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September 2017

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What happened to the Brit scammers; the increase of 7 Elevens and the decrease of gas stations, and more.


America’s ‘Secret War’ and the bombing of Southeast Asia



56 Putting our stomachs

Bangkok’s Burger Bonanza

(and weight) on the line, this issue, The BigChilli brings you a round-up of juicy burger in town


Last month’s most exciting events in pictures

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Editor’s Blog Extreme traffic measures needed for desperate Bangkok

DESPERATE pleas are going out from vehicle owners for the government to address the rapidly deteriorating traffic situation in Bangkok urgently. And who can blame them? Commuters who live in the suburbs face horrendous congestion to and from the city centre. Short journeys across town can take hours. Anyone involved in the delivery business deserves our sympathy. It’s a waste of time and money for hundreds of thousands of already stressed-out people who valiantly press on, at least for now. Businesses and the economy are affected, the emergency services can’t function, and all kinds of health-related problems are caused. Even Sundays, the traditional day of rest, no longer offer a reprieve. What can be done to alleviate the problem? It’s a question that has occupied the best minds for years, but viable solutions are not forthcoming. Other than a hugely expensive and thoroughly improbable major road-building programme, Bangkok’s future looks bleak. So, in the meantime, some extreme measures to help the traffic flow must be adopted. Bangkok’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is arguably the best way forward. Although it is a ‘declaration of war’ against other vehicles since it involves dedicated bus-only lanes on the main roads, it avoids traffic congestion and allows ordinary commuters to reach their destination in a reasonable time. If implemented on a busy road like Sukhumvit, though, there would be a predictable uproar from other vehicles users who would face even worse hold-ups. But that’s too bad. We are in a desperate situation, and radical solutions are called for. Besides, much of Sukhumvit has access to both the BTS and MRT systems. Another cause of slow traffic flow in the city centre are the security guards and police officers who hold back other vehicles to allow office workers and their cars to exit, or enter office buildings. They should not be allowed to do this. Those who drive to their workplace can wait their turn without assistance. It’s tough for them, admittedly, but the majority must take priority. Also, any new office planned for central Bangkok should not be allowed to include a car park in its design. Parking only attracts more vehicles, which the city certainly doesn’t need. All roadside parking should also be banned from 6.30-11am, and again from 4.30-8.30pm. Schools are another cause of traffic congestion. Parents wanting to collect their children is perfectly understandable, but they must be strenuously discouraged by the schools themselves from parking outside or nearby. At the same time, inner city schools should not be allowed to continually increase their number of students. They merely add to the problem. A congestion zone should be created, with cars being charged for the privilege of entering the area. It works in cities like London, so it can also work in Bangkok. Meanwhile, financial incentives should be introduced to attract businesses to the less crowded outskirts of the city. Yellow boxes already exist in Bangkok, and most motorists respect them. But there are simply not enough. Major junctions are frequently blocked by thoughtless drivers, which wouldn’t happen if heavy fines for entering yellow boxes were imposed. Public transport needs to be overhauled and improved. Quality buses, subsidized and properly managed by the authorities, together with proper training for staff, are absolutely essential. Finally, all private vehicles should be tax-rated according to their size. If radical enough, it would encourage motorists to think twice about buying monster cars. The above is a shopping list of ideas, some more viable and practical than others. But some new thinking is required NOW on an increasingly unbearable situation.

Restaurants should come clean on water

Still or sparkling water? This is the first question many of us are asked on taking our seats at a restaurant. They want to know what kind of water we’d like with our meal. There’s a cost, of course, but right now you have no idea how much because the waiter doesn’t tell you. And there’s no menu for water. You’ll probably opt for one or the other without inquiring. It’s only at the end of your meal when ordering the bill that you’ll be made aware of the cost. It can come as a shock, for some restaurants in Bangkok charge as much as 250 baht, and sometimes even more, for a bottle of fancy imported ‘spring’ or ‘mineral’ water. What’s more, without your knowledge or approval, when one bottle is empty, another will be opened and poured. In the absence of a water menu, this is a ruse designed to pad your bill. Of course, restaurateurs deny any wrongdoing or misleading service, often saying it is standard practice in fine dining venues. That is unacceptable. Diners should be informed in advance of what they will have to pay for that bottle of H2O. 6


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What's cooking? Brasserie 9 for Convent Road hotel project ■ NAJ, a popular Thai restaurant and cooking school on Convent Road, opposite the Bangkok Nursing Home (BNH), has closed to make way for a new medium-size hotel development by TCC Land, one of Thailand’s biggest property companies and hotel operator. Also on the chopping block is Ruen Nuat, a massage and spa occupying a traditional house at the back of the same property. Apart from a hotel, the new project will feature Brasserie 9, an upscale French restaurant that the company launched at Asiatique on Charoen Krung Road on the banks of the Chao Phraya, Charoen Krung Road, several years ago. TCC Land operates almost 40 hotels under a variety of brand names in the kingdom. They include Le Meridien, Holiday Inn Express, Imperial, Plaza Athenee, The Hilton, Okura Prestige, and Tarntawan.

Arno’s expansion continues ■ ARNO’S, the French restaurant that made a huge impact on the local dining scene when it opened its original Butcher and Eatery brand on Narathiwat Road two years ago, continues to expand, with two new outlets that began operations on Soi Suan Phlu last month. One is another branch of its popular Arno’s ‘Steaks/ Burgers’, while the other is a new venture known as Arno’s Wine Bar. The company has established outlets at EmQuartier, Soi Thong Lor and Burgers on Narrathiwat.



From Irish pub to steakhouse ■ THE former Flann O’Brien’s Irish pub and restaurant on the corner of Silom and Thaniya roads have closed for business. It will reopen before the New Year as a steakhouse operated by the same company that runs the pub. The original Flann O’Brien’s at Impact Arena continues to operate. Another branch on Soi Thonglor closed down earlier this year.

Buriram to host top motorbike race ■ IN a big boost for Thai motorcycle racing fans, Buriram is set to host the MotoGP world championship for the first time in 2018 with a threeyear contract which was signed in Bangkok on August 31.

Carmelo Ezpleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, flew to Bangkok to join Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister, General Tanasak Patimapragorn for the signing ceremony. Pongpanu Svetarunda, the permanent secretary

of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, was also in attendance. The Buriram track in Thailand’s Northeast has previously hosted the world superbike championship which was a great success, drawing good crowds.




British scammers escape ■ WARRANTS are out for the arrest of two British expats who are alleged to have defrauded dozens of their fellow countrymen out of millions of baht. Neil Robbirt, CEO of Global Investments, is wanted by the Thai authorities for running an illegal company that sold dodgy insurance policies and investment schemes from his office in Sukhumvit 31. Robbirt was prominent in the notorious LM land scheme in Australia that conned dozens of Bangkok expats with its outrageous claims.

He is thought to have escaped from Thailand and now lives in the UK. Meanwhile, former British Chamber of Commerce Thailand board member Steve Graham has also fled these shores while on bail for allegedly scamming a long list of

expats and Thais in some different schemes. These range from illegal property deals and non-payment of loans and salaries, to unresolved tax liabilities. The Pattaya-based businessman is thought to be residing in the UK.

Lots of 7 Elevens, but where do I fill up? ■ THEY’RE already in nearly every corner of Bangkok’s streets, but the ubiquitous 7 Eleven brand shows no signs of slowing down. CP ALL Public Co, franchise owners of the much-loved “comfort” shop, says it plans to increase the number of 7 Elevens from 10,000 at present to 13,000 within the next four years – half of them in Bangkok. The unstoppable expansion of convenience stores like 7 Eleven has its downside, of course. Harder to find in Bangkok these days are the traditional mom-and-pop shops, which served the city well for many decades. But that’s not all. Motorists are increasingly discovering to their cost the closure of petrol stations right across Bangkok as developers seek out prominent roadside properties to build more condominiums. “I was almost out of petrol but didn’t worry as I knew my regular petrol station on Rama 4 was just around the corner” a commuter commented last month. “Imagine my alarm when I saw it had closed – and the only others I knew of nearby were on Soi Ekamai, but both of them had closed in the previous weeks. Maybe it’s the government’s new tactic to tackle the traffic problem.” 12




10 great things to see and do in Bangkok & beyond …


By Morgan Thanarojpradit



05 01 Thunder From Down Under

August 30 - September 5 Moon Star Studio 8 AUSTRALIAN male revue famous in Las Vegas and worldwide is coming to Bangkok! The two special nights reserved for Girl’s Night Out on Sept 4 and Gay’s Night Out on Sept 5. Tickets priced B2,500-45,000.

02 Rock This Way BKK Vol. 1

September 2 Chow Cafe & Bar A combination of Bangkok’s finest local and expat live bands and DJs are going to rock your night with rock music of all ages from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s until today.

02 Line up includes MC: John Will Sail, Plague Pits and DJs Rory BreakerMorant Aopsher. Tickets priced at B200 with complimentary drink with drink specials. rockthiswaybkkvol1

03 Tommy Emmanuel

September 9 Himmapan Avatar Hall, Show D.C. FOUR-time winner of Australia’s Best Guitarist award, Tommy Emmanuel, is coming to Thailand. He is best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. Tickets priced B1,400-2,300.

06 04 Bangkok’s 19th International Festival of Dance and Music (ICP)

September 11 Thailand Cultural Centre, Main Hall Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music is here again. For the connoisseurs of the western classical traditions and for those discovering the joys of classical arts, it’s a banquet of spectacular performances. icp19-2017-en.html

05 One Republic

September 21 Impact Arena THIS year’s concert scene just keeps getting hotter, with Live



08 Nation BEC-Tero bringing top pop/rock band, OneRepublic to perform in Bangkok. OneRepublic is comprised of bassist Brent Kutzle, guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown, drummer Eddie Fisher. Tickets are on sale now.

concert will be accompanied by a stunning short documentary of Lucy’s debut tour of Latin American last year. Enjoy great performance surrounded by 360 degree Bangkok panoramic view. Tickets priced at B750.




06 Medium Rare presents “Lucy Rose Bangkok Cinema Show 2017 September 22 Heaven at Zen Level RETURNING to Bangkok with her brand new album, “Something’s Changing”, the

07 Life in Colour

September 23 Asiatique, The Riverfront WORLD’s largest paint party, Life In Colour, to return to Thailand in September. Tickets priced B1,800-60,000. lifeincolorthailand

08 Bangkok Airways Boutique Chiang Rai Marathon 2017 September 24 Chiang Rai ENJOY the route of the first ever scenic marathon race event in Chiang Rai. The roads will be closed to make sure the participants are safe throughout the race.

09 Thanyapura Tri Dash Phuket

October 21 Thanyapura, Phuket SEEN its success in May, Thanyapura Tri Dash Phuket is back on October 21. Tickets are available for B1,100 for

Indidual Dash and B,2000 for Team Relay.

10 Ed Sheeran Live in Bangkok 2017 November 16 Impact Arena CELEBRATED singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran is coming to Bangkok this November. This will be the first time performing in Thailand. Tickets will be on sale starting on July 1.

TheBigChilli 15


LUXURY DINING ON THE RIVER OF KINGS This modern complex not only holds rare collections of art and antiques, but is also the hub for glamour dinner cruises that will give visitors a unique view of the Chaophraya River


N ultimate destination for art and antique lovers, River City Bangkok has established itself as the go-to hub for many luxurious dinner cruises. Waiting to transport you on a memorable journey at the River City Bangkok’s pier are Chaophraya Cruise, Chaophraya Princess Cruise, Supanniga Cruise, Wan Fah Dinner Cruise, White Orchid Cruise, Wonderful Pearl Cruise and Grand Pearl Cruise. Glide along the Chaophraya and take in the spectacular night view of the river banks while immersing yourself in five-star luxury dining



choices. This is an unforgettable way of experiencing the authentic taste of the City of Angels at night. River City Bangkok 23 Charoen Krung Soi 24, Talad Noi, Bangkok. Tel. 02 237 0077


Hotel of the month

The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 A brand new way to experience Bangkok’s cosmopolitan pleasures ■ MORE like a beautiful home on the corner of a European street, The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 brings a new experience to Bangkok. Striving to create a distinct culture of living in Bangkok, The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 offers 130 rooms, with 24 Premier, 94 Deluxe and 12 one-bedroom suites at 28, 35 and 45 sq m respectively. The eight-storey hotel also has a convenient underground car park with 24-hour security.

Among the essential facilities and amenities are an all-day dining cafe, tea lounge, souvenir corner, rooftop swimming pool and garden, fitness room, meeting and working spaces available for all guests.

Concept living space This modern Concept Living Space is a new creation, boasting Japonaiserie-inspired design with the

inspiration of ‘no limitation on the use of space’ where hotel visitors are presented with an array of activities within the hotel whether it’s shopping, dining, accommodation, relaxing, playing or working in style. The aspiration is to reflect the hotel’s personality as a contemporary living complex while also offering multiple functions to all guests with a touch of tender love and care based on six fundamental activities – Stay, Eat, Work, Shop, Play, and Relax. Dining options include all-day dining service at Bar Storia del Caffe and afternoon tea at the Mariage Frères Tea Room. Shopping venues are located in the lobby area, allowing guests to enjoy the utmost experience of the Concept Living Space upon arrival at the hotel. The Salil Hotel is adjacent to Thonglo BTS Skytrain station. It is located conveniently near EmQuartier and the Emporium shopping malls, the many stylish restaurants and bars on Thonglo and Ekkamai area and BITEC Bangna Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57. 24 Ban Kluai Nuea Alley. 02 072 2882.




Scala Cinema Bangkok



Each mon th, a lesser attraction in the spot-known light


By Morgan Thanarojpradit

Gilded cinema experience in the centre of Bangkok NOT exactly a secret location but rather an overlooked treasure, this 48-year-old stand-alone cinema situated in the heart of a bustling city opened its doors on December 31, 1969 and its legacy still lives on today. The Scala Cinema started off fully equipped with 1,200 velvet upholstered seats and triple-projection Cinerama. The theatre first premiered The Undefeated starring John Wayne and Rock Hudson. The upkeep of the Scala Cinema has to be an economic challenge in these modern times. Maintaining world class quality and grandeur while preserving the original look and feel must not be easy. The standards of the Scala Cinema is such that His Majesty the late King Rama IX and Her Majesty the Queen have hosted charity film screenings there in the past. The word ‘Scala’ means ‘stairs’ in Italian. Upon entering, all moviegoers are greeted with the classic back-lit movie sign opening into dramatic staircases ascending to the atrium where the ticket booths sit. The grand



chandelier dominates the foyer, hung from the high ceiling and seemingly almost reaching the ground. This movie palace is a testament of its time with classic bronze and wooden art deco-style decorations from floor to ceiling. It is an excellent example of the classical architecture of its time. The vintage cinema today was

designed to be one of the most luxurious theatres in Bangkok. Today, it still only costs B100 per seat and just B30 for popcorn. The ticket booths are on one side of the atrium where the ticketmaster still writes the seat number on the stub and tears it from the book. The ticket collector in a fancy jacket awaits at the door. The velvetcovered seats and wrap-around design provide for optimal viewing pleasure. Parking Parking is available in Siam Square area or Siam Discovery Department Store.

How to get there The Scala is just a short walk from the Siam BTS Station, opposite the Siam Discovery Department Store. This classic cinema is definitely not ‘off-the-beaten-path’. The Scala Cinema. Siam I, Rama I Road, Siam Square Soi 2.


Comedy Against Hatred ■ A Nazi, a racist, and a fine person who marches with Nazis and racists walk into a bar. The Nazi says to the bartender, “You will not replace us.” The racist says, “I am superior.” And the fine person that marches with Nazis and racists says nothing because he doesn’t exist. The events in the United States in the past month have brought the issues of race, racism, and hatred into the foreground of our collective thinking again. And in response to this, comedians have responded with their take on the re-emergence of organised hatred and racism into the mainstream of society. From Tina Fey’s cake devouring return to Saturday Night Live to segments by hosts such as Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and many others, US comedians each took time to talk sombrely about the automobile attack on protesters in Charlottesville, and then used their comedy to lambast the horrific sentiments expressed by President Trump in his improvised press conferences wherein he defended white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

The alt-right (i.e. KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists) marches and Trump’s response to them and the violence the marches incited are obviously big news. While it is of little surprise that comedians would address the topic (as they would with any big news story), the jump to the action of these comedians, especially in this instance, is more than simply a case of creating material based on the biggest news item of the present

on a deeper level, a compulsion: a natural, unconscious, and irresistible urge to push back at the absurdities that are racial hatred and bigotry. It is sometimes easy to forget that art is more than just lovely things made once the basic needs for food, shelter, and security are satisfied. Art is the supreme expression of a well-functioning society. It is also easy to forget (because it is so damn fun!) that comedy is an art form.

cycle. Rather, it is an instinctive response by comedians who have heard the siren that alerts of the approach of hatred. This is the callto-arms for comedians, and one they find impossible to ignore. Humour is one of the most potent weapons against hatred and bigotry, as humour is particularly powerful at pointing out the absurdity. The racial hatred that is bubbling to the surface in America once again is based on some absurd assumptions: assumptions about race, historical facts, and moral equivalencies. And when comedians witness absurdities, especially of this magnitude, they are unable to help themselves: they have to respond. It’s both a moral duty, but

But here is a perfect reminder of the importance of comedy as an artistic expression of the best ideals and thinking of society. It is times like these, where society is truly threatened by the prospect of dark thinking that the light of comedy reveals itself as an important guardian of our collective sanity. It’s the time where comedians reveal themselves as social warriors who have been lying in wait, disguised as harmless clowns. Nothing is more destructive to hateful thinking than being made a laughingstock. As this issue becomes more heated, prepare for a sharp increase in the quality, quantity, and effectiveness of comedy. The battle has begun: It’s time to send in the clowns!

This month at the Comedy Club Bangkok Stand-up Comedy Open Mic International guests joining newcomers and Bangkok’s ever more seasoned comics for a great night’s laughs. Friday, Sep 1 at 8.30pm. Tickets are B600 in advance and B800 at the door include a drink and drink specials. Improve of Two Cities: L.A. & Chicago Keith Saltojanes (Improv LA) and Rob O'Conor (The Second City) joined local improvisors for a night of special guests. Friday, Sep 8 at 8.30m. Tickets are B400 in advance and B500 at the door include a drink and drink specials. The Comedy Club Bangkok 3rd Anniversary Come join the celebration with both standup and improv comedy with Darren Sanders and Meg Anderson. Friday, Sep 15 at 8.30pm. Tickets are B600 in advance and B800 at the door include a drink and drink specials. The Comedy Club Bangkok Sukhumvit 33/1 (above Royal Oak Pub)




The great Spring migration of Kazakh nomads Bangkok-based Christian Schulz ventures to Mongolia, one of the world’s most isolated countries, to witness an incredible annual spectacle


AZAKHSTAN and Mongolia share no common border, but at their closest point, where China to the South meets Russia to the North, they are less than 40km apart. Around



1750, a large group of Kazakhs moved from Kazakhstan to China. Then in 1844, the Kazakh leaders, Kobesh and Jilhishi, led 500 families from China to a new home in Western Mongolia. Here, among the soaring Altai Mountains, which climb up to

4,100 metres, the nomads have lived an isolated existence. The Kazakh ethnic group makes up around 90% of the population of Mongolia’s Bayan-Ulgii province, with around 100,000 Kazakhs spread thinly across the wilderness. Kazakh culture

is distinct here: the nomads are Muslim, and they speak Kazakh in everyday life, using Mongolian only when they need to communicate with other tribes or groups. The Mongolian Kazakhs were, and are, the only ethnic Kazakhs who maintain their traditional culture and language. Every season, these nomadic shepherds move their livestock to different pastures. During the seasonal spring migration in Mongolia’s Bayan-Ulgii Province (just north of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region), Kazakh nomads herd their horses, camels, yaks, cattle, sheep, and goats from their winter pasture to the spring grasslands. On this rugged frontier, there are no paved roads, and the horse is central to the Kazakh way of life. This tradition offers a magnificent spectacle. The chance to experience this unique lifestyle was the motivation for a rather unconventional trip.

The Spring Migration


rom the capital Ulaanbaatar, it took three hours on an early morning flight to Ulgii, the most remote town in the western Mongolian province of Bayan-Ulgii, the only Kazakh province in Mongolia. From there it took three hours (in an ex–Russian military 4x4 vehicle) to cover approximately 95 km and reach the nomadic Kazakh family who was allowing us to join them. They had just departed their winter home and started their spring migration. The nomads in Western Mongolia have four places to stay year-round in each season. Depending on the area, the migration distance is from 20km to 200km. Our Kazakh herder family consisted of three generations: Grandfather Kombas, his two sons Erkenes and Erjan, and grandson Nurlbek. They moved from the north of the province to the south west of the Tavanbogd National Park covering a distance of about 180km. In general, the elevation is around 1,800 – 2,000m but some passes reach an altitude above 2,500m.

The days start early with separating the newborn lambs from the ewes as they would not be strong enough to cover the day’s distance. The livestock of the host family consisted of approximately 1,000 head made up of horses, yaks, sheep, and cashmere goats. Once pointed in the correct direction, the horses usually take the lead as they seem to remember the route from previous years. The yaks also stick together and are followed by the sheep and goats. Particularly for the later ones, continuous herding was required to keep all of them together and make sure the slower ones were not left behind.




Christian Schulz • Born March 2953 in Germany • Grew up in Swakopmund (where his dad was brew master, brewing beer to German ‘Reinheitsgebot’), a little coastal town between the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, in the former German colony ‘South West Africa’, now called Namibia. • After completing his high school education he worked for three months as a deckhand on a cargo ship to earn his passage to Europe for his studies in civil engineering at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. • After graduation travelled for a year ‘once around the world on a shoe string’ (Trans-Siberian Railway, Japan, Taiwan, HK, Thailand, Nepal (hike to Everest base camp), Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra, Singapore, Philippines USA (Highway 1 and Route 66), Iceland). • Joined German international construction co. ‘Bilfinger Berger’, who seconded him to major infrastructure projects in Turkey, Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa, Norway, Qatar, UAE, USA. • Got directly involved in metro projects in Germany, Austria, Taiwan, India and finally was sent to Bangkok in 1996 where he was involved in the initial ‘MRTA Blue Line Project’ and the ‘Blue Line Extension Project’. • With an EU Passport, PR in Thailand and PR in Namibia he regards himself a global citizen. • As an ‘outdoor guy’, an active member of the ‘Bangkok Hash House Harriers’, he looks for ‘off the usual track adventures’. These include: • cycling Lhasa to Kathmandu (Tibet, China/Nepal); the Correterra Austral (Patagonia, Chile); Manali to Leh (Laddakh, India). • diving in Papua New Guinea • running 100km races in Mongolia, • climbing Mt Kenya The latest journey, joining the ‘Spring Migration of Kazakh Nomads’ is just another addition of many earlier adventures.




ressed in high-tech thermal underwear and layers of sweaters and jackets, the body was kept warm. As long as there was no wind and the sky was clear, the –10-degree Centigrade day temperatures were no problem. However, thick gloves, a scarf, and insulated head protection were essential. Taking off one’s gloves for the occasional photo had to be a rather fast procedure to avoid frozen fingers. The locals wore their long, thick coats lined with sheep’s wool, together with a leather belt decorated with silver ornaments. A traditional cap made from fox fur served as head gear. Situated every 8-10km along the route, little empty huts (with only four bare timber walls and no windows, just big enough to roll out 7-8 sleeping bags, with a hole in the roof for an oven pipe) provided shelter for the nights, when temperatures dropped to -20C. On a

small stove, fueled with dry yak dung, snow was melted for drinking water and traditional food prepared. This often consisted of soup with boiled horse meat or mutton and tea with butter and yak cheese or dry goat curd. Dinner was concluded with a bottle of local vodka shared amongst all. Ateepee size Ger loaded on a camel was the “overnight fall back solution” in case no empty hut was reached in time or a sudden change of weather required immediate shelter. During the first part of the journey, the landscape was very barren, reminiscent of a desert. The horizon was lined with snowcapped mountains. On the second half of the journey, the land was entirely covered in snow. In the absence of any additional food or water, the animals regularly lick the snow and scratch below hoping to find the sparse vegetation. Although the ice was very thick, the frozen

World adventurer Christian Schulz, right, orginally from Germany and now based in Thailand, with one of the nomads in Mongolia

lakes had to be avoided, and ice covered rivers crossed slowly as the slippery surface is a big safety hazard for the animals. A broken leg usually means the end of the journey. By foot and on horseback I supported the herders. By continuously steering and heading left and right to avoid any animal that was left behind I got my fair share of daily mileage. Towards the end of the migration, the animals do get weaker, since the daily 20 -25 km on rough terrain including snow and ice and the limited food and water supply takes its toll. Progress is also slowed by the younger ones. One older yak was left behind; presumably, the wolves took care of it. At the final destination, the women and children (they went directly by horse and did not follow the herd) welcomed us. Kazakh families are quite large, often consisting of three generations: grandparents, parents, and children.

The simple one-room houses host beds along the walls with a sofa-like-structure next to a low table surrounded by small stools. The walls are decorated with colourful handmade rugs and furs. A dungburning stove with a pipe reaching through the roof is the source of the heat required to cook food and warm up the house. A bucket with water caters for the very basic hygiene requirements. Somewhere outside the house, an area behind a heap of stones does provide some privacy and protection from the wind during the daily “calls of nature’. While fresh water seems to be available outside the cold season, during winter the water was obtained by melting the snow. Every few days, a very fast “dry snow shower” allows for the minimum of bodily hygiene. Getting up early with the family allows one to experience the morning rituals like milking horses, cows, goats, and sheep and taking care of the new born. The horse milk is churned and will later be made into fermented mare’s milk, a staple part of the Kazakh diet. Witnessing the riding skills of the Kazakhs on their fiery little horses, ridden bareback, was jaw dropping: galloping at full speed, they hang on the horse’s side reaching to the ground lifting up an earlier dropped target. Watching the children play their traditional game with knuckle bones, riding with Kazakh herdsmen, and observing how they take care of their animals is a great way of exploring the authentic way a nomadic family lives. The regular big dinner is called “Besbarmak”, which means “five fingers” since the meal is eaten with the hands only. It can include boiled mutton or horse meat, goat stomach filled with liver, delicious stewed mutton, various sausages, and homemade noodles sprinkled with parsley and onions. The main plate is often decorated with a sheep’s head, and the guest of honour will taste first and then will start cutting off small pieces, distributing them to everybody. Each evening of this fantastic stay was celebrated with the host family by opening a bottle, or two, of the local vodka. This was sometimes accompanied by a folk song sung to the sounds of the donbro, a traditional twostring Mandolin.

The Eagle Hunter A further highlight in this remote part of the world was a three-night stay with the family of a Berkutchi (Kazakh for eagle hunter) Amid the harsh splendour of Mongolia’s arid plains; nomadic eagle hunters still follow a traditional way of life that has defied history, geography, and political change. This tradition of hunting with eagles goes back thousands of years in Central Asia. It was a privilege to witness how these people, dressed in their traditional outfits, train their eagles for hunting wildlife and how proud and excited they feel for their Golden Eagle’s training. The Golden Eagle is a magnificent bird – a regal and powerful ruler of the skies. Through deep snow on horseback, I follow the hunter up the nearby 300m high mountain range. After an hour, we reach the top and enjoy this vast view over the neighbouring valley and mountains. It is cold but dry and sunny. With a 360-degree view, the eagle sits on the hunter’s leather glove which rests on a special timber stand on the saddle. While the eagle’s big eyes monitor the open landscape a gentle movement of the hunter’s lower arm is the sign for the ruler of the sky to take off, quickly gaining height with a few strokes of her vast wings. With the vision that is seven times more powerful than the human eye’s, the eagle quickly detects the prey and flies into the valley ready to make the catch. Screaming in like a racing yacht with a fierce wind behind it, slicing diagonally across the sky, then with a sudden, stunning turn of speed just a metre above the ground, she has the scruff of the fox’s fur in her talons, its feet leave the ground then crash back on it as all 7kg of the eagle’s weight descends like doom upon its neck. Within minutes the fox is just another trophy. A juicy piece of raw meat rewards the successful hunt. Hunters catch young birds, preferring the bigger, stronger females. The trained eagle then lives with the family and hunts with them for eight or nine years, after which it’s released back into the wild for the rest of its life (Golden Eagles live to around 25 years). It is hoped that once released, a trained eagle will go on to breed the next generation of eagle hunters.




Bangkok Self Storage: A haven for belongings big or small Convenient and secure, Bangkok Self Storage offers high-quality storage solutions for every budget


STABLISHED in 2004, Bangkok Self Storage offers an invaluable service for anyone who wants to free up space in their homes or offices, or store items while they move house or travel. The company serves both the corporate and consumer markets, and unlike traditional storage and warehousing, which may have limited access, long term contracts and added fees, access to storage at Bangkok Self Storage is flexible and free. You can pay by the month and come and go as often as you like, and as long as you like, seven days a week. Security at Bangkok Self Storage is a priority.

Mr Krzyztof Wieczorek Storage unit “Good location reasonable place. Thank you!”



You can access any storage unit you hired – you’ll be the only authorised key holder, although you can nominate further key holders if you wish. The company also has its security measures in place, such as closed circuit cameras, digital code access and alarms, and can also arrange insurance for your possessions.

Mr Marc Teufel Backpack storage “Easy storage and great price!” A wide variety of storage solutions are available, so no matter if you are looking to store a single suitcase or the contents of your house, you’ll find a storage space to suit your needs. What’s more, Bangkok Self Storage’s friendly pricing policy means that the longer you store something, the less you have to pay.

Mr Jeff Miller Backpack Service “Bangkok Self Storage is great for backpackers looking to drop some of their excess baggage for a while. It costs less than a dollar a day, and it’s easy to stop by to get stuff out/put stuff into your left luggage.” Other highlights at Bangkok Self Storage include: • The company can help in nearly every aspect of storage – from packaging supplies to advice on packing your space. • Easy access to storage room from a spacious and well-lit corridor designed for easy manoeuvrability even if you are storing on pallets. • All spaces are modern, clean and secure, and tall enough to store a large range of items. • The company can accept mail and deliveries on behalf of commercial clients. • Storage for suitcases and backpacks starts at only B150 per item per week per item. • As long as the space you need is available, you can store your items right away without any hassles. There is no waiting time. You can even register and move-in on the same day.

Nusara from MDMC Holdings Co., Ltd. Storage Unit “Thank you for make our business to easy, I using Bangkok Self Storage for business so convenience and service mind, I can asset 24 hrs, big parking for loading my stuff.”

Cheyenne Quevy Backpack Service “Good service, the worker are nice and speak English and it was safe.”

Bangkok Self Storage Available on Rama 4 Road and Sukhumvit 50 Road. Open daily 9 am – 5 pm. 02 261 1516 to 17. Line ID: @bsstorage


Wise words from Thailand’s veteran travel expert Hotelier, Marketer, Motivator, Master of Disaster and Lecturer, Dr Bert van Walbeek has spent the best part of more than 30 years in Thailand working closely with the tourism and MICE industry. These days he is the Managing Director of The Winning Edge, a company that provides training, coaching and consulting for a wide range of businesses. In this exclusive interview, he gives some interesting views of this country’s travel industry and a few pertinent suggestions.


escribe your work I work in risk and crisis management for the tourist industry and private sector. My clients include banks, optical companies and even brewers, focusing on risk mitigation and updating their risk and crisis manuals. Mostly, though, I am a consultant to the tourist industry. Within that sector, I



focus on MICE (meetings, incentives, conference and exhibitions). My background is heavily linked with the MICE segment. I got involved in MICE while working in Germany and Portugal and that was the reason I was honoured with the Director of Marketing assignment in the Royal Orchid Sheraton and consequently became heavily involved with

TICA, training the industry all over Thailand. Back then, few people in Thailand knew or understand what MICE was all about. One exception was Mr Alois Fassbind, general manager of the Royal Cliff Resort Hotel in Pattaya. I had the pleasure of explaining to the then Minister to the Office of Prime Minister in charge of Tourism what MICE was all about. (photo above)


also produced the first incentive brochure about Bangkok, which I proudly presented to the Director General of the Crown Property Bureau, one of the shareholders of the Royal Orchid Sheraton. Thailand already has more than 30 million visitors a year. Seriously, can it handle more? Provided we plan ahead, Thailand can keep on increasing the number of people coming here. According to the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), we’ll see 50 million here in 2020. Some people believe Thailand could have as many as 100 million tourists by 2050. Right now, Thailand is similar in this respect to Spain in the 70s and 80s. Back then the Spanish realised they had some problem and changed the way they did things and planned accordingly. Spain now welcomes around 75 million visitors a year. Isn’t it time to focus on attracting quality tourists instead of just increasing numbers? Concerning quality visitors, we missed the boat about 30 years ago. Because of the propitious socio-demographic trends in Asia Pacific and the rise of the Low-Cost Carriers, there’s not much we can do to stop the tourist flow now. It’s too late, Thailand is now perceived as the Spain of Asia.

Thai hotels room rates are seen as cheap. Why is that? It’s all about poor marketing. There’s a lack of sales expertise in hotels, so rates keep getting pushed down and down. Sales staff try and sell from behind their computers. It’s not enough. Let’s face it, Thailand’s primary markets nowadays are China and India – both are mass markets. From Europe, we’re getting lower middle-class tourists these days. It makes the dream of quality tourism impossible. Some islands in Thailand do have quality tourists, but with 30 or 35 million visitors it’s becoming increasingly impossible to attract quality tourists. Is Thailand doing enough protect its environment? No. We don’t protect the environment enough because we don’t educate the younger generation. At a top school recently, I saw the students throwing their empty sweet packages on the floor, not in the bins. I even caught my gardeners throwing rubbish over an adjoining wall. It’s all about being selfish. You can see that also from the way people drive, it is all about me first. It’s widely acknowledged that some destinations are simply too attractive, with too many visitors. What can be done about that?

One of the challenges for Thailand is that we have six or seven ‘pockets’ – places where the vast majority tourists visit. The ministry of tourism is trying to promote new areas by making them part of a ‘cluster’ of destinations that include new as well as old resorts, to spread visitors more evenly across the country. The minister of tourism Khun Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul is doing a great job in this, primarily economic, sense. Now Thailand needs to look at improving its infrastructure to make this possible. Let’s hope that will be developed faster than Suvarnabhumi Airport, which was already nearly at capacity the day it opened. Thailand already faces workforce shortages, so where will the new workers come from? That’s another great challenge for Thailand. We’re already seeing a lack of service compared to the 80s and in earlier times. The foremost problem is that staff are promoted too quickly. They don’t have the right experience. Education is also not up to scratch – only a handful of universities have the right curriculum and, more importantly, teachers, so there’s a lot to be done. We see a lot more Filipinos and Malaysians working here than in the past. There are also far fewer expat hotel general managers because hotel owners do not want the extra cost of schooling for their children and other expenses.




The recent World Travel and Tourism Council’s Global Summit in Bangkok apparently cost Thailand some US$3 million to stage. Money well spent? I’m rather neutral about it. However, I was disappointed with what was said. Not much depth, lots of politics. For that amount of money, there wasn’t much in the way of publicity either, other than a few stories in magazines and e-mags. The importance of tourism to this country should not be underestimated as it accounts for 10% of GDP and as much as 20% indirectly, so maybe it was money well spent, specifically for the local attendees’ awareness


hailand is also reportedly contributing a significant amount of money to Michelin for its restaurant guide in this countr y. Is that a good deal? I can think of lots of other, better ways to spend the money. Tourist are already very knowledgeable about where to eat in Thailand, and this will have little impact on the motivation of the future visitors to make a detour or a special journey, as the Guide recommends. Are Thai universities doing a good job producing a new generation of hotel managers and workers? Universities here are good on theoretical but not practical skills. Most have six-week internships, instead of at least six months. Our industry needs training. Also, most lecturers have no hands-on experience.



A good starting point is teaching manners. At one university I lectured recently, not a single student welcomed me by saying ‘good morning.’ As a lecturer myself, I teach students presentation skills, and for the final exam, I bring in experts like hotel GMs, and tour operators to judge their work. In Thailand, there are more than 60 universities that teach tourism and hospitality, but only 12 teach in English. What do you make of the widely reported problems regarding excessively long queues at the airports? The solution is straightforward – plan ahead. Nothing else. No more excuses –immigration needs more staff. Recently at the airport, I noted 25 counters, but only 12 were open. More crucial, however, why do we need to give ever y visitor an arrival form? Nearly every other country can get their arrival statistics without handing out forms, which I think delays the immigration’s processing of passengers by an average of 45 seconds per person. Overall, what are Thailand’s strengths and weaknesses as a tourist destination? Major strength: its location in South East Asia and its worldwide reputation earned by hard work of all private and public tourism stakeholders in the 80’s and the 90’s. Major weakness: poor planning and still thinking the Thai smile can solve all.

Which countries are Thailand’s biggest competitors concerning tourists? That depends on the visitor’s segment. For leisure tourism, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. In the future, Myanmar will be its biggest regional contender! For business events, Singapore and Hong Kong will remain the regional challenges, and the rise of Africa will entice many organisers to consider new and motivational destinations there, as they did 30 years ago when global ‘MICE’ discovered Asia. If you were tourism minister for a day, what would you do, or change? I would place Safety & Security higher on the national tourism agenda. Too many visitors still lose their lives because of a happy-golucky approach by many suppliers. These days one of the primary selection criteria for both business and leisure travel is the perception of safety and security of a destination. Sadly the “new normal” make 100% protection from all evil and nonchalant service delivery impossible, but creating more awareness within every rank of the tourism service suppliers would be my “order of the day.” What are your favorite destinations in Thailand? The garden of my home in Pattanakarn and the tranquillity of the mountains around Chiang Rai.


We Are So Much More Than Just A Gym


RAINING Ground is the biggest CrossFit & fitness community in Thailand. With over 300 members and 1,700 sq m of gym space, Training Ground is positioned to make a dent in the market with a differentiated product unlike anything seen in Bangkok previously. The dynamic team of partners have a unified vision of providing a state of the art workout facility and environment that pushes the boundaries and stereotypes about what fitness “should” look like. All gyms claim to have a passion for the results of their clients, but Training Ground has proven worthy of those claims by leading from the front with a philosophy of constant improvement and thinking big. Consistent offerings of competitions in-house, domestic,



and international, keep clients on their toes and involved in the operations of the gym. During classes you will see elite athletes rubbing shoulders with beginners, bonding through their shared experience. The environment created motivates clients and transforms their idea of what a gym and a gym routine should be. Workouts are fun and challenging. Training Ground’s second branch was opened in April 2017 on Rama 4 Road, which has a serviceable exercise area of over 500 square metres. Training Ground Rama 4 is a true extension of the brand and provides a warm atmosphere where highly skilled coaches and a team of dedicated professionals guide & support you through your fitness journey.

What is CrossFit Training? CrossFit training officially created in the United States in the year 2000. It is a branded fitness regimen designed to stimulate the body neurological and hormonal adaptations across all of the metabolic pathways, including the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and energy

reserves. This physical exercise program can increase an athlete’s endurance, flexibility, power, agility, balance, accuracy and coordination, as well as preparing the athlete for competition in many types of sports. CrossFit gets you fit in many ways. The CrossFit workout incorporates key elements from Olympic Weightlifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatch), gymnastics, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strongman, and other Functional Strength exercises. Most importantly, CrossFit training is fun.

The Concept and Design Inspiration We are firmly focused on keeping our spaces open and versatile. Unlike other methodologies, CrossFit is not static; as information and research pour in, the community of CrossFit gyms make adjustments and improves. Our warehouse gym style has provided us strong identity, which has moulded perfectly with our passion for design. Services include group classes for CrossFit All Levels, Personal Training Services, and Private Classes. Operation time is from Monday Friday from 6.30am - 8 pm and classes start from 7 am, 5.45pm and 7 pm, Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm and classes start from 11 am. The gym is closed on Sundays. Training Ground Rama 4, No. 3798 Rama 4 Road. 02 035 8359.


LEO Self Storage

night vision and a 24-hour security guard patrolling the areas. We offer smart security and key card systems so the unit owners can have access to their items. All storage rooms come with burglar alarm that will notify the personnel immediately once an unauthorised access is detected. The high-tech sensor controls the lighting system in the units along with the smoke detection system. Additional facilities include the use of trolley, carriage elevators, boxes and shelves to make moving and storing items even more convenient.

24-hour International standard private storage rooms


EO Global Logistics PCL, one of the leaders in the complete logistics service provision providing End-to-End global logistics services with over 26 years’ experience and an award winner of ELMA Excellent Logistics Management Award of Commerce in 2016 recently announced the expansion into the B2C sector with the opening of the Leo Self Storage. This international standard private storage room with smart security and key card systems now offers services in Silom Road, Sathorn Road and Rama III Road. “The self-storage business first established in the USA with the expansion into Europe and Asia. For Asia, it occurs where the urban society expands. People have limited space and have to face high rental rates. This made self-storage business highly

popular in places like Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. For Thailand, self-storage business is quite new and has potential to grow,” said Mr Kettivit Sittisoontornwong, CEO.

Why establish a self-storage business in Thailand? Bangkokians lifestyle has changed drastically in the latter years. More and more people are living in the condominiums, and the real estate value increased dramatically. Trading pattern is focused more in e-commerce, and many SMEs business was born resulting in a lot of B2C retail customers. We believe that it is the perfect time to start the self-storage business. Leo Self Storage offers a variety of room sizes (from 3 - 30 sq m). The storage is accessible 24 hours a day. The locations are very convenient whether it’s the Rama 3, Silom Road, or Sathorn Road.

How can the customer trust and use your ser vices? We offer Intelligence Self Storage facility. Our safety technology is one of the most advanced available with CCTV system with



Who is your target group? We have two main target groups: business and lifestyle. We are perfect for SMEs, E-Commerce or those who needs storage spaces to for office equipment, documents or goods. The lifestyle group suits the emerging modern lifestyle especially for those living in condominiums with limited storage space. Customers can also use Leo Self Story to store furniture while they renovate or move.

What is your special promotion in launching period? The promotion for the launch is rent one year get one month free with 15% discount which is perfect for longterm clients. We also have the shortterm promotion for customers to try our services.

Five-star breakfasts in Bangkok’s top hotels – and you don’t have to be a guest!


REAKFAST is recognised as the most important meal of the day. Have a good feed in the morning and you’ll feel right to night. And where better to test this wisdom than in one of Bangkok’s luxury hotels? Most put on fabulous breakfast spreads that are intended for their guests, but outsiders are welcome. The format is usually buffet-style, so you can eat as much you like, starting as early as 6am and continuing until about 10.30 am. The hotel menus are full of gourmet goodies to match the high quality of their four and five star status. They invariably include items like freshly cooked eggs, bacon, sausages, salmon and cold cuts as well as salads, cheeses, fruits and home-made breads and yoghurts, along with a decent selection of Thai and Chinese dishes. One hotel, Radisson Blu on Sukhumvit, additionally boasts Indian and Japanese stations, plus an ice cream bar for just 750 baht ++ per person.

Hotel that permit non-residents for breakfast: St. Regis Tel: 66 2207 7777 Price: B950++ (exclude: Tax, service charge) Food: International buffet, Al la carte

Dusit Thani Bangkok Tel: 02 200 9000 Price: B919 net Food: International buffet

Park Hyatt Tel: 02 012 1234 Price: B850++ (exclude: Tax, service charge) Food: Pantry + Al la carte

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit 57 Tel: 02 797 0000 Price: B701 net Food: International + Street food (noodles) buffet

Centara Grand Tel: 02 769 1234 Price: B800++ Food: International Buffet

Millennium Hilton Bangkok Tel: 02 442 2000 Price: B770 net Food: Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese

Banyan Tree Bangkok Tel: 02 679 1200 Price: B730 net Food: International, A la carte

Radisson Blue Tel: 02 442 2000 Price: B750 net

Shangri la Bangkok Tel: 02 236 7777 Price: B1,000 net Food: International + Thai food buffet Landmark Tel: 02 254 0404 Price: B700 ++ Food:International Buffet



Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Tel: 02 059 5555 Price: B850++ Food: International buffet( plus American breakfast)

Pullman Bangkok King Power Tel: 02 680 9999 Price: B700 net Food: International buffet (American breakfast) Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Tel: 02 126 9999 Price: B883 net Food: International buffet Le Meridien Bangkok Tel: 02 232 8888 Price: B750++ Food: International buffet (no seafood during breakfast) Plaza Athenee Bangkok Tel: 02 650 8800 Price: B750++ Food: International buffet InterContinental Bangkok Tel: 02 656 0444 Price: B936 net Food: International Buffet

NOTE: It is recommended to make a reser vation beforehand.

New on the


Hot new restaurants, bars & cafes in Bangkok

Dean & Deluca Silom Soi 1

NEW YORK gourmet food and beverage brand recently opened a new store on Silom Soi 1 offering great convenience to customers in Bangkok’s central district area. The store is decorated in its signature style of café and pizzeria. The new branch provides urban patrons with crafted beverages including beers, wines and easy-to-eat menus. Opens from 7am until midnight daily. Dean & Deluca. Silom Soi 1.

Birds Rotisserie

LOCATED in Nang Linchi Road is an exciting new restaurant. Birds Rotisserie is a collaboration of two renowned French chefs, Jeremy Tourret (former Chef de Cuisine of L’Appart) and Julien Lavigne (Chef of Oskar Bistro), the restaurant serves organic free-range chicken rotisserie with a twist. Delivering healthy menu using top quality ingredients is the focus of this restaurant. Opening from 5.30 -11pm on Tuesday-Sunday and close on Mondays. Birds Rotisserie 378/1 Nang Linchi Road. 095 594 6675.

Katana Japanese cuisine&Shabu Shabu

KATANA Japanese-themed restaurant celebrates the unification of Japan. The restaurant’s design follows the concept of unified Japan, reflecting the peaceful and thriving era. This unique experience is further enhanced with the renowned chef from a Michelin 2-star restaurant in Japan with a hospitality expert from one of the country’s most famous inns. Katana Shabu & Japanese Dining. 21/38 Sukhumvit Soi 29, Sukhumvit Road. 02 088 0706.


A conceptual design restaurant located on Ekkamai Soi 6 offering Eurasian cuisine – the best of European fare subtly blended with a touch of Asia. Guests can dine and wine in style with uniquely crafted dishes amidst minimalistic but breathtaking interior décor. Nowhere. THA City Loft Hotel 6th Floor, Ekkamai Soi 6. 099 394 4417.



Food& Drink Bangkok’s hottest dining deals and news

Brazilian Night Buffet EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT THE World restaurant at Centara Grand at CentralWorld offers Brazilian Night Buffet. Every Thursday night, guests can enjoy Manioc soup, Bobó de camarão, Ximxim de Galinha, Moqueca de Banana , Churrasco Pan taneiro: Picanha no Espeto and other delicious menus including a wide selection of the premium quality seafood on ice and the international food such as sushi, sashimi, pizza, delicious Thai food and various Indian food. Priced at B1,490++ per person from 6-10.30pm. The World restaurant, Centara Grand at CentralWorld. 02 100 6255.

Lobster Festival at Royal Orchid Sheraton AVAILABLE UNTIL END OF SEPTEMBER AT ROYAL ORCHID SHERATON HOTEL & TOWERS ROYAL Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers launched Lobster Feastival at its four renowned restaurants this August and September. Available at Feast, Thara Thong, Giorgio’s and Riverside Grill are innovative and delectable lobster menus created by Executive Chef Robert Luck Czeschka. Menus include Lobster Ravioli, Lobster Fettuccine, Phad-Cha Lobster, Thai Marinated Lobster Salad served with Red Curry Espuma; Grilled Lobster served with Spiced Chili-Butter and Glazed Lemon and Herbed Lobster Volcano and more. Prices start from B290++ from today until the end of September 2017. Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers. 02 266 9214.

New burger combo for lunch at Well Hotel AVAILABLE UNTIL END OF OCTOBER 2017 AT THE TWIST BAR & BISTRO THE Twist Bar & Bistro at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 presents a new value lunch set for all burger and sandwich lovers. The combo set comes with a choice of burger or sandwich served with French fries and soft drink for only B315 net per dish. Choose from the best-selling Farmer Angus Beef Burger, Countryside Sandwich, Mexican Grilled Chicken Burger or Le Parisien Jambon Beurre Sandwich. The burger lunch combo promotion is available everyday from 11am – 3pm from today until the end of October 2017. The Twist Bar & Bistro at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20. 02 127 5995.

Indulge in our Surf & Turf at The World AVAILABLE NOW AT THE WORLD RESTAURANT THE World restaurant, Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld aims to impress seafood and meat lovers with ‘Surf & Turf’ – an extensive variety of premium fusion items. Don’t forget to leave room for the freshly baked desserts. Priced at B1,490++ per person, Surf & Turf comes with free flow Italian wine and red wine all night. The World restaurant, Centara Grand at CentralWorld. 02 100 6255.



Siam Kempinski culinary connoisseur highlights AVAILABLE NOW AT BRASSERIE EUROPA BRASSERIE Europa at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok offers new ‘Sunday Longest Champagne Brunch’ featuring free flow Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne NV and an extensive choice of cocktails made to order by Niche restaurant’s mixologist. Priced at B3,500++ per person, the Sunday Longest Champagne Brunch is available from 12.30 - 5pm. Brasserie Europa, Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. 02 162 9000.

The Japanese Ocean Discoveries AVAILABLE UNTIL END OF SEPTEMBER AT UTAGE JAPANESE RESTAURANT THIS Summer, Utage Japanese Restaurant presents discerning diners delicacies from the deep. The new ‘Ocean Discoveries’ include sashimi and nigiri menu of uncommon clams, scallops, fish for lunch, dinner from now to the end of September 2017. The a la carte menu starts from B450++ per dish.

TASTE restaurants at ibis AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF September 2017 INTRODUCING new Thai and international menus at TASTE restaurants available in eight ibis Erawan Thailand hotels properties. Menus include entrees and salads, snacks and sandwiches, soups and curries, surf & turf dishes, pizza and pasta, and desserts complimented by reasonably priced drinks with a special kids menu. Special discount from now until the end of September 2017, customers ordering from the new menu receive 20% discount off a la carte menu and 10% off beverages. TASTE restaurants, ibis Erawan Thailand hotels. 02 667 5808.

Utage Japanese Restaurant. Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel. 02 650 8800 ext Utage.

AKA celebrates 10-year anniversary with a bang THROUGH OCTOBER 31 AT AKA YAKINIKU A leading Japanese yakiniku restaurant chain in Thailand, celebrated its ten-year milestone in the Kingdom with special B319 promotion to thank its loyal customers and all yakiniku lovers. The walletfriendly promotion is available across all AKA branches until October 31, 2017.

Perfect Porcini Season AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER 1-OCTOBER 31 AT LA TAVOLA & WINE BAR EVERY day throughout September and October, fans of Italian Porcini will be thrilled by the offer at La Tavola & Wine Bar’s specially curated menu. The wonderful aromatic fresh porcini lends a burst of intensely rich and earthy flavour to an array of dishes created by Executive Chef Matthias Mittnacht. La Tavola & Wine Bar, Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel. 02 125 5010.



Scrapbook Last month’s foodie functions in focus

Handpicked from Down Under CHEF Will Stewart and Chef Steve Flood, the ambassadors of the Thai Harvest/SOS foundation that collects and distributes surplus food make new menus, recently featured special dishes from their cookbook for guests at the Handpicked from Down under dinner event at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld and Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok.



An exclusive preview of Chef Stefan Heilemann BANYAN Tree Bangkok invited honoured guests to an exclusive preview of Chef Stefan Heilemann of two-Michelin-star restaurant Ecco in Zurich for a unique gastronomical experience at Vertigo TOO. Guests enjoyed the delectable canapes along with cocktails and live entertainment.

Oskar made in Thailand OSKAR Bistro launched its farm-to-table initiative, ‘Made in Thailand’, to help build a sustainable food community in Thailand. French Chef, Julien Lavigne, personally handpicked Thai producers who pledged to respect the environment including suppliers like The Royal Projects, Pla Organic, Korat Kai, Go Organics, Chalong Bay, and Pimacoff. This initiative is to help build a sustainable food community in Thailand by working with the local farmers to educate the community on the benefits of supporting locally grown, sustainable agriculture.

18th World Gourmet Festival Returns ELEVEN chefs extraordinaire representing eight countries will present an international culinary feast at the 18th annual World Gourmet Festival at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. The World Gourmet Festival has grown in prominence to feature an extraordinary line-up of some of the best chefs, winemakers and food experts worldwide gather for a week-long celebration of outstanding cuisine and superb wines.



Scrapbook Last month’s foodie functions in focus

Monsoon Valley Wine Dinner SIAM Winery, the manufacturer of high quality and internationally awardwinning Monsoon Valley Wines in cooperation with the Siam Kempinski Hotel, held an exclusive ‘Monsoon Valley Wine Dinner’ at the hotel’s Sra Bua restaurant. The award-winning wines were flowing while diners enjoyed a special menu and talked with winemakers and sommelier.



cut out and keep


Penne Pasta Italian Sausage ----------------- Ingredients -----------------120g 100g 30g 10g 10g 80g 40g 40g 5g 2-3 drops 20g

Penne pasta Italian sausage Shitake mushroom Onion Garlic Tomato sauce Cream Parmesan cheese Truffle paste Truffle oil Olive oil Salt and pepper for seasoning

-------------------- Method --------------------• Bring water to boil in a pot. Cook Penne pasta in boiled water for 10 minutes. (Start making the sauce while waiting for the pasta to cook.) • Sauce • Heat the pan with Olive oil. • Add onion, garlic, Italian sausage, Shitake mushroom and sautéed on medium heat until cooked.

• Add tomato sauce, cream and truffle paste and cooked Penne pasta. • Sautéed the ingredients together for 1-2 minutes so the spaghetti will absorb the sauce.

• Season with salt and pepper to your liking. • Serve with a touch of Truffle oil and Parmesan cheese on top.

Chef in focus

Chef Viroon Seesod 48


CHEF Viroon Seesod, a new generation with passion in culinary with an expertise in Thai, Japanese and Western cuisine. He has worked for local restaurants and international hotel brands and aims to bring charming tastes, creativity and excellence to Food Exchange – the new concept restaurant by Novotel.

Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20. 19/9 Sukhumvit 20. 02 009 4999.

Meet the Chef What’s your proudest signature dish? The one my guests love. Music you listen to while cooking? I don’t listen to music while cooking.

SERVING UP Andrew Cole

Executive Chef ATTITUDE Rooftop Bar&Restaurant

What would you be if you weren’t a chef? Probably a rather poor and unsuccessful satirist or political What’s cartoonist. your favourite wine? Best advice I don’t drink you’ve ever alcohol. received? Self-belief is the Most key to difficult everything. ingredient to work with? The ingredients currently in vogue.


What’s your greatest achievement to date? Ten happy years working in Most influential chef? Thailand. Bongkoch Satongun and Jason Bailey of Paste Bangkok.

■ THE Executive Chef Andrew Cole brought with him over 18 years’ experience with nine of those years working as an Executive Chef and Head Chef in Thailand and Australia. Boasting an in-depth knowledge of Thai and international cuisine, he specialises in designing creative menus and fresh concepts. His modern culinary approach is an innovative fit with the trendsetting tastes of Attitude Rooftop Restaurant at Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel.


What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? A well-balanced hamburger.

Who was the most memorable person you’ve ever cooked for? Probably Oliver Stone, Hollywood film director.

Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel. 257 Charoennakorn Road. 02 431 9100.


What’s the biggest culinary myth? That the chef always knows what he/she is doing.

What’s your cooking philosophy? Cook to my tastes.

Your biggest mistake when you were a brand new chef? Thinking it could be a part-time job.

Chef in

What do you like doing when you’re not busy cooking? Chilling.

Desirable Dish Atomic Burger

Jalapenos Deep fried beer batter Atomic peppers

Savour the Angus Beef Burger with Atomic seasoning from Hard Rock Cafe

Burger buns Lightly toasted with melted butter

Atomic Fried Onions

Deep fried thinly sliced onions with Atomic seasoning flour

Australian Angus Beef 8oz Australian Angus Beef seasoned with special Atomic seasoning – cayenne pepper, chilli powder, paprika, red pepper flakes, and salt

Monterey Jack Cheese

Two slices of Monterey Jack Cheese on top

Sriracha Mayonnaise

Fresh tomato

Special-made mayonnaise mixed with spicy Sriracha sauce

A slice of fresh tomato

Chef in focus KITCHEN Manager and the main chef of the Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok, Chef Ng Cheng Meng has been leading the HRC Kitchen team since 2001. He started his career with the Raffles Hotel, Westin Stamford & Plaza and Movenpick Restaurant where he honed his speciality in butchery skills. Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok. 424/3-6 Siam Square Soi 11. 02 658 4090.,



Strip AD_Foodland_Sep17.pdf

Strip AD_Bourbon St_May16.indd 1


8/26/2560 BE

9:34 AM

4/26/16 9:29 AM




Noteworthy mentions of the Bangkok’s best Sunday Brunches

Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers FEAST restaurant at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers has taken the river experience to the next level with the unique Sunday Brunch buffet. With live cooking stations from award-winning restaurants, it is a gastronomic experience unlike any other. Priced at B2,000 net per person, book now and receive the special offer come four pay three and pay only B1,546 net per person. Children from 0-9 years old dine for free and children from 10-12 years old pay half price. Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers, 2 Charoen Krung Road Soi 30. 02 266 0123.

Weekend Brunch at The China House Restaurant CHINA House restaurant at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, is known for its 1930s Shanghai art deco interior – and its traditional Cantonese cuisine. Under talented Executive Chinese Chef Andy Leong, The China House features an à la carte menu, unlimited Dim Sum lunch (Tue-Fri) and a Brunch Buffet (Sat & Sun) containing many signature dishes from the menu, including a selection of dim-sum, Chilled drunken chicken, Honey-glazed ‘Cha Siew’ pork slices, Hot and sour shredded chicken soup, and Wok-fried Garoupa Fillet. Priced at B 1,080++ per adult and B 788++ per child. China House Restaurant, 48 Oriental Avenue. 02 659 9000.



Sunday Brunch at Amaya Food Gallery THE JW Marriott Bangkok Sunday Brunch features a stunning variety of Thai and international dishes, all masterfully presented by our Executive Chef Kevin B. Thomson. The spread includes fresh seafood, Fin de Claire oysters, Snow crab and sashimi and live stations serving grilled lamb chop, beef stews and create-your-own pasta dishes. Priced at B1,990++ per person inclusive of soft drinks, coffee and tea. With free flow bubbles an additional B1,400++ B990++ for free flow wine.

AMARI Watergate Bangkok’s Sunday feast features delights from around the world as Fin de Claire oysters, Alaskan king crab, French foie gras, 40 varieties of ice kacangs, and much more. Priced at B2,499 THB++ per person, including soft drinks and juices Available every Sunday from 12-3.30pm with four packages available Priced at B1,800++ per person (food only) B2,499++ with soft drinks, water and juices B2,999++ per person with sparkling, red and white wine, soft drinks, water and juices B3,500++ per person with champagne, sparkling, red and white wine, soft drinks, water and juices.

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, 4 Sukhumvit Road. 02 656 7700 ext 4200

Amaya Food Gallery, Amari Watergate Bangkok, 847 Petchburi Road. 02 653 9000.

Brunch at Marriott Café

Atrium Restaurant at Landmark Bangkok

InterContinental Bangkok SUNDAY Brunch at Espresso Restaurant at InterContinental Bangkok includes Thai and Mediterranean live stations, along with prime seafood such as Maine lobster, Fine de Claire oysters, Japanese-grade sashimi and caviar, plus cuisine from the hotel’s Cantonese restaurant, Summer Palace, all complimented by smooth live jazz. Priced at B2,100++ per person. Children 6-12 B 999++ per person, under six years old dine free. Prosecco package B999++ Champagne Package B 1,999++ InterContinental Bangkok, 973 Phloen Chit Road. 02 656 0444 ext 6430.

THE Landmark Bangkok’s popular Sunday Brunch includes a fabulous seafood selection, with freshly imported King Crab, Australian Oysters, Mud Crabs and New Zealand Mussels. Also on the menu are Pan-fried foie gras, fresh Japanese Sushi and Sashimi and a BBQ Station featuring Roast Beef, Lamb and Gammon Ham. Priced at B 2,500 net per person (food only). Come four pay two. The Landmark Bangkok, 138 Sukhumvit Road, 02 254 0404 ext 7777.




Burger Bonanza

This month, The BigChilli put our stomachs (and weight) on the line once again to compile in this issue the Bangkok’s Burger Bonanza. by Morgan Thanarojpradit 56



CHOOSING between ‘mild’ or ‘hell’, diners can pick how hot they like their burgers at Gunger. This small containerconverted burger joint is located in the famed creative art space, Chang Chui. The burger comes with crispy bacon, fried onion rings, lettuce, tomato slices, two kinds of cheeses, house-made mayo and jalapenos in between charcoal buns. The beef is nicely cooked and juicy. It was a bit messy to eat, but that’s usual for any good burger. Gunger. Chang Chui, 460/8 Sirindhorn Road. 081 817 2888.

25 Degrees

Outback Steakhouse

WHEN thinking of delicious steaks and burger menus, Outback Steakhouse comes to mind. The Outback Steakhouse Typhoon Bloom Burger is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Priced at B389+, Outback Steakhouse Typhoon Bloom burger is a mouth-watering beef burger patty topped with Outback’s fried onion strings, drooling American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and its signature Typhoon Bloom sauce. The combination of juicy meat and crunchy fried onion strings smothered in Outback’s very own Typhoon Bloom sauce made for a very unique and delicious combination.

NESTLED on the ground floor of Pullman Silom Hotel, 25 Degrees is home to one of Bangkok’s best burgers and more. This is a standalone restaurant that serves good food and beverages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offering bright and friendly atmosphere, this restaurant offers some exceptional choice menus when it comes to delicious burgers. The burgers at 25 Degrees restaurant are quite simply named: number one, two, three, and four. We went with burger number three. Priced at B330++, number three comprises of Mezzo secco jack, green chili, chipotle, and fresh slices of avocado. The patty is made from premium cut beef and all other ingredients are carefully sourced from local producers. 25 Degrees Bangkok. Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, 188 Silom Road. 02 352 4192.

Outback Steakhouse. Siam Discover, 4th Floor. 989 Rama I Road. 02 658 0202.



BIRDS Rotisserie

THIS newly established restaurant is a must-visit for all foodies. Led by two French chefs, the BIRDS’ signature burger comes in oval-shaped buns freshly baked daily. The bread is a mixture of the regular burger buns and the French brioche topped with thyme, fleur de sel, oat cereal and the secret recipe of spices. The BIRDS French burger comes with roasted organic chicken breast topped with melted AOC Gruyere cheese, iceberg lettuce, spicy guacamole spread, crispy smoked bacon and crispy shallot served with a side of roasted young organic potato cooked in the rotisserie and flavoured from the roasted chicken jus and a side of homemade mayonnaise sauce. Soi Amon, Nang Linchi Road. 095 594 6675.

Dean & Deluca

SINCE its launch in 2010, Dean&Deluca has proven itself a popular spot wherever it goes in Bangkok. Offering a variety of delicious dishes, the famed DEAN burger (B445++) is one not to be missed. The burger comes with Wagyu ground beef patty topped with dry cured belly bacon, cheddar cheese, buttercup lettuce, red onion, tomato, grain mustard, house-made spicy burger sauce with brioche bun served with fries, the meal bursts with flavours and aroma. Dean & Deluca, 479 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Road. 02 023 1616.

Hard Rock Café

STAYING true to its namesake, the Bangkok iteration of this renowned franchise prides itself in serving hearty portions of All-American classics brand. Made with Australian Angus beef 8-ounce burger is a signature dish throughout the world. Original since the opening. From the bun to the patty, everything is homemade. Been the signature burger since Hard Rock’s inception in 1971 in London, making this recipe 46 years old. You don’t mess with perfection. Easily shared between two. It’s a beast! 424/3-6 Siam Square, Soi 11. 02 658 4090-3.



Char Bangkok

DWELLING high on the 25th floor of Hotel Indigo on Wireless Road, Char Bangkok is part of a two-storey restaurant and bar rooftop complex. The restaurant is decorated with classic furniture and designs compared to the rest of the hotel with the friendly and very attentive wait staff to assist your every needs. The Char’s signature burger comes with the choicest premium cut Wagyu beef patty. The meat was carefully selected and grounded in one big chunk and kept as is, then cut up into burger patty size (250g) and stored. Once ordered, the meat is then prepared with seasoning vegetables, house-made mayonnaise, topped with fresh vegetables, aged cheddar cheese and housemade soft charcoal buns. This delicious burger is priced at B450++. 25th & 26th Floor, Hotel Indigo Bangkok 81 Wireless Road. 02 207 4999.


A small, loft-style restaurant recently opened on Convent Road offers an array of comfort food dishes. The Classic burger (B265 net) comes with house made Mash mayo, caramelised onions, beef reduction, lettuce, tomato and bacon. The meat patty was flavourful and juicy. The burger is served with house made chips which were very enjoyable. Mash. Soi Convent, Silom Road. 029 692 5999.

Iron Fairies

STILL a tight squeeze, the new location offers more elbow room for guests to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere the bar&restaurant is known for. Iron Fairies’ Fat gut’z beef burger (B370) comes with juicy homemade beef patty topped with brie cheese, bacon, tomato, green & red oak lettuce, red onions, and homemade sauce. 402 Soi Thonglor (between Thonglor 12 and 14). 099 918 1600.



Dining Out

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant A mouth-watering all-you-can-eat Dim Sum in the heart of Bangkok at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok


OCATED on the mezzanine floor of Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok is a gem for those who love traditional Chinese food. Dynasty Chinese Restaurant offers an array of delicious all-time favourite traditional Chinese dishes (and some with a twist), this elegant restaurant serves the culinary wonders of the Imperial China.


One cannot ignore the fact that this restaurant now offers and all-you-caneat Dim Sum for lunch and dinner daily. Finally, a Chinese restaurant that offers top-of-the-class Dim Sum buffet for only B850++ per person. The menu includes all-time favourite selections like fried bird’s nest spring rolls with shrimp, deep-fried Chinese croissant with shrimps

filling, steamed salmon rolls with enoki mushroom, steamed snow fish rolls with anchovy caviar, steamed crab meat siew mai with shimeji mushroom, Chinese cabbage rolls with jellyfish, deep-fried taro with Alaska scallop meat, and Phuket lobster wonton in Chinese herbal soup, and more. Must not miss dishes include the traditional Peking Duck – delectably cooked sliced crisp duck skin served

with vegetables and traditional sweet sauce and steamed thin wraps and a few choices on how to cook the duck meat. Followed by the fried shrimp in salad cream and sesame seeds – sweet and sour deep-fried prawns with mayonnaise and sesame seeds and snow fish steamed in soya sauce – soft and aromatic cut of snow fish cooked in soya sauce and topped served with grated ginger and vegetables on top.


The elegant Chinese-style restaurant boasts spacious table settings with several private rooms with largest tables capable of accommodating up to 22 persons. Helpful and friendly staffs are always on hand to make sure that the dining experience is pleasant and memorable. Opening from 11.30am-2.30pm for lunch and 6-10.30pm for dinner.


Parking is available at Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok, Phaholyothin Road. 02 541 1234 ext 4262, 4272.



New York Style Steak & Burger

INTIMIDATION at a glance, the New York Style Steak&Burger’s signature dish, the Manhattan Monster (B450++), is one mighty order. This burger comes with 220g of premium quality grounded beef, crispy bacon, cheese, fried egg, firehouse chilli, onion rings, and homemade pickle and tomato squished in between two house made buns made fresh daily served with a bucket of fries is sure to make quite an impression. Sukhumvit 22, Park 22. 02 262 0920.

Piri Piri Flaming Chicken

Jamie’s Italian

THE Jamie’s Italian Burger is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes and can be found on every Jamie’s Italian menu across the globe. Priced at B560++ the burger comprises a juicy prime beef patty with mortadella cheese, balsamic onions, tomato, fontal, gherkins, and a pickled chilli in between a homemade bun and served with thin hand cut chips. Unlike most burger buns in Bangkok, the bread is not sweet, making for a refreshing change to Thai bread. The patty is made with beef imported from Austria, and the rest of the ingredients are carefully sourced locally.

AT Piri Piri Flaming Chicken, the restaurant takes a no-nonsense approach to cooking. Prides itself on offering fast and tasty food that doesn’t scrimp on quality. And there’s more than just Portuguesestyle fare to whet your appetite here. Both chicken and beef burgers are on the menu. All patties are handmade on site and flame-grilled to a diner’s preference. Bacon and Cheese Burger, topped with crispy bacon and mature cheddar (B270 for single; B330 for double) served piping hot alongside chipped potatoes and a generous salad. Piri Piri Flaming Chicken.

Jamie’s Italian. Siam Discovery, Ground Floor. 989 Rama I Road. 02 255 5222.

Cocotte Farm Roast&Winery

OPENED in April 2016, Cocotte offers a wide range of roasted meat, organic vegetables, cheeses and fine wines with a farm-like atmosphere in the heart of Bangkok. The Cocotte Burger 2.0 (B640++) comprises Wagyu beef patty, aged Comte cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, and in-house mustard sauce in Brioche buns served with Cocotte’s French fries. Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery, 39 Boulevard, Sukhumvit Soi 39. 092 664 9777.



Dining Out

Maggie Choo’s The craziest secret house in town


IDDEN under the Novotel Fenix Silom, Maggie Choo’s offers a unique experience combining both restaurant and bar serving delicious Hong Kong-Thai fusion dishes with fantastic cocktails. Step into the mysterious world of Maggie Choo’s; guests are led through wooden Chinese doors down wooden stairs to be greeted by antique Chinese decor in the first room before entering into the world of Maggie Choo’s.

pork and medium boiled egg. Roasted duck on rice or noodles (B280++), bar snack (B250++) – mixed fish crisp, chicken wings and nut, Stir-fried noodles (B280++) – yellow noodles and roasted pork, crispy pork and medium boiled egg. The exceptional cocktails include the Shanghai Fever (B320++) – rum, Grand Mariner, lime, homemade coconut and pandan syrup; Golden


Using fresh homemade ingredients, the menu at Maggie Choo’s offers various options of Cantonese/Thai dishes. The delectable signature dishes include Chinese’s Noodles Ruamthep (B295++) - Chinese noodles with roasted pork, crispy

‘Pixxie’(B320++) – gold rum infused allspice, marshino with mango and fresh lime. Finally, the Nelson’s Touch Punch (B340++) – gin, red wine, passion fruit, and orange liqueur with fresh lime and berry fruit.


The mysterious room offers an exciting yet laid back atmosphere. The chillout music coupled with lush sofas in the alcoves allows guests to enjoy the



broad range of jazzy sounds performed live and with DJs until late. Special Cabaret Closet shows are available every Wednesday and Sunday for a gay night with an amazing drag show.


Parking is available at Novotel Fenix Silom. Maggie Choo’s. 320 Silom Road. 091 772 2144.

Noteworthy Atrium beef burger

AT Avani Atrium, even non-staying guests can enjoy this place of delights. Atrium beef burger (B350) comes with a juicy beef patty topped with fresh green leafs, plum tomato, onions, crisp bacon, apple and fennel slaw in crispy brioche bread served with a side of homemade tomato relish. This brioche bread has added egg and butter content, so it has a rich and tender crumb. The apple piece added a sweet and sour taste to the burger like a little surprise. Avani Atrium Bangkok, 1880 Petchburi Road. 02 718 2000.

Arnoma Grand Hotel

THIS all-day dining restaurant offers both buffet and a la carte dishes including some delicious burgers. The signature burger is the BBQ pork burger (B260++) comes with grilled pork burger with BBQ sauce topped with fried eggs in special pumpkin buns served with French fries. The Mango 99 is located on the ground floor of Arnoma Grand Hotel between Chidlom and Pratunam area. Mango 99, Arnoma Grand Hotel, 99 Ratchadamri Road. 02 655 5555.

The Continent Bangkok

TASTE this unique black ink burger special at The Continent Bangkok. The Continent Bangkok Burger (B350++) comprises marinated meat with herbs such as Thyme and Rosemary with locally produced fillings include mushrooms, caramelised onions and sliced tomatoes with reduced wine sauce, and a hint of cheddar cheese served with either edgy wedges or French fries. The Continent Hotel Bangkok by Compass Hospitality, 413 Sukhumvit Road. 02 686 7000.



Dining Out

Tapas Y Vino The best of Spanish tapas in Bangkok at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit


ELIGHTING all Spanish tapas fans, Tapas Y Vino – a brightly decorated Spanish restaurant located on the second floor of Pullman Bangkok Grand Sukhumvit Hotel brings an array of delicious selection of Spanish delicacies to diners.


Tapas dishes are an integral part of Spanish lifestyle. Specially curated by the Executive Chef Pedro Carillo, customers can enjoy a large platter with selections of delectable regional Spanish tapas dishes including delightful Jamon Iberico, Catalan calamari sautéed with chorizo, tiger mussels with spicy sauce and much more. The set priced at B2,100++. The meal is perfect for a casual and fun evening with family, friends or colleagues after a long day’s work. It’s also ideal for a beautiful and romantic date night with the significant other. And it is guaranteed to offer the best of Spanish tapas in town

40 64


accompanied by a wide selection of fine wine. The Spanish tapas is available daily at Tapas Y Vino from 6-11pm. Make your reservation at pullmanbangkokgrandesukhumvit. com/offers/tapas-y-vino-special-offers and save up to 50%.


Tapas Y Vino is decorated in a contemporary Latino ambience perfect for a relaxing meal with friends, colleagues, family members, or an intimate evening with a special someone. Also available is an array of cocktails and drinks and private dining room.


The parking is available at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. Tapas Y Vino, Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit. 30 Sukhumvit 21 Road. 02-204-4158.

Pathumwan Princess

LOCATING amidst the city centre, Pathumwan Princess Hotel presents an outstanding burger. The Citi Bistro offers the Pathumwan Princess Burger (B420++), 100% Angus beef burger patty with iceberg lettuce, pickles, onion rings and homemade BBQ sauce with fresh hamburger buns made daily. Pathumwan Princess Hotel, 444 MBK Centre, Phayathai Road. 02 216 3700.

Siam@Siam Design Hotel

THIS burger is inspired by the Occitan, a region between France and Spain. The Occitan chicken pesto basil burger (B320++) encapsulated the flavours of capsicum espelette pepper sauce, chorizo (spicy pork sausage), deep-fried garlic cloves and drooling mozzarella cheese. The menu is available at the Party House One and Pool Bar. Siam@Siam Design Hotel, 865 Rama 1 Road. 02 217 3000.

Dee Lite, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok

THIS bright and airy decor restaurant is situated on the ground floor of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok. It is a haven for foodies who loves a good variety in their meals, offering a plethora of cuisines including Thai, Vietnamese and Western specialties including juicy and delightful burger. The Dee Lite burger (B350++) comes with meat patty and cheddar cheese, fresh slices of onions, tomatoes, crisp bacon, onion ring, iceberg lettuce and guacamole in between soft house made charcoal buns served with French fries on the side. Dee Lite, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok, 18/1 Sukhumvit 26. 02 649 6666.



Dining Out

The Ttent Steaks “We sell what we like to eat, the way we like to eat them”

crepe, ice cream, fruit salad, peach slices, and whipped cream with cherry on top.


This loft-style restaurant was constructed using recycled containers. The bare cement walls are decked with unique lighting and the owner’s photographs on one side while the wall on the far side of the restaurant showed a collection of bows and arrows. The customers can shoot off a few shots with the 'Airrow Gun' (paintball bow) with the instructions from the owners themselves. The archery lessons are free of charge.


ITUATED in Muang Tong Tani Soi 15, this familyowned steakhouse is known for its friendliness and the unique archery range where customers can try their hands at becoming a Robin Hood themselves.  


The meal began with a dish of Spinach with cheese (B180) – baked spinach with three types of cheeses served hot and steamy. The main dishes comprised of a big portion of juicy Ribeye steak (B620) – a selected cut of meat flamegrilled to your preference served with homemade mash potato and salad topped with the restaurant’s own Buulin salad sauce. Next up was the Doublecheese ox burger (B280) – a burger with homemade buns comes

with two kinds of cheese drooling from the delicious meat pattie served by itself. Followed by a fusion dish of Carbonara spaghetti with Northern sausage (Sai-ua) (B220) – spaghetti with homemade white cream sauce topped with bacon and spicy Sai-ua. The meal ended with a giant serving of dessert, the X-10 (B360) – a  combination of homemade soft


Parking is available on the street next to the restaurant. Open from 11am-8.30pm, closes every Tuesday.

Steaks the Ttent. 52/492 Muang Tong Tani Soi 15. 098 225 4619, 092 880 9167.



Gourmet Bar, Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square THE brand new dining space sits in the lobby of Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. The airy glass walls and contemporary décor offers a perfect location to hang out or work or even for a casual meeting outside of the office. The GourmetBar at Novotel Siam also provides some interesting food and beverage menus including its Gourmet Bar signature burger (B420++) – a beef patty topped with drooling cheese with tomatoes, onion ring, iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, avocado and thousand dressing served with French fries and coleslaw. Gourmet Bar, Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. 02 209 8888.

Siam Tea Room, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park RELAUNCHED at the end of 2016, Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park proudly presents the Siam Tea Room. The restaurant features a terrace and a wooden sala at the entrance. Leading the kitchen is Chef Anukul Poolpipat who serves an array of delectable classic Thai cuisine with recipes drawn from his family, including the Thai twist to the burger served at the restaurant. Kai Thod Burger (B297++) comes with crispy-fried chicken cut with roasted Thai fusion style chilli mayo and local herb slaw. Siam Tea Room, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. 02 059 5999.

The Dream Hotel EXPERIENCE the creative East Meets West with delicious fusion burgers at Dream Bangkok. The Flava Restaurant & Bar at the Dream Bangkok offers an eclectic blend of Thai and Western foods to satisfy every diner’s gastronomic desires. A must-try burger includes the delicious Nuer Pad Kaprao (stir-fried beef basil) (B350++) combination of unique Thai taste blended smoothly with the western presentation. International burgers also available. Dream Hotel, 10 Sukhumvit SOi 15. 02 254 8500.



No Idea

Guest review by

Bangkok Beefsteak & Burgundy

added to the dish; however, the overall impression given was one of satisfaction given the numerous empty plates at the conclusion of the service of this course. With this, we had chosen Jamsheed Syrah 2011, (Yarra Valley, Victoria) which has a whopping 14.5 % alcohol by volume but there were mixed opinions about the wine itself. Chocolate lava cake, vanilla bean ice cream, and seasonal fruit did absolutely nothing to arrest the slide into decadence. It was wonderful and with it came the President Tom Whicraft bearing the gift of a delicious


O IDEA proved to be an excellent choice for this month’s lunch venue. Dave Hallam, his wife and Chef K. Duangdern always go out of their way to make guests feel very welcome. For canapés, we found tasty Andochina sardines on toast and heaps of cured meats with Drusian Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry NV (Veneto, Italy). It was delightfully pale and frothy, had the traditional flavours of pear and apricot with just a dash of sweetness. An excellent start! The first of two starters, hot manuka smoked salmon, Fennel pollen, horseradish, and arvuga was the outstanding dish. Manuka or tea tree is a native species of broom from Australia and New Zealand. It imparted a delicious flavour to the beautifully cooked salmon which dissolved in one’s mouth. Accompanying this, we found Biecher & Schaal Gewürztraminer Grand Cru Steinert 2013 (Alsace) which was creamy and rich with low acidity, pineapple and peach flavours and a nicely rounded finish. Good matching from Thomas Boedinger! The second starter was Confit Duck Leg with Cracked olive, Armagnac prune relish, Parsley sauce verte, and parsnip puree. It was well cooked (it fell off the bone) in a generous



serving. Danny Arn, a food spokesman, declared that he could not finish his helping! Howard Park Miamup Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (Margaret River, WA) was chosen to partner this. James Halliday, the wine critic, scored this particular vintage at 94 and suggested the best time to drink it would be between 2020 and 2028. It had a dark cherry colour; the palate is soft and full of wild berries, vanilla, cocoa and lots of supple fine tannin. There were signs of over-indulgence by some and the arrival of Guinness braised beef cheeks, with Duck fat mash, root vegetables, mushrooms, and white truffle salt did little to allay concerns of those on a diet. Daniel Arn and others noted the excellent mash, but the very limited seasoning

dessert wine De Bortoli Semillon Noble One to honour his birthday. Grapes typically become infected with Botrytis fungus when they are ripe and if then exposed to drier conditions “noble rot” develops which can produce particularly fine and concentrated sweet wine. A great selection of French cheeses appeared, namely Comté, Mimolette, Époisses de Bourgogne, Munster, Reblochon, Saint-Nectaire, and Fourme d’Ambert and with it, the final wine. It was Glaetzer Bishop Shiraz 2013 (Barossa Valley, SA) which offered a massive 15.5% alcohol and a blend of fruit from 35-year-old vines and 130-year-old vines which are the key to the Bishop Cuvée. Our second birthday boy, Andrew MacDowell, was at hand to serve also Armagnac to the throng and, for his sins, graciously presented our thanks to a large number of Dave and Duangdern’s hard-working team and the pair themselves. Sukhumvit Rd Soi 22. 02 663 6686.

The Sukhothai Bangkok AT The Sukhothai Bangkok, the burger menu comes a little different. Like the three musketeers, the burgers come in a set of three (B1080++). The Classic burger comes with juicy Wagyu sirloin beef patty topped with Gruyere cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkin and caramelised onion. The Blue cheese burger has Wagyu sirloin patty with blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, caramelised onion and fried onion. Finally, the Rossini burger comes with Wagyu sirloin patty, pan-fried foie gras, baby spinach, rockets and aged balsamic dressing. The menu is available at the Zuk Bar. Zuk Bar, The Sukhothai Bangkok, 13/3 South Sathorn Road. 02 344 8671.

Best homemade burger in town

ENJOY Polynesian-style burger at the Trader Vic’s restaurant, Anantara Riverside. Comprises a half pound Angus beef patty, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fresh crisp topping and Trader Vic’s very own house-made sauce in freshly baked buns with French fries. Perfectly paired with the Trader Vic’s signature Mai Tai cocktail to complete the meal. Trader Vic’s, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. 02 476 0022 ext 1416.

Well Hotel

LOCATED in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit 20 Road. This wellness-focused hotel comes with inroom Well Fit Box containing a yoga mat, a yoga block, an exercise ball, a massage ball, a resistance band and a weight scale, so all guests who stay at the hotel doesn’t have to compromise their health and fitness even if they are away from home. The Twist Bar&Bistro also offers healthy and hearty meals including burgers. The signature burger dish is the Farmer Angus Beef Burger (B380++) that comes with premium grounded beef topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and Emmental cheese. The Twist Bar&Bistro, Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20. 02 127 5995.



School Report Strip AD_Big Tom_Aug17.pdf


Launched SE Asia’s First “Pre-Vocational Education” Programme


THE Yaowawit School founded by German philanthropist, Mr Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, recently launched the Yaowawit Pre-Vocational Academies to combine life skills with academics to create the best practice educational model. The concept was presented to the Thai Ministry of Education in 2016. Yaowawit’s mission is to prepare children for their future lives as well as encouraging them to become responsible and productive members of the society. The school has taught disadvantaged children life skills since its formation in 2006. The Pre-Vocational Academies will provide a real-world model using public-private partnerships for other schools and non-governmental organisations to replicate real situations. Professionals from various industries will share their experiences with students.

class of 2017

Graduates from KIS International School celebrate their graduation and success on the IB Diploma. With this year’s Grade 12’s having another solid year – 97% attempting the full IB Diploma and a pass rate of 91% – KIS has maintained a 5 year average Diploma score of over 33 IB points, with an average pass rate of 96%, and average participation rate of above 85%. KIS not only continues to have students perform at the highest level, but KIS continues to make the IB Diploma and strong results accessible to a broad population – for the Class of 2017, this included two refugee scholars. Our students will be joining other KIS alumni at top universities in various countries, including the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. In total the 33 students received 95 acceptances from 66 different universities. KIS is also very happy and proud to see our refugee students graduate with full IB Diplomas and with offers from universities, one of them with a full scholarship offer and financial support in the United States valued at over US$200,000. Most of all we are proud of the students for becoming responsible, compassionate international-minded and globally aware people who will go on to inspire others around them. We wish our class of 2017 much success in the next chapter of their lives!



Last Night

of the Proms 2017

SHREWSBURY International School to host its annual Last Night of the Proms concert on November 2nd, 2017. This year promises another evening of top quality musical entertainment and hospitality. Now in its 11th year and has become a favourite feature of the Bangkok performance calendar, this year’s concert is inspired by the theme ‘Going Places’ will take the audience on a musical journey from warm climates of Spain to the freezing climate of the Arctic Circle, out into space then back home again. The programme will feature Jerusalem and Rule Britannia, all to be performed in Shrewsbury’s world class auditorium. The event will start at 5.45pm with a reception followed by a buffet dinner of the finest international cuisine than a post-concert fireworks. Join us for a memorable evening at Shrewsbury International School. For more information and reservation, call 02 675 1888 ext 1113 or visit


7/27/2560 BE

9:14 AM

School Report

‘A*’ for accelerated learning Fifteen-year-old Phu Sakulwongtana, part of Traill International School’s Accelerated Learning Programme, has been unconditionally accepted at London’s University College


RAILL student Phu Sakulwongtana, who graduated last year to complete a gap year in the technology industry, returned to Traill to share his recent and most glowing success story yet. However, Phu is no stranger to success; despite being just 15 years of age, Phu has done nothing but excel all his life. Phu was quickly identified as exceptionally talented after he joined the primary school at Traill. Moreover, it was recognised that just fitting him into a typical international school programme would hinder his progress. He became part of Traill’s unique accelerated learners’ programme which enabled him to learn with his peers whilst studying to a much higher level. This programme has the capacity to accelerate the most able students through school at a pace which is appropriate to their individual needs. In most cases it is by one or two years, but in Phu’s case, it was by four years. Phu started at Traill with very limited English. By Year 9 he had taken all his IGCSE’s and got A*’s in all of them. He took three levels within one year (four months for Physics A-level) and got an A* and two A’s when he was just 14 years old. Leading a balanced school life at Traill, Phu really enjoyed being in the warm family environment of Traill School, taking part in all activities and being part of the school basketball team. So what was Phu’s most recent success story? He has now accepted an unconditional offer from University College, London, still at only 15 years old, to read Computer Science. Our congratulations go to him for this phenomenal achievement, and we will watch with great interest for his future achievements through university and beyond.



School Report

Class of 2017 reach for the stars


HREWSBURY International School Bangkok’s Class of 2017 graduates are celebrating another extraordinary set of examination results: 40% of exams achieved the A* benchmark; 5 times the UK average (8%) and a significant improvement on the already exceptional results of 2016. 65% exams scored A*/A grade (compared to 25% in the UK) and 82% scored B grade or higher. Individually, over one-third of all students achieved straight A*/A grades, with 21 students scoring at least 3A*s and 12 students achieving straight A* grades. Amongst them were Thanat (Poom) Wongwaisayawan and Tachakrit (Earth) Tachatirakul, who both earned 5 A* grades, and who now begin their undergraduate studies at London’s Imperial College (Chemical Physics) and the University of Cambridge (Medicine). Earth will be joined at Cambridge’s Gonville and Caius College by Wannakorn (Ki-Ki) Tapanakornwut (4A*s) who will read Engineering Science. Former Head Girl, Pavitchaya (Pearl) Yodwongjane secures her place at University College London



and is one of the several students to continue to medical school this year both in the UK and here in Thailand. Meanwhile, with 3 A*s and 1 A grade (including a top grade in Drama), former Head Boy, Carlos Romero Jantacomma heads to Yale University. NYU, UC Berkeley, UPenn’s Wharton Business School and Columbia are amongst other top US destinations for Shrewsbury’s Class of 2017. “This is a fantastic set of results for our students, and I’m thrilled for them”, said Steve Allen (Vice Principal, Head of Senior). “The number of students achieving the very top grades is truly exceptional and continues to mark Shrewsbury out as the regional leader in academic excellence. However, the real story here is of progress; for the students who have made such incredible personal strides on their way to these results, and for Shrewsbury as the mature organisation that we have now become. I’m privileged to have been part of the journey of these

inspirational young leaders, and proud that this school can offer the structures, experience and personnel to help all our students achieve their goals”. Meanwhile, Ms Jo Fretwell, Director of Higher Education comments; “I’m delighted, but not surprised to see the outstanding examination success of our students this year. Often exceeding their expectations, the Class of 2017 have worked hard to fulfil their true potential and now matriculate to a wide variety of institutions around the world to study everything from Textiles to Chemical Physics. We have a number of medics and a notably strong contingent of law students this year, complementing the traditionally strong choices such as engineering and economics. I’m also delighted to see some fascinating vocational course options, such as design and acting. Having had the pleasure of getting to know these students over the last few years, I know that they are equipped to succeed wherever they choose to study and live in the world. Beyond their academic success, our students uphold the great values of Shrewsbury International School. They are engaged and passionate young people who I’m sure will continue to make a positive difference in their local communities and wider society.”

Last Night of the

The best of British! Celebrating 120 years of proms history and 14 years of exceptional music making at Shrewsbury in one unique event THURSDAY 2nd NOVEMBER 2017 SHREWSBURY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Dinner and drinks from 5.45pm. Concert begins 7.15pm. Email: Phone: 02 675 1888.


272 reasons you should switch to olive oil T By Phasit Kanasirichainon

HE use of olive oil has become a global phenomenon that’s catching on in Thailand. While you may be interested in cooking with olive oil to reap its health benefits, invariably one of your concerns might be about its prices. In comparison with other cooking oils and brands on the market, it seems to cost more than other oils. So is there a reason behind the price and how can we assess how cost-effective oil is? Before you make any decisions, let’s get to know the benefits of olive oil to help you make an informed decision.



Investing in health with olive oil

The price of olive oil in the Thai market is approximately B350-450 per bottle, depending on the container size. A standard one-litre bottle should have about 68 servings, and each of those servings can cook a meal for a family of four. That means 272 meals! On average, it only costs B1.6 per meal per person and approximately B15-20 per meal with accompanying beverages. Despite its ability to use in all types of Thai cooking, olive oil has much higher unsaturated fat than

other types of oils. It helps reduce LDL cholesterol or bad fats. It has also been linked by medical journals to help manage diabetes and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer. Rather than just an oil to cook with, its added value is being able to assist your health journey. Olive oil is a much cheaper and easier alternative to help manage high blood cholesterol levels or coronary artery disease through diet compared to the medications you may need if you get sick with these ailments. From a nutritionist’s point of view, Olive oil isn’t just good for health - it’s profitable for your health. You can

enjoy delicious meals that you love, but investing in a beneficial oil can also help support your health at the same time. If we aren’t health-conscious about our food intake and exercise, the risk of developing NCDs such as heart disease increased tremendously. On the other hand, if you proactively invest in your health, you can enjoy a higher quality of life. In the end, health cannot be bought. A healthy diet and regular exercises can go a long way.

Tips to find a healthy balance The appropriate amount of fat that we should consume in each day is to 50-70 g/day (based on the energy that a standard body needs 1,500-2,000 kcal per day). If you consume more fat than this average, it will increase your risk of high cholesterol and

weight gain. You can easily control your daily fat intake by doing the following: • Eat lean meat and avoid eating skin. Eating animal skin or extra fat

will increase your fat intake to 2-5 grams per one tablespoon of animal skin/fat consumption. • Set your cooking oil usage at one tablespoon per meal. For example, if you are making garlic pork, use one tablespoon of oil. Add stock or water if the dish gets dried while cooking instead of oil. • Teflon-coated pans make cooking easier and healthier because the nonstick surface can help reduce the use of oil. Comparing the usage amount versus the benefits received, I believe using olive oil is more economically sensible than using standard cooking oil. It pays off in the long run. We all have busy lifestyles, but it’s not an additional effort to use better quality products to cook at home. The investment made in your health and the health of your loved ones is never wasted.

About the Author: Mr Phasit Kanasirichainon is a Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant, Health and Nutrition Lecturer from ‘What Did She Eat’ Facebook page. He has studied Food, Nutrition and Health and is a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University.



Expat Women

When giving is the true blessing Not only a full-time physician running three branches of Lollana skin clinics, but also a busy medical officer with the Relief and Community Bureau of the Thai Red Cross, Dr Ploylada Thanapaisarnvorakul found rewards in working hard, being stubborn and helping others


HIS determined 36-yearold lady has been in the medical profession for close to a decade. Dr Ploylada Thanapaisarnvorakul first became a physician from the desire to give back following the examples of her father and His Majesty late King Rama IX. Why a beauty clinic? I decided to start a beauty clinic after I did a stint of internship at such a clinic in Phuket. It felt so good to help people to feel good about themselves. I found that if the patients feel better about themselves from the way they look, their confidence level increases and they seem a different person to when they walked in. What does Lollana skin clinic offer that sets it apart? I don’t put all my faith in surgery. The ultimate goal in anti-ageing treatments and the aesthetic medicine that I offer aims to uplift the people’s quality of life by being healthy, growing old gracefully and be happy about it. As an anti-ageing physician, it is my responsibility to see that we offer what’s best for them which might not be what the patients want sometimes.



How did you get involved with the Thai Red Cross? I had the opportunity to attend many field trips to remote villages as a medical student, and I fell in love with it. I wanted to use my knowledge in ways that benefit as many people as possible, so I signed up with the Thai Red Cross. What I found was that the more I help, the happier I feel. Any suggestions or beauty tips for our readers? As a physician, I would suggest that people should be content with their looks because it makes them a unique

person. Don’t follow the trends, they come and go. Focus, instead, on living a balanced and healthy way of life. Dr Ploylada also co-founded Vitaboost, a medical application that serves as a digitally personalised vitamin clinic, accessible through the push of a button. Functions include access to a medical team, patient’s health records, a user-friendly graphic monitor and more. Lollana Clinic. Rain Hill Boutique Mall, 3rd Fl., Sukhumvit 47 Road. 092 624 2442.

Expat Women


PAN Cosmetics hosted a launch for the innovative product, Pan Acne Formula Three Lotion, treating acne problems at the roots and getting rid of them within three days. Help deal with acne problems at the roots and attack them with the Z-Nico System ingredients in the product.


THAILAND’s leading lifestyle brand inspired by Siamese royal court recipes and rituals, Erb, introduced Erb Seven Pollen 100% Natural Collection, featuring seven types of flower pollen to offer the ultimate skin pampering experience.



THE new Havaianas global campaign will bring a little bit of Brazil to the world. The new Havaianas packages will contain the products at stores around the world to promote the ‘Made of Brazilian Summer’ campaign to spread the spirit of Brazilian summer fun worldwide.



PHYA brand, creator of quality design handbag, recently organised a fashion show to reveal the limited edition handbags called Mata and Nadda. Both models made from Mudmee silk from The Foundation of the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit combined with Italian calfskin to make perfectly elegant handbags designs. The creation is to honour Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on glorious occasion of her 85th birthday.


LUXURY Swiss brand Charriol welcomes Kimberley Anne Voltemas as their new brand ambassador. The celebrated Thai actress will now sport Charriol’s luxury timepieces, fine jewelry, and charming accessories. Voltemas is welcomed at the same time as Charriol launches its newest 2017 collections, which fuses modern innovations with classic Celtic art.

FLAWLESS COVERAGE BY LANEIGE NEW PRODUCT BID farewell to blemishes with the new Laneige BB cushion with crystal edition from Swarovski. Amore Pacific Thailand held “The New Era of Cushion” to launch the color perfecting product, which also unveiled the short film, Imperfect … Perfect Love. Several A-list celebrities were in attendance.


ADD to your wardrobe as Jaspal Man unveils its latest fall and winter collection: Japonism Meets Cubism. The assemblage draws from a fusion of both Eastern and Western cultural trends with Japanese nuances in every piece. This collection pleases every type of fashionista, with cool dress clothes, leisure wear, and sports apparel available. The collection debuted at the S 31 Hotel and is now available in stores nationwide.


THOSE looking for that ageless appearance should look no further than Vitaboost. The modern medical service provider launched a personalized delivery service that specializes in anti-aging products in late 2017. Work with Vitaboost’s experts in your home as you explore products that are safe, affordable, and promise a younger-looking you.




America’s ‘Secret War’ and the bombing of Southeast Asia President Nixon


HE bombing started in Laos in 1964 under President Lyndon Johnson, unauthorised and unbeknownst to the US Congress. In 1969, at the height of a war that was becoming increasingly unpopular at home, President Richard Nixon greatly expanded the scale and included Cambodia in the campaign. Their rationale was




By Maxmilian Wechsler

The clandestine bombing campaign over Laos and Cambodia conducted by the United States during the Vietnam War was arguably one of the biggest tragedies of the second half of the 20th Century. The relentless bombing missions took a terrible toll on both countries regarding life, property and resources, and many were staged from air bases on Thai soil that it was needed to destroy communist supply routes to Vietnam along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which ran through Laos and Cambodia. Bombing targets were not confined to the course of the trail, however. They were spread widely across both countries in an unsuccessful attempt to shore up friendly governments against communist insurgencies mounted by the Pathet Lao in Laos and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

The massive bombing campaign over Laos was not the work of the US Air Force alone. It was in fact led by the CIA.

Between 1964 and 1973, US aircraft flew missions over virtually every corner of Laos. The US never declared war on Laos, but it became the most heavily bombed country in history. Out of 2,858 days from 1964 to 1974, US planes flew bombing missions over Laos on 2,290 days. About 2.5 million tons of bombs, more than what the US Air Force (USAF) unloaded on Germany and Japan combined during World War

II, were dropped on Laos. A UN report calls Laos the most bombed country on the planet per capita, with .84 tons of explosives dropped per person from 1965 to 1974. According to an article published by The Irish Times on May 13 of this year, the US conducted 580,344 bombing missions over Laos. It’s estimated that adjusting for inflation, the cost of this prolonged shock and awe campaign would be US$3.1 billion. A total of around two million tons of ordnance was dropped, including around 270 million cluster munition bomblets. Of these, around 80 million didn’t detonate upon impact and still pose a serious threat to the civilian population. Packed with the dozens or hundreds of bomblets per canister, cluster bombs are designed to explode in mid-air, scattering small explosives across a radius of up to several hundred yards. About a third of Laos is contaminated with unexploded ordnance today. The Irish Times says that 50,000 Laotians were killed during the nine years of bombing and 20,000 have been killed or maimed since the bombing ended in 1973, with 300 casualties reported every year due to unexploded ordnance. Curious children make up about 40 percent of the victims. Some sources give even

higher estimates of human carnage. The Landmine and Clustering Munition Monitor estimated in 2013 that cluster munitions and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) were responsible for 50,000 casualties. Of these, about 29,000 people were killed and 21,000 injured. UXO now silently lingers in rice fields, roadways, villages and countryside, hampering the country’s development and ready to claim more victims. The massive bombing campaign over Laos was not the work of the USAF alone. It was in fact led by the CIA. An unknown, but significant, a number of the 580,344 bombing missions were carried out by an airline known as ‘Air America’ which was wholly owned by the CIA. The aircraft used by the CIA in the secret war included transports, STOL (short take-off and landing) planes and helicopters. CIA and US Special Forces units were also

on the ground in Laos during the secret war.


O President Nixon ordered the campaign without consulting Congress and even kept it secret from top military officials.

President Nixon with Henry Kissinger

Obama’s visit to Laos When President Barack Obama visited Laos last September for the ASEAN Summit held in Vientiane, he said in an obvious reference to the secret war waged by his predecessors: ‘‘Whatever the cause, whatever our intentions, war inflicts a terrible toll.” He offered no apologies, but did say he believes that “given our history here, the United States has a moral obligation to help Laos heal.” The president also said rightly that many Americans are unaware of the scale of US bombing in Laos. In the first visit by a sitting US president to Laos, Mr Obama pledged US$90 million for the removal of cluster bombs and other unexploded ordnance (UXO). From 1993 to 2016 the United States contributed on average $4.9 million a year for UXO clearance in Laos. In contrast, it’s estimated that adjusting for inflation the US government spent about US$17 million per day to bomb Laos. The BBC quoted Mines Advisory Group country (Laos’) director Simon Rea as saying: “Before the president’s announcement I feared that the UXO operation in Laos would take hundreds of years. Now I am optimistic this can be reduced to decades. The president’s announcement is extremely good news for us, and poor families in rural areas are still blighted by UXO.”

n March 18, 1969, USAF Strategic Air Command (SAC) B-52 bombers began carpet bombing Cambodia on the order of President Nixon. The overall covert operation was code-named ‘Operation Menu’, with various phases named ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’, ‘Dinner’, ‘Snack’, ‘Supper’ and ‘Dessert’. President Nixon ordered the campaign without consulting Congress and even kept it secret from top military officials. Five members of Congress were informed several months after the start of Operation Menu, but it was kept secret from the American people until The New York Times broke the story in May 1969. Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s National Security Adviser, was reportedly outraged over the leaked information in the story and ordered the FBI to wiretap the phones of top White House aides and reporters to find the source. More reports of the secret bombing campaign surfaced in the press and records of Congressional proceedings, but it was not until 2000 that official the USAF records of US bombing activity over Indochina from 1964 to 1973 were declassified by President Bill Clinton. Some sources say that during the first phase of the bombings lasting until April 1970, ‘Operation Breakfast’, the SAC conducted 3,630 sorties and dropped 110,000 tons of bombs and that in the entire four-year campaign the US dropped about 540,000 tons of bombs. In the book Bombs over Cambodia, historians Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen state that, based on their analysis of



Feature the declassified documents, 2,756,941 tons of ordnance was dropped during Operation Menu, more than the US dropped on Japan during World War II. The authors also say that US planes flew 230,516 sorties over 113,716 sites. Estimates of casualties vary widely as well, but it is believed that somewhere between 100,000 and 600,000 civilians died in the bombing and two million became homeless. Some sources say that hundreds of thousands more Cambodians died from the effects of displacement, illness or starvation as a direct result of the bombings. The carpet bombing of Cambodia lasted until August 1973. It devastated the countryside and the chaos and upheaval it unleashed played a big part in the installation of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime led by Pol Pot. The Khmer Rouge was responsible for the deaths of up to two million Cambodians through executions, forced labour and starvation.


ccording to intelligence gathered by the CIA, US bombing increased the popularity of the Khmer Rouge and gave them a major propaganda weapon to use on their way to victory in 1975. The regime was ousted by Vietnamese forces in 1979.

Thailand and the Secret War

From 1961 to 1975 the Thai government allowed the USAF

Thailand and the Secret War From 1961 to 1975 the Thai government allowed the USAF to deploy combat aircraft at several major Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) bases. Missions were flown mainly out of the Don Muang, Korat, Nakhon Phanom, Takhli, Ubon, Udon and U-tapao bases.

to deploy combat aircraft at several major Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) bases. Missions were flown mainly out of the Don Muang, Korat, Nakhon Phanom, Takhli, Ubon, Udon and U-tapao bases. Thailand was a member of the now defunct Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO),

bombing raids on North Vietnam. Until then this had been kept the secret with some difficulty. In fact, about 75% of America’s aerial bombardment of Vietnam was staged from Thailand, where 35,000 US military personnel were stationed. The Bangkok Post reported on January 22, 1968, that US planes

formed in September 1954 under the direction of US President Dwight Eisenhower as an organisation for collective defence, with the express purpose of containing communist aggression in Southeast Asia. SEATO headquarters were in Bangkok, and the membership also included Australia, Bangladesh, France, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan, United Kingdom and the United States. The alliance was formally dissolved in June 1977. On March 10, 1967, the Bangkok Post broke a story that said US officials had confirmed that American warplanes were using Thai bases to launch

lifting off from bases in Thailand were bombing portions of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. The Thai Prime Minister, Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, was quoted as saying the raids were ‘for the defence of our country’. It was the first official admission that the US was using Thai bases and that Laos was being bombed. The PM also said that USsupplied Hawk missiles had arrived ‘to form part of the defence of Bangkok’ against air raids launched from ‘communistinfested areas by communist planes’. The Thai government believed Pathet Lao-backed hill tribes were infiltrating the country in preparation for the communist takeover of Thailand. The fear that the country would be overrun by communists was widespread in the general population as well, and many people thought US military power was the only way to stop it. This goes a long way toward explaining why the Thai government was willing to allow the US to use Thai soil for military operations against North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

What is Air War? From a handbook published under the name of Project Air War and the Indochina Resources Center in 1972: “Air war, by its very nature, means destroying everything below: homes, schools, gardens, pagodas, rice fields forests, animal like, and of course, any people caught in the open.”




aking the situation even more complicated and worrisome, from 1965 on the Thai government was fighting a guerrilla war with insurgents belonging mainly to the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT). The CPT was active in north eastern, northern and later in southern Thai provinces. American forces were not involved in fighting against the CPT. After Prime Minister General Prem Tinsulanonda signed a declaration of amnesty in April 1980, the insurgency declined dramatically and came to a complete end in 1983. A British expat who has lived in Thailand since the 1960s recalled standing with other onlookers along a road opposite U-tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield near Sattahip and watching B-52 Stratofortress bombers taking off on bombing raids. “Even after 50 years, I can still vividly remember these giant planes accelerating down the runway and slowly getting airborne.

Sometimes it appeared like they wouldn’t make it off the ground, they were lifting so slowly. Obviously, the planes were fully loaded with bombs. “At night the Americans celebrated at a couple of entertainment areas close to U-tapao called Newlands and Kilo Sip (Kilometre 10). Swan Lake Hotel was also popular with the Americans and busy all night. I am not sure if the pilots and other flight crew were allowed, but the ground staff was there,” recalls the expat. The Nixon administration tried to prohibit the press from observing the secret war by denying media access on bombing raids outside South Vietnam. Likewise, unsympathetic journalists were kept off RTAF bases and not permitted access to American pilots.

Unintended consequences President Nixon reportedly authorized the bombing of Cambodia on his watch at the

The North Vietnamese proved to be far more resilient than they reckoned, but the secret war probably did help bring the Vietnam War to an earlier close.

urging of National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. They both believed it was vital to stopping the flow of communist troops and supplies into Vietnam and ending the war as quickly as possible. The North Vietnamese proved to be far more resilient than they reckoned, but the secret war probably did help bring the Vietnam War to an earlier close. Leaked news of the bombing sparked intensified anti-war protests in the spring of 1970. On May 4 students in the US protesting the bombing of Cambodia clashed with Ohio National Guardsmen on the Kent State University campus. After Guardsmen fired into the crowd, killing four students, the already widespread antiwar sentiment in the US became unstoppable. Faced with that reality, President Nixon signed the Paris Peace Accords in January 1973 and essentially handed off South Vietnam to the North Vietnamese.




he number of Taiwanese officials working at the skyscraper is not disclosed. Only 22 countries still maintain formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Panama is the latest country to switch to sole recognition of mainland China, in June of this year. The MFA website also provide some information on 83 embassies of countries Thailand has a formal diplomatic relations but have their mission located in other capitals: 17 embassies are located in Beijing; one in Belmopan; two in Canberra; two in Colombo; two in Doha; one in Hanoi; five in Jakarta; 25 in Kuala Lumpur; 14 in New Delhi; one in Potgorica; one in San Marino; one in Seoul; one in Tallinn; nine in Tokyo, and one in Valletta. Australia recently opened the newest embassy in Bangkok on Wireless Road on July 31 this year. The impressive and super-modern, five-storey complex includes the ambassador’s residence and is the fourth largest Australian mission in the world. Meanwhile, the UK government is downsizing its physical presence in Thailand by selling off what is left of the British embassy on Wireless Road, despite opposition from many British expats. The new owner of this highly valuable plot of land is the Central Group. The embassy’s new location, the AIA building on Sathorn Road, will benefit from a new BTS Skytrain station to constructed between Chong Nongsi and Surasak stations. There are 15 consulate-general offices representing 13 countries in Thailand, located in cities all over the country. In all they employ about 93 foreigners, 30 of them citizens of mainland China, which maintains consulate-general offices in Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen and Songkhla. There are also 113 honorary consulates representing 85 countries in Thailand. They are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chonburi, Hua Hin, Khon Kaen, Koh Samui, Lampang, Pattaya, Phetchaburi, Phuket and Surat Thani. Austria, France, United Kingdom and Sweden have four honorary consulates in Thailand and Germany and Peru have three each. Honorary consulates are generally headed by

distinguished and well-to-do Thai nationals, although some 26 foreigners are in charge at various locations.

A premium on protocol It is the responsibility of the MFA’s Protocol Department to look after all foreign embassies, consulates, honorary consulates and international organizations attached to diplomatic missions. Its officials normally specialize in a particular region. For example, the MFA’s Department of European Affairs is divided into the Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and EU divisions. The Department of American and South Pacific Affairs is divided into the North America, Latin America and South Pacific divisions. Likewise, the Department of South Asian, Middle East and African Affairs is divided into South Asia and Central Asia, Middle East and Africa divisions. The officials at the Department of International Organizations are also experts in their particular effort and play an important part in smoothing the way for foreign missions in Thailand. The experience and knowledge shown by officials at the MFA and other government organisation make them highly regarded by the Bangkok diplomatic community as a whole. Following are a few comments taken from past The BigChilli interviews with ambassadors assigned to Thailand:

His Excellency James Wise, former Australian Ambassador, August 2012: “I can say without any hesitation at all that the real strength of Thailand is the quality of its public officials. It is very hard to find any country in the region which has as high a quality of civil servants as Thailand. Whether it is foreign or other ministries, if we have an issue we want to raise we can be very confident that we will

meet with people who understand the issue and who are keen to understand Australia’s perspective. “Equally important, Thai officials understand fully what Thailand’s interests are. They will always very professionally present that perspective, so we fully understand where there might be differences. The professionalism of the foreign ministry and the civil service is really impressive.”

Former Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Mr Luthi Rauf, in March 2013: “The embassy is close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which makes it handy. I know many people at the Thai MFA and they are all professionals and very accessible. This is something all of us in the diplomatic community really appreciate.”

H.E. Mr Marc Thill, former Ambassador of Luxembourg, November 2013: “As for diplomatic and governmental relations with Thailand, everything is going fine, and the officials of the Thai Foreign Ministry are very helpful, taking the initiative to inform foreign embassies on a regular basis on important topics. If you have any special concerns they are always open and available for appointments.” Former Hungarian Ambassador H.E. Mr Dénes Tomaj, August 2014: “I have had many good experiences while travelling outside Bangkok. I really enjoy trips organized by the Thai MFA. They have taken us every year for two or



Feature ideas and she is very successful in her work. Sometimes I joke with her and ask her when she will come to Egypt to cooperate and exchange experiences in the field of tourism.”

three days to different parts of the country. These are itineraries that wouldn’t be available for the average tourist. During one such trip we visited a Royal Development Project in Chiang Mai. We went to the top of a hill where a former opium producing area had been converted to a modern agricultural project. We saw beautiful strawberry fields where opium was grown before.”

H.E. Mr Javier Becker, former Ambassador of Chile, November 2014: “My embassy has very good and close working relations with the Thai MFA. They are always very helpful. They are also good about arranging various activities and trips for us.”

H.E. Mrs Saida Muna Tasneem, Ambassador of Bangladesh, October 2016: “The Thai government is very vibrant and proactive and every ministry organizes events designed to engage foreign diplomats. We get invited to a lot of opening ceremonies and I have appointments at many ministries to discuss commerce, trade, culture, tourism and so forth. I also get many invitations from other diplomatic missions, private dinners, ambassadors and also local community events. There’s a very large diplomatic community in Bangkok and I have made many good friends. It is really wonderful. We are very close and we meet often.”



Russian Ambassador H.E. Mr Kirill Barsky, May 2016: “I have very good relations with the Thai authorities. I have met with Police General Wuthi Liptapallop. He is a very good partner and I am very proud to have his friendship. We have established a hotline between the embassy’s consular section and the RTP. We work directly with Pol Gen Wuthi and the officer under him. Whenever an accident or incident occurs which involves Russian citizens we immediately get in touch with the RTP and the Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice and Department of Special Investigations. It helps us to keep the situation under control and be aware of what is going on with our citizens and to help them when they are in trouble – or make trouble for those criminals who come to Thailand from time to time.”

H.E. Mr Hazem El Tahri, Ambassador of Egypt, December 2016: “I appreciate that the MFA from time to time arranges trips for diplomats to get to know Thailand. They take us to places in the provinces like factories so we can learn about local products. This is something special. I am very happy with how the Thai MFA deals with the diplomatic missions. “We have good cooperation with them, but I have to say they are very strict in matters of protocol. I have served in many countries but here it is completely different, especially when it comes to presenting diplomatic credentials. “I really appreciate how Ms Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, runs the ministry. She has really good

H.E. Mr Gilberto FonsecaGuimarães de Moura, Ambassador of Brazil, March 2017: “I also find the ways that Thai people cultivate and nourish their culture very beautiful. Thai people are rightly proud of their culture and this is reflected in their great respect for family. These are values that we now unfortunately seem to be losing in some Western countries. “As far as working with Thai officials, the doors have always been open. To sum it all, it’s a real privilege to be here. “I am very satisfied with the great degree of cooperation extended from the Thai MFA and its Department of American and South Pacific Affairs, which I am very involved with. One Thai gentleman I met there recently speaks very good Portuguese. In fact, there’s one diplomat at the Thai embassy in Brasilia who can speak perfect Portuguese.”

Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Ms Dato’ Nazirah Hussein, who left her post in June of this year: “Our relations have always been good, but I can honestly say that they are now better than ever. This includes the fields of trade, security, defence, sports, education, people-to-people interactions and culture. My relations with officials from Thai ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are excellent. The relations between our countries continue to strengthen and expand.”

DIPLOMATS p Meet the people uniting nations

Mr Jamshid Safarov

Uzbekistan adds youthful glow to Bangkok diplomatic corps

Page 96



Diplomat: Vice-Consul Mr Jamshid Safarov

Uzbekistan adds youthful glow to Bangkok diplomatic corps



few words come to mind while describing the new Vice-Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Thailand, Mr Jamshid Safarov: focused, determined and young. Since taking his post in May the hard-working diplomat has already shown he’s up to the task of representing his country and making favorable impression. Besides the meetings with Thai officials at various ministries, business people, travel agents and the massmedia, members of the local Muslim community, he also organised a successful reception on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which was attended by distinguished guests. In addition to the Uzbekistan National Day (September 1st), Uzbek Cuisine Day and several seminars were held in Bangkok so far by the Consulate-General of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Mr Safarov took time from his busy schedule to talk to The Big Chilli at the Uzbekistan’s Consulate-General building on Wireless Road. He began by explaining his job title as Consulates are primarily used to assist people from their home countries with what are called consular issues.

Background Mr Safarov was born in 1985. He is married and has three children. Besides his native Uzbek he can speak Russian, English, Turkish, Persian and a little German. “I come from a family of teachers. My father is a professor of physics and my mother also used to teach and now she is retired. I graduated from the Taskhent State Institute of Law in 2005, then studied and improved my English in the United Kingdom. I served at the system of the Ministry of Justice from 2006-2009. After that I practiced law and enrolled at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent, the capital of



Uzbekistan. After I received my Master’s degree there in 2012, I joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a holder of President named state Stipend on ‘Law and International relations’ at Masters Level, ” Mr Safarov said.

Assignment in Thailand “I began my term on May 31, which was my first visit to Thailand and first assignment abroad. But I have had experience in consular issues in Central Asian countries for short periods of time. I have also taken part in several seminars and courses. For example, I attended the Advanced Programme for European Union Law and Economy in Riga Graduate School of Law, and participated in diplomatic courses in Pakistan and China.” When asked to give his first impression of Thailand upon arrival, Mr Safarov said: “To be honest, I immediately came to the realization that there is huge potential for cooperation between Republic of Uzbekistan and Kingdom of Thailand. There are many possibilities for mutually beneficial cooperation. “My philosophy is that if you are posted to a country you should love and be a part of the country so that you can understand it. You need to look at the good and the bad, and look at how things work, so you can understand how to approach the job and promote your country and look for opportunities for cooperation.”

Smooth diplomacy Mr Safarov said that the diplomatic relationship between Thailand and Uzbekistan is developing in a productive way. “There are practically no disputes between the two countries. This creates a good basis for further consolidation of our joint efforts on a wide range of issues, including tourism, economy, culture and sport,” Mr Safarov pointed out. “The legal framework of the bilateral cooperation between Uzbekistan and Thailand consists of about 10 intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in various areas, which provides a solid platform for cooperation. Both

parties are collaborating on further deepening the treaty and legal basis of mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation. “Uzbekistan’s foreign office in Bangkok was established on April 7, 1994 and designated as a consulate, in accordance with a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Due to another resolution from November 1996 the consulate was transformed to the present Consulate-General. “Currently diplomatic relations between Thailand and Uzbekistan are conducted through the Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Tashkent as well as the Consulate-General here.

Uzbekistan at glance Mr Safarov also prepared written information and photographs about his country to give readers a better knowledge about his country. Geography and population Uzbekistan is situated between the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers and occupies 448,9 thousand square kilometres. The span of the territory from west to east is 1,425 km and 930 km from north to south. The country borders on Kazakhstan in the north, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the east and southeast, Turkmenistan in the west and Afghanistan in the south. Uzbekistan possesses some of the most favourable natural and geographic conditions in Central Asia. The territory of Uzbekistan is about four fifths plains and the rest mountainous. One of the main plains is the Turan plain. In the east and northeast are the mountain spurs of Tyan-Shan and Pamir. The highest point in the country is 4,643 metres above sea level. The Kyzylkoum desert in the north and the central part of the country is one of the largest deserts in the world. The country’s mineral wealth includes stocks of oil, natural gas, lignite and coal, gold, copper, tungsten and bismuth. The climate of Uzbekistan is characterized by large differences in day and night, summer and winter temperatures. The population of the Republic of Uzbekistan is about 32 million Uzbekistan has the third largest population in the CIS. Uzbekistan is a multi-ethnic society with more than 100 ethnic groups. The native inhabitants are Uzbeks, who make up about 80% of the population. Culture Uzbekistan is home to one of the brightest and most original cultures of the East. Uzbek national music is characterized by a variety of subjects and genres. The distinctive Uzbek national dress for both men and women has remained constant for centuries. The cuisine is among the most versatile in of all the Orient. There are about 1,000 different dishes, drinks and desserts and many recipes are centuries old. Traditional Uzbek dance is very expressive and presents all the beauty of the nation. The main difference between Uzbek dances and those from other Eastern nations is the accent on complicated and expressive hand gestures and animated facial expressions. Culture, handicrafts and tourism are rapidly becoming inseparable partners in Uzbekistan. Local crafts provide a vibrant introduction to cultures, traditions and ways of living. Handcrafted products make an important contribution to the local economy. Uzbek jewellery craftsmen still have been practicing ancient techniques for cutting gemstones, grain filigree, granular work, engraving and enameling, while taking into account current fashion demands and styles. Embroidery is another popular application of handicraft in Uzbekistan. Every city’s trademark designs have their own unique features of ornamentation, composition, colour range and stitching. The ancient art of carpet weaving is also very much alive



“On May 27 of this year a seminar to honour the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Thailand was held in Tashkent with the participation of the Thai delegation.”

Trade and tourism “Uzbekistan imports from Thailand various chemical products, oil, paper, aluminum and plastic products and machinery. Uzbekistan exports books, seeds and fruits, as well as textiles, cotton fiber, and yarn to Thailand,” Mr Safarov said.

in Uzbekistan, as is wood carving, which is used and adapted in modern interior design. Tourism in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan boasts a rich tapestry of architectural wonders, diverse natural reserves and booming modern cities. In centuries past Uzbekistan sat at the intersection of the great trade routes along which the paths of merchants and discoverers, geographers and missionaries, invaders and conquerors passed. In modern times, a trip to Uzbekistan is high on the agenda for adventurous souls interested in culture, history, natural wonders and exotic destinations. Heritage sites: Uzbekistan is rightfully proud of its classic architectural treasures. The Ichan-Kala complex in Khiva, and the historical centres of Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Samarkand are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Many unique ancient monuments and constructions in these towns remain as genuine samples of a rich historical era. Tashkent: Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and one of the largest cities of Central Asia. An important international transport junction in both the ancient past and the present, it is directly linked to many countries of the world. Samarkand: Over the centuries, many locations in modernday Uzbekistan played a major role in the story of the ancient, transcontinental thoroughfare known as the Great Silk Road. But one city stands out as being “the Heart of Great Silk Road”. That city is Samarkand. “Radiant Point of Globe”, “Jewel of Islamic Architecture”, and “Mirror of the World” are some of the glowing epithets bestowed upon Samarkand from earliest times. A contemporary of Rome, Athens, and Babylon, the city is more than 2,750 years old. Noble Bukhara: Bukhara, the famous trading post on the Silk Road, stirs romance in many travelers. With over 2,500 years of history and a welcoming atmosphere, Bukhara is a favourite tourist destination. More than 140 ancient monuments are located within a compact area that is best explored on foot. Khiva: Khiva, “the museum in the open”, is the only town along the Great Silk Road that has remained intact through the centuries and retained the exotic flavour of a medieval town. Today Ichan Kala, the nucleus of ancient Khiva, offers visitors a stunning homogeneous collection of architecture from the late 18th century and first half of the 19th century. Termez: The multi-faceted history of Uzbekistan is undoubtedly a reflection of its geographical location, and this is particularly true in the case of Termez, the southernmost city of the country. Termez was founded on the right bank of the Amu Darya River at the crossroads of Silk Road caravan routes, and for more than 2,500 years it has retained its capacity as a major river port.


“Uzbekistan Airways flies from Tashkent to Bangkok three times a week. The planes are usually fully loaded as a result of the strong attractions of the touristic destinations of Uzbekistan. The number of tourists to our country is increasing overall and this includes tourists from Thailand. In 2016 there were around 900 Thais visiting Uzbekistan. “Thailand is among those 13 countries that have been granted a simplified visa procedure to visit Uzbekistan, along with the United Kingdom, Austria, Malaysia, and others. They just provide the application form, copy of passport and the payment for the consular fee. If it’s an urgent visa, it can be issued within two days, but normally it takes a little longer.”

zbekistan is a modern country with clean and properly operating facilities. Communications are very good and so is transportation. Mercedes-Benz, Man, and Isuzu buses are running for public transportation. The subway in Tashkent is among the cleanest in the world. We are the first country in Central Asia to introduce the high-speed trains. “So far we have bought a couple of super-modern Boeing 787-8 ‘Dreamliner’ planes that are already in service. We have nice hotels with the same high standards in developed countries. “In Uzbekistan education is totally free of charge until you graduate from high school. The government bears the cost of all facilities. Roughly 40% of the total annual admission of each university is provided under the government payment. Medical treatment is free in public hospitals in Uzbekistan. In an emergency, you just pick up the phone and they will come as fast as possible. You call the number and tell the operator your name and where you live and they will check the system and come to your home and treat you. If it is necessary they will transport you to the hospital. This is all free. The medical system is nowadays one of the main reasons of the development of medical tourism in Uzbekistan,” Mr Safarov said. “So far Uzbekistan has made a name for itself as a reliable partner in the world community. The latest edition of the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects ranks Uzbekistan as the world’s second-fastestgrowing economy, with a projected growth of 7.6% this year. “Uzbekistan is also one of the safest countries in the world, as indicated in the 2017 Gallup Global Law and Order Report, which lists us as the second

Uzbekistan on the right track “We have only been independent for 26 years. But we are on the right track. We have good relations with all countries. Of course, there are sometimes issues with other countries but we are trying to solve them in a proper and peaceful way. Most importantly, Uzbekistan is paying great attention to improve the lives of its people.



High-speed train

Uzbek Boeing 787-8 'Dreamliner' Tashkent

safest place to be. As a result of the consolidated hard work we haven’t had any kind of terrorist acts last decade and the level of violence of any type is very low in our country.”

Motherland of scholars Uzbekistan is the birthplace of a long list of great scholars. Mr Safarov gave a brief biography for some of them: Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari was the great theologian of the East. He collected and recorded about 600,000 hadith, legends based on the life or sayings of the Prophet. Out of these, al-Bukhari selected as “flawless” about 7,400 hadith to include into the “As-Sahih”, which has become the second most important book after the Koran for Sunni Muslims. The Imam was born in Bukhara in 810 AD and ended his days in Samarkand. He was buried in a small village Hartang, 30 km from Samarkand. His mausoleum is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Islam. Abu ‘Ali al-Husayn ibn Sina, known in world as “Avicenna”, is probably the most influential philosopher of the pre-modern Islamic tradition. Born in Afshana (Bukhara) about 980 AD, he is best known as a polymath and a physician. His most famous works are The Book of Healing, a philosophical and scientific encyclopedia, and The Canon of Medicine, a medical encyclopedia that until the early modern period was still used as a medical textbook in Europe and the Islamic world. Mirzo Muhammad ibn Shahruh ibn Timur Ulugbek Kuragan was regent of Samarkand (1411-1449). He has entered history as a courageous scholar, an outstanding mathematician and generous teacher. Between 1417 and 1420, he built a madrasa in Registan Square in Samarkand. His most famous pupil in astronomy was Ali Qushchi. He was also famous in the fields of medicine and poetry. Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni, known as Al-Biruni, was a scholar and polymath. Ninety-five of 146 books known to have been written by Al-Biruni were devoted to astronomy, mathematics, and related subjects like mathematical geography. Al-Biruni’s works explained the different phases of the moon. Methods proposed and used by Al-Biruni were used, among other applications, to estimate the radius and circumference of the Earth.



Further development


strategy of action on five priority development directions for Uzbekistan from 2017-2021 was confirmed in a decree of the President of Uzbekistan, H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoev, dated February 7, 2017,” said Mr. Safarov. “The five priority directions are: (1) improving the system of state and public construction; (2) ensuring the rule of law and further reform of the judicial and legal system; (3) development and liberalization of the economy; (4) development of the social sphere and (5) ensuring security, inter-ethnic accord and religious tolerance, as well as implementing a balanced, mutually beneficial and constructive foreign policy.”

Sports “Uzbekistan pays great attention to the development and promotion of sports and physical culture. In years of Tashkent independence, the country has established an effective system of training professional athletes, coaches and referees and promoted physical education and a healthy lifestyle among the young,” Mr Safarov stressed. “As an example of our success in this area is the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Uzbekistan was shown to have the best boxing team in the world, winning three gold, two silvers and three bronze medals in boxing. “Besides these, Ruslan Nurudinov set an Olympic record and won weightlifting gold for Uzbekistan. It was the first medal of any kind in weightlifting for the Central Asian nation. Overall Uzbekistan was ranked 21st at the Olympics, the best in Central Asia. “In the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Uzbekistan’s team ranked 16th with eight gold, six silver and 17 bronze.”


p Last month’s best events in pictures



Social|Last Month’s Best Events

Maggie Choo’s cabaret show

MAGGIE Choo’s presented ‘Queen Victoria’s Cabaret Closet’ show back-to-back with great bands and top female DJs.



In remembrance of Chester Bennington CHESTER Bennington left us on July 20th. He also left us with many amazing memories. He became a signiďŹ cant part of our lives. Hard Rock CafĂŠ Bangkok along with Hubris band and our rock artists and friends put together a home-grown, free-forall concert to celebrate the life of this incredible musician that was gone too soon.

TheBigChilli 101

Social|Last Month’s Best Events

The Ladies Night Out at The Zuk Bar

THE Zuk Bar recently celebrated all women with ‘The Ladies Night Out’ promotion with free-flow beverages for the ladies from 7-9pm with soulful American Jazz Diva, Coco Rouzier.



L’Occitane Divine Harmony

L’OCCITANE (Thailand) Co., Ltd recently hosted the ‘L’Occitane Divine Harmony, where land and sea meet, and eternal beauty is born’ introducing two high-performance anti-ageing formulas, Divine Harmony Serum and Divine Harmony Cream.

TheBigChilli 103

Social|Last Month’s Best Events

Siam@siam Seafood Opera

GUESTS enjoyed an exceptionally romantic night at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok. Party House One hosted an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet in synchronisation with pop opera music and entertainment from top artists like Fivera, DJ Itim, 4 Play Band and Miss Maxim.



Spanish wine tasting at Centara Grand CENTARA Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok recently played host to a Spanish Tasting event at the Lobby Lounge.

TheBigChilli 105

Social|Last Month’s Best Events

IWS presented Flamenco live in Bangkok

SPANISH Rice House with Independent Wine and Spirit (Thailand) Co., Ltd. hosted a unique Flamenco live performance in Bangkok by Cristina Carrasco & Javier Serrano.



Fourpoints celebrated International Beer Day THE Drunken Leprechaun, one of Bangkok’s best beer pubs celebrated the International Beer Day. The event was lively with guests and customers joining in the celebration.

The Riverside Grill new concept

RIVERSIDE Grill at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers launched the new concept of food&beverages offering a two-way indulgence by presenting both a bold array of grilled dishes that are packed full of avours paired with a variety of drinks. TheBigChilli 107

Social|Last Month’s Best Events

Pool party launched in style at ibis Khaosan

Recently launched, the first pool party at its Viengtai’s rainbow pool, ibis Khaosan saw a great crowd of people enjoying their day in the pool.

Artist playground by Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit PULLMAN Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit hosted the fourth edition of Artist Playground by Pullman Work Hard I Paint Harder series where participants learned painting techniques from two accomplished Thai artists. 108


Stella Artois Regional Draft Masters 2017 competition

Thailand hosted ‘Stella Artois Regional Draught Masters 2017’ competition under the concept of ‘Quest for Stars – Be Legacy’. The event organised by Brewberry Co., Ltd., importer and distributor for Stella Artois beverages at Sofitel Sukhumvit Hotel.

CPN hosted the biggest Jazz Festival in Thailand

CENTRAL Pattana PCL (CPN) hosted ‘Thailand’s Smile Jazz Festival, the largest easy-listening jazz festival in Thailand aiming to indulge Thai customers and international tourists alike with a journey to the rhythm of music while bringing smiles and lighten up their days. Gathering over 200 artists to perform over 100 shows spanning from August 2017 to early 2018.

TheBigChilli 109

Social|Last Month’s Best Events

BCCT Multi-Chambers T3 Business Networking

BRITISH Chamber of Commerce Thailand together with AustCham, CanCham, EABC, FTCC, ITCC and SATCC organised the BCCT Multi-Chambers T3 Business Networking hosted by Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside. Attended by guests from various chambers networked. Pictured from left BCCT Chairman Simon Matthews, Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside General Manager Willem Pentermann and BCCT Vice-Chairman Chris Thatcher.



Grand Hyatt Erawan hosted wine tasting event BAR@494 at Grand Hyatt Erawan recently hosted a French wine tasting inspired by Château Lynch Bages where guests enjoyed a delectable collection from Michel Lynch & Domaine L’Ostal Cazes.

Strip AD_Newspaper_July15.indd 1

6/30/15 11:33 AM

TheBigChilli 111

Social|Last Month’s Best Events

‘THE FINEST THAI’ LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL LED BY SANSIRI SANSIRI PCL, Thailand’s leading full-service real estate developer with The Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore held a press conference to inaugurate Sansiri’s first international lifestyle event, ‘The Finest Thai’.


THE number one e-commerce from Korea ‘11street’ joined hands with The Emporium and The EmQuartier Shopping Complexes to launch ‘Everyday @EM Dining’ promotion allowing foodies to enjoy extraordinary dining journey at The Emporium and The EmQuartier with welcoming prices.


DREAM Hotel Group announced its 3rd location in Thailand with the ceremonial signing of Dream Resort and Spa Na Jomtien Pattaya in partnership with Wise Power Land Co. Ltd. Slated to open in August 2018, Dream Resort and Spa Na Jomtien Pattaya features 200 ocean view villas, rooms and suites and multiple dining and nightlife venues including a speciality rooftop bistro, sunset bar and signature Dream Sky Bar. 112



WORLD-class premium supermarket Gourmet Market celebrated its 20th Anniversary with ‘Gourmet Market World’s Best Taste 2017’ presented fine food ingredients in three festivals at three locations – The Emporium, The EmQuartier and Paragon Department Store.


CRC Sports Co., Ltd. and the executives of Supersports outlets recently held the ‘Supersports 20th Anniversary’ to celebrate and reward customers for the occasion at Central Plaza Ladprao. The viral video ‘Keep on Fighting’ was launched for the first time to motivate Thai people to exercise.


SUNPLAY Asia, leading residential community developer, announced EIA approval for The Heights – the first phase of its pioneering active lifestyle development in Bangsaray 90 minutes away from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It is a collection of one-, two- and three-bedroom condominiums offering generous layouts located at the heart of Sunplay Bangsaray development.


ELEVATE your coffee experience with the latest addition to the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto automatic coffee machine – Movenza. The innovation is expertly crafted using advanced technology allowing you to experience a premium café style coffee in the comforts of your home or office.

MÖVENPICK HOTELS & RESORT KICKED OFF ‘GRAND TOUR OF ASIA’ THE Executive Committee at Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts kick-started its ‘Grand Tour of Asia’ with visits to Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket to demonstrate its commitment to Thailand’s thriving hotel market. The stopover is part of the leadership team’s two-and-half-week mission to meet colleagues, hotel owners and key partners in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

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Escape Hotels promotion

MATES’ RATES Friends or Family

ESCAPE Khao Yai package includes a one-night stay in a deluxe room, a complimentary breakfast and dinner for two with an additional perk of a BBQ set and a semi-buffet for two (for B1,200 net). The package is priced at B3,400 net. 063 196 4999.

visiting Thailand? Let them know about these deals

Special promotion at Centara Hotel & Resorts

CENTARA Hotels and Resorts offers a special promotion ‘Stay 3 Pay 2’, ‘Stay 6 Pay 4’ or ‘Stay 9 Pay 6’ for bookings from now until January 31, 2018. Enjoy your time off and make wonderful memories with your friends and families, discover destinations throughout Thailand and overseas with Centara Hotels and Resorts today. 02 101 1234,



Radisson Blu Hua Hin weekday special

ENJOY time away from the hustling and bustling city with Radisson Blu Hua Hin weekday special. Book now until December 21, 2017, stay a minimum of two nights and get 25% discount for stay period from December 21, 2017, onwards between Sunday-Thursday. Blackout periods applied. 032 421 777.

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2017 CAPE Panwa Hotel, Phuket, in cooperation with rights owner and organiser Media Business Services, is the proud title sponsor of Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2017. Now in its 14th year, Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek is one of the region’s top regattas and will be hosted at Cape & Kantary Hotels’ Phuket properties – Cape Panwa Hotel and Kantary Bay Hotel – from 19th-23rd  July.



Hua Hin


DUSIT Thani Hua Hin presents the  irresistible ‘Magnificent Seven’ in all

01 Magnificent Seven at Dusit Thani Hua Hin 02 Culinary Treasures of Japan 03 Barai lifestyle collection programmes 04 Celebrating 10th anniversary

restaurants at the hotel. Try one of the tasty creations by the Magnificent Seven Chefs; each dish is inspired by famous song titles. 032 520 009.

03 02

INDULGE yourself in a result orientated healthy holiday. The package

is inclusive of spa treatments, fitness activities and healthy meals with THE BARAI Lifestyle Collection programmes starting from B6,900 per day. 032 521 234.

HAGI Japanese restaurant at Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin presents  delectable Japanese buffet where guests can enjoy a variety of Japanese specialities including sushi and sashimi, Thai fusion sushi, live teppanyaki and more. Priced at B1,100++ per person, available every Monday from 6-10.30pm. 032 512 021-38.



04 SHERATON Hua Hin Resort &  Spa, led by Mr Bruce Dupuis, General

Manager and management staff, gathered on the beach to commemorate the resort’s 10th-anniversary milestone. For this occasion, the resort launched a ‘Family Holiday’ package with rates starting from B4,200 from now until September 30, 2017. 032 708 080.

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01 Holiday Inn Pattaya 5th Reforestation 02 Saturday Night Seafood Bonanza

SEAFOOD lovers can ƒ enjoy a wide selection of

freshly grilled seafood including salmon, king crab, rock lobster, tiger prawns, oyster and more every Saturday nights at B1,499++ per person. The Saturday Seafood Bonanza Night is available every Saturday at Oasis Restaurant at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya from 6.30-10.30pm. 038 714 981.



HOLIDAY Inn Pattaya together with  The Erawan Group PLC. and students of

Sripatum University with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and local fishermen conducted the 5th Reforestation under the sea at Lan Pho Public Park in Naklua Pattaya. 038 725 555.

One-to-five piano class by Hard Rock Pattaya HARD Rock Pattaya partnered with Trirat Foundation held ‘One-to-five piano class’ corporate social responsibility activity for students at Huay Hai School and Baan Amphur School in Chonburi.

Hilton Pattaya announced hotel winners

HILTON Pattaya announced the winners of the Hilton South East Asia & India (ISEA) F&B Masters 2017/2018 – Culinary and Dessert Challenge – Hotel Level competition. Congratulations to Khun Suratda Hanbuakam, Commis I of Horizon Rooftop Restaurant & Bar and Khun Nittaya Tangsirisatien, Demi Chef of Bakery kitchen.

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TEPPING into a bright lobby area of the Holiday Inn Pattaya, one can already experience a sense of calm and relaxation washing over from the beautifully decorated space. This modern hotel is located on the Beach Road Pattaya and it has much more to offer than just great food and comfortable accommodation.


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pane balcony railings offer both style and safety. The sensibly decorated 200 rooms and suites have access to the Executive Club located on 25th floor where guests can enjoy a more private breakfast, all-day coffee, tea and refreshments, homemade pastries and fresh fruits and evening drinks and canapés. Breakfast is available daily from 6-10.30am and evening refreshments and canapés are available from 6-8pm. The Executive Club also offer a private conference room with in-room high speed Wi-Fi connection perfect for business meetings. Guests can reserve the room at the front desk of the Executive Club.

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The parking is available at the Holiday Inn Pattaya hotel. Holiday Inn Pattaya. 463/99, 463/68 Thanon Pattaya Sai 1, Pattaya City. 038 725 555.


OCEAN MARINA PATTAYA BOAT SHOW TO CAPITALISE ON EASTERN THAILAND’S BOOM DRIVING ahead with its Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), the Thai Government plans to develop Thailand’s Gulf region into a key business and leisure hub. It will do so by expanding the U-Tapao RayongPattaya International Airport, the high-speed rail linking Don Muang, and the Suvarnabhumi Airport. It will also further develop the Laem Chabang and Map Ta Phut deep sea ports as well as create a double-track rail network linking Laem Chabang, Map Ta Phut, and Sattahip deep sea ports. Billed as ‘Thailand’s Biggest Outdoor Lifestyle Boat Show,’ the sixth Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show is organised by the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. It will take place Nov. 23-26, kicking off Asia’s boat show season. Having established itself as the place to do business for the regional marine industry, more than 150 companies are expected to showcase their products and services



to an ever-growing number of people with interest in the marine lifestyle. “Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show attracts a diverse visitor demographic to experience the best of marine tourism in the east of Thailand each year,” Mr Scott Finsten, Harbour Master of Ocean Marina Yacht Club, said. “The onshore and in-water displays will be bigger than ever, and there will be lots of activities and fun for everyone, from the serious boat buyer to the

family member who wants to get a glimpse of the marine lifestyle on offer.” The 4-day onshore and on-water arrangement has proven popular with both exhibitors and visitors, and it underscores the marine lifestyle that is at the core of the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show. For more information, visit oceanmarinapattayaboatshow. com, oceanmarinapattayaboatshow

Host of the Optimist World Championships 2017

With 60 year’s of sailing history in the kingdom, the Royal Varuna Yacht Club welcomes all sailors and participants to the Optimist World Championships July 11th - 21st, 2017

The BigChilli September 2017  

Thailand's best-read expat magazine. Find out what's hot in Bangkok and beyond. September 2017.

The BigChilli September 2017  

Thailand's best-read expat magazine. Find out what's hot in Bangkok and beyond. September 2017.