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The Comeback “Wiggle Your Toes” Coaching

Wiggle your Toes Coaching Your Comeback to the Things that Matter to You

“You and Me” Together we can make your Comeback happen.

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The Comeback “Wiggle Your Toes” Coaching

Hey, this is Shane Hodge, maybe you have read my book The Comeback and my Comeback Blog -most likely I have sent you big hugs along the way. I have shared my life and my energy and I think you have probably talked to yourself about making a Comeback in some part of your own life. Well maybe you need a little help? The key to any Comeback is ‘Re-ignition” - firing up that part of you that may have got a little lost along the way. That’s what I did and that’s what made me write the Comeback. There was a key to making it all happen though, a key to getting me up and at ‘em, the Key? “Wiggle Your Toes” Maybe you’re at the stage where you really want to enjoy a Comeback and all you need is a little help in Wiggling your Toes, get the excitement going, get focused, make a plan and be on the way to where you really want to be. Hey you hire a coach to get the old body and muscles fired up at the Gym, work on your Golf swing, maybe you, your life your Comeback needs a coach too? Well I have put together a four week super affordable online course that might just be what your looking for. Thats you and me live from Australia, one on one, all that energy you feel from my blogs live on your PC screen no matter where you are. Wow Yipee Im excited just thinking about helping you make your Comeback. How we will start getting those Toes Wiggling 

The truth will set you free. So the Beginning of any Comeback is “The Truth” and this is what you and I will focus on. Taking you through a journey of no longer lying to yourself about how things really are and facing up to where you want things to be. This is the beginning of getting your energy well and truly Wiggling.

Learning to walk again. When we start a Comeback it’s like learning to walk again so we have to Wiggle and take baby steps rather than giant leaps. We can make sure that any falls or hiccups are small and recoverable to guarantee that no matter what, we always get back on the horse regardless of a little setback. In this part of our Chats I will take you through planning and making those baby steps happen.

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The Comeback “Wiggle Your Toes” Coaching

Do Something. Talking about it is great, but once you know the truth the next step is to get up off your chair (Bum) and start doing something about your Comeback. These chats and how to make them work are not goal settings as I believe that Comebacks are all about doing something you have done before. “Reactivating” that memory in yourself to make your Comeback. To make that happen? You have to DO something. Wiggling your Toes is a Big Start.

Coping with Critics. For every action there is a reaction and it’s not just wiggling. When you make a forward move there are plenty out there that will try and push you back, and they can be hard to handle. These chats together we will discuss Critics. The Comeback shows that you can learn to shut them up and keep moving forward to get back bigger and better than where you were before.

This is your moment, Wow what a feeling when a Comeback is achieved but without work you can slip back down again way too easily. Comebacks don’t want to be in remission they want to be cured! The final chats of the Comeback deal with making it happen and making it stick. And with a huge Wiggle? Wow you are on your way.

What People say about Shane as a Coach He is a Sensational Coach that’s it no more you can say. Susan Burke, Dublin Ireland. Shane can tap into the issues so fast and really get you moving so quick; Shane is the major force behind my own Comeback. Anthony Rogers Melbourne Australia Shane’s gift in coaching is his ability to guide you through your own personal Comeback journey. He is tough and direct, and at the same time compassionate and makes the experience fun. He has been an extraordinary guide in my Comeback. Helen Lyon Melbourne Australia Shane is a gifted speaker but he is an awesome Coach. Jim Wheeler San Diego CA.

And the great thing? I have worked so hard to make this affordable so you can do it. 3|P age Copyright The Comeback

The Comeback “Wiggle Your Toes” Coaching

How and How Much? Four One Hour Sessions - One Each week over Four weeks Where? In the Comfort of your own Home, in front of Your PC or even your IPAD. When? You and I will work together to decide the start time, but you have to be quick as spots are limited. What will be your Comeback? Your Comeback can be spiritual, physical, relationships even career remember it’s YOUR Comeback. You and I will work hard, as I am tough but we will have fun through all the sessions to make it happen. The Cost? Four One Hour Sessions Each week over Four weeks Total Cost? $400 that’s only $100 a Session

All secured payments Via Pay Pal. It’s time for your Comeback. So email me right now and let’s get a Wiggle ON, Set up the dates and get you on your way. Big Hugs to you

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The Comeback Wiggle Your Toes Online Coaching  
The Comeback Wiggle Your Toes Online Coaching  

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