Becoming a Mitra in the Triratna Buddhist Community

Page 9

whether we are trying to practise the Precepts. This means that we are putting effort into moving in the direction that the Precepts point out for us, not that we already practise them perfectly – only an Enlightened being could do that. If you have been coming to Dharma events at a centre regularly for more than six months you will already be very familiar with the Five Precepts, but for those who need a reminder, we could sum up the ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ aspects of the Five Precepts as follows:


Not harming other sentient beings,

but actively practising kindness.


Not taking that which another is unwilling to give,

but actively practising generosity.


Not indulging our sexual (or other) cravings in ways that

harm others or ourselves,

but actively cultivating stillness, simplicity, and



Not speaking falsely,

but making a definite practice of honesty.


Not clouding our mind with drink or drugs,

but actively cultivating mindfulness and awareness.