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Carolyn Newberger Artist Biography Watercolor painting, mixed media and collage, and a practice of drawing from life form the body of Carolyn Newberger’s work. She draws in real time, in the natural world and as well in darkened concert halls. There the challenge is to keep a receptive ear and a loose hand in order to capture both performer and sound, with their rhythm, flow, and intensity. More recently, Carolyn’s work has focused on the life and beauty of the hidden forest, a place filled with unexpected discoveries. Living on the edge of a deep forest, Carolyn and her dog, Lily, have been exploring it together. While Lily leaps and sniffs out rodents under decaying logs, Carolyn, with folding stool, notebook and art supplies on her back, illuminates in words and images the forest’s revelations. Carolyn came to art after a long career in psychology, dedicated to the wellbeing of children and families. Two years in the Peace Corps in Africa from 1967-1969, the diversity of her extended family, the preciousness of the people she has served in her career, and a life in music have all found their ways into her art. Carolyn’s artwork has received numerous awards, including Watercolor Artist Magazine, the Danforth Museum of Art, the Cambridge Art Association, and the New England Watercolor Society. She has been widely exhibited in solo and group shows in New England and beyond. A signature member of the New England Watercolor Society, she is represented by Galatea Fine Art in Boston.



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Carolyn Newberger Illuminating contemplations in art and words from the forest