The Best of the North Georgia Mountains Issue 39 1-19-19

Page 39

Waters of Life I was carried here by still waters that run deep within my soul not realizing where I was going and what was happening Sometimes floating light as a feather with a heart full of happiness and love Other times sinking and trying hard just to breathe through the grief and confusion As I struggle to keep my head above water the heavy lessons of the past play through my mind like a movie stuck on repeat. Destined to keep living them until the lesson is learned. The beautiful moments of life flowing like a waterfall washing away the tears while a breath-taking rainbow appears reminding me to enjoy the now because everything changes -LORA BUNCH Predawn hours of stillness are kindred to my soul Contemplatively listening before rising twilight skies Nocturnals settling in bidding their goodbyes As nature's winged creatures slowly sing hello. The universe shines the brightest Upon a soul like me As fading dark transforms Peaking light at what shall be. Always barefooted With my cup of Joe Rocking quietly amongst these friends That set my heart aglow.Farthest from my mind Are diseased harsh realities Of worldly daily nonsense Ruining society. How beautiful it would be Throughout all human souls If all could simply breathe Soaking in the Light and truly letting go. -LORI A. HEADRICK

Rhyme and Reason Is that hawk screaming about whether or not it believes in the existence of God? Or simply seeking across the distance with a signal for its lover?

A warm drop Of a single tear Accidentally fell… Aimlessly from her Weathered yet smiling cheek… Softly splashing Upon her stain glassed window Of her journey of life… And her rose colored glasses Whisper softly A gentle yet brief reminder With clear but closed eyes… To exhale the sweet scent Of yesterday’s past… And breathe again… -CHELLE LANCE

Is that blade of grass straining against gravity to grow taller toward the sky? Or allowing its roots below the ground to do their business behind the scenes? Is that cloud concerned about bunkers being built in fear of bombs? Or being carried carefree by a gentle breeze blowing through the air? Is that star all bent out of shape over the latest debate raging on cable news? Or shining as a beacon of light to more galaxies than can be fathomed? Is that leaf throwing a fit about cold weather as the season begins to shift? Or brightening the woods with a brilliant autumn hue before falling back to the soil? Is that wave cursing at the moon about the way in which it’s made to move? Or crashing upon the shore with a splash to fulfill its natural fate of ebb and flow? -SCOTT THOMAS OUTLAR

Hiding isn’t worth it, it cannot change the past, owning all your story, you’ll begin to live at last. And living’s why we’re actually here, not to bury our heads in shame, stop pointing every finger, don’t waste your time with blame. Find out how to move ahead, investigate your heart, sit down quietly, bend an ear, and listen, it’s a start. There you’ll reach the answers, all forgiveness is within, open your mind, and hug yourself, it’s Love, that Always Wins. -SARA WINICK HERRINGTON



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