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When all of this started, my main focus was custom wedding invitations and personalized stationery, but there were too many ideas to stop there! Seriously, you should see the evergrowing list of ideas on countless pieces of scrap paper and sticky notes. These ideas inspired the creation of Miss Print Paper––an appropriately inappropriate collection of greeting cards, gifts, and paper goods that celebrate life’s most relatable moments!

W H Y I A M C R A Z Y ( A B O U T W H AT I D O ) I am an avid people watcher. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love imagining what people are thinking or what their days have been like. Have you ever really watched someone shop for a greeting card? It is a magical experience! I first debuted my “new love. true love.” card at an outdoor handmade market. It was displayed vertically so that its message didn’t get covered up by shelving. Every person that noticed it in my booth, tilted their heads to the right, read it, laughed, and then picked it up to show it to their shopping companion. My favorite thing about being in the greeting card industry is being able to produce a reaction. A smile, a laugh, or a nudge to an accompanying browser, and knowing that something I created helped foster it, is beyond fulfilling. Thank you for taking the time to look through my line and I hope you love what you see. Enjoy!


Meagan Gilner Miss Print Paper owner & designer

Folded A� (�.��" x �.�") | Digitally printed | Blank Interiors Single cards $�.��, � per style number | Boxes of � $�.��, � per style number

deli number del��

how we roll rol��

toenails toe��

write or die wod��

phone toilet toi��

love your buns lyb��

wish come true wct��

hair on floor har��

chips and salsa cas��

new love true love ntl��

fountain drinks ftd��

miss you tissue myt��

shave for you shv��

my love for you romaines rom��

help from hens hen�� (single)/hen�� (box)

cricket crk��

tribe trb��

every. single. day. esd��

spirit animal spt��

thinking of you toy��

three tiny dots dot��

magical arms mag��

numb arms nub��

happy place plc��

soulmates sol��

food in my teeth fmt��

not obsessed nob��

last nerve lnv��

asafp asp��

feel like home hom��

phone love note sik��

trash true love ttl��

Folded A� (�.��” x �.�”) | Digitally printed | Blank Interiors Single cards $�.��, � per style number | Boxes of � $�.��, � per style number

fingers crossed fig��

pinky swear psw��

thumbs up down tud��

high five hfv��

everything’s okay aok��

peace kce��

finger string fst��

give one back gob��

type a/type b tab��

about last night aln��

not a drill drl��

try to keep up kup��

that happened soo��

pre-apology pap��

total game changer tgc��

rolled my eyes rme��

relax rlx��

all caps cps��

nominated nom��

hashtag hsh�� (single)/hsh�� (box)

iou iou�� (single)/iou�� (box)

ur ______ af uaf��

this just in tji��

mom please send mom�� (single)/mom�� (box)

tin can hello tin��

rock paper scissors rps�� (single)/rps�� (box)

bow tie bow��

real men tea tea��

dog person dog��

cat person cat��

mason jar jar�� (single)/jar�� (box)

not a fan naf��

expectation vs. reality evr��

grasshopper grs��

cooler clr�� (single)/clr�� (box)

well done steak wds��

my gyro gyr��

handle with care hwc��

eraser era��

luge lug��

rainbow rnb��

moon mon��

paperclip pcl��

sunshine sun��

deserve a medal med��

check box cbx��

you are the balm bal��

totally maybe tmb��

whole assed was��

wishbone wsh��

when i grow up igu��

thank you for everything for your kindness etb�� (single) knd�� (single) etb�� (box) knd�� (box)

thank you pennants drawn thank you pen�� (single)/pen�� (box) thk�� (single)/thk�� (box)

floral thank you blb�� (single) blb�� (box)

thank you banner bnr�� (single) bnr�� (box)

i appreciate you app�� (single) app�� (box)

party animal pan��

birthday bike bbk��

birthday plane bpl��

party blower blw��

shines bright sbt��

yay hooray yay�� (single)/yay�� (box)

happy couple cpl��

perfect pair tan��

home sweet home swt��

mailbox mbx��

front door dor��

holy shiplap hsp��

hello baby hlb��

just arrived arr��

hand under door hud��

parenthood wel��

repeat rep��

Folded A� (�.��" x �.�") Digitally printed | Blank Interiors Single cards $�.��, � per style number Boxes of � $�.��, � per style number

always being there, mom btm��

mother of the year mty��

mom mini van mmv��

bowl cut bct��

blue ribbon mom brm��

one mom to another oma��

always being there, dad btd��

dad jokes djk��

badass dad bad��

dad checklist dcl��

let’s do stuff lds��

family is everything fie��

egg noggy nogg enn�� (single) enn�� (box)

bey merry bey�� (single) bey�� (box)

yuletide carol ytc�� (single) ytc�� (box)

white christmas bwt�� (single) bwt�� (box)

under the mistletoe utm�� (single) utm�� (box)

fa-la-la-ga-ga dashing through the snow christmas camper lgg�� (single) dsh�� (single) cpr�� (single) lgg�� (box) dsh�� (box) cpr�� (box)

happy monukkah mnk�� (single) mnk�� (box)

holiday sprig spg�� (single) spg�� (box)

warm wishes candy cane heart joy ribbon merry christmas wrm�� (single)/wrm�� (box) cdy�� (single)/cdy�� (box) joy�� (single)/joy�� (box) mch�� (single)/mch�� (box)

no mistletoe necessary nmn��

warm this winter kmw��

assorted holiday gift tags (set of ��, � of each style) �" x �.�" includes gray & white baker’s twine | tag�� tags $�.��, � per style number

prints $�.��, � per style number | recipe cards $�.��, � per style number

help from hens �" x ��" print henpt

blank af �" x ��" print bafpt

whole assed �" x ��" print whspt

feel like home �" x ��" print flhpt

welcome mat �" x ��" print mhppt

winter camper �" x ��" print wcppt

recipe cards (set of 8, � of each style) �" x 6" | lines on both sides | rcp��

BEST SELLERS �� Single Cards (6 of each style) �� Cards Total - $��� Cooler All Caps Help from Hens New Love. True Love. Phone Love Note How We RollHigh Five Expectation vs. Reality Hair on Floor IOU Relax Toenails

SNARKY �� Single Cards (6 of each style) �� Cards Total - $��� A.S.A.F.P. Whole Assed Relax New Love. True Love UR ________ AF Shave For You Give One Back Expectation vs. Reality Hair on Floor Love Your Buns

SWEET �� Single Cards (6 of each style) �� Cards Total - $��� Tin Can Hello Handle with Care Deli Number Wish Come True Paperclip Feel Like Home Peace Happy Place Rainbow Eraser

�" Glossy, Die-Cut Vinyl Permanent Stickers Single stickers $�.��, � per style number

plant lover pltskr

mason jars jarskr

feminist finger mfoskr (top) mftskr (bottom)

parton my french pmfskr

goal getter ggrskr

IN this together rinskr (top) binskr (bottom)


O R D E R I N G & PAY M E N T Opening order: $��� min. | Reorder: $��� min. Payment is accepted via check or credit card. All orders ship once payment is received and/or processed. Net�� terms may be available upon request to existing customers with an established relationship.

TURNAROUND & SHIPPING Most orders ship within � week, but may vary. All domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority unless otherwise noted. Please let us know if you have any special shipping requests at the time of order placement, so we can do our best to accommodate you. Miss Print Paper is not responsible for any carrier delays. International retailers are responsible for any customs fees or duties. All out of stock or backordered items will ship free of charge once they become available. Backorders will be charged at the time of shipping.

C A N C E L L AT I O N S & R E T U R N S Once an order has been filled and shipped, the sale is final. Changes or cancellations will be honored within �� hours of order placement. Any damages must be reported to Miss Print Paper within � business days of the receipt of the order. All damaged merchandise must be returned unused, unopened, and in original packaging. In the event that you have received an incorrect item, please notify us immediately so we can remedy the situation. Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.




h e l l o @mis s pr in t pa pe r.c om | www.misspr int paper.com | @misspr int pape r

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Miss Print Paper - Wholesale Guide  

A digital look at Miss Print Paper's full line of appropriately inappropriate greeting cards, gifts, and paper goods.

Miss Print Paper - Wholesale Guide  

A digital look at Miss Print Paper's full line of appropriately inappropriate greeting cards, gifts, and paper goods.