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Vallaire’s is known for its luxurious craftsmanship and paying close attention to detail. Pieces that highlight the epitome of Vallaire’s is their unique jacket silhouettes and statement pieces. The Vallaire’s brand gained recognition in the local Houston Area with features in Who’s Who Magazine, 40 Under 40, Young Houston Magazine, and many more. Vallaire’s designs have been commissioned by many elites in Houston and has graced the cover of 2014’s July cover of Small Business Today Magazine, honoring Talent Agent, Page Parkes. Vallaire’s aims to create a timeless sense of elegance for each customer when designing and constructing each garment and accessory.



Everyone has a story about why they started, what’s your’s? Vallaire's was founded by me, Brooke Vallaire, in 2011, on the basis of originality, powerful individuals, and displaying elegance on the day-to-day basis. The company began by creating custom garments for women in the Houston area and later introduced Vallaire's for Men, founded by Brice Everhart in 2015, with a focus on men's accessories.

The reason why Vallaire's started was because of my love for art and continuously watching my mother, who was an ultimate go-getter and savvy business woman. She dressed in the most stylish silhouettes and I dreamed of one day dressing many women just like her. I began sketching at the age of nine and physically designed the first Vallaire's collection at fourteen years old. Since then, Vallaire's has continued to grow. Being in business can be hard and difficult sometimes, what keeps you motivated? The thing that keeps me motivated is envisioning the young girl that always watched her mother, an ultimate go-getter and savvy business woman, who dressed in the most stylish silhouettes and dreamed of one day dressing many women just like her. That young girl was me. What has been the hardest thing about being in business? The hardest thing about being in business was definitely in the beginning. Being that I founded the company at the age of fourteen, in 2011, I was a teenager with the target market of women which created a sense of disconnect. I had to cross the barrier of ageism and being taken seriously in the industry that I was embarking upon. What are the failures that you most cherish? At fifteen years old I had an opportunity to pitch my brand to a panel of judges and peers. I worked so hard on the presentation and knew that the pitch would be filmed. The day had come, and it was my turn to speak. After the first ten seconds of my presentation I completely froze up, starred into the camera and shamefully walked back to my seat. I was completely humbled in that moment and learned that it is important to cease your moment when you have the platform to do so. I vowed that the next time I would be given an opportunity to speak or represent myself, I would show who I really was with complete confidence. Now, at twenty-two years old, I see the growth and recognize how that ex

perience impacted me as a person and businesswoman for my good. What did you want to be when you grew up? As a kid, I always pictured myself as an artist and fashion designer. What do you do in your free time? In my free time I manage my art business, CreativeFlo; research current trends; mentor youth who aspire to be in the fashion or art field; and spend time with family and friends. How would you describe yourself in one word? Creative What sets you apart from others who are doing the same thing? What sets me apart from others who are doing the same thing as me is my passion, determination to create original aesthetics, and creative direction. What is a philosophy or quote that you live by? Trust the process. If you could offer one piece of advice to someone wanting to follow your path, what would it be? Be open to constant growth in whatever you set your mind to and as a person overall. What can we look forward to from you in the upcoming year? In the upcoming year, you can look forward to Vallaire’s expanding. Stay tuned for the launch of a new collection and new products.

Vallaire’s and Vallaire’s for Men is now located in the Houston Galleria inside of The Pop Up Shop (between Samsung and Forever 21). Stay tuned for more things to come and visit us at www.vallaires.com

For more information on Vallaire’s contact Brooke Vallaire at brooke@vallaires.com or call 1-888-344-4817

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