Saint Rose Commencement: Class of 2024

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The College of Saint Rose Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, May 11, 2024 | MVP Arena, Albany, New York

Congratulations, Class of 2024!


College of Saint Rose is proud of you.

Today you become part of an international community of Saint Rose alumni more than 48,000 strong, a community that is bound together in service to others. You will transform lives by teaching, leading organizations, influencing public policy, writing novels, reporting the news, creating art or music, building IT systems, conducting groundbreaking scientific research, or running your own companies. Be fearless, trust your instincts, learn to laugh, savor each moment as you did at Saint Rose. As you step into the world as an alum of The College of Saint Rose, you join a century-long tradition of compassionate service to others – the Saint Rose values will live on through each and every one of you – and its distinguished alumni. #WeAreSaintRose #SaintRoseForever #SaintRose2024

The Heart of Our History

The spirit that guided the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1650 in France led to the founding of The College of Saint Rose in Albany in 1920, with a vision for academic excellence and compassionate service.

The first graduating class of The College of Saint Rose, 1924

The Sisters faced persecution during the French Revolution that threatened to wipe them out. But their “little design,” as they called it, prevailed. They not only prayed and served but nurtured their physical health and their intellect. The Sisters learned how to make lace so they could teach others, giving them a valuable skill and a way to earn a living. In 1836, at the invitation of the Bishop of St. Louis, Missouri, six sisters ventured from LePuy, France to establish the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and to found St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf (Carondelet, Missouri). By the early 1900s, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet had a presence throughout the U.S.and Canada.

In 1920, members of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Albany Province were called to help create a Catholic college for women in upstate New York. The idea came from Monsignor Joseph Delaney, rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, who noted the lack of opportunities beyond high school for Catholic women. After clearing the idea with Bishop Edmund Gibbons, Delaney asked Sr. Blanche Rooney, CSJ, if the Sisters of St. Joseph would start the College. Albany was chosen as the site.

Once the Keeler Estate was purchased for this purpose, Sr. Blanche, with help from other Sisters and members

of the clergy, used $1,000 to transform it into a college. On September 22, 1920, The College of Saint Rose –named for the first saint canonized in the Americas, St. Rose of Lima – opened with 19 students and a faculty of eight.

A single building housed classrooms, a dining hall, chapel, parlor, and library. A garage became the science laboratory, where chemistry classes were conducted.In 1924, Saint Joseph Hall was built, followed by Albertus Hall. The College quickly became a presence on Madison and Western Avenues.

As they had always done, the Sisters learned how people around them lived and what they needed. They continually asked, “What more could we be doing, and how can we do it in an excellent way?”

Now, after a remarkable 100 years and 48,000 graduates, the Sisters’ question continues to be as relevant today as it was then. Although The College of Saint Rose will cease academic instruction in June 2024, it its mission and values of serving the dear neighbor, creating diverse and inclusive communities and meeting the needs of the times will live on through the work and lives of its alumni and dedicated faculty and staff.

Our Mission Statement

For over 103 years, The College of Saint Rose Community has engaged highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students in rigorous educational experiences. In the progressive tradition of the founding Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, we have welcomed men and women from all religious and cultural backgrounds. In addition to developing their intellectual capacities, students have had the opportunity to cultivate their creative and spiritual gifts, in a diverse learning community that fosters integrity, interdependence, and mutual respect. The College has delivered distinctive and comprehensive liberal arts and professional programs that inspire our graduates to be productive adults, critical thinkers, and motivated, caring citizens.

Our 5 Founding Values

The College has embodied its founding values over the course of a century of delivering an education that is uniquely Saint Rose.

• An Orientation Toward Excellence

• Development Of The Whole Person

• Building An Inclusive Community

• Serving The Dear Neighbor

• Meeting The Needs Of The Times

Full-time Faculty

Dana Abbott, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education

Janet Acker, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work

Sara Alvaro, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry

Yu-Jung Avis, Ph.D., Professor of Finance

Patricia Baldwin, MSED, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Brad Bauer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry

Emma Bedor Hillard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communications

Stephanie Bennett-Knapp, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

Paul Benzing, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Chenique Boutelle, MSW, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Haidy Brown, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management

Katelynn Carroll, MSED, Visiting Instructor in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Roger Catania, Ph.D., Visiting Professor in Educational Leadership

May Caroline Chan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

Raymond Coco, MA, Visiting Instructor in Computer Science

Warren Cook, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management

Philip Crim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology

Kathleen Crowley, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Victoria Cunningham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Counseling

Eurie Dahn Ph.D., Professor of English

David DeBonis, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Disorders

Susan DeLuke, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education

Jenise DePinto, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History

John Dion, DBA, Associate Professor of Marketing

Karyn Doke, MS, Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Nancy Dorr, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Ronald Dugan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Katlyn Farnum, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology

Risa Faussette, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History/Political Science

Matthew Finck, BA, Visiting Professor, Music Industry

Robert Flint, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Kristi Fragnoli, Ph.D., Professor of Teacher Education

Heather Fronckowiak, MSW, Assistant Professor of Social Work

SallyAnn Giess, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Mark Gilder, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Computer Science

Anne Gilman, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kaitlin Gould, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of School Psychology

Kelly Hallstrom, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Microbiology

William Hardin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

Steve Hoff, Psy.D., Professor of School Psychology

Connolly Holmes, MLS, Assistant Professor - Librarian

Camela Hughes, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Frances Ihle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Literacy and Special Education

Jaime Iglehart, MFA, Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications

Brian Jensen, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

Patrick Jockiel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry

Jin Kim, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communications

Ross Krawczyk, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Kathryn Laity, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

Angela Ledford, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science

I-Hsuan Lin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Social Work

Mary Lindner, MLS, Associate Professor - Librarian

Claudia Lingertat, Psy.D., Professor of Counseling

Carlee Ryfa Lobdell, MSED, Visiting Instructor of Educational Psychology

Christopher Lucarelli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Quantitative Analysis

Stephen Maher, JD, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Jennifer Marlow, Ph.D., Professor of English

Ryan McAuliffe Straus, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science

Sean McClowry, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Music Industry

Karen McGrath, Ph.D., Professor of Communications

Shawn McIntosh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Broadcast News and Mobile Journalism

Andrew McKenna Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music Industry

Mary Ann McLoughlin, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics

Silvia Mejia Estevez, Ph.D.,Professor of Spanish/American Studies

Rafael Mello, ABD, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Heta-Maria Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

David Morrow, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

Thomas Murphy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling

Charles Murray, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics

Ann Neilson, DPE, Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Daniel Nester, MFA, Professor of English

Judith O’Rourke, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science

Jessica Otitigbe, M.S, Visiting Instructor of Communications

Christina Pfister, Ph.D., Professor of Education

John Pickering Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Communication Disorders

Julie Piepenbring, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work

Emily Pinkerton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Music Industry

Liz Richards, MFA, Associate Professor of Communications

Rebecca Robinson, MS, Assistant Professor - Librarian

Lillian Rodriguez Steen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Forensic Psychology

Maureen Rotondi, MSW, Associate Professor of Social Work

Melody Sardella, MS, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Daniel Schoenfeld, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Andrew Shanock, Ph.D., Professor

Dong Jo Shin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Asian History

Julienne Slichko, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education

Steven Strazza, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry

Keith Sturgess, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics

Jennifer Suriano, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Brian Sweeney, Ph.D., Professor of English

Jamal Teymouri, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

Joseph Twumasi-Ankrah, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Social Work

Barbara Unger, Ph.D., Professor of English

Julia Unger, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Donna Van Alst, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Work

Zhengjun Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management

Theresa Ward, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Special Education

Patricia Weldon, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work

Jeanne Wiley, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy

David Williamson, DBA, Assistant Professor of Management

Dandan Wu, Ph.D., Professor of Finance

Ann Zak, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Ann Zeeh, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

Claire Ziamandanis, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish

Commencement Ceremony


Marcia J. White ’00, President

Grand Marshals

Laura Uribe ’24, President, Student Association

Mary Ann McLoughlin, Ph.D. ’63, Senior Faculty Member, Professor of Mathematics

Justin Whittaker ’16, G’17, President, Alumni Association

National Board of Directors


Pomp and Circumstance Op. 39, No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, arr. by Clare Grundman

The National Anthem

The Star Spangled Banner, words by Francis Scott Key and music by John Stafford Smith

Performed by:

Penny Sierra ’24, soloist

Anthony Campbell ’24, bass

Lift Every Voice and Sing, words by James Weldon


Sr. J. Elizabeth Van Deusen, CSJ, ’84



the Graduating Students

Laura Uribe ‘24, President, Student Association

D’ Andre Little ‘23, G’24, Officer, Student Association

Conferring of the Carondelet Medal

Honoree: Sr. Honora Margaret Kinney, CSJ, Ph.D. ’61 G ‘66, Professor Emeritus of History

Presenter: Sr. Danielle Bonetti, CSJ

Reader: Jeanne Wiley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy

Honoree: Mary Ann McLoughlin, Ph.D. ’63, Senior Faculty Member, Professor of Mathematics

Presenter: Sr. Diane Zigo, CSJ, Ph.D. ‘80

Reader: Ann Zeeh, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

Commencement Address

Joan Horgan ’79, Director of Spiritual Life

Presentation of candidates for the the college experience certificates

Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D. G’78, G’93, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gerald Lorentz, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts and Humanities and Lally School of Education

Presentation of posthumous bachelor of science in computer science

To Heather Cook

Accepting the degree: her husband, Warren Cook, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management

Presentation of candidates and conferring of undergraduate degrees

Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D. G’78, G’93, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gerald Lorentz, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts and Humanities and Lally School of Education

Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences and Huether School of Business

Representing the Saint Rose Faculty:

Liz Richards, MFA, Associate Professor of Communications

Maureen Rotondi, MSW, Associate Professor of Social Work

Presentation of candidates and conferring of dual and graduate degrees

Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D. G’78, G’93, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gerald Lorentz, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts and Humanities and Lally School of Education

Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences and Huether School of Business

Representing the Saint Rose Faculty:

Liz Richards, MFA, Associate Professor of Communications

Maureen Rotondi, MSW, Associate Professor of Social Work

The turning of the Tassels

Dr. Margaret T. McLane and the Class of 2024


Joan Horgan ‘79

A Dessert Reception will immediately follow the ceremony on the Campus Green.

The audience is requested to remain in place until all the participants in the Academic Recession have left the MVP Arena.

Download a free copy of the 2024 Commencement Video Video will be available at

Class of 2024


Hayden Avidon

Gavin Bluni

Cason Breedy

Christopher Durkin

Ryan Eck

Joseph Heady

Ella Hoffman

Gillian Kelley

Michael Kleinman

Miles LaBelle

Michael Loughlin

Brian Mahoney

Ian McGrath

Samantha Morrissey

Maeve Parkhurst

Grace Perry

Noah Salz

Daniel Sereikis


School of Arts and Humanities


Randall Joel Alejo

Mariah Jordan Almquist, cum laude

Alexus Alicia Anderson

Madelyn Olive Avery, cum laude

Lauren Ann Bartlett, cum laude

Toraya R. Belanouane

Bethany Jean Benavides

Abigail Dawn Bravo, magna cum laude

Emma J. Carter, summa cum laude

Kevin A. Castellanos, magna cum laude

Emma N. Cicchetti

Brian C. Cooke

Kiersten Lynn Czuwala

Mason Lloyd Davis

Robert Gerard Deeb, magna cum laude

Sabrina Marie Desintonio

Allison Rebecca Dixon

Desyre Bryanna Dole

Daniel J. Fagan

Nicole Alexa Ferraro, magna cum laude

Deanna Nicole Fox, cum laude

Kelsy Garcia, cum laude

Dianne P. Gardner, magna cum laude

Hilmar Halldorsson

Russell David Hanusik

Maria Christina Hartz

Nicholas M. Hoalcraft

Ebony Ashley Holman

Trevor James Howard

Tyler Gustav Hufland

Fiona Frances Hunt

Mary Eleanor Israel, cum laude

Kels Alfred Jensen

Paige Elizabeth Kenneally

Alexandra L. Kirk, cum laude

Ethan M. Kleinke, magna cum laude

Katharine Danielle Lewis, magna cum laude

Angelina Isabella Mandell, summa cum laude

Kyla Mayberry, summa cum laude

Isabella Mero, summa cum laude

Lucas B. Michalisin, cum laude

Christian X. Nowicki

Nancy Altagracia Pantophlet

Luke Donahue Pemrick

Jalyn Drewell Praileau-Spencer

Sanna Helena Rein

Sean E. Rickert

Maria Camila Rivera, magna cum laude

Abigail Nicole Rockmacher, cum laude

Rodman Rufus Rogers

Sophia Regina Ryan

Kelsi Marie Sanchez

Eric George Walter Scott

Zachary L. Sheremeta

Jennifer Anne Siciliano

Tamara Nena Smith

Elizabeth R. Stone


Brian E. Ballard

Tucker Michael Beaudoin

Julia Daria Berardo, magna cum laude

Kaylee Julia Boerner, magna cum laude

Aaron R. Borenstein

Grace Olivia Briggs-Neal

Madelyn C. Bronson, cum laude

Tiffany Calpo, magna cum laude

Anthony Salvatore Campbell

Jaleah Luv Tirse

Savannah R. Torebka, magna cum laude

Emma Rose Tuey

Christiaan Mauritz Van Niekerk

Tabitha Vazquez

Haley N. Weingarten

MyAsia D. Wiggins

Daphne S. Williams

Makenna G. Williams

Shamar Andre Wintz

Sophia Grace Wodatch

Adam Joseph Zak

Edgar Cebada, cum laude

Benjamin Michael Condon

Declan James Fields

Anthony Giordano

Robert Esteban Hansbrough

Mia Giovanna Longo

Ashley Chyann Mayfield

Paige Morgan McCulloch, cum laude

John Meltz

Nicole Mulligan

Evan James Randall

Brianna L. Samouel

Penelope Rose Sierra

James Robert Simonds

Terence Joseph Smith

Skyler J. Stabin, magna cum laude

Amanda D. Stevens, cum laude

Zavier T. Thompson

Julia Margaret Williams, summa cum laude

Mekhi Zyaire Wynn

Huether School of Business


Victor Emil Boje Henriksen, cum laude

Emmett James Brady

Chase P. Carroll, magna cum laude

Kristian George Ellis

Justin Nathaniel Fields

Jaden Dean Fowler, magna cum laude


Mazen Abdulrahman Alsayed

Franzel A. Arive, cum laude

Tresaliana M. Batchelder

Torrian R. Brooks

Valerii Burlacenco, magna cum laude

Johanna Monika Campbell, summa cum laude

Tusaun Carraway

Michael Paul Castelli

Herbert Anthony Cox

James S. Cundy

Carmem Catiza Ortet Da Costa

Roget Jean-Luc De Bique

Joseph Gregory Dechristopher

Alexander Michael Decker, cum laude

Vanessa Dejesus Bravo

John Nicholas Del Priore

Anisha Nandani Deonarain, summa cum laude

Pape Ousmane Diagne

Joy Elizabeth Duff

Ethan James Foster

Zachary J. Gamache, magna cum laude

Jermain A. Griffiths Jr.

Shelbie M. Jenkins, cum laude

Connor A. Lawlor, cum laude

William Donta Moore

Jack M. O’Brien Bruno

Nicholas Cameron Rios

Tomas Anthony Rozman

Nyzair L. Sheldon

Jeremy R. Smith

Chase H. Tucker, cum laude

Griffin Jerald Weir

Daja Symone Wentz

Hailey A. Wood, magna cum laude

Louis Gendron, magna cum laude

Joseph Peter Gentile

Lexi Reed Grassia

Malik Shabazz Albert Hatten

Ava N. Higgins, magna cum laude

Nicholas Hoffman, summa cum laude

Suzanne Zayna Ibrahim, summa cum laude

Tyrik Norris James

Kodie A. Jones

August Jorius, magna cum laude

Margaret Ann Kelley, cum laude

Sandra Kelley Rhodes ‘83

Thomas J. Krill

Ahmed Lakrafli, summa cum laude

Adriana E. Lanese

Myles M. Littlejohn

Jose Armando Maceda

Michael Thomas Maguire

Lucas Axel Folke Malmquist, magna cum laude

Summer C. Martin

Morgan C. Mason

Jason J. Muno

Maggie Rose Owen, magna cum laude

Lauren Elizabeth Pendergast

Kristiana Qirici Qylalli

Glenjanee Nyasha Robertson, cum laude

Tobey Dee Seaburg, summa cum laude

Sarah M. Sharkey

Rajesh Singh

Brian Spellman

Gabriel Dominick Stewart

Alexandra Kathryn Sutherland, cum laude

Hannah K. Walters

James B. Ward, cum laude

Garry Leroy Williams

Tatyana Olimpia Shalec Williams

Thelma P. Lally School of Education


Brynn Elizabeth Allen

Jenna Kelly Almon, summa cum laude

Ashley Grace Angelo, magna cum laude

Alexis Skyler Averill, cum laude

Samuel Aaron Bethel, magna cum laude

Samantha R. Bonesteel

Erik Norman Borgersen, magna cum laude

Emily E. Brady, cum laude

Hannah Mary Breen, magna cum laude

Ayana Christen Butler

Gillian Lynn Calkins

Brid Lin Carroll, summa cum laude

Danai Rose Cirigliano

Sophie P. Collura, summa cum laude

Kateryna Elizabeth Cooper, magna cum laude

Marissa A. Corsaro, magna cum laude

Kelly E. Coster, summa cum laude

Kennedy Anne Cowles, summa cum laude

Stacia Ellen Coyne

Tierra Lynn Damico

Marcella Lee Davis, summa cum laude

Meghan Nicole Davis, magna cum laude

Brenda Lee DeJesus

Rylee Sage Desso, summa cum laude

Alicia Rose Diaz, magna cum laude

Hannah Ann Elsworth

George A. Erfurt III

Karissa A. Finley, magna cum laude

Rachel Ann Fredenburgh, magna cum laude

Dorothy Anne Gaffney

Erin Julia Garza, magna cum laude

Hadassah Graham, cum laude

Claire Guzielek

Lindsey Hampton, magna cum laude

Sunita Hansraj

Alexis Tanner Harrington, summa cum laude

Zoe Anne Harris, cum laude

Kaia L. Haskell, magna cum laude

Elsa R. Hennessey, magna cum laude

Sydney R. Hescock, cum laude

Rachel Grace Horgan

Natalie Marie Hoyt, summa cum laude

Brooke Cady Iannone, summa cum laude

Morgan J. Inderwiesche

Carly M. Isabelle

Gabrielle Jean

Adam T. Johnson, magna cum laude

Sydney Renee Jones

Lauren C. Kobes, cum laude

Caralyn Leona Kubly, summa cum laude

Julia Estelle Lasher, magna cum laude

Nicole Marie Lencewicz, summa cum laude

Mackenzie Catherine Mahoney

Sarah M. Mastroianni

Elizabeth Colleen Mattair, summa cum laude

Amber Maria Mattison, summa cum laude

Sabrina Lynn Mazza, magna cum laude

Julia Marie McCrea, summa cum laude

Sarah Marie Mentiply

Ma. Ella Ann Martires Mirandilla

Margaret Lynn Mullaney, magna cum laude

Alexandra Nash, magna cum laude

Mikayla Marie Neahr, magna cum laude

Reyna M. Neal

Brittney Lynn Neary, magna cum laude

Megan J. Nelson

Nikolette Daniella Nesci

Erika C. Nestor, summa cum laude

Sydney I. Oathout, summa cum laude

Isabella Marie Olori, magna cum laude

Sophia A. Pede, magna cum laude

Nadaya A. Pena, cum laude

Ciana Niedhammer-Phillips, summa cum laude

Olivia Marie Pierce, summa cum laude

Kaitlyn J. Putman, magna cum laude

Kara Kathleen Quackenbush, magna cum laude

Alexandra M Reale, summa cum laude

Chelsea Rodriguez

Haleigh Shadé Rojas

Alyssa Mae Rowland, magna cum laude

Alexis R. Schaible, cum laude

Kori R. Scott

Mia Rachel Jagger Stroub, summa cum laude

Jadin M. Swartz

Nicole E. Tassone

Hannah Phoebe Tockman, summa cum laude

Emily L. Turriglio, cum laude

Victoria Marguerite Vadney, summa cum laude

Lauren A. Vandenburgh, magna cum laude

Jason Vasquez

Maria Isabella Velasco-Innello, cum laude

Megan M. Washock, summa cum laude

Margaret Noble Welton, cum laude

Danielle Nadine Williams

Madison Rose Wolfe

Paul R. Wright, cum laude

School of Mathematics and Sciences


Jasmine P. Butler

Ayiana Ford

Noelle Paige Gaska

Steven J. Gomez


David J. Alexandre

Asmaa S. Ali, cum laude

Ahmad J. Almoussa

Lauren G. Amerena

Jiovana Aragon Bonola

Imani Ashanti Archer-Forden

Emily Belle Ashby

Elyssah Marie Baker

Edina Dymond Allura Banta

Erik Anthony Barrese

Sydney Grace Benson

Ariana Leigh Bergerson

Jennifer Maria Bernacet

Gabrielle Berrios

Ciara Marion Blizinski

Daria Nicole Bock

Dimitri Aleksandar Bonesteel

Caylee A. Boorse

Olivia F. Boucher

McKenzie Grace Breunig-Smith, summa cum laude

Michael G. Broutman

Jada Chondria Brown

Franchesca A. Gonzalez

Abygayle Marie Howe

Ashantea Kamesia Jarrett

Jyothi M. Kavil

Sidney E. Brucato, summa cum laude

Nakhi E. Burnett

Helena Rose Burzesi

Sophia Elizabeth Canale

Amelia M. Carelli

Reese J. Casinelli

Courtney M. Cazziol

Natasha Dey Chambers

Elizabeth Kip Christopher, magna cum laude

Marcelle Maria Connell

Emily M. Connolly

Heather Cook 

Zephaniah Amariah King Cooper

Samuel J. Costantini, summa cum laude

Marlene R. Countermine

Yolanni Amarie Cruz, summa cum laude

Julia E. Curley, magna cum laude

Yasmine Dahech, magna cum laude

Santino Joseph D’Antonio

Fatima Zafar Dar

Ashley R. Wynn, cum laude


Nicarla Saphiamarie Richards

Michael Ryan Shear

Cassandra Lynn Storm

Quamirah E. Williams

Nayana DeAmelia, summa cum laude

Emma Deerfield, summa cum laude

Alexandra Elizabeth Deeter

Ethan T. Depoo, summa cum laude

Mara Anne Donahue, magna cum laude

Emma Jayne Dumas

Jazzmyne Marie Dunleavy-Mead

Ahmed Durrani

Anna Maria Dzyadyk, summa cum laude

Denise Francis Edwards

Samuel Reagen Enders

Jenna Maire Enright

Christina Simone Evans

K’nya Fallen, magna cum laude

Patrick D. Fallon

Eric B. Famularo, cum laude

Nicolas Matthew Faretta

Lamiya Farid, cum laude

Marcello C. Fazio, magna cum laude

Mikel Fere, summa cum laude

Brianna Leticia Fernandez

Catherine E. Finnerty, summa

cum laude

Thomas M. Fitzpatrick

Eric Y. Flores

Kylie Carina Flores, cum laude

Halemah Fofana

Tanaia Virginia Renee Freeman

Karleigh R. Fripp

Mariah Rose Fuentes

Daniel Patrick Fuller

Ryan J. Gainor, magna cum laude

Jason Alexander Gibson

Joshua Z. Gizowski

Caitlin A. Gordon, magna cum laude

Charli B. Goverski

Roselyn Terry Gray

James Armen Gregorian

Victoria Richele Gugliotti

Jillian Mary Hagen

Malik Halifa, cum laude

Brianne Elisabeth Hansen

James Jerry Henriques

Kierstyn Ann Hershberger

Patrick Dennis Hickey

Allyson L. Hobarth

Enxhi Hoxha, magna cum laude

Kaileigh C. Hunt

Demarco Demetrius Jackson

Gwendolyn Y. Jacobs-Friedman

Valeria Veronica Jorge

Samantha Ann Justi

Thea Kirstine Juul

Emma Sue Kalmbacher, magna cum laude

Shannon Kelly, magna cum laude

Talia Anne Kelly

Jillian Bonnie Khanai

Nick Koenig, summa cum laude

Melissa M. Koman

Sarah Rose Lagree

Amanda Jada Lewis

Jada Jahmila Lewis

Justin Li

Andy Lin

Rachelle Farah Louis Jean

Andrew T. Lowe, cum laude

Niva Maharjan, magna cum laude

Sofia Marie Marinucci, magna cum laude

Anugraha T. Mathew, cum laude

Kimeshea N. Mc Lean

Christie M. McCarron

Tania Tamara McLeod

Heather Ione Miller, magna cum laude

Lauren Sarah Monroe, magna cum laude

Shayla Marie Moran, cum laude

Mattison N. Muller, summa cum laude

Preetima K. Munessar

Joshua S. Myers

AnnClaire Noakes, cum laude

Nicholas Ryan Norsek

Augusta Faye O’Connell, cum laude

Kayla Marie O’Connor-Walsh

Ifeanyi G. Okwu-uwa

Maria Alyse Ollivierre, summa cum laude

Haley Victoria Ortiz

Melissa Kati Ortiz-Cintron, magna cum laude

Shadrack Oshodi

Kyle Ostrander

Tamia Lashawn Outland, magna cum laude

Angelo C. Palumbo

Claire Elizabeth Paquin, magna cum laude

Zachary R. Paradise

Hannah D. Parsons

Elizabeth Paul, cum laude

Karina Pirani

Alexis J. Plumley

Patrick Wesley Porter

Charlotte Hormillosa Ramsey

Aleysha Richards, summa cum laude

Kaley M. Roberts, magna cum laude

Angelina Rodriguez, magna cum laude

Victor Ramon Rodriguez, cum laude

Walter H. Ross

James A. Rossilli

Taya Hai-z Ryan, cum laude

Lanita Sanders-Henry

Melisa R. Sanichar, summa cum laude

Emma L. Schaub, cum laude

Emma A. Schmidt, magna cum laude

Dan Shao

Carly Morgan Simpson, magna cum laude

Alexandra Mellis Slifka

Michayla A. Smith

Christopher M. Staniszewski

Abigail Hedwig Sterritt

Marisol Alda Stevens

Lauren E. Stratton, summa cum laude

Abbie Rose Travis, summa cum laude

Tamia Ebony Trice

Laura Isabela Sanchez Uribe

Sophie L. Valente, summa cum laude

Jesse J. Valhos, magna cum laude

Ayla L. Vankuren

Jessica Lee Vargas, summa

cum laude

Juliana Teirra Venduro, cum laude

McKenzie Rose Vondras, summa

cum laude

Matthew Hunter Waruch

Jacqueline Marie Wayman, summa cum laude

Layla Ruth-Annette Whitehead

Brandon M. Williams

Tianna Amani Williamson

Anne M. Wojtowecz, summa cum laude

Darcy Q. Woodruff, cum laude

Osmah Yaqoob



Abigail Rose Countryman, magna cum laude

Olivia M. Degraw, summa cum laude

Jonah S. Dworkin

Michaela Marie Fay, summa cum laude

Mariana Juliette Gonzalez

Caitlyn Rose-Marie Hennessy, cum laude

Thomas James Hoffay, cum laude

Joslyn Raye Keezer, magna cum laude


Ryley N. Blasetti, summa cum laude

Ciana Rae Phillips, summa cum laude

Vanessa M. Yigo

Saul A. Zajkowski-ennabe

Sara Nicole Stelter

Nicole Taylor Taveras

Lauren Elizabeth Wrigley

Pimnipa Trakarnsrisakul, cum laude


Trisha Roshanie Deonarain, magna cum laude

Joseph Mirabile, summa cum laude

Joseph N. Parker

Shakari Ariel Yogendran


Huether School of Business


Joao Amaral

Eddie M. Baker

Matthew Robert Bartosh

Danielle Renee Brewster

Erica Joyce Butchko

Johanna Monika Campbell

Laurie A. Catal

Emma N. Cicchetti

Colette Rose Cohen

Hannah Rose Deetz

Anisha Nandani Deonarain

Oussama El Hilah

Nicole Lynn Frese

Erika Danielle Fuentes

Louis Gendron

Samuel Peter Giachinta

Kylie N. Gifford

Andre Anthony Bartholomew Guccia

Jeffery T. Hayner

Ashley Irene Hinman

Eric John Houghton

Kaylie Curtin Klemme


Matteo A. Iagrossi

Patricia Chiare Leto

Elizabeth Rae Makoske


Laurie A. Catal

Allison DellaPorte

Josie D. Hubbard

Uhumwnamure L. Irowa

Kevin M. Klumpp

Sri Sai Ram Kommineni

Cady Lyn Kuebler

Ahmed Lakrafli

Sara Marie Mainville

Christian I. Malcolm

Jonathan Manning

Jack Mitchell McDonald

Kyrsten Faith McGuffey

Abigail D. Menz

Daniel E. Miller

Heena Rizwan Momin

Avery J. Mosseau

Rachael Jean Mullen

Louann Nguyen

Gabriel MS Nish

Augusta Faye O’Connell

Rosemarie Ortiz

Tamia Lashawn Outland

Jeffrey Palmer

Elizabeth Peluso

Kayla D. Quick

Jessica L. Radley

Felicia Lynne Smith

Harshad Udaya Kumar

Isabelle M. Waldron

Michelle Miller Kalinsky

Louann M. Nguyen

Elizabeth Peluso

Samantha Schweizer

Seif Refaat

Jamie L. Rodgers

Mckenna Christine Ryan

Meghan Riley Saggese

Sciorra Christania Saint-Louis

Faith L. Sarfaty

Margaret Maureen Sehring

Elina Tuulia Seppala

Adian M. Sheeren

Delphine Dzidzinyo Sosu

Michelle Sherri Tikalsky

Nicole J. Todd

Ata Turgut

Isaiah Jet Vallejos

Gregory J. Walsh

Caitlin Elizabeth Wania

Anne M. Wojtowecz

Daniel D. Yankowski

Maria Zara

Thelma P. Lally School of Education


Fatima Abouchane

Tracy Monique Adams

Lauren C. Ahrens

Nabila Alim

Victoria J. Alteri

Anthony James Amoroso

Autumn Grace Aubrey

Peter Sterling Auty

Carly Adelaide Baker

Aaliyah Niambi Banks

Alyssa Lenore Barzey

Julia K. Berak

Matthew Joseph Biasetti

Alyssa A. Blakely

Harry H. Bond

Deanna May Bradshaw

William Martin Brandt

Shari L. Brophy

Isabella Thomasina Morgan Bruso

Carolyn M. Brussel

Ashley J. Burns

Olivia Amoy Butcher

Shqipnije Bytyqi

Sydney Ann Caramanna

Felicia K. Carlino

Ashley L. Carroll

Shani Amoy Carty

Justine Emily Carusone

Nicole Castro

Madison Elizabeth Chandler

Vanessa L. Chonou

Michelle A. Ciccone

Deanna S. Ciliento

Madison Elaine Clark

Michael D. Coddett

Joseph Edward Conway

Brandon W. Coon

Jasmin Cooper

Allison J. Corlew

Brooke Cornwall

Antigone Rashawn Cox

Era A. Crenshaw

Elizabeth Helen Daniels

Janna Marie Daniels

Michael T. DeBerry

Tessa Ashlee Degener

Sarah M. DeGenero

Emily Anne DeLeo

Lauren DeLor

Keilie Lauren Michelle DePodesta

Chloe Marie DeSain

Lorna I. Desroches

Chrisnatalie Diaz

Alexandra Riley DiOrio

Matthew Charles DiSanto-Rose

Anna Elisabeth Doren

Robin Dowell Baum

Priscilla Boateng Duah

Diane Marie Duell

Savannah M. Duke

Theresa S. Durle

Jason James Dworak

Andrea Beverly Edwards

Chinomso Mathilda Ejiogu

Angelica Esposito

Kareen-Marie Eustache

Laura Ariela Smirgeline Featherstonhaugh

Francesca Figliomeni

Milagros E. Figueroa

Carlee N. Fiorillo

Jenna Marie Forsey

Fernanda Marie Fox

Zachary P. Frese

Emily K. Goldup

Jerome Marc Gooden

Kathy Gorgonio

Abigail Elizabeth Guenther

Stanley Gutierrez

Areej Hafeez

Zaineb Hamdeh

Kaylee M. Hampton

Alex James Harnos

Brady James Harrington

Bianca Janai Harrison

Sarah Faith Haws

Annaliese E. Hellkamp

Morgan Lucy Hems

Sarah E. Hendry

Yeslan Hernanadez-Gomez

Samantha Renee Hogan

Chelsey Lea Horner

Blake Burton Hotopp

Myia Elizabeth-Wood Hulbert

Ashley Lisa Isabella

Mario Giovanni Isopo

Kayan A. James

Leanne Janos

Christopher Joanis

Madison Rose Jocolano

Olivia Marie Kaiser

Cindy Karkatselos-Casiano

Daniel Kennedy

Nadine Kerr

Fatema Khatun

Meghan Alana Kirwan

Jonathan D. Kline

Layla Kraus

Bailey P. Kross

Maria Ladenheim

Cecilla C. Lander

Megan A. Lane

Chad Russell Laustrup

Ava Rose LedDuke

Jesse Mae LeVan

Hank Lilienthal

Gabrielle Julia Loccisano

Nicholas James Lomanto

Richard E. Lopes

Joshua Lopez

Erin Marie Mackey

Elizabeth Magann

Hannah Danielle Magliocca

Toshan Mahabir

Mackenzie Catherine Mahoney

Lucas John Makely

Leara Marshall

Nancy Marshall

Yannelyn Martinez

Emily B. McCarthy

Kaitlin A. McCarthy

Olivia E. McDaniel

Margaret M. McGoldrick

Kerrie Anne Miksch

Micayla Foster Monks

Phoebe Montas

Veronica C. Morales

Alejandra V. Morillo Guzman

William Gerard Moulder

Meghan Chase Murphy

Brittney T. Murray

Shannon Elizabeth Neary

Hailey Joy Newell

Nicholas R. Novotny

Ma Nyein

Joshua Raul Ocasio

Emily Rose O’Connor

Georgette Owusu

Agatha Paduano

Destin Parsons

Abigail Linda Pauli

Frank E. Peart

Samara Pelt

Melissa M. Perez

Emily Elizabeth Perkins

Carolyn Rose Perrotta

Megan Ashley Philip

Michaela C. Piddock

Matthew Pierce

Danielle Pignataro

Danielle Lynn Point Du Jour

Stephanie Pollak

Jenna M. Poulsen

Courtia N. Powell

Nicole Pringle

Mark Andrew Ptasznik

Edith Alexandra Ramirez-Lopez

Hannah K. Rathbun

Lauren N. Reed

Madelyn Christina Roberts

Yolanda C. Roberts

Shauna Kae Justine Rockwell

Humberto B. Rosales

Michael J. Rose

Kelsea M. Royce

Rebecca E. Ruffino

Kimberly Sacchi

Kathryn Noelle Salo

Stacey C. Salva

Nicole M. Santiago

Regina M. Santiago

Kimberly A. Sanz

Victoria A. Scaringe

Nikayla Rose Schlosser

Grace Gabriella Schmidt

Jonathan Charles Schoenfeld

Jada Nicole Lynch Settle

Hemal Shah

Naomi Shaw

Kacey Sheridan

Alexandra P. Sherlock Kesnig

Nigel N. Shoulders

Amanda Jane Shuttleworth

Kendra Sisco

Alessandra Paige Sitterly

Dwayne Smart

Alison Paige Smith

Carly Faith Smith

Rebecca Annmarie Sniffen

Marina Solomonova

Rosanna Soriano

Elizabeth Soto

Kiersten A. Spagli

Samantha Mary Kathleen Speer

Evangelia Stathopoulos

Kevin P. Sukhoo

Rebecca A. Sussman

Andrew R. Sweet

Sara Symolon

Lauren Beth Tacconi

Jessica Tatter

Meagan Patricia Thurber

Cormac J. Tolan

Rosalyn M. Tomlin

Emily Lynn Torre

Samantha Torres

Madison Jade Usyk

Lauren Elizabeth Vanamerongen

Vanessa Josephine Vega

Blair E. Vogel

Nicolette Mackenzie Wagner

Jaclyn Walter

Emma Katherine Weaver

Zachary Robert Weber


Mouwafak Abbas

Vivian Anna Abbate+

Rubina Abdul+

Najamah Abdullah+

Fatima Abouchane+

Nhilcis Abreu

Gaetano James Accardi

Dana Adams+

Audra Ahl

Cassandra Ahmad

Summer Ahmad

Arleen Vanessa Alava

Judith Alava

Daniel Albino

Kevin F. Alesi

Mohamed Ali+

Gleny Almonte

Melissa Jane Alvarez+

Golda Aly+

Theresa Amabile

Laura Yi Amir

Jessica L. Anderson+

Branden O. Andrade+

Hollyann N. Anglin+

Jill Christine Anselmi

Erica Antoine

Lena Apostol-Graniela+

Rachel Elizabeth Arnold

June Arrington+

Amaar Aslam

Jane Austrie-James

Laly Baez

Jacqueline Rose Weinfeld

Kara Weston

Leon G. Whyte

Nickeisha Wilson

Riley J. Yager

Angela L. Baker

Aaliyah Niambi Banks+

Amanda Lee Barnett

Mariela Batista+

Catherine J. Bautista

Selwain R. Belgrave

Michelle Bellamy+

John Bellantuono+

Joanne Pia Benetos

Althea M. Benloss+

Erin M. Bennett

Yousra M. Benslama

Sasha M. Bent

Rossana Bermudez-Rodriguez

Miriam Berns+

Christine Biggs

Enga R. Billinghurst-Rivera

Denese A. Birch+

Patricia A. Black+

Leah Blumenthal

Janelle J. Bobb+

Ryan T. Boelsen

Kyle D. Bollar+

Irina Borovinski

Tamara Cassandra Bowens+

Erica M. Boyce+

Jaywana Bradley

Mary Jo Bradley+

Tara A. Brinkmann+

Hillary Lee Brochu

Catherine L. Brown

Jesse A. Brown

Catherine Yanchak

Gabriella Rose Zarrelli

Alexander Daniel Zavadil

Rebekah Zimmerman

Rosalina Brown

Stephen Patrick Buccellato

Derek M. Bull

Kimberly Bullock-Jenkins+

Averil A. Bunbury

Vannessa Burdier

Kamaria A. Burns+

Sara F. Bussert

Catherine Simone Byrd

Shqipnije Bytyqi

Damaris Caba

Marie Flore Y. Cadet+

Ivis Caesar

Cheryl P. Calamiong

Alesha Nicole Delores Calinda

Samantha N. Campbell

Asha J. Canty

Richard E. Cardino+

Erika N. Carmona+

Jeanne Carosone+

Ryan Carroll+

Sharonda L. Carter-Hamilton+

Shani Amoy Carty+

Katherine E. Caselles

Jessica Casimir+

Yves R. Casimir+

Jamie A. Castillo-King+

Laurie A. Catal

Jacqueline Cattouse+

Elaine E. Centeno

Paul Cercone

Emily Doyle Tarity Cetnar+

completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024.
or anticipating

Jurandir Chan+

Chris G. Cherouvis

Dillon Chichester

Abid U. Choudhury

Michelle A. Ciccone+

Christine Irene Cioc-Karantais+

Rachel Ciotoli

Roxon O. Clarke

Tanya N. Clarke-Carrasco+

Wadley C. Clauther+

Felice M. Cleveland

Sydney Cloonan

Debra A. Coffey+

Ashley Coffy+

Sujening Collado

Joanne Crespo Colon

Justine E. Colon+

Catrina A. Como

Melissa M. Conlon

Jasmin Cooper+

Randy D. Cornish+

Danielle Elise Cowan+

Andrea J. Cox

Antigone Rashawn Cox+

Meaghan Lindsay Crampton+

Janisha D. Crawley+

Cynthia Christine Crespo

Gabriella Leda Crisafulli

Daisy Lee Cruz

Jonathan Cucchiaro

Joshua Ian Culwell-Block

Shardae A Cunningham

Melquawn A. Curry

Eileen D'Agostino

Stacie Damico

Meghan Kate Dasaro

Chitralekha Dass+

Natalie Andria Davis

Mariela Daza

Edwin De La Rosa+

Andressa Shavonne Stewart Deane

Christina Marie Dearing+

Danielle A. DeBiase

Amalia Dedousis

Stephanie Rose DeFilippi+

Sarah M. DeGenero

Allison DellaPorte

Lauren A. DeLor

Jennifer A. DelQuaglio

Felisha Rose DeMania

Charleen Mendes Denis+

Michelle Mary Depta+

Anthony V. DeRosa+

Theresa Marie DeSanti

Kayla Frances Desmond

Jessica C. Deutsch

Princess Amma Kyeraa Diawuo

Chrisnatalie Diaz+

Josephine Diaz

Karen Margaret Diaz+

Tatiana V. Diaz

Leo DiBenedetto

Kristen Dietz

Luc J. Dieudonne

Julia Dimant+

Alexandra Riley DiOrio

Shannon K. Dorn+

Aisha N. Douglas

Stephanie E Douglas

Amanda P. Draghi

Alexander S. Dvorak

Thomas John Dwyer

Anitra Nicole Edmond+

Andrea Beverly Edwards+

Sherri Denise Edwers

Kimberly Eger+

Chinomso Mathilda Ejiogu+

Adel Elfayoumi+

Carmen Milagros Elias+

Jean-Clay Emile

Diana L. Empie+

Joseph O. Espinal

Charles G. Evans

Jennie C. Evans

Rick Jeremy Evans+

Ayana Extavour+

Valerie Facciola+

Oluwadamilola A. Fadare

Freddy J. Falcones

Yulissa Fana

Cherilyn Elizabeth Faraci+

Stephanie Christine Fazzino

David Felix

Erkanda Feratovic

Norma P Feriz-Gordon

Aaron J. Fields Jr.

Lourdes Figueroa+

Milagros E. Figueroa

Claudia Maria Finkle

Deana M. Fisher

Renee B. Fisher

Paulette Fitzpatrick

Taneisha R. Fleming

Patrick R. Flores

Morgan K. Flynn

Keiron U. Forbes

Andrew J. Forman

Stephanie Michelle Francis

Victoria E. Franco

Marc S. Frank+

Dian M. Frankson

Kourtney Lee Franzese

Jeff Froehlich

Jason Fuller

Jeffrey Furman

Paul L. Fyffe

Valery Gabriel

completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024.
or anticipating

Leigh Galione

Bhavin Gandhi

Marcos Garcia

Gena A. Gardner+

Gustavo Adolfo Garo

Angela Gerace

Benjamin Adam Glassman

Andre Luiz Gomes Machado+

Dayana S. Gomez

Anna M. Gonzalez+

Simone Gordon

Veronica Martinez Gottlieb-Quinn

Sabrina Dianne Greaves+

Gaetano Greco

Russha Shenell Griffin+

Thandi Guimaraes

Jessenia C. Gutierrez+

Pamela C. Guzman Flores

Hilary Gyebi+

Carly R. Haber+

Shauna-Rae Haley+

Jonathan Halpern

Pamela Jordan Halpin

Crystal S. Hamid+

Kevin C. Hankins+

Ave Harris

Bianca J. Harrison+

Kimberly Hart+

Victoria L. Hartman+

Candace Hatfield

Brendan Pierce Hayes

Tiffany Helmy+

Sarah E. Hendry+

Adrienne A. Henry+

Mikaela Henry

Jhoana Heras-Campos

Myrna Loy Heredia

Yeslan Hernanadez-Gomez+

Emily A. Hernandez

Joseph Hernandez

Juan C. Herrera+

Charles B. Herzek+

Samantha M. Higgins

Todd B. Hilgendorff

Mary M. Hinkley

John Hogan

Samantha Renee Hogan+

Shona A. Holder+

Mohammed Shariyar Hossain

Josie D. Hubbard

Pamela J. Hubbs

Elizabeth Anne Hudson

Jessica Hunter

Roxanne Conteh Hurtado+

Arlene N. Ifill-leon

Sofia Ikram

Tianna Ingram

Uhumwnamure L. Irowa

Mario Giovanni Isopo

Oommen Jacob+

Akil S. James+

Kayan A. James+

Janelle R. Jemmott+

Darline A. Jerez

Valerie M. Jimenez+

Christopher Joanis+

Jennifer A. Johnson+

Jahangir M. Kabir+

Donna Kam+

Sonia Karmily+

Arden Rose Katine

Hesley R. Keenan+

Katherine Kelly+

Morgan Kelly

Chrisina Kennedy+

Nishat F. Khawaja

Nastaran Khoshab+

Michael J. Kleba

Elena Pamela Kokakis

Sarah B. Korzeniewski+

John Stanley Kostkowicz

Stephane Kouame+

Janis Anne Krug

Lily Kuang+

Marisa S. Laks+

Tara Lallbachan+

Charmonique Chenelle Lambert+

Megan Ann Lane+

Jonathan F LaPierre

Dylan J. Lawless

Tara S. Leach-Keating

Casey Brian Leary

Gwennette S. Lee+

Tracey La Shona Lee+

Gregory D. Leger

Leiloni Leiva-Rich

Laura Lemanis+

Joseph S. Lemke

Maria Nicole Leodis

Sharee Lewin-Mckenzie+

Kaitlyn E. Lewis

Kiara Asha Lewis+

Rachel Rubin Lewis+

Juan Li

Roshney Licorish

Emilia Lier

Candice lee Ligator

Brandon K. Lilly

Shufa Lin+

Jacqueline R. Lividini

Jocelyn Rose Lividini+

HoLing Lo

Kathleen B. Loftus

Jennifer M. Loperfito+

Lynn Lopez

Quanell Nicole Lopez

Ashley N. Lorenzo

+Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024.

Vanessa F. Luna

Flora Lutsky

Brittany Lynch+

Shalli A. Lynch

Victoria Marie Maccarone+

Marissa J. Macey+

Rizwan M. Malik

Danielle Mann

Rachael J. Mann+

Robert O. Manzi

Mayra Elizabeth Marca

Nicole Mardak

Salvatore A. Marino

Amanda Marquez

Amber Marie Marriott

Nancy Marshall+

Nathalie Marie Marte

Chrishawna C. Martin

Elizabeth Martinez

Stacia T. Mason

Giselle Matthew+

Colleen Marie Mavica

Sophia A. McCartney

Brendan P. McCue

Gabrielle McDonald

Tracey L. McGill+

Amanda J. McGrath

Elizabeth R. McGuire

Christine Amanda McWatt

Nicole M. Melkun+

Michelle Menendez-Smith

David R. Mercaldo

Maciel Merino+

Jeanine A. Messina+

Jennifer M. Messina+

Ilisa M. Metter+

Christopher Dale Meurer

Arben Miftari

Tian Danielle Migdol

Christine Alexis Milan

Laura E. Miller+

Lauren Elizabeth Miller+

Mia Isabella Minuto

Tanya Phillicia Mitchell

Rachel Emily Molloy+

Karen Stephanie Monaco

Shari K. Monah+

Phoebe Montas+

Brittany Leigh Monte

Leslie-Ann Moore

Veronica Cecilia Morales+

Avril B. Morton

Michael Muldoon

Myles J. Mule+

Jennifer M. Mulhaul+

Geovani F. Mullings

Beatriz Munoz

Philip Joseph Murphy+

Waled Murshed

Anastasiya Myrovych+

Ameera Nagle

Derrick Kareem Nesbitt

Dwain O. Newell

Jessica Wai Ng

Louann M. Nguyen

My Nguyen

Kennedy M. Nordby

Miriam J. Nunez

Natasha Nurse+

Oluwafunke Abisola Ogundele

Kelly K. Oltaci+

Elijah Ortiz

Peter B. Ottaviano III

Nicole M. Ouellette

Elisa M. Oviedo

Agatha Paduano+

Yu Palumbo

Maria Pappas

Rory Parnell

Chernelle H. Patrice

Deniece M. Patterson+

Laurel M. Paul+

Elizabeth Peluso

Stania Pena

Melissa Ann Pennino

Melissa M. Perez

Denise Pergola

Majesty Perkins

Stacey-Ann Perry

Ioanna J. Perselis

Carrie Ann Petrie

Dikirys Pichardo

Bertholin E. Pierre

Karinna Pierre-Louis+

Yvan L. Pierre-Louis

Karla G. Pina

Gabrielle R. Piscitelli

Hannah Jaleeza Polk

Guerlande Ponyon+

Christina Efrosini Potenzone

Josh Pray

Nicole Pringle+

Karen Ann Pugni

Sharleen Quartararo

Joseph Quigley

Julissa Quinones

Catherine H. Raeter

Abdur Rifat Rahaman+

Mark A. Raimondi

Claudia Patricia Ramirez+

Manuel A. Ramirez

Edith Alexandra Ramirez-Lopez+

Eribelka Ramirez-Rodriguez

Nathaniel Paul Reals

Janiqua Shonise Redd

Andrea Noemi Reed

Talia Diana Reid

+Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024.

Stephanie Rosa Renfroe+

Dino Riese+

Margo Andrea Rivera+

Darrell Eugene Roberson

Tynisha A. Robinson-Myrie

Zakkiyya Kishwar Rock

Carolyn Rodgers

Gretchen Cotton Rodney

Lisa Rodriguez

Marcol J. Rodriguez

Maria Cristina Rodriguez

Erica Ashley Romaniello

Kimberly A. Ronaldson

Nathalia Rosario

Gabrielle Yolanda Rose

Michael J. Rose+

Jennifer I. Rosenbloom

Deanna Rosenzweig

Chanelle J. Ross

Mandisa A. Rowe

Kelsea M. Royce

Margarita Ruiz

Sandra Carolina Salcedo+

Jennifer L. Salgado+

Christopher R. Sandor

Jessica Santiago+

Vanessa Santiago+

Vanna Santiago

Amaya Santos+

Zoe J. Saviolis

Karrie J. Scerra

Sarah Schlessinger

Nikayla Rose Schlosser

Susanna Schwall

Samantha Schweizer

Nafeesa F. Scott

Natasha Patricia Scott

Tennielle Scott-Phillips

Steven Reuben Serling

Kendra Shedina

Alexandra P. Sherlock Kesnig+

Kimberly M. Shern+

Nigel Nicholas Shoulders+

Skeva A. Shurdhi+

Neeta Sidat+

Fizza Siddiqui

Paloma Sierra Herrera

Milton Siguencia

Vanessa M. Silva

Reina C. Sin

Zosia A. Skiff

Dwayne Smart+

Stephanie Smiley

Keiya D. Smith

Jenny C. Sora

Andres Soto

Elizabeth Soto+

Humberto Soto+

Martino Sottile+

Tiffany M. Spencer-Smith

Derek F. Stampone

Keith M. Stanley

Joely A. Stano

Gillian M. Steele

Eleni Stellatos

Stephanie A. Stephens+

Nicole Stevens

Amanda L. Stokes

Phylicia M. Stone

Tamika Styles+

Aidalene Suarez+

Alejandra P. Suarez

Shahnaj Sultana

Marie Antoinette Sun

Rachel Sweeney

Tamika L. Swinton

Zartash Moomi Syed

Useline B. Sylvester-George+

Ernesto Schroth Tabajonda+

Stephanie Tabertus

Renee Michele Taitt

Christina Talavera

Tera Talbot

Leah Rose Tanzman

Lunisol Tavarez

Tayana Thadal+

Zachary Jacob Thaler

Rebecca A. Theadore

Darlene Thomas+

Mark Vansen Tidd

Ashley Tomei

Rosalyn M. Tomlin

Brendaly Torres

Dylan Raymond Tramm

Vilma S. Trelles Paucar+

Rechelle Trotman

Ashley A. Tuffy+

April M. Turnbull-Vunk

Jenna Marie Turner

Kristine M. Tweeddale+

Shaude S. Tyson

Shairmin Uddin

Matthew Stephen Urban

Madison Jade Usyk

Sylvie Utteriyn+

Maria Patzyli Valenzuela-castillo

Steven J. Vargas

Olga Varnavskaya+

Wendy Vasquez

Nicole A. Vazquez

Velma Velez

Amanda Marie Venturella

Nicole VerHagen

Elizabeth A. Viele

Caitlin M. Vigliotti

Shannon C. Vitalis

Sandra A. Wagner

+Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024.

Colleen Nardia Walker

Kai Walker

Donald R. Walling

Michelle J. Walters+

Marisa S. Wang+

Tammy Wang

Andrew Watson+

Sara J. Wells-Henry

Sterlyne Fabre Weyer

Jessica Rose White

Shaniqua Khadijah White+

Scott Whittemore

Leon G. Whyte+

Kharema G. Williams

Tafiyya Williams

Catherine J. Wilson

Nickeisha R. Wilson

Tossea Wilson+

Alison L. Watterson

Amber R. Wiltsie

Joy L. Wise

Andrew Woolsey

Diana M. Wright

Toshea Wright

School of Mathematics and Sciences


Abdulquadir Babawale Aderinto

Christie L. Archer

Sarah Emily August

Oluwabusayo Olufunke Awoyomi

Nikhil Bittu

Tia N. Bly

Jeremy Bodie-Bromberg

Kaelyn E. Britt

Grace M. Campion-Pratt

Victoria Morgan Clary

Elizabeth Darling

Brittney L. Decker

Travis L. DeGroat

Breana L. Doherty

Nicholas Patrick Dwyer

Ayoub El Mekaoui

Lynsey R. Foster

Isabella Melinda Franzese

Anusha Gaddam

Siew L. Goh

Tabor O. Holmes

Aimee May Hurlbut

Jagadeesh Pilli

Chaitanya Nag Kollala

Rahul Konda

Sai Kiran Konda

Shyam Sundar Konda

Maheswari Koti

Melina S. Lisosky

D’Andre Bernard Little

Jeffrey Jon-Kit Louie

Kavya Mashetty

Megan Taylor Mastrodomenico

Shiva Prasad Mekala

Andrea Mendoza

Kayla J. Mitchell

Tajera M. Morgan

Heather Rose Mowry

Sai Moulika Muthareddy

Christopher L. Nerf

Aneka E. Wynter

Victoria Yagudayeva

Nichole M. Yezzo

Sewoong Youn

Jasmine Charlette Young

Jovonna D. Young+

Ewelina M. Zaba+

Angelina C. Zayas+

Nymia T. Zennia

Kevin Zhou+

Madeleine Mary O’Rourke

Aditya Patel Peddolla

Amanda Purello

Joshua Philip Riebel

Shirley Ross

Andria Rufa

Patrick Kent Ryan

Taya Hai-z Ryan

Giovani F. Saldana

Faith L. Sarfaty

Isabella M. Serafini

Alexander W. Smaldone

Matthew J. Smith

Rachael P. Southworth

Mekkel Rose Styno

Shannon E. Sullivan

Sara Syed

Tharun Kumar Kumar Vanguri

Caroline Noel White

+Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2023, May 2024, and August 2024.

Commencement Speaker

Joan has been a guiding force in fostering faith, community service, and social justice initiatives.

to more than 800 students, faculty and staff volunteering together on one day for over 50 nonprofit organizations in the Capital Region.

Messages From Our Graduating Students

Laura Uribe ’24

Laura, poised to graduate in 2024 with a bachelor of social work alongside double minors in sociology and public health, showcases a diverse academic portfolio. Additionally, she has obtained certification in Spanish - to - English translation, demonstrating her linguistic prowess. As president of the Student Association, Laura has displayed exemplary leadership skills, fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community. Her selection as a BOLD Women’s Leadership Network Scholar underscores her commitment to empowering and advocating for women’s voices and rights. Laura’s dedication to academic excellence, leadership, and social advocacy positions her as a beacon of positive transformation in her future pursuits.

D’ Andre Little ’23, G ’24

D’Andre, a dedicated student-athlete set to graduate in 2024 with a master’s degree in computer science, exemplifies a commitment to both academics and athletics. Not only has he excelled on the track and field team, showcasing his athleticism and teamwork skills, but he has also contributed significantly to campus life as a resident assistant, Student Association officer, campus tour guide and orientation leader. With a passion for technology and a drive for leadership, D’Andre’s multifaceted experiences and achievements define him as a well-rounded individual ready to make a positive impact in his field and community.

Carondelet Medal Recipients

classroom teaching in 1997. However, her retirement began a new chapter in her tireless advocacy for social justice and systemic change. Over the next 26 years, she remained committed to the Saint Rose community, taking on a number of different roles, including working in the Neil Hellman Library with particular attention to the College’s archives, while also serving on the Province Justice Committee, demonstrating her enduring dedication to positively impacting society.

Throughout her tenure as a history professor, Sr. Honora championed causes that resonated with her sense of justice and compassion. Her participation in the most recent Middle States Self-Study process showcased her commitment to academic excellence and institutional improvement, reflecting her approach of getting involved and speaking up to creating meaningful change.

Sr. Honora Kinney, CSJ, Ph.D. ’61, G’66

Sr. Honora Margaret Kinney, CSJ, Ph.D. ’61, G’66 has been a beacon of unwavering dedication and passion for social justice and human rights since her arrival at The College of Saint Rose in September 1957 as a student. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in social studies and French, a master’s degree in history from Saint Rose, and a Ph.D. in history from Syracuse University, Sr. Honora began a lifelong journey dedicated to enlightening minds. Sr. Honora embarked on a lifelong journey of enlightening minds.

As a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Sr. Honora lives her life in accordance with the founding values of the College, including infusing social justice into the history classes she taught, showing her students how to delve deeply into diverse viewpoints and examine the contexts that shape different perspectives. Her approach enriched academic debate and fostered empathy and critical thinking among her students, instilling values that transcended the classroom.

After nearly three decades of shaping young minds as a history professor at Saint Rose, Sr. Honora retired from

At the core of Sr. Honora’s social advocacy is a firm belief that engaging with communities is a responsibility and a way to anchor oneself against moral complacency.

One of Sr. Honora’s notable strengths is her ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Her love for engaging with individuals at protests is a testament to her open-mindedness and willingness to learn. Her collection of protest posters, crafted with care and purpose, symbolizes her continuous dedication to amplifying voices and advocating for justice. In 2022, after many years of persistent asking by Sr. Honora, driven by her deep belief in the importance of educating the campus on the issue of systemic racism, acclaimed legal scholar Michelle Alexander visited Saint Rose, spoke to our students, and connected with our community.

In her unwavering pursuit of social justice, Sr. Honora embodies resilience, determination, and a never give up spirit of activism. Sr. Honora Margaret Kinney’s legacy is defined by both her academic contributions and by the countless individuals she inspired to work toward a more just, equitable and compassionate society for all.

Mary Ann Schultz McLoughlin, Ph.D. ’63

Professor Mary Ann Schultz McLoughlin Ph.D. ‘63 is a remarkable educator whose dedication to education and unwavering commitment to her students have left an indelible mark on the Saint Rose community. With a formidable array of degrees in mathematics – a bachelor of arts from The College of Saint Rose, a master of arts from Washington University, and a master of science and a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Professor McLoughlin embodies academic excellence and a lifelong commitment to learning. Her illustrious career spans nearly six decades and reflects her lifelong commitment to educational excellence, exemplifying the College’s founding values in her work both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. McLoughlin has been synonymous with academic excellence and high standards throughout her tenure. Her teaching philosophy goes beyond equations; she challenges her students to think critically and solve problems creatively, instilling in them the confidence to excel in mathematics and life. Many students credit her

with transforming their lives, shaping their analytical thinking, and preparing them for success beyond the classroom.

As the longest-serving faculty member still actively teaching, Professor McLoughlin embodies loyalty and dedication. Among her many accolades, Dr. McLoughlin’s receipt of the Thomas A. Manion Distinguished Faculty Award is a testament to her outstanding academic contributions. Her involvement also extends to extracurricular activities, such as volunteering as a judge for the Joseph Henry Science Fair, showcasing her passion for promoting STEM education and inspiring the next generation of innovators. She has also served as chair of the mathematics department and the Rank and Tenure committee.

Through a liberal arts approach, Professor McLoughlin teaches mathematics principles by encouraging students to engage in interdisciplinary learning, read critically, analyze deeply, and conduct meaningful research. Her legacy is not just in the equations she’s taught, but in the minds she’s shaped and the futures she’s influenced. After nearly six decades as a faculty member Professor McLoughlin has garnered admiration and respect across the institution and in her academic discipline—yet what is most meaningful to her is that she has been and remains a beloved mentor to generations of countless students.

The Carondelet Medal

The medal is designed as an award for an individual who, through working in the community, has enabled others to move toward a fuller development of their personhood. Thus is the larger human family nourished. The recipient has given evidence of commitment to a constant striving for excellence, as well as to equal access to education, as seen in the College’s early role in the education of women. In addition, the recipient is one committed to the Saint Rose tradition of the liberal arts, understood here as education of the whole person, and to those moral and religious values that are consistent with Judeo-Christian tradition. Finally, in conferring this medal, The College of Saint Rose recognizes the individual for exceptional contributions to education, which, in the broadest sense of the word, is the passing on to others that which one has received .



Sr. M. Rosaleen Gilroy, CSJ ’24 


The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


Sr. Mary Kevin Ford, CSJ ’41, L.H.D. ’79 


Sr. Catherine T. McNamee, CSJ ’53, L.H.D. ’75 


Sr. Anne Tranelli, CSJ ’66, G’78


Sr. Anne L. Clark, CSJ ’59, G’66 


William A. Dunne 


J. Robert Sheehan 


Charles E. Greene, Jr.


Sr. Rose Regina Smith, CSJ ’50, G’90 


Karene Tarquin Faul 


Howard J. Hubbard, D.D. 


Margaret M. Kirwin, Ed.D.


Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ ’66 


Sr. Charleen Bloom ’57 CSJ, Ph.D. 


Sr. Mary Anne Heenan, CSJ ’68


Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D., MSED ’78, MSED ’93

 Deceased

Academic Programs and Degrees

The College Experience Program

In partnership with The College of Saint Rose and Living Resources, the College Experience Program is a two-year certificate program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The curriculum is designed to foster independence and encourage students with developmental disabilities to explore areas of interest both professionally and socially.

The program’s main goal is for each student to be prepared to enjoy independent living and working (with or without assistance) upon completion of the program.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The degree conferred by institutions of higher education for the completion of a four-year curriculum in liberal arts, originally with emphasis on the humanities, but more recently without regard to a special field of emphasis.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The degree conferred by institutions of higher education for the completion of a four-year curriculum in one or more areas of business.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

The degree conferred by institutions of higher education for the completion of a four-year curriculum with emphasis on science, or for the completion of a four-year curriculum in certain technical or professional fields.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Science in Education (MS in Ed)

The degree of advanced character, usually a second degree, ranking above the bachelor’s degree and below the Ph.D., Ed.D. or other equivalent doctoral degrees.

Certificate of Advanced Study

A credential issued by institutions in recognition of the completion of a curriculum other than one leading to a degree. The College of Saint Rose offers both postbachelor’s and post-master’s Certificates of Advanced Study.

Academic Heraldry

The history of academic dress reaches back to the days of the oldest European and British universities. From the basic design of this attire, the American colleges devised a suitable symbolism for academic apparel. The bachelor’s gown has long pointed sleeves, whereas the master’s gown is distinguished by long oblong sleeves; the doctor’s gown is faced along the front with broad velvet panels and has full bellshaped sleeves, each bearing three horizontal bars of velvet.

It is the hood that gives color to the academic costume and identifies the degree awarded. The hood is silk-lined with the colors of the institution conferring the degree. Gold and white are the official colors of The College of Saint Rose. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to signify respective fields of learning. For example, white for bachelor and master of arts, and golden yellow for bachelor and master of science.

Caps worn with bachelor’s and master’s gowns generally have black tassels.

Board of Trustees


Jeffrey D. Stone

First Vice Chair

Michelle Borisenok ’80

Second Vice Chair

Sharon M. Duker G’15


Sr. Diane Zigo, CSJ, Ph.D. ’80

James J. Barba

Sr. Danielle Bonetti, CSJ

Rita B. Crotty ’70

Denise DiNoto ’95, G’96

Sr. Margaret M. Edic, CSJ ’72

Ryan P. Halliday ’99

Sr. Katherine Hanley, CSJ, Ph.D. ’61, H’16

George R. Hearst III

Sr. Mary Anne Heenan, CSJ, ’68

Sr. Joan Lescinski, CSJ, Ph.D. ’70, G’74

I. Norman Massry

Julie Massry Knox G’04

Matthew H. Mataraso H’99

Lee A. McElroy Jr., Ed.D.

Daniel P. Nolan H’14

Kevin O’Connor

Michael O’Hanlon ’77

Kathleen S. Ricker, Ph.D. ’70

James J. Sandman H’13

Sr. Patricia A. St. John, CSJ, Ph.D. ’79

Sr. J. Elizabeth Van Deusen, CSJ ’84

Harold L. Williams

Trustees Emeriti

Paul Cavanugh 

Rhea P. Clark

John Dunne 

Joanne Esposito ’69, G’82

Sr. Mary Kevin Ford, CSJ ‘41, H’79 

Richard J. Huether 

Sr. Margaret M. Keeshan, CSJ H’83 

Kenneth T. Lally 

Kevin G. Langan H’89 

Thomas A. Manion H’98 

Donald A. McKay 

Kathleen M. Picotte ’34 

Victor J. Riley H’83 

Margaret D. Sandman ’40 

Robert H. Sloan H’90 

Hon. Ronald B. Stafford H’89 

Carl E. Touhey H’01 

Hon. Leonard B. Weiss H’92 

 Deceased
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