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August 2013

Shifting into strategic overdrive Leadership 20.13 Do this, not that Lights, camera ‌

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CONTRIBUTORS linda bishop, howie fenton, john foley, jr., terry jones, ryan sauers, brian sullivan

Many corporate mergers can get so engrossed in the transactional stages that they fail to focus on the final product. – Andrew Sherman, Senior Partner, Jones Day

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August 2013



Change your mind

To Europe with love EFI acquires leading regional print ERP software provider GamSys

Publisher’s Thoughts

People News


How is innovation like baseball?

The place to be FlexPrint, Inc. recognized as Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

Travelocity founder shares three ways CEOs can benefit


Is it an inquiry or a lead? Why you need to know the difference now

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The Corner Office Business Insights: Listening, responding and selling cross media marketing

Fujifilm buys Royce Photo/Graphics Agreement strengthens capabilities to serve a wide range of print providers in Salt Lake City, Utah It takes two Brown Printing Co., Clear Lake Press form strategic alliance People moves Awards & honors

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Communicating: Buyers don’t care

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We really are the smartphone generation

Unisource introduces porcelainECO® 30

The maturation of email marketing


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Marketing Insights: The Real Deal: The Proven Path to Influence & Executive Presence


Product Spotlight The Mohawk Live App utilizes Augmented Reality Technology to enliven print projects

Millennial Branding’s Dan Schawbel on why it’s all about you



See what it takes to lead in today’s new landscape

The worst practices of business development – what are you guilty of?



Shifting into strategic overdrive

10 tips to help you become the star of your industry

Leadership 20.13


Do this, not that

Lights, camera...


Publisher’s thoughts

Change your mind In her book, “Mindset,” Carol Dweck wonders if success is about learning or proving you’re smart. As an example, she asks 4 year olds who had successfully finished a jigsaw puzzle if they wanted to do the same puzzle again or try a more difficult one. The kids who believed they were born smart “don’t do mistakes.” They chose to do the same puzzle over and over again. But the ones who were driven to learn wondered why someone would want to do the same puzzle over. Isn’t that what we do? We do the same puzzle over and over because we want to seem smart. Being vulnerable is taboo. We don’t want to look stupid or incompetent. Yet, things are moving so fast these days that it’s just a matter of time until we’re all incompetent. So, it follows that we’ll need to exist where we’re less comfortable. Being vulnerable opens you up to disappointment. If you tell her you love her and she doesn’t say it back, there is pain. If you tell your CEO during the big board meeting that you disagree with what he says, he’ll fire you on the spot. There is pain. If you start your own business, there is pain. But if you tell her you love her and she jumps into your arms, there is joy. If you tell the CEO you agree with him, he promotes you to VP of business development. There is joy. And if you start your own business, there is joy. Vulnerability is the new mindset. It is almost spiritual in

Vulnerability is the new mindset. It is almost spiritual in context.

context. Maybe it’s what we’ve been moving toward this whole time. We certainly have enough products, so maybe a little selflessness is in order. Put another way, we must acknowledge we’re all flawed creatures and that nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Letting people know you’re human is the new mindset for success. It is where real connections lie. In this issue, our cover article, “Go!,” shows the execution

side of how to engage the market as a unified brand. Clearly, heavy doses of humility, mixed with great passion are needed even in the largest organizations. Our second feature, “Leadership 20.13,” actually is an example of how quickly things have changed. The fact is that you can no longer lead like you did in 2006. And while it seems like 2006 was just yesterday (seven years in the conceptual age is like 28 in the industrial age), the world and all of the products in it have changed. It is time for our minds to follow. Warmest regards,

Mark Potter Publisher Twitter @markricepotter


CANVAS August 2013

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By Terry jones

How is innovation like baseball? Travelocity founder shares three ways CEOs can benefit


hink about this: In baseball, you can fail 70 percent of the time and still be considered a strong player. Why is it that businesses give an employee with a new idea just one chance?

and rewarding. But singles and doubles are what win most games. Seventy percent of innovation involves improving core products, and 20 percent represent adjacent changes – pulling together existing innovations in a new way, like the iPhone.

fielders make errors. Instead of firing them

No. 2: Know your home-run hitters will strike out a few times

or sending them back to the minor leagues,

The people developing the radical, new ideas

managers study what went wrong. CEOs must

that account for transformative innovation

do the same thing.

aren’t going to hit a home run every time.

Pitchers lose games, batters strike out and

Kill the project, not the person. Instead of tell-

Neither did Babe Ruth. In fact, the Sultan of

ing Bob, “You’re done,” you should tell Bob, “The

Swat, as he was called, had more strikeouts than

project’s dead. What do you want to do next?”

home runs. While radical successes, like Dyson

To succeed today, businesses absolutely

using its vacuum technology to create restroom

must be innovative, and they can’t be if they’re

hand-dryers, account for only 10 percent of

unwilling to have some failures. Too many

innovation, they produce about 70 percent of a

Home runs are great. They are that 10 percent of innovation that is transformational, exciting and rewarding. But singles and doubles are what win most games. companies punish failure and fail to adequately

company’s future revenue. So allow your home-

reward success. How does that motivate the

run hitters their swings and misses.

employees with great new ideas? Innovation is about responding to needs

Terry Jones founded in 1996, and led the company as president and CEO until May 2002.

instead of trying to dictate them. Compa-

Sports teams fanatically analyze every aspect

nies must listen to their customer service

of losing games with the same process and

complaints: What are customers saying that

vigor they use for winning. The Federal Avia-

can help improve your product or process? And

tion Authority has a painstaking process for

they must talk about the crazy ideas, including

analyzing every airline incident and crash.

those that seem too simple to succeed.

As a result, its safety record gets better

Today, he’s managing principal

To help bring some innovation to your

every year. Look for solutions when some-

and co-founder of Essential

team, here are three more baseball analo-

thing goes wrong – not where to lay the

gies to get you motivated.

blame. Inspect the process, find the defect

Ideas, a consultancy that helps companies in their transition

and strategize how to make it better. Note: If the same people keep making the same

also serves as chairman of the

No. 1: Most games are won with singles and doubles

board at, which he

Home runs are great. They are that 10 percent

If that fails, send them back to the minors,

also founded.

of innovation that is transformational, exciting

i.e., give them a bus ticket out of town.

to the digital economy. He


No. 3: Watch the game tapes

CANVAS August 2013

mistakes, arrange for training or counseling.




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Print13 at Booth #518.

mobile media

By John Foley, Jr.

Is it an inquiry or a lead? Why you need to know the difference now


usiness owners often wonder if an inquiry is a lead. What’s the

inquiries, but be sure to let them know you’re ready

difference? Is there even a difference between the two? The

to help them when they’re ready. Being ready to

answer may surprise you, especially if you’ve been working on the

close the sale can move an inquiry forward.

assumption that all inquiries are leads.

Business leaders don’t always agree on this topic, which can lead to more confu-

Funnels: Funnels are one way to bring inqui-

sion among those trying to generate sales. All salespeople must understand the

ries into a sales-ready lead area. The marketing

difference between inquiries and leads so that they can make the best decisions

funnel works when you have a place to store all

possible for their company.

inquiries and leads – a sales-ready environment. These funnels have a large “catch all” feature.

An inquiry is not a lead: Does that sound odd? To most people, it

Both inquiries and leads enter information in

probably does. An inquiry is an overall show of interest in your service, product

a form, but the form has specific features that

or business. Not all inquiries are ready to convert into sales. This means that

distinguish an inquiry from a lead. This can be

an inquiry is just that – an inquiry, a question or a slight show of interest. Many

accomplished by a simple drop down box or

inquiries may lead to a dead end – no sales and no more contact with the person

radio button feature when people filling the

who initiated the inquiry. This isn’t always a bad thing. Inquiries are something

form can choose to identify their contact as a

that every business has, though they can turn into leads through various ways.

question or a more specific item.

Leads: A lead is when someone inquires about your product or business with a

Qualification: Contact forms are a great

sale-ready attitude. This means the person or business is ready to make a purchase

way to qualify inquiries from leads or turn those

and is inquiring to learn more before buying. The leads often have a time frame listed

inquiries into sales-ready leads. Most people do

– such as the person or company wants to purchase within a set number of days,

not like a contact form that forces them to add

weeks or months. The person will make more contact, and ask more specific questions

too much information. Involved forms are annoy-

regarding delivery, shipping or when a service can start. Concrete leads are people

ing. You probably have abandoned forms that

initiating the sales on their own without your sales department nurturing them.

forced you to add mandatory information for too many items. Allow people to enter information

Online versus offline: Online inquiries and leads usually are less reliable

on an optional basis. The only mandatory field

than those made in person. If the bulk of your business is run online, the leads

should be email, as this deters hacking and bots.

may come as signups for a newsletter, for product alerts or contact via email for

An inquiry that includes the optional informa-

more information. Inquiries through online methods often are vague questions

tion ­­– such an address or phone number – has

sent through contact forms. Many people never

more of a chance to be nurtured into a lead. This

follow up on a product and could even become

information usually means the person wants to

frustrated or irritated if the sales department

learn more and will be ready to become a sale.

of an online company contacts them after the

Qualification of inquiries to leads relies on the

initial answer to an inquiry.

engagement of the potential customer. Repeat visits to your site, repeat contact and asking for

Turning inquiries into leads: For

more information with each contact lets you or your

businesses, the difference between leads

sales team know they aren’t on a wild goose chase.

and inquiries can be difficult to determine. John P. Foley Jr., is CEO

Once you understand the difference, the

The bottom line: Businesses rely on both

and CMO of Grow Socially

next question usually is, “How do I turn those

inquiries and leads to survive. You must under-

inquiries into leads?”

stand the differences and similarities of the



For more information,

Sales-ready leads aren’t as difficult to culti-

call 800-948-0113

vate as you may have been led to believe. While

company. Once you fully understand both inqui-

or email him at

an inquiry isn’t a lead, it can become one with a

ries and leads, good marketing can help with

little nurturing. Don’t badger the people making

both of these.

CANVAS August 2013

two and how to optimize them to work for your

Ricoh’s TotalFlow Solution Driving the future of digital production workflow.

At Ricoh, innovation means more than offering industry leading equipment and software. That’s why we created TotalFlow, our one-of-a-kind solution designed to give you easy access to revenue-generating solutions from web-to-print to personalization, document and job management, multichannel marketing and much much more!

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corner office

business insights by howie fenton

Listening, responding and selling cross media marketing


here was an interesting infographic on the MarketingProfs website recently about a survey of 917 small business executives. The survey asked decision-makers – much like your customers and prospects – how today’s challenges compared to the ones they faced five years ago.

web-to-print solutions. More importantly, if

In other words, is business easier or harder

leads to a discussion about the effective-

than it was five years ago?

a company is interested in online marketing, it opens the conversation to the benefits of cross media marketing. Cross media marketing means using more than one communication channel. And print can be one of those channels. Any discussion about different marketing channels ness of different channels and the synergy of combining channels. While not all forms

When they were asked what was the greatest

of marketing allow measurements, database

challenge today:

marketing does.

• 84 percent said it was more online marketing tools • 59 percent said it was uncertainty in the economy • 27 percent said it was using more automated business solutions

It’s not hard for printing companies to demonstrate their experience with databases, because any mailing campaign is based on databases. In addition, most printing companies have either tested or tried Variable Data Printing (VDP). All that’s required is to try email marketing, PURLs or

When asked why they feel it is harder today: • 55 percent said the economy had hit business hard • 49 percent said it was hard to keep pace with technology • 40 percent said there were more direct competitors

QR codes. But the manufacturing part is not the toughest – it’s the sales part that’s hardest to master. First, you should recognize that cross media sales require a consultative approach. And it’s important to understand your customers’ problems and build a solution that makes it faster, easier, more convenient or somehow

Our “NAPL State of the Industry Research”

Howard Fenton is a senior

Once you have a few database services,

there still was uncertainty about the econ-

try bundling them together. The more you

omy. And in our last digital services leaders

can bundle the higher the value. The key is

research, we also heard complaints about the

to test different designs, data options and

difficulty in keeping up with technology and

call-to-action messages, and compare the

the desire to automate business processes.

results. The greatest value is in constantly

consultant at NAPL.

But that’s the bad news. The good news is

testing, measuring, refining and improving

He advises companies on

that 84 percent of your customers are strug-

how to overcome production

gling to take advantage of online marketing

What are your customers telling you? Are

issues, reduce production

and 27 percent are interested in automating

they really interested in more online market-

their businesses.

ing strategies? Are they struggling to keep

costs that hurt sales, and


better than what they had before.

of printing services’ senior executives showed

to build and sell more

Why is this good news? If your customers

value-added services.

are looking for ways to automate and make

You can reach him via email

it easier or more convenient to order printed


products, that’s an opportunity to talk about

CANVAS August 2013

the results.

up with technology? Are they motivated to take advantage of automated solutions? And, most importantly, is this a threat or an opportunity?


by ryan t. sauers

Buyers don’t care

Winning at sales means keeping your customers interested in what you have to sell. Here’s how.


’m taking a break from the Adaptive Communications model for this column to share an important topic with you – that buyers don’t care. After spending quality time with print buyers across the country, I’ve found that sentiment to be true. I know, you’re saying, “Ryan, what don’t they care about?” That’s a good question.

For example, your presentation will be boring

For the most the part, full-time print

if you start talking about work and turn versus

buyers don’t exist in today’s world. There

sheet wise, or the weight of the paper and the

are people such as communications manag-

ink types. Your customer does not care. If you

ers and marketing directors who oversee this

are going to remain relevant in the sales game

responsibility, along with their many other

in 2013, you must embrace this philosophy now.

duties. They view printing as a necessary evil

So, what makes your buyers care? How do

– just one more thing they have to handle. Others view print as a commodity and

you get them to tune into your WIFT station? Is it showing what’s in it for them? Is it explaining

believe the lowest price matters. They do

how you can help them? Is it being a better

not care about your equipment, FSC certi-

listener? Do you ask deep, open-ended ques-

fications, high-quality work, and automated

tions that focus on what’s best for them? Should

proofing or color control systems.

you make your approach more creative? Do

If you want your buyers to care, you need them to understand the “why,” not the “what” or “how.” Have you ever heard of the acronym WIFM? You know: “What’s in it For Me?” Your chal-

you make their life easier? Should you care more about the long-term partnership?

lenge: Try tuning into a new station for your

Do these things and your buyers will begin

sales efforts. The call number is WIFT. What’s

to trust you and know you have their best

in it for your customers? What can you bring to

interest at heart. Please take this column into

the table to “wow” your buyers? Anything? I

account and trust me when I say buyers will

cannot tell you how many times in my career I’ve

care if you give them a reason to believe. I

watched a salesperson bore a buyer to death.

challenge you to do this.

If you want your buyers to care, you need

I’m looking for the best way to make your

them to understand the “why,” not the “what”

buyers care. Do you have the answer? Here’s

or “how.” If you sell at the “why” level, you

my challenge: I’m offering a free 30-minute

can deliver powerful solutions. When you sell

phone consultation to the best response. Shoot

at “how” and “what” levels, you’re presenta-

me your suggestion at

tion can be boring.

Good luck.

Ryan T. Sauers is president and owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies, whose business is growing your business. Sauers founded the independent consulting firm after nearly 20 years of leading printing/ visual communications companies. Sauers is working on his doctoral degree in organizational leadership and has a master’s in organizational leadership. He is both a Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner and Certified Marketing Executive (CME). Ryan’s best-selling book, “Everyone Is in Sales,” can be ordered on at: Let’s talk:


corner office

Marketing Insights


The Real Deal: The Proven Path

45 The percent of marketers that collect behavioral data and consolidate it in a single, integrated database, according to Silverpop Systems’ “Use Behavioral Marketing to Up the Ante in the Age of the Customer” study. The top improvements cited by marketers using behavioral data to take specific actions with prospective customers include ROI on marketing activities (44 percent); customer satisfaction/loyalty (42 percent); and capturing new types of customers (37 percent), the study found.

to Influence & Executive Presence By Connie Dieken Who doesn’t want to be the real deal? Who doesn’t clamor to be the type of leader others would be honored to follow? If you’re looking to change the culture of your organization and move it to the next level, you must be able to effectively influence others to take action. That’s leadership. And that’s what author Connie Dieken’s latest book, “The Real Deal: The Proven Path to Influence & Executive Presence,” is all about. The book presents a modern and practical approach to leadership – an approach that yields unlimited dividends for leaders up and down the executive chain. And Dieken should know. The country’s foremost Fortune 500 communication executive coach to the world’s top brands, she also is an Emmy award winning former TV news anchor, reporter and Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee. Spotlighting what she calls your Return on Influence® (ROI) dividends, Dieken will help you discover your own Centers of Influence through a series of visual dashboards. Follow her guidance, and you’ll see how to capitalize on these influences to help uncover the strengths and skills you need to gain influence and lead your organization to success. For anyone seeking to be the “real deal,” this is the book for you.

We really are the smartphone generation Has the smartphone become an

phone, 56 percent of them have a

those in their 20s and 30s, although

extension of who we really are? Deep

smartphone (iPhone, Android phone,

a majority of Americans in their mid-

question, right? Well, according to

Blackberry or Windows model). In

40s through mid-50s now own them,

the Pew Research Center’s Internet

addition, the report shows smart-

too. As for Americans age 65 and

& American Life Project, of the 91

phone ownership is particularly high

older, only 18 percent are smartphone

percent of Americans who own a cell

among younger adults, especially

owners, the study found.

Mobile has triggered an entirely new landscape for marketers – one that is very dynamic and certainly not static. Mobile has empowered consumers to be ‘co-creators’ in the marketing process. – Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, on how mobile is helping marketers get closer to consumers than ever before

P10 CANVAS August 2013

marketing insights

The maturation of email marketing While virtually a legacy channel, the art of email marketing continues to slowly adapt to content and mobile marketing. According to BtoB’s recent “Email Marketing: An Established Channel Evolves� study, content that inspires registration is the most common trigger for an email campaign. Here are the sectors garnering the most leads:





Event and trade show registrations

Form registration for webinars and white papers




Call centers





Website behavior



Earn rewards points and redeem for great prizes.

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Sign up in 2013 and get 10,000 reward points with your first order. Visit us online at to learn more and to get started. • 800.399.8611

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People news

updates from the industry

To Europe with love

Fujifilm buys Royce Photo/ Graphics

EFI acquires leading regional print ERP software provider GamSys Electronics For Imaging Inc. (EFI) is expanding its European presence, thanks to its acquisition of privately held GamSys Software (“GamSys”), a leader in ERP (MIS) systems for the printing and packaging industries in the French speaking areas of Europe and Africa.

Agreement strengthens capabilities to serve a wide range of print providers in Salt Lake City

Based in La Reid Belgium, GamSys has built a base of more than 400 customers

The plan is simple: Together, Fujifilm

in Europe over the past 14 years. GamSys now will become part of EFI’s existing

and Royce Photo/Graphics will take

software applications portfolio. EFI intends to integrate support and operation of

technology and service to the highest

GamSys into the existing Productivity Software organization, while continuing to

level – an alliance that will enable them

enhance the product’s offerings.

to realize growth opportunities arising

In addition, EFI Gamsys clients will be able to take advantage of integration to EFI’s award-winning Fiery® digital front end driving print engines from Xerox, Ricoh,

from their combined strengths. Enter the recent purchase agreement between the Fujifilm North America

Canon, Konica Minolta as well as EFI VUTEk super wide format inkjet printers.

Corp. Graphic Systems Division and Salt

The place to be

Lake City-based Royce Photo/Graphics

FlexPrint, Inc. recognized as Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

service center that distributes offset

At FlexPrint, it’s all about the customer service. And it shows, as the printer’s Eastern

latest digital inkjet technology equip-

Regional Office was honored with the “2013 Chicago’s Best and Brightest Compa-

ment to a wide range of print providers.

Inc. d/b/a Royce Imaging Technologies. Royce is a full-line dealer and authorized printing plates, pressroom supplies, workflow software, bindery and the

nies to Work For” award by the National Association for Business Resources.

Under its new identity, Royce will

As one of the nation’s most successful and fastest growing managed service

become part of Fujifilm’s Graphic Systems

providers of corporate print environments, FlexPrint continues to transform the

Division as a sales, service and distribu-

industry by fostering a unique “service led” approach with superior customer

tion center. Royce, which will remain in

service. Its proven strategy enables senior financial and information technology

Salt Lake City, employs full-time technical

executives to gain a greater return on investment on existing owned assets, and

specialists, installation and service engi-

increases time to concentrate on core competencies.

neers and account managers, equipped

The National Association for Business Resources selected the winners based on

with leading-edge training on the latest

evaluations by an independent research firm that measured employee satisfac-

industry technologies, providing customer

tion in key categories, including employee compensation and benefits, oppor-

operators with the products and applica-

tunities for enrichment and development, recruitment practices, communication

tion expertise to increase the productivity

and shared vision, diversity and inclusion and work-life balance.

and efficiency of their print processes.

It takes two Brown Printing Co., Clear Lake Press form strategic alliance

Brown Printing Co. and Clear Lake Press

Clear Lake Press supplies magazine,

believe there is strength in numbers, as the

catalog and direct mail components.

printers have decided to pool their collec-

To facilitate their synergies, Dan Nitz will

tive strengths and resources to better

lead Brown Printing as the executive VP of

serve their customers and prospects with

manufacturing and distribution, while Chris

a more comprehensive suite of offers.

Waldron, current director of operations for

Brown is the third largest magazine and catalog printer in the nation, while

P14 CANVAS August 2013

Clear Lake Press, will assume Nitz’s leadership responsibilities at Clear Lake Press.

People Moves

Awards & Honors

Dscoop (Digital Solutions Coopera-

To honor The Flesh Company’s 100th year as a family owned business, Appvion

tive) has named Mike Fogarty as its

presented an award to Roy Flesh II, during a recent visit to Flesh’s Kansas production

new global executive director and

facility. The Flesh Company, which is FSC and SFI Certified, provides quality, afford-

John Tenwinkel as director of Dscoop

able print services in areas such as variable barcode image printing, integrated cards

University. Fogarty will oversee the

and labels, label/form combinations, custom label products, full-service bindery and

day-to-day management of Dscoop,

a variety of promotional printing applications, including 100-percent “green” printing.

including oversight of the organization’s strategy, financials, operations, marketing and strategic initiatives around the globe, while Tenwinkel will be responsible for the implementation and growth of Dscoop University. As part of its market expansion, Vision Graphics Inc./Eagle:xm, an integrated customer engagement and marketing solutions provider has added Kurt

Vision Graphics, a leading provider of integrated print and digital customer

Hamlin, VP of operations and Linda

engagement solutions, recently was honored by Printing Industry of America

Kail, senior business development

Mountain States (PIAMS) for its outstanding print work. Since its inception of its

executive, to its Denver Eagle:xm office.

Print Excellence Award Competition, PIAMS has awarded Vision Graphics with

Hamlin will be accountable for the day-

more than 50 awards. This year, Vision took home six Gold Awards for “Best of

to-day operations of the Denver and

Category” in posters, magazines, digital hardbound book and special finishing.

Loveland facilities, while Kail will help Eagle:xm customers leverage data

The Printing Industry Association of the

intelligence and marketing automation

South (PIAS) named David Merrick, president

to communicate with their prospects

of The Merrick Printing Company in Louis-

and customers across the spectrum of

ville, Ky., as its “2013 Person of the Year.”

digital and traditional channels.

Merrick joined the company at age 16, working his way through college and up the ranks

Great Lakes Integrated (

of the printer to become a member of its

a leader in multi-channel marketing,

board of directors at 26. He later went on to

print manufacturing, distribution and

be named manager of key accounts, executive

online marketing tools, has added Jason

VP and eventually president.

Schultz as its director of marketing. Schultz will be responsible for the development and execution of all marketing and communication campaigns, including social media and public relations.

David Merrick

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For more information: Contact us at

The Flesh Company Stock Integrated Forms Kit Labels and cards integrated into laser printable sheets can open new markets and revenue for commercial and in-plant printers. The Flesh Company offers a full range of stock products, which are highlighted in this Stock Integrated Products Kit. The kit includes samples of integrated cards, integrated labels and our brochure showing available formats and pricing. Contact Info: 855-410-5623

product spotlight

developments in print

Bringing print to life The Mohawk Live App utilizes Augmented Reality Technology to enliven print projects

It’s all about trying to capture reality. That’s why Mohawk is introducing Mohawk Live, a new mobile app designed to generate interactive experiences with print. Powered by HP Aurasma augmented reality technology, the app is for use on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. Mohawk Live, which incorporates the latest in augmented reality technology, specifically was designed to enhance materials printed on Mohawk fine paper, connecting the high-touch medium of paper with the high-tech experience of augmented reality. The app provides seamless integration of print with dynamic, interactive content, transforming a one-dimensional image to a multidimensional experience featuring 3-D images, videos, photos, infographics and animations. Unlike QR codes, which are also used to enhance content, Mohawk Live does not require the use of a barcode which interrupts the visual flow of Download yours today in the App Store or Google Play

design and product packaging. The app will be utilized across a number of Mohawk products, publications and platforms to deliver enhanced and exclusive content to consumers.

Unisource introduces porcelainECO® 30 New smooth double-coated surface for commercial printing with 30% post-consumer waste Unisource Worldwide Inc., one of the leading independent marketers and distributors of commercial printing and business imaging papers, packaging systems, and facility solutions and equipment with offices and operations in key locations around the world, announces the newest addition to its coated paper product line: porcelainECO® 30. porcelainECO 30 is a versatile and FSC-certified coated paper, which improves on the popular porcelainECO line by offering 30-percent, post-consumer waste. This environmentally responsible paper combines the highest standards of performance with unmatched value – and is available nationally across the United States this summer. This quick-drying, high-gloss sheet is Lacey Act compliant and available in 60, 70, 80, and 100 text and 80, 100, and 111 pound cover. “porcelainECO 30 offers a truly environmental option without compromise on quality. It provides outstanding printability on a smooth double-coated surface for excellent ink holdout, with a high stiffness and bulk guarantee,” says Nancy Sobhy, senior marketing manager, paper and wide format for Unisource Worldwide.

P16 CANVAS August 2013

TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING. ONE COMPANY, ONE VISION The Océ brand has always had a reputation for high-speed, reliable production printing solutions, workflow innovation and award-winning service. Now, as Canon Solutions America, we unite both Océ North America and Canon Business Solutions expertise to help you grow your business, control costs and practice environmental stewardship. From improving productivity and implementing new applications, to breaking into new markets, together, with our customers, we can do anything.


WORDS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS Learn about the best of Océ – now Canon Solutions America – straight from our customers. Watch the video:



Visit Canon Booth #502! See what’s in store, visit:

Canon Solutions America, Inc. is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States. Océ Arizona is a registered trademark of Océ Display Graphics, Inc. Océ ColorStream, Océ JetStream, Océ VarioStream, Océ VarioPrint, Océ ColorWave, Océ PlotWave, Océ PRISMA, Océ Repro Desk, and “Océ”are registered trademarks of Océ-Technologies B.V. All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. ©2013 Canon Solutions America, Inc. All rights reserved.



20.13 By Michael J. Pallerino

See what it takes to lead in today’s new landscape

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. – Abraham Lincoln

P18 CANVAS June 2013

Leadership 20.13

“Leadership in the ‘old school’ world was about productivity and efficiency. Leadership in the digital age is about harnessing the power of people’s minds.” – Paresh Patel, Founder & President, Courtesy Vending

At age 17, Paresh Patel really was just looking for a way to pay for college.

How do you get better? How do you make your people better? How do you turn your vision into a reality? Is it leadership? Persistence? Luck?

That his idea would take him from

Decades of research on leadership have turned up a number of definitions.

a garage start-up with one vending

Generally speaking, the most common element in those definitions is that leader-

machine to an award winning, multi-

ship involves “leading” others toward the accomplishment of a goal. But some,

million dollar company with thousands

including Patel, argue that the definition may define yesterday’s leadership. Patel

of machines across Portland, Ore., is

believes that leadership in 2013 is much less about the goal and more about the

the stuff of legend.

people. “More specifically, it’s not about leading a group of people toward a

Courtesy Vending’s story is really

certain goal, but rather about challenging and inspiring each person to harness

a story about leadership – a tale of an

an untapped potential from within to create and/or produce something that even

entrepreneurial company driven by a

the person didn’t know was there within.”

leader who recognized a need, reacted

While you could make the case that leaders use social influence to organize the

to market trends and evolving tech-

efforts of others, it is much more than that today. Leadership is about maximizing

nologies, and did what had to be done.

the effort. It’s not, “Let’s move that rock up the hill,” but rather, “See that rock?

Patel eventually graduated from Port-

Let’s see how far we can move it up that hill.”

land State University with a bachelor of

“Leadership is about extracting incredible value and contribution from each

science degree, and then went on to

person, so much so that outsiders see the empowering magic, and want to be a

earn an MBA at the University of Wash-

part of that as well,” Patel says. “In doing so, the team produces at a level and/

ington, and a Ph.D. at Capella University.

or rate that are simply unattainable if trying to lead by setting a goal. Leadership

For the past 21 years, Patel, founder

in the ‘old school’ world was about productivity and efficiency. Leadership in the

and president of Courtesy Vending,

digital age is about harnessing the power of people’s minds. It’s about maximiz-

has been driven by an entrepreneur-

ing their efforts through a shared vision, a sense of purpose and a nurturing of

ial passion for applying breakthrough

their talents.”

technologies and establishing busi-

Simon Sinek forwarded the idea that “people don’t buy what you do but why

ness models. He has worked tire-

you do it.” The bestselling author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire

lessly to keep his company ahead of

Everyone to Take Action” holds true to the theory that leadership is about people.

his competition. Integrating technol-

“People are not machines, so they cannot be expected to act like them,” Sinek

ogy to improve efficiency and service.

wrote. “People have emotions and often act irrationally, which is something a

Using a proprietary “active manage-

great leader understands.”

ment” tracking system to provide an

Patel interprets this to include both team members and customers. “In other

edge. Becoming a forerunner in the

words, what is key to influence the team and customers is to instill a sense of

industry’s green movement. Each step

purpose. Why you/the company is doing what it does. Having a strong connection

was (and still is) strategically made to

to the ‘why’ helps influence.”

better Courtesy Vending – a leader that others are forced to follow.

We cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs. – Bill Clinton Christine Comaford has been called to serve two U.S. presidents in managing change. She worked with the Bill Clinton Administration on developing and implementing the U.S. intranet strategy, which ultimately enabled millions of Americans to access government services through the internet. Under the George W. Bush Administration, she helped to reinvent the Small Business Administration and pass a $4 billion bill in Congress. Comaford has led many unconventional lives, serving as a software engineer (at Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Lotus), entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Recognized

P20 CANVAS August 2013

as one of the country’s foremost experts on leadership, she is a leadership columnist for Forbes, and has appeared to address the topic on “Good Morning America,” CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX Business Network, PBS and CNET, to name a few. Today, as the founder of Christine Comaford & Associates, she travels the country as a culture coach who expounds the benefits of neuroscience-based leadership. She also is the bestselling authoring of two books on leadership: “SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together” and “Rules for Renegades.” Ask Comaford about the art of leadership and she will say leading by example shows your team how they are supposed to behave, and even what they are to believe. That’s the scientific approach. “Great leaders set the emotional tone for the entire team, and thanks to mirror neurons that tone is positive if the leader is. What tone do you want to set? If your team members are stuck in what we call the Tension Triangle (behaving as a victim, rescuer or persecutor), you need to quickly shift them into the positive counterpart (outcome, insight or action creator).” It’s all about asking the right questions, which shifts focus from problems to outcomes. Comaford suggests asking: • What would you like? (Result) • What would having that do for you? (Internal experience/feelings – you may want to ask this a few times – it’s where we learn what they really want) • How would you know when you had it? (External proof) • What are your next steps to getting it? “It’s essential to get and keep your team in their ‘Smart State,’” Comaford says. “This is where your brain has full access to creativity, problem solving, innovation and emotional engagement. All too often, leaders send teams into their ‘Critter State’ – the part of the brain where fight/flight/freeze is in the driver’s seat and

“Great leaders set the emotional tone for the entire team, and thanks to mirror neurons that tone is positive if the leader is.” – Christine Comaford, Founder, Christine Comaford & Associates

Leadership 20.13

Leadership is … “Today’s leaders have to pull back 10 quotes that will inspire you to greatness A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

more often. It’s about giving yourself space and time to think. Take time outs for silence and to explore.” – Jim Collison, President, Employers of America

To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less. – Andre Malraux Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. – Peter Drucker The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. – Kenneth Blanchard A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. – Max Lucado The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward Those who try to lead the people can only do so by following the mob. – Oscar Wilde

innovation and collaboration is kicked to the curb. Being emotionally enrolling and engaging is the key. To foster engagement, you must inquire versus advocate. Advocating is giving orders. Inquiring is asking the questions to enable your team members to solve their own problems, find solutions; rise up as a leader.”

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. – Peter Drucker A recent Gallup poll on employee engagement found that more than seven of 10 employees are not fully engaged in their jobs. And only 12 percent of the organizations polled reported they have the leaders they need. Jim Collison says that’s what leadership looks like in 2013. Collison, president of Employers of America (EofA), spends his days helping businesses and organizations cut costs, make more money and achieve the results they want. In the end, he knows that these things only happen when a company’s leadership is in step with its people. What’s different about our 21st century compared to previous generations that affects leading? “Speed,” Collison says. “It’s the frenetic pace of almost everything. Distractions. Multitasking. The avalanche of information at our fingertips and on our smartphones. Today’s leaders have to pull back more often. It’s about giving yourself space and time to think. Take time outs for silence and to explore. Delegate more. Make fewer decisions on your own. Focus on the big picture more. And focus on surrounding yourself with the best people.” In 2005, Paresh Patel was named the Oregon Small Business Person of the Year, an honor that is bestowed on only one businessperson per state. In part, Patel was selected for creating and operating a company that exemplifies, among other things, great management.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs

“Leadership, counter intuitively, is introspective,” Patel says. “The better you understand yourself, the more authentic and better leader you will be. Just like people have individual strengths and weaknesses, leaders do as well. Leadership is truly individual. Leaders are original. Leaders who are successful using their own

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails. – John Maxwell Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

P22 CANVAS August 2013

strengths in certain situations can’t be duplicated and can’t be copied to apply to other situations.”

Inspired to lead… What’s your favorite quote on leadership? Share it with us on our Facebook page at

E n c o u r a g i n g

c r E at i v E

m i n d s

Founded in 1996, The Electronic document scholarship Foundation (EdsF) is a charitable, non-profit, that engages in programs designed to attract the best and brightest to the industry. By granting scholarships, fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation, and garnering and disseminating knowledge, we are helping build the next generation of digital content and delivery professionals. SCHOLARSHIPS



EdsF’s scholarship program makes it possible for students to receive the education necessary to pursue careers in the document management and graphic communications industry. What sets EdsF apart from other Foundations is the international scope of our operations.

EdsF sponsors academic research grants and partners with major industry research firms to provide businesses with cutting-edge data on trends in the document management and graphic communications industry. since 2001, EdsF has provided 30 research grants, developed a grant/mentor program and published over 25 white papers.

Through recognition of leading educators and educational programs worldwide, EdsF continues to build awareness about career opportunities in the industry, while ensuring that businesses have a talented pool of applicants to recruit.

more than ever before, there is a critical need for individuals and companies to support the future of the document management and graphic communications industry. EdsF’s scholarship program enables students to receive the education necessary to pursue careers in the industry, while providing much needed assistance in offsetting the ever increasing financial burden. Please join us as we work together to provide our future business leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to shape our industry for years to come.

k C A B GIvE RInt 3 At Ptember 10, 201

pm ay, Sep Tuesd 00 pm - 8:00 ick Place 5: orm y McC c n e g e o, IL Hyatt R Chicag graph www.e http:// /givebackat s t even news_

The Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation For more information visit or call +1 817.849.1145

P24 CANVAS August 2013

Shifting into strategic overdrive

By Lorrie Bryan


o, you merged your companies. You’ve tinkered with all those internal details. Now

it’s time to hit the street with your new brand. Ah, execution, the fiery engine underneath that fancy new car of yours. CANVAS P25


The experts say the most important factor to any successful post-merger acquisition is having a well-evaluated and thorough strategy. But you might be surprised to find how often businesses are purchased or merged without any kind of game plan for the merged entity. As they say: “Hope is not a strategy.” Developing a strategic plan takes insight, creativity

Many corporate mergers can get so engrossed in the transactional stages that they fail to focus on the final product. – Andrew Sherman, Senior Partner, Jones Day

and analysis. Andrew Sherman, one of the country’s leading experts on corporate mergers, has had a front-row seat

to meet pre-closing objectives within three years of closing. If that is true, that’s

to the unique world of mergers and

horrendous. We have got to do better than that,” says Sherman, a senior part-

acquisitions. And, as he admits, not all

ner, and corporate and transactional lawyer in the merger and acquisitions, and

of them are always perfect situations.

corporate department of Jones Day, a prominent international law firm.

“I am hearing reports that indicate

Sherman says the courting phase is not what it used to be. “Everyone is in such

that 60 to 70 percent of mergers fail

a hurry. We need to get back to longer courtships with time for the corporations to get to know each other and make sure that the merger makes sense.”

And They’re Off… Before racing their wares to the streets, Sherman says companies should consider asking themselves three questions: * Is the merger driving stakeholder value? * Is there a clear path to profitability and accretiveness? * Is there a clear executable post-merger integration plan? Sherman believes that many corporate mergers can get so engrossed in the transactional stages that they fail to focus on the final product. This causes a lot of challenges post merger – a time when most mergers fail. “Culture, leadership, governance, IT systems, compensation packages, basic logistics – all of these issues are challenges,” Sherman says. “Often, because of cultural clashes between the two entities, employees do not execute post-integration plans with efficiency. Employees often talk of, ‘us and them,’ ‘our way’ and ‘their way.’” Greg Charleston says it often takes years for this mentality to diminish and for people to no longer think of which company they worked for pre-merger. “Once the merger is completed on paper, there can be a long period of actual integration. Deal people are notorious for oversimplifying a merger,” says Charleston, senior managing director and head of Conway MacKenzie’s Atlanta office. The award-winning international consulting firm specializes in turnaround and crisis management. In an economic environment where consolidation is becoming the norm, Sherman believes the printing services industry should take note. “Printing equipment, commercial and retail printing – all of these associated industries are probably more crowded than they need to be, and there’s going to be some efficiencies that have to take place to survive,” says Sherman, who also is an author, and business school and law school professor at Georgetown University and University of Maryland. “This is still a great and exciting industry with some bright days ahead, but it’s important for printers to stay a step ahead and keep in touch with the evolving needs of their customers.” Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a science and an art. “The science is all of the technical components necessary to get transactions done,” Sherman says. “The art is absorbing everything there is to know about putting two companies together. You don’t want to rush into something and wake up the next day wondering what you were thinking.”

P26 CANVAS August 2013


Shifting your strategy into high gear The road to developing and executing your post-merger strategy starts with

How Nike pulled away from the pack

that strategic plan. Conway MacKenzie’s Charleston offers five ways you can shift your plan into high gear.



Identify strengths & weaknesses

Each business has different strengths and weaknesses. It will take a thorough and

The strategy was pretty straightforward: Nike’s acquisition of the iconic Converse brand enabled the world’s greatest marketing machine to employ a “buy rather than build” strategy in the leisure shoe category – a move that would help deliver it another market, but still maintain its performance reputation and hardcore sports image. It was 2003, and Converse was in the midst of resurrecting its brand by gaining a massive following among younger consumers in the retro-style shoe market. Started in 1908 with its canvas and rubber round-toe shoes, Converse became one of the strongest footwear brands in the world. And now it was falling under Nike’s umbrella, a move that was interesting on all fronts. And while Nike marketed other shoes and products under different brand names (Cole Haan, Hurley and Bauer Nike Hockey), Converse’s athletic shoe – the Star – was the first marketed by Nike (the Swoosh) without bearing the Nike name. At the time, Tom Clarke, then Nike’s president for new business ventures, said, “Converse management has done an excellent job of reestablishing this beloved brand with consumers and we look forward to supporting them as they continue to implement their growth strategy.” Converse had built a reputation for lower-priced and more traditional shoes, and by acquiring it, Nike now had the opportunity to take a brand to the mass-market channels, i.e., the Wal-Marts and Targets of the world. Mass merchandising was the last frontier Nike had to conquer. And now, the acquisition enabled them to enter the right channel at the right price and with the right product. Some 10 years later, Nike’s success with the Converse brand and the way it executed its strategy is the stuff of textbook legend. The union is a positive snapshot of what happens when companies successfully take the time to prepare their operational and marketing strategies in advance of taking their brand(s) to the streets.

Mass merchandising was the last frontier Nike had to conquer. And now, the acquisition enabled them to enter the right channel at the right price and with the right product.

thoughtful effort to identify yours. The most important thing is to find what entity brings what to the table. Take the Southwest Airlines/AirTran merger. Southwest is an efficient provider of airline services and has some unique and successful approaches to delivery and service, e.g., its entire fleet is made up of 727s, general admission seating eliminates complexities, etc. On AirTran’s part, it holds access to key markets and airports that were important to Southwest.

2nd Gear

Merge the strengths A strategy for merging

two entities – and the execution that follows – should be driven by the overarching goal to emphasize the strengths of each organization. For example, when Nike purchased Converse, its goal likely was to integrate and reinvigorate the iconic Converse brand by utilizing its world-renowned marketing prowess (See “How Nike Pulled Away from the Pack,” in the sidebar to the left). In this case, both brands have maintained their brand identities thanks to seamless execution.



Deemphasize or eliminate the weaknesses

Mergers are an excellent way to eliminate weaknesses, terminate bad habits and gain a fresh start. For example, a merged company may have developed a reputation for poor customer relations in the past. A merger can utilize the merged partners strengths in this area to eliminate any bad habits and/or poor execution the company had pre-merger.

P28 CANVAS August 2013

A strategy for merging two entities – and the execution that follows – should be driven by the overarching goal to emphasize the strengths of each organization. – Greg Charleston, Senior Managing Director, Conway MacKenzie



Communicate the strategy to employees

Nothing will be accomplished unless the employees understand and believe in the strategy. Management should put significant effort into educating employees and creating excitement internally. Without that, the merger will fail in the execution stage.



Communicate and reemphasize the merger strengths to market A strategically creative and well-organized marketing plan is a criti-

cal component to any merger strategy. The merged company must communicate to the market and explain why the merged company is better for customers. Regardless of a merger, a partnership or some sort of alliance, nothing should slow down your ability to execute. Strategy and internal focus are important at a point in time, but in the end the best organizations accelerate their business through relentless execution.


wItH teCHnOlOGy Commercial Printers In-Plant Printers Transactional Printers

InteGrAte SOlUtIOnS


PRINT 13 is the year’s global exhibition spanning the realm of Print, Online and Mobile Communications. Breakthrough technologies, exciting new profit opportunities, and 60+ co-located events make PRINT 13 the industry marketplace and networking forum of the year!

Package & Specialty Printers Wide Format Printers & Imagers Quick/Small Commercial Printers Photo Imagers Mailing & Fulfillment Professionals Book Printers/Publishers Newspaper Printers/Publishers Marketing/Creative Services Professionals Media/Print Buyers

Come explore the industry’s global marketplace in the largest print market in the world — CHICAGO, USA!

13 September 8–12, 2013 McCormick Place | Chicago, IL USA

Co-located show:

Do not this,


The worst practices of business development – what are you guilty of? By Linda Bishop


haron smiled and said hello as she passed Frank on the way to her desk in the bullpen. But Frank didn’t acknowledge her greeting. Every inch of Frank’s posture signified defeat.

“What’s up with Frank? He looks depressed,” Sharon asked her co-worker, Steve. “It’s Frank’s usual complaint. He doesn’t have any business,” Steve said. “No surprise there,” Sharon said, letting out a cynical laugh. “When was the last time you saw Frank make a cold call, look for new leads or even follow-up on a referral?” “Never. Frank detests the business development side of selling,” Steve said. “It makes me wonder why he ever picked this as a career in the first place.”

P30 CANVAS August 2013

With a lower carbon footprint and by using 50% less wood fiber, the cradle-to-grave environmental impact of Align Printing Papers is significantly smaller than freesheet – which makes these papers a smart choice for everyday applications. Offering great runnability, coated and uncoated Align grades from Resolute Forest Products have a higher opacity than freesheet and still deliver the yield savings you need. Find out more and order samples at







Do this, not that

Do you know reps like Frank, ones who spend more time complaining

maintain the confidence they need to

coffee and realize all the projects you

replace lost business.

sold are finished and billed. The flow

about prospecting than actually doing

In our world, selling brings new oppor-

of new orders has dried up and your

it? I’ve met far too many people like

tunities and surprises every day. Manag-

funnel is empty. Your stomach tight-

this over the course of my career.

ing your time can be challenging. When

ens; your heart beats faster and you

you’re crazy-busy, a day, a week or longer

feel that momentary surge of panic.

I’ve also met sales leaders with phenomenal



ment skills and impressive revenues.

can pass without any serious energy devoted to business development.

Their ability to keep the sales funnel

The next thing you know you’re

full helps them sleep at night and

sitting at desk one day with a cup of

When you get to that moment, think about the following business development worst practices and see which ones you may be guilty (if any) of practicing.

Worst Practice No. 1 Business development is not a regularly scheduled activity Salespeople who treat business development as a “when I can get to it” task never get to it very often. Sporadic efforts result in substandard skills. It takes practice to get good at anything you do. Without practice, you have mediocre skills. The outcome is substandard results, often accompanied by whining about how difficult it is to get an appointment with a prospect. That escalates into a litany of complaints, including tough market conditions, and not enough marketing or help from management. When explaining failure, “When I get to it” salespeople don’t blame themselves for their lack of success. They blame their circumstances.

How to make it better Great salespeople schedule time to call and prospect regularly. Through ongoing practice, they continually get better at business development and maintain a strong flow of new leads. For great salespeople, business development isn’t a sometime activity – it’s part of their daily routine.

In our world, selling brings new opportunities and surprises every day. Managing your time can be challenging.

Worst Practice No. 2 Your introductory speech sucks Tami plans to leave a message for the buyer of her biggest lead. Surprisingly, the buyer picks up the phone. Tami immediately launches into her introduction. It’s a confusing jumble of words and information. Some 96 seconds later, she stops to take a breath. The buyer latches onto her pause and says, “Thanks, but we’re all set in that area.” Phone call over. Tami slams her phone down in disgust. Mark Twain once said, “Education consists of mainly what we have un-learned.”

How to make it better If you follow your best practices playbook, your introductory speech will be more concise – 30 seconds or less – and relevant to your buyers. Your message must be clear. Your sentences must be short and direct. You must deliver your message in a positive, confident tone.

P32 CANVAS August 2013





PRINT 13 - ROOM S102 SEPT. 9, 2013 11AM S P E A K E RS I N C L U D E








Do this, not that

Worst Practice No. 3 You don’t know what a good prospect “looks” like Time is money, and too many salespeople waste it chasing low value prospects. Bad prospects have some or all of the following qualities: • They buy very little of what you sell. • They buy cheap and bare bones, and that’s not what your company sells. • Major barriers exist, like multi-year ironclad contracts with an existing vendor or purchase agreements with relatives. Good prospects look like this: • They buy a significant amount of what you sell. • They see value in your benefits and respect your price point. • A s far as you know, there are no real barriers in place to making the sale – other than getting a meeting and convincing them to let you have an opportunity.

How to make it better When you follow business development best practices, you regularly look at your prospect list to determine if you need better quality leads. When you follow business development worst practices, you call on the same group of people for years, never assessing the odds of making the sale or doing a major overhaul of your prospects.

Worst Practice No. 4 You never send letters to prospects Letters




And if you’re not the best writer in the

tools, so I’m always amazed at how

world, you can solve this problem in

few salespeople actually use them.

several ways:

They’re effective because:

• Hire a copywriter – Budget between

• Letters reach prospects at their desk.

$50 and $200. Rough out points you

• Prospects don’t get many letters, so

want to include, and let the expert

you stand out. • People open letters – and read them. • You can include your business card.

write the letter for you. • Create a team letter – Work with other salespeople on your team to

Many prospects keep cards for refer-

come up with a letter everyone can

ence when they buy what you sell.

use. A group project elevates idea

•T  he written word allows you to

quality and writing skills.

provide greater detail on benefits,

•B  uy a book on how to write a busi-

products and services than you can

ness letter – Get a book of pre-

include in a voicemail.

written letters and modify them to fit

•P  rospects who often receive letters

It takes practice to get good at anything you do. Without practice, you have mediocre skills.

your message.

also will visit your website to learn more.

How to make it better Imagine you discover a new lead on LinkedIn. After making a connection, you call him, but he doesn’t answer the phone, so you leave a message. Because you follow business development best practices, on the same day you make the first call, you also send a standard introductory letter. A week later you call again. This time, he picks up the phone and says, “I received your letter and looked at your website.” He agrees to meet.

P34 CANVAS August 2013

My Mail Connection:

Connecting customers with the right service provider! My Mail Connection matches people who have a mailing, printing, or marketing project with the service providers who are the best fit for the job. Don’t wait, try today!

People are searching today and finding your competitors! Stop letting that happen and list your business today.

Sign up or search at

Do this, not that

Worst Practice No. 5 You don’t have a good plan for your first call follow-up What happens after you have an initial meeting with your prospect? Do you send a thank you note? How warm is the lead? Is she ready to buy now? What’s your next step? Have you set a reminder in your calendar to schedule another appointment? When should you meet again? What are you going to talk about in the next

When you follow business development best practices, you regularly look at your prospect list to determine if you need better quality leads.

call? Do you have information you can send immediately to reinforce points you made in a conversation? Too many salespeople drive away from great meetings with no follow-up plan. When you have a plan, you convert more prospects into customers – and often make the first sale faster.

How to make it better A basic best practice plan for a solid follow up includes the following: • Record the contact information for the lead in a CRM system or address book. Record notes detailing what happened in your meeting. • On the same day, send a thank you email with your contact information on a V-Card or other electronic business card format. This makes it easier for the prospect to save. • Determine what you need to discuss in your next call, and how quickly it must take place. • Set a reminder in your calendar to get another meeting with the prospect. There are plenty of ways to improve a basic plan. You can send written thank you notes, as well as an email. Prospects always will appreciate receiving valuable information tied to topics discussed in the meeting. If you felt a personal connection, invite the prospect to connect on LinkedIn.

P36 CANVAS August 2013

Better versus Brilliance What you must do to outsell your competitors Moments of brilliance are wonderful but fleeting. But you can’t count on them to sustain success. By consistently applying best practice selling skills, you give yourself an edge and outsell your competitors. Here are some business development best practices you should try: • Schedule time to regularly focus on business development. By practicing, you will get better. By investing time regularly, you’ll get more meetings and more sales.

• Have a short, snappy and interesting introductory speech, and deliver it well. Focus on customer needs so it’s relevant to your prospects.

• Create a profile for a good prospect. You don’t want to waste time pursuing low value leads.

• Create a letter you can send to prospects. Include your business card.

• Create a plan for a first call follow up.

Write down your plan and put it somewhere you can see it. Refer to it until new habits form.

Linda Bishop, a longtime veteran of the commercial printing industry, is the founder of Thought Transformation Inc. (, which trains and consults companies and sales professionals on how to sell more and reach their full potential. You can reach her at

Lights, By Brian Sullivan


10 tips to help you become the star of your industry


uring one of my weekly

Tip No. 1: Give, give and give

radio programs, “Entre-

Don’t expect to get rich off of the new people you meet. Do it because it’s fun.

preneurial Moment,” which can be heard on ESPN 1510

Tip No. 2: Ask questions and learn

in Kansas City, I interviewed Hollywood

Listen and learn before you tell anybody about you, your company or

actor Peter Dante. If you’re a fan of Adam

your products.

Sandler movies, you’ll recognize him as a cast regular. In his most recent

Tip No. 3:

role, he plays a police officer along-

Make a list of the people you want to meet, and then put yourself in a position to

Plan your grown up networking

side NBA-great-turned-actor Shaquille

meet them. Commit to reaching out to one new person each day. Do the math. In

O’Neal in the movie “Grown Ups 2.”

one year, you’ll be amazed at how many new people are in your network.

I asked Dante about his goals after he left his East Coast life and moved to Cali-

Tip No. 4: Go where you haven’t gone

fornia on a whim. I was surprised by his

If you aren’t meeting enough new people, it’s because you’re hanging out in the

response. Dante said he wasn’t quite sure

same circles. You can keep your existing circles, but to expand your influence,

what he wanted to do when he moved;

create new circles. Consider going outside of your industry to garner fresh ideas

he just knew he had to take the chance.

and perspectives. Join associations, local business groups or charitable organiza-

After landing a job on the “The Larry Sanders Show” as a production assistant, Dante met several actors, including a young Adam Sandler. The rela-

tions. Those places are loaded with the type of people you must surround yourself with.

Tip No. 5: Ask for permission then ask for help

tionship led to several others, which

Don’t be afraid to ask for introductions. One of the biggest problems with below

helped him create a network of high-

average business/salespeople is that they “sit on” the relationships they have. If

powered entertainment insiders. The

you sell, ask your current customers to introduce you to people in their circles.

relationships also led him to his future

Trust me, those people are making decisions that impact your paycheck.

wife, Cindy, who is Brad Pitt’s manager. When I asked, “What’s the formula to

Tip No. 6: Share your network

creating such a powerful network?” his

The most successful business people in any industry are the ones who offer to

answer was amazingly simple. “I like to

introduce their friends to others. These introductions will expand your circle.

have fun,” he said. “I smile and laugh a lot. I think people like being around me.

Tip No. 7: Follow up

That alone has opened up more doors

When you make new relationships, don’t leave them hanging. Call or send

than I could have ever imagined. I don’t

an email and let them know you’re there to help. Or better yet, send a

expect anything in return. I like a lot of

handwritten note.

people – and a lot of people seem to like me back. Some call it networking,

Tip No. 8: Don’t be a complainer

but I’m not sure what I call it.”

Need I say more?

What a concept? I decided to take my interview with Dante and pull

Tip No. 9: Dismiss nobody

together 10 tips that may help you

There’s nothing worse than somebody who thinks he’s above others. Many

become the star of your company and

accounts have been lost because a salesperson treated a “lower level” decision-

sales territory.

maker like a second-class citizen.

P38 CANVAS August 2013

Baby you’re a star… Tip No. 10:

Expect to be in the room

At some point, the most successful people in business (or Hollywood) find themselves in a room full of high-powered people and wonder how they ended up there. Act like you belong – because you do.

To learn more on how to become the star of your industry, listen to Brian Sullivan’s interview with “Grown Ups 2” actor Peter Dante by visiting podcast.htm. And don’t forget to go see the movie. Check out for more details.

If you want to meet more people and build a ton of relationships, be the energy source in every room. By having a great attitude and above average enthusiasm, you’ll meet a ton of people who want to be around you. Their desire to be near you may even land you a few extra sales and, perhaps a starring role in your company or industry. And what a star you will be. As president of PRECISE Selling, Brian Sullivan, CSP, delivers seminars and internet training programs on sales, customer service, leadership and presentation skills to companies of all sizes. To sign up for a free video training module on The Beauty of Questions, visit For seminar information, visit

final thought

Interview with Dan Schawbel

Millennial Branding’s Dan Schawbel on why it’s all about you


an Schawbel believes that the subtle and amazingly effective art of selfpromotion is the razor-thin difference between success and failure. Ask the founder of Millennial Branding, a Bostonbased Gen Y research and consulting firm, and he’ll tell you that success is all about creating unique, personal brands and leveraging them to maximum advantage.

On the one trait every successful person should have… You have to be a good salesperson. You must be able to sell yourself, your ideas and influence people if you want to be successful in business. If you can’t influence your co-workers or customers to take action, then you fail.

On key ingredient every marketing campaign should have… Every marketing campaign should have

On the biggest opportunities in 2013…

a call to action. You should push the audi-

It’s all about mobile today. We seem to

profile or to your business. If there’s no call

talk about mobile every year, but I believe

to action, it becomes another brand aware-

that businesses will be more serious about

ness campaign. There’s no point in invest-

it, as both the number of mobile users and

ing money in a campaign that’s not going to

amount of time spent on mobile phones will

reap you any benefits.

ence to your website, your social network

grow. People are more hyper-connected will have to justify their campaigns. Those

On the best way to promote yourself today…

with analytics backgrounds will thrive, and

It doesn’t involve social media profiles.

companies that test campaigns and measure

Figure out what your talents are, what you’re

performance will have better results.

passionate about and what the market is

today. And measurement is key. Marketers Dan Schawbel

looking for. Position yourself so that you’re

On what consumers want today…

doing what you love, while leveraging your

Consumers want to connect and interact

can do that, you’re poised for success and

with brands on a personal level. Instead of

happiness. Once you’ve nailed that, the

just pushing your content, you should inter-

tools will be there for you to decide which

act with individual followers so you can build

ones are best for you and the audience you

a long-term relationship with them. They also

want to attract.

need you to stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing. Be proactive and reactive, especially as new companies disrupt old business models and new research pushes you in a different direction.

P40 CANVAS August 2013

talents and fulfilling a market need. If you

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