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Julia Roberts Shooting in Bali Finding love and peace in The Island of Gods

Sanctify Yourself with Galungan and Kuningan

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this October was a special month for Hindu people because there were two festive days, Galungan and Kuningan, that were celebrated last month. To the Hindu people, Galungan and Kuningan are days to celebrate the victory of Dharma (goodness) against Adharma (evil). Galungan is a time for all the living creatures to contemplate nature, and reflect on how human beings can be one with nature. Of course the meaning of Galungan and Kuningan is not only for Hindu people, it is also for all the humans in the world. The Amazing East has included with this edition articles about what and how Hindus in Bali prepare for Galungan and Kuningan. Bali is truly enchanted, not only in its social life but also in its culture. In this edition, The Amazing East will also expose the mystery of Room 327 in the Grand Bali Beach Hotel. The room earns it magical reputation for the belief that the Queen of the Southern Beach, Nyi Roro Kidul and the late first Indonesian President Soekarno, reside there. We can talk about Bali endlessly because it is gifted with beautiful nature and exotic arts. It is also gifted with many unique cultures that attract tourists. One of these examples is a Bali Aga (ancient Bali) village called Trunyan, which located in the Kintamani district of the Bangli Regency. One special tradition that can only be found in Trunyan is their burial ceremony. As Balinese people, the Trunyanese are familiar with the cremation ceremony or ngaben. But in Trunyan the dead are not cremated, but instead left in the forest area. Strangely, the corpses do not smell bad even though they have been left in the open air for months. Not only stories from Bali are in this edition The Amazing East will also enrich your knowledge of beautiful places around Indonesia with its interesting coverage. You can read about the uniqueness of woven cloth from Flores, the beauty of Batik, the natural beauty at Tomohon in North Sulawesi, and other tourism places that you’ll want to visit on your vacation. Well, we hope that the news and stories from The Amazing East will have special meaning to all of you. Happy reading!


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Amazing Bali

The Mystery of Room 327 at Grand Bali Beach Hotel


Amazing Bali

Sanctify yourself with Galungan & Kuningan


Amazing Bali

The Unique Burial Ceremony of Trunyan


Amazing Bali

Kuta Karnival a Peaceful Sound From Bali

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Julia Roberts Shooting in Bali Finding Love & Peace in the Island of Gods

The Beauty of Indonesian Batik

Amazing Bali



Amazing Bali Villa,



Amazing Style

a representative accomodation as your alternate choice


Amazing Style

Woven Cloth From Flores



Amazing Papua

The Natural Beauty of Wamena, Papua



Amazing Wakatobi,

The Wakatobi Islands Natural & Exotic Beauty


Amazing West Java


The Unique of the Baduy Tribe


Amazing Dive

Sail Bunaken 2009 a maritime Tourism Inspiration




Things To Know

Thing to Know before you land in Major areas North Sulawesi


Amazing Spa

Relax at the Spa


Amazing Spa




Aromatherapy For a Healthy Body


Amazing Bali

The Mystery of Room 327 at Grand Bali Beach Hotel Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka


he magical atmosphere can be felt when you enter Room 327 of the Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur, which has now become the Inna Grand Bali Beach. People believe that the room got its magical condition from the Queen of the Southern Beach, Nyi Roro Kidul. The room is filled with green, from the walls and carpets and ornaments, even the floor. The scent of real sedap malam flowers can be smelled throughout the room. From the outside, the room is similar to the other rooms until you take a closer look at the front door, as there is a warning sign that says “No one can enter the room without permission and accompanied by a security officer.�

Once you have received permission, you can enter the room but there are several rules for the visitor. You must take off your shoes or sandals and mustn’t talk dirty in the room. You also cannot take photos. For those who want to meditate, you only can stay in the room for a maximum of one hour. There is an altar in the room for praying and a painting of Nyi Roro Kidul hangs above it. She wears green clothes and is beautifully painted. Agung Okawati, a Hindu priest called a Pemangku who guards the room, said that Room 327 was not originally built for the queen. It was the fire that occurred in the hotel on January 20th of 1993 that altered the story.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

The fire was very big. Almost all rooms in the hotel were destroyed by the fire. However, for some reason Room 327 was still intact. There was no sign of fire or damage inside the room. Okawati said that the condition of the room surprised everyone. “They thought that it was incredible that the room wasn’t affected by the great fire,” she said. Then, the hotel management asked a psychic to find out the mystery of the room.

Bung Karno’s oath So, what’s the connection between the room and the first Indonesian President Soekarno? Okawati explained that the President and the room were in fact related. The President was the pioneer of the establishment of the Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Soekarno swore that he would build a room near Sanur Beach for Nyi Roro Kidul.

In 1962, the Bali Beach Hotel was established. It was a big hotel built in the shores of Sanur Beach and the land was bought from the Netherlands. In 1966 the hotel started to operate but unfortunately the President could not fulfill his oath to Nyi Roro Kidul, as he had to step down from his position. After the room was finished, Soekarno never came and stayed there so the hotel management decided to open the room to the public. However, the fire changed everything and so the room became a holy room and was only used by people who wanted to gain spiritual experiences. Physics from Bali and Java explained that the room is a gift from the President to Nyi Roro Kidul. “Almost all people who meditate in the room say that they saw the President and Nyi Roro Kidul,” Okawati said.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Bali

Sanctify yourself with

Galungan & Kuningan Text by Ni Komang Erviany Photo by Murdani Usman


n the second week of October 2009, the biggest traditional market at Denpasar, Badung Market, looks busier than on normal days. Buyers are crowding around and sellers get twice the price than the usual. All the ritual ceremony items like fruits, flowers, and coconut leaves, are sold out quickly. 23-year-old Made Suastini is part of that crowd, a mix between buyers and sellers. The black plastic bag that she holds in her hand is already full with fruit. ‘’Now I have to buy flowers and coconut leaves,’’ said Suastini who is from Kerobokan in the Badung regency and works as a private employee. This activity always happens on the days near the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan, the days that are celebrated by the Balinese Hindu people as a celebration of the victory of Dharma (goodness) against Adharma (evilness). Galungan and Kuningan fall every 210 days. This time Galungan falls on October 14 and Kuningan on October 24, 2009.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Photo by Murdani Usman

Photo by Sonny Tumbelaka

The ritual ceremony started with the preparation for Galungan two days before the celebration and Penampahan Galungan that falls a day before Galungan. On Penampahan, Hindus in Bali slaughter a pig that they bought together. The meat is then shared with everyone who paid for it. This kind of activity is a match with the brotherhood concept that in Bali is called menyama braya, togethernes in all happiness and sadness. The slaughtering of the pig is a symbol of the slaughtering of the animal senses in man. After finishing shopping for the ritual ceremony items, the women then prepare to ‘nanding sesaji’. ‘Nanding sesaji’ is the activity of preparing the offerings for God, starting with making the place for the offerings using coconut leaves to fill the place with flowers and fruits. Meanwhile, the men are busy creating and erecting the penjor, a bamboo stick decorated with ritual accessories. The penjor symbolizes the life in the universe, the prosperity and gratitude of the human to God.

Photo by Murdani Usman

Usually, the Balinese Hindu use their natural resources like coconuts, coconut leaves, and other crops that are harvested from their fields as ornaments. ‘’All these ornaments are one way we express our gratitude to God because he already gives us plenty of blessings,’’ explained Kadek Muridya, who also celebrates Galungan. The same explanation is also given by Ketut Wiana, Sabha Walaka’s Head of the Organization of Hindu Dharma in Indonesia (PHDI). He also said that Galungan is a perfect day to do introspection and get back to nature. ‘’Galungan is not only for self-introspection but also for introspection of the earth and other living creatures,’’ he said. According to Wiana, Galungan and Kuningan are celebration days that can be used by Hindus to learn more about their religion. In the country where Hindus was born, India, Galungan is celebrated as Vijaya Day, a victory day.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Photo by Sonny Tumbelaka

Photo by Murdani Usman

Based on Purana Bali Dwipa sanscript, Galungan was first celebrated in the year of 804 Caka (the Hindu’s almanac) or 882 Masehi. In the year of 1103 Caka, the celebration of Galungan was stopped. Because of that, all of the kings have short-aged. In the year of 1126 Caka, the celebration of Galungan was started again. On Galungan day, Hindus will give offerings at their family and public temples. The obligatory offerings on Galungan day are two small rice cones as a symbol of the soul (purusha) and body (pradana).’’These two cones symbolize the happiness in soul and body,’’ added Wiana. The day after the Galungan celebration is Manis Galungan. This is a perfect time to visit family and relatives. Kuningan Celebration After the ritual Galungan ceremony follows Kuningan day. This is also a day to celebrate the victory of Dharma against Adharma. In this

context we should be able to contemplate and find out about who we really are. Basically, Hindus believe there are three forms inside human beings, god, human, and animal. According to Pedanda Muria, a Hindu Priest, Galungan and Kuningan are a spiritual climbing process to true consciousness. Humans try hard to do good inside and outside their self so they can create a balanced world (Jagadhita). ‘’The victory of Dharma against Adharma is celebrated every Galungan and Kuningan. We should keep doing that in our daily activity. Dharma is not only an idea but has to be practiced. The Sarasamuscaya (43 Sloka) mentions about the infinity of Dharma to those who practice it,’’ he explained. There is a distinctive item that must be prepared during the Kuningan celebration. Every household prepares yellow rice, where the yellow color comes from the turmeric extract. This symbolizes prosperity. The yellow rice is also decorated with puppets as a symbol of angels that always give prosperity to mankind.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Bali

The Unique Burial Ceremony of Trunyan Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka

Bali is famous for its beautiful nature and unique culture. Millions of tourists visit the island every year, as Bali offers many various tourism sites for those coming to the Island of a Thousand Gods. Blessed with stunning views and an exotic culture, Bali also has other attractions for the tourist. One of them is the Bali Aga village that is located in Trunyan, in the Kintamani district of Bangli. This small village on the edge of Batur Lake exemplifies the old Balinese lifestyle, as they strongly hold on to their tradition. One of their preserved traditions is a unique burial ceremony that cannot be compared to any other area in the world. Like the all of the Balinese, the people of Trunyan also conduct a “Ngaben� ceremony. However, the body of the dead person is not buried

but placed in certain part of the jungle. Strangely, the body doesn’t produce rotten smell even after several months in the jungle. The Trunyan village has special way of burial for its people. In this village, there are three different cemeteries for three different ways of death. If a Trunyan resident dies of natural causes, he or she will be placed under the giant tree called “Taru Menyan” and covered with a white cloth. This location is called “Sema Wayah”. If someone died of unnatural causes


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

such as an accident, murder, the body will be place in a location called “Sema Bantas”, and if someone who died is still young or didn’t marry yet, their body will be placed in “Sema Muda”. The question is, why does the body not have a bad smell? In Trunyan, the body will rot, and this strange condition attracts tourists from all over the world. According to the locals, the existence of the big “Taru Menyan” tree makes the bad smell go away. The tree produces a scent that neutralizes the smell of the dead

body. The word Taru means tree and Menyan means good scent. The name of the village Trunyan is therefore derived from the name of the tree. In order to reach the village, tourists can use a motorboat to go from the Kedisan village in Kintamani, located 65 kilometers north of Denpasar. The tourists can first see the beautiful panoramic view in Kintamani, the view of Batur Mountain and the lake is very exotic. The weather is also quite fresh so it is a wonderful place to visit. Trunyan consists of five banjars that are quite far apart. The center of the village is Trunyan, a village in the eastern part of Batur Lake. The other banjars are Banjar Madya, Banjar Bunut, Banjar Mukus, and Banjar Puseh. Banjar Madya and Banjar Bunut are located in the southern part of the village on the border of the Karangasem regency. Visitors need to walk approximately 2 hours to get to the village, using a small path in the Abang hill. The people of Trunyan call themselves Bali Turunan, the first people who came down from the sky and stayed in Bali. They called the other Balinese Bali Suku, which means people coming from Java. After traveling on a boat for approximately 30 minutes from Kadisan village, you will arrive on the slopes of Abang hill. To get to the cemetery, you must walk for about 10 minutes from Trunyan village. There are no offerings or other Hindu equipment at the cemetery. There may only be a human skull or two laying neatly on the ground and a giant tree. The site reminds us about the end of life, which hopefully drives arrogant feelings away from us.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Bali

Kuta Karnival

A Peaceful Sound From Bali Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka

The sun is slowly returning to its resting place. The red and yellow silhouettes start to show on the Kuta Beach sky. Like the sun that has begun to set, the hundreds of Pendet dancers in front of Kuta Beach started their performance as if to accompany the sun to bed.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


housands of viewers that day were captivated by the beautiful moves of the dancers that performed the Pendet dance during the opening of the Kuta Karnival 2009. This dance that was inspired by the Rejang dance was a welcoming dance for guests on special occassions. Every move of this dance gives a peaceful feeling to the spectators that are watching. The Pendet dance was only one of many attractions that were part of the fifth annual Kuta Karnival. This annual festival, which was held over a 9-day period starting from September 1 and ending on September 19, was crowded by spectators. Many shows were on offer, and it was started by this Pendet dance with 100 dancers. A kite festival, the releasing of baby turtles, an artists’ parade, a carnival, skating, live music and dances and many cultural attractions from various places in Indonesia were also part of event.

This year’s Kuta Karnival had the theme of Unity in Diversity. It was hoped that the festival would stimulate the need for a peaceful condition in Bali. In the end, these situations will help with tourism activities and help Bali gain its image back as a safe and peaceful tourism destination. Different from the last year festival, this year’s festival showed off the Islamic culture from Bali’s Muslim community. The festival also held a ceremony to remember the Bomb Bali’s victims with 1,000 surfers throwing flowers into the ocean The many performances that were presented were part of the peaceful message that the Kuta Karnival wanted to deliver. The Unity and Diversity theme was chosen in order to show the world that even though there are many differences, Kuta would always put unity and peace as a first priority.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Bali


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Julia Roberts Shooting in Bali

Finding Love and Peace in The Island of Gods

Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka

Bali is truly incredible. The beauty and richness of Bali’s culture has attracted an A-list actor like Brad Pitt to produce a movie in Bali. The movie is entitled Eat, Pray, Love (EPL) and stars the Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts. The movie is based on the true story of Elizabeth Gilberth’s memoirs. The story is about the well-established Gilberth, who has a loyal husband, wealth, and a successful career. But it turns out that all the things that she has are not enough. So she changes her life drastically, embarking on a journey in search of the true meaning for her life. Her journey begins in Italy. She tastes glorious foods in Italy, the strength of prayer in India, and finds peace and the balance of love in Bali. Julia Roberts’ co-actor in the movie is Javier Bardem. Meanwhile, the only Balinese in this movie is Ketut Liyer. Liyer will act as himself, a Balinese shaman.

Our tourism industry is very lucky, because if this movie becomes a box office smash around the world, Bali will become even more famous. This movie can be a good promotion tool for Bali and Indonesia. Especially if according to the news, one third of the movie will feature Elizabeth’s experience in Ubud, Bali. As stated previously, Elizabeth began her one-year journey by visiting Italy, which is famous for its food. No wonder then that she gained weight after four months eating Italian food. After that, Elizabeth spent four months in India where she looked for spiritual peacefulness through prayer and devotion. The remaining the four months was spent in Bali, where she tried to find out the true meaning of life and love.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Photo by Murdani Usman

The shooting locations: Julia Roberts arrival in Bali a month ahead of shooting was time not being wasted by Bali’s governor. He and his advisors gave all the locations references that would be perfect for the movie. Julia Roberts took shots at Ubud in several locations, liked the Monkey Forest, Banjars Nyuh Kuning and Pengosekan, and also the Ubud art market. Besides Ubud, several beaches at Jimbaran and Uluwatu also become shooting locations for the movie. One of the most exotic locations is Padang-padang beach at Pecatu. It took seven days to finish the shooting there. This beach has an exotic view with its steep cliffs, and the quiet situation makes it a perfect place to relax.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Bali

Villa, a representative accomodation as your alternative choice

Photo by Sonny Tumbelaka

Bali always offers a thousand promises and enchanting beauty that can hardly be described by words. Many people have chosen Bali as their second home, staying at a hotel, apartment, bungalow, or private villa.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

The types of accommodations in Bali are unlimited, especially with the existence of many private villas. This kind of accommodation is preferred mostly by people who want a private and secluded place. A villa can give all the comforts needed for honeymooners, year-end vacationers, family vacationers, or someone who is spending his or her holiday with friends. For those who love to get away from the city buzz with its routine and challenges, a villa will be your alternative accommodation. Almost all the villas in Bali can offer you a unique experience. You can experience great feelings in its bedroom, family room, dining room, pool, kitchen, jacuzzi, bale bengong, and off course the exotic view that can refresh your tired mine and body. Each villa has different view to offer. Tourists can choose a villa with a tropical garden view, beach, bay, port, cliff, river, ricefield, lake, rainforest, or ocean view. All the beauty of the Island of Gods can be viewed from your chosen villa. Do not worry; Bali with its exotic views still has many affordable villas on offer for you. Surely, this can make a villa your choice of accommodation rather than a hotel during your stay in Bali. If you think that affordable villas can only be found far away from tourism areas, you got that wrong. It is not difficult to find an affordably priced villa in a strategic location like in Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran, or Ubud.

How about the rental system of villas in Bali? Do not worry, the rental system in Bali is different from other areas outside of Bali. If in other areas, villas are rented per building without calculating the number of tourists that will stay in that villa. But in Bali, villas are rented according to the numbers of tourists that want to stay over. The property is also built to accommodate a certain number of occupants, such as a one-bedroom villa a maximum of 3 people, a two-bedroom villa a maximum 6 people (with the additional bed for each room). The Mayan Villa at Ubud for example. This villa can be rented for IDR1.7 million for a night. You can use all the facilities like kitchen, bedroom, guest room, bathroom, pool, and garage. With its two-bedroom version, there are a maximum of 6 people that can stay in this villa. All the facilities, like pool, bar, and resting rooms are quite comfortable. Nowadays, villas in Bali are a favorite for Asian tourists also, especially those from Korea and Taiwan. Meanwhile, domestic tourists are not so fond of staying in a villa because they think the price of villa is higher than a hotel room. But if you visit Bali, don’t hesitate to try a villa that offers great facilities and services with an affordable price.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Java Sea

Menjangan Island Pulaki Gilimanuk

Banyuwedang Sumberkerta


Seririt Banjar

Kalisoda Nusasari

Bali Strait

West Bali National Park



Negara Rambutsiwi

Sa Pulukan




Bali Internatio



The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Air Sanih Sangsit





Tianyar Penulisan

Mt Batur

Mt Catur


Kintamani Bedugul



Mt Batu Karu 2276m





Penebel Tampaksiring Marga




Kerambitan Kapal Lukluk Sempidi h Lot Canggu Kerobokan

Legian Kuta Tuban


Pejeng Bedulu



Selat Muncan




Batubulan Sanur


3142m Bebandem Manggis

Tirta Gangga


Ujung Tenganan

Bugbug Candi Dasa

Padang Bai Goa Lawah Gelgel Kusamba

Sukawati Celuk


onal airport


Mt Agung

Lembongan Island

Lombok Strait





Serangan Island

Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua

Nusa Penida Island


Indian Ocean 35

The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Style

The Beauty of

Indonesian Batik Photography by Wahyu Putro

India is famous for its Sari and Japan is famous for the Kimono. Meanwhile Indonesia should be proud of its traditional cloth, the Batik. Nusantara’s Batiks have a deep philosophical meaning that is represented by their colors and motifs. Its no wonder, that tourists and Indonesian people alike are interested is this cloth.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


ven though there is a polemic claim on Batik between Indonesia and a neighboring country, Indonesia can breathe easily after UNESCO officialy giving the right of the Batik Patent to Indonesia. The government also officialy choose October 2nd as National Batik Day. But behind the beauty of Batik, few know that only around 2,500 motives of Batik in Indonesia are listed. There are still many motifs and patterns that are unlisted. Almost every Batik has a high artistic value. The creation ritual, art expression, symbolism, and cultural identity of an area can be found in the Batik’s motif. In several areas, the making of Batik starts with special ritual to bring perfection. Batik is produced by hand, by giving lines and dots using hot malam on the piece of cloth. The tool that is used for the hand drawing is called a canting. The patterns in the various kinds of traditional batiks bear deep symbolism, among others social status, social community, nature, and history. Batik cloth can be found in Java and in other areas. The makers have a long traditional history of skill that they inherited from their ancestor centuries ago. The making of Batik cloth has spread far to many areas and is often use to make the traditional clothing.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Style


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Woven Cloth from

FLORES Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka

Indonesian culture is very rich. The existence of thousands of tribes spread over the many islands of Indonesia provide much cultural diversity, so there are distinctive characteristics in each area. Not only the language but also cloth is a distinctive characteristic in many of the tribes in Indonesia. An example is the woven cloth from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Flores earned its nickname ‘Nusa Tenun Tangan’ because of the cloth. The beauty of the motifs and its patterns make this cloth a perfect souvenir for visitors to this Flobamora land, the land where the women are gifted with high art creativity. Every area in East Nusa Tenggara has a different kind of motif and pattern. These differences make the woven cloth very attractive to study.

the philosophical values related to the Flores cultures. The cloth is a cultural heritage until now.

In the creation process, the creators will consider the social status, religion, culture, and economic background of the buyer. Making a piece of cloth is not easy and takes quite some time. In the making process, the Flores women always work as a group to make the process easier. This is because not every woman can create a woven cloth from the beginning to the end by her self. The process includes; arranging the yarn on the weaving loom, thighting the motif and pattern, dyeing, and weaving.

1. The woven cloth that has a name and meaning on every motif and pattern.

The creation of motifs and patterns come from deep contemplation with high concentration. No wonders that the motif and patterns of the Flores woven clothe bears

Tens and even hundreds of motif and patterns are created by women at this Flobamora land. These can be divided into three types;

2. The woven cloth that has a name on every motif and pattern but without meaning. 3. The no-name and no-meaning motifs and patterns. The dye comes from the natural resources at Flobamora land. They are carefully mixed with praying and spells so they can produce a high quality woven cloth. The coloring process may take some time in order to get a good quality color.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Papua

The Natural Beauty of Wamena Papua Photography by Yusuf Ahmad


here is a saying that goes, “If you don’t visit Wamena while you’re in Papua, then you’ve never been to Papua.” While this may sound ridiculous now, once you have gone to Wamena you will understand. Wamena City and the other cities in the Jayawijaya Regency are surrounded by mountains. This area has become a tourism destination in Papua because of its natural beauty and its people’s way of living. The way of living of these mountainous people is very unique and can rarely be found in other regions.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

If you look down while you are in the airplane, you can see Jayawijaya like a giant pot sitting in the middle of the mountains. Jayawijaya is located on the highlands at 1,550 meters above the sea level. The temperature in this area is very cool, with daily temperatures around 19 degrees Celsius. So, don’t forget to bring your thick coat to wear at night. The valley is called Baliem because it has a river that’s shaped like a big snake. This river makes the land very fertile and it has the potential to become a rice field or plantation area. When you set foot in the Wamena airport after 55 minutes of flying from the Sentani airport, you can see the beautiful scenery of the natural resources. Inside the city and around the airport you can see

Axes are used to cut trees for firewood and fences. They make very unique and tight fences around the farm as protection from pigs and pests. Their traditional houses are shaped like a circle with 10 centimeter thick-dry coarse green as the rooftop. The house is called “Honai”, and is a symbol of the traditional house of Papua. When you enter the Honai, you will feel warm because there is only one door and no windows. At night the Wamena people use firewood to light the inside of the Honai. They dig a hole in the soil to put the firewood. They don’t use a divan or mattress when they sleep, but use dry grass that they gather from the field. Many people in Wamena raise pigs. In fact, when a man gets married he has to give at least 5 pigs

the local people in their traditional dress ‘koteka’ --cloth that only covers the man’s genital and is tied tight around the waist. If you enter the villages, you will see more local people using Koteka. You will definitely think ‘’don’t these people feel cold?’’

and a noken –a kind of traditional bag created from Noken wood. The noken is usually used as a multifunction bag. But the noken can also function as a cradle or to carry a baby or baby pig, because in the old days women also breastfed their pigs.

The people of Baliem are agrarian, cultivating the land in the traditional way, moving to search for the most fertile soil. Their staple food is the sweet potato, usually called the ‘Hipere’ by the local people. They choose hipere as their staple food because it is easily grown. Besides hipere, they also grow cassava, corn, string beans, and rice. Rice fields can be found at the Elagaima irrigation area, Tulem, Muliama and Holkima. They use wooden cultivation tools called a Kang, as well as cleavers and shovels. They never use hoes to till the soil.

Many say that the Dhani tribe and the Asmat are the native people of the land of Cendrawasih Papua. They are very good at using arrows and slings. In the past, they also use stone hatchets and bone knives. They perform traditional dances and fake-wars annually to honor guests. This kind of event is now being performed at the festival by tribes in Wamena. The festival is held to honor the warring tribes of their ancestors.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Wakatobi

The Wakatobi Islands Photography by Yusuf Ahmad


o you want to spend your end of the year holiday in a place that is very natural and exotic? If so, then you’ll definitely want to visit the Wakatobi Islands. You will be enchanted by the beauty of nature and the underwater scenery that is full of beautiful coral reefs. This underwater view defeats the beauty of the Caribbean and Egypt. The Wakatobi Islands are a tourism destination located in Southeast Sulawesi that has many distinctive characteristics. Besides being gifted with underwater luxury, Wakatobi is a combination of four big islands; Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. That’s why it also has cultural diversity


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

such as dances and tourism objects like Benteng Liya. Even though located in a region with a minimum of advanced technology, you surely can’t forget the beauty of its underwater scenery. Hugua, the Regent of Wakatobi Regent, said, ‘’this is the best underwater heaven,’’ during a group diving activity in Hoga Island, which can be reached in two hours from Wangi-Wangi. Wakatobi is well placed in the heart of world’s coral reef triangle, which consists of Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon

Natural & Exotic Beauty Islands, and Timor Leste. If you compare it to the three central diving sites in the world, Wakatobi has around 750 coral reefs or 90 percent of the coral reefs that exist in those three sites. While in the Caribbean you can only find 50 kinds of coral reef and the Red Sea in the Egypt has around 300 kinds. Until now, these diving sites can only be reached using transportation from the Wakatobi Dive Resort that costs US$3,000 per person for 10 days. ‘’If you apply now, you’ll be put on the waiting list because the resort is already full booked for a year,’’ explained Hugua. With the operation of an airport, the costs can be cut to US$500 per person for 10 days. Hugua promised that he

would make Wakatobi a world-class tourism destination that can be visited by anyone. Not only famous for its underwater beauty, Wakatobi also offers the charm of its culture, which can’t be compared to any other. The Adat Karia for example. This traditional mass circumcision is held extravaganza style. All the teenage boys who get are to get circumcised wear fancy traditional dress, and the girls who are also wearing traditional dress are carried on a boat-like stretcher. The boat-like stretcher symbolizes the characteristics of the island people. ‘’This is a representation of Wakatobi’s ancestors that should be preserved,’’ stated one of the local people.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Baduy

The Uniqueness of the Baduy Tribe Photography by Yusuf Ahmad

In modern Indonesian society today, we can still find traditional people that are holding on to their traditions tightly, like the Baduy tribe. These people that stay in the mountainous Keundeng area in the Kanekes village of the Lebak regency in Banten, have a unique way of life.


he people of Baduy reside on 5,108 hectares of tribe land in the mountainous Keundeng area. They live peacefully and abide by the old traditions and by their tribal laws. They also call themselves the Kanekes people because they live in Kanekes village. They stay along the Ciujung and Cikanekes rivers, which is around 172 kilometers north of Jakarta and 65 kilometers south of Serang.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

The Baduy people are divided into two groups. The biggest group is called the Baduy Luar or Urang Panamping, which stay in the northern side of Kanekes. The population of this group is about 7,000 people, residing in 28 villages and 8 sub villages. Meanwhile, the Baduy people that stay in the southern side are called Baduy Dalam or Urang Tangtu. There are only 800 people in this group, which in the villages of Cikeusik, Cibeo, and Cikartawana. These two groups have different and distinctive characteristics. The people of Baduy Dalam call the Baduy Luar, Urang Kaluaran, while the people of Baduy Luar call the people of Badui Dalam, Urang Girang or Urang Kejeroan. Another characteristic is the color of their dress. The people of Baduy Dalam always wear something white, while the Baduy Luar people prefer black colored clothes with blue color headbands made from Batik cloth.

They never depend on outsiders to provide for their basic needs. The Baduy people are self-sufficient, cultivating, farming, and hunting. They also sell handicrafts like Koja and Jarog --handmade bags from wooden skin, woven cloth such as headbands, dresses, pants, and scarfs. They also produce knives and cleavers. The Baduy Dalam people respect their highest chief called Puun. The job of a Puun is to maintain the society life and make sure that the Baduy people respect their ethnic group laws. The Baduy religious conviction is called Sunda Wiwitan, which they inherited from their ancestors. Every village is headed by a Puun that never leaves his village. The heads of villages consists of three Puun, which are Puun Sadi at Cikeusik village, Puun Janteu at Cibeo, and Puun Kiteu at Cikartawana. Meanwhile the deputy chief of this tribe is called Jaro Tangtu. He acts as the spokesperson when dealing with government agencies.

In Baduy Luar, the head of village is called Jaro Pamerentah, who is helped by Jaro Tanggungan, Tanggungan, and Baris Kokolot. The existence of the Baduy is often related with the Pajajaran kingdom that existed in the 15th and 16th centuries. This kingdom was located at Bogor and had its own port in Banten. To secure the port and its natural resources, the Kingdom had a special force that many believe were the ancestors of the Baduy tribe. But some people believe differently, that the ancestors of the Baduy are the Pajajaran soldiers that give their faith to King Siliwangi. They ran from the persuance of the forces from Banten and Cirebon to the forest where the Baduy now reside. In the end they were protected by the Banten Kingdom and granted a special autonomy.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Dive

Sail Bunaken 2009 A Maritime Tourism Inspiration

Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka


he world-class event Sail Bunaken 2009 was held from August 12 20, 2009 at Manado. The main attractions of the event were the Indonesian Fleet Review, a Yacht Rally, and the Bunaken Expo and Festival. But there was also International Big Game Fishing, a Diving Competition and Festival, an International Sea Food Festival, and the Bunaken Trans Equatouring Celebes 2009, which attracted many people from around the world. Of particular note also was a mass diving event that broke the Guinness World Record, held to commemorate the 64th year of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence. It was a big success for Indonesia. The prime event in the Sail Bunaken was the International Fleet Review 2009 that has great strategic value, among others things building up maritime power and developing the maritime spirit of the Indonesian people, especially people of Manado in North Sulawesi. Several of the international media even dared to say that this was the biggest event in the 21st century. The island of Manado in North Sulawesi was chosen for the event with good reason. Suprawoto, the Head of Public Information at the Communication and Information Department said ‘’There are two reasons why the central government picked North Sulawesi as the Sail Bunaken location. The first was that


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

the province is already famous for its marine sanctuary, The National Park of Bunaken with its millions of rare biotas that rarely can be found in other places. The second is that North Sulawesi is very safe and secure, having successfully hosted the World Ocean Conference (WOC) from May 11-15, 2009 that was attended by 75 countries and several world agencies’’. The spectators were very amazed by all the attractions at the Sail Bunaken 2009, such as the fleet review, sail pass, tall ship, Darwin to Manado yacht rally, fly pass, city carnival, and many social activity. ‘’There was one of the biggest ships that belongs to the United States of America, the USS George Washington, at this event. They come for the first time to Manado Harbor,’’ explained Suprawoto. A gift for Indonesia’s 64th year of Independence. On the day that Republic of Indonesia celebrated its 64th birthday on August 17, Indonesia was given a special gift. The diving event was able to gather 2,486 divers from inside and outside of Indonesia to dive together. Not only that, they succeed in putting the Indonesian flag into the Manado sea, complete with a ceremony as if it was


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

being held on land. Aji Sularso, the Director General of the Marine and Fishery’s Surveillance and Fishery Department stated that Sail Bunaken was a new beginning for Indonesia’s maritime world; it also proved that Indonesia is a strong maritime country for the entire world to see. ‘’This is gaining back momentum for Indonesia’s image, and proving that its name as a maritime country is not only an old proverb. Indonesia is a tough maritime country and has many various marine resources,’’ he said. The same thought was also expressed by Mayor Salim, the chief commander of KRI Untung Suropati “The geopolitical destiny of Indonesia is its maritime resources,’’ was the sentence that was first stated by Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia when he opened the national defense agency (Lemhanas) in 1965. Soekarno often repeated the “Red Jacket” terminology that was equal to the sentence said by an Indian philosopher, ‘’They who forgot their past or history will be destined to repeat it’’.

The glory of Nusantara as a maritime country in the past was achieved because they were able to make use of their potential sources. Their sharp vision and awareness of the strategic position of Nusantara brought the country to become a state that was respected by the other countries in that era. We can see that 2/3 of this country consists of water. These waters are the longest in the world after Canada,. With its 5.8 million kilometers width of waters that consist of an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) 2.7 million kilometers wide and 3.1 million kilometers of territorial waters, Indonesia also has 17,400 islands, big and small, that make Indonesia the largest water territory’ country in the world. So if one year consists of 365 days and we have 17,400 islands, which means we need 46 years to visit them all. ‘’Sail Bunaken was a big event that shows Indonesia’s strength as a maritime country,’’ stated Sularso.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Things To Know

Things to know before you land in major areas of North Sulawesi Airport Departure Tax

Rp 30,000 (the rupiah is the Indonesian currency) per passenger departing on domestic flights.

ATM Machines

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) abound in major cities such as Bitung, Tomohon and centres of tourism such as Manado with many offering international withdrawals on major credit cards.

Best Buys

Woodcarving, hand made jewellery, handicrafts, garments, innovative fashions, leather clothing, spices, coffee and tea.

Business Hours

Offices generally follow the 9-to-5 format. Most government offices however are open from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and visitors should target 8 a.m. to 12 noon for their visits. Government offices are open Monday to Friday, closing earlier on Friday.

Communications - Email & Internet

Internet connections are readily available with many service providers having local dial-up numbers. Internet cafes, charging reasonable rates as well as WiFi is available in certain establishments such as hotels and restaurants.

Telephone and Facsimile

The international dialing code for Indonesia is 62. International roaming facilities can connect cell phone users, except in more remote corners of Manado. Phone cards are available most placese. Major hotels offer an international direct dialing (IDD) service.


Smart casual attire is suitable for the most fashionable restaurants and top hotels. Please note that Manado residents typically show regard for each other by dressing neatly. Sarongs and sashes are mandatory when visiting local temples. Your local guide can best advise you in these matters.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards are accepted at most hotels and many businesses. Note that


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

while prices are often advertised in U.S. dollars or Indonesian rupiah, all credit card sales are transacted in rupiah. As a result, all final charges shown on your monthly statement will reflect inter-bank exchange rates and possibly even a 1 3% surcharge.


Weapons, pornography, and narcotics are illegal imports.

Dietary Matters

Most special dietary requirements can be catered to by giving advance notice to your hotel. Don’t drink tap water - all bottled water is safe.


Self-drive car and motorcycle rentals are available for those holding an international driving permit, but Manado’s and Bali’s congested and unpredictable roads are not the place to learn how to drive a motorcycle. Also Manado’s rules of the road can prove frustrating for the uninitiated. Consider hiring vehicles with drivers as rates are very reasonable. All major points of interest are within only a few hours drive.


220 volts at 50 cycles’s alternating current. Most local electrical out-lets utilize a two-pin plug.

Foreign Exchange

The Indonesian currency is the rupiah. For best rates and service, exchange foreign currency only at licensed moneychangers of banks. New, uncreated, unstained, unstapled US$ 100 bills minted from 1989 and above. Get the highest rate of exchange. Always insist on a receipt and personally count your money before leaving the counter. Beware of small shops offering above normal rates.


Most pharmaceuticals are stocked at Manado’s many drug stores. It is recommended that you bring with you copies of eyeglass and medical prescriptions. Also consider bringing details of any significant medical history

should a sudden need for local medical treatment arise.

Phone cards

SIM cards are readily available in Nusa Tenggarai that can also be used for domestic international calls. Prices range from Rp 10, 000 and up. Names of cards: IM3, SIMPATI, XL

Places of Worship

Many religious denominations are represented in North Sulawesi. Schedule of services and location are maintained at your hotel receptions. Basically Bali is Hindu, Lombok, Muslim, Sumbawa – Muslim, Manado – Christian or Catholic. In all areas other religious denominations are present in varying numbers.

Postal Services

The Indonesian postal service has a complete range of mail and parcel services, including Express Mail Service (EMS). Major international courier services such as by DHL operate in Nusa Tenggara.

Tax and Service Charges

An 10% development tax (plus a 11% service charge) is added to most hotel and restaurant bills. Tipping is not a must, but is appreciated.

Taxi & Transportation

There are several reputable metered taxi companies operating in Manado. Public transport, in the form of small local vans and intercity buses, operate at very reasonable rates.


Indonesians has numerous national television networks,many broadcasting some entertainment and news programs in English. Most hotels offer cable or satellite delivered international TV broadcasts in a number of languages. Consult your hotel for service details.

Time Zone

North Sulawesi time is +8 hours from Greenwich Mean time/UTC.

Amazing Spa

Relax at the Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka



pending time at a spa is one of the popular things to do for tourists who come to Bali for their holiday. There are many types of health and beauty spa’s, starting from those that offer cheap prices up to those with top international standards. No vacation in Bali will be complete unless you try one the spa services here.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Going to the spa is a types of therapy that will fully relax the mind and body so it can be normal again after being forced to do so many tasks each day. There are many choices of spas in Bali that offering various types of spa and massage options with competitive prices. In Bali, most spas offer traditional technique combine with modern facilities. The services that are usually being offered are described as follows: 1. Bali’s Traditional Massage The traditional massage uses Bali’s stretching and acupressure techniques to increase blood circulation and so is ideal for tired muscles. This traditional type of massage also uses aromatherapy oil as an addition to the massage. 2. Aromatheraphy Massage This massage is designed especially to stimulate the mind and clean the body. There are four types of fragrant oil that you can choose from. 3. Foot Massage This massage focuses on the feet, relaxing them after a long walk and helping to increase the circulation.

4. Thai Massage If you want a full body massage without using any oil, you can try the Thai Massage. This Thai-type massage combines three different types of massage, from Thailand, China, and the Shiatsu from Japan. It focuses on a single spot in the body using a twist of the arm, thumbnail, and elbow. 5. Facial Treatment The face treatment is done traditionaly to improve the skin condition and decrease wrinkles. The treatment uses natural products followed by five mini massages. After being treated, you will feel and look younger and fresher. 6. Creambath Rinsing the hair with a careful massage of the scalp, then using cream to revitalize and protect the hair. Before the hair is dry, it will be

steamed for 10 minutes followed by a massage of the head, hands, neck, and shoulder at the end of the treatment. 7. Manicure This is a nail treatment using Lavender aromatheraphy. The treatment will include nail treatment, hand rubbing, and a massage to improve the hand’s condition. 8. Rosemary Package You will be pampered by a Balinese traditional massage and then you can choose between a facial cream treatment or shower and body scrub. 9. Yukari Package Starting with Thallaso footbath, then an aromatherapy massage, followed by four choices of a traditional body scrub, and aromatherapy bath with flowers.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Spa

Aromatheraphy for a Healthy Body Photography by Sonny Tumbelaka


romatherapy is one of the more popular products that are being sought by tourists when they come to Bali. Bali can be proud of its aromatherapy products because it has become one of the best in the world. The advantage of this kind of product is not only to maintain beauty and relax the `body; it has a curing effect for ‘serious’ diseases. According to Dr. Alan Huck, a neurologist-psychiatrist, an aroma will have an effect on the brain just likes a narcotic. The fact is that our nose has the ability to differentiate about 100,000 scents that will influence our lives without our notice. The scent will affect the side of the brain that is connected to mood, emotion, memory, and learning. For example, by inhaling a lavender scent, we can stimulate the Alfa waves in the brain and this will help us to relax. Or when we breathe in the jasmine scent we will stimulate the Beta waves that can improve our liveliness and alertness.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Aromatherapy types:

The usefulness of scents;

Burner, essential oil, and candles These three items are used at the same time. The burner consists of two parts: the burner that is made from crafted stone and the bowl made from brass. The method: fill the bowl with water until ¾ full. Burn the candle and put it inside the hole in the middle of the burner. Put some drops of essential oil into the water. The amount depends on how big the burner and the place to put the essential oil. For a 4.5 ml bowl, you should give 4 – 5 drops of essential oil. You will need less essential oil when your burner is a small one. The candle will last for four hours. For a medium size burner, one candle is enough for ¾ of a bowl of water. When using a small burner you have to add twice as much water in the bowl. Don’t forget to drop the essential oil a couple of times, every time you add water to the bowl so the scent can be preserved.

*Peppermint This pure oil from mint leaves will increase concentration, vitality, and self-confidence. It also brings positive energy and sensuality. It will lessen tiredness, desperateness, hysteria, headaches, and fear.

Stick Incense or Cone These two items are used at the same time. The method: Burn the tip of the stick and put it in the holder. Keep it in the corner of the room so you can breathe the scent. The stick of incense will burn for around 20 minutes. This is not suitable for asthma patients and people with an allergy to the smoke. Massage Oil This oil is usually used during a massage. But the oil can also be used without a massage. Use method: Before going to sleep, rub the oil over your body. It will taste bitter when licked and is quite sticky, but the body will feel warm and the scent will help to relax your mind and feeling. It is suggested to use the oil at noon or at nighttime. After several uses your skin will look healthier, soft, and more elastic. Bath Salts Bath salts are usually added to the bathtub water. The salt and its scent can make your mind relax, smooth your skin, and help to refresh your body.

*Lavender This oil is taken from the tip of the flower. Besides its famous effect for driving away mosquitos, this scent can increase the effects of calmness, poise, comfort, openness, and confidence. It is also lessens stress, pressure, unstable emotions, hysteria, frustration, and panic. *Jasmine The oil is taken from the part of flower that can give a comforting effect, improving balance, giving positive energy, sexual appeal, sensitiveness, hope, openess, wistfulnes, happiness, love, and romantism. *Lemon Gives a cleaning effect and stimulation that is good for first-aid in dealing with snakebites and bugs. It is also lessens perspiration problems, high-blood pressure, forgetfulness, negative thoughts, and fear. *Ylang-Ylang Gives a hormone-balancing effect, increases spirit, sensuality, a happy feeling, warmness, openess, relaxation, and comfort. Lessens feelings of depression, insomnia, stress during menstruation, frustration, unstable and guilty feelings, and sexually dysfunction. *Green Tea This scent will help to balance cell function, prevent cancer, improves blood circulation, lowers the blood pressure, and disjoins fatty acids.

Aromatic Soaps The various scents of aromatic soaps can replace bath salts and essential oils. Using this kind of soap is like using ordinary soap. Besides making the skin look smooth, it also helps to refresh the body and relax the mind.


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Dancer


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

Amazing Sunset


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2


The Amazing East | vol 1 issue 2

An elderly woman steers her boat to Trunyan Village on island of Bali Photo by Sonny Tumbelaka


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