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MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADERSHIP With an unwavering commitment to social responsibility, The Breakers is a purpose-driven, family-owned organization that embraces the value of each one of its employees. Our team is inspired by our social impact philosophy: to be an unrelenting force of action and influence that positively transforms the world around us! Encouraged by our owners, the Kenan family, and our Board of Directors, the well-being of our team, our community and the environment remain central to our culture as a conscientious corporate citizen. By investing in our staff and encouraging the right behaviors and positive business practices, we continuously elevate the workplace. These actions, supported by the significant investment in our employees’ longterm future, foster team member fulfillment, which in turn drives guest satisfaction, profitability and social impact. We are grateful for the opportunity to carry out our owners’ vision of making a meaningful difference in the world by operating a responsible business, and we would like to thank our 2,200 employees for their engagement and participation. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2019 and are empowered to do even more in 2020. Sincerely,

Paul N. Leone Chief Executive Officer

Denise E. Bober Senior Vice President - Human Resources


“A progressive lifestyle approach, Workplace Wellness is designed to enhance the lives of our team and emphasize the importance of energy management and the balance of mind, body and spirit.” - Pat Ciavola

Director – Team Member Development Chair – Wellness Team The Breakers Palm Beach




WELLNESS TEAM Founded in 2008, the Wellness Team is responsible for understanding the unique health risks, needs and interests of our team member population and is dedicated to educating them on the benefits of healthy living. Inspiring others by creating a community of wellness that motivates, trains and supports. Members include (from left to right): Ken Thompson

Director – Tennis

Mindy Cracraft

On-Site Lifestyle Coach, Optum

Terrence Reid

Supervisor – Protective Services

Kelsi Kavanagh

Golf Fitness Instructor

Roy Dionne

Manager – Inventory & Cost Control

Reilly Dawson

Conference Concierge

Matt White

Manager – Receiving & Warehouse

Pat Ciavola*

Director – Team Member Development

“The Wellness Team is an extension of The Breakers culture and progressive thinking. It’s been a privilege to be a part of a committee that shares the like-minded goals of health, happiness and well-being.”

Ken Thompson Director – Tennis The Breakers Palm Beach

*Committee Chairperson Not Pictured: CJ Fernandez and Melissa Leonard 9


• Breakthrough to Energy commences, an extension of Corporate Athlete • Wellness Team is established • Health & Wellness Needs and Interest Survey is created • The Breakaway Café menu is re-engineered targeting healthy eating


• Culture of Wellness presentation is integrated into orientation • Health Culture Survey is distributed • The Breakers becomes a Tobacco Free Workplace • Tower Trek debuts



• Wellness Incentive is implemented • Sterling Wellness delivers on-site health coaching • Bright Horizon's Child Care and Elder Care Back Up program is introduced

• Employee health and well-being becomes a strategic boardroom issue



• Corporate Athlete Refresher course is introduced • Green Market is launched • Personal Financial Well-Being strategy is developed • Movin’ Minutes are integrated into everyday work schedules

• The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute® Corporate Athlete program is selected as our primary educational platform


• The Breakers launches Corporate Athlete • The Health & Wellness Expo becomes a full-day event • Menus for internal team meetings are tailored for energy management

2018 2017

• TASTE ‘Take A Snack To Energize’ fruit stand snack program starts • A sit-stand conference table is added to in-house meeting room • ‘Train Your Brain’ mindfulness workshop is launched • Partner with SageView Financial Advisors • Global Wellness Summit is hosted by The Breakers

• Recognized by Global Wellness Summit as a leader in Workplace Wellness • Smartfoods Vending delivers healthy energy management snacks • New Team Member Fitness Studio opens • Strategic partnership with Optum is established • BreakersLife wellness incentive program commences


• Wellness Program Analysis is conducted by a third party consulting firm • Corporate Athlete eCourses become available • Wellness Incentive tiers are announced

2012 • On-site fitness classes begin • Create My Plate is offered • Sit-stand workstations are installed


• Mental Health First Aid training is introduced • The Breakers story is shared by Global Women 4 Wellbeing • Paid Parental Leave first offered • Employee Opinion Survey validates the pervasive and effective culture of well-being • The Breakers’ Social Impact strategy is published in The Healing Organization



• The Breakers story is shared – Global Wellness Summit and SHINE Summit at Harvard University • Recognition – American Heart Association, WELCOA, Heroes in Medicine, Corporate Wellness Magazine

• Employee well-being strategic goals are incorporated into five-year business plan • Spouses are added to the Wellness Incentive


• Employee Opinion Survey validates the pervasive and effective culture of well-being • The wellness program online experience is enhanced • On-site Cigna Concierge services begin











Our annual Well-being Expo connects team members with local health and wellness vendors. Designed to educate and inspire, the expo includes free healthy food tastings, health exams, product samples, giveaways, raffle prizes and more.

Introduced in 2018, Smartfoods Vending provides healthy, energy management snacks to our team members through 10 new machines located across The Breakers campus.

Over 1,400 team members attend annually.



This company-wide healthy snack program provides complimentary fresh fruits and nuts for team members every day.

Complimentary annual membership to our on-site, 400-sq. ft. fitness studio is available to all team members. The venue is equipped with TRX systems, BOSU balance trainers, medicine balls, resistance bands, foam rollers, free weights, Pilates rings, yoga blocks and exercise mats. Team members can participate in a fitness class or work out at their leisure. 224 team members have joined since the studio opened in July 2018.

CARDIO CLUB Team members interested in walking or running with fellow co-workers meet weekly. The group enjoys social time and exercising together along the Intracoastal Waterway.

TOWER TREK The Tower Trek encourages cardiovascular exercise throughout the workday as participants climb stairs from the bottom floor to the top of the resort. Team member treks are automatically tracked monthly and periodic challenges encourage participation, friendly competition and the opportunity to earn wellness incentive points. Approximately 275 team members have participated in the program this fiscal year.

CORPORATE ATHLETE Corporate Athlete’s fundamental approach is rooted in the belief that if executives were to successfully perform at high levels over the long term, they would have to train in the same systematic, multi-level methodology that is practiced by top-tier athletes. This training program is designed to empower team members to increase their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy capacities. Corporate Athlete has contributed to higher levels of energy, productivity and fulfillment for 496 managers and supervisors since 2004.

BREAKTHROUGH TO ENERGY An extension of Corporate Athlete, Breakthrough to Energy teaches nutrition and fitness, two of the most critical components for restoring and expanding one’s energy capacity, to new team members during orientation. 2,398 team members have participated since 2008.

CREATE MY PLATE This interactive meal program is facilitated by The Breakers’ on-site lifestyle coach and is designed to promote the principles behind the 40 / 40 / 20 rule used to build a balanced meal. 1,386 team members have participated since 2012.




Team Member On-Site Health Screenings

One-on-One Health Coaching Sessions

173 675

Team Member Rally Health Challenges

Team Member Wellness Incentives

764 25 Participating Vendors at the Well-Being Expo

Visits to the Team Member Fitness Studio

GLOBAL WOMEN 4 WELLBEING (GW4W) In June 2019, the inaugural GW4W “Unsummit” Summit and Think Tank was held at The Breakers and featured special guest speakers from the resort, Tricia Taylor, Executive Vice President & General Manager, and Denise Bober, Senior Vice President - Human Resources. This diverse group of dedicated professionals, community leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs, gathered to connect and create positive change by empowering healthy female leadership for a more sustainable world. The Breakers will welcome the second “Unsummit” Summit in June 2020.

WELLNESS INCENTIVE ON-SITE LIFESTYLE COACH The Breakers’ on-site lifestyle coach is available full-time to provide team members with easy access to confidential nutrition counseling, chronic care management, goal setting, exercise regimens, stress management and much more. In the 2018-2019 benefit year, 947 one-on-one health coaching sessions were conducted; group health coaching included 45 result review sessions, totaling 465 participants.


WELLNESS INCENTIVE Team members who are eligible for our group health plan are encouraged to participate in the Wellness Incentive, designed to educate employees on knowing and understanding their biometric numbers and setting personal wellbeing goals. This program includes a health assessment, biometric screening and health consultation. A three-tier recognition model also motivates team members to engage in wellness activities and earn points to achieve Champion or Warrior status.

Ultimate Wellness Warrior


500+ Points

345 677

Wellness Champion 400 - 499 Points Wellness Hero 320 - 399 Points

Team Members

Free biometric screenings give team members the opportunity to know their numbers, evaluate their strengths and risks and drive lifestyle changes. In the 2018-2019 benefit year, 712 team members completed on-site health screenings.

RALLY HEALTH This interactive, incentive-based mobile portal allows team members to track progress, complete their health assessment, participate in challenges, connect with friends and engage in company-wide wellness programs anytime, anywhere.

“I work for a company that cares about me from a career development perspective and is leading the way in wellness. I have used many of the tools offered through the wellness program, all of which highlight healthy living practices and initiatives that I was able to put in place easily.” Gigi Kral Service Manager - Flagler Club The Breakers Palm Beach 15


RALLY MISSIONS Team members can select from a wide range of missions designed to address all aspects of our well-being such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress management and personal financial management. In the 2018-2019 benefit year, 217 team members completed three wellness missions.

BRIGHT HORIZONS BACK-UP CARE ADVANTAGE PROGRAM This resource helps team members effectively manage their work life responsibilities by providing quality back-up child or adult care when an unexpected need arises. 125 team members are registered for this program; 716 workdays have been saved since September 2011.

RALLY TEAM CHALLENGE This friendly 14-day competition with and against other Breakers’ team members encourages movement. Employees earn wellness coins, incentive points and bragging rights.

WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION TELADOC Team members have complimentary access to a board certified doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone or video chat. Teladoc provides peace of mind and saves our team time and money. From September 2018 to May 2019, there were 114 visits by 95 team members.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) Giving support during critical and potentially overwhelming times, the Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential counseling and concierge services to all team members and their families. EAP helps address the challenges of everyday living, resulting in a more focused and productive workforce. In the 2019 fiscal year, 148 team members received assistance.

FINANCIAL SAGEVIEW Introduced in 2017, SageView is a financial advisory service that provides education, investment counseling and tools to achieve both long-term and short-term goals for financial well-being. All team members have complimentary access to a professional advisor. This fiscal year, participation increased 61% with 270 team members enrolling in our 401(k) savings plan. By uniting strategies, The Breakers, SageView and T. Rowe Price have improved plan metrics and provided more resources to team members to achieve positive outcomes.

AWARDS AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION WORKPLACE HEALTH ACHIEVEMENT INDEX For the sixth consecutive year, The Breakers was recognized at the highest level with the Gold Award, which acknowledges the priority the organization places on physical activity and team member wellness as a catalyst for positive change.

WELCOA WELL WORKPLACE GOLD LEVEL AWARD For the fourth consecutive year, The Breakers received the Gold Award from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). This award recognizes quality, results-oriented worksite health programs that are defined by WELCOA’s seven benchmarks. 17

“In an effort to empower those in need, our team is committed to doing the right thing by contributing time, energy and resources to the community we serve.” - Parisa Leve

Manager – Staff Relations & Community Outreach Chair – Community Relations Team The Breakers Palm Beach




COMMUNITY RELATIONS TEAM Our dedicated Community Relations Team was formed in 2007. The committee enhances the service efforts of the company by supporting local organizations and those in need. Through its volunteer programs, our multi-generational employee population engages in meaningful, hands-on experiences that strengthen the bond between team members and the community we serve. Members include (from left to right): Amy Gacon

Manager – One North Breakers Row

Maren Bronkema

Manager – Event Services

Raymond Cheung

Manager – Data Science and Analytics

Suzanne Brenner

Senior Director – Retail Operations

Parisa Leve*

Manager – Staff Relations & Community Outreach

Danika Spinner

Assistant Director – Guest Relations

Regina Froot

Executive Assistant – Corporate Office

Robyn Frohling

Coordinator – John Webster Golf Academy

Rebecca Davidson

Manager – Reservations

“I have been truly inspired to see the evolution of The Breakers’ community outreach efforts. From the development of the Community Relations Team to the implementation of Volunteer Time Off. Their commitment to serving the community is one of the many reasons I continue to be a part of The Breakers, but it is the main reason that I am proud to tell people that I am a Breakers team member.”

Raymond Cheung Manager – Data Science & Analytics The Breakers Palm Beach

*Committee Chairperson Not Pictured: Chris Eason 21



175 Agencies Served



Total Volunteer Hours

Total Volunteer Activities

$1.8 million


Raised To-Date Through Annual Workplace Campaigns

Amount Collected During The Breakers’ 2018-2019 Annual Campaign

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY CONTRIBUTIONS TO DATE: “Volunteering allows me to get involved in the community in a way that is bigger than myself. Through VTO, I am given the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, while forming bonds with my teammates!”





Volunteer Hours

Sponsored Homes

Emma Himmel Guest Relations The Breakers Palm Beach

GIVES AMBASSADORS An extension of the Community Relations Team and appointed by leadership, each department’s GIVES Ambassador shares their passion for community service as they motivate and mobilize others to get involved in the many community outreach opportunities available.

THE BREAKERS GIVES The Breakers GIVES is a team member resource that communicates community service opportunities and enables employees to share experiences and track their volunteer hours. Mobile access also allows the team to register for events on the go.

OUTREACH HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Since 2007, The Breakers has been proud to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide safe, decent and affordable housing. The resort donates furniture and partners with City Mattress to provide bedding for each sponsored home. Construction for each home is made possible by the ‘sweat equity’ volunteer hours from our team, who come together to transform an empty lot into a ‘place to call home’ for a deserving family.

WOMEN’S BUILD PROJECT In 2019, one of The Breakers’ sponsored homes was the designated host home for Habitat for Humanity’s Women’s Build Project. This national campaign focuses on empowering women to fundraise and build homes for other deserving women in their community. A team of 10 women from The Breakers secured funding and volunteered at a build day.


UNITED WAY The Breakers has partnered with the Town of Palm Beach United Way for over 30 years, supporting their mission to improve lives and build strong communities throughout Palm Beach County, with a focus on education, income and health. Their credo, mission and goal to LIVE UNITED, reminds us that together we can do more than any of us can do alone. Our team is committed to supporting the Town of Palm Beach United Way (from left to right): Maren Bronkema

Manager – Event Services

Shari Mantegna

Director – Marketing

Raymond Cheung

Manager – Data Science & Analytics

Parisa Leve*

Manager – Staff Relations & Community Outreach

Amy Gacon

Manager – One Breakers Row

Suzanne Brenner

Senior Director – Retail Operations

*Committee Chairperson 23





VOLUNTEER TIME OFF (VTO) This fiscal year, team members volunteered 23,383 hours using Volunteer Time Off. Full-time team members receive 16 hours annually and part-time team members receive 8 hours. Our team members want to make a difference in the world. Through VTO, they are empowered to use work time to volunteer, further inspiring them to inject their energy and enthusiasm into the local community and serving agencies they support. During orientation, our new employees engage in a community service project with members of our Executive Group and Community Relations team; this emphasizes the spirit of service at the heart of The Breakers and the importance of the VTO program.

PAUL LEONE SERVANT LEADERSHIP DAY This annual event honors the Servant Leadership Award bestowed to our CEO, Paul Leone, at the 2014 World Leaders Conference which emphasizes the importance of giving back as a core component of company culture. Donations were collected for the children at Place of Hope. Sleeping bags, duffel bags, towels and pillows were provided to the kids for summer camp; donated headphones recognized students who achieved academic milestones. Team members celebrate with an ice cream social, served by our Executive Group.

GIVING TUESDAY – A GLOBAL DAY OF GIVING Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, this annual movement kicks off the giving season with a generous spirit. Fueled by the power of collaboration, this event provides team members with an opportunity to bring change to our local community through shared service projects. In 2018, the Executive and Senior Management Groups helped spread holiday cheer by decorating cottages for the children and families at Place of Hope.

PALM BEACH CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Palm Beach Children’s Hospital strives to help all pediatric patients and families cope with their hospitalization and create a positive medical experience. Each month, a fun theme party is planned for the children and parents, providing the opportunity to interact with other families “walking the same road.”

“Seeing other children with IV poles, in hospital gowns, with external fixators, or in wheelchairs, participating in an awesome party, helps to normalize the pediatric hospital experience. Our goal is for children to remember the fun part of their stay and give them a chance to make new friendships in an unlikely place. With the help of community volunteers like The Breakers, we have been able to offer more decorations, more crafts and an enhanced play experience for our kids.”

Lisa Barron Pediatric Office Supervisor Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS Financial and in-kind charitable contributions have been a mainstay of The Breakers and are only exceeded by the number of philanthropic organizations that seek our support. Our company continues to contribute cash donations and a variety of leisure experiences for a wide range of non-profit groups.

$2.6 Million Cash and In-Kind Contributions





Total Raised

Walks Supported


1,000 30 Backpacks Sponsored and Donated for the Students at Urban Youth Impact

880 Toys Donated to Boys & Girls Club of Belle Glade


Pieces of Furniture Donated to Local Charities

Sandwiches Prepared for the Homeless at St. Ann Place

1,000 Linens Donated to Peggy Adams, Drug Abuse Foundation,  Homeless Coalition, St. Ann Place and Big Dog Ranch Rescue

BE OUR GUEST For the past five years, the Be Our Guest program has celebrated selfless volunteers in our community who work quietly out of the spotlight to brighten the lives of those less fortunate. Local charitable partners nominate outstanding volunteers to be considered for this award. The winner is honored with a well-deserved, all-inclusive two-night stay at The Breakers.


Feeding South Florida

Chosen for her tireless commitment to helping others, Gaenor Speed volunteers over 35 hours a week with the American Red Cross and is our 2019 Volunteer of Distinction. Serving as a Regional Disaster Sheltering Lead, she provides immediate assistance for individuals affected by major disasters such as fires, hurricanes and tornadoes. Her commitment to inspire and encourage others personifies what it means to serve.

2,340 hours

Palm Beach County Food Bank

1,890 hours

Big Dog Ranch Rescue


1,845 hours

Quantum House

1,845 hours

St. Ann Place

1,590 hours

Education Foundation of Palm Beach

970 hours

Homeless Coalition Palm Beach County

To date, The Breakers has purchased 4,302 bottles, totaling 86,040 meals.

990 hours

The Arc Palm Beach County


800 hours

United Way of Palm Beach

Each year, The Breakers supports a number of charitable giving campaigns, both team and corporate driven, to assist with spreading the mission of each partner agency. A snapshot of these efforts is shown on page 24.

640 hours

Sports Commission Palm Beach County

Round It Up America provides guests the opportunity to donate to charity by ‘rounding up’ their check when using a credit card. Over $37,718.82 was collected through the campaign, which benefited a variety of local hunger relief organizations including: Palm Beach County Food Bank, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry, various national restaurant education agencies and the American Red Cross.

SIMPLE VODKA Beginning in March 2018, The Breakers partnered with Simple Vodka an organization determined to fight hunger in America, one drink at a time. Their mission is simple: develop a superior quality product, produce it sustainably, price it sensibly, and deliver positive social impact. Through their partnership with Feeding America, Simple Vodka’s donations support the logistics of storing and delivering healthy food to local food banks. One bottle equals 20 donated meals.


“We all play a role in protecting the environment. As a socially responsible company, it is imperative that we are conscious of the impact our current business decisions have on future generations.” - Rick Hawkins

Director – Materials Management Chair – Environmental Impact Team The Breakers Palm Beach




ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT TEAM (EIT) This passionate group identifies opportunities and develops methods for improving eco-friendly operations around the resort. Rebranded from the Green Team to the Environmental Impact Team, the committee enacts greater change and elevates environmental sustainability and awareness company-wide. With the support of leadership, the EIT has successfully established new partnerships and has recently implemented climate education and training sessions. Members include (from left to right): Samantha Miles

Administrative Services Manager – Facilities

Rob Robbins

Director – Rooms Division

Tyrene Morgans

Assistant Director – Housekeeping

Jennifer Reichert

Manager – Recreation Administration

Michele Boyet

Manager – Digital Marketing

Rick Hawkins*

Director – Materials Management

Stephanie Biront

Administrative Assistant – Sales

Simone Grosseau

Senior Function Billing Coordinator

Megan Body

Manager – Social Media

Douglas Brewer

Director – Training

“Our committee needed a bigger name to accomplish a greater task. The Environmental Impact Team is here to make an IMPACT, ensuring we help shape a more sustainable future for our company, our associates and our planet.”

Michele Boyet Manager - Digital Marketing The Breakers Palm Beach

*Committee Chairperson Not Pictured: Kristy Pressly, Mark Reid, Robert Higley, Michael Petillo 31



“Localecopia was founded on the basic principles of connecting the dots and eliminating the disconnect between producers and consumers. With The Breakers’ on-going support, Localecopia has solidified its placement as a pioneer in the local food movement. It is only fitting that our collaborative efforts (and results) lead the charge of positive change within the community.”


Geoffrey Sagrans President/Chairperson of the Board – Localecopia Assistant Director – Materials Management The Breakers Palm Beach

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION & TRAINING ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING PROGRAM This year, the team launched a Climate Change Education seminar led by Michele Boyet and Rick Hawkins. Inspired by training from The CLEO Institute, Michele joined their speakers network to became a certified presenter. To date, the duo has shared a customized version of the presentation with The Breakers Executive Group, Senior Management Team and the Sales Division. They are in the process of developing a formal program that will be rolled out to all team members.

HEALTHYME! HealthyMe! is a multi-faceted program that introduces K-8 students to the concepts of sustainable living. Presented by Breakers’ team members, in conjunction with Localecopia, this lecture series educates local elementary and middle school students on the environment and the importance of maintaining a healthy earth in order to grow sustainable food options to fuel their bodies. Presented to more than 20 schools, many of which are located in low-income districts, approximately 3,000 Palm Beach County students have benefited from this interactive discussion.

SOUTHEAST FLORIDA REGIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE COMPACT Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties joined forces in January 2010 to unite our region with a sustainable Climate Action Plan. After attending the first few annual conferences, The Breakers signed on as a sponsor for the 10th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit. Members of our Environmental Impact Team had the opportunity to attend this two-day event in Miami, which focused on facilitating climate-related collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst leaders from business, government, academia and the nonprofit community.

GLOBAL RESILIENCE SUMMIT Florida Earth Foundation partnered with The Breakers to host the first-annual Global Resilience Summit in December 2018. This invitation-only event brought top executives and stakeholders from private and academic sectors together, to foster collaboration towards creating significant impact around the world. As a proud partner, The Breakers hosted this three-day summit in December 2019.

LOCAL FOOD SUSTAINABILITY GREEN MARKET The Breakers’ Green Market operates every Friday afternoon from November through May in tandem with Florida’s growing season. Available for team members, it features a cornucopia of fresh, locally grown and/or produced goods at a reduced price, from carefully selected boutique farms and cottage purveyors. In 2019, over 40,000 lbs. of fresh food was purchased at the Green Market.

LOCALECOPIA A non-profit founded in 2008 by members of The Breakers’ purchasing team, Localecopia brings together regional farmers and organic food producers with area companies, educators and government organizations, to facilitate rewarding relationships in local food sourcing and sustainable business. In the process, it supports waste reduction, healthy living and provides Florida school districts with fresh fruits and vegetables for farm-to-school meal programs. In addition, The Breakers hosts Localecopia’s annual Meet and Greet at the beginning and end of each growing season. This event connects local producers and sustainability experts with area hotels, chefs, restaurateurs, country clubs and schools, in an effort to build relationships and fuel mutually-beneficial economic growth across all sectors.

LOCALLY SOURCED FOOD The Breakers proudly sources and serves essential produce from area farms during Florida’s growing season (November through May). The resort also strives to purchase locally caught, and responsibly fished or farmed, fresh seafood. 33



Countries Nepal

Dominican Republic Haiti

Puerto Rico



Uganda Burkina Faso

El Salvador






People Received Access to Clean Water

Filtration Systems

Well Repair (Uganda, Africa)


= 39,151 lbs.


12,551 lbs.

Soap and Bottle Amenities Collected

New Bars of Soap for Those in Need

Recycled Plastic

“I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to partner with The Breakers. Your amazing generosity has provided clean drinking water to thousands of lives around the world. Thank you for your willingness to give back, you are truly making a difference. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and the impact that we will continue to make together!”

Jimmy Thate Founder and CEO – Hope Water

PARTNERSHIPS CLEAN THE WORLD Simple hand washing substantially reduces the spread of infection and disease, which claim the lives of more than five million people each year, the majority being children less than five years old. Clean the World recycles The Breakers’ partially used soaps and bottled amenities, that would otherwise be discarded, and distributes them to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries experiencing health and hygiene disparities. This effort not only helps the global community, it protects the environment, reduces waste and preserves natural resources.

HOPE WATER The Breakers supports clean water projects through Hope Water, an organization devoted to providing natural spring water to communities around the world – one clean water well at a time. Each purchased case supplies drinking water for one person for life. These no-cost water filtration systems and well repairs, afford communities the opportunity to live longer, healthier and better lives.

RESILIENCY FLORIDA A leading voice in the Sunshine State, Resiliency Florida helps regional communities with their efforts to plan and adapt for future weather impact and sea level rise. This non-profit organization develops strategies and action plans, secures funding and advocates for regulatory and legislative support at both the state and federal level. After meeting members at a local conference, The Breakers joined Resiliency Florida as a proud local business member and supporter.

SURFRIDER FOUNDATION This grassroots, non-profit environmental organization works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves and beaches. It provides restaurants with an easy way to show their commitment to making sustainable choices, in an effort to conserve our coastlines and marine ecosystems. All nine restaurants within The Breakers’ dining collection have been certified as Ocean Friendly. This coveted accreditation indicates that each establishment follows proper recycling and water conservation practices, features reusable tableware and has discontinued the use of expanded polystyrene products and single use plastics such as bags, straws and bottles

THE CLEO INSTITUTE CLEO, which stands for Climate, Leadership, Education and Outreach, is a Miamibased, non-profit organization that was founded in 2010. CLEO’s mission is to educate and promote an informed and engaged public that supports climate action locally, regionally and globally. The Breakers was honored to partner with The CLEO Institute to support educating our community on the urgency of climate change. Members of the Environmental Impact Team participated in joint speaking engagements within The CLEO Speakers Network.

SUSTAINABILITY FILTER When the Environmental Impact Team visited the local Solid Waste Authority plant, they learned about the fourth “R” – Rethink. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have been our sustainability staple for decades and the inclusion of Rethink made us truly rethink our processes. Now, when considering renovations, purchases and discards, we pass all initiatives through a “Sustainability Filter” to ensure our decisions meet the standards we strive to uphold. When our teams are discontinuing or discarding products, we explore all donation and other responsible reuse opportunities. For example, when planning our recent bungalow renovation, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity, who assisted our construction crew with disassembling all functional components to be reused in Habitat Homes or sold in Habitat Restore locations.


“By sharing our stories, we are able to bring social impact to the forefront and inspire others to make a difference.”

- Sara Flight

Director – Communications The Breakers Palm Beach








Audience Reached

Advertising Value






Audience Reached


PRESS HIGHLIGHTS WELLNESS Prioritizing Wellbeing at The Breakers Palm Beach American Spa Magazine September 24, 2018 Leader in Workplace Wellness Leisure Opportunities UK October 18, 2018

COMMUNITY & TEAM Serving Up Satisfaction Hotel Interactive April 22, 2019

ENVIRONMENT Food Buyers, Managers, Chefs, Meet Up at the Biannual Localecopia Sun Sentinel December 17, 2018 Localecopia Meet & Greet at The Breakers Spike’s Peeks: The Art of Travel Blog May 8, 2019


One South County Road | Palm Beach, Florida 33480 (561) 655-6611 | thebreakers.com

Profile for The Breakers

The Breakers Social Impact Report 2019  

As a modern organization employing more than 2,200 people, our sense of social responsibility extends to our team, our environment and our c...

The Breakers Social Impact Report 2019  

As a modern organization employing more than 2,200 people, our sense of social responsibility extends to our team, our environment and our c...