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Brooklyn College Community Partnership

Social Justice

Watch Me Shine!

Students organize for social change in their community.

Student accomplishments and artwork from BCCP 2012.

Guest Artists:

Maya Azucena, Chris “Kazi“ Rolle & LiKWUiD Stylez

talk to students about achieving their dreams.

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Welcome to the 2012 Project Peace Journal


he history of Project PEACE, BCCP’s flagship program, is as interesting as it is complex. But rather than reflect on the years, I’d like to elaborate a little bit on why the arts are so important to young people in Brooklyn and how Project PEACE tries to serve this need.


The incredible work that fills these pages is the result of

icatio d e DEDICATION rati


ion t a

Experime n





Teenage years are some crazy years! They are exciting, fun, difficult, scary, sad, boring, happy, maddening, delightful, and always intense. The arts are a way to place all of these emotions and experiences in perspective – a laboratory to hold them, examine them, live with them, and let them go. Even the ones we don’t like. Especially the ones we don’t like (Hint: They often make the best art). Project PEACE mixes in social issues with the arts so we can all ask questions like: Where am I going? Where have I been? Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing with my life? Do I like myself? Why doesn’t this person like me? Why do they like me? Is it because of my looks, class, gender, body, accent, race, sexual preference, age, nationality, size,


shade, talents, style? Project PEACE wants to use the safe, non-judgmental space of the arts as a studio to experiment with the intense social-emotional issues of being a teen. (And by the way – even if as adults, we still ask those same questions, but it does get a whole lot easier to answer them.) Oh and those words over there… these are key both to arts and to life.

DEDICATE yourself to something you love – a skill, a talent, a belief, a dream. If you don’t know what that is…. EXPERIMENT – try different things until something strikes you and you don’t always have to go it alone even if it might feel that way sometimes, so... COLLABORATE – that’s how people change the world. IMAGINE – a better place

or a worse place, but always your place in the world; draw it, paint it, dance it, act it, record it, photograph it, perform it, rhyme it and don’t let anyone ever take it away because your dream is your own. For all readers, we hope you enjoy this wonderfully crafted and conceived journal. We are very proud of the work inside these pages. Know that you are indeed lucky to receive the words and images, the passion and the poetry, of Brooklyn’s future and it’s present.

- Steve Ausbury

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Table of Contents Welcome Events & Community Service Watch Me Shine BCCP Guest Artists Social Justice Student Art 3

My Twelve Years of Project Peace

Diane Reiser

Since I began working with BCCP in 2001, Project Peace has been the centerpiece of our programs. It has shaped the way in which we have expanded and has always been at the core of how we work with students. It’s amazing to see the evolution of the Project Peace Journal. It has both led and followed as BCCP has grown and changed. The current version which for the first time will be available online is the latest in a long line of vehicles for student expression. Over the years we have gone from just essay writing to poetry to visual art to video to song. What’s great is that the quality of work and the ability of students to express themselves has just gotten better and better. Thanks to an amazing staff who have continuously created a supportive and open environment in which students are respected and heard and allowed to give voice to their most important thoughts and feelings.

- Diane Reiser

Ericka Sanchez Bushwick H.S.


Happy V-Day By Ruben Nellis I.S. 291



The Brooklyn College Arts Lab


Imprisoned for 5 years Trapped in a chain of thought. Chased by the memories I once fought. Drowned in a river of tears For i was imprisoned for five years. Crying at my head to be free. So that the world can see How marvelous I can be. But who cares? I was imprisoned for 5 years Trapped in the dungeon Of everlasting confusion. Living with peers that gradually increased My fears. But who cares? I was imprisoned for five years. But... Look at me now! Watching nations bow. My destiny is but a stone throw; Only waiting for the cock’s crow. Who would ever know That I was imprisoned for five years! By Michael Awogbemi BCAL



Events & Community Service Our Trip to Brower Park

By Alison Mercure, Walt Whitman M.S.


hen school was over at 2:20, I went downstairs to the cafeteria to BCCP and I saw that they were asking students to sit down. Some students had to leave because they did not get their trip slips signed. So, I got a snack. I ate pretzels and graham crackers with apple juice. Miss Jill was taking attendance for those who were going, and I was one of them. When it was time to leave, we gathered our stuff and we had to walk all the way to the Church Ave station. We took the 2 train to Franklin Ave and then we transferred to the 3 train to Kingston Ave. We got off and we were in Brower Park in Crown Heights. We met Phil and he showed us how to plant daffodil bulbs. Phil showed us how to dig in the dirt with a shovel and put the bulbs in order. Then, we covered them with dirt. And work, work, work we did. After a while we finally finished. So, we went over to the other side to help Veronica rake the leaves and put them in black garbage bags. I collected the leaves and we finally called it a day. We took some pictures and grabbed our backpacks and left the park.


Well, I have to say, the trip was so cool! But, the train ride, not so cool! It was so crowded because it was rush hour. Everyone almost fell on the floor. We took the 3 and 2 train back to Church Ave and we got off. Unfortunately, the staff then told everyone that they had to go home. This was the best day ever! The End!

L to R, Top to Bottom, Sheena Minott, Dane Peters, Isaac Jean-Baptiste, Mickael Dejean, Jeff Jean, Natalie Yang, Kristelle Louis, Hadja Diop, Denisia Bowen, Jonathan Riviere, Medjine Exantus, Berlie Augustin, Kindersley Louis, Patrick Owusu, Bryant Cooper, Carl Lation, Claire Danies, Cindie Dube, Alison Mercure, Meryl George, Briannie Cooper, Jill Beale, Marvens Maurice, Rodley Lubin, Dodley JeanToussaint, Fabrice Maurice, Samuel Labastille



3 Clockwise L to R, Skating at Bryant Park, Visiting to the African Burial Ground National Monument, Students visit Columbia University; L to R, top to bottom: Zenoa Winds, Leozard Simon, Robert Stevens, DJ Aikens, Tanya Thomas, Michael Awogbemi, Youri Duvert, Stanley Nicholas, Takia Sandy, Christiana Orji, Faradjine Thomas, Rose Pierre, Linda Muscadin, Emmanuel Ojo, Stacey Richard, Julia (tour guide)


It was that time of year again! Time for slipping and sliding, learning and laughing... a lot. Walt Whitman students enjoyed their annual ice skating trip to Bryant Park — They had a blast!


Dane Peters, our athletics supervisor and Boy’s club facilitator, brought the Boy’s club to The African Burial Ground National Monument to learn about the history of this sacred space. Until 1794, both free and enslaved Africans were buried here in Lower Manhattan. Lost to history due to landfill and development, the grounds were rediscovered in 1991.


BCAL students enjoyed a trip to Columbia University, an Ivy League University in the heart of the Big Apple. The students toured the campus and got a first hand account of what it’s like to attend the college from Julia, an Environmental Biology major in her junior year.


THE DINNER PARTY At Brooklyn Museum By Elie Mbys-Davidson New Utrecht H.S. Our group of New Utrecht High School students went to the Brooklyn Museum with the intent of seeing The Dinner Party exhibit. I found that the Dinner Party exhibit is a powerful testimony to the contribution made by powerful women in history. I was impressed by the great amount of symbolism used in the decorating of the art. The entire dinner party holds greater meaning than seen at first glance and completely encompasses subtle definition in its beautiful details. Each plate symbolizes a particular woman who made a difference in the lives of others and in history. The triangular shape of The Dinner Party symbolizes femininity, as well as the shapes defined on each plate. Each plate commemorates a woman and her various accomplishments. Below the plate and the table wrap is written the names of other famous women in history related to the particular piece chosen to be remembered. This special memorial brings dawn to a new age of art that forever immortalizes this group of women and is Judy Chicago’s very own contribution to an eternal feminist movement.


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L to R, clockwise. Michael McDonald visits Erasmus Campus, Immigration lawyers volunteering their time for Citizenship Day at Bushwick H.S. while Juan Garcia of Bushwick translates the forms for a community member. Teens from Rhinelander Children’s Center visit the Brooklyn College Arts Lab


Former Erasmus Hall student and current college student, Michael McDonald stopped by Erasmus and brought a slew of tasty and healthy treats from the Farmers Market to share with students. Michael graduated from Youth and Community Development H.S. on the Erasmus Campus last June.


Our youth at Bushwick Campus had a great time assisting our volunteer immigration lawyers help community members fill out citizenship applications. We look forward to working with CUNY again!


The Rhinelander Children’s Center, NYC’s only free, recreational weekend program for Deaf children and teens visited BCAL. Students were able to explore the college campus with the guidance of college service learners and interpreters. The teens were full of energy and were such a joy to be with, hopefully this won’t be their only visit to BCAL.


Mixed Media Collaboration I.S. 291

New Utrecht High School

Let Me Fly Let me fly so far from worldly troubles, And sprout from the earth to the sky. Free me from the earthquake’s rubble, And I’ll flee to days I’ll never know. Let there be light upon the wronged. And should night never reach its dawn, Then let us breathe the air for which we’ve always longed. For the angels of the sun will make no more. By Elie Mbys-Davidson New Utrecht H.S.



Watch Me Shine Mirka Loksvana

Accepted into Global Potential We are proud to announce that Mirka has been accepted into Global Potential! Global Potential provides urban youth from low-income communities with skills and perspective that enable them to effect positive change in their loves, communities and global community through engagement in leadership training, social entrepreneurship, international culture exchange and service learning. This summer Mirka will travel to the Dominican Republic to do a social entrepreneurship project.

Yvesnee “Loyalty“ Jeanaimé

Accepted to Howard University & St. Augustine’s College We will surely miss the presence of Loyalty BCAL. A Midwood student, Loyalty established herself as a member of the Black Jackets with her memorable song “You Don’t Know“. She became a leader of Awake Center Project, leading a group of teens in learning meditation practice and raised money for that program. She’s written several poems and stories and has recently made a short documentary on Colorism.

Shiniqua Bailey

2012 Rene Peñaloza Memorial Award Winner Shiniqua is a leader. She is the Captain of the cheerleading squad and Vice President of the Senior class. She is also a natural born director and is great with the camera. She is respected by her peers because she respects everyone and helps everyone out. Shiniqua’s most recent project, inspired by her sister Shakaya, was the “Letters to Santa” drive. During the holidays, Macy’s donates a dollar for every letter written to Santa to the Make a Wish Foundation. Shiniqua collected 2000 letters in two days, raising $2000! That is better than most charity organizations. Shiniqua has so much to offer and we are very proud of all of her accomplishments!


Ciara Olivencia 8th grader IS 291

Ciara will be attending East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC) High School for Public Service-Bushwick in the fall. EBC was designed to offer students in a troubled neighborhood opportunities for community action. She’s extremely shy but a true star in the making. Besides her wonderful personality and kind heart she’s funny, smart, brave, peaceful and entertaining. Ciara is very caring and enjoys taking on the motherly role after school. She always brings ices, candy or food for all the students, and bakes a cake when it’s someone’s birthday. Ciara is one of our most ambitious students and wants to be a singer, dancer, musician, actress and nurse to take care of her family.

Juan Garcia

Junior, The Academy of Environmental Leadership Juan is committed to his community. He will be attending the LEAF (Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future) Program in the summer. LEAF provides paid summer internships for high school students and helps educators from environmental high schools share best practices and scientific resources.

Olga Sanchez

Junior, Bushwick School for Social Justice Olga Sanchez is a rising star! In the past year, Olga had split her time between working as an office assistant in her school and attending our program. Olga is determined to work in media and has worked diligently with our teaching artist Alejandra Ugarte-Bedwell on socially conscious media projects. Olga recently got a full scholarship to The International Center of Photography’s Teen Academy Program for summer, 2012.




action! 16

Emi L. Augustin, Music Teaching Artist, Walt Whitman M.S. When I come into work here at M.S. 246, I always leave amazed at what our students are capable of. This year is my first full year at Walt Whitman, and the things we were able to accomplish are nothing short of amazing! We made some great music, and we also were able to make videos with Ms. Arin and Ms. Jill to support the songs. We were able to give our students a taste of what it’s like to actually work and complete a project in its entirety. The students were always interested in the progress of their work, and it shows in the product that we have all worked on this year. In my time here, I’ve seen our young people find their voices, create groups, learn how to produce and record music and themselves. As an artist myself, I can truly say that having been here with my peers and students making magic happen is why I do what I do.

Maya’s in the House Award winning songstress visits BCCP + LiKWUiD Styles and Chris “Kazi“ Rolle

humanitarian who consistently uses these gifts to help make life better for those around her. Rising from the streets of Brooklyn, her talent took her to the LaGuardia School of Performing Arts. Later she formed a band and started honing her performance skills all over the U.S. Maya’s 2nd show found her performing in front of 8,000 people in Brooklyn. Shortly thereafter, she released her debut CD “Maya Who?!”, independently selling it at shows and from her website. It was this direct connection with fans that led to much of her success and growth as a businesswoman.


his year, our students have learned both job and college readiness skills, they have been challenged to rethink their approach to conflict, to reach their goals academically and to give back to the community. They have also been encouraged and guided by our Teaching Artists to grow through the arts. To further support this artistic growth, the BCCP brought Grammy Award-winning artist, Maya Azucena on board to spend some time with our students at each site.

Maya’s energy and enthusiasm for the arts is evident as she gives an inspirational talk on the music business and what it means to travel the world as a Cultural Ambassador. She sang songs from her new album “Cry Love” and, in addition showed the new music video for the title track. We are all inspired as she sings from her heart while encouraging us all to pursue our dreams.

Some people are born with jaw-dropping talent, some born with a burning will to succeed, and some born with a spirit to help those in need. Then there is multiple awardwinning singer Maya Azucena, a vocalist so richly talented that she’s brought audiences to their feet all over the world (Maya has performed in over 20 countries from Croatia to China!). Driven by an entrepreneur’s spirit, she’s released her own music and toured the planet, all on her own. And, Maya’s a


M.S. 246

Walt Whitman Middle School is my community, one big family/ “ This Many different faces, many different races/ But they all represent the makings of me/ East Flatbush is the place to be! Excerpt from “My Community - Flatbush Fire” pg. 46



LiKWUiD Styles Hip Hop Artist

Faybeo’n LaShanna A. Mickens, also known as LiKWUiD Styles was born in Columbia, SC and developed into an independent hip hop standout performing artist and freestyler in New York City.

Chris “Kazi“ Rolle Artist, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur

Chris Rolle, also known as “Kazi” visited Brooklyn College Arts Lab to speak to students about believing in themselves to do whatever it is they desire to do with their lives.


Described as a hip hop fusion or soul-hop artist, LiKWUiD has performed throughout the east coast with artist such as Slick Rick, 9th Wonder, Lyfe Jennings, Jazmine Sullivan, Talib Kweli, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Bow Wow, Rah Digga, Umar Bin Hassan (The Last Poets), Jesse Boykins, III and world renowned comedian Cedric the Entertainer.

LiKWUiD, who holds a Master of Business Administration degree spoke to our students about following their dreams to become Hip Hop artists, but also about how important a college education in order to pursue those very same dreams.


He was born in Nassau, Bahamas and spent many years in foster homes, orphanages and reform schools. As a teenager he was involved with gangs and began selling drugs and committing petty crimes which ultimately landed him in jail. It was then that he decided to turn his life around.

Kazi now spends his time traveling nationally and internationally, motivating and inspiring audiences through lectures, workshops, and live performances. He is the author of the youth focused self-help book “All Things Are Possible“ and his inspiring life story is the focus of a feature-length documentary film, “The Hip Hop Project“; executive produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah.

Occupy Wall Street

BCAL, Bushwick, New Utrecht and Jefferson visited Occupy Wall Street in 2011. It gave our students the opportunity to see people from all communities coming together to fight against corporate greed and

oppression of the

poor and working class.



Jesus Aviles Bushwick H.S.

Oppression Is.... Oppression is the homeless man sitting on the corner with a sign that reads “I’m hungry, please help me”. Oppression is a young girl, crying because she is pregnant and she had no way of taking care of her child and is not forced to drop out of school. Oppression is a woman getting beaten by her husband because she is too sick to go to work. Oppression is a person not being hired because of their race. Oppression is a woman being paid less than a man. The problem… The problem is that the youth could care less about what’s happening around them and all they want to do is party, smoke, drink and disobey. They have no interest in their education. Businessmen and women only care about making money and not about what’s really


important; the environment and the well being of animals and humans. Here’s how you change it. Youth, education is important. You need it. End of story, so stay focused on your education because marijuana, alcohol, parties, and being disobedient should not be priority. Young women, a child should not be priority, your education should be. Young men; girls and booty calls can wait. Women would fall right into your arms if you have a good job and a nice car, but the only way you can get there is with a good education. Parents, steer your child in the right direction because if you don’t then it will backfire on you. If they get in trouble with the law and get arrested then you will have to bail them out of jail, if they get pregnant then you will have to help them take care of the baby and if they get stuck with a bad record after dropping out of school, you will have to

take care of them. Teachers, do your job and try to help your student understand what you are trying to teach, don’t just give up because they need your help to succeed. Gang Members, what are you doing with your lives? You could do so much more for your family and your community, instead of getting yourself caught up on a color and a sign. There are many ways the world could change for the better, but who’s willing to make a change and allow it to happen? Not very many people would and it’s a shame. What will it take for people to realize that the way things are going right now will be the death of this world? By Sashagai Malcolm Bushwick H.S.

Oppression is... Oppression is a person of color dropping out of school because they think it’s boring. Oppression is a young teenager having a baby. Oppression is a women getting beaten up by men. Oppression is a poor person going to jail because he robs a store just to eat. Oppression is a person of color getting paid less money. The Problem… The problem is today teenagers find school to be boring because the teachers do not know how to teach the students the way they should be taught so the students feel like they are coming to school for no reason because they are not learning anything. Young teenagers need to get their education because of many different reasons so they can make it far in life. One reason is because without a right education and also without your high school diploma it is hard for you to go to college. The reason

for why it is hard for you to go to college is because colleges look to see if you have your high school diploma and they also look at your grade point average so if you don’t go to school you won’t get your diploma and also you wont have a good or high grade point average.

yourself in the future. By Dashawn Smith Bushwick H.S.

Without going to college chances are you probably would have a minimum wage job and have to rely on family and friends to help you pay your bills. People should also go to school so they can have a good education so it can prepare you for the world. Even though some teenagers find school to be boring because the teachers are not teaching the student the right way or because the students feel like they are criminals because they have to get scanned everyday just to come in the school to learn. Even though all these thing happen you should still go to school because so you can have a higher education so you can have better opportunities for


By Dejean Aiken BCAL


Paul Robeson High School

I AM... I am peaceful and loving. I wonder what life would be like. I hear the birds sing. I see a land of peace. I want a world with no hate. I am peaceful and loving. I pretend that I don’t care. I feel love in my heart. I touch the sight of everlasting life. I worry when the hate is going to stop. I cry to see another youth down. I am peaceful and loving. I understand life is short. I say we should take our time. I dream for a better tomorrow. I try fighting for love and peace. I hope for a world of freedom and love. I am peaceful and loving. By Alissica Christie Paul Robeson H.S.

By Dejean Aiken BCAL 25

Passing The NY DREAM ACT

Photos taken by Olga Sanchez Bushwick School for Social Justice

Development Relief Education for Alien Minors Act 26

On March 20, 2012, Bushwick Students traveled to City Hall to have their voices heard and lend their support to passing the NY DREAM ACT. Our students filmed and photographed the press conference under the supervision of our wonderful teaching artist Alejandra Ugarte-Bedwell. BSSJ Student, Olga

Sanchez photographed most of the event. Education Equity for DREAMers would allow undocumented students to apply for college tuition grants up to as much as $5,000 a year.

Visit for more information.

Thoughts on Trayvon Martin Erasmus Hall Campus

Stereotypes play a big part! Racism is still alive! Justice shall be served! Violence is still occurring! Dispatcher: Did you see what he was wearing? Zimmerman: Yeah, a dark hoodie… He’s got his hands in his waist band. And he’s a black male. This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something. Racism and racial profiling. Violence is NOT the way! Dispatcher: Are you following him? Zimmerman: Yeah Dispatcher: OK. You don’t need you to do that. Refusing to follow instructions. Insubordination It could be anyone of us. If Zimmerman was black, do you think things would be looked at differently? Food for thought. Ashley Bibby

The color black… It means darkness but The color white… It means light. Blacks have been enslaved. Whites have been our slave masters. But that color black, it found a little white in its color… A white shot a black and got away. Never give up until you pull your ace. Jerome Barrett

If that were me… Laying down with blood and skittles everywhere. If that were me I would have my hoodie on because I live in fear. If that were me The juice of racism will spread to Florida. If that were me… Lateef Wearrien

“If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” – Barack Obama

The land of the free Yet I am not free in my own clothes. I’m not free in my own skin. I die because you think. Your thoughts incriminate me before you even hear my voice. What about you? Why must your skin make your punishment any less for taking my life? Nickeshia Rumble I was shot for being black. How messed up is that? I did nothing wrong. What kind a crap is that? He shot me, took my life without a care in the world. He stood over my dead body. He watched as I died. If I were white, I wouldn’t have died. That racist pig killed me. He took my life, for wearing a hoodie! A stupid hoodie! Eating skittles, drinking… Arizona… I actually saw the rainbow. Joy-Anne George and Jessica Drummonds

Walking down the street, just a bag of Skittles and an Arizona, going home.
It’s raining and nothing’s happening.
Then bam! A black 17 year-old was shot.
White man thought he was suspicious, but in reality, he was not.
A young black dies, a murderer tries to make it seem he’s not telling lies.
What if he is? What if he isn’t?
Shooting a black kid…that is not innocent.
Why? Just because.
Why did you shoot this black person?
Just because…
Why did you torture this black man?
Just because…
Why did you attack this elderly black woman?
Just because…
Just because what?!
For years, the white man has escaped punishment
For torturing, murdering, slapping, beating, and abusing in all kinds of manners against almost every black nation through identification and segregation and communication across the nation.
Why do we do nothing but sit in frustration when we should receive justice and justify ourselves through the process of justification.
Just because…
 Emmanuel Fortin


Student Art at the BCCP



By Elie Mbys-Davidson New Utrecht H.S.

Dear lord that struck my heart with cupid’s bow And let a fire in the dark then glow.

Sometimes eternal moonlight’s shawl shines above a smooth horizon. And when the light finds itself a landing, is when the dawn arouses.

And the flame that burns and sears now penetrates my soul. Amidst the smoke, I’m merely left with ashes and some coal.

Those times life sprinkles color across a sea which darkness lies in.

Oh, Beauty of the wind that glimmered into night. Oh, Glory of the day, why have you left me with no light.

Those times mercy gives us leave to the black despair that midnight houses.

On, Magnanimity of love, how could you have fled? Abandon me in fog, vacant in the shadows of the life that now lies dead.

It came to be that upon the dawn of day, I donned a star. And made a wish upon the star, to dream to love it from afar. And as the light shines bright, I saw my wish come true that I may be at peace in eternal days with you. Yet I’m like a puddle that feeds a dead tree, I am the chain that doesn’t ever lock. Like a pond that has no fish, I am the grass that grows under a rock. Yet she, ever so slowly, always so gentle, never more kind. Have I ever met a person to ease my emotion, and bring peace to my mind? She is the blood of dawn, the light of day, the twilight’s song. The only truth, now far away, the lovingly loyal loss for whom I long. Why cry if I die, when the ire burns in anguish. Tears and tribulation never tire, but forever


Glimpse into the abyss of a life that has no fear. There where the sun will always set upon the dawn of day. There where life is not but one long tear and the star that shone so bright, will forever fall away.

Devonte Dudley Bushwick H.S.

Jesus Aviles Bushwick H.S.


Mystery Heart Mystery heart is a heart with no name Rich, poor or fame? No one knows Your mystery heart can be anything With a certain question mark(?). The key to a mystery heart Is to find out a riddle Without peeking in the middle. The world, it’s like a mystery heart You just have to find out on our own. By Ashley Scurry Bushwick H.S.

Bushwick Campus High School

Art by Davonte Dudley Bushwick H.S.



Random Characters By Jesus Aviles Bushwick H.S. 32


am intelligent and friendly. I wonder why they bully people. I hear their cries and lamentation rise to the skies those that lost lives in 9.11. I want to be successful. I am intelligent and friendly. I pretend to be something I’m not. I feel everything is going to be wonderful. I touch the sky. I worry about losing someone special like the people who lost loved ones in 9/11. I cry when I see a sad movie. I am intelligent and friendly. I understand everything that I want to be. I say everyone can realize dreams. I dream about living a supernatural life. I try to fly in the sky. I hope that I can make it through. I am intelligent and friendly. SiSi Chen Thomas Jefferson H.S.


am myself and nobody can take it away. I am Aysha. I hear I am a best friend. I see that I have a special gift. I am myself and nobody can take it away. I am a young lady that knows how to carry herself. I am a star and not a fan. I am a singer. I am a loving a person. I am myself and nobody can take it away. I am a fighter. I am the light in this world. I am realest person you will ever meet. I am a piece of art. I am myself and nobody can take it away. Aysha Galarza Thomas Jefferson H.S.


am unique. I am outspoken. I am judgmental but only a few times. I am honest. I am special. I am a Guyanese girl that is very loving. I am funny. I am kind. I am crazy, but only sometimes. I am loud. I am intelligent. I am a future doctor in 2012. I am Angelique. I am pretty. I am no one else but me. D’Avilar Angelique Thomas Jefferson H.S.


am sweet and mean.

I wonder why I am shy. I hear the happy laughter. I want to be forgiving. I am sweet and mean. I pretend to be aggressive. I feel everything is going to be an adventure. I touch my dreams. I worry about being a giver. I am sweet and mean. Michelle Boisereau Thomas Jefferson H.S.

i am


Ericka Sanchez Bushwick H.S.

I am intellectual and inspirational. I wonder what college life would be like. I hear the sound of trees dancing by a swish of the wind. I see nothing but those who are before me. I want to be happy and successful throughout life. I am intellectual and inspirational. I pretend to be afraid to face the world but I am not. I feel weak but deep down inside I am strong. I touch the roses when they bloom to see the life of nature. I worry sometimes when I feel nothing but hopelessness. I cry when I lost something that is so dear to me like loved ones. I am intellectual and inspirational. I understand that I am smart and kind. I say nothing but to motivate others and be a role model. I dream to be successful. I try so hard even when I am hopeless and down. I hope to succeed throughout my own dream. I am intellectual and inspirational By Enrisha Watt Paul Robeson H.S.


I am strong. I wonder when will the world end. I hear the whistle blow. I see the world changing. I want to explore. I am strong and confident. I pretend to fly like a bird. I feel the cold wind pushing me. I touch the bright blue sky. I worry that I might fall. I cry when someone dies. I am strong and confident. I understand life isn’t easy. I say never give up. I dream to succeed in pursuing my dreams. I try to keep my head up. I hope to achieve in life. I am strong and confident. By Tamar Jules Paul Robeson H.S.

Bushwick Photo Project

Dashawn Smith

Juan Garcia

Olga Sanchez

Ashley Scurry

35 Ericka Sanchez

that are coming “ Listen to thesethruwords my mouth I open up the door, now I’m letting them out I’ve waited too long to get to this place Excert from “Reality (No Strife)“ pg. 48

Erasmus Hall High School MISCONCEPTION

unappreciated presence…

By: Nickeshia Rumble Erasmus Hall H.S.

Just the same old thing.

Each morning it’s the same thing. No one says hello; they all say goodbye.

Maybe I should go back and lie down, disappear behind my sheets and let the rain come and take my place.

This is why I don’t smile anymore and why my happiness no longer shows. The clouds come and drown me out and I no longer know if I will be recognized. Rising, emerging from the distance, to make them all know a new day has come. Slowly, but surely, my daily routine begins. No change, no transformation, no great revolution that I will initiate through my


I just want someone to say, “Thank you for coming out, brightening up my day in the way that only you can. Thank you.” But no, never do I get that. I tried to retreat, but got stuck in the middle of the sky. I couldn’t go back to hide my pain, and I couldn’t rise to give them light. I was there, trapped to witness the joys of a happy world with no one noticing me at all.

Then he arrived. That smug look on his face made me sick. He was so happy, calm as if nothing was happening out of the ordinary. He noticed me, of course, but never could he acknowledge me. We looked at each other; I was angry and he was elated. He played his guitar, but no sounds came from his mouth. At least say thank you, you smug little man, but nothing. We were disconnected from the rest of the world, our voices finding no connections.

Taken away watching the briskness of his step pulling the guitar in the sand, I thought of him differently; still annoyed with his smug previous actions, but finding him interesting in the aftermath. He was done, and called my attention waving his guitar in the air like a mad man. “Thank you Mr. Guy in the sky. Signed Silence.� The words of his masterpiece; I was no longer stuck and as the tears welled up in my eyes, I knew I could go back and wake up again knowing that I am appreciated.

What will he do next? I was ready to go now, tired of his stupid little games. He turned his guitar around, holding it in an odd way. Was he going to play it like this? But how? Intrigued, I sat back, stroking my golden beard. Left! Right! Left Diagonal! Right Diagonal!


Mystery Heart

By Ashley Scurry, Bushwick H.S. Mystery heart is a heart with no name Rich, poor or fame? No one knows Your mystery heart can be anything With a certain question mark(?). The key to a mystery heart Is to find out a riddle Without peeking in the middle. The world, it’s like a mystery heart You just have to find out on our own.


By Tashany Moreno Bushwick H.S. Living off of the past. All these brutal memories will always last. I live a life with scars on my skin. If I was to choose life I would never pick. The stories of our lives will never go away. But what I experienced will never fade. Always and forever!


By Tashany Moreno Bushwick H.S. The rising of the powerful wind blows across my face. My steady walk is at real slow pace. Tomorrow is a another day to rejuvenate your soul. My heart is broken from the feelings you stole. I smile, I stare & I speak. I search I find my dreams to seek. Learning from all the struggle. Tell me one more time that I’m not in trouble. Sorry I looked back, I never want to see my past. Time flies but truth’s stay is way too long. As Drake said, “I’m so far gone”.


By Dana Frasier Bushwick H.S. “Damien has a secret that you shouldn’t know about! You can’t trust a guy like him!” Thomas screamed. “Why can’t you just accept the fact that I do trust him and I love him”, I said. Thomas sighed, “Look, I’m through fighting with you. Go ahead and do what you want. Just don’t come back to me and


ask me for my help”, Thomas said and with that the conversation was over. This all started a month ago when I first met Damien. He has the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Tan skin, hazel eyes, perfect white, gorgeous lips. His hair was curly when he didn’t cut it but it was adorable anyway. It was his attire that grabbed my attention. He had a thing for wearing black. He wore a black v-neck shirt with a leather jacket, black jeans and black boots. When he first came to John Jay High School, all eyes were on him when he pulled up in his black Ducati motorcycle. It was my friend Melanie that spotted him first. “Damn Tiff, look at him,” Mel said. Once I looked up, I couldn’t look away. He was just too beautiful. My mouth hung open for a moment when I was trapped in his world of absolute gorgeousness. “Hello! Earth to Tiffany!” Mel was snapping me out of this trance. “Huh? What’s up?”, I said with a smile sneaking up on my face. “You are so out of this world! You better be careful, he has to walk by first before you can start drooling” she said with a chuckle. “Shut up. He’s coming. Quick, act natural,” I said with panic. As he walked past me, I caught a whiff of his cologne, I think it was Spark by Nick Morrison. I started after as he walked to his locker. “Tiff, let’s go the bell’s about to ring.” Mel said. We walked to our locker when I stopped cold. I noticed the new kid was standing right next to my locker. “Mel, I can’t go over there,” I whispered pulling her back. “Why not? It’s not like he’s a demon or something. Just relax” she responded. We walked to my locker and Mel went around the corner to hers. “Hello. I’m Damien. What is your name”? His voice sounded foreign, but it was beautiful. “Hi. My name is Tiffany but I go by Tiff. What grade are you in”? I asked him hoping he wouldn’t say 10th. “Tenth grade. I have Mr. Simon first, I think” Damien answered in his beautiful voice. The bell interrupted our conversation and we walked to class. I kept looking into his eyes, searching for something but, the more I looked into his eyes the more I got lost in them and the more I felt like I was swimming in a lake of sticky caramel.

As we entered the class, everyone looked at us with a mixture of jealousy and shock. I walked past the stares as an awkward feeling crept up inside me. “Why is it so shocking to see me talking to a guy? It’s not like we were dating.” I thought. “Okay class. Getting back to the PSAT. You need to know how to pass this if you want a good chance of passing the SAT’s…” . Mr. Simon’s voice tuned out of my head as I read the note that Damien passed to me “Why did everyone stare at you as we walked in?” “I don’t know. They always feel that if I’m talking to a guy out of my league that I’m dating him,” I wrote. I slipped it back to him. I found it odd that every seat was taken but the one next to me. I was seated in the back row with other kids, but they were in their own world. The next note said: “Well, they might be looking at you for a while because I’ve chosen you to be my tour guide. I want you to show me all over the school. I don’t think I would last a second in these halls all alone”. I smiled at his note and looked beside me. You know there’s no way I can show you the whole school in 3 minutes. But, I can show you in one period. Meet me at my locker after the bell”. I whispered after leaning towards him. A smile was on his face after I pulled away. He looked at me and winked. Class rolled on and when the bell rang, I was the last one out. I wanted him to wait so I took my time, unaware the bell for third period was about to sound. I rushed to my locker and there he was the hottest guy in school, standing in front of my locker with an angry face. “Why so glum, chum?”, I asked with a frown on my face. “I have been here waiting for you for a whole five minutes! Where have you been?” Damien answered in an angry tone. “So you’re telling me you couldn’t wait five minutes? I took that long because Mr. Simon wanted to talk to me about my grades,” I lied. “Really? Your grades? Please, you’re a straight A student. Why would Mr. Simon want to talk to you about grades”? He was laughing at this point and I was beginning to get aggravated. “Can we go now?”, I asked, cutting his laughter short. “Yeah, sure. Where are you taking me first”? “The cafeteria” I responded. We walked down the east corridor and down two flights of stairs. “I hope you remember the way but if you don’t just follow the other students,” I explained. “Well, I don’t have a problem…”. To be continued.

Things Aren’t What They’re Supposed To Be By Devonte Springer Erasmus Hall H.S.

Things aren’t what they’re supposed to be. Said you like me; but it wasn’t truthfully. Hyping up my self esteem. 3 weeks? That was a dream to me. But I mean…I guess, No stress Pain is a trick, but I’m on to the next. Change the page, di erent chapter. I’m an actor, so I behaved like it really Didn’t matter. Not gonna lie, it hit me after. But it’s whatever, my life’s already a Damned disaster. At least I did one thing; I’m the ONLY one That kept you smiling. Ain’t that a shame that you threw it away. But hey! This is a poem freeing myself. No having any emotion; I’m just being myself.


By Chardonnay Hudson, BCAL Church. Not the one singing and shouting. The Ave, where you get shot up. Watch your back. You may seem safe, but when the grass is cut Low, the snakes start to show. Trust none just look around and observe what You see. Be alert after dark. You never know what lurks around after dark. Busy streets mixy feets. You never know what to expect. Just be ready for the worst and pray for the best. In this life nothing is promised. Just death.


Art by Damien Ford I/S/ 291

I.S. 291

Roland Hayes Middle School Opportunity It’s like I’m trapped inside my mind But it’s hard to see when I’m nearly blind To do me is all I really wanted But instead I’m forever taunted To live my life freely Is a very big opportunity It’s hard to choose who you want to be So that opportunity fades away mysteriously At least I can wake up the next day Without screaming and yelling all the way Life is hard, yes I admit it But it gets easier when you get to the finish By Ciara Olivencia I.S. 291



Alahnie Do Better

But forget? I could never; All the voices that said Alahnie you CAN do better!

Alahnie do better, do better, do better!


By Alahnie Bailey BCAL

I will, I will, After I pop this bean at the end of this bottle. I mean we all have dreams, but I’ll never be skinny Enough to be a model. Aren’t we all just like everyone else searching for love? Then my great intentions are curved by some Jack-*** I think I’m not pretty enough to deserve. But tell me once, just one time that I’m gorgeous And for a moment, for a split second I’ll believe I’m Flawless. What happens when I don’t feel like that anymore? What happens when my feelings aren’t there? You’ll be the same one I “love” sitting next to the One that’s prettier. The one with long hair. But I guess it was all fake. I was Barbie and you were Ken. I though I was happy in the beginning but in the End, That same bottle was the one I could turn to. That was my “boyfriend”. And those same people that said I can do better Turned into letters. Letters that meant nothing until I stepped back and Saw the big picture. So when you are worrying about if he’s a good Kisser, your life is dripping away. Slipping through your fingers. Then when its too late you’ll be thinking of what You should have, would have, could have done. If it wasn’t for stage number one All that lateness could have been greatness. And all the time I wasted could be bad memories Erased from my mind. How can I think of all the bad times when I’m on my Grind? I would have all the confidence in the world to tell Those people that said I was easily broken, That they are sadly mistaken. For all those who think I can’t reach that level; I’m coming. Things change and people do too. I’m a strong black girl now and in a few years I’ll be A strong black woman. I heard loudly the ones who said I couldn’t. Turned my back to those who said I could. They tell me that I’m crazy but I know for sure I’m misunderstood. For all those who are waiting for Alahnie to make them proud, I’ll say it loud so that the negativity can hear me. I throw out the window everything that scares me I know my memory isn’t great.


By Michael Awogbemi BCAL When you are six feet under the ground, Only god knows where you are bound. Without a smile without a frown. Looking up and not down. Remembering your life scenes. Your eternal journey begins! You get to the gate, Therein lies thy eternal fate. Getting to the seat of judgment, Waiting for thy procurement. You get eternal torment! You start complaining, The judge is ignoring. You start blaspheming, Angels hold you, but constraining He says “ain’t it a shame”? “I can’t find thy name”. All the same, you shall live in the place of tame. Worse than that of Notre Dame!” You then begin to cry, asking yourself why, But discovering you cant lie. You have no option but to die!! Then you start pleading, But it falls on deaf ears. Tis just the beginning of your eternal tears. Then you start thinking of your endless years. Then comes an angel as scary as ever. Indeed, you can tell you are finished forever!!! Tell me, dear friend, sincerely Are your ready for eternity?

Child Of The Rain

By Elie Mbys-Davidson New Utrecht H.S. I, child of the pouring rain; Whose misery was born but lost in pain. Yet was found and tossed in vain. Am now to dwell in a land among the sane. I, Father of the mud that never dries Am gifted with the power to mask honesty with lies. Now I’m locked in chains that are all but insincere. And I cringe and cower, paralyzed in fear. I, child of the rain that isn’t mine, Cry, when the somber skies let sorrow shine. So let my weep be heard in the darkest cry. And let my truth be found where the darkest lie.


By Widzar Weche BCAL She use to get beatings ‘cause She’s a spitting image of her mother. Run away at night cuz she love her like no Other. She hide her scars with a lie ‘cause her dad Convince her what she’s doing is right. She was taught to be cold hearted; Her thought was the only thing she ever bought. Mistake is never an option ‘cause she hates her dad’s reaction.

Just for You, Nikki

By Lateef Ross-Wearrien Erasmus Hall H.S. I live in this mystical space between Being your friend and being your lover. In this place my mind is lost. I am scared to be your lover ’cause of what you told me, That all the boys you’ve dated, you never really liked. But wait, you told me that you like me. So if we date, does that mean you will eventually hate me too? The past six weeks we spent together talking, laughing, It was more than a summer fling to me. I am so inspired by your intelligence. I remember one night struggling on my final paper. I felt like giving up, Throwing all the pages in the garbage. But at 10:37 I heard a knock, knock, And my whole night changed.

She hates being alone. Deep down she knows her angel is long gone. That’s why no one could ever take away her spotlight. Every time you smile, my cheeks turn Now-andShe spit it like it was her last night; Her life is full of misery. That’s why she ended up being a luxury; She gave all of them something to hate on. Who dares to challenge her is a moron, What you doing now. It’s been there, done that for now; Her dream was her happiness. Even though her life was madness.

Later purple. I don’t know how you can eat so much candy And still have such a beautiful smile, Proving so many dentists wrong. You said you fantasize about jumping Into a pool of Snickers, Skittles, and Starbursts. So go ahead. Jump. I will be your lifesaver.

Story of her life, It’s like cutting your skin with a knife. Don’t be surprise if it’s by your wife, Life can be surprising. Life lesson; things happen for a reason. Your past is nothing but a picture that’s Fading away. When you think of it, it pissed you off right away. You got to be thankful for the past. Because that wasn’t your last.


Thomas Jefferson Campus High School I AM...

By Alison Duverge Thomas Jefferson H.S. I am Dominican. I wonder why life is short. I hear my spirit laughing. I want to feel my success. I am Dominican. I pretend to be shy. I feel that it is important to be yourself. I touch my tears when I cry. I worry about the world. I am Dominican. I understand that I am who I am and no one can change me. I say that good things come to those who wait. I dream peace will fill the Earth one day. I try to be not disrespectful. I hope to build a house in the Dominican Republic. I am Dominican.



Bushwick State of Mind

By Keyshawn Lawson & Willie Conner I.S. 291 I walk down the streets as I meet and greet/ in the neighbor hood lots of kids are playing/ some of them up to no good/ Both eyes open as I walk down the “L” train line/ I’m in a Bushwick state of mind. Bushwick is here where I’m from/ L Train hop if your dumb/ I am the master of Bushwick/ You might wanna think twice before you flip/ Little kids wanna hang out in the park stealin’ and dealin’/ I don’t touch none of dat cuz I’m not like them/ I’m real, I’m real cuz I don’t steal/ I originate from Bushwick.

Electric Flame By Lashauna Hill I.S. 291

I am here now/ I wanna know my electric flame/ When your not around/ I just want to call your name/ I can feel the pressure/ Running through my brain/ I am here now/ And I want to know my electric flame.

My Community: Flatbush Fire

By Walt Whitman M.S. Music Crew Verses (Andrew, Malik and Klarissa) Chorus (Chantelle and Tamia) Music (Emi L. Augustin) This is my community, one big family/ Many different faces, many different races/ But they all represent the makings of me/ East Flatbush is the place to be! I represent the east and we like nice things/ We like our life…and what it brings/ As for me, I was born in the county of Kings/ Brooklyn…we go hard on everything.


Haiti, Trini, D.R., Jamaica, St. Vincent, P.R., Barbados, Grenada/ That’s who we are and what we represent/ East Flatbush Brooklyn Residents! This is my community, one big family/ Many different faces, many different races/ But they all represent the makings of me/ East Flatbush is the place to be! This is my community, one big family/ Many different faces, many different races/ But they all represent the makings of me/ East Flatbush is the place to be! Get it straight from the past/ I could just bring it back/ My flow too fast, finish first never last/ East Flatbush is the place to be/ Not ready for my swag, just wait and see. Flatbush ever last, giving me greatness from the past/ Get it now… get it fast/ Know the truth…know the task/ Let the world in my mind create the focus for my rhymes/ Using the swag to rep my time, if you dope then get in line (oohhh). This is my community, one big family/ Many different faces, many different races/ But they all represent the makings of me/ East Flatbush is the place to be! This is my community, one big family/ Many different faces, many different races/ But they all represent the makings of me/ East Flatbush is the place to be!

Mixed Media Yarn Art Walt Whitman M.S.

By Ericka Sanchez Bushwick H/S/` 47

Reality (No Strife)

Written by the Erasmus Hall Project Peace Class with vocals from Maya Azucena (background vocals, Devonte Springer) and Music from Roberto Poveda Chorus (created by whole class with Maya Azucena and Roberto Poveda) The reality is (2x) Frustration, betrayal The reality is (2x) We work so hard, to get this far We need more respect for Love life motherhood No strife ee-ii-ee-ii… Verse 1 (written by Lauren Washington, Joy-Ann George, Nickeisha Rumble, and Devonte Springer)

me But you know that I know I won’t Let it phase me But thanks for the truth Cuz that girl was crazy! Bridge (written by Tyquail Sykes, Diandra Lewis, Trayvont York, Leon Kingston) Now I know that I can no longer trust you I though that what we had was true You caught me in my weakest hour But now you lose You thought I lost my strength but I refuse to! Chorus Outro: No more strife! (repeat)

Listen to these words that are coming thru my mouth I open up the door, now I’m letting them out I’ve waited too long to get to this place I’m filled with frustration, every time I see your face. Verse 2 (written by Jerome Barrett) Memories that play like a film without sound All I can see is static and clouds Broken mirrors of dreams Wondering when will I be a perfect Mirror mirror on the wall (never know) you were my greatest fall. Chorus Rap (written by Lateef Wearrien and Devonte Springer) Yo, I met this chickenhead She said she’d never betray me But then I found out she was only playing


Kara Walker Inspired Silhouettes Walt Whitman M.S.

We Have To Fight

Written by Catisha Brown, Melody Achille, Jermaine Forrest and Yasir Eliassaint of Paul Robeson H.S. with Maya Azucena and Music by Roberto Poveda It’s so unfortunate how life can end. Especially in the time where liberty seems dead. The pain and horror these humans had to endure And to be buried where they were lured. False promises, for freedom they had to fight, they had to fight (there were)false promises, (but) for freedom we have to fight, we have to fight, we have to fight, we have to fight.

a life That’s why we angry cuz we tired of this life I think the only peace we get is when we close our eyes Or maybe end our lives But all I know is I’mma be a star up in the sky hahaha! You thought I died I’m laughing while you cry! False promises, for freedom they had to fight, they had to fight (there were)false promises, (but) for freedom we have to fight, we have to fight, we have to fight, we have to fight.

The hatred and sorrow risking our lives Just walking down the street you see me, stereotype You don’t trust me but what did I do I don’t deserve this kind of treatment from you. You stopped me dead in my tracks Another life fades to black. We have to fight, we have to fight, We have to fight, we have to fight RAP Meme si vous etre malheureux Il faut etre courageux Dans la vie il ne faut pas peur Jesus christ est notre protecteur Avec lui nous serons vainqeur Et nous ferrons beaucoup d espoir Chantons et crions la victoire car Christ est le rois. Forget we have to fight, I have to fight for my rights Walking down the block trying not to have a fight Police picking on us cause they need to get

Kara Walker Inspired Silhouettes Walt Whitman M.S.



By Armando Mack, BCAL I drop bars you can call me a walking prison/
A prism with the lines that lock you up from your decisions/
I’m risin’ against them thoughts that provoke my true intentions/
My intellect is affecting what my mind is expecting/
 From me, I do believe i can spit something secular/
But why bother, when the people are lacking the creator/ So I’m furiously forcing his love towards them/
But they react back like I’m pushing some form of terrorism. And i see them repelling/
From me, i thought i was excelling/
At this, but i found out that my lyrics ain’t compelling/
Well I’m sorry that i don’t match your rapping criteria/
I thought this worlds gonna change, well I’m seeing things, schizophrenia. Try to keep a smile while I’m walking in this world/
But why is the world driven away from the word/
Called “Peace”, that thing that everyone deserve/
But someway, somehow, we feel better with a curse. *Wait*
Why’s there many holes in the politicians words/
Its like the real ain’t a priority, so the lies comes first/
They said they’ll renovate, I’m not surprise they can’t/
They made a demon that so happens to not be a saint. And that’s the irony/
They made the streets the way they are, new form of tyranny/
And we are gonna pay for it, but at least give us our warranty/
And a warrant for your arrest, for the lack of morality. Apparently we have a corrupted authority/
They are trying to protect us but they do it horribly/
Oblivious the fact that the govt. is our adversary/
Well i know, that they know, that they’re the enemy. And surprisingly, they leave us with no food to eat/
People doing whatever in this world just to make ends meet/
So they are pushing drugs moving work with the heat/
All cuz the government brought


drugs to the streets. Now peep, do you see the world changing good?/
Nah, so why not stand up and change for your hood?/
I think you should, i know you could, i recommend that/
Cuz with just a couple of my songs will never change that. We been like some cigarettes, smoked to the bud/
Then was tossed outside, just laying in the mud/
Sacrificed in war, to please your deity/
No care for the soldiers, you just send them down to Hades. And i think she hates me/
I have been talking bout her/
And telling the people, to avoid being around her lately/
So let her forever be lonely. What does it take for you to be in the situation so you can fathom?/
Yea, so let me put you in a predicament that you cant imagine. Let’s say you was in a middle class family with minimum job and go there in a timely fashion/
‘Til one day your parents got laid off, now your working overtime/
Your hours are getting hectic, but sure enough you’ll settle fine. But your not making ends meet, so homie what you doing now?/
Parents ain’t getting employed they ain’t qualified for jobs that are open now/
The jobs that are open require a master degree/
And the loans will never be paid, so how’s the family getting money?/ So you get another job, and now you hardly sleep/
Never rest for a couple of “Z’s”, but finally make ends meet/
You drop out of school, cuz those jobs you gotta keep/
And when you think this blows over you can get back on your feet. To getting a GED, but nothing in this world is free/
So you’re now underground, hands dirty in the streets/
Met a couple of cool people that so happens to smoke weed/
You noticed the business in it so you start selling trees.

This starts to be hobby, but then became a job/
Full time selling pot, stay chilling with a mob/
Of dudes with bad morals, man what did your mama teach you?/
To never drop out, and not to be chilling with those people.

Mixed Media Collage Walt Whitman M.S.

Now if i told you that too, you would say that I’m a hater/
And that I’m jealous of you, because your the one getting paper/
But time flies by and now you’re doing time/
SSI and Food Stamps will get only so far in life. Family is back in poverty, you can say you did it twice/
Cuz when you go to jail, everybody pays the price/
Sad to say, but when you got out one day/
Went to your house to find out that your parents passed away. As corrupted as society is you start doing drugs again/
Everyday just to smoke away the pain/
Now if you were sensitive you would of committed suicide/
And if your not, you’ll be rolling up a blunt everyday at 5/
Now I’m sorry if this is getting to hypothetical/
But this is real life, you gotta start thinking critical.

Video Club I.S. 291


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