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Lay Apostolate Volunteers

Continued from Page One :missionaries. Arlene's sun-bleached browil hair attests to her interest in tennis and she says she "wouldn't mind a bit" if she gets an ad­ ditional assignment as a gym ;eooher in British Honduras. To Boltota Also • member of the Papal Volunteers is Jeanne Olsen. She will leave for three years in Bo­ gota, Colombie Aug. 23, but be­ ~re reachingber destination me will undergo a four month tI'ain­ :fig period at Catholic Univer­ sity, Ponce, Puerto Rico. She w·ill take a concentra,ted course in Spanish, learn sOmething of flle culture of Colombia, and live with a Puerto Rican family fur 1IJ.e four months. . "I got things all mixed up," !Ale chuckled, "by joining PAVLA in New Hampshire." As a result, Jeanne's officially spon­ sored by the Manchester Diocese, but since her family were life­ long resid~nts of st. Joseph's parish, Fall River, and have j'USt moved to Holy T,dnity pari9h, Harwich, this Diocese has more than a passing intere~ in her success. Jeanne, a textile styling ma­ jor, attended Bradford Durfee College in Fall River, concur­ rently taking courses at Bridge­ water College. She taught last year in Lisbon, N.H. and will teach lower elementary grade Children at Colegio San Carlos· in Bogota, a Benedictine institu­ tion. She's the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Olsen. Extension Volunteers Extension Lay Volunteers Me Mary Jane Collins, HoI y Name parish, Fall River; Judith Perry, St. Peter the Apostle, Provincetown; and Marguerite Desjardins, St. John the Baptisrt, Central ,Village. The Extension prognlm, whim WO'l'ks with· the Papal Volun­ teers, is designed for lay people who wish to give a year's service to the home missions. Volunteen; may teach, nurse, do catecl1etical and social work, care for depen­ dent children, or serve in a var­ iety CYf other positions. Fall River's three. g.if'ls win teach, Judiiflh and Marfguerite' at Immaculate Conce:Ption School, Oklahoma City and Mary Jane at St. Pius X High School, Al­ buquerque. How did they learn of tlhe pro­ gram? All heard explanatory talks by Rev. John J. Sullivan, national director of the Exten­ sion project, on their college

campuses, but Mary Jane ..had made up her mind W volunteer bef«e hea.ring him. As New En­ gland region vice-president of the National Federation of Catih­ olic College Students, she attend­ ed a convention where the pro­ gram was explained-'so when Father Sullivan came to college, I had already decided:' Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Co1l:ins, grad­ uated' ~is year :from Newton College Olf the Sacred Heart, where she majored in history. Marguerite is the daughter ()f Mr. and Mrs. Anna·nd Desjardins arnd she attended Rivier College, where her major was English. She has to her. credit a book, til be issued in the Fall by • New Hampshire pubHsher.

Refuses .Review

Of Conviction

SAIGON. (NC) - Vietnam'll prime minister, Maj. Gen. Nguyen Khanh, has refused the request of 347 Catholic priests who asked, that the "unjust" sentence passed on Maj. Dang Sy be reviewed. . . Dang. Sy, a Catholic, was sen­ tenced to life imprisonment with hard lll'bor for having allegedly murdered eight persons while obeying orders to disperse a crowd of Buddhist demonstra:" . 'tors at Hue 0!1 May 8, 1963. The. priests presented their petitions "on behalf of the Viet­ namese . Clltholic community.;' They . analy.zed .the evidence Biven during the trial and as­ ~rted that the , case was "frameup" and the verdict un'­ justified. . '. Dang Sy was condemned bw "revolutionary court" fro m which no legal appeal is per':" mitied. Thus it functioned as the equivalent of the Supreme Court. Only one member of the nine­ man bench, the presiding judge, had legal qualifications.


Titled "She Loveth," the book grew out of a drama Marguerite srtaged at .college. It' includes st:enes em.phasizing women from . seve:n Shakespearea,n plays, and ~nCi)1"pOrates a chorus, sevwal sonnets and original, music; the ]ati1.1' comppsed by a classmate.. Afteq- her year in Oklahoma, Marguerite plans to' study for a master's deg·ree in drama. Dark-haired Judith attended Sudan Church tlhe College of New Rochelle. LEOPOLDVILLE (NC)-Per­ Sine is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 'JIhomas Perry and her secution of the Catholic Church has taken a new turn in the :f.ather is one CYf only two, doe­ Sudan, according to reports tors serving the Cape-!fJip com­ reaching here. FollowIng expul­ munity of Provincetown. Like sion of foreign missionaries, the Marguerite, she is an English A'f['LEBORO MISSIONER: Rev. Vietor Gaboury, 8.S.C. - government of General Ibrahim Eryajor. . ehats with one of his altar boys in Zambales, Philippine Abboud in Khartoum is now The three Extension volun­ Islands. The Columban missioner is' the son of Mr. and trying . to create a national teers will be i~ Chicago Aug. 15 Mrs. Albert V~ GahouJ,'y, 12 Horne S·treet, North Attleboro. church on the pattern of ~­ for a two week course in theol­ muniBt China. (lgy and trainiilg methods. They wi)] have 342 companions from other parts CYf the nation and from Chicago they'll go to their mission assignments. Co-E.~ Programs Although ~ Fall River vol­ unteers aregi1'ls, both the P A VLA and extension .programs are co-ed, including· married couples as well· as single meR and women. Participants in both programs receive $50 a month plus room and boord. AU memberll CYf the Diocesaa quintet said they had c;onsidered entering the Peace Corps. but they de-eided on the "Oatholie Peace Corps" where they'd be serving the Ohurch aond human­ ity. . Sin~e 1961, note directors O'l the Extension progrnril, over 500 volunteers have gone into parts of the country where there aTe no laymen who have had' a full Catholic educa,tion. "In many areas they have organized pro­ grams and trained local Catho­ ]:ics to take over. ~heyhope to Continued from Page One do so elsewhere and 90 work charge of arrangements, announ-. themselves owl; CYf a job." ces that all handicapped, inclu­ Prospective Papal Volunteers ding those in wheelcha·irs and are told: "A hand-up is always the blind, of the Diocese and. be'tter than a hand-out and as Fall River National Bank depositors Rhode Island are welcome to the a Papal Volunteer you cen teach retreat. If retrea-ta·nts need others to solve.. their own· prob- . earn quarterly intel'est on savings' assistants, they may bring tilem lems. Only,. 1a)rougb education as guests. C&~ theco1J1;l!tries of Latin Amer,... . • ~AFE DEPOSIT BOXES • SECURED LOANS MiSS Faryniarz further an­ i4.'6 solve .the~r S9Cial problems. . • 'SAVINGS' ACCOUNTS •.. • MORTG~E LOANS nounced that tr.ansportation· for Empty stomachs an4 crowded,' . 'INTEREST PAlO QUARTERlY thOse'in ·the Greater Fall River' dirty slums do not promO'te mor­

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. .niarz may be contacted at 400 most re~arding~· "Remembe!' , .• PERsONAL 'LOANS'

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First Retreat




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Mission Minded


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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...