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President Obama, Do You Want To Position America As A Service Oriented, Cooperative, Collaborative Country That Utilizes All Available Resources To Their Maximum Capacity?

Summary • 8 Questions That the Economic Stimulus Doesn’t Answer • Introducing: The United States Service Corp (USSC) • How the USSC Helps America With: – Job Creation & Employment – Retraining – Housing Crisis – Healthcare reform – Credit Reprieve

Questions That the Economic Stimulus Doesn’t Answer 1. When jobs become available who is employed? 2. How do we move citizens away from government (cash) assistance programs 3. What happens when the unemployment coffers run dry? 4. How can we help those who are underemployed 5. How can we best use existing resources to advance the economic conditions of the American people

?s That the Economic Stimulus Doesn’t Answer (cont) 6. How can we ensure that government funds are distributed fairly and monitored closely? 7. How do we provide healthcare and other supplemental benefits to those in need 8. How do we create jobs, support small businesses and re-establish a credit market in the US economy

The Answer isn’t in the White House, but it does exist…

Answer: Create The United States Service Corp (USSC)

• To: – Provide unemployed/ underemployed Americans the opportunity to return to work in service of America. – Use existing government infrastructure to ensure healthcare, housing, retraining and other benefits and opportunities are available

How The USSC Works •

Require all persons (able to work) currently collecting unemployment or other federal/local financial assistance to register for service for a minimum of 3 years –

(think “the draft” for a good cause)

Give all other citizens the opportunity to “volunteer” for service

How the USSC Helps America • Redirects unemployment dollars and EMPLOYS Americans in service for AMERICA • Prevents the abuse of the unemployment and welfare systems • Provides housing, food, shelter, healthcare and related benefits • Positions America as a service orientated, collective, collaborative country that utilizes available resources to its maximum ability

How the USSC Helps America • Reduces crime, homelessness, poverty, joblessness, lack of healthcare and rebuilds the American infrastructure • Establishes a market place for new businesses in new fields as identified in the stimulus package • Ensures that government set asides are available • Re-establishes guidelines for government backed small business loans, bonds and credit

How the USSC Helps America • Reduces the burden that empty and abandoned houses have on our cities • Provides credit/eviction reprieves for service members

Job Creation & Employment • Service members are employed full or part-time as their agreement specifies • Fulfills the Presidents aim for job creation • Ensures that opportunities are distributed fairly

Retraining • Retrains service members in skills required for current opportunities Renewable Energy






How To Put Abandoned Houses To GOOD Use • Cities create inventory • 60 - 120 day claim process for owners • Unless protected by bankruptcy or probate

• Unclaimed houses placed in lottery & sold to service members via • Government backed home loans from a mandatory lending program from banks that received bailout monies

• Sold to other interested parties through a lottery system

Housing Lottery Benefits Reduce Criminal Activity

Reduce Law Enforcement Burden

Increase Property Tax Revenues Increase Property Values

Re-establish Communities

Healthcare • USSC expands and utilizes the military/ VA healthcare systems and – Provides civilian job opportunities – Reduces administrative and service related healthcare costs – Supports President Obama’s goal for coverage for average families

Credit Reprieve • USSC members receive special treatment for All debt : – – – –

Mandatory reduced interest rates Interest only payments for length of service Forbids lowering or closing of credit lines No negative effect on credit report

Credit • Re-establish guidelines for government backed small business loans, bonds and credit – – – –

Reduces paperwork Requires mandatory lending programs Modifies loan qualification criteria Provides opportunities/assistance to excluded small businesses

How Is It Funded • Redirects dollars from: – Unemployment – Welfare – And other cash assistance programs

• Stimulus package • Redirects infrastructure funding from states

Difficult Times – Require DIFFERENT Things • My name is Marquise White and I would love the opportunity to discuss in detail how creating the United States Service Corp can help America return to greatness. Marquise White 310-294-9722

How to End Unemployment  

A Plan of Action