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BlockO-Rama is back


JUSTIN SKINNER Youth in Regent Park are leading the charge to have the popular Block-O-Rama street festival return to the neighbourhood. The street festival was a mainstay in the community, bringing local residents together for an annual celebration, but it had disappeared from Regent Park’s summer event schedule in recent years. “Block-O-Rama’s been around since the late 80s, but it went on a little bit of a hiatus during the revitalization of Regent Park,” said Farid Jalil of Artscape. “Last year, a group of youth from the neighbourhood decided they wanted to bring it back.” Despite its hiatus, Block-ORama remains the largest annual event held in the downtown community by Regent Park residents, for Regent Park residents. “It brings a lot of people out,” Jalil said. “Last year, we estimate we had about 700 to 800 people come out over the course of the day and we hope this year is at least that big or bigger.” The youth organizing the event, known as the Daniels Spectrum Youth Sub-Committee, took the reins and have since been canvassing the community looking for ideas on how to ensure the party met the wants >>>own, page 10

Staff photo/NICK PERRY

Aniqah Rahman helps paint a mural at 200 Wellesley St. E. The mural is expected to be the tallest in Toronto.

St. James Town gets tallest mural in city JUSTIN SKINNER Work is underway to paint the tallest mural in Toronto – and possibly the world – right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Led by youth from the Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space (STEPS) initiative and the St. James Town Community Corner,

the mural will depict a phoenix rising up the side of a 32-storey Toronto Community Housing building at 200 Wellesley St. E. “It came out of a year-long program that STEPS facilitated in St. James Town, engaging with youth to find ways to use art to solve problems in the community,” said STEPS Director Alexis Kane-Speer. “It’s a way

to get young kids involved and engaged in their local environment.” About 40 kids and teens took part in the STEPS program, with the younger kids offering input and the teens taking the lead on painting the lower portion of the mural. The higher portion will be painted by professional muralists for safety reasons. “We can’t go up to the top

because we don’t have a license for that,” said STEPS participant Ameerah Rashid, 18. The mural will help beautify the dense downtown area, which is currently dominated by drab skyscrapers. Kane-Speer said the project will help identify the downtown neighbourhood as a more vibrant community. “St. James Town is lacking >>>phoenix, page 5



city centre in brief

CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |


work begins Aug. 6 wWater Work is slated to begin to replace the watermain and the city-owned portion of any sub-standard water services on Bathurst Street from Queen West to London; Croft from Vankoughnet to Ulster. Construction begins Aug. 6 and run until Jan. 2. Temporary disruptions to the water supply will occur, but further notice will be given before any scheduled water supply disruption. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, with work after hours and on weekends as required. all Zorba dancers wCalling


We want to see you dance! Metroland Media Toronto, in support of Taste of the Danforth, hosts a contest to find Zorba dancers. You can be eligible for a draw to win a trip

to Grenada by submitting a video of yourself performing the Zorba the Greek dance or of yourself instructing others on how to perform it. The best videos will be posted at Only one submission per person will be accepted. One winner will be selected for a seven-night trip for two to Grenada courtesy of the Grenada Tourist Board and Transat Holidays. For full contest rules and how to enter your v i d e o, g o t o b i t . l y / ZorbaToronto. Contest ends Aug. 7 at 11:59 p.m.

Douglas Campbell gets laneway wA Harbord Village laneway has been named for longtime Brunswick Avenue re s i d e n t a n d n o t e d Canadian stage actor Douglas Campbell.

The U.K.-born Campbell was a member of the original Stratford Festival company, coming to Canada to join the then-fledgling group. Douglas Campbell Lane, which was dedicated Sunday, July 28, runs off of Robert Street north of College Street. to honour Mandela wperformance

Nelson Mandela will be feted with a free outdoor concert outside the Ontario Legislative Assembly Building. The event will honour the life buand contritions of the former South African leader with performances by acclaimed singer Liberty Silver and other artist, plus presentations by a variety of guest speakers and dignitaries. The concert takes place from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sunday.


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Newborn to 10 years 3453 Yonge Street Toronto



Adrienne Kress’ book is not a typical romance novel JUSTIN SKINNER Having built her career on writing action/adventure novels for young adults, award-winning author and downtown Toronto resident Adrienne Kress’ latest work is a departure from the norm. Kress’ new novel, Outcast, is a romance of sorts, though it still showcases the writer’s flair for the unusual. Outcast tells the tale of 16-year-old Riley Carver, who lives in a town in the deep south where “angels” appear every year and abduct people. Riley’s best friend and almost boyfriend had been abducted the year before. “Every year, these angels come around and the town decides this is a good thing, but Riley’s not so keen,” Kress said. “The seventh year the angels come around and she sees one in her backyard, she

decides to shoot it and then tie it up in the shed.” Upon being shot, the angel, Gabe, takes on the appearance of a normal human. When Gabe awakes, he thinks it’s 1956 and the two join forces to figure out exactly what’s happening in the town. “I’ve always quite enjoyed romance and romantic movies, but this isn’t a typical romance novel,” Kress said. “It’s still fundamentally about friendship. I think friendship gets a bad rap in mass media.” Kress’ earlier novels also placed a strong emphasis on friendship as a driving force. Her acclaimed steampunk young adult novel, The Friday Society, featured three young women who bring their talents together to solve a murder. “There’s not much about female friendship out there and (The Friday Society) is a situation with three strong women who over-

Outcast by Adrienne Kress

come some differences and become friends in order to accomplish something they couldn’t on their own,” Kress said. “It’s like a steampunk Charlie’s Angels without the Charlie.” Kress’ first novel, Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, was named a “Post Potter Pick” in the New York Post and won the Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Award in the U.K. Her followup novel,


Downtown resident Adrienne Kress released her latest book earlier this month.

Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, was nominated for multiple awards and has been optioned as a film.

Though Outcast marks the author’s first real brush with romantic writing, it still bears Kress’ typical humour,

quirkiness and penchant for the slightly bizarre. In addition to writing, Kress works as an actor and director, having performed in various productions with Summerworks, the Fringe Festival and Summerstock. “If I had my druthers, I’d be doing Shakespeare all day, every day on stage, but I love writing and I would hate to have to give up (acting or writing),” she said. Her life downtown works well with her dual careers. “I can have rehearsals from 9 to 5 and then my evenings free to write, but when I’m not busy I like that everything’s right at my fingertips,” she said. “I’m very close to Riverdale Farm, so I like to pop over and hang out with the animals.” Outcast is available at book stores in paperback.


For more info, visit Amazon. com and Barnesandnoble. com to get the ebook.

York University professor Sampa Bhadra helps uncover origins of life

Bloor and Shaw area resident part of 400-person team on T2K experiment studying neutrinos JUSTIN SKINNER


Toronto researcher has played a key role in research that could help uncover the origins of life, the universe and everything. Sampa Bhadra, a York University physics professor who lives in the Bloor and Shaw streets area, was part of a 400-person team that studied the behaviour of neutrinos and proved that muon neutrinos can transform into electron neutrinos, which could go a long way toward uncovering why matter, and not antimatter, has formed the basic building block for the universe. “Neutrinos were formed as part of the big bang and they’re the most abundant particle in the universe,” Bhadra said. “With the big bang, matter and antimat-

ter were created equally, so this discovery could help us see why matter has won out over time.” Bhadra was the project leader of the team responsible for monitoring readings from an Optical Transition Radiation device, which measured the proton beams used to produce the neutrinos and ensured the experiment was conducted safely. For the experiment, dubbed T2K, muon neutrinos were created in a particle accelerator in Tokai, Japan, and then fired to Kamioka, Japan, some 300 kilometres away. Researchers found that, upon reaching Kamioka, many of the muon neutrinos had transformed into electron neutrinos. The findings demonstrate the prevailing theory that neutrinos can change from one form to another.


Sampa Bhadra is part of a research team that has made a breakthrough that could help uncover how the universe came into being.

“We have a number of neutrinos coming to Earth from the sun and those should be electron neutrinos, but when (scientists) calculated how many elec-

tron neutrinos we see on Earth, that number was less than it should be,” Bhadra said. “The theory was that on the way to Earth, those

Don’t we want to know as human beings how we came to be? – Sampa Bhadra

electron neutrinos transformed into muon and tau neutrinos.” As particles go, relatively little is known about neutrinos. The big bang produced quarks, electrons and neutrinos and while the first two have been studied, neutrinos were more elusive. “They interact very, very feebly so it’s hard to get them to leave a signature,” Bhadra said. “One of the biggest discoveries of the past 20 years was just finding out that neutrinos have mass.” The T2K research team will replicate their experiment with anti-muon neutrinos to determine whether they exhibit the same transformational properties. If not, it could unlock information on how the universe as we know it

came to be. “We’ll look for differences and hopefully that will shed light on how we even came about with matter winning out over anti-matter,” Bhadra said. That work is expected to take place next year, and depending on the findings of that experiment, it could go a long way toward uncovering the secrets behind creation. “Don’t we want to know as human beings how we came to be?” Bhadra said. The York professor was not the only Toronto connection to the research. The OTR device was built largely at the University of Toronto and York PhD graduate Vyacheslav Galymov and research associate Mark Hartz from U of T were also among the key contributors to the findings. The team’s findings were unveiled last week at the European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics in Stockholm.


For more information on the T2K experiment visit www.

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |



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Protect yourself and those you love from West Nile

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ith Toronto Public Health now reporting it has found mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus within the city limits, residents must take the threat seriously and protect themselves and those they love. Public health monitors 43 mosquito traps across the city, and would not say the exact location where the infected insects were found. Instead, Elaine Pacheco, Healthy Environments manager with public health, said all Torontonians need to take precautions. While West Nile is not usually fatal in humans, it can be. There have been hundreds of cases reported over the years, and some people have died in our city from the virus. It could happen our view again. For most people exposed to the virus, though, the symptoms don’t Basic even show. For about one in five symptoms can include precautions people, fever, body aches, nausea, vomitadvised ing and headaches. Less than one per cent of people infected require hospitalization, Pacheco said. Last year, Toronto Public Health said 94 people were diagnosed with West Nile in the city and there were 100 infected mosquito pools discovered through testing. Residents need to remember there is a chance they could be exposed to an infected mosquito. But by taking some basic precautionary steps, they can be protected. People can reduce their risk by wearing lightcoloured long-sleeved shirts, pants, socks and a hat while outdoors. Mosquitoes are especially active at dusk and dawn, and at those times extra precautions, including the use of insect repellent, are advised. Residents can also lessen the chance of mosquito breeding by making sure the habitats that support them are dealt with. In particular, make sure standing water such as bird feeders, plant pots and the like are either emptied or refilled with fresh water. Mosquitoes love to breed in such environments. Protecting our indoor living space by making sure screens on windows and doors do not have holes is also important. While Torontonians should not live in fear of mosquitoes, we should look after ourselves and continue to make the rest of the summer healthy and happy.


Former budget chief ponders running for mayor The electoral battleground that was formerly known as Scarborough could become very interesting in 2014. Scratch that. It’s already interesting, now that Mayor Rob Ford has managed to gather enough votes to support building subway tunnels east and north from Kennedy station, a move that at once degrades the reach of rapid transit in Scarborough and feeds the local appetite for heavy-duty infrastructure improvements. Scarborough voters’ good will on this matter could well send Ford’s damaged mayoralty into a second term, scandals be damned. What it’s on the verge of becoming is titanically interesting. David Soknacki, a former budget chief under mayor David Miller and a former councillor from Scarborough’s east end, is considering adding his name to the growing list of high-profile candi-

david nickle the city dates for the next mayor of Toronto. Of all of them – Karen Stintz, John Tory, Olivia Chow – he’s got the lowest profile. Smaller ideas Since stepping away from council in 2006, Soknacki’s been spending his time heading up Parc Downsview Park, writing a column for this newspaper and tending his spice manufacturing and exporting business, Ecom Food Industries. But should Soknacki choose to run, Ford will be in for a fight – at least in Scarborough. Soknacki and Ford have certain similarities. Both are business owners – although unlike Ford, who inherited his share of Deco Labels from his late father, Soknacki started his

own business. Both are Progressive Conservatives, and both came to council with ideas to reform the place – although in this case, Soknacki’s ideas were smaller than Ford’s notion of stopping a gravy train. It was enough for Soknacki to push a motion to end nepotistic hiring in councillors’ offices. Both have ideas about transit in Scarborough. But while both agree it needs to be improved, beyond that their divergence could not be more pronounced. Ford, in case anyone missed it, is a subway man. Soknacki has been a consistent supporter of light rail. Ford is working on ways to pay for the subway. Soknacki is supporting a plan that is already financed by the provincial government. So if it goes ahead, there will be a spectacle of two candidates: both wealthy and Conservative; one from

Etobicoke who shows his love for Scarborough with the promise of a subway; another who shows his love for Scarborough by living there, and promising the old light rail plan. Toronto is of course larger than Scarborough. But if Ford wants to win a second term, he can’t afford to lose what amounts to nearly a third of the entire city. Facing Chow or Stintz or even Tory, Ford’s support in Scarborough is strong. Facing an opponent with hometown bona fides and a strong argument against the chimeric promise of an unfunded subway line, the mayor could be in real trouble. Even if Soknacki can’t persuade the rest of the city to put him over the top on election day, the damage his candidacy can do to the mayor’s base could be enough to topple him.


David Nickle is The Mirror’s city hall reporter. His column runs every Thursday.

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Painted Bell utility boxes will bring art and colour to neighbourhood

Phoenix symbolizes rebirth of 200 Wellesley >>>from page 1 a lot of colour and there are a lot of tall, grey buildings,” she said. “There’s a lack of public art down here, so we thought ‘Why don’t we do something really big down here and take advantage of all those tall buildings.’” The project came about following months of consultation, both among the youth participants and the public as a whole. Public forums and meetings helped the youth choose the direction they wished to take with the mural. “We thought it would be really cool to get a symbol of rebirth,” Rashid said. The image of a phoenix rising from the ashes is particularly fitting given the trials and hardships faced by the residents of 200 Wellesley St. E., who were displaced – many of them for months – after a fire broke out in September 2010, causing more than $1 million in damage. Despite the problems

faced, the community banded together and residents were able to weather the incident. “We talked to people and got a lot of different stories and experiences of the neighbourhood,” Kane-Speer said. “We think (the phoenix) will show the strength of St. James Town and help break down some of the stigma that faces this community.” W h e n c o m p l e t e, t h e mural will be the tallest in the city, and Kane-Speer said the group has approached Guinness World Records to see if they can claim the title of the tallest in the world. “We’ve looked into it and we definitely haven’t been able to find anything taller,” she said. Work on the mural began Tuesday after rain forced the painters to delay the project’s start by a day. The painters plan to work through the summer and have the mural done by September.

JUSTIN SKINNER S t . J a m e s To w n a n d Cabbagetown are getting a makeover with Bell utility boxes throughout the downtown neighbourhoods being spruced up and decorated with murals. Facilitated through the Neighbourhood Arts Network, the Bell Boxes Murals Project resulted in eight utility boxes throughout the area given colourful designs and images by artists, with local residents and those with ties to the community given precedence. The Seeds of Hope Foundation provided sponsorships for participating artists. While the painting was supposed to begin in earnest on Saturday, rain hindered the progress of most of the artists. Mural painter Jim Bravo was one of a few who was unde-

Enbridge Distribution Enbridge Gas Gas Distribution

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We recognize this be willinconvenient. be inconvenient. We recognize this will We We appreciate patience understanding. appreciate your your patience and and understanding. Enbridge Distribution is committed Enbridge Gas Gas Distribution is committed to to providing regular updates on this providing regular updates on project. this project. For the information, please visit visit For latest the latest information, please or ouror our Twitter account @enbridgegasnews. Twitter account @enbridgegasnews. Thank you again for your understanding. Thank you again for your understanding. 2013-07-00248

alley P Don V

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be additional closures ThereThere may may be additional roadroad closures between Street to support between BloorBloor and and RiverRiver Street to support traffic traffic flow.flow.


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Enbridge Distribution is conducting Enbridge Gas Gas Distribution is conducting critical work on its Don Valley natural critical work on its Don Valley natural gas gas pipeline along Bayview Avenue between pipeline along Bayview Avenue between Street Lower Street. RiverRiver Street and and Lower RiverRiver Street. Safety our priority, top priority, critical Safety is ouris top and and critical workwork is is needed to perform timely maintenance needed to perform timely maintenance and and repairs ahead of fall theheating fall heating season. repairs ahead of the season. will result the closure of Bayview This This workwork will result in thein closure of Bayview Avenue. Bayview Avenue will be closed Avenue. Bayview Avenue will be closed fromfrom Street to Lower Street, beginning RiverRiver Street to Lower RiverRiver Street, beginning August for about six weeks. Traffic August 6 for6about six weeks. Traffic will will be re-routed. be re-routed.


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Notice Work Notice ofof Work

River St.

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Of Bayview Ave. closed to traffic

Lower River St.


Jim Bravo paints a mural on a utility box in St. James Town.

terred, painting on a utility box that received some protection from a nearby tree. “It’s definitely a good project, because (utility boxes) aren’t great to look at,” he said. “This will make them look nicer and bring a little bit of art and colour to the neighbourhood.” While Bravo doesn’t live in St. James Town, he has ties to the area. He painted a large mural in St. James Town Park and is set to paint another outside Sherbourne subway station later this year.

The artists were tasked with getting the utility boxes painted over the weekend, though the weather made that a daunting task. “We have two days to complete it, and so two six-hour days is what I’m hoping will be necessary here,” said Bravo. While the other artists left their sites due to the rain on Saturday afternoon, those walking through the neighbourhood certainly enjoyed the idea that the utility boxes would be home to public art.

“They’re eyesores, so turning them into something nice to look at will make this (neighbourhood) a lot nicer,” said resident Ben Strong. “We’ll see how they turn out, but anything’s nicer than just a boring metal box.” The project is part of a wider initiative that will see about 30 utility boxes in downtown Toronto beautified over the course of the summer. Similar projects will be carried out in Regent Park and the St. Lawrence Market communities later this year. Tours of the St. James Town and Cabbagetown paintings were similarly hampered by the rain, but walking tours of utility box paintings in Regent Park and the St. Lawrence Market communities are slated to take place Aug. 17 & 18 and Aug. 24 & 25, respectively.


To learn more about the project visit

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013


it’s happening w Friday, Aug. 2

Island Soul WHEN: 11:30 a.m. WHERE: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W. CONTACT: A Linton, 416-973-4000 Island Soul celebrates the rich artistic traditions, emerging art forms, innovative expressions and vibrant lifestyles of the Caribbean.

w Wednesday, Aug. 7

Toronto History Lecture WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHERE: City of Toronto Archives, 255 Spadina Rd. CONTACT: Paul, 416-392-5561, www. COST: Free The 2013 Toronto History Lecture, titled “Mary Mink: The Making of a Myth”, will explore the line between historical fact and historical fiction. James Mink was a successful Black businessman in Toronto in the 1840s and 1850s. In a 1990s movie, Mink arranges for a white man to marry his daughter Mary and

then stages a daring rescue when her husband whisks her off to the American South and sells her into slavery. The movie is said to be “based on historical records”, but as Guylaine Petrin found out, records can lie. Reservation is required. COST: Free Young working professionals (20 to 40 years-old) with multiple sclerosis get together for information sharing and emotional and social support. Meeting location will be provided after registration.

w Thursday, Aug. 8

Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi Awareness Day WHEN: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. WHERE: YongeDundas Square CONTACT: Chris Farano, 416-656-2110 Demonstrations of Taoist Tai Chi arts

Young working professionals with MS self-help group WHEN: 7 to 8:30 p.m. WHERE: Lawrence/Yonge area CONTACT: Lynn Laccohee, 416-967-3032, lynn.laccohee@

w Monday, Aug. 5

Calypso STARS WHEN: 11:30 a.m. WHERE: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W. CONTACT: A Linton, 416-973-4000 Calypso STARS is a oneday extravaganza of top Canadian calypso and soca singers, along with the U.K.’s 2012 Calypso Monarch, steelpan and traditional carnival mas’ characters.

Fortune Cooking WHEN: 11:30 a.m. WHERE: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W. CONTACT: A Linton, 416-973-4000, COST: Free Fortune Cooking features the best dishes, restaurants, music, dance and artists from East Asia to Southeast/ South Asia. Come see what’s cooking in this influential continent.

w Saturday, Aug. 10

The story of four people writing their own endings.


w Sunday, Aug. 4

Clothing swap In Support of Horizons For Youth WHEN: noon to 4 p.m. WHERE: Arts Market, 846 College St. CONTACT: http://bit. ly/13aCZ00 COST: Free Update your wardrobe, be part of a sustainable movement and help support homeless or at risk youth by joining the Arts Market at Clothing Swap. Bring gently used clothing and swap them for new-to-you pieces. Pay what you can with proceeds going to the Horizons for Youth Foundation.

w Friday, Aug. 9

Make Some Noise WHEN: 7 p.m. WHERE: Bloor/Gladstone Library, 1101 Bloor St. W. Top indie improvisers will perform in different parts of the library, broadcasting wirelessly to the main lobby where audience members can create their own sound mix. The collected sound bites from these performances will then be reconstructed into a new composition.

w Aug. 3

Dundas Street West/ Ossington Food Tour (Best of the West!) WHEN: 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. WHERE: Scadding Court Community Centre, 707 Dundas St. W. CONTACT: Suzanne, suzanne@savourtoronto. com COST: $70 Discover the latest and greatest places for dining and drinking along Dundas West and Ossington.

by more than 800 practitioners, free classes, a discussion of the importance of dual cultivation of body and mind, Dragon Dance and parade.

w Saturday, Aug. 10

375 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, Ontario M4T 2V8 I Tel 416-485 -9129

highlighted w Saturday, Aug. 10

Crazy Cloth: A High Tech Trip into Toronto History and Culture WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHERE: Textile Museum of Canada, 55 Centre Ave. Kids are invited to join this high-tech Heritage Toronto tour Aug. 10 at 10:30 a.m. Learn about the labs at Ontario College of Art and Design, how the Great Fire of 1904 was started by a necktie and more. You’ll be using tablet computers on the go provided by the Textile Museum of Canada on this tour in and around Toronto’s Fashion District. Staring point will be revealed when registered. Cost, $10 or $8 for children 12 and under. Visit

operated by Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

city centre


happening in

CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |


ongoing Family Service Toronto Family Service Toronto, 355 Church St., south of Carleton, offers a number of courses, workshops and seminars for seniors and their caregivers. Visit; 416-595-9618. Eglinton Community Centre Eglinton Community centre, 160 Eglinton Ave. E., offers a variety of unique courses and classes at various costs. Contact

Check out our complete online community calendar by visiting Read weeks of listings from your neighbourhood as well as events from across Toronto.

Sacred Circle Dance The group dances traditional and modern dances to a variety of world music. No experience or partner is needed and

Scion City Chase Toronto No. 2 WHEN: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. W. CONTACT: Ashley Gould Compete with your friends, find hidden challenges throughout the city and run five to 10 kilometres along the way. Register now at

w Thursday, Aug. 15

Sail-In Cinema WHEN: 8:45 to 11 p.m. WHERE: Sugar Beach, 25 Dockside Dr. CONTACT: COST: Free For three nights in August, people can watch movies on a twosided screen anchored to a barge on Lake Ontario.

all dances are taught. Suggested donation of $8. The group meets at Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor St. W. at 10:30 a.m. Saturdays. Contact Joan at 416-466-9292. Compassionate Friends Support A support group for people who have lost a child. Compassionate Friends is not a recovery program. Counsellors will sometimes join the meetings. The group meets from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month at Calvin Presbyterian Church, 26 Delisle Ave.

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Japanese festival

7 | CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrating summer: Left, the Toronto Buddhist Church’s Mika Tamaki performs in traditional garb during the first annual Japanese Summer Festival held Sunday at YongeDundas Square. Below, members of Sakura-Mai perform at the festival. Right top, Beauty by Masayo’s Masayo Laing, left, makes up Katie Wootton as a traditional Geisha. Right, Coco Uchida, 2, and her mother Chie share some noodles.


Give Something Extra Special this Civic Holiday!

Clinic Location:


Blood Donation Gives Local Woman New Lease On Life Jade Burke knows firsthand the fact that blood can be needed when you least expect it. A week after giving birth to her daughter Leelou in June 2008, Jade experienced lifethreatening postpartum hemorrhaging and required dozens of units of blood and blood products. After being rushed to hospital, Jade underwent four different procedures to finally stop the bleeding. Throughout the ordeal, Jade was given bag after bag of blood and blood products to keep her alive. “It saved my life,” Jade says of the blood and blood products that were transfused into her body. “I know without a doubt that had it not been for the blood given to me that night, I would not be here today.” With a new lease on life, Jade and her family now realize how important blood donation truly is.

Manulife Centre

55 Bloor Street West, Second Floor By Movie Theatres Friday August 2 10:00am to 2:00pm Saturday August 3 8:00am to 2:00pm

Over the next two weeks, we need 17,000 more Canadians to book an appointment to donate blood, including 3000 in Toronto region.

Tuesday August 6 3:00pm to 7:00pm

Book your appointment to save a life: 1 888 2 DONATE

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our fall sale 2013 catalogue Start your Fall shopping now

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CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |


Frank Leo


Incredible RoyalYork/Edenbridge 5bdrm 2 storey on beautifully landscaped 100’ x 210’ ravine lot. Resort-like terraced back garden, waterfall pond, gazebo and in-ground pool. Gorgeous 2 storey foyer, fabulous gourmet kitchen, main floor billiard room w/English style bar, Stunning 2 storey family rm with huge custom library wall and ladder rail. Spacious large lower level rec. rm with w/o absolutely a must see $2,399,900!!


Situated on a premium lot and quiet child safe court! Custom built 4 bedroom gorgeous 2 storey with centre hall plan, magnificent large kitchen, granite countertop, formal dining rm, main flr family rm, professionally finished basement, with wet bar, top quality materials thru-out, prof landscaped lot with water fall and much more must be seen for $999,900!!


Huge Oakdale Village home, across from park & play ground, approx. 4530 sq ft, high ceilings, large fenced pie shaped lot, gleaming ceramic & hardwood flrs, family size kitchen, granite countertops, Spacious open concept living & dining rm, fabulous family rm w/fireplace, 5wshrms, double garage & drive plus many extras.

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Beautiful renovated kitchen, gorgeous oak staircase with open landing overlooking the family room, crown moulding and rich hardwood floors thru-out, large master bedroom with 4pc ensuite, combined living and dining room, main floor laundry, finished basement, fully landscaped grounds with flagstone walk, fabulous interlock patio and in-ground pool plus much more!!

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HER ANOTLD SO ISLINGTON/ LANGSTAFF 276’ FRONTAGE!! Detached bungalow on approx. 1 acre lot, backing onto the Humber River, fabulous opportunity, Unique property, great location, close to all conveniences, super value for only $699,900!!


Fabulous Mattamy Built home, thousands spent on upgrades, exotic walnut hardwood, renovated kitchen, granite countertop, French doors to large open concept living and dining room, main floor family room, finished basement pot lights, Jacuzzi tub, professionally landscaped lot and many extras, in Mavis & Britania area!

Sold for Top $$$!!

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Children’s Miracle Network & Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

#1 in West and Central Toronto combined by units of listings sold for all Companies of all Brokers & Sales Representatives 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011and 2012 according to a study of MLS data prepared by an independent auditor of real estate statistics.


WEST REALTY INC., Brokerage Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

50’ X 120’ LOT!!

Spectacular opportunity, totally renovated detached bungalow with family room addition in high demand neighbourhood. Gorgeous modern décor, open concept layout, gorgeous kitchen stainless steel appliances, professionally finished basement ideal for in-law suite, private drive, garage/ workshop studio, located close to French Imersion school, steps to subway & all amenities for only $549,900!!

Detached renovated 3+1 bedroom bungalow, stucco exterior, open concept layout, modern kitchen with bkfst bar, separate entrance to finished bsmnt, renovated bathroom, Jacuzzi tub with ambient light, huge back yard, steps to transit, fabulous Jane and Wilson near new Hospital and all conveniences for only $549,900!!

LUXURY 5 LEVEL!! Situated on a premium 52’ lot, double door entry, hardwood floor, 2 skylights, w/o to deck & patio, separate side entrance to finished basement ideal for entertaining or in-law suite, renovated gorgeous bathrooms, Jacuzzi soaker tub, separate shower, double garage & drive, walk to William Osler Hospital & Humber College only $519,900!!

ALDERWOOD 2 STOREY!! Immaculate 3+1 bedroom 2 storey in high demand neighbourhood, thousands spent on upgrades, shows great, separate side entrance to finished basement, detached garage, long private drive, just move in and enjoy for only $499,900!!

Great Hwy7 & Pine Valley location close to all conveniences. Impressive executive 3bdrm, well maintained, gleaming hardwood floors on main flr, modern kitchen, s s appliances, granite countertops, 3 washrooms, combined living rm & dining rm, large family rm, gas fireplace, large custom deck and many extras for only $499,900!!



BRAND NEW CUSTOM BUILT!! Gorgeous detached 2 storey luxury Ashbury Victoria homes, in the high demand Long Branch area. Master craftsmanship and quality finishes thru- out truly must be seen, located close to all amenities, just minutes to down town Toronto for only $808,000!!


Double door entry to large foyer with circular staircase! 4+1 bedroom, magnificent master, open concept living and dining rooms, huge family room. Granite counter top in family size kitchen with breakfast bar and walkout to patio and professionally landscaped lot. Professionally finished basement ideal for entertaining or In-law suite. Close to amenities, must be seen asking only $579,900!


Large 4+1bdrm 2 storey in Sandlewood / Richvale area! Family size kitchen, marble floors & counter tops, centre island, combined living and dining room, family room with fireplace, laminate floors, large master bedroom, 4 pc ensuite & w/o closet, finished basement rec. room, located close to all conveniences for $469,000!!

BLOOR/DUFFERIN!! Amazing opportunity, detached 3+1 bedroom 2 storey in high demand neighbourhood, large veranda, open concept living & dining room, family size kitchen walk out to patio & large backyard, and separate entrance to basement. Sold in 1Wk for 100% of Asking!!

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS!! Detached Mimico bungalow, combined living & dining rm, spacious principal rooms, long private drive, garage, large lot, full size basement, great location near the lake and all conveniences for only $449,900!

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“The Name Friends Trust & Recommend” Experience and Service you can count on!! PRIME JUNCTION LOCATION!! Spacious 3+1 bedroom 2 storey, 2 Kitchens, 2 bathrooms, updated main floor kitchen, updated breaker panel, & hvac. Separate entrance to upper and main floor apartments, ideal starter or investment property. Great location close to all conveniences for only $349,900!!


Fantastic Toronto opportunity, 3+1bdrm 2 Storey, well maintained, modern kitchen, granite countertop, granite floor in foyer, oak stairs, 9’ ceilings on main floor, crown moulding, custom backsplash, formal living and dining areas, finished basement w/ sept. entr. to in-law suite, large garage and much more!! Sold in 1Wk for 116% of Asking!!

ONLY $349,900!! Fabulous opportunity to own, spacious Brampton 3bedroom 2 storey, large modern family size kitchen, open concept living and dining room, walkout to deck & back yard, master bedroom with full ensuite bath, garage, long drive, amazing opportunity high demand location must be seen!!


Luxurious waterfront condo, built by Monarch, beautifully upgraded suite, open concept layout, 9’ ceilings, hardwood flrs, granite countertop, s. s. apl., den or guess rm, oversized balcony overlooking landscaped courtyard with tranquil waterfall, amenities include: indoor pool, spa, gym, theatre, bistro with patio, waterfront trails,and much more just minutes to downtown Toronto and the airport for only $339,900!!


Stunning upgraded 2 storey 2 bedroom executive townhouse, open concept layout ultra modern décor, stainless steel appliances, granite countertop, master bedroom with w/w closets and sitting area, thousands spent on upgrades, energy star home, located close to transit and all amenities, amazing value for $329,900!!


Conveniently located across from Sherway Gardens, 2bdrm, 2full washrooms, gorgeous corner suite, fabulous views, gleaming hardwood floors, open concept living and dining rm, W/O to Balcony, resort style amenities, 24hr concierge, and many extras just minutes to downtown Toronto and Airport for only $329,900!!


Islington & The Queensway. 1+1 bdrm condo, gleaming hardwood flrs, Large living & dining room w/o to amazing 500 sq ft Terrace, Incredible city views. Gorgeous highlight kitchen, centre island, s.s appliances, granite counter tops, large second floor. Master bdrm with sitting area, main flr den, ensuite laundry and many extras, fabulous central location for $309,900!!


Situated on quiet court, Brick 2 storey on a spacious pie shaped lot. Open concept Living & Dining Room, Sunroom, Family size kitchen, Greenhouse. Amazing Value!!



Amazing opportunity, 2 bedroom suite split bedroom plan, 10’ ceilings, huge balcony 2 w/o, fabulous amenities include concierge, gym, aerobics, squash, sauna and outdoor pool, steps to lake, waterfront trails, and all conveniences, just minutes to downtown Toronto. Live the life for only $299,900!!

Detached 1 1/2 storey, Sunroom, Formal Living & Dining Room, stained hardwood floor, updated furnace, spacious backyard, garage, close to transit & amenities. Amazing Value only $299,900

Sold fast for 100% of Asking!!

Sold Fast for 100% of Asking!!!



STEPS TO YORK UNIVERSITY!! Fabulous 2+1bedroom 3 storey townhome, with walk out to balcony, open concept living and dining room, master bedroom with ensuite, high demand York University Village. New subway line to be built, great investment.

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY Raised detached bungalow with private drive and garage, large veranda, open concept living and dining rm, crown moulding, updated bathroom, Jacuzzi tub spacious kitchen, finished basement, backyard patio and shed, located close to transit and all amenities, must be seen!!


Fabulous 2storey condo townhouse, 3+1bdrm, 3wshrms, very well maintained and updated property, great location close to all conveniences, parking spot, and many extras included, terrace/patio, large master bdrm with ensuite, and much more!!

Sold Fast for Top $$$!!


Beautiful Toronto 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhome, all on 1 level, open concept layout 9’ ceiling, large family size kitchen, backsplash, California shutters, master bedroom with full ensuite, mirrored closet, and walk out to large terrace. Simply must be seen steps to transit and all amenities!!


Super Value! Property is being sold as land value only, high demand location, close to all conveniences, in the Bloor & Dundas area. Sold in 5 days for 116% of Asking!!


Excellent land Value Opportunity, Property being sold as is, great central location in Old Weston & St. Clair area for only $199,900!!


Super Value, Property being sold as land value only, fabulous Jane & Eglinton location, close to all conveniences for only $199,900!!




Being sold as land value only, Jane & Eglinton location, close to all conveniences. Sold in 5 days for 126% of Asking!!




Spacious corner unit, fabulous view of the Humber river and wild life conservation area. Family size kitchen, fully renovated bathroom, large combined living and dining room, floor to ceiling windows, master bedroom with ensuite, granite counter top with undermount sink, great building close to all conveniences, Hwy 427, Airport, Hospital, Humber College, Woodbine Mall, Woodbine race track and more for only $169,900!!




Fantastic Royal York & Eglinton location, spacious open concept living and dining rm, eat-in kitchen, w/o to balcony, hardwood floors thru-out, large master bedroom, plenty of storage space, incredibly low maintenance fees, and many extras for only 169,900!!



SEE MORE PHOTOS : w w w. G e t L e o . c o m Not intended to solicit persons under contract. *Certain Conditions May Apply. ReMax West Realty Inc. does not guarantee the sale of your home. Exclusively offered by Frank Leo.

Copyright© 2009 Frank Leo

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013



CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |



‘Own the Block’ the theme for Regent Park residents >>>from page 1 and needs of Regent Park residents. The sub-committee consists of about 20 teens and young adults from the Regent Park area. “We’ve been going around to see what people want to see and having meetings to find out what everyone wants,” said youth sub-committee member Brad Smart.

With a theme of “Own the Block,” this year’s event will include a $1 barbecue, a wide array of food vendors from the community, a fashion show, live musical performances, the Toronto Raptors Fan Zone and more. “Right now, we’re still gathering performers and vendors,” Smart said. “It won’t be a conventional show with the performers – they can get

up and just perform without everything being on a tight schedule.” There will also be games and activities for children, with prizes handed out throughout the event. This year’s Block-O-Rama will take place in the courtyard just south of Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St. E., from 2 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17.

Kids can groe they everywhseummer want th isvis iting just by rary the li b Check out some of the fun, free TD Summer Reading Club programs going on at your local branch.





Globetrotting with Stories and a Craft August 6, 2 pm Enjoy an afternoon of travel stories and creating a multicultural craft. College/Shaw (766 College St.) Meet a Real Firefighter and Tour a Fire Hall August 7, 2 pm Join us for an exciting adventure as you meet a real firefighter and tour a fire hall. Ages 6-12. Call 416-393-7660 to register. Yorkville (22 Yorkville Ave.) Geronimo Stilton’s Luau August 16, 2 pm Enjoy Geronimo Stilton themed stories, activities and crafts. Call 416-393-7683 to register. Wychwood (1431 Bathurst St.)







































The Great Camp Adventure is an up to 20 kilometre challenge-by-choice adventure walk that will take place on September 28 through the streets of downtown Toronto (starting and ending at Fort York) to benefit SickKids. Designed with the whole family in mind, babies in strollers, toddlers and tots, teenagers, moms, dad, grandparents and other family members will participate in ultimate camp adventures along the way making lasting memories of shared family fun. Register today at or call 416-4-4KEEPS.


Puppet Show: The Paper Bag Princess August 21, 2 pm See the story The Paper Bag Princess come to life before your eyes. Locke (3083 Yonge St.)

A night where local Toronto artists unite as one and show the city their talents. The event takes place at the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District and features food, drinks and live music. Tickets are $25 online and $30 at the door, and all funds support SickKids. For more information and tickets please visit


A day of fun at the zoo for the entire family in support of the Herbie Fund at SickKids. From 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., families can enjoy the Toronto Zoo and help raise funds to help children across the world receive life-saving medical care at SickKids that would otherwise be unavailable in their home countries. For more information please visit:

Visit for a full listing.


TD Summer Reading Club 2013 Developed by

Youth in Regent Park enjoy a little putting during the 2012 Block-O-Rama street festival.

In partnership with

Title sponsor

A Midsummer Night’s Run is Toronto’s Premiere 30K/15K/5K Road Race and Family Fun Run. The evening run on Toronto Island will support children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at SickKids. To register and for more information, please visit


Team Up for SickKids will unite the South Asian community for a day of sports to raise funds for SickKids at the Ultra Sports Center in Scarborough. The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and costs $15 for participants and $5 for spectators. Teams will compete in soccer, basketball or volleyball throughout the day and prizes will be awarded. For more information please visit For a complete list of all events and to register your own event, visit @sickkids

Community Media Partner



11 | CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013


Pushing for food trucks in parks DAVID NICKLE Hungry visitors will be able to grab a quick meal at five city parks this summer, as Toronto embarks on a pilot project to measure the effect of allowing food trucks to do business on city property. Currently, food trucks aren’t allowed on city property. They can set up in private parking lots, or pay fees to do business at designated public events. But parks, rights-of-way and boulevards are offlimits. Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Josh Colle has been pushing for a relaxation of the bylaw throughout the year as a member of the city’s Food Policy Council. Initially, Colle said he just wanted to see the bylaws relaxed. But he said city bureaucrats were unable to make the change wholesale, so the pilot project is a first step. The project will see five parks open to licensed food trucks: Woodbine Park,

The parks we’ve chosen we’ve tried to pick ones with high foot traffic. – Josh Colle

Roundhouse Park, Canoe Landing, Sherbourne Commons and Allan Gardens. “The parks we’ve chosen... we’ve tried to pick ones with high foot traffic,” said Colle. “One is the Roundhouse Park outside the (Rogers Centre). That should give you a feel of what it should be like. Part of it is to help out these entrepreneurs, really it would be difficult to do another summer season. But more importantly it’s to let everyone have a taste of it. Let’s see that the trucks do well, and hope that for people who have concerns, some of those may be allayed in terms of impact on traditional restaurants.” In the past, concerns have

been raised that food trucks will swoop into neighbourhoods and harm the business of brick-and-mortar restaurants whose owners have made significant investments in the community. Colle said he doesn’t believe that will happen. “I was recently in Vancouver, and saw them in parks, on boulevards,” he said. “I remember one up against the railings of a patio of a restaurant. And the patio was packed and the food truck did okay business. We have to not be quite so timid.” Colle said eventually he’d like to see food trucks permitted on designated spots along boulevards. “I’ve got neighbourhoods in my ward where having one would help the existing businesses, because there’s no activity, or more extremely, there’s no food,” he said. “We can’t even bring in a produce truck because that would be against the bylaw.”


For more stories, visit our website at

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CIBC Eglinton & Avenue Banking Centre




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CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |



Agave plant breaks through roof at Allan Gardens JUSTIN SKINNER Visitors to Allan Gardens this summer have been treated to an unusual sight – the top of an agave plant poking out through the roof of the downtown conservatory. The plant bloomed this spring, the first and only time it will do so before it dies. Its growth spurt is typical of agave plants – the species experiences a spike toward the end of its life cycle and then dies – and caused the staff at Allan Gardens to make special arrangements to accommodate it. “It’s been growing for years and then it takes just a few months for it to develop its flower spike,” said Allan Gardens Supt. Curtis Evoy.

“It uses up all its energy for the spike, so it’s dying now. It takes all this plant’s energy to produce this kind of growth.” Starting to die The spike happened so suddenly, a City of Toronto glazer had to come out and cut a small half moon-shaped hole in the conservatory’s roof to allow the plant to continue to grow. The hole will be repaired once the plant dies, likely within weeks. “It’s already started to deflate – it’s shrinking,” Evoy said. “Once it dies, we’ll have to cut it down and fix the roof.” Evoy said experts have estimated for the plant’s


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There are a lot of people who have been interested in seeing it because they might not get another chance to see this kind of plant bloom here again. – Curtis Evoy

age at anywhere from 35 to 75, making it a relative early bloomer. The agave is also known as the century plant as some can take 100 years to bloom. The agave is hardly the first plant to damage the Allan Gardens conservatory. The domed portion has

Hear Right Canada

been around for 104 years and other greenhouses have been added over the past century. The site now holds an impressive array of hundreds of plant species from around the world. “We’ve had some plants that have broken panes of glass before,” Evoy said. “ We’ve had some large palm trees we’ve had to cut down.” While Allan Gardens is a popular destination for plant lovers in the heart of the city, the agave plant has provided an added draw, bringing even more visitors to the site. Evoy said those who wish to catch a glimpse of the blooming plant will have to do so soon. “There are a lot of people who have been interested in seeing it because they might not get another chance to see this kind of plant bloom here again,” he said. “Seeing one bloom isn’t the kind of thing you can see just any time.” Those who do miss the bloom could have another


An agave plant pokes through the roof of the Allan Gardens greenhouse.

chance to catch a blooming agave at Allan Gardens, provided they’re willing to wait around a few decades. “We have what we call a pup growing at the base of this one, so once this one’s cut down, we’ll still have one,”

Evoy said. “There’s no way of knowing how long it will take to bloom, but it won’t be for a long time.”


Allan Gardens is at 19 Horticultural Ave. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 365 days a year. Admission is free.

600 Sherbourne St. unit 101 (at Bloor, Rosedale Medical Centre)

Toronto 416-802-6628 Clinics Across Ontario

“Price after OHIP funding. Some conditions apply. See clinic for details.”

HOMESTAY HOST NEEDED CANADA’S NEWCOMER SERVICES WANTED: suitable homestay placement in your home for a Chinese high school students arriving in mid-August to attend a TCDSB high school in your neighbourhood.

Caring Families Should: Speak English at home, provide a furnished, private bedroom (not in a basement), offer three meals daily.

PHONE: 416-731-4858 OR 647-352-8472 x205 EMAIL: INFO@CANADASNEWCOMERS.COM


How are we doing? Your feedback matters to us! Customer Support:

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TTC eyeing GO rail corridors TTC votes not to integrate The TTC will study using existing GO rail corridors for a proposed subway route. A motion approved by the TTC board asks staff to collaborate with provincial transit planning body Metrolinx on examining the suitability of running a future Downtown Relief Line (DRL) along the Georgetown and Lakeshore East tracks. Metrolinx has placed the construction of a relief line as a priority for its Big Move transit network, and has pledged to build the DRL within 15 years if the project is funded. Station art winner wUnion

A Belgian studio has won a public art competition to develop a commemorative art installation for Union Station. Brussels-based LAb[au] was chosen by a five-person selection panel for the right to design and install a multimedia art piece in honour of the city’s first parks body the

rahul gupta TO in TRANSIT Walks and Gardens Trust. The studio’s winning idea fLUX focuses on themes of human motion and flow and will appear permanently on the station’s passenger concourse underneath Front Street. The piece is expected to be completed by mid-2014. streetcar testing continues wNew

Members of the media had the chance to take a trip on the new TTC streetcar recently. A testing model of the new low-floor vehicle made its maiden daylight voyage from the TTC’s Hillcrest facility, located at 1138 Bathurst St., to Bathurst Station. If testing is completed on schedule, the streetcars will be in service next year on multiple routes including Bathurst, though it will likely

take until 2019 before all 204 of the new cars ordered from Bombardier are in operation. station closure back on wPape

Pape Station will close for an extended amount of time after all. The station was scheduled to shut down for 12 straight days in June to speed up ongoing renovations, but the plan was shelved when contracted ceramic tile workers walked off the job as part of a province-wide labour action by the Brick and Allied Craft Union. Now that the strike is settled, the TTC says it will instead shutter the station from Aug. 19 to 30 during which time both bus and subway service will bypass Pape. For details about the closure, visit Rahul Gupta is the Mirror’s transit reporter. His column runs every Thursday. Reach him on Twitter: @TOinTRANSIT



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with bike sharing program BIXI still owes city $3.9 million RAHUL GUPTA For now at least, the TTC will not rescue the BIXI Toronto bike share service from a crippling debt load. A vote taken during the transit commission’s monthly board meeting recently does open the door slightly for the TTC to reconsider its involvement with BIXI, but only if a restructuring plan to be presented to the city’s executive committee in October falls through. By a majority vote, the TTC board opted to support staff recommendations strongly cautioning against integrating BIXI’s operations with the TTC mainly due to financial concerns that include the bike share’s $4.8-million city-issued loan, of which it still owes $3.9

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million. But by agreeing to support civilian board member Alan Heisey’s motion to reconsider helping BIXI in the future, the TTC is signaling it wants to see the bike share program prosper, said chair Karen Stintz. “We’re not the most strategic partner for BIXI and we wanted to say to the executive we support finding a resolution that works, but we also don’t want to see the program die,” said Stintz. “We will find a way to make BIXI work because it’s the view of the commission the program is important, but we understand we’re not in the best position to manage it.” A staff report prepared for the meeting notes Montreal, Chicago and London, U.K., have devoted money to their own bike share programs and recommends Toronto council do the same for BIXI. “There is no business case to support the TTC taking on

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additional expenses to support a non-transit initiative,” said the report. Despite enjoying initial success when it launched in 2011, BIXI, which is operated by Montreal-based Public Bike System Company, has not been able to expand beyond 80 stations, 1,000 bikes and 1,500 docking points or drop-off locations. None of the locations are outside the downtown core, which has limited revenue opportunities. Cycling Toronto president Jared Kolb, who would like BIXI to expand to at least 3,000 bike stations, said he was disappointed with the board’s decision, but confident a long-term solution will be found. “This story is far from over,” he said last Wednesday evening.

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| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |


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Exhibition Place board head into strategic planning process for 2014/16 ERIN HATFIELD

and operation of the park and promotes new business opportunities on the grounds. Exhibition Place is owned by the City of Toronto and is Canada’s largest entertainment venue. Layton is currently the chair of the board at Exhibition Place. Layton said this planning process is an opportunity to evaluate assets and explore how Exhibition Place can build on what it already has to offer.

He said there is also an opportunity to look at how to get year-round use and economic activity that will really start to sustain Exhibition Place. “I am curious to find out what some of the folks who use Exhibition Place think about it, but also what some of the innovators in our city think the potential is and where to take it,” Layton said. Dianne Young, the chief executive officer of Exhibition

Place, explained the first stage of the strategic planning is to get the board together for a workshop in September or October. They will develop a draft plan that will then be taken to the community. Young said, hopefully, the community meeting would be called for late this year or early next year. The last strategic plan reached its terminus point at the end of 2012, but a sub-

sequent plan was placed on hold pending the outcome of the casino debate. “It was hard to move forward because if you had a casino it would be something and if you didn’t it would be something else,” Young said. The strategic plan would focus on 2014 to 2016 and would set broad plans as well as specific initiatives.


For more information on Exhibition Place visit www.

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When the debate raged around whether to build a casino at Exhibition Place, Councillor Mike Layton heard time and again residents didn’t want a casino on the historic grounds, but they did want something to happen there. “Once every couple of weeks, I get someone coming into my office with a list of ideas or a plan they would

like to pursue,” said the Trinity-Spadina councillor. “It would be nice if we could have a more fulsome discussion about it.” Now residents will have a chance to explore what they would like to see happen as the Exhibition Place board of governors prepares to do a new strategic plan. Exhibition Place, under the direction of the board of governors, is responsible for the general management

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| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013


















MAZDA 3 • 53000KMS • STK #P3316



• 73000KMS • STK #N1445A







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• 53000KMS • STK# P3315








CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, August 1, 2013 |









Lube, oil, and filter Only $12.88* *Some limitations apply, see dealer for details.

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