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Steph Groce of Clairemont Makes Pitch for School Board Seat by Daniel Smiechowski

Steph Groce

A local Clairemont man has stepped up to challenge a two term incumbent for trustee of California’s second largest school district. Voting by mail is currently underway with the primary election scheduled for June 07. I recently interviewed Mr. Groce and the following is a record of our conversation. Q. Why are you running for a San Diego Unified School Board position? A. My desire to run for school board is driven by my belief that good people can’t stand by and let the status quo, mediocrity, and bad choices make decisions about my children’s futures and those of the other 130,000 students who deserve better. Q. What are your top three priorities if

elected to the San Diego Unified School Board? A. Open lines of communication between the board and the public. This will support my efforts to create transparency and accountability through community engagement and parent participation. Q. The current board is said to be run by insiders and promoted by establishment types. It is widely viewed as a closed society. What would you do to change this perception? A. I would change this perception by continuing to be active not only throughout my own district and community, but also engage and contribute to other school districts. This would allow me to gain public support and place pressure on the existing board to work between districts towards improvements. Q. What are your views on mandating community service in our high schools? A. Mandating community service is counterproductive to student growth and social awareness. By taking an incentivized approach with students in their community involvement, it will instill self-confidence, a sense of gratification, and further engage them in community issues.

Q. Public schools these days seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on social issues under the moniker of awareness training. Would you support a more rigorous academic climate? Why? A. I don’t support a more rigorous academic climate, but I do support fair and equitable standards that are challenging and measurable. The current standard for graduating is a “D” grade in A-G classes when “C” is average. This shift in grading in order to improve graduation rates and shrink the achievement gap simply sets our students up for failure. I would work to return standards back to an average level and allow alternative and vocational programs and classes to be available. Q. How do you propose to change the culture of influence pedaling between the District and Trustees? A. I would work to change the culture in my respective district by visiting each school a minimum number of times a year. During these visits I would take a bottom up approach and engage with Teachers and students in the classroom for feedback on issues, and then work with the school Admin and Principle for improvement. SEE Steph Groce, page 19

2 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016

From the Publisher

the actual meeting dates visit for up to date information. If you are active on social media @clairemonttimes posts announcements, agendas etc on Facebook Twitter & Instagram Some things you will learn about in this edition are Angry Birds, beer, Girl Scout cookies and more. On a serious note, this month we celebrate Flag Day. If you are in the market for a new flag or are considering buying a flag please take the time to properly dispose of your old American Flag. I hope you will find the piece on page 20 helpful. When you are done reading this edition feel free to pass it along to a co-worker, family member or neighbor spread the news of the neighborhoods. Since we print on recycled paper I would ask that you recycle as well. Thank you. Since I started the paper back in 2011 every single edition always has a story or a picture or sometimes even an error that sticks with me. What will stick with me about this edition? Don Park. Rest in peace.

By Chris O’Connell

Greetings June? Really? Where does the time go? Happy Father’s Day to all the pops out there! As evidenced by our page 1 story, it is election season. Have you seen any political signs around? Hopefully as quickly as they appear they will disappear just as quickly after the election. Don’t forget to vote on June 7th. If voting once does not cut it for you, the Clairemont Community Planning Group is holding a special election see page 10 for all the details. May was another busy month with community meetings if you are ever curious about what is happening or

Happ y Fath er’s Day!

upcoming in the neighborhoods check out page 8 for times and locations. Additionally, since most agendas are announced just prior to

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4 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016

Clairemont Girl Scouts Honored as Top Cookie Sellers Girl Scouts Laura Lehmann and Diana Seaux of Clairemont were honored as top cookie sellers by Girl Scouts San Diego during the 15th annual Operation Thin Mint® Sendoff celebration aboard the USS Midway Museum. 13-year-old Laura, a Standley Middle School eighth-grader, sold 2,043 boxes. This is her second consecutive year as a top seller. Diana, a Clairemont High School senior who sold 3,000 boxes, was also a top seller in 2010 and 2013. Operation Thin Mint is a unique local program in which Girl Scouts team with generous cookie customers to send “a taste of home and a note to show we care” to deployed military troops. Since Operation Thin Mint began in 2002, more than 2.7 million boxes and countless handwritten notes of support have reached U.S. Navy,

Marine, Army, Air Force and National Guard troops aboard ships and stationed in places around the world, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the South Pacific. This year, cookie customers donated 159,198 boxes to U.S. service men and women. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the world’s largest girl-led enterprise, teaching girls like Laura and Diana about money management, goal setting, decision making, people skills and business ethics. All proceeds stay local to support Girl Scout troop activities, volunteer trainings and programs, including Girl Scout summer camp. To learn more about Girl Scouts opportunities for local girls in grades K-12 and adult volunteers, visit, or contact Marlyn Carrillo at or (619) 610-0817.

Water Surveys for City of San Diego Residents The Residential Water Survey Program is a service offered through the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department to help you save water inside and outside your home and help lower your utility bill. This is provided, without additional cost, to all single-family and multi-family City of San Diego Public Utilities Department water customers. During the water survey appointment you will learn how to use water more efficiently. A typical single-family household can reduce their average daily water consumption by 13% or more. During your water survey appointment, you may receive the following: • Low-flow showerhead, if needed • Faucet aerators, if needed • 5-minute shower timer for single family • Information on water and energy

savings • Sustainable landscape information, including list of low water-use plants • Hose end nozzle, if needed • California native plant seeds During your appointment, the surveyor will teach you how to read a water meter, and show you how to determine if you have a propertyside leak. Interior Survey For single-family homes, the surveyor will: • Check showerheads and faucets for leaks and flow rates • Provide low-flow showerheads, if needed • Check for leaks in toilets • Determine toilet flush volume • Discuss dishwasher and washing machine use • Discuss current incentive

programs • Inspect water heater • Check water pressure For multi-family properties, the surveyor will train the property manager to: • Check showerheads and faucets for leaks and flow rates • Check for leaks in toilets • Determine toilet flush volume • Provide forms for documentation of all dwelling units • Inspect water heater Exterior Landscape Survey For all landscaped properties, the surveyor provides watering tips on how to conserve water in your

landscape. Irrigation systems will be inspected and advice on how long to irrigate will be provided. The surveyor will: • Determine grass type • Review irrigation system • Identify irrigation problems • Conduct a “catch can” test on sprinklers in turf area to measure sprinkler head output The Surveyor will also use a soil probe to determine soil type, moisture depth and root growth. If you would like to have a water survey conducted Call (619) 570-1999 or request via email: Have your 12 digit account number available.

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Clairemont Womens Club by Marge Weber

SAVE THE DATE Our June meeting is Wednesday, June 1 at 1 p.m. at the Balboa Community Church, 6555 Balboa Ave. Please park around the corner on Mt. Albertine in the church parking lot. Since our meeting is on the same day the Clairemont Times comes out, you might have missed us this month. The club is dark July and August. Please put Wednesday, September 7 on your calendar for our next meeting.This month we will install new officers, initiate new members, discuss new plans and refreshments will be served. We are proud of our accomplishments for the fiscal year 2015-2016. Our major projects were the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station [$2350 donation] and two $1000 scholarships to Clairemont and Madison High schools to be presented this month. We also raised monies for Pennies for Pines, the Heifer Project,

In Memory In December 2015, the popular neighborhood Christmas lights extravaganza in North Clairemont was featured in “Squaremont.” Columnist Bill Swank suggested the annual display should be named Clairemont Christmas Park in honor of Don Park, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. It was Park who inspired the event in 1977. On May 17, 2016, Don Park passed away. He was 67 years old. Don was a humble and modest man. He was initially opposed to the name, “Clairemont Christmas Park,” until the neighborhood embraced the idea. “The neighbors were pleased and excited, because Dad was finally getting recognition. He never boasted about anything,” said his wife, Donna. Oldest son, David, recalled,“I was very young, but I remember the flyers and that was before anyone in the neighborhood knew it was my dad’s idea.We went at night.The third year, they said,‘Oh, it was you who was putting the flyers in our mailboxes.’” A memorial service will be held later

and March of Dimes. We gave of our time to help at the Clairemont Community Services Association in addition to donating clothes and food, Meals on Wheels, and Box Tops for Education at Cadman Elementary School. But we are not all work and no play. Our social activities included a trip to the Viejas Casino, a monthly book club, and Out and About group on local excursions, Daytime Gourmets to various restaurants and get togethers at our homes. Have a great summer and hope to see new faces at our Wednesday, September 7th meeting..same time, same place. Look for us in the Clairemont Times in September, and by the way, we thank publisher Chris O’Connell for supporting us.THANKS CHRIS! For more information about CWC, visit our website at or “like” us on Facebook. You may also call Jackie at (858) 273-7664 or Evelyn at (858) 279-4367 Contact us or attend a meeting to learn more.

this month for family and friends. “It will be more than a celebration of life; it will be a party,” said his other son, Darrell.“Dad would want everyone to have a good time. He loved parties, but never wanted to be the center of attention. He was only 67 years old, but he had more friends than people who live to be 100.” In addition to being a beloved neighbor, Don was the gardener for several families in Scripps Ranch.“They would invite us to their parties.When he retired, they all had a party for him. Who ever heard of a retirement party for a gardener?” said Donna. “A week ago, the electricity went out in Clairemont, and all the neighbors came over to ask if Dad was OK. He was in hospice care and wasn’t hooked up to any medical devices,” Darrell explained. The electricity is back on and, in December, it will again light the houses and yards that bring joy for those who visit Clairemont Christmas Park ... just the way Don Park planned it back in 1977.


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6 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016 Lauren three-piece ensemble. Flannery wore it once on a team flight. Squaremont Teammates Bruce Bochy and Goose Gossage threw buttered rolls at him By Bill Swank and he never wore the expensive suit again. 6 (continued). When he was with the Phillies, former Padres outfielder Johnny Kruk traded his #28 jersey to Photos newly acquired Mitch “Wild Thing” Courtesy of Williams for two cases of beer. [Since Bill Swank 1907, Harry Horton remains the only player in baseball history to have been traded for a bottle of beer.] 10. Ted Giannoulas attended Hoover High School and his friends tried to convince him to tryout for the school’s Cardinal mascot. His The 2016 Major League Baseball response,“I’m way too hip to do All-Star Game will be played next anything like that. You guys really month at Petco Park. think I’m that stupid?” Later, in 1974, Brown robes are traditionally worn while a student at San Diego State, he by Franciscan Friars. When the 1969 got a job for KGB radio wearing a San Diego Padres debuted in beige chicken costume handing out Easter uniforms and brown caps, the color Eggs at the Zoo. The rest is history. selection had nothing to 14. Tony Gwynn do with the Franciscans. batted over .400 during a Team owner C. Arnholt 162-game stretch that Smith simply liked began August 1, 1993 and brown. The color scheme ended May 9 (his 35th was mocked throughout birthday),1995. During baseball and many San that time, he hit .406... Diegans didn’t like it reminiscent of Ted either. Williams’ 1941 season. This year, the National 20.“Irascible, feisty and American League and crusty were words All-Stars will wear used to describe modern variations of longtime Padres coach brown and yellow (Whitey) Wietelmann.” In jerseys during workout 1986, there was a day and the Home Run confrontation between Derby. Nostalgia (courtesy Triumph Publishing) Whitey and Peter Tork of smoothes the rough “The Monkees.”Tork edges off the past. called Wietelmann an “old man.”The In retirement, Tony Gwynn old man “cold-cocked” the singer who professed affection for the old brown was scheduled to perform in a uniforms he wore as a young Padre. post-game concert. The show went He said,“I’m just an old-school guy on... who coaches college baseball, but, 31. Kenney briefly acknowledged again, you’re talking about the only “some controversy in 2001 when he team in all of baseball that would wear (Dave Winfield) was enshrined in brown.” Cooperstown wearing a Padres hat.” At Here are some of the things I didn’t the time, the New York Daily News know until I read Kirk Kenney’s very reported the Padres gave Winfield a enjoyable 100 Things Padres Fans $1,000,000 to wear “SD” on his cap in Should Know & Do Before They Die Cooperstown. The Padres denied this, The “things” are listed in order as they but Winfield became a vice president appear in the book. in the organization. [Personally, I have 1. When Tony was drafted in 1981 always felt the honor of being the first by the Padres, he hated the brown and Padre in the Hall of Fame should have gold uniforms. This was two years gone to Tony Gwynn, who chose to prior to Steve Garvey’s memorable spend his entire career in San Diego.] death sentence for the garish Padres 32. Reviewing deals made by uniforms when the fashion conscious “Trader Jack McKeon, Kenney noted first baseman complained,“I look like the Giants got the best of the swap a taco.” that sent Kevin Mitchell, Dave 6. Tim Flannery wore #6 before Dravecky and Craig Lefferts to San Garvey joined the Padres in 1983. Francisco. [Left unsaid... Chris Brown Flannery was gracious and flopped in San Diego, nobody surrendered the number to Garvey. remembers Keith Comstock, but the The former Dodger star was duly Padres did get 1989 Cy Young winner impressed by the gesture. The Mark Davis... and broadcaster Mark sartorially splendid Garvey told surfer Grant.] Flannery that he’d buy him any suit he 34. At the end of his Hall of Fame wanted. Flan wanted a wet suit. career, Rollie Fingers was offered a Garvey insisted on a $600 Ralph contract to pitch for Cincinnati, but

100 Things Padres Fans Should Know

the Reds had a strict “clean cut” policy. Fingers said,“You tell (owner) Marge Schott to shave her Saint Bernard, and I’ll shave my mustache.”The dog, “Schottzie,” didn’t get scalped and Rollie retired. 52.“Chip Bowers, a young kid in corporate sales” suggested “Hells Bells” should be played when Trevor Hoffman entered the game. Who is Chip Bowers? Today, he is Chief Marketing Officer for the Golden State Warriors. 58. Tony Gwynn got his 3,000th hit in Montreal on August 6, 1999. Six years earlier, he smacked his 2,000th hit on the same date, August 6, 1993. August 6 was his mother’s birthday. 62. The Padres are commended for honoring our military. Camouflage uniforms and Marine recruits in the right field stands are part of Sunday baseball in San Diego. The tradition dates back to the days when uniformed sailors would get off their ships and take a short walk across Harbor Drive to a wooden ballpark at the foot of Broadway. A lot of underage white caps enjoyed PCL baseball and cheap beer at Lane Field. 67. Carlos Hadaway was a 19-year-old sailor at Naval Training Center when he drew the cartoon that became “The Swinging Friar.” Twice, he overcame blindness and numerous operations to become a respected Western artist known as “The Arizona Kid.” [Carlos remains upbeat, but he is currently facing serious health problems. It was awkward to tell him about his chapter in a book about things to know and do before you die. Triumph Books has a series of “before you die” books that include major league baseball, NFL and college football teams. It’s stupid title.] 68. New Padres president (and former Dodgers general manager) Buzzie Bavasi planned to select “Bill Russell, Jeff Torber (Torborg), and Jim Brewer” from the Dodgers in the 1969 expansion draft. Walter O’Malley called Bavasi to advise that his replacement, Fresco Thompson, was dying of cancer. Buzzie visited his old friend in the hospital and agreed not to draft Russell, Torborg and Brewer. At Thompson’s request, he took Al Ferrara, Jim Williams and Zoilo

Versalles. 93. Kenney gives a brief history of the 1909 Western Metal Supply building which serves as the left field foul pole at Petco Park. He wrote,“It was filled with metal products for wagon makers, blacksmiths, and others.” Not every supply sold at Western Metal was metal.

Cid Kovalesky holds Western Metal Supply Co. advertisement (photo courtesy of Bill Swank)

This 2004 photo shows my niece, Cid Kovalesky, holding an enlarged Western Metal advertisement from a 1936 San Diego Padres scorecard. The Western Metal building and left field foul pole are in the background. The verbiage reads,“The Official Ball Used By The Pacific Coast League is Manufactured by the Wilson Sporting Goods Co., District Agent, Western Metal Supply Co., San Diego.” In the years before PCL baseball in San Diego, Western Metal always sponsored teams in the local sandlot leagues. 97. In 1971, shortstop Enzo Hernandez tied the record for fewest runs batted in for a season (12) set in 1907 by Pittsburgh outfielder Goat Anderson. During his rookie season, Hernandez only managed 12 ribbies in 549 at-bats, but nobody remembers his anemic bat. They only remember public address announcer John DeMott’s dramatic introduction, “NumberElevenEnzooooooHernandez zzzzz.” The “good field-no hit” Hernandez played six seasons for the lowly Padres. Those teams were incredibly terrible, but nostalgia helps smooth the rough edges off the past... Father’s Day is coming up. Apologies to mothers (like my wife) who don’t understand this review, but Dad would like this book.

The Clairemont Times • June 2016 • 7

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CLAIREMONT TOWN COUNCIL 6/2/16 (1st Thurs. of the month) 6:30 PM Cadman Elementary Auditorium 4370 Kamloop Ave, 92117 CLAIREMONT COMMUNITY PLANNING GROUP 6/21/16 (3rd Tuesday of the month) 6:30 PM Cadman Elementary Auditorium 4370 Kamloop, 92117 LINDA VISTA TOWN COUNCIL 6/16/16 (3rd Thursday of the month) 6:30 PM Baha’i Faith Center 6545 Alcala Knolls, 92111

We offer Commercial, SBA, Residential Fast response. Fast Funding Purchase – Refinance- Cash-out Flexible “Portfolio” underwriting

LINDA VISTA PLANNING GROUP 6/27/16 (4th Mon. of the month) 5:30 PM Linda Vista Public Library 2160 Ulric St, 92111 MARIAN BEAR REC COUNCIL 6/8/16 (2nd Wed.of the month) 6:30PM North Clairemont Rec. Center 4421 Bannock Ave, 92117

*Annual Percentage Yield effective as of May 25, 2016. No minimum balance is required to earn the stated annual percentage yield. Minimum balance to open is $100. Minimum daily balance of $2500/ Business Account, or $500/ Personal Account is necessary to avoid the monthly service charge. Deposited funds must be new to Home Bank of California and may not be transferred from existing Home Bank of California accounts. Rates are subject to change without notice. Fees may reduce earnings.

Clairemont Movie Nights Under the Stars A NEW FRIDAY NIGHT COMMUNITY EVENT HELD AT OUR NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS 6/03/16 – Whitman 6/10/16 – Alcott 6/17/16 – Toler 7/01/16 - Madison 7/22/16 - Madison 8/12/16 - Madison

Finding Nemo Rio 1 The Lego Movie Clairemont Summer Night’s Music & Summer Series - Bands & Movie TBA Clairemont Summer Night’s Music & Summer Series - Bands & Movie TBA Clairemont Summer Night’s Music & Summer Series - Bands & Movie TBA

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10 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016

Clairemont Community Planning Group to Hold a Special Election in June On June 21st the CCPG will be holding a special election to fill 2 vacant seats within the group. There are three candidates vying for the 2 seats. Members of the community are encouraged to stop by the voting location, read the candidates’ ballot statements and cast your vote. Where: North Clairemont Recreation Center Room 2 4421 Bannock Ave. SD, CA 92117 Date: June 21st Time: Polls are open from 9am-6pm

Voter Eligibility: Voters must be 18 years old or older and must establish themselves as an eligible member of the community. Voters must demonstrate themselves with suitable documents to prove their eligibility category. Suitable documents include, but are not limited to a California driver’s license, California identification card, utility bill, rental receipt or mortgage payment coupon. Note: The monthly CCPG meeting will be held the same evening at the usual location Cadman Elementary 6:30pm


a certification from the Surveyor stating the property lines are correct or have been corrected. Call several Surveyors. 3. If the title indicated a fence encroachment give a copy of the certification to the Title Company so they can remove the encroachment from the title. Ask them to notify the Lender so the loan can be processed and escrow can successfully close. If you hire a licensed Surveyor and have the documents showing the lot lines it eliminates any problems in the future when you wish to sell the property. Have fence questions, or any other property related questions?

How Does That Fence Look? Are you buying a home? Do you know if the lot the home is setting on has a fence encroachment? More importantly does the title indicate a fence encroachment? Will the lender approve and fund the loan if there is a fence encroachment? Does the old fence need replacing? Here are several steps you can take to make sure there will be no problems now or in the future: 1. Talk to the neighbor to see if the old fence is on the property line and if it needs replacing will he/she be willing to pay half. 2. Hire a licensed Surveyor to locate the legal lines of the property and get

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The Clairemont Times • June 2016 • 11

Beers by the Bay by Brian Riehm

Societe Brewing – Excellence in Three Parts Our family made a Sunday afternoon outing to Societe Brewing (pronounced society) in Kearney Mesa at 8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. This has been one of my favorite breweries

for some time, as I am partial to Belgians. Societe divides their brews into three categories. The first,“Old World,” consists primarily Belgians, but they also have two lagers on tap now. They have gone to the expense to install refrigeration necessary for the colder fermenting process that lagers require. Their second category is “Out West.”These are primarily West Coast IPAs, with the full hopping you would expect from a San Diego brewer, although they also brew one English style IPA. Their last category is “Stygian” for their stouts, referring to their dark and dank character. We sampled a decent variety of their offerings. My favorite was “The Madam” a golden Belgian Ale. It is crisp, spicy, and surprisingly light tasting for a beer with 9% alcohol. It compares well to offerings from Belgium like Piraat. One of my all time favorite dark Belgians, the Widow was excellent as usual, but I was more partial to the golden Belgian on this trip. I seldom sample San Diego lagers, but gave the Heiress (Czech Pilsner) a

try. (A Pilsner is a style of lager.) It is an excellent beer that would go great on a hot afternoon with a BBQ burger, but with enough grain and hops to hold your interest. The Bachelorette was a hoppy lager that defied easy characterization, being less hop forward than other beers in this style. The stouts did not disappoint either. The Bellowsman had an incredible smoky flavor, but was still easy to drink. The Butcher is a boozy, smooth Stout with some of the clove and banana notes we expect from Belgians. These are great stouts, but if you are looking for bitter chocolate notes in your Stout, then these aren’t your beers. My wife, Michele, is the hop-head in the family, so she stuck with one of her go-to IPAs, The Pupil, regularly featured at Luce Bar & Grill on Morena. This is a nice piney IPA with a little extra sweetness that balances it out. It is above average in alcohol content at almost 8%. Sample sizes come in 3 oz pours, so you can sample a wide variety over a few hours, or you can order 6 or 12 oz. glasses. They also offer 1 and 2 liter growler fills to take home your favorites. Unfortunately, they don’t bottle for the store yet. While Societe is located in an industrial park, the interior character is sort of turn of the century Western, not exactly “old west” like BNS in Santee. They have a regular rotation of mobile food vendors. On our visit, the BBQ from Grill Fellas Catering featured mouth-watering wood-smoked pulled pork and tri-tip that was the perfect pairing with great beer. Brian Riehm is a long-time Clairemont resident and follower of the local craft beer scene. You can keep up with all his beer reviews by following @BrianRiehm on Twitter and reading his blog (


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ed t part of the Bay o be a Par Neighbo rhood! k

Facials Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels Lash Extensions Waxing

1923 Morena Blvd. (1/2 Block South of Ashton) San Diego, CA 92110 • (916) 531-6872

James Madison Senior Receives $2,000 Scholarship San Diego County McDonald’s is awarding local high school senior Laura Garcia of James Madison High School $2,000 toward college expenses, thanks to the Ronald McDonald House Charities®/Hispanic American Commitment to Education



GRA D OPENIN NG! We are excit

determination to excel in their studies. This year’s local scholarship recipients were selected by a panel of judges including local educators and McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald House representatives who evaluated

each application based on academic achievement, financial need, personal successes and community involvement. Every application was carefully reviewed and although each of them was very commendable, Garcia was among the total of 16 students whose applications stood out and were selected this year’s recipients.

12 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016

Clairemont Senior Center by Chris Cate, District 6

By 2030, adults ages 65 and above will double and outnumber youth, making the aging population the fastest growing population in the nation. There are currently 40 million Americans over the age of 65. Located in the heart of Clairemont, the Clairemont Senior Center provides activities and services to individuals over the age of sixty. Funding for the Clairemont Senior Center was originally excluded from the proposed

fiscal year 2017 Budget, however, I am pleased to announce $105,000 in funding in this May revision, therefore saving Clairemont’s only senior center. I applaud Mayor Faulconer for making Clairemont seniors a priority, and not an afterthought. The Clairemont Senior Center serves as a bedrock for some of the most vulnerable members of District 6, and thanks to $105,000 in funding, the senior center’s doors will remain open. Our long-term goal is finding a permanent operator for the senior center, where quality programs for our senior citizens will be provided. Email: Phone: (619) 236-6616

Accessing San Diego’s Canyon Parks How money and safety are in conflict COMMENTARY

Proposed Fiscal Year Budget Continues Improvements on Roads, Neighborhoods by Scott Sherman, District 7 Councilmember

The recent Fiscal Year 17 (FY17) budget proposed by Mayor Faulconer is a balanced budget that will keep San Diego going on the right track. The budget increases funding for roads 189% since 2014. That’s over 200 miles of roads that will be completed if this budget is approved by the City Council. In addition, the budget will fund an additional $6.4 million in new and replaced sidewalks and streetlights. It will also commit $5.8 million in increased spending for storm channel and drain cleanings. This is great news since District 7 is particularly susceptible to flooding during heavy

rainstorms. The FY17 budget will also increase hours at a number of recreation centers and fund $2.5 million in park improvements. Traffic improvements in the Mission Valley area are also included. $1.4 million will be invested in traffic signal optimization to ease congestion in the area as well as major improvements on the Friars Road and 163 intersections. Not only will this budget improve city services, it is also fiscally responsible. The proposed budget will allocate $20.8 million to fund the Pension Payment Stabilization Fund and $7.6 million to fully fund General Fund reserves at 14.75%. These measures will ensure that the city will have the resources needed during an economic downturn. Email: Phone: (619) 236-6616

by Louis Rodolico

San Diego topography gives us beautiful intercity canyon parks. One of the most popular is The Marian Bear Park in San Clemente Canyon, just north of Clairemont, see photo. San Clemente Canyon was originally planned to be a commercial corridor, but Marian Bear and groups like the Audubon Society fought the development, had Route 52 built to the north and created the park we have today.And yes, the neighbors who ended up being closer to Route 52 complained. But in the end, Marian Bear and company created a beautiful park that functioned within the urban core. Roads go through the park so we can walk under the bridges and bikers and pedestrians can travel over the canyons. Marian Bear Park welcomes visitors with: parking lots; bathrooms; water fountains & picnic tables, see photo. In stark contrast Rose Canyon Open Space Park, further to the North, has none of these items. In fact the Rose Canyon website points to bathrooms in Marian

Marian Bear Park

Bear Park.The Friends of Rose Canyon (FORC) have had a decent budget to work with but much of it has gone to the salary of its director.

Los Park, Carmel Mountain Road

Why does Rose Canyon remain undeveloped? FORC has devoted much of their efforts to fundraising and trying to prevent the construction of the Regents Road Bridge. FORC is not lacking in political clout, they could easily achieve the same list of amenities at other parks.They simply do not want any of these items and, to enhance fundraising, have maintained Rose Canyon as a private back yard.The Genesee Avenue road and High School entry were graded to accept a parking lot at Rose Canyon. FORC has remained disinterested in recent proposals to remove the train from Rose Canyon. Let’s look at FORC’s allies. 1) Individuals who purchased their homes adjacent to Regents Road purchased their homes at a discount because of the looming bridge, if the bridge is removed from the plan their houses go up in value. If Regents Road becomes a residential street some of these lots have long unused frontage which could be sold as separate lots bringing these property owners a half million dollars or more. 2) Owners with a view of the canyon do not want the bridge, but they seem to be OK with the trains. 3) Homeowners who believe building the bridge will drop their property values by one or two hundred thousand dollars and bring crime to their neighborhood but somehow not police. Ironically, without the bridge these homeowners are working against their

own mortality with the increase in ambulance times to a hospital. 4) Westfield Mall financed the EIR to remove the Regents Road Bridge from the plan. If the bridge is removed zoning can be changed and houses can be built on the land, removing the possibility of the Regents Road Bridge forever.At that point we would likely see another EIR, this time to widen Genesee and bring all those shoppers to the mall.

Rose Canyon at Regents

5) Candidates need the Regents Corridor for fundraising each election cycle. Building a bridge is difficult political work. So politicians can collect money if they promise not to build the bridge & take a job they do not have to do! The council president could have put the bridge on the ballot and let the voters decide, but leaving the bridge as an uncertainty maintains it as a FORC & an election fundraising tool. These 5 allies are reasons why the bridge was never built, the environmental argument is a shill. Money matters here.The only real environmental tragedy is the 10 million pounds of CO² pumped into the atmosphere each year as a direct result of the additional traffic on Genesee because the Regents Road Bridge was not built.

Marian Bear,Tecolote and Los Peñasquitos are three parks that could be a model for Rose Canyon Park.The Rancho Peñasquitos Trail Head West is a good example of what it feels and sounds like to walk under a highway bridge.The Regents Road Bridge crossing at Marian Bear Park is another good example as well as Carmel Mountain Road just east of Manorgate Drive, see photo.These bridges are all much lower than the bridge planned to cross Rose Canyon at Regents Road, see rendering. So, for now, about 30,000 residents and workers in UTC, UC and Clairemont have to put up with the extra traffic, about 15 additional major accidents yearly, poor conflagration egress, elevated cardiac risks, longer emergency vehicle travel times and about 14 million dollars each year for; a second fire station, man hours in traffic, gas and the cost of the accidents.The fate of 650 acre Rose Canyon does not hang in the balance because the bridge will have draping greenery and at most a two acre footprint, or less than 1/3 of 1% of the Rose Canyon Park, see rendering. Communities with incomplete road systems are vulnerable.Ambulances arrive late and may not be able to revive a pulse, since the ambulance must loop around the community to get to an emergency room patients, including children, expire in route. City Council will vote in November on the Regents Road Bridge issue.Who will win: the money interests or the safety of the community? Louis Rodolico has been a San Diego resident since 2001 and is a candidate for City Council District 1 Webpage:

The Clairemont Times • June 2016 • 13

COMMENTARY by Ed Harris, Candidate for San Diego Mayor

The first and most important responsibility of local elected officials is to protect your safety and the safety of your family. Nothing else – not football stadiums or running for higher office – comes close. But here in San Diego, our mayor has spent considerably more time on the last two items than he has on the first. Informed in 2013 that a crisis was looming in 9-1-1 emergency dispatch because of the city’s inability to recruit and retain dispatchers, he ignored the problem for nearly three years, until horror stories of lengthy waits began leaking out. If Election Day weren’t approaching and I hadn’t raised the issue, he still wouldn’t be addressing the problem. But in response to my criticism, he held a news conference to announce he’s throwing a little money at the problem and has a plan for fixing it. But his plan consists of shifting a few police officers from their regular duties to the Dispatch Center. Councilman Todd Gloria spoke for many of his council colleagues when he said he wanted to know how that money would be spent before he judged its effectiveness. “I don’t know anything about it,” Gloria said. “I’d like to know a hell of a lot more, because I have had constituents contact me very upset about not having folks answering the phone.” According to a San Diego Union-Tribune poll, close to 50% of respondents think the mayor’s response to the 911 issue has either been too slow or inadequate. The same pattern of inaction followed by news conferences followed by promises of “plans” has repeated itself for months. In his State

of the City address, Faulconer promised to have a plan for expanding the Convention Center presented to voters on the June ballot. Well June is almost here, and there’s no plan on the ballot. He promised to put a comprehensive plan for repairing neighborhood infrastructure before voters, but that plan never materialized. Instead, Faulconer defaulted to a band aid plan developed by Council Member Mark Kersey that shuffles revenues around, but – according to the city’s Independent Budget Analyst – makes very little headway towards solving the problem. He promised to do something about the alarming loss of experienced police officers that threatens the city’s ability to protect us, but the city is now losing 30% more officers per month than before Faulconer made that promise. The mayor is big on promises, but short on solutions. Here’s the promise I make to you: I won’t put off solving problems to run for governor, and I won’t hide behind do-nothing plans. I will solve problems the old-fashioned way: By proposing specific solutions and then making them happen. From the day you elect me, I will commit 100% of my attention to recruiting and retaining 9-1-1 dispatchers and police officers, to securing the funds necessary to repair city infrastructure in your neighborhood and to making your neighborhood as safe and healthy as possible. Ed Harris is a San Diego Lifeguard Sergeant honored for valor, a Marine veteran, and former Council Member representing the 2nd District. For more information visit Email:

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Thursday, June 9th 5:00 - 7:00pm

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Potholes in your Neighborhood? Report the Street & Cross Street to City of San Diego Streets & Potholes Division

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14 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016 LoloLovesFilms

This Month:

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE The Clairemont Times PO Box 17671 San Diego, CA 92177 (858) 752-9779 Founding Publisher: Chris O’Connell Graphic Designer: Elaine Hall Contributors: Mike Baehr Kevin Casillo Gary Hyde Susan Lewitt Josh & Lauren Rains Robert Ross Daniel J. Smiechowski Bartley Stratton Rob Stone Bill Swank The Clairemont Times is a free publication published each month and circulated throughout the neighborhoods of Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park & Kearny Mesa. Story ideas, advertising & editorial questions can be sent to The Clairemont Times P.O. Box 17671, San Diego, CA 92177 or Copyright ©2015-16 The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing. Reuse of material from this edition or past editions is strictly prohibited without permission from the publisher. The opinions in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing but instead, of each individual author/contributor. The Clairemont Times is proud to partner and contribute with:

by Lolo & Big J

Red (Jason Sudeikis) has anger issues, which leads to many conflicts with the happy-go-lucky, life-loving members of his community. When a conflict escalates, Red is forced to attend Angry Birds anger management classes. While undergoing therapy, a ship of pigs lands on the shore of Bird Island. Though most of the birds welcome the newcomers with open arms, Red is suspicious of these foreign pigs. His suspicions turn out to be justified when the pigs steal their eggs. Red must then rally the other birds to get mad and fight back. Based on the casual gaming application,“The Angry Birds Movie” joins the very long line of video game to movie adaptations. Unlike most video game movies, which are based on games with actual story lines, the app Angry Birds has almost nothing to work with in terms of plot. It’s a game that involves shooting birds at pigs with a giant slingshot and not much else. Unlike most video game adaptations, however, this movie is not terrible. As shocked as we are to say this, and as shocked as you are to read this, it’s true. Who thought it would be Angry Birds that would rise above the rest? For a bit of back story, we were not looking forward to this movie at all. We love our fair share of kid’s movies, even as grown adults who don’t have children, but the trailer for this painted a picture we were not the slightest bit interested in seeing. To our great surprise, this is a decent flick. We laughed a lot during “Angry Birds.” It’s full of puns and has dialogue laced with innuendo (more on this later), dozens of pop culture references, and even some slapstick for good measure. Many of these puns and jokes are swine and avian related because, as we mentioned, the characters consist of birds and pigs. There were so many, in fact, we felt like we needed a drum kit nearby so we could follow the jokes with a rim shot. The voice casting for “Angry Birds” is also quite impressive, and those involved in this project provide some great vocal work. Jason Sudeikis voices main character Red, a bird that has a hard time controlling his temper and is sent to anger management. It is here where Red reluctantly meets his new pals: the fast-talking, constantly and quick-moving Chuck (Josh Gad), the literally explosive Bomb (Danny McBride), and the large grunting fluff-ball named Terence (voiced unexpectedly by Sean Penn). Sudeikis has a superb voice for the sarcastic, jaded Red, who can find something to be angry about in almost any situation. Gad and McBride are also excellent in their respective voice roles. We appreciate when A-list actors do minimalist voice over work like this, so props to Sean Penn for finally finding a sense of humor. Lastly, the animation is crisp and clean, which makes sense considering parent company Rovio produced the film. This movie isn’t without its glaring flaws. The message it delivers is not great. It basically says foreigners are automatically strange just because they’re different, and are not to be trusted. Also, no matter how friendly these strangers appear, they really just want to steal and eat your children (if you see the movie, this will make sense). Moreover, it shows the best way to respond to threats is with anger and violence. Just think of this as the exact opposite a Disney movie. That being said, it is just a kids picture, so it probably shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but in a world where people seem to be offended by everything, it’s good to be aware this is one possible interpretation of the message. Finally, as a movie clearly

marketed to children, we are surprised it has as much blatant sexual innuendo as it does. A lot of kid’s movies try to keep stuff like this on the down low, but here, there’s quite a bit of crude humor. This may hurt its bottom line, but us kidults weren’t bothered by it. Sure,“The Angry Birds Movie” might be laced with jokes involving bodily humor and innuendo slightly over the culturally accepted kids movie mark, but we still enjoyed it. It’s much funnier than we would have ever expected. It’s substantially more entertaining than we thought it would be, and at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters. Our rating: 3/5. “The Angry Birds Movie” is directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly and stars Jason Sudeikis, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Sean Penn, and Maya Rudolph. It is rated PG for crude humor and mild thematic cartoon violence. LoloLovesFilms is comprised of Lauren and Josh Rains, lifelong San Diegans and current residents of Clairemont. As avid cinephiles, they began their quest to see and review as many movies as possible in 2013, and can often be found at any one of San Diego’s fine cinemas watching newly released films each week. Visit our blog: follow us on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @lololovesfilms

The Clairemont Times • June 2016 • 15

6 1 s 0 e 2 m i T t n y o a m D e k r i r a o l W C o t P e O k i T S B T PI For the 4th year in a row we were happy to host a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop on Friday May 20th. More than 9,700 riders throughout the county visited the 100 other Pit Stops. Just as in years past, The Clairemont Times pit stop located at the end of Santa Fe St and the entrance to

the Rose Canyon Bike Trail had a decent amount of traffic with 299 riders stopping and 220 riding past. Corporate sponsors Clif Bar, Suja Juice & Zico Coconut Water supplied each pit stop with ample giveaways. We also supplied fruit, water & coffee at our stop see ‘by the numbers’

above. Our theme this year was step up to the green carpet. We provided a big backdrop as well as an 8’ section of fake grass for riders to showcase themselves and their bikes for a photo opportunity. The contractors for the Mid-Coast Trolley, Mid Coast Transit Constructors set up a table for a while to answer questions about the bike trail and assured the riders there will be no interruption to the bike path during construction of the trolley. All in all it was a great morning! We’re already looking forward to next year.

By the numbers:

40 lbs of Bananas 25 lbs of Naval Oranges 10 lbs of Red Delicious Apples 10 lbs of Clementines 4 gallons of water for refills 1 Gallon of Pike Place, Starbucks Coffee

16 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016

DEPLOYED? It’s hard when your loved one is gone. I should know. I’ve deployed twice and my husband has been gone since August of 2015. I have spent years away from my spouse. Since he’s been gone this time, I’ve sent plenty of care packages right here from the store. We keep all addresses on record, so you don’t have to write out that convoluted, acronym-filled paragraph each time. We also do our custom forms digitally, so no need to bring your paperwork with you. What we really strive for, though, is a sympathetic ear. And thank you ALL for your service! Let us be your packing experts!

Rock Boulder Stone

4231 Balboa Ave @Clairemont Drive, San Diego, 92117 (858) 483-1909

Kim Cares TechTips This month’s topic is a very important one. I have been missing in action from the last two editions as a result of dealing with the ugly reality of being targeted in Mail Theft and Identity Theft. While it has been a violating and time consuming ordeal for me: I come to you in hopes of giving you “all” some really good information regarding what to do if these things happen to you. Firstly realize dealing with stolen mail is one issue; dealing with identity theft is another. Here’s what to do if this happens to you, 1. Call the local police and file a report. I was called back later and given a case number. I gave to it to my credit card company and to the US Post office. 2. Call your local US post office and report your mail theft. 877-876-2455 Visit this website: It has some amazing information and tools. Bookmark it! 3. Call the credit agency that was breached. Mine was Chase. Please note. This is the only credit card

statement I have seen with my full account number listed in the bill. Beware if you have this card. ALL my credit cards are now done online, with no paper coming to my residence. 4. Notify all three credit agencies. Esperian 888-397-3742 Equifax 800-525-6285 Trans Union 800-680-7289 5. If your Social security number has been compromised call: Social Security Fraud hotline 800-269-0271 6. If your driver’s license has been compromised call: CA Dept of Motor vehicle 866-658-5758 And lastly ... .go to to see that your life credit history is accurately documented. Do this every year. And please call me at 619-261-1585 or email me at if you have questions or need help. Smiles, Kim Schultz



Thad Murwin 619-252-0522 Resident of Clairemont • Local References • Fully Insured

Learn More About the Balboa Avenue Trolley Station Take the survey, share your ideas, share your vision for the area

Gonstead Family Chiropractic Grand Opening June 9th Chiropractor Zach Beatty, D.C has officially opened his University City Practice and will host a Grand Opening Event on June 9th. After serving the St Louis, Missouri community the past year, he is excited to open his practice in San Diego. Located at 3202 Governor Dr. #200 in University City, and sharing office space with Ditzler Family Chiropractic, Gonstead Family Chiropractic is centrally located with easy access from


all parts of San Diego County. Gonstead Family Chiropractic specializes in adult and pediatric chiropractic care. “A lot of people associate chiropractic with helping adults with headaches, back or neck pain,” says Dr. Zach Beatty. “They don’t realize chiropractic can help with a surplus of other issues like colic babies, sports injuries, arthritis, and sciatica.” In addition to extensive training and experience while attending Logan

College of Chiropractic, Dr. Zach has undergone advanced education in the Gonstead Technique. This technique is highly specific and obtains positive results. Dr. Zach has devoted well over 100 seminar hours on this technique as well as being a Gonstead Intern while living in St. Louis. Dr. Zach has also traveled to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip to provide chiropractic care to underserved areas. Gonstead Family Chiropractic is

open Monday through Friday 8am-Noon, and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2pm – 6pm; and Saturdays by appointment. The office will be running a new patient special during the Grand Opening Event from 5 – 7pm on June 9th. Dr. Zach and Dr. Craig Ditzler (Ditzler Family Chiropractic) encourage you to stop by to see the office as well as enjoy some food and live music. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 858-997-8203 or

The Clairemont Times • June 2016 • 17

POLICE BLOTTER Vehicle Break-In 5400 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Commercial Burglary 4900 Clairemont Dr. Battery 3100 Luna Ave.

3600 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Vehicle Break-In 2500 Clairemont Dr. Commercial Burglary 1200 Morena Blvd. Assault 6200 Beadnell Way Vehicle Theft 5300 Dante St. Vehicle Break-In 5000 Dubois Dr.

Fraud 4500 Lisann St.

Vehicle Break-In 7100 Salizar St.

Vehicle Break-In 5000 Santa Fe St.

Residential Burglary 3300 Marlesta Sr.

Vehicle Break-In 4500 Chesire St.

Vehicle Break-In 2100 Frankfort St.

Fraud 5600 Balboa Ave. Commercial Burglary 7100 Linda Vista Vandalism 6500 Beadnell Way Residential Burglary 4600 Clairemont Dr. Vehicle Break-In 4200 Saginaw Ave. Vehicle Break-In 4000 Huerfano Ave. Battery 4500 Clairemont Dr. Residential Burglary 7800 Mocking Bird Dr. Battery 4100 Genesee Ave. Vandalism 6500 Beadnell Way Residential Burglary

Theft 3900 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Vehicle Break-In 4000 Mt. Acadia Blvd. Theft 5200 Balboa Ave. Vehicle Theft 3700 Balboa Terrace Theft 4700 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 3100 Luna Ave. Residential Burglary 4400 Bertha Ct. Vehicle Break-In 3500 Del Rey St. Vehicle Theft 4200 Genesee Ave. Vandalism 4600 Clairemont Dr. Vehicle Theft 4500 Manitou Way Fraud 3200 Moccasin Ave. Vehicle Break-In 4000 Huerfano Ave. Vehicle Break-In 2400 Chicago St. Vandalism 3600 Clairemont Dr. Commercial Burglary 5500 Balboa Ave. Vehicle Break-In 5000 Chateau Dr. Arson 5600 Mt. Ackerly Dr.

Battery 4800 Kesling Ct.

Vandalism 5400 Cole St.

Vehicle Break-In 3600 Mt. Abraham Ave.

Residential Burglary 4600 Mt. Longs Dr.

Vandalism 4600 Limerick Ave.

Vandalism 3800 Camto Aguilar

Fraud 6200 Beadnell Way

Vehicle Break-In 4100 Genesee Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 2700 Figueroa Blvd.

Vehicle Break-In 5200 Appleton St.

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18 • The Clairemont Times • June 2016

Best Lawn Options: Real, Artificial or Something Else? by Susan Lewitt

from falling or slipping on the turf. Synthetic lawns give nothing back and Considering the frequency and can be expensive to install. Poorly duration of droughts in San Diego, do installed lawns will always look lawns really belong here? Lawns are fine artificial. Artificial lawns may save some in Europe where they originated as water but they do need maintenance pastures or small enclosures for and once damaged they won’t grow livestock.“The (year-round) damp back. climate of maritime Western Europe in Living plants whether they are trees shrubs or ground cover, give off oxygen during the day. Living plants attract pollinators and other animals. If you really want to spend your time mowing, native sedges will look just like a grass lawn, but without the need for all that water, fertilizer and pesticides. If you grow sedges as bunch or Annuals in full bloom from Garden Native Tour 2016 clump grasses, no mowing is required. the north made lawns possible to grow On the other hand,“Californians can and manage.”(Wikipedia) In the US, shed their old habits of neighborhoods lawns, trimmed by herd animals such as lined with turf lawns and create cattle or sheep not mowers, became interesting, beautiful landscapes based popular around the time of the on a more healthful, and sustainable industrial revolution. protocol.” (The Drought Tolerant ( California Garden by Greg Rubin and Here in San Diego, and elsewhere in the US, lawns need frequent mowing and lots of water. Lawns also need fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides that run off into the waterways and eventually into the oceans causing many problems. There are several alternatives to an actual grass lawn.You could pave the whole thing, which if done poorly Landscape from Garden Native Tour 2016, showing ground covers could be ugly, but would and other plants make a nice space for potted plants, dish gardens and lawn Lucy Warren) Native ground covers, furniture including a gazebo or native bunch grasses, native shrubs and greenhouse. Another alternative is trees, native annuals and perennials and gravel, which could raise the native ferns are all good alternatives temperature of your home.Then there depending on your goals and your are synthetic lawns. property’s characteristics as to the You want something that looks like a space, amount of sun, type of soil and lawn without all the expense and time pre-existing plants that you won’t give investment.You may think artificial turf up! is the solution. Synthetic lawns do not For more ideas please read the need mowing, pesticides, herbicides, following book: The Drought-Defying regular watering or dethatching.They California Garden: 230 Native Plants come with their own set of problems. for a Lush Low-Water Landscape by Synthetic lawns cause your home to be Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren. This book hotter in the summer.You may be and similar titles are available at the avoiding lawn chemicals, but due to California Native Plant Society’s their synthetic makeup, synthetic lawns meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of are not safe, especially for children due each month, except August, in Casa Del to toxic levels of lead and skin injuries Prado room 101 starting at 6:30 pm.

Tecolote Nature Center

5180 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110 • 858-581-9959 Nature Center hours Tuesday – Sat 9:00-4:00 Sun 9:00-2:00

Saturday, June 4 10:00-2:00pm TECOLOTE FAMILY DAY - TNC Face painting, games, skull identification, owl pellets, nature discovery tables, bugs, scavenger hunt, The Bird Calling Lady and more, free family fun! Saturday, June 11 9:00-12:00 Nature Walk – Mount Carol Entrance We will be meeting at the south end of Mt. Carol Drive by the signed entrance to Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. There are no facilities at this neighborhood entrance and parking is on the street. Look for our sign. Wednesday, June 15 1:30-3:00 Art & Activities for Kids - TNC This month’s theme is bugs! Go on a bug hunt, create a craft, story time Saturday, June 18 9:00-11:00 Weed Warriors! TNC Clean up the canyon with Park Ranger Janice Sunday, June 19 9:00 am Sunday in the Garden - TNC Join others to help beautify our garden. Pull a few weeds and give our thirsty plants a drink. Saturday, June 25 8:00am Audubon Society Birding Walk -TNC All skill levels welcome! TNC = Tecolote Nature Center entrance Updated schedules are posted at of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center Like us on Facebook/Friends of Tecolote Canyon

The Clairemont Times • June 2016 • 19

Steph Groce Continued from page 1

Q. Are you in favor of maintaining Proposition 13 also known as the Jarvis Gann property tax initiative of 1978? A. I am in favor of Prop 13 and mitigating increases. I believe that two things exist. One, we can do a much better job at Local Control Accountability Planning (LCAP) and the allocation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Two, use bond funding for its proposed purpose and gain control of the district’s own operating budget. These two approaches will reduce the dependency on increasing taxes year after year. Q. What are your feelings about changing the name of Robert E. Lee elementary school and our nation’s trend toward political correctness? A. I don’t believe that changing the name of Robert E. Lee is catering to the trend of political correctness as much as it is to socio-correctness. In the fight to improve our school system in San Diego we must start with the students. It is my opinion that the students were never given a voice in the name changing decision. In order to make improvements in anything, one most first have the buy in from all stakeholders. Keeping resources focused on students and looking at the learning environment, I believe that a name change is warranted in this case. Q. What would you propose to balance the inequities of community or neighborhood foundations within the District? A. Schools are only as good as the community and parent support that they receive. The community is only as good as the school and the students it produces. Parents gain confidence when surrounded by engaging students and a thriving community. When looking at the achievement gap and searching for a true solution to minimizing it, we should look at community partnerships to create revenue streams for individual schools and their clusters through grants and Higher Education partnerships, while developing vocational programs for those students who are at the


minimum standard to graduate or don’t graduate at all. Q. Will you hold monthly meetings in the District in order to hear and facilitate constituent concerns? A. I believe that status updates and feedback loops are vital to producing the best result possible for any decision. Although monthly meetings may be a challenge as the District already meets monthly, I would work to hold bi-monthly or quarterly district wide meetings in two different communities to provide all stakeholders the opportunity for engagement. Q. Are you up to questioning the San Diego Unified budget and calling into question wasteful spending. Please share your views on saving taxpayer dollars? A. Asking tough questions is at the crux of my platform. We need to keep resources focused on students. There are two examples that I have come to feel very passionate about and take a firm position. One, the fact that the current board has spent approximately $1 Billion and we still have facilities in disrepair and they have sold property to make up for over spending and commitments that could have been addressed if there were someone on the board who looks at the issue differently to find alternative solutions. Two, the decision to compromise our students’ health by converting grass fields to “crumb rubber” turf. Q. Do you feel administrators are paid too high a salary and teachers too little? How do you propose to remedy this discrepancy? A. I don’t believe that administrators are paid too high, but do believe that teachers are paid too little and that their professional development budget is too low. As a businessman, I believe that salary should be fair and equitable based on duties and responsibility. An administrator is not only responsible for the entire school, including all students and personnel, the facilities, budget, curriculum and performance, community engagement, and general Quality-of-life. This would mandate a higher salary. Teachers should never


The San Diego Gulls suffered a tough 2-1 season-ending loss to the Ontario Reign in Game 5 of the best-of-seven Pacific Division Finals of the American Hockey League’s Calder Cup Trophy Playoffs, which was played at Citizens Business Bank Arena on

Saturday evening, May 14. In the second period, trailing by a score of 1-0, San Diego Center Chris Wagner put the biscuit in the basket for the Gulls, knotting the contest up at one goal apiece. However, that would prove to be as

need to pay for any school related resources out of their own pocket. This would allow them to retain more income. Additionally, they too should be compensated for based on their duties and responsibilities. This would include class size, class mixture, department budget, and any extracurricular activities. Q. The San Diego Unified School District is the largest landowner within our City. Would you call for an independent audit of the District’s real estate department in order to apprise the public of an accurate account of their assets? Please elaborate. A. Yes, this would create transparency and accountability, and allow other decisions to be made rather than selling off school properties that take away from our students. Q. Do you support bilingual education? Why? A: Yes, I support bilingual education. Bilingual education will provide a student with not only a competitive advantage in the global economy in the future, but at a young age, it stimulates cognitive thinking, confidence, and mental expansion. Q. What is your plan to recruit more qualified school teachers into the District? A. My plan to recruit more qualified teachers into the district is to review the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and the allotted $1 Million allocation. I believe that it is not enough for the professional development and training that teachers need in order to stay ahead of overcrowded classroom management, new teaching and

learning methods, and internal & external economic challenges. Q. Finally, without question public safety is a number one concern. Are you willing to go the extra mile in keeping students, teachers, staff and parents safe at all times? Will you spend extra time to meet this goal? A. As a parent, we are concerned with three key elements with our children. Are they safe, healthy, and in a positive learning environment. As a board Trustee I will work to ensure that each student has the Quality-of-life throughout their educational experience that they deserve. This includes instituting public safety measures that would mitigate disruptive opportunities. As I want to be the Trustee that thinks differently, I would look at returning us to programs that benefit everyone. As an example, in addition to a School Resource Officer we could work with SDPD to have an Officer adopt a school. The officer would be the liaison between the School Police Officer, Community Resource Officer, and the SDPD. The Officer would be allotted the required Overtime, the school would have a second resource, and collaboration would be forged with the School Police, Community groups, and the SDPD. This would require no additional school funding, but would provide increased public safety investment, and community security. Thank you, Mr. Groce.

close as San Diego would get as Ontario would add another goal in the second period to seal the victory down the stretch. Gulls Left Wing Nick Ritchie assisted on Wagner’s goal in the second period and Goaltender Matt Hackett stopped 24 out of the 26 pucks that were fired at him in goal for San Diego. Defenseman Jacob Larsson the 2015 first-round draft pick of the National Hockey League’s Anaheim

Ducks, made his professional debut with the Gulls in Game 2.

Viewpoint By Daniel Smiechowski will return in the July 2016 edition Daniel J. Smiechowski has been a resident of Clairemont since 1967 and can be reached at or (858) 220-4613

Rob Stone is a lifelong resident of the San Diego area and is also a certified talent scout through Sports Management Worldwide. Rob has been working with and helping to assist sports agents in getting their clients signed to contracts. If you would like a professional scouting report written up on your favorite athlete, contact Mr. Stone directly. He may be reached at: (858) 262 3966,,,, or

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June 14th is Flag Day by Chris O’Connell


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Roxy DOB: 4/10/2014 Breed: Tortoiseshell Cat Place of Birth: San Diego, CA Likes: Loves her treats, playing with feathers, and watching the birds outside. Dislikes: The vacuum.

Adoptable Pet of the Month His adoption fee includes his spay/neuter, current vaccinations, Name: Doc permanent Age: 3 years old microchip Gender: Neutered male identification, Breed: Border Collie mix 30 days of complimentary ID #: 207485 medical Adoption Fee: $95 insurance from Trupanion Insurance, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, and a license if residing in Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos or Poway! Doc, a 3-year-old Border Collie mix, is looking for a new family to call his own! This happy boy was transferred in from another shelter, and has proven to be a happy-go-lucky pup without a care in

the world. He’s a busy fella who loves to exercise. Doc’s ideal home would be an athletic family who will make him part of the pack and take him on daily runs or hikes. He is very sweet and smart, and would love to learn new tricks. Because of his breed, he has a high prey drive and should not go to a home with any cats, and would likely do best as the only dog so he can enjoy all of your love and attention. Doc is available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3450 E Valley Parkway. To learn more about making them part of your family, please call (760) 888-2275. ADOPTION HOURS: 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

Flag Day is a day when we honor the United States flag, our flag, which represents the freedom of our nation and is a symbol of our great country. Show your colors on June 14th and honor the American flag. While on the subject, last month while out doing drops in Kearny Mesa I ran into a veteran, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post in Kearny Mesa, we got to speaking and somehow the American flag came up. I inquired about proper American flag disposal and he mentioned that yes indeed old, torn or ripped flags can be dropped off at their location. Usually every other week members of the VFW gather and perform the proper

ceremony of disposing old American flags by burning. Due to the fact that there are costs incurred in properly disposing of the American flag, the VFW suggests a donation be made for such a service. There is no set $ amount and it is not required, but I think we can all agree it is the right thing to do. If you have an old flag that you want to properly dispose of please make arrangements by either calling first or heading over to the VFW Post in Kearny Mesa and inquire within. Post 3788 Lcdr Arnold E. Betcher Kearny Mesa Post 7785 Othello Ave., San Diego, CA 92111-3624 Phone: (858) 277-5510 For more information online, visit and/or Originally published June of 2015.

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Read for the Win! Summer Reading Program 2016 Check out these fun events! Hullabaloo performs! 6/14 4pm A local favorite performing music for kids! Mad Science! 6/21 4pm The mad scientists explain the science of sport with crazy experiments! Music Crafts! 6/24 1pm Learn how to make musical instruments using recycled materials! The Magic of Michael Mezmer! 6/28 4pm Mind blowing magic! ADULTS New Program: ESL for Adults 6/15 & 6/29 2pm Practice English in this conversational class. New Program: Yarn Club 6/15 6pm Whether you enjoy knitting or crocheting or any other yarn craft people of all skill levels are welcome to join to learn more or keep going with your current project. Music Concert with Mariachi Alma de la Luna 6/29 6pm This free concert is sponsored by the Friends of the Clairemont Library. Literary Book Club 6/1 6pm The Book Club will be discussing, “The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton. TWEENS/TEENS Art Class 6/1 4pm Robert Gully, a local artist presents an art class once each month for kids and teens. All painting supplies are provided. Teencraft 6/8 4pm Make your own flower pen Button Making 6/11 & 6/25 10:30am Express yourself by making your own buttons to decorate your backpack or clothes! CHILDREN Sign Language Storytime 6/2 & 6/16 10:30am Children and their caregivers can learn ASL sign language while hearing great stories! Presented by Jennifer Duncan. Tuesdays: Homework Help 6:30pm Trained volunteers are ready to assist you in finishing that report or getting you unstuck from that tough math problem. Thursdays: Kids Craft Club 4pm Craft time with volunteer Rod! Something new every time! Fridays: Preschool Storytime with Miss Fran! 10:30am Join Miss Fran as she reads some

fun picture books

BALBOA BRANCH 4255 MT. ABERNATHY AVE., 92117 (858) 573-1390

SPECIAL EVENTS Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in our community We hope you have a wonderful day! Visit the library and check out a terrific book about dads. Read for the Win! Summer Reading Program begins June 15th! Register, read and start earning prizes right away. Register online from home or the library. Visit Balboa Library every Thursday @ 10:00 and enjoy our special Summer Reading Programs! SRP Pacific Animal Productions 6/16 10am Pacific Animal Productions has been dedicated to conserving wildlife and endangered species while educating people about the wonders of wildlife. Come and meet the animals and learn all about them in this fun and engaging program! SRP Krypton Yvonne and The Incredible Human Machine 6/23 10am Laugh and learn as Krypton Yvonne demonstrates the wacky wonders of the Earthling species! Did you know your brain is the fastest computer in the universe and that a human sneeze travels at 100mph! Join us for this fun and informative program! SRP Craig Newton the Music Man 6/30 10am Craig Newton plays an incredible variety of musical instruments! Join us and clap, tap and sing along to the music ranging from guitars to wind instruments and more! Tuesdays: New ESL Language Coach for Adults 12-3pm Martha Henderson, ESL Language Coach. She will assist adults with various ESL needs such as reading, writing and speaking in everyday life. Tuesdays: New Homework Help 3-5pm Miss Nicole our volunteer Homework Help Coach will assist students with their homework. For Kindergarten – 8th grade New Teens DIY @ Your Library 6/15 3:30-4:30 FIRST FOLIO! on tour from the Folger Shakespeare Library. Available for viewing at the San Diego Central Library @ Joan A. Irwin Jacobs Common Art Gallery, 9th floor. From June 4- July 7 For more information on the exhibit and related events visit, RECURRING EVENTS Story Craft with Miss Remi 6/2 10:00

Listen to a terrific story and make a story-based craft. Preschool-5y/o Adult Games in the Afternoon Thursdays 6/2 & 6/9 from 12:00-3:00pm Enjoy playing games with fellow adults at the library. We supply the games…Come and bring a friend. Let the games begin! Chair Yoga for Adults 6/6 & 6/13 11:15-12:00 Join us for a relaxing fitness program presented by Lois Schenker. Come and bring a friend! First two Mondays of the month. Mondays: Lego Club 4pm We supply the Legos you supply the imagination Stitching with Adults 6/7 & 6/14 1:30-3:00 Bring your knitting, crocheting and other stitching projects. Share ideas and helpful hints with fellow adults in a relaxed setting. First two Tuesday s of the month. Paws to Read 6/14 6:00pm Therapy dogs provide a positive environment for children to practice reading aloud. Come and enjoy reading to our sweet therapy dogs provided by Love on a Leash. K through 6th grade Children’s Book Discussion 6/17 from 3:45-4:45 Join us for a lively discussion of “The Enormous Egg” by Oliver Butterworth Sign up begins Monday 6/6. Sign up and pick up your copy to read and keep. For 3rd – 6th Graders. Balboa Book Discussion Club 6/21 11:45 Join us for a lively book discussion of “Mrs. Kennedy & Me” by Clint Hill Wednesdays: Chapter Book Storytime with Miss Terri 6:00 Enjoy stories read by Miss Terri. Kindergarten-2nd Graders. Signing Storytime with Miss Jennifer Thursday 6/9 10:00 Miss Jennifer uses sign language to enhance the reading of well-loved children’s picture books and includes singing and bubbles too! Birth – 5 y/o Wee Reads Friday 6/3, 6/10 & 6/17 10:30 Baby & Toddler Storytime Come and enjoy stories, music and rhymes. Birth – 5 y/o Special Summer is almost here theme on 6/3 includes stories about summer; searching for treasures in the sand and bubbles. Drop in & Play 6/24 10:30 Enjoy a relaxed and informal play time with your child while getting to know other families in our community. Birth-5y/o Kids Krafternoon Saturdays from 1:00-2:00 Come and make a fun craft at your library.

NORTH CLAIREMONT BRANCH 4616 CLAIREMONT DR. 92117 (858) 581-9931 SPECIAL EVENTS Have you heard? The prizes, the performances and the fun of the Summer Reading Program all begin Wednesday, June 15th at the North Clairemont Library. The theme this year is “Read for the Win!” and all ages, from babies to adults can participate. While prizes will be won for signing up and for reading, the true prize, as we all know, will always be reading in and of itself. Performances this June include: Classical Guitarist Bill Jones on 6/7 6:30pm; the League of Extraordinary Scientists with “Robotic Minds” on 6/15 4pm; Hullabaloo with children’s music and dancing on 6/22 4pm & celebrity Ronald McDonald with his popular program “It’s Book Time!” Also, line up early on 6/11 for the Friends of the Library Gigantic Bargain Book Sale. The sale is set to begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. All programs are sponsored by the generous support of the Friends of the North Clairemont Library and as always, are free and open to all ages. Thank you for visiting us at the library! ONGOING EVENTS. FREE First Tuesday Concert Series 6/7 6:30pm Classical Guitar with Bill Jones. Wednesdays: Chair Yoga 11:45am Thursdays: e-Reader Tech Help 2nd and 4th 10:00am Friends of the North Clairemont Library Gigantic Bargain Book Sale 6/11 9:30-1 Find lots of high quality books at low, low prices! ONGOING, ALWAYS FREE, CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS: 2nd & 4th Mondays: Sign-A-Story Circle Time (ages 2-5 years) 10am 1st & 3rd Mondays: Song & Movement Storytime 10am 1st & 2nd Tuesdays Tiny Tots Rhythm & Rhymes (ages 2-8 years) 11:45am Wednesdays: Craft Time (ages 3-8 years) 5pm Thursdays: Lego Club (ages 3-8 years) 4pm 1st & 4th Saturdays: Hopscotch Storytime 10:30am 4th Saturday: Tales for Tails 9:30am Share Books with a Variety of Cute Animals (all ages),

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S.O.M.E Recycling Center Greg’s Garden Recycling & Giving Back to Those in Need Cash Paid for All CRV Bottles & Cans Located in the parking lot behind Keil’s Supermarket 3015 Clairemont Drive 92117 Another Center

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Proceeds support So Others May Eat a not for profit 501(c)(3) providing food and advocacy for the homeless and disabled in the coastal communities of San Diego.

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