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Mossy Oak Trail Guide Impacts Alaska On our recent Alaska Wilderness Missions trip to the Kenai Peninsula this past Spring, I gave a copy of the Mossy Oak Trail Guide to those Followers of Christ who I thought would take to heart what I have come to believe is at the very crux of the Christian life. The propositional truths found in God’s Word will come alive as the Living Word when assimilated into our everyday lifestyle. Chocked full of survival and camping tips the small camouflaged book serves as a handy resource that can be packed away along with other essential gear and used for gaining knowledge about God’s provision when adventuring into the great outdoors. The practical guide is combined with appropriate scripture passages to make this an excellent discipling tool for the active outdoorsman. Randy McPherson featured on the cover of this edition serves as the Chairman of Centershot Ministries and has recently committed considerable resources of time, funding and man-power to introducing international style target archery to the State of Alaska in catching the vision for bringing hope to the next generation of Alaska’s youth. Leaders from several churches have been through the instructional training to launch Centershot in their communities and use their Mossy Oak Trail Guide to glean scriptural insights into effective ministry. Randy has served as the keynote Master Sportsman at venues across the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage, and even in the Matsu Valley. Church leaders are learning about the powerful impact of archery in “Making Christ the Center of Your Life”. Check out Randy’s story of starting Centershot in church communities across the nation and


into several other countries around the world. Our 11th Annual Greatland Alaska Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast held in conjunction with the Kenai Peninsula Sport, Recreation and Trade Show was again a great success. Keynote Master Sportsman Peter Micciche, a commercial fisherman and State Senator, shared with us his experiences as a follower of Jesus Christ while out on the high seas of life when the winds of change blow fiercely. The handy Trail Guide presented to him included navigational insights for reading the wind velocity and its effect on the ocean surface conditions which is very helpful to a commercial fisherman when encountering treacherous weather. “... Can you find your place from which the wind blows? Job 28:34 In this edition of The Christian Sportsman you can read about an exciting quest to complete a rite-of-passage into manhood. Dan Wood and his son, Mack, from Anchor Point, joined up with me and my son, Richie, on a quest in hunting black bear where he received a copy of the Trail Guide while camping across Kachemak Bay just south of Homer. The handy guide was instructional in building camp fires, navigating a boat into shallow coves, stalking game and calculating ocean swells while on the waters of Kachemak Bay. On the third week of our adventure, as our construction crew descended into the state aboard flights from the lower forty-eight, hearts were prepared to take on the construction project challenges at Alaska Bible Institute. We placed tin roofing on the administrative building, renovated the laundry room and

built windows and doors in the living quarters for the staff directors who directed the operations of the Bible school. Each day during the third week of our Alaska adventure God began to renew minds while presenting opportunities for men to bond together as brothers in Christ around common goals and construction projects for the Alaska Bible Institute. The Trail Guide was given to each crew member who began to see and experience the Word of God as it came alive in the hearts of fellow workers as well as their own. We invite you and the men’s groups from your local church to consider joining us in August for another similar project as the presence of God’s Spirit goes before us in ... Bringing Hope to the Next Generation of Alaska’s Youth! This short-term mission opportunity makes for a great alternative for men to bring their family to Alaska for some REAL adventure in God’s great outdoors, even stay over a week to travel and view the sights of the Last Frontier! Click here to learn more about Alaska Wilderness Missions. If your church men’s ministry would like to receive bulk quantities of the Mossy Oak Trail Guide then Click Here.

Richard Jordan

“The perfect compliment for your outdoor adventure” Outdoorsmen around the world will tell you there’s more to the hunt than just the prize. Time away in the beauty of God’s creation provides an opportunity to reflect on God’s Word by the campfire or get real with Him in prayer as you are exploring new adventures through the wilderness. The Mossy Oak Trail Guide is the perfect complement to pack with you other essential gear. Inside you’ll find: • True stories of hunting and survival • Survival tips for a variety of conditions • Practical pointers for hunting, tracking and dressing game • Extended passages of scripture from “The Message” translation • Solid, interactive devotionals that apply to your life right now Not only will this valuable resource prove helpful in a variety of outdoor scenarios but it will also be there to fuel your devotions when you’re ready to encounter God in the backcountry. To order CLICK HERE


Randy McPherson Shoots Straight to the Heart

Centershot Archery Makes Christ our Life’s Target


Colossians 3:17 (NIV) And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Randy McPherson serves as the chairman of Centershot Ministries Board of Directors and brings to the organization a great passion for reaching the next generation of young people with the lifechanging gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian Sportsman is honored to interview one of our nation’s leaders who remains on the cutting edge of introducing archery skills to churches across the United States. 

caribou, and even black bear -- one of which is in the Pope and Young Record Book. Randy has had the joy of hunting and/or fishing in over twenty U.S. states and four Canadian provinces, but his favorite place is on his four hundred acre farm in Wisconsin.

If it swims, flies, or walks on all fours, Randy has probably tried to hunt it or catch it. While he enjoys it all, his favorite pastime is bow hunting, and with arrow in hand, Randy has harvested numerous white tail deer, mule deer, elk,

An innovative and effective outreach called Centershot Ministries has taken root across the United States and now even on other continents with over five thousand church based groups. The unique forum launched a few short years ago has since proven to help churches bring vibrancy and practical handson target archery skills to the core foundation of the church found in Bible study and scriptural passage memorization. The community platform has energized and propelled church leaders to introduce the joys of international style target archery to the next generation of young men and women as a discipleship tool which often encourages students to consider eternal life found only in Christ Jesus. Certified Centershot

1. Tell us about your passions as a businessman, husband, father, and outdoorsman?

serving God. Our role is to bring passion to the call that He brings to us.

I want to live Colossians 3;17,23,24. That whatever I do, I want to do with all my heart for the Lord. It is the Lord Jesus I am serving! I just see that in all of life whether we are working, fishing, hunting or helping out in a ministry, our whole heart must be centered on

2. What is your favorite species of big game animal to hunt and why?

As part of a family that liked to hunt and fish, Randy McPherson lived and breathed the outdoors while growing up in the outback of Wisconsin. He is the oldest of seven siblings, one of whom is Matt McPherson, owner Matthews Archery -- the world’s largest archery manufacturer. Check out an earlier interview with Matt McPherson, Edition #34e.

I love hunting whitetails with my sons on my farm in Wisconsin. The whitetail is the smartest and most difficult game animal to shoot and bring home to

instructors bring students through eight flights of training to include the “Eleven Steps to Archery Success” as well as scriptural teaching based on “The Salvation Poem” written by Mathews Archery’s founder, Matt McPherson. Randy, welcome to The Christian Sportsman magazine! We thank you for your time in this interview in response to some pointed questions that may help our readers learn more about your passions, family, career and the ministry of Centershot. We desire for our subscribers of The Christian Sportsman to glean a better understanding of Centershot, especially as CSF chapters across the nation promote the opportunity to build father/son (daughter) mentoring relationships together. Target archery builds memorable experiences that will last a lifetime and even lead families to pursue the joys of archery hunting as a great way to bring families together in the great outdoors.

the dinner table, especially a trophy buck. They have a very keen sense and are weary animals. The older I have become, the more trophy hunting becomes my passion. It seems that I now spend more time in the outdoors as I have become more selective in the animals that I shoot, investing much of my time observing wildlife rather than harvesting. Trophy hunting creates a whole


new level of intensity to hunting experience. 3. Are you a bow hunter exclusively or do you ever use rifles, pistols, or other weapons? I do a little rifle hunting, but bow hunting is my love. 4. We will not ask you which brand of bow you most prefer but we will ask you to share with us any vivid memories in taking a big game species with a bow Of course, I shoot a Mathews! Shooting record book whitetails is my greatest challenge. We grew up in shop class making archery bows and arrows. We talked the shop teacher into allowing us to make recurve bows. I wanted to make a bow because I could not afford to purchase one. I shot a Pope & Young record book black bear which was really a dandy trophy! 5. How does your immediate family respond to your passion toward outdoors adventure? My dad would take us out into the woods to hunt at a very early age so we have been hunters all of our lives. I loved hunting and my brother has always had a passion for making bows. He was always 8

caught up in the creative aspect of making archery bows. Truth made known, I am probably the most passionate hunter in our family. Matt enjoys hunting with a bow but is most passionate about designing and manufacturing bows. I am the oldest of seven siblings, three brothers and three sisters, all of whom enjoy the outdoors, but only my brothers enjoy hunting. I will join both brothers, Matt and Stephen this fall on an elk hunt in Wyoming. Matt is an amazing shot with a bow and a tremendous hunter. He is a much better shot than I am. I have seen him shoot a small Dixie cup at 60 yards. 6. What is your wife’s name and how many children do you have? Her name is Susan and I have four adult sons and one daughter, along with three grandkids. My wife and I celebrate 37 years of marriage this September! My three grandsons and four five children comprise a quiver full so I am truly blessed with seven arrows in my personal quiver! The Proverbs state, “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of children”! Psalms 127:5 My grandson, Ethan, is six years of age. He will go along with me on an antelope hunt in the fall.

7. Regarding your family and marriage, what are some of the tried and proven scriptural truths that you have discovered to a vibrant 37 year marriage to the “wife of your youth”? The scripture instructs us to love our wife as Christ loves the church. Christ put others above Himself. This is a very difficult mandate to follow in marriage. As the spiritual leader I must place my wife’s needs above my own. I am to guard my wife spiritually, physically, financially, and trust God to provide. However, I sometimes feel more inadequate as a husband than I do in operating a billion dollar company. 8. As a board member for Centershot Ministries I know that your priorities include the outdoors and the unique approach of using archery for church ministry. Tell us about Centershot and how you believe the sport of archery can impact our church communities for Jesus Christ in the short and long term? Richard, if I could just back up for a moment to say that originally I attended Bible College to become a pastor but could not sense the call to become a pastor so God led me into the business world. I have

Colossians 3:24 (NIV) since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

found that each of us have a calling to serve God full time. Even in the business community God has opened up opportunities to see things from a perspective where business leaders can help identify ministry opportunities . In my life God has called me over the last 25-30 years to start companies producing over that time period around four billion dollars in revenue. So the key to business as it is in life is to find opportunities and ways to capitalize on them. What I have come to realize is that archery presents a tremendous opportunity to reach young people with gospel of Christ. I have never met a young person who does not love to shoot a bow and arrow. They may not necessarily want to hunt but they enjoy international style target archery. The flight of an arrow is amazing to almost anyone, whether wheelchair bound, or handicapped children or even adults. I once observed a man who shot a bow and arrow with no arms! It is amazing the tool that we have found archery to be in teaching not only

children but adults as well in making Christ the target of their lives. It creates a great object lesson and a great activity to teach spiritual principles, helping participants to discovery where their lives are anchored. Otherwise, one will never be accurate in finding their purpose in life. The same truth holds true in life, we will never hit the mark if we are not anchored in Christ. Centershot Ministries is an awesome tool to teach kids “How to make Christ the target of their lives.” 9. How long has Centershot been active in starting church based archery outreach opportunities? Give us some specific examples of how you have seen the lives of young people, especially new believers, changed through archery training? Centershot Ministries launched just over eight years ago. As a tool for the local church Centershot creates a position to reach out to the community. Many times churches are waiting for people to come to them. I believe that

Centershot creates a way for the church to connect with those in the community who may have no interest in attending church. In providing free archery lessons the church can engage church volunteers who may otherwise never serve in a leadership role. It seems that many youngsters just do not have good role models in their lives. Centershot is also an excellent way to encourage men to become pro-active in serving in a leadership role in teaching young people. Kids look up to mentors especially those who have no father figure in their life. Thousands of kids have found Christ through Centershot Ministries in seventeen countries! 10. Give us some specific details in how a church would launch a Centershot Archery outreach in their community. Go to www. then order your equipment. There is a cost for the bows, arrows, safety netting, bow racks, targets 9

and accompanying curriculum. But once you are set up the cost are minimal, just snacks, recognitions awards, etc. There is a process to follow in securing certification and basic training for the church leaders to receive ensuring safety and uniformity in teaching standards. We have never had a documented case of any injuries so we have an excellent track record. The safety and discipline included in the training is very comprehensive which is provided through certified Centershot trainers. The trainers are also very competent in demonstrating how to use archery as an object lesson in teaching spiritual life into the students. I know 10

of one church that enrolled over 175 students for one class. Another church in Michigan had over fifty new commitments that were recorded in receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! This is the kind of impact on the local church and community that we desire. 11. Share why you believe that the core training around the “Eleven Steps to Archery Success” is so appealing to new archers? Well, Richard, one of the things I really appreciate about Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship is that it is about using the great outdoors to mentor men and their sons in following Christ by using the outdoors.

And I see Centershot as a continuation of CSF’s goals. Centershot mirrors in many ways the mission of CSF, International. Your focus on promoting Centershot as a father/son (daughter) archery class serves as an excellent way to mentor the next generation of young people. The eleven steps to archery success serves as the foundation to achieving proficiency in archery skills. The steps are: stance, nock arrow, draw hand set, bow hand set, pre-draw, draw, anchor, aim, shot set up, release, follow through and reflect. Following the foundational truths of God’s living Word will anchor a young person’s life to Jesus Christ!

12. Centershot’s Bible curriculum which is combined with the archery training is a very unique approach to connecting with a target market (No pun intended). Very similar in the archery training provided by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) it seems that Centershot for churches has the potential for teaching Bible curriculum to really impact the spiritual condition of our secular culture? The NASP program started in public schools about eight years ago and has just absolutely exploded with over 10,000,000 graduates. In contrast to Centershot public schools do not allow the teaching of spiritual truths in making Christ the center of your lives. As you have alluded to with regard to the freedom with which Centershot presents in teaching the Bible to students, archery terminology not only points us to our creator but all the outdoors activities of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other outdoors activities tell us that there is a God. One of the things that I share at sportsmen’s banquets is found in Romans where it speaks of God’s revelation to mankind that “His invisible qualities and

divine attributes are so evident that man is without excuse.” Romans 1:20 How do we find God and focus our attention on eternal truths? Psalms 42:1 states, “As a deer pants for streams of water so my soul thirst for you, O Lord”. The outdoors calls and draws us to Him. Archery is a wonderful tool where both young people and adults realize that you must anchor your life in Christ in following him to find true peace, security and meaning. 13. Your travels have taken you to Africa, Alaska and many places in between. How do you see Centershot expanding in the future and into what geographic areas? We have not allocated a large budget to expanding Centershot to venues around the world but rather relied on more of an organic growth through word-of-mouth. Centershot continues to explode especially with help from outdoors ministries like Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship. We now have thousands of churches that have launched Centershot because it is truly a Godbreathed ministry. I have served on many boards of Christian ministries but have not observed an outreach quite like

Centershot in reaching the next generation of young people. It is a complimentary ministry designed to come alongside of other outdoors ministries within churches to enhance their outreach. Kids all over the world enjoy shooting archery and it is a natural tool to be used to teach children “How to make Christ the Target of their lives.” 14. On another note regarding other ways that God has called you to serve could you please explain why it has been said that Randy McPherson’s singular purpose is to be a “CEM” – a “Christian Entrepreneur Minister.” In the word “entrepreneur” is the word “manure” (Laughter), You have to be full of it somewhat to do what entrepreneurs do! I heard someone ask my Dad why he started a business and his reply was “starvation”! Sometimes necessity requires that you do certain things when you need to make a living and provide for your family. It seems that I have just been hard-wired to own my own companies. That means that I must work harder for less money! The Bible states that “if anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God who will give him 11

what he ask for. (James 1:5) The largest archery company in the world was started simply because my brother, Matt, ask God for wisdom. He prayed to the Lord saying that he did not know how to make the best bow but wanted God to tell him the best way. He said that God replied, “It is about time you asked”! Matt has said that his success is not for his own benefit but that he wants to help ministries spread the gospel. The untold story is that my brother Matt gives away the majority of the 12

company’s profits to the Lord’s work all over the world. And I have the same view with my businesses. I do not own my businesses and my brother would say the same. He does not own Mathews but God does. God has challenged me in the verse of scripture found at Colossians 3:17 “Whatever your had finds to do, do it with all of your heart, not unto man but unto God”. If you are breathing then there is a reason. God woke me up once in the middle of the night and said to me “Randy, if you are not trying to do something

bigger than you then I am not in it. He said, If you can do it in your own strength then you do not need me. I like the Braveheart quote by William Wallace, “All men die but few truly live.” In these last days, God is calling men to live with a heart of passion. Every detail of my life needs to minister the Gospel of Christ! 15. Why are you a follower of Jesus Christ? Please elaborate on specific ways that you have followed Him rather than your own ambitions?

The Bible states in the book of Matthew that we are to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added.” Matthew 6:33 Then Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not own your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will guide your paths.’’ Since I was a small boy the miracle is not just that God can save us from calamities but that He can keep us from them. I know of men who have testimonies of how God has delivered then from alcohol and drugs and a life of crime. Since I have been five years of age I have been a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. There have been times when I have not felt like I have been on track and made mistakes and yet continued to seek God with all of my heart. Sometimes life is a little bit of groping and confusion but if you just place one foot in front of the other then God will provide. God has shown me not to just seek his will but to seek Him with all of my heart! 16. Who are some of your 21st Century heroes in the Christian faith? Biblical heroes? Billy Graham has been an exemplary model of a man called of God and has remained faithful in

every respect. The Apostle Paul’s admonition to finish well has given me great admiration for Billy Graham. The men in the bible that I most admire is the Apostle Peter and King David, two passionate men who failed miserably and yet both went on in life to finished strong. Peter began to sink into the Sea of Galilee but then again, he was the only one who actually got out of the boat. And King David was a great warrior. My brother, Matt, would say that I need causes in life worth dying for. Even though David had some great failures he definitely had causes worth dying for. He was a “Man after God’s own heart”. (Acts 13:22) At the end of the day David longed for fellowship with God. He prayed that God would restore the joy of his salvation. 17. Looking back on your life and career what would you change, if anything, any regrets, work induced fatigue, rushed decisions? The challenge we all face is that we need More of Jesus and less of us. We all seem to get caught up in our own vain ambitions and goals that really brings us down to the simple fact that I need Jesus and His Living Word, “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but

You Are Important to CSF! Tell us what you like and want to see in future editions. Also share with us which articles are the most helpful. Send your ideals to Read our back Issues at: Share your photographs. Send your photographs with a short exploration to: Visit our website to learn more about the organization, our many resources and diverse opportunities. Do you have a story to share? Request a copy of CSF’s author guidelines via email to FYI: Launched in 1995 as a non-profit membership organization now with over 22,000 members and 350 chapters started in local church communities in 38 states and three other continents. You can join the 22,000+ other sportsmen today. Click here to become a member.


have everlasting life.” At the end of our days the important accomplishments are not how big of a house we have or the score on the big buck or what was achieved in business, but that we had a saving relationship with Christ and finished the race well. 18. Could you please leave our readers with a one sentence message in life that would give them encouragement to trust Jesus Christ? Psalms 1:1-6 states, “Blessed 14

is the man who does not walk in the steps of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the company of mockers but his delight is in the law of the Lord who meditates on his law day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by streams of waters which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither, whatever he does prospers.” Christ Jesus will then bring wisdom, healing and restoration into my life. He determines the outcome of my

life, not me! My job is to show up and give life everything I have then it is up to God to determine what happens from there. Hear Randy’s interview on blogtalkradio click here.



Pulling the Trigger by Edgar Pierce

The old tom walked into the field unannounced. Would I pull the trigger? The conversation with a friend reaches a point where spiritual matters are natural in the flow of life. Will you pull the trigger? It had been a slow start to turkey season for me. I had another obligation that kept me away for the first couple of days. Even on Monday afternoon I was having difficulty getting things arranged to hunt. I finally made my way to where I thought a tom would appear late. I had to wade through swamps and travel though briars and brush that a rabbit would not dare adventure into to make it down by the river. Then my popup blind did not want to work correctly, which led to me being uncertain if it would collapse any second. I finally got settled in but only had a little over an hour before the sun would go behind the trees toward the west announcing night would soon arrive. I called softly a couple of times over the next hour or so, not really expecting any response. I had not seen any tracks, and the field was still muddy from recent rains, nor had I heard any birds. I looked to check my watch about every half hour and planned to make my exit in time to assure that I would reach my truck before dark. Then, unannounced the old tom showed up. He walked into the field about ten yards and let out a gobble that confirmed to the hen that he


had heard her call. That bright red, white and blue head looked gorgeous in the evening sunlight. I had ranged a tree that he walked behind and knew it was forty yards. He stopped behind it, which allowed me to get into shooting position, and fired up a couple of more gobbles that shook the silence and sped up my heart rate. As he stepped from behind the tree, he stopped, look intently and then gobbled. He moved another twenty yards in an ark that was bringing him a little closer and then he again came to an abrupt halt. Bad move on his part. It was time to pull the trigger.

The problem was I had cut my trigger finger off about a quarter inch six weeks prior to my hunt. Time to try Plan “B� - I laid my middle finger on the trigger and gently pulled. It happened just the way I wanted it to, even if I could have scripted it. The hammer moved forward and struck the firing pin then the firing pin struck the primer. The explosion was instant as the ignition took place. The powder burned and propelled the wad with the number 4 load down the barrel. The wad, that I found lying about 20 yards in front of the blind, held the shot together for a moment then fell away. The #4 shot headed toward the head


of the turkey. In an instant he was flopping on the ground thirty five yards away. It would never have happened if I had not pulled the trigger. Now I will admit it was not a hard thing to pull the trigger, this type shooting is the most natural for me, but at times it is hard to pull the trigger on a spiritual conversation with a


friend. Often it seems we need a starter that helps us pull the trigger. I have found that The Christian Sportsman magazine is a perfect “first touch” resource tool for striking up a conversation with a family member, friend or neighbor. Church men’s groups can even use the Magazine FREE Gift Subscriptions as a great way to “connect” with other

sportsmen who may not read Christian books but will read a magazine publication focused on the outdoors passion of hunters, anglers and target shooters. Edgar Pierce TEAM CSF Contributing Writer Author - Pursuing Fresh Tracks

Trophies of Grace 2014

Join with other sportsmen in “Climbing Legacy Mountain” as we build a strong foundation for establishing effective outdoors ministries in local churches across the nation. A fun skeet shoot is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at Wolf Creek so bring your shotguns (or rent a loaner) and make sure to practice your aim! Round trip airfare into Atlanta from most cities is very affordable. Seating for the Leadership Summit is limited so make sure to confirm your registration today!

Theme: Trophies of Grace Presentations and break-out sessions for training includes:

Airport Marriot Atlanta, Georgia

• • • • • • •

How to Launch an outdoors ministry in your Home Church How to Start your Centershot father/Son Archery Program How to Plan a Fall Alaska Wilderness Missions Trip How to Host a Multi-Chapter Special Youth Challenge for your State How to Host a Father/Son Shoot-a-thon Friendraiser How to Host Innovative Chapter Workshops & Clinics for Effective Outreach How to Coordinate EQUIPPING Camps for the CSF X-Treme Discipling Series

Early Registration $65

FRIDAY  8:00 am – 5:00 pm CSF Ministry Presentations

After April 1st $95


8:00 am - Noon*      CSF Ministry Presentations

Includes lodging & meals.


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm    Fun Clay Target Shoot

* BBQ Lunch and Special Guest Speaker

Seating is limited so make your reservations early for this premiere event for 2014.

Call 770.772.6749 for more information.




The Alaska Native community has many unique needs among the youth including the hope of Jesus Christ especially in addressing the tragic rate of suicide among the youth.

Since 1996, Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship leaders have traveled to Alaska in response to God’s call to missions in bringing hope to the next generation of Alaska’s youth! CSF has now hosted eleven annual Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfasts while launching numerous church based outdoors men’s ministries in cities across the state located from Anchorage in the South central area to Prince of Wales Island in the South east. The clear call to the Kenai Peninsula has been confirmed.

The first of two short term mission trips for 2014 was to renovate and construct critical facilities for student housing at the Alaska Bible Institute located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula perched high overlooking the Homer “Spit”, a narrow point of land projecting into the Kachemak

Bay. The bible training received at ABI equips students who are called of God to serve as missionaries to many of the approximate one hundred Alaska Native villages across the state which have no evangelical outreach in bringing true hope that only Christ Jesus can give. Our Destination - Homer, Alaska ***** Our Target - Alaska Bible Institute! The Fishers of Men team leaders from First Baptist Cartersville, Georgia, served as the core construction workers with assistance


from veteran missionary Cliff Jones from the State of New York. The request from Alaska Bible Institute was for a small team of committed volunteers to work on several strategic construction projects on the school campus during the short Spring construction window. Late in the month of May was the perfect occasion and the weather was picturesque to allow five projects to be completed. However, in retrospect the construction projects were secondary to the Lord’s


purpose in having participants travel over 10,000 miles round trip to the majestic great land of Alaska! It has been wisely stated that the only two things that will last for eternity are God’s people and God’s Word. The personalities encountered on this short term mission trip were no less than God inspired as we met the founder of Alaska Village Missions, Pastor Ray Arno, and other veteran missionaries who have a passion for young

people. Ray has directed the Bible institute since 1966 when the mission was launched for the purpose of reaching Alaska Native communities for Jesus Christ. After 48 years the passion continues to burn brightly!

Bringing Hope to Alaska’s Youth Launched in 1966, Alaska Village Missions now includes the Alaska Bible Institute and their radio ministry which serves as the communications arm of the outreach. Pastor Ray’s team of career missionaries from the institute hosted our work crew and included the new president of the school, Eric Rozeboom, along with other staff personal. Dan Kropf serves as the construction manager and Bob McEachern heads up the maintenance department. Probably the most critical director was the expert chef in the kitchen. Chef Matt Noble and Jerry Olt, his assistant, served in the kitchen to make sure our work crew was well fed and did not suffer from mal nutrition! Some evenings we would have ABI staff leaders to share insights about serving in their full time missionary role to the people of Alaska. Pastor Rick Richter from the Community Church in Port Graham was delighted to see fellow Georgians on campus since he and his family are former residents

of Athens, Georgia, and have only been in Alaska for about one year in their new leadership position among an approximate 171 residents in a small isolated village. Tragically, we learned that there remains over 100 additional Alaska Native villages without any evangelical outreach, whatsoever. Jesus once stated, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” Luke 10:2. Even in a richly developed country like the United States there are pressing needs for sending missionaries into remote areas of Alaska then enlisting others to support their efforts through monthly financial support and timely construction of facilities. “Some plant, others water but it is God who gives the increase.” 1 Cor. 3:6 Success within the Alaska Native villages seemingly may not be accomplished at the fast growth rate that our current western culture is accustomed to but rest assured that “God’s work done in God’s way will not lack God’s support!” (Quote

from J. Hudson Taylor, missionary to China) The spiritual void in a person’s life can only be filled with an abiding relationship with the Master Carpenter, the One who abides in the heart of many missionaries to Alaska. The challenges to effective ministry in the Last Frontier state are great but not insurmountable. The Russian Orthodox church has heavily influenced many Alaska Native people who were at one time exploited by fur traders coming to Greatland Alaska in their lawless pilfering of the community’s seafaring skills to mine the rich supply of sea otter and seal pelts for the lucrative China trade. Even though the Russian Orthodox Church was once needed for bringing law and order back to their villages, the vestiges of strict legalism continues to this day in dampening the message of God’s grace being introduced by evangelical outreach. The clarion message of Christ Jesus is that man is saved by grace through faith alone and redemption continues to be


proclaimed. God’s truth will set a man free for “Whom Christ sets free is free indeed” John 8:36 Each morning we prayed together, filled our stomachs with sustenance (Surprisingly, Cliff from New York enjoyed multiple servings of grits) then took on the day’s task with excitement and vigor. The roof had recently blown off of the administration building so three of us tried our hand at geometry in cutting the angles in the blue colored sheets of tin to fit well together. The roof was secure and could now shoulder the heavy rain and snow accumulation of the unpredictable weather patterns. We joked with Pastor Ray and told him that the only spot on the roof that might leak was located just over his private office. He is a seasoned veteran of the Christian faith and has assembled a qualified staff over the years who are dedicated to investing in students who are eager to study God’s Word then engage our culture with the claims of Jesus Christ. Now eighty years of age, Pastor Ray is gracefully transitioning the leadership of the Bible institute to a new and younger generation. Eric Rozeboom, a Liberty University graduate with seasoned experience in executive positions with a thriving family


business, now serves as the president of the school and is introducing some innovative ideals to the school’s operations. A new music program is now attracting young aspiring musicians to the campus along with more hands-on social interaction and service projects in the surrounding Homer community of approximately 5,000 residents. Practical involvement in churches, coffee shops and student employment provides opportunity to live out God’s grace through a very practical lifestyle. CSF, International has now established our Alaska Statewide headquarters located in downtown Anchorage as we continue into our sixteenth year of serving the people of Alaska through other similar construction projects located in South Central, Alaska. The Kenai Peninsula is the perfect place for establishing CSF’s operational outpost for serving Alaskans because several youth camps and bible colleges within the geographic area have a proven record of effectiveness and merely need CSF volunteer teams to come along beside them with helpful resources. In addition to construction projects, CSF desires to ultimately build out a rustic lodge and conference center for housing work crews as they transition in and out of the state onto the Kenai Peninsula in route to

remote villages to build parsonages, Christian schools, and youth camps with recreational facilities. Currently, we are scheduled to transport mission work teams onto the peninsula during the month of August to supplement projects launched this past May trip. We want to help build additional facilities for groups like Solid Rock Bible Camp, Alaska Christian College, Alaska Bible Institute, the Kenai Peninsula Community Food Bank and multiple churches who have been called to reach the next generation of young Alaskans with God’s grace and truth. The unique component of CSF’s Alaska outreach is found in the focus for church men’s ministry groups to invite their sons to join fathers in traveling to the Last Frontier in search of adventure and one-on-one mentoring opportunities. It is fantastic to observe God’s work in the lives of men and their family members as they retreat from their everyday work routine to experience the thrill of adventuring together to the Northernmost region of our nation. In looking back on our May 2014 Alaska construction projects it has been once again reaffirmed that the two things that will last for eternity, people and the Living Word of God, serve as the real accomplishment made on the

Kenai Peninsula. Our work crews experienced an even greater blessing from God than did those whom we served. The facilities constructed over an eight day time span will fill an immediate need in the short term, but the eternal significance is found in our investment in God’s people who are ministering hope into the lives of the Alaskan residents 365 days a year. Alaska

Wilderness Missions provides good stewardship for the local church and lasting spiritual fruit for the men and their family members who participate!

If you have only visited Greatland Alaska to enjoy the bounty of God’s provision through wild game and fishing trips then please consider combining a short-term mission/construction project in your plans for your next trip. You will experience a completely new and inspiring perspective of our neighbors residing in the cold North country where the need is great. CSF provides the logistical resources to make your trip fulfilling, productive and economical. Call CSF Headquarters at 770.772.6749 or click here.


Equipping Sportsmen with Truth for Today By June Hunt


THE BLACK CLOUDS OF DEPRESSION . . . Have the dark clouds of depression poured their tears upon your soul? Are you emotionally stuck . . . muddled in your mind . . . mired in your emotions? Do you feel isolated and alone . . . afraid that no one understands? If so, you are not alone. People from all walks of life have languished under the black clouds of depression. Can anything bring back the white clouds of contentment? King David—no stranger to depression—discovered the answer. He learned how to exchange the darkness of despair for the light of hope. Again and again, when his soul was downcast, he intentionally changed his focus—he continually riveted his focus on the faithfulness of his Savior . . . his Redeemer . . . his God. Three times, in three different verses, David asked himself the same question and three times he followed with the same answer. “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.” (Psalm 42:5–6)

Questions and Answers “Does taking medicine for depression show a lack of faith in God?” No. Various physical conditions can contribute to depression. For example, in bipolar and postpartum depression, a biochemical imbalance exists that can basically be treated successfully with medication. Unfortunately, many Christians fear being labeled unspiritual if they seek medical help for their depression, yet by doing nothing, they can suffer needlessly. Sometimes medication is needed for a period of time to “level out” mountainous swings so that those in the 26

throes of depression can see truth and walk on level ground. Ezekiel 47:12 explains that God made “leaves for healing.” Therefore, medicine is biblical. However, medicine should be used, not to numb the pain or to escape it, but to help a person process the pain. Additionally, medication should be the last avenue— tried only after all other steps have been taken—and always in conjunction with counseling. “Look to the right and see: there is none who takes notice of me; no refuge remains to me; no one cares for my soul. I cry to you, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.’” (Psalm 142:4–5)

Six Physical Contributors to Depression1 Hormonal imbalance Hormonal changes during puberty, postpartum (after childbirth), and peri-menopause (around menopause) can lead to depression. Medications and drugs Certain legal and illegal drugs can cause depression. Chronic illnesses Medical problems such as a thyroid deficiency and even a bout with the flu can cause chemical imbalances in the brain, which, in turn, can cause depression. Melancholy temperament Those with this temperament can take everything too seriously or too personally, quickly becoming depressed over circumstances or the slightest imperfection in themselves or others. Improper food, rest, exercise

Quit negative thinking and negative self-talk. A deficiency in the physical basics of life can contribute to a chronic sense of fatigue, lack of energy, (Philippians 4:8) and social withdrawal. Understand God’s eternal purpose for allowing personal loss and heartache. (Romans 8:28) Genetic vulnerability Based on statistical data, those with depressed family members are two times more vulnerable to depression than those with no family history of depression.2

Exchange your hurt and anger for thanksgiving.

“The simple believes everything, but the prudent gives thought to his steps.”

Remember that God is sovereign over your life, and He promises hope for your future. (Psalm 71:5)

Choose to give thanks, even when you don’t feel thankful. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

(Proverbs 14:15)

Do’s and Don’ts for Family and Friends Don’t say: “You shouldn’t feel that way.” Say: “I care about what you are feeling.”

How You Can Help Be an accountability partner—“I’m with you in this, and I won’t abandon you.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

Don’t say: “You just need to pray more.”

Listen and hear their pain—listening affirms their value. (James 1:19)

Say: “I’m praying for you, and I’m going to keep praying.”

Verbally encourage them—sincerely and often. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Don’t say: “You just need to read the Bible more!”

Realize the power of touch—a hand on the shoulder and appropriate hugs and kisses. (1 Peter 5:14)

Say: “There are several passages in the Bible that have given me much hope, and I’ve written them out for you. May I share them with you?” Don’t say: “You need to get involved in a church.” Say: “I’m involved in a church where I’ve been learning how meaningful life can be. I would love for you to come with me next Sunday, and afterward we can have lunch together.” “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.” (Proverbs 12:25)

Play inspirational praise music to lift their spirits— music is therapeutic. (Ephesians 5:19) Bring laughter into their lives—fun cards, videos, movies, and people. (Proverbs 17:22) “Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.” (Isaiah 50:10) Scripture taken from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Learn to Conquer Depression Confront any loss in your life, allowing yourself to grieve and to be healed. (Ecclesiastes 3:4)

1 For this section, schibald Hart, and Catherine Hart Weber, Unveiling Depression in Women: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Depression (Grand Rapids: Fleming H. Revell, 2002), 49–65.

Hart and Weber, Unveiling Depression in Women, 55.


Offer your heart to God for cleansing and confess your sins. (1 John 1:8–9) Nurture thoughts that focus on God’s great love for you. (Jeremiah 31:3)






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Quest Completed in

Bear Country author: Richard Jordan

Spring black bear hunting is always fun and exciting in Alaska, especially in what is known as bear country found across Kachemak Bay on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula in South Central Alaska. Hunting with a son who is entering into manhood brings even more fulfillment. Planning, preparing, stalking, camping, and exchanging stories around the camp fire created the environment and memorable events never to be forgotten between a father and his son. The conditions were just right for the 2014 Spring black bear hunt which presented the

unique opportunity afforded sportsmen such as my own son, Richie, to experience Greatland Alaska at its very best. His twentieth birthday marked a milestone as he was maturing into a fine young lad with a wholesome personality and a winsome attitude, albeit still slightly rough around the edges. Previously after graduating high school Richie participated in his rite-of-passage ceremony at Hi-Caliber Firearms located just north of Atlanta, Georgia. Twelve men who are close friends with our family charged Richie with some timely encouragement and personal insights into his trek into manhood. The

Bar-B-Q dinner combined with firing several rounds from a fully automatic M-4 made the evening even more impactful. Now the Alaska Black Bear hunt would serve as the crowning achievement to his memorable rite-of-passage into manhood. One of my great friends, Dan Wood, from Anchor Point, South Kenai, Alaska, and his twenty-one year old son, Mack, wanted to join us on the Spring hunt and suggested that we stalk bear from his boat at Sadie’s Cove just across the bay. He had known bear to hang out in the sparsely covered alders on


the hillsides that were sometimes not so accessible with forty-five degree slopes. The rich dark black coloration of the recently emerged bruins would be fairly easy to spot from the vantage point of Dan’s boat. Closing the gap in a timely fashion presents the real challenge to scoring a trophy black bear. Perhaps that is why Dan and I chose to just provide logistical accommodations while our strapping sons climbed the steep mountains in pursuit of a couple of really nice boar. Closing the gap proved almost overwhelming even for a couple of energetic men with long legs and unwavering determination. The distance sure seemed shorter from the boat but rather quickly the reality set in on the 600 to 800 yard stalks. We provided hand signals so both young men would periodically glance toward the boat with their binoculars. They both carried Weatherby high powered rifles


even though a bow and arrow was their choice of weapon. Scoring an Alaskan black bear is not easily achievable in four short days so their Mathews bow would be used on another occasion. We camped at Jackelof Cove just a few miles from Sadie’s Cove where the boat could dock and serve as sleeping quarters for two of us. Dan and Mack pitched a tent next to our campfire where we prepared cowboy coffee to accompany moose burgers for dinner and moose burritos for breakfast. We exchanged our man-talk stories around the camp fire each day, where hunting insights are gleaned and strategies are planned. Each evening the sunset was incredible! Other bear hunters were camped nearby from the small city of Sterling, Alaska, who were even more daring in their quest to harvest a black bear. Their eighteen foot skiff would be the very minimum size necessary to traverse

Kachemak Bay if the customary two foot swells prevailed on their return trip to the marina at Homer. Each morning we boarded the watercraft then carefully navigated the waterways so as not to engage shallow rocks and sand bars located at the entrance of the cove. In Alaska logistical support is 90% of the experience. Planning and preparation served as the prelude to pulling the trigger to be followed by trophy care and taking all precautions to prevent meat spoilage. Hunting bear from a boat was a new experience for these two southern boys from Georgia so we relied upon Dan and his son who had previously hunted the same waters in search of the elusive black bear of Alaska. When hunting remote areas of a big state like Alaska it is beneficial to partner with those who can relate to the ultimate objective of the hunting

party beyond scoring a trophy animal. Dan had attended the Greatland Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast hosted by Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship and the church he attends in Anchor Point has a vibrant outdoors men’s ministry, complete with an annual sportsmen’s banquet and father/son Centershot archery ministry. Both Richie and Mack are pursuing college degrees and each are totally passionate about the outdoors. As followers of Christ our hope and trust is in knowing and walking with Jesus daily even while hunting black bear. Yes, we were in hot pursuit of the lumbering bruins of Alaska but unfortunately did not tag out on this boat trip. The first bear spotted was about 400 yards up the steep incline on one of the slopes within Sadie’s Cove. So, undeterred, Mack and Richie disembarked the boat and set out climbing along the tree line at a forty five degree angle to

circle around to the top of the bear’s original location in their wind favor. We watched them from the boat with our binoculars as they resurfaced from the foliage superbly positioned to intercept their quarry only to be outsmarted by the bruin. The climb down the slope was much faster as they slid down between the alders in some spots along the decline. Arriving back at the shoreline they were now pumped with adrenaline and ready for the next stalk. Richie commented that he was just glad to get out of the boat and traverse the hillside with a newfound friend who was just as excited as he was while chasing a trophy in bear country. Another stalk proved fruitless as well as I spotted a bear then joined Richie in attempting to get in close enough to make a shot several hundred yards up the hillside. Amazingly, a large mountain goat appeared where we had last seen the bear so we just stood there to observe the beauty of anoth-

er one of God’s created big game animals. As we charted our way back to the camp site just before sunset around ten o’clock in the evening the sky lit up with striking color from the sun and silhouette of an active volcano called Mt. Illiamna ... a Kodak moment indeed. Two dads, two sons, one boat and my son’s bear tag yet to be punched! The next morning we caught halibut and cod then returned to the marina at Port Homer. Not to be skunked, Richie and I traveled to Caribou Hills located more centrally on the Kenai Peninsula to hunt black bear as we sat side by side in a Kawasaki Mule while following the crude trails cut by winter snow machiners each winter. Our pursuit in finding Richie the elusive Alaska black bear continues ...! But the lifelong friendship between a father and his son is now established in his quest as a young man enters manhood!



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Leaving a Legacy Through Estate Planning Christian Sportsmen’s Foundation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. The foundation is supported by the prayers and generosity of Christian sportsmen and corporate sponsors. One way that you can ensure that outreach to sportsmen continues is to consider including the foundation in your estate plan.

If you are interested in establishing a charitable gift annuity for the Christian Sportsmen’s Foundation, please contact Richard Jordan at 770.335.1814 or speak with your estate planning attorney. Your financial support has helped launch over 350 church based chapters across the nation since 1994 to impact thousands of sportsmen for eternity, along their sons and daughters.

CSF Camouflaged

SPORTSMEN’S BIBLE Some sportsmen have used the CSF Camouflaged Sportsmen’s Bible while in the tree stand deer hunting and believe that this edition of God’s Word is an invaluable tool for a successful season. Whether the action seems slow or you just want to take a moment to reflect in seeking inspiration from a favorite scripture reference, this small pocket bible is just right for the active Christian sportsman who takes his deer hunting seriously. The CSF Camouflaged Sportsmen’s Bible makes a great gift for family members and friends. Stock up today so that you will be, “Ready in season and out of season” to give an account for the hope that you have within you!

770.772.6749 or 35

Mission to Alaska by Chris Marley

1. What gave you the desire to travel to Alaska to take part in CSF’s Alaska Wilderness Missions project? I think almost every man desires to travel to Alaska at some point in their life. What better reason to travel to Alaska than for the purpose of doing Kingdom work. Before I was even involved in the men’s ministry at Cartersville FBC I ran across CSF and the Alaska trips while attending a Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference at FBC Woodstock. Several years later CSF set up a booth at our annual Sportsmen’s Dinner which led to many of our men having their interest peaked in the Alaska opportunity. CSF makes it an easy process and I can’t think of a better way to take a group of men to Alaska than with CSF. We see the trip to Alaska as a component of our overall service and mission strategy for our men’s ministry. 2. Have the men in your church done other mission/construction projects? Where and when?   Yes. Just within the last 2-3 years we have reignited our men’s ministry service efforts. We have been blessed to have a couple of men (Greg Gar


Pastor Jeremy Morton - FBC Cartersville, GA ner & Andy Russell) step up and take on a leadership role with our service team. These two gentlemen spearhead the execution of our annual service strategy and do so with a core “service team” of about 30 or so men that have various backgrounds and skill sets. With the blended talents and skills of this team they can do just about anything. However, our projects are not limited to these 30 men. They are the anchor of the service team, but participation in project opportunities is open to anyone. The service team has completed a number of different projects in the past couple of years, but if I had to choose “signature projects” I would highlight our efforts in the tornado

clean-up efforts in Adairsville, GA, remodeling of the Bartow Country Resource Center, and the partial remodeling of a home to better accommodate a young girl with spina bifida. I encourage your readers to check out a video about the last project I mentioned by visiting http://www.matthew419. net/service-team-update/ . I promise you that it will touch your heart. Our service projects are a combination of short-notice needs that require a quick response and other projects where we have a little more lead time and can better mobilize a larger response. We want to be flexible and reactive to the various needs in our community. While many of our projects are geared towards helping meet the needs of those within our church family we certainly have branched out to meet various needs in the community which has included partnerships with other churches. In fact, collaboration between churches in Bartow County has been so good that our local Baptist Association has called a meeting for local churches to come together and discuss different strategies for men to connect and unite to meet the needs of

our local community.

3. I understand that your church in Cartersville, Georgia has just recently invited Jeremy Morton to become your new senior pastor. Does he support the outdoors men’s ministry and Alaska Wilderness Missions plans?      We have been blessed to have Jeremy join our church as senior pastor. Jeremy was born and raised a Georgia boy and has spent a good portion of his life in middle to south GA where being involved in the outdoors is a way of life. Jeremy, along with other members of our church staff such as our Adult Ministry Pastor Doug Belisle, are huge supporters of our men’s ministry and our Alaska Missions plans. Our men’s ministry leadership team and our church staff understand the importance of all of us being aligned toward a common vision and mission. While our men’s ministry certainly values their support, we as a men’s ministry do our best to make sure we are supporting our church staff first and foremost. 4. Tell us about the background of some of the men who will travel to Alaska? Have they traveled on short-term missions trips previously? I will be getting to know some of the guys better on the actual trip to Alaska. To me, that is one of the many benefits of short-term mission trips. We have several hundred men in our church and you can’t possibly know everyone so I am looking forward to building

deeper relationships with some men that unfortunately I don’t know all that well. However, I do know some of the men well that are going on the trip and I was fortunate enough to travel to Ukraine with one of them a few years ago for a short-term mission trip. I do know that others in the group have been around the world on mission trips while some others will be experiencing their first mission trip when they travel to Alaska on our upcoming trip. We have a diverse group traveling to Alaska in terms of their age, background, skills, and experiences. That is what being the body of Christ is all about. 5. How do you believe that the Alaska missions trip will benefit your outdoors men’s ministry?   In some cases I think it will help men realize that they do have something to offer. I think it will also set an example for other men in our church and demonstrate the commitment of our men’s ministry. We are committed to serving in our local community while also being committed to serving worldwide if called to do so. We hope this will be the first of many short-term mission trips for our men and think such trips will nicely complement our local mission strategy as well. 6. What were the specific steps that you took to present this short term opportunity to the men in your church?   To answer that I would have to back up and paint a broader picture of the landscape in regards to our men’s ministry. For the past couple of years

we have really been pursuing our men with a new calling for men’s ministry in our church. At Cartersville FBC the men’s ministry strategy is pretty simple and straightforward. We believe that God has called our men to Engage, Grow, Serve, and Lead. We have attempted to hammer this message into our men so it is our hope that they don’t see a service opportunity such as a shortterm mission trip as a one-time event. We hope they see it as one piece to a much larger mission for them as a man and as a member of CFBC. 7. Tell me about the passions of the men in your outdoors men’s ministry with respect to serving in the church community and through missions? For our church, ministry, and men to be effective as the body of Christ we have to be willing to serve. Annual skeet shoots, golf tournaments, and Sportsmen’s Dinners are great and we do all of those things, but if our ministry is limited to that then we are missing the much larger picture of what Christ has called us to do as men. We have hundreds of men with many different passions and one thing that we as a ministry have tried to do is to present our men with various opportunities to get involved and to serve. In fact, at our annual Kick-Off event in January of this year we had 4 guest speakers talk to our men about the four pillars of our mission that I mentioned earlier (Engage, Grow, Serve, Lead). While we touched on all four aspects that evening there was an added emphasis at this


year’s event on service. That evening we presented our men with all types of areas where they could serve and asked them to commit to serving in some capacity during 2014. Those areas included shortterm missions, serving on a church committee, teaching a bible study, helping with other ministries within the church, etc. Each man completed a commitment card that evening and we followed up with each of those men on an individual basis in the days after the event. This was our way to utilizing the different passions of our men and making sure we were helping them plug into the right area. 8. Have you investigated ministry opportunities for reaching young people in Alaska where the suicide and teen pregnancy rates are off the charts? To be honest, I was not aware of some of the darkness that appears to be running so rampant in parts of Alaska. It was through our involvement with CSF that we first learned about the situation. I think most people would be surprised to see some of the statistics surrounding suicide, teen pregnancy, and alcohol abuse in Alaska. I know that when I have conversations with people about our upcoming trip to Alaska that they are surprised by the information that I share with them. Our team hurts when we think about these statistics, but we are hopeful that we can make impact during our trip. We certainly believe that the long-term strategy that CSF has in place regarding Alaska will make a difference.  


9. Most men’s ministry’s understand evangelistic outreach and short-term missions but struggle with discipling men. Does your church have a good track record in discipling men? This is probably the most difficult aspect of men’s ministry. We are constantly challenging ourselves by asking what we could be doing differently. As I previously mentioned our mission as a ministry has four pillars with one of those being “Grow”. The “Grow” aspect of our ministry is our focus on discipleship. We realize that we can’t force discipleship and that it can’t be limited to a “program” that we put our men through. Currently, our ministry leadership team is engaged with our senior pastor and adult ministry pastor where we are discussing the role of men’s ministry in the overall discipleship strategy of our church. We want our men’s ministry to be the “conduit” for our men in terms of identifying their discipleship needs and being able to guide them in the right direction. This is a challenging task and where alignment with our church staff is critical. We have motivated ministry and staff leaders that have some exciting ideas and we are praying that God will provide direction and blessing in our discipleship efforts. Having a solid discipleship approach is the key to the longevity of a men’s ministry. We recognize this and are working diligently to ensure that our ministry is not limited to “events” or “programs” for our men.

10. As a leader within your church men’s ministry what are your future plans for helping men more closely connect with the teachings of Jesus Christ? While we are the men’s ministry at CFBC we refer to our ministry as “Fishers of Men”. As long as our mission is geared towards helping other men become a Fisher of Men I don’t see how we can’t help them more closely connect with the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that God has given us a clear mission which is to have our men Engage, Grow, Serve, and Lead. All of our efforts are centered around this mission. Events, plans, and strategies can change from one season to the next, but at the end of the day we are staying locked and loaded on this mission. Our ministry certainly doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but we would love to be a source of encouragement for other men’s ministries that are out there and would suggest that you check us out at, like us on Facebook at “CFBC Fishers of Men” or follow us on Twitter at “CFBCFisherofMen” to keep track of our future plans and how we hope to connect our men to Jesus Christ.



2014 ABI Work Crew takes in the Sights of Portage Glacier at Whitier, AK

Charles and Austin Installing new Roof on ABI Admin Bldg 40

Cliff Jones (L) with Ray Caraway

Curtis Morris (C) with ABI Founder Ray Arno (L) and Pas. Rick from Port Graham 41


Homer Spit Marina, AK

Richard with Alaska Native pastor Shannon Bentley 42

TEAM CSF Completes ABI 2014 Projects

View Overlooking Prince William Sound at Whitier, AK 43

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Is Your Name in God’s Record Book of Life?

“I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again.” (John 3:3) Did you know that you can have your name permanently recorded in God’s book of life today?

HERE’S HOW: A) Admit that you need him - Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 6:23a: “For the wages of sin is death...”, B) Believe that Jesus died to save you - Romans 6:23b “...but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” C) Confess Jesus as your Savior and Lord by turning from your sin and calling on his name - Romans 10:9-10: “That if you confess with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:13: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 3:19: “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out...”

Our response is to receive Jesus Christ. Does this prayer say what you want to say to God? Dear God, I believe that your son died for my sins and ask your forgiveness. I receive Jesus Christ now as my personal Savior and invite him to be the Lord of my life from this day forward. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. Please contact us about your eternal decision: or Call us at 770.772.6749 CSF, P.O. Box 566547, Atlanta, GA 31156



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Social Media Integration IN LIFE THERE ARE THREE TYPES OF PEOPLE: Those that “make things happen”, “watch what happens”, and those that wonder, “what just happened”. And no one wants to get caught in this last category! “Sometimes it’s very challenging to adapt to change, especially when it comes to the unfamiliar technology accelerators that are now driving our outdoor communities. Over the past few months several cutting edge applications have been developed for web surfers using computers, smart phones, ipods, etc. Efficiency helps in finding success when living in an over-communicated culture” — Richard Jordan, CSF President Each strand of the “web” leads to another line of communication. The World-Wide-Web (www) connects us all together. But within the web there are great ways to inform and entertain like Flikr for sharing photographs or Youtube for sharing video experiences. Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship’s (CSF) goal is to keep you inform so that lifelong friendships can be built with other like-minded sportsmen!

Consider “the web” as more of a net, a fisherman’s net. Jesus stated: “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt. 4:19) Call CSF headquarters with your questions, to obtain links, or for technical assistance at 770.772.6749 49



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World-class trophies and Alaskan adventure! Contact us for more information and season reports


Stonewood Lodge & Peninsula Bear Camps

Hunt Big Brown Bears on The Alaska Peninsula

We hunt spring and fall for Brown Bear on the Alaska Peninsula with many trophies exceeding 10 feet. We have exclusive areas, professional staff, and cover every detail of the trip. Combination trips are available for wolf hunting and fishing.

Visit Preston Cavner & Staff at the Houston Safari Club, SCI Convention booth #3703 - 3604 & Dallas Safari Club Booth #1547 - 1648

Preston Cavner, Cavner & Julian Inc. • Stonewood Lodge • 1 Dice Bay, Port Alsworth, AK 99653 • (907) 223-9386




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Profile for The Christian Sportsman

Edition 36e  

Chairman of Centershot, an outreach of International Style Target Archery, Randy McPherson serves as the ambassador for one of the most inno...

Edition 36e  

Chairman of Centershot, an outreach of International Style Target Archery, Randy McPherson serves as the ambassador for one of the most inno...