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At the age of 26, while posted with Peter to Indonesia, where he worked for the East Asiatic Company, Elizabeth began painting realistic portraits, later moving on to seascapes and landscapes. Gradually her art became bolder and more simplified in portrayals of the female subject both in the twodimensional form of her painting and the imposing three-dimensional forms of her bronze sculptures, many of which decorate all corners of the family home and Elizabeth’s top floor studio. The majority of her exhibitions since 1986 have been held in Denmark and Thailand, with occasional forays to England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy and the US. Although the economic downturn has meant fewer sales in Europe, interest in her paintings remains high in Asia. The exhibition with Sumet Jumsai, to be held at La Lanta Fine Art on Sukhumvit Soi 31 in March 2013, is expected to yield better results. Apart from La Lanta, Elizabeth’s ‘home’ gallery, her work can be viewed in various locations around Bangkok, including the Bank of Asia, Kuppa, Chulalongkorn Breast Cancer Center, DZ Company and The Barbican. What do you like most about Bangkok/Thailand? The chaos and vibration. What are the biggest challenges for an expat woman here? That you never really belong here and will always be a “guest.” What do you miss most about your home countr y? Four seasons and the culture. What clubs and societies do you belong to? I am a very non-active member of Polo, RBSC and Pacific City Club.

Do you have a lot of friends here? We have many acquaintances here. All these years we’ve seen many come and go. We do not hang out with Danes only; our friends are from all over the world. That’s what I LOVE about social life in Bangkok. Are they more numerous here than back home? In Denmark there is the family, which we miss out here. Through my art I have made many great contacts in Denmark, and some have even become close friends. What’s your current state of mind? Accepting and embracing what’s to come after my hip operation. When and where were you happiest? In front of my easel in my studio. Who or what has been the greatest influence in your life? My husband and our two kids. Do you ever feel threatened or intimidated by the beauty of Thai women? Ha, ha, no. Why should I? What trait do you admire most in people? Balance inside out! Any unfulfilled ambitions or regrets? I have no regrets. Having had an eclectic life I still hope to be able to travel to many corners of the world. To travel is to live! Your favourite restaurants, bars, pubs? Bangkok has many eating/drinking places, and unfortunately many you need only visit once. For me the river is the true Siam, be it the Terrace at the Oriental or the many local restaurants along the river… Favourite place to buy clothes? People in Denmark come here to shop, and I love to shop mainly in Denmark. If I need to shop here in Bangkok, I go to either Paragon,

Gaysorn, Central Chidlom or Emporium. Who is the greatest love of your life? My husband with whom I just celebrated our 33rd anniversary. Can you honestly say you understand the Thai way of life and doing things? Not sure one ever can as a farang. Do you speak, read/write Thai? I can make myself understood, speaking my very basic Thai. Given that you’ve been here for 20plus years, has Bangkok changed for the better or worse? For the better in many ways in terms of convenience and healthcare, but the Bangkok infrastructure and the traffic are still the same if not worse! And what about Thailand as a whole? I hope for the better too. Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life here? Not really. Ideally we’d move back to Europe and spend the cold winter here in Thailand. www.elizabethromhild.com, www.lalanta.com


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The BigChilli October Issue  

Find out where to go for the best weekend buffet deals

The BigChilli October Issue  

Find out where to go for the best weekend buffet deals