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As the room’s largest painting, The Red Dragon coils across the south wall with intricate, deep red scales and face. Emma Monroy (‘19), another one of the art representatives, explained her reasoning for the several foot long painting: “My favorite movie is Spirited Away, so I modeled this dragon after the dragon in the movie. I wanted to put something on the wall that I loved and that everyone else would also love. Another thing I kept in mind was that since red can be a harsh color to look at, I wanted to make a big painting that was soothing on the eyes, which is where the Dr. Seuss kind of style of painting came into play. I worked on it for ages since there was a lot of detail put into it that you only see if you get up close, so I would say it took me about 40 hours in the rec room (I took a lot of breaks). Even though it was a lot of work, I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

By painting iconic brands and characters, recreating classic pieces, and designing original works, the senior class captured its fiery spirit on the rec room’s sacred walls.

Issue 03 • October 2018 • The Tower


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The Tower Issue 3 MMXVIII  

The Tower Issue 3 MMXVIII