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May—June 2021

Volume 31 Issue 3

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Painter and Hyman: CE Hall of Fame


Advocacy: 2021 ACCE Awards


AAMI exchange Rewired


ECRI Perspectives


Body of Knowledge Survey Needs Input


Dear colleagues and friends: We are at the halfway point of the year – and what a year it has been so far. In this report I want to cover a few things we have achieved so far, and do a review of our goals and where we stand with them. As I sat down to write this president’s report, I just realized this is my second-to-last report I am writing as ACCE President. It has been a trying two years, however I feel like we have accomplished so much during this time. And with that in mind, here is a review of our goals, achievements and plans for moving forward.



Goal 1: Promote and increase ACCE membership



Free Webinars for ACCE Members


Call for Papers: Global CE Journal


Education Committee Update


International Committee


CCE Exam Review Webinar Series


CCE Prep Sample Questions


New Members


New Fellow: Kim Greenwood


Call for Nominations: HTAD Awards


WHO Collaborating Center for HTM


Volunteers Wanted for FDA Panels


We have been very successful with this goal. Our overall membership has increased by over 20% in the last two years (approaching 2,000 members) and our outreach has extended to 40,000+ clinical engineering professionals throughout the world. We have also provided many free events to our members which were attended by hundreds throughout the country and the world. Goal 2: Enhancing educational opportunities for CE and developing closer ties with academic programs I am glad to report that we have achieved and surpassed our goal! Next year, starting in August, it will be the first year in the history of ACCE where we will provide our World Class Educational Webinars completely free for our members! We look forward to continue enhancing educational opportunities for Clinical Engineers everywhere. And I want to thank our sponsors and especially our Secretariat, Suly Chi, who has worked tirelessly to make this happen. We will continue to look to increase our partnership with various academic programs to promote the profession of clinical engineering, and to increase awareness about ACCE. Goal 3: International Outreach We have been very successful with this goal! Our International Committee has continued to sign Mutual Collaboration Agreements with more countries, which has helped ACCE get recognized throughout the world. Many international members participate in our webinars, and many others speak at our webinars and events. We have helped organize international events, and are looking at helping organize another one in Brazil – in collaboration with the Brazilian Society of Clinical Engineers (ABEClin) and the Chinese Society of Clinical Engineers (CCCE).

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Goal 4: ACCE aiding succession planning and increase presence with HTM professionals Work in progress on this goal. ACCE has recognized the need for better succession planning in the clinical engineering profession. As such, in 2021 we will develop a plan to help with retention and succession planning We will do this by organizing an effort from ACCE to partner with local HTM/ CE/ biomed/ BMES associations throughout the country. In addition we want to build outreach efforts with college and high school career fairs in order to help recruit the next generation of clinical engineers. None of these goals are too small for us. And we wouldn’t be here without the help of everyone: our committee chairs and members, our board members, our sponsors, and all of our members! A personal goal I had for ACCE, was to help make ACCE a more prominent voice in the industry and to help ACCE get the recognition it deserves in this space. This has been done through different presentations and conferences we have attended and shared the great work we all have done. In addition, we became a sponsor of Right to Repair bills throughout the country. The name of ACCE has circulated in many state houses, has been mentioned in many prestigious newspapers, and was even mentioned in the US Senate. We sat with Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, when we presented the Right to Repair bill to the media. I am very happy and proud of the work we have done around this, and I am even happier to see that ACCE’s prominence in the industry has grown immensely over the last few years! This is reflected in our membership numbers, on the amount of sponsors


and sponsorships we have received, the amount of keynote speaking requests we receive, and the different requests we receive from industry. I want to take a moment to thank our outgoing Education Committee co-chairs, Danielle Cowgill and Eric Aring. Their work was outstanding. The quality of the work performed by them putting together the webinars was evident throughout the years they led the committee. As a result the webinar attendance increased greatly, and we also were able to secure more sponsors. I look forward to continuing to work with them on different ACCE initiatives (we will not let them go!). And I want to thank Nader Hammoud and Tony Cody for volunteering to lead this important committee and help put together next year’s webinar series.

ACCE Membership Renewal Thank you for being an ACCE member! It’s time to renew your membership. If you have not yet renewed for 2021, renewal is due now! To renew your 2021 membership online with PayPal, please click here or go to Pages/default.aspx?from=login . To renew by postal mail, please remit your renewal check to: ACCE 19825 N Cove Road, #175 Cornelius, NC 28031 If you need an e-invoice, please contact ACCE Secretariat at

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021

In closing, I want to wish to all of you a Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for all you do to support healthcare, and for your continued contribution to the clinical engineering profession!

Ilir Kullolli President, American College of Clinical Engineering

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Frank Painter and William Hyman Inducted into the ACCE Hall of Fame Bill Hyman’s lifelong achievements and influence on the CE profession are immense and his influence continues even after his untimely death. Clinical engineers and safety officers are better prepared for additional careers in areas that were not considered part of CE field several decades ago. There are more clinical engineers in key positions due to the teaching, publications, and presentations delivered by Bill at international and domestic ACCE events, as well as at NASA, FDA, BME society, AAMI, ASTM and, of course, at Texas A&M University. His far reaching influence was recognized by his numerous awards including the Excellence in Engineering Teaching (1996), Cerebral Palsy of Houston (1996), ASTM Meritorious Service (2005), and ACCE lifetime achievement award (2009). For more information on Bill’s long, outstanding career see link.

Frank Painter:

William (Bill) Hyman: (12/13/1945 — 7/31/2019) Bill Hyman has been inducted (posthumously) into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of his significant contributions to the advancement of the profession in several key areas. His intensely thought-provoking advocacy for expansion of the C.E. profession has been unique and is still impactful through inclusion of teaching risk management methodologies and the engagement with regulatory processes in academic programs and practices in industry and within healthcare provider institutions. His sphere of influence stretched from Texas A&M University, where he taught for almost 40 years, and where he initiated and promoted the teaching of system safety and human factors engineering and their role in the design of safer medical products, to industry and the healthcare community. Bill developed a methodology for adverse events investigation and tools to practice problem resolution that resulted in safer medical products, both disposables and reusables, and safer organizations. He used his service on standards committees (e.g., ASTM E-30 on Forensic Sciences, F-4 on Surgical Implants and Medical Devices) to better connect and guide improvements between desired risk control principles and its practical application. His editorials at Biomedical Safety and Standards, Journal of Clinical Engineering, and books he published guided large followers and established a higher safety bar in design, practice, regulations, and litigations related to medical products quality performance. ACCE News

Frank Painter has been an icon and standard-bearer for the clinical engineering profession for 45 years. He has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of his significant contributions to the advancement of the profession in several key areas: As an active, practicing clinical engineer in the early days of the profession, Frank recognized the need for a professional organization to adequately advocate for clinical engineering. Frank became one of the earliest and most active proponents in the founding of the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE). Frank served for many years on AAMI’s International Certification Commission (ICC) and when that commission elected to terminate its clinical engineering certification, he led the effort to establish the Healthcare Certification Commission (HTCC) under the ACCE Healthcare Technology Foundation (AHTF). Frank was instrumental in the development of ACCE’s Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshop (ACEW) series and he has delivered dozens of these programs around the world. It is hard to adequately describe the immense value these workshops have had on the international clinical engineering community. For 20 years Frank taught and mentored clinical engineering students and interns as the Director of the clinical engineering master’s degree program at the University of Connecticut. This program is the “gold standard” for clinical engineering education, in large part because of Frank’s passionate leadership. A sign of Frank’s success is that any survey of today’s generation of clinical engineering leaders

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021

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Advocacy Committee: 2021 ACCE Awards

On behalf of the ACCE Board and the Advocacy Committee, we are delighted to announce the 2021 ACCE Advocacy Awards winners and the 2021 ACCE Students Awards winners: Congratulations to the 2021 ACCE Advocacy Awards Winners: ACCE 2021 Lifetime Award: Henry Stankiewicz, Jr., MS, BME ACCE 2021 Professional Achievement in Technology Award: Paul Schluter, PhD

ACCE 2021 Professional Achievement in Management/Managerial Excellence Award: Dr. Jitendar Sharma ACCE 2021 Challenge Award: Richard Tidman, CBET(C), MBA ACCE 2021 Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award: Mery Vidal Vidal, EE, CCE 2021 ACCE/HTF International Organization Award: Associazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici– AIIC

Congratulations to the 2021 Student Scholarship Competition Winner: Joemart Ian Contreras, Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering/Clinical Engineering at University of Connecticut and Clinical Engineer Intern at VA North Texas Healthcare System Congratulations to the 2021 Student Paper Competition Winner: US/Canada Master Division: Eden D’Souza, Graduate student at Carleton University, Canada, “Remote Video Monitoring for High-Risk Patients”. For additional awardee details, please visit the ACCE website.

Kevin Kreitzman Advocacy Committee Chair

Eden D’Sousa, Student Paper Competition Winner ACCE News

Joemart Ian Contreras, Student Scholarship Competition Winner Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


What’s Happening at AAMI eXchange REWIRED The 2021 AAMI eXchange (June 7 to 11) has been redeveloped into a fully virtual event, the AAMI eXchange REWIRED. And while it is unfortunate that attendees won’t be able to meet in person to discuss all things health technology, the online format is able to offer new experiences and capabilities never before available to eXchange attendees. To help you better navigate our exciting five-day virtual conference, we’re providing a sampling of familiar and new moments alike that you won’t want to miss during the AAMI eXchange REWIRED. What’s New “I do not want this to be ‘just another virtual event.’ We’ve had enough of those after one year of the pandemic,” said Steve Campbell, acting president and CEO of AAMI. “Though we would have liked to have come together in person, we are enthusiastic about the unique opportunities of a virtual eXchange, enhanced by the simple fact that all of us—regardless of circumstances—will be able to take part.” One key feature of AAMI eXchange REWIRED that should not be ignored is that talks and education sessions will be recorded. These recordings will be available on demand to registered individuals or teams for the rest of the 2021 year. This allows attendees to make the best use of their time without disrupting work-life balance. Of course, there are many moments that you’ll want to catch live! Starting the day with “Good Morning HTM” is unique to the REWIRED experience. AAMI’s Danielle McGeary, VP of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM), and Robert Burroughs, senior VP of Education, will be co-hosting a morning broadcast that will introduce attendees to some of their favorite topics. The daily show (11AM ET) will include live Q&As with special guests and will highlight the day’s lineup of speakers, education sessions, and product spotlights. Additionally, four of the online event’s five days will include another topic spotlight at 4PM ET focused exclusively on AAMI’s latest initiatives, such as the national BMET

apprenticeship program, recently approved by the US Department of Labor. Taking advantage of the online medium, eXchange REWIRED is also offering tools to harness numerous networking opportunities. Attendee networking will be supercharged with a searchable/filterable attendee directory, one-on-one chat options, video conferencing, and topical attendee chat threads to accompany each session. A virtual exhibit hall will also provide opportunities to connect directly with leading product suppliers and developers. And at 3PM ET every day, the eXchange REWIRED’s platinum sponsors will be giving talks and showcasing their products and services on the main live stream. What’s Familiar AAMI eXchange REWIRED will include the same great educational content eXchange attendees have come to expect, with 50 hours of industry-leading learning opportunities providing the chance to earn up to 25 ACI CEUs. For professionals looking to renew their certification, that’s enough credits to cover three years! Education topics being covered at eXchange REWIRED include highlights such as… … New Challenges and Solutions in Cybersecurity AAMI eXchange REWIRED is offering sessions on cybersecurity best practices, new avenues for collaboration between hospitals and manufacturers, new strategies for security risk management, and cybersecurity training to keep employees in-the-know. Most notably, AAMI knows that the cybersecurity of medical devices is no longer restricted to the hospital room or laboratory. One session to look forward to is “Cybersecurity in the Era of Telehealth, Wearables & HIoT.” It will cover how the digital transformation of healthcare poses new challenges for security, compliance, and patient safety. … Catching up on Emergency-Driven Innovation

AAMI is providing an education track that gets eXchange REWIRED attendees up to speed on new technologies and emergency preparedness. A strong example of the sessions available, “Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge: Innovation in Ventilation for Healthcare Institutions” provides a brief update on airborne contamination risk in the wake of COVID-19, reviews the limitations of conventional ventilation, and introduces participants to the science of Temperaturecontrolled Air Flow, a novel technology that is rapidly gaining adoption in Europe. Additionally, panels such as “COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Healthcare and HTM” will showcase the varied insights and experiences from different hospitals and consultants as they attempt to predict the resulting long -term impacts of COVID-19 and the new ideas this pandemic have inspired. … Training and Succession Planning in the Digital Age A reflection of the times, several sessions will be exploring strategies for virtually training employees. In “Use of Augmented Reality Optimizes HTM Staffing at Remote Locations,” a team from the Veterans Health Administration will be explaining how the use of augmented reality can optimize HTM staffing at remote locations; while in “Virtual Reality – Training for the Future,” St. Clair College educators will discuss how VR allows a single app to train HTM professionals in the use of new equipment even before it arrives. What We’re All Anticipating During the virtual meeting, two Keynote speakers help explain how to enrich and empow-

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Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


ECRI Perspectives: Can We Build it? Can We Build it? Yes We Can! Hello from your engineering friends at ECRI’s Device Evaluation Group. As we’ve been eagerly waiting for our local status to go from “very high risk” to the comparatively chill “high risk”, ECRI’s been focusing on building lately. Building on our legacy of speaking truth to power! This April marked fifty years since the launch of the first edition of ECRI’s Health Devices journal. Our first evaluation of manually operated resuscitators, published in the April 1971 issue of Health Devices, was conducted in a preFDA world in which there really wasn’t anyone else looking out for the safety and efficacy of medical equipment, and we found that nine of the 18 brands of resuscitators were incapable of safely resuscitating patients, leading us to rate them “unacceptable” and spread the message of Do Not Buy. Some delivered too low a volume for most adults, some were difficult to assemble correctly, and I believe one could be inadvertently configured to pull air back out of a patient! As a result of our evaluation, eight of these “unacceptable” models were removed from the market by their manufacturers, and several additional products were improved by their manufacturers to address our concerns. Fifty years later, we’re still helping to improve medical devices. The new sentinel event alert from The Joint Commission (TJC) on optimizing smart pump safety with dose error reduction software suggests the use of ISMP guidelines and recommendations and champions infusion pump integration, which we’ve been advocating for over 10 years! See the Alert at resources/patient-safety-topics/sentinelevent/sentinel-event-alert-newsletters/ sentinel-event-alert-63-optimizing-smartinfusion-pump-safety-with-ders/ Building a new headquarters! ECRI’s site in Plymouth Meeting PA is an active construction site this year, as we eagerly look


forward to a light-filled three story tower that’s slated for completion this winter. We said a fond farewell and so long to the old one-story section of the building this spring, but not before letting in the local firefighters to have some fun in the empty site. Bonus points awarded if you can name some of the rooms pictured and spot the former home of the Max cart! https:// Building on the supply chain lessons learned over the past year! We partnered with AHVAP to publish a free White Paper, “Evolution of Risk Mitigation in Value Analysis during the COVID-19 Pandemic with some nice tips for assessing nontraditional suppliers based on our members’ experience in finding PPE from everywhere

under the sun. We helped our members source, test, and validate PPE this past year, and along with the shocking finding that a lot of the imported N-95 masks we tested didn't perform as specified, we picked up some good ideas for finding, vetting, and acquiring supplies from nontraditional suppliers. You can find the white paper at I hope we’re able to connect in person this year! But, in the meantime, wash your hands, watch out for EUA devices and creative users, and, as always, tell us what you’re seeing.

Erin Sparnon ECRI Sr. Engineering Manager, Device Evaluation

AAMI continued (Continued

from page 5)

er a workplace during difficult times. On Monday, motivational speaker Brad Montgomery will provide a humorous and inspirational take on how to motivate teammates, encouraging positivity, optimism, and meaningfulness within organizations. And on Wednesday Author Jim Knight will offer fresh, new insights on organizational cultures, including practical leadership initiatives that can be immediately implemented. The AAMI eXchange REWIRED talks will wrap up on Friday 2 to 4PM ET with a very anticipated keynote speaker. Attendees will get a rare opportunity to meet a leader from the Joint Commission in an interactive session.

team responsible in developing and interpreting the Life Safety and Environment of Care Standards. Come with questions and have them answered in real time! The expanded schedule for 2021 will ensure that there is always something new to see at AAMI eXchange REWIRED, and you’ll be able to design a high-impact schedule perfectly tailored to your interests. It is AAMI’s hope that you’ll join us to connect with your colleagues and gain new knowledge of products, standards, and regulations. For updates and registration information, visit the AAMI eXchange REWIRED event site.

AAMI Staff

Herman McKenzie, director of the Department of Engineering in the Standards Interpretation Group, leads the

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


Body of Knowledge Survey Needs YOUR Input Please take the 2021 ACCE Body of Knowledge (BoK) Survey, which is open now through 08/15/2021. The survey will assist the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) with developing the scope of practice and knowledge base of clinical engineers. The results will be compiled and analyzed by ACCE for use by the United States and Canadian Board of Examiners for Certification in Clinical Engineering in updating the Certification in Clinical Engineering (CCE) exam. Please assist ACCE with developing the current scope of practice and knowledge base of clinical engineers by taking this survey today! This survey will take no more than 15 minutes of your time. In exchange for your valuable time, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of 3 prizes: One-year complimentary ACCE membership (new or renewal) $30.00 Amazon Gift Certificate $30.00 Amazon Gift Certificate To complete the survey, please click here or scan the QR code:

Winners of the drawing will be notified by 08/30/2021.

Bhaskar Iduri, MS, CCE, CHTM Body of Knowledge and Certification promotion Committee Chair


Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


ACCE is an official Collaborator of HIMSS21 We are excited to be a Collaborator of HIMSS21! As such, ACCE members receive the HIMSS member rate to attend. To receive the discount, go to the conference website and select “Register Now”. Select our name from the “Conference Collaborating Organizations” drop down in the registration process and enter the code COLLAB21. Attend these can’t miss events at HIMSS21

2021 ACCE CE-IT Symposium Data Availability and Security in the Clinical Environment Date: Monday, August 09, 2021, 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM Location: Encore at Wynn Las Vegas Room: Brahms 1-4 (2nd floor) 3131 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Description: The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) was formed to establish a standard of competence for Clinical Engineers, promote excellence in clinical engineering practice, and promote safe and effective application of science and technology in patient care. Today, safe, and effective application of clinical systems requires integrity and availability of medical systems. In order to maintain services at a high level, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) planning cannot be ignored. In this Symposium, we will have nationally and internationally recognized speakers and engineers who will address this shift in clinical engineering practice. We will cover topics such as BCDR best practices and regulation, as well as practically vetted processes for applying these principles in your organization. We will discuss alignment with supply chain as well as incident management and forensics for the worst-case scenario. Complimentary! Pre-register today! Click here to register --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Health Technology Alliance & American College of Clinical Engineering Awards Reception Date/Time: Tuesday, August 10, 2021; 6:00 PM—7:30 PM Location: Wynn/Encore, Palmer 2, Las Vegas, NV You are invited! Come and network with ACCE members, experts from Clinical Engineering, Health Technology Management, and Medical Device Domain - all are welcome to attend! Join Ilir Kullolli, President ACCE in congratulating the 2020 ACCE/ HIMSS Excellence in Clinical Engineering and Information Technology Synergies Award recipient and the ACCE 2021 Advocacy awards winners.

RSVP today!

Co- Sponsored by

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Click here for HIMSS21 Schedule at a glance

Click here to REGISTER for HIMSS 2021 Global Health Conference & Exhibition Book your hotel ACCE News

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division Update

The Clinical Engineering Division (CED) of IFMBE has the following to share with their ACCE colleagues and friends:

1. September 27-29, 2021: Global Clinical Engineering (CE) Congress at Disneyworld! •The

4th ICEHTMC is coming; register by June 30 for early bird rates -


come? For starters, a great program and we expect CE-HTM representatives from more than 80 countries.

Plan to bring the family; Disneyworld Orlando is celebrating its 50th Anniversary beginning Friday, October 1. Enjoy those Disney Resort great hotel rates; more details described in our April 28th Webinar with AAMI attended by 100 countries found here. •


program has been finalized, and will be published soon, It includes three parallel Tracks of twelve Health Technology Challenge topics - and six panel discussions as follows: National CE societies, Digital Health case studies, Women in CE, COVID case studies, CE national & global impacts, and Industry CE-COVID19 Innovations. A fourth parallel track will feature our academic IFMBE partners ( ). •Similar

to other events (e.g., HIMSS 2021), ICEHTMC will exercise COVID safety precautions as a hybrid event, with 200+ on-site presenters and 100 others pre-recorded to share virtually.

2. 2021 CE-HTM Webinars & more! All the following webinars are recorded and available for viewing at the indicated link. 19-20: COVID-19 Global Oxygen Needs & Solutions with WHO & the Every Breath Counts global NGO Coalition. Recordings/ Presentations found here. •May

April 28: 4th ICEHTMC Update:

March 24-25: Women in CE:

February 24-25: HTM Innovations in the Time of COVID, Day 1: & Day 2:

January 29: COVID19 Vaccines & Global Clinical Engineering: How Can We Help? With our ECRI and international colleagues, see link. •

3. Global COVID-19 Resources for CEs, 2020-2021: (Continued on page 10) ACCE News

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


ACCE Membership Now Includes Free Webinars Beginning in summer 2021, the 2021-2022 ACCE educational webinar series will be free of charge for all ACCE members in good standing. For more than three decades, ACCE has promoted excellence in clinical engineering practice. Our members have come to rely on ACCE as a global network of clinical engineering peers and a source for high quality education. ACCE also routinely acts as an advocate and representative for our clinical engineering profession with legislators and regulatory agencies. As of 2021, ACCE has close to 2,000 clinical engineering members representing over 40 countries. In addition, ACCE has collaboration agreements with numerous regional clinical engineering societies and organization reaching over 40,000 clinical engineering professionals. ACCE has for several years organized a high quality, educational webinar series featuring renowned clinical engineering experts and representatives from healthcare delivery organizations, regulatory agencies, accrediting bodies, research organizations, and manufacturers to cover a range of timely topics impacting our profession. These educational webinars were previously available at a discounted rate for ACCE members. We believe that this exciting new benefit will bring even more value for you as a member and bring you advantages that will enhance your career now and for many years to come. ACCE Education Committee is currently hard at work determining the upcoming topics and schedule for the 2021-2022 educational webinar series. The committee team is locking down plans to bring together exceptional world class speakers to provide us the tools and insights to tackle the clinical engineering challenges of tomorrow. If you are not an ACCE member yet, or not in good standing, please visit our website to apply or renew your membership and partake in this exciting new opportunity! For a full listing of all of your ACCE member benefits make sure to check out our benefits page!

Juuso Leinonen ACCE- Membership Committee Chair

IFMBE continued (Continued from page 9)

Publish your COVID-19 best practice experiences in the Global CE Journal as have many of your colleagues. Many examples are found in the six issues in 2020-2021. •

Join your CE colleagues who have published a weekday e-Newsletter called Hacking COVID-19 since late March 2020, with over 290 issues so far. Join over 11,000 subscribers here. •

Find searchable resources of the Hacking COVID-19 Repository here:

CED is proud to partner with the Global Clinical Engineering Alliance (GCEA): For example, CED and its global network teamed up with GCEA to assist Adriana Velazquez of WHO, and others in evaluating over 30 Innovations sent to WHO as part of the global response to COVID-19. •

4. The Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF) recently became part of GCEA. More details on that to follow soon..

Tom Judd, IFMBE CED Chair


Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


Global Clinical Engineering Journal Health Technology & Innovation Improving Patient Outcomes The open access Global Clinical Engineering Journal publishes high quality, timely, peer-reviewed manuscripts about the intersection of technology, engineering and informatics related to health, wellness, disease management, and patient-care outcomes around the world. Wider global community participation is further facilitated through this no-fee publication.

The purpose of the Journal is to collect, review, select, promote, and share original manuscripts, articles, technical papers, letters, scientific opinions, professional development tools, applications, and technical data relating to the clinical engineering and health technology fields. The goal of the Journal is to advance and disseminate knowledge, to promote professional networking among practitioners and other stakeholders in academia, industry, government, and other decision-makers. We encourage work submissions by both young and senior researchers and practitioners. Our goal encompasses the promotion of education, training and ethical professional practice among members of this professional community.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Dr Yadin David ISDN: 2578-2562 ACCE News

• • •


The vision of the Journal is to become the preferred international forum for facilitating the exchange, knowledge sharing, and engagement of practitioners across the globe. We will achieve that vision through a diverse range of high quality contributions of professionals from across the domains of clinical engineering, health-related technology, informatics and patientcare outcomes. Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021

• •

Adverse events Artificial intelligence Artificial organs & Tissue Biomedical engineering Clinical engineering Disaster preparedness Engineering education Error mitigation Forensic engineering Health Informatics Home care Human factor engineering Implants Innovation and adoption Maintenance Metrology & device performance Professional development & credentialing Quality and outcomes Regulation science Risk control Safety Social impact and Ethics Software applications Systems management Technology assessment Technology integration Technology life cycle Technology management methodologies Telehealth and telemedicine


Education Committee: Upcoming Webinar and Leadership Changes The Education Committee welcomes new cochairs, Nader Hammoud and Tony Cody. Nader is the Biomedical Engineering Manager at John Muir Health System in Northern California, responsible for all the medical centers and outpatient clinics. Nader came from a humble family in Lebanon, acquired three degrees in Biomedical Engineering, and an MBA with a focus on Healthcare. Nader has been managing Biomedical Engineering departments for the last 20 years, more than half of it internationally (e.g., Lebanon and Algeria).

Nader Hammoud, BE, MBA, CHTM

Tony Cody, CBET, CHTM

Tony Cody is currently the Technology Management/ENTECH Director at Banner Health western region operations based out of Greeley, Colorado. He served as a Biomedical Equipment Technician in the U.S. Air Force and has continued to work in the HTM field since separating from the military. His experience prior to Banner Health includes working for ISOs, OEMs, and as an in-house BMET. Tony has earned multiple information technology certifications as well as the AAMI CBET and CHTM certifications. ACCE thanks outgoing co-chairs, Danielle Cowgill and Eric Aring for their leadership and dedication to ACCE’s continuing education programs.

Danielle Cowgill, MSc

Eric Aring, MBA, CBET, CLES

Next Webinar ACCE’s June educational webinar on Thursday, June 17 will conclude the 2020-2021 Educational Webinar series. Entitled, Detailed discussion and

benefits of various certifications expanding into cybersecurity, IT, advantages based on career path, this

webinar will discuss how Clinical Engineers can continue to become more adept in information technology, cybersecurity and emerging innovative clinical technologies. And, how do we provide evidence to an employer of our expanding body of knowledge? ACCE Subject Matter Experts (Arif Subhan, VA Greater Los Angeles, and Tola Amusan, Mayo Clinic) will cover the available career building certifica-

(Continued on page 13) ACCE News

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


Are you interested in the Clinical Engineering Certification (CCE) program? To listen to this On-Demand webinar from April 2021, click here, and enter passcode: 6LVA!sZk

Education Committee Continued (Continued from page 12)

tions and how they prove advantageous for various career paths. Registration Form. Planning 2021-2022 Webinar series Help us deliver the best educational webinar series! The ACCE Education Committee, under the new leadership of committee co-chairs Nader Hammoud and Tony Cody, is working on selecting 10 topics for the 2021-2022 ACCE Educational Webinar series, scheduled to start in September 2021. Your feedback is very important to the success of our Educational Webinars. To complete the 2-minutes survey, go to r/2021WebinarsTopics

If you missed the following two ACCE 2020-2021 Webinar series presentations, they are available on the ACCE website. On March 30th Herman McKenzie presented “2021 TJC Updates” This session discussed: 1). Overview of standards for medical equipment; 2). Leading way to Zero; and 3) Frequently asked public health emergency questions from clinical engineers/ healthcare technology managers. One attendee summarized the session: “I am very grateful that Herman continued on for additional time after the 60-minutes in an effort to answer all questions. I sincerely appreciate his time and the time of Binseng Wang as the moderator. Excellent presentation”. And another attendee stated: “I appreciate the annual updates. Please continue with this practice”.

On April 22nd Kelly Proctor discussed “DNV-GL Healthcare Secrets to Success”. Kelly shared how the DNV survey process works, including changes in the survey process due to the current pandemic. The presentation also covered what NIAHO is and how it is applied as well as a basic overview of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Attendees also received information on the DNV Medical Equipment requirements and how they are surveyed. Additionally, Kelly covered the top five Medical Equipment findings and how to avoid a non-conformity with them. One attendee wrote: “Fantastic event. Great Content. Great presenter.”

Nader Hammoud and Tony Cody Education Committee co-chairs

Recording Available for Past Webinars ACCE News

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


International Committee Report The International Committee (IC) held its third 2021 regular bimonthly meeting on May 10, 2021. Our guest speaker at this meeting was Jim Loeffler, Biomedical Advisor for CURE International. Jim described CURE’s projects worldwide, including several pediatric hospitals in low-resource countries. We discussed possible collaborations between CURE and ACCE, including helping ACCE to identify potential collaborating professional associations in the countries where CURE have staff and projects. In return, IC members offered assistance to CURE in introducing CURE visitors to premier pediatric hospitals in the US and in equipment service information or training. IC is happy to report that the collaboration and mutual assistance agree-

ment with the Ghana Society of Biomedical Engineers (GSBE) was approved by ACCE Board and signed by both parties. IC also delivered a webinar entitled “Clinical Engineering – An Overview” for university students of Biomedical Engineering in Argentina in collaboration with the Argentinian Society of Biomedical Engineering (SABI) on Mar 26, 2021. A post-webinar survey showed it was well received by both students and professionals there. As the COVID-19 pandemic is still prevalent in most parts of the world, and the progress of vaccination is quite slow worldwide, it is likely international travels and in-person meetings and conferences will be severely limited in the next 12-18 months. Therefore, IC is putting together a list of webinars that its members and other ACCE members are able

to and interested in delivering to foreign colleagues and students. This list will be sent to the foreign associations with which ACCE has established collaboration and mutual assistance agreements for them to review and consider. Once mutually agreed, the webinars will be delivered online and recorded for post-event viewing for those who missed it. IC now has a vacancy due to the departure of Kevin Taylor, who has assumed additional work-related responsibilities. ACCE members who are interested in participating in the IC are encouraged to contact Binseng Wang with their resume and statement of interest.

Binseng Wang, IC Chair

Painter to Hall of Fame continued (Continued

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would include a disproportionate number who are graduates of UCONN's CE master degree and internship program. Frank has had a diverse clinical engineering career. He has led clinical engineering departments, operated a consulting practice including clinical engineering and forensic engineering (e.g., medical device accident investigations), and completed many clinical engineering -related projects, papers and presentations. Frank was awarded the 2016 American College of Clinical Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award, for exceptional and sustained contributions to the clinical engineering profession; the 2011


Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Clinical/Biomedical Engineering Achievement Award; and the Marvin D. Shepherd Patient Safety Award for contributions to the advancement of patient safety. Frank has dedicated most of his professional life to the field of clinical engineering. Many clinical engineers and health technology managers in the US and around the world look to him for his outstanding teaching and mentoring. The influence and impact of Frank’s work has set an example for professionals in the field of healthcare technology, both in the academic side and in the operational side of the day-to-day operations in health care facilities. The impact of Frank’s work is far reaching and has influenced health authorities and professionals around the

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021

world, professionals who have become leaders and decision makers in the field of health technology. For example, Frank’s participation in the academic sector has facilitated the organization and orientation of biomedical and clinical engineering programs in several universities, mainly in Latin America and the Middle East. Also, he has facilitated the participation of international students in the Clinical Engineering Internship Program at the University of Connecticut.” For more information on Frank’s long, outstanding career see link.

Jim Keller Chair, ACCE Hall of Fame Committee


2021 CCE Review Course Webinar Series Dates: Wednesdays - August 11 through October 13, 2021, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time) Faculty: Elena Buckley, Tobey Clark, Ted Cohen & Frank Painter Registration Deadline: July 23, 2021 The Clinical Engineering & CCE Review Class will provide an overview of the 2021 CCE examinations topics which is based on the 2018 Clinical Engineering Body of Knowledge (BOK) survey. This 10 hours series will be presented by an elite team of ACCE Faculty who are CCEs. The class will outline and present the material in each of the main subject areas covered on the exam. The course will help you identify areas in which you need further review and help in preparing for the CCE examination. Attendees will receive a copy of the CCE Study Guide V9.0, and a copy of the presentation material. To register: complete this registration form.


Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


CCE Prep: Sample Questions In this column we are providing sample questions and information regarding preparation for the CCE exam. The sample questions are based on topics from the ACCE Body of Knowledge survey and the CCE Study Guide, version 9. Note that the instructors for the ACCE CCE Prep courses, and the writers for this column, do NOT have any affiliation with the CCE Board of Examiners and have no access to the actual exam questions. If you have specific topics you would like us cover please contact

Sample Questions: You have been tasked by Medical Center Leadership to investigate if there is a frequency band in the community interfering with your telemetry system. Which organization would be the best to contact? A. American Hospital Association (AHA) B.

The Joint Commission (TJC)

C. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) D. Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) Correct Answer: C Explanation: The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) determines electromagnetic spectrum allocations. There are 3 frequency bands for Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) – 608-614 MHz (most commonly used), 1395-1400 MHz, 1427-1432 MHz. It is important as a Clinical Engineer to understand the electromagnetic spectrum allocations to ensure interference with vitally important medical systems does not occur. References:, Accessed 5/17/2021, Accessed 5/17/2021, Accessed 5/17/2021 Ishida, K., Fujioka, T., Endo, T. et al. Evaluation of Electromagnetic Fields in a Hospital for Safe Use of Electronic Medical Equipment. J Med Syst 40, 46 (2016). 2. An anesthesia machine failure led to the death of a patient in the Operating Room at Hospital X. You are the Healthcare Technology Manager for Hospital X and asked to provide the 3500A form to the correct entities. Within what timeframe and to which groups do you need to submit this form? A. FDA & Device Manufacturer – 15 Days B.

FDA & Device Manufacturer – 10 Days

C. FDA Only – 10 Days D. Device Manufacturer Only – 15 Days Correct Answer: B Explanation: The Safe Medical Device Act (SMDA) of 1900 requires user facilities (i.e. hospitals) to report device related deaths to the FDA and device manufacturer within a specific timeframe. This requirement is also a condition of the Joint Commission under EC.6.10 EP7. 10 working days is a required timeframe and the paperwork must be filed by the Healthcare Technology Manager or hospital designee. This process should be done in close contact with the hospital Risk Manager. These medical device reports (MDRs) are stored in an FDA Database called the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE). The MAUDE Database is a helpful resource if trying to review trends with specific medical devices or medical device manufacturers or when evaluating a device for purchase. References:, Accessed 5/17/2021, Accessed 5/17/2021 Elena Buckley ACCE News

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


Welcome New ACCE Members We welcome our newest members, approved by the Membership Committee, and supported by the Board of Directors:



Job Title

Organization CDRH/FDA


UPMC Winnipeg Regional Health Authority BetweenMD

PA/USA MB/Canada

Julie Morabilto


James Fedele Maryam Samiee

Associate Individual

Assistant Director, Outreach and Partnerships Teams Senior Program Director Clinical Engineer

Gennaro Maida


Chief Medical Technology Officer



Congratulations to the following ACCE members who were upgraded to Individual level:. •

Nithya Kubendran, Clinical Engineer III, Cedars-Sinai

Robert Painter, Clinical Engineer, Technical Service Partnership – University of Vermont

Stephen Santos, Director, Broward Health


Congratulations to our Newest Fellow Member: Kim Greenwood Fellow status in the ACCE is a unique honor which recognizes distinguished service to the profession or achievement in the field of Clinical Engineering. We are pleased to welcome our newest Fellow Member, Kimberley (Kim) J. Greenwood, MASc, Peng, CCE, FEIC, FACCE. “You have made significant contributions over the span of more than three decades. Your success has been highlighted by winning the International Federation of Medical and Biomedical Engineering (IFMBE)’s 2016 Outstanding Clinical Engineering Teamwork Award for the CHEO Clinical Engineering Team. In addition, your work has been also recognized by the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) Achievement Finalist Award 2013 for development of CHEO’s clinical technology management program.” said Ilir Kimberley (Kim) J. Greenwood Kullolli, ACCE President.

Call for Nominations: IFMBE HTAD Awards The IFMBE is accepting nominations for the Health Technology Assessment Division (HTAD) Outstanding Contribution Award. This award recognizes an engineering practitioner who has made outstanding regional or international contributions to the field of HTAMD, with a particular focus on the role of Biomedical Engineering. The criteria for this award is: 1). Nominee has demonstrated: a significant impact on HTA-MD; 2). Nominee has significantly contributed to the development of the role of Biomedical Engineering in HTA-MD; and. 3) Nominee’s activities in national and/or international organizations for HTA have been meritorious. IFMBE is also accepting nominations for the HTAD Policy Award: This award recognizes an individual or a group of policymakers or stakeholders giving significant contribution to Biomedical Engineering.. Criteria for the HTAD Policy award is outstanding contribution to facilitate the promotion, recognition, cooperation and respect for Biomedical Engineering in HTA-MD. Nomination documentation packages must include: 1). Nomination Explanation; 2) CV or biography of two nominators; and 3) CV of the nominee. For more information, please visit Please submit your nomination packages by June 12. 2021 to:

Mario Medvedec IFMBE HTAD Awards Committee Chair with cc to ACCE News

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


Volunteer Opportunities: FDA Network of Experts Looking for CEs ACCE has partnered with FDA in collaborating on their Network of Experts Program, a joint project for efficiently exchanging information and knowledge with leaders in emerging fields of science and pioneering technologies, including Clinical Engineering. The purpose is to establish a mechanism that provides the FDA with a rapid access to individual ACCE members who have scientific, engineering, or other medical expertise to supplement existing knowledge and expertise within the FDA. The primary objective here is to allow the FDA rapid access to various scientific viewpoints from individual ACCE Experts with experience in new medical

technologies. Doing so will further the mutual goals of having more innovative, safe, and effective medical products on the market.

This is a volunteer program and experts will provide services to the FDA on a gratuitous basis and will receive no compensation for their service.

We are reaching out to see if you would be interested in participating in this program. All information and conversations are confidential, and each Expert must complete a Conflict of Interest (COI) form and, if applicable, a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) form if selected to participate. ACCE will provide the FDA with a list of Experts from our membership. The topics can cover a wide range of issues related to applying and implementing medical technology to optimize healthcare delivery.

If you are interested in representing ACCE on the FDA’s Network of Experts Program, please complete this form outlining your expertise. We have many experts in our membership pool. Please help by using your knowledge to better the future of medical technology.

Jim Panella Vice President, ACCE

WHO Collaborating Center for HTM Update Belize is one of the few countries globally with a National Engineering and Maintenance Center (NEMC) serving all hospitals in the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) system. Through a grant from the Pan American Health Organization, the collaborating center at the Technical Services Partnership, University of Vermont was called upon to revise the national HTM policy used by the NEMC for medical devices in the country. Several virtual meetings with the MoHW and PAHO and our clinical engineering team of ACCE members - Michael Lane, Raymond Forsell, Robert Painter, and Tobey Clark - occurred with key information exchanged. An on-site survey was undertaken during the week of May 17th. In addition to visits to the NEMC, hospitals and clinics in the four regional locations – North, Central, South, and West – were surveyed and valuable feedback was re-


ceived from administrators, clinical staff, and maintenance including biomed. Recommendations for the final policy document will be completed in June with training on the revised policy following in July. The Essentials of Biomedical Technology course sponsored by Health Equity International and the Dalton Foundation continues virtually for Haiti with bi-monthly topic presentations and discussion sessions. An energetic group averaging 50 participants per session receives presentations and materials from the collaborating center in English with French translation added while discussion sessions are largely in Creole – and it all works exceptionally well due to excellent translators who are also biomeds!

agement of Health Technologies in the Context of COVID-19 is being completed in May with the collaborating center learning section focused on HTM. Ongoing projects include the production of videos covering acceptance, use, maintenance, and decontamination of COVID-19 priority devices for the World Health Organization which is due to be completed by July, and a Healthcare Technology Assessment project for the Peruvian National Institute for Health spearheaded by ACCE member Rossana Rivas.

Tobey Clark

The PAHO Virtual Course on Assessment, Selection, Rational Use and Man-

Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021



Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021


Journal of Clinical Engineering Subscriptions for ACCE Members The Journal of Clinical Engineering is a compilation of articles, papers, and extensive manuscripts relevant to clinical/biomedical engineering or biomedical technology. Subject matter directly relates to the engineering or technology involved in patient care and treatment or technology in the broad field of health care delivery. ACCE members receive a discounted subscription to the Journal of Clinical Engineering for only $99! (Originally $313). You must login to the ACCE website to view the code. Then visit to enter code.

ACCE CALENDAR 6/7/2021—6/11/2021 AAMI eXchange REWIRED, virtual 6/17/2021, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM ACCE Education Webinar session#10: Detailed discussion and benefits of various certifications expanding into cybersecuirty, IT, advantages based on career path, Registration form 6/30/2021 2021 CCE Renewal _ last day to submit your renewal application package 7/1/2021 ACCE Board Election

The ACCE Board and Committee Chairs

7/23/2021 Deadline for 2021 CCE Examination applications, information

President ........................................................................... Ilir Kullolli President Elect ..................................................... Priyanka Upendra Vice President .................................................................... Jim Panella

8/9/2021– 8/13/2021 (hybrid event) HIMSS 2021, Las Vegas, NV, Click here for more information

Secretary ................................................................... Kamecia Bruce Treasurer .............................................................. Samantha Herold

8/9/2021 2021 ACCE CE-IT Symposium: Data Availability and Security in Clinical Environment, Free! Click here to register

Member-at-Large ..................................................David Braeutigam

8/10/2021 HTA/ACCE Awards Reception, sponsored by Asimily, @HIMSS21. RSVP here

Member-at-Large ............................................... Katherine Navarro

9/28/2021– 9/29/2021

Member-at-Large ................................................... Kim Greenwood Immediate Past President……………………………..Arif Subhan Advocacy Committee Chair……………………..Kevin Kreitzman

8/11/2021 2021 CCE Review Webinar series, session#1 (1st of 10 session weekly series) 8/15/2021 Last day to complete the 2021 Body of Knowledge Survey

Member-at-Large ........................................................... Jim Caporali

CE Body of Knowledge Chair ……………………....Bhaskar Iduri Education Committee Co-Chairs...…Tony Cody, Nader Hammoud International Committee Chair ………………….....Binseng Wang Membership Committee Chair…………………….Juuso Leinonen Nominations Committee Chair………………………. Arif Subhan CE-HOF Nominations Review Committee Chair…...… Jim Keller Secretariat ............................................................................ Suly Chi

ICEHTMC-2021 Lake Buena Vista, FL, For more information, click here


Volume 31 Issue 3: May—June 2021