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People make the difference. We live on an incredible planet full of wildlife and wild places, from the majestic Harpy Eagles of Central and South America to the delicate Darwin’s Orchids of Madagascar; each plays an essential role in keeping our ecosystems healthy and functioning. Humans are also an important part of what makes Earth so remarkable. We have the ability

site attendants who have spent long days and nights in grueling conditions to conserve wildlife and resources in their communities. The people around the globe who have committed to protecting their natural heritages to preserve their landscapes and cultures. And, our members and supporters who have provided support over the years to ensure that

the Peregrine Falcon in North America, protect more than a million and a half acres of wetlands, rainforest, and marine parks in Madagascar, and bring the California Condor back from the brink of extinction. Today, you continue to make a difference for birds of prey and the habitats on which they depend. From African

Over the past 51 years, members have helped to recover the Peregrine Falcon in North America, protect more than a million and a half acres of wetlands, rainforest, and marine parks in Madagascar, and so much more! to change our planet for the better, and if we happen to make mistakes in caring for Earth and her myriad of inhabitants along the way, we have the power to solve problems. The Peregrine Fund knows that our work to conserve birds of prey and their habitats around the planet would not be successful or sustainable without people. The Peregrine Fund is made of people such as the staff, volunteers, and board members over the past 51 years who have dedicated significant portions of their lives to our mission. People like the students, field technicians, and hack

together we can keep doing what we do best – saving species. You enable our biologists to go to work in the field, conserving birds of prey around the world. Over the past 51 years, members have helped to recover

Vultures to Puerto Rican Sharp-shinned Hawks and from the Darien Rainforest to the frozen tundra of Alaska, you are a part of ensuring that raptors everywhere continue to soar and awe future generations. Because, when raptors soar, we soar. Your support means the world to us and the birds, wildlife, and habitats we are saving together. Please consider committing to conservation. Use the enclosed envelope and thank you for all that you do to conserve birds of prey worldwide! The Peregrin Fund's Bird's Eye View - 02

ShopThe Peregrine Fund With every purchase, YOU support the mission to conserve raptors worldwide. We know we must support the communities who rely on the same resources as the wildlife we are working to save. Everywhere The Peregrine Fund works, we are developing activities that cultivate economies and training people to build long-term conservation capacity. When you support The Peregrine Fund through a purchase in our online store, you are not only providing funding for

our conservation work, but you also purchase fair-trade items that were made by people living near our project areas and who are working with us to ensure successful conservation of their lands. Items

available while supplies last. SHOP ONLINE TODAY AT:

2022 calendars are coming. The Peregrine Fund’s 2022 Birds of Prey Calendar is a great way to enjoy your favorite raptors year-round! This year’s calendar features striking photography from Peregrine Fund staff, volunteers, and friends. In addition to our return to photography, the calendar will be the same size as our calendars prior to last year’s and feature paper that is easy to write on so that you may track your activities and appointments. Complimentary copies of the 2022 Birds of Prey Calendar are reserved for our members! If you have not made a gift to The Peregrine Fund in the last 12 months, please join or renew before December 1 to receive your

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free calendar. You may renew your membership today online ( or by using the enclosed envelope. You will also be eligible for discounted pricing on additional copies — perfect for holiday giving. Non-members may also purchase the calendars on our online store ( or over the phone. SCAN TO ORDER WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE OR ORDER BY PHONE AT (208)362-3716

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Taking flight by the numbers.


At one time, there were only 22 California Condors remaining in the wild. Today, there are 105 California Condors flying free in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah alone. Since 2003, 49 wild-reared condors have hatched in the region. For the first time in recorded history, two California Condors hatched in the wild of southern Utah in one year – an area the birds dispersed to on their own.

105 40 Number of species of raptors on planet Earth, 52% of raptor species are in decline. The Peregrine Fund’s Global Raptor Impact Network (GRIN) is a newly-developed technology designed to ensure that ZERO raptor species go extinct.


Number of students who engaged in science learning through the lens of raptor conservation virtually through the World Center for Birds of Prey’s collaboration with Varsity Tutors this year.



of Peregrine Fund projects were able to keep moving forward in 2020 and 2021 despite COVID travel restrictions, in part because The Peregrine Fund’s philosophy includes building local capacity. The biologists and technicians we have trained in places including the Dominican Republic were able to continue vital conservation work and keep on saving species.


Number of California Condors hatched in The Peregrine Fund’s breeding program since 1995. The Peregrin Fund's Bird's Eye View - 04

6,000kg - The

amount of rice, corn,


and peanut seeds

donated to communities throughout

Madagascar. 7,000 masks and 50

boxes of soap were

distributed to prevent COVID spread.

30,000 notebooks

were given to children

#1 – The Peregrine Fund is the highest ranked nonprofit for supporting students in Madagascar to become biologists and conservation leaders. Since 1991, 10 PhD students, 64 Masters of Science students, and 18 Bachelors of Science students have earned degrees with our support and training. 141 – the number of advanced degrees earned by Peregrine Fund students worldwide.

so they could go to

school. 47 fiberglass

canoes were provided to local fishermen to

reduce deforestation for construction

of dugout canoes. 800,000 trees

planted in partnership with communities to

provide future wood

resources for community members.

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61% - the percentage of vulture deaths in Kenya that are a result of poisoning. In the past year, Kenyans who have received our training to stop poisoning have intervened 32 times to prevent the poisoning of 136 individual animals from vultures and cranes to lions and hippos.

3,894 Number of people in Panama our Harpy Eagle education programs reached. 0 – the number of Harpy Eagles that have been shot in our study area since 2016 when our education programs began in the Darien Rainforest. 60 acres to 125 acres – the increase in land being used to produce shade-grown coffee, a skill we’re working to develop with communities to build their economies without cutting down precious rainforest habitat for Harpy Eagles and thousands of other species – many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. 24 – the number of families currently being supported through farming shade-grown coffee.

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Gifting stock is a simple and powerful way to support our work. It also offers you a number of financial benefits:

A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is a distribution of funds from your IRA (other than a SEP or SIMPLE IRA) directly to The Peregrine Fund. Because the gift goes directly to us, the dollar amount of the gift may be excluded from your taxable income up to a maximum of $100,000 annually, with some exceptions.

When you make a legacy gift to The Peregrine Fund, you ensure that raptors around the world thrive for generations to come. Your bequest, annuity, or other legacy gift builds a stable foundation that will survive far beyond our lifetimes.

In addition to supporting The Peregrine Fund through purchases at our gift shop and online store (shop.peregrinefund. org), you may support us through purchases made while shopping on through AmazonSmile.

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Please consult your tax advisor for information regarding your specific exceptions. peregrinefund peregrinefund

Your name(s) inscribed at the recently expanded World Center for Birds of Prey • At least one special event each year via video (program presentation, meeting with CEO/Chairman, other) • Invitations to special events including board meetings, field trips, and more!

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and match charitable contributions made by employees. Some also provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Most programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some may double or triple the amount of your gift! Please check with your company to see if it offers a program that matches gifts or volunteer hours to The Peregrine Fund.

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You may join the Peregrine Falcon Society and become a member of a group of donors who receive: planned-giving

The Peregrine Fund is a member of EarthShare and also participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (#10639) for military and federal employees. ch/23-1969973

Or, while shopping at Fred Meyer and Kroger stores through their Community Rewards program. community/ community-rewards give-work The Peregrin Fund's Bird's Eye View - 06

Financials General & Administrative

Fundraising & Membership 7.2% 11.2%

Conservation, Research & Education 81.6%

Expenses Corporations 4.0%

Admissions In-kind & Sales Donations 1.4% 1.4%

Net Investment Returns 22.7%

Other 0.8%

Foundations 35.1%

Government Grants 19.3%

Individuals 15.3%

Revenue 07 - The Peregrin Fund's Bird's Eye View

Consolidated statement of activities – Year ended September 30, 2020: Revenue, Support and Gains Contributions (note 1) Government grants In-kind revenues Admissions and sales Net investment return Other Total revenues, support, and gains

Consolidated statement of financial position – Year ended September 30, 2020:

2020 2019 Assets 5,512,831 6,225,972 Cash and cash equivalents 1,958,291 952,930 Grants receivable 219,738 141,734 Promises to give, net 138,791 465,596 Investments (Endowment) 2,323,013 510,070 Inventory, prepaids, and other assets 91,449 233,904 Property and equipment (net of depreciation) $10,166,109 $8,608,210 Total Assets

Expenses Program services 5,504,969 5,920,195 Conservation, research, and education Supporting services 362,158 General and administrative 484,695 750,059 782,000 Fundraising and Membership $1,234,754 $1,144,158 Total supporting services $7,064,353 Total expenses   $6,739,723 1,543,857 Change in Net Assets 3,426,386 26,672,881 25,129,024 Net Assets, Beginning of year, as Restated $30,099,267 $26,672,881 Net assets at end of year Note 1 - Contributions consist of: $3,454,665 contributed Without Donor Restrictions, $2,022,398 With Donor Restricted contributions, and $35,768 of Indirect support. Funds totaling $1,190,422 from current year and previous year were released from Donor Restrictions. Please note: The Peregrine Fund’s complete audited financial statements may be viewed on our website, or a statement may be obtained by contacting The Peregrine Fund, Accounting Department, 5668 W Flying Hawk Lane, Boise, ID 83709.

2020 1,085,966 545,102 2,647,133 18,826,981 311,799 7,271,421 $30,688, 402

2019 970,065 435,810 2,323,207 16,823,454 172,575 6,418,985 $27,144,096

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable Accrued payroll and taxes Deferred Revenue Total Liabilities   Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions With Donor Restrictions Total Net Assets

276,406 257,233 55,496 $589,135

193,612 246,283 31,320 $471,215

25,415,326 4,683,941 $30,099,267

22,817,916 3,854,965 $26,672,881

Total Liabilities and Net Assets


$ 27,144,096

A SNEAK PEEK at the The Peregrine Fund’s 2022 BIRDS of PREY CALENDAR


PAID Boise, ID 83709 PERMIT NO. 606

The World Center for Birds of Prey 5668 West Flying Hawk Lane Boise, Idaho 83709 The Peregrine Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Be sure your membership is current using the enclosed envelope to ensure your calendar arrives in time for the new year!

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