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Dimensions Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Issue 7

In this issue: Workplace Tracking – Footfall Monitoring corpXchange - Get yourself connected MobileCoRE® - Innovation, observation, customisation The Changing Workplace - Community support More ways to enhance workspace and productivity More new faces and multiple promotions at CWP Global adventures and ‘Guess the location’ competition



Workplace Tracking – Footfall Monitoring The good, the glad and the agile


corpXchange Get yourself connected and request priority membership


MobileCoRE® - Innovation, observation, customisation ‘Surveys on the move’ app gives reporting flexibility


The Changing Workplace - Community support Macmillan's ‘World's Biggest Coffee Morning’


More ways to enhance workspace and productivity Another 10 suggestions – please keep them coming!


More new faces and multiple promotions at CWP New recruits to bolster an expanding team


Global adventures in 26 days ‘Guess the location’ competition and win vouchers

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Welcome to the latest issue of our Dimensions magazine by Steve Thorley, CEO

This issue is packed with information on hot topics, new products and services and issues in Corporate Real Estate. Thanks very much for all of your kind comments and feedback on the new design and format of Dimensions. We’ve had a fantastic last few months here at The Changing Workplace and have lots to update you on in this Autumn/Winter issue. This time around there's another opportunity to join the priority membership list for corpXchange, our online CRE forum, a taster from our new white paper on Workplace Tracking – Footfall Monitoring, with the option to receive or download the full version. On pages eight and nine there is information about MobileCoRE®, our new mobile ‘Surveys on the move’ app which has been entered into the 2014 i-FM Technology in FM Awards. Elsewhere in the issue we have more ideas on how to enhance your workspace and increase productivity, an update about our new staff and promotions, and their community activities. You can also enter our ‘Guess the location’ photo competition on page 16 for the chance to win Amazon vouchers. I hope you enjoy reading about our new innovations, updates and features, and to give feedback please email We'd very much welcome your suggestions and contributions for future articles. Best regards

Steve Thorley Chief Executive Officer

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Workplace Tracking - Footfall Monitoring The Changing Workplace has just published a new white paper on the benefits of Workplace Tracking - Footfall Monitoring. This covers how organisations can discover their true space utilisation and occupancy potential with video and beam sensor technology to help answer the three big CRE / FM questions of: 타 Do we have enough space? 타 Do we have too much space? 타 Can we reconfigure to meet demand?

Working habits are changing and the way in which we use space and interact with colleagues is undergoing a significant transformation. There is dramatic behavioural change in terms of how the CRE function is viewed and the expectations that are now placed upon it.

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Pilot study: Comparing static and agile space We've conducted pilot studies with two leading global companies, comparing a traditional, statically operated floor and an agile floor. The setup was linked to our WebCoRE® CAFM software and the results from these specific floors have been startling...

Immediately we have seen opportunities for cost savings of up to 50% on the floors we've piloted, which in London equates to £3.25m per annum per floor. As a result our client is considering rolling out footfall monitoring globally.

Expansion of the mobile workforce means the locations we work in, the facilities we need, when and how we work, and what we are required to do is vastly different from just a few years ago. Footfall monitoring is about tracking how workspace is operating and being utilised at any point in time, identifying opportunities so they can be acted upon and maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing floor or building. It's an ideal solution for CRE professionals to employ on any floor or workspace and can be a precursor to moving to an agile environment by verifying how your portfolio's design and layout is working. Video-based counters: A simple solution Straightforward and dynamic footfall monitoring gives directors, heads of department, facilities managers and space planners the data they require for effective space management.

Graphically review the difference in usage between stairways and lifts. See how staff are gaining access to and exiting a floor.

Track footfall by rate in and rate out and clearly see the levels of occupancy at any given time.

For a PDF or printed copy of our full white paper please email with WT – FM in the subject title and your contact details.

Video-based counters emit and detect an infrared beam and identify people passing beneath, counting each interruption caused when a person walks through the beam. Ideal for anonymity, they can be set up in lift and lobby areas, fire escapes and lower traffic areas like stairwells.

Alternatively you can download the white paper from our website by clicking here.

Footfall monitoring provides a simple solution, allowing CRE professionals to report on how floors and buildings are currently being used and how they could be repurposed or reconfigured. Page | 5

corpXchange Get yourself connected In the last issue of Dimensions we gave you a preview of a new online industry forum that we are developing for senior corporate real estate and facilities management professionals. corpXchange will enable communication without recruitment consultants and spammers interrupting and diluting the content and discussions taking place. Our online global network is being developed to connect people working in CRE and FM. Bringing together individuals as peers or groups, members can share knowledge, best practice and supplier information in a controlled and secure environment. We'd welcome further feedback from our readers about what you think constitutes an effective and relevant online CRE / FM community. Perhaps you are a member of an existing network but don't engage that much after an initial burst of activity? Or maybe you haven't found the right group or platform yet to meet your requirements? Either way we'd love to hear from you, so please email any ideas or suggestions to with corpXchange in the subject line.

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corpXchange is a dynamic online private members club created for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management professionals.

I highly recommend that industry thought leaders and innovators join, engage and help to facilitate all manner of information exchanges.

Denis McGowan, Standard Chartered Bank

Feedback received will shape our final beta version and focus our team on making sure that the full benefits of online collaboration and engagement can be attained by members. We are striving for a network that empowers members via a platform that can match supply and demand, facilitate dialogue via existing public and private forums and enable members to start their own topics for discussion. Provided with an ideal online space to share or trade information, data, services, space or commodities, corpXchange members will have the comfort of knowing they're communicating in a trusted, collaborative space. Free access to membership benefits includes: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Industry related news Networking opportunities Reports and data on hot-topics Information on technology advances Updates on new legislation and events Share ideas and exchange best practice Create your own forums and discussions Interact without contact from third parties Find partners and suppliers through referrals Extend your reach and strengthen your position

Steve Thorley, our CEO, has presented corpXchange at a recent CRE Global Summit, and a Prezi is available to view here. Our intention is that corpXchange members will be a very select group. We are looking for applications from all sectors and disciplines to get a real variety of roles, specialisms and geographical locations.

Stay connected

This should result in the right blend of youth and experience, knowledge, expertise and dynamism to make for a compelling, collaborative experience.

Add your name to the priority membership list by emailing with your full contact details and “corpXchange Priority Membership” in the subject title. Page | 7

MobileCoRE® Innovation, observation, customisation MobileCoRE® is the mobile companion app to our Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management software WebCoRE® This mobile technology has intuitive and customisable survey functionality which completely negates the need for cumbersome paper-based plans during floor walks. Developed in response to legal requirements for space audits, technological advancements and client expectations, it allows mobile reporting and visualisation of building occupancy data.

Enhance staff agility

Improve usage and reduce wastage

Encourage sustainability

Add value and increase ROI

Surveys instantly capture how space is being used during specific time frames and the user can record the nature of the activities taking place. A range of survey types are available to contribute towards evidence-driven building analysis and the ability to measure and understand occupancy data performance and productivity. Different survey types afford the user the ability to observe and report on employees’ utilisation of a floor or area over a set time period. This can be within workspace, meeting or common areas or all of them at the same time, which then aids with the planning of your future floor layouts and also helps in driving your occupancy. Survey types include: activity filing, storage, condition, observation, customised data collection. Conditioning of assets and your general workplace surroundings can be monitored and reviewed on a floor which could include anything from the condition of your furniture and IT equipment or even down to your floor tiles, ceilings and walls.

Create your own survey rules by adding time intervals, surveys per day and categories for drop downs

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Review survey progress for each time slot

Upload surveys to fully report on your data capture

In today’s ever changing business landscape it’s essential to deliver information quickly and easily by embracing mobile technology solutions. Mobile is fast becoming the dominant platform for interacting with people and places, conducting surveys and audits and viewing information on the web. Put yourself in control Customised survey questions can be generated putting the user in control to survey what they want, where they want, how they want and when they want. Today’s mobility requirements means giving staff full control over their work and environment via relevant technology, enabling secure access and seamless communication with teams and stakeholders. MobileCoRE allows CRE professionals to instantly capture actionable data on space used during specific timeframes and use the results for strategic decision making to increase business performance and productivity.

If you'd like a demo of MobileCoRE® please email who will arrange a meeting or call at your convenience. Our CEO Steve Thorley will be presenting a session on mobile technology at the CoreNet Global 2014 Summit in Singapore titled “Taking the Lead with Mobile Surveys & Workplace Tracking”. We will report on this in the next issue of Dimensions. 25-27 March 2014 - #CNGSingapore

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The Changing Workplace Community support Macmillan’s ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ The Changing Workplace brought out the cakes, coffee and tea in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support's ‘World's Biggest Coffee Morning’. Employees baked a delicious selection of home-made cakes including brownies, gingerbread, coffee and walnut, victoria sponge, chocolate and a mouth-watering gluten-free clementine cake. These were all served alongside coffee shop quality lattes, cappuccinos and mochas made by CWP's very own event co-ordinator, barista and software developer Kirk Northrop. Morning coffee was such a success that afternoon tea was made available later in the day and the few remaining cakes were all eaten! As well as providing food and drink, a sweepstake was held to guess the number of chocolate buttons in a jar. Macmillan's national raffle was popular with our team, who bought tickets for the chance to win a new car. The coffee morning has now raised over £200 for Macmillan and, when added to other charity events that the company has actively helped to raise funds for since the start of the year, it brings the total to over £2,000.

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@macmillancoffee @The_CWP Fantastic! We can't thank you enough :) Hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Kirk Northrop commented, “I'm delighted with how much we've raised. I think everyone knows someone who has been supported by Macmillan, and the generosity of the CWP team really shows that”. Community spirited staff at The Changing Workplace have already participated in the following events: Ÿ Brighton Half Marathon Ÿ Greater Haywards Heath Bike Ride Ÿ London to Brighton Bike Ride Ÿ Race for Life

The Changing Workplace also made a donation to support ‘Light The Night’, an important fundraising initiative for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


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More ways to enhance workspace and increase productivity In the last issue of Dimensions we highlighted how discovering ways to enhance workspace and increase productivity can be a thankless, time consuming task. More than ever before it's necessary to increase employee output as a component of company success. It's difficult trying to find the right balance between employee needs and your corporate real estate costs. Following reader feedback and more contributions from our staff and Twitter followers we're delighted to list a further 10 suggestions on the next page.

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11. Ask questions. To uncover inefficient use of space and systems, staff should be the first port of call but are often an untapped resource. Do remember that feedback and responses are subjective! 12. Offer employees a free flu jab. By making small improvements to factors including health and well-being, businesses can experience greater financial benefit by reducing not only absenteeism but also “presenteeism� - when employees are at work but not fully productive. 13. Make sure your furniture is suitable. By providing adjustable chairs, task lights, foot rests, sit-to-stand desks and keyboard trays, staff can adjust their immediate environment and workspace to be more comfortable. Make sure that training is provided where required, and if necessary included as part of company policy. 14. Facilitate instantaneous collaboration. Proximity and mobility are essential for enabling group work. Moveable furniture helps employees to quickly re-arrange space for their requirements. Static, immovable objects can be counterproductive to encouraging collaboration. 15. Have plants in your workplace. They help clean the air, help you to concentrate and make you more productive. Being able to see plants or having one on your desk can also make you calmer and less stressed.

17. Encourage workers to be healthy and active. Many countries have a cycle-to-work scheme to assist staff with the purchase of a bicycle and associated safety equipment. It's an excellent way to encourage employees to go green and keep fit and allows employers to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce. 18. Give free and confidential access to an Employee Assistance Programme. EAPs are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. They generally include short-term counselling and referral services for employees and their family members. 19. Implement a 'Handover Notes' process. Handover notes are documents created by staff about to leave their positions, either temporarily or permanently, to help their successor to carry out their duties. They provide the successor with key knowledge and information, ensuring the transition period is as short and smooth as possible. 20. Enable employees to be mobile and flexible in the workplace. Ensure new technology is user-friendly and necessary and that training and guidance is provided where required. If you need to conduct occupancy, observation or space surveys then you can benefit from using The Changing Workplace's MobileCoREÂŽ 'Surveys on the move' app.

16. Get the optimal air temperature in your office. This has a strong effect on productivity - just a couple of degrees can make a big impact on productivity and performance. An optimal office temperature between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 23 degrees Celsius) provides the best air temperature for maximum office worker productivity.

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More new faces and multiple promotions at CWP Our company expansion and recruitment drive shows no sign of slowing and we've recently welcomed two more members of staff to the CWP team. Michelle Mathison has taken on the position of Client Services Manager in our US team. Her role is to ensure our products and services are delivered as pre-contract, within the contractual SLA times, and that our clients’ needs are met with innovative solutions.

Thomas Ireland has joined CWP as a Test Analyst, coordinating closely with the development team to ensure a high quality experience for the end user by finding and reporting bugs in apps.

We're also very happy to announce a number of key promotions within our Technology and Client Services teams (below and opposite): Vandana Auti has been promoted to the position of Test Manager. This recognises her increased remit and number of direct reports. She has made huge inroads into further improving quality and coverage of the system testing.

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Andrew Richardson has been promoted to Web Roadmap Manager. He has brought a great mix of technical knowledge and creative flair to CWP over the last few years. In his new position he will be managing the delivery of the strategic and R&D components of our web products.

Gary Daw has been promoted to Web Delivery Manager having been key in developing processes and procedures related to the maintenance and client alignment of our web products. Responsible for managing the technical side of client releases, Gary is providing accurate estimates and solution documentation to the Client Services and Projects teams.

Mike Anderson has been promoted to the position of CAFM Operations Manager within the Client Services team. He has taken on accountability for the client helpdesks and data management and will manage the teams at our Haywards Heath HQ and in South Africa.

Kevin Bridgman has been promoted to the role of Solution Delivery Lead and is responsible for the delivery of software solutions to our clients. Working closely with the Project Management team, Kevin is ensuring that projects are scoped and delivered as required.

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Global adventures in 26 days Our CEO Steve Thorley has recently returned from another long-distance trip visiting WebCoREÂŽ clients around the world. He has been sharing best practice, new ideas and innovations and providing demos to prospects and new partners. Steve's trip took in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. On the way home he received great news that the presentation he submitted for the CoreNet Global Summit in March 2014, Singapore, had been accepted, so he'll be returning to Singapore very soon! Besides the challenges of crossing time zones and negotiating central business districts when jet-lagged, Steve did manage to spend some downtime in a number of spectacular locations.

Guess the location and win vouchers Can you guess the name and location of the landmark in the middle photo above? Email your answer to with your full name, organisation, job title and address details. On Monday 10 February 2014 we will put all correct answers into a hat and the first name drawn out will be sent an Amazon voucher for ÂŁ20 or US $30. For competition terms and conditions please click here.

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