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1976 to 2016: 40 Year Reunion


hile 1976 was a Bicentennial Year for the United States it was also a special year for ΚΚΨ and VA Tech. In the spring of 1976 the ΚΚΨ Colony at VA Tech became Eta Beta, the 170th chapter of ΚΚΨ. The band members at VA Tech had been a colony waiting for two years to form. What is significant is that the two years was also the age of the newly formed “Marching Virginians”. The Marching Virginians were new on the college band scene as VA Tech had been traditionally a military school from its founding in 1872 as a land grant school. The band originated in 1974 when then University President T. Marshall Hahn tasked the Performing Arts Department to create a marching band that would reflect the University that he had been evolving from its previous military environment to a major university. The colony became Eta Beta when the Brothers from Zeta Psi from Virginia State College in Petersburg, VA came to Blacksburg to perform the installation. Now fast forward about 40 years! Major Paul Willard had been assigned as the Air Force JROTC instructor at King William High and often sought to incorporate the school band in ceremonies the AFJROTC cadets conduct. Major Willard sought out the school band director Calvin Sorrell and spoke to him about joint projects and began discussing his band experience as a member of the original Marching Virginians at Tech and membership in ΚΚΨ. Director Sorrell also talked of his experiences in ΚΚΨ and that he went to Virginia State. When Willard told him of Virginia State conducting the installation at Tech they began matching notes and discovered that Sorrell was a member of the Zeta Psi team that installed Eta Beta. Willard dug out his old ΚΚΨ pictures and the two Brothers shared their “young” memories of “back in the day”. Willard and Sorrell are Life members of ΚΚΨ. In the old photo, Willard is kneeling on the front row on the far right. Sorrell is 5th from the right of the back row.

8 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

by Paul Adams Willard II, Major USAF (R) Eta Beta - ΚΚΨ Virginia Tech Life Member

Eta Beta and Zeta Psi from VA Tech Installation in 1976 Paul Willard is kneeling on the front row far right and Sorrell is on the back row 4th from the right.

The Podium Spring 2016  

Positive Effects of Fraternal Music Organizations

The Podium Spring 2016  

Positive Effects of Fraternal Music Organizations