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Letter from the Head of School MARSHA K. NELSON

A Cathedral School Story

These lyrics are from “Something’s Coming” in West Side Story, one of my favorite musicals. I love this song—Tony is so filled with anticipation that music is practically bursting from within. Having waited all year for the Expansion to open, I know how he feels! This has been a particularly thrilling year at The Cathedral School. With new classrooms, learning centers, and offices— in addition to all of the improvements completed in the summer of 2017—transformed spaces have enhanced the experience of our students. And now, as we settle into the state-of-the-art spaces of the Expansion Project (see p. 28), we enter a bold new chapter in the life and history of our Cathedral School story, a true west side story. Our story involves a new space for learning, and it represents the dual nature of the work we do here at Cathedral, where we work to build a traditional foundation for students while fostering the creativity and innovation necessary to thrive in a quickly-changing world. Where will our new story take us? When we read, we are looking to the past and learning about where we came from, while also looking to the future and dreaming about the possibilities of what might come. We read to remind ourselves that we are not alone—in fact, I would argue that



The air is humming, and something great is coming. Could it be? Yes, it could! Something’s coming, something good…

the greatest of stories remind us just how deeply interconnected we are. But we don’t just read stories. We also write them, and unlike a familiar story or classic novel, whose plot is unchanging, our tales are still being written, and the pages of the chapter before us are blank. There is excitement around every corner and infinite possibility with the turn of every page. We at The Cathedral School have been keenly aware of these possibilities and, collaborating with teachers, students, administrators, families, and friends, we eagerly write the next chapter of our Cathedral School Story. s


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