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Interview by Harryet Candee

I’ve known JoAnne for many years, and I am so honored to have this opp to interview her. With her help, and photographer Jane Feldman’s great photo-eye, this collaborated interview popped up like magic. JoAnne is interesting as can be; full of life and devoted to the arts which have helped to round out her life and make it bountiful and joyful.


Photography by Jane Feldman

JoAnne is an inspiration—you can tell just by the photographs that transpired from the photo shoot. You can get a feel of JoAnne’s journey and her talents which have gained love and respect from many people who had their eyes and ears peeled on her as she honed her artistic abilities up and up, piece by piece just like a jigsaw puzzle. JoAnne has a real good audience.

Harryet Candee: JoAnne, I am just wondering, were you the kid that was always humming and singing every chance possible? JoAnne: Yes! I grew up in Chicago with a Sicilian grandmother whose remedy for everything was: ‘Sing, Giovanna, sing!’ I always made up songs for myself, but was a shy, quiet person who wrote poetry. Going to poetry readings in Chicago, I started wanting to sing the poems. It wasn’t until I

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The artful mind may 2017 issue  

The artful mind may 2017 issue