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“Living an examined life is a pain in the ass ...” We have always asked questions. Whether it’s about product (can we create a featherlight synthetic insulation with all the best qualities of down?), our impact on the planet (how do we keep environmentally costly materials in play and out of the landfill?), or our stand on rampant overconsumption (why can’t we repair clothes instead of buying new ones?), big questions answered with conviction lead us, as a company and as individuals, to action. Many times, questions about product lead to questions about that product’s footprint on the planet. Making beautiful clothes means nothing if the environmental price tag of doing so is unreasonable. So what is the actual cost of making something, and can we justify it? Similarly, what’s the best way to share with other businesses and organizations all we’ve learned about more sustainable practices? Questioning has no end, of course. Answers lead to decisions, and decisions lead to more questions. But that’s how we’ve

always done it: We explore new ideas that might seem risky, impractical, even impossible. We dive in, making our way around obstacles to try and develop new ways of thinking and doing that better aligns with a sustainable world. Yvon Chouinard, the founder of our company, said, “Living an examined life is a pain in the ass”—but it’s the only way we as a company know how to do it. If questioning leads, ideally, to better, then the answer surely must be: why not?

In the early 1970s, Chouinard Equipment’s pitons were the mainstay of the business. They were also contributing to the disfigurement of fragile crack lines in the country’s most revered climbing areas. In 1972, we took a risk and offered a cleaner alternative that wouldn’t damage the rock: aluminum hexagonal chocks. Soon after, piton orders dropped off and chock orders soared. Gary Regester


Cragsmith 45L $199.00 I 48065 I S/M, L/XL 1,559 g (3 lbs 7 oz)

32L available online







B AC K PA N E L Opens wide to allow full access to main compartment—especially handy when placed on the ground


U - S H A PE D L I D Allows gear to be accessed through the top; a spacious lid pocket has room for keys, phone, bars and guidebook


INTERNAL R AC K I N G LO O P S Keep your gear sorted in your pack


S U PP O R T I V E , A DJ U S TA B L E CARRYING SYSTEM Highly breathable mesh shoulder straps and back panel

CR AGSMI T H PACK We’re all about access … especially when it comes to our most technical packs. Whether it’s a back panel that opens wide for keeping cams and draws out of the dirt, or a top loader with a drawcord for convenience on the wall, we made our packs so you can get in and out as efficiently as possible. Imported.






5 2

6 3

1 Performance Better Sweater® Jacket $149.00 I 25970 I XS-XL Slim fit I 357 g (12.6 oz)

2 Hampi Rock Pants $79.00 I 82955 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 238 g (8.4 oz) 3 Cross Beta Tank $59.00 I 23490 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 130 g (4.6 oz)

Previous spread: Ms. G (Brittany Griffith) trying to get along with Mr. J on the Taipan Wall. Grampians National Park, Australia. Ken Etzel


4 Barely Bra $49.00 I 32353 I XS-XL I Formfit ting I 34 g (1.2 oz) 5 Fitz Roy Boulders Organic Tank $29.00 I 39192 I XS-XL Regular fit I 74 g (2.6 oz)

6 Venga Rock Pants $89.00 I 83086 I 0-14/even I Regular fit I 349 g (12.3 oz)







1 Crosstrek Jacket $149.00 I 23810 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 403 g (14.2 oz) 2 Gear Sling Stripe Organic T-Shirt $35.00 I 39146 I XS-XXL Slim fit I 119 g (4.2 oz)

3 Nine Trails Singlet $35.00 I 23520 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 99 g (3.5 oz)

4 Venga Rock Pants $89.00 I 83081 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 408 g (14.4 oz)

5 Cragsmith 45L $199.00 I 48065 I S/M, L /XL I 1,559 g (3 lbs 7 oz) all styles imported



DOES S T Y LE MAT TER? Only if climbing matters. Our new light and cool Hampi Rock Pants are constructed with airy yet durable hemp fabric. They have articulated patterning for ease of movement, a tapered lower leg that allows you to better see your feet, and a clean, simple fit so you can stay focused on what matters. Imported.

Women’s Hampi Rock Pants $79.00 I 82955 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 238 g (8.4 oz)

The Roof is on Fire and so is Kate Rutherford. Rocklands, South Africa. Ken Etzel





3 5





1 Mindflow Tank $69.00 I 23485 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 130 g (4.6 oz)

5 Re-Tool Snap-T® Pullover $119.00 I 25442 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 456 g (16.1 oz)

2 Fina Rock Crops $89.00 I 82930 I XS-XL I Formfit ting I 179 g (6.3 oz)

6 Baggies™ Shorts $55.00 I 57058 I XXS-XL I Relaxed fit I 145 g (5.1 oz)

3 C ross Beta Sports Bra $45.00 I 32090 I XS-XL I Formfit ting I 74 g (2.6 oz)

7 Black Hole® Cube - Medium $39.00 I 49365 I 198 g (7 oz)

4 Short-Sleeved Mindflow Shirt $49.00 I 23525 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 105 g (3.7 oz)

all styles imported

A laid-back session in the Sierra. Owens Valley, California. Ken Etzel






1 5


2 7


1 Splitter Script Lightweight Crew Sweatshirt $49.00 I 39510 I XS-XXL Slim fit I 255 g (9 oz)

2 C apilene® Daily Graphic T-Shirt $39.00 I 45286 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 122 g (4.3 oz) 3 Hampi Rock Pants $79.00 I 82940 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 255 g (9 oz)

4 P-6 Label Trad Cap $29.00 I 38207 I Low crown I 85 g (3 oz)

5 OG Climb Clean Responsibili-Tee® $35.00 I 39173 I XS-XXL Regular fit I 213 g (7.5 oz)

6 C lassic Synchilla® Marsupial Pullover $89.00 I 23000 I XS-XXL Regular fit I 454 g (16 oz)

7 Terrebonne Shorts $65.00 I 24690 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 125 g (4.4 oz) all styles imported

That’s a lot of spot—Katsutaka “Jumbo” Yokoyama is set to send. El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina. Bernd Zeugswetter 15


Letter from a Mother to Her Village Calliope and Eliza snap a pre-dinner selfie on their portaledge at Peanut Ledge. The Zodiac, El Capitan. Eliza Kerr

May 14, 2017, Mother’s Day Dear friends, yesterday I topped out on the Zodiac on El Capitan.

Day Two. We woke up to sore muscles but we were in the flow. It was a beautiful sunny

Some of you have loyally and patiently sup-

prepared as any wall climbers in the course

day with the flooded Merced River reflecting

ported me for almost six months while I prepared

of history have ever been (how did I do it on

boundless waterfalls and granite below. After a

for and fretted about this adventure. Some of

the fly while living out of my VW 20-plus years

full second day, we were grateful that our bivy

you have no idea what the Zodiac is. No matter.

ago?). And still, I was feeling afraid and anx-

that night had the tiniest little ledge. It felt so

Thanks for being part of the journey now.

ious—and not in a good way.

good to have our feet rest on something solid.

I’ve probably said this before, and if I’m

On Tuesday afternoon, my friend and wall

Day Three. We woke to dramatic swirling

lucky I’ll say it again: This was one of the biggest

mentor Erik Sloan stopped by. He had been

clouds, dropped temperatures and a 40 percent

challenges of my life. You’d think it wouldn’t

patiently easing me through each question and

chance of rain. It felt like Patagonia. We only

have been that big of a deal considering that I

concern since January. How do I pass a knot

had three pitches to the top, but that sounds

climbed the Zodiac in 1995, but this go-around

while hauling? What’s the difference between

quicker than it actually is. Calliope was so stoic

felt entirely different.

a sky hook and a grappling hook? Which bivies

and positive; it was hard for Miranda and me to

are best in a storm? But on Tuesday, he shared

complain too much about our freezing hands

his most important wisdom: He told me he

as we led the pitches.

Because this time, I did it with my precious 13-year-old daughter, Calliope. It was also different because I am old now

knew I was as ready as I ever would be. It was

As we finished the last pitch Nate popped

and know better, physically and mentally. I

time to put all worry aside and move into a

his head over the top, there to greet us with a

know about death on big walls. And because

place of appreciation, trust, faith and gratitude.

strong back and a warm thermos of tea. I was

there was no strong, knowledgeable dude who

In the course of that conversation, my

the last to jug up the final pitch, and I had a

energy shifted completely. I got totally excited,

moment to myself as my emotions began to

The spark of the idea ignited well over two

in a good and grounded way, for the climb. And

seep out, knowing we had made it safely.

years ago when Calliope and I agreed we should

I fell into a place of surrender, knowing that

You could say that it would have been a

try and do El Cap before she went to high school.

everything would be alright, no matter what—life

good day to die, but it was not our day. I was

or death included.

overwhelmed with gratitude for the people in my

could bail me out.

It started coming together when our friend Miranda said she’d join us. Miranda is a graceful,

As we reached the base of the climb early

life, for the stone and river and sun and beauty

easygoing woman, the kind of person you trust

Wednesday morning, I saw Yosemite and El

we live with, and for the mystery of creation that

and want to spend time with. She also happens to

Cap with fresh eyes and an open heart, yet

I could so tangibly feel—right then, right there.

be a badass free climber with a lot of experience.

again. God, it’s a beautiful world we live in. The

My training began in earnest in January:


Fast-forward to this past Tuesday. We had six pitches fixed and pre-hauled. We were as

gifts are so abundant.

Amid the classic climbs right up the road, Eliza

relearning how to aid climb, asking every expe-

Calliope rigged herself and started jugging

Kerr lives in El Portal, California, with her family.

rienced wall-climber friend I have about the

up the 700 feet of free-hanging fixed line. I

When not reprojecting routes from her youth,

details of seamless hauling, portaledge setup,

watched in awe, with complete confidence in

she practices Ayurvedic medicine and hosts yoga

pitch-by-pitch pitfalls. These friends gener-

my little girl, knowing she had the calm mind

retreats in Yosemite. She also plays in a cover

ously and patiently talked me through detail

and technical skills to do this. And so did I.

after detail. My husband, Nate, began helping

Day One was long. So much work. Miranda

me prepare gear and soothed me during anx-

and I each took proud lead falls. We all arrived

ious moments, gracefully finding the balance

at the top of pitch 9 just before dark, grappling

between being there when I needed him but

with portaledges and enjoying cold tasty bites

knowing I really wanted to do this on my own.

under a bright full moon. Exhausted. God, was

Most important, he believed in me.

it fun though. We were doing it!

band with her daughters Calliope and Scarlett. Right: If you love something, set it free. Eliza Kerr watches daughter Calliope (13) as she lowers herself out and begins to jug the infamous Nipple Pitch during the first known mother-daughter ascent of the Zodiac, El Capitan. Yosemite National Park, California. Eliza Kerr








1 Fleur Tank 54933 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 94 g (3.3 oz)

4 R1® TechFace Hoody 83590 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 366 g (12.9 oz)

2 C ross Beta Sports Bra 32090 I XS-XL I Formfitting I 74 g (2.6 oz)

5 Linked Pack 18L 48051 I 558 g (1 lb 3.7 oz)

3 RPS Rock Pants 83076 I 0-14/even I Regular fit I 238 g (8.4 oz)

all styles imported

Not well-protected—a beautiful line at risk under the current administration. Bears Ears National Monument, Utah. Jeremiah Watt 19








1 Long-Sleeved Lightweight Rugby Shirt $89.00 I 53860 I XS-XXL Regular fit I 374 g (13.2 oz)

2 Gritstone Rock Pants $119.00 I 82905 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 539 g (19 oz)

3 Stretch Rainshadow Pullover $179.00 I 84855 I XS-XXL Regular fit I 210 g (7.4 oz)

4 R1® TechFace Hoody $169.00 I 83575 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 400 g (14.1 oz) 5 C apilene® Lightweight Crew $49.00 I 45641 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 99 g (3.5 oz) 6 Linked Pack 28L $129.00 I 48035 I 750 g (1 lb 10.4 oz) 7 RPS Rock Pants $89.00 I 83071 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 298 g (10.5 oz) all styles imported

Pat Kingsbury in over his head on the off-width pitch of Hellbitch. Bears Ears National Monument, Utah. Jeremiah Watt 21


PA N TS All of our climbing pants are built to move with you and stand up to rough treatment, from hot days at the crag to cool high-alpine routes. Imported.

1 Women’s RPS Rock Pants $89.00 I 83076 I 0-14/even Regular fit I 238 g (8.4 oz)

men’s available online

2 Women’s Venga Rock Pants $89.00 I 83086 I 0-14/even Regular fit I 349 g (12.3 oz)

men’s available online

3 Men’s Gritstone Rock Pants $119.00 I 82905 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 539 g (19 oz)

4 Men’s Simul Alpine Pants $139.00 I 83061 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Slim fit I 366 g (12.9 oz)

women’s available online

5 Men’s Hampi Rock Pants $79.00 I 82940 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 255 g (9 oz)

women’s available online


R P S R O C K PA N T S The lightest climbing pants we make, versatile enough for multipitch or big-wall climbing



V E N G A R O C K PA N T S Lightweight organic cotton with just enough stretch for bouldering and cragging


G R I T S TO N E R O C K PA N T S Made from burly organic cotton for multipitch or big-wall climbing


S I M U L A L PI N E PA N T S Stretchy, durable and weather resistant for alpine rock routes


H A M PI R O C K PA N T S Breathable yet durable hemp pants for bouldering and cragging in warm weather 23




T HE MICRO PUFF ® HOODY It all adds up to nothing. Our lightest, most packable insulated jacket ever

M AT E R I A L S We ruled out dozens of technologies before getting to PlumaFill—a central fiber, spiraled by fluffy microfilaments, that traps heat like down, but stays warm when wet and never shifts or clumps. Paired with the lightest woven shell and liner fabric we’ve ever used, the insulation stays incredibly lofty and has a down-like touch.

CO N S T R U C T I O N In order to stabilize the insulation and prevent shifting, we quilted this fabric in a specific orientation to the PlumaFill strands and stitched offset and discontinuous quilt lines to achieve larger lofted areas. Reducing quilt points cuts the overall weight of the jacket and the potential for cold spots. Our team then developed a method for using fewer, larger pattern pieces. This allows heat to move more freely within the jacket.

TESTING Our Micro Puff ® styles are the product of refinement through an iterative process of lab and field testing. We spent years tweaking filament sizes, types and quantities. Then we sent prototypes of various construction mock-ups into the field for feedback and improvement in order to get to this level of performance.

Previous spread: Eric Bissell frees the “sporty, stellar stemming” high on the Lost Arrow Spire Direct. Yosemite National Park, California. Drew Smith Left: Bronson Hovnanian waiting for sundown and better temps on a summer go at Freerider. Yosemite National Park, California. Drew Smith




Women’s Micro Puff® Vest

Women’s Micro Puff® Jacket

$199.00 I 84090 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 142 g (5 oz)

$249.00 I 84070 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 207 g (7.3 oz)

hoody available online


Men’s Micro Puff® Vest

Men’s Micro Puff® Jacket

$199.00 I 84075 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 162 g (5.7 oz)

$249.00 I 84065 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 235 g (8.3 oz)

hoody available online

all styles imported




N A N O - A I R ® L I G H T H Y B R I D I N S U L AT I O N The Nano-Air® Light Hybrid was created for going hard in chilly conditions, with its “warmth up front, breathability in the back” hybrid construction. With a combination of 40-g FullRange® insulation, a flyweight shell fabric and an airy, wicking knit backer, Nano-Air Light Hybrid styles offer warm, stretchy, breathable performance. Imported.


Women’s Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket

Men’s Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Vest

Men’s Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Hoody

$199.00 I 84351 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 261 g (9.2 oz)

$149.00 I 84355 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 181 g (6.4 oz)

$249.00 I 84415 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 329 g (11.6 oz)

men’s available online

women’s available online

women’s available online

N A N O P U F F ® I N S U L AT I O N Time-honored and field-proven, our Nano Puff® collection remains indispensable. The vest, hoody, jacket and pullover all work as essential insulated layers in spring squalls or on chilly rock routes when a micro-belay parka might be necessary. The Nano Puff shuts out wind, sheds snow and traps heat with its warm—and warm when wet—low-bulk, compressible and hydrophobic 60-g PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco (55% postconsumer recycled content). Imported.

Women’s Nano Puff® Bivy Pullover

Women’s Nano Puff® Jacket

Men’s Nano Puff® Vest

$219.00 I 84196 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 312 g (11 oz)

$199.00 I 84217 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 284 g (10 oz)

$149.00 I 84242 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 227 g (8 oz)

men’s available online

hoody available online

women’s available online

Next spread: Eliza Earle follows the siren song of the YOSAR wood stove on a soggy day in the valley. Yosemite National Park, California. Drew Smith





R A IN SHEL L S 100% waterproof protection, from drizzle to deluge. Imported.



For dynamic movement in wet conditions, this lightweight 2.5-layer shell is supple and stretchy

An ultrasoft 2-layer H2No® Performance Standard shell offers next-to-skin comfort even in heavy downpours

Women’s Stretch Rainshadow Jacket

Women’s Yosemite Falls Jacket

$199.00 I 84810 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 261 g (9.2 oz)

$249.00 I 27515 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 499 g (17.6 oz)

men’s available online




For sticky, humid conditions, this lightweight, packable 3-layer jacket offers dry comfort inside and out

Versatile, no-nonsense 2.5-layer protection with full-venting pit zips and excellent compressibility

Men’s Cloud Ridge Jacket

Men’s Torrentshell Jacket

$249.00 I 83675 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 391 g (13.8 oz)

$129.00 I 83802 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 343 g (12.1 oz)

women’s available online

women’s available online




WH AT ’ S THE SHOR T A NS WER? A seamless system built for longer rides. Long endurance rides take awhile and so does creating shorts that’ll handle

extremely breathable, light and quick to dry, yet durable enough to shrug

big miles in the saddle. We took the time to question every detail of the new

off branches and rock scrape. Engineered for simplicity, the Dirt Roamer’s

Endless Ride Liner Shorts and Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts. The nylon/elastane

ultrasonic-welded seams cut weight and friction. Combined, the liner and

Endless Ride Liner Shorts feature highly breathable power mesh panels and

overshorts form a supercomfortable modular system that will keep your all-

a low-bulk, high-density 3-D Italian chamois. Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts are

day ride from crushing your soul (and other delicate parts of you). Imported.

O PP OS E T ™ WA I S T A DJ U S T M E N T Allows you to fine-tune fit to the millimeter

U LT R A S O N I C WELDED SEAMS Combined with 4-way stretch to allow total range of motion

S I L I CO N E L EG G R I P S Men’s Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts

Men’s Endless Ride Liner Shorts

24721 I 28-40/even + 31, 33 I Regular fit I 153 g (5.4 oz)

24675 I XS-XXL I Formfitting I 125 g (4.4 oz)

women’s available online

women’s available online

Previous spread: No mutiny on the Boundary—Jameson Florence and Tim Souquet set a course for home. The Boundary Trail, Mount St. Helens, Washington. Colin Meagher 38

Soft but secure and keep chamois in place (no death grip)

Right: Ken Etzel will have this fixed in nothing flat. Eastern Sierra, California. Carl Zoch




1 2

4 3

1 Houdini® Jacket $99.00 I 24146 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 94 g (3.3 oz) 2 Nine Trails Bike Jersey $59.00 I 24425 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 145 g (5.1 oz) 3 Dirt Craft Bike Shorts $149.00 I 24587 I 0-14/even I Regular fit I 278 g (9.8 oz) 4 Nine Trails Pack 14L $139.00 I 48411 I S/M, L /XL I 610 g (1 lb 5.5 oz) all styles imported





4 3 1 Dirt Craft Jacket $129.00 I 24020 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 298 g (10.5 oz) 2 Nine Trails Bike Jersey $59.00 I 24420 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 159 g (5.6 oz) 3 Dirt Craft Bike Shorts $149.00 I 24577 I 28-40/even + 31, 33 I Regular fit I 309 g (10.9 oz) 4 Nine Trails Pack 14L $139.00 I 48411 I S/M, L /XL I 610 g (1 lb 5.5 oz)



Three Hours, Max My friend tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey, I’ve got this run in mind ...” The map showed an unbroken line contoured to the ridge. We started running along that line and ran past its end, into a space between two worlds. A few orange ribbons hung on branches in natural openings, marking what might eventually be the beginning of a trail. We followed it. When a gravel slope appeared that held no human footprints and no further orange ribbons, we decided to keep going. Maybe the trail lay uncut for only a short distance. Blind optimism, I think that’s called. Forty-eight hours ago I was sitting at a worktable in The Forge, Patagonia’s Advanced R&D center. Machines thrummed their beautiful stop-motion song behind me—a wide-open succession of slightly syncopated mechanical ticks as the needle punched holes and the feed dogs pulled fabric. Six inches, stop. Six inches, stop. I love these machines. While I was in the middle of writing an email, Walker, who runs our field-testing program, tapped me on the shoulder to say he had a run in mind, a loop from his house to the river preserve—a place we’d both run hundreds of times. “There could be some bushwhacking,” he said. “But it should be two or three hours total.” I tell him, “Hell yeah, I’m in.” That was then. Now I’m on my hands and knees gritting my teeth as thickets dig lines of red into all sides of my body except my stomach. Four hours have passed when I crawl out of the brambles into a small open space on the ridge, and I pause to collect myself. I’m nearly out of water, and the sip I take dries as it passes my tongue. I stare at the sun, then at my hands. We’re out of food and have been for a while. We stand and walk the few meters of open space before the brambles force us to our hands and knees again. For the last mile of our bushwhack we follow a faint remembrance of a path. We can’t run, but we can walk without being bloodied any further by the malevolent foliage. Optimism sets back in, and then, at the end of this line, the thickest, harshest brambles of the day stand between us and the ragged end of the cut trail. They rise to two and a half times my height, impenetrably dense all the way to the ground. I climb into the brush and am immersed for 40 dark and tumultuous feet. And then, we’re free. Eight and a half hours after starting our run, we stagger out of the brambles into a neighborhood and directly to a friend’s house nearby where a barbeque is about to begin. The bowls of fruit and dip still have coverings, and the house seems too clean. Without knowing what I’m doing, I stuff food into my mouth while Walker tells the story of our run. We both try not to bleed onto any of the furniture. The chaparral starts to recede slowly from memory, replaced by the realization that no matter how well you think you know a place, sometimes it brutally reminds you how much you still have to learn. Will discovered his passion for Newton’s laws while installing building trusses as a carpenter at age 16 in upstate New York. In college, he traded the hammer for an ice axe and found some real-world grounding in the laws of gravity. After majoring in chemical engineering and physics, he’s now an innovation engineer for Patagonia in Ventura, California. Walker Ferguson laid low by a high-quality effort. Tuolumne Meadows, California. Jeff Johnson





NINE T R A IL S Our Nine Trails running tops are made with a 100% polyester spun jersey fabric that wicks moisture, breathes freely and dries rapidly—but looks and feels like cotton. The combination of

comfort and technical performance yields everyday versatility. With Polygiene® permanent odor control, no tags for no itch, and a locker loop to let it dry until tomorrow. Imported.

S E T- I N S L E E V E With underarm gussets for chafe-free comfort and range of motion

R E F L EC T I V E LO G O Located on tops to keep you visible

H E AT H E R E D FA B R I C Polyester jersey feels like cotton but performs like a technical top

Men’s Short-Sleeved Nine Trails Shirt

Women’s Nine Trails Tank

$45.00 I 23470 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 133 g (4.7 oz)

$35.00 I 23496 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 79 g (2.8 oz)

Spring it on. Audrey Sherman makes her way across alpine runoff in the Indian Peaks near Boulder, Colorado. Eliza Earle 45





5 6


1 W indchaser Sleeveless $49.00 I 23380 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 65 g (2.3 oz)

4 Fore Runner Vest 10L $129.00 I 49505 I S/M, L /XL I 312 g (11 oz)

2 A irshed Pullover $119.00 I 24190 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 105 g (3.7 oz)

5 Nine Trails Shorts $65.00 I 57601 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 181 g (6.4 oz)

3 Short-Sleeved Slope Runner Shirt $59.00 I 23970 I XS-XL

6 Strider Shorts - 7" $55.00 I 24648 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 99 g (3.5 oz)

Slim fit I 116 g (4.1 oz)


all styles imported







1 Short-Sleeved Nine Trails Shirt $45.00 I 23477 I XS-XL Slim fit I 102 g (3.6 oz)

2 Nine Trails Shorts $65.00 I 57622 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 111 g (3.9 oz)

4 A irshed Pullover $119.00 I 24195 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 94 g (3.3 oz) 5 C apilene® Lightweight Tank $29.00 I 45675 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 45 g (1.6 oz) 6 C entered Tights $79.00 I 21961 I XS-XL I Formfit ting I 232 g (8.2 oz)

3 Duckbill Cap $29.00 I 28817 I Adjustable fit I 43 g (1.5 oz) Next spread: Quitting Cob Rock—Meredith Jabis makes her way back from the far side of Boulder Creek. Boulder Canyon, Colorado. Ken Etzel 47



WH Y SE T TLE FOR MORE? Nine Trails Packs make the case for less. Efficient design is often about what you leave out. The packs in our new Trail Pack collection are clean and minimalist, with only the features you need. Imported.

G E N D E R - S PE C I F I C

U - S H A PE D



For a comfortable carry

Provides quick and easy access to your gear

LID POCKET Holds keys, wallet, phone and snacks

FRONT POCKET Holds accessories




Prevents moisture buildup and provides great air circulation

To adjust fit to load

Women’s Nine Trails Pack 26L $159.00 I 48440 I S/M, L/XL I 910 g (2 lbs)

Nine Trails Pack 28L available online


Jared Campbell (below left) and Luke Nelson tick off a classic Collegiate Peaks twofer, Mount Belford and Mount Oxford, as they attempt a new FKT traversing all the 14’ers in the Sawatch Range, Colorado. Fredrik Marmsater



T ECH T EES Next-to-skin layers in different weights and blends for cool comfort. All have Polygiene® permanent odor control and are Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. Imported.



Highly breathable, quick-drying 100% recycled polyester fabric with a subtle grid pattern that sits light on the skin

Our stretchiest everyday next-to-skin layer with a smooth, wicking jersey face

Men’s Capilene® Lightweight T-Shirt

Men’s Capilene® Daily Graphic T-Shirt

$39.00 I 45651 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 77 g (2.7 oz)

$39.00 I 45286 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 122 g (4.3 oz)

Women’s Capilene® Lightweight Tank

Women’s Capilene® Daily T-Shirt

$29.00 I 45675 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 45 g (1.6 oz)

$29.00 I 45276 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 94 g (3.3 oz)

Perhaps the most dangerous moment of canyoneering. William Butierez’s T-shirt and helmet fight it out in Pine Creek Canyon. Zion National Park, Utah. Dan Krauss 52



BR A S How much do you love your sports bra? Talk to any outdoor athlete about her sports bra, and it’s usually not pretty: chafing, pressure, overheating, sponge-like sweat absorption, python-like compression, brutal bounce. This season, how about loving your sports bra? We’re introducing the new Cross Beta and Switchback® Sports Bras. From low- to mid-impact sports, they offer soft, comfortable, wicking support in an 85% recycled polyester/15% spandex blend that’s Fair Trade Certified™ sewn into performance designs that you will actually love. Imported.

Cross Beta Sports Bra $45.00 I 32090 I XS-XL I Formfitting I 74 g (2.6 oz)

Switchback® Sports Bra $49.00 I 32095 I XS-XL I Formfitting I 83 g (2.9 oz)


N AT U R A L LY S H A PE D Quick-drying soft cups won’t bunch or crinkle, and are easily removed or replaced

C R OS S OV E R D E S I G N Provides added support with no overcompression

PE R F O R AT E D E L A S T I C Adds breathability in high-sweat zones

P OW E R M E S H S T R A P S Cross at back for support and breathability with less bulk

Q U I C K- D R Y I N G M E S H Moves moisture away from skin

S O F T, Q U I C K- D R Y I N G E L A S T I C Lies flat and wicks moisture for longer endeavors



Workwear Built for the task at hand Patagonia was born when the principles of industrial design that Yvon Chouinard used to make climbing equipment were applied to the production of durable and functional outdoor clothes. Forty years later, we still base our business on the same principles that shaped those original pitons and chocks—make it well, make it to work, make it to last. Everyone who works at making or building or any hard physical labor—who don’t sacrifice quality for speed—understand these principles. With labor and handwork in mind, we’ve built durable, comfortable workwear that uses less harmful materials—all backed by our Ironclad Guarantee. See it all at

Left: Summer’s work for winter’s warmth: Shayna Brown puts in a shif t with the splitting maul in Yosemite Valley, California. Drew Smith Next page: Janet Aubin hauls feed apples for the hogs at Finnriver Farm & Cidery. Chimacum, Washington. Garrett Grove



C AN HE AV Y DU T Y BE LIGHTER WEIGHT ? Introducing All Seasons Hemp canvas. To make tougher, lighter and more comfortable workwear for warm weather, we turned to industrial hemp—one of the world’s strongest natural fibers and the original source material for canvas work cloth. Our newly developed All Seasons Hemp Canvas is a lightweight and remarkably durable material that requires no break-in and offers the resilience and freedom of motion needed to carry the day as the temperatures rise. Imported.

A DJ U S TA B L E F I T Double-button shoulder straps and waist

A M PL E P O C K E T S Large chest pocket with pencil sleeve and room for fasteners or small tools; two slash hip pockets; two deep drop-in back pockets; two utility pockets on right leg

CO N TO U R E D WA I S T B A N D Seven belt loops increase strength and carrying capacity

D O U B L EFA B R I C S E AT Deep drop-in back pockets have reinforced bottoms and offer abrasion-resistant reinforcement through seat

DUR ABLE AND CO O L- W E A R I N G 9.6-oz 55% industrial hemp/27% recycled polyester/18% organic cotton fabric is a lighter version of our 12.9-oz Iron Forge Hemp™ canvas

D O U B L EFA B R I C K N E E S Bottom openings accommodate kneepads and allow easy cleanout

Men’s All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants

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WORK W E A R Our abrasion-resistant work pieces are built for mobility on the job, with thoughtful details like a contoured waistband on pants and shorts for comfort under a tool belt, oversized zippers for use with gloves and easily rolled cuffs on shirts. Imported.


Women’s Long-Sleeved Western Snap Shirt

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Women’s All Seasons Hemp Canvas Chore Coat

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Men’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Double Knee Pants

Women’s All Seasons Hemp Canvas Shorts - 8"

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Women’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Double Knee Pants

Men’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Cargo Shorts - 11"

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$69.00 I 57080 I 28-44/even + 31, 33 I Relaxed fit I 723 g (25.5 oz)

Next spread: Shane Grimes soothes tired legs with some ice-water immersion therapy twelve miles into the Wind River Range, Wyoming. Jeremiah Watt





HOW FAR C AN WADERS GO? Lightweight and innovative to take with you anywhere. Getting to remote water means keeping your kit as small and light as you can. The ultimate fully featured waders for the backcountry, warmer weather or streamlined travel, our all-new Middle Fork Packable Waders fold into a compact stuffsack for convenience and capability. Fine-tuned through obsessive R&D, they’re the lightest, most packable, most innovative waders we’ve ever made. Imported. Middle Fork Packable Waders 82330 I S-XL I Regular fit I 740 g (26.1 oz) short and long available online

SU S PE N D E R S A N D WA D I N G B E LT Adjustable suspension system allows quick conversion to waist height

S I N G L E- S E A M CO N S T R U C T I O N Increases durability by routing seams away from high-wear areas; gusseted crotch provides excellent mobility

PAC K A B L E D E S I G N Easily rolls up into 8" by 13" stuffsack and weighs in at just 26 ounces


If your current wading boots are sized for neoprene booties, it’s important to layer up with a thicker sock like our Winter Weight Fleece Oversocks to achieve a secure fit and avoid premature wear on the booties from boot slippage. Winter Weight Fleece Oversocks (50080) available online

The rain fly only works if you zip it up. Shane Grimes and Matt Garvin drying out before packing up. Wind River Range, Wyoming. Jeremiah Watt

Offer greater abrasion resistance and durability for logging heavy mileage

S E A M L E S S B O OT I E S Innovative, low-bulk design; made from stretchy, superdurable synthetic rubber








2 6

1 Sunshade Hoody $69.00 I 52660 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 173 g (6.1 oz) 2 Tech Fishing Skort $59.00 I 82150 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 201 g (7.1 oz) 3 Fitz Roy Tarpon LoPro Trucker Hat $29.00 I 38007 I Low crown I 85 g (3 oz) 4 Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt $99.00 I 52210 I XS-XL I Relaxed fit I 164 g (5.8 oz)


5 Fall River Comfort Stretch Pants $99.00 I 82035 I XS-XL Regular fit I 309 g (10.9 oz)

6 Stealth Atom Sling $119.00 I 48327 I 580 g (1 lb 4.5 oz) all styles imported



3 4


6 2



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5 Guidewater II Pants $99.00 I 82102 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 329 g (11.6 oz)

2 Sandy Cay Shorts - 8" $69.00 I 82126 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 179 g (6.3 oz)

6 Technical Sun Gloves $45.00 I 81730 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 40 g (1.4 oz)

3 Tech Sun Booney $55.00 I 33355 I S/M, L /XL I 77 g (2.7 oz)

7 Stealth Hip Pack $119.00 I 48142 I 640 g (1 lb 6.6 oz)

4 Sun Stretch Shirt $95.00 I 54266 I XS-XXL I Relaxed fit I 156 g (5.5 oz)


StormfrontÂŽ Roll Top Pack 49226 I 1,171 g (2 lbs 9.3 oz)





C A R R Y I N G CO M F O R T Fully adjustable, low-profile padded shoulder harness and removable waistbelt


ROD TUBE AT TAC H M E N T Two web loops on outside for rod



E A S Y TO R O L L Main compartment (minimum three rolls for nonsubmersible 100% waterproof protection) is ready to swallow gear

S TORMFRON T ® ROL L TOP PACK If you need to keep gear bone-dry, trust the Stormfront ® Roll Top Pack. It has a simple yet effective roll-down construction (minimum of three rolls for nonsubmersible 100% waterproof protection), per fect for any wet-weather environment. A burly 100% nylon fabric with a single-side TPU coating and a DWR (durable water repellent) f inish, along with fully welded seams, complete the weatherproof package. The padded shoulder straps and

adjustable waistbelt provide all-day comfort on long hikes. Lash points accommodate extra gear and rod-tube holders so you’re ready to fish as soon as you hit good water. For greater versatility, the shoulder straps accept the vest front from our Convertible Vest (sold separately). Imported. Check out all our Stormfront styles at



High Voltage An excerpt from the upcoming book, Swell, by surfer, sailor and environmental activist Liz Clark After an hour’s sleep, I wake to the sound of fat raindrops pelting the deck. The noise quickly escalates into a deafening torrent, and I push up off the settee and climb up the steps. Glancing at the radar screen on my way up, I see a massive squall blacking out the entire 8-mile radius of the radar screen. “Is this normal?” Jake asks. “Eeesh, this doesn’t look good,” I mutter, surveying the flashes of lightning on the horizon all around us. I had recently heard about a couple whose boat had sunk underneath them in minutes after a lightning strike blew a hole through their hull. I sure hope that grounding plate works. It seems to be closing in on us from every side. I try

$35.00 I BK754

to steer us where the radar shows a small gap in the storm, but my efforts are in vain. The sails hang limp in the swirling, convectional air. “Don’t touch anything metal!” I warn, as the bolts bear down closer and closer. Thunderclaps rumble commandingly as white claws of lightning rip down all around us, illuminating our harrowing reality. I duck below to unplug the radios in a panic, my fingers trembling as I yank out their cords. “So this is your idea of fun?” Jake asks, aghast. We huddle together, trying to avoid touching anything metal, puny and powerless against the raging sky. My body tenses with each flash of light, bracing for the deafening thunderclap that follows. Jaw clenched, I dig my nails deeper into my calves with each incomprehensibly powerful rumble. “This is bad,” I whisper. “Well, if it’s any sign of what’s to come, your pet gecko just abandoned ship!” Jake reports, wide-eyed. He wraps his arm tightly around me. The fiercely independent part of me doesn’t want his support, but this could be it, I’ll take it! The dreadful minutes linger on until three bolts shred the sky just above us. CRACK! And again. And again. The thunder hits our chests with visceral force. The third bolt strikes the water just a boat-length away, exploding the surface into a tower of whitewater dressed in the full spectrum of the rainbow. The radar blacks out and the chart plotter flashes a question mark then goes blank. I moan with terror and clutch Jake. Silent tears stream down my face. Never have I felt so humbled by nature’s power, so raw, unbridled and unpredictable. I brace for a direct hit, but the next bolt strikes farther north. We both sit in silence for a long time as the storm starts to break up. “You OK, captain?” “I changed my mind,” I stutter. “I think I want a white picket fence and a golden retriever.” Caught by the heavy winds of a fast-moving South Pacific squall, Liz Clark heads to the mast to put another reef in Swell’s sail. Tahui Tufaimea



WH Y FA IR TR A DE? Because it supports the workers who build our gear. Our industry doesn’t like talking about what goes on behind the scenes. There’s a simple reason for that: It’s a business that often puts its own profit ahead of the welfare of workers. But by choosing Fair Trade, we can

help change things for the better while ensuring that the people who make our clothes and gear are treated with the respect they deserve. Learn more about Fair Trade’s benefits at Imported.

N AT U R A L F I T Three-piece waistband contours to hips, lies flat and closes with a single rubber button and drawstring

DUR ABLE S T R E TC H Stretchy, comfortable, durable and quick-to-dry nylon/elastane fabric has 50+ UPF sun protection

F O R WA R D INSEAM Helps to eliminate chafing

CURVED HEM Scalloped notch offers increased freedom of motion

Men’s Scallop Hem Stretch Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 18" 86731 I 28-40/even +31, 33, 35 I Regular fit I 156 g (5.5 oz)

Alternative energies: Reo Stevens powers up on a blustery day in French Polynesia. Ben Thouard




SURF Our entire line of boardshorts and bikinis is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. Built for performance and durability in the ocean, they’re all made with recycled fibers, either on their own or blended, and are fully backed by our Ironclad Guarantee. Imported.

3 7





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4 Sunamee Bottoms $59.00 I 72157 I XXS-XL I Formfitting I 68 g (2.4 oz)

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8 Reversible Cutback Bottoms $59.00 I 72220 I XXS-XL I Formfitting I 54 g (1.9 oz)





1 Stretch Wavefarer® Volley Shorts - 17" $69.00 I 86510 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 133 g (4.7 oz)

2 Light &


Boardshorts - 18"

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4 Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 19" $69.00 I 86622 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit I 162 g (5.7 oz)





SUN PROT EC T ION If it were up to them, most pint-size people would have fur, feathers or scales to protect them from the hot sun, but our warm-weather gear is the next best thing. From yarn selection to fabric construction to the use of special finishes,

we build in UPF so kids can move smoothly between cool water and hot shore like the amphibious creatures they are. Many kids’ styles are Fair Trade Certified™ sewn or made with recycled content. Imported.

1 4




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3 Baby Boardshorts $29.00 I 60310 I 6M-5T I Regular fit

2 Baby QT Swimsuit $39.00 I 60302 I 6M-5T I Formfit ting

4 Infant Little Sol Swim Set $49.00 I 61285 I 0M-24M I Regular fit

Previous spread: Four-year-old Ayla Bigham is a great little climber, but her spotter is a bit of an ass. Gary Bigham 78

3, 4




1 Boys’ Long-Sleeved Silkweight Rashguard (back view shown) $39.00 I 66316 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

2 Boys’ Wavefarer® Boardshorts $49.00 I 67817 I 8-18/even I Regular fit

3 K ids’ Baggies™ Jacket $75.00 I 64232 I XS-XXL I Regular fit 4 Girls’ Pastel P-6 Logo Organic T-Shirt $25.00 I 62157 I XS-XXL I Regular fit 5 Girls’ Costa Rica Baggies™ Shorts $35.00 I 67087 I XS-XXL I Regular fit



The Blue Heart That Beats Keeping t he Balkan Ri ver s W ild


In the heart of the Balkans, between Slovenia and

The reality is: There is no such thing as “clean

Albania—an area associated with decades of com-

hydropower.” And labeling hydropower as “sus-

munism, war and economic instability—another

tainable” or “renewable” is confusing, misleading

dispute has been quietly mounting. International

and, at its worst, very deceptive.

the region, all healthy with robust ecosystems. This region truly is the Blue Heart of Europe. The planned Balkan dams will cause irreversible damage to an ecological landscape that no

development banks, such as the European Bank

More than 3,000 dams and hydropower

longer exists anywhere else on the European

for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

projects, both large- and small-scale, are either

continent. Dams are old technology, and newer,

and the World Bank’s International Finance

proposed or in the process of being built on the

lower-impact options exist such as solar, wind and

Corporation (IFC), have poured millions of euros

wild rivers of the Balkans (with almost half intend-

geothermal. Beyond new producing technologies,

into hydropower projects at a moment when

ed to be within protected areas*). They threaten a

energy efficiency, storage and passive ener-

dams are being decommissioned and removed

network of thousands of kilometers of untouched

gy generation can reduce overall demand. The

throughout much of the developed world. Across

waterways, including rarities like Albania’s Vjosa

Blue Heart of Europe will be changed forever by

the globe, dams have damaged riverine ecosys-

River—one of the last intact large river systems in

these outdated hydropower schemes that prom-

tems, displaced communities and continue to

Europe and a biodiversity hot spot hosting vari-

ise economic stability for Balkan nations. While

exacerbate the effects of climate change—dis-

ous ecosystems—and yet many, even in Europe,

Balkan nations are anxious for European Union

rupting river flows, degrading water quality,

are unfamiliar with the region and its abundance.

inclusion and monetary development, some citi-

damaging wildlife habitat, and ultimately, nulli-

Millions of people depend on the free-flowing

zens who will be directly impacted may have little

fying a river ecosystem’s resilience to survive the

rivers in Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,

idea of the implications: A few will benefit, while

impacts of a changing climate.

Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and other countries in

many will lose their water, land and ways of life * Schwarz, U., 2015. Hydropower Projects on the Balkan Rivers

that have been integral for many centuries. And

rivers and lands that define them. Residents of

this war-torn, poorly understood collective of

the global community will lose another extraor-

Kuta, the Albanian epicenter of resistance on the

cultures, people and their land has slowed sup-

dinarily intact ecological treasure at the hands of

Vjosa, have tried tampering with construction

port at a time when international involvement is

financial gain for international developers hiding

equipment at the proposed Poçem (upstream of

desperately needed. The protest in the Balkans

behind the façade of “green hydropower energy.”

Kuta) hydropower site. If this dam were built the

also brings to light the reality of the false

In 2012 Ulrich Eichelmann founded Vienna-

entire village of Kuta and the surrounding farm-

prevailing global paradigm of “clean, green

based RiverWatch, an organization for the

land would sit under water (fortunately, Albanian

hydropower.” Do we know where our own energy

protection of rivers, and has been pouring his life

courts ruled against the dam in May 2017).

comes from at home? What is the mix of renew-

into stopping development in the Balkans. “The

Women in small villages in Bosnia-Herzegovina

able resources that can meet human energy

Blue Heart of Europe beats on in the Balkans. This

have been protesting local dams for the last cou-

needs without an unnecessary and irreversible

is where truly wild, living rivers can still be found:

ple of years, guarding their rivers 24 hours a day

toll on the environment? For more on Patagonia’s

crystal-clear creeks, spectacular waterfalls, deep

(sometimes for close to a year), to stop corrupt

efforts to help protect the Blue Heart of Europe,

river canyons, alluvial forest and huge wild rivers

small-scale hydro projects. If they don’t, their vil-

visit To connect with

with vast gravel banks,” says Eichelmann. “These

lages will be left without drinking water, diverting

groups working to protect free-flowing rivers,

rivers are one of the most important hot spots for

it completely to other municipalities and starving

remove dams and seek truly sustainable energy

European freshwater biodiversity.” If the dams are

their backyard gardens and agriculture of a water

sources in your region, visit our Action Works site

built, 30 endangered species will be affected and

source. Others throughout the Balkans have been


52 endemic fish species threatened, including

singing songs, painting murals, writing stories,

the Danube salmon.† The Balkan lynx, one of the

gathering arm in arm and using their voices to tell

rarest cats on earth, is also dangerously vulner-

the world what is happening in their backyards.

able, with a population estimated at below 50

The results are at times gruesome, with protes-

and declining.‡

tors arrested, even beaten, before construction

In addition to activists like Ulrich Eichelmann or Rok Rozman, a former Olympic rower from

assessment continues and the development plans progress.

Slovenia fighting to protect wild rivers, local vil-

There is so much to be lost here, yet the

lagers and activists throughout the Balkans are

region and its rivers remain a mystery to most

banding together to save their homes and the

of the world. The global community’s apathy for

Blue Heart—a Farm League original film—documents the battle for Albania’s Vjosa River, the effort to save the endangered Balkan lynx in Macedonia, and the women of Kruščica, Bosnia, who are protesting to protect their community’s only source of drinking water. Premieres include the Patagonia headquarters in Ventura, California; New York City; and Chicago. A film tour will follow in early May at all North American Patagonia store locations.

Damned if they do: Thousands of proposed dams on Balkan rivers (such as the Vjosa, above) will cause irrevocable damage to a unique region of the European continent. Andrew Burr

Freyhof, J., 2012. Threatened freshwater fish and mollusks of the Balkan: Potential impact of hydropower projects. Unpublished report, ECA Watch Austria & EuroNatur



BY M O L LY B A K E R Top: Thousands of people from 18 countries have protested dams and hydroelectric projects in the Balkans that would endanger ecosystems, species and cultures associated with the rivers in question. Andrew Burr

From the River Up

Bottom: Balkan River Tours founder Rok Rozman. “The rivers here come with the people. When the people talk, the rivers talk.” Andrew Burr

Leading t he Balkan Ri ver s Tour Former Olympic rower and biologist from Slovenia turned dirtbag kay-

described how he was going to paddle the length of the line to bring

aker and activist Rok Rozman exudes an unstoppable energy of youth

awareness to the beauty of the Balkan Rivers—and that he’d be stupid

and wild. We meet him in Martin Brod, Bosnia, at the confluence of the

to do it alone. Some scoffed. A few NGO leaders even laughed at the

Una and Unac Rivers in Una National Park—a settlement that emerged

prospect. But that night, people from the villages and towns that would

from the medieval town built in the same area at the end of the 14th

be transformed by the dams started approaching Rok saying, “If you

century. Rok laughs loudly with an open, inviting manner. He’s immedi-

come to my river, you can stay with me and my family.” Some said they’d

ately likeable. We hear tidbits of stories involving turbulent river expe-

join as kayakers. The support began there, as Rok likes to describe, “from

ditions, missing kayaks and camping in Kuta, Albania, on the inaugural

the river up.”

Balkan Rivers Tour in 2016. His mint green Volkswagen Life, modified for

In 2016, Rok started the Balkan Rivers Tour, something he calls a

sleeping and living on the road, is parked in the meadow along the Una,

movement, not a project, because “a movement is more powerful than

a variety of feathers sticking out from the heater vents and a rearview

a project.” He paddled 23 rivers in six different countries, with more

mirror draped with keychains and mementos. Rok appears sentimental, passionate and pragmatic all at once—a lot of heart combined with a rock-steady presence. “Since I can remember, I’ve always been connected to rivers,” he says. “The color. The movement the river creates.” And so commences the poetic story of a man dedicated to protecting wild water.

than 500 kayakers and 1,500 people from 18 countries attending events and protests. Rok talks about campaigns and projects as actions that are artificially driven, by money or effort, and he does not trust that real change flows from these examples. “A movement, on the other hand, is like the river: Once it gets a flow, there is no stopping it—it doesn’t need money, leaders or direction,” he says. “It just goes where it should go.” In 2017, the second Balkan Rivers Tour focused on Slovenia’s Soča

“I see life from the water. When you take people to rivers, their voices

and Montenegro’s Morača Rivers. To be involved with the movement,

and faces change; they become a little softer,” he says. “The only way

one just needs to be a human with the power of speech, because as

this transformation happens is if you experience the river.” Rozman’s career as a professional rower and eventual Olympian was

Rok says, “The trout in the river don’t have a voice to speak against the politicians and dam investors.”

a self-proclaimed accident; the result of a proclamation made to his

As the clouds roll in and out and Rok prepares his fly-fishing gear, he

teenage hockey team coach in a flash of anger. Rok threatened to do

reminisces on how he was pulled toward protecting rivers in the Balkans,

the most ridiculous thing he could think of in the moment—start rowing.

before that crucial evening in Belgrade.

Resolved to follow his word, he quit the hockey team and was rowing the

“Years ago in Chile I met an Australian kayaker who stayed three

next day. He talks about the transition as impulsive (and a bit childish)

years after a kayak expedition to protect the Rio Marañón (the source

and how he’d made a promise to himself to stop rowing after winning

of the Amazon) in Peru from five planned dams,” says Rok. “I found him

specific medals. But once on the professional athlete course, he became

looking disheveled in the streets, but he told me how he’d stayed in Peru

distracted by the prospect of more medals and others’ expectations.

with no work or money, how he’d connected with local NGOs and how

“When you’re rowing you’re always using force to move, but you’re always

they’d eventually managed a four-year moratorium on the five projects.”

faced backward to the forward momentum,” says Rok. “This symbolizes

Rok then traveled home to learn about the more than 3,000 dams

the way I felt as a professional athlete: forcing my way forward without

either planned or in the process of being built in the Balkans, including

seeing what was ahead, or the rest of the world around me.” A back

more on tributaries of his beloved Soča and Sava Rivers in Slovenia. He

injury in 2009 took him out of his rowboat for six months, and he finally

decided if one dam could be stopped, then all of them could be stopped.

had time to think about his life (rowing) and one seemingly insignif-

He’s been fighting to protect wild rivers in the Balkans ever since.

icant truth: He had always been a kayaker at heart. At the end of the

“People in Western Europe may have a high standard of living,” says

six months, Rok resigned from rowing against advice from doctors and

Rok. “But they can never say they live next to a wild river. Dams are good

teammates, and ever since has been kayaking forward. “You must know a river to be a kayaker. You can’t just fight the water— it’s bigger than we are. In other sports, you’re taught that when it feels

Beyond the Balkan Rivers Tour, Rok (and a friend from Slovenia)

hard, you’re doing something right. With kayaking, if it feels difficult then

started Leeway Collective, creating films like One for the River: The Vjosa

you’re doing something wrong. It’s an action of micro-adjustments and

Story, which follows their philosophy that if you love something, you have

slightly correcting for movement forward within the flow of the river.”

a duty to protect it. Finding, filming and telling river stories is another

At the 2015 Balkan Rivers Days conference in Belgrade, Rok took a


for one thing, they give us electricity, but the question is: Do we need more electricity in the Balkans?”

way Rozman is approaching this duty. On many occasions, Rok and his

screenshot of a map of the Balkans and drew a red line from Slovenia

kayaking friends have been screamed at, chased and stoned by security

to Albania. When he spoke to the 100 attendees at the conference he

guards watching over construction sites on various rivers, as they usually

have cameras and are there to expose what is happening: hurried and careless dam construction, often before permits have been issued. Much of the construction happening on rivers in the Balkans, especially smaller tributaries, is hidden. If the investors conceal construction, they can start building—removing earth and scarring the area—and then the environmental permits are easier to acquire. Most people approach the rivers by land and not many dam construction companies expect kayakers to be traveling the water. Rok talks about the Balkan Rivers with pure love. To him the rivers are sacred not simply because of the endangered species and ecosystems involved, but because of the people who live here. He says they are people who live with the river. “The rivers here come with the people. When the people talk, the rivers talk with them,” he says. For Rok, rivers unite. They are proof that people, young and old, can come together for something. “As it turns out, kayaking down a river is much more fun if you know there is a reason why you’re doing it.” 83



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Last call. Lisa Bedient sits in one of the few remaining Camp 4 telephone booths. Once the only way to phone home, the original booths—and a slice of history—are disappearing. Yosemite National Park, California. Josh Huckaby 85


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Cover: Working Westie Face—Nate Murphy, Alix Morris, Nate Popik and Henry Feder call it a day on the Leaning Tower. Yosemite National Park, California. Austin Siadak

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Fred Beckey (1923–2017) was one of the most fabled and driven mountaineers of all time. When Colorado filmmaker Dave O’Leske finally gained access to the notoriously camera-shy and commercialism-averse Beckey, he spent 10 years following the legendary climber around as he did what he always had done—gone climbing. Dirtbag is a poignant, in-depth portrait of an extraordinary character who made more first ascents than any other North American climber, wrote beautiful and meticulous mountain guides of the wild areas he loved, and defined the “dirtbag” archetype in a way that no one else ever has or could. In his book Fred Beckey’s 100 Favorite North American Climbs, published by Patagonia, Fred offers up his characteristic mix of route tips, anecdotes, natural history, beautifully detailed maps and climbing lore. Visit to find a screening near you. Visit your local Patagonia store, or, to find the book.

Fred Beckey’s 100 Favorite North American Climbs $79.95 I BK570 I Hardcover $129.95 I BK571 I Signed, Boxed and Numbered Edition

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