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Questions: 1. What are the perks of being a senior? -Sammie Stone (‘20) 2. What is the point of our existence? -Anon 9th grader 3. Blondes or Gingers? -Caroline Alleyne (‘19)



As I stated in the second edition of Ask Liv, humans’ purpose is to produce babies. L: So since we are never content with what we were created to do, I’ll try to help you out. The only

motivational quote I can remember at the moment is one I stole from senior Lulu Buckley. One night while eating Panda Express (#queen) Lulu came across an inspiring message folded between the crisp shell of her fortune cookie. After reading it, she quickly taped it to her wall. The fortune read: “Don’t just exist, live.” So maybe, anonymous freshman, you have existed all these years without living. Since “live” practically is my name, I will suggest some ideas for you to channel this new motto. Living is about being spontaneous and doing things that may seem unacceptable. You can only learn about yourself by messing up here or there… I know from experience. I’m not advising you to do drugs or any of that disgusting stuff, but maybe get on top of a table in the library and sing your favorite song! If you’re not catching my vibes, then create a bucket list of things you want to achieve before high school is over. Make your existence mean something! Consider checking off each activity as important as having a baby…. Cause you’re not existing if you are not living! #DEEP


Duh, Blondes! What would society be without dumb blonde jokes? Even the Kardashians are going blonde… it’s the obvious answer.


Issue 03 • October 2018 • The Tower

Gingers! We are rare and give off a leprechaun vibe.# Tea.


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The Tower Issue 3 MMXVIII  

The Tower Issue 3 MMXVIII