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Innovation involves an application of deliberation, imagination, creativity, and initiatives that’s ultimately converted into useful products and services. This issue is everything innovation; from cutting edge technology must-haves to a new curated lifestyle mobile app and tattoo artist, Kat Tat changing the game of creative entrepreneurship. In this issue, we will also bring you money saving tips for the summer months and an intimate discussion with BurgerIM franchise owner, Francis Perdue. Also included, expert advice on how to maintain and balance your mental health and a piece on Kat Tat; how she’s permanently making her mark as an entrepreneur and community advocate. We are extremely excited about our cover story with 10-year old tech genius, Samaira Mehta. This innovative kid coder has caught the attention of Microsoft, Google, and Michelle Obama! Thank you for supporting Business Mogul and remember...Be a Mogul . Build a Mogul.

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CheapoAir’s 2019

Top Summer Travel Destinations


Cutting Edge Technology Must Haves


Curated Lifestyle App

for Black Millennials Has Officially Launched


Kat Tat

Permanently Making Her Mark as an Entrepreneur and Community Advocate


Money Saving Tips

for the Summer Months

Franchise by Francis: Public 7 Relations Guru Purchases BurgerIM


Samaira Mehta

Kid Coder Creating & Leading The New Generation

Pierre’s Eatery Just Added a 14 Dash of Soul Helping Women Reclaim Their 16 Lives: Beating Endo Restoration Blueprint: 22 A Look at How this Author Transformed her Life The Future of Mobile Apps 33 Girl Power: Uncensored 44


francis perdue Francis Perdue is an innovator who is making her mark as a public relations professional, franchise owner of BurgerIM, and creator of a pre-patent, “Heel It”. While sustaining her public relations and talent management firm, Francis still finds time to carry out her mission and goals for BurgerIM. Francis is one of the youngest Black women to own a BurgerIM franchise and she’s not stopping there. She has been appointed as Director of Public Relations for BurgerIM and corporate, with the goal to make the burger franchise a household name. 7

Feature Darryl: How does it feel to be a franchise owner of BurgerIM? Francis: It’s really diverse, so I am really honored to be apart of such a diverse group of ownership and I actually just found out that all of their stores are franchised owned, meaning that corporate have a couple of stores that they are trying to take over or monopolize anything regarding the franchise process. Darryl: Tell us more about the franchise. Francis: BurgerIM started in Israel. The owner, Orin has created a franchise opportunity in the whole United States and they have about 50-100 stores open across the United States, not counting international. Darryl: What made you decide to have your location in Birmingham, Alabama? Francis: I am an LA native but I am also a Navy brat. My father and my mother are both from Birmingham so it’s a legacy in my family, especially on the Perdue side. My great grandfather was on the original railroad company in Birmingham and my grandfather was a civil servant. My father has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and pulled himself up by his bootstraps in the Navy to get his education paid for. So I am grateful and I definitely want to continue the legacy that my family has built. We now have a historical home in Birmingham on what they call “Civil Rights Row”, about three doors down from where the three little girls lost their lives from the Spike Lee Film “Three Little Girls”, so that’s where my family is fromI want to continue that legacy because I feel it’s important to give back to the community. Darryl: You’re the youngest Black woman to purchase a burger franchise from BurgerIM, how does it feel to have that honor? Francis: I’m not sure if I am the youngest African American woman but I am one of the youngest and it feels great. I never knew I wanted to be a franchise owner. You know when you think of your goals and dreams and how much money you want to make and you put it on your dream board. I never wrote down franchise owner. I actually wrote down so many other things so I just feel they have to push you in different directions and make all the madness make sense. I just felt like I wanted to “bet on me” for once. I’ve helped, and currently helping people build their businesses, but something in me was a strong why to what my legacy was going to be and that feeling alone just drives me. I am 8

very honored to be one of the youngest Black females to own a BurgerIM. Darryl: Outside of BurgerIM, can you tell Business Mogul about your other business ventures? Francis: I am really excited because I am in the process of a pre-patent. So right now I am working on a project for a shoe fix idea. I love heels and always wearing stilettos, my invention is going to fix stiletto heels. As women, we love our shoes and don’t want to give them up so I created an opportunity for the woman to not have to give up their shoes. Of course I have the BurgerIM and also a public relations and talent management firm. I’m sure I have a few other inventions up my sleeve but at the moment those things are taking up most of time. I also just became the Director of Public Relations for the corporate BurgerIM, which I was recently appointed. What I am working on right now is creating a brand awareness for the entire corporation, which is really awesome because I have a vested interest and because I am an owner. Whatever corporate does, it’s going to help the franchise owner. My whole goal in the next two months is to make BurgerIM a household name.

Business: Consumer Corner

Homemade Comfort Food Created by Southern Belle,


Business: Consumer Corner


ood is memory. A capsule of soul touching experiences. The art of cooking or sitting down to a meal with friends and family, or simply that act of taking that first bite has the ability to transport us to another time and place. Summer childhood barbecues, a cozy meal with a loved one on a romantic date, that family thanksgiving dinner where the fabrication of life through love and cuisine are born. Food is the only art form or medium that impacts all of the senses. SMASH JARS is not just another meal delivery service or meal prep company. They aim to be apart of the family. SMASH JARS founder, Kimberly Davis is moving and shaking in the food industry and Business Mogul have a front row seat! What makes “SMASH JARS” innovative? SMASH JARS is not your average meal prep or meal delivery company. According to new studies, only 1/3 of Americans eat healthy. So what are the other Americans eating? Fast food, quick prepared meals from grocery stores, and dining at restaurants. SMASH JARS is the answer to most of these problems. We provide a wide range of meals, from healthy options to meals that calorie counting isn’t a thought. We market to the Americans that love to eat, don’t have time or desire to cook but want great flavorful food that they can store and enjoy when they are ready. Have elderly parents who aren’t able to prepare their own meals? SMASH JARS can deliver to their doorstep weekly. Our JARS can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 3 weeks! They can also be placed in the freezer for storage for up to 6 months. Have children, a family and no time? SMASH Jars has meals for the entire family.


Business: Consumer Corner

Where do you see this concept going in the future? Do you plan to open a brick and mortar store? Absolutely! Our plan to have a SMASH JAR Cafe in every major city starting with our first cafe in Durham, North Carolina. We will offer our meals in jars or traditional plating. Our menu will expand to offer meals that typically wouldn’t be best served in mason jars such as fried items. The cafe will be home-like and inviting, kid friendly and family oriented. In 2020, we plan to launch the WOOF WOOF JARS. Jars for the fury family members. SMASH JARS will offer daily meals through UBER Eats starting June 2019. We will also be hosting fun pop up events and tastings at our SMASH JAR kitchen.

We receive many questions about what’s the biggest difference between our product and others in the market?

1. Our meals are tested in the jars during a two week process before being placed online for sale. It is imperative that the quality of the food is the same if not better once reheated and consumed. 2. We offer our meals in environmentally safe glass mason jars. Once the meal has been consumed, the mason jar can be recycled and used for other needs. 3. SMASH JARS offers our jar return program where our customers can return the mason jars for us to use for meals to feed the less fortunate in our community and receive a 5% discount on their next order. 4. Our meals can be stored longer in our vacuum sealed mason jars verses plastic containers. 5. Our kids meals are all designed by kids, for kids and tested by kids.

6. Our meals are not just slapped with a title of soul food, comfort food or flavorful, it lives up to the title. 7. We cater to all cultures! Summer 2019, we will be launching our PASSPORT SMASH JARS. International inspired cuisines. 8. Fall of 2019, we will be launching our Celebrity Chef SMASH JARS! We are teaming up with celebrity chefs all across the country to bring their signature dish(s) to your home. 9. We will be offering catering and private dining services by Fall 2019. 10. Our Guilty JARS will be a huge hit starting Summer 2019. We are going to be announcing the new special event baked good GUILTY JARS. SMASH JARS will be offering bi-weekly menus of our many different meals online at: 11



Nick Ricardo Collection:

A Gender-Neutral Fragrance Line Disrupting the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry


veryone enjoys putting on the perfect fragrance for any occasion. The Nick Ricardo Collection is just that, the perfect fragrance, which is a gender-neutral line created by CEO, Nick Yeast. The brand has been breaking gender barriers in the beauty and cosmetic industry which places it on mogul status. The Nick Ricardo Collection’s mission is to slash gender norms and elevate the narrative of the POC, non-binary, transgender, and gender non-conforming individual. NRC is more than a brand; we are a movement toward a world in which all of us — no matter our gender expression — can be our fullest, highest elevated, and proud selves. Business Mogul: What inspired you to start the collection? In 2017, I took a solo trip to South Korea. During my time in South Korea, I stumbled across a fragrance making class. I was so intrigued and touched by the passion the facilitator had when talking about the notes of the fragrances and what fragrance means to them. I made my own bottle and was so mesmerized by what I created. I brought it back to the states and when wearing the fragrance in public, I noticed I had a lot of people from all spectrums compliment me on my fragrance. I realized very quickly that I had something going on. I quickly knew that if I was going to do this, that I needed something that included everyone from all backgrounds and genders.


Business Mogul: We love how your fragrance is gender neutral, do you think more fragrances should offer this option? Why or why not? Absolutely! So many people are breaking the binary when it comes to their everyday lives and gender expression, which is very important for a lot of us. When adding the finishing touches of your everyday routine, such as a spritz or two, it’s nice to have something that you are comfortable wearing and you feel confident in a brand that is made for you, believes in you and inspires you to be your true authentic self such as a gender neutral fragrance. If brands were more inclusive and reached beyond the binary It could change the conversation in our community, which is needed to understand people better and understand their backgrounds. Business Mogul: What else is in store for The Nick Ricardo Collection? The best is yet to come for the brand. This movement is so important, not only for me as the founder but also for my community. I feel it’s my duty to disrupt the industry by challenging the norm and that’s what I will continue doing.


Black Business Boom is Giving New and Existing Black-Owned Businesses More Exposure at a Low Cost Founded by Chicago native, Danielle McGee, the Black Business Boom platform offers a full suite of mobile marketing solutions to help Black-owned businesses gain exposure. The goal of the company is to use innovation in marketing to provide an affordable and effective way to help increase sales and customer retention for Black-owned businesses. The company wants to incite spending in consumers and encourage spending with minority owned businesses. Through research Black Business Boom’s founder, Danielle McGee, found that 83% of consumers said that coupons change their shopping behavior (Inmar) with 41% of consumers saying they’re more likely to seek out something to buy if they have an offer (Kelton). Danielle set out to compile coupons and launched in November 2018, offering coupons for 100 Black owned businesses. Affectionately known as the “Groupon for Black-owned Businesses” the popularity of the brand grew and the number of coupons on the site has increased to 400% in four months. Black Business Boom is preparing to debut their app, Boomin’. Boomin’ will offer coupons and an easy way to find participating Black-owned businesses. Boomin’ users

are able to use GPS technology to find nearby Black-owned businesses offering a coupon on the platform. Using contemporary location-based technology, Boomin’ users will also receive notifications when they are near a participating business that is active on the platform. Research shows that loyal customers help businesses create much more of a profit than first time customers and that consumers want to be rewarded for their loyalty. So, while coupons are bringing businesses new customers, Black Business Boom focuses on helping Black-owned businesses turn new customers into loyal customers with the digital loyalty programs offered through the Boomin’ app. Customer service is also an important piece of customer retention. The Boomin’ app uses its location-based technology to trigger customer experience surveys. Positive responses go to Google or Facebook to help with the business’ online presence. Any negative responses go directly to the business owner, making it actionable. The Boomin’ app launched June 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee with plans to quickly expand to other markets. is live and accepting coupons from new merchants. 13

Culture : Entertainment


Just Added a Dash of Soul With New Partnership between SSH Investments Inc. & Dj Maseo of De La Soul Written by Renee Hart

W Pierre’s Eatery.

coffee shop vibe with desserts so good like the J Square, it’ll be like having “crack on a plate” according to the Florida Times Union.

hat’s one of the best ways to bring people together? Food! Florida residents and all who travel to the sunny state enjoy the new, popular location,

Founder of SSH Investments, Dr. Cheikh Mboup, has partnered with hip hop icon and 1/3 of the group De La Soul, DJ Maseo, to build this growing pizza franchise. Vincent Mason aka DJ Maseo is a six-time Grammy nominee and winner, three of which came for “Feel Good Inc.,” the lead single from British virtual band Gorillaz. His fresh sound and now growing desire to use his platform, along with Mboup, will help create jobs for communities in need. Here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to when you visit


Pierre’s Eatery. This pizza establishment is an intimate, culinary experience with quality ingredients and versatile in what people need. Pierre’s only serves meat from humanely treated animals with no pork on site. Meat lovers, you can eat in peace without the guilt! If you’re looking for a quaint space to gather with friends, get some work done in a quiet area, just stop in for a cup of coffee, Pierre’s features its sister store, Three Layers Café, as a community

DJ Maseo continues to color outside of the lines. From “a b-boy at my heart” to a man with a plan. Are you ready for a taste of soul? Stay tuned for a location near you. For more information on Pierre’s Eatery, visit

Culture: Travel


TOM SPAGNOLA Summer vacation is among us! You’ve worked hard during the year and now it’s time to relax, release, and restore. Tom Spagnola, travel expert and Senior Vice President of Supplier Relations at CheapOAir is knowledgeable about all things travel! The online travel agency (OTA) and leading provider of cheap flights, announced its travel trend analysis for 2019 and top affordable destinations for each month of the year. By analyzing year-over-year data and taking factors into consideration such as the economy, fuel costs, demographics of travelers, and airline trends, CheapOair is anticipating some rising travel trends and interesting destinations throughout 2019.

CheapOair’s 2019 Top Summer Travel Destinations

1 In June, travel to Anchorage, Alaska: Anchorage offer travelers a bounty of outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. In June, the temperature stays fair at around 60 degrees, which is prime weather for outdoor activities with family, friends, or a solo adventure. During the summer solstice, travelers will also be able to experience the rare sight of nearly 20 hours of daylight.

2 In July, travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota: As the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s no wonder that Minnesota was within CheapOair’s top 30 highest booked destinations in 2018. Minneapolis is a perfect summer destination for outdoor activities galore, and also a city that boasts nightlife, cultural landmarks like the Walker Art Center, a contemporary art museum, and the adjacent Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

3 (For those who refuse to accept that summer is over) In September, travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico: During the affordable fall travel season, flights to San Juan will be drastically more affordable than the summer months. By waiting until September to visit the historic city, you’ll also miss out on the large influx of tourists and experience a more temperate climate.

4 In August, travel to Portland, Maine: Take a weekend getaway to Portland for an end of summer coastal retreat. As one of the top rated romantic getaways in the U.S., there’s plenty of restaurants, shops, and cozy bed & breakfasts for a memorable stay. Summer is a popular time to visit the waterfront city, so travelers should book airline tickets and hotel rooms early for the best prices. 15

Lifestyle: Wellness



176 million, the number of women worldwide who suffer from endometriosis. That is approximately 1 out of 10 women but the topic is barely talked about. World-renowned Pelvic Pain Specialists Dr. Iris Orbuch and Dr. Amy Stein have created a new wave approach for head-to-toe recovery from pelvic pain, painful periods, endometriosis and everything in between; focusing on the physical and mental aspects of the invisible illness, from hormones to diet and lifestyle. Dr. Iris Krein Orbuch and Dr. Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD, IF are co-authors of “Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life From Endometriosis”. Dr. Iris Kerin Orbuch is the Director of the Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopy Center in Los Angeles and New York City. Dr. Orbuch is regarded as one of only a handful of Endometriosis Excision Specialists across the country. In addition, she has 16

published numerous medical journal publications, textbook chapters, and had a running column in other publications. Dr. Amy Stein is also an author of the award-winning book, “Heal Pelvic Pain”, and creator of the video “Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain”. Dr. Stein is the Owner and Founder of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy Midtown and Beyond Basics PT Downtown, New York City. Tell us about the new book, Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life From Endometriosis. Our labor of love, which we both have been working on for the last three years, entitled “Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life From Endometriosis”. We have come together to create a unique and radically effective approach to Endometriosis. In Beating Endometriosis, we offer a comprehensive guide to ways in

which the endo sufferer, working with skilled healthcare practitioners, can take charge of her disease, addressing the cascade of coexisting conditions that it generates — from muscle pain to gastrointestinal ailments to painful bladder syndrome — and cooling her central nervous system to reduce inflammation and ease her pain. he proper treatment for Endometriosis is excising the endometriosis, with our full treatment plan incorporates the physical and mental aspects of the ‘invisible illness’. We know this is the book that will make an impactful and positive difference to many, many women, worldwide. What is the overall goal that’s trying to be accomplished with this book? ‘Beating Endo’ is going to help millions of women suffering from endometriosis and painful periods finally have access to tools that will

Lifestyle: Wellness transform their lives. The goal is to decrease the time that women suffer and shorten the time from symptom onset to diagnosis. It is completely unacceptable that a woman should suffer for ten to twelve years until she is diagnosed with endometriosis. Since many teens develop symptoms of endometriosis around the time that they begin their period, our goal is to educate pediatricians and family doctors as to the early signs of endometriosis. Our hope is for teens to be diagnosed within a few months of the onset of symptoms, rather than having to wait over a decade for an answer. This book is a labor of love to spread awareness globally. Can you briefly discuss how endo-

metriosis affects a woman’s mental health? This debilitating disease is more than just physical - it can strain your romantic relationships, ability to be present with children, and having unnecessary and painful surgeries that can often destroy your chances of *even having* children. The mental toll can worsen endometriosis, often being misdiagnosed as being all ‘in their head’, taking over a DECADE to get properly diagnosed. On average, women see eight doctors over a ten year period to get diagnosed with endometriosis. A decade of pain and frustration…that HAS to change.

That’s why our new wave approach for head-to-toe recovery covers the physical and mental wellness of our patients. We can give answers to the problems plaguing their bodies for ages, helping them realize they aren’t alone and can take steps in their lifestyle, diet, mindset, and more to feel relief.

Lifestyle: Mental Health




Lifestyle: Mental Health


ue to the stigma associated with mental illness, it is essential to educate and stress the importance of overall mental health. It is imperative to remember that mental illness does not discriminate and anyone can experience it. Communities, especially those of minorities, should have open and transparent dialogue that provides education and discussion around mental health and mental illness. Our mental health contributes to our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors. It plays a role in our capacity to live a productive life and our ability to cope with life’s enjoyable moments, as well as its stressors. If we place emphasis on the importance of managing our physical health and seeking a specialist when needed, we should extend the same energy and effort into managing our mental health. When contemplating mental health and therapeutic services, it is key to remember that mental illness is common, it can be managed, you are not alone, it does not mean you are weak and it does not define you. Healthy mental health can be correlated to a positive overall mood, better physical health, ability to cope more effectively, and increased productivity. Here are some ways to improve your mental health and overall well-being: 1. Talking/Expressing yourself - be open with people you trust about how you feel

2. Mediate at home or take a class

activity, music, writing, art, etc.

3. Keep a journal and write down your daily thoughts and/or feelings, jot down when you are triggered so you can become more aware of what your triggers are

16. Talk to yourself kindly. Practice positive self-talk and affirmations, remind yourself that you are doing your best

4. Try to be active. Exercise, improve your healthy eating habits, play sports, take an active class 5. Calming techniques. Mediation, improve good sleep habits, turn off your phone after a certain hour, and deep breathing 6. Practice deep breathing. Implement effective deep breathing throughout daily routine 7. Learning a new skill. It also helps with gaining confidence 8. Be outside in nature

17. Congratulate yourself. list out the qualities that you value in yourself or that you have accomplished 18. Prioritize things that you need to get done by identifying the importance of each need or task. 19. Practice the art of saying no. Understand that you cannot pour into others if your cup is empty 20. Practice self-care. Implement enjoyable things in your routine that help you relax, de-escalate, destress, re-focus *these are things you do for YOU*

9. Get adequate sleep and rest 10. Make a gratitude list and list out all of the things you are thankful for 11. Eat healthy and nutritious foods and drink plenty of water 12. Spend time with people that you relate to and that empower you 13. Help others. Volunteer, contribute to causes you believe in, help someone who may be in need 14. Take breaks from social media and/or your phone

It is okay to not always be okay! Do not allow stigma or fear to keep you from asking for or receiving help and support. You are worth it! For more tips and/or to learn more about balancing your mental health, visit

15. Do something creative. Express yourself creatively, do a craft or DIY

@l.a.c.e_t.e.a.m_ @dstinyscreation 19




ummer is here and we have a list of product must-haves that you should grab. Are you heading out of town for vacation? Going to a pool party? Participating in outdoor yoga? Whatever you have planned, these items will ensure your summer is a hit! These products range from skin care necessities to athletic wear and a foundation with spf included!

nutritional and anti-aging benefits of sea buckthorn, they realize there isn’t anything else they need for their skin.


Swell Skin

Swell Skin has two products that accomplish 90 percent of your skincare needs: cleansing, nutra-moisturizing, healing, anti-aging, prevention and maintenance. Starting with the BARE FACE Sea Buckthorn Facial Bar and Sea Buckthorn Oil, the brand has since added serums, a toner and body products. Once Swell Skin users experience the mega hydrating power of hyaluronic acid and the multiple


This powerful fast acting skin corrector is formulated to combat common skin ailments such as cystic acne, eczema, rash, psoriasis, shave/ingrown hair bumps, seborrheic dermatitis & the list just goes on! Our topical eraser acts as a powerful anti-bacterial agent, penetrating deep below the skins surface to destroy blemish causing bacteria, reducing the formation of pus-filled blemishes & boils. As a result, you will achieve a visibly clear, balanced & calm skin. The topical versatility of our eraser makes it second to none; gentle on the face yet powerful enough to clear up tough underarm & bikini line acne bumps.


MooGoo’s Gradual Tanning Cream is a genuinely natural, healthy and moisturizing! MooGoo’s Gradual Tanning Cream is created by com-

bining two self tanning ingredients, canola oil and Erythrulose, to their Full Cream Moisturizer! The Canola Oil gives the cream a natural oil base while the sugar based tanning ingredient, Erthrulose, gives it the right color tone!

My Sports! Water & My CBD Water Abeatis (SocialEras x My Water is a Premium Jaclyn Ultra-Pure Artisan Water. Johnson They blend cutting-edge Collection) science with the water to deliver suhydration, naturally responsibly with and other nutrients. johnsoncollection

purest This dry-fit activewear stands up to the perior toughest workouts. Abeatis has active and techwear fabric that provides advanced CBD breathability and expertly engineered jaclynhygroscopy that wicks away sweat without drying out your skin. It’s perfect for outdoor summer workouts as temperatures begin to climb. Available:

My Sports! Water & My CBD Water

My Water is a Premium Ultra-Pure Artisan Water. They blend cutting-edge science with the purest water to deliver superior hydration, naturally and responsibly with CBD and other nutrients.

YENSA BC Foundation

YENSA BC Foundation - Meet the first ever BC Foundation, combining BB, CC & killer coverage foundation cream in one! Formulated with age-defying 8 SuperBlacks Essence, this multi-tasking miracle delivers 8 powerful benefits in one step, plus SPF 40 for all day sun protection. This black Superfood charged, multi-tasking, full coverage cream provides killer coverage, conceals every imperfection, smoothes out fine lines, wrinkles and pores, giving complexion a flawless finish.

Purlisse Coconut Oil Silky Body Collection

These luxurious body creams work to hydrate, nourish, reinvigorate and soothe skin with a lightweight, yet creamy and hydrating formula. It includes powerhouse ingredient Coconut Oil, superior botanicals and fruit extracts, rich in vitamins and minerals, work to soften and moisturize skin for hydration you won’t believe!

Crispin Cider

Crispin ciders are naturally fermented using the juice of freshpressed apples and pears. They always stay true to the fruit with authentic flavors and unique aromatic notes that are only present in fresh-pressed cider. 21


RESTORATION BLUEPRINT: A Look at How this Author Transformed her Life

Life is full of cycles. Historically, women have always managed to rise above the most adverseor tragic situations. The beauty of a woman is her ability to recognize her strength in her brokenness. Restoration Blueprint is designed to serve as a guide to help women reconcile lifeevents, resulting in a life of peace and fulfillment. It provides the reader with strategies to revitalize personal purpose eclipsed by stress, struggles, and strife. Author Jameka Vereen shares how she used life

lessons, the magic of her strength and her village to be restored. Through her story, you will be empowered to begin your path to total restoration. “Freeing…writing is a true passion of mine, my form of therapy. I feel that I will be able to helpother women break free by sharing my story.” – Jameka Vereen Jameka’s father inspired her to write. As a little girl, he would also share

things he wrote such as poems, inspirational speeches, etc. She also remembers her mother stating how her father would write her letters and poems when he went off to college. Jameka started writing poetry around age seven, because it was her true form of self-expression. Restoration Blueprint: Helping Single Moms Heal, Hope, and Save Their Dream Life is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“The worse thing turned out to be the best thing because now I am free.” “Restoration allows you to be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.” “Knowing how to forgive yourself is just as important as it is for you to forgive someone else.” “When someone or something no longer has control over you, then you are free.”


Wickmore Candle Company A New Candle Company That You Will Love Wickmore Candle Company deals solely with selfcare. CEO of Wickmore Candle Company is a single mom with a full-time job. The first thing she does when shewant to unwind is light a candle and sit down. The nice aroma of a candle burning can put any hard working mom in the mood of feeling safe, calm and cool. Wickmore candles serves to do just that. Making candles is therapeutic and a thought turned into a hobby and a hobby flourished into a newly founded business. What makes your candles different from other candles out on the market? With the branding of my candles, I wanted to be set apart from the rest on the market. There are tons of candles on the market but I have yet to find any quite like mine. Trust me, I have looked. The overall look and feel are a cross behind luxury/selfcare, whichideally go hand-in-hand. Also, having the option to personalize them for gift giving as well. Who doesn’t love candles? What better way to express what you would like to say on something that smells so good! How did you get started with this business venture? My boyfriend purchased my first sample kit after a conversation of “I might want to do this”. However, I am glad he did because it was a push in the right direction. I never had a desire to start a business, but here I am, a few months in and loving it. I have learned many things and made great connections with wonderful people eager to support my business! My current full-time job was a great investor in my company as well. What do you see in the future for Wickmore Candle Company? If I could predict the future, my candles would be sold exclusively in stores across the country! Complete with a self-care guide, “light a candle and relax” would be the theme. Currently, I am preparing for my candles to sold in the Mom lounge in Triangle Town Center located in Raleigh, NC. I am completely excited and humbled about the opportunity. As I continue to grow, I am praying for growth and guidance. Also, I am currently in the process of rebranding a few of my labels, so definitely a new look, but the same theme for the overall brand.

Nicole Wickmore


To learn more about Wickmore Candle Company, visit nicolewickmore 23



Lifestyle Mini Wipebook Scan


If a whiteboard and your typical, college-ruled notebook had a baby, the resultant progeny would be the mini wipebook. The perfect daily organizer that can be erased and recorded over with ease, the Mini Wipebook Scan comes with 20 pages; 10 graph paper 10 college-ruled for recording thoughts and data. The smart tech-infused book takes this to a whole different level though; thanks to the Wipebook Scan App, you can save your work and upload it online before you erase it.

Ergo Ergo is an extraordinary seating concept combining the benefits of active sitting with a bold contemporary design. ErgoErgo encourages us to sit as nature intended...and it’s recyclable! With its durable quality and timeless design, you can sit joyfully for years to come. ErgoErgo is perfect for offices and compact enough for the smallest space. ErgoErgo is improving lives through healthy sitting.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine This smart coffee-maker has CentrifusionTM technology, which allows it to use barcode reading technology to generate the perfect cup of coffee virtually every time. It only takes 15 seconds to heat up and brew your perfect cup.

ScanDisk Wireless Stick The SanDisk Wireless Stick is not your ordinary USB Flash drive. Its wireless capabilities allow you to transfer large files, stream HD videos and music, and even save and share photos and video from one device to another without having to plug in.

Artifox Desk 02 With no excessive frills, a handsome and minimalist aesthetic, and a well-crafted, detail-oriented design to maximize your efficiency, the Artifox Desk 02 just might be the perfect desk for you. The design is lightweight, easy to assemble, and comes with a ton of little features to make your life easier, like a functional cable grid to organize your wires, and built-in docks for your phone and tablet. 25


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KID CODER CREATING & LEADING THE NEW GENERATION “Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” - Mae Jemison


amaira Mehta has been described perfectly as an exuberant and adorable lady in tech. Raised by two parents in the engineering industry, she’s naturally grown a passion for coding. Her father Rakesh, is an Intel engineer and former employee of Sun Microsystems, who helped his daughter develop the world’s first ever school-aged Artificial Intelligence (A.I) coding board game called Coder Bunnyz and Coder Mindz.

“...even if not every kid chooses to become a professional computer coder when they grow; but a basic coding understanding will make them better thinkers, leaders, creators and dreamers of this next generation.” - Samaira Mehta Shariah: How has your dad influenced your career and overall interest in coding? 28

Samaira: From a very young age my dad introduced me into coding. When I was about six years old he did a prank on me, where he showed me something on his computer. There was a button and then a command which I pressed it, and which was beautiful. So he told me to give it a try. But when my last pointer actually touched the beautiful little command, it disappeared. So he told me it was called coding and I asked him to show me so I wanted to create my own things like that and do pranks on my friends. Shariah: Why does coding matter for your generation? Samaira: Coding is very important because it is used in everything. When you think about your phones, tv, microwave, and satellites, it’s all coding. And, even if every kid chooses not to become a professional

Cover Story derstanding will make them better thinkers, leaders, creators and dreamers of this next generation.

Shariah: Who are some of your most influential innovators?

Shariah: How does Coder Bunnyz spark that interest in your generation?

Samaira: Personally, it was my mom and dad. My parents definitely made a big impact. But, besides that, there are many other women who do great stuff in tech. For example, there’s Grace Hopper, she was a woman Computer Scientist. One of the only women who were doing such things in her time and a person I find very inspirational. But, two is actually the one who discovered one of the major computer programming concepts, debugging! I think it’s really amazing how people underestimate women but really they can do so much. They can bring the same amount of creativity to any project, including software and Computer Science. But, just because at a very young age girls

Samaira: Basically with my game it will teach you all of the concepts you ever need in computer programming. From the very basics; like sequencing, conditionals and debugging to more advanced concepts like, loops, functions, inheritance, parallels, and many others. Basically, through the game it’s a farmyard adventure where you have cars, you have a bunny, you eat your carrots, you jump over puddles and move around sensors. Things like that to get the kids excited about it. But at the same time they learn the concept of coding without even knowing it. Shariah: What is the most valuable lesson learned thus far from your dad? Samaira: Outside of the coding world I would say I’ve learned to follow your imagination, not other people’s limitations. People will limit you in life; they’ll say you can do this but you can’t do that. But, I believe those are all just voices. You should follow your dreams. The people who guide you in the right direction and those are the things that will really get you far. Shariah: What kind of games or toys have you gravitated toward growing up? Samaira: Growing up I used to love board games, whether it was Monopoly, Scrabble, (you know) The Game of Life and many other games. I really love to play these board games with my family. It’s just a great non-digital way to have fun with each other. Shariah: You’re such a bright young lady. What does innovation mean to you? Samaira: Innovation basically means creating something that will do good. Following your true passion leading up to something that will be great for the world. Making an impact in the community. But, it’s really just following your dreams. Following your passions and it could end up being something great! 29

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Cover Story are taught to like princesses and grow up to be like them, we’re not exposed to that world. Seeing women do such great things in tech really inspires me to work even harder. Shariah: After all you’ve accomplished at such a young age, do you still have a desire to pursue higher education? Samaira: Definitely. I think education is very important. It shapes a person almost always. My teachers and my friends have been really supportive, and even my whole school community and principal. They motivate me to keep doing what I love. Education is very important because it shapes a person in every way. Shariah: How many students have you reached thus far with your “Yes, 1 billion Kids Can Code” initiative? How can one be of service in achieving your goal? 31

Cover Story Samaira: So, now I’ve taught about one million kids through my workshops. I do these with kids at libraries, schools and companies to get normal kids involved. Through that I have taught a lot of kids. But this time, I’m partnering with international companies in places like China and Japan to help them create their own versions of the Coder Bunnyz Coding Club. And, they can really help me achieve my 1 billion kids can code mission in the areas that I’m not currently able to reach out to. Another way I’m doing it is partnering with companies like Facebook, by donating Coder Bunny games to schools that are not that privileged, who may not be able to afford it. So partnering with more and more companies like that will help me achieve my goals in underrepresented areas. Working with companies like these will help me achieve my mission by the time I go to college. Shariah: Do you believe you’ve already found your purpose? Samaira: I would say yes, I believe I have. My goal


is to help other kids. The only thing that brings me more happiness is seeing kids write their first code in my workshops for the first time. I believe that my work is doing good for the community. And, after seeing all the great responses it has motivated me to work even harder.

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TASHA RAY Creates Mobile App to Break Communication Barriers 31

Tech: Tech Talk “There’s an app for that,’’ a familiar phrase in the mobile application industry. Well, app developer Tasha Ray has created an app that gives users the chance to have game night in...with a little twist! Tasha is no stranger to innovation. Her inspiration to developing the mobile app came from her love of bringing people together, sharing experiences and her innovative mindset. Secrets of the Opposite Sex Exposed is a social game with the hottest topics that goes where you go! It was designed to suit everyone, regardless of background, race, sexual orientation, or marital status. The mobile appl provides players a chance to find out about the opposite sex, what they want, and their reactions to a number of issues. It is also a game that can be played during couples’ events, adult parties, or a family gathering based on its tailor-made features. The idea behind the game is to get people talking and learning about each other again in a fun and entertaining way, while connecting people and improving relationships.

“Exercise is one of the best cures for stress”

I have developed such a wide range of friends and a lot of the games Technology can beover a major the barrieryears that causes a disconnect between us at times, whichthat is why dealt with the topics that I was most inTasha decided to use technology to break terested in, the barrier. Secrets of the weren’t Opposite Sex always the best fit for the Exposed is a group of people that I was entertaining. Betool to pull us back together and get people talking and interacting with one another. cause of that, I created a game that I wanted This game friends that can be tailored to fills to that play void in awith fun waymy on a series of topics; from who should pay on the first datefit to ifany ring group, to ensure that everyone feels like size matters to women when being propart of the posedthey to. Thereare are soamany questions that conversation and that will spark their voice is heard. some of the best conversations you’ll ever have with your friends in this app.-Tasha Plainly Ray 34

put, if you

Technology can be a major barrier that causes a disconnect between us at times, which is why Tasha decided to use technology to break the barrier. Secrets of the Opposite Sex Exposed is a tool to pull us back together and get people talking and interacting with one another. This game fills that void in a fun way on a series of topics; from who should pay on the first date to if ring size matters to women when being proposed to. There are so many questions that will spark some of the best conversations you’ll ever have with your friends in this app. Plainly put, if you play this game in a room full of strangers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t walk away without a room full of new friends! @misstasharay


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Must Haves

Obsbot Tail

The Obsbot Tail is an artificial intelligence-powered video camera made for content creators, with the ability to recognize and track individuals on a three-axis motorized gimbal. The camera comes with a variety of other features.

ForwardX Ovis Suitcase

Ovis is an artificial intelligence-powered suitcase that follows a user around and avoids collisions by using computer vision, neural network algorithms and multiple sensors. The suitcase follows from the side instead of from the rear, so that users can keep an eye on the suitcase at all times. 35


Samsung Space Monitor

The Samsung Space Monitor is designed to save you desk space and help you stay more organized. The base is more of a clamp that grabs hold of the side of the desk. The monitor can also be moved around.

Matrix PowerWatch 2

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 stands out from other smartwatches with the ability to charge up by using a person’s body heat and solar cells. The user will never need to plug in the device. 36

Da Vinci Color Mini 3-D Printer

The Obsbot Tail is an artificial intelligence-powered video camera made for content creators, with the ability to recognize and track individuals on a three-axis motorized gimbal. The camera comes with a variety of other features.


CURATED LIFESTYLE APP FOR BLACK MILLENNIALS Are you looking for an app with original curated content? Are you a Black business owner? Do you want to connect with other like-minded individuals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the MVEMNT mobile app is for you! MVEMNT was designed with the Black millennial in mind; on the mission to showcase Black businesses and destined to be the new go-to app. Serial entrepreneur Anwaa Kong put his innovative mindset to use when creating this latest venture. Business Mogul: Why do you feel it’s important to connect with millennials? Anwaa: As someone who is a millennial myself, I feel we are at a time where we are starting to take being socially active important and to make sure our voice is heard. For me, it’s finding a way to get to millennials. Everything is a part of the lifestyle we want to know about political candidates, we want to know about money, we want to know about the stock market, I want to know about buying houses, etc. Business Mogul: Could you tell us a little more about your App Anwaa: It’s a curated lifestyle app for black millennials, it’s really a social lifestyle app. First, we have to find a way to keep the black dollar in our community longer. That was a way for me to really kind of incorporate economics where we are finding a way to spend money in our community and allowing the dollar to stretch more. The second part is parties, events and networking. All these things you have to look for all over the place, why not find a way to curate that lift and give you 30 events for the month in the city that you can check out. So it’s giving people a complete lifestyle. Then the next step is just original content Business Mogul: In what ways do you feel this app will help black community?

Anwaa: For the future youth coming up I feel this app will be a space where they can go to to feel inspired. You get on this app and you may realize that Marriott Marquis in DC is Black-owned and operated. There are a lot of Black people out here making a lot money and successful and they’re not just rappers, athletes or Instagram models. It’s showing them that they can be successful by being a business person and really finding a way for themselves and not just falling into the trap of the four or five careers that they feed that they think are making money. MVEMNT is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. Stay connected with MVEMNT and Anwaa on social media @AnwaaKong & @mve.mnt 37



ne of LA’s most sought-after personalities and tattoo artists, Kat Tat has earned her own spot in the record books as the first and only African American woman to own a tattoo studio in the Los Angeles area called Enigma Beverly Hills. Recently, Kat held a tattoo fundraiser where she raised $4,000 and donated all proceeds to one of Nipsey Hussle’s favorite community projects, 59th Street Elementary School. Her captivating identity and style, high demand for her artistic talents, and range of high profile clientele, Kat is continuously making her mark as an entrepreneur and community advocate. What made you want to get into tattooing? Kat Tat: I’ve always been into math and art, those were my strong subjects. My mom was an artist, I feel like she passed her talents down to me. In high school, I won awards locally. Towards the end of high school, everybody got me to draw their tattoos. I got my first tattoo at 16 or 17 and I was immediately intrigued by it and knew it was something that I wanted to try. I knew you had to be 18 to tattoo legally, so I ordered a kit in college and tattooed on all of my friends. Then it just went on to take a life of its own.



What was your favorite piece that you have done up to this point? Kat Tat: I don’t really have a favorite piece, it’s really really hard to pick out just one. It’s kind of like asking who’s your favorite child you know, they’re all like my creation. I can’t put my finger on one there’s so many pieces that I’m proud of. I strive to impress myself with each one that I do


Kat Tat: I work very hard and I take my work very seriously when it comes to my business. I try to be relatable and transparent; I had a platform on reality TV where people not only got to see my work and how I handle my business, but also my real life. So, it is inevitable that as a woman you know you are going to go through so many things in different stages of life with relationships, friendships and work. Its okay to have fun, it’s okay to make mistakes, but when it comes to your work and business and being a woman, you have to take yourself that much more seriously in order to get ahead. How big was it for you to branch out on your and create your own tattoo shop, Enigma Tattoo? Kat Tat: You know, I’m a risk taker. I have always been a risk taker and that is where you see rewards. Just making the decision to drop out of school and become a full-time tattoo artist, that was the first time I really had to make an adult decision and decide where I was going to take my life and my career. For that to pay off in such a way that it did, it made me believe in myself even more moving forward. What does it mean to you to be a brand ambassador for Shoe Dazzle and Fashion Nova? Kat Tat: You know I was actually on, they are all partners with Shoe Dazzle and everything. It’s just dope for me because it’s the stuff that I wear. I wouldn’t promote anything that I don’t believe in. To have the opportunity to represent these brands is a blessing. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Credit: Alison Dupras

How do you market yourself in such a way that young women across the country might want to follow your footsteps?

I like the idea that you came up with for Nipsey Hussle 59th Street Elementary School, how much money have you raised so far? Kat Tat: We tattooed our butts off. It was four of us from the shop. Some other tattoo artists who don’t even work at the shop pulled up and helped us knock out as many tattoos as we could. They did it for Nipsey, they helped us raise money for the cause. We were able to raise $4000 in a few hours for the cause.

Enigma Tattoo is coming up its June 21st. It marks the 10-year anniversary also as a tattoo artist. My main focus this past year was just getting the business to run smoothly. I’m a first-time business owner and it’s been a learning experience out of this world. Now that I feel like I got it, I feel like I can expand and open more businesses. There will definitely be more of Enigma in different branches to come.

If you could say one thing to inspire the youth across the country today what would it be? Kat Tat: I would say keep pushing, don’t give up, and don’t get discouraged by some of the things that you’re going to go through in life. Don’t feel beat by the way of the world. You have to persevere, you have to push through, and you have to believe in yourself and take those risks. If there’s something you want then go for it. What is next for you in your career? New business ventures or expand your own business to other locations? Kat Tat: The one-year anniversary for 39


From Chemo Chair to Millionaire

I am Tiffany S. Williams

Your success is yours for the taking. You have to believe you are worthy of it all. I know what it’s like to lose everything and have to start over from scratch, but I am also an avid believer in the idea that obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Giving up is not an option. Due to my personal experiences with building the lifestyle I desired, I created the Rich Girl Collective and the Rich Girl Academy to help women build profitable side businesses to exit their 9 to 5s and have helped over 20,000 women since 2012. My journey hasn’t been comfortable, but it’s been worth it.

The Storm That Rocked My World My journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and business coach started during Hurricane Katrina. Just months before my wedding, the hurricane hit New Orleans. Like many, my family and I lost everything. After the storm, many people didn’t have the option to return to work. It was at that moment I knew that I never wanted to be in a situation where I wouldn’t be able to make money when “life” happens. 40

Chasing Purpose Before I branched out on my own, I tried the Corporate America route. But, after a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Marketing and an MBA, I still couldn’t find my dream job. I settled and ended up working at a rental car agency. And I hated it every moment I spent on the clock. The first opportunity I had to leave I took it. I tried real estate, but it wasn’t for me. From there, I took the Series 6 exam and became a financial advisor. For two years, I consulted people on setting financial goals and strategies, managing their investments, and planning out retirement options; and finally, I was starting to feel like I was putting my degrees to use. But I still wasn’t fulfilled. I felt it in my soul that something was missing. When Purpose Chases You In 2011, I joined a daily deal site Living Social as a Marketing Consultant. I loved it! In 2012, the company decided to go in a different direction and issued massive layoffs. I started my side hustle selling t-shirts. By the end of 2012, my hustle became so profitable that I was able to leave Living Social and work for myself full-time...I haven’t looked back since. After a few years, I started receiving questions from friends online wondering what I did for a living after seeing a glimpse of my lifestyle on social media. Instead of answering everyone individually, I started a private Facebook group where I not only

provided details of what I did, but I shared how they can start an online business for themselves. And voila, the Rich Girl Collective was born. Ring the Bell on Your Success My business was growing, and so was my online community. I had grown from online stores to business coaching. I was hosting master classes, webinars, in-person events, and one-on-one training. But, at the time, many didn’t know I was battling ovarian cancer. I’ve always been an active and healthy person, so the diagnosis came as a huge surprise. I went through six rounds of chemo treatment over four months, all while running and maintaining my business. I continued to host live streams and sessions while covering up my illness. I didn’t tell my audience until my last day of chemo. While battling cancer, it was important to me that I practiced what I preached, and that was to push through. I wanted my audience to know that they can achieve anything. There is no excuse! Today, I’m 100 percent cancer free and two years post cancer. To date, I’ve grossed over a million dollars, and I’ve been at it full time for six years. I want women to live the “Rich Lifestyle.” Rich is an acronym for a relationship in marriage, investments in entrepreneurship, community awareness, and health and wellness. I want my story to be a testament that anything is possible.


Money Saving

Tips for the Summer Months

Contributor: Sara Skirboll


he summer months are made for beach trips, cook-outs, vacations, and overall having a good time. Sometimes funding these adventures can become a barrier and put a hold on your plans. With the summer months quickly approaching, we want to be sure you’re not breaking the budget and can still enjoy the fabulous weather and season. RetailMeNot’s shopping and trends expert weigh in on how you can save money this summer to do all the things you have planned. 1. Don’t be afraid to buy in bulk from your favorite wholesale store; hamburgers and hotdogs are more cost-efficient in large batches. Odds are, you might have another barbecue or two before summer’s over and will probably serve the same food. Buying in bulk is cheaper, and you can freeze whatever you don’t use. Also, add grillable sides, such as asparagus and corn, to save you from using the kitchen to cook. Less cooking inside also means less heat is inside, and you can use the AC a lot less.

2. If you can, try hanging your clothes out to dry on hot days, or keep your dryer on low and let it air dry the rest of the way. You will cut costs on electricity in no time. 3. See a cheap kids movie. Regal Cinemas offers $1 movies every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer and AMC hosts $4 kid-friendly movies each Wednesday. Check your local theater for more details on specific times and which movies are showing. A perfect cost-effective way to enjoy times with the kids without being home or in the heat!

4. Save money while shopping on the go by downloading RetailMeNot’s Mobile App! Redeem offers right from your phone for local shops and stores that you love. Saving money this summer doesn’t have to be painful. Making these small adjustments can make a big difference. We hope you enjoy your summer while on a budget! 41



t 20 years old, Jasmin Pierre was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. As with most African American families, Jasmin was told that she needed to pray her mental health issues away and that her diagnosis was a plot created by the White man to keep Black people down. It would take Jasmin six years and a survived suicide attempt before she would begin to take her own mental health seriously. Now 30, Jasmin is a Certified Peer Support Specialist, Mental Health Advocate, Mental Health Speaker, and Author of the self-help book, “A Fight Worth Finishing” which details her own personal experiences with depression and suicide. In 2018, with no funding and very little help from others, Jasmin created “The Safe Place”, a Minority Mental Health App geared towards the Black 42

Community available on both Android and iPhone devices. Jasmin is constantly fighting for the rights of those who battle Mental Health Challenges & would love to speak with anyone working on stories surrounding Mental Health Awareness month.

tion, and hope to this serious issue. Not only can the African American community benefit from this app, but also mental health professionals, friends, and family, of all races can be better educated on this issue and do a service by directing their friends, family and coworkers, etc. to the app.

‘The Safe Place’, Is a free Minority Mental Health App geared towards the African American family but available and beneficial to all. In general, African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious undiagnosed mental health problems than that of the rest of the general population. However, because of handed down family traditions and the stigma attached to mental illness, many African-Americans will reject seeking professional help.

All races go through mental illness, the differences with how we experience mental illness varies vastly due to race and social backgrounds. Some of The Safe Place’s features Include Black Mental Health Statistics, Inspirational Black Quotes and Self-Care Tips specifically relating to

The Purpose of ‘The Safe Place’, is to bring more awareness, educa-

1. How to Cope After Police Brutality 2. Mental Health in The Black Church 3. How to talk to black family mem-

Feature bers who may not want to understand mental illness 4. Breathing Techniques 5. Meditation 6. Exercise, Mental Health Videos, Mental Health Articles, Open Forum Discussions, and more. Places the App Has Been Featured: The Black Solidarity Conference, at Yale University

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) National Conference Major media websites The App has been featured in: Afro Punk

The Mighty php?story_fbid=2119476344987739 &id=1640773419524703 Teen Vogue mental-health-resources-for-disabled-people-poc-lgbtq All Def Digital php?story_fbid=1053340288165976 &id=502571023411730

Google Austin Texas our-blog/2019/4/25/titan-award-winners

NewsOne item/1

Healthy Voices Conference Sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson and Johnson’s Pharmaceutical company)

Black girl nerds 43



A Collection of Women’s Stories by Jae Nash


ational media personality, V103.3 radio personality, author, women’s empowerment philanthropist and a host of other titles, Jae Nash, is no stranger to breaking barriers and creating innovative initiatives for women. Most recently, Jae Nash is releasing a collection of women’s stories into a book titled “Girl Power: Uncensored”. The compilation shares the struggles of real women, who have faced very real obstacles. Unfortunately, while most of their stories are not uncommon, they are some of the hardest things to discuss; which is why Girl Power: Uncensored serves as a testament that most women can relate to. 44

In addition to the release of the new book, Jae created “Girl Power Outreach”, an initiative which aims to touch and inspire young girls around the world. Her goal is to extend her network and influence to make a difference in the lives of girls in disadvantaged communities, underdeveloped and developing countries. Jae’s “girl advocate” mission is to break generational curses for your girls by creating a safe haven for them to discuss their feelings and concerns through a series of topics. Jae Nash’s inspiration stemmed from wanting to give women a voice. She felt women were afraid to voice their truth and as a woman in leadership, wanted to give them a platform to tell their individual stories...uncensored!




hen one thinks about their bottled water buying options, they are probably looking for something clean, healthy, filtered, and have a fresh taste. MyBeverages is a healthy lifestyle brand that has all you’re looking for in your bottled water choices. With two different types of water within the brand, MyBeverages is guaranteed to deliver. The Business Mogul team had the opportunity to try each of the brands and we are pleased with the delivery and taste. My Water is great for an everyday hydration option. My SportWater is a better option for those who have an active fitness lifestyle. My SportWater provided a boost of energy during and post workout sessions, which helped surpass fitness goals! My SportWater delivers higher peak protection, increased energy, extra protection against harmful toxins, restoration of bodily functions, and healthier skin. Whether your bottled water choice is MyBeverages or My SportWater, you will not be disappointed by the brand. My Water is the brand’s premium, ultra-pure artisan water. It’s a hemp beverage, enhanced with CBD and delivers the following: anti-oxidants at a cellular level, a vitamin and mineral boost directly into your cells, incredible cellular hydration and energy, and superior immune system support. My Water also contains alkaline with a ph of 9, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate, water nano emulsified help oil, methyl B12, and CoQ10. For more information and/or to purchase your premium bottled water brands, visit 45


Making a Big Print in the Community


lice Nelson is a mother of two and found a need in convenient customized child care, especially for those who have a high demand work schedule. Little Makers Academy is a childcare service that’s located in Raleigh, North Carolina and provide customized corporate childcare solutions. Little Makers Academy is an innovative school that seeks to provide the services on-site for businesses who do not provide child care. The academy also provide near-site and drop in care services. For example, SAS in Cary, North Carolina has child care services on-site for their employees. A service like Little Makers Academy is beneficial for parents to have a work/life balance. 46

Research shows that the earlier inventions are in place, the more likelihood for success for kids. By the time they reach kindergarten, they have better social skills than kids who do not go to school early on and more reading readiness. Kids are also able to receive speech and occupational therapy at Little Makers Academy, which is a huge benefit for the children. Alice believes it’s extremely important to provide students at Little Makers Academy with interactions and critical thinking skills. It’s important to encourage children to use those skills, even with the ages ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years old. The academy also offers summer camps to assist with various skills. Visit Little Makers Academy at

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.