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Robert: PAVAROTTI! That was one amazing human creation! And he couldn’t even read music! Fantastic. What would we do without Italians? No mozzarella! No prosecco! No Mona Lisa! No Pavarotti! No opera!!! What was the largest sculpture you have ever produced? Where is it today? Robert: It’s PETAL/red/silver. It was originally at the Berkshire Art Museum for a couple years and now at the L’Atelier Gallery in Great Barrington, MA. This was a real tricky, delicately balanced number.   Tell me about Red Chairs Exploding, Robert.    The illusion, and movement is captivating! Robert: When I moved into a new home in Sarasota there was this huge old wooden book case that covered the entire end of the main room. And since the home was originally a church, it was a real big room. There was a TV, which I don’t watch, set back in a big square space. I tried to replace the TV with a painting, but since it was set back, it had a “negative” feeling about it, and I wanted something positive. And popping red chairs just occurred to me. Out of nowhere! Maybe I had been thinking of chairs for something else, but I can’t remember. Hey, but who cares, right? What have you learned from being a successful sculptor? Robert: Be Yourself! Trust Yourself. And just DO it.   If you had the opportunity, where would you really love to see your art displayed? Robert: I’d love to see my art in a prominent public space, like a roundabout, so it would offer people stuck in a car a reason to smile. A BIG, RED reason to smile!   I know you have a mind of your own and can easily push the envelope with some of your ideas.  You may say, “Why Not?”   Where have you found that happen to you? Along the way, during or before the art making process? Robert: Pushing the Envelope is my middle name. I’d love to do a 50-story piece of sculpture. Not a building— but a sculpture. Quite thin. It would emit beautiful, quiet, restful, inspiring music. And it might wiggle a tiny bit. Very subtly. From afar it would make people gasp and smile. For color? Let’s see. What about RED?



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