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Interview by H. Candee

Jennifer! You and Gerry had yet another beautiful time in Italy. Where were you this trip and why there? Does time away inspire and feed your fire for new works of art to make when you return home, to Canada? Jennifer Pazienza: We were in Bologna with a stop in Milan on the way, and Parma on the return home. Each city inspired me in its own way, but the main focus of this trip was Bologna. Over the Pond Suite was included in an exhibition curated by Paola Trevisan at In its twelfth year, it is a small format show, of about 80-90 international artists; working in 2D, with the creative challenge was to produce four eight-inch square works. The exhibition, Little Treasures was held at Galleria de Marchi from March 30 - April 11. Travel can indeed be motivating for an artist. Participating in a curated show in Italy was for me, both exhilarating and daunting. I mean, it’s Italy, right! It’s my heritage, but in this case, it felt a little like taking “coals to Newcastle,” and yes, the 72 42 • JULY 2019 THE ARTFUL MIND

inch square painting I am working on at the time of this writing is inspired by the eight inch squares I made for that show. I know you are of Italian heritage, Jennifer, that must make it extra special and important to you, yes? You typically go to Sicily, right? Did Sicily play a role this time? Jennifer: Yes, I am of Italian heritage. My father was born outside of Rome and we have been there, but Gerry and I have been visiting Sicily, the landscape of my maternal heritage, every two years since 1998! Although we did not travel to Sicily during this trip, Sicily—that is our dear friends there—did indeed play a big role in me exhibiting my work in Bologna. The people… yes, those wonderful people there! Every return back, you must make new friends, and old friends that you can easily pick up with from where you left off. Tell us about some of

your valued relationships? What have they taught you? What have you brought to their tables? Jennifer: You really hit on what I believe is at the heart of my art making practice Harryet. To me, it’s all about relationships. We have our friends Anna Sapuppo and Guido La Rosa to thank for the relationship we now have with Italy. 21 years ago, as we were making arrangements for our first visit to stay at their agriturismo, Azienda Agricola Alcalà, (now Masseria delle Arance) that lasted for four months and included our two dogs, Anna sent by snail-mail, photographs of the surrounding countryside and her father’s paintings. It’s largely owing to Anna that we have been able to cultivate relationships and build the art community we have in Italy. If readers are interested they can learn more about this in the November 2015 Artful Mind at, The Little Treasures Exhibition opened on March

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