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Beijing Folk: The boy with the dragon tattoos Going Underground: Dongsishitiao, Line 2 Scene & Heard: Holiday hullabaloo in pictures … plus your chance to win great prizes

08 Features: We’ll help you make sense of the air pollution index readings, and we ponder the future of Beijing’s organic suppliers

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All Dragon ever wanted was a place to call home. For centuries he’d wandered, feared and misunderstood, always one step ahead of the villagers with pitchforks. Now at last he’d found a place to settle down. Would 2012 finally be his year? What’s New: Ours, The Vineleaf, Rug Bagel & Cafe, Tori Ton, Da Giuliano and Huazai Chuan Bar Feature: Fried dumplings Taste Test: Green tea-flavored foods A Taste of Home: Denmark What’s New: Mai, Frost, V Plus and The Malt Party Like A: Aspiring nightlife contributor A Drink With ... Maximillian Passiy of Chocolate Mastermind: Xiao Shuai of El Nido Have You Met: The Tea Rockers Quintet Playlist: What has Jurat T.T been listening to? Livehouse: Simple Plan … plus reviews of Xiao Shisanlang, Da Bang and Lake of Tears






What’s New: Aura, Delia and Zi An Print and Graphics Inspect a Gadget: Wishlist for 2012 Get the Look: Nordic Atelier: Ed Hung of NLGX Design Store Features: Zhan Wang blows up rocks at UCCA, Pathlight showcases contemporary Chinese fiction, and Jump reveals taekwondo to be as funny as we always suspected Bookshelf: Peter Sallade, film festival liaison



Feature: Ten whole years of the Nanshan Open’s international snowboarding and hijinks

53 Q&A: The Little Gold Book Hands-On: Jewelry-making Playdate: Dog training with Currie Lee of D-SATA

55 Long Weekend: Head over to Heilongjiang for ice sculptures and Russian sausages Feature: Chongqing’s old town

58 WHAT’S HAPPENING: The month at a glance EVENTS: Day-by-day listings for January THE DIRECTORY: Venues, venues, venues

84 Peking Man: George remembers an explosive family gathering

January 2012


CITY SCENE lies, damn lies and ...

Who needs spectacles? 41% of primary school children

. % of China’s population

67% of middle school students

have myopia (that’s 400,000,000 people.) The rate is 1.5 times

85% of university students

the world average of 22%

Based on a 2011 survey of 350,000 Chinese youngsters across 31 provinces Sources: Montreal Gazette, Xinhua

generation gap



Happy New Year! No.

The cover photograph was taken by Judy Zhou, and designed by Susu Luo.

January 2012

the coming year is that every restaurant in Beijing offers at least one signature dumpling. Here are my 13 immediate suggestions. Pulled pork dumplings – Home Plate Bar-B-Que Peking duck dumplings – Made in China La Parfait steak dumplings – Café de la Poste Double cheeseburger dumplings – Hollywood Pepperoni pizza dumplings – Pizza Buona Garlic prawn dumplings – Carmen Broccoli dumplings – everywhere Caprese dumplings – Alio Olio Chilli chicken dumplings – Ganges French toast dumplings – Maison Boulud Black cod dumplings – Nobu Fried chicken dumplings – Moon Concubine Indiavolato dumplings – Moment Cafe I hope that we can bring in the Year of the Snake with some of these fusion delights. My fingers will be crossed until February 10, 2013. That’d be a Happy New Year. Even with a withered hand. I’ll make sure I cross them on my left so I can still use chopsticks when the moment finally comes. Enjoy 2012 in the meantime.

Jonathan White Managing Editor

illustration: joey guo


ou’re probably expecting something about New Year’s. About the fact that there are two in such quick succession, how busy train stations and airports get, CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, fireworks, recently failed resolutions, overindulgence and all of that. Sorry to disappoint you. You’re not even going to get a recently invented story about either my mum or my dad. No. You’re getting none of that. Instead, you’re all getting a list of what I want this year. It’s not the Olympics, it’s not finding the Higgs boson particle in a Large Hadron Collider and it’s definitely not the end of the world that the Mayans have been banging on about. It’s not got anything to do with the big events of the year. It’s dumplings. Dumplings are, for my money, the best of Chinese food. In fact, they’re not bad in any cuisine – from Russia’s potato dumplings to England’s balls of suet that are only dumplings in name – but Chinese ones are best. You can’t really go wrong with a dumpling. They’re humble and unassuming. They are secretive and exciting. There are so many styles of dumpling and types of filling but none are ever wrong. There’s a reason that Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu is consistently top-rated on’s reader restaurant reviews. Dumplings are delicious, but that’s not to say there’s no room for improvement. My dream for

January 2012



Carl Craig played Lantern on Dec 8. Photos courtesy of Acupuncture Records

the Beijinger Charity Super Quiz took place on Dec 11 at Chocolate. Photos by Judy Zhou

Olympic Snowboarding champion Shaun White with Air & Style 2011 Rookie Challenge riders at the Oakley High Definition Optics press conference at d lounge on Nov 30. Photo courtesy of Oakley Park Hyatt Beijing kicked off the holiday season with a tree lighting ceremony on Dec 3. Photo courtesy of Park Hyatt Beijing

The Kro’s Nest was crowned the winner of the Beijinger Pizza Cup on Dec 19. Photos by Song Yang


January 2012

Science of Sounds presented a live set of techno, house and electro from Spanish DJ Digital 21 at Haze on Nov 25. Photos by Albert Louis Albaladejo

Centro celebrated its eighth anniversary on Nov 18. Photos courtesy of Kerry Hotel

Local design talents and stars assembled at the Vogue Talents Corner night at the Central Academy of Fine Arts on Dec 9. Photos courtesy of Fleishman-Hillard

Ritz-Carlton Beijing got festive at their Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Dec 2. Photos courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Beijing

Westin Chaoyang held a 1920sthemed tree lighting on Dec 1. Photos courtesy of Westin Chaoyang

General Manager Denise Molintas welcomed Hebei province’s vice-governor to DoubleTree by Hilton Langfang. Photo courtesy of DoubleTree by Hilton Langfang

Ritz-Carlton Financial Street started the season with an extravagant tree lighting on Dec 2. Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Financial Street

January 2012


smashing records

The Challenge: Leapfrogging


ast month we thought we’d broken a Guinness World Record and then we thought we hadn’t. It turns out, after some consultation with China’s own Guinness World Records adjudicator, that we may indeed have set a new record for speed gloving. This news put a spring in our step, so it wasn’t difficult to pick the next record to attempt: the most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by a team of two. Better yet, the current record of 25 was set in Tokyo. They might have more Michelin-starred restaurants but there’s no reason they should have more records. We split into teams of two and – after a quick discussion on what exactly constituted a leapfrog – prepared for our half-minute shots at glory. RESULTS Marilyn & Tiffany: 8* Lauren & Max: 13 Iain & Jonathan: 11 or 12 Tokyo remains on top. We failed miserably but it was a fun way to warm ourselves up in this weather. Only one person felt concrete on their face. That was an accident. TIPS AND STRATEGIES • Find people who can jump • Make sure you fully clear the non-jumper with your jump • Ensure that all team members can support one another’s weight • Non-jumpers should put their hands on their knees (or the ground) • Make sure that someone can count accurately

*It is unclear whether these leapfrogs would meet international standards.

Beijing folk

The Boy with the Dragon Tattoos by Michelle Dai


ou might think of dragons as powerful demons – the sidekick of the devils from all the mythology stories you heard when you were a child. But Chinese dragons bring you power and good for tune. That ’s why hairdresser Cheng Long tattooed three dragons on his body and is thinking ahead to number nine. The more the merrier … isn’t that what they say?

What inspired you to do it? To look cool. But I chose the dragon tattoos to change my luck.


January 2012

What would you think of a girl with a dragon tattoo? I would probably think that she likes playing around. In the old days, she would definitely be considered a bad girl.

Did they work? Some did, some didn’t. I just got a new one this year. Don’t know what will happen next. Tell us about the good luck. I’m not sure if it actually counts as good luck. My mood has just been as bad, but my situation improved – when I got my first dragon tattoo, the stocks I bought went up. But they went down a while later, and then I got two more. Why so many dragons? I just wanted another one after I got the second tattoo. Then I thought about getting nine dragons total. Nine dragons represent the Emperor, you know. I’m a little superstitious. But I’m afraid that I’m not strong enough to control the power. It’s also really painful to get so many tattoos. Have the tattoos affected your life?

photos: Joey guo and michelle dai

When did you get your first tattoo? Around 1998. Tattoos back then were very different. We didn’t actually have the proper equipment to do it. I just drew a picture by myself and used an eyebrow tattoo machine to make it. I thought it was pretty cool. That tattoo has been already been covered up by another one.

Many perceive people with tattoos as gangsters. I’m a hairdresser, not a gangster. Some customers have bad tempers and like to order around the hairdressers, but they always become gentler when they see my tattoos.

Going Underground


While its name will tangle untrained tongues, Dongsishitiao’s central location and traditional offerings make it a great place to bring guests, or to tempt your inner tourist.


When it comes to Beijing’s namesake dish, Da Dong’s medal tally speaks for itself (“Best Beijing Duck,” “Best Chinese Restaurant of the Year” and “Best for Impressing Visitors” in our Reader Restaurant Awards last year). Take Exit D and you’ll find it in Nanxincang International Plaza. If you’d rather work up an appetite than wait in line for a table, walk east from Exit B to another award-winner: Crescent Moon Xinjiang Restaurant. There you’ll find bored waitresses in Uygur dress, black beer, homemade yogurt and trip-worthy chuan’r.


The Dajiayongli jewelr y market, southwest of the bridge, is a wholesale heaven for anybody seeking high-quality gems. In addition to sparkly stones, it also sells relics, art and furniture.


Emerge from Exit B and gaze up at a concave edifice covered in what looks like medieval graffiti. That’s the Poly Plaza International Theatre, which stages epic operas, acrobatics and revolutionary ballets. If you’re looking for more subdued aesthetics, consider Kunqu (aka Peking Opera’s older, more refined sibling). Take Exit D to the 600-year-old Imperial Granary. On Friday and Saturday nights, you can see an abridged version of the Peony Pavilion, the Kunqu masterpiece.


U is for …

photos: flickr user kopikat

… umami 甘味/鲜味 One of five basic flavors (along with sweet, salty, bitter and sour), umami is easily added to any dish with a pinch of fine, white crystals of monosodium glutamate (味 精). Discovered as a flavor in 1908, umami refers to the savory, “brothy” taste that leaves a fine coating over the tongue. In Chinese cuisine, one typical umami-filled combination is chicken soup with cabbage and Chinese leeks. ... utensils 厨房用具 Before the introduction of Western cooking techniques and imple ments, the Chinese kitchen was incredibly simple. Cooking vessels included a wok and a large pot, and implements were just as few. A bare-bones utensil drawer need only

"big plate chicken"

contain a big cleaver and a metal spatula (chanzi 铲 子 ). And compared to Western cookware, these items are far more affordable – we’re looking at you, Dutch oven! ... Uygur In the context of food, “Uygur” is often used interchangeably with “Xinjiang.” The majority of China’s Uygur minorityv lives in Xinjiang, and it ’s their dishes that have come to typify the region’s cuisine. Uygur food is generally halal, and therefore based around mutton, beef and chicken. A number of flatbreads (nang), as well as noodles, provide the carbohydrates. Well-known dishes include handpulled noodles (手拉面 shoula mian) and “big plate chicken” (大 盘 鸡 dapan ji).

January 2012


Ecology Particularly Bad

Filtering fact from fiction when it comes to breathing in Beijing by Lauren McCarthy

AIR QUALITY index vs. air pollution index US Environmental protection agency (EPA)

Pollution index (AQI/API)







Unhealthy for sensitive groups


Slightly polluted



Lightly polluted

Very Unhealthy


Moderately polluted

Very Unhealthy


Heavily polluted



Severely polluted

How does the US Embassy’s pollution index differ from Beijing’s? The American index focuses on health (201 is deemed “Very Unhealthy”), while the Chinese ranking relates the numbers solely to pollution levels (201 is classified as “Moderately Polluted”). Moreover, due to the varying data used to calculate the respective index


numbers (i.e. the US data include PM2.5 as well as PM10 readings whereas China does not track PM2.5), the same day may be reported simultaneously as “Hazardous“ by the US Embassy Twitter feed (@beijingair) and “Lightly Polluted “ by the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.

Particulate size comparison How large are these PM10 and PM 2.5 particulates? PM10 refers to particulate matter with a diameter of 10 microns or less. These particulates primarily include dirt and dust created by construction or factories.

A human hair (70 microns)

Suspendable (44 microns)

PM2.5 refers to particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less. These particulates originate primarily from combustion sources (i.e. emissions from motor vehicles, wood and coal burning, etc.). Suspendable particles (ones that can hang in the air) are nearly half the width of a human hair, while PM10 particles are small enough to be inhaled into the lungs, and PM2.5 particles are small enough to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Long-term exposure risks to PM2.5 particulates include cancer and heart disease.

Inhalable (10 microns) Absorbable (2.5 microns)


January 2012

(1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter)

Contaminants by size (chart not to scale)

auto emissions

visible to naked eye

cement dust


10 microns



viruses atmospheric dust

1 micron 2.5 microns

radioactive fallout


tobacco smoke

0.1 micron


0.01 micron

CO2 combustion

0.001 micron

The naked human eye cannot see anything smaller than 50 microns, which means that everything being tracked by PM10 and PM2.5 is microscopic. Harmful aerosols (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide) are small enough to be absorbable into the bloodstream.

Sources: Water Quality Association,

PM10 readings, selected countries

Top 10 cities with worst PM2.5 ratings

(annual mean in micrograms/cubic meter)

(annual mean in micrograms/cubic meter)

120 100 300 80

250 200


150 40

100 50







Republic of Korea












Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Antanananrivo, Madagascar

Mexicali, Mexico

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Accra, Ghana

Zabrze, Poland

Dakar, Senegal

KrakĂłw, Poland

Torino, Italy

Lima, Peru

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a database that ranks cities by their PM2.5 levels. While the Beijing government currently does not publish PM2.5 readings, the US Embassy does – via their hourly Twitter feed @beijingair. The chart above shows roughly where Beijing would place (based on a two-year average from @beijingair) in comparison to the top ten cities in the WHO database.


0 0

When it comes to PM10 rankings in the WHO database, China, thankfully, does not take the top spot. That dubious honor goes to Mongolia.

PM10 readings (annual mean), selected Chinese cities


Jinan 123



Shanghai 81

Hong Kong 50 Guangzhou 70

Xian 113 Beijing 121

Tianjin 101 Chongqing 105

In the breakdown of PM10 ranking by Chinese cities, Beijing falls in the middle. If you want some cleaner air in a hurry, hop on a train to Tianjin.

Source: World Health Organization urban outdoor air pollution database, September 2011 (

January 2012



Expensive Eats “Elite” schoolyard organics in Beijing by Susan Sheng


any articles have been written about the dinner organized by Alice Waters at the recent US-China Forum on the Arts & Culture, organized by the Asia Society. Some journalists gushed about her organic, locally sourced menu, but others are wondering how far her influence will go in China. Waters, of Chez Panisse fame, has made a living advocating for locavorism, the Slow Food move-

ment and organic eating. Her Edible Schoolyard project is at the forefront of the growing movement urging people, children in particular, to become more knowledgeable about what they’re eating. What is the Edible Schoolyard? Established in Berkeley in 1995, the Edible Schoolyard program is designed to “help bring every child into a new relationship with food.” Students spend time in the garden

planting, growing and harvesting. Simple academic tasks such as writing acrostic poems and scaling recipes are integrated into the curriculum. Most (if not all) existing Edible Schoolyards have been established in schools in Englishspeaking, First World countries. The Edible Schoolyard in Beijing Closer to home, China’s first Edible Schoolyard is coming to fruition. Daystar Academy, a local nonprofit

kindergarten-elementary school in Shunyi, is beginning the transition from supplying organic student lunches to a more rounded Edible Schoolyard experience. Marketing administrator Kristen Lack is certified through Waters’ training seminars, and the school is officially affiliated with the original Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California. “My hope is that it can all start with Daystar,” says Lillian Chou, the

Organic Suppliers Going Organic For those who want to introduce some more organic options into their lives, the Beijing Organic Farmers’ Market is held weekly around Beijing (see their microblog at Arrive early to get the best produce. Expect to pay more than you would at a supermarket – prices can be anywhere between 20 to 200 percent higher. A cheaper option is subscribing to a farm (see right) who will deliver weekly boxes of vegetables to your door. This is cheaper, and RMB 100 will generally buy weekly vegetables for two or three people. The Chez Panisse - organized dinner inaugurating the first USChina Forum on the Arts and Culture was hosted by the US Embassy, attended by celebrities, and featured locally sourced artisanal and organic ingredients. In fact, the organizers fully intended that the dinner give an intangible boost – in the form of prestige and publicity – to the local farms that supplied this very high-profile event. Will the halo effect help the market for organic produce in Beijing to bloom? We hope so, but in the meantime we’re happy to use our soapbox to help spread the word. « supplier for the Alice Waters dinner è delivery options upon inquiry ¡ pickup locations around Beijing u attends the Beijing Organic Farmers’ Market


January 2012

«uBeijing Organic & Beyond 正谷 uèChen Yanhong (138 1036 6411) uDandelion Agricultural Cooperative 蒲公英农社 (139 0116 7188, uèDeRunWu 德润屋 (8459 0809; Dongle Vine (Beijing) Organic Agriculture Limited Company 东周丰源 «uèLittle Donkey Farm 小毛驴市民农园 (6246 0405, «uèFangjiayuan Farm 芳嘉园 (133 4111 0221) uHan Hai Sha 瀚海沙 (136 4100 0541, «Happy Green Cow Farm uHeping Women 和平妇女 (132 4195 7873, uLiuheyuan 六合园(134 3683 0485, uè¡Lohas Village 乐活村 (139 1145 6276, uPhoenix Hills Commune 凤凰公社 (6248 1229, uQingjiefang Kitchen Compost 青街坊厨余垃圾 (136 8128 0119, uèSanfendi Farm 三分地农场 (5779 9306, uShanjian Ecological 山间别薯 (139 1050 0916, uShoutu Yi Fang 守土义坊 (159 1066 4189,, «Special Commune uèSunlin Farm 圣林生态农庄 (158 1093 4622, «uèTianfuyuan Farm 天福园 (138 1075 4965, uTranquil Tuesdays 宁静二天 (6407 1938, uXiaotuan Shanxiangcao Farm 小团山香草农庄 (合肥) (+551 834 5876, uèYouranshe 悠然社(8266 3676, uYuanwei Farm 原味农庄 (137 0125 5081, u¡Taiping Farm 太平老农 (158 1117 3001, Organic Products (non-fruit/vegetable suppliers) «Boulangerie Nanda. Daily 9.30am-7.30pm. 1/F, 52 Jingshun Lu, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District 朝阳区京顺路52号乐活城1层(在Giant自行车店旁边) (8459 0134, 139 1127 2032) «uGreen Yard Dairy Farm 归原有机牛奶 (6506 5855, uLes confitures de Laetitia 比利时果酱 ( «uè¡Le Fromager de Pekin 北京布乐奶酪坊 (135 2001 6860, uMr. Mijiu 米酒先生 (150 1115 4842, QQ390761298)


outside food consultant for Daystar’s Edible Schoolyard and school lunch program. Chou hopes that Daystar can lead other local schools to join in Water’s “delicious revolution.” The Edible Schoolyard in China The Edible Schoolyard – and Alice Waters herself – is not without critics. From fellow foodie Anthony Bourdain to educational researchers, the movement has been panned for its exclusivity and for a lack of concrete benefits in test results. “Some people say it’s elitist,” says Chou when I bring up the subject of the organic lifestyle, and she allowed that it is expensive. “It needs big companies to invest, and maybe that is a bit elitist.” In a country such as China, where high academic performance is absolutely necessary for a student to differentiate himself or herself from millions of others, time spent in the garden might also be perceived as an unappreciated diversion from book learning. Though Waters maintains that “all children everywhere” would benefit from this program, she has made no suggestions about how the Schoolyard could be adapted for China. “The children are learning English, math. They’re measuring out garden beds, and counting seeds. They’re learning,” said Waters when

I spoke to her at the US-China Forum last month. Measuring out garden beds? The average Chinese parent might be concerned whether their child will fall behind those in other schools. A Chinese elementary educator may not understand why they even need to plant gardens, and wonder how to find long-term, justifiable curriculum content in the dirt. At the very least, China’s elementar y mathematic curriculum is far beyond that of any ordinary American school’s. To teach a Chinese 10-year-old how to double a recipe is perhaps a little redundant. Chou was more down-to-earth. “This isn’t going to fly with everyone,” she agrees. “ We’re a niche. We’ll always be a niche. But people need an option.” That option comes in at RMB 86,000 a year (plus lunch costs), which is what yearly tuition at Daystar will cost you. The children of Beijing’s privileged will undoubtedly benefit from hormone-free chicken sandwiches and fruit salads sans exploding melons. As to the longer-term success of the Edible Schoolyard project in China, we can only wish them the best of luck. For more on Alice Waters’ work, see

January 2012


FUN & GAMES old china hand

WIn stuff


Look through this issue for the chance to win great prizes! Win a voucher for a dinner buffet for two at Grand Millennium’s CBD restaurant by correctly answering the questions of Trivia Travails. Be first to spot this month’s Bogus Ad and win vouchers for Paradise Massage.


Also up for grabs in this issue: a Hoegaarden gift pack, tickets to The Underground Rebel Bingo Club, hot chocolate at Moment Cafe, and an RMB 200 voucher for Ganges Indian Restaurant Email with your answers. Good luck!

Changsha Station and Capital Airport. Photos by Mikey Iannini

trivia travails Each month we run a series of questions based on the content of the issue. Answer them correctly and win free stuff! This month’s prize is a dinner buffet for two at Grand Millennium’s CBD restaurant. Email answers to Answers to December’s Trivia Travails: 1. a) golf simulators 2. a) December 1 3. d) Both A and B 4. b) Dongbei cuisine 5. b) an iPhone app 6. c) rock musicians 7. b) largest 8. c) graffiti artist Last month’s winner was Mark Pender.

Tell Us a Joke 1. Maximillian Passiy is a ___________. a) lomographer b) mixologist c) cartographer d) choreographer

5. The show Jump stars _______________. a) Sung-Yul Noh b) Sung-Noh Yul c) Yul-Sung Noh d) Yul-Noh Sung

2. Artist Zhan Wang likes ___________. a) dragon tattoos b) pizza wars c) rocks d) Nordic sweaters

6. Chunyun is _______________. a) a type of dumpling b) flight cancellation c) Christmas season d) Spring Festival travel

3. Huazai Chuan Bar is located next to which establishment? a) The Crazy Horse b) The James Joyce c) The Fountainhead d) 7/11

7. What’s the most expensive brand sold at Aura? a) Obscur b) Discovered c) Stratopparel d) Mountain Research

4. Where can you buy the Little Gold Book? a) Beijing Huiling and other NGOs b) c) The Bookworm d) all of the above

8. Simple Plan is from _______________. a) Ireland b) Canada c) Iceland d) Iowa

Chef Reto Borer, Fairmont Beijing Two cannibals were eating a clown. One turned to the other and said, “Does this taste funny to you?” Chef Reto doesn’t cook anything funny at The Cut or Lunar 8.


January 2012


renter the dragon photos by judy zhou


All i ever wanted was a place to call home. growing up in the west was hard for a young dragon. so i moved to beijing, where dragons are revered. and what could be more beijing than the full hutong experience?






That is not a bath house.

i couldn't wait to try out the neighborhood bath house ...


there are some sights you can't unsee ...


time to see some new apartments.

January 2012


This view could be yours.


very spacious. you won't be banging those horns on the chandelier.

9 10

air vents! nice.

what a coincidence! i'm showing it to someone right now.



Somebody's on their way with the deposit. but If you pay now, the apartment's yours.

Where’s the nearest ATM?!

i was hardly made to feel welcome.



With the elevator out of the question, the walk soon got boring. time to move on.


January 2012


16 I’ll be storing some of my things here. Not going to be a problem, is it?

my next landlord treated me like family.



there was no way i could live with that filthy pig ...

This is my son. He’s your new roommate. you don't mind.

it was a dysfunctional family.




obviously, after that i had to move out. that was definitely breach of contract. what followed was a series of further disasters.


it felt like the world was out to get me. January 2012



Some upstairs neighbors couldn’t be bothered to bring their garbage downstairs.

dude. not cool.

there was no respect for my space ...



why, i oughta ... AYi

... or my worldly goods.

dude, i'm standing right here.


one landlord couldn’t seem to stay out of my apartment.


January 2012


The walls were thin as parchment. All I could ever hear was drilling.


I moved to Phoenix City. I was hoping to meet chicks.

Knock knock

27 29

You're from the U.S.A? Your English must be perfect, then!

but i wasn't ready for kids just yet.


I’ll come pick her up in three hours. Make sure she works on her idioms.

Duuude! my ears!


Not cool.


Dude. Dude!

one neighbor was A very enthusiastic musician. All she ever played were the scales.



Knock knock

January 2012




Knock knock

Hello! I need to check that the foreigner’s residence permit is valid.


38 Can you explain this idiom to me? I couldn’t use it properly.

And then there was the baoan.


I got a new roommate. She seemed OK at first.



until she began dressing like me.

She left with her tail between her legs.


January 2012


Monkey asked me to housesit his shunyi villa.

42 cheerio!

see ya! water the plants, enjoy the HBO, relax. just don’t go upstairs.





I was tired of being victimized. Didn’t I deserve a little reward for all my trials and tribulations? this place was heaven. And nobody was going to cast me out. Nobody.

Monkeys can be so hurtful.




This is the life.

all mine!

To hell with Monkey. what was up there?

January 2012


but why borrow when you can steal ...


upstairs is amazing. By the way, you did bring the cash?


Thanking you muchly.

51 53


Mwahahahaaa ...

... haha ...

With my powers, creating a smoky distraction was easy. Then i could slip in and help myself to what i deserved.

55 ... hahahaha

One day, everything changed. I happened upon an apartment that was genuinely on fire.

You know what they say: “Where there’s smoke … acquire."


I heard a cry from inside ...

i want my mama!


It was a sobering moment. I began to think about all my smoky home invasions. How terrible of me to use my powers for personal gain …


January 2012



hero saves cat


‌ when really I should have been doing it for the fame and adulation.

BEIJING – Disaster was averted last night at Marseilles Garden Villas when local hero and serial Good Samaritan Dragon Li plucked residents and pets from a potentially d e a d l y i n f e r n o. T h i s was Dragon's seventh rescue in as many weeks. The cause of the blaze at Marseilles Garden Villas has not been determined; the fire department is investigating.

I became the toast of the town.

But then my flame started to splutter. I panicked. That just made it worse.


Who could I talk to about this? Maybe OX. he'd always been a good listener.

so my friend has this problem ...


Look, I know how you feel about therapy.

62 but this shrink is great.

She helped me last year when I had moo swings.

January 2012



I’ve been expecting you. Come on in.


fair? i'lll tell you about fair ... i grew up in a freaking cave.

The hell with it. What did I have to lose?

it felt good to share.

I have to admit, her insights were pretty accurate. And something about her was oddly compelling. i found her irresistible. In my professional opinion, you have a heroism addiction.

i know just how to treat it.



I could feel my fire coming back.

67 68

It was raging again. I can’t show you what happened next. But I’ll say this: She had such a lovely …

… apartment.


January 2012

the end we'd like to thank Carolyn robison and family, joel shuchat and the orchid, jw marriott beijing, john wood and wendy huang, marianne chan, gavin grimes, Ricky sixx and associate, jerry's ayi, our ayi, tonto, engels, beijing huan run film costume rental, mai mang jian jian costume rental and the good citizens of beijing


nibbles NEW OPENINGS Pho La La is a new Vietnamese restaurant opposite April Gourmet on Xingfucun Zhonglu. Let’s Burger has opened at Pinnacle Avenue in Shunyi. The Westin Financial Street has opened a new German brauhaus and restaurant called Ellinger Brauhaus. We’re not convinced that Sanlitun Soho needs any more bakeries, but we’re getting another this month in the form of Cream Paul. Sherpa’s delivery service has just set up shop in Beijing. They’ve been a hit in Shanghai, and now have grand designs on the capital. Check out their website ( for more information.

MIXING IT UP Green Bites is offering a free portion of dumplings for every four main dishes ordered during January, as well as a buy-one-get-one-free deal on soups. Perfect for Spring Festival. Grinders is doing a new RMB 2 chicken wing promotion every Tuesday. You have to order in multiples of ten wings, and four flavors are available: Buffalo Hot, BBQ, Thai Chili and Honey Mustard. Flamme’s winter menu features 29 new dishes, including chips with a tasty blue cheese dip, chicken with jambalaya rice, and much more.


Capital Bites

Jing at The Peninsula has introduced its new “Station-to-Station at Jing” concept, featuring 16 buffet areas displaying delicacies from around the world.

Iain Shaw is making dumplings

photo: susan sheng


fter at least six years of construction, Shimao Department Store is now open in the block west of Sanlitun Village South. And it’s full of new places to eat. Don’t get too excited if you’re hoping for Western restaurants – Papa John’s is all Shimao currently has for you. But if you feel Sanlitun is strangely lacking in decent Chinese restaurants, in spite (or perhaps because) of all the developments of recent years, explore Shimao’s basement and fourth floor. It’s not earth-shattering, but it does give Sanlitun a bit more variety in terms of Chinese dining. You can’t eat in Middle 8th every time. The most interesting places in Shimao so far are Nanjing Impressions, dim sum restaurant Yuebei Xiaocheng and a branch of laozihao

duck restaurant Bianyifang. There are long lines outside Green Tea, an affordable chain offering a wide selection of Chinese homestyle dishes. And of course, there’s that pink-hued restaurant inspired by a cartoon cat – I’ll say no more. Down in the basement, Ito Yokado’s supermarket is great for grabbing something on the move, with quiches, salads, sushi and even takeaway dim sum from Jin Ding Xuan. And actually, when you consider the more predictable names like Xiabu Xiabu hot pot, Nadu mala xiangguo and Beard Papa, the fact that you generally don’t see mall fodder like this in Sanlitun makes even these names kind of exciting. Ganges has had a busy few months, but there was shock last

Obentos have extended their delivery area to include the Ritan embassy district, the Workers’ Stadium and much of the CBD. See their website (www. for full details.

month when they abruptly closed their Sanlitun Village branch. Ganges told us that their lease on the space had finished, and that although they were willing to renew and pay more rent, “The Village management has different plans for that place.” It’ll be interesting to see what will replace Ganges and what sort of a precedent this sets for future changes in the Village. While we keep an eye on their old space, Ganges continues to look for a new Sanlitun venue. If you’ve come to this month’s Dining section expecting a review of Temple Restaurant Beijing – you know, the place with the guy who used to manage Maison Boulud – you’ll have to hang on for another month. Or you could just dive straight in and go down yourself for dinner or weekend brunch.

CRU Steakhouse has launched a new gourmet Sunday brunch. Order your main course – steak and lobster included – a la carte, then enjoy a buffet featuring quality oysters, cheeses, foie gras and more. There’s also a champagne option, a great variety of wines and sturdy martinis to help you shake off the Sunday morning blues.

CLOSED FOR BUSINESS Tonton and Tata and Waffleboy have bid farewell to Sanlitun Soho. Unconditional Love Coffee has now closed at Pingod. We were sorry to hear that Marc de Ruiter’s Yellow Valley cheese company has ceased production in Shanxi. Guests at our 2010 Reader Restaurant Awards who remember Marc dishing out free wheels of cheese will likely share in our regret.

January 2012


WHAT’S NEW restaurants

B a r bec u e a n d T e p pa n yak i

Huazai Chuan Bar 华仔串吧 Daily 24hrs. 14 Xindong Lu (next to The James Joyce), Chaoyang District (no tel) 朝阳区新东路14号

This 24-hour chuan’r dive has a drinks selection that would cause El Nido to do a drunken double-take. But when you discover it’ s run by the same peeps as the Paradise CVS liquor store around the corner, it all makes sense. The food is clearly designed to soak up excess booze. Spicy, salty skewers abound, as do greasy, chilli-red Sichuan favorites like shuizhu yu and mala xiangguo (RMB 50-60). Signature chicken wings (RMB 6 for two) come with four choices of glaze (try the honey), and the pork ribs with corn (RMB 48) hit the spot after a night on the tiles. The interior is fancier than your average skewer joint, but only the alcohol selection could ever be called classy. Guinness, Erdinger and Chimay are on offer (RMB 35-40) along with imported spirits and a selection of wines. Tom O’Malley Also try: Kuan Dian, any neighborhood chuan’r dive

fish and chips

Grape and Grain E u r o p ean

The Vineleaf Daily (closed Tuesdays) 11.30am-2.45pm, 6-10.15pm. 9 Jianchang Hutong (east of Yonghe Villas), Dongcheng District (6407 6308) 东城区箭厂胡同9号(近五道营胡同)


oot toot! That, eaters, was a tiny trumpet, announcing with modest fanfare the opening of Beijing’s first British-style gastropub. (OK, there’s Lido’s Park Side, but it’s just a bit too slick.) The Vineleaf’s tiny, unadorned hutong interior has a few tables at one end and a bar at the other, over which boss Will Yorke (also owner of the Vineyard Cafe) chalks up the dishes – almost all British (toot!) – on a giant board. My cottage pie (RMB 72), served in a round ramekin, stood proud in a meadow of buttery


January 2012

Standout dishes: Cottage pie, fish and chips Also try: The Irish Volunteer, Park Side Bar and Grill

B a k e r i e s , De li s a n d Ca n dy

Da Giuliano 1 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, Chaoyang District (8454 4402) 朝阳区三里屯北小街1号

This pasticceria from the people who run Assaggi specializes in two-bite, five-kuai desserts. Petite profiteroles, square-inch sponge cake and baby éclairs are the cutest, but it was a dark chocolate ganache tartlet that impressed. Despite an unremarkable crust, its bittersweet richness lingered on the tongue. The walnut tart was another standout. Cannoli are available, but only sporadically. Sadly, both their pain au chocolat and a sesame-multigrain croissant (interesting idea, terrible execution) lacked layer and flake, and both were coated in a tacky, jammy gelatin glaze. A basic coffee (RMB 20) held a sad burnt edge, and the “Italian hot chocolate” (RMB 25) is made with Cadbury Drinking Chocolate powder. Da Giuliano is already an embassy-worker hotspot. Stick to their signature sweets and you’ll wish you worked around here too. Susan Sheng Also try: Divina Cakes


photos: nature zhang, judy zhou and susan sheng

scotch egg

green peas like a Great Wall watchtower. Will slowcooks his beef ‘n’ gravy ahead of time, then tops it off with fluffy mash before sticking it under the grill – winter comfort food at its most cuddly. For a light lunch, the Scotch egg (RMB 40) was served steamy-hot alongside a dish of homemade piccalilli pickles – hats off to the moist, peppery pork and runny yellow yolk. Fish and chips (RMB 72) puts a twist on the classic with a trio of sauces (tartar, curry and mushy peas) and a tempurastyle fish batter made with sparkling water. Best of all, the Vineyard’s shop-bought crinkle fries are replaced by hand-cut, twice-cooked chips of distinction. BrewDog’s 77 Lager (RMB 55) will soon be available on draft for the first time in Beijing, but for now beer fans can sup a rare pint of English ale Pedigree (RMB 40). And let’s hope they do, because for that authentic gastropub atmosphere (like The Eagle or The Anchor & Hope in London) you need a few ill-mannered boozers to give the bourgeois foodies something to tut about. Tom O’Malley


Bread Carpet B a k e r i es an d De li s

Rug Bagel & Cafe Daily 11.30am-10pm. Bldg 4, Lishui Jiayuan, Chaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu (opposite south gate of Chaoyang Park), Chaoyang District (8550 2722) 朝阳区朝阳公园南路丽水嘉园4号楼 (朝阳公园南门对面)


here’s a reason why the blue whale is the biggest creature we’ve got. It represents a biological tipping point – any larger and it would cave in uselessly like an enormous, briny soufflé. I’m starting to think similar laws apply to bagels in Beijing. Judging by the few places that bake their own, any wider than a coffee cup here and it’s bye-bye bagel. Maybe it’s the pollution? It’s the same deal at Rug Bagel & Café. Though authentically dense, the bagels are so dinky you could use one to rescue a drowning earthworm. Even with its side of fluffy home fries, the lox and cream cheese bagel (RMB 88) was more munchies than meal – which irks a bit at this price, though it does include a coffee or tea. If you’re hungry, go for the Eggs Benedict bagel brunch (RMB 78), which by virtue of being served open has twice the filling. Other mains include soups, sandwiches, delicate pasta dishes and salad bowls. The “warm Rug salad” (RMB 58) features a good variety of crisp leaves, bacon bits and a soft-boiled egg. As a place for a light bite or a lazy coffee, Rug is just the ticket – earthy furnishings decorate an airy, elegant space dotted with thoughtful details like fresh flowers, tinkling classical music and recycled napkins. What’s more, their commitment to locally sourced, seasonal ingredients is laudable. But until the kitchen gets a bit more generous, getting a decent feed remains a work in progress. Tom O’Malley

bacon and egg bagel

Standout dishes: Eggs Benedict bagel brunch, pumpkin soup Also try: Pekotan

Japan e s e

Tori Ton 鸟屯

photos: judy zhou

Daily 5.30pm-1am. Alleyway opposite Workers’ Stadium East Gate (behind China View), Chaoyang District (156 9988 5500) 朝阳区工体东门对面中国红街后面


All edibles can be classified thus: date food and non-date food. Yakitori skewers tend toward the latter camp. However, if you can work your way around a chuan’r, Tori Ton’s dimmed mood lighting and bench seating makes it the perfect romantic spot for hip kids who aren’t afraid to get a little inelegant. This new venture from owner Issey Yamakawa is just as classy as his last (Tori Tei), with similar offerings. We’ve raved about Tei’s skewered chicken hearts and salmon, but new discoveries at Ton include the chicken breast with plum and basil (RMB 10), arriving with a waft of subtle aromatics. It’s an appreciable break from heavier

yakitori flavors. They really do skewers best. A dragon roll (RMB 38) was bland, tonkatsu ramen (RMB 30) barely approached proper richness and curry chicken wings (RMB 30) tasted just a little off. Stuff on sticks ranges from RMB 5 to RMB 60, though portions are small, so expect your (very delicious) meal to add up. Susan Sheng Also try: Sanma No Aji, Suzumei

January 2012


WHAT’S NEW restaurants what's new: restaurants ... where they are OURS THE VINELEAF

Da giuliano


Third Ring Road

Second Ring Road


ours of fun


ja pan es e

Mon-Fri 8am-11pm, Sat-Sun 10.30am-11pm. 11A Xiushui Nanjie, Chaoyang District (8563 6215) 朝阳区秀水南街11号

Ours 我们的日式烧肉屋 Daily 11am-10pm. 6 Haoyun Jie, 1-5 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District (5867 0206, 5246 6252) 朝阳区朝阳公园路1-5号好运街6号


ike handlebar moustaches and the Catholic priesthood, grilling meat is a men-only pursuit. Disagree? On two visits to this new Japanese/Korean restaurant, I clocked only Chinese Y-chromosomes. The men were merrily barbecuing slabs of attractively marbled beef whilst regaling their white-collar chums with tales of golfing prowess. Meat can be ordered by the cut or in sets (RMB 118-128) that include beef short rib, tenderloin, chicken thighs and pork belly, but real men no doubt flip to the menu section

Standout dishes: Beef short ribs, squid Also try: Kagen, Ai Jiang Shan


January 2012


Like steering a fan boat through alligator country, the weekday lunch buffet at Nola (11am-3pm) is a down-home southern thang. A steaming cauldron of gumbo, cute little cornbread muffins and Cajun deviled eggs are displayed on tables, with a salad station featuring thoughtful additions like crumbly blue cheese and pumpkin seeds. A cauliflower gratin and serviceable mac ‘n’ cheese are kept warm over paraffin lamps, and dainty homemade cookies peer up appetizingly from a tiered tray. All this plus tea, coffee or a soft drink for RMB 48; chuck in another RMB 20 for a freshly cooked main from a rotating list of specials like shrimp etouffee (a tomato-based stew)

and roast chicken with potatoes. Get all that down and you’ve got an excuse to take the afternoon off and go find a rocking chair. Nola’s po’ boys (RMB 42-65, a la carte only), served on crusty rolls with a side salad, are one of the more worthwhile sandwiches in town, and the wickedly spicy jambalaya (RMB 68) bursts with taut seafood and dark smoked sausage. In fact, just about the only thing Louisiana natives might miss here is a Hubig’s pie. That and a gator or two. Tom O’Malley Standout dishes: Shrimp jambalaya, andouille sausage po’ boy Also try: Chef Too, Home Plate Bar-B-Que

po' boy sandwich

photos: judy zhou & sui

titled “Tongue Zone” to choose between “superior tongue,” “selected tongue,” and less appetizingly, “onion tongue.” Eww. A whole chopped-up squid was a bargain at RMB 20, and scallops (RMB 18 for two) came raw on the half-shell with a knob of butter that melted into the translucent flesh as they cooked. The seafood barbecue set (RMB 218) included razor clams and conch, and the mouth-tingling teriyaki chicken (RMB 35) was perfect with a frothy mug of draft Asahi beer (RMB 20). Ours’ interior is black and moody, dominated by extraction vents that dangle over tables like fireman’s hoses. An army of servers in red neckerchiefs do the shout-andanswer thing, which, though a growing affliction in Beijing, doesn’t detract too much from what is a slick operation. If meat is your manna, this restaurant strikes a good balance between quality and value, but, frankly, you won’t stay long. Why? Seat cushions are angled in such a way that you’re perpetually being tipped off like an unwanted cat. Shoo. Tom O’Malley

A m e r i can

Grape Press

Cool As Ice What makes a genuine ice wine? by Edward Ragg


hinese New Year is one of those festivals in which wine is now a gift of choice. Ice wine has in recent years become increasingly popular, and not only for gifting purposes. But what is ice wine? It’s a dessert wine made from grapes which, in the Northern Hemisphere, are harvested as late as December or even January. Only healthy berries are picked in conditions around -10°C. After the fruit is pressed in the winery, the frozen water is removed, leaving only a thick, concentrated nectar for fermentation. In fact, the sweetness of ice wine affects the alcohol content. Most yeasts die when the alcohol reaches a level of 5-10 percent ABV – there’s just too much sugar for the poor yeast to survive! So if you see an ice wine listed as 15 percent ABV, it can’t be the real deal. Canada has the conditions to make ice wine every year. In Germany and Austria, winters are now only cold enough once every seven years or so. This month’s selections are all genuine ice wines. ONE TO QUAFF 2007 Jackson-Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve Vidal Ice Wine, Niagara

Peninsula, Ontario, Canada (RMB 794, ASC) Available at Prego, Senses Vidal is a hardy grape variety wellsuited to the Canadian cold. Deep gold in color, this wine has honeyed peach fruit, very high sugar, supporting acidity and lovely length. ONE TO SIP 2004 Markus Molitor Brauneberger Mandel Riesling Eiswein, Mosel, Germany (RMB 812, Wine Culture) Available at Capital M, China Grill A great German producer, and from the classic Riesling grape. Deep gold, the wine has honeyed apple fruit with raisin aromas. Intensely sweet with lifting acidity and stunning length. ONE TO SAVOR 2004 Von Othegraven Riesling Kanzem Altenberg Erste Lage Eiswein, Saar, Germany (RMB 1,999, Globus) Available at Maison Boulud Another great German producer. This wine is deep gold with wonderful candied citrus and honeyed apple fruit. Rich in sugar but perfectly balanced with high acidity and remarkable length.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of the suppliers

Edward Ragg is co-founder, with Fongyee Walker, of Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting, China’s leading independent wine consultancy and education service ( They write for the world’s wine magazines and several publications in China.

January 2012



Denmark cracking pork crackling by Iain Shaw

rice pudding



January 2012

Louise Flach de Neergaard acknowledges as much. “These aren’t common in Denmark,” says the Danish Embassy’s Minister-Counselor for Food, Agriculture & Fisheries. However, smushis are basically a mini version of the extremely traditional Danish smørrebrød, so we order a variety (RMB 90 for three, plus soup and coffee or tea) to get us started. “This is very much lunch, we wouldn’t ever have this for dinner,” says de Neergaard of the smørrebrød/smushi concept – a sole slice of rye bread, piled high with toppings. I note that the Danes seem fond of smothering their fish and meat with sour ingredients like red cabbage, pickles, beets and capers. This is an acquired taste for me, and one that I can only do in measured

doses, but the textures are enjoyable – the dense, rough rye bread working at turns with smooth, crunchy and fleshy toppings. Smushis are fine, but what else is there to Danish cuisine? We look to the dinner menu – although it’s lunch, the waitress is happy to oblige, allowing us to order the traditional Danish crispy pork (flæskesteg, RMB 210). “Very typical,” says de Neergaard. In fact, pork is everywhere in Danish cuisine: “Pork meatballs, cooked smoked ham, pork cutlets and boiled pork. We’re five million people and we produce more than 30 million pigs,” de Neergaard adds proudly. No wonder they can sacrifice so much bacon for British fry-ups. Our Danish representative gives the crispy

photos: judy zhou

A few months ago, if you’d asked me what “smushi” was, I’m not sure I would have had an answer. I might have guessed it was sushi battered senseless with the blunt edge of a meat cleaver or flattened out with a rolling pin. But I can’t be sure I’d even have thought it had anything to do with food. Thanks to Royal Smushi House, this portmanteau of “smørrebrød” and “sushi” is currently the first – perhaps only – association many Beijingers will make with Danish cuisine. In fact, the smushi was invented just a few years ago by Copenhagen’s Royal Cafe (Royal Smushi House’s parent restaurant). Over lunch at Royal Smushi House, Marie

photo: judy zhou

crispy pork

pork the thumbs-up. “It’s nice, has a good taste, although it’s not as tender as it would be at home. Also, I see they’ve learned to slice it properly – last time I was here they cut it in the wrong direction.” “The best part is the skin,” says de Neergaard, setting us up for the all-important crackling. “Wow,” our host nods in approval. “It’s difficult to get it that crispy, but that’s really perfect.” A side of red cabbage, cooked with cloves, adds a warm, reassuring aroma to this wintery favorite. As the conversation turns towards home, I ask de Neergaard what Danes in Beijing crave. “I’d want a Danish sausage stand here – we have these wagons they drag around and serve hot dogs from them. It’s great, so simple – just the bread, sausage and ketchup. Straight off the plane home, it’ll be the hot dog stand in the arrival hall. They know people want it either before they’re leaving or when they’re coming home, so it’s really expensive. Then, of course, the Danish pastry.” Ah, the Danish pastry. Anyone whose home has given the world something so widely (and often unsuccessfully) imitated should recognize the compulsive reflex de Neergaard describes. “I used to pass the bakeries here, and I’d see the Danish pastry and think, ‘Oh I’d like to try that one.’ I was always disappointed, so now I’ve just stopped.” Though she expresses enthusiasm for Smushi House’s effort, de Neergaard says she avoids Danish pastry in Beijing now. I ask what other dining options exist for Danes in Beijing.

De Neergaard shakes her head. “This is basically the place – when I get a craving for Denmark, it’s here.” I mention Bleu Marine – Danish- owned, although the steak-and-fries menu is usually characterized as French. “I don’t know it, but I’ll have to try it,” admits de Neergaard. “Of course, if you really get a craving, the easiest thing is to cook it yourself,” de Neergaard adds optimistically. “In Denmark, we’ve got marinated herring in many different flavors. That’s very typical. You can’t find that in restaurants here, but it’s easy to find herring in the shops. Though the Swedish herring they sell at Ikea is totally different.” Ikea crops up again when we discuss rye bread. “People say ‘Just go and get it in Ikea’ ... That’s for the Swedes! Their rye bread is sweet.” We order another seasonal dish, the rice pudding, to finish. De Neergaard isn’t too enthusiastic (“I had this before, it wasn’t great”) but recommends it as another typically Danish dish. A creamy vanilla rice pudding, served with a dollop of cherry sauce, arrives. Our host perks up. “ This looks better than last time,” she starts. “But you should add almonds. No almonds here. That’s a big mistake, because the almonds give it a crunchiness.” Give or take the almonds, I could eat bowls of this stuff. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Royal Smushi House Daily 7am-10.30pm. 12 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6416 9664) 皇家慕喜, 朝阳区东直门外大街12号

January 2012


Last orders The main courses We’d f o l l o w w i t h A g u a’s f a b bogavante rice – in massive quantities! Then we’d order Karaiya Spice House’s signature duck: a must-have requested by the whole table! The desserts No great family meal is complete without Capital M’s pavlova. The last bites would have to be Maison Boulud’s madeleines – we’d make sure to pack some for the flight from Beijing!

Alex Molina and Daniel Urdaneta Owners, Modo and Mosto by Iain Shaw Every month, we ask notewor thy Beijingers to imagine their final meal before leaving the city for good.

The venue We’d take over a 798 factory and prepare a long communal wooden table for all our friends and families.

The starters To open our last Beijing meal, we’d start with our favorite dandan mian noodles from Transit.

Something from your own restaurants? We’d most likely serve every person’s favorite dish, along with Modo’s crispy pork belly for all of us to share. To finish, if we don’t have Mosto’s chocolate souffle, we’ll probably be asked to make another last dinner! The music We’d leave it all to Migas to rock this party! The drinks We l l o f c o u r s e , w e’d h a v e t o drink some rhum … with some tailor-made rhum-based cocktails from Apothecary. We promise to behave!

photo: nature zhang


January 2012

Q&A Well the building was crumbling, so we were ready. But Xiaoyun Lu was a project we’d considered for two years.

brand New Flo brasserie Flo boss Robert Schmitz by Iain Shaw


needed a second thought. He talked us through the new brasserie’s highlights and reflected on saying goodbye to the old location. Would you agree it was time for a change at Flo?

Still, it’s risky moving a decadeAnd what about the menu? old institution, isn’t it? We’ve asked the chef to concentrate That’s true, but we have a loyal fan seriously on bringing back a few real, base. Rainbow Plaza wasn’t the traditional brasserie dishes at superkind of place where we were busy reasonable prices. The strategy will because customers just happened be to mix that sort of to walk by. Probably thing with the high80 percent of those “the bakery end stuff – we’ll loyal customers will will be a good always do foie gras, follow us to Xiaoyun and oysters, at the Lu. Also, there’s a value-add” best quality we can great market in the get. We’re also goarea, not just for our ing to add an a la carte brunch on restaurant, but for a happy hour Saturdays and Sundays, possibly place, which our new terrace will with a champagne or Bloody Mary be perfect for. option. Is there a sense of sadness at When people hear “Brasserie leaving Rainbow Plaza? Flo,” what kind of words should Yeah, for about 30 seconds! pop into their heads? I want them to have the image of Tell us about the new restaurant. the waiter who knows what he’s The big difference – and something doing, can anticipate their needs we’ve never done with any Flo and moves quickly to get it done. project – is the bakery. All the bread in the restaurant will come from Look out for Brasserie Flo opening soon there, and if you want a freshly baked at 18 Xiaoyun Lu. baguette, you can buy it on the way out. We think it’ll be a good value-

PHOTOS: susan sheng

fter 12 years, Brasserie Flo’s Rainbow Plaza location was showing its age. So when the opportunity came to relocate the long-running French restaurant to Xiaoyun Lu, Robert Schmitz, Flo Asia’s Chief Operating Officer, barely

add for Beijing. The terrace is another gigantic change for us. We’ve traditionally had lunch and dinner, but now we’ll have the terrace business from late April to September.

January 2012



Out Of the Frying Pan by Tom O’Malley


he boiled dumpling, a meaty staple of billions, is wrapped and wolfed down with gusto in northern China at this time of year. Whilst we salute its steamy, pillowy simplicity, if you’re nursing a Dragon-sized hangover, there’s something lacking. Grease. Yep, as the saying goes in the land of the lardy, if you can’t beat it, fry it.

“Three-sided” dumplings (san mian jiao 三面饺) Mr. Shi’s Dumplings “Try my famous dumplings,” urges the scrawled sign outside this welcoming alleyway diner. Mister Shi (“Old Stony” to his pals) is rightly proud of his pyramidal fried bundles, loosely wrapped and resembling greasy miniature tacos. Open at both ends, they seem to maintain structural integrity by sheer juicy oiliness. The delectable beef and coriander variety (RMB 7.5 for one liang), sloshed in garlic house vinegar, will make you right again in no time. The dumplings are good, but order from the Chinese menu to avoid the English-language stealth tax.


January 2012

“Satchel” potstickers (dalian huoshao 褡裢火烧) Zhuzhong Dalian Huoshao A Beijing specialty, these angular fried bricks are so named for their resemblance to old-fashioned satchels, but they look more like greasy gold ingots. Start the year off on the right foot with the pork with green bean and the pork with green pepper varieties (RMB 4-6 for one liang).

They seem to maintain structural integrity by sheer juicy oiliness Shanghai fried dumplings (shengjian bao 生煎包) Meiming’r Shengjian Bao Fried in great numbers on wide, shallow pats, the bottom “knot” of these Shanghai buns hardens to a brown crunch as gelatin inside liquefies into a hot, porky soup. The secret is to attack it from about 3 o’clock (in fighter pilot parlance), nibbling a little escape route and slurping out the soupy innards. Beware scalding juice spurts, and don’t forget to wipe the sesame seeds from your mouth before you give anyone a New Year’s kiss.

“Doornail” dumplings (mending roubing 门钉肉饼) Old Beijing Mending Roubing Restaurant So named because of their striking resemblance to big brass doornails, these gut-busting meat pies are made fresh to order, crammed with beef, carrot and onions. The trick is to slurp up the oily gravy as you bite into them, but what excess drips on to the plate quickly congeals into translucent orange fat. Imagine what it’s inflicting on your arteries. Actually, best not to. Fried pelmeni Traktirr Pushkin The Siberians are no strangers to dumplings, but if you want your pelmeni fried here you’ll need to put in an off-menu request. “No problem,” replies the waiter, “Children ask for them all the time.” These ovular pleated pockets (RMB 28), deep-fried with a simple filling of ground beef, are much enhanced if you get them Latvian style – topped with a big blob of sour cream. Yaki-gyoza Sunrise Noodle Restaurant The ramen here is definitely worth traveling for, and be sure to order a round of fried gyoza to go with it. Daintily thin-skinned with a delicious garlic bite, these pork and cabbage pockets are fried on one side, then water is added to the pan and the lid is sealed, steaming them to juicy doneness. RMB 18 for an order of eight. For venue information, see Directory.

photo: tom o'malley

Potstickers (guotie 锅贴) Xian Lao Man This chain does a tasty and affordable line in down-home jiachangcai and jiaozi, both boiled and fried. Get ‘em filled with everything from abalone to venison. To really hit the spot, take on the “Lao Man Special” guotie (RMB 7.5 for one liang) – chicken, pork, whole shrimp, chives and egg, fried and served in a wicker basket. These

bronzed, pleated pockets of goodness, clinging to one another via a crispy fried membrane, are seriously stuffed – and so will you be.

Alleyway Gourmet

fried cheese curd

say Yes to yunnan The delicacies of dali by Susan Sheng



here is a cer tain sof tness of speech amongst the Bai women of Yunnan that elides the vowels and tapers off each word. Shanghai women have it too, in smaller measure. The Chinese describe it as dia (嗲), a dissonant adjective for an uncommonly sweet result. Our waitress at Hudiequan was very dia, confirming orders in that little-girl voice. Combined with her gaudy pink dress and hat, it made for a charming scene. Service, though not up to the slick standards of In & Out, is a full head(dress) above many a Chinese restaurant. Cuisine-wise, Hudiequan is no slouch either. Run by the Dali Representative Office here in Beijing, Hudiequan definitely keeps up with its Kashgar and Yunnan counterparts in terms of authenticity and quality. The rice wine (RMB 12/glass) is rich and grainy, a long fermentation making for a thickish brew with tiny flecks of rice. Their fried cheese curd (rubing 乳饼, RMB 36) is just as rich, with a similarly impressive depth of flavor. Paired with sugar and salt, it’s a great starter. Authentic “crossing-the-bridge” noodles (guoqiao mixian 过 桥 米 线, RMB 38/small) are impossible to

find in Beijing due to water pH – the acidity here makes for a too-firm, slippier noodle – but Hudiequan’s is a good attempt. Portions are on the skinny side, however, and the soup stock could use a longer infusion. If you’re looking for a warming soup, opt instead for the ham and kidney bean stew (laotui dun yundou 老 腿炖芸豆, RMB 68). It’s filled with bamboo and giant slow-cooked bean, and every ladle brings up a trove of chunky, salted ham. However, what’s most notable about Hudiequan may be its comprehensiveness. The menu, which weighs as much as a small child, contains a seriously extensive selection of Yunnan cuisine. With everything from the rarest of wild mushrooms (from RMB 600 per dish) and fried bee pupae to frog skin and sweet fan-shaped rushan rolls (乳扇, RMB 8 each), it’s enough even to impress your Kunming friends. Hudiequan. Daily 7-9am, 11am1.30pm, 5-9pm. 1/F, Hudiequan Binguan (north of Picai Hutong), 55 Xixie Jie, Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District (6615 6583) 蝴蝶泉, 西城区西 单北大街西斜街55号(辟才胡同北边) 蝴蝶泉宾馆1层

January 2012



Green Tea Party I

China’s most versatile flavor

n Beijing, when a Western restaurant owner proudly tells you “We’re kind of fusing East and West,” you know the words “green tea tiramisu” are just seconds away. In fact, when almost any product in China is developed beyond “Original” flavor, the first stop is almost inevitably matcha, or powdered green tea. But which of these green tea-infused products tastes best?

Green Tea Ice Cream Oreos (RMB 5.9)

Walls Green Tea Ice Cream (RMB 17.8)

“It’s a lot better than the strawberry-flavored Oreos” “It has the bitterness I like in green tea-flavored things, but it’s smothered in sugar” “There’s a cooling agent. It tastes like a cookie toothpaste. Horrible” “As someone whose method of eating Oreos is ‘Cream first, then biscuit,’ this is repulsive”

“See how grainy it is? It’s like Green Tea Beach” “I don’t like this. Green ice cream should always be mint-flavored” “This is like finding out the person you’ve just been on a date with is a ladyboy” “Might be OK paired with something else, but doesn’t stand up on its own”

Natural Beauty Green Tea “Stick” Cheesecake (RMB 8)

Green Tea Mochi (RMB 16.6)

“Makes me think of a little green cloud. I like the texture” “The taste is like green tea eau-de-toilette” “Molecular gastronomy by kids. It’s green tea-flavored Play-Doh”

“Just tastes of cheesecake. It’s all … clacky” “It’s got this dusty texture. Like somebody dropped it on the ground and still served it” “There’s a few flavors in here. Some of them are green tea” “This just tastes of butter and crumbs”

Paris Baguette Green Tea Swiss Roll (RMB 7)

“Why are there raisins instead of red bean? IS GREEN TEA CHEATING ON RED BEAN???” “As a sponge cake, it’s fluffy and sweet. But I don’t taste any green tea whatsoever” “It’s like a session musician. It does a bit of everything, but leaves no lasting impression. It’s a session sponge”

UHA 8.2 Green Tea Milk Sweets (RMB 6.9)

Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds (RMB 22.2)

“I don’t see the point of this – it seems like a cover for bad pumpkin seeds” “I hate food that you have to learn how to eat” “These are pumpkin seeds for people who write emails in colorful fonts” “Or a status symbol for people who can’t afford Chivas”

“A paramilitary Werther’s Original” “It has the smell of old tea ... but those first notes of syrupy goodness are fine” “Like an arranged marriage. Sometimes the best relation ships are not founded upon lust and youthful longing, but firm handshakes and procreation” “Yes. These would be a more sensible choice for the family’s long-term future”

Meiji Green Tea Meltykiss Chocolate (RMB 23.9)

“Pretty disgusting. It melts, yes, but the kiss is from someone who brushes their teeth with green tea” “Nice texture. A ganache for Buddhist astronauts” “Why don’t they make Meltykiss a decent size?”

The Verdict


January 2012

We admit it – we couldn’t agree on a winner. There were noises in favor of the milk sweets, the pumpkin seeds, the mochi and the Meltykiss, but no outright champ. The only conclusion we can draw is that green tea is probably best served in leaf form with hot water in a ceramic pot.

photos: sui

Products available at BHG, Natural Beauty and Paris Baguette.

+ BARS CLUBS wee drams

FIRST ROUNDS The Westin Financial Street has opened a new German brewpub called Ellinger Brauhaus in a site just along the road from the hotel. The Vineleaf is featured in our What’s New Restaurants section this issue, but beer fans ought to also take note of their selection of craft brews. They should become the first place in Beijing to offer BrewDog on tap this month. Fingers crossed. Ryan Johnston, the founder and former owner of The Brick, is opening a new shop and deliver y ser vice in Sanlitun Soho offering over 100 beers.

COMING UP 12SQM looks to be taking on the mantle once held by Neds as the standard-bearer for Antipodean-related events on Nanluogu Xiang. They’re celebrating Australia Day on January 26 with an “Aussie-Kiwi battle,” featuring drinking games and discounts on Australian beers and wines. With Jamaica celebrating 50 years of independence in 2012, expect a bigger-than-usual Bob Marley Day coming up next month, on February 6. Organizers Meiwenti Sound and Ultimate Production are teaming up with the Jamaican Embassy to bring artists from Jamaica for the event.


Talking Pints

"V" is for view at v plus

Iain Shaw is chasing the Dragon

photo: sui


remember learning the Chinese zodiac animals at primary school and think ing, “ These guys in China could have done this better.” Rabbits and tigers: cool. But Rat, Ox and Pig should have been Dolphin, Lion and Hedgehog. Still, you couldn’t argue with Dragon. From small-town Scotland, the Year of the Dragon sounded like something mystical or apocalyptic. ( This was in spite of the Lucky Dragon being a popular, not very mystical local takeaway.) I couldn’t really imagine a Year of the Dragon ac tually happening – at least, not to me. But here it is, and though obviously it’s just another year (shush, you end-of-the-world conspiracy theorists), part of me still wants the Year of the Dragon to be loads more exciting than all the others. Let’s hope that’s the way it goes

in nightlife, where 2012 begins with lots going on at the two main electronic venues. At Haze, Mickey Zhang and Dio return with another Morse party (Jan 6), Belgian DJs Attar! and Mickey team up with the Neon crew for a Walloon-themed night on Januar y 14, and The Science of Sounds bring their capacity for sonic reasoning on January 16. The Syndicate’s debut at Lantern on January 14 is a welcome development – it’s good to see the Gongti Xilu club varying things up from the familiar techno sounds. Lantern’s month also includes Korean techno star Unjin (January 6) and the first leg of Wasabi Sound’s second anniversary party on January 13. And, if you’ve always dreamed of tucking in to a plate of steaming dumplings in your favorite club, January 22 is your big chance. Investigate the

events pages for details of Lunar New Year happenings. If you’re not into electronic music, and don’t enjoy listening to fireworks going off for ten hours a day, there’s less to get excited about in January. Quite aside from the bloody cold, license-granting officialdom grinds to a halt as Chinese New Year approaches, making January a difficult month to open a bar. Still, if you like places like Spark and d lounge, you can check out V Plus in the old Klubb Rouge space. Committed whiskey devotees should try Q Bar’s great Wednesday whiskey promotions, and there are also hot cocktails to try all over town, from Q Bar to Fubar and Mao Mao Chong to Flamme. There’s even a Charleston night at Modernista on January 7, so get out and have all the fun you can – the Dragon expects!

Q Bar’s Wednesday whiskey nights give you a chance to explore the world of single malts, with a different dram at half the price every week and 45-50 percent discounts on whiskey cocktails. They’re also offering a range of hot winter drinks, which are heavily discounted during Monday to Thursday happy hours (6-9pm). The new bar inside Migas should be open sometime early in January (if not sooner). Centro’s daily 5-8pm happy hour features buy-one-get-one-free drinks seven days a week. Due to popular Teutonic demand and a little bit of confusion, The Green Cap has launched a new Germanlanguage quiz night. It’s scheduled to take place at least once a month, with the next one due on January 17. The quiz is not hosted by Green Cap owner Pat Walsh.

LAST ORDERS Touch in the Westin Chaoyang will close in late January, to be replaced in the spring by a new Japanese restaurant called Mai. Luga’s original bar on Sanlitun Houjie (opposite Aperitivo) looks to have been gutted and closed. Or does he have something new up his sleeve?

January 2012



The Malt Daily 11am-late. Bldg 15, 6 Langjiayuan, Jianguo Lu (south side, opposite Sofitel), Chaoyang District (8589 0377, 8589 2655) 朝阳区建国路南侧(索菲特酒店对面)郎家园6号院 郎园15号楼

This bar is window-shopping for whiskey drinkers. It would make perfect sense in a place like Seasons Place or Sanlitun Village North. Instead, it’s in a CBD “creative district,” marking it a destination strictly for purists. Still, if you get excited surveying a bar for unusual bottles and names like Port Ellen and Macallan (50 years old, that is), The Malt is a treat. The drinks list looks like an account sheet, with prices reaching thousands of kuai, but if you’re willing to spend RMB 70100 on a glass, rewarding explorations await. The bar seats are a bit too low, and a bit of music would help the atmosphere, but the product is good and the head bartender knows his stuff. There’s also a dinner menu and curry-and-rice lunch sets averaging RMB 30. Iain Shaw

mai is yours

Good for: Whiskey drinkers with deep pockets Also try: Ichikura, Mokihi

Mai 麦 Sun-Thu 6pm-1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-2am. 40 Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District (138 1125 2641) 东城区北锣鼓巷40号


wner Jeff wants you to treat Mai like home. That’s partly why the name sounds like “My.” That’s also why the beer fridge is out front, El Nido-style – so you can grab your own drink. The beer selection isn’t huge, but offers a variety that has become essential for any aspiring bar: Rogue, Chimay, BrewDog and more. Mai is really about the cocktails, though. An Old Fashioned or Queen’s Park Swizzle (both RMB 40) here is a great way to start the year. The whiskey list is also good for Gulou. The selection is comparable to Amilal’s, and marginally cheaper – Highland Park is a bargain at RMB 45. As a bonus,

they make a sweet mijiu (rice wine), served hot for RMB 40 per pot. Bars like this wouldn’t exist without Apothecary (Jeff once worked there), and the debt is glaring. But if the “artisanal” cocktail bar risks quickly becoming a parody of itself, at least the bar for success has been raised high above the turgid Houhai blueprint of Tsingtao, moth-eaten sofas and Carpenters covers. As consumers, we’re winning. Iain Shaw Good for: Inexpensive cocktails Also try: Mao Mao Chong, Jam

Frost Daily 11am-2am. Xingfucun Zhonglu (in the alleyway 20m west of Argana), Chaoyang District (6417 5430) 朝阳区幸福村中路

Good for: Hen parties Also try: Salon de France, Haidilao


January 2012

Fri-Sat 7pm-late. 14/F, Bldg 3, China View, 2 Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District (8587 1233) 朝阳区工体东路2号中国红街3号楼14层

Vics has grown up, and so has its original clientele. This new lounge from the Vics group acknowledges that reality with less emphasis on people-watching and dancing – and more attention paid to design and drinks. It’s slick, classy and chilled, with intimate VIP rooms and seating areas. There’s a dance floor and DJ booth, but this place isn’t about party ambiance. You’re more likely to stick to your own crowd than make new friends. A decent cocktail list offers drinks from RMB 55, or you can go straight for some good old bottle service. Awesome views of the Workers’ Stadium are the big draw. With fine-tuning, V Plus could seriously compete with bars like Xiu and d lounge, but there’s still work to be done. Abdel Beldy Good for: A sense of elevation Also try: China Bar, Atmosphere

photos: sui and nature zhang

Besides professional cuticle care, what do you want from a nail salon? I’ve never felt compelled to consider this, but if your answer is “Cocktails, coffee and pizza,” you’ll love Frost. Restaurant wizard Jeff Powell and wife Sheri have moved this nail salon just meters from its original location to accommodate a bar and a few tables. A tasteful beer selection includes Belgian beers and American craft brews. Try the coffee-tinged Old No. 38 Stout, or drink San Miguel (RMB 18) if you’re on a budget. The cocktail list favors sweeter drinks like the Appletini and Chocolate Martini (RMB 48), with the signature Frosty Nails (RMB 55) delivering a rush of melon, coconut and pineapple, disguising a well-liquored base. If you’re peckish, there are cupcakes from Lollipop Bakery, and Gung Ho! deliveries are just a phone call away. Manicures from RMB 30, massage from RMB 80. Iain Shaw

V Plus


d lounge V

isiting Otaku and Spice Factory in recent months reminded us what a fine-looking bar their sister venue d lounge is. We couldn’t resist stopping in and reacquainting ourselves with the Sanlitun cocktail bar’s charms. The style Loads of it (forgiving the occasional set of lens-free spectacles) The punters Young and good-looking creativeindustry types

The music Eclectic beats, from hip-hop to house Go to Prove that you’re actually rather cool, despite what your colleagues say Drink Martini Most likely celebrity customer Xander Zhou If you like d lounge, you’ll probably like … Apothecary, Spark

Give us a Minute ...

Andy Cao Centro cocktail whiz by Iain Shaw


e asked Centro bar supervisor Andy Cao about his favorite drinks and recommendations.

photos: nature zhang & sui

What do you like to drink? Depends on the mood. I prefer fresh and simple drinks. Caipirinhas, negronis, and gin and tonic. Besides its martinis, what else should Centro be famous for? We have over 200 different types of spirits and almost 400 types of wine and champagne – over 50 are sold by the glass. And there’s our friendly

and warm service, delivered by our beautiful waitresses. If Centro was a drink, it would be … A mojito. Classic, popular and fresh. And if Beijing was a cocktail, what would it contain? Fine aged spirits to represent its 3,000-year history, and fresh leaves. Beijing is growing up day by day and becoming one of the world’s most important cities – just like fresh leaves in spring. Vibrant! Mix it up with Andy at Centro.

January 2012


Party like a ...

Nightlife Contributor The don’ts and don’ts of writing about bars & clubs by Jonathan White


e’re always on the lookout for people who can write about drinking. The problem is that most of the people who apply can’t write. We never bother to find out if they can drink. Here are some examples.

Mr. Check-Check-Check Mao Mao Chong has gained a lot of popularity and it is easy to see why. Infused cocktails? Check. Homemade pizzas? Check. Friendly proprietors? Check. Beijing’s best hutong bar? Check, check, check and check.

The Know-It-All The electronica scene in Beijing is nascent compared to Berlin. Clubs here are not on a parallel to the likes of Delicious Doughnuts, Cassiopeia or even Tresor. That’s not to say we should look down on it but when are we going to get a post-skwee night to rival even the most pedestrian of Europe’s party backwaters. Perhaps School Bar has the answer …

The Bore With Nothing To Say Upon entering LAN, it is a large space with interesting décor. In the many rooms – some of which are the bathrooms – lots of work has gone into making them look good and feel comfortable. They have a vast selection of drinks so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Nitpicker The girl brought my pint of Tsingtao (5 kuai) over, and the head was tiny, probably only about 0.8cm. I said to her, “Don’t you know that back in my country there’s a regulation size for the head on a pint of beer?” Also, the stools are rather high. The Chip-on-the-Shoulder Hutong Expat I’m sure that this is a fine bar if you like Sanlitun but this is 2012, people. Who still likes Sanlitun? Who ever did? Who picks the neon lights of bar street over the dimly lit Fangjia Hutong? Who picks expat brats and tourists over folk musicians and photographers? Who picks a pint of generic mass-produced lager over a growler of artisanal craft brewing? Who picks the sound of Ke$ha over throat singing? If that’s what you want, then fine. It means more of the real Beijing for us. The Fill-in-the-Blanks Cliche Machine A smorgasbord of better-looking twenty-something denizens people the cavernous dancefloor amid the stellar decor. All in all, Spark has caused quite a stir, it’s a winning addition to the nightlife scene and only time will tell if this hidden gem becomes the next Beijing staple. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ... A valuable addition to the steadily burgeoning CBD dance vista. The Scrabble Champion This new Ukrainian bar is worth your hard-earned Hryvnia. Drinks are stronger than a Zo, but tasty enough to warrant sapping your Qi. Euoi!


January 2012

The Getting-Paid-By-the-Word Freelancer Paddy O’Shea’s has won many awards from the readers of the Beijinger. These include “Outstanding Bar/Club of the Year” 2010, “Outstanding Best Beer” 2010, “Friendliest Crowd” 2010, “Best Bartender” 2010, “Outstanding Quiz Night” 2010 and “Best Sports Bar” 2010 in the Beijinger’s 2010 Reader Bar & Club awards. That barely touches the surface of the plaudits that this Irish-cum-sports bar has earned over its four-year history. In fact, it’s just one year’s worth of accolades. The Gaelic charm of Karl Long plays no small part. Karl Long is the bartender. Did I mention he’s awardwinning? Another one of the bar’s sparkling facets is the multi-screen and multi-channel satellite television for sports coverage at all times of day and night. The fact that they also have the ability to offer foreign games both over the Internet and via a Slingbox means that you will never miss your team in action again. There’s no reason to, not when you can be enjoying brews as diverse as stout (Guinness, Murphy’s), draft lager (Stella, Beijing, Kronenbourg 1664) and even authentic Irish cider (Magners). Say top of the morning to Paddy O’Shea’s – in fact, you might find that before too long, it already is the morning! Haha. The Guy Who Misuses Words It is behooving for traditional bars to keep a wary eye on these new kids on the brew block – irregardless of how personally impactful Beijing’s fledgling microbrewers become. These artisanal progenies have initialized a taste revolution that albeit is currently all the rave and drinkers could not of waited any longer to sup at their taps. For all intensive purposes, this bar could literally explode among the city’s discriminatory denizens of hutong drinking.


Brussels Sprouts

Sid Gulinck takes us to Belgium by Iain Shaw


photo: courtesy of the organizers

aze welcomes DJs Attar! and Mickey for “Take Me to Belgium” this month, the first in a series aimed at putting visiting Belgian artists on Beijing’s electronic music map. Why would anyone want to do that? We asked promoter Sid Gulinck that very question.

Who’s the greatest Belgian ever? Could it be Ambiorix? He was this bad-ass leader of a Belgic tribe in Gaul who resisted domination by Julius Caesar, leading Caesar to conclude: “Of all the Gauls, the Belgae are the bravest.”

Belgium doesn’t jump out as What’s the aim of “Take Me to a hotspot for dance music in Belgium”? Europe … We want people to get to know the Actually, Belgium played a massive real Belgium in 2012. It’s bigger than role in the development of house just a party. We’ve music back in the ’80s got support not only and ’90s. It was also “Did you know from the Belgian quite instrumental in ‘Pump Up the Jam’ the making of tripEmbassy but also the BIJ (Bureau Internawas Belgian?” hop and techno. Did tional de Jeunesse), you know “Pump Up a Walloon institution that provides the Jam” was a Belgian production? funding for initiatives undertaken by young, French-speaking Belgians. We stand corrected. Who’s We hope to make it into a regular playing at the first event then? event and have Belgian DJs and Attar! is the long-awaited soloNeon/M Agency DJs collaborate. project from Renaud Deru, former member of DJ duo Mustang and a If you took us to Belgium, where steady presence in the Brussels elecwould we go? tronic music scene. He was a guest Definitely to the frietkot to give you at our first Neon party at Migas last a taste of true Belgian fries with year. Mickey is a resident at Attar!’s beef stew. Damn, I just brought up Libertine Supersport club, and also a wretched Belgian cliché … produces his own stuff. They’ll team up to bring some excellent nu-disco When you tell a Beijing taxi and Italo-disco sounds, and some driver you’re Belgian, what gems we’ve never heard before. are the first three words they Sid’s Belgian playlist respond with? “Summer’s Here” by Magnus Most of them have a decent idea of “竖起你的头发” by Arsenal what our country is about. They’d “Champagne” by Millionaire probably start off with “Brussels,” “We Can’t Fly” by Aeroplane “chocolate” and “well-off.” Other “Secret Agent” by Netsky words I’ve heard were Jean-Michel Saive (the Belgian table tennis Join Sid, Attar!, Mickey and friends at player), Tintin and the Smurfs. Haze on Jan 14.

January 2012



Maximillian Passiy


Chocolate choreographer by Iain Shaw


aximillian Passiy is the charismatic choreographer and leader of the flamboyant dancers at the Russian nightclub Chocolate. We asked Maximillian where he learned to move and what it takes to join the Chocolate dance crew.

On background “I grew up in Ukraine, in a family of choreographers. Both my grandmothers were actresses. When I was a kid, I wanted to become an actor. Later, I decided that I would be a pianist, singer and then a fashion designer. I’m really happy that my current job includes all of these professions. “I started dancing when I was a kid. It wasn’t so interesting for me – my parents forced me to practice for hours. The turning point was when I was in a car crash. After that, I decided to be a dancer and choreographer.” On inspiration “The first dancer I can remember seeing and thinking ‘Wow’ was

definitely Mikhail Baryshnikov. “I’m inspired by ever ything: people, nature, music, relationships, dance and love.”

On Chocolate “ There would be no life without Chocolate. It’s my second home. I spend all my time in Chocolate. I have no time to go to other bars. “I prefer to see persistence, honesty, dedication, beauty and gracefulness in my dancers. We want professionals – we don’t work with ‘homemade dancers.’ I would never have unprofessional people in my team. I haven’t seen any other performers in Beijing yet. All the best performers are here in Chocolate!” On cooking “I love to cook. I mostly cook by myself at home. I’m pleased to invite the editors of the Beijinger to my place for dinner. Hospitality and cordiality are the main characteristics of the Uk rainian people!”

Is This Beijing’s Brainiest Bartender? Contestant: Xiao Shuai, El Nido Specialist Subject: Absinthe



Which country produces more coffee than any other? Italy. Colombia? No, I still think it’s Italy.

True or false: Absinthe can make you hallucinate. I thought it was true, but today’s absinthe can’t. No, definitely not. False. Though I’ve got a Czech friend who says he can get some from home that will make you hallucinate. He’ll bring some back next time.


In football, name one of the countries that will host the 2012 European Championships. Haha! This one I really don’t know. Last one was in South Africa. Oh wait, Europe? No, I’m really not into football that much.


The first remains of the “Peking Man” were discovered in which decade? At Zhoukoudian. In the 1910s?


Which planet is closest to the Sun? Is it Neptune? No, it’s not Neptune. Is it Earth, then?


Which Arab leader was killed in his hometown in October? Bin Laden? No, it’s not him.


Absinthe is commonly known by which nickname? The Green Fairy.

Wormwood is one of three main herbs used to produce absinthe. Name either of the other two. Fennel and anise. When I made it last year I also used lemongrass.

Absinthe originated in which European country? The Czech Republic. What’s that place called? Four letters. I can’t remember it.


Besides green, what other hue can absinthe be naturally colored? Red.


Verdict: Too much time spent reading about wormwood and van Gogh, not enough spent reading the news. Still, a credible showing from Xiao Shuai.


Win a Hoegaarden gift pack by telling us: Which Gongti superclub is behind V Plus? Answers to Answers 1) Brazil 2) Poland and Ukraine 3) 1920s 4) Mercury 5) Muammar Gaddafi 6) false 7) the “Green Fairy” 8) anise and fennel 9) Switzerland 10) red

January 2012

photos: sui




The Tea Rockers Quintet Who’d have thought t h at n o ise hypnotist Yan Jun, folk maverick Xiao He, academic guqin player Wu Na, underground multi-instrument nomad Li Daiguo and tea master Lao Gu would form a band together? They’ve played two shows in Bern and Basel, and their Beijing debut is scheduled for this month. The buzz At times it sounds like ink-and-wash painting, sometimes they just make noise, and often the concert turns into a drunken wedding. Key tracks “Today’s Currency,”“Indian Spring Roll” (working titles) They say: I t ’s homemade medicine for the mind. We say: Be careful not to overdose. See them at: 2 Kolegas on Jan 14

the PLAYLIST Don't look away, wu hongfei – Someone's watching you

NEVER MISS A BEAT Michelle Dai is in a hurry to slow down

photos: courtesy of the organizers


he weeks right before Spring Festival in China are usually a little off-rhythm. Many people work overtime to get more done before the holiday and thus achieve a prettier annual report. Thieves might be more active with the mindset of “I’ll have a great Chinese New Year if I can score something big beforehand.” All the projects with big government funding increase the speed at which they spend money, because they’ll get a smaller budget next year if they don’t use up this one’s. Government depar tments, meanwhile, are rushing to release announcements that will tak e effect in the new year. Right before I started writing this, the Ministry of Culture issued the “Announcements Regarding the Strengthening of the

Management of the Per forming Market Issues.” The purpose is to “further regulate performing activities like music festivals.” Great. What, then, are musicians doing at this time, apart from recovering from hangovers that have been accumulating since December? While most are focusing on relaxing, some remain active. Indie girl Wu Hongfei (Jan 1) keeps trying to play a gig in Beijing. A concert scheduled in November got canceled on the very day – and that wasn’t the first time it happened. Or the second. Some say it’s because she’s mixing with the wrong people, like a certain notorious fatty. You can stay away from trouble if you stick with the good kids, like Simple Plan (Jan 6). They had shows canceled last year too, but it’s

because the lead singer had problems with his throat. Metal bands usually don’t cause problems either. Swedish doom metal band Lake of Tears takes over Tango on January 5. Consider that a warmup, because it gets heavier: Opeth will follow in their footsteps and finally hit China in February. If you don’t mind traveling, Lamb of God will play in Shanghai on Valentine’s Day. There are more gigs to talk about, but we all know that it’ll be a rather quiet month (until the fireworks start to crackle). Why shouldn’t we take this time to adjust our pace too? Avoid the crowds and enjoy some time alone, keep the computer off for a week, listen to your old CD collection and maybe start writing a new song for the new year.

Jurat T.T “Myth” by Beyond. I especially like the band’s first and second albums. The feel of this song is like a fairy tale. “Hey You” by Pink Floyd. The bass in this song is excellent. The guitar and vocals are very subtle and very dark. “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin. At the beginning, the keyboards and the melody of the vocals give you a spooky feeling – it feels like vampires from 100 or 200 years ago. I favor darker music. “The Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson. It’s like listening to an old tale in a royal court. Very regal. “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers” by Jeff Beck. This song was written by Stevie Wonder. The guitar part is just incredible. Every time he plays this live, it’s different and amazing. The melody is heartbreakingly beautiful. Check out Jurat T.T’s psychedelic rock at Mako Live House on Jan 13.

January 2012




Silent Joy 寂静欢喜 Xiao Shisanlang 萧十三郎 Picture a lazy afternoon. You have a fresh cup of tea, your favorite chair and a poetry anthology. Complete the scene with peaceful folk lullabies from Silent Joy. Guitarist Yelang makes his strings sound like an ancient zither, then Xiao Lin’s gentle, resonant voice joins in slowly. A hint of sorrow might lure you to daydream of an old kung fu story like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. When this duo from Guangdong plays in a bar, they like sitting on the ground cross-legged, as if the performance were actually a form of meditation. I wouldn’t call this album amazing, but it’s a nice way to clear ears and minds that have been clogged up by the noisy, competitive world. Michelle Dai Standout track: “Listening to the Spring Stream at Night” (小楼一夜听春水) Like this? Try ... Wutiaoren (五条人), Teresa Teng (邓丽君)

Bone Hug 少年邪 Da Bang 大棒 With their charismatic frontwoman, danceable rock tunes and English lyrics, this band can’t seem to escape comparison to Queen Sea Big Shark, but they deserve a spotlight of their own. Their influences pull from Britpop to post-rock, from techno to New Wave, but every track is unified by vocalist Pupi’s “I-don’t-care-but-I-rock-the-world” attitude and the wild synthesizer flows. Different layers of sound keep the vibe vigorous. Unfortunately, the album’s production values have let them down. The audio levels of the vocals and instruments is disorientingly unbalanced, and Pupi’s voice is uncomfortably deep, as if she were trying to sound like a man. A pity – they throw such great live shows. Our advice to Da Bang: Get a master producer. Bone Hug could have been one of the best Beijing albums of 2011. Michelle Dai Standout tracks: “Dajiling” (大吉岭), “Shanghai Lover” (上海爱人) Like this? Try ... The Future is Medieval (Kaiser Chiefs), Wave (Queen Sea Big Shark)

Illwill Lake of Tears “Doom” and “gothic” metal are not sufficient to describe Lake of Tears, the Swedish band whose eighth album is like the latest episode of a fantasy series that’s slowly getting darker and darker. This time it sounds like a story of a pureblood vampire raised by werewolves. Songs like “Taste of Hell” carry a gothic feel, but without the plaintive tone of a string instrument, it’s more violent than melancholic. Singer Daniel Brennare doesn’t have a typically husky metal voice; he roars out his gloominess and anger like a stevedore who’s trying to get his dockworkers to revolt. Illwill is not designed for the headphones. The crazily intense drumming, vertiginous guitar riffs and the provocative vocals should be driving the moshing addicts live. Michelle Dai Standout tracks: “House of the Setting Sun,” “Midnight Madness” See them live at: Tango on Jan 5

HEAD OF THE QUEUE Rock Spring Festival Gala As Chinese New Year approaches, e ver ybody ’s mak ing plans to escape the city. Why not move up the celebration? The third Rock Spring Festival Gala, which brings together over 20 bands and musicians, promises to be full of fun.

Reasons to avoid The audience may need to repress their passion for security reasons.


January 2012

Bring … Festive rock moves Where? Olympic Sports Center When? January 7

Simple Plan makes their way back by Michelle Dai


hey had to cancel concerts in Beijing and Shanghai last August due to their lead singer’s throat problem, but only five months later, they are fulfilling their promise to return. In the years since Simple Plan formed in 1999, many pop-punk bands have boomed, ruled, fallen and quit. How has this quintet stayed strong with the same lineup for 12 years? Let’s find out.

songs of all time? “I Wanna Be Sedated” by Ramones, “God Save the Queen” by The Sex Pistols, “Last Caress” by The Misfits. What do you think about bands who play pop-punk but dress and tag themselves differently? Sellouts.

Can you share a backstage secret with us? Has pop-punk had its day? Do We have a good one, but the band you feel any pressure to react to will remain anonymous. One of the the trends of what’s popular in lead singers made the promoters music? pick out all of the brown M&Ms Does it matter? from ten bags “We don’t worry That’s the real quesof the candy be tion. We just write cause he thought about genres” the music we love brown M&Ms bring and try to do it as best as possible bad luck. All you could hear him [sic]. We don’t worry about genres. screaming was “No brown M&Ms!” [Yawn – Ed.] You’re one of a few bands that has never changed its lineup. What would you do if only eight Who are you going to kick out people turned up to a gig? first? Seriously, how have you The same thing if 8,000 people stayed together so long? turned up. Get our hearts on and It’s because we all have the same give 110 percent. Except those eight vision for this band and we all feel people would get to hang out with like doing it for a long time. It’s pointus after the show. less to break up over something small when you have something so Would you rather be popular good going on. while you are alive or be remembered after you die? What are you listening to right That’s kind of grim. We would like to now? be mildly popular while we’re alive, The Middle East, the new Rihanna and have some people remember and the latest from Florence + the me after we die. Machine. Follow the Simple Plan at Yugong What are the three best punk Yishan on Jan 6.

photos: courtesy of the organizers

Reasons to go To check out local metal giants like Twisted Machine and Miserable Faith in a stadium.

Plan B


loose change FRESH OUT THE BOX All-American brand Abercrombie & Fitch’s offshoot label, Hollister, is scheduled to roll out in Beijing in January. Stay tuned for more details. Shimao Department Store, the new mall on the corner of Xindong Lu and Gongti Beilu, has begun its slow unveiling. Last month saw the grand opening of a Y-3 store, champagne bubbles and all. Luxury motorcycle brand Chrome Hearts – currently limited to select locations in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan – is also rumored to be debuting at this space soon. Steve Aoki’s new premium menswear line, D1, will begin shipping to China this winter. For now, get a feel for what to expect by checking out his streetwear line Dim Mak at http:// A-listers’ favorite Elie Saab has reiterated his intentions to expand his brand in Asia, starting with Hong Kong this year and then Shanghai and Beijing by 2013. The Bethel Shop, a Shunyi store owned by Bethel China Foundation (a charity that serves blind orphans), officially opened its doors to the public last month. Expect to find Bethel’s own handmade scarves, jewelry and consumables, as well as original products contributed by other local organizations.

Me&City's latest foreign face: julia restoin roitfeld


Tiffany Wang is bidding adieu to chinglish

photoS: courtesy of me&city


e’ve all done it. Snickered at the mangled English words on a local Chinese person’s T-shirt, that is. (Admittedly, it’s hard not to, with phrases like “Don’t Rubbish!” and “Try My Delicious Salt Beef” floating around.) It’s helpful to remember that such faux pas go both ways. For her Spring 2012 collection, British designer Vivienne West wood decided to print slogans that would be representative of “traditional Chinese wisdom.” Like many of the fashion victims we see around us, her heart was probably in the right place. But one dress, which garnered attention after Katy Perry wore it to the American Music Awards, read “green economy” in Chinese. Sounds great, right? Especially for Westwood, a self-proclaimed environmentalist. Well, Chinese netizens have expressed incredulity over

Westwood’s choice of words which, when applied to a modern context, carry a meaning opposed to taking any real action. You’ll have to do your own research to find out why. In a similar vein, Me&City – often dubbed “China’s H&M” – regularly casts famous foreign faces for its ad campaigns, from Agyness Deyn and Orlando Bloom to Alexa Chung. English-speaking bloggers on the World Wide Web are faithfully writing posts on the collections modeled by their favorite fashion icons, but all the while they are asking, “What is Me&City?” or “Has anyone ever heard of this brand before? Me neither.” Still, the Chinese fast-fashion l a b e l ’s s t r a t e g y i s g e n e r a t i n g some hype – at least in the West. But we have to wonder, are such expensive measures at all effective among Chinese consumers? Even more so when it comes to the smaller

celebrities, like its latest model Julia Restoin Roitfeld, who doesn’t even enjoy widespread fame in the US. Here, however, she has been handed the chance to design a collaborative c o l l e c t i o n . O n l y t i m e w i l l te l l whether this young brand (only five years old!) is paving the way for survival or demise. If the growth of China’s fashion design industry is any indication, though, prospects look good. Last month it was announced that five emerging Chinese designers (Uma Wang, Christine Lau, Manchit Au, Shangguan Zhe and Zou You) will be making their international debut on, a luxur y e commerce site that also stocks the likes of Balmain and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Here’s to less Chinglish, and more informed cultural exchange. The new year is looking bright indeed.

Fangjia Hutong continues to flourish. Zi An Graphics (see WNS, p44) and Studio Ruyi both settled in mere months ago. Look out for a writeup on the latter in the next couple months. High off the success of Versace for H&M, the Swedish fast-fashion giant has announced that its next collaboration will be with Marni. Keep your eyes on for a sneak peek at the spring collection, to be released in March 2012. Acupuncture Records is branching out into retail. AR Store will be a hip corner boutique located at its electronic club Lantern, selling CDs, vinyls and party merchandise by cuttingedge indie designer brands. Dior unveiled a new 8,611-square-foot Beijing flagship at Shin Kong Place last month, complete with a large space for menswear – a first for Dior in China. The store opening coincided with the launch of its one-month “Lady Dior As Seen By” traveling exhibit.

DEALS & STEALS D-SATA is offering a 12 percent discount on items from the “Victoria” or Little Black Bag collections to all Beijinger readers who purchase the “ Victoria” clutch bag in upcycled hand-dyed cow fur.

January 2012


WHAT’S NEW SHOPS Zi An Print and Graphics 子安 Tue-Sun 1-5pm. 30 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng District (6288 8383) 东城区方家胡同30号

The antique metal sign and powder-blue exterior make the place feel like home – the home of a distant relative with a penchant for art, stories and tradition. The truth is close enough. Owner Zi An, a longtime collector of original graphic art, took care to fashion a warm yet private space for his curios. Ex libris bookplates, engravings and prints, which are festooned all over the walls and propped on the lovingly worn shelves and tables, are organized by origin: European artists on the left, Chinese on the right. Themes range from Eastern European surrealism to Peking opera, and are priced at RMB 100 to 300, depending on the size and whether or not they come with a frame. Smaller prints start from RMB 40. Tiffany Wang

Aura Daily 11am-9pm. Gate 12 of Workers’ Stadium (near the east gate), Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District (6551 0822) 朝阳区工体北路工人体育场12看台


lass and subtlety … in Gongti? It took the creative wherewithal of Lane Crawford’s former visual merchandising director, Paul Cheng, along with experienced designer Kelly Li to accomplish this feat. Their new menswear boutique Aura is decidedly minimalist, while its neighbors (Story Ship and MGM) fight to show off their sheen. Whereas Aura adopts an organic concept – every fixture is movable, and green plants instead of clothes decorate the display windows – the surrounding area is intent on appearing contrived. So why did the founders choose Workers’

Indulge in: White tee with fringed tassels by Discovered (RMB 1,480) Also try: Triple-Major, Croquis


January 2012

Delia Daily 2.30-10pm. 54 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District (6401 9369) 东城区五道营胡同54号

A vintage shop named after a school in Hong Kong with a naughty reputation can only mean trouble. The décor looks innocent enough: soft leather, worn woods and quaint trinkets. But temptation lurks at every corner. Brush off the dust and you’ll find rare Chinese antiques, delicate handmade jewelry, clothing from Tokyo and Berlin, and an unrivaled selection of designer spectacles (including a pair of Christian Dior’s for RMB 1,800 and Missoni’s for RMB 1,500). The retro midi dresses are pretty standard – it’s the unique furnishings and custom-made leather clutches that distinguish this hipster hangout from the rest. All the treasures hail from the ’60s to ’80s, whether they’re lace fans from Italy, floral blouses from Japan or traditional folding chairs from Beijing. Here’s to forming a more worldly view of rebellion. Tiffany Wang Indulge in: Customized leather bag with engraving (RMB 800) Also try: Old News, Mega Mega Vintage

photos: nature zhang, judy zhou and courtesy of zi an graphics and delia

Stadium over, say, Guomao or Sanlitun Village? For one thing, Aura stands out here. Plus the space is large enough to accommodate their ultimate goal: to serve not only as a retail destination, but also as an exhibition for creative individuals. To start, Paul has curated an impressive selection of about eight alternative designers, for almost all of whom Aura is the exclusive Beijing stockist. Most of them hail from Tokyo and Europe. The product range starts from RMB 900 for a T-shirt by Japan’s Discovered, and goes up to RMB 20,000 for the runway pieces by Sweden’s Obscur. At the moment, only Stratopparel is domestic – and it’s headed by Aura’s very own Kelly Li. You’ve likely never come into contact with most of these brands before. Jan-Jan van Essche from Belgium, for instance, only makes one collection a year – and only five copies of every design at that. Paul points out the way his pieces all look “easygoing,” but still retain some “strangeness.” Indeed, what the unique labels all share in common is a tendency towards quirk. From the cropped three-tone jackets and mini fringed ponchos of Banal Chic Bizarre to the rugged puff vests and tweed flap blazers of Mountain Research, one thing is for sure: This store is not for the faint of heart. Paul promises that’s set to change. He shows extraordinary intuition for what will appeal to the masses, noting that Japan’s Ekram – with its “safer” down jackets – was a necessary addition, as will be future imported collections belonging to less underground labels. Tiffany Wang

Indulge in: Three Kingdoms set of five prints (RMB 3,000) Also try: Paper Pounder Press, Beijing Postcards


Tech Wishlist by Joey Guo QPS-212 Photo Scanner This portable photo scanner, which works without a computer, saves scanned images on a memory card. Ideal for digitalizing photos and prints with minimum effort. Price TBA

Ninja Driver

Bubble Air Purifier

Pull this ninja’s pants down to reveal a flash drive that plugs into any USB port. The little stealth fighter also has magnets in his arms so you can keep him hanging around on metal surfaces.

You can’t change the city’s air quality overnight, but you can definitely make your home’s air fresher and cleaner. This air purifier removes dust and germs even as it keeps room humidity at an optimal level. Bubbles passing through a water tank serve as humidity indicators. RMB 198 Price TBA

Loewe Individual TV High-gloss panel? Surround sound? Wall mount? Internet radio? Why shouldn’t you have the freedom to tailor-make a TV to suit your needs? Mix and match colors, materials, setup options, audio and multimedia components. You can preview your own design on Loewe’s official site. RMB 40,000 and up

My Life USB Medallions Is it jewelry or gadgetry? It’s both! Encased in colorful ceramic shells, this series of USB flash drives keeps your personal digital information safe even as it beautifies the neck or wrist. A perfect gift for intimates. DKK 399

Sony Tablet S Series We’ve written before about how we love its grip-friendly wedge-shaped design, but we also like that this 9.4-inch Honeycomb tablet can be used as a universal remote control for most home video and audio appliances, thanks to the integrated IR emitter and remote control app. Tidy up your house by clearing out all the other remotes. RMB 3,688 and up

Apple iPhone 4S The magical Siri has an answer for all your questions or requests. The iPhone 4S also features a boost in hardware (faster processor, bigger image sensor, more advanced lens) for a better user experience. RMB 4,999 and up

Horn Stand Portable Amplifier This playful mini-gramophone amplifies up to 13 decibels without requiring any additional power source, and will prop up your iPhone/iPod Touch in both vertical and horizontal positions. RMB 200

Silverlit Enzo Ferrari Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to joystick this toy Ferrari – or try it out with gesture control. Tilt to drive forward, backward and make turns, and get in some relaxing exercise for the wrists while you’re at it. The app features an authentic Ferrari dashboard. RMB 599 All featured items also available on

January 2012


Get the Look NORDIC KNIT SOCKS Falke at RMB 172


To keep that Christmas spirit going all-year round.

The Fair Isle can be a little less daunting in accessory form.



An apt addition for a trend that’s all about mixing and matching patterns.

by Tiffany Wang

For store addresses, see Directory. UTILITARIAN BOOTIES Amaya at Lane Crawford. RMB 2,800 Chunky and cozy footwear are essential for braving a northern winter.


A more rustic version feels better suited to the great outdoors.

The cut is modern, while the print adds a touch of boyishness.

FAIR ISLE WOOL BLAZER Junya Watanabe FW2011 at MrPorter. com. RMB 11,828 A stylish upgrade for this Alpine classic.


ED HUNG by Tiffany Wang


On the early days of NLGX Design “We always thought: We’re in China, so it should be really cheap to make a nice garment. But it was a lot of work to find manufacturers that would produce good quality in small quantities. There was a lot of trial and error, but we modeled our brand after what represented the neighborhood at the time: the clash between East and West, the young urban professionals and the local Chinese.” On the development of Nanluogu Xiang “After the debacle at Houhai, lots of foreigners and local Chinese alike were ripping on the area – it was unregulated, the bars were open till 3-4am, the neighbors were always


January 2012

complaining and there was trash everywhere. Nanluogu Xiang was the first hutong area that was closely managed. “ There’s good and bad. The good is that the Chinese view it as a success, and they’re applying the same model to lots of other parts of Beijing. It gave birth to Wudaoying and Guozijian. It’s not like Qianmen, where all the original residents were pushed out. Generally, I think it’s been quite successful.” On the concept behind Kommute “It’s become cool again to ride a bicycle. [Co-founder] Michele and I both bike to work everyday. Beijing is the bicycle kingdom. Although the trend kind of shifted to cars and, more recently, e-bikes, I think a lot of young urban professionals are going back to bicycles. “You don’t want to look like you’ve just been riding a bike when you stroll into the office or a bar. You don’t want to be wearing spandex or a helmet. With Kommute, you don’t have to. Functionality with style is at the forefront of our debut collection.” Kommute will be sold at NLGX Design’s stores (in Nanluogu Xiang and at Beijing Capital International Airport), UCCA and BNC. For more info, visit

photos: sui, NATURE ZHANG AND COURTESY OF,, topshop, pull and bear, lane crawford and zara

LGX Design Store started out as a coffee shop that happened to sell T-shirts. Now nearly four years later, the local brand has evolved into a full-fledged apparel and design community. This month, they launch a much-awaited new store at the airport, as well as a new line (Kommute) designed specifically for Beijing’s bicycle commuter lifestyle. We spoke with co-founder Ed Hung about spandex, and the good and bad of a gentrified Nanluogu Xiang.

+ ARTs CULTURE Snapshots ART

We look forward to all the changes at the UCCA that new director Philip Tinari has told us about: a bigger UCCA Store, a member ’s lending library, simplified ticket policies and even a grand new entrance on the street (instead of along that dark tunnel). In places about as far from 798 as we can get, there’ve been a couple of big museum openings from the end of last year: the Si Shang Art Museum in Shunyi, which focuses on contemporary sculpture, and CMoDA, the new digital arts museum near the Capital Museum at Muxidi.


"ok, so here's how it went down." film still from incident by a bank



Marilyn Mai wishes she were two-faced

photo: courtesy of the future shorts festival


h, Janus. The two-faced god from whom this cold, cold month derives its name – signaling beginnings and transitions. Fitting, considering it was exactly a year ago that I found myself writing one of these for the first time. What a year it’s been. Whether you don your blackrimmed glasses on a jaunt to Beijing’s farthest-flung indie art zones or prefer your mass entertainment pirated and enjoyed in your pajamas, there’s no doubt 2011 brought you more of what you wanted. And in 2012, the city’s offerings are only getting bigger, better and badassier. Tak e, for instance, the new “Manhattan” being built in Tianjin. Ground broke last year, and if things go according to plan, we may be enjoying cultural and entertainment options beyond our wildest imaginations. OK, so that’s not technically

within our city limits. Still … a 27minute HSR trip that lands us right in the basement of venues being developed by the folks responsible for the Rockefeller and Lincoln Centers? I’ll take it. Completion may be a few years out, but the coming months will be rife with news. There’s also the development of Chollywood – more and more Hollywood outfits scaling the foreign film quota wall with a little boost from domestic co-producers. That’ll give us more celebrity sightings and gossip to look forward to. On the audience front, there’s also unmistakable growth in screenings and film festivals. This year, planners promise an official Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) that will prioritize getting the word out to all would-be filmgoers. We hope this means their solid programming doesn’t go to waste – as it did last year, when we scrambled to get you

Flowers of War claims to be the first Chinese film starring an Oscarwinning Hollywood ac tor in the lead role, but technically that title goes to the Kevin Spacey vehicle Inseparable, about an almost-suicidal white-collar Chinese man who befriends his quirky expat neighbor. (We had to set the record straight – muscle-bound Oscar hopefuls can’t just bully little indie films.) The movie’s due out after Spring Festival, and look for our interview with director Dayyan Eng on Also, don’t miss the first 3-D wuxia film, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, starring a still-not-retired Jet Li. In the mood for oldies but goodies featuring Beijing? Tune in to Culture Yard’s “China Through Cinema” series.

screening schedules in English. I n d i e s c re e n i n g o rg a n i ze r s Electric Shadows have also just brought in a huge pop-up international shorts festival. “Future Shorts” makes its debut in Beijing this month, screening the Oscar-winner God of Love and the Berlinale Golden Bear winner Incident by a Bank, which hilariously retells a botched bank robbery (see photo, above). Other events to look forward to: The Bookworm’s internationally acclaimed literary festival in March, which has invited the Beijinger to participate in a lineup of unprecedented interactive events, as well as the up-and-coming Capital M Literary Festival (also in March), which will feature some delectable food writers – like the “Curious Cook” himself, Harold McGee. Too much to keep watch over? Maybe check if Janus will lend you one of his faces.

Author Yu Hua’s latest collection of essays, China in Ten Words, is drawing praise and starting conversations all over the Interwebs. See our review on p49 and pick up a copy for yourself at The Bookworm. A new English version of People’s Literature, China’s first literary magazine, has published its first issue, with another due out in April. It’s called Pathlight, and promises to dig through mounds of material to bring us the best of the country’s freshest young writers – translated! Finding good Chinese lit just got that much easier. We sit down with managing editor Alice Xin Liu on p50.


As usual, the battery of New Year concerts is upon us. Take your pick: New York Symphonic Orchestra? Beijing Symphony Orchestra? The Vienna Sinfonietta Feuerhaus ensemble? Once the clapping and stomping from the “Radetzky March” encores have died down, you might sit down to some ballet. This month, the Kremlin Ballet Theatre presents The Sleeping Beauty, and the Ballet de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux brings us The Nutcracker. True ballet aficionados won’t want to miss the Beijing premiere of the Ballet Nijinsky, memorializing the legendary choreographer.

January 2012




get stuck between a rock and an art space by Liz Mak



January 2012

it’s easy to feel increasingly consumed by the expanding explosion. On-screen rocks – coming closer and closer – seem to blend in with those hanging next to you to displace reality and emphasize how small, in the scheme of things, you really are. Playing with time is part of Wang’s experiment to understand the universe’s beginning. “I

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­“What is adaptational is eternal” used a moment to represent one hundred million years. With these rocks, I can travel through a tunnel of time,” he says. Wang believes that time and space are anything but fixed, and if we’re to take stock in his words we should start taking cover. According to Wang, the universe, like his explosion, will come to an end. Doomsday prophecies aside, Wang has not completely abandoned notions of the eternal. The artist uses stainless steel in his practice

for its reflective nature, which allows it to mirror its surrounding environment and adapt to the times. The artist claims: “What is adaptational is eternal.” He imagines the steel bending, stretching, even freezing time, making the point that our whole existence might take place in a mere moment during the aftermath of an explosion. With “My Personal Universe,” Wang concerns himself with an isolated event, one that recreates the very universe whose space-time continuum it also tries to unravel. Like the scholar rocks, Wang’s rocks can be starting points for meditation and existential thought (not to mention sturdy paperweights). If you’re looking for an intro to cosmology, put down that book by Stephen Hawking – “My Personal Universe” has the fundamentals covered. “My Personal Universe” rocks the UCCA until Feb 25.

photo: Courtesy of ucca

han Wang has a thing for rocks. He’s been working with the medium for more than a decade now, transforming traditional Chinese scholar rocks – natural, craggy forms that inspire contemplation – into stainless steel sculptures with a modern facade. They’re the main feature in “My Personal Universe,” his new exhibit at the UCCA, which recreates the Big Bang by exploding a big boulder. The exhibition’s accompanying film, “Legend of the Stone,” documents his explosive artistic process, naturally fraught with village politics. (What, doesn’t every farmer want a huge rock blown up on his land?) Enter Wang’s exhibition space, and you’ll encounter more than 7,000 stainless steel rock fragments hanging in mid-air. These are replicas of the actual debris, precisely placed to recapture the moment after the burst. Different angles of the explosion play on six surrounding screens, and as the video plays,



ART: NOTHING LASTS FOREVER ARROW FACTORY If your idea of good art is the kind that disappears, then you’re in for a rare treat. Artist Shi Qing has designed a series of wooden blockades and military barriers with modern, abstract markings. They’re measured to fit specific points along Jianchang Hutong, the small, crooked alley that connects Wudaoying and Fangjia Hutongs. But Shi has the wisdom not to add to Beijing’s congestion, pedestrian or otherwise; far from erecting barriers, he is instead leaving them in pieces along the dusty path, where the lumber treasures will be free for the taking. [Cue disappearing act.] Part community performance, part exercise in generosity vs. obstruction, this is art that can get carried away with you. Marilyn Mai “Nothing Lasts Forever” will be on show throughout Jianchang Hutong while supplies last.

BOOKS: CHINA IN TEN WORDS YU HUA Revered author Yu Hua gives us ten essays – essentially in-depth vocabulary lessons – that sum up his homeland, from the 1960s to today. Some, like “People” (renmin 人民) and “Reading” (yuedu 阅读), are bathed in beautifully personal recollections, while others like “Copycat” (shanzhai 山寨) and “Bamboozled” (huyou 忽悠) provide nonstop “Aha!” moments about China’s ever-shifting absurdities. Then there’s “Disparity” (chaju 差距), which will break your heart in at least five different ways. More than what Yu Hua’s book is, though, is what it’s not: bitter, fitful, or pandering to fetishized tastes. Here is an author so committed to loving his country that he insists on telling her story with a steady, bare honesty. Kudos, too, for Allan Barr’s artful translation. Highly recommended. Marilyn Mai China in Ten Words is available at The Bookworm.

FILM: THE FLOWERS OF WAR ZHANG YIMOU Zhang Yimou wishes he were an Oscar winner. He’s even enlisted the Dark Knight’s help: Christian Bale plays John Miller, a mortician who reluctantly protects a band of convent schoolgirls and prostitutes during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing. There are obvious failures (poor script, cartoonishly evil Japanese soldiers), made more heartbreaking in light of the film’s successes. Tong Dawei plays a morale-boosting sniper on his last stand. Zhang’s trademark use of textiles and explosive color ache to resonate with the plot’s enormous emotional potential. Child actors and Bale himself are even good enough to distract from the uneven writing. But alas, those bright spots may not be bright enough. For now, Zhang might be better off wishing he were an Oscar Mayer wiener. Marilyn Mai Flowers of War is currently showing in theaters across town.


photos: Courtesy of the organizers

NCPA How often do Beijingers get a chance to see the world’s twinkliest toes in one place? The answer: At least once a year. (Not counting Saturdays at Destination.) Well, the gala event is back and this year’s roster is golden. We’ve got the American Ballet Theater’s Daniil Simkin – the Justin Bieber of ballet, with his fresh face, natural stage presence and active YouTube fanbase. His troupe-mate, Gillian Murphy, is best noted for performing the Black Swan pas de deux at the tender age of 11, way before Natalie Portman’s creepy-sexy turn invaded mass culture. They’ll share the stage with the Bavarian State Ballet’s supple Lucia Lacarra, the National Ballet of China’s Wang Qiming – also a Swan Lake veteran – and many others. Get ready for some high-flying tights. Marilyn Mai The 2012 International Ballet Gala grand jetés onto the NCPA stage Jan 19-20.

Jump Start

Korean drama gets a kick in the pants by Kyle Mullin


t ’s never easy to charm your drama and comic timing.” in-laws, but imagine having to But before the suitor can dance woo and subdue them with with the daughter, he must go kung fu dance moves. This is the toe-to-toe with her overprotective fate that befalls one man in Jump, grandfather. That frenzied scene – the comic martial arts performance which critics have described as that reimagines a traditional Korean “Jackie Chan meets Charlie Chaplin” – story – about a boy courting an almost turns into a shotgun wedentire family to win their daughter’s ding. But instead of squeezing a hand – with the help of thumping trigger, the grandfather forces the music, peppy fighting and manic youngster to punch through pine break-dancing. These fast-paced boards and get tangled in a fencing elements take the place of dialogue, match. making the show fit for audiences of The performers, despite their all languages and prowess, must work backgrounds. hard to achieve the C­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ritics have “It is really hard nuanced slapstick described it as to act without of such scenes. lines,” says Sung“Nothing is “Jackie Chan meets Yul Noh, who stars easy to control,” Charlie Chaplin” as the son-in-law. admits Noh. “There “Instead, I think the is a scene where words in my mind while performing, the son-in-law attacks a burglar so others can feel my expressions with a toy hammer which makes a through the gestures.” ‘pip’ noise. When I go over the top, Director Jun-Sang Lee agrees it gets laughs, but otherwise, it can that the dances can say what words seem too serious.” can’t – especially the elaborate That balance needs to be nimbly climactic steps. struck at every turn, but it helped “Our per formers are pouring Noh understand his character’s lopforth enormous energy during the sided nature. “[I wanted] to show the [entire] hour and a half. However, double-sidedness before and after dare I say it, they work hardest of all his transformation. He is naïve and during the tango scene,” he says of playful, but changes into a sexy and a key dance where the suitor literally strong man. To express these two sweeps his lady off her feet. “It’s very aspects is not easy.” difficult for the performers since they need to demonstrate ability in Go from naïve to sexy with Jump on gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, Jan 17 & 18 at Poly Theatre.

January 2012



Light the way


China’s biggest literary mag goes global by Marilyn Mai


hina’s first literary magazine was born – like so many other things in this country – in 1949. Now, People’s Literature is welcoming its English offspring, Pathlight. Those who’ve relished the few drops of good Chinese literature that have hit our thirsty throats in the last decades will be pleased at this publication’s promise of new literary wellsprings. Managing editor Alice Xin Liu shares her insights: I think international readers are looking for material that is not so much culturally specific – i.e. the China novel – but just writing that is universally good. It really is the storytelling, the words, that matter. Also, novels by establishment writers in their fifties, for example, are widely available in English already, so I’m concentrating on younger, more experimental writers. The concrete reason for its start are the “soft power projects,” and the Writers’ Association (among other Chinese official organizations) trying to “step out.” We finished the first issue in less than three months in order to coincide with a nationwide Writers Association representative meeting happening in Beijing, and the next issue will coincide with the London Book Fair next April. It’s fair to say that with such powerful backing (and funding), there is a lot of room and potential for growth. Qi Ge and Di An are really exciting contributors in this issue. The list for

the next issue is being discussed as we speak. But expect favorites like Sheng Keyi [Northern Girls] and Xu Zechen [Running Through Zhongguancun], the former to be published in English by Penguin next year. We’re also looking at newer female writers (not usually part of the establishment) like Lu Min and sci-fi writers like Han Song. Globally, I think contemporary Chinese literature’s position is still pretty weak. In terms of acclaim, actually a lot of China-related works do pretty well – just look at Yu Hua. But the problem is, we don’t see many “classic” writers who are still living. When we talk about Chinese lit, it’s often still the writers from the Republican era or earlier getting that distinction. How long before China “gets there”? I think that’s a question of how fast we can be as readers and promoters and translators. I believe the material, if we sift through the lot, is out there. After the first trial issues, we’re hoping to get rights for Amazon. People’s Literature are very conservative, so we need them to realize that literature can be part of the download movement. With distribution outside of China being so difficult (Confucius Institutes aside), it might be the only way to go. Check out pathlight.

Peter Sallade Film Festival international liaison The books on my shelf with the most sentimental value are New Mutants #1-100, The Neverending Story, The Stand, The Coming of the King by Nikolai Tolstoy, Marya Morevna (English translation, with all the illustrations), A Primer on Robotics, and the Big Book of Bible Stories for Kids.  Also some awful Star Trek novels, especially the ones by Diane Duane. The book with the best ending is The Revenants, by Sheri S. Tepper. Also Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. (I am probably the only person in the world who was satisfied by the endings!) The one with the best beginning would be a copy of Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted, bookmarked to the “Guts” chapter with a loud note insisting, “READ THIS FIRST!”

The book that changed my life was Robert Wright’s The Moral Animal. Not because I agree with it! I despise


January 2012

Bathroom reading? and the Beijinger! A character in a book I’ve had a crush on is Lin, the Khepri artist in China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station. Instead of having a human head, her head is a giant scarab beetle. So hot! The book I’d like to see adapted as a film is Her Fearful Symmetry, the second novel by Audrey Niffenegger. It is a sad tragedy that The Time Traveler’s Wife, her excellent debut novel, was adapted into a horribly shitty movie. The very structure and tone of the book did not allow for it to be converted into the video medium through any other means besides complete deconstruction and re-imagining. Niffenegger specifically wrote her second novel with film in mind. It would make a great movie! The book most likely to turn me into an aspiring filmmaker would be your mother’s erotic diary. (Cue the funky bassline.) For more about Beijing’s film festivals, check out

photos: nature zhang and Courtesy of peter sallade

The character I’d like to meet? There’s a short story in a compilation of shorts by Anthony Burgess. It’s about a dude with a time machine who goes back in time to tell his favorite writers (Shakespeare, Chaucer, Cervantes, et al.) how totally awesome they are. I want to meet that dude, take his time machine, and then be him, visiting Lovecraft and Tolkien and Hunter S. Thompson to praise the power of their works.

biodeterminism, but Wright’s spicy arguments deliberately allow for so many openings to rail against it. It taught me how to smack down the biodeterminists.


AT THE BUZZER At the recent NFL Experience in Shanghai it was Beijing that came out on top when Beijing Sports University took the 2011-12 University Bowl. Meanwhile, Beijing Guardians played out the 2011 Founder’s Bowl against the Shanghai Nighthawks. We’ve not managed to locate a score for the game so we’ll assume that Chinese gridiron was the only winner. A nod goes to the UACFL itself for marking a whole year of existence. There was another recent anniversary – this one for Beijing’s skateboarding community. celebrated a decade of deck fun last month. Well done to the Beijing Devils for being the best team at rugby in China. There’s more on their site at Basketball fans got the NBA for Christmas and they ’ll be seeing Yi Jianlian there. He’s binned off his hometown team to get back to the big show.

raise a glass to the tenth redbull nanshan open on jan 14 & 15

Talking Balls

Also next month, Tianjin hosts the inaugural FIP Snow Polo World Cup Invitational. The event takes place from Februar y 2-12 at the city ’s Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club.

Jonathan White will be watching on TV



his time last year we were getting excited that Stephon Marbury was going to be visiting town with his Foshan side. A year on and our excitement seems wellplaced – Starbury has since moved to Beijing permanently, having signed for Beijing this season, and he has led the Shougang Ducks to their best-ever start. They’ve scored a record-breaking perfect 12 wins so far. If you want to be part of Beijing’s ascent to the top of the CBA, then you’ve got six chances to get down to Shougang Stadium this month (for dates, times and prices, see Newsbites, right). You can also follow the prolific Stephon Marbury on his Sina Weibo or in his China Daily column. There’s another shaven-headed sports superstar who will be gracing a Chinese league this season. Shanghai Shenhua, who finished eleventh in the CSL last season, have broken the bank to sign Nicolas

Anelka. Having come from Chelsea, he’s without a doubt the highestprofile transfer in Chinese football history. The former France international is a mere 32 years old. Rumors are now linking Anelka’s former Stamford Bridge strike par tner Didier Drogba with a move to China too. The league doesn’t start until the spring but the AFC Champions’ League kicks off in March. League runners-up Beijing Guoan are in Group F. They’ve a tough task, having been drawn with Ulsan Hyundai (second in the K-League), the winners of Japan’s Emperor’s Cup (which concludes on January 1) and Brisbane Roar (the A-League champs). It’s all eyes on a different Australian city this month. Melbourne hosts another incarnation of the Australian Open. In 2010, China’s women (Li Na and Zheng Jie) reached the singles semi-finals. Last year Li Na was defeated by Kim Clijsters in the

Keep an eye on for a list of the best places to watch next month’s Super Bowl XLVI. The big game takes place on the morning of February 6 (Beijing time). If you want to watch the game at home, the NFL is now on PPTV. Touchdown.

final. Could this be the year that Li Na goes one better? Tune your TVs to CCTV between January 16-29 to find out. It’s been four years since the Olympics filled our streets and our stadiums. It’s also been four years since the last UEFA European Championships. You know what that means: If you don’t already have a favorite TV to watch sports on, it’s time to find one. Aside from London 2012 and Euro 2012, there’s also the always highly entertaining African Cup of Nations. From January 21 to February 12, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea play host to the continent’s finest this year. Lastly, congratulations to Mashup Sports & Social for a year of bringing mashed-up sports and social to Beijing. Our best also goes to the Mellowparks folks for the tenth year of the Nanshan Open. There’s more on that over the page. Oh, almost forgot – Happy New Year(s).

Beijing Ducks will be playing the fo l l ow i n g C B A h o m e g a m e s at Beijing Shougang Basketball Center this month: Jan 4: vs. Guangdong Jan 6: vs. Dongguan Jan 8: vs. Fujian Jan 15: vs. Bayi Jan 18: vs. Zhejiang Jan 29: vs. Jiangsu ­ ll games tip off at 7.30pm. Tickets A are RMB 40-260 and are available at or 400 610 3721. Chinese football went on trial for corruption last month and one of the first findings was enough to send shockwaves around the world game. One high-profile Chinese ref admitted to taking bribes to fix two international friendlies – one of them being Shenzhen FC vs. Manchester United. The Old Trafford club won the 2007 game 6-0 and have in no way been implicated in any wrongdoing. University freshman Yao Ming might be struggling. He’s on video asking his classmates for homework help.

January 2012



Open Season Ten Years of the Nanshan Open by Mary Dennis

2008 2009 2010

Winning trick: Switch backside 900 mute followed by a frontside 720 melon. Juuso Laivisto (Finland) Prizes: USD 25,000 Park setup: “We had a huge up-cannon with a big gap before the landing. Marco Swoboda scored a cover shot with that one.” That was the year that … “One Australian rider called from the airport because he didn’t know you needed a visa to enter China. He was stuck in customs for a whole day before we could get him out.”


Winning trick: Frontside 7 Shifty Shifty. Hampus Mossesson (Sweden) Prizes: USD 10,000 Park setup: “We got sponsored by Red Bull so we could expand the park. We added four huge kickers and some crazy obstacles in the bottom of the park.” Riders: “I ended up talking the TTR guys into giving the Nanshan Open a 3-star status. So we finally got some pro riders to enter.” That was the year that … “One Austrian rider was afraid he would party too hard so he put his passport under his mattress. By the time he found it, he’d already applied for a new one and had to stay ten days longer.”

Winning trick: BS540 followed by a Cab540. Freddy Austbo (Norway) Prizes: USD 25,000 Park setup: “We built some crazy new obstacles in the bottom of the park that year. We had a 400m3 butterbox.” Riders: “We got our TTR status moved up to four stars that year. Also, the financial crisis meant that Japan and Korea canceled their events, making the Nanshan Open the biggest TTR event in Asia.”

Winning trick: Four 900s in two runs. Janne Korpi (Finland) Prizes: USD 25,000 Park setup: ”The famous double kicker line above a rotation through the season of a rainbow box, a post, a wall ride, a mianbao che, a curved box, a butterbox, a funbox, two down rails, a down-up box, a kink box, two mini wallrides, a pipe and a cannon.” Riders: ”He Wei placed eighth overall, beating out several pro European riders with a frontside 720 to frontside rodeo method. It’s the highest a Chinese rider has ever placed at any TTR event.”

Winning trick: Find out on January 15 Prizes: USD 50,000 Park setup: Head there to check it out. Or see the photos at Riders: The Nanshan Open now has five-star TTR status, making it an important stop to qualify for the World Snowboarding Championships. The new status is luring top riders to China, including Austin Smith (USA), Juuso Laivisto (FIN), Nils Arvidson (SWE) and Atsushi Ishikawa (JAP). That was the year that … The Nanshan Open turns 10!

The 10th Nanshan Open takes place on Jan 14 & 15. For more details, see


January 2012

photos: robin fall

Winning trick: “I don’t really remember much about that year except that we had our first real sponsor, Snickers.” Park setup: “We built a hip where the riders could fly over the crowd. That was fun.” That was the year that … “We had a shitload of Snickers.”

Winning trick: 700 followed by 540. Jacob Wilhelmson (Sweden) Prizes: USD 10,000 Riders: “There began to be too many good Chinese riders, so we added a qualifying round. The top six riders moved on to the finals with the European pros.” Park setup: “A huge tabletop about 10m tall and 10m long, with a hip built into the side.”


2003 2004

Winning trick: 540. Wang Lei (China) Prizes: “Nokia sponsored the event that year so everyone got a free Nokia phone. This was back when Nokia phones were cool.” Park setup: “We finally set up a real park that had a real kicker, a wall ride and a few rails.” That was the year that … “The guy who ‘won’ didn’t even enter the competition. We got the press release wrong.”


Winning trick: “360 and like whatever on the rail.” Wang Lei (China) Prizes: “Burton sent some gear from Japan.” Park setup: “We added a rail that year. So then we had two rails.” Riders: “Pretty much everybody who lived in China and snowboarded. About 20 or 30 Chinese nationals and foreigners, both female and male.”


Winning trick: Backside 360. Steve Zdarsky (Austria) Prizes: Bragging rights Park setup: “One mini kicker, one rail, a crappy halfpipe” Riders: “We called some of our friends to come over at the end of the season and basically just had a jam session.” That was the year that … “We called it The Nanshan Open as a joke.”


the Beijinger talked to Steve Zdarsky, China’s “Godfather of Snowboarding,” about how Beijing’s own Nanshan Open grew to be one of Asia’s biggest events on the Ticket to Ride (TTR) tour.


Q&A Little Gold Book The first edition of this compilation of vouchers offers first-rate discounts at over 70 restaurants in Beijing. NGOs that sell the book automatically collect 30%; when sold by local restaurants and retailers, proceeds go to Beijing Huiling Community Services. We asked the founders about the rewards of combining food, discounts and fundraising. Tell us about the charity aspect of the Little Gold Book. Andrew Pratley: We’ve seen charities try something similar to this, but they’re too busy managing their dayto-day operations to raise the funds themselves. So we thought: What if we did the work for them – and created a product to a really high standard? Elaine Pratley: This year the government has tightened regulations for fundraising. We wanted to help the charities who have been affected the most, who are looking for alternate ways of fundraising without having to stray too far from their core mission. Who is your target market? Irena Desmond: We’re definitely targeting foreigners. Chinese people already have access to discounts on Groupon or Dianping, but foreigners who can’t read hanzi are limited in that sense.

Downward dog your way into the new year

LIVING LA VIDA LOCAL Tiffany Wang wonders how resolute you’ll be in 2012

photo: yoga yard


alk about a festive month. Not only does January 2012 welcome the New Year (Jan 1), but also Chinese New Year (Jan 23) which, for those unfamiliar with the lunar calendar, more often than not falls in February. Just for fun, I thought I’d look up the other random holidays going on in January as well. According to, that includes gems like: Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, Oatmeal Month and Soup Month. Can you believe our luck? On top of New Year’s Eve parties and hongbao, we’re being encouraged to pursue our favorite pastimes and consume belly-warming foods and beverages. In other words, we’ve been handed the perfect way to pass one of the year’s most frigid months. For those of you who don’t have

Chinese friends and “families” to celebrate Chunjie with, consider Black Sesame Kitchen’s Chinese New Year’s Eve Dumpling Party on January 22. This event will consist of a hands-on demonstration followed by a merr y par ty (jiaozi and spiced wine included), all for RMB 300. Reserve your place at If you’re looking for a way to document – rather than partake in – the madness, then The Hutong’s Shooting Fireworks: CNY Photography Workshop (Jan 14) might be a better bet. We’ve all done it – been awestruck at the show of sparks before our eyes, reached for our cameras to capture the moment, and then felt disappointed by the results. I for one gave up long ago. Maybe a one-day intensive class is all we need? Visit for more details.

And now, for New Year’s resolutions. Mine are as follows: 1) Spend money more wisely. (Could get a good start by stocking up on books at the Roundabout Book Fair on Jan 14. Hm.) 2) Work out regularly. (Heyrobics classes are free all month at their new Lido location when you show up with an issue of the Beijinger. Also, see our Take 5 list in the directory on yoga spots around town.) 3) Improve public speak ing. (Join a Toastmasters club, e.g. A1 Toastmasters Club, Global Communicators Toastmaster Club.) 4) Take up a hobby. (Pretty sure I’ll be making more jewelry this year. See Hands-on, p54.) 5) Give back . (Lasso-China. org, an online guide to charity in China, recently unveiled a new-andimproved website.) So, what’s on your list?

How did you select the eateries? ID: Michael Crain [founder of Chi Fan for Charity] introduced us to a good number of those restaurants, while some of them came to us to participate. Which charities does the Little Gold Book benefit? EP: Our aim is to get as many charities to sell the book as possible. Some are Beijing-based, some are national, and some have a more international scope of work. But we meet with all the people beforehand. We check to make sure they are established and sufficiently trustworthy so we’re not just giving money away. To us, the whole thing is about value-for-money for the customers and for the NGOs. How do you feel about the sustainability of this social enterprise? ID: I’m so excited, I’m already thinking about the next book. Next year we hope to include vouchers for other things, such as spas, golf, maybe even hotel accommodations. I’d like to raise the price slightly, but would give a higher percentage to charity so it can be more worthwhile to them for their efforts. The Little Gold Book costs RMB 240; all vouchers are valid from Jan-Dec 2012. For more information, visit

January 2012


Hands-on ...

wringing Bling

The shiny world of DIY jewelry by Tiffany Wang


ll signs pointed me towards Suddenly, the full weight of my jewelry-making. For one, I amateurism hit me. It was much wear it all the time. Plus, I easier to browse other people’s have tiny childlike hands – all the designs than to create your own. better for fitting gems and twisting In the end I settled on turquoise wires, right? and silver, to keep things simple. But my main motive was finally Once I began arranging them into being able to design pieces that the shape of a necklace, though, subscribed to my (very specific) new questions arose. I grew invision. And Stephanie Baker, one of creasingly befuddled about the Shou Designers’ Jewelry Academy’s spacing between the beads and the more practiced symmetry. Suddenly, the full graduates, had “Many newgraciously agreed bies aren’t sure weight of my to initiate me into how to keep the amateurism hit me the world of DIY sides balanced,” jewelry. Baker reassured First, I had to choose my materime. I guess it was a learned intuials. As I pawed through the drawers tion, one that I could only hone with of her giant cabinet, brimming with more practice. multi-hued stones and crystals, I The process might appear as found myself unexpectedly oversimple as stringing stuff onto a whelmed by the selection. What was wire. Sure, much of it was just that. even feasible to make? What colors But it was also about wrapping the actually paired well together? wire, crimping the beads to act as


Currie Lee by Tiffany Wang 54

January 2012


er nicknames are Diva, Spa Princess and Ditzy,” Currie Lee giggles, gazing adoringly at the stocky French bulldog before her. Victoria – her real name – blinks her big droopy eyes in response before plopping haughtily to the floor, legs askew. We are gathered at Currie’s 798 studio boutique D-SATA.DIVA for her weekly canine behavior training session with Dennis Schenk, a man she calls “Beijing’s dog whisperer.” Joining us for the afternoon are her mother and her pug Celli, as well as her best friend (and founder of locally based e-commerce site Miao Lu and her pug Qia. It would be an understatement to say that the room is in an uproar, a blur of excitable and jumpy canines each vying for their owner’s affections. It quickly becomes clear, though, that Victoria is the dominant one. I wait for Dennis to step in and correct her behavior, but instead he stares pointedly at Currie. “Dogs follow a calm and relaxed leader, not a lovable or punishing one,” Dennis reminds her. He tells me: “My class is about managing the handler. It’s easy to train the dog. It’s

to angle my pliers at the right slant. This I had trouble mastering until the very end. I let out a squeal of triumph when I managed to curve my wire into the perfect “O” for the first time. My neck and back ached, my hands were quaking and my eyes felt strained, but when I held up my necklace and earrings to the light, there wasn’t a thing I’d change about them. To sign up for a class at Shou Designers’ Jewelry Academy, email Janice@ To check out Stephanie Baker’s jewelry line, Little Gems, visit LMC (see Directory).

not easy to train the human.” Luckily, Currie has been taking classes with him for over two years, in between building up her eco-luxe bag brand. D-SATA, which had its humble beginnings in Nali Patio, now regularly lands spreads in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She outlines the varying skills the two activities require of her: “When I’m designing, I don’t pay attention to anything anyone says to me. It’s all based on instinct. “But when I’m training Victoria, I’m constantly following rules. My instinct is to cuddle her, but I have to remember that’s not the way she communicates.” The lessons Currie has picked up in dog training are applicable to her work life as well. “I’ve learned to be more patient, which makes me a better manager,” she says. “With dogs, when you get angry, they think you’re being unreasonable. When you’re being firm, rational and consistent, then they’ll listen.” Suddenly, a sharp bark interrupts our conversation. The culprit, of course, is Victoria. Tongue lolling, she seems to be yapping her agreement. Sign up at canine_behavior@ymail. com.

PHOTOS: judy zhou

Dog trainer and designer

stoppers and … well, you try to keep your hands on all those microscopic pieces. I developed a hand cramp from concentrating so hard. The trickiest part was the wirewrapping, which I attempted when attaching the jump ring, split ring and clasp. Baker showed me an old bracelet she had made that relied predominantly on this technique – an intricate web of gems and wire. When it came time to make the earrings, I discovered that wirewrapping made up the bulk of the process. She taught me to snip the wire downwards – essential in order to avoid taking out an eyeball – and


Long Weekend

Heilongjiang The cliché The ice -box of China with Arctic temperatures and illuminated icesculptures. The reality China’s northeasternmost province, with Russian-influenced architecture and Western-standard ski slopes. The sights Snow and ice. (Hey, it beats fire and brimstone.) Top destination Harbin’s Ice and Snow World gets all the credit, but a few hours away you’ll find some proper skiing at Yabuli. If you’re feeling adventurous, trek all the way north to view the Aurora Borealis near Mohe. The food Warm up by tucking into some hearty fare. Many dishes originate from Manchu cuisine and others have the flavors of Russia. Try some smoked sausage with dalieba, a Western-style bread. Why go now Winter snow is the only kind of snow you want. What to bring Thermals and layers.

Wish we were there ... embracing pyromania at Up Helly Aa, Viking Fire Festival, Shetland, Scotland, Jan 31

TRANSIT AUTHORITY Lauren McCarthy is maintaining a safe distance

photos: vincenzo fileccia and


et ready for Chunjie, Beijingers. If you’ve never experienced a Chinese New Year before, get ready for one of the most exciting yet exasperating seven-day periods of the year. The volley of firework explosions initially makes you feel like you’re in the giddy stages of a hyperactive sugar rush but quickly gives way to the woozy awareness that there is such a thing as too much. Things become even more maddening if you’re taking a trip – and you can double that anxiety if it’s domestic travel. Like salmon struggling upstream, traveling within China at this time is not as much a choice as it is a necessary habit, and if you’re watching from the shore, it’ll look like a heck of a lot of work. Quite understandably, since the Spring Festival marks the world’s largest annual human migration, known as chunyun. During the 40-day

travel period beginning on January 8, more than three billion passenger journeys are expected in total. If you plan on joining, prepare for long lines and massive crowds. And if you’re opting for train travel, you’ll have the chance to test out the online ticket purchasing system that will have just opened up for the entire rail system. If you want to try and avoid this mass stampede, here are some tried and true alternatives: join a group of runners to jog the 19 hours home, round up a group of bikers to help get through some treacherous weather, or, if you start packing immediately, hitchhiking will get you a couple thousand miles in just under two weeks. Whichever method you choose, pack some good reading material and playing cards. If you’ve yet to make plans, the China Culture Center has done all the legwork for trips to Yunnan,

Sichuan and Fujian. If you’ve been scared off by travel tales of terror or are looking forward to the eerily peaceful streets of Beijing, there will be plenty here in the city to fill up your time. Temple fairs will pop up in parks across town – check out a couple for arcade games and kitschy dragon paraphernalia. Get out into the mountains to enjoy some fresh air and fun (undemanding) ski slopes with the Culture Yard. And don’t forget to set off a firework or two. If you want to do it like a local, place the firework within a foot of a car or building. Light the fuse with your cigarette. Then take no more than five steps back. Laugh in the face of exploding danger. (No, we’re not actually advocating this. Observe all precautions when setting off fireworks. You’ll understand when you read about the injuries the next morning.)

What to buy A few more layers because you’ve underestimated the cold. Also, stock up on Russian imports such as vodka, nesting dolls and chocolate. Why you’ll want to stay They have snow! Why you’ll be glad to leave You’ll want to get some feeling back into your limbs eventually. Flight information Most domestic carriers will get you to Harbin starting at RMB 1,400. Train information An overnight Z-class train will cost RMB 800 (round-trip) for a soft sleeper. Departure at 9pm and arrival at 7am at both ends.

January 2012



Dirty Old Town

The Hidden Charms of Chongqing

photos by Nick Otto


ome sources would have you believe that Chongqing, with its municipal population of 32 million, is the world’s largest megacity. In the heart of this sprawling megalopolis lies the city’s old town. Labyrinthine, claustrophobic alleys twist and teem with vitality. Sharing is a way of life – children are looked after by neighbors, and meals are seasoned with gossip and laughter. As you might expect, the old town is scheduled for demolition but until modernity knocks, you still have the opportunity to see communal living at its most touching.

Getting There It takes about two hours to fly to Chongqing from Beijing. A one-way ticket can cost you RMB 400-1,500, depending on the time of year. There are daily trains to Chongqing, departing from Beijing West railway station. Sleeper tickets cost RMB 390450. The fastest train takes 25 hours to get there.


January 2012

January 2012




Festive Feast Brunch The new Sheraton opens with more bang for your brunch. RMB 388+15% (includes freeflow champagne and wine). 11am-3pm. Feast, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888)





Indie Film Forum Series: The Cold Winter

Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty

Strauss and Schubert with the city’s symphony orchestra. RMB 80-1,280. 7.30pm. Forbidden City Concert Hall (6559 8285)

Be a fly on the wall as the artists are forced from 798. Director talk follows the screening. RMB 15, RMB 10 (students). 4pm. UCCA Art Cinema (8459 9269)



Open Jazz Because everyone hates closed jazz. Free. Time TBD. V.A. Cafe & Bar (5844 3638)



Prophets, Prostitutes and Spies It’s your chance to learn all the sordid secrets of the hutongs. RMB 120, RMB 100 (members). 10am. The Hutong (6404 3355)

Princesses, spindles and kisses with the Kremlin dancers. RMB 180-1,080. 7.30pm. NCPA Opera House (6655 0000)


Green Drinks More like hippie hour. Free. 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6503 2050)




Portrait Photography Talk

Basically Beethoven

For those who aren’t into landscape photography. No camera necessary. Reserve your spot at RMB 35. 7.30-8.30pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

Basically Beijing’s only classical open mic. Free. 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6503 2050)




Even if it were a pink swimming pool, it’s still a bargain. Ladies get a glass of Piscine Rose for RMB 10. Enoterra (5208 6076)

Martial hearts slapstick comedy. See Feature, p49. RMB 50-680. 7.30pm. Poly Theatre (6500 1188 ext 5126/5127)

Plastic jocks and the real thing share a wee dram. RMB 200 (for three-course meal including haggis and whisky). 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

Piscine Rose Promotion

Comedy: Jump

Burns Supper






Make dumplings and new pals. Reserve at blacksesamekitchen@gmail. com. RMB 300. 7-10pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

Is this:

It’s never too cold for the taste of Spain. RMB 90. 7.30-9.30pm. Olé (6595 9677)

Chinese New Year’s Eve Dumpling Party

Stumble Inn Quiz Night a) multiple choice b) drunken c) fun d) all of the above



Drumming with your feet? RMB 80, RMB 240 (4 classes). Noon-2pm. UCCA Loft (8459 9269; see A&C directory)

Author Wong How Man discusses his early exploration into China’s lesser-known places. Free. 8pm. 12SQM (6402 1554)

Sambasia Barefoot Percussion Workshop


Book Club: Islamic Frontiers of China

31 January 2012

Paella Party

Free. 7.30pm. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794)









Orchestra: Beijing New Year’s Concert










This time they’ll play, if no one has a sore throat. See Livehouse, p42. RMB 380, RMB 280 (advance). 8pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

Bob your hair and start practicing the Charleston. Free. 9pm. Modernista (136 7127 4747)

Simple Plan


Roaring ’20s Dancing Party



Wasabi Sound Second Anniversary Party Winter gets some much-needed heating up. RMB 50. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785)


Pink Fridays Pink drinks for your pink RMB. Free. 5pm. Terra (6591 9148)



Let There Be House featuring LGBT Dance the night away with the best of intentions. RMB 50 (proceeds go to LGBT). 10pm. Haze (5900 6128)



Latino Fever! Salsa aficionados show you the way. RMB 50 (includes glass of wine or beer). 8-11pm. Zeta Bar (5865 5050)


January 2012


EVENTS feb events deadline – jan 9



send events to venue info can be found in the directory starting p68. all event details correct at time of going to press.

JAN 1 DINING Bubbly New Year Brunch A fantastic option for the first brunch of 2012. RMB 428+15% (includes free-flow champagne), RMB 218+15% (kids 12 and under). 11.30am-3pm. Senses, Westin Beijing Financial Street (6629 7777)


Say hello to 2012 with one of New York’s oldest orchestras. Program includes selections from Die Fledermaus, Carmen, and some rousing Sousa marches. RMB 180-1,680. 7.30pm. Beijing Concert Hall (6605 7006)

The Terry Hsieh Collective The Oberlin, OH jazz collective returns to Beijing for the third time. RMB 50. 9pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)


New Year Concert: Vienna Sinfonietta Feuerhaus This ensemble pushes the boundaries of classical music, so if you’re looking for

Pedicab Hutong Tour Tour Beijing’s alleyways by pedicab,

Festive Feast Brunch A vibrant holiday buffet in the new Sheraton Dongcheng. RMB 388+15% (includes free-flow champagne and wine). 11am3pm. Feast, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888)


day-by-day weekly ongoing

p60 p64 p66

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. In the first, about (emotional) liberty, enjoy a fantastic performance by Juliette Binoche, who plays a woman recovering from a family tragedy. RMB 30 (includes coffee or tea). 7.30pm. Riverbank Bar and Café (6506 8277; see Nightlife directory)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Vegetarian Classic non-meat recipes, plus well-known classics with a vegetarian twist. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 7.15-9.45pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)


Three to See

Cao Qin & Starry Pop rock new power has a new album to show. RMB 50, RMB 40 (advance). 8.30pm MAO Livehouse (6402 5080)


New Years’ Brunch Come to celebrate or to recover. RMB 218 (two courses), RMB 258 (three courses); add RMB 210 for free-flow bubbly. Noon-4pm. SALT (6437 8457)

Lake of Tears Scandinavian dark metal heads take you to the core of sorrow. See Review, p42. RMB 220, RMB 320 (VIP). 8pm. Tango (6551 9988)

Revive, Recover & Celebrate Lift the New Year’s hangover with good food and even more. RMB 218 (two courses), RMB 258 (three courses); add RMB 210 for free-flow bubbly. 11am-11pm. Terra (6591 9148)

The Terry Hsieh Collective If you missed their gig on Tuesday, here’s your second chance. RMB 40, RMB 30 (students). 9.30pm. D-22 (6265 3177)


Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty The Kremlin Ballet Theatre brings Princess Aurora back to life. Next time, keep her away from anything even resembling a spindle. RMB 180-1,080. 7.30pm. NCPA Opera House (6655 0000)


Glow Curve, Streets Kill Strange Animals, Me Too Kick off 2012 with some post-rock and post-NYE hangover drinking. RMB 50, RMB 40 (students). 9.30pm. D-22 (6265 3177) Hao Yun The best folk musician of 2011 (as crowned by the Midi Awards) says hello to the new year. RMB 150 (buy four tickets, get one free), RMB 100 (advance). 9pm. Tango (6551 9988) King Kong Production Give 2012 a heavy start. Metal heads Four Five, Army of Jade Kirin and more celebrate together. RMB 80, RMB 60 (advance). 8.30pm. MAO Livehouse (6402 5080) Made in Ningxia The northwestern folk-rockers have their monthly gathering. Lineup includes Buyi, Lidong and more. RMB 60. 10pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) Tribute to Townes Van Zandt Honky-tonk bluegrass Randy Abel Stable show their respect to the country master. RMB 30. 9pm. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269) Wu Hongfei & the Happy Avenue Singer-songwriter Wu Hongfei celebrates the New Year with her indie love songs. RMB 60, RMB 50 (advance). 8pm. Mako Live House (5205 1112/3)

ARTS & CULTURE Orchestra: Beijing New Year’s Concert The Beijing Symphony Orchestra plays some Strauss, Schubert and Suppé to ring in the new one. RMB 80-1,280. 7.30pm. Forbidden City Concert Hall (6559 8285) Orchestra: New York Symphony Orchestra New Year Concert


January 2012

Film: Oklahoma! The award-winning musical comes rolling down the plain, with introductory remarks by director David Peck. RSVP required: Free. 6.30pm. Beijing American Center (6538 4716)

Ongoing until Jan 19: Limitless Video game and 3-D art. See photo, above.

Ongoing until Jan 20: Kuo Xuan

Catch phase two of the giant geometric drawings.

Ongoing until Feb 24: Wang Qingsong: Happy New Year Take a walk through the photographer’s absurdist stagings. visit a traditional courtyard house, and see Beijing’s iconic sights: the Herbal Pharmacy, Forbidden City, and Porcelain and Painting Museum. RMB 400, RMB 300 (children 5-11). 9am. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

JAN 2 MUSIC Buyi Ningxia’s folk rock pride keeps Dongmianhua Hutong rocking. RMB 50, RMB 40 (advance). 9pm. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269)

ARTS & CULTURE Orchestra: Beijing New Year’s Concert See Jan 1.

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: The Essentials Explore the basics that keep a Chinese home kitchen going. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404

symphonic New Year’s fun with a twist, this is it. RMB 180-1280. 7.30pm. Beijing Concert Hall (6605 7006)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Tastes of Beijing Learn more about the city you love through its delicious dishes. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Global Kitchen: Asian Tapas Tasty appetizers for your next dinner party. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 7.159.45pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Knife Skills Class Learn to mince and dice like a champ. RMB 300. 11am-2pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

JAN 4 ARTS & CULTURE Film: Bleu Kieslowski’s “Three Colors” trilogy is a paean to the French flag and the ideals of

LIVING Cooking Class: Wok Skills Learn how to stir-fry and steam using a Chinese wok. RMB 300. 11am-2pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

JAN 6 BARS & CLUBS Morse Mickey Zhang and Dio unleash electronic fever. RMB 50. 9pm-5am. Haze (5900 6128) Unjin South Korean techno producer and DJ smashes the basement. Free. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785)

MUSIC Ajinai, Randy Able Stable, Lidong Mongolian folk crash with honky-tonk bluegrass and Chinese folk rock. RMB 50. 10pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) Bedstars, Trouble Trouble, Reloadz Mosh along with established liverdestroyers Bedstars and new risers Reloadz and Trouble Trouble. RMB 50, RMB 40 (students). 10pm. D-22 (6265 3177)

Buyi A small intimate venue can also be rocking with Buyi’s northwestern folky toughness. RMB 50. 9.30pm. Jiangjinjiu Bar (8405 0124) Folk Spring Festival Gala More than 20 folk bands and musicians celebrate the festival together. RMB 30. Tiny Salt Cafe (5900 0969) Liu Kun Low Wormwood’s lead singer brings his solo folk session. RMB 50, RMB 40 (students). 9.30pm Blue Stream Bar (139 1120 4906) Los Amigos Shake it with some Latino jazz passion. RMB 50, RMB 40 (advance). 9pm. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269) Metal Night Wudaokou’s headbangers gather. Lineup includes Die From Sorrow, Raging Mob and more. RMB 50. 9.30pm. 13 Club (8261 9267) Simple Plan Pop punk is coming back. See Livehouse, p42. RMB 380, RMB 280 (advance). 8pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

ARTS & CULTURE Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty See Jan 5.

LIVING Introduction to Tea: Pu’er All you need to know about this tea and more. Reserve at RMB 70 (includes tea tasting), RMB 50 (members). 7-9pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

EXPLORE Harbin – Ice Lantern Festival & Snow Sculpture Expo Until Jan 8. Spend the weekend in “Little Moscow” enjoying the world-famous Ice Lantern Festival or drinking in an ice bar amid Russian-influenced architecture. RMB 4,850. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

JAN 7 BARS & CLUBS Dim Sum Disco Disco, house, techno and more from Donald Summer, Boflex and Tobias Patrick. Two-for-one drinks before midnight. Free. 10pm. Haze (5900 6128) “Kick Eyes” Electric Masquerade Ball Designers Nono muaks get their funky lens-free glasses out for the techno kids. Free. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785) Reggae Party Music from Meiwenti Sound and Ultimate Productions, with food from Rose’s Private Kitchen. RMB 50, free (before 9pm). 10pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) Roaring ’20s Dancing Party Brush up on your Charleston. Price TBD. 9pm. Modernista (136 7127 4747) The Underground Rebel Bingo Club Discover the craze that’s swept the UK, US and Spain. There will be real bingo. “Rebel” bingo, in fact. There will probably also be lots of hipsters, but it sounds like fun regardless. Ticket information at RMB 70, RMB 50 (before Jan 2). Entry before 10.30pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)


Candy Monster The pop electronic rock kids decide to have an accoustic show. RMB 30, RMB 20 (advance). 9pm. Blue Stream Bar (139 1120 4906) Residence A, Youxi Uprising Residence A makes their first 2012 appearance in Wudaokou, joined by lo-fi duo Youxi. RMB 50, RMB 40 (students). 10pm. D-22 (6265 3177) Rock Spring Festival Gala Metal legends, young punks, instrumental geeks and angry rappers assemble to celebrate the holiday. Lineup includes Twisted Machine, Miserable Faith, Misandao and more. RMB 201.2 (standing), RMB 107 (stadium seats). 7.30pm. Olympic Sports Center (6491 0468) Visual Rock Festival How does rock music relate to costumes and heavy makeup? Come and find out with the gothic metal heads. RMB 70, RMB 50 (advance, students). 8pm. MAO Livehouse (6402 5080) Zhao Lei Traditional Chinese folk sense and rock beats mixes. RMB 40. 9pm. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269)

ARTS & CULTURE Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty See Jan 5. Indie Film Forum Series: Pear Zhang Ciyu’s debut feature about a young couple who resort to prostitution to pay for their new house. Director talk to follow. RMB 15, RMB 10 (students). 2pm. UCCA Art Cinema (8459 9269) Film: Shower Da Ming returns to Beijing thinking his father’s dead, only to find he’s been lured back to face the demolition of his childhood home. Reservation required; email RMB 25 (includes soft drinks and popcorn). 7pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Dim Sum Delicacies Small bites and exciting flavors. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Cookery: Hand-Pulled Noodles & Dumplings Turn a clump of dough into thin “longevity” noodles and jiaozi. RMB 180, RMB 320 (1 adult + 1 child under 12). 6-8pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341) Hand-Pulled and Shanxi Noodles Class Make delicious noodles and savory sauces from scratch. RMB 300. 1-4pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

JAN 8 MUSIC Metalcore Night Beijing’s metalcore youngsters gather in Shuangjing. RMB 60, RMB 40 (advance). 8.30pm. Mako Live House (5205 1112/3) Nathaniel Gao Jazz Quartet They fuse rock & roll, rap and Chinese traditional music into their free jazz tunes. RMB 40. 9pm. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269) New Gang of Four Three long time producers and songwriters who have wrote songs for China’s most famous singers and a mysterious girl get together for some old love songs. RMB

Jan 19: Burns Supper My, what a noisy haggis.

70, RMB 50 (advance). 9pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

ARTS & CULTURE Indie Film Forum Series: The Cold Winter A riveting documentary following artists forced from their studios during 798’s rampant development in the winter of 2009-2010. Director talk to follow. RMB 15, RMB 10 (students). 4pm. UCCA Art Cinema (8459 9269) Film: Our Man Flint Modernista kicks off their Sixties Secret Agent series with this over-the-top spoof of the James Bond franchise. Free. 5.30pm. Modernista (136 7127 4747; see Nightlife directory)

LIVING Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy Workshop Discover one of the oldest and most beautiful traditions in China. Reserve at RMB 120. 10am-1pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

JAN 10 MUSIC Celtic Woman The world music sirens hit China. Tickets available at 400 610 3721. RMB 280-1,280. 7.30pm. MasterCard Center (6828 6386)

LIVING British Club Coffee Morning Open to all foreign passport holders. No jeans or sneakers. Free. RMB 70, RMB 50 (members). 10am-noon. The Capital Club (8486 2225) Chinese Contemporary Cooking Class Chinese cuisine with a creative fusion twist. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 7.15-9.45pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Global Kitchen: Korean More than just kimchi. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 10am-12.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Green Drinks Join Beijing’s green community at their monthly meet-and-greet. Happy hour promotions apply. Free. 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6503 2050) Introduction to Tea: Pu’er

See Jan 6. 1-3pm.

JAN 11 BARS & CLUBS Yuksek The remix king is back in town with new album Living On the Edge of Time. RMB 200, RMB 150 (advance). 9pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

ARTS & CULTURE Ballet: The Nutcracker The very classical Ballet be l’Opera National de Bordeaux takes on this coldweather favorite. RMB 180-1080. 7.30pm. NCPA Opera House (6655 0000) Film: Blanc The second in the trilogy (see Jan 4) ponders the concept of equality. This ironically dark comedy follows a Polish man seeking revenge for his humiliating divorce. RMB 30 (includes coffee or tea). 7.30pm. Riverbank Bar and Café (6506 8277; see Nightlife directory)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Tastes of Beijing See Jan 3. Portrait Photography Talk Passion for photography is the only prerequisite. No camera necessary. Reserve at RMB 35. 7.308.30pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

JAN 12 MUSIC Basically Beethoven Come and join the only classical music open mic in Beijing. Free. 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6503 2050)

ARTS & CULTURE Ballet: The Nutcracker See Jan 11. Film: Our Man Flint See Jan 8.

LIVING Healthy Dishes/Vegetarian Class Chinese dishes that’ll keep your body healthy and happy. RMB 300. 11am-2pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

January 2012


EVENTS INN Trekkie Make new friends and explore the secret gems of Beijing together. This month: Fun on ice. RSVP by Jan 10 to innbeijing@ (space limited). Free. 9.30am-2pm. Houhai

LIVING Wine and Woks A contemporary Chinese menu that revolves around selected wines. RMB 300, RMB 250 (members). 7.15-9.45pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)

JAN 13 BARS & CLUBS The Science of Sounds SOS’ Hong Kong resident Wendy Wenn comes north to hook up with M.Ross for a night of techno, house and tech house. RMB 60. 10.30pm. Haze (5900 6128) Traffic Light Party Dress yourself up in red, amber or green to indicate your availability, then sit back and enjoy free Jello shots while suitors flock to persuade you of their charms. Bring your best chat-up lines. Free. 10pm. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794) Wasabi Sound Second Anniversary Party Eric Lee, Shen Yue, Sean C and the gang spice up your wintery lives. RMB 50. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785)

MUSIC Death Metal Spring Festival Let’s scare off the monsters in the new year. RMB 50. 9.30pm. 13 Club (8261 9267) Hoochie Coochie Gentleman Have an easy night with some gentle blues. RMB 30. 9.30pm. Jiangjinjiu Bar (8405 0124) Jurat T.T Check out the psychedelic rocker from Xinjiang. Price TBD. 9pm. Mako Live House (5205 1112/3) Kawabata, DJ Urine Japanese psychedelic musician Kawabata and French experimental DJ Urine invade Tongzhou’s noise base. RMB 50. 9pm. Raying Temple (137 1698 0276) Laurent Maur French harmonica master bring you his explaination of jazz and blues. RMB 40. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269) Mohanik Garage rock/punk band from Ulaanbaatar proves that throat singing is not the only thing Mongolians have to show. RMB 50, RMB 40 (students). 10pm. D-22 (6265 3177)

EXPLORE Harbin – Ice Lantern Festival & Snow Sculpture Expo Until Jan 15. See Jan 6 for details.

JAN 14 BARS & CLUBS The Drop featuring. Doshy A very special start to Beijing’s dubstep year as Oshi and Tnem present the Guangzhou-based German producer. RMB 40. 10pm. Earl Bar (8511 6646/51) Hotpot DJ Wordy takes you on a multi-genre voyage into sound. RMB 50 (after 11pm). 10pm. Punk (6410 5222) Syndicate Sessions DJ Slide leads the drum & bass squadron for their debut at Lantern, with Donkey Tonk, Blackie, D-N and Kay C for backup. RMB 50. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785) Take Me to Belgium Nu-disco, Italo and electro from a bunch of Walloons. DJs include visiting Belgians Attar! and Mickey, in collaboration with Beijing’s Neon crew. Deals on Belgian beer and chocolates. RMB 80, RMB 50 (advance). 10pm. Haze (5900 6128) Wasabi Sound Second Anniversary Party Part two of Wasabi’s birthday weekend with Eric Lee, Shen Yue, Sean C and the gang. Free. 10pm. Mo Lounge (6413 1019)

MUSIC Chiren The most genuine Beijing folk rock songs wait for you in Dongmianhua Hutong. RMB 40. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269) DH & Chinese Hellcats Swing like a rockabilly with the Hellcats. RMB 50. 10.30pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) Hell City The old-school punks of Hell City took seven years to make their debut album. Now they’re ready to release it into the

world. RMB 50, RMB 80 (includes a CD). 9pm. MAO Livehouse (6402 5080) Ronin and Tea Rockers Kawabata and DJ Urine play as a duo for the 7th Miji Concert, with an opening set by the Tea Rockers Quintet. See p41. RMB 80. 8-10pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) Someone Nu-metal youngsters release their new EP. RMB 40. 9.30pm. 13 Club (8261 9267)

ARTS & CULTURE Film Festival: Future Shorts The biggest global pop-up festival of its kind makes it Beijing debut, screening shorts that have scored accolades at the Oscars, BAFTA and Sundance. RMB 15, RMB 10 (students). 2pm. UCCA Art Cinema (8459 9269) Film: Beijing Bicycle A grim reminder of what happens when hormones and jealousy get out of control. Especially when it’s over a bike. Reservation required; email contact@cultureyard. net. RMB 25 (includes soft drinks and popcorn). 7pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

SPORT 10th Red Bull Nanshan Open Beijing’s homegrown snowboarding tournament is now bigger than ever. Watch the peak of international and local talent. Free . 11am-4pm. Nike Nanshan Park (8909 1909) Beer Pong Tournament Mashup celebrates a year of sports and social by launching its monthly combination of beer and manual dexterity. Sign up at Kokomo (6413 1019)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Cantonese Expect lots of stir-frying and steaming. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Departing From China With Pets Everything you need to know about taking your pets overseas. Free. 11am-noon. ICVS (8456 1939/40/41) Global Kitchen: Indian Heavy on the herbs and spices. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 10am-12.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Introduction to Yoga Until Jan 15. A brush-up on the basics. RMB 360 (two days). Noon-1.30pm. Yoga Yard (6413 0774) Roundabout Book Fair Paperbacks start at RMB 10. Donations of additional books welcome. All proceeds go towards heating for poor orphanages in China. Free. 10am-3pm. Beijing Rego British School (8416 7718) Shooting Fireworks: CNY Photography Workshop One-day intensive workshop on the basic and advanced techniques of shooting at night, with individual feedback from instructor Mitchell Masilun. RMB 60. 1-5pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)

EXPLORE Gubeikou Wild Great Wall Join them for a relaxed walk along one of the oldest parts of the Wild Great Wall, then grab lunch in a local village. RMB 370, RMB 320 (advance). 8am. Culture Yard (8404 4166; see Living directory)

Jan 7: Roaring ’20s Dancing Party Yes, we can-can.


January 2012

Hike Beijing’s Highest Great Wall Hike the ruins at Qin, Beijing’s loftiest section of Wall. RMB 350, RMB 250

(children under 12). 9am. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

JAN 15 ARTS & CULTURE Film: Dive! In this documentary, you’ll learn the merits (and hazards) of the hippie-runoff habit of dumpster diving. Bring your goggles. Free. 8pm. 12SQM (6402 1554) Film: Dr. No Catch the James Bond movie that kicked it all off, with a dashing (and young!) Sean Connery. Free. 5.30pm. Modernista (136 7127 4747; see Nightlife directory) Food, Film & Friends: Taiwan Eat Taiwanese food, then watch people eat Taiwanese food in Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. RMB 240, RMB 200 (members), RMB 30 (screening only). 5pm (cooking), 7.30pm (screening). The Hutong (159 0104 6127; see Living directory)

SPORT 10th Red Bull Nanshan Open See Jan 14. Indoor Cricket Six teams compete in the daytime tournament, with drinks in The Den or Frank’s Place post-game. Time TBD. Dulwich College Beijing. Email to play.

LIVING Mahjong Workshop: Part 1 Learn the history and symbolism behind the game. Reserve at contact@cultureyard. net. RMB 200 (2 sessions). 10am-1pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

EXPLORE Prophets, Prostitutes and Spies Get into the hutongs to dig up the city’s sometimes seedy past. RMB 120, RMB 100 (members). 10am. The Hutong (6404 3355; see Living directory)

JAN 16 LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Vegetarian See Jan 4. 2-4pm. Chinese Kitchen: Cantonese See Jan 14. 7.15-9.45pm.

JAN 17 ARTS & CULTURE Comedy: Jump The Koreans dazzle with another no-dialogue show featuring martial arts, dance and slapstick humor. This time, a hapless suitor must woo the whole family to get the girl. See Feature, p49. RMB 50680. 7.30pm. Poly Theatre (6500 1188 ext 5126/5127) Storytelling Night: Putong Hua Join the city’s best tellers of tall (and not so tall) tales. This month’s theme: Warnings. Sounds ominous. RMB 30, RMB 20 (members). 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Comfort Chinese Food Cooking Winter treasures that warm the belly. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm.

The Hutong (6404 3355)

In this campy spy movie based on the UK comic strip of the same name, we see what happens when a woman’s in charge. Free. 5.30pm. Modernista (136 7127 4747; see Nightlife directory)

Chinese Kitchen: Shanghai Characterized by light flavor and appealing aesthetics. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 7.15-9.45pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)


Dinner Party Dishes Candied apples and shredded tofu salad. Enough said. RMB 300. 11am-2pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

Chinese New Year’s Eve Dumpling Party Plenty of dumplings to eat and wrap, friends and spiced wine. Reserve at RMB 300. 7-10pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

Global Kitchen: Thai Make favorites like pad thai. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 10am-12.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)

Half-Day Photography Workshop Shooting and editing sessions in the surrounding hutong area, with guidance by professional photographer Peter Carney. SLR needed. Reserve at RMB 300. 1-6pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

JAN 18 ARTS & CULTURE Comedy: Jump See Jan 17. Film: Rouge The last film of the trilogy (see Jan 4, 11) focuses on the idea of “fraternity” as two seeming strangers become friends following an accident. Kieslowski ties together strands from the first two films in this final masterpiece. RMB 30 (includes coffee or tea). 7.30pm. Riverbank Bar and Café (6506 8277; see Nightlife directory) Translation Slam Smart people compete over who butchers a French text more brutally – by turning it into English. RMB 30, RMB 20 (members). 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

JAN 19 ARTS & CULTURE Burns Supper Fun fact: Those furry bags attached to Scottish men’s kilts are called sporrans. It’s where they keep their money – but not the family jewels. RMB 200 (for three-course meal – including haggis! – and whisky). 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507) Film: Dr. No See Jan 15. Ballet: 2012 International Gala The best in the ballet biz set the NCPA stage ablaze. See Preview, p49. RMB 160-1,000. 7.30pm. NCPA Opera House (6655 0000)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: TCM Culinary Series Learn three healthy and delicious seasonal recipes that follow the nutritional principles of traditional Chinese medicine. RMB 280, RMB 250 (members). 10am-12.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) INN Coffee Morning – Shunyi Meet people who live nearby. Free. 10amnoon. Mrs Shanen’s Bagels (8046 4301; see Dining directory) Sichuan 2 Cooking Class More Sichuan favorites like wok-fried bamboo shoots and fish-fragrant eggplant. RMB 300. 11am-2pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

EXPLORE Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tombs Climb this less-commercialized section of the Great Wall, alight by cable car or toboggan, and visit the Ming Tombs in Changping. RMB 480, RMB 300 (children under 12). 9am. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

Jan 14: DH & Chinese Hellcats

Swing in the New Year with these musical dandies.

JAN 20 BARS & CLUBS Boflex Headline set from one of Beijing’s Three Discoteers, with residents Yang Bing, Kaize and Zhi Qi in tow. Free. 10pm. Haze (5900 6128) Infused Electronic music treats from Eddie Lv, Dio and LYDNB. Free. 10pm. Punk (6410 5222)

MUSIC Illness Sickness Beijing’s post rock power keeps their spirit up. RMB 50, RMB 40 (students). 10pm. D-22 (6265 3177)

ARTS & CULTURE Ballet: 2012 International Gala See Jan 19.

LIVING Introduction to Tea: Flower All you need to know about this tea and more. Reserve at RMB 70 (includes tea tasting), RMB 50 (members). 7-9pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

JAN 21 BARS & CLUBS Let There Be House feat. LGBT The Pipesmoker, Donald Summer and Kaize drop bombs. RMB 50 (proceeds go to LGBT). 10pm. Haze (5900 6128)

ARTS & CULTURE Film: Little Red Flowers Why school in post-revolutionary China was simply no fun. Reservation required; email RMB 25 (includes soft drinks and popcorn). 7pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

LIVING Global Kitchen: Pakistani So you can make curries and naans at home. RMB 250, RMB 230 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Savory Sweet Cooking Class Dishes that use sugar to balance out the flavors. RMB 300. 1-4pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

Trap-Neuter-Return Workshop Learn how to effectively and humanely manage the stray cat population. Register by Jan 18 at Free. 1-2.30pm. ICVS (8456 1939/40/41)

EXPLORE 8-Day Nepal Safari Until Jan 28. Trek across rugged Nepal, starting in Kathmandu and continuing onto Himalayan villages. RMB 22,310. Country Holidays (+21 3222 0616) Jundushan Ski Resort & Hot Springs Spend the day on the slopes, the afternoon in the spa. RMB 680. 9am. Culture Yard (8404 4166; see Living directory)

Mahjong Workshop: Part Two See Jan 15. Now master the rules and visit a local playhouse to play as the locals do. Reserve at RMB 200 (includes first session). 10am-1pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

EXPLORE Yunfoshan Ski Resort Spend a full day with your skis in the snow. RMB 680. 9am. Culture Yard (8404 4166; see Living directory)

JAN 23 EXPLORE Harbin – Ice Lantern Festival & Snow Sculpture Expo Until Jan 25. See Jan 6 for details.

JAN 22

JAN 24



Chinese New Year’s Dinner A five-course set menu featuring surf ‘n’ turf and a glass of champagne. RMB 588+15%, RMB 1,288+15% (includes wine pairings and access to Westin lounge). 6-10pm. Grange Grill, Westin Beijing Chaoyang (5922 8880) Seasonal Tastes New Year A Chinese-style gala dinner with a dumpling shop and plenty of Chinese dishes. RMB 398+15% (free-flow beer and select wine), RMB 368+15%. 4-10.30pm. Seasonal Tastes, Westin Beijing Chaoyang (5922 8880)

BARS & CLUBS Chinese New Year at Haze Enjoy dumplings and a firecracker of a start to the new lunar year with house from Yang Bing, Donald Summer, Pancake Lee, Jiong Jiong and Kaize. Free. 10pm. Haze (5900 6128) Chinese New Year’s Eve Special at Q Q Bar’s “Iced Dragon Sculpture” theme night invites you to enjoy dumplings and Year of the Dragon cocktails before heading out to the terrace to watch the fireworks. Free. 9pm. Q Bar (6595 9239) Raise the Red Lantern Jan 22-28. Techno fireworks for every night of the Chinese New Year holiday kick off with a party featuring resident DJs and dumplings at 3am. Free. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785)


Chinese Kitchen: Dim Sum Delicacies See Jan 7. 10am-12.30pm. Global Kitchen: Asian Tapas See Jan 3. Introduction to Tea: Flower See Jan 20. 1-3pm.

EXPLORE Sichuan Panda Natural Reserve & Leshan Buddha Until Jan 26. Visit the world’s only panda reserve and one of Sichuan’s World Heritage Sites. RMB 5,400. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory) Subtropical Hakka Round Buildings & City Until Jan 26. Explore Fujian province, from seaside Xiamen to mountain villages. RMB 6,800. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory) Yuanyang & Tropical Xishuangbanna Until Jan 26. Examine picturesque nature from thousand-year-old rice terraces and blossoming rapeseed flowers. RMB 12,800. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

JAN 25 DINING Paella Party Choose two courses of paella or black rice with three drink options. RMB 90. 7.30-9.30pm. Olé (6595 9677)

Film: Modesty Blaise

January 2012


EVENTS LIVING Chinese Contemporary Cooking Class See Jan 10. 10am-12.30pm. Chinese Kitchen: Comfort Chinese Food Cooking See Jan 17. 10am-12.30pm. Chinese Kitchen: Tastes of Beijing See Jan 3. 7.15-9.45pm. Wine Tour of the World: Merlot Wine tasting in a cozy hutong environment. Reserve at RMB 150 (includes wine and finger foods), RMB 120 (advance). 7.30-9.30pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)


RMB 25 (includes soft drinks and popcorn). 7pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Yunnan Master the cuisine that Beijingers can’t get enough of. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Global Kitchen: Burmese Venture into a new world of seafood flavors, spicy kicks and sour essences. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Sichuan 1 Cooking Class Traditional spicy Sichuan favorites. RMB 300. 1-4pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)


See Jan 17. 2-4.30pm. INN Monthly Meeting A cultural introduction to the traditions and celebrations of Chinese New Year, including a list of must-have foods and a demonstration of paper lantern-making. RMB 50 (includes tea, coffee and pastries). 10am-noon. The Capital Club Athletic Center (8486 2225 ext 136)

JAN 31 ARTS & CULTURE Book Club: Islamic Frontiers of China: Peoples of the Silk Road Author Wong How Man himself will be present for this discussion about his early exploration into China’s lesser-known places. Free. 8pm. 12SQM (6402 1554)

Huanghuacheng Wild Great Wall and Silver Pagoda Forest

Aussie-Kiwi Battle Celebrate Australia Day with discounts on Aussie beer and wine and a few drinking games between the Antipodean giants. Free. 12SQM (6402 1554)


Three to See LIVE MUSIC


INN Coffee Morning – Lido See Jan 19. Maan Coffee (8457 3470; see Dining directory)


JAN 28 BARS & CLUBS Section 6 Your monthly dose of hip-hop. Price TBD. 9pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

ARTS & CULTURE Ballet: Nijinsky See Jan 27. Film: In the Heat of the Sun A dreamy, heat-soaked perspective on the Cultural Revolution (i.e., “When Teens Don’t Have to go to School”). Reservation required; email


January 2012



“Po Wu” Party at Haze Close out the Chinese New Year celebrations with one big bang and more free dumplings. DJs include Tobias Patrick, Zhi Qi, Yang Bing, Donald Summer, Pancake Lee and Kaize. Free. 10pm. Haze (5900 6128)


MUSIC Open Jazz The jam session is hosted by jazz saxophonist Liang Jun along with a bass player and drummer. There’s a free beer for anyone who comes on stage to play. Free. Time TBD. V.A. Cafe & Bar (5844 3638)

Tai Chi Beginner’s Class A moving form of yoga and meditation combined. Teacher speaks English. RMB 150, RMB 480 (4 classes). 10-11.30am. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

JAN 27

Ballet: Nijinsky A celebration of the man who shook up the ballet world with his modern choreographic vision. RMB 180-800. 7.30pm. NCPA Opera House (6655 0000)

BARS & CLUBS Bookworm Pub Quiz Free drinks guaranteed, cash prize conditional upon supreme intelligence. RMB 5. 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

Life Drawing Club Meet others and draw live models. Beginners encouraged. Register at RMB 60, RMB 50 (members). 7.30-9.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)


“Po Wu” Party at Yugong Yishan Ou Yang brings the last fireworks of the holiday week. Free. 9pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

Temptation Mondays Get over the Monday blues with 30% off any bottle of wine. Mosto (5208 6030)

Chinese Culture Workshop Chinese instructors teach you the things you really want to know, i.e. popular music and slang. Classes taught in Chinese. Reserve at RMB 75, RMB 250 (4 workshops). 7-8.40pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

Film: Modesty Blaise See Jan 22.

“Po Wu” Party at Lantern Acupuncture DJs welcome friends around to celebrate the end of the Chinese New Year festivities. Buy-one-get-one-free drinks specials before 11pm. Free. 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785)

Piscine Rose Promotion Ladies get a glass of Piscine Rose for RMB 10. Enoterra (5208 6076)

DINING Steak Night Buy-one-get-one-free on Flamme’s house steak. Free. Flamme (6417 8608)

Jan 1: King Kong Production

Welcome 2012 with metal heads Four Five, Army of Jade Kirin and more.

Jan 6: Ajinai, Randy Abel Stable, Lidong

Mongolian folk crash with honky-tonk bluegrass and Chinese folk rock.

Jan 10: Celtic Woman

Let’s face it, they’re hardly The Corrs. See photo, above. Escape the city with a hike on the Wall, lunch in a local farmhouse and a chance to explore 15th-century pagodas. RMB 370, RMB 320 (advance). 8am. Culture Yard (8404 4166; see Living directory)

JAN 29 DINING Japanese Steak Night Imported Australian steak in a hip ‘n’ hidden Japanese bar. RMB 50. Entero. (8451 0554)

ARTS & CULTURE Film: The Silencers Yet another spoof of the James Bond series, featuring protagonist Matt Helm, who originates from a popular book series. Free. 5.30pm. Modernista (136 7127 4747; see Nightlife directory)

LIVING Chinese Kitchen: Shanghai

Tight-Ass Tuesdays Happy hour all day as well as two-for-one on all ceviches. Terra (6591 9148) Temptation Tuesdays Drinks on Tuesday? Why not? Enjoy your favorite wines at 30% off. Modo (6415 7207)


Global Kitchen: Korean See Jan 10. INN Night Out! Trade stories with newcomers and longterm residents about living in the capital. RSVP by Jan 29 to innbeijing@hotmail. com. Free. 7-9pm. Venue TBD

EXPLORE Temple of Heaven, Tai Chi, Tea and Summer Palace A full day of Chinese sites and culture. RMB 450, RMB 350 (children under 12), RMB 150 (acrobatic tickets, optional). 9am. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

MONDAYS DINING BFF Night Buy a burger, get another for free. Bring a friend or an appetite! The Filling Station (8470 3821)

Black Sun Quiz Night Testing times at Chaoyang Park West Gate. Free. 8pm. Black Sun (6593 6909) Mesh Cocktail Tuesday Two-for-one on both passionfruit and lychee martinis. Free. Mesh (6417 6688) Quiz Night How many, when and where? Free. 8pm. Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q (6591 9161) Stumble Inn Quiz Night How many beers do you have? Get a free Tsingtao with every main course ordered, and play for a gallon of beer in the quiz. Free. 7.30pm. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794)

MUSIC Jazz Jam Session Jazz lovers gather – maybe you can jam too. Free. 9pm. Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar (6401 5269) Zoomin’ Night Find new definitions of music. RMB 30, RMB 20 (students). 9.30pm. D-22 (6265 3177)


Chinese Bird-Flower Painting Beginner’s Course Try your hand at the thousand-year tradition of Chinese ink-and-wash painting. RMB 160, RMB 480 (4 classes). 7-9pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341) Culinary Walking Tour: Create Your Own Chinese Kitchen Tips on food combining and seasonal shopping. RMB 80. 8.45-9.45am. The Hutong (6404 3355)


Anthony and Jim rock the trivia. Free. 8pm. Kro’s Nest, Xiaoyun Lu (8391 3131)

Free Heyrobics! The Heyrobics! team offers readers of the Beijinger the chance to try the fitness revolution for free at their new location. To sign up, email with your name and the number of people coming, or show up with an issue of the Beijinger. Free. 6.45pm. 3e International School, Lido

Sports Night The Beijing Darts League throws arrows, and there are pool competitions for budding cuemasters. Steady your aim with bottled beer specials. Free. Black Sun (6593 6909)


Ultimate Frisbee Pickup sessions before the upcoming season. Email anthonytao13@gmail.comfor info. 8pm. Beijing City International School



Couscous Night Sit down to Couscous Royal and RMB 28 glasses of rosé. RMB 118. 6-10pm. Scarlett, Hotel G (6552 2880)

Culinary Walking Tour: Create Your Own Chinese Kitchen See Tuesdays.

KFF Night Kids eat free with an accompanying adult. The Filling Station (8470 3821)

The M Lab Beats from the freshest new Chinese DJs, courtesy of The M Agency. Free. 9pm-5am. Haze (5900 6128)

MUSIC Bossa Nova Night Have a drink and loosen your mind. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista Café & Bar (136 7127 4747)

SPORT Expat Squash League

Latino Fever! Latin dancing party with teachers to show you the way. RMB 50 (includes glass of wine or beer). 8-11pm. Zeta Bar (5865 5050) Party Night Fun guaranteed with specials on shooters, cocktails and bottles. Free. Black Sun (6593 6909) Pink Fridays LGBT-friendly evening showcasing pink Piscos, Cosmos and daiquiris. Free. 5pm. Terra (6591 9148) TGIF All standard drinks for RMB 25. Buy five drinks coupons, get one free. Free. 6-10pm. Scarlett (6552 3600)

LIVING Community Classes Do good, do yoga. Class fees operate on a donation basis. Proceeds go to the Surmang Foundation and the Migrant Children’s Foundation. RMB 50 (minimum requested). 11am-12.30pm. Yoga Yard (6413 0774)

Three to See

Wine and Dine Free glass of wine with every three-course set dinner. Free. Terra (6591 9148)

Basement Two-for-one drinks until midnight. Free. 10pm. Punk (6410 5222)

arts & culture

Wine Fever Buy a bottle and get free-flow tapas. RMB 200. 8-10pm. Enoterra (5208 6076)




Divas’ Wednesday Buy-one-get-one-free on bottles of Moët & Chandon and champagne cocktails. Free. 9pm-midnight. Xiu (8567 1108)

Dim Sum Brunch All-you-can-eat dim sum. RMB 108+15%. 11am-2.30pm. Horizon, Kerry Centre Hotel (8565 2188)

Feminight Free mixed drinks and rosé for ladies before midnight. Tunes from DJs including Jiong Jiong, Pei, Liz and BB. Free. 9pm-5am. Haze (5900 6128)

Feijoada Saturdays Feijoada for the weekend. RMB 128. 11.30am-3pm. Alameda (6417 8084)

Ladies’ Night at Black Sun Two-for-one cocktails for the girls, while men get 30% off all bottled beers. Free. Black Sun (6593 6909)

Sureño Tapas Lunch Tapas menu of eight rotated weekly. RMB 178. 11.30am-3pm. Sureño, The Opposite House (6410 5240)

Ladies’ Night at Ciro’s Two-for-one cocktails and Gypsy Kings covers from The Ismat Band. Free. 6pmmidnight (band starts 9.30pm). Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008)

Taste Brazil SALT offers feijoada, Brazil’s national dish, as well as set meal options. RMB 188 (two courses), RMB 218 (three courses), RMB 168 (feijoada, per person). Noon-3pm. SALT (6437 8457)

Lush Pub Quiz How many students does it take to change a light bulb? Come early for a seat. Winners take home a bottle of Jack. Free. 8pm. Lush (8286 3566) Paddy’s Quiz Which quiz host swears the most? Prizes for every round and more. Free. 8.30pm. Paddy O’Shea’s (6415 6389) The Brick Quiz Night Beijing’s only “common sense” quiz night. Free. 8pm. The Brick (139 1113 6564) Whiskey on Wednesday Discounts of 45-50% on special whiskey cocktails. For those who like it neat, there’s a different whiskey served half-price on the rocks every week. Free. 6-9pm. Q Bar (6595 9239)

MUSIC The Hot Club Of Beijng Enjoy classic gypsy jazz. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista Café & Bar (136 7127 4747)

ARTS & CULTURE Riverbank Ciné Club Electric Shadows’s cinema club screens Kieslowski’s “Three Colors” trilogy over the first three Wednesdays of the month. RMB 30 (includes coffee or tea). 7.30pm. Riverbank Bar and Café (6506 8277; see Nightlife directory)

Jan 14: Film: Beijing Bicycle

Never look at a loose brick the same way again. See photo, above.

Jan 14: Film Festival: Future Shorts Not to be confused with gym shorts.

Jan 31: Book Club: Islamic Frontiers of China Author Wong How Man is crashing the party.

THURSDAYS DINING Bodega Fever All-you-can-eat tapas for RMB 108, and sangria for RMB 38 a glass. 6-10pm. Scarlett, Hotel G (6587 1578) Thursday Night Ribs Full rack of BBQ pork ribs to share, plus a bucket of six Tiger beers. RMB 360. 4pm-late. Blue Frog (6417 4030) Wind Down at the Wine Club Discover wine with sommelier Julia Zhu. Includes five wines, expert commentary and canapés. RMB 150+15%. 6.30pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030)

BARS & CLUBS Lost In China Live Latin music. Free. 9.30pm-12.30am. Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008) Green Cap Quiz Night Where did she go? Free. 7.30pm. The Green Cap (186 1174 7939) Kro’s Quiz Night

Squash with expats in a league format. Court rental costs shared. Email to sign up. 6.30pm. Asia Pacific Building (near Ritan Park)

LIVING Morning Zen Meditation Weekly insight into the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism. RMB 120, RMB 400 (4 classes). 10.30am-noon. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

FRIDAYS DINING MEAT Me! Australian tenderloin features in this meat-heavy buffet. RMB 328+15%, RMB 108 extra for free-flow house wine and Stella Artois. 6-11pm. Elements, Hilton Beijing (5865 5020)

BARS & CLUBS Anna Stamburg Band Blues, jazz and soul. Free. 9.30pm-12.30am. Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008)

BARS & CLUBS Bang Bitesize Buddha DJs. Free. 10pm. Punk (6410 5222) Elliot Johnson and the Taste of Soul Band Authentic Chicago blues. Free. 9.30pm12.30am. Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008)

ARTS & CULTURE China Through Cinema Exploring our city with fresh eyes when you watch these archetypal Beijing classics (see Jan 7, 14, 21 and 28 for details). Reservation required; email contact@ RMB 25 (includes soft drinks and popcorn). 7pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

LIVING Culinary Walking Tour: Create Your Own Chinese Kitchen See Tuesdays. 12.30-1.30pm.

SUNDAYS DINING 360° Champagne Brunch Enjoy a fine brunch spread, Mumm

January 2012


EVENTS to sign up. 7pm. Dongzhimen area

LIVING Movie Nights at Mandarin Plus Watch a Chinese movie and meet new friends. RSVP to 6.30-8.30pm. Mandarin Plus (5785 3361) Sambasia Barefoot Percussion Workshop Anyone can be a drummer. RMB 80, RMB 240 (4 classes). Noon-2pm. UCCA Loft (8459 9269; see A&C directory) Survival Chinese Pick up just the essential vocabulary, i.e. small talk, ordering food, transportation and shopping. Reserve at RMB 200, RMB 600 (4 classes). 10am-noon. Culture Yard (8404 4166)


Ongoing: Station-to-Station

Sixteen specialty buffet stations to eat through. At least one of them is seafood. champagne and the best homemade ice cream in town. RMB 298-368+15%. 11.30am-3pm. 360°, Hilton Beijing Capital Airport (6458 8888) A Sunday Affair Sundays don’t get better than Veuve Clicquot champagne with oysters, grilled meat, fresh cheese and luscious desserts. RMB 398-498+15%. 11.30am-3pm. Garden Court, St. Regis (6460 6688) American Sunday Roast Prime beef rib cut tableside with all the trimmings. RMB 198+15%, RMB 98+15% extra for wine buffet. Noon-3pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030) Americana Sundays Buy-one-get-one-free burgers and freeflow sodas. Free. Scarlett (6552 3600) Aroma Gourmet Brunch Lobster, oysters, foie gras, international cheeses and a Sunday roast. Now featuring new dishes by executive chef Bruno Correa. RMB 488+15% (includes unlimited Piper Heidsieck champagne). 11.30am3pm. Aroma, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8161) Barbecue Brunch Outdoor grilling galore, with plenty of vegetarian options. RMB 238 (free-flow wine and beer). 11am-2pm. Palette Vino (6405 4855) Bubbly Sundays Caviar, live seafood, tartare stations, make-your-own sushi rolls, teppanyaki ice cream and much more. RMB 398+15% (includes free flow of champagne), RMB 328+15% (free-flow wine and beer), RMB 168+15% (kids under 12), free (kids under 6). 11.30am-3pm. Senses, Westin Financial Street (6629 7810) FIZZtastic Champagne Brunch Premium Taittinger Champagne on free-flow and a lip-smacking array of international gastronomy, including lobsters and assorted goodies brought direct to your table. RMB 388+15%. 11.30am-3pm. Vasco’s, Hilton Wangfujing (5812 8888 ext 8411) Grand CRU Brunch One of Beijing’s most indulgent Sunday brunches, enjoy Beluga caviar, winter black truffle and live lobster. RMB 688+15% (includes free-flow champagne, wine and martinis), kids 6-12 half price. 11.30am3pm. CRU, JW Marriott Beijing (5908 8995) Italian Sunday Brunch Buffet bar and an a la carte selection of hot


January 2012

dishes. RMB 248 (buffet), RMB 338 (buffet and hot dishes). 11.30am-3pm. Sadler Ristorante (6559 1399) Luce Sunday Brunch Choose two, three or four courses of fresh, flavorful Italian cuisine. RMB 110-150. 11am-4pm. Luce (8402 4417) SALT Bubbly Sundays Two- or three-course brunches to round off a relaxing weekend. Pick from the new wine list, splash out with a slightly indulgent cocktail or two or add RMB 150 for free-flow drinking. RMB 168 (two courses), RMB 188 (three courses). SALT (6437 8457) Sunday Brunch One of the best champagne brunches in town relies on quality rather than quantity. RMB 428+15% per person (includes freeflow champagne). VIC, Sofitel (8599 6666) Sunday Brunch Bliss A feast of meats, seafood, and luscious desserts. RMB 438+15% (includes champagne), RMB 348+15% (includes wine and draft beer). 11.30am-3.30pm. Asia Bistro, JW Marriott (5908 8995) Sunday Lunch Buffet at Greenfish Appetizers and seafood from the buffet plus your choice of main course. RMB 218+15% (includes soft drinks, coffee and tea). 11.30am-2.30pm. Greenfish, RitzCarlton Beijing Financial Street (6629 6990) Sureño Set Sunday Lunch Enjoy a selection of tapas dishes, a soup and one main course from the menu. RMB 188+15%, RMB 298+15% (including champagne). Noon-3pm. Sureño, The Opposite House (6410 5240) Ultimate Sunday Brunch Sunday brunch with Veuve Clicquot sounds like a good idea. The organic station and superfood bar at this sumptuous buffet means you can have your cake and eat it too. 11.30am-3pm. RMB 268+15% (includes wine and beer), RMB 368+15% (includes free-flow champagne). BLD Cafe, Renaissance Beijing Capital (5863 8223)

BARS & CLUBS Blues Jam Session The Taste of Soul Band play out the weekend. Free. 9pm-midnight. Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008)

SPORT Expat Squash League Squash with expats in a league format. Court rental costs shared. Email

DINING Enoterra Brunch Choose from French, American or “Enoterra” brunch options. Add RMB 50 for free-flow sparkling wine. RMB 75-130. 11am-4pm. Enoterra (5208 6076) Luxurious Brunch at Maison Boulud Pick and choose from an array of delectable courses. RMB 258 (four courses), RMB 218 (three courses), RMB 168 (two courses). 11am-4pm. Maison Boulud (6559 9200) Nobu Weekends Your choice of two courses, plus starches and sweets. 11am-2pm. RMB 388, add RMB 250 for free-flow sake, add RMB 130 for a glass of champagne or add RMB 70 for a glass of wine. Nobu (5969 6988) Pizza and Pasta Mania Unlimited pizza and pasta. RMB 189+15% (includes free-flow beer and soft drinks). Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 6-10pm. Prego, Westin Financial Street (6629 7815) Tea at Tiananmen Enjoy a luxurious afternoon – nibble on an array of freshly baked scones, finger sandwiches, delectable cakes and pastries. RMB 138. 3.30-5.30pm. Capital M (6702 2727) Temple Brunch Try out Beijing’s newest fine-dining restaurant at a more wallet-friendly price point. Set menu includes tea, coffee or soft drink. RMB 350+15%. 11am-3pm. Temple Restaurant Beijing (8400 2232)

All-You-Can-Eat Asian Buffet Dinner All month (except Tuesdays). Signature dishes and street eats from all around Asia. RMB 228. 5.30-10pm. Hawka, Marriott City Wall (5811 8266) All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum All month. More than 60 types of dim sum. RMB 158+15%. 11.30am-2.15pm. Yao Chi, Grand Millennium Beijing (6530 9383) Alio Olio Set Lunch Mon-Fri. Five excellent-value set menus offer pizza, pasta and main courses. RMB 38-78. 11.30am-3pm. Alio Olio (6594 0938) Aroma Revamped All month. Chef Bruno Correa adds exquisite new dishes to the Aroma buffet lineup. Daily barbecue specials, fresh seafood and cooked-to-order wok dishes. RMB 288+15% (lunch), RMB 338+15% (dinner, except Saturdays). 11.30am-2 .30pm, 6-10.30pm. Aroma, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8161) Bavarian Winter Stews Jan 2-31. Four varieties of warming Bavarian stew perfect for winter. Pearl barley sausages and green beans - take your pick! Paulaner Brauhaus, Kempinski Beijing Lufthansa Center (6465 3388 ext 5732) BBQ Buffet Dinner Thu-Sat. Hearty German dishes, with meat, seafood, salads and desserts. RMB 168+15% (includes beer). 6-9pm. Villa Castanea (6272 0130) Cepe Business Lunch Mon-Fri. Three courses, with a fine selection of antipasti and main courses. RMB 288+15%. 11.30am-2.30pm. Cepe, RitzCarlton Beijing Financial Street (6629 6996) Chef Jens at China Grill All month. Chef Jens Muenchenbach injects innovation into the menu with new Western dishes. China Grill, Park Hyatt Beijing (8567 1234) CNY at Chynna Jan 2-29. Three set menus for Chinese New Year, designed to nourish and warm. Get a voucher for 50% of your consumption (up to RMB 1000). RMB 488+15%. Chynna, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (5812 8888) CNY at Dragon Palace Jan 22-31. A roaring Chinese feast: three set menus to accompany the new year. Minimum booking is for five. RMB 228+15%, RMB 268+15%, RMB 298+15%. Dragon Palace, Kempinski Beijing Lufthansa Center (6465 3388)


CNY at The Horizon All month. Special ‘Reunion’ set menus available, featuring gourmet dishes with Taiwanese and Beijing flavors. Every meal ends with traditional nian gao.The Horizon, Kerry Hotel (8529 9977)

Addicted to Antipasto All month. Cured meats and good cheeses from Italy, France and Spain to start your meal in the Italian way. Cepe, Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street (6629 6996)

Colibri Set Lunch All month. Mix and match sandwiches, baked potatoes, soups, salads and quiches. RMB 48. Colibri Cafe (6417 0808)


Agua Set Lunch All month. Menus rotated weekly. RMB 88 (two courses), RMB 99 (three courses). Noon-2pm. Agua (5208 6198) Alameda’s Dinner Set All month. Alameda’s gorgeous Arepa con Dolce Leche dessert is an option on their dinner set menu. Two- and threecourse set dinners (RMB 178-198). Mon-Fri 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 6-11pm. Alameda (6417 8084) Alameda Lunch Rapido Mon-Fri. Two- and three-course set lunches (RMB 79-98). 11.30am-3pm. Alameda (6417 8084)

Da Pen Chio All month. Luck, prosperity and a good meal in one, Qi’s Chinese New Year special pen chio is filled with abalone, scallops, sea cucumber and other underwater treasures. RMB 598. Qi, Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street (6601 6666) Earlybird Dinner at Lunar 8 Mon-Fri. 90 minutes of a la carte allyou-can-eat at Lunar 8 for RMB 98 (one Tsingtao or soft drink inclusive). Make sure to pay before 7pm! 5.30pm-7pm. Lunar 8, The Fairmont Beijing (8507 3618) Enoterra’s Formule Lunch All month. Sandwich or salad plus free-

flow iced tea for the businessperson on the go. RMB 48. 11am-4pm. Enoterra (5208-6076) Family-Style Italian All month. Tuscan flavors and shared dishes create a warm family atmosphere. RMB 748+15%. Daccapo, The Regent Beijing (8522 1789) Galette de Rois Jan 2-15. A festive French cake with a hidden surprise – find it and be crowned “King of the Feast.” RMB 198. Kempi Deli, Kempinski Beijing Lufthansa Center (6465 3388) Greenfish Seafood Extravaganza Fri-Sat. Get wrecked in a briny sea of crabs, scallops, oysters and lobster, where the wine flows like the tide. RMB 388+15% (including free-flowing wine and soft drinks), kids half-price. 5.30-9.30pm. Greenfish, Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street (6601 6666 ext 6255) High on Spanish Vino All month. Tour Spanish vineyards from Beijing with Modo’s Enomatic wine cards. Sixteen exciting wines available to try, and Enomatic cards ar giftable. Card values starting from RMB 100. Noon-10.30pm. Modo (6415 7207) Hungry for Hummus? Mon-Fri. Middle Eastern favorite Rumi is offering a lunch buffet that includes many of their most popular menu items. RMB 88. 11.30am-2.30pm. Rumi (8454 3838) Luce Set Dinner All month. Choose two, three or four courses of Italian cuisine. RMB 100-150. Luce (8402 4417) Modo Set Lunch All month. Fresh, creative set lunch. RMB 80, RMB 200 (free-flow sparkling and house wines). Modo (6415 7207) Mughal’s Buffet Lunch Mon-Fri. Indian and Pakistani curries, vegetable dishes and more. Noon-2.30pm. Mughal’s (6638 2160)

Set Winter Dinner Tue-Sun. Sets with Peruvian and Latin flair. RMB 178 (two courses), RMB 198 (three courses). 6-11pm. Terra (6591 9148) Set Winter Lunch Tue-Fri. Two or three courses with a glass of wine, local beer, or juice. RMB 98 (two courses), RMB 128 (three courses). 11am-2pm. Terra (6591 9148) Station-to-Station All month. Sixteen fresh gourmet stations, each with its own specialty: foie gras, seafood, rotisserie, Chinese barbecue, dim sum and more. RMB 288+15%, RMB 158+15% (kids under 12). 6-10pm. Jing, The Peninsula Beijing (8516 2888) Taking Time for Lunch Mon-Sat. 11.30am-2.30pm. Luxe lunch menus, Italian-style. RMB 148+15% (2 courses), RMB 168+15% (3 courses), RMB 188+15% (4 courses). Barolo, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8777) Tapeando All month. Order a drink, get a free tapa. Olé (6595 9677) Wine Ritual All month. Unwind in sophisticated surrounding with free-flowing wines and cocktails. Canapes and snacks also provided. RMB 198+15%. 5.30-7pm. Press Club Bar, St. Regis Hotel (6460 6688 ext 2360) Wine Tasting Classes All month. Learn how to taste wines like the experts, and get your Wine & Spirit Education Trust certification. Class fees for each of the three levels include all study materials, exam fees, and of course, wines. Dragon Phoenix Fine Wine Consulting (5960 4050, Yummy Yum Cha Start your day off in proper Cantonese style with unlimited dim sum delicacies. RMB 108+15%. 7-10am. Jewel, Westin Beijing Financial Street (6629 7820)


Olé! Business Lunch All month. A quick two-course lunch, then back to work. RMB 60, RMB 70 (includes glass of wine). 11am-3.30pm. Olé! (6595 9677)

Break Your Resolutions Week Jan 1-7. Is an RMB 5 discount on all beers, cocktails and wine, plus free snacks, enough to tempt you back off the wagon? Free. 12SQM (6402 1554)

One East Set Lunch Mon-Fri. A light American set lunch. RMB 128+15% (two courses), RMB 138+15% (three courses). Noon-2pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030)

The Greg Carroll Band Wed-Sat. Rock and more. Free. 9.30pm. Eudora Station (6437 8331/8334)

Rainbow Fish Combo Jan 16-31. Tossed at the table, this festival dish full of salmon, flour crisp and pepper brings the diner luck. RMB 188+15%. Fat Duck, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel (5863 8241) SALT Winter Days Mon-Fri. Seasonal winter cuisine at a great lunching price. Add RMB 30 to your set lunch for a glass of wine or beer. RMB 98 (two courses), RMB 118 (three courses). Noon-3pm. SALT (6437 8457) SALTastation Mon-Sat. Five tasting courses paired with New and Old World wines. RMB 518 (food and wine), RMB 318 (food only). SALT (6437 8457) Sangria Special All month. Buy-one-get-one-free on pitchers or glasses of sangria. 7-9pm. Olé (6595 9677) Set Winter Brunch Sat-Sun. Sets with Peruvian and Latin flair. Two to three courses RMB 158-178, RMB 328-358 (includes free-flow beer and bubbly). 11am-4pm. Terra (6591 9148)

Winter Cocktails Over 30 new cocktails from Anthony Evangelista. Try his Candied Fig, Blackberry Bramble or Grapefruit Crusta options. Champagne Bar, Fairmont Beijing (8511 7777) Xpress Tue-Sun. Chart hits from across the decades, with an emphasis on the early ’90s. Free. 9pm-2am. Xiu (8567 1108)

MUSIC Nio Renee The jazz singer from LA heats things up. Free. 9.20pm. CJW (6587 1222) Anna Stamburg Group Thu-Fri. Live soul and R&B for the small weekend. Free. 9.30pm-12.30am. Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008) Taste of Soul Sat-Sun. Jam sessions open to all. Free. 9.30pm-12.30am. Ciro’s Pomodoro (5208 6008)

ARTS & CULTURE Yu Qian: Words of Gratitude Until Jan 9. Can we call Yu’s new ink-wash works “adorable” without sounding

Jan 22: Chinese New Year’s Eve Dumpling Party

Wrap, boil and eat your way into the Year of the Dragon. condescending? Free. XYZ Gallery (8459 9299) Wang Qiang: Venus Hotel Until Jan 15. The artist pulls off paintings in the abstract style that also look like photographs. Free. White Space Beijing (8456 2054) Zhu Zi: Mountain River Water Until Jan 15. Charcoal, Zen and geometry come together in poetry on paper. Free. White Space Beijing (8456 2054) Huang Ying: My Mirrored Realm Dec 31-Jan 16. Huang uses 3-D graphics and video art to meld nature and the human body in stark and sometimes disturbing ways. Free. Today Art Museum (5862 1100) Limitless Until Jan 19. Feng Mengbo’s video game art and Miao Xiaochun’s 3-D animation go head to head. Free. Arario Gallery (5202 3800) Catherine Nelson: Future Memories Until Jan 20. Ethereal landscape photography warped into perfect spheres. Free. Galerie Paris-Beijing (5978 9262) Wu Shanzhuan and Inga Svala Thorsdottir: Kuo Xuan Until Jan 20. Art for geometry nerds, with juxtaposed brackets, spirals, and curves evolving over several phases on a giant graph paper-esque wall. Free. Long March Space (5978 9768) Zhang Dali: World’s Shadows Until Jan 20. The artist who left his silhouette on demolition sites all around Beijing in the ’90s is now using cyanotype photography to striking effect. Free. Pekin Fine Arts (5127 3220) Annick Gaston + A De: Like the Air Chasing the Wind Until Jan 22. A French engraver and a Chinese poet team up. Free. Art Base 1 (6433 6920) Lu Song: Dawn Villa Until Jan 22. Lu rebels against the perfectionist training of Chinese art in his series with oil and charcoal. Free. Alexander Ochs Galleries (8456 2054) Apichatpong Weerasethakul: For Tomorrow For Tonight Until Feb 10. Independent Thai filmmaker examines night, blending video with image and sound from his previous films to create an emotional, sensory dream. RMB 15. UCCA (5780 0200)

Curated by Zhan Wang: Tang Yuhan – Interior Divination Until Feb 10. Feng shui, interior decorating and high art combine. Free. UCCA (5780 0200) Kolkoz: Parallax Until Feb 10. The French artistic duo mix tourist photos with NASA training photos for a cheeky series of illusions. RMB 15. UCCA (5780 0200) Cheng Ran: Hot Blood, Warm Blood, Cold Blood Until Feb 12. Apparently, Boiling Blood and Tepid Blood didn’t make the cut. Free. Galerie Urs Meile (6433 3393) Wang Xingwei Until Feb 12. Still-lifes turned portrait, like her “flower pot old lady.” Free. Galerie Urs Meile (6433 3393) Wang Qingsong: Happy New Year Until Feb 25. One of the shining stars of China’s gaudy art movement hits us with a carnivalistic New Year-themed exhibit. Free. Tang Contemporary (6436 3518) Zhan Wang: My Personal Universe Until Feb 25. Watch a giant boulder explode from six different angles on HD slo-mo. See Feature, p48. RMB 15. UCCA (5780 0200) Lin Tianmiao: The Same Until Feb 26. The globally respected feminist artist unveils installations laboriously ensconced in yarn and gold foil. Free. Beijing Center for the Arts (6559 8008) Chen Chunlin: Wokai Photography Project Until Feb 28. The Sichuan-based photographer takes penetrating photos of rural workers for the NGO. Purchase one and 70% will help finance a micro-entrepreneur from Wokai’s site. Free. Green T. House Gallery (6552 8310/8311) Bullfighting From Behind the Barrier Until Mar 3. Photos and video from Spanish artists dialoguing about the cultural cliche of bullfighting. Free. Instituto Cervantes (5879 9666)

EXPLORE 8-Day Sri Lankan Tour A customizable tour. Start in the ancient capital of Anuradhapura and finish with two days on the beach. RMB 6,700 (flight not included). Shangrila Adventures (8508 2770)

January 2012



Dining Directory Index 360 Casual Dining – Buffets 1001 Nights – Middle Eastern A Food Affaire – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Agua – Spanish Ai Jiang Shan – Korean Alameda – Contemporary International Alio Olio – Italian Annie’s – Italian Aria – European Aroma – Buffets Asia Bistro – Buffets The Astor Grill – Steakhouses Baozi Pu – Beijing Baozhuang Mache – Korean Barolo – Italian Bei – Japanese Beihai Dao – Korean Bene – Italian Benjia Hanguo Liaoli – Korean Biteapitta – Middle Eastern Black Soil Impressions – Dongbei BLD Cafe – Buffet Blue Frog – American Bonbon Bins – Bakeries, Delis & Candy The Bookworm – Cafes & Teahouses Brasserie Flo – French Brazillian Churrascos – Central & South American BSD Dubu House – Korean Cafe Cha – Buffets Cafe de la Poste – French Cafe Noir – Cafes & Teahouses Capital M – European Carmen – Spanish CBD International Cuisine – Buffets CCSweets – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Celestial Court – Cantonese Cepe – Italian Chao – Fusion Charcoal Bar – Korean Chef Too – American China Grill – Contemporary International Chinggis Korean Restaurant – Korean Choy’s Seafood – Cantonese Chuan Ban – Sichuan Chun Bing Jing Wei Cai – Beijing Chynna – Contemporary Chinese Ciro’s Pomodoro – Italian Colibri Cafe – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Compass Grill - Contemporary International Comptoirs de France – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Cornerstone – Italian CRU Steakhouse – Steakhouses The CUT Steak & Seafood Grill – Contemporary International Dahuaishu Grill – Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck – Beijing Duck Da Giuliano – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Dali Courtyard – Yunnan Dali Renjia – Yunnan Danieli’s – Italian Din Tai Fung – Dumplings Donghuamen Night Market – Beijing Dragon Palace – Cantonese Duck de Chine – Beijing Duck East 33 – Buffets Element Fresh – American Elements – Cantonese Er Yue Er Chunbing – Beijing Essence – Buffets Fatburger – American Feast – Buffets Flamme International Grill – Steakhouses Flour – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Fook Lam Moon – Cantonese Fratelli Fresh – Italian Fu Jia Lou – Beijing Fuel - Contemporary International Ganges Indian Restaurant – Indian/Pakistani Gaon Korean Restaurant – Korean Garden Court – Buffets Good Fortune Grill – Korean Gori – Contemporary International Grand Cafe – Buffets Grandma’s Kitchen – American Grange – Steakhouses Green Bites Dumpling Bar – Dumplings Greenfish – Buffets The Grill – Steakhouses Grill 79 – Contemporary International Gui Wei – Beijing Gung Ho! Gourmet Pizza Factory – Pizza


January 2012

Guxiang Shanchuan – Korean Haidilao Hot Pot – Hot Pot Haitanghua Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant – Korean Han Na Shan – Korean Han Wan Ju – Beijing Han Zheng Jiayuan – Korean Hard Rock Cafe – American Haru Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar - Japanese Hatsune – Japanese Hengshan Hui – Cantonese Home Plate Bar-B-Que – American Hong Bin Lou – Beijing Hong Lu – Beijing Honzen – Japanese Horizon – Cantonese Hot Bean Cooperative – Beijing Huazai Chuan Bar – Barbecue & Teppanyaki Hudiequan – Yunnan Huo Lu Huo – Korean Huoguosi Xiaochidan – Beijing IFW – Contemporary Chinese Iki – Korean Invincible Ramen – Japanese Jaan – French Jewel – Cantonese Jing – Buffets Jing Wei Lou – Beijing Jing Wei Mian Da Wang – Beijing Jiumen Xiaochi – Beijing Jusong – Contemporary Chinese Kagen – Japanese Kao Rou Le Kaorou Wang – Beijing Karaiya Spice House – Hunan & Hubei Kempi Deli – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Kerry’s Kitchen – Buffets Kerry’s Pantry – Bakeries, Delis and Candy Korean Court – Korean Korean Goryeo– Korean Kranzler’s – Buffets The Kro’s Nest – Pizza Kuan Dian – Beijing La La Rib Hotpot – Korean Lao Beijing Kaorou – Beijing Lao Beijing Zhajiangmian – Beijing Lau Pa Sak – Southeast Asian Le Cabernet – French Le Pre Lenotre – French Leaf BBQ Restaurant – Korean Let’s Burger Plus – American Let’s Seafood – Contemporary International Linhuxuan Restaurant – Beijing Longfusi Xiaochidian – Beijing Luga’s – Central and South American Luga’s Little Italy – Italian Luga’s Pho Pho – Vietnamese Luga’s Villa – Central and South American Lunar 8 – Fusion Maan Coffee – Cafes & Teahouses Made in China – Beijing Duck Maison Boulud – French Malacca Legend – Southeast Asian Mapu BBQ – Korean Meiming’r Shengjian – Dumplings Middle 8th Restaurant – Yunnan Migas Restaurant & Lounge – Spanish Milano Café – Cafés and Teahouses Ming Court – Cantonese Mirch Masala – Indian/Pakistani Miyabi - Japanese Modo – Contemporary International Moment Cafe – Cafes & Teahouses Monsoon – Buffets Morel’s – European Mosto – Contemporary International Mr Shi’s Dumplings – Dumplings Mughal’s Restaurant – Indian & Pakistani My China – Beijing Najia Xiaoguan – Imperial Nishimura – Japanese Noble Court – Cantonese Nola – American Nolboo – Korean Noodle Bar – Beijing O Kwang Wu Guang Jiu – Korean Obentos – Japanese Oh Jook Hun – Korean Old Beijing Mending Roubing Restaurant – Dumplings Olé Spanish Restaurant – Spanish One East – American

Ours – Japanese Park Side Bar & Grill – European Paulaner Brauhaus – German Peking Legacy – Contemporary Chinese Pekotan – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill – American The Pizza Company – Pizza Prego – Italian Punjabi Indian Restaurant – Indian & Pakistani Purple Haze Restaurant & Bar – Thai Pyongyang Mu Dan Feng – Korean Rainbow – Yunnan Red Orange – Buffet Ristorante Sadler – Italian The Roadhouse at Mutianyu – Beijing RoomBeijing – Contemporary International Royal Smushi House – European Rug Bagel & Café – Cafés and Teahouses Rumi – Middle Eastern Sa Lang Bang – Korean The Saddle Cantina – Central and South American SALT – Contemporary International San Fu Zhe Korean Restaurant – Korean Sanqianli – Korean Saveurs de Coree – Korean Scarlett – Contemporary International Scene a Café – European Schindler’s Anlegestelle (Schindler’s Docking Station) – German Seasonal Tastes – Buffets Senses – Buffets SG Song – Korean Shaguo Ju – Beijing Shanggu City Korea Village BBQ – Korean Shanghai Min (Xiao Nan Guo) – Shanghai Sherpa’s – Deliveries Sizzler – American Sky Fortune – Beijing South German Bakery, Cafe Konstanz and Bodenseestube – German Sorabol – Korean Spice Factory – Thai Spring Organic Fish Restaurant – Sichuan S.T.A.Y (Simple Table Alleno Yannick) – French Starfish – Seafood Steak Exchange + Bar – Steakhouses Summer Palace – Huaiyang Sun Palace – Cantonese Sunrise Noodle Restaurant – Japanese

American Blue Frog Chow down on the signature burgers or opt for a salad. Voted “Outstanding American” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Daily 10am-2am. S4-30, 3/F, Bldg 4, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 4030); 2) 1/F Bldg 1, U-Town, Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyang District. (8561 2665)

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Suraon – Korean Sureño – Mediterranean Susu – Vietnamese Suzumei – Japanese Symphony – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Tadka – Indian/Pakistani The Taj Pavilion – Indian/Pakistani Tang Palace – Cantonese Tavola Italian Dining – Italian Terra – Central & South American TGI Friday’s – American Thanks Giving – Korean To Dam Gol – Korean Tori Ton – Japanese Transit – Sichuan Trattoria La Gondola – Italian Tunmalu Rib and Potato Soup – Korean Turkish Mum – Middle Eastern Union Bar & Grille – American Va Piano – Italian Vasco’s – Buffets The Veggie Table – Vegetarian VIC – Buffets Villa Castanea – German Village Cafe – Cafes & Teahouses The Vineleaf – European Vineyard Cafe – European Water - Contemporary International Wu Ge Kaochi – Beijing Xi He Ya Yuan – Beijing Xian Lao Man – Dumplings Xiaodiao Litang Snack Shop – Beijing Xidan Chiku – Beijing Xincheng Noodle House – Beijing Yao Chi – Cantonese YellowStone Restaurant & Bar – European Yi Wan Ju – Beijing Yotsuba – Japanese Yu – Cantonese Yue – Cantonese Yuebing Restaurant – Beijing Zahamun Korean Restaurant – Korean ZEN – Cantonese Zen5es – Cantonese Zhenli Cun – Korean Zhi Xia Men Korean Barbeque Restaurant – Korean Zhili Huiguan – Beijing Zhuzhong Dalian Huoshao – Dumplings Zi Xia Men – Korean

2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Tue-Fri 11am-2pm, 5-10pm; Sat-Sun 9.30am-3pm, 5-10pm. Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu (north of Block 8), Chaoyang District. (6591 8676) 美 西西餐厅, 朝阳区朝阳公园西路枣营南里小区 东门南侧

蓝蛙,1) 朝阳区三里屯北路19号三里屯Village4 号楼3层S4-30; 2) 朝阳区三丰北里悠唐生活广 场1号楼1层

Chef Too Smart interior, well-trained staff, delicious Australian steaks and indie American wines. Voted “Outstanding American” in our

Element Fresh American salads, smoothies, sandwiches and more. Popular weekend brunch menu. Voted “Best American,” “Best Brunch (Affordable),” “Best Sandwiches,” “Outstanding Family-Friendly Restaurant,“ and “Outstanding Vegetarian“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) 10am-11pm. 6 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (6433 5058); 2) Mon-Fri 10am-11pm, Sat-Sun 7am-11pm.

Full house! To win tickets to The Underground Rebel Bingo Club on Jan 7, tell us: What’s bingo called in Australia? Email

DIRECTORY / DINING Shop 833, Bldg 8, The Village at Sanlitun, 19

Daily 7am-8.30pm. 55-1, Xingfucun Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6416 2853); 5) Daily 7am-10.30pm. Door 102, Pacific Century Place Department Store, 2A Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6539 2005); 6) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 2/F, Riviera Plaza, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8470 2347); 7) Daily 7am-8 .30pm. 1/F, East Lake Club, 35 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6461 1525); 8) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 4 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8562 3355); 9) Daily 7am-8.30pm. L-111, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu Zhen, Shunyi District. (8046 6309); 10) Daily 7am8.30pm. Rm 102, 1/F, Bldg 15, China Central Place, 89 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (6530 5480) 法派, 1) 朝阳区将台路2号北京和睦家医

Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 1318) 新 元素, 1) 朝阳区将太路6号; 2) 朝阳区三里屯路 19号The Village南区8号楼833单元

Fatburger American diner serving lean Australian beef burgers, freshly ground daily and cooked to order. Burgers are accompanied by fries or homemade onion rings and hot wings. Voted “Outstanding Burger“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Daily 11am-10pm. 1-LB01, The Grand Summit, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound (300 m north of the Kempinski Hotel’s main entrance), 19 East Dongfang Lu, Chaoyang District. (8532 1878) 2) EB103, B1/F, Bldg 1, China World Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 7789) 1) 朝阳区东方东路19号亮马乔外交 公寓1号楼会所1层1号铺; 2) 朝阳区建国门外大 街1号国贸商城地下1层EB103

Grandma’s Kitchen Sandwiches, gravybased dinners and high-powered desserts. Voted “Outstanding Family-Friendly Restaurant” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Daily 9am-10pm. 47-2 Nanchizi Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6528 2790); 2) Daily 10am-10pm. 28 Shique Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8403 9452); 3) Daily 10am-11pm. 5/F, Wudaokou Shopping Mall, Haidian District. (6266 6105); 4) Daily 7.30am-11pm. 11A Xiushui Nanjie, Jianguomenwai, Chaoyang District. (6503 2893); 5) Daily 7.30am-11pm. 1-2/F, Bldg B, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5869 3055/3056) 祖母厨 房, 1) 东城区南池子大街47-2号; 2) 东城区 北新桥石雀胡同28号; 3) 海淀区五道口购物中 心5层; 4) 朝阳区建国门外秀水南街甲11号(友 谊商店后面); 5) 朝阳区东三环中路39号建外 SohoB座1-2层

Hard Rock Cafe Burgers, pastas, cover bands and those ubiquitous T-shirts. Daily 11.30am-2am. 1/F, Landmark Towers, 8 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6590 6688 ext 2571) 硬石餐厅, 朝阳区东三环北路8号亮马 河大厦西大堂1层

Home Plate Bar-B-Que Offering American Southern classics from ribs to pulled pork and brisket. Daily 11am-10pm. 35 Xiaoyun Lu courtyard (from Dongsanhuan Beilu, head 20m north of Xiaoyun Lu intersection and take the first right), Chaoyang District. (5128 5584, 本垒美国餐, 朝阳 区霄云路35号院(东三环北路,过霄云路路口,往北 走20米,到第一个路口右转)

Let’s Burger Plus Takes the original Let’s Burger formula but with additions like pizza burgers, pita sandwiches and croissants. LG46B, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯 Village北区地下1层

Nola Feast on Cajun dishes including boudin balls, po’ boys and gumbo. Daily 10.30am-11pm. 11A Xiushui Nanjie, Chaoyang District. (8563 6215) 朝阳区秀水南街11号 One East Modern American cuisine with a large selection of US wines. Their set lunch consists of light dishes that won’t make you sleepy when you head back to work. Mon-Fri noon-2pm, 6-10.30pm. 2/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5000 ext 5030) 东方路一号, 朝阳区东方路1号希尔 顿酒店2层

Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill Voted “Outstanding Mexican / Tex-Mex” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Fri 9.30am-11pm, Sat-Sun 7.30am-11.30pm. 88A International Club, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8532 2449) 朝阳区建国门外大街21号 国际俱乐部88A

Sizzler Enjoy unlimited trips to the salad bar along with steaks, seafood, ribs and other grilled treats at this American chain. 1) Daily 11am-9pm. 2/F, Jiamao Shopping Mall, 33 Guangshun Beidajie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District. (6471 3876); 2) Daily 10am-10pm. B1-30 Glory Mall, 18 Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Chongwen District. (6714 0399); 3) Daily 11am-9.30pm. FF16, Food Forum, B1/F, The Malls at Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng District. (8518 6315); 4) Daily 11am-9pm. B1/F, Grand Pacific Mall, 133 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. (6651 5283); 5) Daily 11am-10.30pm. International Club, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6532 0475); 6) Daily 11am10pm. 2/F, Anzhen Hualian Department Store, Anzhen Xili, Chaoyang District. (6441 9996) 时 时乐, 1) 朝阳区望京广顺北大街嘉茂购物中心二 层; 2) 崇文区崇文门外大街18号 国瑞城购物中 心 B1-30; 3) 东城区东方新天地1区地铁层食通 天大街FF16商铺; 4) 西城区君太百货地下一层; 5) 朝阳区建国门外大街21号(国际俱乐部旁边); 6) 朝阳区安贞西里华联商厦2层

TGI Friday’s White collar hangout exports American-style burgers, salads and “Mexican” food.. 1) Daily 11.30am-midnight. 1/F, Grand Skylight Catic Hotel, 18 Beichen Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8497 0650); 2) Daily 11.30am-midnight. 9-2 Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District. (6622 0880); 3) Daily 11.30am-midnight. Bldg C, Beijing International Plaza, 19 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8526 3388); 4) Daily 11am-11.30pm. Beijing Friendship Hotel, 1 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District. (6849 8738) 星期五 餐厅, 1) 朝阳区北辰东路18号凯迪克格兰云天大 酒店1层; 2) 西城区金城坊街9-2号; 3) 朝阳区 建国门外大街19号国际大厦C座; 4) 海淀区中关 村南大街1号北京友谊宾馆

Union Bar & Grille The grill restaurant that’s classy enough to bring a date. Mon-Fri 11am11pm,Sat-Sun 11am-12pm. S6-31, 3/F, Bldg 6, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 9117) 优年美式餐厅, 朝阳区三里 屯路19号三里屯Village6号楼3层S6-31

Bakeries, Delis & candy A Food Affaire Tucked into a corner of the April Gourmet, this is convenient for grocery shoppers looking to grab some Western food to go. Daily 8am-11pm. 1/F, 5 Xingfuyicunxili, Chaoyang District. (135 0107 1114) 朝阳区幸福 一村西里5号绿叶子食品店

Bonbon Bins American-branded candies, sweets & chocolates for the confectionarycrazy. (8525 3566) CCSweets Gourmet, imported ingredients go into the cupcakes and sweets made to order. Daily 10am-8pm. Unit 109, Bldg 11, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6533 6973) 喜喜饼,朝阳朝阳门外大街6 号新城国际11号楼109

Colibri Cafe Colibri offers more than 20 flavors of cupcakes, as well as sandwiches and coffee. Daily 10am-10pm. LG51, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 0808) 蜂鸟, 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯 Village北区地下1层

Comptoirs de France Offers freshly baked rolls, baguettes, and loaves of bread alongside pastries and chocolates. Voted “Outstanding Sandwiches” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 7am-8.30pm. 1) Daily 7am-8.30pm. Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics Shop Number 2, 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District.; 2) Daily 7am-8.30pm. Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics Shop Number 1, 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 7597); 3) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 1/F, Bldg 5, Hairun International Apartment, 2B Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5135 7645); 4)

院2店; 2) 朝阳区将台路2号北京和睦家医院店; 3) 朝阳区将台路乙2号海润国际公寓商业5号楼1 层; 4) 朝阳区幸福村中路55-1号; 5) 朝阳区工 体北路甲2号盈科中心商场102单元; 6) 朝阳区来 广营东路5号2楼东侧; 7) 东城区东直门外大街 35号东湖俱乐部1层; 8) 朝阳区日坛北路4号; 9) 顺义区裕翔路99号天竺镇欧陆广场L111室; 10) 朝阳区建国路89号华贸中心15号楼102

Da Giuliano Baby-sized desserts with an Italian influence. 1 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, Chaoyang District (8454 4402) 朝阳区三里屯北小街1号 Flour This Sanlitun bakery specializes in cakes and light meals. Daily 9am-9pm. Store 118, B1/F, Bldg A, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District (5785 3060) 朝阳区工体北路 三里屯SohoA座地下1层118铺

Kempi Deli Some of the best bread, cakes and desserts in town. Discounts after 8pm (9pm weekends). Daily 7am-10pm. 1/F, Kempinski Hotel, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5741) 凯宾美食廊, 朝阳区凯宾斯基饭店1层 Kerry’s Pantry Salads, sandwiches and absolutely decadent desserts. 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833) 朝阳区光华路1号

Pekotan This deli and bakery offer amazing products, with a half-price offer at 8-9pm. Daily 7am-10pm. Store 21-22, Bldg 12, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6533 6605) 配口堂, 朝阳区朝阳门外大 街6号新城国际12号楼21-22号

Rug Bagel & Cafe Small but authentic-tasting bagels and a range of light meal choices. Daily 11.30am-10pm. Bldg 4, Lishui Jiayuan, Chaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu (opposite south gate of Chaoyang Park), Chaoyang District (8550 2722) 朝阳区朝阳公园南路丽水嘉园4号楼 (朝阳公园南门对面)

The Swiss Deli Offers an extensive range of cakes, deli items and sweets. Daily 7am-10pm. 1/F Swissotel, 2 Chaoyangmen Bei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6553 2288 ext 2127) 东城 区潮阳门北大街2号港澳中心瑞士酒店1层

Symphony Wi-Fi, afternoon tea and breakfast are all offered at this petite Central Park bakery. Daily 8am-10pm. 105, Bldg 26, Central Park, 6 Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6533 6956) 味感烘焙屋,朝阳区朝外大街6号新城国际 26号楼105号(近世贸天阶)

BARBECUE & TEPPANYAKI Huazai Chuan Bar Good for a post-booze chuan’r fest, with a good alcohol selection. Daily 24hrs. 14 Xindong Lu (next to The James Joyce), Chaoyang District (no tel) 华仔串吧, 朝 阳区新东路14号

BEIJING Baozi Pu Fuel up with a steaming bowl of daoxiao mian – rustic shaved noodles topped with pork, fresh cilantro and a ladle of spicy broth (RMB 5). Or grab a takeout bag of fluffy pork baozi (RMB 4). Daily 6.30am-9pm. 108 Gulou Dongdajie (at the entrance to Nanluogu Xiang), Dongcheng District. (no tel) 包子铺, 东城区鼓楼东大街108号

Chun Bing Jing Wei Cai Yonghegong Dajie (across the street and to the south of Cafe de la Poste), Dongcheng District. (64-6 2183) 春 饼京味菜, 东城区东城区雍和宫大街

Dahuaishu Grill Specializes in tasty lao Beijing tabletop grills of chilli-doused pork, lamb, squid and kidney in a sweaty dining room. Daily 11am-10pm. 23 Meishuguan Dongjie (Northwest off National Art Museum), Dongcheng District. (6400 8891) 大槐树烤肉 馆, 东城区美术馆东街23号(美术馆路口西北角)

Donghuamen Night Market If you’re peckish and strolling the Wangfujing area of an autumn evening, stop by this lively strip of stalls for a snack. Donghuamen night market only

emerged in the early ‘80s, since when it has gathered more and more food stalls complete with screaming vendors and hungry crowds of both locals and foreign travelers. The food has to be seen to be believed. Almost anything you’d want (or in some cases, wouldn’t want) to try is on show, from innards and scorpions to silkworms and sea horses. The food comes cheap – most chuan’r (kebabs) cost only RMB 2-10. Just daring yourself to try out the odder items is a lot of fun in itself. Daily 4-10pm. Donghuamen Dajie (west of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street), Wangfujing, Dongcheng District. 东华门夜市, 东城区东城区王府井大街 往西东华门大街

Er Yue Er Chunbing Daily 11am-midnight. Chaoyang Park West Gate, Chaoyang District. (6460 5986) 二月二春饼, 朝阳区朝阳公园西门 Fu Jia Lou Perennially packed, Fu Jia Lou is a true old-style Beijing experience, complete with low wooden tables and chairs, hollering waiters and excellent zhajiang mian. Daily 11am-2pm, 4.30-9.30pm. 23 Dongsishitiao (200m west of Poly Plaza), Dongcheng District. (8403 7831) 福家楼, 东城区东四十条23号(保利 大厦西200米)

Gui Wei An almost upscale restaurant by barbecue standards. Only 80 skewers of wings are marinated here everyday, which shows how much care goes into the process. 5-10pm. 20 Heizhima Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6407 5931) 鬼味烤翅, 东城区南锣鼓巷黑芝 麻胡同20号

Hai Wan Ju 1) Daily 10.30am-10.30pm. 36 Songyu Nanli, Chaoyang District. (8731 3518); 2) Daily 11am-11pm. 11 Zengguang Lu (southwest corner of Ganjiakou Department Store), Haidian District. (8837 4993) 海碗居, 1) 朝阳 区松榆南里36号; 2) 海淀区增光路11号(甘家口 商场西南角)

Hong Bin Lou This time-honored Hui restaurant serves the standards of halal Beijing cuisine, including halal Peking duck (prepared according to Muslim dietary law), shuan yangrou (scalded lamb) and feiniu huoguo (succulent beef crock-pot). Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 11 Zhanlanguan Lu (at the intersection of Baiwanzhuang), Xicheng District. (6899 2569/4560) hqfw.html 鸿宾楼, 西城区展览馆11号(百万 庄路口)

Hong Lu Taking a fresh look at lao Beijing cuisine, Hong Lu casts light on the true scope of this capital's cuisine. Daily 11.30am-11pm. 6 Sanlitun Nanlu (150m south of The Bookworm), Chaoyang District. (6593 8970) 朝阳区 三里屯南路6号(书虫往南150米)

Hot Bean Cooperative Run by a group of hip youngsters, the whimsical hand-painted walls and a big old tree in the middle of their courtyard make for a pleasant place to chill, but it’s the chicken wings that are the main draw. Daily 10am-10pm. Just inside Chaodou Hutong (50m north of Jiaodaokou Nandajie and Kuan Jie intersection), Dongcheng District. (8401 6165) 炒豆合作社, 东城区交道口 南大街炒豆胡同

Huguosi Xiaochidian Traditional Beijing snacks served by this popular, hygienic, laozihao (historical brand). 1) Daily 5.30am-9pm. 93 Huguosi Dajie, Xicheng District. (6618 1705); 2) Daily 6am-8pm. 180 Di'anmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District. (6404 2946) 护国寺小 吃店, 1) 西城区护国寺大街93号; 2) 西城区地 安门外大街180号

Jing Wei Lou Traditional Beijing food like miancha (a millet flour gruel), zha gezhi (fritters made from mung bean flour) and roast duck. 1) Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 99 Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xicheng District. (5839 9511); 2) Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 181A Di’anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District. (8322 6514); 3) Daily 11am2pm, 5pm-11.30pm. 1/F, Fuyou Binguan, 21 Taipusi Jie, Xicheng District. (6605 2277); 4) Daily 10am-2pm, 5-9pm. 1/F, Unit 1, Wudongdalou A, courtyard 9, Chegongzhuang Dajie, Xicheng District, Xicheng District. (8839 5246) 京味楼, 1) 西城区复兴门内大街99号; 2) 西城区地安门西大街甲181A号; 3) 西城区太仆 寺街21号府右宾馆1楼; 4) 西城区西城区车公庄 大街9号院五栋大楼A栋1单元1楼

Jing Wei Mian Da Wang This ornate, touristfriendly restaurant serves authentic dishes of lao Beijing fare - hand-pulled noodles, cold dishes, snack foods and more. 10.30am-10 .30pm. 35 Xidajie, Di'anmen (just west of the Di'anmen intersection facing Pingan Dadao), Dongcheng District. (6405 6666) 京味面大王, 东城区地安门西大街35号

January 2012


DIRECTORY / DINING Jiumen Xiaochi Taste some of the best of Beijing’s traditional snacks at this collection of laozihao (time-honored brand) snack stalls, most of which were originally located in Qianmen but have been forced by redevelopment to move from their historic location. Daily 10am-10pm. 1 Xiaoyou Hutong, Xicheng District. (6402 5858) 九门小吃, 西城区孝友胡同1号


Kaorou Wang This laozihao restaurant specializes in Hui-style grilled beef and dishes, lauded by the likes of Puyi and Guo Moruo. 1) 10.30am-9.30pm. 32B Zizhuyuan lu, Haidian District. (6848 7031/7035); 2) Daily 10.30am9.30pm. 185 Yonghegong Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6406 9729); 3) Daily 10.30am-9.30pm. 58 Nanlishi Lu, Xicheng District. (6802 8180); 4) Daily 10.30am-9.30pm. 69 Wanquanhe Lu, Haidian District. (6257 6888) 烤肉宛, 1) 海

CBD International Cuisine Buffet restaurant featuring open kitchens and a combination of Western and Asian favorites. Daily 6.30am-11pm. Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6530 9383) 朝阳区东三环中

Cafe Cha A sumptuous buffet featuring a sushi and sashimi station, pasta, pizza, Malaysian laksa and tandoori specialties. Daily 6-10am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-9.30pm. Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (6841 2211 ext 2715) 咖啡Cha, 海淀区紫竹院路29号 香格里拉饭店


East 33 International buffet restaurant featuring Asian and Western treats plus a weekend seafood buffet featuring live Boston lobster. Daily 6.30am-10.30pm. Raffles Beijing Hotel, 33 Dongchangan Jie, Dongcheng District. (6526 3388 ext 5171) 东三十三, 东城区

淀区紫竹院路乙32号; 2) 东城区雍和宫大街 185号; 3) 西城区南礼士路58号; 4) 海淀区万 泉河路69号

Kuan Dian Hip youth chow down on chicken wings on the rooftop terrace of this Drum Tower-area restaurant all throughout the year. Daily 11am-midnight. 135 Jiugulou Dajie, Xicheng District. (8404 0523) 宽店, 西城区旧 鼓楼大街135号

Lao Beijing Kaorou Marinated beef or mutton grilled on a zhizi (Qing-style charcoal brazier) at your table. A nip of baijiu is the traditional tipple for this lao Beijing snack. Daily 11am-11pm. 4A, Longtoujing Hutong (near Prince Gong's Mansion south of Houhai Lake), Xicheng District. (8322 2217) 老北京烤 肉, 西城区龙头井胡同甲14号(近恭王府)

Lao Beijing Zhajiangmian Charming wait staff efficiently attend to diners as they slurp on delicious, saucy noodles enough to feed three people without burning a hole in your wallet. Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 29 Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Chongwen District. (6705 6705) 老北京炸酱面, 崇文区崇文门外大街29号 Linhuxuan Restaurant 11am-2pm, 5-9.30pm. 1-8 Huangsi Ave (near Andingmenwai, Jiangzhaikou), Liuyin Park Lakeside, Dongcheng District. (8412 2679) 东城区安定门 外蒋宅口柳荫公园湖畔黄寺大街甲8号

Longfusi Xiaochidian Old school in every sense (from the food down to the decor and gruff, cafeteria-style service), this long-running eatery serves traditional Hui dishes and snacks, including lu da gun'r (rolling donkey), bao du (boiled tripe) and the infamous dou zhi (fermented mung bean soup). Upstairs has a sit-down restaurant with private rooms. 1) Fangjia Hutong, Andingmen Neidajie, Dongcheng District.; 2) 1 Longfusi Qianjie, Dongcheng District. (6406 0668) 隆福寺小吃 店, 1) 东城区安定门内大街方家胡同; 2) 东城 区隆福寺前街1号

My China Dine in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of My China at the Hilton Beijing Capital Airport hotel, where you can sample classic Beijing cuisine at its most exquisite, or try some distinctive and authentic dishes from the famous culinary regions of Sichuan and Hunan. Daily 11.30am-10pm. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3, Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District. (6450 4889, 6458 8888 ext 8901) 腾香居, 朝阳区首都机场3 号航站希尔顿酒店

Noodle Bar This hip 12-seat bar is not your everyday mianguan’r. The ingredients are excellent, food prices reasonable (drinks less so). The menu is limited, but what they do they do very well indeed. Daily 11am-10pm. 1949 – The Hidden City, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (behind Pacific Century Place), Chaoyang District. (6501 1949) 面吧, 朝阳区工体北路4号 院 (盈科中心南面)

Shaguo Ju 300-year-old restaurant specializes in shaguo casserole dishes. 1) Daily 11am10pm. 60 Xisi Nandajie, Xicheng District. (6602 1126); 2) Daily 6.30am-10pm. 40 Shuangyushu Dongli, Haidian District. (8213 6710) 砂锅居, 1) 西城区西四南大街60号; 2) 海淀区双榆树 东里40号

Sky Fortune On the hunt for a Chinese fine dining experience? Look no further -- this one serves all your favorite classic Beijing and southern Chinese dishes in luxurious private rooms. Daily 9.30am-10pm. 9 Tianze Lu (near Nüren Jie), Chaoyang District. (6463 6999, 天禧九号, 朝阳区女 人街天泽路9号

The Roadhouse at Mutianyu Fantastic Great Wall views and hearty Chinese country food including fresh rainbow trout. Sat-Sun and holidays 11am-3pm, or by prior appoint-


January 2012


Ongoing: Bavarian Winter Stews

Can’t pronounce Eintöpfe? You can certainly eat it. ment. 12 Mutianyu Village, Huairou District. (6162 6506) 大路馆儿, 怀柔区慕田峪村12号

Wenyu Nailao Regulars of this Beijing dairy snack outlet include tough old men who stride into the little store for their daily fix and long lines of young student types. The owners are descendents of cooks from the imperial kitchens. 49 Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (6405 7621) 文宇奶酪店, 东城区南锣 鼓巷49号

Wu Ge Kaochi Despite the peeling walls and sticky floors, it is nearly impossible to get a table here -- their chicken wings are just that good. Daily 3pm-11pm. 5 Nanbanqiao Hutong (between Dongsi Batiao and Jiutiao), Dongcheng District. (6400 1626) 五哥烤翅, 东 城区南板桥胡同5号(东四八条之间)

Xiaodiao Litang Snack Shop 9am-10pm. Zhongguancun Baofu Temple 66 (near Zhongguancun Nanertiao), Haidian District. (6264 8616) 小吊梨汤私家小吃店, 海淀区近中关村南 二条中关村保福寺66号

Xidan Chiku Staffed by young Beijingers with boisterous hairstyles, this is perhaps the only other contender to Wu Ge for the best wings in Beijing. Daily 11am-1pm, 4pm-10pm. 15 Zhongsheng Hutong (the alley east of Xidan Books Building), Xicheng District. (6603 2605) 西单翅酷, 西城区西单图书大厦动侧钟 声胡同15号

Xi He Ya Yuan Situated in a courtyard, Xi He Ya Yuan combines the culinary traditions of Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Huaiyang and other regions in their dishes, which include "Wo Hop Roast duck" is seasoned with blueberry jam or soft white sugar sauce and roasted in a traditional oven. 1) Daily 11am02pm, 5-10pm. Stall 302, 3/F, City Mall, Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (5976 1355,; 2) 11am-2pm, 5-10pm. 15-3 Zhongguancun Dajie (east side of Haidian Xijie), Haidian District. (5172 2256, 5172 2250, http://www. 羲和雅苑, 1) 朝 阳区新源南路1号都汇天地商场3楼302号; 2) 海 淀区中关村大街15-3号海淀西街路东

Xincheng Noodle House Liangshi Dianr Xie Jie (one alley west of Qianmen Dajie and about halfway down), Tiananmen, Dongcheng District. 新城小面观 Yi Wan Ju Wooden tables and benches and lao Beijing standards like hand-pulled noodles with zhajiang sauce. Daily 11am-10pm. 1) 22 Pufang Lu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District, Fengtai District. (6765 4321); 2) Bldg 5, Section 4, Anhuili, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District. (6491 1258) 一碗居, 1) 丰台区方庄蒲 芳路22号; 2) 朝阳区安慧里4段5号楼

Yuebin Restaurant Beijing's first privatelyowned restaurant post-1949 is also one of its finest. Don't miss the guota doufu he (wok tofu boxes) and ganshao huangyu (fried yellow croaker). Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 43, 31 Cuihua Hutong (opposite the main gates of the National Art Museum of China), Dongcheng District. (6524 5322) 悦宾饭馆, 东 城区翠花胡同43,31号(中国美术馆对面)

Zhili Huiguan Modeled after a traditional guild hall (hui guan), this Zhongguancun restaurant serves up traditional northern Chinese dishes amidst a setting bedecked

with antiques and classical furniture. 10.30am10pm. 127 Zhongguancun Bei Dajie (next to the Beijing University Science Park), Haidian District. (8266 7777, 6276 2828) http://www. 直隶会馆, 海淀区 中关村北大街127号北大科技园附近

Beijing Duck Bianyifang A Beijing duck institution with multiple branches. Daily 11am-9.30pm. www. for locations. Da Dong Roast Duck The “superlean” roast ducks are regularly hyped as the best in the city. Voted “Best Beijing Duck,” “Best Chinese Restaurant of the Year” and “Best For Impressing Visitors“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-10pm. 1) 5/F, Jinbao Dasha, Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District. (8522 1234); 2) 1-2/F, Nanxincang International Plaza, 22A Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District. (5169 0329); 3) 3 Tuanjiehu Beikou, Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (6582 2892/4003) 北京大董 烤鸭店, 1) 东城区金宝街金宝大厦5层; 2) 东城 区东四十条甲22号南新仓国际大厦1~2楼; 3) 朝 阳区团结湖北口3号楼东三环路

Duck De Chine Voted "Outstanding Beijing Duck" in our 2011 Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 1949, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (opposite the south gate of Pacific Century Place Mall), Chaoyang District (6501 8881) 朝阳区工体北路4号院 (太平洋百 货南门对面)

Made in China This stylish joint on the first floor of the Grand Hyatt offers some of the city’s finest roast duck. Voted “Outstanding Restaurant of the Year (Chinese)” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2 .30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 1/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6510 9608) 长安一号, 东城区东长安街1号东方 广场北京东方君悦大酒店1层

Buffets 360 Casual Dining International buffet dining whenever you need it. Daily 24hrs. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3, Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District. (6458 8888) 朝阳区首都机场3号航站希尔顿酒店 Aroma Aroma’s buffet offers many distinct cuisines: Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian, as well as Western favorites. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 83A Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8161) 香溢, 朝阳区华贸中心建国路甲83号 丽思卡尔顿酒店

Asia Bistro Hotel-restaurant specializes in cuisine from Thailand and Vietnam. 11.30am3pm on Sunday afternoons. Voted "Outstanding Hotel Brunch" in our 2010 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 6am-midnight.. Lobby, JW Marriott Hotel, 83 Jianguo Lu, China Central Place, Chaoyang District. (5908 8511) 朝阳区建

Elements Open kitchen dining experience with “pan-Asian” cuisines and other culinary styles from around the world prepared in five kitchens representing the different “elements” of cooking. Daily 6-10am, noon-2.30pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5000 ext 5020) 元素 阁, 朝阳区东方路1号希尔顿酒店2层

Essence Market-fresh daily menus and international buffets with Asian & Western delights. Daily 24hrs. Lobby level of Crowne Plaza Beijing, 48 Wangfujing Avenue, Dongcheng District. (6513 3388 ext 3) 西餐厅, 东城区王府井大街48号国际艺苑皇冠假日酒店内

Feast Buffet and a la carte with live cooking stations. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号 Garden Court Brasserie-style buffet featuring an extravagant Champagne brunch on Sundays. Daily 6-10am,11.30am-2pm,6-11pm. St. Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2340) 景 苑咖啡厅, 朝阳区建国门外大街21号国际俱乐 部饭店

Grand Cafe Indulgent buffet featuring international cuisines and homemade desserts. Daily 24hrs (buffet 6.30-10.30am, 11.30am2.30pm, 5.30-10pm). Grand Hyatt, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8518 1234 ext 3628) 凯菲厅, 东城区东 长安街1号东方广场东方君悦大酒店

Greenfish Floor-to-ceiling windows and “flexitarian” cuisine – fresh and tasty food with a focus on vegetable and seafood dishes. Daily 6.30am-11pm. The Ritz-Carlton Financial Street, 1 Jinchengfang Dongjie, Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6601 6666 ext 6255) 四季汇, 西城区金城坊东街1号北京金融街丽思卡顿酒店

Jing Watch the chefs in action at this minimalist, open-plan restaurant serving decent Asian and Western cuisine. Daily 5.30am-11.30pm. Basement of The Peninsula Beijing, 8 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District. (6559 2888 ext 6714) 京, 东城区王府井金鱼胡 同8号王府半岛酒店地下1层

Kranzler’s This Kempinski venue’s claim to fame is their classy East-meets-West buffet with a range of German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese specialties. A live jazz band and the Kempinski’s Kids Club round out the offerings. Daily 6am-midnight. 1/F, Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (6465 3388 ext 4222) 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾斯基饭店1层 Kerry’s Kitchen Quality ingredients create South-East Asian flavors in both buffet and a la carte settings. 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833) 朝阳区光 华路1号

Monsoon A cafe-style restaurant offering an innovative selection of Asian and Western cuisines. Daily 6-10.30am, 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street, 11 Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (5852 5888 ext 5916/5917) 季候风, 西城区金融街11



Beijing Bistro Buffet dining at its best. 2/F, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast, 26A Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云

Red Orange Seasonal menus of Asian and Western dishes, with an open kitchen for cooking-to-order around the clock. Daily 24 hrs. 1/F, Crowne Plaza Sun Palace Beijing, Yunnan Dasha, Northeast corner of Taiyanggong Qiao and Xibahe, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6429 8888 ext 6328) 红橙,


BLD Cafe International buffet restaurant featuring showpiece Sunday brunch. Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, 61 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5863 8223) www. 朝阳区东三环中

新云南皇冠假日酒店1层, 朝阳区东北三环西坝河 太阳宫桥东北角

DIRECTORY / DINING Senses Hosts Bubbly Sundays, one of the most lavish brunches in town. Voted “Outstanding Hotel Brunch” with Taste in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 6.3010.30am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm.. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6629 7810) 味, 西城区金融大街乙9号 北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Seasonal Tastes Lively, cool, clean and fresh, this buffet restaurant comes with interactive cooking stations and healthful “super foods” corners that help jump start your day. On Sundays, Seasonal Tastes hosts “Bubbalicious,” which readers voted as the “Best Hotel Brunch” in our 2011 Restaurant Awards. Daily 6.30-10.30am, 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-11pm. 2/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8102) 朝阳区东三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店2层

Vasco’s International and Chinese culinary hits with a Portuguese twist. On Sundays it hosts FIZZtastic, voted “Outstanding Hotel Brunch” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 6.30-10am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-11pm. 5/F, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 东城区王府井东街8号希尔顿北京王 府井酒店5层

VIC International buffet dining with a smattering of Gallic touches. Mon-Fri 12pm2.30pm, 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 6-10.30pm. 6/F, Sofitel Hotel, Tower C, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 6666) VIC 国际美食, 朝阳区建国路93号万达广场C座6层

Cafes & teahouses Cafe Noir Pan-Asian cuisine and European classics served with a garden view. Daily 6.30am-midnight. Traders Upper East Hotel, 2 Dongsihuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5907 8888) 朝阳区东四环北路2号上东盛贸酒店 Maan Coffee Daily 9am-midnight. 7 Jiangtai Xilu, next to the entrance gate for Side Park, across from Rosedale Hotel, Chaoyang District. (8457 3470) 漫咖啡, 朝阳区将太西路7号 Milano Café Tiny eatery with decent (if standard) selection of Italian dishes. Daily 10am-11pm. Unit 108, Bldg 11, Central Park, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6597 9008) 朝阳区朝阳门外大街6号新城国际

5.30-10.30pm. 4/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomen Waidajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6411) 福临门,朝阳区建国门外大

exit B), Dongzhimennei Dajie, Dongcheng District (6226 6368) 东城区东直门内大街(北新 桥地铁B出口)


Contemporary International

Hengshan Hui Serving Hong Kong staples: dim sum, milk tea and stir-fried noodles, Daily 1 0.30am-11.30pm. 1/F, Kerry EAS Logistics Building (entrance at back of building), 21 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District (6466 1211) 朝 阳区霄云路21号嘉里大通附楼1楼

Horizon Good variety of Chinese dishes; classy atmosphere. Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.3010pm. 1/F, Shangri-La’s Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833 ext 41) 海天阁, 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心饭店1层

Jewel Well-presented authentic Cantonese cuisine and signature dishes from around China. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7820) 金城阁, 西城区 金融大街乙9号北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Ming Court Headed by a master chef trained at the two Michelin-star Ming Court at the Langham Place in Hong Kong, it specializes in Cantonese and Shandong cuisine.Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 1 Er Jing Road, Langham Place, Beijing Capital Airport. Chaoyang District. (6457 5555) 明阁, 朝阳区首 都机场二经路1号朗豪酒店

Noble Court Fine Cantonese cuisine featuring dim sum as well as seafood dishes. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, Sat-Sun 10.30am-2.30pm; daily 5.30-10pm. B1/F, Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8518 1234 ext 3822) 悦 庭, 东城区东长安街1号东方广场北京东方君悦 大酒店地下1层

Sun Palace Offers decent dim sum, Cantonese specialties and seafood cooked by Hong Kong chefs. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. 4/F, Crowne Plaza Sun Palace Beijing, Yunnan Dasha, Northeast corner of Taiyanggong Qiao and Xibahe, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6429 8888 ext 6332)

Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. 1/F, Crowne Plaza Wuzhou, 8 Beisihuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8498 2288) 朝阳区北四环中 路8号五洲皇冠假日酒店1层

Luga’s The tiny outpost where Luga launched his empire still does a brisk trade in burritos and cheap drinks. Daily 10am-3am. Sanlitun Houjie (opposite Aperitivo), Chaoyang District. (6413 2786) 朝阳区三里屯后街同里对面 Luga's Villa Decent beers and Mexican food ranging from enchiladas and burritos, to fajitas, nachos and more. Voted "Outstanding Mexican / Tex-Mex" in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-3am. 7 Sanlitun Beijie (behind 3.3 Shopping Center), Chaoyang District. (6416 2575) 朝阳区三里屯北街7号3.3 购物中心后

The Saddle Cantina Voted "Best Mexican / Tex-Mex" in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-late. Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu (south of 3.3 Shopping Center), Chaoyang District. (5208 6005) 朝阳区三里屯北 路81号北京那里花园内西侧二层小楼

Alameda Contemporary fine dining with a Brazilian twist. Voted “Outstanding Business Lunch” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-3pm, 6-10.30pm. Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (6417 8084) 朝阳区 三里屯北街

China Grill Get a bird’s eye view of Beijing while dining on grilled meats, seafood and classical Chinese dishes. Daily 6-10.30am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 66/F, Park Hyatt Hotel, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8567 1234) 北京亮, 朝阳区建国门外大 街2号柏悦酒店66层

Compass Grill Fine steak and seafood served in elegant surroundings complete with six private rooms. Daily 5.30-11pm. Hilton Beiing Capital Airport. (6458 8888 ext 8901) 北京首都 机场希尔顿酒店

The CUT Steak & Seafood Grill Features a wide selection of prime quality imported beef, fresh seafood and poultry roasted to perfection. Also offering contemporary alternatives such as Castrican lamb and Australian Barramundi. Tue-Sat 6-11pm. Fairmont Beijing Hotel, 8 Yong’an Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8507 3630) 刃, 朝阳

太阳宫中餐厅, 新云南皇冠假日酒店4层, 朝阳区 东北三环西坝河太阳宫桥东北角

Tang Palace Some of the best dim sum in town. Daily 7.30am-10.30pm. 1/F, Haoyue Jianguo Hotel, 17 Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District (6513 1288) 东城区东城区




Moment Cafe Offers a variety of coffees, salted and sweet crepes, hot sandwiches and salads all made with fresh, high quality ingredients. Daily noon-10pm. B1-525, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8590 0724) 朝阳区工体北路三里屯Soho B1-525

Wu Li Xiang Authentic Cantonese and regional cuisines. Hong Kong-style dim sum served daily. Mon-Fri 11am-2pm, 5-10pm,SatSun 9am-4pm,5-10pm. Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing, 2 Dongsihuan Beilu (intersection of Xiaoyun Qiao and Fangyuan Xilu near Upper East Side), Chaoyang District (5907 8406) 朝阳区东四环北路2号(霄云桥和芳园西十

Fuel Fun, funky restaurant serving pizzas, gigantic ribs and one of Beijing’s biggest hamburgers. Daily 11am-late. 1/F, Langham Place, 1 Erjing Lu, Beijing Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District. (6457 5555) 朝阳区

Rug Bagel & Café Bagels, play area and free Wi-Fi make this a great addition to Chaoyang Park. Tue-Sun 11.30am-10pm. Bldg 4, Lishui Jiayuan, Chaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu (opposite South Gate of Chaoyang Park) Chaoyang District (8550 2722) 朝阳区朝阳公园南路丽水嘉 园4号楼(朝阳公园南门对面)

Village Cafe European and Southeast Asian cuisine in a boutique space. Daily 24hr. 1/F, The Opposite House, Bldg 1, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6410 5210) 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯Village1号楼瑜舍1层

Cantonese Celestial Court Seafood and dim sum in a luxurious setting for those on an expense account. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, St Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2460 or 2462) 天宝阁, 朝阳区建国门外大街21号北京国 际俱乐部饭店2层

Choy's Seafood Innovative seafood dishes inspired by the classics. Daily 11.30am-2 .30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 2/F, Marriott Beijing Northeast, 26A Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 采海轩,朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航 大厦万豪酒店2层

Dragon Palace Cantonese cuisine and other specialties from around China prepared to exquisite standards and served in an appropriately elegant setting. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 1/F, Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 4217) 龙 苑中餐厅, 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾斯基饭店1层

Fook Lam Moon Legendary Hong Kong institution with one simple principle: premium ingredients should be allowed to speak for themselves. Voted “Outstanding New Restaurant (Chinese)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm,

字路口)北京上东盛贸饭店 2-3 层

Yao Chi The open kitchen is as lively as any in the city, with around 20 chefs busying themselves on preparing the dim sum and other Cantonese favorites. Daily 11am-2.30pm,5.3010pm. Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 6888) 瑶池中餐厅, 朝阳区东三 环中路7号

Yu Voted “Outstanding Cantonese Restaurant (High-End)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 83A Jianguo Lu (inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel), Chaoyang District. (5908 8111) 玉, 朝阳区建 国路甲83号

Yue Cantonese with mainland influences. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号 ZEN Revamped Si Chou Lu reinvents the dynasty look with golden opulent tones and traditional Cantonese cuisine by Chef Mark Ko from Hong Kong. 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street, 11 Financial Street, Xicheng District. (5852 5888) 西城区金融街11号洲际酒店

Zen5es A mix of authentic Cantonese supplemented by signature dishes from China’s other major regional cuisines - Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Hunan, and Zhejiang. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 4/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8121) 朝阳区 东三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店

Central & South American Brazillian Churrascos Latin-style grill restaurant at the lobby level of the hotel.


TERRA Cevicheria and bar by the team behind SALT. Offering contemporary Peruvian cuisine and innovative cocktails. Tue-Sun 11am-1am. 1 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Beijing, Chaoyang District. (6591 9148) 朝阳区三里屯 南路1号

Contemporary Chinese Chynna Serving Northern Chinese cuisine and a range of other regional classics with a modern twist. Daily 10.30am-2pm.5.30-11pm. 5/F Hilton Hotel Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 东城 区王府井希尔顿酒店王府井东街8号

Green T. House Tea-infused fusion cuisine. Daily 11am-11pm. 6 Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6552 8310, 6552 8311) 紫云轩, 朝阳 区工体西路6号

My China Classic Beijing and spicy Sichuan and Hunan cuisine cooked authentically by chefs from the region. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm. 2/F, Hilton Beiing Capital Airport. (6458 8888 ext 8901) 北京首都机场希 尔顿酒店2层

IFW Managed by the Park Hyatt, IFW offers top quality cuisine from all around China, prepared at live cooking stations. Mon-Fri 7.30am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10.30am-10pm. B1/F, Park Life, Yintai Center, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8567 1568) 悦食悦 香, 朝阳区朝阳区建国门外大街2号北京银泰中心 悦·生活地下1层

Jusong Mao-themed café and restaurant in hip digs. Daily 11am-9.30pm. LG-15, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (6413 2275) 朝阳区三里屯路19号Village 北区B1NLG-15号

Peking Legacy More style than substance, but a good kung pao chicken. Daily 11am-11pm. Northeast corner of Beixingqiao (subway

Gori An international eatery with everything from Thai to terriyaki opened by the much-loved Igosso/Pekotan team. Daily 11am-midnight. 1/F, Tower AB, The Office Park (Yuanyang Guanghua Guoji), 10 Jintong Xilu (near The Place), Chaoyang District. (8590 6266) 朝阳区金桐西路10号远洋光华国际AB座1 楼(近世贸天阶)

Grill 79 A captivating destination for international dining. Savor the delicate flavors of simple, wild and fresh ingredients that each season has to offer. Mon-Thu & Sun noon-2am; Fri-Sat noon-4am. 79/F, China World Summit Wing, China World Trade Center Phase 3, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6424) 朝阳区朝阳区建国门外大 街1号国贸大酒店79楼

Let’s Seafood Mussels, whole fish, seafood salads and bouillabaisse. Daily 11.30am-midnight. 1/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6038) 朝阳区三里屯北街81号那 里花园1层

January 2012


DIRECTORY / DINING 号蓝色港湾国际商区15-4

DELIVERIES Sherpa’s Fast, friendly and straight to your front door, Sherpa's is a third-party food delivery service. Notable restaurants on their books include Hatsune, Hercules and La Pizza. They'll also deliver additional beverages alongside your order. Daily 9.30am-10.30pm (40 0600 6209)

Dongbei Black Soil Impressions Out-of-the-way, but the go-to for homesick Dongbeiren wanting a fix. Daily 11am-10pm. Building 1, Anhuili 2nd Qu, Huizhong Lu, Chaoyang District (6498 5015) 朝阳区慧忠路安慧里二区1号楼(近北苑路) Modo Modern wine bar serving well over a dozen wines by the glass, as well as small plates of tasty contemporary European cuisine. Also features Enomatic wine dispensers to allow people to explore different wines. Voted “Best New Retaurant (Non-Chinese)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. SunThu noon-10pm, Fri-Sat noon-10.30pm. 3/F, Sanlitun Village South, Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 7207) 朝阳区三里屯路19号三里屯 Village南区3楼


Capital M Classy European cooking and Beijing’s best view across Qianmen. Voted “Best Brunch” and “Outstanding For a Romantic Meal“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Fri 11am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-5pm, 6-10.30pm. 3/F, 2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street, Chongwen District. (6702 2727) 崇文区前门步行街2号3层 style steak tartare from locally bred beef and tasty mussels. Voted “Outstanding French (Affordble)“ in our 2011 Restaurant Awards. Mon-Sat 11.30am-1am. Gongti Beilu (opposite Workers’ Gymnasium North Gate, northwest corner of Chunxiu Lu), Dongcheng District. (6416 8802) 东城区莫劳龙玺西餐, 工体北路春 秀路西北角工人体育馆北门对面

Dumplings Din Tai Fung Taste just one dumpling to know why they’re famous around the world. Voted “Best Dim Sum” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Mon-Fri 11.30am-9 .30pm, Sat-Sun 11am-10pm. 7/F, Dangdai Shangcheng, 40 Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District. (6269 6726); 2) Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5-10pm. 24 Xinyuan Xili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District. (6462 4502); 3) Daily 11.30am-9.30pm. 6/F, Shin Kong Place, China Central Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (6533 1536); 4) B1-1/F, Grand Pacific Mall, 133 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. (6615 9028) 鼎泰丰, 1) 海淀

the onion soup and profiteroles. Voted “Best French (Affordable)” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 18 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. 北京福楼餐厅,朝阳区霄云路18号 Cafe de la Poste Beijing’s French community pack in every night for steaks, salads, cheese and wine. Daily noon-3pm, 6pm-late. 58 Yonghegong Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6402 7047) 东城区雍和宫大街58号 Jaan A light and innovative interpretation of classic French cuisine in a regal period setting. Daily noon-2pm, 6.30-10pm. Raffles Beijing Hotel, 33 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8500 4186, 6526 3388 ext 4186) 家安, 东城区东长安街33号北京饭店莱佛士

Le Cabernet French bistro opens its summer terrace, serving wine, juice cocktail, beer and ice creams. Daily 9am-midnight. Novotel Peace Beijing, 3 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District. (6512 8833 ext 7621) 卡 本妮法餐厅, 东城区王府井金鱼胡同3号诺富特 和平宾馆

Le Pré Lenôtre Exudes all the pomp of fine French dining and matches it with professional service and accomplished food. Voted “Outstanding French (High-End)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2 .30pm, 6.30-11.30pm. 6/F, Sofitel Hotel, Bldg C, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 6666) 朝阳区建国路93号万达广 场C座6层

Maison Boulud Famous New York chef Daniel Boulud brings his take on French food to Beijing. Excellent food and service. Voted “Best French (high-end),” “Best Service," "Best for a Romantic Meal,” “Best Wine List” and “Non-Chinese Restaurant of the Year” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm, 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm, 6-10.30pm. Ch’ien Men 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6559 9200) 布

区中关村大街40号当代商城7层; 2) 朝阳区新源 西里中街24号; 3) 朝阳区建国路87号华贸中心新 光天地6层; 4) 西城区西单北大街133号君太百 货地下1层及1层

鲁宫法餐厅, 东城区前门东大街23号

Mosto Inventive, exciting contemporary food with a South American touch. Voted “Best Business Lunch,” “Best Steak,” “Outstanding Restaurant of the Year (Non-Chinese),“ “Outstanding For a Romantic Meal“ and “Outstanding Steak“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily noon-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. 3/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6030) 摸石头, 朝阳区三里屯北路 81号那里花园3层

RoomBeijing Creative contemporary dining from former Blu Lobster chef Brian McKenna. Sun-Wed 11am-midnight, Thu-Sat 11am-2am. Rm 301-302, 3/F, Park Life, Yintai Centre, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (8517 2033) 朝阳区建国门外大街2号银泰中心 301-302室

S.T.A.Y (Simple Table Alleno Yannick) Simple, communal-style French food by a Michelin chef. Tue-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm, Sun 11am-4pm. Valley Wing 1/F, Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (8882 6727) 海淀区紫竹院路29号北京香 格里拉饭店新阁一层


Green Bites Dumpling Bar Healthy steamed dumplings & slow-cooked soup delivered to your door. Daily 10.30am-9.30pm. Unit 5-106, 1/F, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8590 0475) 绿盒子蒸饺,朝 阳区工体北路三里屯Soho 1层5-106室

Meiming’r Shengjian Hot ‘n soupy panfried pork buns, just like they make them in Shanghai. Gulou Xidajie (near Ganlu Hutong), Xicheng District. (8408 3133) 没名儿生煎,西城 区鼓楼西大街 (近甘露胡同)

Mr. Shi’s Dumplings Small hole-in-the-wall serves fried and boiled dumplings as well as jia chang cai. 74 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dong Dajie (walk north on Baochao Hutong until the western end of Gulou Dong Dajie), Dongcheng District (8405 0399) 东城区鼓楼东 大街, 宝钞胡同74号

Old Beijing Mending Roubing Restaurant More than just roubing, try a whole host of old Beijing snacks here. Daily 10am-10pm. Xirongxian Hutong, Xicheng District (no tel) 西 城区,西绒线胡同

SALT Innovative restaurant in a fresh modern minimalist setting has weekly two-course or three-course set meals. Voted “Outstanding Business Lunch” and “Outstanding Steak” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Sat noon-3pm, 6-10.30pm, Sun Brunch noon4pm. 2/F, 9 Jiangtai Xilu (west of Rosedale Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6437 8457) 盐, 朝 阳区将台西路9号2层(珀丽酒店西边)

Scarlett Chic wine bar and restaurant. Daily 6pm-3am. Hotel G, 7A Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6552 2880) 朝阳区工体西路甲7号北 京极栈内

Water Fusion cuisine by the lakeside. Specials on set meals during the week plus afternoon tea until 5pm daily. Solana 15-4, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 6008, 137 0113 1533 English) 子水,朝阳区朝阳公园路6


January 2012

Xian Lao Man This Beijing institution doesn’t skimp on the stuffing: big chubby dumplings. Daily 10am-10pm.1) 252 Andingmennei Dajie, Dongcheng District (6404 6944); 2) 316 Dongsi Beidajie, Dongcheng District (8402 5779); 3) 7-2 Shunsha Jie, Shunyi District (5213 4777) 1) 东城区安定门内大街252 号 ; 2) 东城区东四北大街316号 ; 3) 顺义区顺 沙路商业街7-2号

Zhuzhong Dalian Huoshao Dumplings truly are the star here, but try their baodu. 55 Gulou Xidajie, Xicheng District (6401 2342) 铸 钟褡裢火烧, 西城区鼓楼西大街55号

European Aria Inventive European food from monthly changing menus. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm; Sat-Sun 5.30-10pm. 2/F, China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266 ext 38, 6505 3318) 阿郦雅, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号中国大

Park Side Bar & Grill This family-friendly restaurant featuring a pleasant garden terrace is ideal for both dating or family dining. Burgers, steaks, wings, salads, sandwiches, steaks and other Western fare, complemented by a healthy wine list. Daily 10am-late. 9-6 Jiangtai Xilu (opposite Rosedale Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6444 6555) 园景, 朝阳区将台西路9-6 号(珀丽酒店对面)

Royal Smushi House Sushi-sized smorrebrod, a bakery and a formal dining restaurant in one space. Daily 7am-10.30pm. 12 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6416 9664) 皇家慕喜, 朝阳区东直门外大街12号

Scene a Cafe This two-level restaurant offers a buffet with a wide selection of pastas, salads, mains and desserts made in eight differently themed open kitchens. Daily 6am1am. China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266 ext 35) 咖 啡苑, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号中国大饭店

The Vineleaf Sister to Wudaoying sweetheart Vineyard Café, this tiny eatery serves British gastropub food with interesting draft beers. Daily (closed Tuesdays) 11.30am-2 .45pm, 6-10.15pm. 9 Jianchang Hutong (east of Yonghe Villas), Dongcheng District (6407 6308) 东城区箭厂胡同9号(近五道营胡同)) Vineyard Cafe Hip hutong cafe specializes in comfort food and hearty breakfasts. Voted “Outstanding Brunch” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Tue-Sun 11.30am-10 .30pm, closed Mon. 31 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6402 7961) 葡萄院儿, 东 城区五道营胡同31号

YellowStone Restaurant & Bar A relaxed atmosphere for informal dining and casual drinks. Daily 9am-1am. Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou, Bldg 28, 8 Beichen Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6481 7000) 黄玉石, 朝阳 区北辰东路8

French Brasserie Flo Soft opening in February. Owned by the powerful Flo Group, and now a Beijing institution. French classics include

CHAO Located in Solana with an open interior, CHAO serves up a variety of fusion foods with a French touch, with daily homemade bread and an extensive wine list. Daily 11am11pm. RS-17, Bldg 11, Solana, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 1778) 潮, 朝阳区朝阳公园路6号蓝色港湾11栋RS-17号

Lunar 8 Lunar 8's menu is a blend of all-things Asian - choose from Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and Indian dishes, including sashimi, chicken tikka, sweet and sour prawns and more. 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. The Fairmont Beijing, 8 Yong'an Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8507 3618) 朝阳区建国门外大街,永安东里8号

German Paulaner Brauhaus One of Beijing’s best choices for authentic (if pricey) German food. The Paulaner brews its own beer. Daily 11am-1am. Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5732) 普拉那啤酒坊餐厅, 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾 斯基饭店

Schindler’s Anlegestelle (Schindler’s Docking Station) The Sanlitun sister of Schindler’s Tankstelle has great sausages, pork knuckle and draft beers. Daily 11am-late. 10 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, Chaoyang District. (6463 1108) 申德勒码头餐厅, 朝阳区三里屯北 小街10号

South German Bakery, Cafe Konstanz and Bodenseestube Provides a variety of German and European rye, wheat and white breads, along with tasty homemade cakes and sweets. Restaurant daily 9am-10pm. Bakery daily 7am-10pm. 27 Haoyun Jie (Lucky Street), 29 Zaoying Lu, Chaoyang District. (5867 0201) 德南面包房, 朝阳区枣营路29号好运街27号

Villa Castanea Located next to the Summer Palace, this restaurant has one of the largest private gardens in Beijing – suitable for outdoor commercial activities and weddings. It serves German and Western fare, including home-brewed beer and crispy pork knuckle. Daily 11am-10pm. 266 Wan’an Donglu, Pu‘an Dian, Haidian District. (6272 0130; 6272 0131)

DIRECTORY / DINING 七叶香山, 海淀区万安东路普安店266号

Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云

tas, delightful desserts and a long list of wines. Daily 5.30-10pm. InterContinental Beichen, 8 Beichen Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8437 1360) 朝


Hot Pot Haidilao Hot Pot This popular eatery is as famous for its hospitality as it is for its authentic Sichuan cuisine. Voted “Best Hot Pot,” “Outstanding Restaurant of the Year (Chinese),” and “Outstanding Service“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Daily 24hrs. 2A Baijiazhuang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6595 2982); 2) Daily 24hrs. 7/F, New Wedding Shopping Center, 109 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. (6617 4063); 3) Daily 10.30am-3am. 3/F, Beiyue Dasha, 2A Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District. (8463 9300) 海底捞火锅, 1) 朝阳区白家庄路甲 2号; 2) 西城区西单北大街109号婚庆大楼7层; 3) 朝阳区惠新东街甲2号北奥大厦3层

Huaiyang Summer Palace Light and delicious Huaiyang and Cantonese cuisine cooked with flair. Check out their daily tea cocktails and French Bordeaux selections. Voted “Outstanding Cantonese Restaurant (High-End)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am2pm, 6-10pm. Lobby, China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266 ext 34) 夏宫中餐厅, 朝阳区建国门 外大街1号中国大饭店大堂

Wumingju Elaborate dishes with a distinct Jiangsu and Huaiyang flavor. Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9.30pm. 32 Zaoying Beili, Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District. (6502 1568) 无名居,朝阳区 麦子店街枣营北里32号

Hunan & Hubei Karaiya Spice House Well-executed Hunan fare, sound service and a laidback ambience. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. Bldg 8, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 3535) 朝阳区朝阳区三里屯路19号 The Village南区8号楼

imperial Najia Xiaoguan Consistently well-executed Manchu cuisine without the swanky atmosphere. 1) Daily 11.30am-10pm. 10 Yonganli (south of the LG Twin Towers), Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6567 3663); 2) Daily 11.30am-10pm. 1 Yikesong (south of Botanical Gardens crossroad), Fragrant Hills, Haidian District (8259 8588) 那家小馆,1) 朝阳区建国门 外大街永安里10号(双子座大厦南侧); 2) 海淀区 香山一棵松29号(植物园十字路口南)

Indian/Pakistani Ganges Indian Restaurant Southern and northern Indian classics like chicken tikka masala and lamb rogan josh. Voted “Best Indian/Pakistani” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-11pm. 1) S93-3, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6416 0181/6121); 2) 6/F, Wudaokou U-Center, Chengfu Lu, Haidian District. (6262 7944); 3) 5/B, Hairun International Apartment, 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5135 8353); 4) 138A, B1/F, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6587 2999); 5) 2/F, Paddy O'Shea's, 28 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6417 0900) 恒河印度餐厅, 1) 朝阳区

The Taj Pavilion Friendly management and some of Beijing’s finest Indian food. Voted “Outstanding Indian/Pakistani” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. 1) L222, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu Zhen, Shunyi District. (8046 3238); 2) China Overseas Plaza, Chaoyang District. (136 9302 8663); 3) 3/F, Holiday Inn Lido, Jiangtai Lu, Shoudu Jichang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6436 7678, 6437 6688 ext 3811) 泰姬楼印度餐厅, 1) 顺义区天竺镇裕


Japanese Bei A contemporary Asian restaurant, with a range of reinterpreted traditional dishes from Japan, Northern China and Korea. Daily 5.30-10.30pm. B1/F, The Opposite House, Bldg 1, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6410 5230) 北, 朝阳区三里屯路11号三 里屯Village1号楼瑜舍地下1层

翔路99号欧陆时尚购物中心L222室; 2) 朝阳区国 贸往西北中海广场; 3) 朝阳区首都机场路将台路 丽都假日酒店广场缤纷廊3层

Italian Alio Olio Classic, tasty and affordable Italian cuisine. West gate of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District. (6594 0938) 朝阳区朝阳 公园西门

Annie’s Unpretentious, affordable and popular Italian chain. Voted “Best Italian (Affordable)” and “Best Family-Friendly Restaurant” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) 11am-11pm. Ritan High Life 2-3-93, (across from Ritan Park North Gate), Chaoyang District. (8569 3031); 2) Daily 11.30am-11pm. 16 Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (6503 3871); 3) Daily 11am-11pm. West Gate of Soho New Town, 88 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8589 8366); 4) Daily 11am-11pm. A1 Nongzhan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6591 1931); 5) Daily 11am-11pm. Jiuxianqiao, Jiangtai Lu, Shangye Jie, Chaoyang District. (6436 3735); 6) Daily 11.30am-11pm. Across from Western Academy Beijing, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8470 4768) 7) Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F, Ruisai Business Building, 2 Dongsanhuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District (6568 5890); 8) Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F, Bldg 3, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District (8587 1469); 9) Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F, Tower AB, The Office Park (Yuanyang Guanghua International), 10 Jintong Xilu (near Central Park/The Place) 安 妮, 1) 朝阳区神路街39号日坛上街2-3-93; 2) 朝阳区东三环路16号; 3) 朝阳区建国路88号 Soho现代城西门; 4) 朝阳区农展南路甲1号 (朝 阳公园西门南侧); 5) 朝阳区酒仙桥将台路商业 街; 6) 朝阳区来广营东路5号京西学校对面; 7) 朝阳区东三环南路2号瑞赛大厦商务楼1层; 8) 朝 阳区工体东路3号楼1层; 9) 朝阳区金桐西路10号 远洋光华国际AB座1楼(近新城国际/世贸天阶)

Barolo Casual yet upscale Italian with a gleaming open kitchen and superior service. Mon-Sat 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, China Central Place, 83A Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8151) 巴 罗洛, 朝阳区建国路甲83

Bene Lively Italian restaurant with a homestyle feel. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号

Cornerstone Back-to-basics Italian-American dining. Cornerstone lets the ingredients do the talking with simple, enjoyable dishes, salads, seasonal soups, homemade desserts, freshly squeezed juices and a good wine selection. Daily 10am-11pm. Unit 105, World Financial Center, 1 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 8488) 朝阳区东三环中 路1号环球金融中心105

Danieli’s Elegant Italian restaurant in the St. Regis hotel offers classic Italian fare, including freshly made pasta and a selection of Italian wines. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm, Sat-Sun 6-10pm. 2/F, St Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2441) 丹尼艾丽意大利餐厅, 朝阳区建 国门外大街21号国际俱乐部饭店2层

Fratelli Fresh The spotless open kitchen produces fresh Tuscan-fare: pastas, wood-fired pizzas, meat and fish, as well as large T-bone steaks. Daily 10.30am-2.30pm, 5-10.30pm. 1/F, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, 61 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5863 8203) 朝阳区朝阳区东三环中路61号北京 富力万丽酒店1层

Luga’s Little Italy Italian classics from Luga. Daily 11am-11pm. Above Luga’s Villa, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6413 2786) 朝阳区 三里屯后街

Prego A modern Italian restaurant serving authentic regional home-style dishes prepared by an Italian chef. Daily 11am-11.30pm. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7815) 意大利餐厅, 西 城区金融大街乙9号北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Ristorante Sadler Owned by two-star Michelin chef Claudio Sadler, this restaurant delivers well-executed dishes in a contemporary fine-dining setting. Daily noon-2pm, 6.30-10.30pm. Ch’ien Men 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6559 1399) 东城区前门东大街23号

Tadka Sleek décor, comfy seating and one of the richest Indian dining experiences in the city. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 2/F, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast, 26A Xiaoyun

号和乔大厦C座2层; 2) 朝阳区三里屯路19号The Village南区8号楼S8-30

Honzen Contemporary Japanese, featuring a tempting selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura and grilled dishes. Mon-Sat 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 4200) 朝 阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾斯基饭店

Invincible Ramen All the elements combine for Beijing’s most divine ramen. Daily 11am10.30pm. 32 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6467 7688) 无敌家 浜骨汤创作面坊, 朝阳区 霄云路32号

Kagen Stainless steel tables and cool electronica music accompany tasty marinated meat grilled fresh at each table. Daily 10.30am-2pm, 5.30-9.30pm. B1/F, Bldg C, Heqiao Dasha, 8 Guanghua Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6583 6830) 火源, 朝阳区光华东路8号 和乔大厦C座地下1层

Miyabi With live cooking stations and private rooms, Miyabi offers a range of dining experiences. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号 Nishimura Teppanyaki, robatayaki, sushi and more in a stylish setting. Daily 11.30am-2 .30pm, 6-10pm. Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (6841 2211 ext 2719)


Ours Boozy, meaty barbecue heaven. Daily 11am-10pm. 6 Haoyun Jie, 1-5 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District (5867 0206, 5246 6252) 我们的日式烧肉屋, 朝阳区朝阳公园



Sunrise Noodle Restaurant Japanese-style ramen plus delicious side dishes. Daily 11am10.30pm. Intersection Jiangtai Lu and Jiangtai Shangwu Lu, Chaoyang District (6438 6892)



Hatsune Specializes in unique sushi and hand rolls. Voted “Best Japanese” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am2pm, 5.30-10pm. 1) 2/F, Heqiao Bldg C, 8A Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6581 3939); 2) S8-30 (Opposite Element Fresh), Bldg 8, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 3939) 隐泉日本料理, 1) 朝阳区光华路甲8

Obentos Healthy, fresh bento delivery service. Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am10pm. Unit 106-107, Bldg 9, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6597 0085, 6597 0223) 本之味,朝阳区朝阳门外

Cepe Authentic northern Italian cuisine in a modern, trendy setting. Daily 11am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. The Ritz-Carlton Financial Street, 1 Jinchengfang Dongjie, Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6629 6996) 意味轩, 西城区金城坊东街

Mirch Masala Tasty, authentic and affordable in a pleasant, well-lit environment. Vegan friendly. Daily 11am-10.30pm. 1 Jingyang Hutong (50m west off Nanluogu Xiang) Dongcheng District. (6406 4347) 东城区景阳胡

Punjabi Indian Restaurant Serves up tasty Punjabi cuisine with a focus on tandoorroasted meats. Daily 11.15am-11.15pm. C-8, 2/F, Lucky Street, Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5867 0221/23) 本杰比, 朝

水长廊铁板烧餐厅, 1) 朝阳区三里屯路11号院 (Village北区)能号楼3层N4-30单元; 2) 顺义区 天竺镇开发区荣祥广场902

西村餐厅, 海淀区紫竹院路29号香格里拉饭店2层

三里屯路19号三里屯VillageS93-3; 2) 海淀区 成府路U-CENTER6层; 3) 朝阳区将台路2号海 润国际公寓底商5号; 4) 朝阳区光华路9号世贸 天阶地下1层138A; 5) 朝阳区东直门外大街28号 爱尔兰酒吧2层

Mughal's Restaurant Friendly staff serve up authentic Indian and Pakistani tandoori and curry dishes. Voted “Outstanding Indian/ Pakistani” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-3pm, 6-11pm. 4/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6082/134) 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里花园4层

Haru Teppanyaki and Sushi Bar Simple, elegant collection of small private rooms each featuring a teppenyaki grill. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30pm-10pm. 1) Unit N4-30, 3/F, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District. (6415 2112); 2) 902 Pinnacle Plaza, Jingshun Lu, Shunyi District. (8046 5112) 尚

Ciro’s Pomodoro This spacious Italian diner has nightly performances, DJs, live bands, a long extended bar, and alfresco seating. Daily 11am-3am. 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6008) 波莫多洛, 朝阳区三里屯 北路81号

Tavola Excellent Neapolitan-style Italian cuisine in a setting that works equally well for intimate dinners or group events. Voted “Outstanding Italian (High-End)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2 .30pm, 6pm-10.30pm. 2/F, The Grand Summit, Section B, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Mansion, 19 Dongfang Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8532 5068) 塔沃拉意大利餐厅, 朝阳区东方东路19号

日出拉面, 朝阳区将台路商业街(将台路口)


Tori Ton Yakitori and more, from the ex-manager of Tori Tei. Daily 5.30pm-1am. Alleyway opposite Workers’ Stadium East Gate (behind China View), Chaoyang District (156 9988 5500) 鸟屯, 朝阳区工体东门对面中

Trattoria La Gondola The Kempinski’s Italian restaurant boasts elegant decor and an extensive wine list. The menu offers pasta, risotto, veal and seafood, among a host of other Italian classics. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm and 5.30-11pm. Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5707) 意大利威尼斯餐厅,朝阳区凯宾斯基饭店 亮马桥路50号

Va Piano Chic contemporary setting combined with freshly baked pizza, authentic pas-

Suzumei A great corner nook Japanese restaurant and bar that offer a bit of everything; eel over rice, yakitori, sashimi and more. MonSat 5pm-midnight. Mon-Sat 5pm-midnight. 1/F, Bldg 6, Sanyuanli residential compound (north side), 2 Xinyuan Jie, Chaoyang District. (6466 0204) 朝阳区新源街2号三源里小区6号 楼1层北侧


Yotsuba Incomparably fresh, traditional Japanese fare. Reservations recommended. 1) Tue-Sun 5-11pm. Next to Bldg 2, Xinyuan Xili Zhongjie (near Xindong Lu), Chaoyang District. (6467 1837); 2) Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5-10pm. 2/F, Bldg 8, Lakeview Place, Dragon

January 2012


DIRECTORY / DINING Bay Villa, Shayu Huanlu, Houshayu, Shunyi District. (8042 2284) 四叶, 1) 朝阳区新源西里 中街2号楼旁(近新东路); 2) 顺义区后沙峪镇沙 峪环路8号楼2层

KOREAN Ai Jiang Shan This upscale Korean barbecue and seafood restaurant in the Lido area proves that char-grilling and composure can go together. Choose from octopus, sashimi and various cuts of beef. Daily 11am-10pm. North Gate of Si’de Park, 39 Jiangtai Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8456 9511) 爱 江山, 朝阳区将台西路四德公园北门

Benjia Hanguo Liaoli With branches in Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing, this Koreanowned barbecue house is well known for its marinade beef, and the bulgogi, the house fatty beef and the Kkalbi. 11:00am-10:00pm. S7, CLASS 13, Guangze Road, Chaoyang District. (8473 0101) 本家韩国料理, 朝阳区望京

sanhuan Zhonglu, Shuangjing, Chaoyang District. (5903 7358); 3) 8 Huayuan Donglu (near the Guo’an Theater), Haidian District. (8203 7888/6886) 汉拿山, 1) 朝阳区建国路79 号华贸购物中心B1楼B118A号; 2) 朝阳区东三环 中路65号富力广场8楼; 3) 海淀区花园东路8号( 国安剧院附近)

Han Zheng Jia Yuan Catering to the bustling lunchtime crowds of Wanda Plaza, this Korean restaurant serves up barbecued meats (beef, lamb and pork), soups, cold noodles, bibimbap, hot pot noodles and more at agreeable prices. 10am-10pm. 1911-1912 Wanda Plaza (on west side, facing Zhenzhi Lu), 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5960 3008) 韩正嘉苑, 朝阳区朝阳区建国路93号万达广场 1911-1912号商铺(近大望路)

Huo Lu Huo Specializes in Korean barbecue and serves Wagyu beef in a sleek environment. 4.30-10.30pm. 2/F, 424 Wangjing Xingcheng, Chaoyang District. (6474 4834) 朝



BSD Dubu House BSD Dubu House places tofu stew front and center on the menu. Daily 11am-10pm. 1) 12 Jianguomenwai Dajie (opposite Xiushui Market), Chaoyang District. (6568 2838/2550); 2) 420-3, Area 4, Wangjing Xiyuan, Chaoyang District. (6471 7828) http:// 北昌豆腐, 1) 朝

Iki Situated next to Bang Bang Pizza, this contemporary Korean barbecue offers tasty fare and great cocktails. 6pm-1am. 102 Bldg 24, Shuanghuayuan Nanli Sanqu, Chaoyang District. (152 1042 5223) 朝阳区双花园南里三

阳区建国门外大街12号; 2) 朝阳区望京西园四 区420-3

Charcoal Bar The sleek combination of black furnish-ings, stone-tiled floors and folding bamboo partitions sets Charcoal Bar apart from the dozen or so other Korean restaurants in the same complex. Various cuts of top-grade beef and pork average RMB 30 a plate, while prices for ribs run slightly higher at RMB 45-60. Daily 10.30am-2am. Inside the Jingyu Hotel courtyard, 1 Tsinghua Donglu, Wudaokou, Haidian District. (6234 9997) 美都 波, 海淀区五道口清华东路1号京裕宾馆内

Chinggis Korean Restaurant In addition to the standard Korean barbecue, this Soho restaurant serves Korean hot pot, noodles, bibimbap and nourishing soups and stews. Open 11am-2pm; 5-10pm. Ste 3301, Bldg 1, SOHO, 88 Jianguolu, Chaoyang District. (8580 1507) 韩晶宫, 朝阳区朝阳区建国路88号SOHO 现代城S-3301号

Gaon Korean Restaurant Gaon is the first Chinese mainland venture of this Seoul-based chain, which serves high-end, organic, classic Korean cuisine. While the Beijing branch doesn’t exclusively use organic ingredients, it’s still a notch above most other Korean restaurants in town, thanks to superior quality meat and cooking techniques. Daily noon2pm, 5.30-9.30pm. 5/F, East Tower, LG Twin Towers, 12B Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5120 8899, 5828 7099) 高恩, 朝阳区 建国门外大街乙12号双子座大厦东塔5层

Good Fortune Grill This 24-hour Korean barbecue joint serves all the standards - try the squid and hotpot noodles. Daily 24 hours. West Gate of Chaoyang Park (a few doors north of Jenny Lou’s), Chaoyang District. (6593 6599) 福满金烤肉坊, 朝阳区朝阳区朝阳公园南 路1-2(朝阳公园西门)

Guxiang Shanchuan This Korean restaurant in Wangjing Xicheng serves fresh fatty pork that you can cook yourself on cast iron skillets. Daily 9.30am-midnight. 1/F, Bldg 423, Wangjing Xincheng (next to KFC), Chaoyang District. (6470 9292) 故乡山川, 朝阳区望京新 城423号楼1层(肯德基旁边)

Haitanghua Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant Cold War holdover serving North Korean-style eats and atmosphere. 1) Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. 8 Xinyuan Xili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District. (6461 6295/6298); 2) 1 Li Ze Zhong Er Lu, Wangjing Ke Ji Yuan, Chaoyang District. (6439 0916); 3) 2/F Kuntai Shangchang, 12 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8561 2925) 海棠花平 壤冷面馆, 1) 朝阳区新源西里中街8号; 2) 朝阳 区朝阳区望京科技园利泽中二路1号; 3) 朝阳区 朝阳区朝阳门外大街12号昆泰商场2楼

Han Na Shan With more than 20 locations scattered around town, this is one of Beijing’s most popularKorean BBQ places. And sure enough, it’s an easy favorite, winning “Best Korean” in the Beijinger’s 2011 Restaurant Awards. Good for crowds or on a budget. If you could eat a horse, grill yourself an entire cow (quan niu)for RMB 120. Daily 10.30am11pm. 1) B118A Huamao Shopping Center, 79 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5969 5086); 2) 8/F Viva Shopping Mall, Fuli City, 65 Dong-


January 2012


Kao Rou Le A nice interior, good barbecue and decent rice dishes make this place a standout in the area. 11am- 11.30pm. 1 Wangzhuang Lu (north of Wudaokou train station), Haidian District. (6231 0832) 海淀区海 淀区王庄路1号

Korean Court This elegant restaurant boasts a top-grade Korean chef and imported beef. 10.30am-10.30pm. 1/F Bldg A Han Hua Shi Ji Da Sha, A23 Xueqing Lu, Haidian District. (5887 7598, 5887 7599) 星汉宫, 海淀区海淀区 学清路23号院汉华世纪大厦A座1楼

Korean Goryeo This place specializes in Korean-style hotpots, with large chunks of beef, potato and tofu stewed in a thick soybean paste soup base. Daily 11am-10pm. 1-09, Bldg 1, 39 Courtyard, Shenlu Jie, Chaoyang District. (8561 2577) 高丽王朝牛排酱汤小火锅, 朝阳区神路街39号院1号楼1-09号

La La Rib Hotpot Specializes in kimchiflavored pork rib stew. Daily 24 hrs. 412, No.4 Area, Wangjing Xiyuan (Near Wal-mart), Chaoyang District. (6471 4748) 喇喇排骨火锅, 朝阳区望京西园四区412号(近沃尔玛)

Leaf BBQ Restaurant This trendy Korean barbecue and seafood restaurant shares the same partner with Shota Muni, specializing in various beef cuts which are from quality black cows raised up in mainland China. Set lunches price for 2-5 people are from RMB 168-660, and unlimited side dishes are offered once you order one portion of beef for grilling. Daily 11am-10pm. S3-30, Bldg3, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitunlu, Chaoyang District. (6089 2000) 木叶炭火烧肉酒家, 朝阳区三里屯 路19号三里屯Village南区3号楼S3-30号

Mapu BBQ Another Wangjing venue that draws a regular Korean crowd - try the bone soups, fried rice cakes and seafood tofu bibimbap. 419 Building, 4 Block, Wangjing New Town, Xinyuanli,, Chaoyang District. (6462 0316) 麻浦烧烤, 朝阳区朝阳区新源里14号 Nolboo Named for a Korean folk hero, this chain serves authentic Korean food - barbecue, bulgolgi, bibimbap, noodles, soups, kimchi and more. 11am-10pm. 27 Xiaoyun Lu, near Qing’an Dasha and the KFC), Chaoyang District. (8451 8098) 乐伯香翁烤肉, 朝阳区霄云 路27号庆安大厦附近

Oh Jook Hun With an entrance discreet enough to be overlooked if not for the doorman attired in full warrior gear, Oh Jook Hun serves imperial Korean cuisine featuring raw fish, organic farm vegetables and a bewildering assortment of kimchi dishes that go down well with bamboo-cooked rice. There is also a surprisingly decent selection of beers and set menus or a la carte are available. Daily 11am-9 .30pm. 1 Haoyun Jie, 29 Zaoying Lu, Chaoyang District. (5867 0230) 乌竹轩, 朝阳区枣营路29 号好运街第一家

O Kwang Wu Guang Jiu Fried chicken, Korean-style, with a variety of flavors and sauces. 4pm-2am. 2/F, Bldg 422 (across from the Hualian Mall and above the hair salon), Chaoyang District. (8471 4424) 朝阳区朝阳区望 京华联商场旁422号楼二层

Pine Hill This Lido area restaurant offers a pleasant environment with a park view and a range of Korean favorites, including grilled

BBQ, oxtail soup, octopus and bibimbap. SunThu 9.30am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9.30am-midnight. Northeast gate of Si’de Park (opposite the Rosedale Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6437 5710) 韩村槐树家, 朝阳区朝阳区芳园西路四德 公园东门口( 近将台路) Pyongyang Mu Dan Feng Seafood specialties, bibimbap and cold noodles at this North Korean restaurant. Daily 11am-2pm, 5.30pmlate. 3/F, Bldg C, Oriental Media Center, 4 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (8571 8148/38) 平壤牡丹峰, 朝阳区光华路4号东方梅 地亚中心C座3层

Sa Lang Bang With late hours and a pictorial menu of classic Korean food, drinks and snacks at moderate prices, this is a perfect option for hungry students. Sit cross-legged on straw mats in the traditional Korean style, or let your hair down with copious amounts of soju in their cozy private rooms. Daily 10.30am-5am. 3/F, Dongyuan Plaza, 35 Chengfu Lu, Haidian District. (8261 8201) 舍廊 房, 海淀区成府路35号东源大厦3层

San Fu Zhe Korean Restaurant San Fu Zhe stands out in the midst of numerous Korean BBQ restaurants in Wangjing because of its hearty and thick slices of Korean beef. Highly recommended by many Korean expatriates, San Fu Zhe really gives you the bang for every buck spent. The restaurant offers at least 15 free appetizers that accompany each meal, including kimchi, spiced pickles, and miniature fish cakes. Commonly ordered dishes besides the Korean barbeque beef set include the pumpkin congee and their hotpot specialties. 10:00am-10:00pm. (84715472) 三富者, 朝阳 区朝阳区南湖渠湖光中街2号院5号楼

Sanqianli Local chain serves a selection of Korean restaurant standards - panchan (cold dishes), bibimbap (banfan), cold noodles and barbecue. Popular among locals - multiple locations around town. 1) 10am-11pm. Anyuan Jie District 1,(100 meters east of the Olympic Center), Haidian District. (6498 8301); 2) Daily 10am-11pm. Bldg 519, Jinsong Xikou, Area 5, Chaoyang District. (6778 3750); 3) Daily 10am11pm. S0401, Bldg D, SOHO, 88 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8580 1996) 幸福三千里烤 肉城, 2) 朝阳区劲松5区519号楼; 3) 朝阳区朝 阳区建国路88号SOHO现代城D座S0401

Saveurs de Corée Contemporary, fresh and once patronized by Keanu Reeves, this sassy little Korean eatery delivers on both taste and atmosphere. Daily noon-11pm. 128-1 Xiang’er Hutong, Dongcheng District. (5741 5753) 韩香馆, 东城区 香饵胡同128-1号

SG Song This contemporary Korean restaurant focusess on light, healthy dishes, and does not use MSG. Daily11.30am-2.30pm, 5-10pm. 2/F, Building AB, Vantone Center, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5907 1879) SG 松, 朝阳区朝外大街甲6号万通 中心AB座2层

Shanggu City Korea Village BBQ Your usual Korean BBQ staples – beef, lamb, pork, vegetables – served by waitresses in ethnic dresses who speak limited English but do have a picture menu. Daily 10am-9.30pm. Adjoining the Jenny Lou’s near Lane Bridge, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8470 3016) 尚古城韩国烧烤, 朝阳区来广营 东路5号

Sorabol High-priced chain of Korean restaurants serves standards like bulgolgi, banfan and delicious raw beef. Voted “Outstanding Korean” in our 2009 Restaurant Awards. Daily 10am-10pm. 1) 5/F Guiyou Dasha, Bldg 6, Sector 2 Fangqingyuan, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District. (8767 9066); 2) 27 Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District.; 3) Bldg 43 Ciyun Si, Chaoyang District. (6591 7005); 4) B1 Jinyu Dasha, 100 Xisanhuan Beilu, Haidian District. (6872 7218); 5) 45 Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xicheng District. (6609 4135); 6) Basement, Lufthansa Centre, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5720) 萨拉伯尔, 1) 丰台区丰台区方 庄芳星园2区6号贵友大厦5楼; 2) 海淀区海淀区 中关村大街27号; 3) 朝阳区朝阳区慈云寺43号 楼; 4) 海淀区海淀区西三环北路100号金玉大厦 B1楼; 5) 西城区西城区复兴门内大街45号; 6) 朝阳区燕莎地下一层

Suraon Style over substance is the theme at this upscale Korean restaurant, housed in an imitation water cube, but if you’re willing to pay for romantic ambience (stained glass Klimt partitions) and impeccable service, you’ll find that Suraon is perfectly acceptable. Daily 11am-10pm. Side Gongyuan 9-8, Jiangtai

Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8456 8008) 禧莱恩, 朝阳区将台西路四得公园9-8

To Dam Gol No Korean barbecue at this small, humble eatery - but choose from other specialties like rice cakes, blood sausage and cold noodles. 9am-11pm. Bldg 3, 310 Wangjing Xiyuan, Chaoyang District. (8680 5145) 朝阳区 朝阳区望京西园310号3号楼

Tunmalu Rib and Potato Soup This Wangjing restaurant is famous for its namesake – pork rib and potato stew. Daily 11am-midnight. 402-2, North Gate of No.4 Area, Wangjing Xiyuan, Chaoyang District. (6474 4658) 豚玛露脊骨土豆汤, 朝阳区望京西 园四区北门402-2号

Zahamun Korean Restaurant Bulgolgi, bibimpap and barbecue are served at this Wangjing Korean restaurant. Good lunch deals. 11am-9.30pm. 5/F, Bldg 201, Wangjing Nanlu Dongyuan (above Holiland and KFC), Chaoyang District. (8471 2062, 紫霞门, 朝阳区朝阳区望京南湖东园201号楼五层

Zhenli Cun Inexpensive Korean restaurant in 798 serves bibimbap, soups, smoked duck and more. 1/F Gongmei Building, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District. (6437 9061, 6437 5292) 真梨村, 朝阳区朝阳区酒仙桥路798 艺术区内(近大中电器)

Zhi Xia Men Korean Barbeque Restaurant 8478 2323. 5F, Zhongfu Baikuo Shopping Center, No. 201 Nanhu Dongyuan, Chaoyang District. (11:00 am-9:30 pm) 紫霞门韩国料理, 朝阳区南湖东园201号楼中福百货5楼

Zi Xia Men Wangjing’s Korean community frequent this place serving barbecue, seafood and other standards. 5/F Zhongfu Baihuo, Bldg 201, Nanhu Dongyuan, Chaoyang District. (8478 2323) 朝阳区望京南湖东园201号 楼中福百货5层

Mediterranean George’s Mediterranean Cuisine Owned by a Hong Kong native, this hidden gem offers some of the best Greek moussaka in town. Daily noon-3pm, 6-10pm. 1A Fangcaodi Beixiang, Chaoyang District. (8561 3357) 佐治 地中海餐厅, 朝阳区芳草地北巷甲1号

Sureño Modern Mediterranean cuisine from a beautiful open kitchen with wood-fired ovens. Voted “Best Italian (High-End)” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily noon-3 .30pm, 6-10.30pm. B1/F, The Opposite House, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6410 5240) 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯 Village瑜舍地下1层

Middle Eastern 1001 Nights Some of the best Middle Eastern food in Beijing plus nightly belly dancing. Voted “Outstanding Middle Eastern” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am2am. Gongti Beilu (opposite Zhaolong Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6532 4050) 夜, 朝阳区工 体北路兆龙饭店对面

Biteapitta Falafels, hummus, sandwiches and shawarma. Voted "Best Middle Eastern” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am11pm. 2/F, Tongli Studio, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6467 2961) 吧嗒饼, 朝阳区 三里屯后街同里2层

Rumi Its plush, minimalist interior is inviting, but the savory kebabs seal the deal. Voted “Outstanding Middle Eastern” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30ammidnight. 1A Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8454 3838) 入迷, 朝阳区工体北路甲1号 Turkish Mum Traditional Turkish fare and a good wine list. Daily 11.30am-11.30pm. 3 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8532 3979) 土


Pizza Gung Ho! Gourmet Pizza Factory Pizza delivery service offering gourmet pies. Voted “Outstanding Pizza“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Daily 11am-11pm. Bldg. 3, China View, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 1404/1370); 2) Daily 11am-11pm. Shop 2, Hairun International Apartments, corner Jiangtai Lu and Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District (5135 8557) 叫板!比萨 1) 朝阳区工体东 路中国红街3号楼; 2) 朝阳区将台路2号海润国际 公寓(将台路和方园西路的十字路口)

The Kro’s Nest Huge pizzas and innovations like pizza sliders. Voted “Outstanding New Restaurant (Non-Chinese)“ and “Outstanding Pizza“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Daily 10-2am (kitchen closes 11pm). Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from Salsa Caribe), Chaoyang District. (8523 6655); 2) Mon-Thu 10am-midnight, Fri-Sun 10-1am. 35 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (8391 3131) 乌巢, 1) 朝 阳区工体北路4号院 (卡利宾拉丁舞俱乐部对面); 2) 朝阳区霄云路35号

The Pizza Company Speedy and reliable pizza deliveries from locations across Beijing. Delivery (40 0811 311) 1) West of Hualian department store, 2/F, 102 Lishi Beilu, Xicheng District; 2) 1/F, 40 Chongwai Daijie, Chongwen District; 3) West of Wumei department store, 3-5 Fang Zhuang Xin Shi Dai, 9 Pufang Lu, Fengtai District; 4) Unit B, Bldg 7, Huaqingjiayuan, Wudaokou, Haidian District; 5) SO801, Zone A, Soho New Town, Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District; 6) B1/F, Times Square, Changan Xiejie, Xicheng District; 7) Stall 0102, 2/F, Zone A, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District; 8) B1-25, Glory Mall, 18 Chongwai Dajie, Chongwen District; 9) B-10 U-Town, Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyang District; 10) 100m east of Caihong Xincheng, Huang Village, Daxing District; 11) 1/F Xi Rong Ge, West Fourth Ring Road North, Haidian District; 12) Bldg 5 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District; 13) 102, Zone A, Shifengguoji Bldg, Pingfang Xiang Huangshan Mudian, Chaoyang District; 14) 14 Shunyuanli, Chaoyang District. 1) 西城 区阜成门华联商厦西侧二层 ; 2) 崇文区崇文外 搜秀商城一层; 3) 丰台区蒲方路9号方庄新世代 大厦一层; 4)海淀区五道口华清嘉圆7号楼B号; 5) 朝阳区建国路88号 现代城A区SO801 ; 6) 西 城区西长安街首都时代广场地下一层; 7) 朝阳区 东三环中路39号建外SOHO A座2层0102; 8) 崇 文区崇外大街18号国瑞购物中心地下 一层25号 商铺B1-25; 9) 朝阳区三丰北里1-3号楼悠唐生 活广场地下 一层B10 ; 10) 大兴区黄村镇彩虹 新城北门物美东100米 ; 11) 海淀区西四环北路 136号西荣阁大厦; 12) 朝阳区蒋台路商业街5号 楼; 13) 朝阳区平房乡黄杉木店世丰国际大厦A 座 102号; 14) 朝阳区顺源里14号

RUSSIAN Traktirr Pushkin Both traditional and contemporary Russian cuisine right next to the Russian embassy. Daily 10am-10pm. 5-15 Dongzhimennei Dajie, Dongcheng District (8407 8158) 彼得堡俄餐厅, 东城区东直门内大 街5-15号

SEAFOOD Starfish Great oysters, wines and house cocktails. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm. 22-1 Dongzhimenwai Dajie (opposite Canadian embassy), Chaoyang District (6416 9838)朝阳 区东直门外大街22-1号(加拿大使馆对面)

Shanghai Shanghai Min (Xiao Nan Guo) Established in 1987, this restaurant chain serves traditional Shanghai cuisine in a contemporary interior. (40 0820 9777) 1) Daily 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm. 2/F, Jinbao Plaza, 89 Jingbao Jie, Dongcheng District; 2) Rm 301, 3/F, China Life Center, 17 Jinrong Dajie, Xicheng District; 3) Stall CC16, B1/F, Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District; 4) Stall 401-A, 4/F, IFC Mall, 1-3 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District; 5) 3/F, Bldg 1, Sanlitun Soho, 8 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. 小南国 1)东城金宝街89号 金宝大厦; 2) 西城金融大街17号中国人寿中心3 楼301; 3) 东城王府井大街东方新天地广场地下 一层CC18号;4)朝阳新源南路1-3号都汇天地 商场4层401-A号;5)朝阳工体北路8号三里屯 Soho一栋3层

Sichuan Chuan Ban A reputation for being the most authentic Sichuan cuisine in town. Voted

“Outstanding Sichuan” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Fri 7-9am, 10.50am2pm, 4.50-9.30pm; Sat-Sun 7am-10pm. 5 Gongyuan Toutiao, Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6512 2277 ext 6101) 川办 餐厅, 东城区建国门内贡院头条5号

Spring Organic Fish Restaurant Healthy Sichuan food prepared with quality ingredients. Fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, truffles and mushroom. Daily 10am-2.30pm, 5-9.30pm. 1) 23A Taiping Lu, Haidian District. (6818 1113); 2) 11 Jianhua Nanlu, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6566 8001; 182 0165 2683 for English) 同和春野生鱼庄, 1) 海 淀区太平路甲23号; 2) 朝阳区建外大街建华 南路11号

Transit A high-end venue offering an expensive menu of Sichuan cuisine. Daily 6-10pm. N4-36, Sanlintun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (6417 9090) 朝阳区三里屯路 11号三里屯Village北区N4-36号

Southeast Asian Lau Pa Sak One of Beijing’s only joints for close-to-authentic Singaporean hawker fare. Daily 11am-11pm. Xindong Lu (opposite Canadian Embassy), Chaoyang District (6417 0952) 朝阳区新东路加拿大使馆对面

Marriott Hotel, China Central Place, 83 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8530) 朝阳区建国 路83号华贸中心JW万豪酒店2层

Flamme International Grill This stylish two-floor bar and grill features American steaks. Voted “Outstanding New Restaurant (Non-Chinese)“ and “Outstanding Steak“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-midnight. S4-33, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 8608) 朝 阳区三里屯路19号三里屯Village3楼S4-33室

Grange This steakhouse serves mean and delicate cuts with dipping sauces doled out of beakers and pipettes. Mon-Fri 11.30-3pm (lunch), daily 5.30-11pm (dinner). 2/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888) 朝阳区东三环北 路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店

The Grill Steaks and seafood grilled on an open flame with a Scandinavian twist. Chinese dishes available in the evenings. Daily 3-11pm. Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing, 6A East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District. (5922 3440) 朝 阳区北三环东路甲6号,北京皇家大饭店

Steak Exchange Restaurant + Bar A wide variety of steaks in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10.30pm. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street, 11 Financial Street, Xicheng District. (5852 5888 ext 5916) 西城区金融街11 号洲际酒店


vegan cuisine using high-quality ingredients. Unwind in a cozy, sunny non-smoking setting featuring comfy couches and large windows. Try their veggie burgers, organic vegan chocolate cake and signature apple-basil mojito. Twice-weekly organic vegetable pickup available. Wed-Mon 11am-11pm. 19 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6446 2073) 吃素的,东城区五道营胡同19号

Vietnamese Luga’s Pho Pho This small restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese-style pho, nem and Vietnamese coffee. Daily 10am-3am. Above Luga’s, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6413 2786) 朝阳区三里屯后街同里对面 Susu New Vietnamese restaurant staffed by two chefs from Saigon and run by the people from Tuk Tuk Thai and Stone Boat. Tue-Sun 11am-11pm. 10 Qianliang Hutong Xixiang, Dongcheng District. (8400 2699) 苏苏会, 东城 区钱粮胡同西巷10号

Yunnan Dali Courtyard Atmospheric decor, easygoing hospitality and delicious set menu. Voted “Outstanding Restaurant of the Year (Chinese),” “Outstanding Outdoor Dining“ and “Outstanding Yunnan“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 10am-9.30pm. 67 Xiaojingchang Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (8404 1430) 大理, 东城区 鼓楼东大街小经厂胡同67号

Dali Renjia Authentic and cheap Yunnan eats. Daily 10.30am-11pm. 80 Baochao Hutong (100m north of Gulou Dongdajie), Dongcheng District. (158 1039 2366) 大理人家, 东城区宝钞 胡同80号(鼓楼东大街往北走100米)

Hudiequan Seriously comprehensive dish selection by the Dali Representative Office restaurant. Daily 7-9am, 11am-1.30pm, 5-9pm. 1/F, Hudiequan Binguan (north of Picai Hutong), 55 Xixie Jie, Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District (6615 6583) 蝴蝶泉, 西城区西单北大街 西斜街55号(辟才胡同北边)蝴蝶泉宾馆1层

Malacca Legend Elaborate Malaysian restaurant boasts serene water views (Luoma Lake location) and zesty Southeast Asian cuisine. Daily 11am-10pm. 1) 1/F Building B, Ocean International Center, 58 East 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District. (5908 0075); 2) On the banks of Luoma lake, Houshayu, Shunyi District. (8049 8902) 马六甲传奇, 1) 朝阳区朝 阳区东四环路58号远洋国际中心B座1层; 2) 顺义 区后沙峪镇罗马湖畔

Spanish Agua Fine Spanish dining. Voted "Best Spanish Restaurant" and “Outstanding New Restaurant (Non-Chinese)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 4/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6188) 朝阳区三里 屯路81号那里花园4层

Carmen Tapas plates, hearty salads, paella and roasted whole suckling pig. Voted “Outstanding Spanish” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-2am. Beside Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (6417 8038) 朝阳区三里屯北街81号( 哪里花园边)

Ole Spanish Restaurant Three floors: the first is a bar and lounge, the second is for tapas, and the top floor focuses on fine dining. Sun-Wed 11am-midnight, Thu 11am-2am, Fri- Sat 11am-4am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (next to Salsa Caribe), Chaoyang District. (6595 9677) 朝阳区工体北路4号院(卡利宾旁边)

Purple Haze Restaurant & Bar Thai cuisine served amongst purple hues. Books, coffee and Wi-Fi create the perfect atmosphere for a lazy afternoon. Voted “Best Thai” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-11 .30pm. Opposite the north gate of the Workers’ Stadium (behind ICBC Bank), Chaoyang District. (6413 0899) 紫苏庭, 朝阳区工体北门对 面胡同工商银行后

Purple Haze Courtyard Authentic Thai cuisine in rustic hutong digs. Voted “Best Thai” in our 2010 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-11.30pm. 1 Dongsi Liutiao, Dongcheng District. (6501 9345) 紫苏庭, 东城区东四六 条1号

Spice Factory Innovative, contemporary Thai food without the kitschy trappings. Daily 6-10pm. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (above d lounge), Chaoyang District. (6585 2386) 朝阳区 工体北路4号院 (d lounge 楼上)


NIGHTLIFE bars & clubs 12SQM Good beer and whiskey selection. Daily noon-1am. Corner of Nanluogu Xiang and Fuxiang Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6402 1554, www. 东城区南锣鼓巷福祥1号

2 Kolegas Intimate music venue. 21 Liangmaqiao Lu (inside the drive-in movie theater park), Chaoyang District. (6436 8998, 两个 好朋友, 朝阳区亮马桥路21号(燕莎桥往东1500 米路北汽车电影院内)


CRU Steakhouse The sleek, warm design of CRU is reflective of the rich, refined cuts served up by its open kitchen. Voted “Outstanding Steak“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, JW

彩云天, 新云南皇冠假日酒店5层, 朝阳区东北三 环西坝河太阳宫桥东北角

区成府路蓝旗营车站下车,马路南边即是(瓦罐 饭馆的西边)

家思, 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里花园6层

特扒房, 朝阳区建国门外大街21号国际俱乐部 饭店公寓3层


Rainbow Authentic Yunnan cuisine in fantastic surroundings.. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. 5/F, Crowne Plaza Sun Palace Beijing, Yunnan Dasha, Northeast corner of Taiyanggong Qiao and Xibahe, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6429 8888 ext 6425)

13 Club Hefty, dark and covered in graffiti. Featuring mostly rock, metal and punk bands, with shows almost every night. Sun-Thu 8pm-2am, Fri-Sat 8pm-3am. 161 Chengfu Lu (Lanqiying bus stop; doorway is recessed in a small alley next to Da Waguan Restaurant), Haidian District. (8261 9267) 13俱乐部, 海淀

Migas Restaurant & Lounge Headed by chefs from Spain, this stylish restaurant serves up a wide selection of modern Spanish tapas with a good wine selection. 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6061) 米

The Astor Grill Grain-fed tenderloin steak, cigars and an extensive wine list. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm; daily 6-10pm. 3/F, St. Regis Hotel Apartments, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2637) 艾斯

Middle 8th Restaurant Comfortable, hip Yunnan restaurant. 1) Daily 11am-11.30pm. Zhongba Lou, Sanlitun Zhongjie, Chaoyang District. (6413 0629); 2) Daily 11am-10.30pm. R17, Zhongguancun Pedestrian Mall, 15 Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District. (5172 1728) 中八楼, 1) 朝阳区三里屯中街中八楼; 2)

The Veggie Table Fresh, safe and sustainable

Alanting 1/F, Forte International Apartment, 235 Chaoyang Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8571 5168) 阿兰亭咖啡, 朝阳区朝阳北路235号复地

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Apothecary Cocktails prepared with class and care. Also features a menu of Creole dishes prepared using house-made ingredients. Tue-Sat 7pm-late, Sun 6pm-late (kitchen closes 1am). 3/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6040) 朝阳区三里屯北

and darts competitions. Daily 7pm-midnight. 1 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (8451 0554) 朝 阳区新源里1号(新东路往北到左家庄桥右转50 米 见路口右转)

The Irish Volunteer This Irish bar stays true to the Irish culture, Guinness included (RMB 60). This two-room saloon also offers food. Daily 9am-2am. Jiangtai Lu (opposite the east gate of the Lido Hotel), Chaoyang District. 朝


Aria See Dining Directory under “European.” Atmosphere Bar Expect spectacular views on a good day at Beijing’s highest bar. Failing that, you can count on the drinks being good. Daily noon-2am. 80/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6433) 朝阳区光华路国


The Bookworm See Dining Directory under “Cafes & Teahouses” The Brick Food and cheap drink in this Shuangjing neighborhood pub where fun is the name of the game. Daily 4pm-late. Unit 2-11, Bldg 2, Tianzhi Jiaozi, 31 Guangqu Lu (northeast corner of Shuangjing Qiao), Chaoyang District. (139 1113 6564) 朝阳区双井桥东北角广 渠路31号院天之骄子2号楼底商2-11

Buzz Chill out and relax in this intimate bar that features signature cocktails and an extensive collection of premium whiskeys, cognacs, wines and ports. Mon-Sat 6pm-1.30am. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7825) 西城区 金融大街乙9号北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Centro A surprisingly comfortable spot to down drinks from bottled beers to blue cheese martinis. Nightly live jazz performances. Daily 24hrs. 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833 ext 42) 炫酷, 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心饭店1层

Champagne Bar Molecular mixology comes to town, plus bubbles. Daily 6pm-midnight. 2/F, Fairmont Beijing, 8 Yong’an Dongli, Chaoyang District. (8511 7777) 朝阳区建国门外 大街永安东里8号北京华彬费尔蒙酒店2层

China Bar With one of the best views in town, this is definitely a place to impress. Daily 5pm-1am. 65/F, Park Hyatt, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8567 1234) 朝阳区建 国门外大街2号

China World Hotel 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266 ext 6644) 中国 大饭店, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号

Chocolate Opulent decor and flamboyant nightly dance shows. Daily 7pm-6am. 19 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8561 3988) 朝阳区 日坛北路19号

d lounge Beautiful place, beautiful drinks, beautiful people all converge at this sleek venue south of Sanlitun. Daily 8pm-late. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from Rock & Roll Club), Chaoyang District. (6593 7710) 朝阳 区工体北路4号

The Den Watch sports until dawn; stick around for brunch. Voted “Outstanding Late-Night Dining“ in our 2011 Restaurant Awards. Daily 24hrs. 4 Gongti Donglu (next to City Hotel’s main entrance), Chaoyang District. (6592 6290) 敦煌, 朝阳区工体东路4号城市宾

Eudora Station Bar and Restaurant American food, a great terrace and live music. Greg Carroll Band featuring singer Greg Carroll (who formerly performed with Robert Palmer), plays a mix of Latin-influenced blues, jazz and rock & roll Wed-Sat 9.30pm-1am. Daily 9am2am. 6 Fangyuan Xilu (opposite Lido Plaza), Chaoyang District. (6437 8331/8813) 朝阳区芳

Lantern Techno and other types of electronic music from the Acupuncture Records team. Thu-Sat 9pm-late. 100m north of Workers’ Stadium West Gate, (in the basement behind Xuxian Lou restaurant), Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (135 0134 8785) 灯笼, 朝阳区工体西路 工体西门往北走100米(许仙楼后面地下1层)

Flames Flawlessly mixed drinks. Live performances add an air of relaxation. Daily 11am1am. Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 东城

Lobby Lounge (Grand Millennium) 1/F, Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6530 9383) 朝阳区东三环中路7号财富中心


Fubar A speakeasy with a fine selection of drinks. Sun-Thu 2pm-2am, Fri-Sat 2pm-4am. Behind Stadium Dog, Gate 10, Workers’ Stadium, Chaoyang District. (6593 8227) 福吧, 朝 阳区工体东路工人体育场东门内10号进口

George’s Smart cocktail bar from Beijing bar veteran George Zhou. Daily 3pm-2am. Near Gate 12, east side of Workers’ Stadium, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6553 6299) 朝阳区 工体东路工人体育场东门内12号进口

Great Leap Brewery Microbrewery in a siheyuan serves ales, pale ales, porters and other beers. Tue-Sat 3pm-midnight, Sun 3-7pm. 6 Doujiao Hutong (turn west off Nanluogu Xiang at Bar Uno, near Salud, onto Jingyang Hutong and follow the road until you hit Doujiao Hutong), Dongcheng District. (187 1007 7331) 大跃, 东城区豆角胡同6号 Green Cap Bar, The Irish-run bar for the Lido-Shunyi crowd. Live sports, Irish bar food and more. Tue-Sun noon-late. Beside Western Academy of Beijing, Laiguangying Donglu (off the Airport Expressway), Chaoyang District. 爱尔兰老人酒吧, 朝阳区来广营东路(北京京西 学校旁边)

Havana Bar 22 varieties of rum. Tapas at the bar and cigars in the cigar divan. Daily 5pm1.30am. Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6530 9383) 朝阳区东三环中路7号财 富中心

Haze Electronic music in the basement. Thu-Sat 9pm-late. B1/F, On the Corner Cafe, Guanghualu Soho, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区光华路光华路Soho地下1层 Hot Cat Club Decent live music, dodgy drinks. Daily 10am-late. 46 Fangjia Hutong (just south of Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District. (6400 7868) 东城区方家胡同46号艺术园 区(国子监南临)

Long Bar Cocktails and live music by Terminal 3. Daily 4pm-1am. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3, Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District. (6458 8888) 朝阳区


Paddy O’Shea’s The best Guinness in town at Beijing’s first genuine Irish pub. Quiz nights every Wed from 8pm, with well-sponsored prizes. Daily 10am-late. 28 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6415 6389) www. 朝阳区东直门外大街28号


Lush A caffeinated study spot by day and by night a place to cut loose. Daily 24hrs. 2/F, Bldg 1, Huaqing Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu (across from the Wudaokou light-rail station), Haidian District. (8286 3566)

Paddy’s Pitstop Beer, simple pub grub and outdoor seating from the Paddy’s posse. Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District. 顺义区天竺开发

海淀区成府路华清嘉园1号楼2层(五道口城铁 站对面)

Paulaner Brauhaus One of Beijing’s best choices for authentic, if pricey, German food, the Paulaner brews its own beer. Daily 11am-1am. Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5732)

Mako Live House Mid-sized live music and events space brings the noise to Shuangjing. Daily 5pm-late. Inside Hongdian Art Factory, Courtyard 36 (500m south of Carrefour Shuangjing, inside small alley), Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District. (5205 1112/3) 麻雀, 朝阳区 广渠路36号院红点艺术工厂内(幸福贝贝南边)

Mao Mao Chong Great cocktails, house vodka infusions and house-designed T-shirts are this bar’s trademarks. Wed-Thu 7pmmidnight, Fri-Sat 7.30pm-1am. 12 Banchang Hutong (east off Nanluogu Xiang), Dongcheng District. (159 9264 6024) 毛毛虫, 东城区板厂胡 同12号(南锣鼓巷往东走)

Maison Camus High-end cognacs and Bordeaux and Burgundy wines for the connoisseur. Daily 4pm-midnight. 4/F, Reignwood Center, 8 Yong’an Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8523 5703, 8528 9518) 卡慕世家酒廊, 朝阳区建国门外大街永安 东里8号华彬中心4层

MAO Livehouse The capital’s premier music venue. Daily 4pm-late. 111 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6402 5080) 光芒, 东城区

Migas Spanish restaurant doubles as one of Sanlitun’s most popular nightlife haunts. Daily 10am-3pm, 5-11pm. 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6061) 米家思, 朝 阳区三里屯路81号那里花园6层


January 2012

Huxley’s Shut Up and Drink: Not much more need be said. Daily 6pm-late. Yandai Xiejie (the street running diagonally between the Drum Tower and Yinding Bridge), Xicheng District. (6402 7825) 德彼酒吧, 西城区烟袋 斜街16号


The Orchid A modern Hutong hotel with beers from Great Leap Brewery. Daily 7ammidnight. 65 Baochao Hutong, Guloudong Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8404 4818) www. 东城区鼓楼东大街宝钞

Loong Bar A large, classy bar with the size, ambition and prices to be Centro redux. Daily 5.30pm-2am. 2/F, JW Marriott Hotel, 83 Jianguo Lu, China Central Place, Chaoyang District. (5908 8906) 龙吧, 朝阳区华贸中心建国


El Nido/Bar No. 59 Tiny bar, huge beer selection, and absinthe too. Daily 4pm-late. 59 Fangjia Hutong (enter from Andingmennei Dajie), Dongcheng District. (8402 9495) 东城区

Nanjie Two floors packed with exchange students. Low prices. Daily 5pm-5am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (opposite to Banana Leaf), Chaoyang District. (6413 0963) 南街, 朝阳区工


Mesh Equally at home to post-retail therapy or a night on the tiles. Daily 5pm-2am. 1/F, The Opposite House, Bldg 1, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 6688) 朝





Entero Whiskey bar that’s cool like bebop and sunglasses and bongos. Has a karaoke room


LAN Club Daily 11am-10.45pm. 4/F, LG Twin Towers, 12B Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5109 6012/13) 兰会所, 朝阳区建国门





Mokihi Intimate, atmospheric cocktail bar offers masterful drinks. Daily 6pm-3am. 3/F, C12 Haoyun Jie, Chaoyang District. (5867 0244) 朝

江湖酒吧, 东城区交道口南大街东棉花胡同7号

East Shore Live Jazz Cafe Great for jazz with a view of Houhai. Daily 2.30pm-2am. 2/F, 2 Qianhai Nanyanlu (just to the west of the post office on Di’anmenwai Dajie), Xicheng District. (8403 2131) 东岸咖啡, 西城区地安门外

Enoterra Wine bar that serves good food as well. Voted “Outstanding Wine List” in the Beijinger’s 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 10am-2am. 4/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6076) 朝阳区三

Modernista Enjoy regular live music with a glass of absinthe. Tues-Sun 3pm-3am. 44 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (136 7127 4747) 东城区鼓楼东大街宝

Jiang Hu Liveshow Bar Live music. Daily 7pm-2am. 7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Jiaodaokou Nandajie, Dongcheng District. (6401 4611)


Blue Frog See Dining Directory under “American.”

Chaoyang District. (6413 1019) 朝阳区三里屯 后街同里4层

Jam Hip cocktail bar. Daily 7pm-2am. 2/F, Bldg C, 206 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6424 8218) 东城区鼓楼东大街206号C座2层

Black Sun Bar Bargain-basement drinks, a pool table, darts, foosball, the original caipirinha recipe and a patio. Daily 5.30pm3am. West gate of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District. (6593 6909) 黑太阳, 朝阳区朝阳公 园西门

Ichikura This tiny bar packs in as good a variety of single malt whiskies as you’ll find in Beijing. 2/F (entrance via stairs at south wall of Chaoyang Theater), Chaoyang Theater, 36 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6507 1107) 朝阳区东三环北路36号朝阳剧场南侧

Mix (Westin Chaoyang) Live jazz in the evenings and an extensive selection of champagnes, wines and whiskey. Daily 5pm-1am. 1/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8000) 朝阳区东 三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店

Mo Lounge A laid-back lounge downstairs from Kokomo. Sun-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm-4am. 4/F, Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Houjie,


普拉那啤酒坊餐厅, 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾 斯基饭店

Plush Filled with natural light and overlooking a modern zen garden. Daily 7am-1am. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7825) 西城区 金融大街乙9号北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Press Club Bar Nixon drank here, you know. Daily 5pm-1am. 1/F, St. Regis Hotel Beijing, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6460 6688 ext 2360) 记者吧, 东城区建国门外 大街21号北京国际俱乐部饭店1层

Punk A mixture of urban and neo-Gothic where big name DJs spin an eclectic mix. TueSat 8pm-3am. B1/F, The Opposite House, Bldg 1, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6410 5222) 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯 Village1号楼瑜舍地下1层

Purple Haze Courtyard See Dining Directory under “Thai.“ Q Bar Quality tunes and top-notch cocktails. Nice terrace. Daily 5pm-2am. Top floor of Eastern Inn Hotel, 6 Baijiazhuang Lu (the south end of Sanlitun Nanlu), Chaoyang District. (6595 9239) 朝阳区百家庄6号(朝阳门医院北门 东100米)三里屯南路逸羽连锁酒店顶楼

R Lounge This huge hotel bar is perfect for hosting an event. 4/F, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, 61 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区东三环中路61号北京 富力万丽酒店4层

Redmoon Redmoon at the Grand Hyatt includes a wine bar, sushi bar and cigar lounge, all sleekly designed to cater to the executive set. Daily 5pm-1am. 1/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6510 9366, 8518 1234 ext 6366) 东方亮, 东城区东长安街1号东方君 悦酒店大厅

Rendez-vous Bar & Lounge Relaxing place to meet friends and clients for drinks and

DIRECTORY / NIGHTLIFE–STYLE snacks. Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 4200) 朝阳

lobby), 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5867 1108) 秀, 朝阳区朝阳区建国门



The Ritz-Carlton Bar Light live music and a lounge atmosphere. Daily 6pm-1am. The RitzCarlton Beijing, 83A Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District. (5908 8131) 丽思卡尔顿吧, 朝阳区朝阳

Yugong Yishan This live music venue is a perfect spot for more discriminating drunken debauchery. Daily 7pm-late. 3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu (100m west of Zhangzizhong Lu subway station), Dongcheng District. (6404 2711) 愚公移山, 东城区平安大道张自忠路3-2号


Riverbank Café & Bar 1/F, FX Hotel, 39 Maizidian Xijie, Chaoyang District. (6506 8277) 朝阳区麦子店西街39号富驿时尚酒店1层

Salud Infused rums. Mon-Fri 3pm-late, Sat-Sun noon-late. 1) Opposite Tongli Studio, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District.; 2) 66 Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (6402 5086) 老伍, 1) 朝阳区三里屯后街同里对面; 2) 东城区南锣鼓巷66号


Bodhi Sense Just like its original Gongti branch, but more private. Daily 11am-12 .30am. 2/F, Somerset Grand Fortune Garden, 46 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8440 1495) 朝阳区亮马桥路46号盛捷副景苑公寓2层


Tango Karaoke, with a nightclub at Yonghegong. Daily 24hrs. 1) South Gate of Ditan Park (next to Jin Ding Xuan restaurant), Dongcheng District. (6425 5677/6428 2288); 2) Gongti Xilu (beneath Gongti 100 bowling alley), Chaoyang District. (6551 9988) 糖果, 1) 东城区地坛公园

concert/festival venues

Accessories & jewelry D-SATA by CuR: DimSum of all things Asian Handmade couture clutches for the ethical and eco-chic fashionista. Daily 1-9pm or by appointment. Unit A116, 1/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6066, 134 3966 4067, www.d-sata. com, 朝阳区三里屯路

Catherine de France Hair and Beauty Salon International and local stylists, colorists and beauticians offer an holistic hair and beauty experience. Daily 10am-8pm. 2/F, Riviera Plaza, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8470 4639, 150 1081 6856, 朝阳区来广营东路5号




db tanning Daily, 11am-9pm. Rm 307, Bldg 4, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu,, Chaoyang District. (5900 0427) db 日晒沙龙,

Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q Meat-eater friendly bar-restaurant with popular quiz night. 2 for 1 happy hour every Monday-Friday from 3-7pm. Daily 9am-midnight. 14 Dongdaqiao Lu (on the corner of Guanghua Lu), Chaoyang District. (6591 9161) Tim’s 熏烤房, 朝阳区东


Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat International spa brand with an exhaustive menu of spa packages. Daily 10am-1am. 1) 1/F, Grand Summit Plaza, 19 Dongfang Donglu (100m north of Lufthansa Center), Chaoyang District. (8532 3122); 2) 60 Donghuamen Ave (near The Peninsula Hotel and Oriental Plaza), Dongcheng District. (6527 9368); 3) B1/F, Eastern Hotel, Nansanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6593 6066) 悠庭保健会所, 1) 朝阳区


Tonic Lounge A modern, cozy bar offering a selection of mixed drinks, wine by the glass and aperitifs. The bar is well designed with a stunning bar counter, a low ceiling and comfortable lounge seating. Daily 10am-12.30am. Lobby Level of Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5000 ext 5060) 汤尼

朝阳区燕莎桥东方东路19号外交会所1层(燕莎中 心路北100米); 2) 东城区东城区东华门大街60 号(近王府饭店和东方广场); 3) 朝阳区朝阳区三 里屯南路逸羽酒店1层

酒廊, 朝阳区北京希尔顿酒店大堂


Twilight Cocktails made with style, and hard-to-find whiskeys. Pizza, pasta and other snacks available. Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-2am. (Behind Starbucks) 3/F, 0102, Bldg 5, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5900 5376) 暮光, 朝阳区东 三环中路39号建外Soho5号0102单元3层

Twilo Daily 6pm-2am. Rm 103A/B, Guanghualu Soho, 22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District (6561 9360) 朝阳区光华路22号光华路 Soho 103A/B

V.A. Cafe & Bar This small cafe-bar is well equipped for weekly flamenco and jazz performances. Daily 2pm-late. 13 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (5844 3638) 东城 区五道营胡同13号

What Bar Tiny bar hosting local rock bands. Daily 4pm-late. 72 Beichang Jie (just north of the west gate of the Forbidden City), Xicheng District. (133 4112 2757) 什么酒吧, 西城区北长

Kavenna Diamond Provides high-class diamond accessories, classical engagement and wedding rings. Unique, personalized orders including re-styling are gladly accepted. Daily 10.30am-7.30pm. Unit 23, 1/F, Fortune Mall (behind the Millennium Hotel), 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6533 0236, 137 0120 0304, 卡文那钻石, 朝阳区东三环中路7号北京财富购 物中心一层23号

BEAUTY PARLORS & SPAS 99 Massage and Spa Center Daily 11ammidnight. Rm 703, E-Tower C12, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6501 0799) 99按摩中心, 朝 阳区光华路丙12号数码01大厦703室(嘉里中心与 国贸之间)

Anantara Spa Daily 10am-10pm (flexible opening hours on request). The Commune, Shuiguan Great Wall, Badaling Gaosulu, Yanqing County. (8118 1888 ext 5100/01, 延庆县八 达岭高速路水关长城出口长城脚下的公社凯宾 斯基饭店


后街43号; 2) 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心商场 123; 3) 朝阳区机场路112号丽都饭店

essensuals Sister brand to Toni & Guy. 1) Daily 10am-10pm. Rm. 105-106, Tower F, Sunshine 100, 2 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District (6585 9288, fax 6585 9388); 2) Daily 10am-9pm. Unit 303, 3/F, IFC Mall, 1-3 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District (8444 2388, fax 8444 2488); 3) Daily 9am-10pm. Unit 15/16, 4/F, Chaoyang Joy City, Chaoyang Beilu,Chaoyang District (8551 5800); 4) Daily 10am-9pm. Unit 228, B1, Tower B, Sanlitun Soho, 8 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District (5935 9717) 彩秀, 1) 朝阳区光华路2号阳光100国际公寓F座1层105106; 2) 朝阳区新源南路1-3号都汇天地商场3层 303号; 3) 朝阳区朝阳北路101号朝阳大悦城4层 15/16号; 4)朝阳区工人体育场北路8号院三里屯 Soho B座B1-228室


Heavenly Spa by Westin Daily 9am-10pm. 1) The Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888); 2) Daily 9am-10pm. The Westin Beijing Financial Street, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6629 7878) 威斯汀天梦水疗中心, 1) 朝阳区朝阳区东


Writers Bar Caviar and oysters complement the wide selection of cocktails and cigars. Daily noon-midnight. Raffles Beijing Hotel, Main Lobby, 33 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6526 3388 ext 4181) 作家酒吧, 东城区 Xiu A summer-friendly terrace plus much more in the luxuriant lounge. Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-late, Sat-Sun 6pm-late. Park Hyatt (entrance across from the hotel

Eric Paris Salon International hairstyling service. Daily 10am-8pm. 1) 43 Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (135 0137 2971); 2) Stall 123, Kerry Centre Shopping Mall, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (139 1179 8376); 3) Lido Hotel, 112 Jichang Lu, Chaoyang District. (135 0107 5843) 爱丽克美容美发, 1) 朝阳区三里屯

Franck Provost World-famous hair salon with highly trained stylists and colorists. Daily 10am-10pm. Shop D2001-1, 2/F, Shin Kong Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (6530 7696/7669) 朝阳区建国路87号新光天地二层

The World of Suzie Wong Club Part 1930’s Shanghai opium den and part postmodern lounge. Daily 8.30pm-late. 1A Nongzhanguan Lu (west gate of Chaoyang Park), Chaoyang District. (6500 3377) 苏西黄, 朝阳区农展馆路甲

东长安街33号, 北京饭店莱佛士一层


Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat Offers a variety of professional treatments, as well as complimentary food and snacks cooked up by their Thai chef. Daily 11am-12.30am. 17 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6417 9595) www. 菩提会所, 朝阳区工体北路17号

南门; 2) 朝阳区工体西路工体100保龄球馆下面

Touch A cutting-edge lounge with 88 kinds of vodka, and a wide selection of vodkainfused cocktails. Tue-Thu 9pm-1am, Fri-Sat 9pm-2am. 2/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8112) 朝阳区东三环北路7号金茂北京

阳区朝阳公园路1号 好运街1-17号; 2) 朝阳区 朝阳区南三里屯16号泰悦豪庭底商106




Hummingbird Therapeutic Retreat Hummingbird has a range of therapeutic massages starting at RMB 150-225, and also offers facials, waxing and manicures. Daily 10am-midnight. Unit 103, Bldg 3, Central Park, 6 Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6597 9119) 一体保健会所,

Beijing Salon Vajra Catering to clients who demand very personal service. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. S106, Glory World Apartments, 18 Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6551 6461/2/3) 画间沙龙, 朝阳区

MasterCard Center 69 Fuxing Lu, Haidian District (6828 6386) 万事达中心, 海淀区复兴

The Stumble Inn Daily 10am-2am. S3-31, 3/F, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 7794) 朝阳区三里屯路

南区9号楼 S9-30

Aqua Salus Urban Retreat 1) Daily noonmidnight. 1-17 Lucky Street, 1 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (6501 6639,; 2) Taiyue Height 106, 16 Sanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6501-2881, www. 良泉都市怡疗三里屯会馆, 1) 朝

Zeta Bar Boasts style, chrome cages that house the extensive wine collection hang from the high ceiling. Mon-Thu 6pm-2am, FriSun 6pm-3am, Sun close. 2/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5050) 颐达吧, 朝阳区东三环北路

Scarlett A chic, intimate wine bar with a fine selection of imported cheese and tapas. Daily 6pm-3am. Hotel G, 7A Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6552 2880) 朝阳区 Spark Beautiful people and slick design at this Taipei-based nightclub’s Beijing outpost. B108, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区光华路9号世贸天阶B108


Angel Hands Enjoy vigorous deep-tissue massage, soothing and gentle massage, or a combination of both. Daily 24 hours. Rm 1801, Bldg 2, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8631 0801) 朝阳


I.O Spa Indoor and outdoor pools abound, along with the usual spa services. Inside Workers’ Stadium East Gate (towards south), Chaoyang District. (6588 3228/82) 私人会所, 朝阳区工体东南边茉莉餐厅旁边

I Spa Local spa chain with English-speaking staff offers aromatherapy massage, Thai massage, scrubs, wraps, facials, floral bath, steaming, TCM and foot reflexology. All rooms are private suites. Special packages for couples are also available. 1) Daily 11am11pm. 1/F, Yuyuanhui Club, South of Gongdesi Bridge (northwest to Summer Palace), Haidian District. (6287 9868); 2) 6/F, Hilton Beijing Capital Airport,Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport, Shunyi District. (6450 4777); 3) 10am-midnight. B1/F, Traders Upper East Hotel, Lido, Dongsihuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5907 8877); 4) 2/F, JW Marriott Hotel Beijing, China Central Place, 83 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8380); 5) 1/F, Gehua New Century Hotel, 19 Gulouwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6202 8888 ext 6666); 6) Daily noon-11pm. 5/F, Tower 2, Taiyue Suites, Sanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6507 1517, 8595 2277 ext 5666) 泰美好, 1) 海淀区功德寺桥南御园汇会所1层(颐和园西北 角); 2) 顺义区北京首都机场3号航站楼北京机 场希尔顿酒店6层(3号航站楼附近); 3) 朝阳区 东四环北路阳光上东上东盛贸饭店地下1层; 4) 朝阳区华贸中心建国路83号北京JW万豪酒店2 层; 5) 朝阳区鼓楼外大街19号歌华开元大酒店 1层 (原华北大酒店); 6) 朝阳区三里屯南路泰 悦豪庭2座5层

I-Spa Daily 10.30am-midnight (last appointment 11pm). 6/F, InterContinental Financial Street Beijing, 11 Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (5852 5888 ext 5601) 西城区金融街11号金融街 洲际酒店6层

Kocoon The same quality of service as at its previous Nali Patio branch, only now in The Opposite House. Tue-Sun 10.30am-8.30pm. B1/F, The Opposite House, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 6688 ext 5008) www.kocoonspalounge. com 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯Village北区瑜 舍地下1层

LeSpa Daily 11am-11pm. 5/F, Sofitel Beijing, Bldg C, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 6666) 朝阳区建国路93号万达广场C座索菲特酒店5层

Long Island Massage & Spa Chinese and Thai-style massage and reflexology. 1) Daily 11am-2am. 14A Guanghua Lu (5/F, Nuo’an Bldg, southwest of the Kerry Centre), Chaoyang District. (5130 9718, 6591 6247); 2) Daily 11am-1am. B1/F, Jiahui Center, 6 Jiqingli, Dongcheng District. (6551 6112/13) www. 长岛健身, 1) 朝阳区光 华路甲14号(嘉里中心西南侧诺安大厦5层); 2) 东城区吉庆里6号佳汇中心地下1层

Oriental Taipan Massage and Spa Relax in style among rose-scented water features, soft music and helpful, friendly staff. Healthy fruit juices and snacks included. 1) Daily 11am12.30am. 2/F, Block 9, Lido Place, 2A Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6437 6299); 2) Daily 11am-12.30am. B1/F, 1 Xindong Lu (next to Shenji Best Soup), Chaoyang District. (8532 2177); 3) Daily 11am-3am. Sunjoy Mansion, 6 Ritan Lu, Chaoyang District. (6502 5722); 4) Daily 10am-12.30am. B/1-3F, Shuncheng Hotel, 26A Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6621 8622); 5) Daily 10am-12.30am. Bldg 25, Central Park Phase 3, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6597 0015); 6) Daily 11am-1am. Rm 101, Bldg B, Winterless Center, 1 Xidawang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6538 8086) 东方大班保健休闲会所, 1)

三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店; 2) 西城区 西城区威斯汀大酒店金融街9B

朝阳区芳园西路甲2号丽都广场9号公寓2层; 2) 朝阳区新东路1号沈记靓汤旁; 3) 朝阳区日坛路6 号新族大厦院内; 4) 西城区西城区金融街甲26号 顺成饭店地下一层; 5) 朝阳区朝外大街6号新城 国际公寓三期25号楼; 6) 朝阳区西大望路1号温 特莱中心B座101

Herborist Spa Offers the time-honored traditional Chinese health and beauty care system. Daily 10am-10pm. S9-30, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6416 5179, 6416 5962, 400 888 2155) 朝阳区三里屯Village

Origin Spa Offers a smaller, more refined spa menu in a larger, airier setting. Decorated with dark wood, flowing water and plants, you’ll feel as though you’ve retreated to a Southeast Asian spa the moment you enter. The practitioners are professionally trained

January 2012


DIRECTORY / STYLE and educated, which shows in the firm, effective and relatively pain-free Chinese meridian massage. Most rooms come with a private shower and toilet, and many with a bathtub, the complimentary snack bar. Manicures and pedicures also available. Daily 11-12.30am. 2/F, Bldg AB, Lan Chou Ming Zuo, Jiqingli, Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6552 9599) www. 本源, 朝阳区朝外大街吉庆

D:FUSE Scandinavian shoe brand for women. Bldg 3, Wangfujing Department Store, 243 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. (139 1166 2712) 东城区王府井大 街253号王府井百货大楼3楼

Deal A wide range of authentic brand-name kicks for men. Daily 11am-9pm. 280 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6402 8262) 东城区东城区鼓楼东大



Peninsula Spa by ESPA 12 treatment rooms and private locker facilities. 3/F, The Peninsula, 8 Jinyuhutong, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District. (8516 2888 ext 6090) 东城

FEI Space Hipster-trendy Chinese and international labels. Tues-Sun 10.30am-5pm. B-01, Dashanzi 798 Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9580) 朝阳区酒仙



Quan Spa at Marriott Beijing City Wall Daily 3pm-midnight. 7 Jianguomen Nandajie, Dongcheng District. (5811 8187) 东城区建国

Huge Wave An unparalleled resource for designer shoes for cheap. Daily 11am-11pm. 3003/3028, 3.3 Shopping Mall, 33 Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (5136 5759) 巨浪鞋业,


The Ritz-Carlton Spa China Central Place, 83A Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District (5908 8080/8081) 朝阳区建国路83号华贸中心 Salon 88 An international chain of hair salons offering consistent quality at economical prices. Daily 9am-10pm. 1) 6712 6081. 118 Carrefour Fu Gui Yuan, Block 3, South DongHuaShi, Chongwen District.; 2) 394 Zhongtancun, East Xiaokou Town, Changping District. (139 1135 2069); 3) PJWJ 103, Huacai Center, 16 Guangshun Dajie, Chaoyang District. (136 0115 0326); 4) Daily 9am-10pm. 1/F, Chuangyijia Carrefour, 6B Beisanhuan Donglu, Chaoyang District. (139 1055 3427); 5) Daily 9am-10pm. Store 310, Tongzhou Carrefour, 48 Jiukeshu Xilu, Tongzhou District. (137 0117 9323); 6) Daily 9am-10pm. 109, Shuangjing Carrefour, Jiulong Shangsha, 31 Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District. (139 1016 9259); 7) Daily 9am-10pm. 107-108, Maliandao Carrefour, 11 Maliandao Lu, Xuanwu District. (135 0101 1627); 8) Daily 9am-10pm. B1/F, 15-16, Zhongguancun Carrefour, Zhongguancun Xiqu, Haidian District. (136 0139 2562) 1) 崇文区东花市南里三区底商 裙房富贵苑家乐福118号; 2) 昌平区东小口镇中 滩村394号家乐福购物中心No.212; 3) 朝阳区广 顺大街16号华彩中心PJWJ 103; 4) 朝阳区北三


A Beijing institution and go-to for American fare, you can get an authentic club even at brunch. Satisfyingly crunchy fries served on the side. (6591 8676)

Element Fresh

On the smaller side (just two pieces of bread) and served cold, Element Fresh’s club is nevertheless absolutely dependable and guaranteed to leave you feeling saintly about your healthier choice. (6417 1318)


Offering a notable turkey club, this Shuangjing bar and cafe is worth a visit if you’re in the area. Be prepared to wait a little for food, though, as they’re predominantly a bar. (8775 1847)


Their sandwiches could use a bit more sauce, but the club is pretty good, and the bread is some of the best you’ll find in Beijing. (6415 0299)

Union Bar & Grille

Despite not attracting quite as much attention as their Reuben, Union’s club is no slouch. Hefty, delicious and skewered with a cheery baby-tomato-and-pickle toothpick. (6415 9117)


January 2012


Ongoing: Addicted to Antipasto Ham it up this January.

环东路乙6号创益佳家乐福一层; 5) 通州区九棵 树西路48号通州家乐福310号; 6) 朝阳区广渠路 31号九龙商厦双井家乐福109号; 7) 宣武区马连 道路11号马连道家乐福107-108; 8) 海淀区中关 村西区中关村家乐福地下一层15&16号

Salon de France Hair and Beauty Salon With a trained team of international and local stylists, colorists and beauticians, this salon mixes French chic with modern simplicity to create a relaxed atmosphere for a wide range of image consulting, hair beauty services, manicures and pedicures, waxing, facial and body treatments, make-up and tanning. Daily 10am-8pm. Nali Mall, Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 3029, 159 0146 0954, 138 1037 4763, 风色云边 美容美发中心, 朝阳区三里屯路那里市场内

The Spa at Hilton Beijing Wangfujing Nine treatment suites, including a Vichy shower room where guests can lie on a bed and let the full-body cascade of water pulse away all their fatigues and pains. Daily 10am-11pm. 6/F, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing East Street, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888 ext 8560) 东城区王府井东大街8号北 京王府井希尔顿6层

Spa de Feng Men-only spa. Daily noonmidnight. 1) C306, Sunshine 100, 2 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (5100 1330,; 2) Binduyuan A204, 15 Zaoying Beili, Nongzhanguan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6501 6639, reservation@spadefeng. com) 临枫男士健康会馆, 1) 朝阳区光华路2号阳光100 C306; 2) 朝阳区 农展北路枣营北里宾都苑204室

Tai Dian Massage Salon Japanese brand with 25 years of expertise. 1) Daily 10am-2am. Rm 305, Bldg 6, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5869 8200, 5869 0707) ; 2) Daily 10am-2am. Bldg 4, Area 2, Shuanghuayuan Nanli (100m west of Melody KTV), Chaoyang District. (8751 6223) 1)泰殿养 生会馆, 朝阳区东三环中路39号建外Soho6号楼 305室 2) 朝阳区双花园南里三区四号楼 (双井麦 乐迪向西一百米华夏银行北侧)

TATA International hair salon provides a complete range of hairstyling and beauty spa services, with an international team from England and France, China and Hong Kong. Daily 10am-10pm. Workers’ Stadium North Gate, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8511 3880) 朝阳区工体北路工人体育场北门 Toni & Guy British international hair salon chain. 1) Daily 10am-10pm. 3 Units, 3/F, Tower 8, South Area, Sanlitun Village, Chaoyang District. (6417 4188); 2) Daily 10am-9pm. 1/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6461 8368); 3) Unit 303, Tower C Office Bldg, Yintai Center, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8517 1292); 4) Daily 10am-9pm. 4/F Seasons Place Shopping Centre, 2 Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District. (6622 0316); 5) Daily 10am9pm. Rm105-106, Block F, Sunshine 100, 2 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6585 9288); 6) Daily 10am-9pm. 1/F, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8518 2646); 7) Daily 10am-10pm. Units F4-04 & 05, ECMall, 1A Danling Jie, Haidian District (8248 3435, fax 8248 3301) 托尼英盖, 1) 朝阳区三里 屯Village南区8号楼3层3单元; 2) 朝阳区朝阳区 东三环北路东方路1号希尔顿酒店大堂1层; 3) 朝 阳区建国门外大街2号银泰中心写字楼C座3层303 商铺; 4) 西城区金城纺街2号金融街购物中心四 层L404; 5) 朝阳区光华路2号阳光100国际公寓F 座105-106号; 6) 东城区东长安街1号东方广场

汇贤豪庭1层; 7) 海淀区丹棱街甲1号欧美汇购 物中心4层04-05

Willow Stream Spa Fairmont Beijing, 8 Yongan Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区建国门外大街永安东 里8号北京华彬费尔蒙酒店

Wonderful Massage Center Offers a variety of treatments, including oil massage, foot massage, full body massage and Thai massage. Reliable services and convenient location. Rm 101, 1/F, Bldg 13, West Gate of Central Park, Chaowai Dajie (across from World City), Chaoyang District. (5243 7258, 133 9161 6582) 朝阳区朝外大街新城国际西门13号楼1层101室( 世界城对面)

Yishengyuan-Beijing Health Center Services include acupuncture, taiji, qigong, yoga and fitness, acu-facials, massage and diet, diagnosis and treatment by famous TCM physicians, and Daoland dynamic fitness. Mon-Wed, Sat-Sun 8.30am-5.30pm, Thu-Fri 8.30am-9.30pm. 8 Fangjiayuan Hutong, Chaoyangmennei Nanxiaojie, Dongcheng District. (6514 0806) 颐生院-中医养生保健, 东城区朝阳门内南小街 大方家胡同芳嘉园甲8号

BODY & HEALTH PRODUCTS Elite Nutrition Center Exclusive retailer for hundreds of imported health goods. 1) Daily 7am-10pm. D-Space, Bldg 7, Richmond Park, 9 Fangyuan Xili, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (8457 8258, cn); 2) Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10.30am7.30pm. Unit 0159A, Bldg C, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5900 4538, www. 盈奥营养中心, 1) 朝阳区将 台路芳园南里9号院7号楼; 2) 朝阳区朝阳门外大 街6号朝外SohoC座0159A

Creation Tattoo Tattooing, body piercing, microdermal treatments and tattoo removal. Daily 11am-8pm. Rm 4309, 3/F, Bldg 4, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5869 1886, contact@tianxiciqing. com) 天喜莿青, 朝阳区 朝阳区东三环中路39号建外Soho4号楼3层4309号

Boutique & specialty shops The Bethel Shop Bethel China Foundation’s retail project stocks its own flagship products, as well as handcrafted work by other local organizations. Wed-Sat 10am-2pm. Shangpin Xiaozhen, 3 Jingmi Lu (between Laiguangying Donglu and Xiangjiang Beilu), Shunyi District. 顺义区京密路3号尚品小镇

The Big 8s Specializes in collecting, renewing and re-designing objects from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, from old Chinese furniture to housewares and electronics. 27 Beiluogu Xiang (near Gulou Dongdajie and Andingmen), Dongcheng District. (131 6159 2011), rosemansion.blogbus. com 东城区北锣鼓巷27号 Bye Bye Disco A haven for fans of the past. Daily 11am-10pm. 38-2 Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (6402 5581) 东城区南锣 鼓9巷38-2号

Croquis This men’s line is pitched towards twenty-to thirty-something guys who like their clothes simple and artless. Store 14, 4/F, Raffles City, 1 Dongzhimennei Nandajie, Dongcheng District. (8409 8536) 速写, 东城区 东城区东直门内大街1号来福士购物中心4层14号

Lane Crawford Luxury brand department store from Hong Kong. Daily 10am-9pm. L130, Seasons Place, 2 Jinchengfang Jie, Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6622 0808) 西城区金 融街金城坊街2号金融街购物中心L130

LMC High-end womenswear boutique founded by three Hong Kong designers. Daily 11am-10pm. 2/F, Shop 2, Hairun International Apartment, 2A Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5135 7184) 朝阳区将台路2号海润国际公寓商 业2号2层

Marni This young Italian fashion house offers beautiful, eclectic designs. Daily 9.30am9.30pm. 1) Building N2-16 & 26, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District.; 2) SB109, B1/F, China World Shopping Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 0708) 1) 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯Village北区N2-16 & 26; 2) 朝阳区建国门外大街1 号国贸商城地下1层SB109

Mega Mega Vintage Widely regarded as one of the best vintage stores in the city. 241 Guloudong Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8404 5637) 东城区鼓楼东大街241号 The Monocle Shop The retail extension of the super-stylish travel and lifestyle magazine, Monocle. Daily 9am-11pm. Inside Royal Smushi House. 8 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区东直门外大街8号 NLGX Design Store A Beijing-based independent apparel brand and design community. Sun-Thu 9.30am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11ammidnight. 33 Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (6404 8088) 东城区南 锣鼓巷33号

Old News Charming vintage totes and watches. Tue-Sun 2-10pm. 78 Wudaoying Hutong (just west of Vineyard Cafe), Dongcheng District. (136 2135 8442) 旧闻, 东 城区东城区五道营胡同78号

Paper Pounder Press Personalized letterpress printing, plus already-made stationery and greeting cards. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. Bldg 2, China View, 2 Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (138 1123 0049, 熙禧印记, 朝阳区工体 东路中国红街2号楼

Specialized One of the world’s leading bicycle brands. Ding 113, Xinjiekou Nandajie, Xicheng District. (6656 2246) www.s-riders. com 西城区新街口南大街丁113 Steve Madden American footwear chain Steve Madden. Daily 10am-10pm. BB70, 8/1F, The Malls at Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8518 8987) 东城区东城区 王府井大街东方新天地地下一层BB70

Tiger Vintage One of the better vintage shops around town, with a superior selection of leather jackets, retro midi dresses and faded tees. Daily 11am-10pm. 62 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. 虎古着屋, 东 城区鼓楼东大街62号

Triple-Major Concept store renowned for its exclusive range of experimental designers. Tue-Sun 1-8pm. 81 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District. (840 20763) 东城区宝钞胡同81号 Vintage Style This store revels in the essence of secondhand. Daily 10am-8pm. 195-1 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (136 8338 6562) 古着 热, 东城区鼓楼东大街195-1

clothing H&M Fast-fashion at its best. Daily 10am10pm. 1) Xidan Joy City, 131 Xidan Beidajie,

DIRECTORY / STYLE–A&C Xicheng District. (6706 0508); 2) Glory Mall, 18 Chongwenmen Dajie, Chongwen District. (6715 6676); 3) Raffles City, 1 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Dongcheng District. (8409 4199); 4) Oumeihui Shopping Mall, A1 Danling Jie, Haidian District. (8248 8976); 5) Qianmen Avenue Store, Building A16, Qianmen Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6706 0508) 1) 西城区西 单北大街131号西单大悦城; 2) 崇文区崇文门大 街18号国瑞城; 3) 东城区东直门南大街1号来福 士广场; 4) 海淀区丹棱街甲1号欧美汇购物中心

Me&City China’s answer to H&M. A diverse collection of casual chic, funky, rock and formal. Daily 10am-10pm. 1) 10 Qianmen Dajie, Dongcheng District.; 2) Xidan International Bldg, 111 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. (6398 9662) 1) 东城区前门大街10; 2) 西城区西 城区西单北大街111号西单国际大厦

区亮马桥路52号燕莎友谊商城5层; 2) 朝阳区建 国路87号新光天地5层生活家电区; 3) 朝阳区霄 云路36号国航大厦2201-02室; 4) 西城区金城坊 街金融街417号四层; 5) 顺义区天竺镇裕翔路99 号欧陆广场4层

Lily’s Antiques Furniture The most famous furniture dealer in Beijing, renowned for its authentic antiques and reproductions. 1) Daily 8.30am-6pm. Gaobeidian Showroom, 69 Gaobeidian Furniture Street, Chaoyang District. Contact Lily Quan (138 0139 6309) (8579 2458); 2) Visit by Appointment. Factory and Warehouse Address, Baimiao industry area, Songzhuang town, Tongzhou District. Contact Lily Quan (138 0139 6309) www.lilysantiques. com 华伦古典家具, 1) 朝阳区高碑店家俱一条 街69号; 2) 通州区工厂地址,通州区宋庄镇白庙 村工业大院

Villa Lifestyles Villa Lifestyles has been serving the Beijing community for more than five years. Providing you with quality name brand products backed by great service, they have the widest selection of BBQs and accessories, the Mosquito Magnet, trampolines, IQAir air purifiers, Bissell Vacuums and more. Stop by their Shunyi showroom or visit their website to have a look at what's new. 4/F, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District. (8046 1260, 6457 1922, 顺义区天竺镇裕翔路99 号欧陆广场4层

shopping malls & markets Shimao Department Store New shopping mall in Sanlitun. Daily 10am-10pm. Bldg 3, Yard 13, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8405 9033, 8405 9063) 世茂百 货, 朝阳区工体北路13号院3号楼

Arts & Culture Bookstores The Bookworm 1) Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-5pm. First courtyard, Hegezhuang Village, Shunyi District. (6431 2108, books@; 2) Daily 9am-2am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6586 9507) 书虫书吧, 1) 顺义区崔各庄乡,何 各庄村一号院; 2) 朝阳区工体北路4号院

Cinemas Broadway Cinematheque MOMA (BC MOMA) North area of Dongzhimen MOMA, 1 Xiangheyuan Lu, Dongzhimen, Chaoyang District. (8438 8258) 当 IQ Air While little can be done about outdoor air pollution, you can certainly make a difference with the air you breathe in your home or office. IQAir has been the top-rated air purifier brand for more than a decade. The Health Pro 250 is their most popular product and is considered by most to be the best all-around air cleaning system available. With their HyperHEPA technology, you are guaranteed near perfect levels of efficiency for the life of your machine. IQAir China specializes in bringing clean air solutions to both residential and commercial users. 1) 5/F, Household Appliance Area, Youyi Shopping City, 52 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (158 0136 1601, info@; 2) 5/F, Shin Kong Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5738 2401,; 3) Rm 2201, Air China Plaza, 36 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (8447 5800, 400 650 1266,; 4) 4/F, 417 Seasons Place, 2 Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District. (6622 0179,; 5) 4/F, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu, Shunyi District. (6457 1922, info@ 1) 朝阳


Galerie Paris-Beijing Mon-Sun 11am-7pm. 798 Dashanzi Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District. (5978 9262, 巴

阳区崔各庄乡合各庄村318号; 2) 朝阳区工体 西路6号

Y-3 A fashion brand that perfectly combines athletic and fashion elements in its design. Shimao Department Store, Yard 13, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区工体北路13号院

Home Decor

Chambers Fine Art Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. Red No.1-D, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (5127 3298, www. 前波画廊, 朝阳区草场

Green T. House Gallery 1) Daily 11.30am-11 .30pm. 318 Hegezhuang Village, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (8456 4922 ext 8); 2) Daily 10.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-midnight. 6 Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6552 8310/8311) 紫云轩, 1) 朝


Casa Pagoda Belgian-run furniture company combines classic European flair with Asian influences to create high-quality, environmentally-friendly furniture. MonSat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-8pm. 6 Sanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6591 3491) www. 朝阳区三里屯南路6号


画廊, 朝阳区草场地村104号

Uniqlo Japanese fast-fashion is cheap, practical and colorful. Bldg 10, South District, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6413 1320) 朝阳区三里屯路

世贸天阶; 4) 西城区西单北大街131号大悦城

Beijing Center for the Arts Daily 10am10pm. 23, Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6559 8008) 天安时间当代艺术中心, 东

Galerie Urs Meile Lucerne-Beijing TueSun 11am-6.30pm. 104 Caochangdi Village, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (6433 3393, fax 6433 0203) 麦勒

公园路6号蓝色港湾SM1/16; 2) 朝阳区朝阳区三 丰北里悠唐生活广场137A-137B

井富力城63-65号; 2) 朝阳区朝阳公园路6号蓝 色港湾国际商区1B1-6; 3) 朝阳区光华路甲9号


黎•北京画廊, 朝阳区朝阳区酒仙桥路4号大山 子艺术区

Pull and Bear A cheaper and more playful version of sister store Zara. Daily 10am-10pm. 1) SM1/16, Solana Mall, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 6940); 2) 137A137B, U-town Lifestyle Center, Sanfeng Bell, Chaoyang District. (5977 5650) 1) 朝阳区朝阳

Zara 1) Unit 63-65, Viva Plaza, Fulicheng, Zhong Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District.; 2) Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sun 11am-10pm. 1B1-6, Solana, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 6100); 3) Daily 10am10pm. The Place, 9A Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6587 1341/49); 4) Daily 10am-10pm. Joy City, 131 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. (5971 6350) 1) 朝阳区东三环双

Art Base 1 Area D, Shunbai Lu, Hegezhuang Village, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (6433 6920) 一号地国际艺术区, 朝阳区崔各庄乡

Instituto Cervantes 1A Gongti Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (5879 9666) www.pekin. 北京塞万提斯学院, 朝阳区工体 南路甲1号

Long March Space Tue-Sun 11am-7pm. Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9768,

White Space Beijing Tue-Sun noon-6pm. Airport Service Road, No. 255 Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (8456 2054) 空白空间, 朝阳区机场辅 路草场地255号

XYZ Gallery Daily 10.30am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8459 9299) 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号大山 子艺术区

miscellaneous Beijing American Center Jingguang Center, Suite 2801, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区京广中 心,2801室

Landgent Center 20 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8771 5506) 乐成中心, 朝阳 区朝阳区东三环中路20号

Museums China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts (CMoDA) B1/F, Area A, Bldg 9A, China Millennium Monument, Fuxing Lu, Xicheng District. (5980 2315) 中华世纪坛数字艺 术馆, 西城区复兴路甲9号中华世纪坛A区B1层

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) Tue-Sun 10am-7pm. Dashanzi Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8459 9269) 尤伦斯当代艺术 中心, 朝阳区酒仙桥路4号大山子艺术区

Si Shang Art Museum By appointment until Feb 2012. Huosi Lu Dong, Zhangxizhuang, Shunyi District. (6949 1028) http://www. 寺上美术馆, 顺义区张喜庄火寺路东 寺上美术馆

Today Art Museum Daily 9am-5pm. Pingod Space, 32 Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5862 1100) 今日 美术馆, 朝阳区百子湾路32号

O Gallery 9/F HuaLi Dasha, 58 JinBao Jie,

White Box Museum of Art B07, 2 Jiauxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 4800) http:// 白盒子艺术馆, 朝阳区

Pekin Fine Arts Wed-Sun 10am-6pm. 241,Caochangdi, Cuigezhuang,, Chaoyang District. (5127 3220)

Beijing Concert Hall 1 Beixinhuajie, Xicheng District. (6605 7006/5812) 北京音乐厅, 西城区

长征空间, 朝阳区大山子艺术区

Dongcheng District. (8520 6000) 奥美零空间画 廊, 东城区金宝街58号华丽大厦9层



艺门画廊, 朝阳区崔各庄乡草场地村241号


Red Gate Gallery Daily 9am-5pm. 1/F & 4/F, Dongbianmen Watchtower, Chongwenmen Dongdajie, Chongwen District. (6525 1005) 红门画廊, 崇文区崇

Beijing EE City Theatre 10/F, Joy City, 101 Chaoyang Beilu (at the intersection of Qingnian Lu), Chaoyang District. (5705 0707) 北京蓝


Tang Contemporary Gallery Tue-Sun 10.30am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District. (6436 3518/3658, 当代唐人艺术中 心, 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号, 大山子艺术区

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. 155 East End Art, Caochangdi Village (Next to Platform China), Chaoyang District. (6432 2663) www. 三影堂摄影艺术中心, 朝阳区

天城剧场, 朝阳区朝阳北路101号(青年路口东北 角)大悦城10层

Beijing Exhibition Theater 135 Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xicheng District. (6835 4455) 北京展览馆 剧场, 西城区西直门外大街135号

Forbidden City Concert Hall Inside Zhongshan Park, Xichang’an Jie, Xicheng District. (6559 8285) 中山公园音乐堂, 西城区西长安街中山公园内

Great Hall of the People Daily 8.30am-3pm, but closed during government meetings. RMB 30, RMB 15 (children). West side of Tian’anmen Square, Dongcheng District. (6309 6156) 人民


大会堂, 东城区天安门广场西侧

Where Where Art Space 319-1 East End Art (Zone A), Caochangdi Village, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District. (159 1080 3790) 哪

National Centre For The Performing Arts (NCPA) 2 Chang’an Jie, Xicheng District. (6655 0000) 国家大剧院, 西

里哪里艺术空间, 朝阳区草场地村319-1 艺术东 区A区内 (机场辅路由南往北五环外第一个路口 路东, 长建驾校对面路口)


Peking University Hall Inside Peking University, 5A Yiheyuan Lu, Haidian District. (6275

代MOMA百老汇电影中心, 朝阳区东直门香河园 路1号, 万国城北区(二环路东北角)

Galleries Alexander Ochs Gallery Tues-Sun 10am-6pm. (Will be closed for Summer Aug 1-22.) 255 Caochangdi, Jichang Fulu, Chaoyang District. (8456 2054, Alliance Française de Pekin 1) 103 Deshengmennei Dajie, Xihai, Xicheng District. (6404 2643); 2) Rm 421, Block 2, Beijing Language and Culture University, 15 Xueyuan Lu, Haidian District. (8230 3619); 3) 18 Gongti Xilu, Guangcai International Mansion, Chaoyang District. (6553 2678) 北京法语培训中心, 1) 西 城区德胜门内大街103号; 2) 海淀区学院路15号 北京语言文化大学教学2号楼421室; 3) 朝阳区工 体西路18号光彩国际公寓

Arario Beijing Tue-Sun 10am-7pm. Inside Chaoyang Liquor Factory, Beihuqu, Anwaibeiyuan, Chaoyang District. (5202 3800, info@ 朝 阳区安外北苑北湖渠朝阳酒艺术园

January 2012


DIRECTORY / A&C–SPORTS–LIVING 1278) 北大百年纪念礼堂, 海淀区颐和园路甲5号北京大学内

ski rental. 8.30am-10pm. East of Dawangwu Cun, Donggao Cunzhen, Pinggu District. (5869 3355) 平谷区东高村镇大旺务村东侧

Plato Theater 3/F, Bldg B, Oriental Media Center, 4 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (400 000 0404) 北京戏逍堂柏拉图剧场, 朝阳区



Fine Yoga Offers traditional ashtanga yoga for all levels, with experienced instructors. 16/F, Tower 2, Blue Castle International Center, 3 Xi Dawang Lu,Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District. (8599 9566, 153 0008 6931) www. 梵音瑜珈, 朝阳区西大望路蓝堡

Poly Theatre Poly Plaza, 14 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Dongcheng District. (6500 1188 ext 5126/5127) 保利剧院, 东城区东直门南大街14号保利大厦1层

Tianqiao Acrobatics Theater 95 Tianqiao Shichang Lu (east end of Beiwei Lu, opposite Tianqiao Theater), Xuanwu District. (6303 7449) 天桥杂技剧场, 宣武区北纬路东口天桥


Soma Hot Yoga With Huiping Mo Mainland China’s first official Bikram Yoga Studio featuring Bikram China representative Huiping Mo and Bikram certified instructor John Williams. Daily 10am-6.45pm. 5/F, Bldg E, Pacific Century Place, 2A Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6539 3434, 139 1051 3285) PCC盈科会所, 朝阳区工体北路甲2


Trojan House Theater 22 International Art Street, Pingod, 32 Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District. (5711 0860/5711 2128) 木马剧场, 朝阳区朝阳区百子湾路32号22

SPORTS Football ClubFootball 9am-6pm. Unit A212, Door 3, A1 Zone, Huadeng Building, 14 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5130 6893/4/5/6, www.clubfootball. 万国群星足球俱乐部, 朝阳区酒仙桥路14 号兆维华登大厦A1区3门212室

martial arts Krav Maga Beijing Daily training sessions, accredited instructors and two studios. (187 1019 0150)

Diving SinoScuba Offers safe, family scuba diving

take 5 Long island iced tea 2F

One of the cheapest Long Islands around, but you can trust the drinks poured by Ar Jian and his team. Still, with all that liquor in them, one too many and you’ll end up on your back. 2F (6416 4549)

Blue Frog

The Blue Frog Iced Tea is much like their burgers: Massive in size and jam-packed with stuff that you like but know isn’t good for you. Blue Frog (Sanlitun: 6417 4030, Chaoyangmen: 8561 2665)

The Brick

“The Terminator,” as they call it down in this Shuangjing bar, is another Long Island writ large. Drinking it gets you bonus points on quiz night. We’ll be back. The Brick (139 1113 6564)

The Den

Possibly the only place in Beijing where you can get a Long Island at 4am. Probably not a good idea, but The Den’s success wasn’t founded on customers having good ideas. The Den (6592 6290)

The Green Cap

Husband-and-wife team Nana and Pat Walsh add an Emerald Isle twist to the classic cocktail with their “Long Ireland Iced Tea.” Expect Jameson and the like, but they’ll stop short of adding a shot of Baileys. The Green Cap (186 1174 7939)


Jan 14: Syndicate Sessions Space for drum & bass.


January 2012

services - Underwater activities, including swimming with dolphins and full certification courses. Classes available in Chinese and English (135 0116 3629, steven@sinoscuba. com)

GYMS & FITNESS CENTERS Health Club Daily 6am-11pm. 6/F, Beijing Marriott Hotel, 26 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航大厦 万豪酒店6层健身房

ski & snowboard Badaling Ski Resort Badaling has two 800m long ski runs and a 2,300m snowmobile run. It also has sledding runs and a ski lodge with accommodation, food and drinks, stores and a gym. Any kid over 3 is welcome to take a shot at the slopes! Badaling Town, Yanqing County. 8.30am-6.30pm. (6501 0335) 八达岭镇 延庆县 Cuiyunshan Ski Resort Carved out from a white birch forest, this ski resort features three runs, one each for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. Covers a total of 122,100 acres and is accessible by train. Entrance RMB 30. RMB 60/hr, RMB 300/6hr or RMB 80/hr, RMB 420/6hr (weekends). Snowsuit rental RMB 50. Sauna (RMB 20) and lodging (RMB 200400) available. 9am-9.30pm. Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province. (6400 9569) 河北省张家口市崇礼县

Duolemeiti Ski Resort Located 220km (a 2.5hr drive) from Beijing, Dolomiti covers 57 hectares and has five slopes, ranging from 400-1800m long – two for intermediate, two for advanced, one for beginners, and one reserved for snowboarders. The resort’s ski lifts are imported from Italy and it boasts a fullservice ski equipment shop. Italian coffee and pizza await hungry skiers at the base lodge. Xiqueliang, Sitaizui Village, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province. (8453 5186) 河北省张家口市崇礼县四台嘴乡喜鹊梁

Hebei Saibei Ski Resort This unique scenic environment with a backdrop of snowcovered mountains and forest has an 800m ski run and a 2,800m beginner slope. Lodgings include the No. 1 “Show” hotel (RMB 680-1880 per night), four villas (standard room RMB 150200), and the “white birch” (baihua) style villa (RMB 100 a bed or RMB 60 per person in farmhouse). The trip from the city takes about 2.5 hours on the newly-built Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway. There is a shuttle bus to the resort on the weekends (RMB 120 per person). North of Xiqueliang, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province. (0313 477 2012, 477 2053) 河北省张家口市崇礼县喜鹊梁北

Huaibei International Ski Resort Located in Jiugukou, site of the only rectangular tower on the Great Wall, Huaibei boasts a 3,100m ski trail and a cable car that runs up to 1,200m (the highest in Beijing). Other features include a grass run as well as two advanced, one intermediate and three beginner slopes. Admission RMB 20. Rental RMB 60/hr, RMB 80/hr (weekends) or RMB 100/hr (holidays). Lodging is available. Take 936 zhi from Dongzhimen. 8am-9.30pm. 548 Hefangkou Cun, Huaibei Zhen, Huairou District. (8969 6677) 怀柔区怀北 镇河防口村548号

Jundushan Ski Resort The Beijing Jundushan ski resort is located 34km from the city and covers an area of nearly 330 acres. Equipped for skiers and snowboarders, the resort features seven ski runs, a slalom run, double seat cableway and cross-country path (for snow-


mobiles). Jundushan’s southern exposure means the snow can get slushy. Sleds, inner tubes and snowmobiles are available for rent. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30(holidays). Rental RMB 100/2hr, RMB 150/2hr (weekend) or RMB 160/2hr (holidays). Accommodation options include “Russian style villas” and Mongolian tents. Take the subway (line 13) to Longze station and transfer to bus 21. 8am-10pm. 588 Zhenshun Cun, Cuicun Zhen (5 km north of the Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Holiday Village), Changping District. (6072 5888) 昌平区崔村镇

Yoga Yard They offer specialized classes such as prenatal and postnatal yoga, introduction to yoga, restorative yoga, and other workshops, training sessions and retreats with guest teachers. Mon-Thu 7.15am-9.30pm, Fri-Sun 7.15am-8pm. 6/F, Bldg 17 Gongti Beilu (across from the north gate of Workers’ Stadium), Chaoyang District. (6413 0774, info@ 瑜珈苑, 朝阳区工体北路17号楼6层工人体育场北门对面



Longfeng Shan Ski Resort Only 26km from Tian’anmen Square and a 10-minute ride from Pingguoyuan subway station, this hill features six ski runs: two for beginners, two for intermediates and two for advanced, as well as hiking year-round. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30 (holidays). Rental RMB 70/hr, 90/hr (weekend) or 120/hr (holidays). 8am-10pm. Wanfotang Cun, Yongding Zhen, Mentougou District. (6980 4549/1740) 门头沟区永定镇万佛堂村 Nanshan Ski Village Beijing Nanshan Ski Village lies in the south of Miyun County, 108km from Siyuan Bridge and is one of the area’s top ski resorts, Nanshan has ten well-groomed trails for skiers of all levels and a snowboard park (Nanshan Mellow Park) with a halfpipe, four kickers and six rails – all served by a quadruple chairlift, a double chairlift and nine Tbars. Admission RMB 20. Rental RMB 100/2hr, RMB 150/2hr (weekend) or RMB 160/2hr (holidays). Lodging available. Take the shuttle bus (RMB 40 round trip) from Dongzhimen, 8.30am every Sat and Sun. 8.30am-5.30pm. Shengshuitou Cun, Henanzhai Town, Miyun County. (8909 1909) 密云县河南寨镇圣水头村 Snow World Ski Park Located near the Ming Tombs, is a mere thirty minutes by car from downtown Beijing. There are two ski runs – one for advanced and one for intermediate skiers – and all of its equipment is imported from North America. Admission RMB 20. Ski Rental RMB 50/hr or RMB 70/hr (weekend/holidays). Snowboard rental RMB 70/hr or RMB 120 for four hours. Lodging can be found ten minutes away. Take bus 345 from Deshengmen and than transfer to bus 3. 8.30am-5pm. Xiaogongmen, Shisanling, Changping District. (8976 1886/ 1899) 昌平区 十三陵小宫门

Wanlong Ski Resort Located 249km from Beijing – a 3 hour drive, the resort has 5 ski runs for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers and also offers snowmobile hire and sledding.Weekend price starts from RMB 180 (2 hrs), RMB 240 (4 hrs), RMB 350/day, RMB 470 (1.5 days), RMB 580 (2 days) (Rental RMB 40-240). Lodging ranges from RMB 718-2,280. 8.30am-4.30pm. Honghualiang, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province. (0313 478 5111/8888) 河北省张家口市崇礼县 红花梁

Yunfoshan Ski Resort It is surrounded by mountains in three directions and covers 45,000sqm. There is a 1,000m run for advanced skiers, three intermediate runs, four beginner runs and a 1,500m cross-country trail for snowmobiles. Admission RMB 20. Rental RMB 50/hr. Lodging available ranging from RMB 400-1600. Take 987 from Dongzhimen. 8.30am-5pm. Xiwengzhuang Zhen, Miyun County. (6901 6896) 密云县溪翁庄镇 Yuyang Ski Resort Less than an hour outside of the city, with slopes for all levels. Until 5pm, RMB 130 (weekends), RMB 110 (weekdays); after 5pm RMB 70. Ticket prices include

Community Groups The Beijing Guild An informal crafts group that meets weekly to knit, crochet and engage in other crafts. ( The Capital Club This private club caters to Beijing’s senior business community. 50/F, Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (8486 2225 ext 260, China Culture Center (CCC) Kent Center, 29 Anjialou, Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6432 9341/1041, 朝阳区亮马桥路 29号安家楼肯特中心院内

Culture Yard A fun environment for locals and expats alike to interact. 9am-late. 10 Shique Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8404 4166, 东城区石雀胡同10号 Fishbowl Events Social opportunities for people to mingle. Gaobeidian Folk Cultures Street This school seeks to promote local tourism as well as public understanding of traditional Chinese handicrafts. 725 Gaobeidian Village, Chaoyang District. (8575 5557, 136 5134 8956, 高碑店民俗文化街, 朝阳区高碑 店725号

International Newcomers’ Network Function Rm, 3/F, Athletic Center, Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (8486 2225 ext 110, www. 朝阳区新源南路6号京城大厦康 乐中心3层

VIVA: Beijing Professional Women’s Network Career support network for professional women. ( www.

COOKING SCHOOLS Black Sesame Kitchen Food writer Jen-Lin Liu's cooking school. 3 Heizhima Hutong, Dongcheng District. (136 9147 4408, 东城区黑芝麻胡同3号 The Hutong Informal cooking school that also offers workshops focused on intercultural friendship and learning. 1 Jiudaowan Zhongxiang Hutong (southeast of Beixinqiao subway station), Dongcheng District. (6404 3355, 东城区九道湾中巷胡同1号(北新桥地铁站东南边)

Education Beijing Rego British School Follows on the heels of two successful schools in Tianjin and Shanghai and caters to students from the surrounding Shunyi area with its array of educa-

DIRECTORY / LIVING tional facilities and age-appropriate resources on campus. 15 Liyuan Jie, Tianzhu County, Shunyi District. (8416 7718, sarah.hancock@ 北京瑞金英国学 校, 2) 顺义区顺义区天竺镇丽苑街15号

Mandarin Plus Provides high quality and customized education together with unique cultural opportunities. Experienced teachers will make tailor-made study plans for you. B1-535, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5785 3361, Contact@mandarin-plus. org) 卓一汇众, 朝阳 区工体北路三里屯Soho, B1-535


Beijing DCN Orthopedic Hospital Medical service provider cooperating with international healthcare insurance companies and offering a broad range of both inpatient and outpatient expert services in orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, sport medicine, trauma and fracture care, and rehabilitation. Daily 24hrs (includes clinical and pharmacy services). 19A, Fushi Lu, Haidian District. (5271 3366) 北京德尔康尼骨科医院, 海淀区阜石路甲19号

Beijing Intech Eye Hospital Fifteen years of eye care experience, including emergency treatment, telephone consultations, laser vision corrective surgery and preventative care. On-site shop sells frames and lenses. The VIP clinic has English-speaking staff, many of whom trained overseas. Offers direct billing to many international insurance companies. Daily 8.30am-4.30pm. 1/F, 4-5/F, Panjiayuan Plaza, 12 Panjiayuan Nanli, Chaoyang District. (6771 5558, 英智眼科医院, 朝阳区潘

Jan 11: Yuksek

Shoegazers of the world unite.


Rutgers EMBA Program Rutgers offers a fully accredited 14-month Executive MBA (EMBA) program designed for working professionals who want to remain on the job while obtaining a US MBA. Classes are taught in English once a month over a nine-day period, held all day on two consecutive Saturdays and Sundays, and three hours per night for two nights during the intervening week. 5/F, China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5877 1706/7) 新泽西州立大学EMBA项目, 朝

Beijing DCN Orthopedic Hospital A preferred medical service provider cooperating with international healthcare insurance companies. Offers a broad range of both inpatient and outpatient expert services in orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, sport medicine, trauma and fracture care, and rehabilitation. Open 24 hours a day, including clinical and pharmacy services. 19 Fushi Lu, Haidian District. (5271 3366, 5271 3366 (fax), 德尔康尼骨科医院版权所有,

from 0900-1800, and is open for urgent care, primary care, family medicine as well as specialty care in all essential areas. Puhua Clinic is unique in offering: Chiropractic Care, an American-Style Eye (Ophthalmology) Dept; and also a Podiatry Dept.Direct-Billing with all major Insurers; Membership Plan available. Mon-Sun 9am-6pm. 54 Wusheng Beilu, Dongsanhuan, Chaoyang District. (8773 5522, 8911 6665 (24hr hotline)) www.puhuaclinic. com 北京普华门诊, 朝阳区东三环武圣北路54号


Beijing Puhua International Hospital The first International-Standard Hospital in Beijing. Open in Beijing since 1994. Inpatient, Outpatient, Surgery, Inpatient Care and ICU Services. English-speaking staff on 24/7 call. Wide range of Medical, Surgical and Consulting Services. Direct-billling with International Insurance Companies. The reference-level Medical Facility in Beijing for all Neurology, Neurosurgery and Rehabilitation Issues. World leader & Pioneer in Regenerative Medicine. Member of Asia Pacific Medicine (APMG) the leading, and the largest, International-Standard Medical Services Group in Asia. 12 Tiantan Nanli (800m west of the South Gate of the Temple of Heaven), Chongwen District. (8911 6665 (24hr hotline)) 崇文区天坛南


Medical Services 21st Century Health Care - Beijing Glory Clinic Glory Clinic was established in 1998 and offers high standard, integrative preventive health screenings and medical care in a quiet and comfortable environment. Internationally trained doctors and nurses provide care for internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, dentistry, pediatrics, ENT, immunization, ophthalmology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and specialist appointment. The health screening department offers comprehensive customized health screenings for individuals and corporate clients. Direct billing with international insurers is provided. Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese. Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am - 6pm; 24 hour house call service. 40 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (84446168(English/Chinese)8444 6160 (Japanese)6468 6021(Korean)) http://www. 朝阳区亮马桥路40号 Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital Offers high-quality medical services with a focus on maternity care, women’s health and pediatrics. Foreign language support program available on request. 8am-4.30pm. 9 Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6434 2388 24hr hotline, 800 610 6200) www.amcare. 北京美中宜和妇儿医院, 朝阳区朝阳区 芳园西路9号


Beijing International SOS Clinic One of the world’s leading international healthcare, medical and security assistance company with 66% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies choosing International SOS. Since 1989, International SOS has led international-standard medical care in China, with a 24/7 alarm center hotline, a dedicated air ambulance, four international quality clinics staffed with expat and foreign doctors and 200+ network of medical service partners. International SOS Beijing clinic is the city’s leading family practice and specialist services clinic, represented by 15 nationalities, including English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean and Chinese-speaking doctors. Offers 24/7 Emergency Services, GP, Pediatrics, Gynecology, specialists, Pharmacy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Orthodontics, Optometry. Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun 8am-6pm. Suite 105, Wing 1, Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (Clinic: 6462 9112, 24hr hotline 6462 9100, china.inquiries@ www.internationalsos. com 北京国际救援中心, 朝阳区新源里16号琨莎

Beijing United Family Shunyi Clinic Provides easily accessible, high-quality medical services and wellness promotion in the Beijing suburbs. Family medicine, family counseling, physical therapy, pediatrics, integrative medicine and travel medicine services are available throughout the week. Mon -Thu 9:30am - 7:30pm, Fri-Sun 9.30am-4.30pm. Unit 818, Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District. (8046 5432, fax 8046 4383) www.unitedfamilyhospitals. com 北京和睦家医院诊所, 顺义区天竺开发区 荣祥广场818号

Bayley & Jackson Medical Center Provides comprehensive medical and dental services with English-speaking staff. Onsite radiology, laboratory and pharmacy service. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5.30pm. 7 Ritan Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8562 9998, after-hours emergencies 8562 9990, 庇利积臣医疗中心, 朝


Beijing Puhua International Clinic The free-standing, outpatient and primary/ specialty-care facility of the pioneering Puhua International Hospital. Located near the Jinsong Station, the Clinic is open daily

睦家医院, 朝阳区将台路2号

Bioscor Beijing Clinic International clinic for cosmetic medicine, specializing in cosmetic surgery, skincare, hair regrowth, and anti-ageing techniques. Appointments with an Australian surgeon and physician available. Rm 1008, E-Tower, 12 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6503 5706/7, cn) 澳保加医疗美容诊 所, 朝阳区光华路12号数码01大厦1008室(嘉里 中心对面)

Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Dr. David Zhang is an American National Board Exam Certificated chiropractic doctor, a Texas licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, and a specialist in Chinese medicine. He provides chiropractic, physiotherapy, and other manual therapies for back pain, sciatica, and other conditions, as well as acupuncture and natural medicine treatments. Tue, Wed, Thur and Sat 9.30am-6.30pm,. Beijing Internal Medical Center, S110, 1/F, Lufthansa Center Office building, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6464 9828, 8448 3449) 朝阳区北京国际医 疗中心中国北京朝阳区亮马桥路50号燕莎中心写 字楼一层 S110

CMS Clinic American cosmetic/aesthetic medical services including laser skin treatments, hair loss/removal, cosmetic surgeries and anti-aging therapeutics for men and women. Free consultations available. BeijingTower (Chang’an Club Bldg) 7/F, Suite 701, 10 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6559 6769) 北京 西美斯医疗美容诊所, 东城区东城区长安街10号 长安俱乐部7层

Cosmetic Surgery Center Located in the Third Hospital of Beijing University, this is the earliest professional department for plastic surgery in China. Specializes in cosmeticand plastic surgeries. 38 ShangdixinxiLu, Haidian District. (8289 0216) 北医三院 上地门诊部医学美容中心, 海淀区上地信息路38 号上地数码大厦B座

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing Beijing’s first joint-venture medical organization operates according to international standards, has a high-quality international administration system and highly trained medical staff. Daily 9am-9pm (after 9pm minimal staff on duty). 9/F, office tower of the Swissotel, 2 Chaoyangmen Beidajie, Dongcheng District. (6501 4260, 6553 2288 ext 2345/6/7) 北京港


Beijing New Century Harmony Pediatric Clinic As a satellite clinic of renowned Beijing New Century International Children’s Hospital, Beijing New Century Harmony Pediatric Clinic has a strong team of experienced pediatricians and nurses from China and overseas. Harmony Pediatric Clinic provides a full range of multi-lingual healthcare services on a 7x24basis (7x12. 9am to 9pm during soft opening period). K-01, Bldg 19, Harmony Business Center, Liyuan Street, Tianzhu Zhen, Shunyi District. (6456 2599) cn 北京新世纪荣和儿科门诊部, 顺义区天竺镇丽

2 Jiangtai Lu (in the Lido area), Chaoyang District. (5927 7000, 5927 7120 (ER ), fax 5927 7200) 北京和

澳国际医务诊所, 东城区朝阳门北大街2号港澳中 心瑞士酒店办公楼9层

Beijing United Family Hospital International-standard hospital with inpatient and outpatient services. Wide range of medical and surgical specialties provided, emergency room and ICU open 24 hours. Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm. 24-hour emergency care.

International Medical Center (IMC) Foreign doctors are on-site 24hrs a day, offering a wide range of medical services, including family medicine, psychological services, dental, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, TCM, etc. English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian are spoken. Drop-in service for travelers, on-site X-ray, ultrasound,

eco-luxe discount! D-SATA is offering a 12% discount on items from the “Victoria” or Little Black Bag collections to all Beijinger readers who purchase the “Victoria” clutch bag in upcycled hand-dyed cow fur.

January 2012


DIRECTORY / LIVING laboratory. Daily 24hrs. S106, S111 Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmahe Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 1561/2/3, 6465 1384/28, marketing@ 北京国际医疗中心,朝阳 区亮马

京和睦家健康中心内; 3) 朝阳区将台路2号北京 和睦家医院内


New Century International Children’s Hospital (NCICH) China’s premier international children’s hospital provides affordable pediatric care at international standards. Claims to have Beijing’s most qualified doctors and nurses, with private, safe family rooms and imported state-of-the-art equipment. Their English-speaking staff offer a full range of children’s healthcare services. Daily 8am5pm (full services), daily 24hrs (A+E services). 56 Nanlishi Lu (next to the east gate of the Beijing Children’s Hospital), Xicheng District. (6802 5588) 北京新世纪国

A座3层3097; 2)海淀区远大路1号金源新燕莎4 层4119; 3)昌平区立汤路186号龙德广场地下1层 B118; 4)朝阳区广渠路33号石韵浩庭4号楼4底商

Lee Pet Animal Hospital Full-service veterinary center. Daily 24hrs. Unit 5-6, 9 Lincui Lu, Chaoyang District. (5821 3503) 乐宠丽派特动物 医院, 朝阳区林萃路9号5-6底商. 电话

际儿童医院, 西城区南礼士路56号 (北京儿童医 院东门南侧)

Vista Medical Center Medical services including family and internal medicine, OB/ GYN, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT, TCM, physiotherapy, psychiatry, imaging laboratory and pharmacy service. Also offers pre- and postnatal care and infant health check-ups. English-speaking staff onsite 24hrs a day. A consultation with a GP costs RMB 660. Direct billing with more than 40 international insurance providers. Daily 24hrs. B29, Kerry Centre, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (8529 6618, fax 8529 6615, 维 世达诊所, 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心B29

Mental Health Services Beijing International SOS Clinic Family Counseling Center Two counselors offer services that include individual therapy, couple relations, family dynamics, parent and child relations and stress management. Suite 105, Bldg 1, Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (6462 0333, 北京国际救援中心, 朝阳区新源里16 号琨莎中心一座105室

Beijing United Psychological Health Center BJU’s mental health professionals are all licensed in their home countries and have the credentials to practice legally in China. This team is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Beijing’s diverse community and practice only the highest standards of mental health care. Their very experienced staff of multicultural, multilingual psychologists and psychiatrists can respond to personal, relationship, family and children’s issues. BJU’s counseling services are available in three locations in the city. For further information and appointments call 5927 7067. 1) Inside Beijing United Family Shunyi Clinic, Unit 818, Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District. (fcreception@; 2) Inside Beijing United Family Jianguomen Health & Wellness Center, B1/F, The St. Regis Residence, St. Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (; 3) Inside Beijing United Family Hospital, 2 Jiangtai Lu (in the Lido area), Chaoyang District. (fcreception@ 北京和睦家 医院诊所, 1) 顺义区天竺开发区荣祥广场818单 元北京和睦家医院诊所内; 2) 朝阳区建国门外 大街21号北京国际俱乐部饭店公寓楼地下1层北

photography and kennel services. 1) Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9.30pm. Unit 3097, Bldg A, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5900 5499); 2) Rm 4119, 4/F, Golden Resources Shopping Mall, 1 Yuanda Lu, Haidian District. (8887 0706); 3) B118, B1/F, Longde Square Shopping Mall, 186 Litang Lu, Changping District. (8484 1916); 4) Bldg 4, Landgent Chateau, 33 Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District. (8776 9602) www.leepet. com 乐宠, 1)朝阳区朝阳门外大街6号朝外SOHO

Vista Medical Center Vista’s mental health care team includes a psychiatrist, two psychologists and a counselor. They offer counseling for interpersonal issues, including marriage, divorce and parenting, emotional disorders including depression, grief, anxiety, as well as stress and anger management. They also specialize in working with children and their families as they navigate expat life in China. They work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Our counseling services are available in English, Japanese, Persian, Hindi and Chinese. Medical prescriptions are available. Daily 24hrs. B29, Kerry Centre, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (8529 6618, fax 8529 6615, 维 世达诊所, 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心B29

IMC Psychological and Family Counseling Services English-speaking Adult and Child Psychologist, licensed to practice in China, offers individual, couple, marriage and family therapy. He also conducts psychological, neuropsychological / educational testing, biofeedback therapy and hypnosis. He offers treatment for depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, sexual difficulties, alcohol and substance abuse, ADD, ADHD, autism, and learning problems in children. Speaks Chinese, Farsi and conversational Japanese. Daily 24hrs. S106, 1/F, Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (158 0131 9796, 6465 1561/2/3) 朝阳区亮马桥路50号燕莎中心写字楼 1层S106

Pet Care/Animal Welfare Doggy Thoughts CBT Dennis Schenk provides private canine behavior training sessions for aspiring and/or struggling dog owners. (137 1802 7490 (English), 134 6639 7349 (Chinese),, International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) All services in English and Mandarin. Licensed rabies vaccines. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm; Sun 10am-7pm (by appointment). Kent Center, 29 Liangmaqiao Lu, Anjialou (shares a courtyard with China Culture Center), Chaoyang District. (8456 1939/40/41, www.ICVSASIA. com 北京新天地国际动物医院, 朝阳区安家楼亮 马桥路29号肯特中心院子内

Lee Pet Beijing’s largest pet store, offering not only a diverse range of imported products, but also in-house grooming,

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS The River of Grace Church Sunday Services begin at 10am and are open to all foreign passport holders. 2/F, Great Hotel, 1 Zuojiazhuang, Chaoyang District. (6466 1680) 朝阳区左家庄1号北 京贵国酒店二层

Volunteer and NGOs Beijing 1+1 A Chinese NGO in partnership with BBC that promotes the participation of visually impaired people in radio. Rm 604, Bldg 22, Area 2, Xiluoyuan, Fengtai District. (6725 9507, fax 6725 9407, www.oneplusone. 北京一加一文化交流中心, 丰台区西罗园 二区22号楼604室

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP) CHP is a national resource center for heritage conservation, equipping local communities with awareness, strategy, organization, practical skills and training to preserve cultural heritage at local levels. Those who have tips on suspect behavior regarding cultural relics or sites should call the hotline. Rm 309, Bldg E, 46 Fangjia Hutong (just south of Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District. (6403 6532, 6403 6632 (fax)) www. 北京文化遗产保护中心, 东城区方家 胡同46号艺术园区(国子监南临)E座309室

Beijing Fengtai Lizhi Healing Center A boarding school for mentally disabled adults that focuses on teaching vocational skills and self-care. 93 Fengxi Beili (southeast of Fengxi Tielu Dongxiaoqu), Fengtai District. (5185 6801, fax 8360 2479) 北京丰台 利智康复中心, 丰台区丰西北里93号(丰西铁路 东小区东南角)

Beijing Foundation Beijing Foundation promotes transparent philanthropy and is working to create a philanthropic network to benefit Northern China. www. Beijing Horizon Educational Center (BHEC) BHEC seeks to promote fair development in education by providing resources for teachers in underprivileged areas. Rm 302, Bldg 2, Liheng Mingyuan, 23 Nanbinhe Lu, Xuanwu District. (6348 0852, 北京泓德中育文 化发展中心, 宣武区南滨河路23号立恒名苑23 号楼302室

Beijing Huiling Community Services (BJHL) Beijing Huiling Community Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities seeks to improve the lives of the mentally disabled. Through community-based activities, BJHL facilitates trainees' independence and teaches life skills. Unit 307, Yanle Business Bldg, 100 Yanle Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8402 9532, 东城区演乐胡同100号演乐商务楼307

Bethel China Foundation A not-for-profit organization that provides foster care, education and professional training for Chinese orphans who are blind or visually impaired. The Project’s training center, named The Love is Blind Project, is located on a 17acre property, near a small village outside Beijing. The organization was founded in 2002 by a French couple, Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain. Doudianzhen Jiaodao, Liugu Daocun, Fangshan District. (8031 0383, 8031 0683 (guest house), 8031 0483 (medical house), www. 房山区房山区窦店镇交道六 股道村

Jan 5-6: Ballet: Sleeping Beauty Quick, before she wakes up.


January 2012

BICCO (Beijing International Committee for Chinese Orphans) A volunteer group that helps Chinese orphans with medical

problems. Volunteer opportunities listed on their website. ( 北京国际援助中国孤儿委员会

Building Opportunity With Support (BOWS) A small and growing not-for-profit dedicated to providing support, informal counseling, education and a safe environment for girls and young women. (136 4125 2617, CAI Empowers the children of migrant laborers through creative arts education and team sports. Four core values – confidence, courage, commitment and care – are taught through the programs. Comprised of professionals, artists, art teachers and students, CAI is always looking for volunteers to teach at migrant schools on term-time Saturdays and at an intensive summer camp. Other opportunities are also available. (8454 9633, 儿童才艺行动

Chaoyang Library Retirees English Language Club This group of retirees meets every Sunday from 2-4pm at Chaoyang Library to practice English conversation. Volunteer English teachers welcome. ( Chi Heng Foundation CHF provides education and support for AIDS orphans in Central China and promotes AIDS awareness across the country. Rm 801, Bldg 6, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5820 8574, 智行基金会, 朝阳区建国路93号万达广场6楼801.

China Chaoyang AIDS Volunteer Organization Chinese NGO that focuses on MSM rights protection, AIDS prevention awareness and condom marketing. Rm 1002, Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 25 Huaweili, Panjiayuan, Chaoyang District. (8096 8456, 8778 9709,, 朝阳 华人AIDS干预工作组, 朝阳区潘家园华威里25号 朝阳区疾病预防控制中心1002

China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN) This GONGO is dedicated to HIV/ AIDS awareness and building a nation-wide HIV/AIDS information resource network. 7-101, Bldg 1, Courtyard 68, Fuchang Jie, Xuanwu District. (8313 3253, 中国红丝带网, 宣武区福长 街68号院1号楼7单元101室

Chinese Juvenile Rights Protection Center 4/F, Attachment Bldg, 212 Zhouzhuangzi, Fengbei Lu, Fengtai District. (6381 3995/3362, Fax 6383 5279) 中国青 少年维权中心, 丰台区丰北路周庄子212号附 属楼4层

The Culture Development Center for Rural Women Rural women's support group. Rm 301, Bldg A, Jiali Dasha, 180 Beiyuanlu, Chaoyang District. (6498 0110, Fax 6498 3764, 北京农 家女文化发展中心, 朝阳区北苑路180号加利大 厦A座301室

Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action A nonprofit organization that provides education about human rights to the public and takes action for individuals who have had human rights violations. In the past DCHREA has worked specifically with individuals and groups who have been stigmatized for being HIV/AIDS positive. 19 Dashiqiao Hutong, Jiu Gulou Dajie, Xicheng District. (8403 4803) 西城区旧鼓楼大街大石桥 胡同18号

Friends of Nature FON promotes environmental protection and sustainable development through education and advocacy. They also welcome volunteers. Rm 301, Wanbo Office Bldg, 53 Ganyu Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6523 2040, 6512 0929, Fax 6528 6069, www.fon. 自然之友, 东城区甘雨胡同53号万博写 字楼368室

Gift of Hope Gift of Hope is a social enterprise that is owned and managed by people with disabilities and empowers the disabled community. Gift of Hope provides a variety of products and services including handmade gifts and crafts, leadership training, team building, folk art workshops, motivational speeches and trips. Profits are used to empower the disabled community providing training and job opportunities to people with disabilities with the goal of improving their lives. (

DIRECTORY / LIVING–EXPLORE Global Village Beijing Environmental protection NGO. Rm 301, Bldg C, Huazhan International Department, 12 Yumin Lu, Chaoyang District. (8225 2046/2047, Fax 8225 2045) 北京地球村环境文化 中心, 朝阳区裕民路12号华展国际公寓C座301室

Green Earth Volunteers (GEV) One of China's oldest local environmental NGOs, GEV aims to serve as a vehicle for grassroots public participation through encouraging volunteerism. Join them for their weekly Saturday River Walks around the city for the chance to make new friends and appreciate nature. 21 Paoju Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8403 9930, eng. 绿家园志愿者, 东城区炮局胡同21 Greenpeace This international organization promotes peace and the protection of the natural world. 19/F, Bldg E-2, Lanchou Mingzuo, Jiqingli, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6554 6931, Fax 6554 6932) 朝阳区朝阳门外大 街吉庆里蓝筹名座E座2单元19层

Handicap International An international solidarity organization working to prevent disabilities, improve the lives of the disabled, and support their efforts to become selfreliant. (6532 0219/0221, public@handicap-int. Hua Dan Project Hua Dan works with migrants in participatory theater workshops to foster creativity and develop selfawareness. Volunteers needed. Contact Caroline Watson (8175 3894, 158 0144 7681, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) INBAR aims to further sustainable development through improving the social, economic and environmental implications of bamboo and rattan production and use. 8 Futong Dongdajie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District. (6470 6161, 国际竹藤组织, 朝阳区望京阜通东大街8号

JGI China – Roots & Shoots The Jane Goodall Institute in China focuses on environmental awareness and sustainable development, devoting much of its energies to Roots & Shoots, an environmental and humanitarian education program for students. Rm 1309, Beijing City International School (BCIS), 77 Baiziwan Naner Lu, Chaoyang District. (6778 3115/5802, fax 6778 2757, 珍 古道尔 / 根与芽, 朝阳区百子湾南2路77号北京 乐成国际学校1309室

JUMP! Foundation Founded in 2006, JUMP! Foundation is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on student leadership training, experiential education and global development. They're partnered with 25 other organizations across the globe, with the mission to empower youth to grow as individuals and develop into leaders in their community and the world. House of Knowledge, Victoria Gardens, Chaoyang Park, 15 Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6538 6482) www. 朝阳区朝阳公园西路15号 维多利亚花园公寓

Kaifeng Deaf School (KDS) A project by Harmony Outreach, Kaifeng Deaf School has become home to approximately 60 children. Most of the children’s parents are poor farmers or migrant workers. Not knowing how to deal with a deaf child, many families virtually abandon their children or make them feel valueless and unloved. The goal at KDS is to provide the children with a nurturing environment where they will be loved while they are taught how to overcome their hearing disabilities. For these children, graduation is when they have been sufficiently prepared and equipped to go to regular public schools and/or to function in society. (John@harmonyoutreach. org, www. Magic Hospital They work with sick, hospitalized, handicapped, orphaned,

abused and at risk children aged 0-18 who are permanently or temporarily deprived of a carefree and fun childhood. Unit 1402, Xingfuyuan Gongyu, 16 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (communications@ 朝阳区工体北路16号幸福园公寓1402

Migrant Children's Foundation (MCF) The MCF is a non-profit organization that aims to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children in China through volunteering. Their main projects currently include Beijing Buddies and The Volunteer Program. New Life Centre A residential center for underprivileged youth in Shunyi to learn technical skills. Volunteers and donations welcome. Operation Blessing Beijing Humanitarian organization helping orphans, disabled children, and the elderly in Beijing. Rm 106, Golden Land Bldg, 32 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6466 9296, fax 6466 9256, 视博恩, 朝阳区亮马桥路32号高斓大厦106室

Operation Smile China An international medical charity that provides free cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide. ( www., Plan China An international, non-affiliated humanitarian organization that focuses on children's issues. C-305, Baijiazhuang Business Center, 3 Baijiazhuang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6592 1333, fax 6592 8228, www.plan-international. 国际计划中国, 朝阳区白家庄路甲3号白 家庄商务中心C-305

Prevention Through Education (PTE) NGO that aims to improve HIV/AIDS awareness and develop local school-based HIV/AIDS prevention programs. Rotary Club of Beijing A cross-section of local businesses and professional leaders who come together to build lifelong friendships, promote high ethical standards and provide volunteer service to others in need of help. Meets 12.30 every Tue at the Kempinski Hotel. (139 1072 9087, www. 北京扶轮社 Rural China Education Foundation A volunteer-based organization that supports rural education in China. RCEF has many volunteer opportunities, especially for summer and year-long teachers. www. 乡村教育促进会 Save China's Tigers A charity that aims to prevent the South Chinese Tiger from going extinct. PO Box 1928, Chinese Forestry Academy, Haidian District. (6286 6588, 133 6683 5722) 拯救中 国虎, 海淀区中国林业科学研究院北京1928信箱

The Library Project The Library Project donates books and libraries to under financed schools and orphanages in the developing world. In 2010 they plan to complete 350 rural elementary school and orphanage library donations. Volunteers welcome. (159 2955 6183, The Starfish Project Founded in 2006, this socially responsible jewelry business developed in order to provide exploited women in Asia with alternate employment. Besides helping them to build sustainable livelihoods, the Starfish Project also offers them counseling, vocational training, language acquisition, family education, healthcare access as well as housing. Support the cause by buying their jewelry or donating on their website. (volunteer@starfish-project. com) UNICEF 12 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6532 3131) 朝阳区三里屯 路12号

UN Volunteers ( Wokai Wokai is a small, directed non-

Free Curry! An RMB 200 voucher for dinner at Ganges can be yours if you can tell us: If your birthday falls on the first day of the new lunar year in 2012, which star sign are you? Email your answer to

Jan 22: Raise the Red Lantern An explosive start to the Lunar New Year. profit that works as an intermediary for microfinance in China. Wuxun Education Foundation Wuxun is dedicated to improving the quality of education for rural children. As well as providing dormitory and classroom supplies, this nonprofit also works with city schools to provide training programs for rural teachers. ( WWF-China One of the world’s leading environmental organizations, the WWF (formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund) is working on projects to preserve and protect China’s vast and diverse environmental resources and treasures. Sign up to volunteer online. Wen Hua Gong, Working People's Cultural Palace (east of Tiananmen Square), Dongcheng District. (6511 6211) www. 世界自然基金会, 东城区天安门 东侧劳动人民文化宫东门内文华宫世界自然基金 会北京办事处

Xingfu Gongcheng (Program of Happiness) A Chinese micro-lending organization that supports impoverished mothers. 12 Dahui Donglu, Haidian District. (6217 9760, fax 6217 3494) 幸福工程, 海 淀区大慧东路12号


and holiday travel planning and offers airline, hotel, car, and cruise reservation services. Staffed by professional travel consultants. Apt 718, Bldg 2, Guanghualu Soho, 22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (5870 3388, fit@ www.kingdomtravel. 中侨国旅, 朝阳区光华路22号光华路 SOHO 2号楼718室

Ninety Percent Travel (151 1791 6648, Sunflower Travel Specializes in leisure and business travel, offering international and domestic trips, and customized trips to create a unique travel experience. 22D, Bldg B, Ginza Mall, 48 Dongzhimenwai Dajie (8447 6361), Dongcheng District. (8447 6361) 东城区东直门外大街48号东 方银座B座22D)

TUI China Travel Co. Ltd. Travel services from an international team. Offers city tours, tour packages with special interest groups and individual travel arrangements all over China, as well as to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Unit 921-926, Bright China Chang An Bldg, Tower 2, 7 Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8519 8800, 途易, 东城区建国门 内大街7号光华长安大厦2座921-926

Airlines Air Canada Rm C201, Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (400 811 2001) 加拿大航空, 朝阳区 亮马桥路50号燕莎中心C201

Air France Rm 1609, 16/F, Bldg 1, Kuntai International Mansion, 12A Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (400 880 8808) www. 法国航空, 朝阳区朝阳门外大 街甲12号昆泰国际大厦1号楼1609室

Korean Air 901-3, Hyundai Motor Towers, 38 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (8453 8137, 40065 88888) 朝阳区霄 云路38号现代汽车大厦901-3号

Turkish Airlines W103, Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 1867) 土耳其航空, 亮马桥路50号 燕莎中心W103

United Airlines C/D1, 15/F, Tower A, Gateway Plaza, 18 Xiaguangli, Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (8468 6666) www.united. com 美国联合航空, 朝阳区东三环路霞光里18号 佳程广场A座15层C/D1

Travel Agencies Beijing Citybus Tour Service Daily 9am-8pm. Rm 1207, Scitech Tower, 22 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (400 650 0760) 北京赛笛芭 诗城市观光旅行社, 朝阳区建国门外大街22号赛 特大厦1207室

Beijing Tourism Group (BTG) 18 Chaoyangmen Nandajie, Chaoyang District (150 1008 9588) 朝阳 区朝阳门 南大街 18号

Country Holidays Rm 2804, Bldg 11, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District (+21 3222 0616, www. 朝阳区东三环中路39号 建外Soho11号楼2804

Kingdom Travel Specializes in corporate

take 5 YOGA Yoga Yard

All-things yoga, with specialized classes and retreats galore. (6413 0774)

Bikram Hot Yoga With Huiping Mo

Only for those who can take the heat. (6539 3934)

Fine Yoga

In Chinese, but easy to get to after work if you’re in the CBD. (8599 9566)

Kocoon Yoga Class With Live Music

An exclusive setting with live guitar and chants. Meets every Monday from 8-9.15pm. RMB 200 (class limited to 6; RSVP at kocooninfo@ Kocoon (5208 6068)

Grace Yoga

Private classes in your home start at RMB 360 (2 people). Family and corporate group sessions also available.

January 2012


Classifieds Commercial and service classifieds cost RMB 300 for the first 20 words, and RMB 15 for each additional word. To submit a classified ad: 1) e-mail:; 2) submit your ad directly on line at www.; 3) fax to 5820 7895. Free ads will be placed on a space-available basis and at the discretion of the editor. Deadline: the 15th of each month. For more information on how to place a classified advertisement in The Beijinger call our new number: 5820 7700-822 Jobs Offered - Professional see more at Agenda is seeking a Managing Editor Agenda magazine, Beijing’s premier business lifestyle magazine, is looking for a Managing Editor. In addition to being a native English speaker, qualified candidates should: • Be a passionate writer and preferably, an experienced editor • Love to network and meet new people in Beijing’s business and entrepreneurial community • Be obsessively organized and have a professional demeanor • Enjoy the finer things in life, like wining, dining, and spas • Enjoy strategic planning • Have a strong affinity for the city of Beijing • Speak at least conversational Mandarin Chinese Interested applicants should send a cover letter (in email) resume and at least two writing samples to Beijing 21st Century Hospital, a full service healthcare provider has an opening for a marketing manager. Responsibilities: *Planning and execution of hospital promotion for the English speaking market in Beijing.   *Day to day activities include: Communication with international schools/ companies/ chambers of commerce/embassies etc. *Build long-term relationships with English speaking customers. *Develop new customers.  Requirement: *Bachelor Degree in medicine or marketing *Minimum 2 years sales and marketing experience *Sound knowledge in customers relationship management *Native English speaker or high proficiency in spoken and written English                *Fluency in spoken / written Mandarin *Passionate about the job, high performance under pressure *Strong skills to push through new & innovative ideas *Good interpersonal and intercultural communication skills Professional hair stylists are needed: Yadia is an international hair salon, the company is currently seeking creative, professional native-speaking hair stylists for its flagship store located in Shang Du Soho. Required:Rich hair- style experience is essential and working experience in international company is advantageous. Excellent Customer service skills. If you are interested and qualified, please call 5900 5020 or email your CV to hadty0203@ Services - Accommodation see more at  Beijing Service Apartment for Rent Daily/Monthly/Yearly @ Sublet.CN FULL SERVICE: 24H Hotline: 008610-6493-8285, 6491-2993 Email: Website: Dongzhimen/Sanlitun Area: Harbor City, Studio, 40m², ¥300/night or ¥3,900/month;


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Services - Business Center

Seasons Park - 海晟名苑 Studio, 47m² with open kitchen, ¥390/ night or ¥5,800/month; 1 Br, 75m², ¥580/night or ¥7,900/month; 2 Br, 100m², ¥10,000 2 Br, 128m², ¥13,000 2+1 Br, 140m², ¥14,000 3 Br, 160m², ¥15,000 4 Br, 250m², ¥25,000 East Avenue –逸盛阁: 1 Br, 83m², CNY 10,000 1 Br, 100m², CNY 12,000 2 Br, 120m², CNY 17,000 New MOMA - 万国城: Studio, 100m², ¥8,000 2 Br, 140m², ¥13,000 3 Br, 245m², ¥20,000 Sanlitun SOHO - 三里屯SOHO 1 Br, 120m², ¥13,000 2 Br, 150m², ¥19,000 2 Br, 170m² ¥20,000 3+1 Br, 245m², ¥30,000 3+1 Br, 260m², ¥33,000 International Wonderland - 首开幸 福广场 1 Br, 95-120m², ¥7,500 2 Br, 125 - 140m², ¥10,000 Regentland/Worker Stadium/ DongsishItiao - 瑞士公寓 1 Br, 80 - 95m², ¥9,500 2 Br, 125m², ¥13,000 3 Br, 140m², ¥16,000 Guangcai Int’l Apartment - 光彩国际 3 Br. 217m², ¥20,000 4 Br. 270m², ¥25,000 Dawanglu Area: China Central Place - 华贸中心 2 Br. 125m², ¥14,000 3 Br. 165m², ¥16,000 Gemdale Int’l Garden - 金地国际 2 Br. 148m², ¥15,000 3 Br. 199m², ¥20,000

Lufthansa Area: Beijing SOHO Residences - SOHO 北京公馆 1 Br. 80m², ¥13,000 3 Br. 245m², ¥ 25,000 Gemini Grove - 星源汇 1 Br. 80m², ¥10,000 2 Br. 90m², ¥11,000 Courtyard for Lease: Gulou 6 Br. 400m², roof terrance ¥55,000 Dongsi 4 Br. 300m², ¥50,000 CBD Area: Central Park - 新城国际 Studio, 75m², ¥9,000 1 Br. 90m², ¥11,000 2 Br. 125m², ¥15,000 2 Br. 130m² duplex, ¥15,000 3 Br. 190m², ¥20,000 3 Br. 220m², ¥ 23,000 4 Br. 265m², ¥33,000 Windsor Avenue - 温莎大道 1 Br. 90m², ¥9,500 2 Br. 158m², ¥14,500 3 Br. 300m², ¥25,000 Fortune Plaza - 财富中心 1 Br. 70m², ¥8,500 2 Br. 140m², ¥14,000 3 Br. 205m², ¥19,000 Global Trade Mansion - 世贸国际 Studio. 80m², ¥8,500 2 Br. 170m², ¥16,000 3 Br. 260m², ¥19,000 CBD Private Castle - 圣世一品 2 Br. 115m², ¥10,000 2 Br. 148m², ¥12,000 3 Br. 170m², ¥15,000 Chaoyang Park Area: Palm Spring - 棕榈泉 2 Br. 138m², ¥14,000 3 Br. 192m², ¥20,000 3 Br. 218m², ¥24,000 Park Avenue - 公园大道 2 Br. 174m², ¥16,000 3 Br. 180m², ¥18,000 3 Br. 193m², ¥26,000

Oceanwide Int’l Residential District - 泛海国际 3 Br. 185m², ¥15,000 4 Br. 245m², ¥22,000 Greenlake Place - 观湖国际 3 Br. 173m², ¥13,000 3 Br. 192m², ¥15,000 4 Br. 260m², ¥25,000 Beijing Golf Palace - 高尔夫公寓 3 Br. 270m², ¥29,000 Star River - 星河湾 3+1 Br. 260m², ¥26,000 Arkyard Real Estate 北京方舟雅度房地产经纪有限公司 Hotline: +8610- 8407 7007 / 8007 13366288719 (24h) Email: WWW.ARKYARD.NET Apartment for Rent Line 2: Dongzhimen / Dongsishitiao/ Chaoyangmen/ Andingmen Unit:sqm Unit: rmb/mon. 1room(share)12-35 2,000- 4,000 1bedroom 46-80 2bedroom 55-90 2bedroom 90-120 3bedroom 90-150 Duplex 120-250


3,500- 5,500 4,800-6,500 6,500-9,500 6,500-13,000 9,500-20,000

Line 10: Sanlitun/Guomao /Taiyanggong/Sanyuanqiao/Tuanjiehu/ Chaoyang Park Studio 45-65 4500-6500 1bedroom 55-120 5500-10000 2bedroom 80-150 7000-15000 3bedroom 120-200 9000-20000 4bedroom 150-300 15000-30000 Courtyard for Rent Tian’anmen/Jingshan/Houhai/Nanluoguxiang/Gulou/Lama temple/Beixinqiao/Dongsi 1bedroom 50-80 5,000-7,000 2bedroom 80-150 7,000-15,000 3bedroom 90-250 9, 000-30,000 4bedroom 120-500 12,000-50,000 An apartment in 798 art zone, Hongyuan Apt. The apt is 133 square meters, high floor, facing the south, very comfortable and sunny, 3 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with windows, and also a balcony, newly decorated and fully furnished. The location is very comfortable cause just in the entrance of 798 art zone, with a big supermarket downstairs. I prefer to rent to a family with stable job, the rental will be 7600RMB include heating fee and management fee. If you are interested, please contact me: or 13401038360. (no agent disturb) Service - Agents: Real Estate see more at Real Estate Law Service Our experienced real estate attorneys provide quality legal services to help foreign citizens to purchase and sell real properties in China. We also do related litigations. 10th Floor, China World Tower, No.1 Jianguo Menwai Avenue,Beijing 100004. Tel: (8610) 5706 8302. Email: Website: www. JRE Corporate has rapidly expanded since its foundation into one of the largest real estate companies focusing on residential services. We boast the widest range of properties, the lowest prices and the value-added complete after-sales services throughout the whole lease term. Tel:5108 8028, 5108 8048, 13701080877 Fax: 5108 8039 Email: Joanna@joannarealestate.

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SBC Business Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Hotline: +86 10 59231166 Http: SBC was founded in 1995 as a leading business service and company register agency in Hong Kong. SBC is your best partner in setting up your representative office and in looking for instant office or virtual office services. In Beijing, SBC provides 52 offices to you, with over 2300sqm space. At SBC, our mission is to facilitate you to open the door to the world of maximum possibilities with minimum cost. Top Product: 1. Instant Office, 2. Virtual Office , 3. Conference Service, 4. Registration Support. Add: 11/F, Tower A, Gateway, No. 18 Xiaguangli, North Road, East Third Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Regus is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, with products and services ranging from fully equipped offices to professional meeting rooms, business lounges and the world’s largest network of video communication studios. Tel: +86 400 120 1205, 1. Regus China Life Tower: 5/F China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Street, Chaoyang District. 中国北京朝阳区朝阳门外大街16号中 国人寿大厦5层 2. Regus China World Tower 3:15/F China World Tower 3, 1Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District. 中国北京朝阳区建国门外大 街1号国贸中心3座15层 3. Regus IFC [New]: 10/F, IFC East Tower, 8 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District中国北 京朝阳区建国门外大街8号国际金融中心10层 4. Regus Kerry Centre: 11/F Kerry Centre,North Tower, 1 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District中 国北京朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心北楼11层 5. Regus Lufthansa Center: C203 Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District中国北京朝阳区亮马桥路50号燕莎 中心C203 6. Regus NCI Tower: 15/F NCI Tower, 12 A Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District 中国北京朝阳区建国门外大街甲12号新华保 险大厦15层 7. Regus Pacific Century Place: 14/F IBM Tower, PCP, 2A Workers Stadium Road North, Chaoyang District 中国北京朝阳区工体北路甲 2号IBM大厦14层 8. Regus Prosper Center [New]: 6/F Tower 2, Prosper Center: No.5 Guang Hua Road, Chaoyang District 中国北京朝阳区光华路5号 世界财富中心2号楼6层 9. Regus Financial Street Excel Centre: 12/F Financial Street Excel Centre,6 Wudinghou Street, Xicheng District 中国北京西城区武定 侯街6号卓著国际金融中心12层 10. Regus Zhongguancun Metropolis Tower: 7/F Metropolis Tower,2 Dongsan Street, Zhongguancun Xi Zone, Haidian District 中国北京海淀区中关村西区东三街2号欧美 汇大厦7层 11. Regus China Central Place [Coming soon] 9/F Tower 2 China Central Place, 79 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District 中国北京市朝阳区建国路79号华贸中心(2号 楼)9层100025 12. Regus Parkview Green [Coming soon] 15/F Office Building A, Parkview Green, 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District 中国北京市朝阳区东大桥路8号芳草地办公楼 A座15楼100020 Vantone Commercial Center provides tenants a fully serviced office and conference center environment in the heart of both Chaoyang Business District and Financial Street. Our center located on the top floors of Vantone Center Tower D offers you fantastic panoramic views with professionally trained staff to support all your daily business needs. New World Vantone Business Center is ideally situated along the 2nd Ring Rd inside a landmark building. In addition, we have inhouse catering available to offer you the convenience of hosting events without seeking outside vendors. The Center is outfitted with high-end telecommunication, conference audio, video, lighting and office equipment ensuring unsurpassed quality and efficiency. Tel: 010 8804 7200,5905 5905

CLASSIFIEDS Services - Ayi / Housekeeping see more at  Beijing Ex-PATS Service Healthy, reliable, experienced, English-speaking housemaid / nanny. Free agency and 24- hour English service. Medical and Accident insurance covered. EXPATS Life Group also serves with Mandarin, car leasing, Visa, English-speaking driver, driving license, vehicle registration. Tel: 64381634, 13501237792 ada. Easy Life-Maid service Professional & reliable English speaking maid (Ayi) available. Customers’ satisfaction guaranteed. Full time & part time. Housecleaning, Babysitting, Ironing, Chinese-western cooking, Call 13811227395 www.maidservicebj. com email: JNY Home service Experienced English-speaking or non-Englishspeaking nannies (ayis) with reference letters are available for chores, babysitting etc. 24-hour translation service. www.saybeijing. cn 13426362833 Maid in China Ayi Housekeeping Service Maid in China provides services: maternity help, nanny services, babysitting, Philippine Ayi, Chinese Tutor, driver with car and Chinese Driving License. Tel: 13910672349 / 84569551/ Email: Beijing Sunnyhome Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd: Professional team provides reliable experienced Ayi Service, Driver, Car rental, tourist information, Theatre Tickets Booking ( Acrobatic, Peking opera, Kungfu) etc. Tel: 010-52884727 13621188413 (24hours) Website: We provide professional household services including nannies, babysitters, maids, daily care, housekeeping, and drivers. Insurance covered. More than 4000 clients. Contact No. 010-67083312. The Housekeeping Service Center of Beijing ( BHTIC) Do you want the liable, honest, hard-working and excellent Ayi? We can help you. Website: Tele: 010-85289532 Cell phone: 13691466053 Email: Services - Air Purifiers see more at  IQAir: Air pollution is a major environmental concern for everyone. The air we breath effects our health and well-being. IQAir has been providing clean air solutions for more than 45 years. With a certified actual efficiency of at least 99.97%, our Health Pro 250 model has received more #1 ratings than any other product on the market. Call today for a free air quality assessment of your home or office. The IQAir Store: Room 2201-02, Air China Plaza, 36 Xiao Yun Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing 北京 市朝阳区霄云路36号国航大厦2201-02室 Tel: 010-8447 5800 / 5488 Service Hotline: 4006501266 E-mail: info@ Services - car rental see more at Beijing TOP-A Vehicle Service Co., Ltd Beijing TOP-A Vehicle Service provides: *English-speaking driver *Long-short term leasing *Airport-Pick up/Drop off *Sedan, Van and Bus We, EX-PATS Life Group, also serves with Mandarin, housemaid, Visa, driver, driving license, vehicle registration service Tel: 64381634, 13501237792 ada. 

First Choice Car Rental Service Co., Ltd. * Long term leasing for family or business. * Short term leasing for travelling, RMB200-RMB800/day * English-speaking drivers * Airport-Pick up/ drop off. * Sedan (Audi, Passat, Elantra etc.), Van (Buick Gl8, JinBei, Ford, Benz), Bus Tel: 400-004-1199, 13810156525(24 hours) Email: Web: Beijing Top Rated Car Rental Service Co. Ltd. We will provide you with: * Long/Short term leasing * Daily car service * Sight-seeing car service, Tailor-made car service * Airport-Pick up / Drop off * Sedan (AudiA6, AudiA6L, Passat, Accord, Lacross2.4 ,BenzMB100,Benz Vito, Hyundai) and Buses * Native drivers with good English More information please: Tel.: 86-10-65047266 / 65047256 Tel. For free: 400-004-1910, 13031160727(Eng) Web: E-mail: Address: Room 1012 Huaye Center Building B Mid East 4th Ring Road 39 Chaoyang District Beijing Services - Yoga see more at He Yoga Studio Winter Promotion Monthly: 500RMB   Trimestral: 1000RMB Body Beautification\ Vertebrate-Ovarian Care Yoga Figure Training Ballet\ Children Ballet\ Pilates Address: Oakwood, GuangMing Apartment, Sheraton Hotel 13811402080 Services - Relocation Firms see more at Seven Seas Worldwide Save up to 50%! We’re the first choice when it comes to moving baggage internationally from one box up to 2M3. We offer a global, door-to-door service with prices starting from RMB 999 by sea and RMB 1580 by air. Call our 24/7 multilingual hotline now on 400 181 6698 for an instant quote or book online at

4. Leepet animal hospital ( 24 hours)  #9 Lincui Street, Chaoyang District 乐宠丽派特动物医 院: 北京市朝阳区林萃路9号院5-6底商, 电话: 010-58213503 Hotline:  English: 138 1029 5757 Doctors Beck and Stone Pet Health Care Center Get full, international standard, pet care with open Western and highly trained Chinese veterinarians, nurses and medical technicians. Hospitals are also emergency crisis centers. Ambulances available for collection and drop off of pets. Daily, 24 hours. Shop 0153, Tower B, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. Daily 9am-7pm 5869 6401, 400 103 8686 (for appointments, pet pick-up and emergencies) International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) ICVS is a professionally managed and affordable full service international standard animal hospital and pet care facility. All doctors are legally licensed in the PRC. Services include internal medicine, hospitalization, spay/ neuter, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, dentistry, dermatology, blood tests, laboratory diagnostics, X-rays, ultrasound, legal vaccinations, prescription pet foods, behavior counseling and obedience training, import/ export advice, pet adoption counseling and more. Boarding kennel, grooming salon, SAFE pet foods and pet shop available. All services in Mandarin and English. Licensed rabies vaccinations for export. Kent Center, 29 Liangmaqiao Lu, Anjialou (shares a courtyard with China Culture Center), Chaoyang District. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm; Sun 10am-7pm (by appointment) 010-8456 1939/1940/1941 Services - IT / Computer see more at  IT is so easy – CenturyTang provide IT Outsourcing Service from ¥300/ month for enterprise, IT Outsourcing include: Server maintenance & troubleshooting; PC maintenance & troubleshooting; Software troubleshooting & update; Printer & Network equipment maintenance; Enterprise level Anti-virus; Weekly/Monthly backup/restore. Contact Eric Wu at 1350 120 8862 or 010-5979 5301. Website:

Asian Express is an expert in international, domestic, local household goods and office moving, storage and full relocation services. We have been servicing Mainland China since 1979, which makes us one of the most experienced moving companies. Call today and get an obligation FREE quotation from our multilingual expat staff. Tel: (010) 8580-1471 Fax: (010) 8580-1475 Email: beijing@aemovers. Website: SERVICE - PET CARE see more at Lee Pet PetSmart, America’s largest retailer of pet products and services, operates on this side of the globe under the name Lee Pet. Its Chaowai Soho branch is now Beijing’s largest pet store, offering not only a diverse range of imported products, but also in-house grooming,photography and kennel services. Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9.30pm. Unit 3097, Bldg A, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (5900 5499) 朝阳区 朝阳门外大街6号朝外SOHO A座3层3097 Leepet chain stores’ location: 1. Golden Resources Shopping Mall 4th floor; Suite: 4119 乐宠金源新燕莎MALL店: 北 京市海淀区远大路1号金源燕莎购物中心 4层西侧4119 (停车楼4层E28口) 电话: 01088870706 2. Longde Square Shopping Mall  Suite: B118,tangli road, Changpin district 龙德广场 店: 北京市昌平区立汤路186号龙德广场地下一 层B118铺位, 电话: 010-84841916 3. Land gent chateau store #4 building, guangqu road, Chaoyang district.  石韵浩庭 店: 北京市朝阳区广渠路33号石韵浩庭04号楼 04底商, 电话: 010-87769602

Computer and Email Specialists: Call CANDIS for free network security audits. CANDIS specializes in office network installation with 24/7 Bi Lingual Support. Services include structured cabling, telephone systems, network installation, dedicated broadband and hosting services. Tel: 010-6464 0108 Services - Translation/Writing see more at  PrimeTrans offers comprehensive translation services that help you overcome your business barriers. Quality, prompt and worry-free! Call George: 010 81732035, 13501089053, primetrans2000@ Micromice Translation: Free for First 100 Words! Staffs from China Daily offer you most reliable and qualified translation. 100 language,5000 linguistic experts, all types of files and meetings. 13801130910,

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Services - Language Training see more at iHappy Mandarin School New Year Surprise! Register 60 hours, get another 10 hours free. Free demo class everyday. Free after-class tutor! iHappy was founded by a team of dedicated Chinese teachers from Beijing Language and Culture University. Learning from BLCU and excellent Chinese programs abroad, we’ve developed effective teaching approaches for occidental and oriental learners respectively. Teach you everyday Chinese, business Chinese, HSK, BCT, train your skills of conversation, narration, negotiation and debate in Chinese. Help your visa conversion, extension. Save your time and get the best value for your money!  010-59002125/59002875/13810334377 Room3106, No.9 Building, Jianwai SOHO Mandarinzone School New Beginner group classes start on 10th Jan. Intensive course over Spring Festival Holidays Margaret: 6538-0023 135-2168-0097 Room1208, Tongguang Building (In Sanlitun area; next to Tuanjiehu subway station; Nearby Chaoyang Park) Dongfang Shangshu Language School • Master the curriculum by participating in a play. • Free trial opera classes on the 1st and 15th of every month. • Flexible time table to suit your schedule. • Courtyard classroom suitable for small classes of 6 to 8 students. • Internship opportunities. • Kids winter camp and summer camp. • We provide Home Tutoring! • All-include service: visa, transport from airport, accommodation and more. Contact us: Tel: 010-6400 3968/ 156 1108 3371 Address: No.12 Beixiang wazi Hutong, Beiluoguxiang. (北锣鼓巷北下洼子胡同12号院) MY Chinese Study Learn Chinese With Fun In Sanlitun SOHO! HSK preparation course,10 days Intensive Survival course, Evening and weekend course, Kids Chinese course. 010-85900698  Beijing Mandarin School founded in 1998, and also had the honor to serve over 50 corporate companies and embassies. More than 60 full-time teachers, tailor-made textbooks (Practical Spoken Chinese Level 1 to 5), IPCA training center. Offer Visa service and accommodation. New group class start on 9th, 11th and 16th of Jan, Mon. to Fri.,2 hours per day,RMB1400.(Textbook is free) comes to get more information. E-tower: Room 904-905, E-tower, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District. (数码01大厦9层904室) Tel: 6508 1026 Fax: 6508 1126 Guangming Hotel: Room 0709, 7/F, Guangming Hotel office building, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District (光明 饭店7层0709室) Tel: 84418391/ 186 1173 6419  www. The Pentagram Chinese Language Institute (PCLI) 1. Tailoring made learning plan for VIP. 2. New group class for beginner starts each month. 3. Key account plan for the companies and embassies. 4. Varied cultural activities, convenient traffic location and Chinese style classrooms, all this will impress you. 5. Visa service/ free Chinese test and pick-up service Order the courses on will get 5% discount! Tel: +86 10 6500  5755 Room 301, RuiChen International center, No.13, NongZhangGuan South Road, Chaoyang District. Fesco International Teaching Center: Mandarin and Cultural Courses 85618287 85636133

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CLASSIFIEDS The Bridge School has a history of 18 years and 5 locations in Beijing, has been voted the Best Chinese Language School in the City Weekend reader’s choice survey. There are about 100 committed teachers and over 60 contracted companies/embassies. Our own textbooks including memory cards and CDs are published by Beijing Culture and Language University, and we are the official test centre for HSK and BCT exam. There are over 4000 worldwide students studying at The Bridge School annually. Guangming Hotel: Room503, 5/F. Tel:84517605 Fax: 64680287. E-tower: Room903, 9/F. Tel:65064409 Fax: 65046389. Capital Paradise Club: Tel: 80466114 Fax: 80461707. Riviera Resident Service Center: Tel: 84308068 Fax: 84703587 Sanlitun Tongguang Tower: Room 8013, Tel 65389422 fax: 65389455 The Frontiers School- Makes Chinese Easy Founded in 2003 by a team of dedicated language teachers, we offer full and part time courses as well as programs tailored specifically to you or your company’s requirements – backed up by after-course support and competitive pricing in Beijing’s most accessible location. Make the right choice for your Chinese Language Journey –choose The Frontiers School Tel: 10-64131548/1547 Headquarters: 3rd Floor, Building 30, Dongzhong St. Dongzhiwai St. (next to Dongzhimen subway station) New Location Room 309-3 (Lin Café) SiloCity, Chaoyang District, New Concept Mandarin School The choice of many Embassies and Fortune 500 companies around China. Discover how effective and enjoyable Mandarin language learning can be. Proven Methodology specially developed for Western Expats. Full-time professional trainers. In-house developed training materials including Online Study Tools and DVDs to help you review between classes. Take 1-2 lessons per week, or our intensive classes when you have more time. Private, Small Group and Corporate Training courses can be arranged based on your availability. 20,000 clients have been empowered with Mandarin communication skills through NCM centers all around China. Call us to book a one-hour free demo lesson. Berlitz is for people who are serious about speaking a new language. Join us for a free demonstration ad experience the Berlitz Method of over 131 years. Sign Up now! Add: Suit 801, Sunjoy Mansion, No.6 Ritan Road Contact person:  Tel:6593 0478. Website: SERVICE - Service apartment see more at

Ascott Beijing “Ascott Beijing offers luxurious serviced accommodation with comprehensive personalized services and facilities. It is centrally located to make your business travel, weekend retreat or extended stay convenient and enjoyable. Designed for discerning executives and their families, the residences are spacious and private with elegant and refined decor. Ascott Beijing serviced apartments imbues a sense of refinement and style. Neo-Asian lines inspire the elegant interior with exquisite Asian artwork adorning the hallways. Each of the residences from one to three-bedroom layouts as well as the three and four-bedroom penthouses are designed for distinguishing tastes and needs of the international traveler. Fully-equipped kitchens, home entertainment system and elegant furnishings are provided to make your stay convenient and comfortable. The twelve penthouses offer panoramic views of this majestic city.” 108B Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District 0106567 8100 Oakwood Residence Beijing Oakwood Residence Beijing offers a range of apartment sizes from studios, one, two, three bedroom, to four bedroom penthouse and terrace suites. All is appointed in mod-


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ern classic décor and are fully furnished and equipped, including broadband internet, large screen LCD televisions, integrated sound systems and 6 star Air Purification systems. All provides expansive garden, park, river or city views through broad bay windows. Mediterranean, Japanese and Chinese dining options are available including 24-hour room service; a fully appointed gym with steam room and sauna, a health and beauty spa are also featured. The availability of an indoor children’s playroom and outdoor adventure playground cater for families, ideal for both long and short term stays. 8 Dongzhimenwai Xiejie, Chaoyang District 010-6509 1888 Embassy House 32-story apartments boast no more than six units per floor, with spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Facilities include fitness center, pool, bar, cafe, business center, playroom, library and more. Concierge service available. 18 Donzhimenwai Xiaojie, Dongcheng District 010-8449 9000 (leasing hotline), 010-6415 4724 Fraser Residence CBD “With a home at Fraser Residence CBD East, Beijing, you’ll get beauty and luxury both inside and out. The view of the modern cityscape and beautiful landscaped gardens provide a perfect backdrop for the contemporary concepts of your stylish apartment in Beijing. From the exclusive elevator access to the separate living room, dining and kitchen areas, from the tasteful furnishing to beautiful finishes, each detail is meticulously considered to create a comfortable and cosy haven for your family. Your accommodation in Beijing in this Beijing Apartment Hotel provides total comfort better than any other Beijng hotels. For recreation, you can enjoy in-house facilities such as the gymnasium with jet pool, steam and sauna, DVD movie library, all-day dining, members’ lounge and snooker lounge. The Business Centre offers a range of secretarial services and meeting spaces while round-the-clock reception, concierge and security services mean help is always at hand.” Block B, Ocean International Centre, 58 Dongsihuanzhonglu, Chaoyang District 010-5870 9188 The St. Regis Residence Built in 2001 the Residences at The St. Regis Beijing consist of 64 fully furnished units (1-4 bedrooms) boasting natural hot spring water, comfortable beds, tastefully furnished living rooms, carefully fitted bathrooms or fully equipped kitchens. Short term rate starts from CNY2,070 +15% service charge for a two-bedroom residence (maximum 4 guests), or CNY2,270 +15% service charge for a three-bedroom residence (maximum 6 guests). 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. 6460 6688 Millennium Residences Offers 329 Serviced Residences from the 3rd to 31st floor of the apartment building in one, two and three bedroom configurations. Each apartment is comprehensively equipped including: Large screen HDTV LCD televisions; fully equipped kitchen featuring refrigerator, full size oven, washer/dryer, microwave, kettle, toaster, rice cooker and all dining ware; luxuriously appointed, hotel style bedrooms and bathrooms with marble highlights and expansive views of the city. Three times per week room cleaning service (twice weekly refreshing of all interior linen). Residents can enjoy all restaurants and bars operated by the Grand Millennium Hotel, special membership fee to the Oxygen Health Club and preferential rates of the MTM. Beijing Fortune Plaza, Bldg 6, 7 Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District 0108588 2888 Fairmont Residence Located in Wangjing, Fairmont has 150 service apartments include furnished studios, onebedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom environment units. Most of the rooms include fully-equipped kitchenette, satellite TV channels, broad band internet etc. The air condition system is equipped with fresh air ventilation system in order to upgrade the air quality. Onsite restaurant includes Cafe O, featuring Western and Asian cuisines and a breakfast buffet, and facilities include a fitness center, business center, laundry and massage

center. Bldg 6, 33 Guangshun Bei Dajie, Chaoyang District. 6479 2323. http://www. Fraser Suites CBD, Beijing “The 357 Gold-Standard Beijing apartment features contemporary concepts designed for luxury living. Interior furnishings are international in appeal, complemented by Chinese motifs to reflect the rich heritage of the location. A complete range of facilities including meetings rooms, business centre, and an extensively-equipped gymnasium means you will always have everything you need at hand. Convenience is the buzzword for Fraser Suites CBD, Beijing. The Subway No. 1 line and Subway No. 9 line lie just a few minutes away, and the residence is situated in the inside road of trunk lines spanning different directions. A scenic park nearby ensures an idyllic balance between business and relaxation.” 7 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 5908 6000, 400 817 1188 Luxury Serviced Residence The Luxury Serviced Residence Beijing is Somerset’s flagship property in the capital city of China. The spacious comfort and personalised services make your stay in Beijing convenient and comfortable. Located in central Beijing, this serviced residence is an ideal corporate housing option for executives on project assignment and interim stay. A welcome alternative to a hotel, the apartments are spacious, secure and comfortable with the benefits of superb services and facilities that you desire. Many historical destinations, dining and shopping opportunities are accessible by walking or a short drive. You can relax and enjoy the comforts of these luxury serviced apartments in Beijing while on business travel or leisure holiday. The Scandinavian interior design and the use of natural light and space give each duplex apartment a spacious and comfortable ambience. There are layout options for one to three-bedrooms. Every apartment has a fullyequipped kitchen, full-length windows for natural light, a home entertainment system and broadband Internet line. These comfortable serviced accommodation units offer comfort, privacy and space, while you explore the exciting and unique city of Beijing on business or holiday. 17 Jianhua Nanlu, Chaoyang District. 6566 2200 Marriott Executive Apartments Beijing Palm Springs Choose from 1,2, and 3-bedroom serviced apartments with stunning views of the estate garden, Chaoyang Park and the city skyline. Apartments are ideal for short or extended stay. Features on-site shopping center, weekly housekeeping and restaurants. Membersonly club featuring whirlpool with natural hot springs, sauna, indoor 55m swimming pool and 24-hour fitness center. 8 Chaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. Metropolis Inn This high class commercial style apartment is very near to the World Trade Center business district, Sanlitun Bar Street, Secondary Embassy District. Near to Subway Line 10. Taiyue Heights, 16 Sanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District. 132 6168 0017. Oakwood Apartments Beijing Oakwood Apartments Beijing offers 236 stylish and contemporary studio, one and two bedroomed serviced apartments, all fully equipped with broadband Internet, flatscreen television and stylish furnishings. Guest reception will be 24 hours and housekeeping will be offered twice per week. All crockery, cutlery, glassware, linen and electrical items will be provided too. A health club will also be available onsite for residents. Just 19km from Beijing Capital Airport, Oakwood Apartments Beijing is located in Chaoyang, on the Third Ring Road by the Sanyuan highway flyover. Oakwood is located in the Ocean Express commercial complex, adjacent to the Gateway Center and Silver Tower office buildings. Oakwood is within moments of corporate offices of Microsoft, Sony, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Nestle, Toshiba, FujiXerox, Denso and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ. The property is also adjacent to the Embassies of Japan, Korea, Malaysia and moments from the future site of the U.S. Embassy. Convenient shopping and restaurants can be found at the nearby Beijing Lufthansa Center. Ocean Express, Block D 66 Xiaguang Li, Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District. 8446 5888

Pingod Apartments This large residential compound in the Shuangjing area features 10 apartment buildings with 1-4 bedroom units ranging in size from 80sqm to 164sqm, as well as studios, duplexes and lofts. A large garden dominates the center and just north of the compound is the 22 International Art Street, with its many galleries, cafes, boutiques and restaurants, as well as the Today Art Museum. The Pingod Service Apartments are also on the north side. The KEer Apple Kindergarten and BCIS are just adjacent to the compound. 32 Baiziwan Lu (south of Guomao Qiao and north of Shuangjing Qiao), Chaoyang District. 5876 9999 Swissotel Beijing Though the rooms are fairly small, the large swimming pool, the diverse dining options and central location of this five-star hotel appeal to both leisure and business travelers. RMB 2,755-7,180. Offers 62 serviced apartments with full amenities. 2 Chaoyangmen Beidajie, Dongcheng District. 6553 2288 The Apartments on Financial Street This five-star, all-suite accommodation provides deluxe and spacious lodgings for however long you want to stay in Beijing, China. The hotel also boasts leisure facilities that guarantee a fun-filled vacation, such as a health club, sauna, and tennis court. 1 Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District. 6606 5588 The Westin Beijing, Executive Residences The Westin Beijing has two towers rising 26 stories high, one with 486 luxurious rooms and suites and the other with 194 Executive Residences. All units offer state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, an abundance of natural light, and complimentary wireless High Speed Internet Access. 9B Financial Street, Xicheng District. 6606 8866 Warwick International Apartments Beijing Built way back in 1996, Warwick offer guests the space and facilities of an attractive homefrom-home, with a well-equipped kitchenette and seating area. An airport shuttle will deliver you to your home in Beijing, where there is free high-speed internet access, plus a DVD player and the choice of premium television channels. English-speaking reception staff will welcome you at all hours and will be able to assist with tours and tickets. 7A Nanshuiguan, Guangqumen, Chongwen District. 6715 1166 Warwick International Apartments Beijing Built way back in 1996, Warwick offer guests the space and facilities of an attractive homefrom-home, with a well-equipped kitchenette and seating area. An airport shuttle will deliver you to your home in Beijing, where there is free high-speed internet access, plus a DVD player and the choice of premium television channels. English-speaking reception staff will welcome you at all hours and will be able to assist with tours and tickets. 7A Nanshuiguan, Guangqumen, Chongwen District. 6715 1166

SERVICE - Library/bookstores see more at Capital Library Chinese films are shown every Wed at 2pm for free. Tickets available at 12.30pm. While its range of foreign language books is not as impressive as the National Library’s, it does offer foreigners the option of borrowing books. It costs RMB 10 to process a reader’s card and, depending on the type of card you choose, a deposit ranging from RMB 100-500. Foreign language newspapers and periodicals can also be accessed and regular lectures are organized on weekends. 88 Dongsanhuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District Daily 9am-7.30pm 6735 8114 http:// National Library This national institution has a great range of English and other foreign language editions, including periodicals and academic titles. Foreigners can only access the books at the library and are not permitted to borrow, but the selection makes it well worth the trip. Their website has a searchable online database that is available in both

CLASSIFIEDS Chinese and English. Reader’s cards are available for RMB 5/month or RMB 20/year. 33 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District Daily 9am-9pm 8854 5593/4089 http:// The Bookworm This sleek lending library and bookshop has the best selection of English language books and magazines in town and is often cheaper than Amazon et al. The bibliophile manager arranges a fabulous lecture series that features both local and international authors. Other draw cards include the rooftop terrace, comfy couches and a kitchen that serves European fare. Quiz night every Monday at 7.30pm. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. Daily 9am-2am 010-6586 9507 Le Petit Gourmand Warm, cozy and oh-so-softly-lit cosmopolitan, this French eatery not only serves some of the best crepes in town, they also boast a library of over 9,000 titles (with plans to reach 20,000). Membership will set you back RMB 150 for six months, and RMB 300 a year. Bring your appetite and your studious minds for a stimulating meal in this relaxing comfortable refuge. Al fresco seating in the summer and wood-fired oven in the winter. Voted “Outstanding French (Affordable)” in the Beijinger’s 2011 Restaurant Awards. 3/F, Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. Sun-Thu 9.30am -midnight, Fri-Sat 9.30am-1am. 6417 6095, fax 6413 0765 Poplar Kids Republic Bookstore One of China’s first and most extensive children’s bookstores. More than 3,000 illustrated storybooks from Europe, America, Japan and China are on sale, including favorites such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Giving Tree, and Badger’s Painting Gifts. The store encourages children and their parents to stop by, read together and enjoy the in-store facilities, which include a comfortable play area. On weekends, a free storytelling hour is offered and often followed up with arts and crafts activities. Rm 1362, Bldg 13, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. Daily 10am-7pm 5869 3032 Foreign Languages Bookstore For foreign language books, the aptly-named Foreign Languages Bookstore is far and away the largest and most diverse bookstore in town. Here, you’ll find locally published foreign language books on the first floor, sheet music books on the fifth floor, and on the recently-opened sixth floor, a tea shop and sale books. 235 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. Daily 9.30am-9.30pm 6512 6903 SERVICE - Travel see more at Beijing Hikers Hikes of varying difficulty in villages near Beijing. Open to everyone. Call for info on hikes and what to bring. Prices vary for overnight hikes; weekend hikes are RMB 250/300 (adult), half price for children under 12, including round trip transport, snacks and drinks after the hike, detailed map of the hike and professional guidance. Advance reservations necessary. RMB 200/yr membership gets a 10% discount on regular hikes. Rm 601, Bldg 2, Xinhualian Ligang, 26 Jiuxianqiao Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm 6432 2786 Beijing Impression Based in Beijing, Beijing Impression offers flexible tours with accommodating itineraries. English-speaking guides available. Staff are Beijingers who know the city well and are ready to assist travelers at any time. In addition to offering travel services, the company also provides travel tips, information, pictures and videos. Rm 0219, Moma Building, 199 Chaoyang Beilu, Chaoyang District. 6400 0300, 139 1097 2927 Bicycle Kingdom Rents a variety of bikes and helmets. Prices range from RMB 60-120 for a single day and from RMB 35-57 per day for a week or longer, and depend on the bike rented. Reservation recommended and deposits vary. Also offers guided bike tours.34 Dong Huangchenggen Nanjie, Dongcheng District 133 8140 0738

SERVICE - Sports

SERVICE - play center

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Beijing Climbing Club Beijing Climbing Club runs regular weekend rock-climbing trips for aspiring climbers of all abilities to scenic locations around Beijing. They offer a safe and hassle free way for anyone based in Beijing to get out and experience this amazing sport first hand. They use qualified western/bilingual guides and operate to western safety standards. They also meet regularly during the week at climbing walls in the city, and operate a website at which provides information about our services and information about the climbing scene in general, for independent climbers in Beijing.

Family Box Educational and Recreational Center Family Box is a British family centre combining education and recreation. Children ages 0-12 and their families have more than enough space to play in the 6,000sqm, three-storey building. Kids will enjoy the large scale climbing frame, Mickey Mouse play area, swimming pool, Sensory Room, Soft Island and Craft Room. They also run courses and activities based on the UK early years curriculum. Other facilities include: party hosting, catering, coffee shop, and crèche facility. Bldg 4, 51 Wangjing Beilu, Chaoyang District. Sat-Thu 9am-8pm, Fri 10am-8pm 6478 6163

ATer Tango Club ATer Tango Club is organized by bunch of Argentine Tango fans. They provide Argentine Tango classes in all levels as well as organizing traditional milongas every Tuesday and Saturday. Rm 428, Bldg C, Dongsheng Plaza, 8 Zhongguancun Donglu, Haidian District Mon-Fri 7pm-midnight, Sat-Sun 24hrs. 010-8279 6405

Yu Kids Island The Place’s well-kitted indoor play area boasts a palm tree carousel, a bouncy slide, waterfall tunnel and a wind room filled with huge balloons – all well-padded for maximum safety. Come and go as you like with a RMB 50 day pass; frequent funners will benefit from discount cards (RMB 500/30% discount; RMB 1000/50% discount). 4/F, South Bldg, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. Daily 10am-10pm

Beijing Hash House Harriers “The drinking club with a running problem.” Easy run or walk around Beijing every Sunday afternoon followed by more beer than you could possibly drink, lots of noise and a meal. Occasional out-of-town trips. RMB 20/run, RMB 60/run and meal. Usually meets at Tim’s Texas Roadhouse. beijinghhh SERVICE - Museum see more at China National Film Museum The largest national film museum in the world has 20 exhibition halls, in which are displayed 4,000 photos that cover 1,500 movies and 450 filmmakers. Most content in Chinese. Free. Reservations required (5165 4567). 9 Nanying Lu, Chaoyang District. Tue-Sun 9am-4.30pm (last entry 4pm). 6431 9548 Capital Museum Two hundred meters east of Muxidi subway station lies the Capital Museum. This six-story building houses 11 exhibition halls displaying ancient Chinese art: bronze statues, jade utensils, ancient calligraphy and paintings, restored old Beijing city views and precious relics of old Beijing operas. Two temporary exhibition halls on the first floor and basement level display artistic and cultural exhibits from around the world. Free. Reservation is necessary. Temporary exhibitions are charged. Audio self-guided tours in Chinese and English available for rent at the entrance. 16 Fuxingmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District. Tue-Sun 9am-5pm. 6337 0491/2. Chinese Military History Museum With 5,000 years worth of war paraphernalia, this museum will curl the toes of any military buff. The collection includes AK-47s, flame throwers, US tanks captured during the Korean War, U2 wreckage, ancient weaponry and uniforms, as well as exhibits on the “War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression” and the war against the “Eight Power Allied Forces.” If your revolutionary fervor is still not ignited, then maybe the display of socialist realist artwork will do the trick. Good place to pick up military gewgaws and army souvenirs. Kids dig the place also. 9 Fuxing Lu, Haidian District. Daily 8.30am-4.30pm 6686 6244 Confucius Temple and Guozijian The Confucius Temple is located 400 meters to the southwest of Yonghegong Station. It was first built in 1302 and served as an altar where intellectuals from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties offered their respects to Confucius. Now it has become a museum exhibiting engraved stones, old Chinese doorbells and drums, bronze and jade utensils, paintings and calligraphic works, antique musical instruments and ancient Chinese currencies. Every September, a ritual celebrating Confucius’s birthday takes place here, in which a music and dance ceremony from the Qing dynasty is performed. 13 Guozijian Jie (near the Lama Temple’s main gate), Dongcheng District. Daily 8am-5pm (last ticket 4.30pm). RMB 10, RMB 5 (students) 8401 1977

SERVICE - Theaters see more at Beijing Playhouse China’s English community theater presents contemporary live semi-professional theater productions, performed in English with Chinese subtitles. Professional acting experience not necessary and nationality not important, though ability to perform in English is required. Balizhuang (E 4th Ring Rd) 100025 Chaoyang 5 Houbalizhuang, Yew Chung Int’l School, East gate of Honglingjin Park, Chaoyang District. 13718908922 Chaoyang Culture Center/TNT Theater This center hosts over 500 performances, exhibitions and movies per every year — it’s the biggest cultural center in China. Nine Theatre, Chaoyang Art Showing Hall, Phoenix Theatre, and Puppet Museum are all located in the main building. The secondary building houses arts training: music, dancing, calligraphy, painting, and English courses. Corner of Jintai Xilu and Chaoyangmenwai Dajie (east of Jingguang Qiao), Chaoyang District. 8599 6011 China Children’s Art Theater Situated 1,500 meters northwest of Dongdan Station, this four-story playhouse presents plays and musicals for children in Chinese all year long. Every weekend, the Holiday Classic Theatre Hall on the fourth floor puts on plays starting at 10am, and performers even talk to the audience after each play. Performances include the Chinese classic Ma Lan Hua, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and A Journey With Hans Christian Andersen, among others. The Ma Lan Hua Art School that connects to the theater offers acting, recitation and dance classes for kids ages 5-12. 64 Donganmen Dajie, west of Wangfujing, Dongcheng District. Daily 9am-9pm 6521 1425 Lao She Teahouse Named for Lao She’s famous play, this Qianmen area tourist attraction simulates a Lao Beijing teahouse complete with campy vaudeville show, acrobatics and opera performances. Dinner is served on the premises before guests are hustled into the main room to see the show. Performances nightly from 7.15-9.20pm, one day advance reservations required. Bldg 3, Qianmen Xidajie, Xuanwu District. 6303 6830/1717 National Centre For The Performing Arts (NCPA) Adjacent to the monolithic Great Hall of the People, French architect Paul Andreu’s space-age conception attracted a fair amount of criticism for its cost (RMB 490,000 a seat) and dust-gathering capabilities (maintenance of the glass dome and surrounding moat is said to run up to hundreds of thousands of RMB daily). Since its opening in December 2007 though, praise for the stunning design, particularly beautiful at sunset, and the superb in-house acoustics has drowned out these criticisms. Continuing the trend of giving monikers to new monuments, the NCPA has been dubbed the ‘Egg’. Entrance to the

three performance venues housed under the dome is via a passageway running under the moat, and the vast central atrium features stones from every region in China. Presently, attracting a string of world-class performers appears to be less of a problem than finding the appreciative local audiences that this venue deserves. 2 Chang’an Jie, Xicheng District 6655 0000 National Theater Company of China “The National Theatre of China (NTC) is the largest state-level performing art organization of the People’s Republic of China. It was founded on Dec 25th, 2001 when the former China National Youth Theatre and China National Experimental Theatre were combined. Home to a wealth of talents across the performing arts, NTC offers a platform where tradition meets modernity and state-of-the-art performance is pursued to nurture theatrical masterpieces. NTC brings together the most talented artists and art managers in China. NTC has won almost all the national prizes for performance and has become the nation’s strongest team of creators and experienced arts managers. NTC focuses on producing original plays, and has performed many fine works of contemporary dramatists. NTC is featured in three drama series which include serious dramas, comedies and experimental forms of theatrical arts. On one hand, NTC maintains roots in the classics to demonstrate the humanity and charm of theater. On the other hand, it acts as a leader in pioneering new trends of theater as an avant-garde power for innovative creation.” NTC offers an open stage where young theatrical talents with new innovative productions. NTC maintains the highest standards of excellence for all of its stage-performances, based on a solid business foundation, and utilizing the latest in theater and research technologies. As a result, NTC has earned its status throughout the generation as the flagship theater in China. As the first-class theater in China and renowned throughout the globe, NTC is leading the way in the development of drama both at home and abroad. The president of NTC is Zhou Zhiqiang. Vice-president includes Yan Fengqi (also the secretary of the company’s Party Committee), Wang Xiaoying, Zha Mingzhe and Shi Lifen. 45 Mao’er Hutong, Di’anmen Dajie, Dongcheng District 6403 1099, 6404 3653 Peking University Hall Peking University’s concert hall holds regular music performances, concerts, stage plays and more in a three-story multi-stage facility with 2,167 seats, state-of-the-art av equipment, rehearsal room, meeting rooms a gallery and more. Inside Peking University, 5A Yiheyuan Lu, Haidian District. 6275 1278 Tianqiao Acrobatics Theater This century-old theater is small and rarely packed so you can get frighteningly close to the action. The costumes and surroundings are a little threadbare, but the kids (and they are definitely kids) on stage are the real deal and the show’s great. Keep a grip on your own child lest she be tempted to run off and join the troupe. Buy the cheap tickets – you can usually move closer to the stage once you’re in. RMB 180, 280, 380. 95 Tianqiao Shichang Lu (east end of Beiwei Lu, opposite Tianqiao Theater), Xuanwu District. 6303 7449

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Family Feud

Memories of an explosive Spring Festival by George Ding


pring Festival is a time for family and blowing shit up, but since I grew up in Virginia without extended family or illegal fireworks, Chinese New Year got lost between the fanfare of Christmas and the narcissistic revelry of my birthday. Kowtowing to my parents for a red envelope became a formality – like a lapsed Catholic going to Christmas mass – before it was stopped altogether. I left China at the age of four, which means I must have celebrated Spring Festival when I was very young. I have no memories of it, though. So when I came back to China in late 2007, I was excited to celebrate Spring Festival the right way – with family and explosions. On the eve of the festival, my dad’s side of the family gathered for a meal at my grandmother’s house. Three of my uncles were there with their wives and my three cousins. We made dumplings for dinner, hiding a coin in one for good luck. I preemptively Googled instructions on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. After dinner, everyone shuffled toward the television to watch CCTV’s four-hour snoozefest New Year’s Gala. I had seen it a couple times growing up, on the Chinese channel that our antenna barely picked up. It was awful then and it was awful now, with its usual mishmash of patriotic medleys, crosstalk, comedian Zhao Benshan bumbling around, and the obligatory ethnic minority dance number. One of my younger cousins had gone back to his room (his family lived across the hall), so I figured I’d go back to mine (I was living with my grandmother at the time) and wait for midnight,


January 2012

when we would light the fireworks. When I got up to leave, my older cousin asked me where I was going. When I told her, she said I should sit down and watch the show. Why, I asked. “Because you’re in China,” she said. “Ruxiang suisu.” If you’ve been in China a while, you’ve probably heard this phrase used to justify all kinds of crazy behavior. Ruxiang suisu is the Chinese equivalent of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Certainly when you go somewhere new you should respect the culture, learn the language, and try the food, but you’ve got to draw a line. I can’t marry a coked-up hooker just because it’s Vegas. I told my cousin that “doing as the Chinese do” made no sense here because I wasn’t getting any of the jokes and didn’t know any of the songs. It was torture, watching the show. “If you ever went to America,” I said, “I wouldn’t force you to watch the Super Bowl.” She responded with a sneer: “Who the hell would ever want to go to America?” To be honest, I forget what happens here. My best guess is that I had some sort of Hulk-like transformation because the next thing I know, we’re making ad hominem attacks. “You Americans come to China and think you’re better than everyone.” “That’s right, I forgot. You know all about the world because your parents paid for you to go to college in Switzerland.”

“And who are you?” she said. “You’re just an English teacher. I bet you don’t even make as much as me.” There are times when I wish life had a reset button – like the time I broke my glasses during a championship basketball game by catching a pass with my face or when I accidentally made fun of a kid with cancer. Calling your older cousin a “f**king bitch” in front of your relatives – and her parents – goes on that list. It was one of those moments when all sound seems to fail. Even Zhao Benshan seemed to peer at me from the TV, like, What the f**k did you say? After an awkward silence, my grandmother defused the situation and my cousin went back to watching the New Year’s Gala while I retreated to my room. To their credit, her parents didn’t slap me. Nor did they tell my parents, who would have been furious. My cousin and I haven’t talked since then and we’ve been careful not to attend the same family functions. I ask about her every now and then, to make sure she’s still alive. I found out later that she was a hardcore nationalist, but back then I thought she was still the older cousin who pushed me on my swing and walked me to preschool. Had I realized how much we’d both changed, I wouldn’t have bothered to argue with her. I would have just smiled and nodded. Whatever your plans for the holidays are, keep in mind: Spring Festival is a time for family and blowing shit up, but not blowing up at your family.

the Beijinger January 2012  

Enter the Dragon: Our Hero Makes Himself At Home

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