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MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADERSHIP In 2020, our steadfast commitment to social responsibility was met by a year of extraordinary change. As a global community, we were confronted by an international pandemic, which forced the restructuring of health and safety operations; we faced economic uncertainties that included travel restrictions and quarantines; and we stood in solidarity to support diversity and inclusion in an effort to make meaningful, lasting change. Throughout all of these circumstances, our team rose to the occasion to deliver on our social impact mission: to be an unrelenting force of action and influence that positively transforms the world around us. As we continue to move forward, the well-being of our team, the community and environment remain essential to our culture. The Breakers is a purpose-driven, family-owned organization that considerably invests in its people and encourages the right behaviors and responsible business practices. These actions elevate the workplace and foster team member fulfillment, which in turn drives guest satisfaction, longterm profitability and delivers a profound impact within our community. We are honored to carry out our owners’ - the Kenan family - and our Board of Directors’ vision to be a conscientious corporate citizen that makes a significant difference, and we would like to thank our employees for their resolve, dedication and perseverance this past year. We are proud of our accomplishments, but also recognize there is still work to be done. We look forward to seeing the incredible impact our team will collectively make in 2021. With gratitude,

Paul N. Leone Chief Executive Officer

Denise E. Bober Senior Vice President - Human Resources


“Our integrative approach to wellness is designed to support each team member, encouraging them to be the best version of themselves in order to live a happy, fulfilled life and thrive in our company culture.” - Pat Ciavola

Director – Team Member Development Chair – Wellness Team The Breakers Palm Beach




• Wellness Incentive is implemented • Sterling Wellness delivers on-site health coaching • Bright Horizon's Child Care and Elder Care Back Up Program is introduced


• Culture of Wellness presentation is integrated into orientation • Health Culture Survey is distributed • The Breakers becomes a Tobacco Free Workplace • Tower Trek debuts

• Employee well-being strategic goals are incorporated into five-year business plan • Spouses are added to the Wellness Incentive

2012 • On-site fitness classes begin • Create My Plate is offered • Sit-stand workstations are installed

2003 • Employee health and well-being becomes a strategic boardroom issue


• Breakthrough to Energy commences, an extension of Corporate Athlete • Wellness Team is established • Health & Wellness Needs and Interest Survey is created • The Breakaway Café menu is re-engineered targeting healthy eating

2004 • The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute® Corporate Athlete program is selected as our primary educational platform

2007 • Corporate Athlete Refresher course is introduced • Green Market is launched • Personal Financial Well-Being strategy is developed • Movin’ Minutes are integrated into everyday work schedules


• The Breakers launches Corporate Athlete • The Health & Wellness Expo becomes a full-day event • Menus for internal team meetings are tailored for energy management

2020 2014

• Wellness Program Analysis is conducted by a third party consulting firm • Corporate Athlete eCourses become available • Wellness Incentive tiers are announced

2015 • The Breakers story is shared – Global Wellness Summit and SHINE Summit at Harvard University • Recognition – American Heart Association, WELCOA, Heroes in Medicine, Corporate Wellness Magazine


• Mental Health First Aid training is introduced • The Breakers story is shared by Global Women 4 well-being • Paid Parental Leave first offered • Employee Opinion Survey validates the pervasive and effective culture of well-being • The Breakers’ Social Impact strategy is published in The Healing Organization • Awarded Best Workplaces for Diversity by Great Place to Work® and Fortune

Implemented B SAFE - Health & Safety Initiative in response to COVID-19; precautions included: • Face Mask Requirements • Social Distancing Measures • Self-imposed Reduced Capacities • Elevated Cleaning and Disinfecting Standards • Advanced HVAC Air Filtration • Hand Sanitizing Stations • Touchless Transactions • Airborne Pathogen Training • Daily Employee Health Screenings • Remote Work Program • Flexible Work Schedules • Virtual Wellness Offerings • Employee On-Site Mini Clinic Recognition and Earned Accreditations: • GBAC – STAR Accreditation Program • FRLA Seal of Commitment • Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing Certification • Return of Global Wellness Summit


• Recognized by Global Wellness Summit as a leader in Workplace Wellness • Smartfoods Vending delivers healthy energy management snacks • New Team Member Fitness Studio opens • Strategic partnership with Optum is established • BreakersLife Wellness Incentive program commences


• Employee Opinion Survey validates the pervasive and effective culture of well-being • The wellness program online experience is enhanced • On-site Cigna Concierge services begin


• TASTE ‘Take A Snack To Energize’ fruit stand snack program starts • A sit-stand conference table is added to in-house meeting room • ‘Train Your Brain’ mindfulness workshop is launched • Partner with SageView Financial Advisors • Global Wellness Summit is hosted by The Breakers



WELLNESS TEAM Founded in 2008, the Wellness Team is responsible for understanding the unique health risks, needs and interests of our team member population and is dedicated to educating them on the benefits of healthy living. Inspiring others by creating a community of wellness that motivates, trains and supports, members include: Pat Ciavola*

Director – Team Member Development

Mindy Cracraft

On-Site Lifestyle Coach, Optum

Reilly Dawson

Coordinator – Leasing & Events Services, Breakers Row

Roy Dionne

Manager – Inventory & Cost Control

CJ Fernandez

General Manager – Flagler Steakhouse

Lyndsey Gardner

Coordinator – Housekeeping

Kelsi Kavanagh

Instructor – Golf Fitness

Melissa Leonard

Manager – Benefits Services

Samantha Miles

Manager – Facilities Administrative Services

Terrence Reid

Supervisor – Protective Services

Ken Thompson

Director – Tennis

Matt White

Manager – Receiving & Warehouse

“Becoming a member of the Wellness Team has been a wonderful opportunity to grow my knowledge of our company’s programs and practices. Our efforts focus on reaching team members at a grassroots level to ensure they are aware of all the benefits the company offers and engage them in utilizing the programs so they actively feel a difference in their overall well-being. The mere fact that our Wellness Team exists is a testament to the level of importance our owners and leadership place on our team members’ quality of life at every level.”

Samantha Miles Manager – Facilities Administrative Services The Breakers Palm Beach

*Committee Chairperson 9


“For me, the Tower Trek is the perfect strategic disengagement. With the location being near my office, it’s very easy to access and only takes about five minutes to complete. It’s a great opportunity to increase my heart rate without getting hot and sweaty during the work day. I enjoy the energy boost after lunch, which sets me up to power through the afternoon. Plus, I see familiar faces on the stairs and meet other team members I may never have interacted with.”

Matt White Manager - Warehouse & Receiving The Breakers Palm Beach TOWER TREK





Team members interested in walking or running with fellow co-workers meet weekly. The group enjoys social time and exercising together along the Intracoastal Waterway.

An extension of Corporate Athlete, Breakthrough to Energy teaches nutrition and fitness, two of the most critical components for restoring and expanding one’s energy capacity, to new team members during orientation.


2,721 team members have participated since 2008.

Complimentary annual membership to our on-site, 400-sq. ft. fitness studio is available to all team members. The venue is equipped with various training equipment; the team can participate in a fitness class or work out at leisure.


56 team members completed 464 workouts.


Corporate Athlete’s fundamental approach is rooted in the belief that if executives successfully perform at high levels over the long term, they would train in the same systematic, multi-level methodology practiced by top-tier athletes. This training program is designed to empower team members to increase their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy capacities.

The Tower Trek encourages cardiovascular exercise throughout the workday as participants climb stairs from the bottom floor to the top of the resort. Team member treks are tracked monthly and periodic challenges encourage participation, friendly competition and the opportunity to earn wellness incentive points.

Corporate Athlete has contributed to higher levels of energy, productivity and fulfillment for 523 managers and supervisors since 2004.

396 team members logged 5,734 treks.

This interactive meal program is facilitated by The Breakers’ on-site lifestyle coach and is designed to promote the principles behind the 40 / 40 / 20 rule used to build a balanced meal.


1,539 team members have participated since 2012.

HEALTHY VENDING Smartfoods Vending provides healthy, energy management snacks to our team members through 10 machines located across The Breakers campus.



810 Team Members & 152 Spouses

Team Member Rally Health Challenges

Health Surveys

824 Team Members & 171 Spouses

760 Team Members & 155 Spouses Health Screenings

Health Coaching

157 Team Members Completed the Mental Health First Aid Course

464 Visits to the Team Member Fitness Studio

698 Team Members & 118 Spouses Wellness Incentive

5,734 Tower Treks

MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID Launched in 2019, this course teaches participants how to recognize and help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Training and course completion includes Phase 1 for management and Phase 2 for team members. 157 team members have completed this course.

WELLNESS INCENTIVE The Breakers’ on-site lifestyle coach is available full-time to provide team members with easy access to confidential nutrition counseling, chronic care management, goal setting, exercise regimens, stress management and much more.


Team members who are eligible for our group health plan are encouraged to participate in the annual Wellness Incentive program, which is designed to educate employees on knowing and understanding their biometric numbers and setting personal well-being goals. This initiative includes a health assessment, biometric screening and health consultation. A three-tier recognition model motivates team members to engage in wellness activities and earn points to achieve Champion or Warrior status.

Team Members




Ultimate Wellness Warrior | 500+ Points


Wellness Champion | 400 - 499 Points


Wellness Hero | 320 - 399 Points

Free biometric screenings give team members the opportunity to know their numbers, evaluate their strengths and risks, and drive lifestyle changes. In the 2019-2020 benefit year, 916 health screenings were completed, which included 574 on-site, 136 through a doctor’s office and 132 at the lab. Due to COVID-19, home test kits were offered in lieu of the spring on-site screening event, resulting in 64 screenings.

RALLY HEALTH This interactive, incentive-based mobile portal allows team members to track progress, complete their health assessment, participate in challenges, connect with friends and engage in company-wide wellness programs anytime, anywhere.

“Physical, mental and spiritual wellness have always been very important in my life, but our Wellness Incentive program is a great way to hold my team and myself accountable. It is fun to complete challenges and I make a constant effort to be vocal about them to inspire the team to join in. As a leader, I can never expect my team to do more than I am willing to do myself - thus pushing me even harder to reach Warrior status each year.”

RALLY MISSIONS Team members can select from a wide range of missions designed to address all aspects of wellness, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress reduction and personal financial management. In the 2019-2020 benefit year, 268 team members completed a Rally Health wellness mission.

Michael Sierotowicz General Manager - The Circle The Breakers Palm Beach







This friendly 14-day competition with and against other Breakers’ team members encourages movement. Employees earn wellness coins, incentive points and bragging rights.


WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION BRIGHT HORIZONS BACK-UP CARE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM This resource helps team members effectively manage their work life responsibilities by providing quality, back-up child or adult care when an unexpected need arises.

SaveView is a financial advisory service that provides education, investment counseling and tools to achieve both long-term and short-term goals for financial well-being. By uniting strategies, The Breakers, SageView and T. Rowe Price have improved plan metrics and provided more resources to team members to achieve positive outcomes. This year, 145 team members met with an on-site financial advisor for a complimentary, personalized review of their finances and goal setting; 654 meetings have been conducted since inception.

127 team members are registered for this program; 842 workdays have been saved since September 2011.




Giving support during critical and potentially overwhelming times, the Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential counseling and concierge services to all team members and their families. EAP helps address the challenges of everyday living, resulting in a more focused and productive workforce. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, 127 team members received assistance.

TELADOC Complimentary access to board certified doctors and professional mental health counselors is available to team members by phone or video chat, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Teladoc provides peace of mind and saves our team time and money. From September 2019 to May 2020, 327 appointments were completed.

For the seventh consecutive year, The Breakers received the Gold Award (the highest level), recognizing the resort’s efforts and prioritization in regards to physical activity and team member wellness as a catalyst for positive change.

BEST WORKPLACES FOR DIVERSITY BY GREAT PLACE TO WORK® AND FORTUNE Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE honored The Breakers as one of the 2019 Best Workplaces for Diversity. Of the 2,000 corporations surveyed in the U.S., which represented more than 4.8 million employees, the resort ranked in the top 100 with an Employee Opinion Survey score of 93%. This esteemed recognition is presented to employers who provide a great place to work for all, where all people are united and represented throughout an organization.

WELCOA WELL WORKPLACE GOLD LEVEL AWARD For the fifth consecutive year, The Breakers received the Gold Award from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). This award recognizes quality, results-oriented worksite health programs that are defined by WELCOA’s seven benchmarks.


“Now more than ever, it is important for us to come together to empower and support those in need. Rooted in our culture of caring, The Breakers is committed to doing the right thing and making a difference in the community we serve.” - Julia Cusumano

Manager – Community Outreach Chair – Community Relations Team The Breakers Palm Beach




• Community Relations team is established • Partnership with Habitat for Humanity launched with The Breakers providing volunteers, furniture, bedding and home sponsorship

• Corporate Social Responsibility report first produced • Launched The Breakers GIVES, a resource to communicate community service opportunities and log volunteer hours

2013 • Round It Up America is offered to guests to ‘round up’ dining receipts benefiting local hunger relief efforts • Volunteer Time Off is incorporated into new hire orientation, further emphasizing the spirit of service at the heart of The Breakers


1987 • United Way partnership began—as of 2020, raised 1.9 million in support of their mission to improve lives and build stronger communities

• Volunteer Time Off introduced—full-time team members receive 16 hours, and part-time 8 hours, annually to volunteer




• GIVES Ambassadors formed as an extension of the Community Relations Team • Inaugural Paul Leone Servant Leadership Day established honoring the first ever Servant Leadership Award bestowed to our CEO at the World Leaders Conference • Launched Summer of Giving annual campaign with a variety of volunteer activities, donation drives and charity spotlights • Be Our Guest program first honored selfless volunteers in our community

• Enhanced Habitat for Humanity partnership, sponsoring a total of 19 homes • Bahamas Relief Day for the those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Over $1,500 was raised and included a donation drive for new shoes, clothing and diapers

2020 • In response to COVID-19, 23,000+ pounds of food was donated to Palm Beach County Food Bank and 180 gift baskets were provided to frontline workers at Bethesda Hospital

2018 • Simple Vodka program initiated—every bottle purchased by The Breakers benefits local food banks

2016 • To kick-off the holiday season, the Executive and Senior Management groups volunteered on Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday following Thanksgiving), which led to annual participation in this global generosity movement • Corporate Social Responsibility report rebranded as Social Impact Report 21


COMMUNITY RELATIONS TEAM Our dedicated Community Relations Team was formed in 2007. The committee enhances the service efforts of the company by supporting local organizations and those in need. Through its volunteer programs, our multi-generational employee population engages in meaningful, hands-on experiences that strengthen the bond between team members and the community we serve. Members include: Julia Cusumano*

Manager – Community Outreach

Suzanne Brenner

Senior Director – Retail Operations

Maren Bronkema

Manager – Event Services

Raymond Cheung

Manager – Data Science & Analytics

Chris Eason

Assistant Director – Food & Beverage

Robyn Frohling

Coordinator – John Webster Golf Academy

Regina Froot

Executive Assistant – Corporate Office

Amy Gacon

Manager – One North Breakers Row

Parisa Leve

Manager – Staff Relations & Community Outreach

Danika Spinner

Assistant Director – Guest Relations

“The Breakers Team has set an obvious standard when it comes to volunteering in our community. You can see it at every agency we visit; they are always so happy when our team arrives. The confidence they place in us to tackle any challenge is so uplifting and it is very satisfying to see the joy a team member feels after helping others. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to be part of The Breakers and the Community Relations Team.”

Amy Gacon Manager – One North Breakers Row The Breakers Palm Beach

*Committee Chairperson 21





Agencies Served


14,300 Total Volunteer Hours


$1.9 Million


100k 200k 300k 400k 500k 600k 700k 800k 900k 1m

Total Volunteer Activities & Events

Amount Collected During 2019-2020 Annual Campaign Raised To-Date Through Annual Workplace Campaigns


“Volunteering is like putting yourself in someone else’s position. Find something you enjoy doing and just do it. Don’t do it because you’re getting paid, do it for the smile and memories you will leave someone with. At the end of the day, it’s not really working if you’re having a blast and giving back.”




Volunteer Hours


Sponsored Homes

Ricflair Pierre-Gilles Server - The Beach Club Restaurant The Breakers Palm Beach

GIVES AMBASSADORS An extension of the Community Relations Team and appointed by leadership, each department’s GIVES Ambassador shares their passion for community service as they motivate and mobilize others to get involved in the many community outreach opportunities available.

THE BREAKERS GIVES A digital team member resource, The Breakers GIVES program communicates community service opportunities and encourages employees to share experiences and track volunteer hours. Mobile access allows the team to register for events on the go.

OUTREACH THE ARC OF PALM BEACH COUNTY – GOLF & TENNIS CLINIC Both the Tennis and John Webster Golf Academy have previously volunteered for multiple projects at The Arc of Palm Beach County. This year, the teams wanted to share their passions and contribute in a new fun way through a series of clinics. They invited The Arc’s clients to join them at Ocean Golf & Tennis to learn more about each sport and enjoy one-on-one lessons with our tennis and golf academy instructors.


UNITED WAY For over 30 years, The Breakers has partnered with the Town of Palm Beach United Way, supporting their mission to improve lives and build strong communities throughout the county, with a focus on education, income and health. Their credo, mission and goal, to LIVE UNITED, reminds us that together we can do more than any of us can do alone. Our team is committed to supporting the Town of Palm Beach United Way (from left to right):


Julia Cusumano*

Manager – Community Outreach

Hurricane Dorian was the single most devastating hurricane recorded to strike the Bahamas. Following the destruction from the storm, The Breakers hosted a Bahamas Relief Day special event to support our friends.

Maren Bronkema

Manager – Event Services

Shari Mantegna

Director – Marketing

Raymond Cheung

Manager – Data Science & Analytics

Parisa Leve

Manager – Staff Relations & Community Outreach

Amy Gacon

Manager – One North Breakers Row

Suzanne Brenner

Senior Director – Retail Operations

Baked goods produced by our culinary team were sold, while proceeds benefited long-term relief efforts for the Bahamas via Town of Palm Beach United Way. The team raised $1,596 and donated over 300 items, including new clothes, shoes, diapers and baby supplies.

*Committee Chairperson Not Pictured 23


“Being able to teach the Arc Golf Clinics is one of the most fulfilling parts of my position at The Breakers. Seeing the smiles on the participants’ faces each and every time they come is so rewarding. Bringing joy and help to people in need is why the community outreach programs at The Breakers are so successful.”

Joshua Weaver Teaching Professional - Ocean Golf The Breakers Palm Beach THE ARC OF PALM BEACH COUNTY – GOLF CLINIC

COVID-19 The Coronavirus pandemic caused many businesses to close in 2020, leaving thousands of people in Palm Beach County unemployed. In an effort to support the many families impacted by this crisis, The Breakers donated 23,200 pounds of food to our local hunger-relief partners. In addition, 180 luxury, self-care gift sets were provided to the nurses and health care heroes at Bethesda Health South Florida Hospital. This gesture was a small token of our appreciation to those who were on the front line working to heal our community.

GIVING TUESDAY – A GLOBAL DAY OF GIVING Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, this annual movement kicks off the giving season with a generous spirit. Fueled by the power of collaboration, this event provides team members with an opportunity to bring change to our local community through shared service projects. In 2019, the Executive and Senior Management Groups helped spread holiday cheer by decorating cottages for the children and families at Place of Hope.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Since 2007, The Breakers has been proud to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide safe, decent and affordable housing. The resort donates furniture and partners with City Mattress to deliver bedding for each sponsored home. Construction for each home is made possible by the ‘sweat equity’ volunteer hours from our team, who come together to transform an empty lot into a ‘place to call home’ for a deserving family.

“A group of eight participants would get the opportunity every other Thursday to visit The Breakers and take part in either a golf or tennis clinic. It was amazing to see everyone learn and improve their skills while also giving them something to look forward to. One participant insisted on using only one hand on the golf club, but the patient instructor taught him to use both hands to improve his putting abilities. Both groups loved every moment spent at The Breakers.” Brooke Teta Adult Day Training Manager The Arc of Palm Beach County

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS Financial and in-kind charitable contributions have been a mainstay of The Breakers and they are only exceeded by the number of philanthropic organizations that seek our support. Our company continues to contribute cash donations and a variety of leisure experiences to a wide range of nonprofit groups.

PAUL LEONE SERVANT LEADERSHIP DAY This annual event honors the Servant Leadership Award bestowed to our CEO, Paul Leone, at the 2014 World Leaders Conference, emphasizing the importance of giving back as a core component of company culture. Donations such as diapers, baby wipes, cleaning supplies, gift cards, children’s books and personal hygiene items were collected for families at Children’s Home Society. Team members celebrate with an ice cream social, served by our Executive Group.

$1.8 Million Cash and In-Kind Contributions




300 Items Donated to the Children’s Home Society Including Diapers, Baby Wipes, Books, Cleaning Supplies & Target/Walmart Gift Cards



Total Raised

Walks Supported

Peggy Adams Walk

$350 Raised & 15 Participants

9,200 Pieces of Furniture Donated to Local Charities

Best Buddies Walk


$2,155 Raised & 25 Participants

Toys Donated to Boys & Girls Club of Belle Glade

American Heart Association Walk

$600 Raised & 20 Participants Walk to Defeat ALS

$595 Raised & 6 Participants

3,700 Linens donated to Peggy Adams, Drug Abuse Foundation, Homeless Coalition, St. Ann Place & Big Dog Ranch Rescue

ROUND IT UP AMERICA Round It Up America provides guests the opportunity to donate to charity by ‘rounding up’ their check when using a credit card. Over $56,435.69 was collected through the campaign, which benefited a variety of local hunger relief organizations including: Palm Beach County Food Bank, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry, various national restaurant education agencies and the American Red Cross.

SIMPLE VODKA Since 2018, The Breakers has partnered with Simple Vodka - an organization determined to fight hunger in America, one drink at a time. Their mission is simple: develop a superior quality product, produce it sustainably, price it sensibly and deliver a positive social impact. Through their partnership with Feeding America, Simple Vodka’s donations support the logistics of storing and delivering healthy food to local food banks. One bottle equals 20 donated meals. To date, The Breakers has purchased 2,772 bottles, totaling 27,720 meals.

VOLUNTEER TIME OFF (VTO) This fiscal year, team members volunteered 13,053 hours using Volunteer Time Off. Full-time team members receive 16 hours annually and part-time team members receive 8 hours. Our team members want to make a difference in the world. Through VTO, they are empowered to use work time to volunteer, further inspiring them to inject their energy and enthusiasm into the local community and serving agencies they support. During orientation, our new employees engage in a community service project with members of our Executive Group and Community Relations team; this emphasizes the spirit of service at the heart of The Breakers and the importance of the VTO program.

MAKING AN IMPACT Each year, The Breakers supports a number of charitable giving campaigns, both team and corporate driven, to assist with spreading the mission of each partner agency. A snapshot of these efforts is shown on page 28.

TOP 10 VOLUNTEERED ORGANIZATIONS Quantum House 1,490 hours Feeding South Florida 1,390 hours Palm Beach County Food Bank 1,200 hours The Arc of Palm Beach County 810 hours St. Ann Place 785 hours Big Dog Ranch Rescue 710 hours The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County 620 hours Town of Palm Beach United Way 500 hours Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County 385 hours Resource Depot 350 hours 27

We are seeing the effects of climate change all around us and the choices we make today will significantly impact our tomorrow. As a socially responsible company, we are training, educating and taking action as every one of us is responsible for protecting the environment.” - Rick Hawkins

Director – Materials Management Chair – Environmental Impact Team The Breakers Palm Beach




2009 • Water filtration systems added for meetings, replacing bottled water with self-serve stations • Styrofoam use discontinued and replaced with recyclable containers


2011 • Guest room towel and linen re-use program implemented • Clean The World partnership introduced, donating 30+ pounds of soap and bottle amenities annually • Began annual purchase of renewable energy credits

• Established The Breakers Environmental Policy for team members



• Introduced new software and increased use of iPads, smartphones and apps to reduce paper • Provided reusable shopping bags in all 538 guest rooms

• Incorporated native landscaping throughout resort’s 140 acres


1999 • Energy management system installed to control temperature and lighting

• Added energy-efficient lighting to public spaces, outdoor areas and guest rooms

2008 • Localecopia founded by The Breakers executive purchasing team to connect local farmers and restaurant/hospitality operators • Newspapers delivered upon request

2000 • Reverse osmosis irrigation introduced, conserving 80 million+ gallons of water annually • Updated faucets and toilets with low-flow systems • Automatic doors installed to improve air quality and reduce humidity

2007 • Launched The Breakers Green Market for team members • Recycling practices implemented for 2,000+ team members (paper, aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard) • Installed smart thermostats in guest rooms to control temperature



• Laundry renovation completed, reducing annual water use by 12 million gallons • Hope Water partnership introduced supporting clean drinking water projects in 11+ countries • Ice delivered to guest rooms upon request—self-service stations available on all floors

• FIJI bottled water replaced with Hope Water in guest room mini-bar and News & Gourmet • Eliminated 1.6+ million plastic straws annually—biodegradable paper straws offered • Eco-friendly notepads provided for meeting attendees upon request • Plastic bags, bottles and takeout containers eliminated from all restaurants and meeting rooms

2019 • All restaurants awarded platinum certification from the Surf Rider Foundation • Green Team rebranded to Environmental Impact Team • Climate education training program introduced for team members

2015 • Provided team members with reusable coffee mug, tumbler and water bottle • 3M window film applied on all windows • Chauffeured Tesla house car service offered • Added electric car charging stations for guests and team members • Recycling practices implemented for guest rooms (paper, aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard) • Dual-flush toilets installed at Breakers West Country Club



• Hidden Water partnership begins, replacing complimentary plastic water bottles with 12 oz. aluminum cans and reducing plastic bottle use by 300,000

• Replaced gas tools with battery-operated • Reusable cups and bottles offered for purchase in The Breakaway Café • New recycling culture and bins introduced at Kravis Center • Dyson Airblade dryers installed in The Breakaway Café restrooms • Filtered water faucets added to guest rooms • Provided biodegradable plastic bags for retail and housekeeping teams • Meeting rooms equipped with glass, plastic and paper recycling containers

2013 • Joined voluntary EPA Green Power Partner Program • Initiative to eliminate paper towels in public restrooms started

2016 • Updated The Breakers Environmental Policy for team members • 100+ motion activated lights installed throughout property • Earned TripAdvisor’s Green Leader Silver award • The Breakaway Café implements plant-based containers • “Caught Green Handed” program introduced to recognize team members and their green practices • HealthyMe program established with Localecopia—educating PBC students about fresh food and sustainable living


ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT TEAM (EIT) This passionate group identifies opportunities and develops methods for improving eco-friendly operations around the resort. The team enacts greater change and elevates environmental sustainability and awareness company-wide. With the support of leadership, the EIT continues to establish new partnerships and implement education and training sessions. Members include: Rick Hawkins*

Director – Materials Management

Stephanie Biront

Coordinator – Leisure Sales

Megan Body

Manager – Social Media

Michele Boyet

Manager – Digital Marketing

Britni Cenname

Administrative Assistance – Stewarding

Laureta Cromer

Administrative Assistance – Legal & Risk Management

Simone Grosseau

Coordinator – Senior Function Billing

Robert Higley

Assistant Director – Rooms Division

Samantha Miles

Manager – Facilities Administrative Services

Tyrene Morgans

Assistant Director – Housekeeping

Kristy Pressly

Vice President – General Counsel & Risk Management

Jennifer Reichert

Manager – Recreation Administration

Mark Reid

Director – Golf & Grounds Maintenance

Rob Robbins

Director – Rooms Division

“There has never been a more important time to protect our environment. The Environmental Impact Team promotes team member involvement through education and encouraging sustainable practices both at work and at home. Our contributions to this global endeavor secures a brighter future for our planet.”

Rob Robbins Director - Rooms Division The Breakers Palm Beach

*Committee Chairperson 33

“It is such an honor to share my passion for climate education and action with our team and showcase the role each of us play in ensuring we help shape a more sustainable future for our families, our company and our planet.�

Michele Boyet Manager - Digital Marketing The Breakers Palm Beach



LOCAL FOOD SUSTAINABILITY GREEN MARKET The Breakers’ Green Market operates every Friday afternoon from November through May in tandem with Florida’s growing season. Available for team members, it features a cornucopia of fresh, locally grown and/or produced goods at a reduced price, from carefully selected boutique farms and cottage purveyors. In 2020, over 40,000 lbs. of fresh food was purchased at the Green Market.


HEALTHYME! HealthyMe! is a multi-faceted program that introduces K-8 students to the concepts of sustainable living. Presented by Breakers’ team members, in conjunction with Localecopia, this lecture series educates local elementary and middle school students on the environment and the importance of maintaining a healthy earth in order to grow sustainable food options to fuel their bodies. Presented to more than 20 schools, many of which are located in low-income districts, approximately 3,000 Palm Beach County students have benefited from this interactive discussion.


The Breakers proudly sources and serves essential produce from area farms during Florida’s growing season (November through May). The resort also strives to purchase locally caught and responsibly fished or farmed fresh seafood.

Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties joined forces in January 2010 to unite our region with a sustainable Climate Action Plan. After attending the first few annual conferences and successfully signing on as a sponsor last year, The Breakers increased their sponsorship contribution for the 11th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit.


Members of our Environmental Impact Team had the opportunity to attend this year’s three-day event, which focused on facilitating climate-related collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst leaders from business, government, academia and the nonprofit community. With our increased sponsorship, the team had the opportunity to give a presentation and host the first evening reception.

After successfully launching a pilot for the Climate Change Education Seminar last year, the Environmental Training Program continued into 2020 with sessions tailored specifically for each audience.


The seminars, led by Michele Boyet and Rick Hawkins, focused on the science of climate change, how it affects us (and our planet), ending with actionable solutions for how every team member can actively make a difference. Inspired by training from The CLEO Institute, Michele joined their Speakers Network in 2019 to become a certified presenter. To date, the duo has shared a customized version of the presentation with The Breakers Executive Group, Senior Management Team, Operations Leadership and several other divisions and departments throughout the resort.

CLEAN THE WORLD Now more than ever, simple hand washing is vital to reduce the spread of infection and disease, which claim the lives of more than five million people each year, the majority being children less than five years old. Clean the World recycles The Breakers’ partially used soaps and bottled amenities that would otherwise be discarded, and distributes them to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries experiencing health and hygiene disparities. This effort not only helps the global community, it protects the environment, reduces waste and preserves natural resources. A Clean the World partner since 2011, The Breakers has helped to divert over 22,800 pounds of discarded hotel soaps and amenities from landfills.







Dominican Republic

People Received Access to Clean Water Thailand




Puerto Rico

Filtration Systems Uganda

El Salvador

Burkina Faso




Well Repair (Uganda, Africa)


22,855 lbs.


Soap & Bottle Amenities Collected

New Bars of Soap for Those in Need

17,119 lbs. Recycled Plastic

“It is rewarding to be a part of something that is larger than yourself with the hope to create a better world. Henry Flagler’s dream was to be the best in the biz and I feel like that is exactly what we strive to do. The Environmental Impact Team is here to make a difference and to enhance the future of The Breakers by preserving what we have right now.”

Stephanie Biront Coordinator - Leisure Sales The Breakers Palm Beach



CLEO, which stands for Climate, Leadership, Education and Outreach, is a Miamibased, non-profit organization that was founded in 2010. CLEO’s mission is to educate and promote an informed and engaged public that supports climate action locally, regionally and globally.

A grassroots, non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. It provides restaurants with tools and resources to show their commitment to making sustainable choices, in an effort to conserve our coastlines and marine ecosystems.

The Breakers partnered with The CLEO Institute to support educating our community on the urgency of climate change. Members of the Environmental Impact Team participated in joint speaking engagements within The CLEO Speakers Network.

HIDDEN WATER In early 2020, The Breakers launched a new partnership with Hidden Water locally sourced, natural spring water packaged in 12 ounce aluminum cans out of Miami, with headquarters located in North Palm Beach. Since establishing, these cans have replaced complimentary plastic bottles of water available throughout the resort, reducing bottle use by 300,000. Infinitely recyclable, aluminum is able to be remade after every use, making it the most environmentally friendly option for single-use beverage products. In addition, Hidden Water also promises to remove one piece of plastic from local waterways for every can they sell.

HOPE WATER Since 2017, The Breakers has supported Hope Water in their mission to provide natural spring water to communities around the world – one clean water well at a time. Lack of clean water affects nearly 1 billion people every year. Each purchased case of Hope Water supplies drinking water for one person for life. These no-cost water filtration systems and well repairs, afford communities the opportunity to live longer, healthier and better lives.

All ten restaurants within The Breakers’ dining collection have been certified as Ocean Friendly. This coveted accreditation indicates that each establishment follows proper recycling and water conservation practices, features reusable tableware and has discontinued the use of expanded polystyrene products and single use plastics such as bags, straws and bottles. This resulted in a reduction of more than 1.6 million straws and 300,000 plastic bottles annually.

SUSTAINABILITY FILTER When the Environmental Impact Team visited the local Solid Waste Authority plant, they learned about the fourth “R” – Rethink. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have been our sustainability staple for decades and the inclusion of Rethink made us truly rethink our processes. Now, when considering renovations, purchases and discards, we pass all initiatives through a “Sustainability Filter” to ensure our decisions meet the standards we strive to uphold. When our teams are discontinuing or discarding products, we explore all donation and other responsible reuse opportunities. For example, when planning our recent bungalow renovation, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity, who assisted our construction crew with disassembling all functional components to be reused in Habitat Homes or sold in Habitat Restore locations.

RESILIENCY FLORIDA A leading voice in the Sunshine State, Resiliency Florida helps regional communities with their efforts to plan and adapt for future weather impact and sea level rise. This non-profit organization develops strategies and action plans, secures funding and advocates for regulatory and legislative support at both the state and federal level. The Breakers joined Resiliency Florida in 2018 and continues to be a proud business member and supporter. 37

“A year of monumental change, it has never been more important to come together as a community and stand in solidarity. By sharing our social impact stories, we inspire others to make a difference.” - Sara Flight

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