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THE ANCHOR~pfoce~e of Fan River-Thurs., July 16, 196,4 "

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Recommends 'Bus Parties'



For Genuine Teenage Fun


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Volunteers Protect Ch h . I d' urc es



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.Most Rev. Fulton 1. Sheen, D.D.


'" "

Our works and deetls have merit beeause they are 1IJltletl

with and diJne in Christ; as He put it: "In ifF Name-" WIIF, was It tJiat God told' Moses that. if h, . built Dim all Altar..·· .... aDy tool in the making of It Is to prot.De W' (~x. ZO:Z5)? The reaSOn ttl 'becauSe' no ereature . Iste» "have aDY ground for boastini,ln the" Presence of GOd" (I Cor. 1:30). It was also to indiea1e that' "De 115; ~d It was noi thanks to anrthlnc we had done for our: OWII justiftcaUon" .(Tit. 3:10.


goofed up It is smart to br?tg along a camera to these things, too, as some of the scenes are memorNEW HEAD: Rev. Francis able, to say the least. (We never C. Mackin, 8.J., Holy Cross tried a Polaroid: .but that would '42, executive assistant to be:a 14-karat rIOt.) the president of Boston Col­ Riotous Success lege, has been named rector The Bunny Hop or some such int~llectual activity is a good of Cra.nwell Prep, Lenox. opener. Then it helps to get all the girls .on one side of the hall to throw one shoe (preferably her own) into the center of the Continued from Page ,One floor. The boys rush to get a will co:ltinue as Superintendent shoe and its owner is their first of Schools. , part~er. (This somewhat resemRevel'end Peter J. Mullen, who bles a battle scene from LAW- . was ordained December 18, 1963 RENCE OF ARABIA when you in Rorr..e and offered his First have about 200 partiers.) Solemn Mass last Sunday in 1m. In the course of time, we . macula1e Conception Churdl, evolved a new refinement on North Easton, is temporarily ":Musical Chairs." The '.trouble asSigned as assistant at 'Sacred with this game in its civilized Heart Church, F,aU River.. form'is that kids can march ' . ' father rowers . around to the music' and hold Father ~owel's, a native of Fall onto"a"chair as they go so that 'River," 'is "il "graduate of' Coyle they are very close to one when High S;,hool, Taunton, and at­ the music stops. So we dr~w a tended Providence College fM circle around the chairs, but his clasliical training. He studied

about 25 feet away, so that Philosophy and Theology at st. when the music stopped there Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, and was quite some little dash for was ordained in St. Mary's Caththe chairs. edral, raIl River, by the late­ There are great numbers of Most Reverend James E. Cas­ games, not all very dignified, sidy, D.D., on June 15, 1946. which can help such a party Fathe:r Powers was assigned as to be a riotous success. The assistant at St. Patrick's Church, faster things proceed, the better. 'Falm-ou~h, where he served until It takes a lot to wear out a tie was 1;l'.Qnsfered to St. Joseph's I' teen-ager, but these parties did . Seleded Adults it, and it was a pretty quiet bus ChurC'h, Taunton, as assistant, on - Other preparations include' on the return ·trip. But you N-ov. 6, 1951. the planning of the party itself', could a!mo!"'see' Mary ;and her. On April 11, 1957 he was ap­ and the gathering of the "props" Son smile·at that last sleepy pointed Diocesan Director of the for same: prizes, song-books, ''Memorare.'' ' Confrat{~rnity of Ohristian Doe­ 'brin and transferred to Bishop amateur-talent shows,· balloons, Stang High School. on March 25, ;~:~~~s~~~:,-~~~, tourniquets, 1960. It is also important to gather Father O'Neill a few selected adults. (None of In. n la Father O'Neill, also a Fall the kids ever called these peo-. . KOTTAYAM (NC)-An esti- :River native, .was educated at pIe "chaperons," because they", mated 10,000 persons have been l~yle, Our Lady of Providence always had as much or more fun mobilized to protect Catholic Seminar:Y' and St. John's Semi­ than the kids had. Invariably, churches in southern India's Ke- llai'Y, B:~ighton. He received a too, our bus driver, a stranger, rata state following a' series of Master of Educa,tion Degree from would soon join in the festivi- raids and desecrations. Boston College Graduate School ties.) , The volunteers have been or- of Education and has completed Also on hand is a P.A. system, ganized by the Kerala Catholic (~urses toward the attainment of and a tape-recorder, with good, Congress, a laymen's organiza- a Ph.D. Degree in Education. loud speakers, and plenty of tion, to stand guard over the Folll;>wing his ordination in St. taped music--dance, background church buildings at night.' Mary's Cathedral, Fall River, on and otherwise. , 'lV,Ieap.while, the state's.attempts .lreb. 2, H57 by Bishop Connolly, Since this is a Sodality' proj-' ,to· 'firid the vandals have 'been .he was assigned for a short time ect,. the trip and the party b~~~, ridiculed:by. a' priest and, by a to Immaculate Conception Par­ begIn and end with a "Memo- f-ormer state minister: Father M. 'ish, Fall River. On April 9, 1957, rare." "'~' George a<:cused the police of,.' he was.. ,.assigned to St. Thomas Games. Dances .,' arresting "scapegoat" susP,ects More Pal'ish, Somerset, as assistOnce arrived at the arena, tiie .. ilnd"ol' falling to investigate ·tIhe am: the kids are divided"mto: teams '" lr,lcident.i-:properly. .... '. On"JtiTl. 19, 1961, the Ordinary ef about 10 each, five boysan4" :: ,'. ',' , ' appoi~li .him Acling Superin­ five girls. They will be scOred p' t·el).dent:.• )f the Di-ocesan EducaOIl a team basis as the party pro-',: re a·te, . UXI larieS tional system. He bas been DiOCesM Superintendent of ~esses, ~nd the winning ~~, 5'''''''00Is since April 9, 1962. WIll receIve some worthless but . ""I lignificant prizes. ':'.' "', 'BUFFALO (NC) ~ The 117H~ ,hal: been in residence at You need someone with enough ,y'eaf~~d. di-ocese of Buffalo has. St. Thomas More Rectory, SOm­ eourage to direct the entire. entered a new era with two aux- erset,' eXI:ept for a short period partY. from a microphone; as the" 'fiiary' bishops assisting the Most· in .i-esid(mce in St. .William'. ether adults mingle with the 'Rey. James A. McNulty in the P\arish, Fall River in 1963. erowd and teams to keep the administration of the ei~htFather Mullen _gy organized. county diocese with nearly 900,Fathe-r Mullen, a native of 000 Catholics. :N~orth Easton, graduated from The Most Rev. Pius A. Benin- Coyle: He" attended Cardinal Plan casa, 51, titular bishop of Bur- Qi'Connel:~ Seminary and St. The annual Clamboil of St. . uni and the Most Rev. Stanislaus " Jl()hn's &mll:nary in Boston and Patrick's Holy Name Society, J, Brzana, 47, titular bishop of completed his studies at the Pall River, is scheduled for Cufruta assumed their new du- NOrth American College, Rome. Sunday, July 19 at Fall River ties f-ollowing their consecration He was o:rdained in Rome a<t the Church of Christ the King by Rod and Gun Club., Servings in. St. Joseph's cathedral. The day after their consecra- the Most Reverend Martin ~. 1ril1 be at 1:30 and 3:30 and a tion they' helped Bishop McNulty' O'Connor. Seminary Rector, OIl free frankfurter roast for young­ Dec. 18, 1963. under 12 will be featured. confirm 700 adults.

way to have ' y t ' fUn' .and' ev~n f' mo;e important, theyire . sma r t enough to 'knoW the reason for it. Each day, in their Morning Offering, they me~n it when they offer God all the i r "prayers; works, joys lind ~:; ferings." The "bus party" is one attempt at somewhat riotous fun. When it is planned from' a boys' echool, it progresses something like this: Some sympathetic and influential soul in a nearby (but" DOt· too nearby) :girls' academy ."contacted, to see' if the girls would like to have a party if,' we ,furnish the boys. ' .'The' answer to this is usually • ~'''yes,'' 'sOirie'times hesitant:; 80metimes enthusiastic, deper'i'd:::'" ing on whether or not the bus party's reputation has gone befIore. The next step is to charter a bus, figuring out the cost per head, the cost of food en route, and so on. Then, with the cost in mind, notice is given to those eligible for the trip, in this case the senior Sodalists, and sometimes a few juniors, each of whom pays his own way. . _' -'.


Americans are ~ong tlbe richest people on the ~ee Of the earth; they give hundreds of millions of dollars a year in answer to various appeals. It is not, however the man who gives the most who will receive the greatest reward. B depends upon tile motivation of our giving. To build a field house, or a gymnasium, or science building to glorify ~'s own name is not worlb as much as giving a cup of cold water to a thirsty man in 1he Nam~ of Ohrist.

By Rev. Joseph T. McGloin, 8.J. It might be interesting to tell you about a form of sport known as a "bus party." These parties were indulged in by the 80dalists of Regis High School, Denver, over a period of some 10 years. Once teen-agers see the genuine, ~arefree f~n th~y can ~ave Games alternate with dances, m somethmg like a bus with a little spontaneous and party," they're more eon" unspontaneous amateur enter­

vinced than ever that the tainment thrown in from time over-sophisticated teen-ager' IS" to·time. Refreshments are served a poor phoney who . has juSt' somewhere along the line too­

;:~~e:rio~v~c; ;%;;;;::;;'



Sinfulness cannot approach the thrice:-boly God with anything in hand which its own labors have produced. That is why the Lord did not respert the offering which Cain brought to Him: Cain presented the fruits 01. the ground, the product of his own labors, as if man, llhrough, his own efforts,. could

redeem hinlself. Abel,. on the. contrary, offered a bloody saerlfJ.ce,

for it is ol).1y throu~h the1)lood of the. All-Holy Lamb ttIat Our'

sins are.f-orgiven. . . . When It comes io making your wm, you will do more ~ . fOl' your soul If yo,u leave a little money to the Vicar of Chrfs& . to spread Redemption through the world. thaD U you leave a. million dollars for a law..builCUq' with your name Inscribed III Iltone.. None .¢ US ca~. be sure th~t he ~ aCquired SUfficient merits for saivatlon. Think Wl:ll then on.any materfalpOssessloDs which the Good Lord luIos given to ypo. Leave them In Dis . Name .for, Dlii :·p~~.,~;ve them particularly to DIs V.ic." 0-. earth; ,the .~oly Father. ,Th~s YOR will do by wrltinC III your WU1:

"I ~ive,' devise and 'beqU~th to the NaUonal Office of The.

Society for the Propagation of the Faith, &he sum of $

This amount is to become part of the General Fund. and will be distributed ~ugh the .HolY, Father .and . his Congregation .ol the Propagation of the Faith." FOI' further details, write to the National Office of The' Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 366 Fifth- Avenue, New 'rork IOOOL. ­

GOD LOVE YOU to • Teenager for $5 "I have just about everything I could ask fc»',. Ill) please accept this gift I might otherw~se have used . f~Usbly.H • , •. to B.W. for '7.10 "Nickels f~ 'piddng up splits and .doubles for bowling season:' ••. to M.R.C. for $12.50 "For ,soQ:le time. 1. ~ve felt that I wanted to make a worthy contribution but as a, working· widow 1117 iDcome is quite,




: '.. " .. ,



Send us' YGar old :geld aDd jewelry-the ftluables y01l _ longer USe but which are too I'ood to uU-ow away. We well re­ seD the .earrlngs, .cold e7ei'lasse trames. tIa&ware, etc.. IIIld we " the money to relieve the suffering in' missfon lands. Our addreBr. The SGclety for thePropagatlon 01 the Faith" 166 Fifth A.VeR1II' New York, New York 10001.

Cut out this coupOn, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to the Most Rev. Fulton ~. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or your Diocesan Director, RT. REV. RAYMOND T. CONSIDINE, 368 North Main Street, Fall River, Mass.







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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...


~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...