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The best mind game’

Dealt a blow by the pandemic, Wichita Bridge Club makes a bid for a comeback on.”

Every Tuesday morning, Wanda Lonnon tries to help fellow members of the Wichita Bridge Club get better at the challenging but addictive card game. Projecting various hands on an overhead screen, Lonnon offers tips and strategies before the players move to tables where they’ll spend the next three hours or so playing.

“Can I be criticized if I make that bid?” one participant asked on a recent Tuesday, expressing the fear that likely crosses every lessexperienced player’s mind.

“Oh, you can always be criticized … but if you make a mistake, it’s not like you’re on the floor dead,” Lonnon replied. “You pick yourself up and go

The same could be said for the game of bridge itself. Once one of the United States’ most popular pastimes, with numerous books and newspaper columns devoted to it, bridge suffered in popularity as more forms of entertainment became available. But those who play the game say the mental stimulation it presents is unique.

“It really is the best game to keep your mind sharp,” said Mike Grommesh, noting that he’s also played Spades, Hearts, Whist and poker.

Some researchers believe bridge may delay or reduce the severity of dementia, although so far there’s no definitive proof. A 2017 study by a Scottish University found statistical evidence that bridge players

See Bridge, page 7

Laughs & lessons at daycare

After 32 years of providing child day care, Ava Cunningham has seen and heard just about everything from her pre-school charges.

Still, she smiles when asked why she does it.

“I just love kids,” she said. “They’re so innocent. They’re like sponges.”

As Cunningham talks, three 3-year-olds — Valentine and twin

Spring fashion hits the Mark

Editor’s note: Bonnie Bing found some interesting correlations between Spring’s fashion trends and artwork at Mark Arts, the community art center at 13th and Rock Road.

When it comes to the new season, let freedom spring.

Spring fashion is full of every favorite look from the past you can think of.

Florals, stripes, brights, neutrals? Yes!

Long skirts, short skirts, kneelength dresses, long dresses? Yes again.

Bermuda shorts, short shorts, capri length pants, culottes? Those get

the nod, too.

If you love skinny pants, you’ll find them in a variety of colors, but if you prefer wide legs, there are plenty of those, too. And yes, the straight leg is back.

Neutral tones are here in every category, just waiting for you to add a pop of color, like magenta and other bright pinks. Every shade of coral carried over from last spring.

Crisp white eyelet is back in the dresses and tops category. Loose jackets of silky fabrics, linen, polyester blends and knits slide over whatever

sisters Zarayah and Zariah — take turns somersaulting around the floor of her front room in northeast Wichita, combing a Barbie doll’s hair and perusing a children’s book. It’s playtime, a little break before the lunch of goulash and bananablueberry bread that Cunningham has cooking in the kitchen and the nap

See Daycare, page 8

See Fashion, page 4 Outfit details inside

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Ava Cunningham cares for Valentine, Zarayah and Zariah in her Northeast Wichita home.

Ticket contest winners announced

The answers to last month’s ticket contest quiz were: 1.) “Solitary Man.” 2.) “The Johnny Cash Show.”

Of 74 readers who entered the contest, 72 got both answers correct. The winners of the drawing for tickets to the Neil Diamond-Johnny Cash Tribute Show at the Orpheum were Michael Sampson, Ron Turner, Kathleen Jenkins and Stephen Bauer.

For more information: http://www.wichitachoralsociety.org

Tickets = $10 each


For a future without senior poverty.

www.theactiveage.com SEE
and United Health Foundation, you can connect to a world of resources to help you stay healthy.
Social isolation is a serious health issue in Kansas. With the help of AARP Foundation
Sunday May 7, 2023 at 2:00p.m. First United Methodist Church 330 N. Broadway St. Wichita, KS 67202 Shawn Chastain Conducts Broadway on Broadway
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Big Read rolls on

Events connected with Wichita’s Big Read continue in April, including the keynote speech by Roz Chast, author of this year’s Big Read book.

Chast will discuss her book “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” along with her work as a cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine and other topics from 6 to 7 p.m. Saturday, April 15, at the Wichita State Metroplex, 5015 E. 29th St. N. Admission is free. The book, a graphic novel, is about the last years of her parents’ lives.

For a complete listing of Big Read events, visit wichitalibrary.org/big read.

Don’t Fix it Alone!

Our background-checked, bonded, insured, employee Craftsman will fix it for you. Our work is GUARANTEED.

We’re looking forward to your call.

Downsizing Made Easy Seminar

Wichita Senior Services ~ 200 S Walnut St

April 20th ~ Noon - 1:00 p.m. ~ Snacks Provided

Come learn how to make your Life Easier in 5 easy steps and receive a FREE Downsizing Made Easy Book Call

www.theactiveage.com 316.267.1700 Immune Building & Vaccine Awareness Classes April 25, May 23, & June 27 10:30 a.m. at the Center ~ 841 W 21st St. N. Classes are FREE, please call in advance for planning purposes. 316-267-1700 Increase The Reach Grant is supported/funded by CDC/HHS; the contents do not neccesarily reflect the official views of, nor an endorsement, by the CDC/HHS or US government More information, visit https://www cdc gov/ v10-2021
Senior Activities every day at the Center! FOOD PANTRY (nonperishables)
April 25, May 23, & June 27th 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Come check out this new service.
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April 2023
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A silky kimono jacket can go from day to evening, worn with everything from jeans to palazzo pants. This one is by Powder Effortless Elegance, of viscose crepe, handmade and a limited edition, $63. Worn over a blush color tank by Charlie B. of bamboo viscose, $44. Earrings, $22, necklace, $38. All at Frou Frou. Art by John Newsom, some of eight pieces from “The Meadow Paintings,” a part of the recent “Universal Frontier" exhibition.

Who doesn’t love an easy dress when it’s time to go out, especially if the fabric is cool linen and cotton. Dress by Charlie B., of linen and cotton, $106, worn with sandals by Yellow Box, $36, straw earrings, $20, glass bead bracelet, $24, stone bead bracelet, $34. Necklace with silver pendant, $34. Handbag by Max Studio, $54. All at Frou Frou. Art is “Kaleidoscopic Courtship” by John Newsom.

Outfit shown on page 1: Coral is a color that compliments everyone. Combine it with white and it’s an instant fresh look. This top by Creation can be worn buttoned up or as a jacket, $59, of a cotton and polyester blend. White polyester, rayon stretch tank top, $45. Narrow leg pants by Renuar of polyester, rayon and spandex, $104. Necklace with quartz and tassel pendant, $32, hoop earrings, $18. All at Ann’s Fashions.

Art is “Where You Are Planted,” by Kevin Kelly.

you’re wearing for cool nights and when you’re in frigid air conditioning.

A lot of natural materials are being used for spring accessories. For example, cork sandals and jewelry made of straw, shells and stone.

Yes, it’s going to be a good season to pull out your favorite items from last spring and then kick them up a notch with bright colors, fun prints, interesting textures and new lengths.

Reach Bonnie Bing at bingbylines@gmail.com

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Earliest memories not always fond ones

I have a story from my early childhood that keeps creeping back to me, and I re-live it in my mind from time to time. It’s about my grandma dying while she was babysitting me. But more about that later. Out of curiosity, I started asking others about their earliest childhood memories. Most of what I heard were a bit traumatic like these:

My niece, Donna, was about 3 years old on a summer day in 1955. She was standing with her mother at the front storm door of their home when it closed quickly. Her little sister had her hand close to the hinge and it cut off the end of one of her tiny fingers. It’s a painful memory of a tragic accident that still haunts my niece.

My brother-in-law, Dick, said he didn’t know who she was or why he was looking at her when his dad lifted him up in his arms so he could see inside a casket. He saw an elderly lady but didn’t know why she was lying

Dear Reader

there. All he knew was that it left a clear image in his 3-year-old mind back in 1951. Years later he found out it was his step-grandma Mae.

On a cold night in March 1948, my sister was gone on a date and my parents and brother went to a movie (or “picture show” as we called it back then). I was with my Grandma Breit who was sitting in her chair next to our large upright radio where she always listened to soap operas. She could understand English but only spoke German. I was 4 years old and could understand her German but couldn’t speak it, and we always managed to communicate. I went to bed but woke up later and went into the living room where Grandma was slumped over in her chair. She was in a strange position with her head tilted back and I ran my finger across her wrinkled neck just because it looked strange to me. I didn’t know why she was sitting like that, so I laid down on the nearby couch, slept and waited. There was a snowstorm the day family members drove to Pfeifer, Kansas, for

her funeral.

If you can recall your earliest memory as a child, it might be a traumatic one like these, but I want to end this story on a happy note. My former husband, Bob, now deceased, remembered World War II ending when he was 3 years old. He lived with his mom in an upstairs apartment house that use to be on the northeast corner of Maple and Seneca. He heard lots of noise and people outside the open window from his crib. Suddenly his mom lifted him up and swung him around singing “Your daddy’s coming home! Your daddy’s coming home!” I can only imagine the happiness she was experiencing at that moment. Speaking of happiness, those of us at The Active Age are quite happy with you, Dear Readers, for continuing to respond to our requests for your help. Last year it cost over $22,000

a month to print and mail your free newspapers, and your response to help was magnificent. Please continue helping so that we can all stay happy.

Diana Breit Wolf is treasurer of The Active Age board. Contact Diana at dcwolfe2000@yahoo.com

Healthy relationships for better health

This time of year, many are thinking about getting healthy by eating better and increasing physical activity. Another key element to overall good health is sustained relationships. These relationships can improve health by helping us fight illness, speeding recovery time and prolonging life.

Humans have an internal need to be socially connected. When those needs are met through friendships and loving relationships, we enjoy better health and happiness. People with quality social connections — such as friendships, family, co-workers or religious networks — are less likely to die prematurely and more likely to have better immune systems, healthier eating habits and better coping mechanisms.

When individuals are in a relationship of some kind, they have a sense of responsibility to that person(s) and tend to make choices that protect the health of those they care about. Research has found that marital relationships strongly impact many health outcomes including cardiovascular disease, chronic conditions, mobility and depression. These relationships can also influence healthy behaviors such as healthy eating, physical activity and disease management. Friends provide support, advice and reassurance that improve an individual’s ability to decrease stress.

Friendship studies have also found that a lack of social ties is as big of a risk factor for heart attack and coronary disease as smoking. Although relationships of any kind can be stressful at times, studies show that social supports more often reduce

stress, heart rate, blood pressure and benefits overall health. People who are isolated are twice as likely to die early.

Here are some basic tips for healthy relationships:

• Keep expectations realistic: No one is perfect, acceptance and appreciation for them is key

• Talk with each other: Good communication is necessary

• Be flexible: Healthy relationships allow for change and growth

• Take care of yourself, too: Good relationships have room for both people’s needs

• Be dependable: Follow through, healthy relationships require trust

• Fight fair: Relationships have conflict, it is OK to disagree. Use “I statements” to share your feelings

• Be affirming: Express warmth and affection and decrease the negative interactions

• Be yourself: Be authentic

For some, loneliness, depression and other challenges can become overwhelming, and simply engaging with others may not be enough to improve the situation. Finding a professional therapist, support group or other program may help. Central Plains Area Agency on Aging has one-on-one therapy, other programs, services and referrals to help in a variety of situations. Maintaining social connection is just as important as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Central Plains Area Agency on Aging is here to help; call 855-2002372 or visit www.cpaaa.org for more information.

Monica Cissell is director of information and community services for CPAAA.

The author playing as a 3-yearold in her grandmother's yard.
Page 6 the active age April 2023

feel a higher level of well-being than nonplayers due to the game’s competitive element, social component and mental challenge.

Played by two sets of partners, bridge is a trick-taking game with bidding and trump cards.

The Wichita Bridge Club meets in the Parklane Shopping Center at Lincoln and Oliver. After terminating its lease early at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the club returned to Parklane Center in summer 2021. While attendance has gradually been increasing and new players are joining the games, it’s still not to where it was before the pandemic, according to Mary Beck, a Wichita Bridge Club director.

That’s likely for a couple of reasons: The club requires proof of vaccination to play, and during the shutdown, several players died.

“You have to remember, these are older people who play,” said Beck.

On this particular Tuesday morning, 24 players filled six tables during the first of three games that would be played that day.

“I was told in the good old days, people used to fill 15 to 16 tables regularly,” said Beck, who started playing at the bridge center in 2015 after retiring from teaching high school in Newton.

Nancy Craig, who’s played the game since she was a teen and has been a regular at the center for the past decade, laments that the game isn’t attracting younger players. While most games are held during the day, some are held on Saturday and weeknights.

“It’s a great activity for a couple on a tight budget,” said Craig, who’s in her 70s. “It’s the best mind game I know. If I can stay on top of this, I know I’m doing good.”

Several other players agreed with

Craig’s assessment of the game.

Grommesh is one of those relatively newer players at the club, although he’s far from a novice player.

Retired for seven years, he was looking for something he could do when he remembered how he loved playing bridge as a teen. To reacquaint himself with the game, about six months ago he took Beck’s beginning bridge class that she teaches at Wichita State University through its community education program. The class has become a sort of feeder for new players to the club.

Grommesh’s partner is often Judy Snowden, 82, who started attending the bridge center games when she moved to Wichita from Texas about 18 months ago.

“Now I’m here about four times a week,” she said.

Her reason for coming—the social interaction—was another often repeated by other players.

“I look forward to it so much. I have no other hobbies, and I lost all my animals,” Snowden said.

All of the games are a form of bridge called duplicate bridge, which is slightly different from party or social bridge, explained Beck. Instead of playing random hands as in regular bridge, each hand is played — or duplicated — at all of the other tables.

Many of the games are open to players of all levels, while a few are

New exhibit has museum hopping

How does the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum build its collection? You can find out in a new exhibit at the museum called “Why We Collect, What We Collect.”

The museum, located in the former City Hall at 204 S. Main, began its collection with a donation from the Pioneer Society of Sedgwick County in 1939. Today it counts over 70,000

artifacts, including photographs and archival materials, in its collection.

The new exhibit features recently acquired artifacts. One of the most unusual is a gas-powered pogo stick, the “Hop Rod,” made by Chance Manufacturing in the early 1960s. No rides on it are being offered.

The exhibit is on display through October.

open to those who’ve accumulated a certain level of points through the game’s sanctioning body, the American Contract Bridge League.

Those points, which measure one’s achievement and skill in the game, are coveted by those who’ve joined the ACBL and earn them. (ACBL membership isn’t required to play with the Wichita Bridge Club, Beck said.)

In the short time she’s played, Snowden has accumulated 20 points.

“I think I’m doing pretty good,” she said.

She might need to pick up the pace, however, if she wants to catch longtime player David Kopper, another Wichita Bridge Club director, who has 9,400 points.

Having played since the mid1960s, Kopper has reached the emerald life master rank, the third-highest rank in the ACBL. He and Robert Carstedt are the highest-ranking ACBL players in Wichita, according to the Wichita Bridge Club website.

The Wichita Bridge Club sponsors about a dozen games a week, with the majority taking place at the Parklane location. The remaining games are hosted by game directors at private homes, and one is held at the Regent senior living community in east Wichita.

While bridge is a partner game,

some games have partners available for those players who turn up solo. Cost to play is $7 per game.

For a complete schedule of games, visit bridgewebs.com/wdb. Pre-game lessons are provided before some games. To find out more information about the games, phone numbers and emails are provided for each game’s director.

Contact Amy Geiszler-Jones at algj64@sbcglobal.net

www.theactiveage.com Call us today at 316-425-7980 to schedule a free screening Paul Cheatum, MD specializing in the treatment of varicose vein disease Offices in East and West Wichita, Dodge City, Emporia, Winfield, and Ponca City, OK • Restlessness • Cramping • Fatigue • Heaviness • Swelling • Aching Do you have these symptoms in your legs? mynewlegs.com Offices in East and West Wichita, Dodge City, Emporia, and Winfield InnovativeVein.com
Bridge From Page 1
Mary Beck is a director of the Wichita Bridge Club.
April 2023 the active age Page 7


From Page 1

that will follow.

There’s another reason why Cunningham stays in the pre-school business at a time in life when bending over to pick up, or pick up after, a 3-year-old is not the easiest maneuver.

“I don’t want them to be behind when they go to school,” she said. “A lot of the big ones” — she’s referring to child care centers — “are closing down.”

According to a report from the state of Kansas, the number of child care providers operating out of private residences fell from 2,915 in 2017 to 2,144 four years later. The decline in numbers was actually steeper prior to the beginning of the pandemic.

Cunningham used to care for as many as a dozen children at a time, but she doesn’t keep babies anymore. “Too heavy and too hard on my back,” she said.

She followed her mother into day care after considering teaching and cosmetology — her father was a barber — as careers. In addition to creating a safe spot where they can

play, nap and be fed, Cunningham has turned her home into a mini-preschool with posters and books featuring the alphabet, numbers, animals and more.

“They can go and point them out,” she said. “Their mothers are so pleased they know their numbers and letters.”

She hopes to inspire them to dream big, too, when it comes to choosing their own paths in life. It seems to be working. Zariah, asked what she wants to be when she grows up, said: “A princess, or a scientist.” Her sister, Zayariah, replied: “An astronaut or a doctor.”

“I kind of put things in their head,” Cunningham said. “They may change it.”

Then there’s the relational, gettingalong thing. Naturally, they held a Valentine’s Day party.

“I’m teaching them to be nice to each other,” Cunningham said. About that time, the actual Valentine let out a yelp.

“We’re working on that,” Cunningham said.

Operating a day care center out of her home means it looks about like what you’d expect, with a small see-saw, pink toy piano, baskets of books and toys in various states of use in her front

room. A pandemicrelated grant let her install an impressive playground of a jungle gym, sandpit and more in her backyard. There’s a bounce pit downstairs, and a garden the children help plant and water. In other words, there’s no shortage of diversions, and the garage is full of more toys if anybody runs out. Cunningham said she rarely returns from a trip to the store or garage sale without something for her day care center.

“I just love to see kids having fun. They'll tell me, 'Miss Ava, you make me laugh.'”

The ultimate payoff: When parents and the children she’s cared for check back in, like the young woman taking pre-med courses in college.

“Most of the time (the children) come back and I get to see them,” she said.,

“I’ve had parents call me and thank me. That’s my reward.”

New plans for Wichita’s riverfront unveiled

The city of Wichita has unveiled new plans to redevelop the downtown riverfront.

The new plan will cost about $400 million, about half as much as the previously proposed billion dollar Riverfront Legacy Master Plan. And it will retain the existing buildings in the area.

The plans include repurposing the Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center with an expanded ballroom and expanding the attached convention center. It also calls for renovating the former downtown library.

Officials with Visit Wichita said the new renovations could bring in millions of dollars to the city every year in convention revenue.

“We even know there’s more demand than we knew a decade ago,” said Suzie Santo, president and

CEO of Visit Wichita. “There’s huge opportunity. Every year we wait, we’re missing out on about $45 million annually in economic output that we won’t get back.”

Even with repurposing Century II, the city is also planning to build a new performing arts center and pedestrian bridge that goes over the Arkansas River.

Talks of redeveloping the downtown riverfront area have been in the works for about a decade now.

The Riverfront Legacy Master Plan lost momentum with the pandemic. The plan also got pushback from community members who wanted to keep Century II.

“I just really hope this is not another plan that gets put on the

shelf,” City Council member Brandon Johnson said. “I know that our other plans were used to develop this, but one of the things I’ve wanted to make sure is we actually do something, and we’ve been talking about this too long now.”

A timeline was not given for the completion of the riverfront project.

“This process is not anything that is going to happen fast,” Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple said.

The city has opened up bids for the former library building’s use and rehabilitation for public or private entities involved in the arts, retail or restaurant industry.

Late last year, the city provided tours of the vacant building, located on Main Street, where several arts organizations showed interest in using its space.

“So we know that the nonprofit arts and culture sector is chomping at the bit to think about what the space could be,” Lindsay Benacka with the city of Wichita said during the tours.

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Books play an important part in Ava Cunningham’s child care center. “I like the bear one,” Valentine said, while Zarayah prefers “A Frog Named Fred and a Turtle Named Ted.” Below, house rules for the daycare center.
Page 8 the active age April 2023
An artist's rendition of the city's new riverfront plan.

Ted’s bicycle staying in the garage for now

When folks say you can still do something you haven’t done in a long time, they often add: “It’s like riding a bicycle.”

Who thinks these things up? I rode a bicycle when I was younger, and I tried it again later and remembered everything except how to keep it upright. I learned early that bicycles can be dangerous.

We lived west of Madison in the Flint Hills. I wanted a bicycle like the kid who lived next door because it had a speedometer. But my dad didn’t think knowing how fast I was going was essential.

I had an idea for what I thought would be the next best thing. James

and I would see how fast we could make his bike go and watch it on the speedometer while we were doing it.

If you’ve spent any time in the Flint Hills, you know there are some steep hills. The one I had in mind was really steep, and paved with flint rocks, slippery and sharp. It was a county road with very little traffic. My friend went first and got the speedometer up to 25 or 30 mph. I wasn’t going to waste my one ride with a speedometer going that slow. So I started pedaling quite a way before the crest of the

hill and was flying when I started my descent.

The speedometer reached 30, then 35, and wavered close to 40 before the bike’s rear wheel began to wobble. Still, I pedaled. Just as the speedometer passed 40, I took a dive over the handle bars and hit my head on a rock that left a sizable gash in my forehead.

A lady who had had some experience in a doctor’s office was visiting my mother. She closed the wound with what she called a butterfly bandage, which took the place of stitches. I still own a bicycle, but haven’t ridden it for several years, and there is a good reason.

When we were in the Netherlands with our grown children a few years

ago my son and daughter-in-law rented bicycles. Bicycles are everywhere in the Netherlands. You soon learn to get out of the way when you hear a jingle. Tedd urged me to get on Janet’s bike and ride to a nearby canal with him.

I swung a leg over and tried to scoot up on the seat. The bicycle and I promptly toppled to the Netherlands dirt.

I decided that at my age, the best way to avoid a bicycle injury was not to get on one.

Contact Ted at tblankenship218@ gmail.com

April quiz: How shipshape is your nautical knowledge?

Use these clues to identify a dozen famous ships. The answers appear on page 18.

1. Built to showcase mankind’s technological brilliance, what British luxury liner struck an iceberg In the North Atlantic and sank on her maiden voyage in 1912, killing over 1,500 people?

2. What was the name of the English two-masted sloop that carried


CPT (Christian Performance Theatre), 5256 N. Woodlawn, Isley Elementary. The Music Man by Meredith Wilson. Fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill tries to con the people of River City but falls in love with the town librarian. 7 pm Th, Fri; 2 pm & 7 pm Sat, April 27-29. Tickets, 316-6821688.

Forum Theatre, at the Wilke Center, First United Methodist Church, 330 N. Broadway. Once on This Island, book

Charles Darwin on his historic expedition in 1831?

3. What small, slow-paced Spanish ship transported Christopher Columbus to the New World in 1492?

4. Known as “Old Ironsides,” what ship is still afloat after 213 years and serves as a museum in Boston, Massachusetts?

5. Popularly known as “Mighty Mo,” what ship hosted the surrender ceremony of Japan in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945?

and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens; music by Stephen Flaherty. A peasant girl rescues and falls in love with a wealthy boy from the other side of the island, but the island’s gods interfere. Nominated for eight Tony awards. 8 pm Thu-Sat, 2 pm Sun, April 20-May 7. Tickets $23-$25. 316-618-0444 Mosley Street Melodrama, 234 N. Mosley. Hard Times at Mary Dingle’s Mercantile by Scott Noah. New musical revue follows. Dinner 6:15 pm, show begins 7:50 pm. March 31May13. Tickets $26-$30; Show only, $20. 316-263-0222

Roxy’s Downtown, 412 E. Douglas, cabaret-style theatre, Ride the Cyclone, music, lyrics and book by Jacob

Symphony returns to Botanica

The Wichita Symphony and Botanica the Wichita Gardens will present the third annual Symphony in the Gardens at 6:30 p.m. Friday, May 19. Tickets are $135 and can be purchased online at WichitaSymphony.org or Botanica. org. Included with each ticket is admission to the gardens, access to the evening’s musical performances, heavy hors d’oeuvres, two drink tickets, and complimentary chairs for seating during the finale concert. The concert is preceded by chamber ensembles throughout the gardens.The

night concludes with a full orchestra performing music from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony and Copeland’s Appalacian Spring, accompanied by a fireworks display.

Choral society hits Broadway

The Wichita Choral Society will present “Broadway on Broadway” at 2 p.m. Sunday, May at First United Methodist Church, 330 N. Broadway. The show features music from Rogers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber and more. Tickets are $10.

6. What Cunard luxury passenger liner was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat on May 7, 1915?

7. What British ship transported an English group of families, now known as the Pilgrims, from England to America in 1620?

8. Nearly 1,000 men are entombed in which vessel that is now a national cemetery?

9. What U.S. battleship mysteriously exploded and sank in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, in 1898?

10. What small merchant ship built by the Royal British Navy was made famous by a mutiny against Captain Bligh?

11. During the Civil War, which two ships took part in the Battle of Hampton Roads, known as the first clash between ironclad warships?

12. This patrol torpedo boat was last commanded by Lieutenant JG John Kennedy when it was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer.

Richmond and Brooke Maxwell. After dying in a roller coaster accident, members of a high school choir tell their stories for a chance to return to life. 8pm Fri-Sat, April 6-28. Tickets $20-$30. 316-265-4400 Wichita Community Theatre, 258 N.

Fountain. Titus Adronicus, directed by Dan Schuster. Murder, mayhem, and mutilation abound in Shakespeare’s bloodiest play about a Roman general and his captive Goth queen. 8 pm Wed-Sat, 2 pm Sun, April 27-May 7. Tickets $14 or $12 for military/ seniors/students. Opening night ticket $10. April 21 only. 316-686-1282

Contact Diana Morton at dianamorton12@sbcglobal.net

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April 2023 the active age Page 9

Butler County gardeners to hold first show

The Active Age

EL DORADO — Already a busy bunch, the Butler County Master Gardeners will host their first lawn and garden show this month.

Called Grow and Bloom in Butler, it will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 22, and from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, April 23, at the Butler County Community/4-H Building, 206 N. Griffith, in El Dorado. Admission is free to the event, which will feature area horticultural related businesses, educational speakers, youth activities, a seed swap and more.

Sandee Lee, a Master Gardener who’s helping publicize the show, said the idea for it started last summer during a field trip by members. Someone noted that the county’s gardens and orchards “have much to offer our residents and residents of surrounding counties. The problem is getting the

information to the public about our amazing resources.”

Lee credited Calla Edwards, the K-State Research and Horticulture agent for Butler, with getting the ball rolling. Edwards said it’s been a team effort by volunteers and area businesses contributing door prizes and sponsorships.

The lineup of speakers includes:

Saturday, April 22

• 10 a.m. Using Edible Plants in the Landscape—Travis Carmichael

• 11 a.m. Trees—Dr. Jason Griffin

• 1 p.m. Lawns—Larry Crouse

• 2 p.m. Vermicomposting: Composting with Worms—Scott Eckert

Sunday, April 23

• 1 p.m. Container Vegetable Gardening—Pam Paulson

• 2 p.m. Hummingbirds in Kansas—Chuck Otte

The seed swap will provide an

opportunity for attendees to exchange their surplus seeds for ones they’d like to try growing. Those who wish to participate should bring their surplus seeds from the past two gardening years, placed in appropriately sized packets (paper or plastic) and labeled.

Starter seed packs for beginning vegetable gardeners will be made available at the seed swap booth to the

first 150 new gardeners. “Seed bombs,” which Lee described as a fun method of planting flower seeds, will be given out as long as they last.

Lee said most Master Gardeners are retirees like herself. A former teacher, she joined 20 years ago after building a house in the country.

It’s come in handy, she said.

“I live on top of a hill at the edge of the Flint Hills. It’s very heavy clay soil, lots of flint rocks. Some pretty harsh conditions. It has been very helpful to me to have the resources because a lot of the plants I grew in a metropolitan area, I could not grow out here.”

After completing their training, Master Gardeners perform 40 hours of volunteer work a year. Lee said they focus on education and community projects related to gardening and landscaping. That includes operating the Augusta Community Garden and helping with landscaping around the new education center at the Kansas Oil Museum here.

Evening gardening classes offered

The Sedgwick County Extension Center and Wichita Public Library are offering five weeks of free evening gardening classes.

On Tuesdays, the classes will be held in person at the library’s Alford Branch, 3447 S. Meridian Ave., from 6-7:30 p.m. On Thursdays, the same presentation will be delivered live, online via Zoom, also from 6-7:30 p.m. Class schedule and topics:        April 4 and 6: Basic Herb Gardening: Growing & Preserving Herbs, with Master Gardener Lisa LaRue.        April 11 and 13: Homegrown Tomatoes, with Master Gardener Donna Wise.

April 18 and 20: Gardening for All Abilities: Accessible Gardening, with Master Gardener Kevin Madden. April 25 and 27: Loving the Bees Means Nurturing All the Pollinators         May 2 and 4: Gardening with Nature:  Native Plants & Grasses

All classes are free, but registration is required. Register online through the events calendar on the Wichita Public Library’s website or by calling 316-261-8500. Following each presentation, the recordings will be available on the Wichita Public Library’s YouTube channel.

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Butler County Master Gardens work in the Victory Garden at the Kansas Oil Museum.
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AARP: Unpaid caregivers add up in Kansas

Unpaid caregivers in Kansas number 340,000 — or 11 percent of the population — according to a new report from AARP. The report says Kansans spent 320 million hours caring for parents, spouses and other loved ones. AARP valued the care at $4.5 billion.

“Family caregivers play a vital role in Kansas’s health care system, whether they care for someone at home, coordinate home health care, or help care for someone who lives in a nursing home,” said Glenda DuBoise, AARP Kansas State Director.

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Mary Halsig, CLTC, Veteran
April 2023 the active age Page 11
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BACK ? Don’t wait, no referral needed Call us today: (316) 630-9944 WE CAN HELP! Page 12 the active age April 2023

At Homestead, our team helps seniors remain independent while providing quality care in a friendly environment. Participate in a variety of activities while we take care of homecooked meals, housekeeping and linen service, and more. Let our team help you find the right care solution for your family.

www.theactiveage.com HOMESTEAD OF AUGUSTA* 316-799-3927 HOMESTEAD OF DERBY 316-816-1428 HOMESTEAD OF CRESTVIEW* 316-747-8439 HOMESTEAD OF EL DORADO* 316-600-7865 HOMESTEAD OF HALSTEAD 316-816-9579 HOMESTEAD OF WICHITA* 316-365-8229 *These communities also offer memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other memory-related diseases.

Meals on Wheels volunteers needed

Senior Services of Wichita is currently experiencing extremely low volunteer numbers. The program delivers between 750 to 850 lunch time meals each weekday to homebound, isolated seniors.

“We are considering placing a temporary hold on adding new clients until we can catch up” said Laurel

Alkire, executive director.

Delivery routes typically take 90 minutes to 2 hours.

People interested in volunteering should visit the website at https:// seniorservicesofwichita.org/mealson-wheels/ to fill out an online application.

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Find Booster
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Kentucky Derby Hats



Lifelong Learning


Proof #2 KSWOVG20

Wichita State University is o ering six new Lifelong Learning courses this spring. The courses are FREE* for Kansas residents 60+ years old, if enrolled by February 8, 2023. All courses will be o ered in-person and online. In-person classes will be held at 1-3 pm at the Wichita State University Metropolitan Complex located at 5015 E. 29th St. North. Online classes are available. Students who select this option will receive a link via email each week to view the class on their own device. Students can choose to watch the link live during the class time or can watch the recording at their convenience.

Ad Size: 1/4

File Name:

Hatman Jack’s_KSWOVG20

Spring 2023 Courses+


CM: Julia Grignon

Art of the Northern Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age | Mondays, Feb. 27 & March 6, 20, 27

October 3, 2019 9:24 AM

How Do Other Countries Handle Issues that Divide the U.S.? | Tuesdays, Feb. 28 & March 7, 21, 28

History of U.S. Foreign Policy | Wednesdays, March 1, 8, 22 & 29

When the Earth Shakes: The Geology of Earthquakes| Fridays, March 10, 24, 31 & April 7

The Origins of Musical Storytelling: A Global Perspective | Mondays, April 10, 17, 24 & May 1

Jacks_KSWOVG20.indd 1

The History of Detective Fiction | Tuesdays, April 11, 18, 25 & May 2

Registration opening soon!

lifelonglearning@wichita.edu | 316-978-3264


*Conditions apply. Visit wichita.edu/lifelonglearning to learn more. +Course o erings and dates are subject to change.
WILLS | TRUSTS & PROBATE | POWERS OF ATTORNEY CONSERVATORSHIPS | GUARDIANSHIPS Janet Huck Ward 316-262-2671 | MORRISLAING.COM P I C K L E B A L L G I F T S ! We have fun gifts for all your Pickleball friends! Plus a store full of Spring & Garden goods, gifts galore and Flower Preservation. 126 S. Seneca 316-895-0262 www.chateaugift.com Page 16 the active age April 2023
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www.theactiveage.com deliver Meals on Wheels to homebound isolated seniors. You are the lifeblood of our program! We need more of you… FOR QUESTIONS CALL: 316-267-0122 APPLY ONLINE AT: https://seniorservicesofwichita.org/meals-on-wheels/ • Our local program serves between 750 –850 hot, nutritious meals to homebound, isolated seniors each weekday. • Meals are delivered between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each weekday. • Over 70 routes are delivered each day and volunteer numbers are low. VOLUNTEER TODAY! W O U L D Y O U L I K E T O B E A V O L U N T E E R I N O U R S E N I O R C O M P A N I O N P R O G R A M ? The Senior Companion Program is looking for volunteers, age 55+, who want to help other seniors. Senior Companions provide: Companionship, Respite Care and Peer Support The Senior Companion Program is part of AmeriCorps Senior Qualifying volunteers receive: A Federal Stipend (tax -free) of $4 00 per hour, mileage and meal reimbursements Make Independence A Reality. Senior Companion Program 316.651.1817 www.mhasck.org Page 18 the active age April 2023

NOTE:The Active Age is printing regularly scheduled senior center activities as space permits. Please email Joe at joe@theactiveage.com to have your center’s activities listed.

Calendar of eventS

SedgwiCk County Senior CenterS


7651 E Central Park Ave

744-2700, ext 304



504 W Sterling, 796-0027


516 Main, 542-3721

CLEARWATER 921 E Janet, 584-2332

DERBY 611 N Mulberry Rd, 788-0223 www.derbyks.com


Mon-Fri: 9am-3pm Open Billiards, Open Fitness

Mon & Fri: 9-11am Competitive Pickleball

Mon, Wed, Fri: 1-3pm Open Pickleball

Mon, Wed, Fri: 10-11am Wanda’s Exercise

Tue & Thu: 10-11am Exercise

Tue: 1-2pm Job Club

Tue: 2-3pm: Bible Study

Wed: 10-11am Boogie Aerobics

Wed: 11-12am Seated Yoga

Thu: 9-10am Flying Saucers

Fri: 12-3pm Party Bridge

200 S Walnut, 267-0197



5815 E 9th, 688-9392


1006 N Main, 535-1155


120 N Main, 794-2441


160 E Karla, 529-5903


Kechi City Building, 744-0217, 744-1271


841 W 21st, 267-1700


1901 S Kansas, 263-3703



1329 E 16th, 337-9222


105 S Ohio, 667-8956


632 E Mulvane, 777-4813


2121 E 21st, 269-4444



2937 Oaklawn Dr, 524-7545

ORCHARD PARK 4808 W 9th, 942-2293



6100 N Hydraulic, 744-1199


VC Community Center 314 E Clay, 755-7350


Friendship Meals

Aging Projects serves a hot, nutritious meal weekdays for persons 60 and older in Sedgwick, Harvey and Butler counties. Reservations are necessary. For locations and reservations, call 620-669-8201


Mon: Speghetti w/meat sauce, broccoli, pears, garlic bread.

Tue: Ham salad on bun, potato soup, green beans, pineapple, crackers.

Wed: Chicken pot pie ,cole slaw w/ carrots, peaches, gelatin.

Thu: Pork Roast w/ gravy. sweet potatoes, green peas, strawberries, wheat roll.

Fri: Good Friday


Mon: Oven fried Chicken, baked beans, cauliflower, apple crisp.

Tue: Beef cutlet w/spanish sauce, baked potato/margarine, broccoli, mixed fruit, bread.


410 Lioba Dr, 733-4441 www.andoverks.com


640 Osage, 775-1189


Lion’s Community Bldg, S Main St


Cassoday Senior Center 133 S. Washington, 620-735-4538

DOUGLASS 124 W 4th, 746-3227

EL DORADO 210 E 2nd, 321-0142

Senior wedneSdayS www.seniorwednesday.org

April 5

10:30am Wichita Art Museum

1400 W. Museum Blvd., $2 admission. Wichita Wore What?.

1:30 pm Museum of World Treasures

835 E. 1st St. Coffee with the Curator Tickets are $4 plus tax or free for Museum members.

April 12

10 am Sedgwick County Zoo, 5555 Zoo Blvd. (316) 266-8213, $4 Is there a Dr. in the Zoo?

1:30 pm Advanced Learning Library, 711 W, 2nd, (316) 261-8500, Free.

Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? with Larry Hatteberg

April 19

10 am Ulrich Museum of Art, 1845 N. Fairmount. Ksenya Gurshtein: Curating Nature in the Floating World.

1:30 pm Great Plains Nature Center, 6232 E 29th St N. Nurtured by Nature: Increased Cognitive and Psychical Functions due to the Great Outdoors.

April 26

10am Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, 204 S. Main. A conversation on Myths of the West with Ulrich Curator Ksenya Gurshtein.

1:30 pm Mid American All-Indian museum. 650 N Seneca (316) 3503340, $2 + tax admission; free for MAAIM members. Info unavailable.


Augusta Sr Center, 640 Osage. . Info: 755-1189

Derby Sr Center, 611 Mulberry.

El Dorado Jam & Dance, Senior Center, 210 E 2nd.

Goldenrod Golden Age, 1340 S Pattie.

Linwood Golden Age, 1901 S Kansas.

Minisa Golden Age, 704 W 13th. Info 617-2560.

Mulvane, 101 E. Main (Pix Community Center Second Tuesday of every month at 7-9pm.

Oaklawn Activity Center, 4904 S Clifton. Nick, 529-2792. Info: iamgary48@yahoo.com.

Orchard Park Golden Age, 4808 W 9th.

Park City Sr Center, 6100 N Hydraulic. 1st and 3rd Saturday 7-9:30 p.m. Info: 755-1060

Prairie Wind Dancers: Plymouth Congregational Church, 202 N Clifton. Joyce, 683-1122.

Village Steppers Square Dance, Oaklawn Activity Center, 4904 S Clifton.

Westside Steppers Square Dance, 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, 6-8:30 p.m., West Heights United Methodist (entrance "D"), 745 N. Westlink Ave. Info: Sheldon Lawrence (316) 648-7590.

Wichita Solos Square Dance, For Info email: Curtis, wichitasolos@yahoo.com.


112 S Main, 745-9200 or 742-9905 ROSE HILL

207 E Silknitter, 776-0170

TOWANDA 317 Main, 776-8999

Open 10:30 am-5 pm Mon, Wed, Fri WHITEWATER Legion Hall, 108 E Topeka

Harvey County

BURRTON 124 N Burrton, 620-463-3225

HALSTEAD 523 Poplar, 835-2283


Randall & Main, 620-327-5099 www.hesstonseniorcenter.com

GRAND CENTRAL 122 E 6th, Newton, 283-2222


SEDGWICK 107 W. Fifth, 772-0393

Butler County Senior CenterS tranSportation Sedgwick County

Sedgwick Co Transportation, 660-5150 or 1-800-367-7298. Information: 8 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri; closed most holidays. www. sedgwickcounty.org/aging.

Butler County Transit

Weekday transportation in El Dorado, Augusta and Andover. Rides to Wichita on Wed, Thu. Information: Augusta, 775-0500; El Dorado, 322-4321; toll free, 1-800-2793655. 48-hr notice required.

Harvey County

Transportation reservations or information: 316-284-6802 or 1-866-6806802. Round-trip: $8 Newton (wheelchair only), $12 Harvey County, $20 outside Harvey County. AVI to Newton: Tue, 12:304:30 pm from Burrton, Sedgwick, Halstead, Hesston, Walton.


Wed: Ham & Beans, potatoe w/onions, parslied carrots, plums, cornbread.

Thu: Meatloaf, cabbage au gratin, green beans, peaches, white cake, roll.

Fri: Chicken and rice casserole, combination salad, salad dressing, pineapple, wheat roll.


Mon: BBQ pork on bun, oven brown potatoes, black eye pes salad, peaches.

Tue: Chicken & cheese casserole, broccoli, apricots, garlic bread.

Wed: Chili w/ beans, crackers, combination salad, salad dressing, applesauce, cinnamon roll.

Thu: Scalloped potatoes & ham, Harvard beets, pineapple, wheat roll.

Fri: Tuna pasta aslad, combination salad, dressing, mandarin oranges, apple crisp.


Mon: Chicken & noodles over mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, blushing pears, dry fruit w/ nuts.

Tue: Beef tips over rice, cauliflower bean salad, mandarin oranges, roll.

Wed: Chix & pasta salad, copper pennies salad, strawberries, snickerdoodle cookie.

Thu: Liver & onions in gravy OR Beef cutlet in gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, mixed fruit, roll.

Fri: Ham & broccoli casserole, beets, peaches, wheat roll.

* Milk is served with all meals. Meals fall within the following ranges: Carlories 650-750; protein 25 grams or higher; fat 20 to 30 percent of calories; calcium 400 mg or higher; sodium 1,000 grams or less; fiber 9 grams or higher.


April 2023 the active age Page 19


Single Plot – Resthaven Cemetery –Garden of the Cross 46A1 $4500 OBO

Email: arkpegram@cox.net OR 479-644-6680

Serious inquires only

Resthaven, Garden of the Cross. 2 plots, last plots in area, side by side. $2,900 each plus trans-fer fee. 316-641-0889

White Chapel, Nativity area, Single plot $1,000 plus transfer fee. 316-641-0889

Two Lakeview burial. Located in Apostles Garden. Two spaces #5&6 w/ 2 eternal rest caskets(deluxe). Sold together $7,400. Call 316209-6905. Leave Message. Serious inquires only.

4 lots at Resthaven Sermon on the Mount. $1,900 per lot or $7,500 for ALL. Seller will pay transfer fee. Call 903-277-4140.

Rare Availability of Two Spaces in Old Mission Mausoleum, Wichita. Both spaces in Room “L”. Priced to sell quickly at $2,500 each OBO. Call Jim 704-791-9111, email jtodd815@me.com

Double stacker plots w/stone at Lakeview Cemetery. Purchased for $8,000. Asking $5,000. Buyer Pays transfer fee of $295. Call 316-6657445.

Lakeview. 2 lovely side by side plots in Garden of Holy Rosary. Spaces 11&12 lot 25. Asking $3,000 each. Call 281-253-1991, leave message.

NICHE Old Mission Mortuary, Mission chapel Mausoleum. Northwest gallery, Row C Level 5, $2,250 Plus transfer fee of $299. Call for details 316-258-8822.

Old Mission Cemetery, Garden of Devotion. Section A, Row H, Spaces 25&26. $1,000 for both. Seller pays transfer fee. 316-684-4230

Resthaven Garden of The Cross, Lot 70 B-1. Close to a nice shade tree. $4,000 plus transfer fee. Call 316-683-5410.

2 burial plots at Lakeview Cemetery. Garden of Gethsemane. Value $2,895 each. Selling for $3,500 for both or $2,000 for each. Will split transfer fee of $295. 316-619-5067 or lorrijost@ gmail.com

2 stackable side by side cemetery plots at Resthaven Garden of Devotion. Price includes transfer of deed. $5,600 for both. 316-516-1820.

White Chapel, Sermon on the mount. 4 adjoining plots, $2,800 plus transfer fee. Will seperate. 316-461-1383. Leave message

Prairie Home Scattering Garden Cremated Remains Only Natural County Setting

Scattering( $2,000) or Inurnment ($3,250)

316-734-7545 slt.ks.usa@gmail.com www.sunflowerlandtrust.com


Prairie Express Courier and Delivery Services

• Will deliver packages, crates, parts, etc.,

• Transport people for errands such as grocery store, airport, doctors’ appointments, etc.

Call/Text 316-640-6327

Alpha Electric Dependable Electrical Service

Call Greg at 316-312-1575

Insured, Lic. #1303



Insured with 20 years experience

Free Consultations

316-806-7360 Julie

IPK Enterprises Estate Sales.

Know your options, you have many. Please call us for a free consultation. 316-806-3435.

Senior Center Garage Sale! Find Something, Nothing and Everything in Between Friday, April 21, 2023 8am – 3pm

Lunch available from 11am -2pm

BBQ sandwich, side, dessert and a drink for $6 Senior Services of Wichita Inc. 200 S Walnut


Alpine Hauling and Junk removal

Free Estimates

Serving Wichita and surrounding area Call Dan 316-516-3949



Providing rides to Dr etc. Home Health Care Specializing in Dementia/Diabetes. Ref avail. Kay 316-882-9127

Private Duty Aide with light house keeping. Availability evenings and weekends. References upon request.

Cynthia CNA/HHA 316-992-6711

Private Care Wanted

Registered nurse with 30 yrs medical experience 18 years hospice case managment experience 316-612-2997

CNA-Home Health Aide

Will do personal care & household duties, Grocery shopping & transport to appointments.

Reasonable Rates. 316-516-2149

Retail Store, answering phones, waiting on customers, run errands. Call 316-945-4722

Looking for help: Companion Care only, days and/or overnights, no work duties just companionship, 1 or more days a week. Also looking for part time driver, afternoon or early evening, 3 days a week. College Hill Area. Cmurphy9973@icloud.com

Center Manager – El Dorado Heritage Plaza

Meals On Wheels/Friendship Meals

M-F 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. Wonderful opportunity working with older adults. Experience with food service helpful, some record keeping. High school diploma or GED required. Some benefits available.

Apply: 211 N Gordy, El Dorado KS Call: 316-321-3291 EOE

Email: tammie@agingprojectsks.org

Sub Transporter – Wichita Area

Meals On Wheels/Friendship Meals

M-F 8:15 am – 12:15 pm. Current driver’s license required as well as good driving record. Must be 18 years old and able to lift 40 lbs. High school diploma or GED required.

Apply: 940 N Tyler, Ste 209, Wichita KS Call: 316-686-0074 EOE

Email: tammie@agingprojectsks.org

Cook – Hesston

Meals On Wheels/Friendship Meals


Cheryl Rosine ~ The Foot Lady ICMT RN

• 316-312-2025 • Benjamin Jones ~ CNAICR

• 316-932-8524•

$40 : In-home, Sedgwick & surrounding counties

Diabetic, thick toe nails, ingrown & callous care

Foot Care in home. Home visit $40.00 Call Francine at 316-943-4360. Leave a message.


Don't have an Auction, or Estate Sale. We Buy Entire Estates. Call Kelly 316-283-8536. Furniture Warehouse 200 Main Newton, KS


Always wanted to play the guitar?

Guitar Lessons

Beginner or intermediate Contact Mike 316-390-1836

M-F 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. Experience with food service purchasing and preparation helpful. Scratch techniques desirable, some benefits available. High school diploma or GED required.

Apply: 112 W Sherman, Hutchinson KS Call: 620-669-8201 EOE

Email: tammie@agingprojectsks.org

Law firm part time clerical assistance wanted

Small Wichita law firm seeking retired person with clerical skills as receptionist with light clerical duties for part time work. If interested please submit resume with work hours preference to: info@peggswheeler.com


Routes are open each weekday to deliver a lunchtime meal. Thursday & Friday has the most open routes. If interested please visit our website at https://seniorservicesofwichita.org/ meals-on-wheels/ and fill out then submit the application online at the bottom of the page. No walk ins please. All volunteers must be prescreened prior to delivering routes.

Dave’s Improvements

General Contractor Lic #7904

Roofing, Siding, Doors, Gutters, Windows, Storm damage repair, Senior Discount. 316-312-2177

Handyman RX- We have a remedy for almost all of your “fix-it” jobs! Light carpentry including deck and fence repair, indoor misc. repairs and installations, lawn mowing “LG or SM”, Yard & Garage clean-up, mulching, hauling miscellaneous,hauling dirt, sand, and rock/gravel upto 3.5 tons. What you need done I can probably handle. Call for HELP!

Brian 316-217-0882. Free Estimates

Cowboy Construction

Remodeling, siding, decks, fences, windows, doors and more. 20 years locally owned. Free estimates. Senior discounts.

Todd Wenzel 316-393-4488

S & V Concrete


Steve 992-6884

Derby, Haysville, Mulvane, Rose Hill, Wichita

Exterior & Intereior. House painting, siding, decks, fences. Build, repair and stain. Free Estimates and references. See us on angieslist.com.

Keith Kimball 316-250-2265 or 316-789-9639 Be Blessed. Thank you


Windows * Patio * Doors

Windows won’t stay up, Crank Outs, Patio Rollers and Lock Latches, Morris Glass & Service, 316-946-0745

Molina Electric - Wichita Lic #1364 Comm. or Residential wiring. Service calls. New electric service. Troubleshooting. Cell 316-461-2199.


Professional fence install and fence repair. Call or text 316-821-6341

Serving west Wichita, Goddard and Cheney

PlaCe an ad: 942-5385
Classified advertising
F HELP WANTED F F HOME IMPROVEMENTS F F ELECTRICAL F F COMMUNITY SERVICES F LaFamilia offers new food pantry service and vaccine awareness program. For more information see their ad on page 4. OFFSITE I.T. SUPPORT 40+ years experience On Site Hardware/Software Support Senior Discount Mike Hazelwood 719-473-5008 Slow Computer? New iPhone? In person or remote help is available. Call or text Crista w/ abcd Tech at 316-768-7832 WE INSTALL TOP QUALITY Walk-in Showers & Bathtubs Huge Discount Pricing Safer Bathing! 316-633-9967 www.bathroomheadquarters.com F FOR SALE F
F EVENTS F Large Roll Top Desk $350 OBO. Adjustable Queen Bed $500 OBO. 316-250-0037 Grey Ultra comfort power lift recliner. “New 11-2622”. $1,800 OBO. Call 316-519-8655. Ballard Plumbing Licensed & Insured Veteran Owned - Family Operated Call Brad at 316-260-0136 www.BallardPHC.com ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS • FREE estimates • Senior Discounts Garden Party at Botanica WICHITA ALUMNAE PANHELLENIC Spring Scholoraship Fundraiser For tickets, reservations or more info please contact: Lori Marceau 316-371-3557 or lmarceau1123@gmail.com Tuesday April 11, 2023 12:00-3:00 PM Botanica 701 N Amidon St Tickets are $20 each, Cash or Check only facebook.com/wichitaalumnaepanhellenic Lunch Card Games Garden Stroll Fashion Show Silent Auction Door Prizes JOIN US FOR: LIFT-RITE GARAGE DOORS Scheduled maintenance, repair, sales on all garage doors. *Springs-Torsion & Extension *Garage Door Openers, Doors & More Chris (316) 619-1196 or Linda (316) 841-5252 We specialize in the following Wheel Chair Ramps • Landscaping • Remodeling Decks • Safety Hand Rails K & A Maintenance Experts All General Maintenance and Repairs Please call Jesse at 316-854-7642 FREE ESTIMATES Page 20 the active age April 2023
porches, patios, sidewalks, driveways & garage floors. Also 4-inch steps with 18-inch landings for seniors. Licensed, bonded, insured. Free estimates


& clean-up. Senior discount. Steve 316-685-2145

Westside Lawn Service SPRING CLEANUP Mowing

Bush and hedge trimming, bed work, mulching, odd jobs and hauling. Free estimates. 316-339-4117.

Mike E. 316-518-4286


Garage clean out, gutter cleanup, hauling, roto-tilling. APPLIANCE REMOVAL

Brush, Limbs, Debris, Hauling and Junk Removal. Leaf removal. Free Estimates. Call David at 316-213-8880.

Neighborhood lawn service

• Lawn mowing

• Yard cleaning

• Trash Removal

Residential or Commercial


EZ Care Lawn Service.

Making your lawn care easy and affordable for you. Serving Wichita & surrounding area anywhere from Haysville to Valley Center. Please give us a call at 316-312-0128.

Freedom Lawn Services


Weekly/Bi Weekly Mowing

Spring/Fall Leaf Cleanups

• Hedge trimming • Mulching

Locally owned and operated with over 15 years of combined experience. (316) 670-3023

Beard & Son Concrete Construction

Drive ways, sidewalks, patio and landscaping. Dirt work and more.

Licensed * Bonded * Insured

I bid’em to get’em!

Steve 316-259-0629

Dylan 316-734-6134

Next Generation Landscaping

Lawn Maintenance * Fence Install/Repair * Leaf Clean-up * Gutter Cleaning.

Landscaping* Tree Trimming * Household Repairs Free estimates, senior discounts. Se Habla Espańol Luis 316-550-2682

Twin Brothers Lawn Service

Including Home Repairs/Handyman Service. Mowing, scalping, tree trimming, bushes, complete Fall/Spring clean-up, PAINTING, power washing, haul off, weekly maintenance/free estimates. 28 years of experience. Mark Goddard 316-609-9536 or 316-518-5380

Clean Cut Lawncare

Single owner with over 9 years’ experience.

Residential/Commercial Mowing

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Mulching/Rototilling, Landscaping, Scalping, Tree & Shrub Trimming Fence building and repair


Serving west Wichita, Goddard and Cheney

Sharp Edges Lawn Care Service

• Mowing

• Trimming

• Edging

• Rake Leaves

• And MORE

Call/Text 316-640-6327

A-n-A Lawn Care

Providing services to Wichita & surrounding areas.

Commercial & Residential.

Family owned and operated. Over 25 years. Insured. Free estimates. 316-312-6174 or 316-390-5758


www.theactiveage.com Impact Lawn Care Residential/ Commercial Mowing SPRING CLEAN-UP • MULCHING LANDSCAPING & HANDYMAN SERVICES Call now for an estimate for the upcoming season! Small family owned and operated with over 30 years experience and fully insured! 316-737-4890 Heating/AC, Plumbing Light Electrical, Drywall, Painting, Tile, Basic Home Repairs Licensed & Insured 25% Senior Discount JS Guttering & Construction 5"-6" SEAMLESS GUTTER WHOLE HOUSE PAINTING SIDING & WINDOWS Call Josh for an estimate 316-393-8921 Place your ad today! Call 316-942-5385 SENIOR HELPING SENIOR FORSHEE MASONRY- 50 Years Any Brick, Block, Stone Repair Sidewalk Leveling Senior Discount RICK 316-945-8751 PLUMBCO Compare Our Prices Weekly Plumbing Specials Ins/Lic #5803 316-942-1967 Pressure Washing • Gutter Cleaning Deck Remodeling/Repair/Building Floating TV Shelf installation General Exterior Repairs Outdoor string light installation Fence design and installation Se Habla Espanol Free Estimates • Insured Salvi Bravo 316-259-6902 Bravo Brothers ICT Services Classified advertising PlaCe an ad: 942-5385 F HOME IMPROVEMENTS CONT F Active Aging Proof Approval Please check your ad carefully and check off the applicable boxes and initial to indicate your acceptance ____ Check offer ____ Check name, address, phone ____ Check expiration dates ____ Proof Satisfactory (no changes) Advertiser initials You can fax your approval or corrections to us at 946-9180 or call Becky at 942-5385 Roofing – Windows – Siding A Reliable General Contractor Senior Discount 316-361-2787 garywilbertroofing.com garywilbertroofing@cox.net F HOME IMPROVEMENTS CONT F McCoy Painting 316-516-6443 Do you need any interior or exterior painting done? I’m your man. Free estimates, affordable rates. References available.. Art Busch 316.990.7039 artbuschwichita.com artbusch@plazare.com Easch office is independently Owned and Operated Senior Real Estate Specialist 316.990.7039 artbuschwichita.com artbusch@plazare.com Easch office is independently Owned and Operated Senior Real Estate Specialist Art Busch 316.990.7039 artbuschwichita.com artbusch@plazare.com Easch office is independently Owned and Operated Senior Real Estate Specialist Each office is independently Owned and Operated Senior Real Estate Specialist Art Busch 316.990.7039 artbuschwichita.com Artbusch@plazare.com Each office is independently Owned and Operated Storm Damage Repair Dave’s Improvements Inc. Preferred Roofing Contractor Lic #7904 **FREE ROOFING INSPECTIONS** 316-312-2177 • Roofing • Siding • Doors • Gutters • Windows • And more Senior Discount. Senior Citizen Discounts 316-945-9473 Free Estimates "We've Been Covering The Town For 30 Years!" Affordable Painting 316-945-9473 "We've Been Covering The Town For 30 Years!" Affordable Painting • Residential and Commercial • Painting for Interior and Exterior • Power Washing • Some Home Improvements Spring Specials 10% off • Residential and Commercial • Painting for Interior and Exterior • Power Washing • Some Home Improvements Free Estimates * Senior Citizen Discounts www.affordablepaintingwichita.com F REAL ESTATE F Jesus Landscaping Complete lawncare. Spring clean-up * Aeration * Over Seeding Gutter cleaning * Fencing * Landscape install/maintain * Shrub/tree trimming/removal Call for a free estimate! 316-737-3426 or 316-631-5984 WWW.JESUSLANDSCAPINGKS.COM All Season Clean Up Lawn Care Quality Lawn Care • Yard Clean Up Tree Trimming • Gutter Cleaning Fall through Spring raking. Free estimates, senior discounts. 316-807-8649 F PAINTING F MOWING Brock Eastman 316.765.1677 Tree Trimming Junk Removal Stump Grinding F LAWN AND GARDEN F F ROOFING F Home Improvement & Repair 316-518-8553 ProfessionalServicesHandyman One call does it all! General Contractor F LAWN AND GARDEN CONT F AGAPE ROOFING Three Generations of Local Roofers Quality Work – Fair Prices Residential & Commercial Siding - Guttering - Windows 316-807-8650 Call for Free Roof Inspection Locally Owned by Pastor Steven Blalock Licensed & Insured AGAPE CONSTRUCTION Total Concrete Services Locally Owned by Pastor Steven Blalock 10% off Senior/Military Discount 807-8650 www.agaperoofingandconstruction.com BRICK & STONE WORK OF ANY KIND Tuck-pointing, foundation & chimney repair. Insured. Free Estimates. CALL DAN 316-516-3949 Hauling Handyman Brush, Junk /Trash Removal MISC. ODD JOBS, NO JOB TOO SMALL Honest & Reasonable. 316-807-4989. Christian Lawn Care Mowing-$20, verti-slicing, core-aerating, overseeding, new lawns, mulching flower beds, fall cleanup, leaves, shrub trimming and removal, gutter cleaning, hauling. Pampas trimming
April 2023 the active age Page 21

Make your voting plan now for 2023 elections


Board of Education, with the primary election on Aug. 1 and the general election on Nov. 7. These are important positions whose decisions impact our daily lives in Wichita.

Don’t let these voting opportunities slip by without your voice being heard because you were not

Compare our CD Rates

Guest Column

registered or could not physically go to your polling place. Make your plan now. Here’s what to know:

• If you moved since you voted last time—for example, from your home to an assisted living facility or to a different residence—you must re-register to vote with your new address. If you changed your name, you are also required to re-register. You can register online at KSvotes.

Bank-issued, FDIC-insured % APY* % APY* % APY*

Call or visit your local financial advisor today.

org or obtain a paper registration form from the Sedgwick County Election Office, 510 N. Main. We encourage all assisted living facilities to have a supply of these forms available for new residents. The deadline for returning registration forms is July 11 for the primary election and Oct. 17 for the general election.

• From 2008 to 2018, the Sedgwick County Election Commission sent out a mailer with mail-in ballots to all voters in advance of the election. This service was eliminated for the 2022 mid-terms, resulting in a large drop of mail-in ballots, which led to long lines at the polls. So now it is up to you to remember to request an advance ballot if you cannot go to the polls in person and stand in line for each election. This is especially important for those who do not have transportation, are in assisted living, have a disability or will be out of town during the days the polls are open. If you have a permanent illness or disability you may request a Permanent Advance Voting Ballot

by completing the bottom portion of the application so you do not have to request a mail-in ballot for each election. If your address changes you will have to submit a new form. Mail your advance ballot at least a week before Election Day or put it in a drop box no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Whether you’re 19 or 90, you are an important member of our democracy and should plan to overcome any obstacle in the way of exercising your right to vote. The League of Women Voters WichitaMetro offers help to assisted living directors and others in obtaining registration and advance ballot forms. The LWV is a nonpartisan organization, encouraging informed and active participation of citizens in government and influencing public policy through education and advocacy. For more information, contact wichitametrolwv@gmail.com or 316573-5583.


* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 03/15/2023. CDs offered by Edward Jones are bank-issued and FDIC-insured


Christopher Surtman, DPM


316.652.5251 office call for an appt. 316-652-9913 fax

Podiatric Services & Wound Care




Podiatric Services & Wound Care

Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Corns & Callouses, Fungal & Ingrown Nails, Ulcers and much more. Try our NEW LIGHT ORTHOTICS, wear them home the same day.

Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Corns & Callouses, Fungal & Ingrown Nails,

220 Hillside, Suite B

(located behind the Neurology Center of Wichita)

www.theactiveage.com For the safety of clients and staff, I do telephone appointments. Senior Law
M. Burrow ATTORNEY AT LAW 1259 N. Rainbow Dr. ~ Suite 300, Derby, KS ~ www.arleneburrow.com 316-789-0909 Wills & Trust • Durable Power of Attorney • Advanced Directives • Grandparents Rights • Business Law • Traffic Estate Probate • Guradianships & Convervatorships Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment
Foot & Ankle Wound Center, LLC
Surtman, DPM 316.652.5251 office call for an appt. 316-652-9913 fax
Services & Wound Care
Pain, Arch Pain, Corns & Callouses, Fungal & Ingrown Nails, Ulcers Try our NEW LIGHT ORTHOTICS, wear them home 220 Hillside, Suite B
behind the Neurology Center of Wichita)
Services & Wound Care
Pain, Arch Pain, Corns & Callouses, Fungal
Nails, Ulcers
more. 220 Hillside, Suite B
the Neurology Center of Wichita)
& Ingrown
and much
(located behind
Foot & Ankle Wound Center, LLC
Surtman, DPM 316.652.5251 office 316.652.9913 fax Call for an appt - we are now scheduling appt for Fridays 940 N. Tyler Suite 206
Foot & Ankle Wound Center,
Ulcers and much more. 220 Hillside, Suite B (located behind the Neurology Center of Wichita) Wichita Foot & Ankle Wound Center, LLC Christopher Surtman, DPM 316.652.5251 office 316.652.9913 fax Call for an appt - we are now scheduling appt for Fridays NEW LOCATION TREE & STUMP REMOVAL Stan 316-518-8553 • Fast & Reliable • Free for Qualified Seniors Licensed & Insured TREE & STUMP REMOVAL Advantage Home Services 316-518-8553 Licensed & Insured Home Improvement & Repair Kitchens, Bathrooms, Roofing & more One call does it all! 316-518-8553 Advantage Home Services Fast & Reliable TREE BOSS Robert Rodriguez Owner/ Operator 316-806-9592 • Tree Removal • Trimming • Deadwood • Stump Removal FREE ESTIMATES Licensed & Insured Felipe Tree Service Evergreen trimming. Tree removal. Brush hauling. Splitting. Deadwooding. Free estimates. 12 years experience. 316-807-4419 Alfred's Superior Tree Service pruning - tree removal - stump grinding - debris/ brush haul off - chemical sprays - emergency services - firewood - consultations - demolitions Professional & Insured • Certified Arborist Residential & Commercial 316-522-9458 www.alfredstreeservice.com Want to Purchase mineral and other oil/gas interests. Send details to P.O Box 13557, Denver CO 80201 Donate your Durable Medical Equipment. Will pick up. Tax credit. Medical Loan Closet of Wichita. 316-779-8989 Wanted low cost truck or van, trailer or utility trailer, rototiller, chain saw, mower 3X men's clothes.. Call 316-807-4989 F WANTED F F TREE SERVICE CONT F F TREE SERVICE CONT F FDI-1867L-A © 2022 EDWARD D. JONES & CO., L.P. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. AECSPAD > edwardjones.com | Member SIPC
up to $250,000 (principal and interest accrued but not yet paid) per depositor, per insured depository institution, for each account ownership category. Please visit www.fdic.gov or contact your financial advisor for additional information. Subject to availability and price change. CD values are subject to interest rate risk such that when interest rates rise, the prices of CDs can decrease. If CDs are sold prior to maturity, the investor can lose principal value. FDIC insurance does not cover losses in market value. Early withdrawal may not be permitted. Yields quoted are net of all commissions. CDs require the distribution of interest and do not allow interest to compound. CDs offered through Edward Jones are issued by banks and thrifts nationwide. All CDs sold by Edward Jones are registered with the Depository Trust Corp. (DTC). John Hernandez Financial
4615 N Maize Road Maize, KS 67101 316-729-4377 3-month 5.0% 6-month 5.20 1-year 5.35
elections at the local level include those for Wichita mayor, three City Council seats and three seats on the Wichita Public
F SERVICES F Need help on your electric scooter,
Distribution at
Downsizing / Moving / Fall Cleaning We buy everything from individual items to whole estates. House cleanout service also available. Give us a call to learn more about all the services we provide Bud Palmer Auction 316.838.4141 BudPalmerAuction.com F TREE SERVICE CONT F Bruce’s
Senior Discounts.
ALL FARM & RURAL AREAS Firewood Call 316-207-8047 STUMP GRINDING Brock 316-765-1677 Place your ad today! Call 316-942-5385 Page 22 the active age April 2023
lift chair, stair or platform lift or hand controls?
316-648-1694. Howard is
center and dealer for Best Bath walk-in tubs, Bruno, EMC, Golden Tech, Pace Saver, Pride and Ricon.
for you since 1987.
Tree Service
Tree Trimming & Removal
Cleaning and Leaf Rake
* Shrubs* Hedgerows * Evergreens
Insured. Over 30 years exp.

How to protect seniors from scam calls

Dear Savvy Senior, What tools can you recommend to help protect trusting seniors from scam calls? My 74-year-old mother gets tons of unwanted telemarketing and robocalls on her cell and home phone and has been duped out of hundreds of dollars.

—Frustrated Daughter

Dear Frustrated, Scammers always are looking for new ways to dupe people out of money, and in the U.S., phone calls remain the primary way swindlers hook older victims.

To help protect your mom from the onslaught of robocall scams, telemarketing and spam calls, here are some tips and tools you can help her employ.

Register Her Numbers

If your mom hasn’t already done so, a good first step in limiting at least some unwanted calls is to make sure her home and cell phone numbers are registered with the National Do Not Call Registry. While this won’t stop fraudulent scam calls, it will stop unwanted calls from legitimate businesses that are trying to sell her something. To sign up, call 888-382-

1222 from the phone number you want to register, or you can do it online at DoNotCall.gov.

Cell Phone Protection

Most wireless providers today offer good tools for stopping scam calls and texts. For example, AT&T has the ActiveArmor Mobile Security app; Verizon provides the Call Filter app; and T-Mobile offers the Scam Shield app.

To activate these tools, download the spam-blocking app from your mom’s carrier on her phone, which you can do at the Apple and Google App store. These apps are free to use, but most carriers also will offer upgraded services that you can get for a small monthly fee.

If, however, your mom uses a regional or small wireless carrier that doesn’t offer scam and robocall protection you can use a free thirdparty app. Truecaller (Truecaller. com), Call Control (CallControl.com),

Thunderbolts still sounding off

PARK CITY — You wouldn’t think a siren would have fans, but sirens like the Thunderbolt have likely saved many lives. That’s why the oldest one operating in Sedgwick County drew a crowd to its rededication ceremony here last month. The siren blares from Fire Station 32, 7750 N. Wyandotte Way.

The Thunderbolt sirens originally were installed in 1952 during the Cold War that followed World War II when

Hiya (



reoccurring spam call numbers on iPhones and Android manually.

Home Landline Protection




) are all good options to consider.

Built-In Call Blockers

Many smartphones today also offer built-in tools that can block spam calls. If your mom uses a newer iPhone (iOS 13 or later), she can completely silence all unknown callers who aren’t in her contacts list in the phone “Settings.”

Silencing all unknown callers is an extreme solution that will definitely stop all unwanted calls, but your mom also will miss some legitimate calls, too. However, unknown callers do have the option to leave a voice message and their calls will appear in her recent calls list. And she can add any number to her contact list to let them through in the future.

If your mom owns a new Android phone, she can also block spam calls in the phone “Settings.” Or, if she owns a Samsung Galaxy phone, she can use “Smart Call,” which flags suspected spam calls and allows her to block and report them.

She also can block specific

the United States was threatened by nuclear war, according to a news release from the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum. The Thunderbolt Siren system was installed to warn citizens to take cover in atomic fallout shelters located in churches, schools and public buildings. Today they are part of a system used for weather warnings.

The news release goes on to say that on June 11, 1958, the day following a deadly tornado occurring in neighboring El Dorado, a similar storm approached Wichita. Sergeant Paul Hanson of the Wichita Police Department went to extraordinary measures to activate the siren system to send Wichita residents to shelters, saving lives and prompting the use of the system as a tornado warning.

Several Thunderbolts have been restored at the urging of vintage siren enthusiasts and will continue to serve for years to come.

To stop scam calls on your mom’s home phone, set up the “anonymous call rejection” option. This is a free feature available from most telephone companies, however some may charge a fee. It lets you screen out calls from callers who have blocked their caller ID information—a favorite tactic of telemarketers. To set it up, you usually have to dial *77 from your landline, though different phone services may have different procedures.

Call your mom’s telephone service provider to find out if it offers this tool, and if so, what you need to do to enable it. And if it's not offered, find out what other call blocking options are offered.

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• How to donate your body to science

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North High, Wichita’s second oldest high school, unveiled its new RedHawks logo last month. Bill Gardner, a 1975 graduate of the school who designed the logo, said he took inspiration from the building itself. Completed in 1929, the building features many sculptures designed to pay tribute to the area’s Native American heritage. Gardner, owner of Gardner Design, modeled the RedHawks logo on bird sculptures at the top of the North tower.

The Wichita School District voted in 2021 to change North’s original mascot, the Redskins, terming it demeaning to Native Americans. Students picked the new mascot.

www.theactiveage.com I’m a local Medicare and Retirement Specialist. Serving Wichita area seniors for more than 6 years. Annual Enrollent is right around the corner. Let’s Talk! Agent - Specializing in Retirement & Medicare swolcott@americanseniorbenefits.com www.americanseniorbenefits.com 1841 N. Rock Rd. Ct., Suite 200 Wichita, KS 67206 Phone: (316) 708-8848 Office: (316) 684-4272 Fax: (316) 684-5212 STOP WASTING RETIREMENT INCOME on High Credit Card Payments Call Broc Whitehead,Wichita Bankruptcy Lawyer at (316) 263-6500 for a FREE telephone consultation on Chapter 7 Federal Bankruptcy Lawyer Broc E. Whitehead 310 W Central Ave. #211 Wichita, KS 67202 www.brocwhitehead.com Kansas Bankruptcy Lawyer filing for debt relief under Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy discharges Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Personal Loans, etc.
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North logo takes flight

Shortcut spaghetti and meatballs pack big flavor

Some cooks feel meatballs must be homemade. But the tasty little spheres actually are pretty time-consuming to form and brown or bake, not to mention they require a mixing bowl and pan.

Here’s a shortcut using frozen meatballs that will save you work and produce a hearty plate of spaghetti and meatballs that would do any trattoria proud. The secret is to let the meatballs simmer much longer in the sauce — at least an hour — than most recipes call

for. During that time, the meatballs will flavor the sauce and vice versa, making for flavor that truly is bigger than the sum of its parts. Since the meatballs are pre-cooked, there’s no need to thaw or brown them before starting the process.

One caution: Don’t let the meatballs simmer indefinitely, or they will eventually absorb nearly all the sauce. However, if that happens, the sauce-swollen meatballs make a tremendous filling for a meatball sub.

Antiques fair never gets old

PBS Kansas will show off its new building in northeast Wichita with a fundraiser that helps it keep one of its most popular shows on the air.

It’s the fourth annual PBS Kansas Antiques Fair, which is modeled on “Antiques Roadshow.” Local experts will inspect and appraise family

Shortcut Spaghetti and Meatballs

1 lb. frozen, pre-cooked meatballs

1 large jar store-bought spaghetti sauce

1 lb. spaghetti, cooked according to package directions

Freshly grated parmesan cheese, optional


Put the meatballs and sauce in a Dutch oven or heavy pot. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer at least 1 hour, occasionally stirring. Check to see how much sauce is left and, if necessary, continue simmering until the desired meatballsauce ratio is reached.

Serve over spaghetti with parmesan,.

heirlooms, garage sale finds and other items brought in by attendees.

Single tickets are $10; a ticket and one appraisal costs $75; a $300 donation gets two admissions, two appraisals, 1 pound of coffee from the Spice Merchant each month and the PBS Kansas Passport streaming service.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 29 at 8710 E. 32nd St. N.

For more information about attending or sponsoring this event, go to kpts.org or contact Laura Taylor, special events and volunteer manager, at (316)838-3090 Ext. 218.

Evergreen library accepting passport applications

Wichita Public Library’s Evergreen Branch, 2601 N. Arkansas, is now accepting passport applications on behalf of the U.S. Department of State.

Each individual passport application must be accompanied by a check or money order made payable

to the U.S. Department of State for all applicable fees. An execution fee of $35 per passport application is payable to Wichita Public Library by cash or debit or credit card.

Residents should call (316) 3038181 to schedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Wichita Jazz Festival tickets on sale

This year’s Wichita Jazz Festival features local, regional and national acts at three different venues.

Here’s the schedule:

Marcus Lewis and the Delano Jazz Orchestra, 7 p.m. April 19, Wichita Art Museum, $30. Lewis a trombonist and Kansas City big band leader.

A Night of Guitars with William Flynn, Randy Zellers and Kenny White. , 7 p.m. April 20, WAM, $30.

Terrell Stafford with the WSU Jazz Arts Ensemble, 7 p.m. April 21, WAM, $30. Stafford is a New York-

based trumpeter.

An Evening with the Yellowjackets, 7 p.m. April 22, Crown Uptown Theatre, $60. The Yellowjackets have recorded 25 albums and won two Grammy Awards.

Gypsy Jazz at the Arb, 4 p.m. April 23, Bartlett Arboretum, $10. Featuring violinist Shelby Eicher, clarinetist Bill Harshbarger and guitarist Kenny White.

A pass to all the events cost $120. Tickets may be purchased at wichitajazzfestival.com.

www.theactiveage.com My husband can’t drive anymore, I take him where he needs to go. I am a Caregiver CPAAA is here to help guide older adults and caregivers by providing information, assistance and support. 855-200-2372 • CPAAA.org Wichita West 9125 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212 (316)779-8700 Derby 824 N Baltimore Ave, Derby, KS 67037 (316)425-0057 Wichita West 9125 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212 (316)779-8700 Central Wichita 739 W 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67203 (316)262-6703 Derby 824 N Baltimore Ave, Derby, KS 67037 (316)425-0057 Wichita West 9125 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212 (316)779-8700 Central Wichita 739 W 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67203 (316)262-6703 Derby 824 N Baltimore Ave, Derby, KS 67037 (316)425-0057 FREE Buy 1 meal, get 1 meal FREE of equal or lesser value. Must purchase 2 drinks. BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER FREE Buy 1 meal, get 1 meal FREE of equal or lesser value. Must purchase 2 drinks. BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER Buy 1 meal, get 1 meal 50% OFF of equal or lesser value.
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Auctioneer Jason Woody examines an item brought to the PBS Kansas Antiques Fair.
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How to keep driving after 80 is the focus of a free Empower Senior seminar at Botanica from 10-11:30 a.m. Thursday, April 13.

Experts from the healthcare, legal and law enforcement fields will discuss challenges associated with driving as we age along with strategies for remaining safely behind the wheel.

The time (to share) is

'Bright' in Newton

NEWTON — Works by four artists are featured “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” a new exhibit at Carriage Factory Art Gallery in

Newton. The exhibit by Beth Burns, Tarah Lynn Clark, Lori Dreier, and Tina Thomas runs through May 12. The gallery is open from noon-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

www.theactiveage.com KIDRON BETHEL VILLAGE North Newton SCHOWALTER VILLA Hesston
A not-for-profit organization When a loved one is facing the end of life, make the most of the time you have. Lean on Heart & Soul Hospice. Our care team sets the benchmark for excellence when it comes to intimate and compassionate patient-focused care. Don’t delay. Let us provide the care you need. To learn more about Heart & Soul Hospice, or how you become a volunteer, email wichitahospice@pmma.org or call 316-652-6212. 629 S. Maize Ct., Wichita, KS 67209 www.AvitaRollingHills.com Memory Care and Assisted Living in West Wichita Peace of Mind Rest assured knowing your loved one is in our care. Our memory care is designed for safety and comfort with outstanding amentities. Schedule a Tour! (316) 361-2500 ASSISTED LIVING & MEMORY CARE At Rolling Hills 629 S. Maize Ct., Wichita, KS 67209 www.AvitaRollingHills.com Schedule a Tour! (316) 260-4447 719 Klein Cir, Derby, KS 67037 www.DerbyAssistedLiving.com Live
Why live at Derby Assisted Living? → Spacious private apartments → Tight-knit community → Bring your own furniture → Delicious meals → Social activities → Compassionate caregivers Kansas Health Care Association National Quality Award Winner
your car keys
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We believe that everyone deserves a safe, decent and clean place to live regardless of income, age, or ability. We are committed to improving the communities where we live and work by providing quality affordable housing, delivering the highest standards of property management, and supporting our residents.

www.theactiveage.com ALMOND TREE 339 N Country Acres Ave Wichita, KS 67212 GREENWAY PARK 404 W Pawnee Ave Wichita, KS 67213 SHADYWAY PLAZA 1421 N Spruce St Wichita, KS 67214 SOMERSET PLAZA 2395 Somerset St Wichita, KS 67204
8 RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROVIDED! Reserved for senior applicants and persons with a qualifying disablity.
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