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Heritage Society

Heritage Society


he Heritage Society was developed to honor donors who have left a legacy for The Barstow School through a bequest in a will, trust or other deferred gift. Members of this distinctive society are passionate about

Barstow and feel strongly about giving as a means of celebrating their experiences with the school and to provide for Barstow’s future.









Mrs. Leslie Swinney Kase ’77 Ms. Janet K. Kelley ’67 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kessinger Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Kivett Mrs. Lois Dubach Lacy ’55 Mr. Peter Lacy ’88 and Mrs. Kendall Hart Lacy ’92 Ms. Martha Lally ’75 Mr. Sanders R. Lambert, Jr. and Mrs. Kelly Brent Lambert ’50* Mrs. Cindy McCollum Larson ’89 Mrs. Nancy Staley Laubach ’44 Mr. Gordon K. Lenci Mr. J. Robert Mackenzie Ms. Grace Madison* Mrs. Wendy Marvin






Mrs. Betty Branson Holliday ’57 Mrs. Myrna Pratt Horne* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hudson Mrs. Josephine Hellings Huguenin ’31* Mrs. Quintanella M. Johnson Mr. George C. Jordan*


Mr. Daniel Abitz and Mrs. Diana Johnson Abitz ’75 Mrs. Susan Belger Angulo ’76 Mr. George B. Ashby and Mrs. Rilye Semple Ashby ’48* Mr. James Baker and Mrs. Janice Germann Baker ’65 Mrs. Linde Lee Johnson Barber ’74 Mrs. Helen Ward Beals ’09* Mrs. Lee Ann Duckett Bell ’86* Mrs. Betty Brookfield Berol Mrs. Jane B. Bolton* Mrs. Beverly Pierson Bradley ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown Ms. Carolgene Burd ’64 Mr. Charles A. Carter, Jr.* Ms. Betty Ann Cortelyou ’61 Mrs. Melanie McVay Di Leo ’66 Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dockhorn Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Duckett Mr. Tom Dunn and Dr. Leslie Teel Dunn ’70 Mr. and Mrs. George D. Egon Mr. A. Daniel Eldridge* Dr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Fibuch Mr. Fred Fisher* and Mrs. Louise Fisher* Mrs. Marguerite Peet Foster ’43* Mrs. Elaine Patterson French ’40* Barbara and Gene Funk Mrs. Anne Thompson Gartner ’44 Mrs. Dody Gerber Gates Ms. Joyce S. Generali Mrs. Martha Stout Gledhill ’19* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Goldsborough Mr. Scott C. Gyllenborg ’74 Mr. Allan E. Hall and Mrs. Elise Schmahlfeldt Hall ’52 Mrs. Judy Hart Mr. Irv Hockaday and Mrs. Ellen Jurden Hockaday ’56

Ms. Susan L. McGee ’76 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morrow III Mr. David J. Neihart ’79 and Mrs. Wendy Ketterman Neihart ’79 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Osborn, Jr. Mrs. Rosalyn Osborn Ms. Betty Ann Patti* Mrs. Marguerite Munger Peet ’21* Ms. Lisa Pelofsky ’82 Mrs. Fern Pine* Mr. George W. Potter* and Mrs. Emy Lou Withers Potter ’46* Mr. Douglas M. Price ’76 Mr. David Reed* and Mrs. Astrid Reed Ms. Deborah Reichman ’70 Dr. and Mrs. Grant Ritchey Ms. Mary Judith Robinson ’57 Mrs. Jean Wight Rosahn ’35* Mr. Charles H. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Schaumburg Mrs. Caroline M. Scofield Dr. Kathy Shaffer and Dr. Stan Shaffer ’73 Dr. Bruce Short and Dr. Mary Jane Short Mrs. Maye Wymore Sibley ’31* Mr. J. Michael Sigler ’72 Mrs. Miriam Babbitt Simpson* Mr. Thomas Staley* Mrs. Josephine Reid Stubbs ’25* Ms. Mary S. Sunderland* Dr. and Mrs. Whitney Sunderland Mr. Hoyt Thompson* and Mrs. Barbara Welch Thompson ’44* Mrs. Joan McGee Thompson Dr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Tuohy Ms. Janet E. Turner ’32* Mrs. Jennifer Thiessen Waldeck ’90 Mr. Maurice A. Watson ’76 Mrs. Georgia Berkshire Welch ’19* Mr. Raymond B. White* Mr. Scott Wolff ’76 and Mrs. Karen Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Bill Zollars

* Denotes deceased

JOIN THE HERITAGE SOCIETY  To find out how you can make a planned gift and join the Heritage Society, visit giving or contact Director of Advancement Pat Oppenheimer at or 816-277-0414

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