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Touring Season

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Bringing Them Back into the Theatre

Holding the Line on Costs

One of the biggest challenges performing arts faces is getting audiences to come back as the economy swings in a positive direction. One way to do that is with quality programming that is familiar while being fresh. At Theatre IV, we get that, so we choose seasons that bring the best of familiar and fresh right to your door again and again.

To say that we are in challenging economic times is quite the understatement. All of our expenses are rising but we want to help you keep your costs down. For 2012 – 2013, we are not increasing our performance fees. Good for you and we hope, good for us too.

Education at the Heart of the Art Our plays are entertaining while introducing the audience to the books, people, and events being studied in schools. This is a natural extension of their educational experience.  We provide online study guides that teachers can access themselves saving you time and money.

Building Tomorrows Audiences Today Theatre IV will help you bring young audiences to your venue. The young audiences of today are the patrons of tomorrow. They help build a stable future while bringing in much needed revenue today. Get the youth of your community accustomed to coming to your venue. You will instill in them a lifelong habit of participating in the arts.

Create or Enhance Your Series for Young Audiences Our plays are diverse and will be the cornerstone of you Young Audience Series. From Sleeping Beauty  to Harriet Tubman, from Huck and Tom and the Mighty Mississippi to A Christmas Carol to I Have a Dream, we can provide just what your audiences need.

Show off your economic engine - Invite your Local, State and National Politicians Arts and culture are taking a legislative hit these days but you CAN do something about it. Show off all you do for your community by inviting your elected representatives to our shows.  They are important links to government funding sources.  Let them know that the arts is an economic engine that is vital to the community and the nation and is a key component of educating all our children as well as provide real, taxpaying jobs.

Theatre IV is a Nonprofit, Professional Theatre. Since 1975, Theatre IV has been dedicated to the creation of professional, exciting and innovative theatrical productions for young audiences.

Give Them a Memory for a Lifetime. Trips to your venue are special in the life of a child. Give your community the gift of live theatre and an experience they will never forget. All titles, tours and dates in this brochure are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Huck and Tom and the Mighty Mississippi Book by Peter Howard Music and Lyrics by Ron Barnett The greatest young adventurers in American literature spring to life in this foot-stompin’ musical based on the novels of Mark Twain. Join Huckleberry, Tom, Jim, Becky Thatcher, Aunt Polly and all the residents and rapscallions of Hannibal, MO as they explore the majestic river that defined their lives, tested their souls, and carried their spirit into the heart of America. The 1998 premiere production of Huck and Tom earned more standing ovations than any of our other shows, and so this feel-good hit is back by popular demand for another jubilant year. (2 - 8) Art, Family Ties, History, Language Arts, Literary Classic, Science, MultiCultural, Music, Reading, Character Development

Spring 2013

Thumbelina Book, Music and Lyrics by Bruce Craig Miller This beloved fairy tale of heroism comes happily to life in this charming, funny and joyous musical adaptation based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Join Thumbelina and her friends (the toad, fish, field mouse, mole and swallow) on a series of delightful adventures in nature’s tiny, enchanted world. (K – 5) Folk Tale, Language Arts, Literary Classic, Music, Reading, Character Development

Spring 2013

A great success, both in quality and educational value of the performance and the entertainment provided for the students…generating much creative imagination. Fine Arts Coordinator, Charlottesville Public Schools, Charlottesville, VA

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The True Story of Pocahontas

By Scott Wichmann, Music By Julie Fulcher Join us on this musical retelling of this timeless tale based on the story by Aesop, the great Greek storyteller. Follow along with our “Boy” as he learns a life lesson about the importance of telling the truth and finding out that there are consequences of “Crying Wolf.” (K – 5) Supports the Teaching of: Folk Tales, Music, Citizenship, Character Development, Reading, and Language Arts

Fall 2012

Sleeping Beauty Book Music and Lyrics by Richard Giersch This musical adaptation from the original story by Charles Perrault follows the plot of the traditional fairy tale, but adds delightful surprises and comic situations. The tale illustrates that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and true goodness is found only in a loving heart. (K – 5) Art, Family Ties, Folk Tale, Language Arts, Literary Classic, Music, Puppets, Reading, Character Development

By Peter Howard Music by Julie Fulcher Pocahontas is a name known to every school-age child and yet her true story is shrouded in myth. With an emphasis on historical fact, Pocahontas is revealed as a playful, strong-minded young girl who changes her world before she will change her beliefs or herself. Following Pocahontas as she grows from a girl who helps the Jamestown colonists survive, to the young woman, wife, and mother who carries her message of peace and mutual cooperation across the Atlantic to the mighty King of England. Join Pocahontas on her amazing journey and see how courage and determination can change the world. (K – 5) Language Arts, Multi-Cultural, History, Biography, Women’s Studies

Fall 2012

Fall 2012

I Have a Dream By Bruce Craig Miller The phenomenal impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is chronicled in this compelling dramatization of the life and times of one of the most influential and charismatic leaders of the “American Century.” Inspired by the arrest of Rosa Parks, Dr. King becomes the prime mover behind the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott, putting his philosophy of non-violent protest to work. He gains national recognition and becomes the dominant force in the Civil Rights Movement during its decade of greatest achievement. Your students will be inspired by the story of this great leader’s struggle and his dream of lifting “our nation from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.” (3 – Adult) Biography, Language Arts, History, Multi-Cultural, Public Speaking, Reading, Self-Esteem, Character Development

Spring 2013

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse By Ford Flannagan A quiet and simple country life or the fast-paced excitement of the city? That’s the question confronting the Country Mouse in this square-dance-meetssock-hop retelling of the classic Aesop’s Fable.  As the Country Mouse ponders the abundant riches of the big city being offered by a fast-talking Town Mouse, he feels the tug of a different kind of riches he left behind in the country.  What will he decide?  Watch this rock and roll hoe down and find out! (K – 5) Folk Tale, Language Arts, Literary Classic, Music, Reading, Character Development

Spring 2013

Theatre IV brings us beautifully scripted, designed and performed shows. This is top of the line quality. National Theatre, Washington, DC

The Ugly Duckling

Theatre IV is a real asset to our arts and education program. The plays are exciting and excellent quality at an affordable price.

Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s story adapted by Richard Giersch

Warren County Arts Commission, Bowling Green, KY

We all know the fable of the swan who grows up “ugly” in a family of ducks, later to find his appearance changing as he discovers his true identity. But, did you know, in the folk traditions of other cultures, different animals learn the lesson of the “ugly duckling.” Theatre IV unites the classic ugly duckling with the Burmese mole that hates dirt and the Inuit bald eagle with a full head of hair. These three “misfit” heroes work together to earn their home on the King’s estate and find the self-confidence that only friendship and accomplishment can provide. Please join us for this all singing, all dancing, all delightful new musical. (K – 5) Folk Tales, Language Arts, Literary Classic, History, Science, Music, Reading

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Book and Lyrics by Douglas Jones, Music by Ron Barnett Co-produced by the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia

Fall 2012

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt By Cliff Todd When “Gama” Harriet, a famous Egyptologist, mysteriously disappears, two children search for clues among the ancient Egyptian amulets and scientific journals in the trunks in “Gama’s” attic. Before they know it, they are magically transported to ancient Egypt in 620 BCE. They unravel the mystery and learn, along with your audience, fascinating facts about one of the world’s most amazing cultures. You students will love this fun and creative melding of childfriendly mystery and accurate cultural exploration. (2-8) Art, Folk Tales and Mythology, History, Multi-Cultural, Science, Women’s Studies

Spring 2013

Well, Theatre IV did it again! Wonderful, funny, sensitive, and informative production – what a joy to watch and learn from great enthusiastic, energetic, and friendly performers. ~ Campus Events Coordinator, Wesleyan College, Macon, GA

This stirring drama with music is a classic tribute to the great American who freed herself and hundreds of her people from the bonds of slavery. Her courage helped to change the world. Share her adventurous life, the joys, sorrows, and challenges faced by this brave woman, with your students in this accurate and deeply moving musical history lesson. (K - 5) Art, Language Arts, Literary Classic, Music, Reading, Self Esteem

Spring 2013

Sweet Chariot By Bruce Craig Miller Based on oral histories recorded during the Federal Writers’ Project Unique and upbeat, educational and inspirational, the talented singer/actors of Sweet Chariot tell the true story of slavery by combining dazzling a capella spirituals with oral histories of 70, 80 and 90 year-old former slaves who were interviewed during the Federal Writers Project of the 1930s. Their first-hand accounts of the joys and agonies of everyday life, and their efforts to escape to freedom across the Ohio River, bring new understanding to all students of all backgrounds. (3-Adult) Art, Family Ties, History, Social Studies, Biography, Oral Tradition, Multi-Cultural, Music

Spring 2013

Enjoy these Holiday Classics!

A Christmas Carol

One Appalachian Christmas By Julie Fulcher

By Steve Perigard Music by Paul Deiss Perhaps the best loved holiday story of all time, our adaptation of Dickens’ classic is particularly suited to children. Watch as Scrooge has a change of heart from one of stone to one of gold as he is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas. All the joy, sentiment and meaning are here, without being too scary for young audiences. (K – 5) Family Ties, Language, Literary Classic, Music, Reading

The year is 1936. Christmas is coming but Addie Parker and her friend Clyde Runion are afraid that “Santy Claus” won’t be coming to their poor little town in the Appalachian mountains. But, the two are determined to make the holiday the best it can be. With some hard work and the help of family and friends, they learn that the best Christmases don’t come from the pages of a mail order catalog. (K - 5) Biography, Family Ties, History, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem

Late November – December 2012

Late November – December 2012

Also available on a limited basis:

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Wonderful World of Simple Machines

Book, Music and Lyrics by Bruce Craig Miller Inspired by the timeless poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” and by the real life of its author, Clement Moore, this hilarious musical introduces Santa in a particularly beneficent light. This classic from Theatre IV has been charming audiences nationwide for many years. (K – 5) Family Ties, Folk Tales, Language, Literary Classic, Music, Reading

Late November – December 2012

Santa’s Enchanted Workshop Book, music and lyrics by Richard Giersch Additional lyrics by Bruce Craig Miller Stanley and his baby sister, SuSu, don’t know whether or not to believe in Santa Claus, so they set out for the North Pole. Trapped in a blizzard, they wind up in a dilapidated gas station run by a mysterious old man named Nick. Could this be Santa’s Enchanted Workshop? Imagination is the key in this joyous holiday musical, which features a singing robot, a dancing rag doll and one of the silliest villains you’ll ever see! (K – 5) Family Ties, History, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem

Late November – December 2012

By Bruce Craig Miller This lively, hands-on introduction to the scientific principles and properties of simple machines will provide your student an unforgettable close encounter with levers, inclined planes, screws, wedges, pulleys, and the wheel and axle. The antics of the actors and audience participation will bring the concepts of simple machines alive for your students in a way no other encounter will. This acclaimed show is sure to educate as well as entertain. (K – 5) Language Arts, Science

Fall 2012

“Theatre IV combines professional craftsmanship with delightful enthusiasm and the result is superb production value.” The Children’s Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Committed to Sponsor Service...

Hugs and Kisses Co-produced by Prevent Child Abuse Virginia and the Virginia Department of Social Services Book and Lyrics by Bruce Craig Miller and Alice T. Bliss Music by Richard Giersch This award winning child sexual abuse prevention musical is a proven intervention program for children in grades K through 5. The play sensitively and inoffensively relates the story of a little girl who is sexually abused. During the course of the play, she learns valuable lessons that enable her to seek and obtain help from a trusted adult. Since 1983, this landmark musical has been presented before the National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse, the U. S. Senate Subcommittee on Sexual Victimization of Children, and every school district in Virginia. It is a time-tested, early intervention teaching tool and a vital enhancement to your abuse prevention curriculum. (K – 5) Family Ties, Language Arts, Prevention, Self-Esteem, Character Development

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Call Jeanie Rule at 800.235.8687 for more information

• We offer discounts for multiple bookings and block bookers if within 150 miles, which may include waiving the gasoline surcharge. • We offer outstanding professional productions of entertaining plays and musicals carefully connected to the national core curriculum. • New sound systems in 2009. The FAA digital TV Conversion necessitated we update all of our sound systems. As always our sound system are compatible with your house systems or as stand alones. • Online support materials including pictures and study guides at • Information and support through our toll free number 800.235.8687 and web site: • Question-and-answer sessions between our cast and your audience • Meet and greet the cast – At your request • Our plays have a running time of 45 – 60 minutes

A NOTE ABOUT HUGS: Theatre IV takes great pride in our community outreach program, Hugs and Kisses, the principal child sexual abuse prevention program of Virginia. This highly effective safety program teaches elementary school children concepts of good touch, bad touch, and secret touch in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.

• We work hard to make our productions easy to book and easy on your staff.

The primary purpose of Hugs and Kisses is teaching child sexual abuse prevention. However, it also acts as an early intervention program for those children who are experiencing sexual abuse. A safety net of teachers’ training, school counselors’ coordinated lessons, and local CPS social workers, who attend all performances, assures children will get the help and understanding they need.

• Breakdown in just 1 hour or less

Last school year, Virginia’s Hugs and Kisses program served over 56,000 elementary school children. Six-hundred and sixtyone (661) children had pertinent questions of their school counselors and local CPS social workers immediately after their performance. Of these children, one hundred and eleven (111) were referred to their local CPS office for investigation. If you wish to become a sponsor of this program, bringing it into the schools in your service area, please call Jeanie Rule at 800.235.8687, ext. 1130, to discuss details. Additional information is at

We would like to acknowledge our major donors: Altria Group Bank of America Bon Secours Richmond Health System, Inc. Business Consortium for Arts Support The Cameron Foundation Camp Family Foundations Car Pool, LLC E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Custis Westham Fund CSC Leasing Company CSX Corporation CultureWorks O.D. & Katharine Dennis Fund Dominion Resources The Home Depot Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Anna & Fleetwood Garner Family Fund Garland & Agnes Taylor Gray Foundation

General Federation of Women’s Clubs of VA Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce Greater Lynchburg Community Trust Gay & Erskine Love Foundation Kjellstrom & Lee Construction Lewis Insurance Associates Martin’s Food Markets McCandlish Holton McGuire Woods LLP MeadWestvaco National Endowment for the Arts Newport News Arts Commission Niamtu Alexander Keeney Harris & Associates Nunnally Charitable Lead Trust Obici Healthcare Foundation The William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Owens & Minor, Inc. Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Stanley & Dorothy Pauley Charitable Trust

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Theatre IV is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are grateful for the generous philanthropic support of our institutional contributors. Become one of our supporters and keep the arts alive. To make a donation, call 804.783.1688 ext 1127

• Load-In just two hours before 1st scheduled performance

• Minimal tech requirements If you are in Richmond, VA, be sure to see our Main Stage shows at the Empire Theatre and at Barksdale Theatre. Call 804.344.5040 for tickets!

A MESSAGE FROM ERIC: You are the reason we do what we do. Enlightening children through theatre is a gift that cannot be equaled. Thank you for continuing to enhance the lives of the youth of your community and for letting us be a part of that.

Call us Today! We look forward to bringing our value packed productions to your venue. Call Eric Williams at 800.235.8687 or email Visit ustoday online at

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Theatre IV National Tour Brochure 2012-2013  

Performances available for arts presenters to book in your venues.

Theatre IV National Tour Brochure 2012-2013  

Performances available for arts presenters to book in your venues.