The Memorial Buzz - November 2016

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Getting into college We’ve been thinking about it since our babies were growing in our bellies – starting a college fund, getting a sandbox for sensory play, finding the right preschool. Then the pressure mounts in elementary and middle school, when lacrosse, piano lessons, and science fairs threaten our dwindling sanity. And then somehow they’re in high school. This time, you’re not the only one who’s worried. This time, your kids are feeling the same stress you’ve been dealing with all along – earn good grades, participate in the right extracurricular activities, accumulate volunteer hours, gain leadership experience. The college admissions process puts a lot of pressure on families. Admissions committees are no longer looking for “well-rounded” students. Instead, they’re looking for specialized students – ones who know what they want to do and have the past experiences to prove it. Sarah Seitz, college admissions coach and founder of The Enrichery, says, “Your declared major on your college application should connect your past experiences to your future goals.” For example, if you’re president of the physics club, convincing an admissions committee of your desire to major in physics shouldn’t be too hard. On the other hand, proving your love for science might be trickier if you’ve spent the past four summers at theater camp. This is one of the primary reasons The Enrichery designed its Summer Internship Program. The Summer Internship Program gives young people real world experience and improves their college admissions prospects by providing them with mentors who can write them personalized recommen-


dation letters, pertinent experiences to discuss in admissions essays, and resume-building opportunities. The Enrichery Summer Internship Program begins with a 1-week professional development course that teaches young people professionalism and poise, followed by a 4-week internship experience in the field of their choice, and ending with a final presentation of a capstone project of their own creation. Whether a student wants to be an engineer or a Broadway star, we’ve built partnerships with businesses all over Houston to give young people the summer internship and professional development experience of a lifetime. For admission into the program, students can apply online at If their initial application is approved, they will be scheduled for an interview. Admission into the program is selective, and based largely upon a student’s poise, professionalism and academic performance. Scholarships are also available, and involve an additional creative component. The Enrichery Academic Consulting, 9111 Katy Freeway, Suite 310, Houston, Texas 77024, 832.863.3807,,