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April 26, 2013

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April 26, 2013 • Vol. 58, Issue 14 •

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April 26, 2013


Plymouth Stands Boston Strong


Christi Jensen For The Clock


hree flags waving in the center of campus have hung at half-mast since Monday the 15th when two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Marathon Monday, or Patriot’s Day, is normally a day where the city comes outdoors to celebrate over 20,000 runners competing in this internationally recognized event. This year's tragedy left people with fear rather than the usual joy. Plymouth State, like most people from New England and across the country, was deeply affected by the tragedy. Students, faculty, and staff were either directly involved that Monday, knew someone that was involved, or just felt deep despair for those that were injured or lost their lives. No matter the case, everyone could sense the pain that the university was feeling from the tragedy. Plymouth is Affected Several students from the Athletic Training program went to Boston together to be a part of the first aid team at the finish line, not too far off from where the bombs went off. Fortunately, none of those students were injured. Andrew Barden, and Adventure

Education student, was working with the American Red Cross as a trained first responder. After seeing Boston Police motorbikes driving into town, Barden and the rest of his group started to be more vigilant and weary of their surroundings: “We were standing next to a state trooper and he said ‘Now you’re going to start hearing this over your radios but there was an explosion, just be ready to deal with whatever we have to deal with.” A little shaken, Barden and his crew didn’t think much of the statement until their crew leader said, “Call up your parents, call your sister, make sure everyone is okay.” At that point, Barden and crew were fully aware of the fatal blasts and headed to Boston College where staff helped the injured. “I had to be able to push my feelings away and be ready to help,” Barden explained, “it was almost normal for us because we’ve all done first response before, but it all happened so quickly that it was like my knowledge was lost.” Brian Busanich, Physical Trainer for the Women’s Swimming and Diving team, ran the marathon this year after spending three years training to make his third attempt. He finished the race in just about three hours. When the bombs went off Busanich said he was,”probably on the train headed back to my hotel at that point.” “I almost wish that the bombs went off 70 minutes before. I felt helpless sitting in my hotel room watching

it on TV,” continues Busanich, “I feel profound sadness for everyone that was involved especially for the eight year old boy. I just imagine my son standing there waiting for me to cross the finish line because that is just where I would want him to be.” Plymouth Heals On Tuesday evening, 300 students came together outside of the Hartman Union Building for a vigil on the Alumni Green. Matt Doliver played the national anthem on his saxophone, and students lit lighters and waved their iPhones in the air. In true Plymouth fashion the group shouted together “USA, USA, USA!” The counseling center also offered a session Tuesday night to discuss methods of healing. Mark Lindberg, the interim chair of the NH Disaster Behavioral Response Team (DBRT), was in attendance with a team of volunteers. Program organizer and psychologist at the Counseling Center, Robert Hlansy PhD, said, “DBRT is a team of people who specialize in mental health counseling after disasters like this happen.” The team was ready for a large group of people to counsel on their grief or fear of what happened on Monday. “Try to focus on what is in your control,” Hlansy suggested, “keep the bigger picture to the authorities.”

Plymouth Takes Action Healing has taken place on a larger scale on campus through the amount of students and staff who wish to organize benefit events for Boston. Immediately after the attacks, incoming student body president, Kayla Grimes, came up with a plan to raise money for the victims. With the help of others in senate including Lexi Casale, JJ Theplama, and Hillary Allen, Grimes and the Class of 2014 purchased blue and yellow ‘Boston Strong. Run On.’ bracelets to sell for $5 each. “As of right now we have raised over $2,000 in Plymouth State’s name,” said Grimes, “it is incredible how such a small act can turn out to make a huge impact.” All of the proceeds will be donated to the One Fund Boston. One Fund was founded by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Tom Menino to directly donate money to those that were affected the most by the blasts. The newly established Gluten Free and Healthy Living Club is hosting a Healthy Human 5K Saturday April 27th at 10 a.m., with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. Drew Guay, director of Recreation Programs, thought that something needed to be done in tribute to the event after it happened. “Drew wanted to do something sooner, so we decided to promote the Healthy Human 5K at his event on Friday,” said president of The Gluten Free and Healthy Living

Club, Ava Tyler. Guay and staff in Recreation Programs organized a Remembrance Run last Friday outside of the HUB where about 150 students came together to do a loop around campus in remembrance of the runners at Marathon Monday. “The small loop around the Alumni Green and the HUB was doable for people of all fitness levels, but it gave anyone a chance to give back one way or another, said Guay, “We had a banner that was signed by all participants that is currently hanging in the Fireplace Lounge and the pictures have been shared with colleagues at the Boston schools who truly appreciate the gesture and get a chance to see what Plymouth State is all about.” The Gluten Free and Healthy Living Club, P.A.C.E., and The Class of 2014 will be selling water bottles at the Healthy Human 5K for $2 to raise more money for One Fund. T-Shirts will also be given to the first 100 runners. Although a 5K is 23 miles short of the distance that the runners on Monday ran, Plymouth State runners will run in tribute for everyone who suffered in the bombings. Despite the heartache that is still lingering in the air around PSU, our community has stood tall during times of despair. Guay said, “This truly showed the high character of our students and the PSU Community as a whole.” An incredible and honorable amount of students came together to do the right thing and that stands true to the university motto, 'Ut Prosim-That I May Serve.'"


#3 April 26, 2013

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April 26, 2013

Senator Chuck PSU Adopts Alternate Energy Morris Endorses John Farrell For The Clock


ext fall Plymouth State University will use compressed natural gas (CNG) as the primary source of fuel on campus. CNG is a cleaner, more “naturally occurring fossil fuel, it is under less pressure and not liquefied,” said the Director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability, Brian Eisenhauer. PSU previously used diesel fuel as the main heating fuel. Diesel fuel is “the dirtiest form of diesel and the way it’s extracted is not environmentally friendly,” stated Eisenhauer. The alternative energy program can reduce air pollution and save the university approximately “half a million dollars in fuel cost” and “lower [our] carbon foot prints by 13 percent,” according to Vice President for Finance and Administration, Stephen Taksar. The project could allow PSU to reinvest in the university by “keeping tuition lower,” According to Taksar. The program will make PSU one of the


pioneers of alternative energy. “No one in New Hampshire is doing this today. We’re on the leading edge,” Taksar stated. The extremely low costs involved with the project make it “a logical step in our progress, particularly when financial resources are tight,” Eisenhauer said. Despite the project’s environmental improvements, it raises concerns with fracking, “a controversial new method of extracting natural gas,” Eisenhauer stated. Further explaining the method Eisenhauer said, “fracking injects water and other chemicals under pressure, putting cracks into the rock and the gas flows out. There are concerns where the water goes.” PSU will receive the heating source through a virtual pipeline. “Basically natural gas is delivered by a pipe, but we do not have a pipeline. Compressed natural gas will be delivered in a series of trucks,” said Eisenhauer. “We are early adopters to be doing this but we will not be the last. This is an emerging market,” Eisenhauer stated. PSU expects to be using CNG by next heating season.


Julie Norton For The Clock


enator Chuck Morris visited Plymouth State University this past Tues. April 16th. As a PSU alumnus, Morris was more than happy to talk to the campus about a scholarship program, MOOSE (Making Opportunities Occur for Student Excellence). Morris stated that MOOSE, “is an encouragement tool to keep students’ grades higher.” This program, as well as the Merit Scholarships, is keeping people in New Hampshire, according to Morris. The Merit Scholarships give $1,000 to students who obtain a steady 3.0 grade point average and can be used all four years, Morris explained, “You have to succeed in order to keep it.” The scholarship is only available to colleges and universities in NH.

Morris also discussed his ideas to recover from the state’s recent budget cuts in education and healthcare, approximately fifty million dollars. NH’s gambling bill can help restore what has been lost, according to Morris. “I like to solve problems in the state of New Hampshire; it’s what I do best and I want to find a way to get scholarship money back,” Morris stated. Morris plans to support the gaming bill, which discusses placing a casino in Salem, NH. The Senator’s ideas raised disagreements about possible effects of a gaming bill. In response to concerns about a casino located in the NH landscape, Morris discussed how this bill can bring back funding to the universities, as well as fix the highways, roads and bridges in NH communities.




April 26, 2013

Financial Aid Gets Salty Plymouth State Financial Aid has Teamed Up with SALT to Provide our Students and Recent Alumni with Money Skills for Life – FREE!!

The Financial Aid Team For The Clock


ver wished you had a money coach to help you make better decisions about spending, saving, and borrowing money? Whether you’re a freshman trying to keep enough dollars in your pocket to enjoy the occasional recreational activity, a graduating senior wondering how you’ll repay your student loans, or alum out in the “real world” trying to balance your budget, chances are money is on your mind—a lot! Now you have a free resource to help beef up your money skills, thanks to the new educational program SALT!! PSU is one of a growing list of higher education institutions nationwide to join SALT, a dynamic program that supports you as you finance your education, manage your student loans and handle the many financial decisions you face after school. SALT will educate, empower, and engage you to truly own your finances by making it immediately rewarding, easy, and fun to make smarter student loan and financial decisions. By now, all current PSU students should have received an email invitation to join SALT for FREE. SALT posters and advertisements have been posted around campus. Here are five ways SALT can help you: Become financially savvy. SALT gives you resources to help you understand how to create a spending plan and manage your cash flow, use credit wisely and understand loan repayment options! Plus you can learn all about banks, budgeting, credit reports, protecting yourself

from identity theft and more with SALT’s online interactive My Money 101 courses. Manage your loans. When you log on to, you can access a personal dashboard where you can track all your federal and private student loans in one place. Find the right repayment fit by comparing the pros and cons of various payment options. Then plan for the future and figure out how far your money will take you based on your projected income and where you’ll live. Get loan advice from an expert counselor. As a SALT member, you have access to chat with a student loan expert one-on-one via email or phone. THIS IS A HUGE BENEFIT!!!! Snag SALT exclusives. Find a job, internship, or scholarship and score sweet deals. SALT offers members a searchable database of over 50,000 job and internship opportunities from more than 23,000 employers, as well as a constantly updated list of more than 2 million scholarships worth $15 billion. Plus SALT offers discounts and deals to help reduce your overall costs and living expenses. SALT was created by American Student Assistance® (ASA) a 56-year-old nonprofit that empowers college students and alumni to successfully manage and repay their student loan debt. With SALT, ASA® is equipping students and alumni with money skills for life so they reduce their student loan debt, improve student loan repayment outcomes, and increase their overall financial empowerment. For more information, contact the PSU Financial Aid Team, follow SALT at or @SALT_MONEY on Twitter.


GET UP TO 100%

COLLEGE TUITION? As a member of the Air National Guard, you’ll receive up to 100% college tuition assistance. Plus, you’ll develop the realworld skills you need to compete in today’s economy. And because you serve part-time, you can work or go to school full-time. All while receiving a regular paycheck and affordable insurance coverage. Talk to a recruiter today to learn more. Talk to a recruiter today to learn more.

Register today for to win a $25 GAS Gift Card!!! On May 10th, The PSU Financial Aid Team will draw the names of four students that have registered with $ALT as of midnight May 9th.



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April 26, 2013

Tenney's Trippy Trances

Deanna Cunningham


Staff Writer

n Wed., Apr. 16, 2013 Hypnotherapist Dylan Tenney visited Plymouth State University to perform a magic/hypnotist show. The event was presented by PSU’s Health and Human Performance (HHP) Department as a fundraiser to send students from the Physical Education Department to a conference in North Carolina. Junior PE major Zach Thomas, a longtime friend of Tenney, proposed the idea of a show to the department for the fundraiser. “I’ve been helping Dylan out with his shows for a long time and I saw this as a great opportunity to get his name out there while helping the Physical Education majors get to the conference in North Carolina.” The show was held in the HUB Hage Room, with a full stage set up for the performance. At the beginning of the show, Tenney talked about how he has been practicing magic since he was 8 years old and began hypnosis in high school. Tenney has spent years honing his skills and awing people with his natural talent. He told the crowd about one of his favorite experiences. “This past February I spent 19 hours in hypnosis classes in Las Vegas, Nevada training for my hypnotherapy career” said Tenney. He then informed the crowd that over the past summer, he became a certified hypnotherapist. Tenney started off with a few magic tricks that made the audience yelling out loud, “How did he do that?!” One trick in particular had the spectators on the edge of their seats while cringing at the same time. Tenney boldly placed four razor blades in his mouth after swallowing a piece of dental floss, and proceeded to pull the floss out of his mouth with each razor blade tactfully tied to it and not a drop of blood was spilled. To end the show he completed an unbelievable trick with a Rubix cube. He then randomly selected one of the mixed up Rubix cubes, and solved it by throwing it up in the air. As if that wasn’t enough, what followed was what everyone had been

waiting for, the hypnosis. A group of volunteers gathered on the stage and allowed themselves to be the butt of the jokes for the rest of the night. In what seemed like no time at all, Tenney had his volunteers in a trance

that persuaded them to follow his every command. The volunteers participated in all kinds of shenanigans, from forgetting everything but their first names to believing that a belt was a venomous

snake. The audience was constantly laughing out loud as they watched their friends helplessly make fools of themselves on stage. Senior PE major Kara Ryan said, “Everything he made them do was hilarious, I couldn’t stop

laughing.” After the show, Tenney said, “I had a great time here in Plymouth and I would love to come back again.” So keep your eyes open because if this guy comes back, you definitely don’t want to miss his trippy trances.




Plymouth's Unsung Heroes

Alexis Myers



Features Editor

hether you’ve seen him around campus, or have heard his name being yelled from a far while he is driving the shuttle, James "Jimmy" Buckland. Known by many, and loved by all, there is more to Mr. Buckland than meets the eye. Buckland was born and raised in none other than Plymouth, NH. Before becoming one of the most well known shuttle drivers on campus, he had been working for UPS for years, and owned his own transportation company focused on transporting special needs kids. He has three adopted children of his own that are mentally challenged; they are his pride and joy. He retired early after selling his transportation business, and has been a shuttle driver for the past five years now. Having grown up in Plymouth, Buckland plans to never leave here because he enjoys the community and University too much, “This is the best job ever, other than flying, this is the best job ever,” said Buckland. That’s right flying. Buckland, also referred to as Corporal James L. Buckland, is a Vietnam War Veteran. He served as a helicopter crewman with the “The Purple Foxes” for two thirteen month long tours. It is one of the highest decorated Marine Corps helicopter squads in American history. Buckland had the most confirmed enemy kills amongst his crewmen while serving in the war, “I had the most confirmed enemy kills, 44, my mother would take down the plaque in the office, would say ‘you cant show stuff like that’,” he laughed. By his  coura ge,  resolute  determination,  and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of great personal danger, Buckland upheld the finest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service. “I’ve got a slew decorations,” added Buckland. He received numerous medals including the “Navy and Marine Corps Medal” and the “Navy Commendation Medal,” and a bronze star for his heroism. Last year, Buckland received some unfortunate news. He got a call on his cellphone, determining he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The cancer is not heredity. It developed from being exposed to Agent Orange chemicals used in the Vietnam War. This is an unfortunate common reoccurrence, Buckland added, “almost every Vietnam veteran has some sort of cancer.” “I went to flight school in 68’ with fourteen other guys, four got killed in Vietnam, five or six have died of cancer, I was the last one to get it,” said Buckland. He continued to add, “We’ve been watching and monitoring it forever.” Part of the United States’ strategy in Vietnam was to conduct an herbicide program to remove foliage-providing cover for the enemy. Agent Orange was the most widely used of the herbicide combinations sprayed. “It’s a chemical defoliant that we used over there. We just got saturated with the stuff, inside of my flight helmet, we were just soaked in that crap all the time,” explained Buckland. Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service are eligible for a variety of different VA benefits, including an Agent Orange Registry health exam, health care, and disability compensation for disease associated with exposure. Even though Buckland has been diagnosed with cancer, has gone through multiple treatments, and been through what seems to be hell and back he still manages to keep a positive attitude. “There’s a lot people out in this world that are worse off than me, its all about your

April 26, 2013


The Man Behind the Wheel attitude,” stated Buckland. Buckland also suffered a stroke six years ago; it resulted from his ischemic heart disease problem, which is also from the Agent Orange. This still doesn’t stop him. There isn’t a day that goes by where Buckland appears to be upset, “I’m just never down, what good does it do to bitch and moan, and complain,” said Buckland. Nothing ever seems to ever break the man’s spirit. “I think I always been like that, no matter how much bad stuff is going on in the world, there’s always something good that comes out of it,” said Buckland. The Plymouth community has really made quite an impression on his daily life, almost as much as he made here. “Everybody here just has such a positive attitude, it’s not like years ago when kids were tipping over cars and setting shit on fire, causing a lot of feuding with the townspeople. Everything here is so much better now. I really enjoy everyone’s enthusiasm and seeing all those people that volunteer,” said Buckland. “There’s just so many community service things going on, like the runs being put on for the Boston tragedy, I think it’s great,” said Buckland. When he is not piloting the shuttle, one can find him attending one of many PSU sporting events. He enjoys watching softball, lacrosse, and ice hockey games. “I guess its how I get to know a lot of people, I drive those kids around to practice all the time, it really makes me look forward to go to work every day,” said Buckland. The PSU Women’s Ice Hockey team recently hosted a Prostate Awareness Game in honor of former Plymouth State coach and educator Joseph L. Clark, Sr., who passed away in 2012 to prostate cancer. All of the proceeds went to the New Hampshire Prostate Cancer Coalition. At this event Buckland did the ceremonial first puck drop. “I told my mother about that and she ended up in tears,” he added, “she’s 91 years old, she would’ve froze in there,” said Buckland. This was a special event for the players as well, for Buckland is a dear friend and beloved fan of the team. “Jimmy jumped into our teams lives very unexpectedly- kids on my team took the shuttle, and he made each kid feel like they were on top of the world. It’s my understanding he treats every kid this way. He is the epitome of the Plymouth State model, where a person gives, not monetarily but by how he treats others, and in turn, has the respect of so many on this campus,” said Women’s Ice Hockey Head Coach Ashley Kilstein. Buckland enjoys life to the fullest. In his free time he loves to play intermural softball, go fishing, and hunt with his friends, but he can't get enough of the people he meets through driving the shuttle. “I just love the hell out of this, its awesome to just roll the window down and hear someone hollering at me, ‘Jimmy!’ people do it all the time, it's great,” said Buckland. Buckland doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon. He enjoys his job, life, and meeting new people too much. “I’ll probably always do it, I’ve got it made. I can’t imagine leaving this job, I’m here until I die,” confessed Buckland. “Jimmy is the type of person whose smile is contagious, personality is off the charts, and his genuine care is immeasurable. Take one look at his situation, his outlook, and his demeanor and Jimmy just makes you realize that that anything is possible,” said Kilstein. Buckland will find out if he has a clean bill of health in September of 2013. From everyone on Staff at The Clock, we wish him the very best, and many more years of good health so he can continue to inspire, exhilarate, and impact Plymouth’s students, faculty, and community.






April 26, 2013


d n a d r a h c i R e Th s e i r a i D a i n i Virg


Domonique Nicole Chaplin Assistant Features Editor


Freaks, Geeks, and Getups lymouth may be located where many associate the far north with a uniform demographic. However, contrary to popular belief, Plymouth State University students, professors, faculty and staff create a conglomerate of a diverse community--complete with different religions, races, ages, beliefs, and last but not least, freaks and geeks. Taking out the Trash I am not one for giving excuses, but my assiduous life-style has seemed to backfire on me. A pianist since the age of 6, I have gotten only one letter grade of a “B” in my entire academic career and I am additionally a triathlete. That said, my downtime is minimal. With training four times a week, the only extracurricular activity that I have time for is a monthly movie-night with female friends. With strict parents like mine, it is nearly out of the question for either my sister or myself to bring up the topic of dating. In fact, though a fallacy, I am one hundred percent sure that my parents still believe that I have yet to have my first kiss. This upcoming fall, I will be entering my final year of college and I found myself feeling far behind, in a non-academic sense. Everyone was having sex, with the exception of me. I failed to mention that though my parents disapprove of heterogeneous gender hangouts, my best friend since childhood, who happens to be a male, is always welcome. In last month’s movie night, the girls had an event to attend, so my best friend was the only one present. Up until this moment, our relationship had always been platonic. However, not only had I just recently finished the human sexuality chapter in my psychology class, but the two

of us had watched three quarters of the film, The Notebook, and had just finished the love scene in which both protagonists reunite. Call it hormonal, desperate, or both, but I immediately grabbed his face pressed his lips against mine, and the rest can be left to the imagination. Surprisingly, there were no interruptions or blood, but simply sensual, physical interaction. In this sexually ambitious generation, a person of my age’s virginity is considered baggage, and I am glad to have finally thrown mine away. The Lust of a Lion It’s tough to be a non-traditional female student on a campus full of twenty-somethings. It has nothing to do with their supposed “ripe” brains or the rigor of the courses, but rather, the sexuality factor. Though it varies on an

things off with my most recent spring chicken, a 22 year old who was not only a tad too clingy, but also quite the unkempt kisser. In the first two months of class, I was pedantic in my studies. However last month, a blue-eyed beauty, whom I had not noticed because he sat in the row behind me, caught my eye. Or rather, we caught each-others. It was not long until the two of us exchanged numbers, subsequently meeting for study sessions. Intelligent, witty, and a tad peremptory, this young man was exactly what I was looking for. Typically, the two of us would prepare for exams in the early afternoon before class, however on one day in particular, my handsome pupil cancelled our afternoon study session, and asked if we could pursue our study bout at his apartment later that evening. Naturally, I accepted the alternate invitation

taken so long for me to achieve such pleasure. My dates all consisted of coffee, lunch or even sight seeing--all of which are diurnal occurring events. Little did I know, that the freaks prefer to come out at night. Bad Romance I have no idea what has gotten into my boyfriend. After two years of normalcy, he has entered this eccentric experimental phase of which I cannot understand. From biting, to toe sucking, to impossible fellatio positions. He is not the karma sutra connoisseur that he believes to be, but rather a novice in the president’s seat. Nonetheless, I am madly in love. In attempt to be sensitive to his feelings, I made a subtle attempt to show him what kind of experimentation I desired. My birthday was coming up, so I told him of my dream to attend a circus, and additionally showed him a few lingerie pieces – two things that I “want but can’t afford” as some sort of hint, which I expected an enlightened college student like himself to get. This past weekend was the advent of my birthday week and my boyfriend told me that he wanted to spend Friday with just the two of us. Unfortunately, I had to work late, but he promised to be waiting at my apartment once my shift ended. Upon entering my bedroom, I smelled a warm vanilla aroma, as a result of the candles arranged about in the fairly large room. However, my boyfriend was nowhere to be found. I walked toward my closed bathroom door, when I heard the closet door open and out jumped a puffy haired, face painted, Ronald McDonald shoe wearing figure. I was initially terrified, until I realized that it was who other than, my boyfriend. Apparently, he misconstrued my interest in acrobatic entertainment and lingerie with some sort of abnormal clown fantasy. He completely killed my vibe, as well as the rest of my birthday weekend. How romantic.

“Call it hormonal, desperate, or both, but I immediately grabbed his face pressed his lips against mine, and the rest can be left to the imagination.” individual case basis, society virtually deems it appropriate for an older man to date a younger, of-age woman. Conversely, when a woman of my stature with four decades of life under her belt dates a 20 year old, she’s considered a cougar. Nonetheless, since my divorce five years ago, I have done everything in my power to date men who are nothing like my gray haired, droopy gonad having ex-husband. Naturally, this led me to the age epoch after mine, generation Y. This semester, I only registered for three classes, two of which were online. Being a full time employee, the composite of my scholastic and vocational schedules kept me very busy, which gave me the perfect segue into breaking

and we subsequently convened. Not even thirty minutes into the study session, the blue eyed beauty kissed me so deeply that my entire body went numb. Though he had an average build, he easily lifted my body onto his bed, and caressed me as he took off each article of clothing seductively. In all 43 years of my life, I have never had a man so anatomically knowledgeable. He reached depths that I never knew existed, all the while, maintaining some form of composure, unlike his generational cohorts. Needless to say, our so-called “study” session lasted five hours. On my ride home, I visually played every moment of our sexual rendezvous repeatedly, and suddenly it occurred to me why it had



The Perks of Being a Cat Lady Kitten Questions for Dayz, Meow.


April 26, 2013

Brenda Shively Staff Writer


o Meow Mixes and their Humans,

I’d like to start things off on a serious paw. As you may have noticed, much of this week’s issue has been dedicated to the Boston Marathon tragedy. For the past week, it has been amazing to see the PSU campus come together as a true community in support of our Boston brothers and sisters. And so we stand in solidarity, whether it be as Plymouth state students, New Englanders, or cat ladies. We are all reminded that together we stand strong--Boston strong. For me, this week is all about connecting with the Plymouth community, remembering to make every day count with the people that I love. And to my readers, I love you all. I do, I really do. As such, I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth State Cat Lady has received her first official cat questions! You better believe it! I even have two sets of cat questions from two separate people whose affinity for cats is just as great as mine is. Take that, all you dog lovers and non-cat-believers. Cat lady is totally a legitimate profession; don’t tread on me. Let’s begin with my fountain of kitty knowledge. Kelley (who loves kitties) Wren writes: “So I’ve been reading your Cat Lady articles and CRACK UP EACH TIME! I absolutely love it. My roommate and I will sit for an ungodly amount of type watching “silly cat videos” or scrolling through cat photos. You said no one ever sends you questions about cats, which is bogus, but I have a few for you. Coming in hot!” “What’s your favorite kind of kitty?” All the meow mixes. But if I had to describe my favorite, I guess I would say fluffies that snuggle, have stripes, purr all the time, and are willing to learn how to fetch. Also, lions.

“Why are bengal cats (the sweetest looking ones) so damn expensive?” Ah, a science question. Bengal cats, or Prionailurus bengalensis, are a fancy breed. The result of cross breeding a domesticated cat with an Asian leopard cat, bengals are so expensive because they’re imported. Travel to and from Asia is quite the expenisve feat. the price of these kitties on US soil only reflects this international transportation. Just keep in mind that these little leopard fuzzballs are expensive, but totally worth it. “Orange cats or Black cats?” Both. Halloween is always a good time. “Cats in water or cats in boxes (I’d go with boxes)?” Well Kelley, while both have their advantages, I think I’d have to side with cats in boxes. On rare occassions, cats in water can get drippy, droopy, and sad, but cats in boxes are always fantastically fun felines. This next anonymous reader didn’t preface his or her highly imperative cat questions with any witty anecdote or celebration of my biweekly genius, but nonetheless I will still answer these meow mix questions. “Preventive methods to keep my cat off the counter?” Easy fix, don’t have a counter. If that fails, try installing shorter counters. This can be done by professionals or with a sledgehammer on a rainy day. Cats really like the challenge of heights. The higher it is, the more likely the adventurous feline will climb anything and everything in its path to get to the counter. You may have to lay flat on your stomach to make your Easy Mac, but your cat’s attention will now be focused on the fridge instead of the ever-so-welcoming counter space. “How can I get him to use his new 25 DOLLAR scratching post?” Eh, that might be a lost cause. Cats are like toddlers sometimes. You can buy them the


fancy toys, but in the end, they’ll always go for the cardboard boxes and the choking-hazardgrocery-bags. “Where do you get your cute kitty outfits?” Walmart, of course. I find the discount animal outfits are always representative of current kitty fashion trends. Although, you should never limit yourself to just one store. For example, Kevin’s Aunt Ali once bought him a leather jacket from a Build-A-Bear store. He loved it and looked quite dapper all at the same time. “How can I train my cat that he is NOT getting fed until 7am and NOT earlier than that?” Try giving him a midnight snack before you go to bed. That might help to curb his appetite until a time that is socially acceptable in the human world. A cat’s inner clock makes less sense than Calculus. “How can I make my cat stop biting my hand?” Bite him back. “What’s the best diet for a cat?” Tuna. Just like the ancient days, just like Egypt. “Weight loss tips for my fat kitty cat?” Probably not tuna. Try a nice garden salad and implement an exercise regiment. It may not be a well known fact, but cats actually do love to be strapped into harnesses and taken for walks outside, especially when they’re dressed in tutus. Great questions, about your fluffies, team. This has been your local Plymouth State Cat Lady. Pick up a copy of our next print issue to read more about the perks of being a cat lady. If you have any cat issues, you would like me to address, send me an email at bmshively@ Email me. Really. Y’all just read how well this week went. Let’s keep it going. As always, sass on and stay purrfect.



#10 April 26, 2013



Life's a Drag, Bust out the Queens Brenda Shively Staff Writer


lymouth State’s drag kings and queens exploded the stage this past Thurs., Apr. 18, 2013, royally decked out in towering heels, sparkling sequins, and “fishy-real” hair and makeup. Intimately tucked and strapped, the performers and the entire show were well-received by a boisterous crowd. The Annual Drag Show, hosted by PSU Pride, witnessed one of its greatest and loudest crowds ever at the outdoor stage in front of the Hartman Union Building. The show was produced as part of the organization’s “Pride Week,” a week meant to celebrate and recognize the LGBT community across campus. The show began with a surprise, non-competitive performance by the night’s MCs Hesta Pinata (senior Brenda Shively) and Sexi Lexi (senior Lexi Casale). The two, extremely well choreographed and fierce as always, pranced, danced, and sassed across the stage, re-enacting the finale scene of the contemporary classic movie, Pitch Perfect. After their seductively hilarious act, the two composed themselves for a heartfelt moment dedicated to Boston. During the show, members of the class of 2014 traveled amongst the crowd selling blue “Boston Strong” bracelets and accepting donations for One Fund. From here, the performers did their magic, showing the crowd how they had diligently prepared every hip thrust, booty pop, shimmy, and sashay. When the fierce was finished, the judges were released to discuss, tally up their scores, and make their final decisions. As the judges deliberated, the President of Pride, junior, Tyler Seidenberg, approached the stage, but was swiftly escorted away by other members of the organization’s E-Board, dressed as the Men in Black. Another surprise performance commenced as the dapper dressed members of E-Board danced synchronously to the Men in Black theme song. Celebrating their third and final run as MCs, legacies Hesta Pinata and Sexi Lexi signed off just before crowning saying, “Where are our prizes? For three years, we give you everything, and what do we get in return? Blisters.” After the show, Sexi Lexi revealed how much she will

miss being a part of the show, explaining that out of everything, “I will miss the anonymity of not being able to see anybody offstage and being able to do anything onstage, that little security blanket, being able to do anything without anyone saying anything. Oh, and dressing up.” Alas, Hesta Pinata and Sexi Lexi overcame their well-deserved narcissism and proved their professionalism in announcing the winners of the evening. Prizes were awarded to the top three acts, per the judges’ deliberations. Third place went to KG Love (junior

Kayla Grimes) whose inspiring rendition of Macklemore’s “Same Love” empowered and practically brought the crowd to tears. Second place was awarded to Sammay (senior Samuel Tolley) whose performance of “Run the World” complete with drastically limber dance moves and Beyonce-inspired butt pads, left the crowd screaming and begging for more . In a final drum roll, first place was given to the bearded boys in scag drag, Skanky Cranky Heart (junior John O’Grady) and Sluterella (junior Dylan Winter), the drag sisters of Shania Twain.

Overall, the show was another massive success. Seidenberg confidently determined, “The Drag Show and all of Pride Week was a huge success. We nearly ran out of shirts on Big Gay Tie-Dye Day and students across campus took day long vows of silence to stand up against bullying, harassment and discrimination. Again, we are always moved by the support we receive from so many people from all departments on campus. I, and the rest of PSU Pride want to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Pride Week such a success yet again.”




Black 11

April 26, 2013

The Medieval Retrieval

Prince John’s Medieval Festival Makes a Historic Comeback Domonique Nicole Chaplin


Assistant Features Editor

he strikingly sunny Sunday of Apr., 21, 2013 marked the date of the second annual Prince John’s Medieval Festival hosted here at Plymouth State University. Both the English and Languages and Linguistics departments of the University, as well as the Medieval Society hosted the festival. The beautiful weather, along with the equally beautiful performers, handcrafted novelties, gothic apparel, cookery, and not to mention the enthralled spectators – made for an eventfully pleasant afternoon. From the ongoing face painting and three separate acts performed by the renowned Celtic magician Daniel Greenwolf, to glass etching and chainmail weaving workshops – there appeared to be no dull moments with the Prince John’s Medieval Festival. Garrett Heinstrom, a New England native and craftsman had the largest display of crafts at the festival,

utilizing an entire row composed of 6 tables full of his self-created art. Following in the footsteps of his carpenter father, Heinstrom has been a craftsperson for over twenty years. His creations include but are not limited to pocketbooks, buttons, and jewelry made out of various natural resources. “Every figurine--whether they are related to Japanese mythology or simply inspiration from old photographs, gaming books, or anatomical drawings –-has a story with a meaning behind it,” began Garrett Heinstrom. Additionally, while some may turn to the profession of arts and crafts solely for profit, Heinstrom claims that he does it “for the fun.” Taking anywhere from hours to weeks to create, Heinstrom has no problem with sharing his art with the world, stating, “Each of my creations has a life when I create them, and they begin a new life when I sell them. My hope is that they will be shared- passed down from generation to generation for centuries to come.”

The irony in Garrett Heinstrom’s statement is that his disposition regarding the monetary exchange of his Middle Age inspired crafts, is the exact premise that the occupants of the middle ages fostered. Contrary to popular belief, the Middle Ages were not an exclusively dark and dreary era. As with every society in every time period, there were periods of wealth and joy as well as downfalls. Though seemingly struck by an imbalance of power, the majority of people, who belonged to the peasant demographic, celebrated most holidays and held festivals and feasted freely, just as the people attending the Prince John’s Medieval Festival did. It seems that regardless of the anachronic differences between the enacted Prince John’s Medieval Festival of today, and the gothic fairs of yesterday, the influential middle age culture demonstrates the importance of a day’s hard work and a good night’s entertainment. Proving that history truly does repeat itself.





April 26, 2013


opinions & editorials. Remember Them All In order to pay tribute to everyone affected by the recent tragedy in Boston, our team has pulled together to find out ways in which this awful act has resonated here at PSU. Most people only know how to heal by doing what they already know, and by piecing together this newspaper with a fantastic team I have managed to heal some strands of a broken heart. Although this tragedy hit very close to home (110 miles to be precise), we cannot forget to also send our love to West, Texas, where 14 people were killed and over 200 were injured in a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. I’ve heard some people say that one tragedy can overshadow another, but all I have come to know in my life with events like 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, hurricane after hurricane, and now these two terrible events, is that every tragedy shares the common denominator of sorrow, which I believe is incomparable. We are only one small campus in Northern NH, but PSU has extended family all over this world. Every tragedy hurts some more than others, or gets more attention from the media than they deserve. There are plenty that have happened in the past two weeks that I haven’t addressed or even been made aware of. What I think is important to keep in mind is that our world, although it may be filled with heartbreak, is not a bad world. Without tragedy, it is easy to forget how precious this life is, and how truly great the people that surround us every day can become in times of need. Sorrow encompasses every tragedy, but one small ray of light in that darkness overcomes everything else, and that light belongs to bravery, love, and hope.

For the Marathon Runners, Volunteers, and Citizens of Boston Boston is in mourning about her namesake race, but as we open our hearts, let us take care with our actions so as to continue doing our best. We like to see the world, to enjoy its treasures and engage with life. A time came where many had hopes for a great day running, supporting or simply admiring the efforts of others to put this all together. Then a bolt from the blue threatened to take that all away. It’s horrible, it’s senseless, it leaves us with distress and disorder. Boston, our pedestal of freedom, lift up your heart to the world and show us that we can go above it all. That no matter how much we may fear or how difficult the aspirations of liberty may be, we are here if we want to be. We can live without confining ourselves to retributive vice. We have the strength to still follow our beliefs, our dreams, and to enact a reconstructive justice. That we keep putting one foot in front of the other to travel our own path in life lets us live, see and believe.

And if this be my final line, Do not let me lie Bye and bye Eye for eye. Lift up your heart, cradle of liberty, And show us all your magnanimity. Most sincere respects, Anonymous

Danielle Blanchette Editor-in-Chief

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Black 13

April 26, 2013

Boston, You're My Home Once again, pure evil has reared its ugly head on American shores. The explosions this past Monday at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, planned and carried out by two individuals that came as countless generations had before looking for a better life, have left all of us shaken to our very core. As the images of the attack started to come pouring in, the sense of grief and anger was instantly apparent. News media tried to wrap their minds around why and how it happened; social media was blowing up with calls for the heads of those person responsible and prayers for the victims of the tragedy; people held the ones they care most about a little tighter. But however horrifying the attacks were of this past week, it also speaks volumes to who we are as a people. In the face of overwhelming evil you had ordinary people rushing to the aid of the injured with no thought of their own safety. You had runners continue running all the way to hospitals to donate their blood. You had first responders rendering aid that ultimately saved countless of lives. When faced with the very worst of humanity, as has been done countless times before, we

responded with the best. As the days wore on and life slowly started to try and retake some form of normalcy, the sporting events that had previously been cancelled and rescheduled took place, although with the fear of another attack possibly happening in the back of the minds of everyone. As many of you probably did, I turned into the Bruins game this past Wednesday with the hopes of escaping from reality for a couple of hours. What I saw not only lifted my spirits, but it also spoke volumes for the city, and country, that I so dearly love. As 30,000 people belted out our National Anthem in a show of pride, they were also sending out a message to anyone that tries to scare the people of this great country. Try as you might, you will not scare us We are Boston We are Strong We are BostonStrong I leave you all now with a quote from the hit HBO show “The Newsroom” “Let tonight serve as a welcome reminder that throughout our history, America’s darkest days have always been followed its finest hours” Chris Burbank Sports Editor

A Mutual Relationship: Republicans and Libertarians Every day since the 2012 elections we have listened to political experts discuss which ethnic group the Republican Party needs to sway in order to keep the party alive. Every election we watch as both parties do whatever it takes to win the valuable Independent vote. Nevertheless, these efforts enjoy little success, and a great deal of time is wasted on reaching out to different groups of people and attempting to convince them to adopt Republican beliefs. The past two Presidential elections have proven that Republicans are clearly reaching out to the wrong people, or if they are reaching out to the right people, they’re reaching out to them ineffectively. The missing ingredient for Republican success is the Libertarian party. Election after election millions of Libertarians head off to their own planet and preach their ideals to one another while bashing government and the dominant two party system. In the past Presidential election the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 1,275,804 votes. That number does not take into account the Libertarians who were so discouraged by the lack of impact they believed their vote would have that they decided to stay at home on Election Day. The probability of there being a drastic change in the impact of the Libertarian vote anytime soon is very small. This is why just as Republicans need Libertarians, Libertarians need Republicans. Dr. Ron Paul has been the leading voice of the Libertarian party for the past thirty years or so, and it is difficult to deny that he brought together a very large group of like-minded people and was able to persuade them of the validity of his political views. But Dr. Ron Paul was never very successful when it came to Presidential elections or to truly making a difference in policy with his views. There is nothing wrong with standing up for

or voting for what you believe in, but is there not a point where Libertarian minded people would like to make practical political progress with their beliefs? Recently some Libertarians have seen the opportunity of gaining more power by cooperating more closely with other Republicans. Senator Rand Paul displayed this understanding in his 13 hour filibuster on the Senate floor. What was important was not the specific content of his filibuster but its overall message that Libertarians were ready to play a major part along with other Republicans in the national legislative process. The founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit Libertarian educational foundation once said, “If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all.” When will Libertarians decide to stop choosing wrongly and irresponsibly when it comes to effectively and meaningfully promoting their beliefs? Republicans do not condemn the majority of Libertarian views; most simply condemn the way in which Libertarians go about conveying their views. President John F. Kennedy once said, “Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies.” This quotation seems to apply quite fittingly to the situation that Republicans and Libertarians find themselves in at this point in time. Necessity has brought together two parties with very similar ideological foundations. If Republicans and Libertarians are able to coalesce and work together, they will find that they will both be part of a historical, sustainable, and successful relationship. This kind of relationship does not come along often, so if either party has interest in making progress for themselves and their country they had best take advantage of this opportunity. Dan Cheever

Congratulations to the 2013 Top 20 Outstanding Seniors

Sarah Brennan Alexandria Casale Chelsea Desrochers Molly Donlan James Dube Bradford Dumont Rose Gallagher Zachariah Goldenberg Alejandra Manheimer Stephanie Melo

Alexander Nix Samuel Norton Ashley Penn Savanah Plancon Haley Sciola Brenda Shively Kristen Spinney Vanesa Urango Penina Wallace Helen Wells



arts & entertainment.


April 26, 2013


Bioshock Steps into the Infinite Tim Waugh For The Clock


ring us the girl, wipe away the debt.” That’s the phrase that bookends Bioshock Infinite, and much like the original Bioshock’s use of the words “would you kindly,” that single sentence cuts far deeper than one would originally expect. The brainchild of System Shock 2 and the first Bioshock creator, Ken Levine, Bioshock Infinite isn’t a sequel to any of the other games in the series, nor is it a spin-off. Bioshock Infinite is instead a fearless piece of interactive entertainment that stands on its own and will likely be the benchmark for gaming at the end of this console cycle. Infinite certainly has its similarities to Bioshock 1 and 2, but instead of taking place in the 1950’s in the underwater city Rapture, Infinite is set in the 1920’s in floating “utopia” know as Columbia. Both places have their beloved leaders, Rapture having industrialist/Walt Disney look-alike Andrew Ryan, and Columbia being

the singular vision of the religious radical Zachary Comstock. While the original Bioshock poked at the works of Ayn Rand and the concept of objectivism, Bioshock Infinite decides to take some swings at national exceptionalism and religion in general (both very large bears to be poking at but we’ll get to that later). What Infinite does best, if not better than other games in the series, is tell a compelling story. While Bioshock and its sequel had silent protagonists to a degree, Bioshock Infinite’s main character is one that is fully realized and allowed to speak. Booker DeWitt is an ex-Pinkerton agent and Civil War veteran who fought at Wounded Knee. If that wasn’t enough baggage, he also has apparently gotten in deep with the wrong people and now has to travel to the mysterious floating city, Columbia, to find a girl name Elizabeth and bring her back to New York City. Of course, nothing goes as planned and there is more to what is going on than what is seen at surface level. While Booker and Elizabeth are both compelling in their own right, it’s Columbia that really takes center stage.

While Rapture had already fallen to shambles by the time you arrived in the first Bioshock, Infinite shows Columbia while the façade is still in place, and it’s a beautiful façade. Columbia looks like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, however with more nefarious and racially divided underpinnings. Bioshock Infinite makes no bones about possibly offending players, whether it’s through race, religion, or the sheer amount of violence the game displays. However, Bioshock Infinite plays like an interactive Rorschach test. You get what you put into it. While some may be offended at the content, Infinite tows the line well enough without being disrespectful in showing how a society can crumble when it leans too far to an extreme. Bioshock Infinite may throw stones at larger giants than the first game did, but they are tackling subjects that have been discussed in films and books for decades. If we can’t accept that videogames will go places that may make us feel uncomfortable at times, then they will never become anything more than they already are. THEBLAZE.COM

Cruising into Oblivion David C. Benson Assistant A&E Editor


blivion is science fiction film that was co-written, produced and directed by Joseph Kosinski and based on a graphic novel he wrote. Based on this information, it seems that Kosinksi needs a bit of control on his project. The film stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, who along with his co-worker Victoria (played by Andrea Riseborough) are assigned to look over small flying machines called drones which are protecting giant machines that are converting sea water into fuel. The two must do this because sixty years ago a force called Scavengers tried to invade earth and a war was waged. During the war the moon was blown up and nukes were launched. While the war was won against the Scavengers, the planet has become uninhabitable. When we meet up with Jack and Victoria they have two weeks left until all the sea water left is collected.


When it is collected, they can join all the other humans on the moon Titan. However, when Jack notices a ship called Odyssey crash into the surface of the earth, things start to come to light. This review is going to be vague since the movie has a lot of twists, which happens to be a problem with the movie. The twists present pile on to the point of making the movie confusing. You really need to pay attention since you can easily get lost due to all of them. Not only that, but the set ups to the twists don’t make much sense, like a certain one about Jack that happens later in the movie. It seems like they shoe horn the twists into the movie when they wanted them to to occur. The acting in the movie is rather mediocre. Tom Cruise plays the role he’s usually good at. The hot shot male who goes against anyone who is in charge of him and is cool. He’s good at playing this type of character and he’s likable in the role, but at the same time it’s nothing new. Risenborough is decent but there isn’t anything outstanding she does that you’ll remember when leaving the theater. The trailer also shows off Morgan Freeman; however he’s part

of the twists in the movie so I won’t say much about his part. There are some things you have to hand to the movie though; the design on the machines is incredibly well done. The drones move around in remarkable ways. They bounce and bob as need be and it looks to be extremely realistic (if drones like thesm were real). The aircraft that Jack rides around in is a slick and clean design that has real time information posted on the window in front of Jack. It makes one think of science fictions books from the 1980’s with weird covers that you find in a thrift store that predicted that kind of thing. Kosinski himself even said that the film was trying to emulate the feel of a 1970’s space movie. While Oblivion has some great visuals and decent acting, this isn’t a great movie. This is mainly due to the fact that the twists in the film. They come so quickly that you can get confused if you don’t pay attention. If you can get past the non-stop twists however you get an average, rather well made science fiction film. And in a week where the new releases are this and Scary Movie V, you should obviously see this.



Black 15

April 26, 2013

Sexy Tries To Come Back Nicholas Greenwood


For The Clock

en years ago, if someone told the world that the curly haired kid from ‘N Sync would be one of the best entertainers of our generation, you would’ve been laughed at. But here we are, in 2013, a full eleven years after ‘N Sync broke up and Justin Timberlake is riding a major creative and apparently personal high. Apart from Timberlake and Lance Bass, most people can’t name another member of ‘N Sync and let’s face it, Timberlake was the one that people were focusing on. In the last decade, since ‘N Sync broke up, Timberlake has gone on to have a lot of success. Becoming a well regarded actor in movies like The Social Network and Trouble With the Curve, marrying Jessica Biel, co-owning MySpace, and being one of the most beloved hosts of Saturday Night Live. In the meantime, he’s released two successful albums, Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds. Since then, fans continued to ask for a new album, but he kept saying no, that he was focusing on acting and other ventures aside from random guest appearances. Quietly in the summer of 2012, Timberlake went into the studio for a few weeks and recorded a number of songs that would become his newest album. It’s hard to believe that Timberlake got away with recording the album without many people finding out about it, especially in today’s Twitter based, quick flowing news world. In early 2013, he announced that he would be releasing a new album, the end result being The 20/20 Experience. Sonically and musically, there isn’t much difference here from his last two albums. It’s actually a continuation of FutureSex/LoveSounds. Timberlake here has crafted longer tracks and is working again with producer Timbaland. The themes are also similar, love and sex. What is different though is a more confident Timberlake. He’s had numerous successes so he’s not afraid to try something a

little different and he’s happier than he’s been in a while. If FutureSex/ LoveSounds deals with the darker aspects of relationships, The 20/20 Experience deals with falling in love and being in a happy, stable relationship. His signature “sexy time” sound is still there and it would be difficult to imagine that there won’t be at least a few kids conceived to this album. It’s clear that JT has gone back and expanded his musical encyclopedia beyond modern pop artists. There are hints of classic Michael Jackson, Prince, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and even The Bee Gees through out the album. In the lead off track, “Pusher Love Girl” he channels Prince and then three tracks later on “Strawberry Bubblegum” he hints at some Michael Jackson mixed with Barry White (whose voice is actually sampled). Nowhere is the Michael Jackson influence felt more than on “Spaceship Coupe” which features a wailing guitar solo ala Eddie Van Halen on MJ’s “Beat It”. There’s even a Gloria Estefan style track, “Let the Groove Get In” which features a Latin/African beat through out. The album itself is good, but a tad inconsistent. While there is a lot of interesting stuff here, some songs are too long, especially “Strawberry Bubblegum” and “Let the Groove Get In” which features “Are you comfortable right there right there / Let the groove get in right there right there” for roughly 3/4 of the songs seven-plus minutes. “Suit & Tie” is fantastic, with the exception of Jay-Z’s part. Jay-Z’s later career songs have been inconsistent, and on his guest part here it’s as if he really doesn’t know what he wants to rap about and as soon as he finds a groove to ride it falls apart. The song is ultimately saved by Timberlake’s crooning. Few of his songs really push the boundaries from being different from something he’s done in the past and on this album they are rare. “Don’t Hold The Wall” is easily one of the best tracks on the album, it’s ultimately a straight up dance track with a very cool tribal feeling to it. There are some awkward moments on the album, like towards the end of

“Spaceship Coupe” which features the sounds of a girl orgasming, as if Timberlake’s singing is what is causing it. “Blue Ocean Floor” is a Coldplay-like song that closes out the album in a melancholy way, it would be great if it weren’t for the fact that the previous 45-ish minutes you’re given all kinds of R&B, dance songs. The best song on the whole album though is buried at the end, the penultimate song, “Mirrors,” a song written for Jessica Biel after they broke up a few years back where he realized that she was the one that he wanted to spend his life with. It’s an

eight minute long song that features two phases, the first part is where he muses that she is his mirror, the other half of him and he’s realized what he wants. The second half is slower and feels as if it’s the part of his life where he’s ready to commit to her. Apparently there is a second half to this album coming out in November. After the odd ending of “Blue Ocean Floor” one wonders where the next album will go. One thing is for certain though, buy this album on vinyl. For all of the styles that Timberlake plays around with, new jack swing, blue eyed soul, R&B, big band, EDM, pop,


and down tempo it feels warm and cozy on the record that the iTunes/ digital/CD version just can’t display. This album also begs to be played loud, if it’s played through some nice speakers with a good turntable, you’ll get a very cool experience. If you like Justin Timberlake, you’ll probably like this album. Overall, it’s good, with some rocky points along the way. There are some great songs on here though, a very cool vibe throughout, it’s probably the closest thing we’ve had to some good old Marvin Gaye, Barry White, sexy time music in a long time.

Rusko Kisses Coyotes Tara McDonald


For The Clock

he Spring Fling Committee announced on Monday April, 17th that Rusko would be the featured artist for this year’s highly anticipated festivities. Opening for Rusko will be the dance band Coyote Kisses. Spring Fling is two memorable nights of entertainment with music, games, and activities for PSU students and invited guests. It is a relaxing, inexpensive, and often loud experience that is an enjoyable ending to the spring semester and the academic year. This year’s concert is sure to be high energy since Rusko is a dubstep DJ. The artist attended the Leeds College of Performance and earned a degree in Music Performance. During

this time, Rusko performed in several venues all over the world. Nate Dubois, a junior, is ecstatic about the event, saying that “I’m excited that Rusko was announced as the artist and I’m glad that the Spring Fling Committee decided to change the type of performance up.” Rusko’s high energy does not just stop at performances. Plymouth State students can download many of the artist’s original songs and remixes, all for free. The artist told FACT Magazine, “The fans are key in the success of ‘KAPOW’. If you like it, send it to a friend. I just want everyone to be able have my music if they want it.” Tickets for the concert go on sale on April 29th in the HUB. Doors open at 7am for students to get their pass and to purchase guest tickets. This year, students with a valid ID are

able to buy their passes for $10 while guest passes are $25 each. The tickets are purchased on a first come, first serve basis. Each student may invite up to two guests until midday Friday. All participants must be eighteen years or older to attend the event and twenty-one to participate in the beer tent which will be offered. Students and guests both are able to attend the event on May 5th. Doors open at 7:30 and activities run throughout the night. Rusko is expected to start at 9:30 after the winner of Battle of the Bands and Coyote Kisses play. There will be extra security through the night to make sure that participants stay safe and happy. Also, students need to be aware that minor traffic changes will direct participants to and from the event.





April 26, 2013


Born Under Punches

Carry On

Alex Hollatz A&E Editor

Note: This column was written last week in the midst of the manhunt that eventually led to the arrest of Dzokhar Tsarnaev. It has been republished here as it was online at


o be honest with you all, I didn’t plan on writing anything this week. The second the attacks in Boston occurred, my mind was not on writing an article and it still isn’t in any way, especially with the massive manhunt going on right now in Boston and the city itself coming to a massive standstill. On Tuesday, I tried to sit down and think about an article. I contemplated something about Boston. But a thousand people have done a much better job of paying tribute to the city whose buildings I remember gawking at when I saw them on the horizon at as a child when we got on the highway or went to Wollaston Beach. I scratched that idea fast, especially after reading Patton Oswalt’s heartfelt post about Boston. Please read that. It’s beautiful stuff. I tried to settle in on Wednesday and write an actual article. About something. Anything. I could even do a review of the new


Kurt Vile album (which is excellent) or the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album (which is very good), but nothing seemed worthwhile enough. Then the explosion in Texas happened and my heart sank a little further. I began to ask questions to myself. What point is there writing something like an entertainment column in a time like this? Who cares about this right now? I wrote most of this on Thursday. That morning I realized that all of the questions I had asked myself were natural, something I needed to do because of my closeness to Boston.

That morning I also realized that the world was still turning. The day after the attacks Yankees fans sang “Sweet Caroline,” the Neil Diamond classic so closely associated with Fenway Park and the middle of the 8th inning. Along with being a heartfelt tribute, it also made me realize, people were going on with their lives. Yankee Stadium, as always, was packed regardless of what had happened the day prior. The bombs may have hurt us as a country and made us mourn, but life had continued because it just had to. The same applies here to this

16 Highland St. Plymouth NH 536-1223

column, and to every single thing we do as a person. We have to keep going on. We can’t let people induce terror in us. They would win. We can’t allow this. The best thing we can do is keep living our lives. That means going down to trips or, in my case, concerts in Boston. I have three coming up in May and despite fears from people that it may not be safe in Boston, I’m going. It would be a dishonor to that city and those brave people who did so much on that day if I didn’t go out of fear. They were afraid too. Much, much more afraid

and far braver than I. When all of this is done and the suspects are caught, we have to continue on with everything we normally do. Including me with this A&E column. It doesn’t really fit the A&E bill this week and I’m sorry about that. But this was something I needed to do. And if it at least helps one other person feel slightly better after all that happened this tragic week, then it was worth it.

APARTMENTS STILL AVAILABLE 2013-14 School Year Call 536-1223 or inquire at



#17 April 26, 2013

Black 17

Swanson and MacDonald Keep Women's Lacrosse on a Roll


Eric Brill Staff Writer


he Plymouth State Women’s Lacrosse team has been on a roll over the past two weeks, and they have no intentions of slowing down. After defeating the University of Southern Maine on Wednesday, April 24th, not only did this clinch the top spot for the Little East Conference tournament, but this also extended the Panthers’ winning streak to six. The win puts PSU at an overall record of 10-2, while remaining undefeated in conference play with a 5-0 record (the last regular season game is against LEC opponent Rhode Island College on Saturday, April 24th). To get the winning streak truly going, Plymouth defeated conference rivals in Eastern Connecticut (on April 13th), Keene State (on April 16th), and Western Connecticut (on April 20th). Not only did winning these games mean that the Panthers wouldn’t have to travel to these schools come playoff time, but it also gave them crucial momentum in anticipation of the playoffs. Against Eastern Connecticut, sophomore Amy MacDonald (Hull, Mass.) had one of the best games of her collegiate career (in terms of points), as she had four goals and three assists in the 11-7 win. The seven points that MacDonald recorded in this game tied her career high, as she scored seven times against Castleton State last season. Joining MacDonald in the scoring included fellow sophomores Rachel Fistori (Medford, Mass.), Meghan McNabb (Lexington, Mass.) and Shannon Connerty (Nashua, NH), while senior Caitlin Swanson (Holderness, NH) and first-year Meghan Grabowski (West Hartford, CT) got on the scoreboard as well. Not to be outdone, the defense held Eastern Connecticut to 13 shots on goal, and was able to convert 14 successful clears on 15 attempts. This gave PSU the ability to control the ball, and being able to sustain possession is a huge key to success in women’s lacrosse. Lorin Field (Hollis, NH) had six saves,

while Kristen Guest (Sandwich, Mass.) had four ground balls and Amanda Richardson (Bradford, NH) lead the team with four draw controls. The next game, against Keene State, was one for the ages. Against the in-state rival Owls, both teams were evenly matched throughout the contest, as neither team was able to sustain anything more than a two-goal lead. The Panthers found themselves down by two goals with about 20:00 left in the game, but Swanson went on to have two memorable goals to tie the score at 9 apiece with 12:21 remaining. Upon holding on to possession for the next ten minutes, Fistori scored what ended up being the game winning goal on a beautiful feed from McNabb with only 2:30 left in the game. Sophomore Casey Curran (Framingham, Mass.) had a huge save with only a few seconds left to secure the win for PSU. It could have been easy for this team to have an off game after such a huge win against Keene, but Plymouth went out and had their best game in recent memory against Western Connecticut last Saturday. The Panthers got off to a decent start, as they were up 5-3 at halftime after two goals from both MacDonald and Swanson, while McNabb added the 5th. Head Coach Kristin Blanchette and assistant coaches Nicole Adams and Conor Davis must have given PSU a hell of a halftime speech, as they scored 9 of the next 11 goals to put the score at 14-5 with just over five minutes left in the game. Needless to say, the game was long over at this point. Swanson tied a season high with five goals in the game, while MacDonald had four. McNabb added another goal in the game to have two scores in the LEC contest, while Fistori, Molly Gleason (Haverhill, Mass.) and Emily Tilton (Cranston, RI) had one goal apiece. Gleason also had nine draw controls in the game, while Field had 12 saves, which was the most saves she has had in a game since April 4th (when she recorded 13). In the team’s most recent game against the University of Southern Maine, the offense came out on fire, as there were six different goal-scorers for the Panthers to put them up 8-1 at

halftime. Not to be outdone, the defense for PSU held USM to only six shots on goal in the half. A reason for the superb play could be because it was senior day, as Guest, Swanson, Marie Lander (Ossipee, NH), Richardson, and Ally Baribault (Middle Haddam, Conn.) were recognized for their outstanding careers before the game. The second half featured much of the same, as Lorin Field was able to have nine saves on 13 shots for the game. Plymouth opened up the score to 15-4 after senior Lander ripped a shot into the back of the net with just under two minutes left in the game to ice the cake. This team is poised to have a serious run in not only the Little East Conference tournament (which starts on Friday, May 3rd for the Panthers), but also a legitimate shot to make some noise in the NCAA tournament. Look for this team to bring home some hardware over the coming weeks! Tidbits and Recognition: -Caitlin Swanson has had an unbelievable career at Plymouth, and she has been moving up the all-time scoring list for the Panthers. Going into the season, the senior captain was in 17th, but has been able to climb up to 11th after accumulating 32 points through 11 games this season. Swanson has 148 points through April 23rd. -Not to be outdone, sophomore Meghan McNabb is poised to surpass Swanson next season, as she has moved from 26th to 18th as the season has progressed on in all-time points. McNabb has 132 career points through April 23rd. -Molly Gleason has been moving up the draw control chart, as she has moved from 6th to 4th in all-time draw controls for PSU. The sophomore has 183 draw controls in her career as of April 23rd. -This season, Lorin Field has been name Little East Conference goalie of the week three times, while Caitlin Swanson has been named LEC defensive player of the week twice, Amanda Richardson has received the same award once, and Amy MacDonald has been named LEC offensive player of the week once. Keep it up Panthers!!!




April 26, 2013


Double Whammy! PSU Softball Swept at Middlebury Matthew Ormsbee For The Clock



iddlebury, VT – The Plymouth State softball team gave up early leads in both games, and couldn’t find enough to fight back in either, dropping two games to out-of-conference Middlebury College. The potent Plymouth offensive attack was silenced by Middlebury pitching, scoring just three combined runs in the double-header. Game 1: MC – 4 PSU – 2 Whitney Roberts (sophomore; Chocorua, NH) got the start in game one, and was roughed up early, allowing four runs in the first three innings, and Plymoth couldn’t put a comeback together, dropping the first game in Middlebury. After being down 4-0 for the majority of the game, Plymouth looked to put it together in the top of the sixth. Shannon Murphy (junior; Chester, NH) led off with a double down the right field line. Bekah Jackson (junior; Nashua, NH) followed with a two-run homerun to cut the lead in half, 4-2. That’s as close as they would get, as Middlebury didn’t allow another run the rest of the game.

Roberts was solid after the first three, not allowing another run, and kept Plymouth in the game. Her final line was one strikeout, four walks, while allowing six hits, and four runs in six innings of work. Jackson was strong at the plate going 1-for-3 with two RBIs. Game 2: MC – 6 PSU – 1 Middlebury came out and hit Plymouth starter Ali Keith (senior; Northfield, NH) early, striking for four first inning runs to dig a hole that Plymouth couldn’t climb out of. After the first inning, Plymouth couldn’t string hits together managing just one run in the fourth inning on a Cynthia Barata (sophomore; New Fairfield, CT) RBI single up the middle. That was all Plymouth could put across the plate, and they would drop their second straight, getting swept on their trip to Vermont. Keith was solid going six innings with one strikeout, two walks, while giving up 10 hits, and 6 runs (4 earned). Barata was 2-for-3 with the RBI.

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Staff Writer

ow the hell are there only about 20 days left in the semester? That blows my mind. It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was getting back into the flow of classes and what-not (though, I still am). Anyway, enough of this, time to get down and dirty. The NBA playoffs started last weekend, and as of when I am writing this, the majority of the series have had only one game completed thus far. It surprised me that all of the home teams won their Game 1 (as they are the 1-4 seeds), and that there weren’t any upsets (in terms of the seeding, at least). With that said, don’t anticipate there being a lot of sweeps in the first round, as a lot of the teams that had games 1 and 2 on the road are extremely strong home teams (such as the Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and Boston Celtics, amongst others). The series that intrigues me the most is the Warriors/Denver Nuggets series, as both teams seem like mirror images of each other, as they don’t necessarily have that one superstar, but have a great overall team. With David Lee out for the rest of the playoffs for the Warriors, watch for the Nuggets to pull out the series

in 6 games, and for them to ultimately advance to the Western Conference finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder (and ultimately win that series in 7 games to reach the finals). It is easy to pick the Miami Heat to come out of the Eastern Conference, but I just can’t pick that same old cliché bullshit. Watch for the New York Knicks to beat the Heat in the East finals in 6 games. No finals predictions for me for the finals, I will make that pick in the last issue of The Clock, which is in two weeks. In the NHL, the final seeding for the playoffs are starting to become a lot clearer as the season dwindles down to its conclusion. It has been known, or assumed who the top seeds for each conference are going to be between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Beyond that, it is a clutter mess. After having a mediocre first half of the season, the Washington Capitals have finally started to get their act together, and are poised to be one of the hottest teams in the NHL when the post-season gets underway. The New York Islanders are another team that has been on a heck of a role since mid-March, as John Tavares, Matt Moulson and Evgeni Nabokov have had excellent seasons in 2013. With all of that said, watch for the Penguins to come out of the East, as various moves that were made at the trade deadline have propelled them to the top team in the Eastern Conference. I have stated all along I like the Minnesota Wild to come out of the Western Conference, but they have clipped to 7th place as of when I wrote this. I’d like to stick to my guns, but I can’t do it. Watch for the San Jose Sharks to come out of the West, as Joe Thornton is an ageless wonder, while Antti Niemi has solidified his place as one of the best goaltenders in the league with a 2.14 goals against average, and four shutouts. Finally, I get to talk some NFL, as Round one of the draft happened last night. I can’t make any speculations as to how I think each player will do at any given team, cause as I have stated before, I write this before Thursday. Some thoughts- E.J. Manuel will end up being

the best quarterback to come out of this draft (or at least the best value), and Landry Jones will be a great value quarterback as well. Colin Klein has the potential to be a quarterback who goes undrafted, and ends up being a hell of a star. Being a 6 foot, 5 inch quarterback, Klein has the size and speed (at a 4.72 40-yard dash) to be a quarterback that will be productive in the NFL. Time will show as to how much of an accurate prediction this will be. Switching gears with the draft, Tyrann Mathieu would be a great pickup for a team like the New England Patriots, as they have the structure throughout the team, and organization to handle him. Marcus Lattimore is another player that is worthwhile to take a gamble on in the third round, as he has the heart, and desire, to make it not only to the NFL, but to become a star. My guess as to what team he will go to is the Green Bay Packers. Per the past two years, the best names for players that are in this draft include Isi Sofele (a running back from Cal), Chibuikem Okoro (a corner from Wake Forest), Gee Gee Greene (a running back from Navy), Uona Kaveinga (an inside linebacker from BYU), and Paipai Falemalu (an outside linebacker from Hawaii). In other Irrelevant (though I find interesting) sports news: -The events that happened in Boston roughly two weeks ago were obviously terrible events. Have to remember though this is the United States of America. WE will always come back, and kick your ass. -I am making it a goal for myself next year to go to the NFL Draft. I went there last year, as well as in 2010, and it is an awesome environment/journey. -Terrell Owens saying he wouldn’t mind being a Chicago Bear wasn’t the best call on his part (though, I don’t know the context of the conversation that took place). You never isolate yourself to one team. -Andre Smith and Antoine Winfield are the best NFL free agents still left. -The Jacksonville Jaguars have awesome new

jerseys. -Justin Upton is having an unbelievable season. -Paul George deserved the Most Improved player in the NBA, but Greivis Vasquez deserves some recognition as well. -Sidney Crosby for NHL MVP. -Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -It is amazing how much better the NFC is than the AFC, top to bottom. -Shout-out to Justin Vercruysse on the Men’s Lacrosse team. Vercruysse was named LEC Defensive player of the week this past week after recording six ground balls and playing a crucial role on the clears in the team’s games against Southern Maine and Western Connecticut. Non-Sports Information of the Week -Rant of the Week- The choice for Spring Fling was such a terrible pick. You are telling me that the best we could do was Rusko? Dubstep sure as hell ain’t down any alley of mind, and I am not looking forward to this terrible concert what so ever. -Just listened to a Rusko song, my thoughts have only become more negative. -Shout-out to Alex Hollatz for being a boss. -Have to give some praise/recognition/etc. to the coaches that have been out watching games when they are out of season like Ashley Kilstein and Craig Russell (who are the hockey coaches). Shows a lot of character on their parts. -Panther Pub is the best place to go to when you need a beverage. -Surprised as to how it is this “cold” out for it being towards the end of April. -Unfortunately, this column needs to end. I’m at a little over 1200 words when I am suppose to have like 500 words maximum. Oh well. ‘Till two weeks from now, I’m outta here…….



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April 26, 2013

Men’s Lax Dominates Western Connecticut Tyler Kelly For The Clock



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anbury, Conn. - Plymouth State defeats conference rival Western Connecticut 17-10. Nine different Panthers scored goals to tie PSU’s season high. The win puts them at a solid 8-2 record, being 4-1 in the Little East Conference. Western Connecticut drops to 8-6, while posting a 2-3 record in the LEC. After West Conn’s Freshman Nate Wilson scored the first goal of the game early, Plymouth began rolling quickly. Four quick unanswered goals by PSU followed and after letting up one more to West Conn, Plymouth’s Nick Morello (N. Billerica, Mass.) scored two of his own. The score remained 6-2 at the end of the first quarter. Getting early leads has proved to be big in Plymouth’s success and the boys decided to capitalize. The second quarter was all PSU’s for the taking when Brett Miller (Windham, NH), Nick Morello, Ty Long (Dover, NH) and Chris Annunciata (Waltham, Ma.) all found the back of the net. Going into half time Plymouth led the grind 10-2. Western Connecticut had a real solid third quarter and outscored Plymouth 5-3.PSU Junior Brett Miller Scored his third goal of the night at the end of the quarter to make the score stand at 13-7. Early in the fourth quarter, West Conn scored two goals in three minutes, and cut the lead to 13-9. Plymouth did not let their confidence fall, and quickly put out West Conn’s fire. Plymouth’s Mike Ventura (Columbia, N.J.) and Chris Annunciata fired two goals each, sealing the coffin on Western Connecticut. John Foristall took an unassisted goal in for Western Conn. but it wouldn’t be enough, and the score would be final at 17-10 Sophmore Nick Morello had a huge day for the Panthers scoring four goals and increasing his season point total to 15 (13 Goals, 2 Assists). Junior Goalie Jesse Kutz (Hopkington, Ma.) had 11 saves and delivered a win for the Panthers. Junior Scott Giusti (West Newton, Ma.) has been a monster for Plymouth on the draw and improved his total to 93 wins on 143 face-offs. They were the top catalysts in this big conference matchup Plymouth State looks to keep their two game win streak going Wednesday in what will most likely be the regular season game of the year for the Panthers. They take on the Little East Conference leader Keane State. KSC has been a power house this year posting a 5-0 conference record and an 11-2 overall record, putting them at first place in the LEC. PSU remains tied with Eastern Connecticut for second place in the conference. TheClockOnline @ClockNewspaper

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Men’s Lax Dominates Western Connecticut


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