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a doctor would collect your urine, inject it into a live female rabbit, then cut her

In the 1950s, the most common way to determine whether or not you were pregnant was the rabbit test:

I was given her name.

The rabbit was his little sister, who died a few years ago after losing the names of all eight of her children.

When he was just out of high school, my grandfather wrote a short story called “A Very Young Rabbit.�

Nostalgia comes from misremembering, he says.

I felt ambivalent when I graduated, I say, yet now feel high school was one of the happiest times of my life.

Later, back in the room I grew up in, I call C.:

to high school—to be tired, waiting?

when I say I want to return

Is that what I want

I nod though I miss that feeling and mourned it when I married, another milestone in the rearview.

N. says over the speakers in the dimly-lit hangar that used to be filled with ice in the winter.

It was so tiring to be that age, just waiting,

E m m a W i n s o r Wo o d

Rabbit Test

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