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Seville, Spain from May 23 to June 20, 2015. In total, there were ten students and two teachers. We also took trips to Cordoba and Granada and Marrakech, Morocco, and on

In Memoriam Condolences to the families of Barstow friends lost in the past year as of August 15, 2015.

our one free weekend I took a day trip to a

October 27, 2014

January 31, 2015

beach in Portugal. While at Barstow, I was

Jeanette “Jenny” Jones Chesky ’59

Donald Suddarth

very proficient in Spanish, and was part of

Daughter of Madeline Pugsley Jones ’31. She is survived by her husband of nearly 50 years, Ed, daughters, Pam and Julie, and their families: Pam, Patrick, Anna and Kate Joos; and Julie, Andrew, Simone, and Rowan Christenberry of Washington, DC.

Father of C.L. Suddarth-Farris ’74, Gregg Suddarth ’75 and Dean Suddarth ’78 (predeceased).

Profe Marvin’s inaugural group of National Spanish Honors Society students. However I didn’t think I wanted to major in Spanish in college, and decided to start off with Business Management. Arizona State University has

October 28, 2014

created a new spanish business major that I’d

Christene Watson

like to pursue titled “Spanish Language and

Mother of Maurice Watson ’76

Culture.” (It happens to be the major that

November 4, 2014 Ruth Knapp Gieschen Upper School Librarian (1973 to 1990). She is survived by sons Laurence and John; brother, Dr. Leslie Knapp; seven grandchildren, three great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by son, W. Richard; husband, H. William; brother, Laurence Knapp. (Please see tribute on page 44.)

Cody Adkins ’15 is coming in as!) I haven’t officially switched yet, but it is something I’d like to pursue.”

November 27, 2014


On Monday, May 18 as the sun set, the Class of 2015 officially became

Barstow’s youngest alumni. Please join us in congratulating these incredible students as they begin their next chapters. (To view a matriculation map of the colleges and universities, see the inside front cover of this magazine.)   Grant Zahorsky graduated from Barstow in May and is excited to attend Worchester Polytechnic Institute in fall 2015. He also garnered the most votes in an international contest for up-and-coming DJs.

March 24, 2015

Nancy Brosnahan Brooker ’59 Mother of Hilary Wright Rudman ’86, sister of Brenda Ann Brosnahan Louis ’57. Nancy was Director of Development from 1978 to 1991. (Please see tribute on page 44.) April 11, 2015

Gregory George Philip Rick, Jr. Father of Greg Rick ’87 May 8, 2015

Marjorie Vance Mother of Bion Vance ’87 May 10, 2015

Terry William Raney Father of Bill Raney ’88

Mary Jo Truog

May 27, 2015

Mother of Mary Lee Truog Duff ’85 and Meg Truog Grandcolas ’88, sister-in-law of Susan Rosse Truog ’59, daughter-in-law of Marjorie Lee Truog ’32, and aunt of Toby Truog ’87 and Oliver Truog ’91.

Father of Charles Sunderland ’74, Kent Sunderland ’76 and William Sunderland ’79. Jim is a former Trustee (1968–1977 and 1995–2001) as well as an honorary alumnus.

December 20, 2014

Phyllis “Physsie” Haff Field Salisbury ’42 Mother of Anne Field Salisbury ’75 and Ellen Salisbury  Hurley ’77, daughter of Madeline Barse Haff Field 1911, niece of Gertrude Barse Haff Blood-Smyth 1912, and aunt of Susan Peironnet Field ’73 and Barbara Wollen Field Troeger ’76. January 15, 2015

Charlotte Redheffer Stewart ’40 Sister of Janet Redheffer Russell ’42 and Nancy Redheffer Embry ’34. Aunt of Melissa Russell Langstaff ’63, Jennifer Russell Sawyer ’65, Nancy Embry Thiessen ’66, Charlotte Russell White ’71, Sandra Walters Embry ’55, great-aunt of Jennifer Thiessen Waldeck ’90 and great-great-aunt of Betsi Waldeck 2025 and Robert Waldeck 2027.

James P. Sunderland

June 1, 2015

Deborah Smith Allen ’58 June 3, 2015

Molly Graham Bond ’53 June 29, 2015

Floyd “Walter” Vance Father of Bion Vance ’87 July 2, 2015

Nancy Swafford Mother of Matt Swafford ’87 August 14, 2015 Kyla Hartong Wife of Carl Pelofsky, former Head of Upper School, and sister-in-law of Lisa Pelofsky ’82 August 14, 2015 George A. Phillips Husband of Jan Phillips ’53

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