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Vol. 65– No. 6

June 7, 2017

Massapequa High School’s Chief Source of News

Congratulations Class of 2017!

Valedictorian and Salutatorian The ‘Urli’ bird catches the worm! Dan Urli: Class valedictorian BY DANIELLE ANZELONE CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Dan Urli is known to the class of 2017 as a bright and well-rounded student, as well as a friendly and humorous fellow, extremely deserving of his title as valedictorian. With a GPA of 99.572, it is no surprise that Dan earned such a title in his class. He has taken 14 AP exams throughout his high school career, further proving the outstanding work ethic he possesses. Since he began high

school, Dan has held positions in multiple extracurricular activities including clubs and sports. He played on the JV soccer team in ninth and tenth grade, as well as MHS’s greatly successful Varsity team during his senior year. He is the vice president of the Spanish Honor Society, treasurer of the SADD club, and a member of the Spanish club. To top it off, Dan has been a boy scout for as long as he has attended MHS and has recently earned

the ranking of Eagle Scout. Aside from his involvement in clubs, Dan has also been recognized for many achievements. He is a member of the National Honor Society, a scholar athlete, and an AP Scholar with distinction. However, Dan is not completely engulfed with schoolwork at every moment. Like most high school students, he spends free time playing soccer or hanging out with his friends. Next year, Dan will be

attending Georgia Institute of Technology to study material science and engineering. Though he’s not entirely sure what he will do with his degree, he hopes to get a job in the research field. He thanks his teachers for inspiring him to enter this field of study. “Mr. Diehl and Mr. Zanco are both really good teachers,” Dan said. “They’re helpful with not only understanding the material, but also getting students to see how useful

it can be in the real world.” The valedictorian is thankful for how things have gone for him so far. “I’m pretty happy with how my high school experience went,” he said. “I don’t think I would change anything if I had the opportunity.” As far as his advice for the class of 2017, he encourages his fellow classmates to “take the important things seriously but don’t forget to enjoy yourself as well.”

public policy and then getting involved with campaign work or perhaps working in a legal practice of some sort,” he said. The road to his success wasn’t without hard work. Since his sophomore year, Chris has enrolled in 11 AP classes, citing AP Chemistry and AP English Literature as the most difficult. His diligence has also paid off in the form of being inducted into the German Honor Society and the National Honor Society. Chris also became involved in student government throughout high school since becoming the class president as a sophomore. “This experience has been really wonderful due to the fact that it allows me to organize events and solve problems that my peers really care about.” he said. Chris is also an accomplished saxophonist

and a member of the esteemed Tri-M honor society. He has balanced his his challenging classes and extracurriculars with an equally impressive athletic career; “I have also proudly served as the captain of the Boys Cross Country, Winter and Spring Track and Field teams, where I have been largely in charge of leading my teammates while progressing through my running career.” Chris said. Chris cites track and cross country as an especially important activity for him. “This activity changed me fundamentally because it exposed me to many awesome people like my coach Degs and some guys who I now call my best friends,” he said. “My experiences as captain have also broadened my leadership and organizational abilities by allowing me to organize team fundraisers, lead our team’s tutoring program, and

coordinate a number of our community service events.” Chris is grateful that “these sports have also humbled [him] as an individual to a great degree because when you step out on that starting line, everyone is equal, and everyone is going to go through the same pain and face the same struggles day after day- but together you all survive and thrive.” Additionally, Chris is a boy scout and earned Eagle Scout designation in November of 2016, something he said “really helped [him] hone [his] leadership skills and learn a number of great life skills.” Still, Chris acknowledges the seemingly small moments like “laughing with [his] friends at Ralph’s or going out to grab a bite to eat at Taco Joe’s after a track meet” as important. Chris advises student to “enjoy and take advantage of every opportunity you have laid out in front of you right now.”

“A vital philosophy my father imparted on me is that if you do everything you can to be the best you can, there are good things in store for you, even if you can’t see them yet,” he shared. “That which may seem stressful or saddening in the moment will in retrospect be a very good thing. It makes you you, and that’s the most wonderful thing you can be.” Finally, Chris thanks his family for their continued support: “They are willing to do absolutely anything to support me and they sacrifice so much every day to do so. No matter what the circumstances, they will always go out on a limb and do everything in their power to help me be successful and become a better person.” Additionally, Chris appreciates his track and cross country coaches: Coach Degs, Coach Ryan, and Mr. Leone because they “have been really good at motivating [him] to be great.”

‘Hads’ off to Christopher Hadsall: Class of 2017 salutatorian BY ALEXANDRA DOULOS CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

For anyone who knows Christopher Hadsall, it is surely no surprise that he has ascended as the class of 2017’s salutatorian with a weighted average of 99.49. In the fall of 2017, Chris will attend Georgetown University and foresees immense opportunity there. “I am planning to pursue a double major in Government and Economics with a pre-law track, however that may still change as time goes on,” Chris said. “I am considering getting involved with international politics, political economy, justice and peace studies, or German as well, but I am leaning heavily towards my first combination,” Chris hopes his ambitious undergraduate plans lead him to a career in politics and law. “My intention at the moment is to go on to either law school or a graduate school of


JUN 7, 2017


To my fellow classmates, Bittersweet. It is the perf Though we a ect word to d ll may be ex escribe the e cited for the nd to our hig becoming aw next chapter h school care are of the fa of our lives ers. ct that the en our lives is q to b e d gin, we are a o f what is wid uickly appro ll aching. ely considere As the year d the best ye draws to a c a rs of lose, it only have passed seems appro . Most of us p have been in riate to refle when our on ct on the yea Massapequa ly concern w rs that since our da as who we w recess. It’s in y s in e re kindergarten going to sit w comprehensi , ble, scary ev ith at lunch o calculus and en, how quic r play with a economics. k t ly our focuses In just a few have shifted short month to field, while o s, we will be thers move o on our way, n to universit some of us e up in August ntering the w y or the arm , it is where e ork d o fo u r life begins. rces. No ma have been pre tter where w For all of this paring us for e end time, our ex what is to co Some may b cellent teach m e , a e n d c o th n a c t ‘what’ is fi ers erned that th like this scho nally upon u eir time at M ol may have s. HS has flow Danielle Anzelone brought them way, I urge y n by, while o the worst an ou to hold o thers feel d longest ye n to the good every opport Co-Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017 ars of their li memories yo unity you ha fe. Either u have here ve to spend time next ye and take adv time with th a r, th e re a ntage of e is ones you lov never talked no doubt in So take pictu e because co my mind tha to outside of re s, sp me this t you will m class because will keep yo iss it. preserving th end time with your fam u from regre il e t y, in g a o n th o d d e near future g times and ch This isn’t to . erishing the et to know the people th say that next li at y many fun th tt y le time we h e a r w il l be depressin ings coming ave left is w ou g because of our way! Co h at idating but is the distance llege is a tota actually quit you may be lly new expe e thrilling. O allow for ma from home; rience for all ne thing I th ximum nap ti there are stil of us, someth ink we can a me. l so For those of ing that may ll lo o k fo rw y o se a u rd e w m to h in o is a ti re still unsure ma switch in sc do. At 17 an hedule whic d 18 years o of your future h ld, it’s not un w , y ill highly sugge o u ’r e not alone; usual to be u st that you e no one is rea nsure about xperience an what sparks ll y sure of wh the rest of ou ything and e your interest at they want r lives. But it verything yo . From there to ’s okay, there Though som u p o ss o n ib , y ly o u c e is ’r a m n e st , a g ju y il o l st b ld ti e e to m g n. e. I to differ, wh get your feet achieve the g at we have le wet so you k oals that we arned here in now have been st will have an high school riving to rea y application will help us ch our entire for someone us to thrive in to succeed in li v e s. Though c planning on whatever fie life and lasses like p m a jo ld ring in politi we may ente So welcome hysics don’t cs, the skills r. to se th em like they e re w st of your liv e have gaine going to last es. Enjoy th d from them forever. e will help freedom and I wish all of good times w my classmate h il e y o u can because s good luck in their future they sure are n’t , no matter w Sincerely, hat they cho ose to do wit Danielle An h it. zelone

Fellow classmates, It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter, my final piece for The Chief. Back in tenth grade, I never expected this time to arrive as fast as it has, and I certainly never expected it to be this difficult. Over the past three years, the newspaper has become a way that I have grown as a student and as a person. I hope all of you have found, or continue to strive to find, something that excites you and challenges you in a similar way. I urge you to forge your own paths as you progress, and bear in mind that education is a lifelong journey that does not necessarily have to take place in the classroom. The location of your education—whether intellectual, emotional, or otherwise—can be anywhere you choose and can constantly evolve as well. Whether you are excited to begin the next phase of your life—whatever you determine that to be—or apprehensive (or a little bit of both), I hope that you remember what MHS has taught you and that you build on those lessons of community, respect, and integrity. I hope you all remember these lessons fondly, as they will greatly enhance your character. Alexandra Doulos I think that, at this point, we all have some similar questions: Where will we go? Who will we become? I trust that we all will answer these Co-Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017 questions in the near future and that these answers will lead us to happy and productive lives. I’m honored to be graduating with such a multi-talented and enthusiastic class, and I’m exceptionally proud that we broke the record for responses to our online senior directory this year. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. I leave you with the wise words of playwright George Bernard Shaw: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” I know that all of you will create lives of substance and meaning because no matter how it feels, we are in the beginnings of our lives and have everything to look forward to; our adventures are only starting. That inspires me and, hopefully, you too. Go forth and conquer, Class of 2017! ~Alexandra Doulos



JUN 7, 2017



To the Class of 2017, First of all, congratulations! I know how excited you all must be for the next great adventure in your lives—I know I was at this point last year. Soon, you will be a graduate of Massapequa High School, ready to move on from high school and find your place in the world. With that in mind, I urge you to never forget that home is not defined by the geographical coordinates that identify where you grew up, but by the people and experiences that made that place memorable. As tempting as it may be, resist the impulse to rush out of Massapequa. Instead, spend time with loved ones and friends who helped shape you into the person you are today, as your life is about to change dramatically over the course of the next few months. Still, look forward to and embrace new experiences. College is the time to put yourself out there. My best memories of my freshman year are the times that I attended random events, started conversations with strangers that later became friends, or signed up for classes that piqued my interest. As I went about the year, I realized that I had begun to carve out a new home for myself among the sandstone buildings and soccer fields of Oberlin, Ohio. I can now say with confidence that I am more self-assured and driven than ever before—being forced out of your comfort zone gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual like nothing else. Class of 2017, take advantage of this empowering reality. It will pay off. I leave you with words, spoken by journalist and former White House Press Secretary Bill Moyer, that impacted me greatly during my first year of college: “Freedom begins the moment you realize someone else has been writing your story and it’s time you took the pen from his hand and started writing it yourself.” Now is the time to start forging your own path, Class of 2017. The freedom afforded to you in college presents you with the perfect opportunity to take the metaphorical pen from another’s hand, and lead your life in your own chosen direction— whether that be pursuing a certain major, taking up a new interest, or just simply taking the time to learn about yourself. These processes will undeniably lead to self-growth, no matter what ups and downs you may experience along the way; trust that everything will work out for the best. I wish all of you the best of luck in college and beyond. Revel in the accomplishment that is completing your senior year. You’ve certainly earned it! y Luce

Kaitlyn 15-2016 0 2 f e i h -C Editor-in

New York “The Empire State”

Adelphi University Lauren Buchanan - Undecided Nick Centrone - Neuroscience Amanda Greeff - Graphic Design Alexandra Kanapes - Nursing Charlotte Maltby - Nursing Alessandro Sambone - Education and Special Education

My very best wishes, Kaitlyn Lucey Former Editor-In-Chief of The Chief, 2015-2016

Fashion Institute of Tech. Natalie Carozza- Production Management/ Advertising Marketing Communications Lauren Gennardo- Fashion Design Emily Keuchler - Fashion Business/Advertising Marketing Communications

Fordham University Mark Dobres- Psychology/Pre-law Kelly McGuirk- Communications

Hartwick College

Bard College

Tommy Ammendola- Education

Bloomsburg University

James Christian- Civil Engineering Travis Flanders- Engineering Alexa Gandolfo- Undeclared Despina Giasemis- Medicine Steven Panagoulias- Engineering Margaret Ruggiero- Undecided

Liam Bach- Biology

Juliana Diesel - Accounting

Borough of Manhattan Community College Samantha Lambrou- Marketing

Concordia College Matthew Conkling- Lutheran Education

Cornell University Kevin Van Vorst- Biomedical Engineering

Culinary Tech Center Brett Madden - Culinary

CUNY Baruch Albert Fanara- Accounting Riley McPhee-Foreign Languages

CUNY John Jay College Samantha Auz - Criminal Psychology Chloe Pelli- Criminal Justice Sophia Raimi - Criminology

Hofstra University

Iona College Jessica Fehn- Speech Pathology/Audiology Kelsey Prendergast- Education Jamie Smith- Education

Ithaca College Mary McGrath - Computer Science James Roefs- Accounting

LIU Post Nicole Ludwig- Psychology Luke O’ Mahony- Business Administration Nicole Zito- Nursing / Psychology Nicolette Rine- Equine Science/ Physical Therapy

Manhattan College Christina Signoretti- Biochemistry

Manhattanville College Nicole Caneda - Education

Mercy College Cristina Ferrara -Education

Marist College Jaime Cristallo- Biology/ Pre-Med Ariana Pittelli - Health Angelica Radomski - Political Science (Pre-law)

Molloy College Dylan Colucci - Accounting Juliana Flavoni - Nursing Nicole Grappone - Communications Alissa Leone - Early childhood education Kate Loughran - Education Alexandria Martino - Nursing Kaitlyn Rail - Nursing Adriana Siragusa - Nursing Sophia Valkiv - Childhood education

Morrisville State Samantha Persad - Equine Science

Mt. St. Mary College Sofia Bicchetti - Nursing Jaime Clougher - Nursing Jillian Smith - Nursing

Nassau Community College Paul Abizeid - Business Chris Ascher - Biology Nick Barbarise - Elementary School Education Justin Bielli - Law Enforcement Nicholas Biggers - Businesses Jenna Calabrese - Forensic Psychology Buddy Denny - Psychology Katherine Erdmann - Marketing Chris Fabrizio - Radiology Daniel Foran - Electrical Engineering Benjamin Formes - Undecided Allyson Goetz - Acting/Drama/Theater Leonardo Grippi - Criminal Justice Kyle Howard - Undecided Thomas Koemm - Music Victoria Jack - Early Education John Langton - Liberal Arts Vincent Latino - Business

JUN 7, 2017




Nassau Community College Jaclyn Lembo - Undecided Joe LiVecchi - Liberal Arts & Science - Humanities & Social Science (A.A.) Dana Matthews - Psychology or Medical Assisting Aidan McCall - Criminal Justice Richie Mizsak - Journalism Matt Musalo - Undecided Austin Nudelman - Music Education Michael Pomilio - Physcology Katherine Rodriguez - Undecided Philip Ruppert - Computer Programming and Repair Jake Solik - Undecided John Stanwise - Undecided Alyssa Tennariello - Liberal Arts Ashley Toole - Undecided Thomas Truckenbrodt - Mechanical Engineering Justin Vanderneut - Audio Technician

New York Institute of Tech.

Salvatore Costanza - Architecture Lauren Glaser- Occupational Therapy Stacie Kiriazis - Graphic design

New York University Gabriella Avedissian- Drama

Pace University Mackenzie Byrne-Childhood Education Amanda Fedele -Film Katrina Parubleva- Arts and Entertainment Management

Pratt Institute Mattia Socci - Art direction and Illustration

Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Justin Pepe - Aeronautical Engineering

Rochester Institute of Tech. Shannon Devine- Audiology Gregory Dynia- Chemical Engineering Alec Maxwell- Chemical Engineering Tyler Sugamele- Jewelry Design

Siena College Emma Chinsky- Education Giacomo D’Alessandro-Business

St. John’s University Victoria Barbera- Actuarial Science Marina Femia- Speech Pathology Catherine Testaverde- Italian and Spanish

St. Joseph’s College Jaelin Culley-Accounting Olivia Giordano- Elementary Education

Suffolk Community College Jack Sullivan - Paramedic E.M.T.

SUNY Albany Zoey Bert - Biology Ryan Cornell - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Stephen Edelman - Homeland Security Danny Hamilton - Business administration Julianna Hartmann - Accounting Tyler Hutchinson - Criminal Justice John Mulcahy - Business Meagan Nolan - Biology Jake Taylor - Business Administration Dylan Waters - Homeland Security

SUNY Binghamton Danielle Anzelone- Computer Science Alex Cambria- Undecided Justin Casement- Biology Dana DeNave- Biology Alexandra Doulos- English and Economics Linie Li- Biology Tara Rosen- Political Science or PPL

SUNY Brockport Robert Ferrara - Physical Therapy

SUNY Buffalo Dina Bam - Nursing Caitlyn Curley - Nursing Maria Fee - Speech and Hearing Sciences Kiera Flaherty - Nursing Kyle Heneveld- Computer Science Brendan Mescall - Business Andrew Mirabella - Computer Science Morgan Schnee - Mechanical Engineering Elizabeth Stippell - Chemistry Sarah Turano - Nursing

SUNY Buffalo State Alyssa Mahan- Dietetics

SUNY Cortland Chris Arnold- Athletic Training/Physical Therapy Morgan Brust- Inclusive Childhood Education Cassidy Byrns- Biomed Anissa Cherubini- Childhood Education Kyleigh Gallagher- Undecided Daniel Gdanski - Business Economics Tyler Heidrich - Business Kerry Hennessy- Undeclared Michael Martin - Criminal Justice Peter Mulligan- Physical Education

SUNY Farmingdale

Carson Brickmeier - Botany Thomas Cregan - Liberal Arts Dante Della Porta - Liberal Arts and Sciences Rich Devoti - Public Communications Nick Fossari - Business Daniel Foy - Computer Sciences Brandon Frascino - Undecided Corianna Goldberg - Psychology Leanna Jerolimov - Liberal Arts Colin Kirchstetter- Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Peter Lampasona - Bioscience Alec Mangino - Criminal Justice Andrew Martello - Computer Programming Julia Nassour- Liberal Arts James Pfail- Electrical Engineering technology Jacqueline Rathjen - Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Te Christian Sanzone - Undecided John Socci - Computer Programming and Information Syst Nicolette Susi - Business Administration Michael Tartamella - Applied Mathematics Mark Vitucci - Bioscience Edward Walsh - Criminal Justice Jillian Wygand - Visual Communications Colin Kirchstetter- Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Peter Lampasona - Bioscience Alec Mangino - Criminal Justice Andrew Martello - Computer Programming Julia Nassour- Liberal Arts James Pfail- Electrical Engineering technology Jacqueline Rathjen - Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Te Christian Sanzone - Undecided John Socci - Computer Programming and Information Syst Nicolette Susi- Business Administration Michael Tartamella - Applied Mathematics





JUN 7, 2017

Mark Vitucci - Bioscience Edward Walsh - Criminal Justice Jillian Wygand - Visual Communications

SUNY Geneseo Ryan Catapano- Business William Eng- Physics Noah Flaum- Business Joseph Magrino - English Education Hannah Nicchi - English Julia Ophals- Biology

SUNY Maritime Thomas Farley - Mechanical Engineering Adam Mosca - Business

SUNY New Paltz

Kathryn Anderson - Undecided Jack Georgis - Computer Science Nicholas Giordano - Finance Jessica Jewell - Accounting Brian Miranda - Marketing

SUNY Old Westbury

Jake Gould - Elementary Education River Hansen - Math Education Dom Kriegel - Business

SUNY Oneonta Allison Abbate - Education Cameron Ahlers- Elementary Education Emma Fountain- Undecided Daniel Koch - Technology Education




Aliyah Petrone- Elementary Education Christina Laera - Fashion and Textiles

SUNY Oswego

Gianna Montano- Marketing Matthew Pfeffer- Accounting Jillian Uretsky- Early Childhood Education

SUNY Plattsburgh Michael Barbas- Computer Science Michael Boyle- Business Emily Chicoine - Nursing Christina Dunn- Biochemistry Emily Jennings - Human Development & Family Relations Gianni Murano- Computer Science Nicole Zweier- Childhood Education

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Senior Issue Editorial Staff EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Danielle Anzelone Alexandra Doulos LAYOUT MANAGER Danielle Anzelone ADVISOR Elyn Coyle

Robert Zuch - Communications & Information Design

SUNY Potsdam

Courtney Conkling- Music Performance and Education

SUNY Purchase Stephanie Gentiluomo - Arts Management and Art History Kerry Young- Literature

Special thanks to Mrs. Coyle for putting up with us, pushing us to do our Jacob Popeck - Meteorology Michael Cottone - Biochemistry best, and for her continuous Carson Taylor - Electrical EngiEmily Fasano - Biology support of the newspaper neering Michael Lam - Engineering and freedom of the press. Brian Margulies - Computer Science Sarah Whelan - Marine Vertebrate

SUNY Stony Brook

Nicholas Nesi - Undecided



JUN 7, 2017

Syracuse University Antonia Bianco - Broadcast and Digital Journalism Edward Devenish - Business/Finance

Utica College Michael Baierlein-Physical Education

U.S. Military Academy - West Point Elizabeth Murphy - International Affairs

California “The Golden State”

Univ. of California - Berkeley Holden Valentine - Political Science

Stetson University Lili Simonetti - Political Science and International Affairs

University of Florida Matthew Fasulo- Biology Breanna Reda - Medical Field

University of Miami Daniela Snyder- Accounting

University of Tampa Michael Benvenisti - Sports Management Nick Bianco - Zoology Riley Dempsey - Accounting Christopher Pursley - Business Christopher Toma - Pre-Medicine



“The Peach State”

“The Centennial State”

U. of Colorado — Boulder John Nicolini - Journalism

Georgia Inst. of Tech. Adrienne Dorr- Aerospace Engineering Daniel Urli- Materials Science and Engineering

Connecticut SCAD “The Constitution State” Quinnipiac University Shannon Clarke- Occupational Therapy Marisa Kennedy- Psychology Meghan McClenahan- Education John Probst - Biology Paul Ranallo- Accounting Margaret Smith- Film/Television Production

Sacred Heart University Cassidy Crescenzo- Biology- Pre-PA track Alyssa Santaniello- Nursing Lauren Vollaro- Education

University of Connecticut

Sabrina Montella - Psychology

University of New Haven Kevin Clyne- Civil Engineering

Delaware “The First State”

University of Delaware Kristen Delmore - Communications Sarah Finelli - Cognitive Science Michal Folczyk - Undecided Donnamarie Gahn - Biomedical Engineering Emily McHale - Undecided William Tammaro - Pre-Veterinary Medicine Luciana Vernola - Music Education/Multilingual Interpreting


“The Sunshine State”

Embry Riddle Aeronaut. Univ. Thomas Anderson - Aeronautical Science

Florida Inst. of Tech. Nicholas Tolentino - Computer Engineering

Florida Southern College Jaclyn Musachio- Nursing



Massachusetts “The Bay State”

Bentley University

Grace Cresser- Undecided

Boston College Emily Hanley-Business

Boston University Michelle Fong- Biology Gianna Parisi - Undecided

Northeastern University Kristin Ader- Economics

U. Mass. — Amherst Carmela Rossello- Communication Disorders


“The Show-Me State”

Washington University - St. Louis Evan Molyneaux- Mechanical Engineering and Finance

Kayla Haselein-Graphic Design

Illinois “The Prairie State”

University of Illinois Hope Breslin- Undecided

Indiana “Crossroads of America”

Purdue Univeristy Andrew Geisler- Engineering

Kentucky “The Bluegrass State”

Centre College Mackenzie Conkling- Music/Engineering Joseph Whalen- Law/Political Science


“The Pine Tree State”

University of Maine Stephen Urli - Elementary Education

Maryland “The Old Line State”

Loyola University Maryland Connor De Vos- International Business and Marketing Abigail Herman- Bio-psychology Colin Wildes- Communications

U. of Maryland at College Park Brendan Reilly - Engineering

New Jersey “The Garden State”

Monmouth University Christopher Putnam - Biology

Stevens Inst. of Tech. Trevor Dawideit- Computer Engineering

North Carolina “Old North State”

UNC Charlotte Michael Pashkoff - Accounting

Oregon “Beaver State”

University of Oregon Catherine O’Hara- Geophysics


“Birthplace of Aviation”

College of Wooster Michael Fishstein - Microbiology Caitlyn O’Connor - Undecided

Ohio State University Ben Nocella- Undeclared

Pennsylvania “The Independence State”

Drexel University Giovanni D’Agostino - Computer Science

JUN 7, 2017






JUN 7, 2017


Eastern University Steve Sattanino - Psychology

Lafayette College Adriana Heimbauer- Mathematics/Economics

Misericordia University Kaitlyn Brown- Occupational Therapy Keith Primm- Nursing

Penn. State University Tyler Deegan-Business Danielle Stauder-Forensic Science Derek Taylor- Kinesiology Kristen Zorovich-Business

Temple University Ryan Kaufman - Film & Media Arts

Thomas Jefferson Univ. Lauren Mehr - Physician Assistant

University of Scranton Kristen Cecala - Nursing William Delmore - Accounting Matthew Pinto - Accounting Jamie Psinakis - Nursing

Villanova University Heather Pitek- Communications

York College of PA Matthew St. Jeanos - Criminal Justice

Rhode Island “Little Rhody”


Virginia Inst. of Tech.

Roger Williams Univ.

Juan Arango - Computer Engineering John Paul McConnell - Engineering

Harrison Gorman- Biology Chris Schmidt- Construction Management

University of Rhode Island

District of Columbia

Erica Santantonio - Fashion Merchandising

“Heart of the Nation”

South Carolina

“The Palmetto State”

Georgetown University

Furman University

Chris Hadsall- Government

Kyle Korwan- Engineering

George Washington Univ.

Washington and Lee Univ.

Nicholas Gucciardo- International Affairs

Nicole Dahlquist- Business

West Virgnia

Univ. of South Carolina

“The Mountain State”

Sydney Cassano- Biology Jacqueline Murello- Nursing

West Virginia University


“The Commonwealth”

Brett Amato- Business/Economics Joie Landy- Nursing

James Madison University

Wisconsin “America’s Dairyland”

Dominic Catapano- Accounting TJ Lainiotis- Biology

U. of Wisconsin, Madison

Liberty University

James Kuoppala - Computer Science

Andrew Lazina- Business Administration

Careers and Vocations Ryan Ford - Carpenter’s Assistant Richard Hegarty - Welding Ray Yaghoubi - Undecided

United States Marine Corps.

Johnson and Wales Univ. Shannon Brust- Hospitality Brianna DeLuna- Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management Jessica Fiorentino- Baking and Pastry Arts


In September, two graduating seniors, John Zirker and Taylor Bond, from Parkview High School in Georgia shared a senior shirt commemorating the graduation of the last of the 90’s babies. We have become truly nostalgic and prideful in our collective birth year. Here are nine things that the Class of 2017 will remember as the last of the 90s kids! 1. We watched Disney movies on VHS, not on DVDs or Netflix. 2. Beanie Babies, Webkinz, and more! We sure were obsessed with stuffed animals, and soon, the internet. 3. We folded paper into fortune tellers and determined the futures of ourselves and our friends. 4. Playing with Tamogotchis convinced you—but not your parents—that you could take care of an actual pet. 5. Saturday mornings were reserved for hilarity, watching Cartoon Network and Disney. 6. Mechanical pencils and Smencils were your choice writing utensils. 7. Heelys were banned every year. 8. Everyone loved to wear slap bracelets and collected them in every color and pattern. 9. With parachutes and scooters that always seemed to find your fingers, we always looked forward to gym class.


Zachary DiRico Jason Donnelsson Kevin Smithwick Peter Quinn

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

The Chief wishes the best of luck to all students in whatever paths they choose.

Senior 2017  

The Senior 2017 issue of Massapequa High School's award-winning student newspaper publication features a directory which informs seniors whe...

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