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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of .. fdll)'iv'~r-rliurs.,Sept. .... . .-.:-'.



Priest -Chaplain; Of Disabled Vets ms Former Pilot·

Urges Students ':to A(quire Deeper Kr,{ow~edg~ o~faith

SEATTLE (NC)-A priest 'who flew 102 bombing mi&sions during World War II bas been named national

LOUISVILLE (NC)~A Catholic scholar has called on Catholic students to increase their knowledge of religion as a preliminary to engaging in the "dialogue" with 'other faiths.' 'Dr. 'rhomas P. Neill, author and historian of' St. Louis (Mo.) University, told 'exchange of views with other ' the 17th national convention religious groups rests mainly OD of the National Federation them: of Catholic College students: The St. Louis University his-

"In order to reduce the risk of torian said an effec'tive relosing our Faith in entering our sponse to the challenge of pluralist society and in order to America's religiously pluralis-' make our apostolic work more tic society "requires at least successful we z:nust first d' all three things": attain a greater, ~re profound Respect Necessary ]PRESENT DENNISPORT ,EDIFICE . knowledge of God; of our Faith, 1) "First and most difficult, of the Church • • • Common men of one faith must do more sense dictates that a man must than merely 'tolerate' those of kn'ow what he is talking about." other religions. We must respect l®@~ [LrrW@$ $@~(tijfy Dr. Neill spoke at the con- any ,group of persons who worvention banquet, during which ship God sincerely and live ac, NEW YORK (NC)-Sodalists cell' l himself, and to contribute he' was honored by the NFCCS cording 'to their consciences." must ac~ept the, challenge to 'to the welfare of the whole with its ArchOishop Noll Award. 2) '''Plurality of religion also lead the lives of "heroic sanctity" body." " United Action dema!1ds that we allow for disdemanded by their membership I,D. a letter of greetings read He stressed that religious be';' agreement and not try to en- in the Sodality of Our Lady, a at ,the opening session, Father lievers of all faiths in this force the moral 'or doctrinal Jesuit priest said here., I, 1S Paulussen, S,J., interna';' co'lintry should work fogether content of religion upon ,others , Speaking at the opening sestional promoter an,: executive to preserve the nation's religious •. Each group has-:the right to sion 'of the cecond national secretary of the World Federatraditions and' to keep them try to win others to its convicSodality ~ongress of the Lay tion of Sodalities, assured the iion; but pluralism demands Ap.o"to~ate, Father James ,A. sodalists that '''all of us here in operative in national life. The beliefs that human rights that 'converts' be won volun_ ,McQuade, S.J., of New York, Rome are united with you in" come from God and that there tarily and that no group' im:" declared: prayer ... during, this week." , is a natural law "are, the bases pose its religious views on oth"Heroic simctity 'is demanded Praising, 'the con['''' 'ssfor its , ers.", of a sodalist by a triple title: by use 'or lay people in teaching of our unity," he said. "They are accepted by all religio\l~ groups 3) "Plurality • • • also re- your profession as a sodat"ist, by many' ot the courses, he' sta'tc'd in this land, but they' are re- ,quires cooperation among all the, ciemands ,of ,your special that' "it is also marvelous 'that jected by 'an increasing numberfaith$ -in many phases 'If pUblic fprm of '1embership in the Mys- Y~:l are stressing .' e adult move_ , of secularists." , I life, for this is the only way in a tical Body and by __ the stark ment" and the professional So'''It is therefore prudent and pluralistic society to bring reli- necessities of the apostolate." dalists. :"You know how m'u'cb' expedient for members of va':'- gion to bear on various social Fa'~ler l'.i[cQuac:e, national so~ we are 'interesteq. in wider de:" rious religious groups to work and moral questions." . da lity, pro1l!oter ,in the United velopment, of this too neglected States, spoke to more than '1,100 sector of sodality life,'" he' said. in co~cert to keep our society professional, student and parish ' Decisive Action " religiousiy' ,oriented and to see f')dalists as five tiays of lectures ,The founder and director Of' that the present and future genand' workshop courses opened at th SCLA, Father Francis K." erations continue to be conthe 'Roosevelt Hotel. Drole,t" ;:;.J., regional promoter scious of and accept these ,truths ST. LOUIS (NC)~An official which are the basis of our social of B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation , , He ,stated that his special form of sodalities in New York 'and of.!TIembership in 'the Mystical Eorthe,rn New Jersey, putlined and political unity. LeagUe has expressed' concern Body 'is derived from the fact his hopes for delegate. 'lie Mutual Understanding . over the recent upsurge 'of antithat the sodality Is a formal said:' ' . "To do this, of course, they Catholic propaganda. organ of the Mystical Body: "We have assembled the e<iuiDr. Joseph L. Lichten of New must cooperate and work toHe added that "each member valent' ofa university ~ one' gether-and to work together y:'ork, intergr,oup rel~tions direc:' of the' sodality has the added which offers 96 specialized effectively .they must, know a~d, , tor' o.f the Jewish organization, moral pressure 'J fulfill' emi- courses .. .And in our five-da'y" understand each other. Hence declared that "in many instances nently the function' of meinber....:..-' ,semester: we will offer nine the I]-eed at tpe present time of ,people ,known, for their anti-_ to be as perfect as possible a major areas of' study which" tbe dialogue" about which so Semitic activities in the past are challenge you to decisive action , ' , now eng!ll§ed in anti-Catholic m!-lch is now being said." for' the ChiJrch motivated' by ,activities." , ,Dr. Neill told the students that

tlJB'~te~, ~@c&a~~st$ A<c~~rP>tl' Chanelrng~,

@f He[f@D({:


:Resents'. Upsurge ,Of ,Propaga'nda

Dr. Lichten, here at the invl-' tatioii of the National Catholic Conference for Interracial JusFRiDAY':':':':St. PeterCia~er, Contiee to'-attend its founding con:;' , fessor. Douple. White. Mass vention, said experience' 'has' ~rQper; Mass is in the Supple-, shown thafprejudice against any ment ,to the Missal, fo'r some, one group' has much in corrimon places; Gloria; Second Collect with prejudice against any other. " 'All 'The Same ' of: St. Gorgonius, Martyr; , ","Anti - Catholic, anti - Negro, , Common Preface. SATURDAY-St., .Nicholas, 01. anti-,Semit~c, pnijudice":"':'it .is :.all 'Tolentino, Confessor. DO~ble.,' tl!e ,same problem," he declared _ White. Mass Proper; Gloria; in an interview. "PrejUdice is the' Common Preface.. sa~e '1V h erever you find it." SUN'DAY-"-'-XIV' Sr,nday After ' The B'nai.B'rith,official speaks Pentecost: Double. Green. Mass from experience." Formerly" a Proper; Gloria; Second Collect -member of the Polish'diplomatic SS. Protus and Hyacinth, Mar- corps, he came to, the United WI'S; Creed; Preface of Trinity. States after the Nazi invasion of MONDAY- Most 'Holy Name of Poland. He is now a U:S. citizen'.' Mary. Greater' Double. White. Mal!s :proper; ,Gloria;, Creei:i; , J'reface of .the Blessed Virgin. TUESDAY-Mass of previous MONROE; (NC)':"'-Bishop 'John Sunqay. Simple. Green. MaSll J. Russell' of Richinond _has ,: Proper,; No·, Gloria; Common blessed the foimdati'on ston~ of Preface. WEDNESDAY ~ Exaltation , 01.: t~~ :pew Father Jucig e , Mission ·"the HolyCross. Greater Double. Se!Jlinary of the Missionary Serv-, ',Red. 'Mass Proper; Gloria; ants of ,the Most Holy Trinity.· Students in, high s'!hool and in' Creed; Preface of Holy Cross. the first and second years of THURSDAY-Seven Sorrows of the' ,',Blessed, Virgin Mary. college are trained at' the semDouble of II Class. 'White. inary in preparation for 'the' priesthood.. Mass Proper; Gloria; ~econd The school is named for Father ~ollec~ St. Nicomedes, Martyr; Thomas' Augustine 'Judge, C~M.. Sequence; Creed; Preface of , who founded the community In:: Blessed Virgin. '1~21 and' was its head until his: death in 1933. . '. ' The MissionarY Servant~ of' FORTY, HOURS the Most Holy Trinity' are dediDEVOTION cated to the American home.mis- , sio~s. More than 200 priests and, 'sept.ll-St. Anne, Fall River. .Brothers, are currently working , St. Dominic, Swansea. at missions conducted 'by ,the" Sept. 18 -'Holy Cross, Fall . community in 15 states, the DisRiver. " trict of Columbia arid Puerto St: Jc)seph, Attleboro. Rico. Sept.25-St. Anthony of Pad',' :ua" ,New Begford. ,_ Ne~rolo9Y .. ' Sacred Heart, Taunton. . Oct. 2-:-0ur Lady of ,the Holy . "T.lJE,ANCHOR lists tbe ait- , ' , oJversary, dates of priests who,:, i 'Rosary, Fall,River. served'the Fall River Dloeese Our Lady of the Holy sine. its formatlonin 1904 wltlll Rosary" Taunton. 'heintention that t,be faithful TBB ANCBOR P!'a7 for them. Second-class :nail privileges authorized SEPT. 13 at Fall River. Mass, Published even> R Thu1'1lda7 at 410 Highland Avenue. Fall ev. CharlesA. J. Donovan, 1949. River, Mass,. D7 the CatlwUo Press of the SEPT 15 " Dioo.",., of Fall River Subserlption prlee "'Re' 'H ,', J' I'd • .. 1 b.F man. poetpaJd ".OO:PGI' year. , Vi" ~¥" usse 7-, 1934.. the burden of ,carrying. on the

':"'Ma'ss Ordo


Blesses' Cornerstone Of. Mission Seminary,



S'ister Transfers I" N~. JU'tlebor~,

~~~.~~~lity and aimed at herO:: The ,annual Mass marking thf;! " , ppeniM of the Sacred Heart School, year will be celebrated Sis'~er Maureen,' RS,M.,prinat f!:30, ,on Wednesday mo'rning. cipal, has annou'nced' that t~' Some 422 pupils are expected 'schooi year for pupils at Nazafor this school year. " r e t h Ha'll, Fall River will start' Among changes in the school o~ Wednesday, Sept. '14. """ personnel as announced recently by,the Mother Provincial of' the Sisters of ,the: Holy Union are, the" following: ,'Mother Marie Funeral Gemma leaves Sacred' Heart:' to .. 571 Se'co~d St. ~...~. \ ~ assume 'new :duties at the Pro-, " , vincial House of the Congrega,. fall River, Mass~' tion in Groton, Mass, She is re,0S 9-6072 placed by Mother Marie Lucille MICHAEL J. ,McMAHON as Superior of' the Convent. Licensed Funeral Director Mother Marie Lucille will con.,~egistered Embalmer t~nue' to teach the 6th Grade. ,'Sr. Gabrielle Lucie will continue to teach the Special Class and assume the duties of Principal of the School. ' Sr. Roger' Therese leaves Sa~~~d Heart for St. Jacques .' " "PuneralUome ' " School in -Taunton and is' re. 550 ·s,.· .. placed by Sr. Marie Antoine Fall' River. MaSs." who comes to Sacred Heart from ,- "'.' ,OS 2-2~91 St. Ja,cques. , ,Sr. Anne 'Raymond leaves Rose E;, Suilivan' . Sacred Heart to report for- new .Jeffrey, E,. Sullivan, , duty at St. Lawrence' School, Centerdale: Mrs. Leo Meunier will ,,;replace her in the, ,3rd

chaplain of the Disabled AmePiean Veterans. ' He is Father, Joseph LaUl'Q, pastor of, St. John's parish, Russellville, Ark., 'who was a bomber pilot for the Royal Canadian All' Force and the U. S. Air Force. , During his military caree~, he was injured by flak, survived,'a crash landing and was awarded four decorations for heroism; . He became one of the first of the World War II GI's to be ordained. The 46-year-old priest was reared in St. Theodore's parish in Cl:\icago. He received hie bachelor of arts degree from, DePaul University in 1936. 68 Missions When the Nazi war machine was overrunning Europe in 1940~ he'joined the RCAF ;n Windsor~ Ont. As a flight lieutenant' he piloted a Wellington Lancaster, a heavy bomber, ,on 68 bombing missions from England and Africa. He was hospitalized forr two weeks because of flak injuries. When he crash-landed ' . Africa' after a mission he suffered a neck injury and he stin has severe headaches because ell it'.' , Father Lauro was sent to Eng. land'in 1942, where 'he was dec. orated with the Distinguished Flying,'Medal 'by the' late King George' VI.' A ,short time later, he received the CanadianWinll1 of Operation. , 'Devoted to Blessed Vlrgbt' In 1943, he transferJ:ed to' thCl U. S. Army Air Gorps as a first' lieutenant. He piloted a B-1' . (Flying 'Fortress) and a B-24 (Liberator), both heavy bombers, on, 34"missions over Europe. ' : Father Lauro, had named aJl three of his ships, Regina CoeH, Queen of Heaven, one of the Blessed Mother's titles. 'He, was, 'decorated, with the American Distinguished Flying Cross and.,the Air Medal ·with five Oak Leaf clusters. ' .' " "

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'The changes, announced by . . for those bemg educated 'In I in the Catholic schoolsreceived Exemplifyingthevariedinterest!'!oftheircommunit...


'The changes, announced by . . for those bemg educated 'In I in the Catholic schoolsreceived Exemplifyingthevariedinterest!'!oftheircommunit...