 'You mean Leo the Lion? But he was a fine figure of an animal,' I pointed out. 'I meant in his older years when he was toothless and had mange,' said Mrs S. On the subject of cinema, one afternoon when I was 15 I returned home from school to find Mother in the kitchen furiously darning a sock -- always a bad sign. 'You've been seen,' she said huffily. 'Give me a clue, Mother,' I said, hanging my satchel on the hook on the scullery door. 'Last Saturday afternoon. The Roxy. Canoodling with an older woman in the back row,' Mother growled, her darning needle pointing threateningly in my direction. She squeezed the aforementioned sock as if it were a human neck (mine) and resumed the denunciation of her son. 'I'm not bothered about who you go out with -- and Lord knows you have some odd acquaintances -- but I must draw the line at evil sluts!' 'But Mother . . .' 'Just you wait until your father gets home!' 'But Mother, that evil slut was you! You slept with your head on my shoulder all through A Taste of Honey.' Mother shrugged. 'Well in that case, our David, better get on with your homework while I nip next door to have words with Mrs Bagshaw. 'That woman needs to wait for the cinema's lights to come back up before she starts gossiping about what she THINKS she saw going on in the rear stalls.' 'By the way, Mother,' I said. 'When IS Dad coming home? The war's been over for 16 years.' Sorry. That last bit I made up for the sake of a cheap laugh. My father DID come home following the cessation of hostilities in Europe. After hanging his soldier's kit bag on the hook on the scullery door, Dad crept upstairs to the small bedroom,

Talking the dog tracks down Mia From Page One

happy when the Spaniard nodded his head, took the dog and gave him a dozen duck eggs. “Anyway, job done and according to Eddie, Mia was back with her owner - happy days.’’ The plot thickened, however, when the Spaniard’s son took the dog home to Elche to give to his young kids. Eddie, meanwhile, stopped to talk to a couple of fellow residents - one of whom was Audrey. Says Roy: “He overheard them talking about a missing dog that they had heard about on TKO Gold. Eddie asked for the details and then realised that if it was Mia, he had just given her away! “The Spanish neighbour wasn't giving Eddie eggs as a 'thank you' - he was actually paying for the dog.’’ With that, Eddie called Roy’s wife Helen, who promptly went to tell the dog’s new owner that the dog Eddie had given him was probably the missing one. And later that night Mia was delivered back from Elche to its grateful and relieved owner. Says Roy: “Not only did Mia walk further than she has ever walked before. The normally shut electric gate was open, she walks up to a friend of mine who just happens to overhear neighbours talking about the TKO Gold announcement. “And one of those neighbours happens to be the only person our kids spoke to on the campsite about the dog. Amazing.’’

I oughta be in pictures surveyed the sleeping form of his first-born and swore an oath. 'I pledge to protect him, help him, listen to him and teach him. But before I do all that, I'm off to the bookies and then the pub.' Mother grabbed the sleeve of Dad's demob suit jacket. 'And what of our second son, the strange one?' she asked, pointing an uncertain finger at me as I gnawed indifferently on the cot bars. Dad scratched his head and sighed. 'God only knows.' But back to my dreams of being a film star. One afternoon when I was seven, my older brother escorted me home from primary school. I tried to hang my little bag on the hook on the scullery door but I was too short to reach it.

'Where's Hollywood?' I asked Mother as she finished her next lot of washing in the kitchen sink. 'In America,' she replied, feeding Dad's dripping-wet long johns into the rollers of the mangle. 'Where's America?' I inquired. 'Out there,' replied Mother, gesturing vaguely through the steamed-up West-facing kitchen window. 'Can you be more specific?' I asked. 'Specific?' said Mother distractedly. 'No, our David, not the Specific. America's across the Atlantic.' 'Well, that settles it,' I said. 'After my tea I'm going to pack my bag and seek my fortune in films in America.' 'Hooray for Hollywood,' sighed Mother wearily, turning the mangle's hangle -- sorry, handle -- until Dad's damp undies emerged. 'But do me a favour, our David. Take the dog with you.' I looked at the scruffy mongrel lying on his back under the mangle, mouth gaping open to catch any drops of stray sudsy water. 'And why would I take the pooch with me?' I asked. 'Because you're no Shirley Temple but I reckon Rover here could act that over-rated Lassie off the screen any day of the week.' 'That's it!' I cried. 'When I grow up I'm not going to marry a woman who says silly things and I'm definitely not going to own a dog.' Mother glimpsed knowingly into the future and smiled. 'Don't bank on either, our David.' Anyway, to cut a short story even shorter I didn't get to Hollywood that week. The closest I came to the movie capital was on the Saturday afternoon when Mother took me to the pictures to see a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. But she must have been tired from her week's labours because she snored on my shoulder throughout the near three-hour showing of South Specific.

THE GREEN LIGHT! CLARO says a massive yes to PP

BY AMANDA BLACK MEMBERS of CLARO have voted overwhelmingly to accept the draft PP-CLARO government agreement recently negotiated by the two parties’ executives in Orihuela. Some 60 CLARO members participated and there were no votes against and only two abstentions. In a statement released to the press after the vote, CLARO stressed members had agreed they must “learn from the negative experiences in the three-party government and to adapt to changed circumstances”. It said: “There was no going back to the discredited three-party government and CLARO could not spend the next three years before the 2015 local elections in impo-

tent criticism from the sidelines.” The release added that at the meeting held before the vote, CLARO members

accepted the PP had realise that it had wrongly neglected the coast when previously in government. Members also agreed it was “urgent to get

rid of the present government”, which was “pursuing policies directly opposed to the interests of Orihuela Costa”.


Friday, July 13, 2012

SAY IT IN SPANISH Learn the lingo - with a little help from JEANETTE ERATH LESSON 28 I HOPE you are enjoying this lovely weather we´ve been having and are managing to fit some Spanish into your daily routines. Even if you´re just talking Spanish in your head it is better than not doing it at all. Take time to go to Spanish cafés or bars, try to talk to the waiter or bar staff, and above all, smile. Even if you struggle with the language, as long as you´re trying with a smile on your face the Spanish will think very highly of you and help you out. Give it a go. When you find yourself saying those few words and being understood, the sense of achievement is tangible and will hopefully spur you on. We are aware in Spanish that they sometimes have two words that mean the same thing, especially with verbs. Another example of this is POR and PARA, which both mean FOR but are used at specific times. Firstly we will learn when to use POR. There are some rules but these need to be learnt and repeated regularly, you will find certain instances which are more usual than others and, I probably shouldn´t say this, but if you do get them muddled most Spanish people will understand you, however it is good practice to learn the correct uses and put them into practice. POR has many uses so can be more difficult to remember: RULES: To express gratitude or apology – Gracias por la ayuda (thanks for the help) For multiplication and division – dos por dos son cuatro (2 times 2 equals 4) For velocity, frequency and proportion – voy al restaurante cinco veces por semana (I go to the restaurant five times per week) Meaning ´through´, ´along´, ´by´ or ´in the area of´andamos por el parque ( we walk through the park) When talking about exchange, including sales – él me dio diez euros por el libro (he gave me ten euros for the book) To mean ´on behalf of´ or ´in favour of´ - no voté por

nadie (I didn´t vote for anybody) To express a length of time – Yo estudié por dos horas (I studied for two hours) To express an undetermined or general time, meaning ´during´- Se puede ver las estrellas por la noche (one can see the stars during the night) For means of communication or transportation – Prefiero viajar por tren y hablar por teléfono (I prefer to travel by train and speak by telephone) In cases of mistaken identity or meaning ´to be seen as´ Me tienen por loco (They take me for crazy)

To show the reason for an errand (with ir, venir, pasar, mandar, volver and preguntar) – Paso por ti a las ocho (I´ll come for you at eight o´clock) When followed by an infinitive, to express an action that remains to be completed use por + infinitive – La cena está por cocinar (dinner has yet to be cooked) To express cause or reason – El hombre murió por falta de agua (the man died from lack of water)

´Estar por´means to be in the mood or inclined to do something – estoy por tomar café (I´m in the mood for drinking coffee) In passive constructions – El libro fue escrito por Octavio Paz ( the book was written by Octavio Paz) POR also appears in many expressions: Por adelantado – in advance, por ahora – for now, por allí – around there/that way, por amor de Dios – for the love of God, por aquí – around here/this way, por casualidad – by chance, por ciento – percent, por cierto – certainly, por completo – completely, por dentro – inside, por desgracia – unfortunately, por ejemplo – for example, por eso – therefore, por favor – please, por fin – finally, por lo general – generally, por lo visto – apparently, por medio de – by means of, por lo menos – at least, por lo tanto – consequently, por mi parte – as for me, por ningún lado – nowhere, por otra parte – on the other hand, palabra por palabra – word for word, por primera vez – for the first time, por supuesto – of course, por suerte – fortunately, por todas partes, everywhere, por todos lados – on all sides, por último – finally. As in all expressions, some will be more used than others; therefore try remembering especially the ones you are most likely to need regularly, and listen out for the word POR when you hear Spanish speakers to see what they say after. Common expressions, in my opinion, are: por ejemplo, por eso, por favor (of course!), por fin, por lo menos, por supuesto (although you would also hear ´claro´for of course) and por todas partes. See how many you can incorporate into your day and also how many you can hear. Next week we will be learning when to use PARA, it is simpler than POR and so use this week to get used to POR so you are ready for PARA and also maybe try to imagine yourself when you use PARA, any examples of when you would say ´for´ that aren´t above. Check next week how many you found.


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WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Top dog psychologist PETER SINGH writes exclusively for The Courier. Check out or email Peter at


Nelly didn’t make it. Don’t let her siblings suffer the same fate

SHE sat calmly in the corner, her little eyes following me all the time. She was the smallest and weakest of a litter of six puppies I had seen while visiting a Council-run dog pound in Orihuela last week. She was so dirty that her fur had hardened. She was about five weeks old and that evening I could not get her out of my mind. I visited the pound the following day and decided that this little puppy would become part of my pack and I was going to do everything in my power to help her get the best medical attention. One of the workers at the kennels handed her over to me and I placed her in a cardboard box with a little blanket inside and transported her to my vet, Cristina, in Pinoso. Cristina was alarmed at the pup’s condition and said she was ravaged with parasites and severely dehydrated. She immediately put her on a drip and started giving her treatment. That Friday evening my wife and I named her Nelly. I arrived back at the vet’s on Saturday morning and was pleased to see she had been cleaned up and was looking better. I held her in my arms and took her outside in the shade for ten minutes, as she snuggled into my arm. She reacted well to seeing people and traffic and this was just the start of her important socialisation period. After ten minutes I took her back to Cristina’s and I was the proudest man in Spain. My new girl, what great plans we have been making for you. I visited Nelly again on Sunday and was amazed at her

Mud-caked Nelly (left) on her way to the vet and after she had been cleaned up (above). Sadly she didn’t survive progress and she seemed more lively and was following Cristina’s dog everywhere, thinking it was her mum. To save a dog’s life is an emotional moment and as I sat on the floor watching Nelly, I knew that she would have a big future with me and a happy and peaceful one. As I write this I have just heard that Nelly has died. This article was supposed to be about the adventures of my new puppy and how she was going to be a big help to me in the future as she helped me help other dogs. Instead, she is hopefully up In heaven now at peace, after her five weeks of hell on earth. How this was allowed to happen in a council run rescue centre is beyond me.How could no one see that she was so ill? They even have a vet there but NOTHING was done for her until I rescued her. Spain is in a mess at the moment and that is because for many years the left arm did not know what the right arm was doing. In fact it still doesn’t. Human greed will simply carry

on in other forms. And the real suffering will just carry on being directed towards the country’s animals. Yes, the people of Spain have it tough right now, but I don’t see any of them dying of thirst or starvation, or because they are riddled with parasites. Nelly has left behind five brothers and sisters and I have arranged for them to be taken out of the rescue centre and to a local vet, where hopefully their lives will be saved. I don’t have any money and I visited Spain last week for another ‘out of pocket visit’. I am saving these dogs’ lives on a credit card. Simple as that. As you read this, rather than saying to yourself, ‘what a pity’, how about actually helping one of these puppies and offering him or her a good home? I wrote a few weeks ago about other puppies needing homes and did not even get one response. Before you lick your finger and turn the page, just try to help. The puppies are dying – we are not.

PETS’ CORNER: CAN YOU TAKE IN A HOMELESS DOG OR CAT? SONNY by name and sunny by nature even though he was cruelly abandoned. This dear ginger boy was born in late May and has been given a clean bill of health by our vet. To meet Sonny or any of the cats in our care, call Joe (The Cat Man) on 966 719 272.


MISSY is a bundle xx of fluff. A 12week-old Collie cross, good with cats, dogs and children. She will make a great addition to your family. Call 620 481 137. BRANDY is about four months and urgently needs a home. She is a happy girl, good with other dogs and cats and will grow to medium size. Call 966 725 975.



For more on Missy and Brandy see www.petsins, or email info@petsinspain. info

SANDY is an 18-month-old Labrador cross puppy found roaming the streets of Quesada. After a spell in hospital she is healthy, chipped and inoculated. All she now needs is a loving home. To adopt or foster Sandy, contact Eleanor at Finca La Castellana Animal Welfare Centre, San Miguel on 677 381 111.



MIDGE is a female tabby, born around 2006. She was abandoned by her English owners when they returned to the UK. She’s been tested for aids and leukaemia and is in good health. She is friendly and needs a loving home. Call the K9 Club, 633 936 501, k9clubinfo@gmail. com,

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“When a car has been written off you have the chance to give customers back the trust that they have placed in you.” An accident in which a car has been written off is always the worst kind, because it implies the disappearance of the insured car. Francisco Valencia, Línea Directa’s Corporate Governance Director, describes to us the quality measures taken by his company, a leading insurance company for foreigners. Losing your vehicle in a foreign country is undoubtedly a major setback for anybody. What makes Línea Directa different from other companies? First of all, the personalised service. Línea Directa offers customer service over the telephone entirely in English and German, and also acts as an intermediary and translator with garages and scrap merchants. In addition to this, we also offer different cover options which no other insurer offers, such as our amount of compensation, which is never below €1000, or when appropriate, double the price paid by customers for their insurance. You also have a purchasing centre if customers wish to acquire a new vehicle after theirs has been written off. At Línea Directa we believe that when a car has been written off, it is an opportunity to give customers back the trust that they have placed in you. As a result, if customers ask us to, we take care of all the processes involved in buying a new vehicle in their name, including the paperwork and delivery of the vehicle to their home address. And finally, how does Línea Directa pay compensation? Línea Directa is committted to paying compensation within 40 days at the very most, although the average waiting time is always much less. If the car is less than 2 years old, either we pay its value when new in compensation or we take care of all the processes involved in purchasing another vehicle. In addition, if the car is between 2 and 3 years old, we offer 15% more than its official value, as a quality measure.


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MY little boy has just celebrated his fifth birthday and it´s the first birthday I think he´ll really remember, which is why I wanted to do something a bit special.

He has only really had one party in his short life - and that was a few years ago. Last year things were so tight financially that he had a homemade cake and a few presents from my friends, so this year I was determined to really push the boat out, but this of course needed planning. There are several options for a birthday party in Spain. Possibly the cheapest but certainly the most work is a home party. In fact, the weekend before my son’s birthday he went to a friend´s house party, there was a huge garden with a pool and toys and it was great. But I live in quite a small flat so that is not really a viable option when I wanted to invite his school and local friends. Another option here in Spain would be a beach party - but again it takes quite a bit of work and I really wanted to be able to relax this year. There are many parks with little bars that hold parties and, although they are great, I didn´t really want my son to be outside too much and the parks only hold attention for

so long. So I decided to have his party in a place I go to regularly; it is a large play area near where I live, and is ideal for big numbers of children as well as just a few. My boy and I have been going there for over a year now, since just after it opened, and he loves it. It has become his Saturday treat, and mine too as I relax and do some writing with a cool drink. With the venue decided, I began to plan. I started saving about six months in advance, buying little gifts to go in the party bags whenever I had the money, so that by the time the party came around each bag was filled with little toys and trinkets. As his birthday is in July, I had to give the invitations out in June during the last week of school. One thing I did find was that Spanish parents don´t seem to confirm whether their child is coming or not, they just turn up,

which kind of made the party bags a bit difficult to organise. But I overdid numbers the and everyone went away with a bag and my son was more than happy with the leftover bags. A n o t h e r Spanish anomaly I find when going son’s my to friends´ parties is the way they open their presents. The Spanish do not put name cards on their presents because the child just rips them open as soon as they are given them by the guest and then the birthday boy or girl goes back to play time. There are also no birthday cards, these seem superfluous to the Spanish and only the English friends actually gave my son a card. However, the presents he got were fantastic and each one was special and full of thought.

The couple who own and run the play area near Dolores are a great pair who have fun with the kids and the parents. I would have imagined that this sort of area would be a haven of English but a surprisingly large number of Spanish also come. In fact the owners tell me there are more Spanish than English holding parties there. This party had to be one of the most stress-free ways to celebrate on the day, and my son and all his friends had a day to remember. We have lots of photos to remind him of his special day and with the proper amount of planning it proves that you don´t have to have all the money in the world to have a great party without any of the cooking and sandwich making that goes with home or beach parties and without the clearing up. It was great to leave the cleaning to someone else just for once. At the end of the day everyone had a great time and it was great that I could give my son a party to remember. But however you choose to celebrate a birthday I believe the only things truly needed to make it a happy day are happy people and lots of love and attention.


Friday, July 13, 2012


DESPITE the recent infantile shouting match between George Osborne and Ed Balls, there does seem to be a reasonable amount of unity between the UK political parties for something to be done about the banks, including better regulation and the creation of new players in the market to offer consumers better choice. But what is the government doing about the fact that the banks are not lending enough to boost businesses and to create new jobs? Business secretary Vince Cable was calling for banking reform years ago and has been proved to be right - and he’s introduced a whole set of measures that are passing through Parliament. But when he’s been asked about getting the banks to lend more, he just shrugs his shoulders and hopes for the best. It’s just not good enough, and everybody is fed up to the back teeth with these shameful institutions. With the disgraceful events at Barclays, you can tell that everybody would like a banker to feel the long arm of the law somewhere, and when found guilty, to be given a good public thrashing as an example to the rest of his greedy, cheating colleagues. Meanwhile, Labour leader Ed

Miliband has come up with a way of dealing with the bankers. Professions like doctors and solicitors operate to a code of conduct. Bankers should do so as well, or else face being struck off. It’s a lovely idea, but Miliband suffered a massive memory loss when he forgot to mention that Labour, when in power, scrapped many ways of bringing the bankers to order in front of the courts. One interesting idea that the Lib Dem leader and deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is trying to get some support for, is the chance for voters to “recall” their MP if he or she is not doing a good enough job. It’s happened in America to elected officials at all levels who are backsliding on their work, and there were more than 150 such moves last year. Switzerland also has “recall” as part of its constitution. Of course, such moves may just be triggered by political motivation and opportunism, but if we see what’s happening locally on the council at Orihuela, then such a concept may have a lot of merit in it, especially if the whole lot of them could face the wrath of the angry voters. In fact, I feel Spain could

become the “recall” capital of the world! You couldn’t even keep politics out of the dreadful UK weather last weekend, as the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, was telling every man, woman and child how the current Government had restored all the flood protection budgets that Labour had slashed by half in their last year in office. That may be right and good, but of what interest is that to anybody who’s had their house flooded out and precious possessions ruined? There’s a time and a place for political points scoring, but last weekend wasn’t it. Ranting like a cat on heat about all matters political seems to have been part of the make-up for some of our pop and rock stars over the years. But when the spotlight shines on them in an arena where their views can be dissected, they are often left wanting. Take the BBC’s Question Time programme as an example. I remember the mouthy Jarvis Cocker of Pulp being given a place on the panel two years ago, and he had nothing of interest to say as he was totally overwhelmed by the experience. The other day we had Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, playing a Grinch on an outside seat, with remarks that you might hear in a pub towards the end of a Saturday night. It’s no coincidence, then, that we’ve never had an MP elected from a pop business background as, barring Screaming Lord Sutch, the vociferous paper tigers haven’t had the courage of their own convictions to put their views before the electorate. Just stick to the music, guys! Or in Johnny’s case, the butter ads!!




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Where Britain should be Investing her millions... SOMETIMES, when I read the British press, I think I am going stark staring bonkers. I can recall David Cameron telling us that although government departments will be facing cutbacks caused by the economic mess the country is in, the NHS will be exempt. So, why then are we now reading that the NHS has made the greatest savings during the past year, cutting its budget by a massive £1,7 billion - representing 1.6 per cent of its total budget for the past year? Apparently £6.7billion has been saved from government budgets this year and I should imagine, knowing how local and national government works (spending as if there is no tomorrow), that it's on projects that no-one will miss. But I cannot applaud the government, the NHS or NHS Trusts for making these kinds of savings, when, in the next breath, we hear of people who cannot get the drugs they need to prolong life, or have to wait for operations longer than was the case a few years ago. There are many areas where the government should be saving money and isn't, and places where it is saving money and should not be. The priorities are the nation's health, defence, education, housing and housing support, such as electricity, water and gas, transport infrastructure, plus fire, police, ambulance and prison services. In a capitalist country, businesses should get on with the business of making the nation's wealth, and it doesn't need the government to pour billions into membership of the EC to maintain markets with Europe - unless the governments don't really believe that capitalism works, and if so, let them say so! Nor do we need to pour billions into supporting crazy wars in nauseous countries that have caused the world endless problems for generations, and on which a sustained bombing campaign (given sufficient warning) would achieve far more positive results in minutes and create a lesson for other pariah states, without the loss of life of a single British soldier. Nor do we need to pour billions into supporting ridiculous rail network projects when everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that what people want is a first class road network, which we have been denied in Britain for generations. The reason - environmentalists have been listened to rather than the majority of people who are now having to use roads which were not fit for purpose 30 years ago, and certainly not today. If ever there was an unnecessary project, it's the planned high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham and beyond. It will be like the high-speed rail link from London to Paris, which is vastly under-used and will cost the British taxpayer billions for generations. What's needed in its place is a six to eight-lane motorway - toll-free of course. Instead of the Channel Tunnel being part of the rail network it should have been part of the road network. Just imagine - a 20-minute drive, like going through the tunnels through the Alps or under the Thames. How much would that have been used - especially if it had been toll-free! We really need politicians who think of what Mr Average Brit wants rather than what the elite wants. The elite will have a nice, cosy first class rail ticket from London to Paris on Eurostar, with a chauffeur-driven car waiting to drive them to a five-star hotel. The rest of us want to drive under the Channel as easily as possible with good road links to take us beyond, to the likes of the rest of France, Italy and Spain. There's the technology to create a road-link tunnel under the Channel, but what do we get - a rail link which costs more to use than the cross-Channel ferries. Thanks a lot, stupid elite politicians. Oh, for a set of MPs who haven't been to university, haven't been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and have a total knowledge of what Mr Average wants. You won't get that from the likes of Cameron, Clegg or Miliband - but you will get it from the State schools, up and down the country, whose pupils just don't get the chances in life they really should have. I bet you that if you filled Whitehall from schools and colleges rather than universities, you would have a far more

motorists. They were installed 15 years ago, on road safety grounds. But, without warning to local residents, all the humps were dug up on one stretch - to give a smooth ride to Olympic dignitaries who can be driven around the city in chauffeur-driven cars in comfort. And, hey presto, the humps will be replaced, at a cost of £50,000 to tax payers, once the Games are over. I hate speed humps; , and there are far too many of them in the UK and especially in residential through-routes in our part of Spain. I believe they should be replaced by averagespeed cameras. They would be far more effective in keeping motorists' speed down over the entire length of a road, rather than the ridiculous situation we have at present of motorists slowing down at a hump and then speeding up again beyond. And the wear and tear on car suspensions does not bear thinking about. HERE'S another question - aimed at male readers. How many of you have been driving and have cast your eyes on an attractive young girl as she struts her stuff along the pavement? I'm sure there are very few who would honestly answer they haven't. It happened to a 26-year-old driver in Buckinghamshire, who was attracted to a girl in tight white jeans wiggling her way along the pavement. He was caught by a camera-wielding policeman who gave him a £60 fixed penalty ticket for failing to drive with due care and attention. The driver said he turned his gaze to see if the girl looked as great from the front as she was from the rear! Incredibly the eyes of the policeman issuing the ticket were distracted as the same girl walked past. But that didn't stop the miserable coot continuing to issue the ticket. All fair enough, but I hope the police are just as diligent when they catch girls titivating their hair and looking at their makeup in the mirror as they drive. AND finally, back to the subject of the appalling British weather. All the rain is being caused by the jet stream being too far south this year - over France rather than northern Britain. Scientists say the cause of the shift is the additional melting of the Arctic sea ice, and this year there is less sea ice than ever - following a winter where it built up to a greater extent than for 30 years. This world-wide shift in weather pattern has produced blistering heat over the eastern States of America; abnormal rainfall and cool weather over northern Europe; intense rainfall and severe floods over southern states of Russia and high rainfall over India. Hundreds of people have died as a result of all this. The climate change sceptics have gone awfully quiet, haven't they?


prosperous and far better run country than you have at present. The French dealt with their so called "elite" by Madame Guillotine. I'm not suggesting anything quite so radical - but much of the present problems in the UK and beyond have been caused by people who think they are a cut above the rest - whether they be bankers, politicians, the press, landed gentry or in the police. It's time that the "born to rule" got their marching orders. AT the weekend we were driving back from our holiday in Ireland to our park home in the UK. The crossing over the Irish Sea was a dream - not a cloud in the sky, and hardly a white horse to be seen. We drove through Wales as the storm clouds threatened, and by the time we got to Wiltshire the heavens opened. It poured, the roads were covered with surface water and the spray from vehicles was dreadful. Yet there were crazy fools overtaking us at speeds well over the national speed limit. If we couldn't see more than 100 yards in front, nor could they, but it didn't deter them. It was like that for the last 100 miles of our journey. What is the matter with some drivers that they value their lives so little they are prepared to drive in such a crazy way? Not only that, but we were constantly seeing vehicles which either had no lights on or were displaying only sidelights. It's no wonder we hear day after day of dreadful accidents. So many could be avoided if only motorists engaged their brains instead of top gear. Motorways are not there to drive at the maximum speed that a driver can get away with regardless of the conditions. We need police in unmarked cars to be on patrol on all roads in the UK and bring these crazy idiots to book. Frankly, I don't care if they die by their stupidity. Unfortunately, they take the innocent with them, and that's the tragedy. QUESTION. What is more important than saving lives and road safety? Answer. The Olympics. It's amazing what can happen on the altar of the Olympic Games. There used to be speed humps along a residential route in Greenwich, aimed at cutting down the momentum of




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Sumptuous salads From side-dish to centrepiece, today's salad recipes are versatile, inventive and tasty. If you go easy on the dressing, you'll lose the fat but not the flavour. Let's take a moment to ponder on the sheer loveliness of salads.... right, enough pondering, make today a salad day. NIÇOISE SALAD WITH BACON AND CHEESY CROUTONS This classic salad will please everyone .


1. Small ciabatta loaf, torn into pieces 2. 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 3. 25g fresh Parmesan, grated 4. 6 rashers streaky bacon, chopped 5. 100g trimmed fine green beans 6. 1 cos lettuce, cut into bite-size pieces 7. 4 ripe tomatoes, cut into wedges 8. Large handful of pitted black olives 9. 4 eggs, hard-boiled 10. 1 bottle French dressing, to serve


1. Preheat the oven to 220C/fan200C/gas 7. Put the ciabatta into a roasting tin, add the oil and turn to coat. Scatter over the cheese, season with pepper and mix. Stir in the bacon. Cook for 15 minutes, turning halfway, until golden. Drain on kitchen paper. 2. Meanwhile, add the beans to a saucepan of boiling water. Cook for 2 minutes, then drain and plunge into a bowl of cold water to cool. Drain again and set aside. 3. Divide the lettuce between 4 plates. Top with the green beans, tomato wedges, olives and cheesy ciabatta croutons with bacon. Season. Peel and cut the eggs into wedges and scatter over the salad. Drizzle with some French dressing to serve.

CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD WITH GRILLED CHILLI PRAWNS The addition of these grilled chilli prawns to this classic Caesar salad dish will make your party swing with zing.

Ingredients 1. 800g large, whole, unpeeled, raw prawns (see tip, below) 2. 3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce 3. 2 tbsp shoyu soy sauce (Japanese soy sauce) 4. 2 garlic cloves, crushed 5. 5cm piece fresh ginger, grated 6. 2 tbsp olive oil 7. 4 slices rye bread 8. 100g smoked streaky bacon, chopped 9. 1 head of romaine lettuce, leaves separated 10. 6 tbsp Caesar dressing 11. 25g Parmesan, finely grated


1. Peel just the body shell from the prawns, leaving the tail and head intact. Set aside. Mix the sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, garlic and ginger in a large nonmetallic bowl and add the prawns. Turn to coat in the marinade, then chill for 15 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, drizzle the oil over the bread, scatter with sea salt and toast on a barbecue or a griddle pan until golden on both sides. Cool, then cut into long, thin bread sticks. 3. Heat a dry frying pan until hot. Dry-fry the bacon for 5 minutes, until crispy. Set aside on a plate to cool, then break up. 4. Cook the prawns on a barbecue or a griddle pan for 5 minutes, turning occasionally, until cooked through. 5. Divide the lettuce between 4 plates, top with the prawns and toasted bread. Drizzle with the dressing, scatter with the cheese and bacon.

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WARM SUNDAY ROAST SALAD It's Sunday lunch - as a salad!

Ingredients 1. 2-2.5kg leg of lamb 2. 4 garlic cloves, cut into slivers 3. Few sprigs fresh rosemary 4. 450g baby new potatoes 5. 175ml olive oil 6. 200g French green beans 7. 4 tbsp red wine vinegar 8. Generous pinch of sugar 9. Handful freshly chopped mint 10. 600g cherry tomatoes, halved 11. 350g baby spinach leaves, rocket or watercress or a mixture of all three


1. Preheat the oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/gas 7. With the tip of a small, sharp knife make slits all over the lamb. Insert a sliver of garlic and a sprig of rosemary into each slit. Weigh the lamb and calculate the cooking time. Cook for 20 minutes, then reduce the oven temperature to 190°C/fan170°C/gas 5 and roast for a further 20 minutes per 450g. This will give a slightly pink lamb. Add an extra 20 minutes if you like it medium. 2. Meanwhile, cook the potatoes in boiling, salted water for 10-15 minutes until tender. Drain and spill into a roasting tin, drizzle with 2 tablespoons of oil and season. Roast for 30 minutes before the lamb is done. 3. Cook the beans in boiling, salted water, drain and refresh under cold running water. Drain again and put aside. 4. Make the dressing: whisk together the remaining oil, vinegar, sugar, mint and plenty of seasoning. 5. Take the lamb and potatoes out of the oven. Leave the lamb to rest for 15 minutes and the potatoes to cool (they both only need to be just warm when served). Slice the lamb and put on to a plate. Put the tomatoes, salad leaves, green beans and warm potatoes into a large bowl and toss well. Drizzle with enough dressing to coat and toss again. Add the lamb to serve. Put the rest of dressing into a jug for everyone to help themselves.

BALSAMIC BEEF, ASPARAGUS AND PECORINO SALAD A quick and simple, yet restaurant-standard, dish that marries juicy sirloin steak with seasonal asparagus.

Ingredients 1. 250g sirloin steak, about 5cm thick 2. 200g bunch of English asparagus 3. 100g sugar snap peas 4. 1 ripe avocado 5. Juice of 1/2 lemon 6. 1 tbsp olive oil 7. 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 8. Bunch of watercress, washed and trimmed 9. 25g Pecorino, shaved For the marinade 1. 3 tbsp olive oil 2. 4 tbsp balsamic vinegar 3. Pinch of chilli flakes or 1 tsp chilli oil


1. Mix the marinade ingredients in a bowl. Add the steak and marinate for 1 hour, turning once. 2. Steam the asparagus and sugar snaps for 4–5 minutes or until just tender. Refresh in cold water and drain. 3. Meanwhile, halve, peel and stone the avocado. Cut into large chunks and put in a bowl. Season with sea salt and toss in the lemon juice to prevent browning. 4. Heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Lift the steak from the marinade (reserve the marinade) and cook in the pan for 2-3 minutes each side for medium-rare. Set aside. Add the reserved marinade to the pan with the onion and bubble for 1-2 minutes. Set aside to cool slightly. 5. Arrange the watercress, sugar snaps, asparagus and avocado on 2 plates. Slice the steak into thick strips and arrange on the salad. Drizzle with the warm marinade and scatter with the Pecorino shavings to serve.

RUSSIAN SALAD Or, to give it the correct name, insalata russa. Spot the anomaly? This dish is Italian, not Russian, and as far as we

can make out, the name simply refers to the inclusion of beetroot! We’d love to hear from anyone who knows otherwise. It’s great with poached salmon or rare roast beef.

Ingredients 1. 2 medium or 4 small beetroot 2. 2 or 3 waxy potatoes 3. 100g fresh shelled peas 4. 100g baby carrots 5. ½ small cauliflower, picked into florets 6. 100g green beans, sliced 7. 3 large free-range eggs 8. 2 dill pickled gherkins or a handful cornichons, diced 9. 3 heaped tbsp mayonnaise (see separate recipe to make your own, or use a good bought one) 10. Small bunch of fresh dill (optional)


1. Boil the beetroot in a pan of salted water for 20-30 minutes, until tender. Cool a little, then push the skins off with a thumb and forefinger, then cut into dice. 2. Meanwhile, peel and dice the potatoes to the same size as the beets. Boil in a pan of lightly salted water until tender. Allow the spuds and beets to cool completely. 3. Now blanch the peas, carrots, cauliflower and beans. Use the same pan in succession rather than several (it saves on washing up!) but blanch the cauliflower last, as it will flavour the water. Drain and cool. 4. Finally, cook the eggs in boiling salted water for 7 minutes. Plunge them into a bowl of cold water, then peel and halve. 5. Mix the pickle with all the vegetables and fold them into the mayonnaise in a bowl. Season and top with dill sprigs and the eggs.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012


Inch your way to instant happiness with Medaesthetics SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS

Yes, summer is here and how many of us are feeling disappointed that we haven’t budged one inch since last summer and still feel embarrassed to go on the beach? Don’t be despondent, it’s not too late as with our methods of inch loss you will see a measurable difference from your very first session (yes, really). There are virtually hundreds of diets on the market; some work better than others but whichever diet you choose it will be enhanced by the addition of some method of breaking down fat cells mechanically, using a process called Lipolysis. This week and next we are going to look at two methods of Lipolysis, both of which are available at Medaesthetics

LIPO BY LASER The Treatment Process Following your FREE consultation and the completion of a medical questionnaire, the targeted fatty area will then be accurately measured. Once this procedure has been completed, the Laser Lipo will then be switched on for 40 minutes. The treated area will now be re-measured to assess the inch-loss achieved. You can expect to see a reduction of between 0.5 and 3 inches (1.25-8cm) In order to increase the body's ability to remove the broken

down fat cells it is necessary to assist this by taking some form of exercise. Treatment Areas and Applications • Stomach, Facial cheeks, Double chin(s) Hips, Thighs, Upper Back Fat, Lower Back Fat, Arms (under biceps), Baby bulge, Above knee areas, Ankles, Male breasts How Does it Work The breaking down of the fat cells starts when the laser penetrates the skin and makes contact with the fat cells. Pores form on the cells causing them to 'sweat'. The water, Glycerol and free fatty acids emerge from the cells and then occupy the space beneath the fatty layer in the skin. After Care After Care advice encourages clients to follow a sensible health and exercise routine. The Laser Lipo procedure does not harm the body in any way and will still maintain its ability to store fat in the areas where the work has been carried out. This is an important health factor as it prevents the fat being stored in different parts such as around the heart or other vital organs. If clients eat sensibly and regularly, combined with exercise, the body shape will retain the effects of the Laser Lipo treatment. Next week we will look at the alternative method of Lipolysis.

SUCCULENTLY sweet lychees are delicious as a natural thirst quencher when eaten ice cold from the fridge or as part of your favourite salads, smoothies or desserts. Lychees are an excellent source of vitamin C, containing on average 72mg of vitamin C per 100g of fruit. This means just nine lychees yield the daily recommended vitamin C allowance for adults. Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It is necessary to form

collagen, an important protein used to make skin, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is essential for the healing of wounds, and for the repair

NATURAL ANTIINFLAMMATORY ALTERNATIVES ANTI-INFLAMMATORY medications are commonly prescribed for alleviating symptoms such as leg swelling caused by arthritis, and include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen, aspirin, as well as steroidal drugs like prednisone and cortisol. While these drugs may be effective in treating certain conditions, they are known to cause unpleasant side effects. NSAIDS irritate the stomach and by interfering with the clotting process of the body cause bleeding. They also increase the risk of stroke, blood clots in the legs and heart attack. Oral corticosteroids cause all sorts of health problems especially after long term use. In addition to causing weight gain, these drugs are also known to raise blood pressure, reduce immune function, cause diabetes and thin the skin. What is not so widely known are well researched natural alternatives to commonly prescribed medications recognized to be very effective in treating inflammation without adverse effects. Pycnogenol is one such alternative that has been the focus of a significant amount of scientific research in the last 20 years. It is extracted from pine trees in France, and has several beneficial effects on preventative health care. By decreasing the activity of proinflammatory mediators, and neutralizing free radicals

By Linda Gibson Medaesthetics and maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C is one of many antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that block some of the damage caused by free radicals, which are by-products that result when our bodies transform food into energy. The build up of these byproducts over time is largely responsible for the aging process and can contribute to the development of various health conditions such

Luscious Lychees


as cancer, heart disease, and a host of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Research scientists at the University of Otago School Of Medicine say that including vitamin C in your daily diet could reduce the risk of cancer; in fact, it could also help fight cancer. Choose lychees that are deep red in skin colour and have smooth, rounded bumps on the skin — this indicates ripeness and juiciness.

(toxins) in the body, it has found useful application in the treatment of chronic disorders such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, chronic venous insufficiency among others. Turmeric is a commonly used spice in Indian cooking with a long history of use, and its bright yellow-orange color is recognizable in many Indian food dishes. Studies have shown that curcumin, a naturally occurring biologically active group of compounds from turmeric, can function as an efficient anti-inflammatory agent with the ability to regulate the body’s normal response. Curcumin inhibits certain enzymes that are raised during chronic inflammatory disorders in addition to its anti-oxidant property. One of the challenges of oral supplementation with curcumin has been its poor absorption. Fortunately, recent advances in delivery technologies have been able to overcome some of this limitation and provide formulations that are absorbed readily. Preparations from the Boswelia plant have also been used in India for hundreds of years in the treatment of joint problems. It is derived from the gum resin of the Indian frankincense plant, and its usefulness is thought to be due to its ability to support the body’s normal inflammatory process. The naturally occurring Boswellic acid in the plant increases the blood supply to the joints, thereby preventing the reduction of cartilage synthesis. Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for the normal structure and function of multiple body systems and in recent years several studies have demonstrated their strong anti-inflammatory properties. Devils claw is a plant that has a long history of use in South Africa, where it was used to treat joint and digestive problems. Its tubers are rich in harpagosides which are thought to be useful antiinflammatory agents that support the body’s normal inflammatory process. To find out more about anti-oxidant supplements discussed as well as for questions, please email


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Friday, July 13, 2012



Bluemoon Solutions

BlueMoon Solutions is the computer and IT services company on the Costa Blanca, they provide quality computer services at realistic prices and specialise in working with home users and small businesses.

Richard moved to Spain four years ago having left his management background behind in the UK and decided to use his IT skills to help home users and small businesses with their PC problems. Now a relaxed 'computer man' he is out and about in the Spanish sun every day, making house and shop calls and using his vast experience and qualifications to (usually) sort out the problem there and then. Computers are his hobby as well as his work so don’t be surprised to get an answer to your email in the early hours!

Sue wanted to know how to get her new Spanish key- Rita was having problems with Skype being blocked by McAfee board working on her computer


Just a minor query regarding Spanish keyboards. I am unable to get the Spanish n with the tilde over it as in manana etc, even though there is a character key for it as it was a Spanish keyboard. We bought and installed a new Spanish keyboard yesterday and again the same is happening. When I press the key for n+tilde I just get ; or in capitals ; and pressing alt or alt gr does not make any difference. Not a big deal I know, but if I want to write in Spanish then I do need the proper keyboard so do you have any advice on how to fix this?


Hi Sue, yep it’s not that straight forward really, for what should be a simple change, but here goes…

1. Click Start , type intl.cpl in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER. 2. On the Keyboards and Language tab, click Change keyboards. 3. Click Add. 4. Expand the language that you want. For example, expand Spanish (Spain, International Sort). 5. Expand Keyboard list, click to select the Spanish check box, and then click OK. 6. In the options, click View Layout to compare the layout with the actual keyboard. In the Default input language list, click Spanish (Spain, International Sort) – Spanish, and then click OK two times. 8. In the Regional and Language Options dialog box, click OK. Note The Language bar appears on the taskbar. When you rest the mouse pointer over this bar, a tooltip appears that describes the active keyboard layout. 10. Click the Language bar, and then click ES Spanish (Spain, International Sort) Mobile: 655 044 970

Office: 902 906 200

Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter @bluemoonspain Alternatively why don’t you sign up for my newsletter. You can do this by going and fill in the form that is on any page except the front page.


Hello - I wonder if you can help me. I accidentally said "block" when my McAfee Security asked if I wanted to block Skype and so now I can't access my Skype. How do I get back my Skype? My mistake of course but I don't know how to rectify it. Would appreciate your assistance. Many thanks - Rita Hi Rita, you will need to open up McAffee and do the following…

1. Open security centre 2. Go Web and email protection 3. Go to firewall 4. go to Internet connection for programs 5. Locate the program that you want to unblock and change its access to the Internet Update: Richard - thank you so much. I really REALLY appreciated your help. Well done. Regards - Rita

Michael was having problems with Microsoft ActiveSync and his Sat Nav system


Hi Richard, I am trying to install a programme for my sat nav and a programme called `Microsoft active sync` will not install as it says there is not an email programme installed for this. Obviously it will take live mail. It says it cannot complete the installation due to incompatibility problems check on line for a solution which I press but there is no solution for it. Is there anything I can do to install this programme independent from the sat nav installation set up? Hi Michael, I’m not sure why your installation is confusing Microsoft ActiveSync with an email application as the two are very different programmes. ActiveSync is used for some applications to synchronise data between your computer and a mobile device and in this case I suspect that you may be using Windows 7 as this operating system has its own synchronisation software and doesn’t use ActiveSync (that’s an older application used for Windows XP et al)


If you are using Windows 7 and your Sat Nav is compatible with this operating system then you should just be able to plug it in and Windows will setup or download ”Windows Mobile Device Centre” automatically for you.


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A dame called Dick

Get in on the act CARDENAL Belluga Theatre Group members are a friendly bunch and always happy to welcome newcomers into their fold. Based in San Fulgencio, the group was started seven years ago and it is so much fun that some of the original players are still involved. So, if you fancy treading the boards, or working behind the scenes, while having lots of laughs and raising money for good causes, call Maria on 966 715 891.

You don’t need to be super talented – all they ask is you bring along lots of enthusiasm. The group will be starting rehearsals for its next production in September. But you don’t have to wait to join as they hold lots of social events, too, for members and their friends to enjoy. Visit the company’s new website at www.thecardenal for more information about the group’s activities.

THE Pantomime Group is set to start rehearsals for its next production, Dick Whittington, in September. But they are still missing a few important cast members, including Dick. “We are especially interested in a younger female who would like to play Dick,” say the group. “We and your Dame desperately need you.” If you are a ‘younger’ lady who would like to play the leading man, in true panto style, get in touch with the Panto Group at or call Christine on 965 077 090. Rehearsals will be at the cultural centre in Quesada and open auditions will be held soon. The panto will be staged in Los Montesinos next January. The group’s last two productions Aladdin, directed by Christine Smith, and The Wizard of Oz, directed by Barry Cox, raised over €3,000, which was donated to good causes in the local community.

MEGASTARS ARE US It’s Whitt or bust for this lonely Dame

When it comes to versatility, Albonis are the gr-eightest

IT’S not often you get to see eight megastars on one bill and support the soldiers in Afghanistan at the same time. But that’s what husband and wife duo Tania and Darren Alboni are offering at Los Rosales on Guardamar’s Lemon Tree Road on Tuesday. For one night only, this talented couple will convince you that you are watching the stars themselves as they adopt the personas of the likes of Cher, Shakira, Shania Twain, Karen Carpenter, Roy Orbison and Elvis. Tania is the official number one tribute to Amy WITH the Entre Naranjos Winehouse, and is so convinand Laguna Green fiesta cing that she was Amy’s planned for later this decoy. When the brilliant month, local bar The Inn At young songstress died, Tania The Green is holding a asked Amy’s father if she fundraising event to make should stop doing her in the sure the celebrations go show. But Mitch Winehouse said he wanted her to “carry with a bang. Tomorrow (Saturday), on and keep the memory of Lyndon B will perform at the Amy going”. She is certainly bar from 9pm. A raffle and doing that. Darren, a Stars in Their other events will also aid Eyes winner, does a fantastic the fiesta fund. Meals will be served until Mick Hucknell. It’s so good he 9.30pm at the Evergreen has been described as “more Eatery, and there will be Mick Hucknell than Mick special drinks promotions. Hucknell”. The fiesta itself takes Tania and Darren have perplace on July 27 and 28. It formed all over the world and opens on the Friday with are hot-footing it to Spain concerts and a Latino from such far-flung places as disco. On the Saturday, the Dubai and Egypt. area will be abuzz with They’re having a bit of a street markets and an arts holiday, but agreed to fit in just and crafts fair at Vistabella one performance for the Golf from 9am to 5pm. Afghan Heroes charity. Later there will be a giant For a bargain price of €10, paella, concerts and an including a meal, you can see oldies disco. Tania and Darren in all their And, if enough money is guises. And, there will be a raised, the weekend will fin- chance to win VIP tickets to ish with a big fireworks dis- see Joe Longthorne at play. So, get along to the Benidorm Palace courtesy of Inn At The Green tomorrow Night Out Promotions. for a great night out and to For details and to book, call help the fiesta fund. Jax on 697 501 992.

A Green light for an Inn occasion

THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE: Two people, eight amazing acts

Golf bash swings it for the Samaritans

held at the El CC was recently AE r fo 74 on he nc A lu rde, raising €7 nt in Campove dly kin y Ra r Clavel Restaura ne rant ow charity. Restau ns and for the cancer me from donatio ca st re e th d an open 00 is €4 e d fic te of na do ffle. The AECC ra e th am 10 m m fro fro proceeds the month d Wednesday of mo3r am d m an , t rs 1s ea y er sm ev r appointments fo fice is in to 12pm to take reening. The of sc er nc ca te ta os pr poverde, m d an Ca to am gr the entrance at g in ild ntact Bu ill pa the Euro ople can st co d in August. Pe se clo be ll wi e. t bu this tim 848 353 during Pamela on 966


THE second annual charity golf event held at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club for the Samaritans in Spain was once again a complete sell out and a resounding success. Main Sponsor John Williams of the Rental and Sales Centre Los Dolces was part of a team of 84 golfers who teed off in a shotgun start, and although there were some serious competitors, fun and laughter were order of the day. Las Colinas Director of Golf, Martin Eastgate, pulled out the stops, providing golfers with bag badges, pitch markers, drinks vouchers and a picnic bag. An added delight was the stunning Dolly Dealers from the Hub, Villamartin Plaza, who gave out drinks and prizes in return for charity donations. Liz Bell, the British Vice Consul, and volunteers from the Samaritans in Spain joined the crowds. First prize of flat-screen TVs went to the team led by exManchester City player Andy Dibble, and there was luggage for runners-up, Sporting Life, Los Dolces. Trophies were supplied free by Sunshine Trophies. Other sponsors and donors included Albatross Golf Tours, Chemies Lounge Bar, Canal Print Rioja, Grange Asphalt, John and Joyce Proctor, Steve Waller and Pam Twissel-Cross, Che, Birdies, Bogies, The New Shalimar, Fairways, Munchies, Gaiety, Shandon Bells, Fish & Chips 11, The Square, Rumours, The Hub, Chemies Golf Society, Jameson’s, Viva la Vida, Cheers Bar, Tony from AC Installations, La Finca Country Club, HTS Transport and Graeme Jackson. A dinner dance overlooking the 18th finished the event.


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Lynne Zaber and Sue Harrop hand over a donation to Animal Aid

Animals cash in on Hop and charity REGULARS of The Hop have been bowling in support of Animal Aid. They had a great day at the Ozone Bowling Alley, Torrevieja, and then went back to The Hop for fish and chips, a raffle and entertainment. After all the fun, they were able to hand over €275 to the charity which does fantastic work rescuing abandoned and injured animals. Organiser Lynne Zaber said a big thank you to the bowlers, Captain Carter’s, everyone who donated raffle prizes and The Hop, especially Roberta for giving them control of the microphone.

CASA OF FUN FOR SUMMER A BUSY summer is planned at Casa La Pedrera Freddie Mercury, Neil Diamond, Status Quo and more. in Torremendo with events to suit everyone and Adults €8, children €5. Doors open 6.30pm. Tickets for all events are available from Casa La Pedrera. plans to raise money for three charities. Pets in Spain, Alzheimer’s and Emaus Children’s Home will all benefit from Casa La Pedrera’s summer of fun. For a toe-tappin’, knee-slapping, good old Honkey Tonk time, get along to the summer Sundays Country and Western Show. For five Sundays from July 29 to August 26, you can watch an amazing horse display, join in the line dancing, tuck into finger-lickin’ ribs and take hay rides and pony rides to the lake. Or jump on a Quad or try air rifle shooting if it’s more your style. Highlight of the shows will be the incredible, death-defying trick riding and horseback acrobatics of Emma Tytherleigh. And, there will be more horse acrobatics and vaulting from Eden and Linzi Ray. Doors open 6.30pm, show starts 7.00pm. All tickets must be booked and paid for prior to the event. Flamenco lovers are in for a treat on July 18 and August 22, with an evening of flamenco dance and guitar. Tickets cost €12, adults, and €8, children. Then there’s Flamenco with Horses on August 15. Adults, €15, children €10. Friday nights from July 20 see the start of the sunset swim and BBQ evenings. Adults €10, children €8, including BBQ. On July 31, August 14 and 21, Casa La Pedrera presents The Caballeros and a Chica. Dave E Moss, Cherry K, Charles Prince and Rebecca Holt star in this tribute show with a difference. There will be music for all, with songs from the 50s through to the present day. See ABBA, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Buddy, Marc Bolan,

Bowled over

LA Marina Bowls Club regular Tom Waring was himself bowled over by the surprise party thrown by his wife Eve and friends for his 85th birthday. Mr Bojangles entertained the guests and Tom hardly left the dance floor

at the Final Whistle on La Marina Urbanisation A beautiful cake was presented by Eve and shared by all the guests. Tom thanked everyone for attending and Eve for arranging the surprise party.

For the Caballeros shows, tickets can also be obtained by emailing or For more details, call Jenni on 660 816 620 or visit or

THE Torrevieja Pipes and Drums opened the recent Torrevieja European Festival with a parade along the Marina. The Marina Salinas was the perfect venue for the three-day summer event of live music from local Costa Blanca bands. Market stalls were set up along the walkway with the British Legion selling gifts and novelties to raise funds for a very worthy cause. After the rousing Pipes and Drums start, the entertainment continued with a karate display then music from popular acts including Emily Hullmann and D-

Bags of fun - pipes lead the parade Zire, plus sounds from ExiteFM. The harbour provided a lovely background for the artists’ performances. The Torrevieja Pipes and Drums perform at many charity events and are also available for private functions. New members are always welcome. For further information contact Barry or Donnie on 96 671 2076 or 619 800 752


Friday, July 13, 2012



It’s a softer bailout, but still no Spain without pain

El País

THIRTY activists from PETA and AnimaNaturalists protested in Pamplona last Thursday against the Festival of San Fermin, their naked bodies daubed in English with antbullfighting slogans. The words ‘stop’ in red, and ‘bullfights’ in black, were formed by the activists on the ground of the Plaza Consistorial. It is the 11th year running that the groups have protested the event. Next to them was a banner, also in English, declaring ‘Bulls die a bloody death in Pamplona’. Another, in French, read: ‘The naked truth: Bullfighting is cruel’. . Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain, said different languages were used because the famous bullrunning festival is so popular with foreign visitors. She said she hoped that foreigners would be “more sensitive to animal abuse” because although in Spain people are “sold the idea that the bulls do not suffer, the foreigners have a much more elevated awareness to the suffering of animals and if they know that the bulls suffer they will stop coming.” Among the activists were men and women from different Spanish regions and also from France, Australia and the UK, according to Gascón. They were protesting about the treatment of the bulls and “against all types of mistreatment of animals”. “We want to raise awareness and let people know that the bull running ends with the bulls in the plaza being killed,” Gascón added in remarks to reporters. Two Britons were among the casualties at the bull running festival. Nick Couchman, 20, from Orpington, Kent and Liam Tarff, 29, from Brixton, London, were gored within seconds of each other in the third dash through the cobbled streets.


Semi-naked protestors spell out their message in English

THE club of euro-zone nations signed an agreement early on Tuesday that will mark both the Spanish economy and the country’s politics for a number of years to come. The Eurogroup meeting of economy and finance ministers agreed in Brussels to accord Spain the rescue package it requested last month for its banking sector (with the first 30-billion-euro loan to be released before the end of July) and allowed Madrid an extra year to bring its budget deficit back within the terms of the Growth and Stability Pact. But there were big strings attached, in particular stringent fiscal demands and complete oversight of Spain’s financial sector. In other words, Spain is the object of a bailout, in the full sense of the word, but one that is softer in its terms and scope than those of the three euro-zone nations intervened in previously: Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Let ETA terrorist go, Spain ordered - and pay her! THE European Court of Human Rights has ruled against the Parot Doctrine, used by Spain to keep convicted ETA terrorist Inés del Río Prada in prison, reports abc. Strasbourg has ordered Spain to pay €30,000 euros in damages and another €1,500 in costs to Del Rio (pictured), who was sentenced to more than 3,000 years in prison for several terrorist murders, and has urged Spain to release her “in the shortest possible time period”.

Nadal tops desire chart

, ond place with 17.8% dal has Pitt in sec Na l o fae an sti Ra Cri yer ller pla TENNIS ed by footba ish women follow been chosen by Span with 13.4%. ldo na Ro y the h whom ar that the Spanish “as the celebrity wit cle is It end a night prefer the would most like to sp women continue to . on aci orm Inf s ort abdomirep the in a hotel,” product to the Spanish blond the or ldo In a survey by Hotel of Rona by 24.1% of nals or. act can eri Am Spaniard is favoured the of h actor Brad mane Spanish women, wit

This is the first time the court has ruled on the Parot doctrine, which limits the time a prisoner can be sentenced on consecutive charges. Del Rio formed part of one of the most bloodthirsty ‘Madrid commands’ in history, together with José Ignacio de Juana Chaos, and participated in the attack that cost the lives of 12

policemen in the Plaza de la República Dominicana de Madrid in 1986. The Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, has said Spain will not release Del Rio or pay the money. Without hiding his anger, he said Spain will ask for the deletion of the execution of the decision in Strasbourg.

The so-called ‘troika’, comprising the European Commission (EC), European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), will send inspectors to Spain every three months, and together these organisations assume de facto powers over the financial supervision of Spain’s banks. On top of this, Brussels has demanded “new fiscal measures” from Spain’s government to ensure Madrid can comply with its deficit-cutting obligations. Anticipating this call, on Monday the government announced VAT would be raised at next Friday’s Cabinet meeting. But EC Vice President Olli Rehn added that Spain “will have to comply fully” with the new conditions and did not rule out extra austerity measures, such as cuts to pensions or unemployment benefits.

Friday, July 13, 2012

PEOPLE SAVE DEBT VILLAGE IN Higuera de la Serena, a village in Badajoz province, Sunday is the longest working day of the week. Skipping the day of rest is not the only thing that people here do differently. Over 100 of the 1,041 residents of Higuera sweep the streets, trim the trees and fix the local fountain without charging a cent for it. Ricardo Estrella, 60, is a carpenter in early retirement who repairs anything made of wood. María del Mar Tena Bueno used to do clerical work in the town hall, now she is unemployed and cleans the streets twice a week. When the local pool opens, she will man the ticket booth. They are both part of a group of volunteers doing their share to pull their village out of its financial hole. Their political representatives are contributing to the collective effort by giving up their public salaries. These drastic measures are the result of years of bad management, the locals say. Now, Higuera owes 800,000 euros. In order to meet its payment obligations with suppliers, Higuera applied for a special adjustment plan designed by the Finance Ministry

El País for municipalities in distress. A check for 300,000 euros arrived last month and helped pay around 20 businesses hired by the previous Socialist administration. In exchange for the cash, the town cannot spend a single euro for two years; the state will watch its every move and the money must be returned at 5.6 per cent over a decade.“We’ve been bailed out,” notes deputy mayor Manuel Tamayo Ignacio, a 46-year-old teacher. On a recent Monday, a dozen locals gathered at a rundown sports centre. They brought rollers, buckets and plaster to fix it up. As Celestino Gómez Pérez forcefully peeled the posters from the latest election campaign, he muttered: “All politicians are a bunch of shameless scoundrels; they have brought ruin upon us.” Tamayo took no notice. Higuera is just one of 2,619 municipalities struggling to pay bills. Madrid approved 2,350 applications, and expects the money to be used to pay over 1.7 million bills worth 9.3 billion euros.

It was love at first sight when the Queen spotted Paquita

abc THE Spanish Queen has always come out in defence of animals. So she was delighted to be asked to preside over the ceremony commemorating the establishment of the Commission for the Protection of Animal Rights by the Barcelona Bar Association. The event will be held on Wednesday at the headquarters of the professional body of the Catalan capital. Sofia has never hidden her love for animals and at home has had, among other animals, dogs, cats and turtles. The latest addition to the palace menagerie is Paquita, a rescue mongrel spotted by the Queen at an animal fair in May. The Queen’s love for animals has led her to avoid foods that contain meat and she is almost vegetarian. “I love animals. What can I


Sofia’s love not shared by the King do,” said Sofia to a small group of reporters during an informal conversation. “Since childhood I have rejected meat. It is not necessary to kill animals.” She recounted how “in my family there have always been dogs” and then “one day a cat peered through a window of one of the halls of Zarzuela. I opened the door, it entered and adopted me. Since then it has had kittens, but now they are all spayed

An Iberian Express plane was evacuated moments before take-off last week after the captain was told there was a bomb on board. The flight from Alicante to Madrid was halted when a passenger claimed he had received a call on his mobile warning that his suitcase had been interfered with and may have been loaded with explosives. The man was later arrested when no explosives were found.

and everything is calm”. The Queen said the Zarzuela has a pet cemetery, “with the photo of each one on top of his grave.” El País reports the Spanish branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has called an extraordinary meeting of its members to decide whether to remove King Juan Carlos from his position as founding and honorary president of the organisation. The July 21 meeting, comes after the monarch’s controversial elephant-hunting trip to Botswana in April. At the time the WWF sent a letter to the Royal household saying his actions had “provoked enormous contempt among members.”




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TIME TO FILL PERFECT FOREVER! A NEW chemical could make human teeth 'cavity proof' - and do away with the need for visits to the dentists forever.

Daily Mail

rent dental care product, turning toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum into The molecule has been called Keep 32 “super cleansers” that could after the 32 teeth in a human mouth. get rid of the underlying cause The chemical was designed by dentists of tooth decay. in Chile, and wipes out all the bacteria that The chemical targets strepcause cavities in just 60 seconds in tests. tococcus mutans, the bacteria The chemical could be added to any cur- that turns the sugar in your mouth into lactic which acid, The Sun tooth erodes enamel. By exterminating the bacteria, Keep 32 prevents the damage to teeth before it happens. Using a product containing the chemical keeps your THE man saved by murdered cop Ian Dibell con- teeth “cavity proof” for sevfessed on Wednesday: “He was a real hero. He took a eral hours. The product has been bullet for me.” Lucky-to-be-alive Trevor Marshall, 48, told of his under test for seven years, terror as he was chased and shot by crazed gunman and is now going into human trials. Peter Reeve, 64 (pictured). It could be on the market He praised brave PC Ian

Brave cop took a bullet for me

Dibell — killed in the rampage at Clacton, Essex earlier in the week — saying: “He stood between me and certain death.” Reliving the bloody gun chase, trucker Trevor told how he was blasted at pointblank range and run over by paranoid neighbour Peter Reeve. Weirdo Reeve, 64, shot dead off-duty local bobby PC Dibell, 41, as he bravely tried to intervene. Shocked Trevor, who suffered a bullet wound to his arm and injuries to his hand and leg, said: “You see these types of shootings in downtown Los Angeles, not in Clacton-on-Sea.” Trevor revealed he and girlfriend Kat Karolak, 40, were fired at FOUR times in the space of just ten minutes as Reeve went berserk. He said: “Reeve was like a crazed animal. I stared into his eyes and they were totally dead. He wanted to kill me but I don’t know why.’’

in 14 to 18 months, say researchers José Córdoba from Yale University and Erich Astudillo from the University of Chile. The chemical could even be added to foods to stop bacteria damaging teeth as you eat. The researchers hope to licence the patent to chemical giants such as Procter

and Gamble. “We are currently in talks with five interested in investing in our project or buy our patent,” say the researchers. have SCIENTISTS found that women who breastfed their babies even for a few months after the birth were less likely to be obese 30 years later.


Soggy Scots flee torrents SCOTS are fleeing abroad on last-minute sunshine holidays to escape the soggy weather at home as forecasters predict yet more rain. Travel firms reported a surge in bookings for overseas package deals from customers after experts warned 2012 is becoming the “year without summer”. Almost half a million people are expected to fly from the country’s airports over the next fortnight, leaving those left behind to face torrential downpours. Large parts of the county were back on flood alert as monsoon conditions swept back threatening widespread disruption. Barrhead Travel has seen its bookings rocket by 20 per cent since last month, which was the wettest June on record. Chairman and founder Bill Munro puts

Daily Express the booming demand down to the dismal July weather. He said: “Our staff are working six days a week to cope with the demand. “People are literally walking up to our staff and saying, ‘Get me out of here’.” Thomson Holidays has also seen a 20 per cent rise in getaway inquiries. Glasgow Airport said it was expecting to see 220,000 passengers travel over the next two weekends, while an equal amount are expected through Edinburgh, Prestwick and Aberdeen. Package holiday companies reported a surge in late bookings as families give up hope of seeing any sunshine before the children return to school.

The Sun

Corrie set drenched as rain halts show POURING rain has put a dampener on Corrie. Outdoor filming of what were meant to be summery scenes has by stopped been weather that’s too bad even for Weatherfield. The cast is used to grey skies, windswept sets and clutching brollies between takes. But the recent downpours have seen the hit ITV1 soap’s schedules run overtime as actors and crew struggle to film in driving torrents. Michelle Actress Keegan, who plays Rovers Return bar beauty Tina McIntyre, told fans on Twitter: “Just filmed the 1st scene on the street n it’s taken 2 hours because of the rain!! I think I’m in for a loooooooong day!” The stars produce five episodes a week. One crew often films in the studio while another shoots outside. said: source A “We’re not afraid of rain in Weatherfield but this is getting ridiculous.”

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Scanner spots baby stuffed in luggage Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror THE body of Tetra Pak heiress Eva Rausing may have been lying in the bedroom of the couple's London mansion for up to a week, it was reported on Wednesday. The 48-year-old was discovered by police after they arrested her husband Hans Kristian on suspicion of possessing drugs on Monday. Pathologists were unable to find an immediate cause of death apparently due to the state of the body, lending weight to the theory that she had died some days ago. Her husband was arrested over her death and taken to hospital, where he was still receiving "medical treatment" on Wednesday. It is likely that he will remain in hospital 'for days'. Meanwhile, pictures emerged of Eva and Hans Kristian looking gaunt and dishevelled just weeks ago. The couple looked almost unrecognisable. Despite his fortune, the normally well-dressed Hans stepped out wearing a mismatched outfit of grubby-looking black trousers, a blue striped polo shirt, black blazer and green baseball cap. His normally glamorous looking wife wore denim shorts, open-toed sandals and an oversized black coat. She had no make-up and her hair looked bedraggled. A Met spokesman said: “On Monday a 49-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs. Following a subsequent search of an address in Cadogan Place, SW1, a body was found. “The death is being treated as unexplained. The 49-year-old man was further arrested in connection with the death and taken to a South London police station.” Detectives were on Wednesday seen to question three staff at the couple’s house, said by neighbours to be the family’s Filipino servants.

THIS was the shocking sight that greeted airport scanner staff when a couple tried to smuggle their baby through an airport stuffed inside a holdall. The pair put the newborn’s life at risk by allowing him to be exposed to radiation in Eva and her husband.She was found dead in their luxury mansion the X-ray machine because the boy did not have a visa. Security officers were horrified when they saw the outline of the baby and the mum and dad were arrested. The Egyptian couple had Sharjah at landed International Airport in the United Arab Emirates with abled, but agreement has PENSIONERS moving into their child on Friday but were Telegraph Daily nursing homes will be able yet to be reached on how to refused entry over the lack of sold. being house person’s to borrow money from the pay for it. proper paperwork. The ‘pay when you die’ Government rather than In an article for the Daily They were allowed to stay having to sell their property scheme is intended to stop Telegraph, Health until the relevant office the to pay for care, under plans up to 40,000 people each Secretary says: “Our plans opened again on Sunday, but to be unveiled by ministers. year being forced to sell will end the scandal of peo- grew impatient and tried their Councils will lend money homes to pay for care. ple being forced to sell their luck when security shifts A care home place costs home to pay for their care. swapped over, this time with to nursing home residents and recover it after death an average of £26,000 a From 2015, everyone will be the baby in the bag. from the proceeds of the year and only those with able to get a loan.” A police official said: “When limited assets have But the Health Secretary customs officers saw the baby their bills paid. adds: “I recognise that we inside the bag at the X-ray Andrew Lansley will can go further. We can scanner they were, not surpublish the longthe prisingly, stunned. t ou ab s im nd’s cla delayed social care enable people not to lose dicted Mr Diamo “This machine is very dantors. Now he s blasted ula ha reg nd h mo wit Dia ip have they everything b sh Bo on bank’s relati White Paper on July SHAMED banker mmittee. over the co m for anyone, let alone a gerous the the by to g llin lied gri he faces a second n d “any MPs for suggesting 11. He will confirm worked and saved for if they baby in a suitcase to pass waived a £20millio on Tuesday he sai he ter as let — a al in t nd Bu sca d an Libor that key decisions on need care for several years. through. uld be totally unfair such suggestion wo payoff. s had “a terribly said he was im ss cla bo be That is why we agree in will funding the d ays an rcl ” Ba The couple were charged ed r unfound The forme e some n”. liev tio be uta principle that a limit on the with endangering the baby’s n’t rep did my ns on least at until delayed cia ct pa im r fai un uld wo “dismayed” politi key he mond said out traders rigging amount people pay them- life. It is unclear how the child 2014. Hours earlier Mr Dia of his evidence ab is due. million payoff he £20 a e selves for the long-term got on to the aircraft without es. tak rat t a st no to want Ministers ry intere leave Barclays with s MPs on the Treasu wever, he will still Ho n. care they receive would be paperwork or whether he was On Tuesday, furiou illio m care of cost the cap fro £2m e ng nc de alli fits tot said new evi year’s pay and bene Select Committee contrathe right way forward.” disor elderly the by faced ius Ag s hidden during the flight. rcu Ma n chairma

Pay when you die proposal for care

ed v lie e b t o n ’s e h d e y a m is d Diamond



Friday, July 13,16, 2012 Friday, December 2011

All-time greatest British F1 drivers There's a glorious history of Formula One in Britain, so with the F1 paddock lined up for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone last weekend - boasting six World Champions among the field, including two Brits - it got us thinking: who are the greatest British F1 drivers of all time? Tony Brooks

500 in 1965 - drove mostly for Colin Chapman's Lotus team. He put in some stunning drives throughout his career, including lapping all but one car at the 1963 Belgian GP.

The son of a dental surgeon, Brooks was known as 'the racing dentist' and studied to be a tooth-puller himself. Brooks claimed the first ever victory for a British-constructed car in a World Championship race at the 1957 British Grand Prix at Aintree. He's pictured here on the left with team mate Stirling Moss.

David Coulthard

Jim Clark To many, Clark was the greatest F1 driver ever to have lived. The two-time world champion - who also won the Indianapolis

Another one from north of the border, Coulthard drove between 1994 and 2008 amassing 246 starts in the premiere class. Winner of 13 races, Coulthard got his chance in F1 after Ayrton Senna's death. The Williams test driver took the Brazilian's seats before moving to McLaren, later helping establish the current Red Bull team.

Mike Hawthorn The Yorkshireman claimed the 1958 world driver's title despite only racking up three wins over his whole career. Hawthorn only won once in his victorious year, beating Stirling Moss (who won four times as many races) to the crown.

Jenson Button The Somerset driver took 113 starts to seal his first win, at the Hungarian GP in 2006, but from there JB rose to the top. In 2009 Button won six of the first seven races for the newly formed Brawn GP team, going on to win his only F1 world championship so far.

hand at the wheel of an F1 car. He retired from F1 in 1974 after 50 starts due to a bad crash at the N端rburgring.

Bernie Ecclestone The F1 supremo who now runs the sport was actually a driver himself once. Ecclestone only made two F1 starts for the Connaught team - isolated to the 1958 season - before moving on to become team owner of Brabham in 1971. Needless to say, he's included here less for his exploits on the track and more for his towering influence on the sport off it.

Johnny Herbert Herbert (pictured in the car) racked up a trio of wins in F1, but his time in the top class very nearly didn't happen. Racing in the F3000 series (the class below F1 at the time) Herbert crashed heavily at Brands Hatch. The incident fractured both his legs but the Scot made his F1 debut with Benetton just seven months later.

Lewis Hamilton The Stevenage-born Switzerland resident's F1 story is remarkable - approaching McLaren boss, Ron Dennis at the age of 10 for an autograph, Hamilton said he wanted to race his cars one day. Dennis wrote 'phone me in nine years.' He did and Hamilton won the world championship 13 years later in 2008.

Graham Hill Graham Hill is the only F1 driver to ever win the hallowed triple crown of motorsport:

Mike Hailwood Known as 'Mike the bike' for his success at the Isle of Man TT races (Hailwood won there 14 times), the Brit was also a decent


Friday, July 13, 2012

the Monaco Grand Prix (which he won five times), the Le Mans 24 hours and the Indianapolis 500. The Brit won two world championships over his career and set up his own team - Embassy Hill - in 1973.

Damon Hill Son of Graham, Damon won the F1 world title in 1996 making them the only father-son duo ever to both win the most famous prize in motorsport. Hill junior's racing career actually started with motorbikes, until he moved to British Formula Ford single-seat racing in 1984.

Nigel Mansell

Formula 1 car and motorcycle world titles. The Englishman totalled six four-wheeled F1 wins - including a best of second at the British GP in '60, '62 and '63 - and 38 twowheeled motorcycle Grand Prix victories.

'Our Nige', as he's affectionately known by his fans, is the only driver to hold the F1 World Driver's and Indy Car World Series titles. Mansell moved to oval racing in 1993 after winning the F1 crown the previous year and held the titles simultaneously before moving back to the Williams team in 1994.

Carroll Shelby in an Aston Martin DBR1 sadly, both drivers passed away this year.

Jackie Stewart Stewart won the F1 driver's title three times. The Scot was a big advocate of safety in F1, campaigning to improve standards by making seatbelts and full-face helmets mandatory in the sport.

Stirling Moss

James Hunt The 1976 World Champ was known for his non-conformist attitude around the paddock and always had a beautiful lady on his arm. But Hunt was quick, winning a total of 10 races and one driver's title - with the McLaren team - in his career. He later became an F1 commentator alongside Murray Walker.

One of the most famous F1 racers of all time, Moss is widely regarded as 'the best driver to never win an F1 World Championship.' He still racked up 16 wins and a total of 24 podiums in his ten-year stint in F1.

John Surtees John Surtess has a special claim to fame - he's the only man ever to win both the

Jackie Oliver Just like many of his contemporaries, Oliver wasn't just an F1 specialist - the Briton also won at the Le Mans 24 hours and the Sebring 12 hours in the iconic Gulf Oil liveried Ford GT40. Oliver (pictured on the left at Daytona Speedway in 1971) took over from Jim Clark at Team Lotus after his fatal crash in 1968.

Eddie Irvine Northern Irishman Eddie Irvine had raw speed in an F1 car - so much so that his chequered crash record in his early years earned him the nickname 'Irv the swerve'. But he matured quickly, and signing for Ferrari was in a competitive car. Unfortunately, so was Michael Schumacher who overshadowed Irvine at the Italian team.

Roy Salvadori Salvadori drove for some of the most iconic names in the business, including Maserati, Ferrari, Cooper, BRM and Aston Martin. His best F1 result was a second at the German GP in 1958, but the Brit won the 1959 Le Mans 24 hours with American

John Watson Watson scored his first F1 World Championship point at Monaco in 1974 winning in the principality isn't the worst way to get off the mark. The Northern Irishman's first victory came two years later at the Australian GP in a Penske. Watson shaved off his beard after the race following a bet with team owner Roger Penske.


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CODE CRACKER Code Cracker is a crossword puzzle with no clues; instead, every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number. In this week’s puzzle, 5 represents S and 10 represents H, when these letters have been entered throughout the puzzle, you should have enough information to start guessing words and discovering other letters.


DOUBLE CROSS-WORD Solve the Double Cross-Word puzzle using either the standard or cryptic clues, the answers are exactly the same.

CRYTPIC CLUES Across 1 The mark of uncommon cars? (4) 3 Artist depicts sunlight streaming on the docks (8) 9 Top schoolboy makes mistakes in a note (7) 10 Push a canal boat (5) 11 Ballads from Epsom (5) 12 Italian time American is able to be read (6) 14 Relieves incantations (6) 16 Father meets a girl, a Spanish dish (6) 19 Dog consumed churchman (6) 21 Hints before you start to get a little drunk (5) 24 Sounds like a call to get rid of water (5) 25 No guise becomes so fiery (7) 26 Sweep ate cooked garden plant (8) 27 Glossy magazine uncovers a beating (4)

Down 1 Careless Pete S is French but the most inclined (8) 2 At this address you will find a sailor and a poem (5) 4 Highly decorated in the Battle of Little Big Horn, a terrific achievement (6) 5 Discovered that the instruments went haywire at bus crash (5) 6 A very high post (3,4) 7 Restrict the branch (4) 8 Build silent Christmas decoration (6) 13 Cosy pals danced to West Indian music (8) 15 Slippery vile Sue is wrong (7) 17 Temporary job for a thespian (6) 18 In slander I detect insult (6) 20 Dame Margot Fonteyn demonstrates slang (5) 22 Hop to another snapshot (5) 23 Has drifted snow (4)




Complete the crossword grid by using the given words:

2 letter words On So 3 letter words Ash Bio Boa Eat Leo Let Pin Ram 4 letter words Adze Ages Alee Aloe Ares Aria Bale Cafe Cava Clue

Dark Deer Gene Ides Kept Mess Nous Ones Pile Prep Roes Safe Save Spry Step Suds Thus Tons Urdu Vest Ware Webs

Sauce 5 letter words Shale Altar Sioux Audio Slunk Banns Steer Blind Stern Cater 6 letter words Cause Aghast Chips Carobs Choke Cavern Coder Clumsy Elate Dashed Enemy Penury Finns Scrams Hoary Spinet Humus 8 letter words Nosey Erratics Oinks Floaters Pious 9 letter words Plonk Boomerang Razor Fishermen Refer Relax Rider

SPANISH-ENGLISH CROSSWORD Improve your Spanish - clues in Spanish, answers in English or vice versa.


Across 1 Error (7) 5 Speedy (5) 8 Conceive of (7) 9 Young females (5) 10 Pulsate (5) 11 Exact (7) 12 Decrease (6) 14 Absconded (6) 17 Draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs (7) 19 Hobo (5) 22 Defile (5) 23 Building (7) 24 Broadcast (5) 25 Set aside (7)

Down 1 Damp (5) 2 Step (5) 3 Good-natured (7) 4 Excuse (6) 5 Scoundrel (5) 6 Endure (7) 7 Come down (7) 12 Edible crustacean (7) 13 Exceptional (7) 15 Achieves (7) 16 Alcove (6) 18 Shoddy (5) 20 Remain (5) 21 Declare (5)

Last weeks Solution Across: 1 Scrape, 4 Carpet, 9 Avocado, 10 Donor, 11 Ratio, 12 Know-all, 13 Mickey Mouse, 18 Assault, 20 Scare, 22 Traps, 23 Carnage, 24 Polite, 25 Gentle. Down: 1 Stairs, 2 Roost, 3 Peacock, 5 Audio, 6 Pen pals, 7 Thrill, 8 Hockey stick, 14 Install, 15 Observe, 16 Laptop, 17 Recede, 19 Upset, 21 Adapt.

Scribble Pad

1 Most precipitous (8) 1 Mark (4) 2 Dwelling (5) 4 Elaborate (6) 3 Depicts (8) 5 Lowest brass wind 9 Public school boy (7) instrument (5) 10 Flatboat (5) 6 Letters transported by 11 Verse forms (5) planes (3,4) 12 Italian dialect (6) 7 Stalk (4) 14 Charms (6) 8 Christmas tree decora16 Spanish rice dish (6) tion (6) 13 West Indian music 19 Minister of religion (6) (plural) (8) 21 Merry (5) 15 Indefinable (7) 24 Squeeze (5) 17 Behaving (6) 25 Fiery (7) 18 Ridicule (6) 26 Climbing garden plant 20 Jargon (5) (8) 22 Snapshot (5) 27 Mislaying (4) 23 Possesses (4) Last weeks Solution Across: 1 Mascara, 5 Basis, 8 Nut tree, 9 Rebel, 10 Oasis, 11 Convent, 12 Easily, 14 Dieted, 17 Charlie, 19 Lasts, 22 Scour, 23 Trestle, 24 Dates, 25 Desired. Down: 1 Mango, 2 Sites, 3 Aerosol, 4 Agency, 5 Baron, 6 Subject, 7 Saluted, 12 Encased, 13 Seaport, 15 Illness, 16 Dented, 18 Larks, 20 Sitar, 21 Speed.



1 Preachers (of sermons) (12) 8 Urraca (6) 9 Silla de montar (6) 10 Caballito de mar (3,5) 11 Wool (4) 12 To be (5) 14 Panadero (5) 18 Island (4) 20 Churches (buildings) (8) 22 Salsas (6) 23 Hardly (6) 24 Fresas (fruta) (12)

2 Lectores (7) 3 Profundidad (hondura) (5) 4 Cereza (6) 5 Platos (6) 6 Knee (7) 7 Living-room (5) 13 To park (vehicle) (7) 15 Emanar (7) 16 Rompecabezas (6) 17 ÂĄPor favor! (6) 19 Asientos (muebles) (5) 21 Lanza (5)


Friday, July 13, 2012 Across 1/9 Which footballer holds the record for most international appearances (125) for England? (5,7) 4 Glass of Champagne (1975) and Girls Girls Girls (1976) were both British top 10 hit singles for which group? (6) 9 See 1 10 Which word means to burn with a hot liquid or steam or to subject to harsh criticism? (5) 11 What name is given to a speech defect that involves pronouncing s like voiceless th and z like voiced th? (4) 12 What forename connects playwright Rattigan and actor Stamp? (7) 13 What is the international code signal of extreme distress, used especially by ships at sea? (3) 14 Which word can mean deficient in beauty or inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace? (4) 16 Which opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni, was based on a historical incident brought to light by French Eqyptologist Auguste Mariette? (4) 18 Which British unit of weight is equivalent to 2,240lbs? (3) 20 What name is given to the result obtained by adding several amounts together and then dividing this total by the number of amounts? (7) 21 What name is given to a skewer for holding meat over a fire? (4) 24 What name is applied to an adult insect produced after metamorphosis? (5) 25 Which Scandinavian alcoholic spirit made from potatoes is usually flavoured with caraway seeds? (7) 26 Collectively, by what name were the three goddess sisters Aglaia (Brightness), Euphrosyne (Joyfulness) and Thalia


Quiz Word

(Bloom) usually known? (6) 27 What is the name of the floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage? (5) Down 1 Which club-shaped hand tool is used for grinding and mixing

substances in a mortar? (6) 2 The name of which small branches or divisions of a branch also means understands, usually after some initial difficulty? (5) 3 George Herman were the first names of which American baseball player who set a record of 714 home runs that remained unbroken until 1974? (4) 5 What nationality was the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? (8) 6 Which adjective meaning having much knowledge acquired by study is often used as a courteous description of a lawyer in certain formal contexts? (7) 7 Which body of water is linked to the Indian Ocean in the south by the Gulf of Aden and to the Mediterranean in the north by the Suez Canal? (3,3) 8 Bowline, sheepshank and Turk's head are all types of what? (5) 13 Acer pseudoplatanus is the botanical name of which large Eurasian maple with winged fruits, native to central and southern Europe? (8) 15 St George's is the capital of which country in the Caribbean? (7) 17 What name is given to a non-commissioned sailor in the British navy? (6) 18 Sharleen Spiteri is the lead singer of which Scottish pop group? (5) 19 What name is given to the crackling or hissing noise cause by electrical interference? (6) 22 What name is given to an axis consisting of a short shaft that supports something that turns? (5) 23 Which Caribbean country is the largest and furthest west of the islands of the West Indies? (4)

SALLY’S SIMPLE SPANISH Palabras compuestas

Match these words with their Spanish translations then find them in the wordsearch. (Answers below)

movies/tv QUIZ

ANSWERS 1. Beirut, Lebanon 2. In the heat of the night 3. Rod Stiger 4. Sergeant Joe Friday 5. Tallulah Bankhead 6. Kork 7. James Bond 8. Tom Cruise 9. Robert Mitchum for Vagrancy 10. Stan Laurel 11. McGillicuddy 12. Piper Laurie 13. Dusty 14. Sophia Loren

Last Week’s Solutions Code Cracker Last weeks Quiz Wordsolution Across: 1 Andy Gibb, 7 Maine, 8 Laurie Lee, 9 Toe, 10 Bile, 11 Radius, 13 Buskin, 14 Sartre, 17 Balzac, 18 Tush, 20 Ale, 23 Accra, 24 Tornados Down: 1 Ad lib, 2/22 Douglas MacArthur, 3 Grid, 4 Balsam, 5 Fists, 6 Referee, 7 Mexican, 12 Diploma, 13 Bananas, 15 Touched, 16 Pancho, 17 Belch, 19 Horus, 21 Iron.














Empareja estas palabras – Match these Spanish and English words for word suffixes. You will find the answers at the bottom of the quiz. 1.sacapuntas, 2.sacacorchos,


k.midday, l.stain remover, m.paso doble (double step

3.pasodoble, 4.abrelatas, 5.guardabarros, 6.parabrisas,

a.windscreen, b.corkscrew,


7.quitamanchas, 8.bocacalle,

c.parachute, conduct,

n.street entrance.

9.mediodia, 10.paracaidas,

e.mudguard, f.tin opener,

11.pasatiempo, 12.pelirrojo,



i.pencil sharpener, j.pastime,


Span - Eng


Answers: 1i, 2b, 3m, 4f, 5e, 6a, 7l, 8n, 9k, 10c, 11j, 12g, 13h, 14d.

1. Where was Keanu Reeves born? 2. What film won the best picture Oscar in 1967? 3. Who played the role of the pawnbroker in the film 'Pawnbroker'? 4. Who was the hero of the old TV cop series 'Dragnet'? 5. In the Hitchcock film, Lifeboat (1944) who played the part of Connie Porter? 6. On the show 'Mork and Mindy' what was the capitol of Ork? 7. In Italian, who is Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? 8. Whose first box office film was called 'Risky Business'? 9. Which actor, did time on a Georgia Chain Gang and managed to escape for 6 days? 10. Arthur Jefferson was better known by what name? 11. In I love Lucy what was Lucy Ricardo's maiden name? 12. Rosetta Jacobs became famous under what name? 13. What was the name of the horse before Silver in the Lone Ranger? 14. Which actress was jailed in 1982 for tax evasion?


Fill It In


Friday, July 13, 2012

TRELI ON THE TELLY I HAVE to admit that I really wanted to hate Superstar on ITV1, because the good Lord Webber had moved over from the BBC. BBC transfers to ITV normally end in tears, and so I feared the worst. But I’m delighted to say that this is a rare exception which has worked well so far. Casting the net for Jesus in a new touring version of Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew was joined by people like Jason Donovan and Mel C for the auditions, which cracked on quickly, rather than the usual collection of nauseating sob stories. Though I enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, my concern is about the live shows which start this Sunday with the bizarre choice of Amanda Holden as host, and the equally strange pick of Dawn French as a judge. Also, having it run every night next week is a hell of a gamble, which I suspect may well backfire in ITV’s face. It’s just too much of a niche format as opposed to Britain’s Got Talent or The X Factor. So what if it looks good and has the recently knighted Kenneth Branagh starring in it! Am I the only per-

Jesus every night is just too much!

with ALEX TRELINSKI son that finds Wallender, which returned to BBC1 on Sunday, the perfect cure for insomnia? Friday nights are going to be short on laughs for the next few months as the hilarious Graham Norton Show takes a summer break, and we’ve also finished the second run of Episodes over on BBC2. I enjoyed the first series, but this next batch was even funnier with some wonderful excruciating moments to enjoy, the highlight being a funeral full of back-biting. It’s been a wonderfully written satire on American TV, and let’s hope it returns next year. The American writer, Aaron Sorkin, was the guy behind the smartest


political TV drama ever, The West Wing, and he penned the screenplay for the excellent movie, The Social Network. Sorkin is back in business on the small screen, with The Newsroom, which is set (amazingly enough) in an American TV newsroom! As with all of Sorkin’s writing, it’s clever

and pacy, with Jeff Daniels playing a news anchor who’s let rip over a few things that have been bubbling under for some time. This latest offering from the American HBO channel is yet another reason that the Sky Atlantic channel is just about the best satellite service around for drama.

Horoscopes My gift to you is this wisdom: he who makes love at awkward angle, gets back problems for next day. The scars left on your knee are there for everyone to see. This month provides you with the greatest chance of making it. So pray to the planets that they stay in alignment or this horoscopes will not be fulfilled. If it's tasty, then lap it up. If not, don't. This is the best course of action for this week.

Taurus April 20 - May 20 You may find at some point this week that you are suddenly thought of as being moliminous, although how much this is to do with the fact that you'll be carrying a very large loaded gun, is up for debate. Taking a bit-part in a local theatre production may help you get out and start living a lie. In a world full of people like yourself, who cares if you want to behave like an orangutan?

Gemini May 21 - June 20 Wild stallions won't be able to drag you away from the multiple love-in you may or may not encounter today. Find yourself someone to settle down with today. Don't be choosy - just pick at random. If random fails, go for whoever doesn't violently sick-up on your clothing. Good fortune will stalk you like a mean spirited vulture today and won't spread any of his juicy fortune charm over you.

Cancer June 21 - July 22 Terrible news will filter through to you later today. Weekend "raves" are not something that happen to you anymore. But it's okay, you have things like Wogan instead. If you don't care what the weatherman says when the weatherman says it's raining - that's great! Scraping the barrel doesn't always mean that you have to consume your own waste.

There’s good news that the expensive hags of Loose Women are being rested over the summer by ITV1, whilst we enjoy the far more entertaining Let’s Do Lunch…with Gino and Mel. Surely the ever cost conscious ITV bosses can work out that they save a lot of

money and get more viewers by keeping this show as a permanent replacement? In Soapland, don’t you really want nice old Tyrone to give Kirsty a good old slap on Corrie and tell her to get stuffed for once and for all? His ex-copper girlfriend gets even madder tonight, whilst over on Eastenders can you really tell me you’re all that bothered over who Kat Moon is seeing? It smacks to me as a plea for insanity on behalf of the bloke or a clearly urgent need for a visit to the opticians. The gaffe of the week award goes to the BBC’s Sue Barker, as she eyed up the great and the good on Centre Court at Wimbledon for the men’s final, and told us that the Scottish First Minister, Sir Alex Ferguson, was there!




Aries March 21 - April 19


By Pandora Leo July 23 - August 22 Your daily rituals are what keep you going. Avoid the temptation to change your ways, lest you become half the person you are today. The music you have been listening to has been tainted by the devil. Testing times will see you fall by the wayside. Dancing around like a fairy is a great way to lose weight and strengthen those legs.

Virgo August 23 - September 22 Your mind is filled with thoughts of sexual inadequacy and hey, maybe you're right. Parts of you are pleased that you are to become single once again. Mostly the groinal parts. Creeping around on your tip-toes is all very well and good, but driving like that is just going to give you sore feet.

Libra September 23 - October 22 The tension between you and a coworker may ease today as you suddenly realise you have other stronger ties. Danger, excitement, thrills. Even spills. These are buzz words which may catch your attention this week, possibly in the form of a horoscope. Opening up to a close friend will probably be the worst thing you could do, in your situation.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21 See how clever you can be today by attempting to count your lose change inside your pocket WITHOUT taking your hand or the money out. If everything that's ever been said about you is true, why are you such a jackass? The more money you get this month, the more you realise you should be doing something more constructive with it.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 Armchair politicians will affect your life today as they rise from their dank pits and begin to conquer the known world. Your suspicions may prove correct today as you super-sleuth your way around the office. Become as the rabbit. All will become clear as the moon begins its wane. The manner of an exit you make today may lead others to assume things of you.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19 Limericks are great, but perhaps you might avoid talking incessantly in one large storybook of tall tales. Metal objects may interest you today, and cause a new hobby to "spark" inside of you. Kissing horses in an otherwise empty paddock is fair game today. Enjoy yourself and try not to go too wild. Blimey, you ain't harf as wot you used to, ain't it?

Aquarius January 20 - February 18 Although similes can often be used as humorous ways to compare something that is banal to something that is funny, you are neither cunning nor weasel like, and it would be best if you left the comedy to the comedians. You may be better off taking charge of your own laundry today for reasons that the stars do not make clear.

Pisces February 19 - March 20 Today might be a good day to walk around with your arms stretched forwards in a "mummy" style. Test yourself, know your limits! Write lots of letters today and you'll appreciate the finer art of stamp licking. Take time out to consider your options; climb a mountain, dig your own grave.


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Action fantasy starring Christian Bale. When the wealthy parents of young Bruce Wayne are killed in front of him during a street robbery, the traumatised youth becomes bitter and eaten up with a desire for revenge. After a period in the Far East where he learns disciplined fighting skills and the power to channel his rage from the enigmatic Henri Ducard, the now adult Wayne returns to a Gotham City riddled with corruption and embarks on a crusade to cleanse the metropolis of crime under the guise of "the Batman".

00:05 Gordon Behind Bars 01:10 Random Acts 01:15 Undercover Boss 02:10 Our Man In 03:05 Dispatches 03:35 Kashmir's Torture Trail 04:30 Time Team 05:25 Deal or No Deal 06:20 Countdown 07:05 The Treacle People 07:15 The Hoobs 07:40 The Hoobs 08:05 Freshly Squeezed 08:35 According to Jim 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Four Rooms 12:00 You Deserve This House 13:00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary 13:05 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 13:30 The Fabulous Baker Brothers 14:00 Channel 4 Racing 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 19:55 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 Channel 4 Presents 21:00 Come Dine with Me 22:00 The Million Pound Drop Live 23:35 The Angelos Epithemiou Show

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Weather Golf: Scottish Open T in the Park 2012 BBC News The Record Review

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THE NATIONS FAVOURITE NO. 1 The countdown enters the top 40 as Fearne Cotton continues the search for the UK's best-loved singles of the past 60 years, as chosen by ITV viewers from a list put together by music-industry experts. Stars including Adam Ant, Debbie Harry, Kylie Minogue, Noel Gallagher, Gary Barlow, Gloria Gaynor, Jason Donovan, Tinie Tempah and Professor Green tell the stories behind some of the songs the public rushed out to buy and sent to the top of the charts.

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 SuperCasino 04:55 Motorsport Mundial 05:20 Wildlife SOS 05:45 Wildlife SOS 06:10 House Doctor 06:35 House Doctor 07:00 Peppa Pig 07:05 Roary the Racing Car 07:15 Fifi and the Flowertots 07:25 City of Friends 07:40 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 07:50 Castle Farm 07:55 Abby's Flying Fairy School 08:05 Roobarb and Custard Too 08:15 Bananas in Pyjamas 08:25 Family! 08:35 Noddy in Toyland 08:45 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 08:55 Little Princess 09:10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:30 Angelina Ballerina 09:50 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 10:10 The Mr Men Show 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 Ice Age 4: Movie Special 11:30 Animal Rescue Squad 11:45 Meerkat Manor 12:15 Big Brother 13:15 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads 14:20 Murder Ahoy 16:15 McBride: The Doctor is Out, Really Out 17:55 The Kentuckian 20:05 5 News Weekend 20:10 NCIS 21:00 NCIS 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 Awake


Still searching for that dream home? Look no further, as San Miguel Estates (SME) is guaranteed to find you your perfect property. At an initial meeting SME will determine your needs, preferences and budget, and compile a list of potential viewings to fit that profile. It is this truly personalised service that makes SME different from other Real Estates Companies. So, whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a property, SME can get you where you want to be. Established in San Miguel Salinas, the company extends a professional comprehensive service, carrying clients through the whole process from searching for a property to arranging mortgages, NIE numbers, conveyancing and also providing local knowledge for schools, hospitals doctors, golf courses, restaurants and beaches. Business owner Eddie Hill has owned property on the Costas since 2002, relocating permanently in 2006. Eddie is out on the road most days accompanying clients to view properties or organising new listings, where he advises property owners on the appropriate price range and SA semi professional photographer who has had numerous photographs published will take stunning

shots that will really support the sale of your property. Considering the state of the world’s economy it has been extremely busy year for SME as they continue to receive numerous enquiries from all over the word as well as Europe, Scandinavia and of course the UK and Spain. All of SME’s properties are advertised on their own website and plus several other websites. Let SME help you find that property and live the dream here in Spain. SME have developed an impressive portfolio of reliable contacts, including solicitors, mortgage advisors and brokers and other associated members of the building trade whom they can recommend where necessary. In the coming weeks SME will be advertising bank repossessions and lots of new build properties, however, due to the huge demand at present, they still require urgently reasonably priced properties and good quality rentals. For a complete friendly service and further information please give SME a call today on 663 593 871, or emails them at or check out their website


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Thelma Madine's trainees begin their course in dressmaking, and for some, it's the first paid work they have ever done. As the girls try to get used to life in a professional workplace, 16-year-old Irish traveller Margaret clashes with colleague Bridget and struggles with authority, while Shannon, the youngest of the group, ends up being suspended for an act that Thelma describes as `pure evil'.

01:20 Stop-Loss 03:15 Brain Damage 03:20 The Million Pound Drop Live 04:45 This Is Me 04:50 St Elsewhere 05:35 Gone Fishing 05:55 Grudge Match 06:05 Rescue Remedies 06:15 Countdown 07:00 The Treacle People 07:10 Sali Mali 07:15 Ironman Triathlon 07:40 Canary Wharf Triathlon 08:10 The Great Swim Series 09:05 Will & Grace 09:30 Will & Grace 09:55 Frasier 10:25 Frasier 11:00 Sunday Brunch 13:30 The Big Bang Theory 13:55 The Big Bang Theory 14:25 The Simpsons 14:55 The Simpsons 15:30 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging 17:30 Big Dance 2012 18:30 Three in a Bed 19:30 Channel 4 News 19:55 20:00 Deal or No Deal 21:00 Come Dine with Me 22:00 Thelma's Gypsy Girls 23:00 Hot Tub Time Machine

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Twenty Twelve Irina Palm World Olympic Dreams BBC World News Asia Business Report Sport Today BBC World News Asia Business Report Sport Today BBC World News HARDtalk Close

07:00 The Pingu Show 07:10 Zigby 07:25 Timmy Time 07:35 Dirtgirlworld 07:50 Rastamouse 08:00 Roar 08:30 Stuck on Sheep Mountain 08:55 League of Super Evil 09:10 Frankenstein's Cat 09:20 Pet Squad 09:30 Nina and the Neurons 09:45 Big & Small 10:00 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:10 Little Charley Bear 10:20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion 10:30 Bob the Builder 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Lunar Jim 11:00 Dipdap 11:05 Kerwhizz 11:30 Driver Dan's Story Train 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Climbing Great Buildings 14:30 To Buy or Not to Buy 15:15 Weakest Link 16:00 Show Me the Monet 16:45 The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Antiques Road Trip 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Railway Journeys 20:00 Babies in the Office 21:00 University Challenge 21:30 The Hairy Bakers 22:00 The Riots: In Their Own Words 23:00 QI 23:30 Weather

00:00 ITV News and Weather 00:19 Meridian Weather 00:20 The Cube 01:15 Premiership Rugby Sevens Series 02:10 ITV News Headlines 04:10 British Superbike Championship Highlights 05:20 Motorsport UK 06:10 ITV Nightscreen 06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Meridian News and Weather 15:00 Drive to Buy 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 Meridian Weather 17:00 A Touch of Frost 18:00 Tipping Point 19:00 Meridian Tonight 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Britain's Secret Treasures 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Superstar 23:30 ITV News and Weather

BRITAIN’S SECRET TREASURES New series. Michael Buerk and historian Bettany Hughes are joined by guest presenters to unveil the 50 greatest artefacts discovered by members of the public. The order of the list has been determined by Bettany and a panel of experts, who have trawled through almost one million finds of the past 15 years to identify those of national importance, beauty, and cultural and historical significance. The countdown begins with items 50 to 45, featuring a Roman slave shackle, a toy cannon and a First World War medal.

01:00 The Man 02:00 Camelot 02:30 One Minute Past Midnight 02:40 My Name Is Earl 03:05 Hollyoaks 05:20 Deal or No Deal 06:15 Grudge Match 06:25 Countdown 07:10 Sali Mali 07:15 The Hoobs 08:05 Freshly Squeezed 08:35 According to Jim 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Four Rooms 12:00 You Deserve This House 13:00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary 13:05 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 13:35 Gok Cooks Chinese 14:05 River Cottage Bites 14:20 40 Guns to Apache Pass 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Dispatches 21:30 Jamie's Summer Food Rave Up 22:00 Undercover Boss 23:00 Thelma's Gypsy Girls

00:40 Knock Off 02:30 SuperCasino 05:05 Sons of Anarchy 05:50 County Secrets 06:00 Hana's Helpline 06:10 The Milkshake! Show 06:35 Thomas & Friends 06:45 Roary the Racing Car 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 The WotWots 07:20 City of Friends 07:35 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Castle Farm 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 08:55 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Roary the Racing Car 09:40 Milkshake! Show Songs 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Igam Ogam 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:15 Rosamunde Pilcher's Autumn 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Cowboy Builders 21:00 Police Interceptors 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 The Walking Dead


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July 17

00:35 Life 02:20 Weatherview 02:25 Coast 03:25 Hairy Bikers' Best of British 04:10 Great British Railway Journeys 04:40 Great British Menu 05:40 HARDtalk 06:00 BBC News 06:30 World Business Report 06:45 BBC News 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:58 BBC News; Weather 12:00 Cowboy Trap 12:45 You've Been Scammed 13:13 BBC News; Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News; Weather 16:05 Diddy Dick & Dom 16:35 Prank Patrol Down Under 17:00 Copycats 17:30 Serious Explorers 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 20:00 The One Show 20:30 BBC News; Regional News 21:00 Holby City 22:00 Turn Back Time - The Family 23:00 BBC News 23:25 National Lottery Update 23:35 Imagine

00:20 World's Most Dangerous Roads 01:20 BBC News 01:30 HARDtalk 02:00 Newsday 02:30 Asia Business Report 02:45 Sport Today 03:00 BBC World News 03:30 Asia Business Report 03:45 Sport Today 04:00 BBC World News 05:00 Schools: 3, 2, 1 Go! - Key Stage 1 06:00 Schools: 3, 2, 1 Go! - Key

Stage 2 07:00 The Pingu Show 07:10 Zigby 07:25 Timmy Time 07:35 Dirtgirlworld 07:50 Rastamouse 08:00 Roar 08:30 Stuck on Sheep Mountain 08:55 League of Super Evil 09:10 Frankenstein's Cat 09:20 Pet Squad 09:30 Nina and the Neurons 09:45 Big & Small 10:00 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:10 Little Charley Bear 10:20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion 10:30 Bob the Builder 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Lunar Jim 11:00 Dipdap 11:05 Kerwhizz 11:30 Driver Dan's Story Train 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 BBC World News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Climbing Great Buildings 14:30 To Buy or Not to Buy 15:15 Weakest Link 16:00 Show Me the Monet 16:45 The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Antiques Road Trip 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Railway Journeys 20:00 Babies in the Office 21:00 Coast 22:00 Line of Duty 23:00 Twenty Twelve 23:30 Weather

00:05 Meridian Tonight and Weather 00:10 Real Crime 01:05 In Plain Sight 01:50 ITV News Headlines 04:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 04:55 ITV Nightscreen 05:35 The Jeremy Kyle Show 06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Meridian News and Weather 15:00 Drive to Buy 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 Meridian Weather 17:00 A Touch of Frost 18:00 Tipping Point 19:00 Meridian Tonight 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Britain's Secret Treasures 21:00 Love Your Garden 22:00 Superstar 23:30 ITV News and Weather

THE 74-STONE BABYSITTER An insight into a high-profile American murder trial in which 74st Texas woman Mayra Rosales confessed to beating her two-year-old nephew to death. As the only person in the company of the youngster when he died, Mayra became the prime suspect, and the programme follows the twists and turns of the trial, discovering how a bedridden, immobile woman appeared to be admitting to a crime it seemed unlikely she was able to commit. Includes testimony from Mayra, her family and friends, and the doctors, lawyers and investigators involved in the case.

00:05 Coming Up 00:40 The Odyssey 01:15 Random Acts 01:20 Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic 02:20 The Good Wife 03:00 The Good Wife 03:45 The Big C 04:15 The Big C 04:45 Southland 05:25 St Elsewhere 06:15 Deal or No Deal 07:10 Sali Mali 07:15 The Hoobs 08:05 Freshly Squeezed 08:35 According to Jim 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Four Rooms 12:00 You Deserve This House 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 13:40 Gok Cooks Chinese 14:10 The Fighting Seabees 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Beauty & the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice 22:00 Gordon Behind Bars 23:00 Accused: The 74-Stone Babysitter

00:00 Candyman: Day of the Dead 01:45 Forensic Files 02:15 SuperCasino 05:00 Nick's Quest 05:25 Wildlife SOS 05:45 Wildlife SOS 06:10 House Doctor 06:35 House Doctor 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 The WotWots 07:20 City of Friends 07:35 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Castle Farm 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 08:55 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Roary the Racing Car 09:40 Milkshake! Show Songs 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Igam Ogam 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:15 Ann Rule's Too Late to Say Goodbye 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 The Hotel Inspector 21:00 Half Built House 22:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:00 Big Brother


The Courier Wednesday TV

July 18

00:45 London River 02:05 Weatherview 02:10 The Fruit & Veg Market 03:10 The Men Who Made Us Fat 04:10 Food Factory 04:40 Great British Menu 05:40 HARDtalk 06:00 BBC News 06:30 World Business Report 06:45 BBC News 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:58 BBC News; Weather 12:00 Cowboy Trap 12:45 You've Been Scammed 13:13 BBC News; Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News; Weather 16:05 Diddy Dick & Dom 16:35 Prank Patrol Down Under 17:00 Copycats 17:30 HH: Gory Games 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Weather 20:00 The One Show 20:30 BBC News; Regional News 21:00 DIY SOS: The Big Build 22:00 Victoria Pendleton: Cycling's Golden Girl 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws 23:45 Have I Got Old News for You

00:20 01:20 01:30 02:00 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:30 03:45 04:00 04:30 04:45 05:00 07:00

Shakespeare Uncovered BBC News HARDtalk Newsday Asia Business Report Sport Today Newsday Asia Business Report Sport Today Newsday Asia Business Report Sport Today Schools: True Stories The Pingu Show

07:10 Zigby 07:25 Timmy Time 07:35 Dirtgirlworld 07:50 Rastamouse 08:00 Roar 08:30 Stuck on Sheep Mountain 08:55 League of Super Evil 09:10 Frankenstein's Cat 09:20 Pet Squad 09:30 Nina and the Neurons 09:45 Big & Small 10:00 Tinga Tinga Tales 10:10 Little Charley Bear 10:20 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion 10:30 Bob the Builder 10:40 The Koala Brothers 10:50 Lunar Jim 11:00 Dipdap 11:05 Kerwhizz 11:30 Driver Dan's Story Train 11:40 Waybuloo 12:00 In the Night Garden 12:30 Angus 13:50 Lifeline 14:00 Climbing Great Buildings 14:30 To Buy or Not to Buy 15:15 Weakest Link 16:00 Show Me the Monet 16:45 The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Antiques Road Trip 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Great British Railway Journeys 20:00 Coast 20:30 RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2012 21:00 Restoration Home 22:00 The Riots: In Their Own Words 23:00 The Culture Show 23:30 Weather

00:05 Meridian Tonight and Weather 00:10 Police Academy 01:50 ITV News Headlines 04:00 Golden Balls 04:50 ITV Nightscreen 06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Meridian News and Weather 15:00 Drive to Buy 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 Meridian Weather 17:00 A Touch of Frost 18:00 Tipping Point 19:00 Meridian Tonight 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Britain's Secret Treasures 22:00 Superstar 23:30 ITV News and Weather

00:05 True Stories 01:40 Random Acts 01:45 Bank of Dave 02:40 The Great Swim Series 03:35 KOTV Boxing Weekly 04:05 Sailing 04:30 FIVB Beach Volleyball 05:25 Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind 05:30 The Grid 06:00 Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind 06:05 British F3 06:30 Ironman Triathlon 07:00 Canary Wharf Triathlon 07:30 The Treacle People 07:40 The Hoobs 08:05 Freshly Squeezed 08:35 According to Jim 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Four Rooms 12:00 You Deserve This House 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 13:35 Gok Cooks Chinese 14:05 Channel 4 Presents 14:10 Quentin Durward 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Supersize vs Superskinny 22:00 24 Hours in A&E 23:00 The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family


New series. Caroline Quentin meets people trying to save historic buildings by converting them into homes, beginning with a couple restoring Coldbrook Farm, a 17th-century Monmouthshire farmhouse that is surrounded by working farm buildings. Its new owners try to mix its existing Tudor-period features with modern designs, while architectural expert Kieran Long and historian Kate Williams investigate the property's possible links to one of Britain's most powerful lords.

TKO FM - WEEKLY POWER PLAY Mika feat. Pharrell Williams Celebrate This is the lead single taken from Mika's upcoming 3rd album 'The Origin of Love' which follows 2009's Top 10 LP 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'. Just released in France, the single will hit the UK on September 9th, with the album following one week later on September 16th. TKO GOLD - FUTURE GOLD TRACK TKO GOLD Elton John vs. Pnau –Sad The year long Pnau project of reinventing the songs of Elton John will be released on July 27th proceeded by this 2nd single on the 16th (the same day as the LP). Titled ‘Good Morning to the Night’, the album was led by the title track in late June. Elton John gave the Australian dance music duo license to reinvent his music in any way they wished.

Join TKO for the Lo Crispin fun day on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of August. There will be lots of fun and games starting from 7pm until midnight.

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 Banged Up Abroad 02:00 SuperCasino 04:55 Nick's Quest 05:20 Wildlife SOS 05:45 Wildlife SOS 06:10 House Doctor 06:35 House Doctor 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 The WotWots 07:20 City of Friends 07:35 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Castle Farm 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 08:55 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Igam Ogam 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:10 A Trick of the Mind 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads 21:00 World's Fastest Train 22:00 NCIS 23:00 Big Brother

Let’s see if you can win yourself a meal for two and a bottle of wine at Quesada Fish & Chips

POP QUIZ July 14th Welcome to the famous TKO Gold pop quiz! All you have to do is take the first letter from each answer to find the name of a band or artist. Once you have found the key word, listen in to Chris Ashley´s show on TKO Gold, Saturday mornings 9am – 12pm. 1. Colour of the Lemon Pipers tambourine. 2. In 1968 what did the group Gun do with the devil. 3. Martin Fry was the lead singer with this Sheffield group. 4. This word can prefix these song titles..Girls..Dreaming & Blue. 5. What was Sunday morning like for the Commodores. 6. UK Eurovision Song Contest entrants in 2003. 7. Keith West had excerpts from a teenage what. 8. Name the group that were Google Eyed on Tobacco Road. 9. A 1966 psychedelia cult hit I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by this band. 10. From which country do heavy metal boys Europe come from.


The Courier Thursday TV

July 19

00:15 Great British Islam 00:45 DOA 02:15 Weatherview 02:20 Britain's Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones 03:20 Fake Britain 04:05 Great British Menu 05:05 BBC World News 05:30 Panorama 06:00 BBC News 06:30 World Business Report 06:45 BBC News 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:58 BBC News; Weather 12:00 Cowboy Trap 12:45 You've Been Scammed 13:13 BBC News; Weather 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 BBC News; Weather 16:05 Diddy Dick & Dom 16:35 Prank Patrol Down Under 17:00 Copycats 17:30 Roy 18:00 Newsround 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Regional News Programmes 20:00 The One Show 20:30 BBC News; Regional News 21:00 The Truth About Sports Products 22:00 Crimewatch 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Crimewatch Update 23:45 Traffic Cops

00:20 Golf: The Open Championship 00:50 The Secret History of Our

Streets 01:50 HARDtalk 02:00 Newsday 02:30 Asia Business Report 02:45 Sport Today 03:00 BBC World News 03:30 Asia Business Report 03:45 Sport Today 04:00 BBC World News 04:30 Asia Business Report 04:45 Sport Today 05:00 Schools: 3, 2, 1, Go! - Key Stage 3 06:00 Schools - How to Write 06:30 Schools - Writing for Walford 07:00 The Pingu Show 07:10 Zigby 07:25 Timmy Time 07:35 Dirtgirlworld 07:50 Rastamouse 08:00 Roar 08:30 Stuck on Sheep Mountain 08:55 League of Super Evil 09:10 Frankenstein's Cat 09:20 Pet Squad 09:30 Nina and the Neurons 09:45 Big & Small 10:00 Live Golf: The Open Championship 21:00 Natural World 22:00 Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman Town 23:00 The Boss Is Back 23:30 Weather 23:30 Newsnight

00:05 Meridian Tonight and Weather 00:10 Goodwood Festival of Speed 01:05 ITV News Headlines 03:10 Vertigo 05:20 ITV Nightscreen 06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 Meridian News and Weather 15:00 Drive to Buy 16:00 Secret Dealers 16:59 Meridian Weather 17:00 A Touch of Frost 18:00 Tipping Point 19:00 Meridian Tonight 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Britain's Secret Treasures 21:00 Emmerdale 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Superstar 23:30 ITV News and Weather

THE TRUTH ABOUT SPORTS PRODUCTS As people get in shape for the Olympic summer, Shelley Jofre presents a Panorama special testing the science behind claims by some of the biggest sports brands. Using the findings from a study by the British Medical Journal and Oxford University, she examines products ranging from trainers said to help people run faster and drinks that help them work out longer to protein shakes that are apparently more effective in honing the physique than ordinary food.

00:05 Random Acts 00:10 The Killing 01:05 Summer Daze 01:40 Ibiza Rocks 01:50 Wakestock 2012 02:45 Spotlight 03:00 4Play 03:15 Strings 04:50 St Elsewhere 05:35 Deal or No Deal 06:30 Countdown 07:15 The Hoobs 08:05 Freshly Squeezed 08:35 According to Jim 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 The Secret Millionaire USA 11:00 Four Rooms 12:00 You Deserve This House 13:00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary 13:05 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 13:35 Gok Cooks Chinese 14:05 River Cottage 14:15 The Anderson Tapes 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Country House Rescue 22:00 Bank of Dave 23:00 24 Hours in A&E

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 Poker: The Big Game 02:00 SuperCasino 05:00 Nick's Quest 05:25 Wildlife SOS 05:45 Wildlife SOS 06:10 House Doctor 06:35 House Doctor 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 The WotWots 07:20 City of Friends 07:35 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Castle Farm 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Igam Ogam 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:10 Children of My Heart 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Cricket on 5 21:00 Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Wars 22:00 The Hotel Inspector 23:00 Big Brother


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ACCOUNTANTS Are you running a business? Let us simplify things for you – accountancy, taxes, payroll services and more. We cater for companies and individuals. Established in 1984 on the Costa Blanca. Call us on 966 923 963 for your first consultation free of charge.

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International Christian Assembly, Calle Pilar de Horadada 5, Torrevieja. Evangelical non-denominational church. Sunday services 11am. Children's church 11am. House groups in Torrevieja, Los Balcones, San Javier. Ladies meeting Thursdays 11am. Craft club, Tuesdays, 2pm. Pastor, Rafael Restrepo. All nationalities welcome. Call 966 799 273 or 660 127 276. Pilar Christian Community Church Calle Canalejas 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am, and Thursday at 5pm for Bible study and Prayer. Home groups meet during the week. All welcome from any church background or none. For further information contact Pilar ChristianCommunity




BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY or contact Reverend Eddie on 966 7693 00 or 650 509 606. Reg No:2009-SG/A

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PROPERTY FOR RENT with your quote. Caser Health Care . Viva Villa and Vacation Services, For Short or Long Term Rentals visit: or Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms fully furnished villa to let on a small urb €500 per month plus bills. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 El Chaparel/La Siesta Two bedroom apartment in a quiet gated urbanisation for rent €350 per month plus bills. Reference No 17 Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 49, 2nd floor one bedroom apartment situated conveniently located in the town centre of Torrevieja, with a small sun balcony overlooking the lovely communal pool. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref 33, Ground floor spacious 2 bedroom apartment, located in Torre la Mata. Close to all amenities and beach. 3 month rental €300pcm Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 112, Spacious 3 bedroom detached villa with its private pool is located on the El Raso urbanisation near Guardamar. Convenient for all amenities, shops, supermarket, restaurants and bars. Short term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397












Friday, July 13, 2012 Ref: 63, Two bedroom 1st floor apartment situated in Monino Blanco. The property overlooks a superb communal pool area, in within walking distance of bars, restaurants and shops. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 155, Luxurious Three Bedroom Villa With Private Pool, in Quesada Close to shops and restaurants within a five minute drive, and Guadamar Beach is within a ten minute drive. Long term rental €800PCM, Short term available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref 702: Beautiful 2 bedroom

apartment, located near los Locos beach, beautifully furnished. Short term rentals from 175€ per week. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 709, A lovely 1 bedroom apartment in Aguas Nuevas, within a 5 minute walk of the beach. There is a terrace outside with views to the sea. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 117, A Lovely 3 Bedroomed 1st floor apartment on the outskirts of Torrevieja (Mar Azul). The Apartment is in walking distance of the excellent beaches and a good selection of

restaurants, shops and bars. Long and short term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 61, A lovely two bedroomed ground floor apartment, located in the centre of the small Spanish town of Los Montesinos, With a pleasant communal swimming pool adjacent & all amenities in walking distance. Long and short term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 104, 2 Bedroom apartment in Torrevieja, (near gypsy lane), small balcony, near all amenities and Friday market. €350pcm Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397



Excellent cover for your house and home, includes travel assistance for when you go away. Interesting prices for expats; policies available in English or German. Call 966 923 963 for a quote Lovely Corner property in Novamar V, Gran Alacant. 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Being sold fully furnished including appliances, Has secure underground parking and faces large oasis communal pool. Walking distance to




beach. 139.000 Euros, Call 627 711 155 and quote Ref No. K10 Ground floor duplex, with splendid views. Quiet location in Gran Alacant. Immaculate condition. Price has just been reduced to 105.000 and includes everything. For viewing call 627 711 155 Ref. No K27 Rare opportunity to purchase on Mediterrania III, Gran Alacant. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Private Parking, F/Furnished, Large communal pools & Tennis courts S/W facing, Dramatically reduced for quick sale to 126.000 euros. Ref No. K58 Call 627 711 155 for immediate viewing Don Pueblo, Gran Alacant. 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Large Kitchen with Galleria, Secure underground parking, Gas Central Heating, Glazed in Porch, Solarium with stunning views. Viewings absolutely essential. Very large property at reduced price of 190.000 euros. Ref No. K38 Call 627 711 155 Opportunity to purchase at the off plan price of 195.000 euros. Large 4 Bed, 3 Bath Brand new property. Secure underground parking for 2 cars and communal pool. Situated opposite Gran Alacant and over looks projected golf course. Ref No. K52. 627 711 155 2 Bed, 1 Bath Ground floor duplex. Central heating, Grills, Fully furnished, Glazed in Galleria, 2 communal pools, private parking and walking distance to the Gran Alacant commercial centre. Situated in the popular urbanisation of Puerto Marino. Now only 96,500 euros for quick sale Ref No. K46. 627 711 155 Immaculate ground floor Duplex, 2 beds, 2 bath, Private Parking, Situated in Novamar, Gran Alacant. Price includes very tasteful furniture and white goods. Walking distance to all local amenities and beach. Now only 129,750 euros. Ref No K24. 627 711 155 Gran Alacant Detached villa, located in a very sought after location.Situated on a 560m2 S/W facing plot and constructed in 2005. Comprising of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 full baths), Lounge-Diner, fully equipped Kitchen, Porch and Solarium with Alicante & Sea


Views. ref.L81. €258,000 neg. Tel. 680333242 Gran Alacant villa located in a very quiet area , situated at the end of a cul-de-sac means there is no through traffic.3 bed, 3 bath, 330m2 plot, established large gardens, working fireplace, solar panel for hot water,private parking, south facing great views, fully furnished, fantastic opportunity. ref. L85. €215,000 Tel 680333242 Ref 533: Lovely 2 bedroom Townhouse located in the popular area of Punta Prima, the property has a large lounge and fully equipped kitchen, 2 double bedrooms, one with balcony, bathroom with double shower. €126,000 Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Gran Alacant Opportunity to purchase a beautiful 3 bedroomed, 3 bathroomed,large kitchen, detached property with roof- top solarium. Well established gardens and drive way for 2 cars, whilst also overlooking the projected 18 hole golf course. Comprising of fitted wardrobes, utility room, air con H/C, alarm system, electric wall heaters, intercom system, fireplace, ceilings fans, 8x7 gazebo, use of 2 large communal pools, immaculate condition with many extras. ref K12. €180,000 Tel 680333242

Gran Alacant bargain, detached villa with pool on 400m2 plot. Briefly comprising of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Lounge Diner, independent kitchen, solarium with views, well maintained gardens. Quiet location yet within walking distance of all amenities. Top quality furniture and appliances included in the price. Extras include, mosquito nets, grills, toldos blinds, built in wardrobes, gas fire, electric heating, ceiling fans, English & Spanish TV, tastefully tiled & graveled garden with irrigation system. ref K43. €229,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant South facing attractive corner house Situated in the sought after urbanization of Monte Faro, this secure gated urbanization offers a stunning oasis pool, with mountain views, tennis courts and football courts. Consisting of 3 double beds with balconies, 2 bathrooms, kitchen leading onto court yard which can easily be converted into an extra room, lounge diner with working fireplace, front garden with private parking for 2 cars. Being sold fully furnishes with white goods, built in 2006 so immaculate condition hardly lived in. Ref K48 €168,000 priced for quick sale Tel 680333242











Friday, July 13, 2012

Gran Alacant Gem! Fabulous detached Villa, with Alicante sea views to the front and wood land views to the rear, means this immaculate villa is very private and un-overlooked. Comprising of 2 large bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, 2 bath, large fully equipped kitchen,glazed porch sitting area, solarium,


Attractive Pool with cover, well maintained Gardens. Central Heating, Air Con, Ceiling fans, Private Parking, Alarm system, Decorative working Fire Place complete with electric Fire. Outdoor work- shop/storage area, Quality Pergola & BBQ. Constructed in 2006, on plot size of 380m2 and being sold fully furnished including white goods. ref L80. €234,995 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant immaculate villa, 3 bedroomed, 3 bathroomed property maintained to a very high standard inside and out and the interior furnishings are top quality, offering a feeling of luxury and good taste. The plot size is 400m2 and has been beautifully tiles, and graveled and has established palms and plants. Oil fired central heating throughout, log effect fire place, ceiling fans in all rooms, towel heater rails, glazed in shower units, instant hot water, water purifi-

er, free English TV, phone & internet lines, fitted double hanging wardrobes, safe, glazed in front porch, vanity units and much more. The pool is an 8 X 4 m2 salt water pool, meaning maintenance is much easier plus outside toilet and shower. Sea views to front with Greenland views to the rear. ref K51. €245,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant immaculate outstanding south facing villa in sought after road. Set on a 350m2 plot with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,large porch, solarium and terraces. The large under build includes a lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and patio doors leading to pool area. Internal & external access for under build. Extras include electric radiators, air con H/C, ceiling fans, gas fire, heated towel rails, extended walk-in shower, fitted wardrobes. Decorative tiling inside and out. Panoramic views towards Alicante Bay, Sky TV, phone line and Internet & Private parking, established gardens, water features and fruit trees. Being sold with exquisite furniture and all white goods. Immaculate finishes and decor. ref L84. €278,000 Tel 680333242



Gran Alacant South facing attractive corner house Situated in the sought after urbanization of Monte Faro, this secure gated urbanization offers a stunning oasis pool, with mountain views, tennis courts and football courts. Consisting of 3 double beds with balconies, 2 bathrooms, kitchen leading onto court yard which can easily be converted into an extra room, lounge diner with working fireplace, front garden with private parking for 2 cars. Being sold fully furnishes with white goods, built in 2006 so immaculate condition hardly lived in. Ref K48 €168,000 priced for quick sale Tel 680333242 Viva Villa and Vacation Services are pleased to offer property sales for the Torrevieja and Oriheula areas of the Costa Blanca, Spain. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 or Visit : Balsares is opposite Gran Alacant where the proposed golf course is now being started so this property will virtually be on the golf course, it is an investment not to be missed. The property is on a small gated urbanisation of 18 houses with private underground parking for 2 cars and direct access to the house, communal pool and toilets/changing rooms etc. The house is brand new and consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge with working fire place, large kitchen 12 m2, large galleria/ utility room, bedroom balcony and front tiled terrace. This property also has a converted under build for an extra lounge or bedroom. ref K52 €198,000 Tel 680333242 Ref: 513, €115,000. Two bedroom ground floor apartment, in Aguas Nuevas, close to all


amenities including the beach. It has a good size lounge, kitchen and has off road parking facilities. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 521, €105,000. This comfortable bungalow is located in San Luis with a new roof and solarium tiles. It is close to supermarkets, bars, restaurants and is on the local bus route. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 516, €39,999. Studio apartment in San Luis, close to amenities. Open plan fully equipped kitchen. Good sized lounge, bedroom and out onto balcony which has been glazed to create another room. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 510, €70,000. Bungalow located in San Luis. It is close to the supermarkets, bars and restaurants and is on the local bus route. An Opel Corsa car is included in this sale. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: KP3100, €183,000. Three bedroom, two bathroom detached villa, located in San Luis, on a 450sqm plot, with communal pool. Garage to side of house. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 78, €120,000. Three bedroom Quad in Jardin Del Mar VII. There is off-road parking and small storage shed in the enclosed garden area, com-

munal pool nearby. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 709, €60,000 A lovely 1 bedroom apartment in Aguas Nuevas, within a 5 minute walk of the beach. There is a terrace outside with views to the sea. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref. 526, €49,900. A lovely bright 1 bedroom apartment in the area of Torreblanca. There is a large communal pool and well maintained gardens, with tennis courts and childrens play area. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397

Gran Alacant, Situated in the "Alto" part of Gran Alacant, this 3 bedroomed, 4th floor apartment, offers luxury accommodation, with absolutely stunning sea views, as well as views of Alicante bay and the famous Santa Barbara Castle.The apartment is 89 square meters with open plan kitchen / living room and includes all electrical appliances & furniture also there is a utility room, open terrace, and private parking. The urbanisation also offers many communal pools, tennis courts, restaurants and bars. Ref. K20 €109,000 Tel 680333242











Recovery & Breakdown Services


Friday, July 13, 2012 Ref: 520, €85,000. Two bedroom apartment in Dream Hills, with a fully equipped kitchen, large lounge, glazed-in terrace and a large solarium. This property comes with a large communal swimming pool. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397

lage with 3,800 sqm of landscaped gardens, Private Pool, Bargain €180,000 Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397

Ref 532: 3 Bedroom Detached villa Located on the edge of a small Spanish vil-

Gran Alacant, Large detached villa with beautiful gardens set on 550m2 plot, built in BBQ area and large 10x6 pool.Comprising of 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Lounge Diner with fire place, Independent Kitchen, air



con H/C, Solarium, front porch, converted under build with 3 extra rooms, private covered parking, irrigated gardens, close distance to beach and amenities. Ref. K18 €250,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, this mid terraced Puerto marino townhouse has been priced low purely for a quick sale. Briefly comprising of: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Lounge-Diner, Independent Kitchen with Galleria, Porch area, Front tiled garden, Private gated Parking & the use of 2 large communal pools Ref. K22 €123,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, detached villa in desirable road close to all amenities, comprising of 3

double bedrooms, 3 baths, lounge diner with working fire place, brand new kitchen with all appliances and black granite work tops, private pool, plot of 550m2, established irrigated gardens and fruit trees, private parking, solarium, also there is a converted under build giving more bedrooms ,bathroom & kitchen, this house has many extras and is being sold fully furnished. Ref.k47. €280,000 neg Tel 680333242 Top floor Duplex. Very good price of 108.000 euros for a quick sale. Furnished to a very high standard, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Lounge Diner, Glazed in Porch, Large Roof Top Solarium. Choice of Communal Pools,


Private Parking. Walking distance to all amenities and on the First urbanisation as you enter Gran Alacant. Viewing essential. Ref No. K44. Tel. 627 711 155 Beach front Line property, over looks Carabassi Beach, Gran Alacant. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Secure Underground Parking, Fully furnished, Roof Top Solarium. 3 Large Communal Pools, Fantastic communal Gardens, Tennis Courts and much more. 125.000 Euros Ref No. K23. Tel. 627 711 155

property, accident claims, legalise land. Call us on 966 923 963, give us brief details and get in touch with your specialist solicitor.


Need English Speaking Solicitors in Torrevieja? Let us help to solve your problems with debt recovery, divorce,

SALON MARGARETHAS, 23 years in Torrevieja Hair/Wig specialist for Medical illness and Hair Loss problems. We offer different Hair Replacements, top fillers, Hair prostheses, Toupees and Wigs, Natural and Artificial hair and much more. Also fashion/festival accessories TV/TS are welcome to our service. Please call our salon reception for an appointment with Margaretha on Tel no 966 921 846 Torrevieja (64)












Friday, July 13, 2012

Greenside Gossip IVIE DAVIES takes a weekly look at the golf scene -

Birthday present? Give me a spoon! YOU’RE expecting all those lovely presents the kids will be buying you as they bang on your bedroom door wishing you happy birthday. But it’s three o’clock in the morning and the Rioja is still lurking around in your stomach while the Brandy is banging on the inside of your head. But what did you ask them and your wife for a wellearned present? That nifty little blonde in the bar is just too much to ask for - and it’s not her generosity we are talking about! With all the Hi-tech equipment and balls available, it is very difficult to know what to ask for isn’t it? So before you tax your brain too much just consider these references that manufacturers give to their products: 1. Features new Brassball inserts, manufactured from 23,000 brass balls encapsulated in polymer and that’s a Putter (I suppose you cannot use it in cold weather). 2. Soft feel of the Polystromic insert combined with two weight portals in the heel and toe for lower CofG. (Is it anything like in-growing

toenails?) 3. Stainless steel head featuring a two-piece Titanium insert, one in the face and one in the back separated by a 1mm membrane. (Well, it would have to - otherwise it could be painful or is it body pierc-

ing?) 4. Forged for ultimate feel, plus computer milled “U” grooves for precise ball control (Well it would have to for a wedge at £110, but I’ll stick to jockey shorts thank you) 5. Power Wave face creates a high COR (Well, it would wouldn’t it?) 6. The new HipTi drivers have borrowed from the aerospace industry and use a metal strengthening process called Hot Isostatic

Processing HIP (Hip was something very different in my day) 7. Made from a mix of maraging and 15-5 steel (I can’t even find that word in the dictionary) 8. Fat shaft technology combined with metal matrix composite face incorporating tungsten carbide, cobalt and nickel chromium. Dual rail design and weighted sole. (Could be Fastracks canteen menu) 9. Forged Titanium with cryogenic Superbeta face. (must be another Michael Jackson facelift). 10. It is made from 304N2 stainless steel in three distinct thicknesses. (Thick, medium thick and bloody thick, I must be not to understand that). So if you are thinking of writing your golfing “I want” Birthday list to the kids, forget it as they will not have a cat in hell’s chance of understanding all that gibberish, stuck away behind the IPad with Apps, or IPhone 4. Try the good old terms like Brassie and Spoon.


A BET placed on Wimbledon cha mpion Roger Federer nearly a dec ade ago has netted more than £100,00 0 for Oxfam. In 2003 Nick Newlife, from Oxfordshire, made a wager of £1,520, at odds of 66/1, that the Swiss tenn is star would win seven Wimbledon titles by 2019. Mr Newlife died in 2009 but left the betting slip to Oxfam in his will. Federer's defeat of Andy Mur ray in Sunday's Wimbledon final mea ns the charity will now collect a pay out from William Hill of £101,840. Andrew Barton, from Oxfam, told BBC Radio 5 live that it had bee n a difficult match to watch because his loyalties were split.

"It's just so unfortunate that he nailed it against Andy Murray," he said . "I was just sitting there watching the tennis and I kept finding myself calling for Murray, particularly in that long game in the third set. "And then my head is telling me: Andrew, rem ember Oxfam gets the money if Federer wins." Mr Newlife, from Tackley, who was 59 when he died, had written to William Hill requesting the bet in 2003 . William Hill said it had already paid out £16,750 to Oxfam from ano ther bet placed by Mr Newlife, of £250 at 66/1, that Federer would win 14 Gra nd Slam events. The Swiss master reached that mark at the 2009 French Open and is now a 17-time Grand Slam champion.


TITTER ON THE TEE Suggested Rule Changes for Seniors (Age 65+) TWO senior golfers are talking in the Clubhouse. One is 83 years of age and is celebrating that his 25-year-old wife has told him she is pregnant. His long-standing friend of many golf rounds says to him. “George, imagine you are on a safari in Africa, are taken hunting one day and are confronted by an angry lion. You pick up your rifle, shoot the lion dead and then realise you have picked up your walking stick instead of the rifle. What would you say?” “Well,” says George, “someone else must have shot it.” “George! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all week about you and your wife.’’

Rule 1 A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on the fairway at a point equal to the distance it carried or rolled into the rough with no penalty. The senior should not be penalised for tall grass which ground keepers failed to mow. Rule 2 A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree. This is simply bad luck and luck has no place in a game of skill. The senior player must estimate the distance the ball would have travelled if it had not hit the tree - and play the ball from there. Rule 3 There shall be no such thing as a lost ball. The missing ball is on or near the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by someone else, making it a stolen ball. The senior player is not to compound the crime by charging himself or herself with a penalty. Rule 4 If a putt passes over a hole without dropping, it is deemed to have dropped. The senior should not be penalised for gravity's failures. Rule 5 Putts that stop close enough to the cup that they could be

blown in, may be blown in. This does not apply to balls more than three inches from the hole. No one wants to make a travesty of the game. Rule 6 There is no penalty for so-called "out of bounds." If pennypinching golf-course owners bought sufficient land, this would not occur. The senior golfer deserves an apology, not a penalty. Rule 7 There is no penalty for a ball in a water hazard, as golf balls should float. Senior golfers should not be penalised for manufacturers' shortcomings. Rule 8 Advertisements claim that golf scores can be improved by purchasing new golf equipment. Since this is financially impractical for many senior golfers, one-half stroke per hole may be subtracted for using old equipment.

Please advise all your Senior friends of these important rule changes.

Lyn on the Pete beat

SAN Javier GS travelled up to San Juan course in Alicante for a Texas Scramble pairs, which was won by Lyn Gallard and guest Pete Ramsden, who finished on a score of 62.5. Paul Matthews and Ian Smith on 66.0 just held off Dave Archer and Bob Gallard on 66.7 for second place. The next society game is an individual Stableford on Wednesday July 18 at Saurines De La Torre. First Tee 10.00am.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK THE inevitable result of any golf lesson is the instant elimination of the one critical unconscious motion that allowed you to compensate for all your errors.


Friday, July 13, 2012


IS Andy Carroll football's Mr Misfit?

Used as a bit-part player by Roy Hodgson in the European Championships, new Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers now looks ready to temporarily off-load the big Geordie in a loan deal to whoever wants the former Newcastle United No.9. West Ham are the latest to come in for Carroll following on from AC Milan. I can't understand why there aren't a whole load of others queueing up for his services, too. Carroll may not have justified that £35m transfer fee yet, but I did see signs towards the end of last season that he was finally playing to somewhere near his potential. Carroll DID take a long time adjusting to life on Merseyside after coming down from his native North East and whether he ever truly will find solace and comfort away from the Tyne is still very much open to question. But I do feel he was playing a whole lot better in the final few games of 2011-12. Indeed, if Kenny Dalglish had brought him on ten or 15 minutes sooner in the FA Cup final against Chelsea I think he would have won Liverpool a second domestic trophy to go alongside the League Cup in the Anfield cabinet. Whoever does take him needs to adapt their side's style of play to bring out the best in Carroll. You need two good

wingers to get the ball across to him and a quick, proven finisher in the Jermain Defoe mould alongside him for the best results. All too often when Carroll did come on or make a rare start for England, he was seen wandering around between the halfway line and the penalty area in redundant mode as the rest of the team continued to play or attempt to play the technical, passing game that is so popular the world over right now. Rodgers is an advocate of that possession football. He had a spell of success with it at Swansea but it didn't last long, although they were good enough over the season to avoid relegation and finish in a good position in their first season in the Premier League. While it's true to say that possession football means the other team don't have the ball while you’ve got it, it is also true to say that you must play to your players' strengths. Carroll is a big, raw-boned striker who likes to attack the ball when it is played in or across to him. I am convinced he can reproduce the form he showed at Newcastle - and yes, I know a lot of it was in the Championship not the Premier League - again on the

big stage. West Ham might be a good move for him. AC Milan would have focused almost as much of the spotlight and pressure on him as he is under at Anfield. At Upton Park all they are aiming to do is stay in the Premier League after coming back up from the Championship. Carroll will be a big fish in a smaller pool and could swallow up a lot of goals and plaudits if used the right way by Big Sam Allardyce another rough, tough customer if ever there was o n e !

Brendan Rodgers...will he offload Carroll, pictured right, to West Ham? Elsewhere on the soccer front, they are turning down the Russia job in droves despite the fact that country has the World Cup lined up in a few years’ time. Harry Redknapp, not one to shy away from the odd rouble, doesn't want it despite being turned away by England and Tottenham in the last few months. Pep Guardiola, formerly of Barcelona, Fabio Capello and Rafael Benitez, once of Liverpool and Inter Milan, are also on the Russians' hit list. If they all refuse it, Boris, I'll have a go. But no Bolshoi-ing about and no, I am not putting on a tu-tu to do the job, either!

TORREVIEJA Swimming Club members competed in three different competitions over the weekend.. Zoe Connolly had qualified for the 34th Jose Sagreras Trophy - the national competition for 10 and 11 year olds - in Xirivella, Valencia. And Emma Cagigao competed in the two day Regional Junior and Absolute Championships

TORREVIEJA SWIMMERS MAKE A TRIPLE SPLASH in Valencia’s Park West Complex, Valencia. Meanwhile, the rest of the Torrevieja club travelled to Villena, Alicante, for the 22nd City of Villena Trophy competition. Emma, competing against 32 other regional clubs, produced outstanding swims in the 200 medley (2:41:13) and 100 freestyle (1:05:02), taking third place for her age in the freestyle. At the same time in

Xirivella , Zoe competed in the national competition against swimmers from 65 clubs across the whole of Spain. She qualified for the finals of all her events, finishing seventh 7th in the 100m backstroke , 12th in the 200m medley and 13th in the 100m butterfly. In the Villena Trophy, Torrevieja picked up two gold medals, a silver and a bronze against 13 other local clubs. The golden pair were Yuriy Lymar in

the boys Absolute 100m freestyle (1:02:48) and Piroska Rideg in the girls Alevin 100m freestyle (1:10:09). Yovanna Arguelles took silver in the girls Absolute 100m freestyle (1:08:41) and the bronze was an outstanding team effort by the boys Benjamin 4 x 50 medley relay team of Timofey Pykin, Kasper Goliszek, Bastian Martinez and Jonathan Izquierdo. The Torrevieja swim-

ming club is always looking for new members. The club meets each weekday evening, in three sessions, between 5.30pm and 9pm and trains in the 50m pool at the Palacio de Deportes Infanta Cristina in Torrevieja. For more information contact Eddie Cagigao on 637869602, Rosa - 665454126 or President Felipe on 609418776 or by e-mail or at

Emma Cagigao

Friday, July 13, 2012



Murray’s soft centre could stop him winning a major NOW we know why Andy Murray will never be a major winner - he's a big cry baby! We were urged to believe that the nation would take Murray to their hearts after his blubbering performance following his Wimbledon final defeat by Roger Federer. But I for one think it merely displayed that the sulky one also has a really soft centre. So much for his coach Ivan Lendl's attempts to toughen him up. In an attempt to make Murray a real winner, Lendl had told Murray he must focus just on himself in all things - particularly in his aims and ambitions on a tennis court. But Murray is still the Nearly Man. He gets close, but never close enough and I can't see him changing that in the next few years. Or maybe never.

STEVE BOTT reports

He had a great chance when Rafael Nadal dropped out of this year's tournament. But aging Federer chose to shine again at 30 and beat most people's favourite Novak Djokovic on the way to disposing of Murray in the final. You need a tough, ruthless streak to be a consistent winner of trophies. Ask Dave Mackay, the former Tottenham Hotspur and Derby County skipper. Fred Trueman, the Yorkshire and England fast bowler, also had that mean streak, as did Geoff Boycott. And more recently Ian Botham reaped the rewards for his single-mindedness with bat and ball on the cricket field. Andrew Flintoff could have followed in Botham's footsteps had it not been for injury problems. But while not a cry baby, Flintoff did have the big, soft lad from Lancashire image that he not only lived up to but will never shake off - no matter how many trips to Dubai he makes or game shows he appears on. Roy Keane, Graeme Souness, Sir Alex Ferguson, of course, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson - they all have it

or had it in spades, allied to not a little ability. Murray is not alone, though. Paul Gascoigne is the biggest British cry baby in living memory. While he had great talent and was hailed in some quarters as the best English footballer ever, he remains a multiflawed personality who is attempting to avoid a premature end with another period of abstinence from the drugs, drink and, well, maybe not the smokes! We all have our demons. I restrict mine to alcohol and fags but I could easily go the way of Gazza. It's a bit too late for me to emulate Botham or Tyson but I did do a 60-mile trip from the Dales to Manchester on my mountain bike in 12 hours just last year! Back to Murray and while he may not be mint, it will be very interesting to see just how he does from here on in. He may even retire. But there is a silver lining on his damp horizon. I hear he is being lined up for an extremely lucrative sponsorship deal… by Kleenex!

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The Courier Week 73  

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